W.A.N.K.I.S.H. behaviour

Poor Davie Cameron, according to bool-moothed commentator Charles Moore, or should that be Chahles Mauh, writing in the Telegraph, wee Davie suffers from the dreadful social handicap of being born into the kind of wealth that the rest of us can only achieve if we’re lucky enough to win the Euromillions lottery.

Perhaps we ought to set up a new charity to assist those poor unfortunates who are forced to go to Fortnum and Mason’s for their messages, but thankfully there’s no need for a crowdfunder because if we give money we’d only be making things even worse for them. Imagine the very horror of going out for the messages and coming back with pate de fois gras, caviar, artisanal foccacia with hand pressed olives, and a litre of milk hand squeezed by a blind Italian peasant woman from the udder of an organically reared Campanian water buffalo. Us poor types don’t have that problem, we can just have a piece and jam made from some Mother’s Pride breid without a care in the world.

Or maybe rock and pop stars could do a charity single like Band-Aid did, Do They Know It’s Bingo Night, for all those who were born too rich to have any understanding of working class culture. That guy from Coldplay would be an ideal spokesposho for the campaign.

According to Chahles, Davie is trapped in his wealth. It’s a dreadful social affliction and it has left him open to the nasty left wing notion that tax avoidance is a bad thing. Imagine the oiks having such an influence, that wouldn’t be allowed in the days that Chahles harks back to. Once upon a time it was the duty of the unwashed classes to doff their caps to their betters and sit quietly watching Eastenders on the telly until the service bell rang and they could serve up crustless sandwiches on a silver tray, standing quietly and deferentially, while their kids went hungry because mum and dad couldn’t afford to shop at Tesco. Scruffs like that have no conception of the suffering and hardship the people like Davie have to go through on a daily basis.

What Chahles thinks is normal and ethically acceptable for people suffering from W.A.N.K.I.S.H. (Wealth Acquisition Normalisation Kleptocracy Inheritance Syndrome Handicap) behaviour is the sort of thing that he would fulminate against if it was practised by the poor. Imagine his reaction if a person on benefits sought to maximise their benefits claim by bending rules until just before breaking point and seeking as many loopholes as they could find. It’s exactly the same sort of perfectly legal behaviour, but one is lauded in the pages of the right wing press as sensible wealth planning, and the other gets you a starring role in a poverty porn programme on Channel 5 and a full page article of condemnation in the sort of paper that pays Chahles’ wages.

The right wing doesn’t want the UK to clamp down on tax avoidance strategies, offshore accounts, shell companies, and the rich hiding their wealth in tax havens. The argument goes that if the UK gets tough on tax then the rich will just take their wealth elsewhere. This is pretty much the same argument that supporters of the slave trade used against abolitionists in the 18th century. If the UK abolished the slave trade then the Portuguese, the French and the Dutch would profit instead. But then of course it was the people who profited from slavery who were the real victims, trapped by their perfectly legal inherited wealth and subject to the moral judgement of people who didn’t have the same economic resources that they did.

Davie has other defenders. His equally rich friend Alan Duncan stood up in the Commons and said, “May I support the Prime Minister in fending off those who are attacking him, particularly in thinking of this place, because if he doesn’t, we risk seeing a House of Commons which is stuffed full of low-achievers who hate enterprise, hate people who look after their own family and know absolutely nothing about the outside world.”

Oh my gods, can you imagine the very horror of a Westminster Parliament which actually represented the ordinary people of the UK? No, neither can I, and that’s got a lot to do with why I want independence. Westminster is incapable of reforming itself. Alan thinks it’s hating the rich to insist that the rich are held to the same standards that the rich hold the rest of us. But then spotting their own hypocrisy was never the strong point of a Tory.

