We are the Robots

A guest post by  The G-man Yes Scotland’s Future

Despite the rise in people engaging with politics since the Independence Referendum the media still focus on leaders not ordinary people. Leaders are figureheads but its real people who put flyers through letter boxes and convince no voters to change their attitudes.

There are different approaches to leadership in Scottish politics. There is leading by example and past performance or leading by soundbite and media spin. The SNP have a good track record of the former and Scottish Labour and the Tories the latter. In the Scottish Parliament and Westminster we have what Joe Strummer  would have called ‘cool operators’. In Holyrood Nicola Sturgeon and John Swinney holding out to Treasury pressure to stop the theft of £7 billion. In Westminster Stewart Hosie regularly blasts away at Westminster elite, and  Mhairi Black at just 21 has made a mark for herself in defending women’s pension rights – no other takers for that cause it seems from Unionist parties.The 56 MP’s and next years Holyrood intake look like providing our parliament with the three ’S’s and I don’t mean Sun,Sex and Sangria. SUCCESSION, because there are new people coming through who look inspiring. SUSTAINABILITY, because even though the next independence referendum may be sooner than we had hoped, we need a strong Scottish Government, and STABILITY. We need it and that is why splitting the second vote is not a good idea until we achieve independence.

Driving home I was reminded of a theme in a radio phone-in show this week where they wanted listeners to highlight performers they liked but gave very disappointing ‘live’ performances.

People cited a range of duff live performers. Bob Dylan turning his back to the audience. Van Morrison playing what the audience thought was the first half then heading off to the airport to do another gig. Van Halen failing badly at performing their classic ‘Jump’ due to excess alcohol,  and Dead or Alive being booted off of  ‘The Tube’ just for not being able to play at all. You get the picture? All of the comments had one thing in common, the ‘image’ of the group or performer that was conveyed in the video or the studio album was just not followed through to  the actual stage show. Plenty of stage shows in Scottish conference season right now. We just had an amazing one at the SNP’s jam packed SECC event. It was inspiring and while the pre- conference news was all about playing down the news about next steps to Independence it delivered. The announcement about a new campaign for Independence was warmly welcomed and it feels like the Yes movement has been listened to again!

The Scottish Labour Conference for me is looking more like an early Kraftwerk gig. The German electronic outfit were famous for experimentation, unlike Scottish Labour! On a few occasions the band fooled people by having concerts simultaneously in two cities at the one time. They used robotic band members and played the same songs.Ticket paying punters either got the real deal or the artistic/robot performance. Isn’t that what every Scottish Labour conference is and has been for decades? It is a ‘branch office’ clone of the national event- one which Jeremy Corbyn will not attend this year, allegedly to give ‘Kezia her place’. What he is actually doing is distancing himself from failure. Both Corbyn and deputy Leader McDonnell will not be attending, despite the latter being in Scotland. A report in the Statesman on Labour’s disastrous 2015 election highlighted how far the ground has shifted for Labour in Scotland. In our opinion, this may be why Jeremy is giving it the big body swerve.

Labour leader Kezia Dugdale, whose recent re-shuffle turned out to be more of an old shuffle does not have much if any ‘new blood’. Who will succeed? Jackie Baillie, Neil Findlay- whose outburst at parliament nearly got him expelled, is he worthy of governing  or is he just taking an MSP salary? Old establishment links are still showing. Alistair Campbell, Blair’s spin doctor, was up here helping old BBC chum Ken MacIntosh. He  tries to call the SNP arrogant when Chillcot still has not reported on Blair’s war crimes. Campbell also has a bash at Boris, London Mayor, for scaremongering on EU. Coming from a Labour spin doctor that is rich! Reminded of a twitter joke which came out  during Indyref- you know who you are Sangiv. ‘There is a spare unit between our local fishmongers and ironmongers, would Better Together/AKA Scottish Labour/ The Tories and the Lib Dems like to open a Scaremongers shop there?’ Alistair Campbell is a spin doctor by profession but we can assure him that his party were among the worst scaremongers during Indyref by terrifying our pensioners with threats of independence costing them their pensions.They were worse than Ian Duncan Smith, (recently portrayed as Nosferatu by Steve Bell, Labour’s favourite cartoonist).

When speaking at conferences you need to be careful what road you take. The ‘Donald’ has been unleashed in the U.S. by the right wing inciting hatred against Barack Obama. Let us remind the media, we stood up to Trump long before it was ‘cool’  to do so. We hear now that his followers have declared themselves the ‘Lion Guards’ in a similar way to the ‘Brown Shirts’ who protected Hitler in his earlier political days before he swept all opposition away. This reminds me of that wee but quite significant input by an ex-Labour candidate, seen most recently and surprisingly on a BBC Question Time from Dundee posing a question from the audience, who at one time likened young people joining their families in a protest against the BBC of being like the Hitler Youth. Nazi jibes from Labour politicians against our democratically elected politicians will not win votes. Over the last few days Clydebank has commemorated the bombings of houses, factories and shipyards by Nazi German Planes in 1941. Despite the years going by there has never been a proper commemoration of this event at a national level- we hear there is now going to be one. At the time the information was suppressed. No one has yet made the link to peace in the EU debate. For us the memories of Clydebank should highlight this.

