Inveterate liar tells the truth

The tombstone toothed son of Satan, the warspawning liemongerer of Labour, the parasitical worm in the bowels of progressive politics, has treated us to something new. No, he’s not suddenly realised that his Christian faith means he’s supposed to repent of his sins, for Tony believes that Christianity has a lot more to do with product placement. The product being himself being placed in a position of power and influence which allows him to make tons of money. Neither has the great dissembler been overcome with a bout of self-awareness leading him to beg for forgiveness.

No, what’s happened is that the toothy trickster has treated Scottish independence supporters to the novelty of using us as a threat in someone else’s Project Fear. What’s even more of a novelty was that Tony wasn’t charging tens of thousands for uttering his words of self-serving wisdom. However the greatest novelty of all is that he was actually telling the truth for once.

No really. Tony told the truth. He has such a reputation for untruth telling that when someone says the sentence “Tony Blair told the truth” the immediate and entirely natural reaction is to accuse them of lying. Or at the very least being under the influence of mind altering drugs of the sort which you don’t usually get on prescription. The last time Tony knowingly told the truth was early in his marriage when he told Cherie that there was no lavvy paper left in the toilet. But even that degree of truth telling stopped when they got staff. Tony is the only man on the planet who never needs to ask “Are you calling me a liar?” because he can take it for granted that we are.

When Tony Blair tells the truth, you feel the need to go and lie down in a dark room for a while. When Tony says something that is neither a lie nor dissembling, there is some essential imbalance in the universe. It’s a bit like discovering that Iain Duncan Smith pays the rent on flats for homeless people or that George Osborne has been known not to pull the wings off a fly. It would almost be like discovering that Fluffy Mundell was halfway competent and actually put Scotland’s needs before those of the Tory party, but that would be silly. We’re just dealing with the ridiculously implausible here, not outright fantasy. Fluffy has never knowingly, or even unknowingly, uttered anything approaching words of wisdom. Just words of wincedom.

In an interview on French radio, Tony said that there was a “little mentioned” aspect to the debate on whether the UK should remain an EU member or should leave. Apparently that little mentioned aspect is that if the UK votes to leave the EU, then Scotland will vote to leave the UK and remain in the EU.

It comes as a bit of a surprise to learn that the possibility that Scotland might leave the UK if we vote to stay in the EU but England votes to leave. Far from being little mentioned, it’s been extensively discussed. In fact in Scotland we discuss the possibility of a second independence referendum if we vote to stay in the EU but England votes to leave far more than we discuss the merits or demerits of remaining a part of the EU. The truth is, in Scotland it’s EU membership which is little discussed, because it’s supported by a large majority so isn’t an issue. In England, politics revolves around the question of EU membership almost to the same extent that Scottish politics revolves around the question of independence.

What Tony’s off the cuff remark tells us is Scotland and England don’t have the same priorities, and the English – that is, British – political classes don’t give a toss about Scotland. So that’s not new at all then. So much for Scotland playing a vital role within this caring and sharing family of nations that make up the UK. I seem to recall that during the independence referendum the Westminster government begged Scotland to stay so that we could have a great effect in shaping and influencing Britain. Now we discover thanks to Tony that the most discussed aspect of the EU debate in Scotland scarcely registers amongst the London based political classes at all.

Mind you, it’s not like anyone in Scotland is surprised by this. Scotland’s central place in Westminster’s heart turned out to be the exclusion of EVEL and Tory MPs that no one in Scotland voted for turning down every amendment proposed to the Scotland Bill by the MPs that Scotland did actually vote for. The Tories hid in the bars of the Palace of Westminster, only coming out to enter the voting lobbies and jeer at the aspirations of a country that just a few short months before they told us was a much valued partner. So naturally they don’t give a toss about what Scotland wants when it comes to EU membership. Scotland is a possessed province which will do what it is told. Its opinions don’t matter.

Tony doesn’t really care about Scotland either. He only introduced devolution because he was told that if he didn’t Scotland would have been independent by the turn of the millenium. And then he introduced a kind of devolution that was designed to act as a lifeboat for Labour during those periods when the Tories were in power in Westminster, so that Labour in Scotland could protect itself from a future Thatcher. But Labour’s own greed and unwillingness to surrender control meant that the lifeboat was leaky and lacked any shelter from the Tory storms.

Now the lifeboat has sunk and Scotland is on course for independence anyway. Tony can give whatever warnings he likes, Tony is to credibility as James Kelly MSP is to charisma. Thatcher was the unwitting midwife of Scottish devolution, Tony is the unwitting midwife of independence. That, and the war crimes of Iraq, will be his lasting legacy.

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20 comments on “Inveterate liar tells the truth

  1. Gaelstorm says:

    It’s a double bluff. He thinks that because he is an inveterate liar, the SNP will assume that people won’t vote for independence on Brevity, and therefore won’t call a referendum.

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  4. Saw this earlier in a note in the Guardian and the first thing that came to mind was the over-used phrase, NO SHIT, SHERLOCK!

  5. Hetty says:

    Ah, but, would the good folks of Englandshire vote to stay, just so they can keep us? Many of them want out of the EU, ‘elf n safety’ n all that rubbish, having to allow human rights for all those prisoners! Nah, get us out they say!
    So, what can UKok do. It’s going to be an interesting few months, with unionists panicking while having to vote to stay so as not to lose their gravy train, with all the perks they enjoy by taking what the hell they want from the country of Scotland.

