Deaf-Con Unionism

Tory Tank Girl Ruth Davidson has decided to campaign for the Scottish Parliament on the Edinburgh tea manifesto, ‘You’ll have had your referendum.’ Ruthie is pleased to talk down at the people of Scotland that under no circumstances will we be allowed another independence referendum, and that there are no circumstances which would justify one. So that’s us telt then. For someone who claims that the last referendum was a done deal and that the voice of Scotland was resoundingly clear, she doesn’t half stop banging on about it. Why, cynical minds might think that Ruthie wasn’t so sure after all that her beloved Union has a lengthy shelf life.

The leader of the Scottish Tories made the traditional call for a positive case for the Union. That call was made repeatedly during the independence referendum, by just about every single Unionist politician, and every single one of them called on someone else to make a positive case for the Union but never made one themselves. Here we are twenty months on from the referendum and we’re still waiting for that elusive positive case for the Union. You’d think that if one existed we’d have heard it by now. Certainly BBC Scotland would have done a special programme all about, probably presented by Glenn Campbell and giving him a reason to jet off to America. Ruth made the traditional call for the positive case, and equally traditionally failed to make one herself. So no surprise there then.

According to the wummin who substitutes a tank for principles, even if Scotland votes to remain a part of the EU but a vote in England to leave means the whole UK exits from Europe, that would still not justify another independence referendum. This is despite the fact that a promise that Scotland could only guarantee its continuing membership of the EU by remaining a part of the UK was a key plank in the Better Together campaign that Ruth was such an enthusiastic supporter of. Scotland could be ripped out of the heart of Europe and cast out into a mid-Atlantic Conservative dystopia entirely against the will of the people of Scotland, and that would be just fine with Ruth. Planks in the Tory save the Union campaign seemingly only exist in order to make the people of Scotland walk them before we are thrown to the sharks.

There were of course other planks in the Better Together campaign, mostly short thick ones like Davie Mundell or Michael Forsyth, but we always knew that those ones were rotten to the core. But it seems that none of the promises of the Better Together campaign have any value or worth, and it’s wrong for Scotland to expect our Unionist masters to be held to them. Mind you, we already knew that none of the Better Together promises had any value or worth, because the only ones that have come to pass are the dire threats of all the bad things that were going to befall us if we voted Yes, all the jobs that would be lost, the public services that would be cut, and the pensions that would be threatened. Scotland voted No and our jobs are being lost, our public services are being cut and our pensions are being threatened.

But Ruth’s lastest proclamation is Deaf-Con Unionism. It doesn’t matter how loud the demand from the people of Scotland for another referendum, Ruth will ensure the Cons are deaf to it. The Tank Turret Tactician of Torydom wants to insist that her side’s core guarantees were mere serving suggestions but that the Yes campaign’s serving suggestions, like Alicsammin’s personal opinion that the referendum was a once in a generation deal, are cast iron guarantees that must never under any circumstances be subject to revision and which everyone else has to abide by for all eternity. There’s a phrase for that sort of behaviour, and that phrase is Tory hypocrisy. If one side has to abide by perceived promises, then so does the other. But Ruth thinks it’s only Yes supporters who are under any obligations.

There’s no referendum on the agenda right now. There won’t be one until such time as it’s clear that the cause of independence is going to win. And when those circumstances occur there will be no Unionist majority in Scotland which independence supporters are obliged to respect. The reason for Ruth’s vehemence on the subject is because she knows that the majority won by the Union in 2014 was weak, fragile, and highly conditional.

Their fear comes from the fact that the Unionist parties have not been exemplary in their fulfilment of the promises that they made Scotland during the referendum campaign. In fact they have fulfilled their commitment to home rule, to the nearest thing possible to federalism, to the maxiest devo that’s it’s possible to maximise, in the exact same way that a person who sells you a clapped out sofa abandoned in a skip on a street in North London has fulfilled a promise to sell you seats at Wembley. It’s been a con, a trick, a scam. The pathetic Scotland Bill with its hauf-cut tax powers and its control of road signs is not what independence supporters had in mind when Gordon Brown and Alistair Darling promised us a modern form of Home Rule. And Ruthie knows that too, because while she is many things, she’s not stupid. So she knuckles down on the nawness in the hope that the Union will never be held to account for its mendacity and hypocrisy.