In our opinion, when it comes to actual ‘Live’ performance, Labour of recent times have been shocking. The Labour conference website is inviting people to attend and having checked out their website for how to attend, we were unable to find any comments just a day before the event. They are apparently a party in terminal decline. It appears the heather is not going to be even slightly scorched let alone be set alight. Kezia Dugdale always disappoints at FMQT because she has somebody sensible to challenge her assertions. At the conference this weekend she will make some statements without having such a challenge and she will have the full spotlight of the BBC and Murdoch media to fall back on. Her performance will be finessed by exposure in the main stream media arena. She will still not be a patch on the performance of our democratically elected leaders who have kept our dream of Independence alive and are looking for our support in May to make a fairer Scotland a reality.


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  1. diabloandco says:

    Never a truer last two sentences – what a botch up, rehearsed piece of ordure she gave and we had Brewer of the BBBC telling us how passionate it was , followed by the scruffy Prof.

  2. BampotsUtd.wordpress.com says:

    Reblogged this on Bampots Utd.

  3. Kenzie says:

    Between Dugdale’s waiting for applause after every sentence, Brewer’s arslikhan and Prof Poultice not saying anything that would endanger his wee sinecure with the Beeb, I thought that this was a hoot from start to finish. Surely. no one takes any of this seriously?

  4. Clive Scott says:

    I read that the iMax cinema has a capacity of just 370. Any wide angle photos to see how many empty seats there were? Even if full, why is such an insignificant gathering of the deluded given media coverage of any consequence? Ms Dugdale really presents a most peculiar spectacle. The rapid meaningless jumble of strung together sound bites she vomits, the random interjection of grotesque fake smiles, the bizarre appearance of her eyebrows deliberately chopped to leave a yawning gap between her eyes, although it has to be said this reflects the yawning gap of nothingness between her ears. The woman is a disgrace to Scotland, an embarrassment to herself, and totally unfit for public office. SNP X 2 in May and it is to be hoped she will be gone.

    • Kenzie says:

      Don’t forget the absolute whoppers like ‘Jeremy is a great friend of mine…..’ Presumably she meant Jeremy Corbyn? Would that be the same Jeremy Corbyn she rubbished and voted against during his leadership election bid? I think we should be told.

  5. An excellent guest blog as for the Scottish labour party. Scotland only a word says it all for me .

    • The Scottish Play says:

      Stands Scotland where it did?

      Alas, poor country!
      Almost afraid to know itself…. its just a word now.

  6. Janet says:

    When Kez goes, who will become the next protruding mole? My money’s on Dr Scott Thinks…

    Lack of elected office won’t be an impediment.

  7. Golfnut says:

    Great read, succession, sustainably and stability, attracting sound and competent people to serve Scotland. A stark and noticeable difference between our SNP Scottish Government, the opposition and westminster.

  8. AlexK says:

    I liked it. Re trump. Remember Hitler killed the brownshirts when he had no more need for them

  9. Margaret says:

    Some people know when to take their holidays

    We were treated this morning to the fragrant Margrit who apparently was not at the conference but managed to extol the virtues of Kez and at the same time tell us about the scandals at Westminster SNPbaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad ones

    I’m sure it will be with great regret to Paul wasn’t around to hear her (NOT)

  10. Bt says:

    Yep, this guest-writer thing is all very well, but there’s no substitute (hey! Substitute! The Who!) for the small redheaded canine. Come back, Please.

    • Kenzie says:

      You have to make allowances, Bt, for the different styles of writing. The guest writers who have been covering for Paul’s absence have been excellent and their points equally valid.

    • mumsyhugs says:

      Why don’t you do a guest post then, and show us all how it should be done then? 🙂

  11. Dan Huil says:

    When it comes to the crunch Dugdale and her party will always put Westminster’s wants above Scotland’s needs. She’s currently gleefully doing Westminster’s dirty work, like Davidson and Rennie.

  12. Billy J Kramer and the Dakotas; mid ‘sixties…seemed, ahem, to this admittedly untrained ear, off- key, tone deaf sorta.
    If memory serves, Georgie Fame and the Blue Flames were spectacular ‘live’, a great jazz/rock outfit, Yeah, Yeah.
    I read KD’s speech. It is more than I can stomach these days to watch it on the New Labour Broadcasting Corporation.
    Is Dugdale saying that the other parties are not going to offer an A1 Health Service, that Education will not be up there on their list of priorities?
    Only Labour will make things more austere by taxing us all to ‘non prescriptively’ spend on 4000 ‘extra’ teachers (do we need 4000 more?), 174,000, or is it 153,000, 142,000, more college places for pensioners to learn how to use a mouse and send e mails, and 16 year old school leavers to learn to read write and add up proper, or whatever mumbled soon to be revealed tax and spend plans they cobble together in the next 40 days?
    Her speech wasn’t even from the bottom of the barrel. It was out side the barrel. It was juvenile dross.
    Scotland the Word. Aye, right.
    How anybody can consider that any of this rag tag and bobtail Unionist mix of sub politicians should be allowed to govern us beggars my weary battle scarred old belief systems to the limit.

