A cunning plan?

A guest post by Samuel Miller

Aye, it appears that the political classes and assorted meeja types are at a bit of a loss as to why no one will listen to their air biscuits of wisdom currently. Their cunning plan to date seems to be comprised of an avalanche of editorial, twitter snark (whatever that is) and general broadcast sound bites from assorted punditry aimed at either a. Convincing the public they have undergone mass brainwashing/enforced indoctrination or b. Shaming the same public into a realisation that they have been an unwilling victim of the biggest mass political con of the decade and therefore are essentially just dim.  Oh, and you’re all the wrong sort of nationalists if you support independence for Scotland. To coin a popular phrase these days… You’re all vile frankly (sigh).

Basically, y’know, insulting and antagonising people, which is always a great way of winning folk over.

Now all of this has apparently been perpetrated by those evil masters of deception and duplicity, that sinister, single issue fringe cult of Essenpee (bad) inc., who are…wait for it… planning to continue arguing for independence. That is quite some feat for a party that struggles to get the gopher in any daily title’s editorial bear pit to answer the phone, never mind have said title print pro Essenpee propaganda for the mass market to get all brainwashed over. Oh and as for favourable broadcast coverage?  Safe to say, it appears that the media in general aren’t fans of either the Essenpee or the concept of Scottish independence.

So I thought it might be a bit of a help if we telt them just why we personally vote the way we do and why we’ve kinda turned off to what they’re saying.

I’ll start shall I?

What I believe – Put simply, I believe Scotland is a country. I believe the population of a country are those best placed to make decisions about their own needs, governance and future. I believe the electorate of a country should expect to elect and be governed by the party of their democratic choice, one that will reflect and administer for their priorities, their particular needs and their aspirations. I believe in personal and collective choice, democracy and responsibility. To quote a rather well known American fella, I believe in a “government of the people, by the people, …”. I don’t consider myself superior to anyone else, but I’m damned if I’ll be considered less than anyone else because of my country of origin, or because I wish to see that country exercise its democratic rights on its own behalf.

I believe stewardship and governance of a country is all about the future, the next generation and that it is the present generation’s duty to act as caretakers of the country and custodians of that future. In short, to leave behind a better place for future generations, or at least not to feck it up so badly its of no use to anyone. I also believe in interdependence, NOT DEPENDENCE, that Scotland rejoining the family of nations and adding its own distinctive voice would be a friend to the world and a source of strife to none.

Doesn’t seem hard to understand and to me it doesn’t seem like a big ask for all politicians and parties in Scotland to accept as a concept with some merit. Yet this is NOT the system of government the population of Scotland currently lives under and so, unsurprisingly, I personally support a movement and parties who aim to rectify this state of affairs and return Scottish government to what I consider its natural home, into the hands of its own population. Again, not a hard concept to grasp.

So why don’t I listen to politicians from established political parties such as Labour, Conservative or Libdem anymore? Bearing in mind that upon a time I did, what changed?  Where would you start with an answer? My own lifetime personal observations and experiences, (as an ordinary bod), of politics as it is practiced in the UK is a good catch all. However, best to put some meat on those bones. Starter for ten: None of those parties believe in the premise of an independent Scottish government, nor even true equal partnership, home rule via FFA (shrugs). Apparently their only interests as fully paid up members of the Westminster establishment is limited devolution as decided by a fairly loaded, anti democratic and self serving system of central government. This system decides the disposition of our sovereign powers, our economy and our resources in a parly where our representation is a bit on the outnumbered side when it comes to voting on constitutional issues and/or day to day legislation. Even if almost every single Scottish MP decided FFA was a good thing (which they did), the nature of the chamber, the system and the vote under the current constitutional arrangement would ensure it was an option that never came to pass. Ohhhh wait….

