Pacing the carpet of lies

Gordie’s been intervening for the first time again. He intervenes for the first time on a regular basis, far more regularly than he could be arsed to turn up at the House of Commons and do his job when he was the MP for Kirkcaldy. All he did regularly after he lost his job as worst UK Prime Minister for a 100 years, and he had some pretty stiff competition, was to sulk. Anyway, now that he doesn’t have a constituency to ignore, he’s got a new career as an advisor to a US based asset management company which according to reports had previously paid him £50,000 for pacing up and down the carpet and delivering one of his self-regarding speeches. Gordie saved the banks you know, but more importantly he saved his bank balance.

Here in Scotland we are hugely blessed, because we get to partake of the wit and wisdom of Gordie for free. Admittedly there’s very little in the way of wit or wisdom in what Gordie has to say, but he’s all that the Labour party in Scotland have got that could pass for a statesman. And he certainly is a statesman, being a man and a bit of a state. Labour in Scotland has once again dragged Gordie out to wear out the carpets and save the Labour party because things worked out so well for them the last time he did it. No one listens to him any more, no one is interested in the promises and guarantees of a man who wouldn’t deliver on them even when he did have the power to do so.

The purpose of this week’s carpet pacing was to tell us how we need to stay a part of the EU. Most people in Scotland agree with this proposition, even though we may have deep reservations about how the European project has been carried out. Mainly that it all seems to be an exercise in self-promotion for the likes of Gordie and more concerned with the interests of big business than the interests of European citizens. However what people in Scotland like most about the EU is that it acts as a brake on the more swivel eyed tendencies of the Tories in Westminster. The EU is very far from perfect, but we get all sorts of guarantees as a result of EU membership, holiday entitlements, human rights, limits on the number of hours we can be forced to work a week, the right to travel freely and settle and work throughout the continent, and all that would be threatened if the UK left.

UKIP and the Europhobic tendency amongst the Tories want to leave the EU so that they can turn the UK into a sort of USA with worse weather and poorer food, a country where women have no maternity rights, workers are atomised and unprotected, you consider yourself lucky if you get two weeks leave a year, you live to work not work to live, and all so a small minority can get obscenely wealthy. Even within the EU the Tories have already taken us a long way down this path to pauperisation, a path which the right wing of the Labour party was happy to tread too. Outside the EU the brakes would be off and Scotland would lose a vital safeguard to protect us against the excesses of a far right wing government that less than 15% of us voted for.

Gordie warned that we must not let UKIP pull the same tricks during the referendum as the SNP. So presumably we must be on our guard against Nigel Farage speaking out in favour of increased immigration and greater integration with the rest of the world. Gordie wore down some more of the Axminster as he warmed to his theme that it was important to present a patriotic British case for staying in the EU, in a totally non-nationalist way of course. The defining characteristic of British nationalism is that it’s not nationalist at all, and that’s what makes us better than foreigners. The EU needs the UK to teach it what non-nationalist nationalism is all about, or something. Gordie’s speeches are full of more contradictions that a book of zen koans, only without the deep spiritual truths, being rooted in a meaningful philosophy, or any mastery of Asian martial arts.

He refused to give a direct answer to the big question for Scotland. Gordie doesn’t do direct answers that might show him up to be a hypocrite. If the rest of the UK votes to leave the EU but Scotland votes to stay then it would be morally wrong for Scotland to lose the benefits of EU membership despite the fact we’d voted to keep them, and despite the fact that Gordie was one of the people who was telling us in 2014 that we needed to remain a part of the UK in order to ensure our continuing membership of the EU. Even though Gordie refused to answer the question directly, he left it clear that he believes Scotland should be dragged out of Europe against its will. He’d rather that Scotland was left naked and exposed to the worst excesses of the Tories and the right wing of the Labour party than decide its own destiny. Scotland deciding its own destiny is bad nationalism, the UK deciding its own destiny isn’t nationalism at all.

What he did instead was to present an irrelevant case to illustrate his evasion. Gordie pointed out that during the 1975 European referendum, 58% of Scots voted for membership, but 68% did in the rest of the UK. No one suggested breaking up the UK then, he opined, oblivious to the fact that in both Scotland and the rest of the UK there was a clear majority in favour of Europe. Gordie clearly believes that we can’t count and don’t realise that 58% is a majority. It’s a larger majority that the Better Together campaign got during the Scottish referendum, so according to Gordie’s logic Scotland ought to be on the way to independence right now.

And in fact we are on the way to independence. We’re on our way to independence because all the promises and guarantees made by Gordie and his pals during the independence referendum campaign have proven to be as worn out and threadbare as the carpets that Gordie paces up and down on. Scotland is on its way to independence because of the lies of Westminster, and the self-serving hypocrisy of Gordon Brown. In May the Unionist parties will die a little more, and we’ll take one more step down the worn out carpet of Gordon’s lies towards independence.

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38 comments on “Pacing the carpet of lies

  1. Macart says:

    Gordon Brown, a legend in his own mind. A sell out, a bought and paid for member of the establishment and as irrelevant to Scotland’s future as it is possible to be. A living breathing reminder of why we are enjoying austerity UK this very day.