    I caught ‘Visiting Professor’ Gordon Matheson on Brewer’s Droop at lunchtime, faffling on about the Osborne Tory inspired City Deals. Mundell popped up on videotape clucking the same sort of nonsense that the ex Leader of Glasgow was churning out live to Brewer’s prompts.

    Matheson wants power and loads of luverly money to be devolved to Cities. Frank Mc Aveety with billions to play with. You couldn’t make it up.

    Brewer mused that the Visiting Professor (is he getting paid fro this wee sinecure?) might stand as Mayor of Glasgow.

    Really? Talk sense, Mr Brewer.

    Have they all gone stark staring bonkers? We’re kicking this lot out over the course of the next 14 months, yet they sit in the gathering gloom in complete denial ; we have 56 pro Self Determination MP’s sitting in Westminster following the biggest political upheaval in history, and even Prof Curtice’s polls indicate that the Unionist Branch Offices are about to get another thumping in May.

    Is it just me, or is the behaviour and irrationality of the MSM and the Unionist politicos approaching complete breakdown.

    New Labour: Broken Record.
    Great piece again, Macart. Thanks.

    • macart763M says:

      G-man and Yes Scotland future this time around. 🙂

    • Saor Alba says:

      You are so right Jack. Billy J Kramer was soooo bad!
      Just like rudderless Liebor and the Blue Tories with David Muddle, oh and the …… the…… the… that wee party, ehm…….oh aye, …….. the Liebrals!!!!! Always tellin’ Carmichaels so they are!

      • Saor Alba, I can no longer make a pretence at politeness. This is too important for us all. yesterday’s current affairs output from Pacific Quay was a joke; a sick twisted joke, but nevertheless, a joke.
        Yet nobody’s laughing.
        JaBa the ‘But’ got a roasting from ‘Just to be Clear, Hang on a Minute’ Brewer, to be sure, but the Establishment had to strangle that particular ‘tax and spend’ Old Labour nonsense at birth before the rot set in.
        I have a sense that the ‘1p for Education’ message will somehow slip off the table over the coming days; Kezia was already retracing her steps with the ‘not prescriptive’ reference in her ‘speech’.
        Interesting times.
        Can’t wait for the next SNP Scandal to hit the headlines. Should be fun.

  13. bjsalba says:

    I think the Corbyn “body swerve” is actually an astute move on his part. Kezia (and the Scottish Labour MP/MSPs) clearly nailed their colours to the mast of the Blairites at Westminster.

    The Westminster Blairites did spin that a defeat in Scotland at Holyrood would be because of Corbyn: though the MSM is not now pushing that line much – at least in Scotland. in fact Labours splits are not getting much press at all up her.

    By not coming up to Slab conference Corbyn has effectively lobbed this grenade (minus pin) back into the Blairite camp. It is for them to show that Blairite Labour is a winner.

  14. Tumshie-heid says:

    It is to Paul’s credit that minding the shop hasn’t been micromanaged while he’s away, so it’s a shame to see a post from a guest on his blog exploiting that trust by bringing up a contentious subject, just a few sentences in, which Paul has studiously avoided and given good, personal reasons for,
    ( https://weegingerdug.wordpress.com/2016/01/19/the-great-scottish-blog-war/ ) with the ‘splitting the vote’ comment; it seemed both unnecessary in the context of the piece and certainly in the context of Paul’s blog. I barely took in much of the rest after seeing that wee barb, which is wholly unusual while reading anything posted here! ‘Wee Ginger Dug’ is inspiring to wide swathes of the Indy movement because it is satirical and witty whilst cutting through the political and partisan noise with Paul’s encyclopaedic insight; if ‘G-man’ aspires to any of that, I’d say, on this first reading of his work, ‘must try harder’!

  15. Agree with 100% re voting for SNP who have proved themselves strong in government.

  16. Saor Alba says:

    Slightly off topic! I was at the Mitchell library tonight to hear Nicola Sturgeon talking about the books that have influenced her most in her life. She gave a us a fantastic talk and a great insight into her character. She is intellectually light years ahead of any other party leaders in Scotland, obviously cares very deeply about the people of our wee country. She has the ability to be both stateswoman like and entirely human and ordinary at the same time. IMHO, Scotland is in very safe hands with her and her team at the helm.

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