Simply listing the Westminster system’s abuses against its own population could wear your fingers down to stubs. Illegal wars, decades of mis managed economy, expenses scandals, cash for access and questions, patronage for favour, an unelected chamber, government compromised by the corporate world, political ideologies creating wealth disparity on an eye watering scale. Oh and let’s not forget to mention naked party political manipulation of the population and democratic process. Playing one section of society, or voter demographic, against another simply for electoral gain. All of the above affect the UK and its constituent parts both separately and as a whole. The parliament and its system is figuratively and literally broken and may as well exist on the moon as far as the bod in the street is concerned, so divorced are the decision makers from the lives of the population. Just a thought mind, but perhaps a parliamentary sovereignty operating on elitism and patronage isn’t the grandest starting point for any kind of democracy? Still, pretty much acceptable business as usual for an entire class of professional politician. All of which neatly leads me back to having a government that is directly answerable to its electorate, a popular sovereignty.

The poorly managed deindustrialisation of Scotland in pursuit of a rust free, greed is good, finance sector driven economy and ‘trickle down’ theory may top a personal list or two for readers. A shift in economic ideology that left one time working/manufacturing communities employment free deserts which spiralled slowly and painfully into lasting poverty. Moving through the years, the misrepresentation and squandering of Scotland’s resources and contributions may get others top spot (‘family of nations’, right?). Imposition of the poll tax, the introduction of the crippling PFI schemes, Bedroom Tax,  Benefits ‘reform’, sanctioning, the growth of food bank culture… A never-ending litany of ill conceived and what felt like, most times, punitive legislation. All of this topped off with a constant reminder by our politicians and our media that we simply weren’t good enough to manage our own affairs. I’m sure readers could add literally yards of their own examples to the list.

The Scottish electorate turned out repeatedly, loyally and hopelessly over the years to vote time and again. There was no one else to vote for you see, no other system in place or even possible for long enough and people wore disappointment, depression and apathy like an old jacket. It came to the point where we simply expected to be the butt of the joke. Yet after the inevitable failure to tackle any damn thing with anything other than scapegoating and half arsed, short term policy or sound bites, not a single party of government, (which would invariably be either Conservative or Labour), could or would simply hold their hands up and say, we got it badly wrong. They never felt they needed to I suppose. We were, for all intents and purposes, a captive audience.

Decade after decade of these parties doing what they wanted, not what they were asked, or what should have been expected. No, they were too busy jockeying for political power. Too busy using, manipulating and abusing the public trust and perception in a system where the public became pretty much electoral coin, and a means to an end. Decades of Scotland’s electorate only rarely achieving a share in a government it actually voted for thanks to a massive and obvious democratic deficit. Most times? Living with ill suited or downright harmful legislation passed by self interested members with only the smallest of mandates. Legislation ‘debated’ and voted upon in a chamber where the Scottish electorate’s representation was not only hopelessly outnumbered, but the overriding perception was that historically they were more than content to follow a wider ‘party line’ than defend the interests of their own electorate. That would be the very definition of politics as it is practiced in the UK then.

The question, I believe, isn’t why don’t folk listen to those political parties and their media advocates anymore, but why SHOULD they?

Amazingly though, the politicians and the media commentariat are confused, hurt, enraged and outraged that their electorate/readerships/viewers/listeners are increasingly ignoring and abandoning the traditional in search of other more reflective representation and/or sources of information.

The Scottish referendum, to me anyways, was a heads up for the public. The hugely one sided flow of ‘information’ from the media shocked and horrified an independence movement who literally begged them for fair representation. The media’s willingness to give near unchallenged access and column space to proponents of the pro union campaign and their much criticised negative narrative, left a bad taste and bitter memories for the independence vote post referendum. During the campaign, it wasn’t simply that they were poorly represented by the press, but badly and sometimes cruelly misrepresented by both elements of the media and their campaign opposition, with absolutely no thought for collateral societal damage. That campaign strategy would come back to haunt both establishment parties and the mainstream media in the 2015 general election.

Again the question isn’t why aren’t people listening anymore, but why should they? Why should people support a party political system and media that abandoned them, that clearly holds them in contempt and supports political and constitutional views that are polar opposites from their own? A system that saw no problem at all with its actions during that period and in one particularly famous case of more recent times, (an excellent example of media and politics UK style in action), didn’t have a problem printing unsubstantiated leaked information from high office in an attempt to undermine an opponent and affect public opinion during a general election campaign. Ayup, ‘politics as it is practiced… etc.’.

