Woman dresses sensibly in bad weather, shock, horror

I have a terrible confession to make. I like to wear nice suits and am partial to tweed. That means I can’t be a proper socialist. Proper socialists like Ian Murray the sole Labour MP in Scotland wear suits that don’t fit properly and which are made from cheap polyester. Ian is such a proper socialist that he recently came in at number five in GQ magazine’s list of the worst dressed men in Britain. Ian has only got the one look, when he’s not wearing a Union Jack suit that is, the red tie and dark suit combo which is the uniform of the Labour MP. You’d think that a simple look like that would be hard to screw up from a style point of view, but Ian manages it by virtue of wearing poorly made cheap clothes that don’t fit properly and which haven’t seen an iron since the last time the Labour party had a majority. That’s what a proper socialist does you see, being a proper socialist means you don’t know the difference between clothes that you look good in and clothes that make you look like you’ve dived into the remainder bin at Oxfam and put on the first thing you grabbed.

According to the Daily Telegraph only right wing people are allowed to dress nicely. If you’re of a leftish persuasion then you need to look like everything you wear was chosen for you by yer maw who still thinks you’re the same size you were when you were 14, and she paid for it all out of her state pension. The fact that I unlike Ian I will never figure in a men’s magazine’s list of the worst dressed men in the UK means that all my left wing credentials are a terrible lie. No more my vintage Harris tweed jackets and hand stitched Barker’s brogues, from now on I’ll be wearing rags that were found in a bin otherwise everything I say and do will be irretrievably tainted with hypocrisy. Clearly, if you consider your own appearance you’re a vain and selfish person who doesn’t think of anything else.

If it’s bad when a left wing man makes an effort to dress smartly, it’s even worse when it’s a woman. Unlike men, who usually get judged on what they say and do, women get judged on their appearance. It doesn’t matter if a woman has an intellect to put Einstein to shame, is as efficient as a quantum computer and can multitask better than Swiss army knife, if she wears the same frock two days running and weighs one gramme more than a stick insect then that’s all that she’ll be judged on. Oooh look at her, will opine the journos, letting herself go like that.

Desperate to find a new SNPbaad angle, on Saturday the establishment sheep of the Daily Telegraph decided that the important news story to come out of the floods in Scotland was that Nicola Sturgeon wore a shocking outfit. Now, if Nicola took Lady Gaga as her style icon and had decided to visit the flooded areas wearing a dress made entirely out of bacon slices, that might be considered shocking, even if she said she was wearing the dress in an attempt to support Aberdeen pig farmers. Mind you, if David Cameron wore a suit made out of bacon people would just wonder if he’d fallen out with his special friend.

But the First Minister wasn’t wearing a bacon dress, she wasn’t even wearing a saltire suit which would be the Scottish nationalist equivalent of Ian Murray’s Union Jack one. What the Telegraph considered shocking was that Nicola was wearing a nice warm jaiket and a pair of posh wellies that were entirely appropriate for the bad weather. If she’d worn an old torn jaiket and a scuzzy pair of boots, the very same paper would have criticised her for looking a mess and showing disrespect to the flood victims.

The article contrasted Nicola’s choice of footwear, which some 30 seconds on Google would have told you cost about £50, with man of the people David Cameron who chose to visit flood victims in a cheap pair of wellies from Asda. The article was a snide and nasty attempt to imply that if a woman wears nice clothes then she’s out of touch with suffering, that her empathy is fake, and her concern is plastic. Unlike man of the people David Cameron of course, who told his aides to get him a cheap pair of wellies because he didn’t want to come across as too much of a posho. There have not been, to my knowledge, any articles in the press discussing how much Cameron has paid for his suits, whether they’re bespoke or off the peg. Although admittedly you don’t need to discuss Cameron’s sartorial choices in order to decide whether he’s a hypocrite, you can tell that every time he opens his smarmy gob.

Next week we can look forward to a shocked exposé in the Telegraph announcing to a gobsmacked Scotland that Nicola puts the central heating on in her house even though the temperature hasn’t gone as low as minus 15C. Such a shocking waste that is, and so disrespectful to poor people. What’s really disrespectful to poor people are all the articles in the right wing press that demonise the poor and which promote the evil politics of a right wing Tory government that favours the rich and the powerful over the low paid and the vulnerable.

It’s depressing enough, although entirely predictable, that the Telegraph will trawl the back of the wardrobe in order to find something to attack the Scottish government, but it’s even more depressing that a newspaper story criticising a woman for how she is dressed was written by a woman. That’s Auntie Tammery that is, sooking up to her male bosses by pandering to sexism.