According to Alan, apparently you can only know about the outside world if you’re rich enough to afford accountants who will minimise your tax bill and you can pay for the sort of lifestyle that insulates you from the outside world. In Alan’s world, people who live in gated communities of the rich and well-connected live in the real world. It’s the rest of us who don’t know anything, those of us who struggle to make ends meet, who worry about feeding and clothing our kids, who can’t sleep at night as the next mortgage payment or rent bill falls due. People who trudge to foodbanks, who crumple with despair when the Job Centre sanctions what little income they have left, they don’t live in Alan’s real world where already rich ex-ministers can command fees of thousands for a couple of hours’ consultancy work for their even richer pals. Alan has an advanced case of W.A.N.K.I.S.H. behaviour and in his case it’s probably incurable.

It’s because people like Chahles and Alan have got the ear of government and the people who struggle to keep food on the table for their weans don’t that little or nothing will be done to tighten up tax rules to ensure that the rich pay their fair share. This is Britain after all, and Britain’s business is whoring itself to the rich and the corrupt and the corporations to sell them tax avoidance strategies. It’s all perfectly legal. It’s all perfectly legitmate. Because in a country where the immoral and the unethical make the laws, the laws are immoral and unethical.

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28 comments on “W.A.N.K.I.S.H. behaviour

  1. Connor McEwen says:

    Mothers Pride , ootsider wae cheese, MMM
    Pate de whitya callit is overrated.
    Get some sponsorship from the makers.
    Nice one anyway.

  2. But daddy worked hard!
    What? Leave it out!
    The last pathetic refuge of the bloody work ethic argument always gets chucked in for good measure. – Pull the other one.
    As if.

  3. jimnarlene says:

    Father Used Crafty Kleptomania In Securing Heritage, behavior.

  4. J Galt says:

    Poor David and Samantha – perhaps they could apply to The Distressed Gentlefolks Aid Society for some outdoor relief?

  5. Gavin.C.Barrie says:

    Boiling beef, tripe, cabbage soup.And then joy, coupons for 2 ounce of sweeties per week. Two rooms and an inside toilet with three kids.Yes, that’s where I’m from, and we were not by far the worst off. We were heading off to Canada in despair, then my Dad, asking for a reference at John Brown’s shipyard, was offered a bowler hat job and a company house.
    So we stayed, I received a “privileged” education ( Prof Tomkins) from the state. My three children have now also received “privileged” education, and are in employment beneficial to our country.

    We can succeed, we can have a country providing social security, education, health care, employment, and dignity for all.

  6. Lizzie56 says:

    Great blog again. I burst out laughing when I realised what the a acronym meant. Also bandied about and which is equally as distasteful as Alan Duncan’s ‘low achievers’ is this idea of ‘envy’ us poor folks have.

  7. diabloandco says:

    Perfect! Absolutely nails them.

  8. […] Wee Ginger Dug W.A.N.K.I.S.H. behaviour […]

  9. Careful! We have the copyright on those filthy apt acronyms.

  10. Alan says:

    “low-achievers who hate enterprise”

    Nice description of the Tories. They seem to be living under the illusion that rigging the system to legalise robbery is “enterprise”.

  11. Macart says:

    For parliament of Westminster see under hoose of legalised theft. Robber barons protected by laws and legislation they create as required. The delivery system? A parliamentary sovereignty and unwritten constitution ensuring they can make it up as they go along.

    The pattern and history of punitive legislation against the marginalized,the poor and the dispossessed is both disturbing and well documented by those paragons of public record, the meeja. They, after all, are the opinion setters and soap box of choice for the political class. They tell us who to hate, who to vote for, what legislation is good for us and why we should just dae as wir telt. Why one demographic should feel perfectly at ease about the marginalization and victimization of another. Why its ‘OK’ to take from one in order to enhance the wealth of that other. Pretty good deal for the meeja when you think about it and the main reason why any responsibility or control over media will NEVER be released to the Scottish parliament.