The answer would seem fairly self evident to me. The independence movement and that would be near half the Scottish electorate, have absolutely no reason whatsoever to listen and both establishment politicians and the media achieved this sad state of affairs all by themselves.

How they change this is up to them, but the current cunning plan of constantly shouting ‘you’re stupid and/or deluded’ ever louder, doesn’t appear to be a winning strategy.






Or just google Tartan Stalinists, McMess, Cunning Nats, Most Dangerous Woman in Britain, One Party State, SNP BAD etc, etc, etc, etc. (again SIGH).

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  1. It is good for a leader to represent his people very well so that the people who voted him in to office will be happy

  2. Irma says:

    Stupendous. Says it all. Wonderful.
    I’m going to print it off and put it on my wall and, if I get any guff from people who don’t understand where I’m coming from, I’m going to have a copy ready to stick into their hot wee hand!

  3. Stoops says:

    That Sir is perfect. You have iterated what I feel but could not put into words and I shall steal these wonderful words shamelessly. Thank you

  4. diabloandco says:

    great piece Macart!

    One of my favourite quotes is from native American philosophy ,

    “Treat the earth well; it was not given to you by your parents it was loaned to you by your children.
    We do not inherit it from our ancestors , we borrow it from our children”

    I want to see the children and grandchildren of Scotland thrive in their independent country – not have to leave to make a living, not have to fight another country’s contrived and illegal wars but to protect this precious land for their children and grandchildren.

    • Kenzie says:

      Well said, that man. As one who has fought in this country’s questionable forays against the little brown man – a fact which shames me to this day, but I can only offer in my defence that I was then, as thick as they come.

      I too want to see my grandchildren grow and prosper in a free Scotland.

  5. […] A cunning plan? […]

  6. Great piece, Macart.
    Much has been made of the 100th anniversary of the Irish Uprising, and ahem, rather forced analogies between the desperate plight of the Irish a century ago and our situation now.
    The ‘British’ Government have no need to raise an expeditionary force of demobbed unemployed Iraq vets and despatch them North to quell the rebellious Scots. There is no need to fire on a crowd during a Scottish international at Hampden.
    We’re not darting about the countryside ambushing British Officials.
    We don’t shiver and starve in crumbling cottages with sod roofs. We have central heating, double glazing, and Strictly Come Dine With On Ice Celebrity Special.
    We can buy a frozen pizza for 99p, and a half dozen cans for a fiver. Happy dyas in Oblivion, coutesy of the Man, and his Soopermarket!

    We are not oppressed physically, financially, socially, or politically. So says the Grand Panjandrum, Mundell of the Borders.

    WE are merely OUTVOTED by English MP’s of all hues at every turn.

    We are not in control of our own destiny.What we want, and now demand, is of no interest to the squires in the ‘Shires, or the Holy London Empire.
    In that sense, the fight for independence will lead to the ’emancipation’ of Scotland.
    We ‘fight’ for Freedom to rejoin the international community as a proud sovereign nation; not a colony, or a region, or a amorphous ‘where you are’ piece of land attached to England/Britain.

    I cannot understand why there is no alternative pro Self Determination media voice in Scotland. Am I to believe that every journalist and broadcaster working for the SE controlled MSM is a Unionist..by happenstance?

    Must dash. TGIF…special fish for two..mmmm.

    We shall not be fooled again.
    May 2016, then May 2017. We will drive the wolf from the dorr; then they will have no excuses for peddling their ‘pooling and sharing’ shit.

    • Saor Alba says:

      An Irish friend said to me a while ago, “We had to fight, struggle and die for our Independence. All you had to do was put a cross in a little box.” Simple, really.
      For many of us AYE! For others, Naw!

      It seems there are plenty who either 1. believe everything the media tells them; 2. want or believe the message of austerity; 3. don’t mind other folk losing their jobs (despite being promised their jobs would be safe if they voted NO); 4. enjoy their ‘masters’ sending their young to wars and killing other folk’s youngsters (hardly showing brotherly love); 5. feel threatened by equality because they have always been used to a sense of entitlement (plenty of those in Scotland); 6. love the 1% ripping them and everyone else off, 7. actually don’t care about Scotland, or 8. simply are just plain dense and not able or willing to see beyond their noses. The ‘I’m all right Union Jack brigade”.