She then tweeted a link to the article to independence supporters in a crude and obvious attempt to provoke some sort of response that could then be used to decry the bullies of Scottish nationalism. Let’s wind up Scottish independence supporters so that we can get one of them who’s had a wee bit too much to drink to post something angry on social media, and then we can use that to characterise the entire independence movement. That’s the modus operandi of a gaggle of giggling schoolweans as well as the UK press. It’s all so childishly pathetic, yet this is what passes for professional journalism in the UK.

Now I better go purge my wardrobe of anthing that’s not made from cheap polyester before I’m accused of hypocrisy.

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45 comments on “Woman dresses sensibly in bad weather, shock, horror

  1. They really are scraping the bottom of the barrel now.

  2. Whitburnsfinest says:

    Hahahahaha, telegraph pretends to give a damn about poor people……Hahahaha, good one.

    Excellent post Paul, although I disagree re David Cameron. If he wore bacon wellies, I wouldn’t think he had fallen out with his special wee pal. I’d just assume he’d taken his fetish up a notch. Sort of like the Ed Gein of the porcine world.

  3. Dorothy Devine says:

    Don’t you dare dress out of bins – I like the way you look and dress just fine.
    And sartorial elegance is just not enough to cover you in the video.

    I stopped visiting the Telegraph 2 years ago and do not intend visiting ever again so thanks for keeping an eye on them.

  4. Iona Brand says:

    It’s a view prevalent among Tories and similarly shallow snobs that socialists & the lower orders shouldn’t have (or aspire to) “nice” things.

  5. macart763M says:

    I didn’t think it possible for the Torygraph to fall much further than Johnson’s Memogate or indeed anything by that loon Cochrane, but they’ve managed it in grand style. 😀

    Ists, isms and stereotyping, oh Jeez. If it wisnae fur the meeja, eh? I mean how would we know who to avoid or marginalize if it wasn’t for those selfless, hard working journos telling us what’s hot and what’s not? I mean how could we manage to dress ourselves, decide what to eat, who to watch on telly, who to vote for, unless those delicate wee flowers brave the big bad world of indecision on our behalf and make our minds up for us?

    Must be a thankless task these days, what with folk actually thinking for themselves in Scotland. Aye, apparently we’re no adverse to telling them what we think right back at them. More importantly we’re also quite up for laughing at, ignoring or walking away from their guff altogether.

  6. ScotsCanuck says:

    … oh! I don’t know Paul, you would be joining that other natty tweed suited dandy… Mr. Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp !!!!

  7. Woman in her 40s with no kids and 6-figure salary spends more than £100 on footwear – Shocker!

  8. fillofficer says:

    I don’t read the newspapers because they are full of that kinda shit from back to front. because of you & our other friends, I am aware that the press war has begun but it will surely backfire as 50% plus of Scotland’s population will see it for what it is & the backlash will mean greater success in may. getting closer & closer to independence with every item they publish, idiots (just saw her on the tv news as I was typing this,,,she looked fanbloodytastic, actually) yer doin a fine job, paul

  9. tumshie-heid says:

    …last few posts have been of a particularly high calibre, certainly on the chuckle front chez tumshie, Paul; 2016 and the forthcoming nuptials certainly seem to be agreeing with your blog and quill skills, long may it continue sir and a belated may your lum always reek etc etc to you and yours…

    …a wee thought occurred to me re tweed as a socio-political weapon (bear with me!), if these guys…


    …could be persuaded to highlight only small, Scottish designers and tweed from scots manufacturers etc, for either the 2016 or 2017 run, might not be too hard a sell considering the high profile of Scotland the brand in Tokyo, work the pr right, strike a blow for the little guys against the bigger fashion houses as well as raising Scottish profiles/international relations/trade as well as being a kind of protest, and ta-da, anarcho-dandyism goes international!😀

  10. I’m very impressed by the smart, professional and ladylike manner in which the First Minister always presents herself. It’s a refreshing change from what we typically see these days.

    • Ronnie says:

      Entirely agree.

      When I first saw the FM on her visit to the true UK North-East, I remarked to Mrs R. that, thank goodness, we had a political leader who turned up at a weather disaster sensibly dressed.

      It’s almost – almost, unbelievable that the Establishment Media could find fault with her appearance…

      and then I remembered that I was in Scotland.

      And don’t get me started on reporters standing knee-deep in water, shrieking at the camera, while surrounded by total silence and gesticulating wildly, as if they were being forced to perform the most manic representation of Richard III on pain of, or perhaps during, icy applications.