But it will be held to account. Whether it’s as a result of the EU referendum or some other future crisis which will befall the serial crisis that is the United Kingdom, at some point in the future, probably the not too distant future, there will be another referendum on Scottish independence, and this time we will win. And all the Tory Tank Girls in the world will not be able to stop it from happening. The clock is ticking.

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31 comments on “Deaf-Con Unionism

  1. jimnarlene says:

    Tick tock…

  2. benmadigan says:

    Somebody should surely drop a line to Ruth and mention CS Parnell’s famous comments about Ireland (dated 1885)

    “No man has the right to fix the boundary to the march of a nation.
    No man has the right to say to his country “Thus far shalt thou go and no further”.

    I would add – nor has any woman that right – and that includes you, Ruthie baby

  3. Thepnr says:

    the majority won by the Union in 2014 was weak, fragile, and highly conditional.

    It surely was all of those things, in particular weak and fragile as it was won on the back of of lies and scare stories. You can’t build a solid Union on a foundation of lies and deceit.

    In terms of votes won the Unionists succeeded, overall though the manner of their win leaves a bad taste in the mouth and if they were totally honest with themselves they would agree that they won nothing other than buying time until the next vote.

    A vote I believe they will lose. hence the smell of fear.

  4. […] Wee Ginger Dug Deaf-Con Unionism […]

  5. Macart says:

    Heh, the delusion of the deceitful and wee Ruth is certainly that. The serial liar lives in and for the world they create. In Ruthie’s world, much as in Kezia’s, the mandate of the electorate is irrelevant. Its all about what they want, what they decide. Now seein’ as how both they and their parties are about as popular as an incontinent extrovert in a lift at this point in time, I’m wonderin’ how that world view is workin’ out for them?

    Here is the reality.

    Better Together made pledges and promises to the electorate of Scotland. They not only failed to deliver on those pledges, its a safe bet they never intended to deliver on them. There are consequences for those actions and those choices as Ruth, Kezia, wee Wullie and their superiors in Westminster will find out soon enough.

    In the meantime and whilst they are awaiting the inevitable. For all the lies, broken pledges, enabling of crippling legislation and sheer fucking misery they’ve caused over the past four years. For all the societal division and othering they have deliberately visited upon a significant and growing number of their own population, I hope they are all still leading their respective branch offices when the public take their country back. I want them sitting round that table in full view of the nation as the votes come in and the enormity of their abject failure sinks in.

    Sleep well Ruth, Kezia and Wull.

    Tick tock.

    • Black Rab says:

      Exactfuckingactly…………..suck ma big shoogly Chinese steel dick ya bunch of scottish steel hating baaaaastardz!!!!

  6. Brian Fleming says:

    There was also the undoubted rigging of the postal vote count.

  7. Papadox says:

    Ruthie baby trick me once shame on you, trick me twice shame on me! You are just a mouth piece for the London establishment the hired help a mercinery!
    You are a waste of space, a mouth for hire.

    We will be free and you ain’t going to stand in our way!

  8. Wullie says:

    Rithie is nothing more than an English nationalist,just like Kez n wull

  9. Toby says:

    I’m disappointed in seeing a writer of your status using the word “Deaf” as a way of fuelling the stereotype that we have in society towards tae Deaf people.

    I’m from a Deaf family myself, and guess what I’m Deaf but I prefer saying that I’m a Scottish Sign Language user because too many people cannot see behind a person’s deafness.

    I was forced tae attend a mainstream school in Fife, I was stuck in a classroom with the teachers blethering aboot instead of using a simple concept called sign language.

    I had a pish poor education because of people’s misconception and since then I had tae fight against people’s negative attitude on that the fact I cannae hear but I still can write, read and many others things. I can even do things that hearing people can’t do.