      The Scottish Government (SNP decision) have introduced free meals to those in primaries and nurseries, yet I have seen Liebor councils, such as North Lanarkshire, put notices on buses which suggest that this was a ‘cooncil’ initiative. The lies (both direct and indirect) that emanate from the Unionist parties suck. Just watching First Minister’s Questions shows you the depths to which the Unionist parties sink. They practice gutter politics.

      The SNP have protected the Scottish people (all of them) as much as they are able, from the brutal cuts imposed by the Tories and the Unionists know this and are annoyed and frightened, because the SNP have governed well and shown the Unionists parties (all of them) up for all their years of mis-management, mis-government, self-serving practices, scandals with expenses.

      Another fabulous post Sam and straight from the heart. Both you and Paul are at your finest when you are annoyed.

      • Just catching up the morning after the night before, Saor Alba. Well said.
        On your point (1). I have just dipped into the Herald site. (I know. They probably ‘earned’ half a cent out of my click)
        Their on-line forum is a shadow of its former self.
        I see that there is a pseudonym ‘Mhairi Corbyn’ , who is probably an amalgam of New Scottish We Love Tony Blair But We Are Stuck with Jeremy For The Moment Labour Branch Office staffers churning out SNP Bad/We love Kezia guff, untrammelled by HS’ ‘Moderator. This once exalted ‘paper has been reduced to this; a Far Right Unionist Mouthpiece.
        I no longer buy the Herald (after 50 years) and cancelled my online subscription a while ago.
        I live in a country where we are denied access to a Free Press.

        I was at a fund raiser for a local primary last night. The crack and the Guinness were ace; our young bright dedicated teachers revitalised me.
        We shall be an Independent nation again, sooner rather than later.

      • Robert Graham says:

        agree 100% , The folk who are being protected by the SNP Government , should if they detest the SNP Government so much hand all the benefits back , be prepared to suffer all the unionist cuts they voted for , maybe it’s petty and vindictive but perhaps they areas that overwhelmingly voted NO were made to endure the very cuts they voted for , because they were warned as to the outcome of their decision ,Aberdeen’s Labour authority first on the list ,then Morningside, oh bugger ,one half to many ha ha nite all ha ha ,wishful thinking or maybe Johnnie Walker ,. nite

    • Robert Graham says:

      excellent post ,and a really honest assessment of the unionist position , I just hope most of us see this journey to the end .

  7. K1 says:

    As you would say Macart: That’s a keeper! 🙂

  8. Dan Huil says:

    Excellent post.

  9. Indy R says:

    Great post, and timely. Thank you.

  10. Wonderful Sam, truly wonderful.

  11. xsticks says:

    That was superb Sam. I was going to buy you a beer next Saturday, but I see you aren’t going to make it 😦 Ach well, next time for sure. I’ll surely raise a glass tae ye wi’ the crew.

  12. Maureen says:

    Wow, superb Sam. Keep them coming. Agree with everything said.

  13. Thepnr says:

    I feel a lot like you do Macart.

    An entire life spent voting for a party I believed actually cared for the things I cared about. From the election of Blair onward that I began to have my doubts.

    It was not until 2012 and the start of the Independence campaign did I realise that they was an alternative, and that alternative was Independence. All other policies of any party are now secondary to that one goal.

    I now know that achieving that goal makes all other things possible, party politics are irrelevant to me and by definition so too are any party that does not wholeheartedly support Independence.

    Great post by the way and thanks.

    • macart763M says:

      Just Sam or Mac is fine. 🙂

      Heard the latest? IDS chucking his brief citing concerns over the tack of the latest budget cuts. Seriously? That’s quite an accomplishment by the towel folder. He’s actually got his own team terrified of his toxicity. 😮

      • Patience is a Virtue says:

        Spot on.

        As he has resigned – I suppose he won’t be eligible to claim any benefits?- but can take credit for the caring Bedroom Tax.