  11. Still Positive. says:

    Superb, Paul. You don’t miss and hit the wall.

  12. bjsalba says:

    Never mind the first minister, where can we ordinary folk get a pair of Tartan Wellies?

  13. Sooz says:

    Can’t even be bothered to read the Telegraph article. However, I am grateful to those who plunge into those festering waters to read it so I don’t have to. Please accept my sincere gratitude, Paul. 🙂

    What a load of manufactured, sozzled rubbish they come out with. They’ve missed the point of course: Cameron got his aide to buy him a pair of cheap wellies because he was more concerned about how he’d be perceived than actually just getting stuck in. A lot of important pointing and pretendy-traffic-directing, but no compassion, because he has no compassion. He can’t relate to ordinary people, so he thinks cheap wellies will get him some “man of the people” points.

    The reason Cameron resorted to the cheap welly strategy is because he doesn’t have the charisma or the people skills for people to not give a damn about what he wears. Do we hear a peep from people complaining about what Nicola Sturgeon wore? No, because she connects. It’s the person wearing that jacket and wellies that resonates with people, because she genuinely gives a damn.

    • Whitburnsfinest says:

      Indeed. I mean, it was so obvious on telly. All these people who had lost their homes, businesses and cherished possessions had but one thing on their minds. It was this.

      ‘Oh never mind the destroyed photo albums of my kids and my beloved late parents, or that irreplaceable family heirloom. Never mind that we don’t have a home any more, or an income source. Thank heavens David Cameron turned up!! And he was wearing wellies from Asda too!! Wow!! My life is completely restored now!’

      Because that is totally what happened here.

  14. Fairliered says:

    If Scotland had been independent 10 years ago, Nicola’s wellies would still have been made in Dumfries. Under unionist economic policies the factory was shut and production moved to China.

  15. BampotsUtd.wordpress.com says:

    Reblogged this on Bampots Utd and commented:
    at least she dident point and met real people affected by the floods and not just service works !

  16. mealer says:

    I read an article some time ago about the Bullingdon Club.It said how much the club uniform costs,but I can’t remember what the figure was.

  17. Steve Asaneilean says:

    As you point out John – wellies from a Scottish company and jacket possibly from Batrbour’s Scottish factory in Newcastleton.

    I’m not sure that Nicola has ever called herself a Socialist and being to the left politically doesn’t automatically make you a Socialist.

    But even if she is or it does Socialism is defined as the social democratic ownership or control of the means of production.

    That’s it.

    It doesn’t demand exclusive State ownership and it says nothing at all about ownership of anything beyond the means of production.

    (Not) Labour’s problem that’s got them to where they are now is their Animal Farm model of Socialism – wealth and privilege and perks for themselves and a race to the bottom, lowest common denominator approach to the rest of us.

    And the Tories are what they have always been – greed, avarice and selfishness embodied in a political ideology.

    Perhaps the Daily Telegraph should tell what’s the maximum any of us left leaner is allowed to spend on clothes or food or housing or entertainment or transport or holidays.

  18. Golfnut says:

    Strange that the metropolitan media, swooning and coo’ing over the latest fashion pics, designer clothes, shoes, hats etc of a commoner come princess. Financed by the state, but never lambasted because she represents the state, should get all hot and bothered about a pair wellies bought by the First Minister of Scotland.

    Oh, got it now SNPbaad.

  19. The wellies and jaiket have had several outings. Nicla was wearing them when she was oot and aboot in Inverness when the cabinet was here last summer. She went up to
    Aigas Forest in them for a visit. Nae doot Cam didnt have any wellies to hand. Somehow I doubt he would be wandering around Chipping Snorton wearing the Asda version.

  20. whiterabbit1 says:

    So Cameron and the Royals can dress in the most expensive outfits and nothing bad is said, but if it’s a SNP MP, especially the First Minister, then all guns are set lose. It’s making me hate all Unionists like I did after the Referendum. Let’s totally regulate the “Scottish” Press as well. Journalistic Integrity my arse.

  21. mcveanjim says:

    I went on twitter and the Tory Journo Helena Horton, who wrote this astonishing article, was tweeting a Labour chap – asking him –

    ” Can you get the Cybernats to notice this”

    – to which I commented –

    “@horton_official @twlldun I just had to laugh when I seen this. Terribly sad.”

    The tweet was swiftly deleted – but I had taken a screenshot of it.