    For your info, there’s an American Deaf guy taking part in the Strictly Come Dancing thingy, and apparently he’s doing well. Being Deaf don’t mean that you cannae see / listen / understand but it’s being stupid / selfish / greedy that does it and I’m happy tae put Ruth Davidson intae that category.

    My family are all Deaf apart from my two kids as they must have missed the good genes from me and we are all almost pro-independence for Scotland so we are all doing the right things naturally 🙂

    I read this interesting article from Cat Boyd recently on the issues surrounding politically correctness, she suggested that it’s a vital tool on promoting better awareness and even though you don’t want tae go too far but it’s still important. I agreed with her there totally.

    I have enjoyed your writings and will do so in the future.


    • Sue de Nymme says:

      I think that the Dug, rather than being insulting to those of us who are hard of hearing, was having a subtle joke at the expense of a Conservative woman who doesn’t listen to others and who posed on top of a weapon of war.

      The real term ‘DEF CON’ comes from the movie WarGames, referencing the U.S. Armed Forces defense readiness condition (DEFCON).

      • Toby says:

        I’m not overly offended but pointing it out 🙂

        It’s the 21st century so let’s move from using words.

        Seen this screaming sentence too many times : “The Scottish Govt are deaf to the…”

        It’s negative at best and perhaps it makes people feel that being Deaf is a bad thing.

        It’s not really the case, perhaps it’s not widely known but Deaf people have suffered in history hugely.

        It’s just seeing the title in bold “Deaf-Con” which makes you think what the feck!

        I have read it and I’m sure a writer of his calibre could come up with something better.

        I can recall WGD being angry with a SNP’s remark a few months ago and I respected that totally.

        It’s the same principle and there’s no hard feelings, just pointing it out.


  10. says:

    Reblogged this on Bampots Utd.

  11. Jogn Edgar says:

    Ruth is existing in a detached world of toryism in Scotland.
    It is revealing every time she appears tv these days, she is either prancing about doing rugby, or some other activity to show how she can mix it with the plebs. Is she the tory counterpart of buffoon Boris in Scotland?
    Does she not take stock? Aspirationally, the tories aspire to be the opposition at Holyrood. They cannot imagine themselves in government because they are uncomfortable in Holyrood because deep down they opposed it. They are reluctant devolutionists, some even reluctant Scots, mere fag ends of the English Tories.
    They are faffing around in the mire with their erstwhile better together cronies – a motley crew of slabber and liedems.
    How the unionists have slid to a peep over the last 60 years in Scotland is a aight to behold. The msm keeps trying to churn out propaganda for them; the rag tops are screeching in apoplexy trying to revive the unionist husks. They live in an old world Scotland. They are minor entities in their world of North Britain.

  12. Norma Slimmon says:

    Good dog! Tell it like it is

  13. Luigi says:

    I think many soft NO voters actually knew that those wonderful Better Together promises would never be kept. It’s just that September 2014 was a momentous decision for the country, and there was a psycological need in some to give old Blighty one last chance. For some I suppose, it may have been wishful thinking but others knew exactly what would happen. Now that we are 20 months on and the wishes of the Scottish people continue to be ignored, the 45%+ has hardened and continues to grow (albeit slowly). One fatal weakness for BT in the next referendum will be the fact that all they come up with, all they promise next time will be rejected by the voters. You only get away with a big false promise once, which is why the tank commander and her pals are terrified of a rerun.

  14. Carntyne says:

    Great article as usual Paul…

  15. John says:

    Davidson is a dyed in the wool Tory , you will never change her opinion . Any time I have heard her the thing that really gets her dander up is any suggestion of Ref.2 . Don’t even think of giving her a vote .

  16. Craig P says:

    >>The Tank Turret Tactician of Torydom

    Thanks for that Paul. That’s another tenner in your bank account, please keep writing 🙂

  17. kat hamilton says:

    wish that nicola and co stopped playing nice with the tories/fibdems and liebor and remind them of their empty promises 20 months on…remind the public of what percentage of powers holyrood has been given after being granted ‘devo max’…that will resonate with the public when they see/hear whats been retained by wm, and not forgetting the 7 billion they tried to screw out of us to add insult to injury…why are scots so subservient to these mendacious liars…

  18. I see over on WoS , Oor Wullie has joined Ruth in declaring his undying loyalty to the Union.
    Even if their fellow Scots opt to stay within the EU, if England decides to Exit, then that’s ok , Scotland will be dragged out of Europe because the English, as usual, have out voted us.