    The question however, is why would one human being visit such misery on another in their care? Plain old greed is an easy answer, but its not the mechanism which allows a minority to abuse a majority for their own benefit. No, that requires something else. It requires a mindset, a values system which divorces you from common empathy and fellow feeling with those you would victimize (cough) steward. You have to BELIEVE that you are different. That you are entitled to lead, entitled to a certain life, entitled to respect, deference and position. You have to know right down to your bones that lesser others are there to be led and provide service. A cheap resource to be managed and used as required to maintain a certain order in their world. In short, you NEED to dehumanize those you see as a simple resource. Just as the farmer can raise sheep or cattle for the abbatoir, Cameron and those of his world view have zero problem with exploiting the common herd. There simply is NO empathy, NO fellow feeling, NO common ground in their mindset.

    They use buzz words and terms such as entrepreneur, aspirational enterprise, innovators to describe themselves. Y’know, like only those born to wealth and position can invent, strive successfully or aspire. Yeah, that bollox has long since been debunked. No, they just lucked out in life’s lottery. What they NEED, is to justify their mindset and actions with the illusion of difference. Those who are fortunate enough to close that gap get rewarded (bought) with pats on the head, ermine and patronage. They’re held up as shining examples to the rest of us, that we’re simply not good enough or trying hard enough to get on. In truth, most of us these days are deliriously happy if we manage simply to get by.

    Top down parliamentary sovereignty deriving its powers from the crown and answerable, in theory, democratically once every five years to the voting public, but in reality only answerable to itself and a certain strata of society. A strata that controls the message and the system of delivery of that message, controls the electorate.

    Gotta love that whole ‘all in it together’, ‘pooling and sharing’, ‘family of nations’ society we live in, right?

  12. Very Waspish Paul and very humorous, for the first few paragraphs and then both barrels of the Purdy. Splatter.

    Cameron and his really are of a different class to us, the Great Unwashed and it is getting so obvious that it is approaching Louis XIV levels. Didn’t that work out great for the French Upper Crust?

    I smell revolution in the air, and Scotland could be the tinderbox. I hope for everyone’s sake that the end game is not the same as France, although the equalising could make good box office.

    Thanks and again for the utter stunning simplicity of defining the UK as a City State with an Empire of Scotland, Wales and the rest of England for pillage

  13. Angus Skye says:

    Cameron seems to think that publishing his tax return details means that everything is transparent and fine. The whole point of using offshore tax havens is to hide wealth and income and, if these are left overseas, do not appear in UK tax returns.

    Another squirrel moment that the MSM is headlining.

  14. Margaret says:

    This is what the majority voted for, and they still do not seem to see anything wrong with their imperial masters treatment of them, they are quite happy to state they would do the same again.I personally do not understand the mindset they exhibit

  15. katherine hamilton says:

    The extent of the Panama Papers is yet to be revealed. Cameron was caught in the first tranche. I think the publication of tax returns is a nice deflection from the real issue of tax evasion/avoidance in the British Protectorates. We know it must be bad if Cameron and Osbourne have, for the first time ever, disclosed a politician’s tax affairs. They’re spinning like peeries.

    Corbyn needs to take a deep breath, stop shouting, start thinking and pick the right targets. Insist again on direct rule of these cesspits. Set up a task force. Suspend trading. Apply capital controls. Any trading after date of direct rule a criminal offence. He can’t as Tony’s pals won’t let him. We know this.

    So it’s down to the real opposition. I hope Angus Robertson will take this up. There is huge public disgust all over this UK about this. Capitalise. Come up with an action plan to investigate. If not now, when? Do proper opposing, ie develop an action plan and insist Cameron implements it.

  16. gerry.parker@gmail.com says:

    “But then of course it was the people who profited from slavery who were the real victims, trapped by their perfectly legal inherited wealth and subject to the moral judgement of people who didn’t have the same economic resources that they did.”

