Through the mirror in the Unionist wonderland

This weekend Nick Robinson, who receives a very large salary from BBC licence fee payers for his supposed political expertise, asked John Swinney of the Scottish government if Scotland is about to become a one party state. Nick disingenously defended himself from the predictable criticism by claiming that he was posing a legitimate question, and how could asking questions be insulting to anyone. Although he made this defence on Twitter, and finished it with the parenthesis of portentious doom … What he said was “Questions don’t insult anyone except … ” The clear implication here being that you could only be offended if you were in fact a minion of a one party state and were just about to haul a BBC politics editor off to a reeducation camp in Carnoustie – and not even let him anywhere near the golf course bar.

It is an interesting line of defence to claim that it’s illegitimate to be offended by a question. Presumably then if we pose the question, “Is Nick Robinson a snide wee chancer who uses a well paid and influential position that we pay for in order to troll us?” then the BBC’s doyen of politics couldn’t possibly have any reason to feel offended. Neither could he be offended if we were to ask “Does Nick’s behaviour not suggest that he’s still smarting like a petulant teenager after getting his arse handed to him on a plate by Alicsammin at a press conference during the independence referendum campaign?”

These are perfectly legitimate questions, and indeed they are questions which are considerably better founded in the evidence than Nick’s question about a one party state. Of course a question can be insulting. A question is insulting when it’s obvious trolling nonsense posed by a person who should not only know better, but who does know better, and who is only posing the question in order to provoke a reaction which he can then use to claim victimhood status. Poor wee Nick, getting abused by those awful cybernats, just for doing his job too. But that’s only true if Nick’s job description says that his job is being a troll. Mind you, this is the BBC we’re talking about here, so that may very well by the case.

This is the UK remember, and in the UK the ones who are abused and bullied are not the powerless, are not the poor, are not the marginalised. The real victims are the influential and the well connected. Just like the real victim of the Iraq War was Tony Blair, who has suffered terribly at the hands of people saying he’s a war criminal. Poor Tony, he has to charter private jets now you know, because he can’t mix with the common people any more. The real victims of the Labour party’s internecine warfare weren’t the ordinary party members who’d seen their party taken over by a bunch of careerists who have turned the party into an apologist for the worst excesses of capitalism and who threaten undemocratic coups if they don’t get their own way, the real victims are the managerial careerists whose career trajectories have gone the same way as a UKIP party Scottish political broadcast. And the real victim of the British media’s war on truth and its complicity with the British state and establishment during the Scottish independence referendum campaign was of course Nick Robinson.

Can we not lay this nonsense to rest for good? It’s tiresome, tedious and deeply deeply dumb. It’s the constant repetition of this kind of crap that has destroyed the credibility of the mainstream media. But the likes of Nick just can’t help themselves as they bounce off one another in their metromediacommentariat bubble accusing everyone outside their feedback loop of being parochial and inward looking. I know Scotland isn’t a one party state. You know Scotland isn’t a one party state. The dugs in the street know that Scotland isn’t a one party state. Kezia bloody Dugdale knows that Scotland isn’t a one party state, because Kezia may not be the sharpest knife in the political toolbox but she does know the difference between a statement of fact and a ludicrous political slur that only gains traction because the mainstream Unionist media is venal and desperate.

Even Nick knows that Scotland is not a one party state. He knows this because he’s the BBC’s politics editor and if Scotland was indeed a one party state then Nick wouldn’t have a job without being a fully paid up member of a party which undemocratically hoards power and refuses to share it. And that party would be the Tories.

Strange then that we’ve never heard Nick ask Davie Cameron or George Osborne if the Tories are creating a one party state. It’s the Tories who are making non-English MPs second class, who plan to redraw constituency boundaries to increase their majority, who have decided to reduce the funding paid to opposition parties, and have stuffed the Lords with Tory donors. Despite the fact that the Scottish Government has but a tiny fraction of the real power exercised by the UK Government, despite the fact that Scotland has a system of proportional representation, far more acres of press cover are devoted to accusing the Scottish Government of undemocratic behaviour than a UK Government which received the backing of just 14.5% of Scotland’s voters.