    He’s not fit to wash the feet of the poor and disadvantaged he betrayed in his rush to the boardrooms of the high and mighty.

    Ah’ll mibbies give his words of wisdom a miss.

  2. […] Pacing the carpet of lies […]

  3. Gordon Brown, a legend in his own lunch break.

    To take on the work he has taken for the money he will be getting paid when he also already receives a massive payout from Westminster on a regular basis is nothing more than shameful hypocrisy for someone who claims to be a socialist.

    But you are right Paul – no one is listening to him anymore. He’s talking in a one man echo chamber.

  4. We might face him for the next four months, between Holyrood and the EU referendum.

    Gordon ‘Herpes’ Brown (always comes back again) could torpedo the pro-EU side, given his popularity, and the UK could easily vote ‘out’. You would think someone within his bubble would enlighten him to the world outside said bubble.

    Mind you, with ‘material change’ and all that, GHB could well hand the SNP a golden opportunity.

  5. gavin says:

    If it wasn’t for BBC Scotland this man would be talking only to himself.

    The EU referendum hasn’t even started yet, and BBC Scotland has already given air time to two unelected Labourites.

    BBC Scotland—-Labour till the end !

  6. bedelsten says:

    Maybe someone, Nicla perhaps, should have a word in Goggsy’s shell-like, telling him ‘haud yer wheesht”, since Goggsy doing the Axminster, again, could be somewhat counterproductive as it was when the routine was last presented to the increasingly incredulous electorate. Just to remind yourselves…

  7. Loveme2times says:

    It’s going to be highly amusing hearing them use the same arguments for staying in the EU that the yes movement used for leaving the UK, buts it’s ok to use them this time…………

    The man who sold our gold reserves at the lowest possible rate and then thought that this was a good thing!!!

  8. Dunkie says:

    A thote that the dug wiz quite soaft wae Gordie the day. Why wiz he no tempted tae bite Gordie’s erse? Does he think that Gordie’s no worth the effort given that he is so far past past his sell by date? Not into chewing the walking dead perhaps?

    Mibbie having read Faust the dug really pities Gordie fur whit he knows history is gaunie dae tae um efter his self serving pact with the establishment. Gordie is inescapably trapped with his day of reckoning, he’s shit scared of his fate and paces back and forth like a polar bear I wance saw in Edinburgh zoo that looked as if it was gaunnie jump tae freedom from it’s compound. I really pitied that bear – efteraw it wisnae the bear’s fault it wiz there. Noo ye cannae say that aboot oor Gordie; he deserves aw that’s comin tae um.

    Whit Scotsman wid waant the fate that’s reserved fur them that staun against the destiny ae their ain country in order tae sook up tae elite power in the orgasmic hope of vain glory and riches?

    “Proud Scotsmen” like him we can weil dae withoot – even rid heided perros ken that.

    • JGedd says:

      I wish we could put Brown in a zoo along with the rest of the Labour menagerie.

      • Patience is a Virtue says:

        I know what you mean JG — but best to release him into the wild where he can do most damage.

        We deparately need his business acumen – remember the MP for Kirkcaldy did his best for the Banks and Bankers but did not it seem do quite so well for those institutions nearer ‘home’ in the country whose name (we are told) may no longer be mentioned e.g. what of the Dunfermline Building Society? … for those now with mortgages with the Nationwide!

        Every utternace or pace must be worth a few thousand votes towards the common good.

        I wonder if he thinks Scottish MPs at Westminster have in any way been ‘devalued’ since the railroading introduction of EVEL at Westminster in the ‘better together’ present – maybe in one of his inevitable appearances on our screens in coming months our media may wish to query him on matters to the north of the north and whether things have materialised quite as he foretold.

  9. says:

    Reblogged this on Bampots Utd.

  10. Dan Huil says:

    Brown is an embarrassment. A walking failure who’s only friends are in the rancid bbc. I’ll be voting to stay in, not because I like the EU, but because I believe England will vote to leave. Anything that accentuates the difference between Scotland and England is good for independence.

    • Jan Cowan says:

      Yes, Brown IS an embarrassment. Nothing more.

    • benmadigan says:

      agree Dan – after all once Scotland’s independent with her own parliament etc set up, she can weigh up the pros and cons of EU membership in her own time and then have a referendum to decide on in or out

      • hektorsmum says:

        I agree also, we need to stay in right now, coming out will make things much worse. Tory England where the people cannot see the wood from the trees will vote to come out, I can feel it. We need to work against that happening to Scotland, we can deal with Europe on our own after Independence.

  11. I absolutely detest that man! Scumbag of the first order.

  12. carthannas says:

    Thanks for this Paul: after the appalling way that Greece was treated I was having second thoughts about my support for the EU. Your article reminded me that despite everything we’re better in than out.

    I loathe Gordon Brown, though for years I was a Labour voter. I revile the BBC for its continued corruption and its anti-Scottish agenda, though it was formerly my main source of news and comment. Can I remind your readers and contributors that there is currently a BBC Trust consultation on what we think of BBC Scotland. Whatever we say it won’t make any difference but it would be good to have our anger officially recorded. Go to the BBC Trust to respond to the consultation online.