        Talking of taxes, sugar taxes in particular – of the Chancellor recently in The Commons to much ribaldry, ….. ‘who has ‘”finally realised the dangers of coke,” joked a senior MP in a nod to claims about the Chancellor’s private life.Welcoming the sugar tax which will add 24p to a one litre bottle Coca Cola, Chris Bryant made a thinly veiled reference to a former escort’s claims that Osborne had taken cocaine in his 20s, which had MPs in stiches.’

        I thought the Conservatives weren’t the party of taxation?

        hmm.. another flyer from Ruth through the door today… “Scotland needs a strong voice to hold the (bad) SNP to account, stand firm against a second referendum and oppose tax rises for Scots” … I’ll drink to that.

        • macart763M says:

          Oh, I suspect the EU referendum also may have had more than a little to do with his resignation. 🙂

          As for pangs of conscience?

          Aye right.

  14. lanark says:

    A wonderful article that expresses the sentiment behind the independence movement perfectly.

    Why should we vote for parties that tell us that we are unique among the peoples of the world in being incapable of governing ourselves, that insult us and patronise us?

    Very interesting to see the BBC waxing lyrical recently about the Easter Rising and those plucky Irish seeking independence. I thought it was xenophobic to seek freedom from British rule. Dan Snow was fair excited about it. Maybe if we erect barricades in George Square he’ll be on our side next time, telling everybody how heroic we are. Or is Scottish nationalism uniquely bad?

    • Saor Alba says:

      British Nationalism is purely EVIL, extreme right wing, selfish and self centred and the kind of Nationalism that we are not. Scottish Nationalism is outward looking and international in its philosophy and approach. We are at ease with the world, Britain is not. Scottish Nationalism preaches equality. British Nationalism preaches division and non-equality. Nuff said.

  15. Proud Cybernat says:

    You nailed it, Macart. Well done. You and WGD make a great tag-team.

    The wonder is that the Coorporate Media wonder why we despise them. (I am convinced they actually really do know why they are so despised and dismissed now by half the people in Scotland but they can’t exactly go there).

    The Corporate Media in this country totally know what they did, how they behaved and all the lies and misinformation they spread during IndyRef#1 on behalf of their Establishment masters. And now they are feigning innocence and trying to project ‘fault’ onto indy supporters. “Wasn’t me, guv!”

    They really do think we are stupid, don’t they. And that total contempt for half of the Scottish electorate is why they will NEVER recover. And I rather suspect they know it. It’s only a matter of time now for them AND for Indy.

    • Saor Alba says:

      I was in Glasgow this morning and noticed that the Scotsman was on sale from a vendor and if you bought one it came in a nice wee hessian bag together with a free calendar.

      Needless tae say I didnae buy wan.
      Jings! Whit they huv tae dae noo tae sell thur wee rags. Sales for aw the rags ur diminishin’ as we post.

  16. MoJo says:

    absolutely brilliant piece – so good you may have caused IDS to resign! keep up the good work with the Dug

  17. Angus Skye says:

    Isn’t it strange how, in a MSM with only one title “for” independence, half the population has been brainwashed into woodenly walking around not supporting the view of the rest of the MSM. Wow, the editor of that title must be a member of the Avengers with that sort of power.

  18. Nana says:

    Fantastic writing Sam, always a pleasure to read your musings.

    Indeed I could wear my fingers down to the bone making a list of Westminster wrongs, trouble is where to begin. I see Chilcot held back yet again, there will always be some excuse to halt that report.

  19. Jan Cowan says:

    Another great piece of writing, Sam. I was fortunate, for as a Pr.7 pupil all these years ago, our teacher, Miss M.Fraser, made sure her pupils knew the history of Scotland. And that was all we required to feel cheated out of our country’s independence. So for virtually all my life I’ve known what I wanted from WM – FREEDOM!

  20. Steve Asaneilean says:

    Nothing to add to your post Sam and many of the comments.

    There’s no so blind as cannae see sums up (Not) Labour in Scotland just perfectly.