    Tory and Labour joining forces to attempt to slur FM Nicola Sturgeon over a pair of Wellies and a decent coat that her partner bought her for crimbo a couple years ago…

  22. Papadox says:

    The naw brigade are the true Barbour & hunter types, the plebs, Nicola included should be wearing Donkey Jaikit and safety gum boots and a hard hat if it’s raining.

    Paul just make sure you have on the correct under garments (flannel is best) when sporting the tweeds, Annabel Goldie says it stops yer cheeks gettin chaffed!

    Under NAE circumstances should ye try commando. Miss Goldie is alleged to have said.

    • I’m having difficulty imagining Annabel Goldie “going commando”. As to chafed cheeks, there’s been a few Tory MPs down the years who’ve been (allegedly) partial to that sort of thing…..

  23. Marconatrix says:

    The Welsh of course have ‘socialist’ FM. Anyone know what brand of wellies he had on during his recent foray up to the flooded north of his domain?

    I’m no sae keen on yer man these days, but this thread is surely incomplete without this :

  24. Hugh Bryce says:

    Did cameron not wear Hunters the first time before it was pointed out that it was bad taste so had an aide buy cheep wellies for next time.

    • Helena says:

      The name would certainly be very apt for camoron, but maybe they should just be called, cold blooded animal killers instead, or couldn’t give a flying fcuk about the poor boots.

  25. Punklin says:

    Brilliant piece but sorry to pish oan yer chips by pointing out a serious typo:

    “how much Cameron has paid for his suits, whether they’re bespoke or off the peg.”

    It should,of course, read: “off the pig”.

  26. Luigi says:

    I am so angry about this latest, despicable, corporate media attack on the FM. Just when you think they cannot get any lower……… Poor Nicola would have been criticised whatever she wore.

    The real media objective was clearly to deflect attention from the fact that she was on site at first light, she announced action and aid, and made a point of personally visiting as many people affected as she could (everyone in some streets, apparently). Unlike Cameron, who appeared for a quick photo opportunity before disappearing (he probably ordered some poor sod to go and buy a set of wellies for the occasion), Nicola came prepared and actually spent real time with the people.

    Remember during the last floods in England, Cameron had to be told (by the previous FM) to get his wellies on and visit the victims. At least he seems to have learned something.

    The people are not daft. They recognise the difference between a genuine person and a complete fraudster. This latest desperate ploy by the corporate media will backfire spectactularly.

    • Kenzie says:

      During Cameron’s recent visit to some of the affected areas of flooding in England, he did not once speak to any of the people affected by the floods. He spoke only to those dealing with the aftermath of the disaster. He was photographed (a lot) talking and pointing a lot. It was nothing other than a photo-op of him trying desperately to create the impression that he was actually doing something, when in fact anybody blin’ in the een they see best wi’ could see what he was really doing….nothing.

  27. buggybite says:

    Nicola Sturgeon lives in Scotland. I’m sure she didn’t go out and buy wellies just for that picture. And it makes sense to own a good, sturdy pair that will last for years, doesn’t it?

  28. Kenzie says:

    I see that Ian Murray has taken your sartorial advice to heart. In his interview this morning with Brewer, gone was the red tie.

  29. Jan Cowan says:

    Nothing like Scottish tweed – both warm and smart. Even during our 2 week summer a tweed gilet/waistcoat is a must.

    What childishly petty minds these journalists must have, Paul! I only read “The National”, “iScot” and the great “Scots Independent” (which incidentally has an exceptional article by John Jappy this month) so I’m spared the irritation. But it’s good to see you highlight their stupidity – brightens up the 100% cloud cover.

  30. weebluebirdie says:

    Aye, but I bet Nicola’s feet stayed dry. Unlike Cameron in his cheap wellies who would have soggy feet stinking of hypocrisy.

  31. David Agnew says:

    How dare Sturgeon buy an expensive Coffee maker with her wages. How dare SNP MPs own nice things. How dare they run a successful business. Its just not on.

    What you are witnessing is the end destination of SNP=BAD – the collective arsehole of the entire UK establishment.

    Just think about that. Think about how it came about because we got 45% in the indyref. We built on that and kicked the living shit out the Union on May 7th. They have lost the plot. They can’t move forward. They can’t go back. They know that we know they’re talking bollocks and they are scared. And they know the contempt in which they are held.

    Also know, that they know that they’re going to get another kick in the balls in may. That cheers me up no end.

    • Stookie1967 says:

      I saw it reported on sky news and straight away the anchor Stephen Dixon said this was a non story pointing out that living in Scotland you probably need a good pair o Wellies

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