    • Ian Gould says:

      attended recent bbc trust event in Glasgow official view ,bbc has no stance on Scottish independence this from director of digital and strategy ,ex Blairite minister

  13. Robert Graham says:

    Brown has been rolled out to pave the way for the approaching con , this being the stories that will emerge in the months leading up to the vote that Brittain as a whole will vote as one nation , it’s only fair that the majority wins now isn’t it ? Cameron and the Tories are in charge they will do what the f/k they like courtesy of the 55% who voted “NO” well done them eh ? There will be no vote breakdown by region / country / town council / or street you name it you ain’t getting it end of

  14. wee e says:

    ” The defining characteristic of British nationalism is that it’s not nationalist at all, and that’s what makes us better than foreigners.”
    Tha’s a Great British bulls-eye!

  15. jcd says:

    Interesting point R Graham. How WILL we know how Scotland Wales and NI voted in the EU ref?

  16. Davy says:

    Brown is nothing but a one-eyed tractor.

  17. Muscleguy says:

    I think we will find out because the Scottish Government will run the show here so they can ensure a tally is taken. The votes won’t be counted centrally, so how each counting centre reports that can be noted. Counting will be done as it was essentially during every other election/referendum by moonlighting local government employees by and large. Who else is there to count all the ballots? Deprive returning officers of the right to announce the result? Not on your nelly.

  18. Rob James says:

    Pre GE 2015, I received a personal letter from Crash himself which started with Dear Friend. That was his first lie. He then proceeded to inform me that he had been my MP for 32 years. Strange indeed. I cant recall seeing him canvassing in St. Etienne, but who knows.It then dawned on me that he assumed that I had been in Kirkcaldy for the duration of that 32 years, but hang on a minute, Dr. Lewis Mooney, ( The second most self important deluded fool on the planet, after the maestro himself) was the MP during those early years, so that was lie number two. He then continued to list his great achievements (the devastation of Kirkcaldy’s industrial heritage, the losing of Kirkcaldy East in a by-election and of course his final crowning achievement in removing Tesco from the town centre. I dropped him a line to this effect but unfortunately his reply disappeared in the post. Does anyone know if by chance he has a connection to Royal Mail?

  19. The collusion of Laura Kuenssberg and Brillo in outing Stephen Doughty’s resignation live on the telly dan sarf,to the delight of Tory Cameron at PMQ’s, and at the same time BBC’s parading this fraudster Broon in Jockland kinda gives the game away that the Establishment BBC decides what suits and where in the good old Rule Brittania Corpmedia circus.

    No real divide exists between all Unionist parties,it was ever thus,only now they don’t even attempt to hide it.They do what they are told to do right on cue.

    This sham charade is to be our Democracy for how much longer?

    May can’t come soon enough.

    Desperate days for desperate people.

    Tick Tock

  20. Gordie, from Westminster to Axminster, I like it! Now if we can just Axe Westminster I’d like it more.

  21. Guga says:

    Does the war criminal Broon really believe that the majority of the people of Scotland are going to listen to a word he says? The Scots have as much regard for him as they have for the war criminal Bliar and the war criminal Camoron.

    Come to think of it, it is surprising just how many war criminals we have in the world, and how many of them are/were leading politicians. That includes Dubya and Obama, the leading war criminals in the west. The whole lot of them should be put on trial at the Hague, then strung up.

  22. Patrician says:

    Gordon really is a leg-end. He is an arse.

  23. hektorsmum says:

    If we could have a like button put on the comments here they would all be liked. Paul gets the first one and all the rest get one too.
    Gordon is unfortunately still alive and doing his masters bidding, Well in with the American Establishment having worked tirelessly for them and I expect got well up in the masons as well. We regard the Masons in this house as the Trade Union for the incompetents and if anyone qualifies for that is Gordie.

  24. macart763M says:

    O/T, but this wee animation is a must to keep on your favs bar. The whys and wherefores about oil prices.

  25. Helena says:

    Lacking in any integrity and all sincerity GB is a disgrace and an embarassment.
    I just do not get these people, don’t think they care though. Selling their souls to the devil and taking everyone else down if they can get away with it.

    I think most people can see that the EU is a bit of a shambles but for now we really need it with UKok going down a very dangerous, very right wing, route.

    I was just having lunch with a friend in his 80s. Very private school so queen n country and all that.
    He reads the right wing rags but is very sensible in his view of things political, mostly. We got on about that and the state of the world, and he by all accounts considers the yookay as a country, when discussing it.

    I really think that a lot of unionists don’t actually see Scotland as a country and don’t like to acknowledge the Scottish parliament. Never mind the fact their kids and grandkids are not burdened with tuition fees, prescription charges etc.

    I do wonder which planet sometimes, really it is mind boggling.

  26. kat hamilton says:

    gordon brown being given air time is in itself a criminal act. his witterings and delusional ramblings carry zero credibility after the referendum. truly cant bear to see his fizgog being allowed on to the tv screen, when at present the green party isnt allowed fair media representation and is forced to sit in the sidelines by the bbc. whole system is a shambles, when will the 55 wake up to this farce…

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