  21. benmadigan says:

    excellent post Sam. just about says everything

  22. Irene Buchan says:

    Excellent article. This expresses my thoughts and feelings to a tee. Thank you for putting these into words that I couldn’t.

  23. Saor Alba says:

    Your comment which is well made, Jan.
    We should be truly grateful to the primary teachers who taught about Scottish History.

  24. One could add how an inexperienced peer can be parachuted in to “represent” Scottish interests in fishing (Scotland has almost all the UK’s worthwhile fishing waters), despite the UK Government’s promise to allow an experienced representative of the Scottish Government to lead the negotiations with the EU. The UK Government manages to be both inept and insulting at the same time.

  25. We are at war. No, not a hypothetical war; a genuine honest to goodness battle for the Freedom of Scotland and its citizens, whether born here, or who have moved here for a better life.
    Not for us Scots residents, the bomb, the bullet, civil disobedience, and a narrow Nationalism.

    Our war is a war of words, of reasoned argument, a promotion of Scotland as a free, sovereign independent nation, which has become ever more marginalised and oppressed by the 300 year old political contract struck with our neighbour to the South by ancient belted Earls, landowners and Merchants, against the will of us, the People.

    We are winning the war. We are not at breaking point. Far from it.

    The arrant nonsense of the Unionist Better Together, pooling and sharing, arguments, threats, and downright lies, now fall as empty shells on the ears of us, the sovereign people of Scotland. We have heard it all before. We are immune now.

    We rejected a privatised NHS, Academy market forces schools, the Imperial Britain World Power nonsense, illegal Weapons of Mass Destruction on our soil and shores; we are disgusted with Ruth Davidson’s, Kezia Dugdale’s, and Willie Rennie’s, slavish adherence to their WM Masters ‘ diktat- financially and socially punish our poor, elderly and infirm, and the UK Government organised theft of billions of pounds of our money to further boost the wealth of the English (and Edinburgh Branch Office’s) Establishment’s Money Lenders and Masters of the Universe.

    The warped logic that FPTP gives a Blue Tory Government which garnered less than 25% of the vote the mandate to destroy social democracy on these isles, and somehow sell the notion that the overall control of Scotland by a Colonial Governor, David Mundell, whose majority was in the hundreds, was ‘the will of the Scottish people’ ,while completely ignoring the message of 56 Pro Self Determination MP’s being returned, and a SNP Government of Scotland sitting at Holyrood, is outrageous and is no longer tolerated Up Here.
    He is in effect a Pontius Pilate foisted upon us by a Party which we vehemently rejected time and again..

    We are to swallow the argument that FPTP does not apply where the argument for Independence is bolstered by the massive rejection of Unionism at last May’s UKGE.
    Aye, right.

    We, the men and women of Scotland, are at war. Politically, culturally, socially, and financially.

    It is a war of ideas, of minds, of culture, of humanity.

    No guns, no bombs.

    It is not 1916. We do not live in sod hovels, yet. Mercenaries hired by London are not bashing our infants’ brains out with the heel of an Enfield. Not yet.

    Ruth Davidson is a Blue Tory.

    Kezia Dugdale is a Red Tory. She is right up there with New Labour neo-conservatives like Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, Yves Cooper, Andy Burnham, Ed Miliband, Liz Kendal, Hilary Benn , Stephen Kinnock, Lords |Reid, Foulkes, Roberston, Darling, Watson and Sewell..he of the white powder snorting infamy.

    They don’t give a damn about Scotland’s sovereignty.

    Oh yes, and Willie Rennie is a Yellow Tory..like Carmichael, Alexander, Clegg and the rest of the Coalition Collaborators. Lib Dems:- The Tribe That Lost Its Head.

    Ours is a just demand.
    Free Scotland.
    Scotland’s Parliament will be returned to Scotland.
    We shall have governments’ for which we voted.

    I will tolerate no more the farcical ‘democratic deficit’, and I will do everything in my power to end our suppression by our neighbour within my lifetime.

    No More MR Nice Guy.

    • Alex Wright says:

      I echo these sentiments in their entirety Jack. I’m tired and weary of the never-ending, incessant and interminable lies being propagated by the other side.

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