    May I venture that Willie, and Ruth, and when she gets round to the Better Together shoulder to shoulder message, Kezia, do not give a tuppenny toss for democracy, and the will of the Scottish people.
    Every time they open their mouths, their vows, promises, and vision for Scotland are based on the overarching principle that 594 English Welsh and Irish MPs will always vote Scotland down, and impose their will on our country.

    This arrogant Union Above All Else stance goes to the very heart of the Independence argument.

    WE are not putting up with it any more.

    Ruth, Kezia, and Wullie, man the pumps in this little backwater called Scotland, branch officers who take their orders from London Town.
    Their jobs are to stifle , deny, corrupt, and disrupt the democratic process Up Here.

    And the Scottish Branch of the SE Establishment, the Broadcasters, the Media, and so on, are determined that, even if there is a Pro Independence landslide in May, and we, the citizens of Scotland overwhelmingly elect to remain in Europe, the Oligarchy who really run Scotland, some ‘unseen hand’, some ‘veiled threat’, some ‘secret Establishment dark force’ will come in to play, through Big Business, the Edinburgh Establishment, the newspapers, the broadcasters, and without a mandate from the people of Scotland, Dugdale, Davidson, Rennie, Murray, Mundell, and FFS Carmichael, ProudScotsButters, who will happily do their masters bidding ,

    Such a Parcel…

  19. Dan Huil says:

    Just the same old arrogance and ignorance from unionists like Davidson. The bbc loves her of course. Truly sickening.

  20. arthur thomson says:

    I think, as we approach the Holyrood election, that we have to remember just how deliberately, effectively and for how long the Scottish people have had their expectations dumbed down by the British state. Hope lay outside Scotland.

    I am convinced that the bulk of those who continue to accept and promote the continuation of this situation are full of fear. They fear that any change could lead to the disintegration of the very fragile foundations on which they have built their fearful lives. I believe that they are genuine in their fear. I believe that they fully understand that they are being treated with contempt but comfort themselves with the notion that they have adopted the ‘if you can’t beat them join them’ principle, To console themselves they look for and find ways to put any positive spin on their position. The media and exploitative political parties know this and provide them with the narrative they desperately need to simultaneously justify and deny their acceptance of their role as inferiors in life.

    Not in my wildest dreams did I anticipate the outcome of the 2015 general election. It showed the indomitable nature of a large section of the Scottish community when they see a ray of hope.

    What we are up against, every day, is the ugliness of the predatory spreading fear to extinguish any ray of hope that might filter through to the fearful. The election in a few weeks time will give us a clue as to the extent to which they have succeeded or failed.

    Acceptance of inferiority is what Davidson promotes. It is a message that is echoed by the other unionist party mouthpieces and that includes Corbyn.

    • Dan Huil says:

      Great post, Arthur.

    • hettyforindy says:

      Absolutely well put. Add to that the irrational hatred for the SNP. I know labour voters who would rather, it seems, have a tory regime forever. They hate the SNP more than the tories, I just do not get that. They call us ‘nationalists’ in a derogatory way, likening support for the SNP to support for fascism. I can say how a civic nationalist not an ethnic one, until the cows come home, but they just cannot get past their hatred of all things SNP.

      Labour, and the tories rely on that irrational hatred and they feed those people with fear and contempt. It’s dangerous, but anything to keep Scotland tethered, there is just too much to lose to let us go that easily. It’s not just the UKok establishment either, it goes beyond these borders, thats the scary part.

      SNPx2 in May.

  21. chicthomson says:

    Serious question. Why are the tories even in the Scottish parliament. I remember them opposing it’s inception and set-up. Surely even campaigning to be the opposition in the Scottish parly is the worst form of hypocrisy?

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