    And of course the slave owners were well compensated for the loss of their “property”

    Well, when you make the laws you get to look after your own. Some things never change


  17. Iain says:

    There used to be a charity (seriously) called the Society for the Relief of Indigent Gentlewomen. I’m not sure if that old Queen mother was the patron, but they used to advertise in the Daily Mail and a thing called the Daily Sketch, a small number of which I used to deliver in the mornings before school. Funnily enough, nobody I knew ever donated anything to them.

  18. Dan Huil says:

    Westminster’s britnat elite have never been so distant from the people of Scotland. For all our sakes we must end this disgusting union with England!

  19. It is a requirement for viewers of BBC quiz shows, and indeed participants, that they have an intimate knowledge of a whole raft of English Establishment givens, like a London Hackney Driver’s Knowledge of the Streets of London, the Underground network, Wisden cricket stats, the kings and queens of England from 1066 onwards, Drury Lane, The South Bank, the Thames Flood Barrier, and the names of the Anglican Bishops, and so on.

    The ‘Home’ Counties, the Oxford /Cambridge annual Paddle-In, Cowes, the Henley Regatta, the wives of Henry VIIi, Shakespeare, Wimbers of course, and Henman Hill, Biggan Hill, the Battle of The White Cliffs of Dover, sorry Britain, Threadneedle Street, Battersea Power Station, and so on and on and on.

    WE are fed this hegemony every day of every week, and thrice on a Sunday via Marr, Neil, and ‘Just To Be Clear’ Brewer.
    We are brainwashed into believing that London is the Centre of the Universe, and that those who have inherited the Earth and speak with plummy Received Pronunciation BBC English, are in control, and are entitled to riches, as part of some sort of Manifest Destiny.

    ‘Wealth creation’ is doublespeak for ‘we’ve got it, and we sure as hell aren’t going to let you mucky little Northern Oiks get your grubby hands on it’.

    The South East of England (and I include the Oxbridge educated Lords and Landowners Up Here in this elite SE Oligarchy) does not give a spent shotgun cartridge for the wellbeing of the people of Scotland, or the Northerly outstations of England, or Wales, for that matter.
    They have already given up on the North of Ireland.

    We are on the brink of a political revolution.
    No need for guns and bombs.
    Cameron and Boris know what they’re doing. Hold the Eton Harrow Oxbridge line.
    They are the Upper Class.
    Cameron will step down and join Blair, Brown, and Darling working for the Man, and be paid handsomely for maintaining the status quo. The rich get richer, the rest of us can fuck off.
    Come the day, guys, come the day.

    • Iain Ross says:

      Yep all that crap always trips me up on the Chase as well!

      • Ian, I’ve just looked up ‘The Chase’. It’s one of those afternoon quiz shows supposedly designed for Ol’ Gits like me.
        Popular music stooped in 1969, there hasn’t been a movie worth paying for since The Sand Pebbles, and the last novel worth reading was Lanark.
        I seldom get asked to join a pub quiz team
        Wonder why?
        Is it just me? Am I being neurotic?
        Why do I retain in my LT Memory, ‘Cabal: Clifford, Arlington, Buckingham, Ashley-Cooper and Lauderdale’?
        Perhaps because English history was drummed into me at school in Dumbarton, which as we know ain’t in the Home Counties.

  20. […] Source: W.A.N.K.I.S.H. behaviour […]

  21. I still believe that it is the M.S.M who are our real enemy. If, I know, don’t laugh, they were doing their proper job as the fourth estate, instead of being in thrall to the Westminster establishment, then we would be an independent country by now.
    But no, because ” they are all in it together”, the cesspit that is Westminster, they are absolutely determined that the wealth of Scotland, and its people, must be subjugated to their control.
    Why we have allowed this state of affairs to exist for so many years I don’t know, but the corrosive effect of state propaganda, propagated by the media, is, I believe, the main cause of some of our peoples reluctance to take the first step on the road to our freedom.
    And while the M.S.M has diminished in both size, and influence, over recent years, and blogs such as W.G.D have grown, they are still very powerful enemies, and have to be regarded as such. In other words, don’t believe all you read, see, or hear from them.

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