  6. carthannas says:

    Just love that first paragraph!

  7. JGedd says:

    Apt that you have entered into the dark realms of eschatology to create imagery to describe the Prince of Lies, who was our former Prime Minister!

    His pronouncements do make me a bit nervous that his gaze has fallen again on Scotland. Summons up a vague superstitious shiver of dread. ( You see what happens when you start to sound like Revelations! )

    Look what happened the last time we received the attention of himself who can’t be mentioned. He has the power to cause a whole area of Scotland’s maritime shelf to disappear and be transferred to England’s possession by simply redrawing a border So, beware!

  8. ScotsCanuck says:

    oh! aye, Paul, class in a glass analysis as usual !!

  9. Guga says:

    Sometimes I wish I was a believer in sky gods and similar. That way I would be sure that Bliar and his ilk would eventually suffer the torments of hell for, among other things, the murder of millions of innocent civilians. However, as we can’t rely on that form of justice, we will have to keep pressing for Bliar, Broon, Dubya, Obama, Camoron, NetanYahoo and others, as well as their cabinet members, to be tried as war criminals, and hanged.

    As for the many, many remaining corrupt politicians, especially those in America and the YUK, we should push for them to be tried for corruption and conspiracy, imprisoned for life, and for all their assets to be seized as the proceeds of crime.

  10. Dan Huil says:

    Blair and Carmichael are typical britnats: lying scum.

  11. Luigi says:

    I thought the IN crowd would play the Scottish card at some point, but the fact that it has been played so early indicates just how panicked the elites are about a possible BREXIT. Unfortunately, the outers now have plenty of time to respond. This is getting interesting. Popcorn ready, helmets on. 🙂

  12. says:

    Reblogged this on Bampots Utd.

  13. Dr. James Wilkie says:

    “Tony doesn’t really care about Scotland either. He only introduced devolution because he was told that if he didn’t Scotland would have been independent by the turn of the millennium.”

    Tony Blair never introduced devolution, which was forced on him by international diplomatic ultimatum, because the government of Scotland by secretary of state was endangering the whole international order in Europe. And despite George Robertson’s gift of prophecy Labour spent several years from 1993 onwards trying to kill any transfer of power of political decision making to Scotland. What happened was that the international authorities, headed by the Council of Europe in Strasbourg, ordered the UK to correct the democratic deficit in Scotland and Wales under threat of international sanctions if it continued to defy the international rules of pluralist democracy. These facts have been consistently suppressed by London and the mainstream media under its control. See:

    or the index at:

    The Scotland-UN Committee is continuing as the Scottish Democratic Alliance (SDA) with the same commitment to Scotland’s constitutional independence. See its Manifesto (About) on its website:

  14. mogabee says:

    T Blair likes to give the impression he is a “believer”. But his actions suggest that that belief rests solely with his financial portfolio and zero for the hoi polloi’s benefit.

    Most of the population dismiss his views, except for the most gullible!

    • Saor Alba says:

      His brand of Christianity is to do what has been done for centuries. Empower the few and keep the masses divided and thus conquered. It is time to waken from the slumber.

    • MarkAustin says:

      Tony Blair’s Christianity always reminds me of a cartoon in Private Eye many years ago.

      It showed a man in a dog collar knocking at a door and saying “God has told me to come and sell you life insurance”.

      It is always a wonder how God always told Blair (and Bush) to do what they wanted to.


  15. Peter Campbell says:

    I read the Tony Blair article in The National this morning. I don’t get how a country as poor, wee and stupid as Scotland can be used as a threat to keep the UK in the EU. Why are they so desperate to keep us, to the extent that we’re now a bargaining tool to threaten people to remain in the EU?

    • Guga says:

      There are a number of reasons that they are desperate to keep us, including:

      1) They profit from us by stealing our money and exploiting our resources. This stolen money has, among many other things, paid for the M25, and is to be used to pay for their high speed rail line and their Trident WMD. It has also been used to save England from bankruptcy.

      2) Without Scotland, England’s greedy and peasant land will be seen by the international community for what it is, i.e. a provincial backwater that has been reduced to a vassal state of the Terrorist State of America. This same international community is also likely to push for the English to lose their seat as a Permanent Member of the UN Security Council.

      3) Losing Scotland would mean the English losing the most important of their remaining colonies. They would then begin to realize that the Empire and the Raj were well and truly dead and gone, and result in severe mental trauma for the English.

      There are too many other reasons to list why the English want to keep us subjected to their arrogant and exploitative rule. On the other hand, there are countless reasons why Scotland should wish to break the English shackles, regain our independence, and be a nation again.

      • Bill Dale says:

        I think that there are also many reasons why it would be better for those living in England to have an independent Scotland as a neighbour, not least that the majority of people would recognise that the mantra of TINA is a false one, designed to keep people from realising what the establishment have been doing for decades viz. creaming the profits off the top, while ignoring wrong-doing and criminality by bankers, banking institutions and members of the establishment.

        This is perhaps even more frightening for the establishment than the thought of losing Scotland’s significant monetary contribution to the UK Treasury.

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