Increasingly we live in a country where the mainstream media does not exist to challenge the establishment and to hold it to account. The job of the mainstream media in the UK is to defend the establishment, to propagate that establishment’s point of view, and to demonise and silence criticism. Scotland’s government and ruling party is opposed to that establishment, and seeks independence for Scotland. That creates an existential threat for the British establishment, and its media arm reacts by projecting its own shortcomings onto the Scottish Government. The mainstream media in Scotland acts the way it does because it fears that in an independent Scotland someone else will do to them what they have been doing to the Scottish people for decades.

This week we also witnessed a twitter spat in which members of the Unionist establishment claimed that the real artistic creatives in Scotland, the real independent minds, were those who kept quiet during the independence referendum and who didn’t challenge the status quo. Scotland has crossed through the mirror into a Unionist wonderland, where the powerful are the abused and the powerless the abusers, where the victimisers are the martyrs and the victims are the monsters.

The only cure for this madness is to make Scotland a normal country in charge of its own destiny. As 2016 begins, we’re already travelling down that road, and the shrieks of the insane Union ring ever louder and crazier.

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50 comments on “Through the mirror in the Unionist wonderland

  1. Sister Anonymous says:

    Hi, Insane Unionist here! 🙂

    Sorry for the slightly unorthodox method of communication but have you been getting my emails Paul?


    • weegingerdug says:

      I just checked, and it seems your emails had gone into the spam folder. Sorry about that. I’ve marked them now so it won’t happen again.

      • Sister Anonymous says:

        Ok just checking! Thanks!

        • scotsgeoff says:

          I’m sure I’ve seen you here before & don’t remember you being ‘insane’.

          If I’m right – How’s your brother? Hope you are all doing well.

  2. Jamesey Boy says:

    Sis can u not

  3. Jab says:

    Well said Paul and happy new year

  4. John says:

    “Scotland is a one party state” in which you can vote for any party you like, and if you don’t like any and you’re determined enough you can register your own for £150.
    Must be a bit of a slap in the face for people from China, Laos, Vietnam, Eritrea, Saudi Arabia, etc.

  5. Laura Dunbar says:

    Paul…what’s Carnoustie ever done to you that you would even consider inflicting Mr.Robinson on us… we are armed with many golf clubs and will go down fighting…
    Happy and exciting New Year ,by the way , to you and Peter and the Wee Ginger One

    • bjsalba says:

      Any suggestions for an alternate location? I first thought of Rockall, but on reflection that might be too small. Boreray perhaps? Gruinard? Any other suggestions?

  6. liz says:

    Happy 2016.

    Long may you continue to burst balloons, in the nicest possible way

  7. […] Through the mirror in the Unionist wonderland […]

  8. xsticks says:

    “Scotland has crossed through the mirror into a Unionist wonderland, where the powerful are the abused and the powerless the abusers, where the victimisers are the martyrs and the victims are the monsters.”

    I expect we’re going to see a lot more of this in the run up to May.

    Wishing you and all of yours all the best for 2016 Paul. I think we’ll need a lot of your humour to keep us sane in this UK asylum.

  9. says:

    Reblogged this on Bampots Utd.

  10. Steve Asaneilean says:

    It really all a bit mad isn’t it?

    So SNPBAD is the fault of the SNP.

    “One party state” Scotland is ultimately ruled by a Government in London that only 1 in 7 Scots voted for.

    The BBC is above and beyond any criticism and declines to adequately address, in Scotland at least, 90% of the FOI requests it receives from the people who pay for it.

    And it’s only going to get worse.

    When will sufficient numbers of previously reluctant Scots wake up and realise that it’s actually normal for a country to be independent and run its own affairs?

    Can’t happen so enough frankly.

    Happy New Year Paul.

  11. Alan says:

    The response to the one party state nonsense is to laugh and say no, there is a choice when it comes to political parties but not much of a choice when it comes to newspapers and TV and what we should really be worried about is what Ponsonby refers to as the one media state:

    But the truth is Scotland isn’t being damaged by a ‘One Party State’. It is in fact suffering due to a ‘One Media State’. There is a lack of plurality. Aside from The National, there is no national newspaper currently backing the SNP or independence. It is why the term ‘SNP Bad’ has taken hold.

    Thankfully we have alternative media.

  12. Steve Asaneilean says:

    Oh and declining to challenge the status quo or even being prepared to say what you think is the antithesis of being an artist.

    I have much more respect for someone like Denise Mina who at least said what she thought even though I disagreed than certain other famous crime writers who instead chose to disappear themselves so they couldn’t and wouldn’t be asked or have to answer.

    Artistic? I don’t think so.

  13. macart763 says:

    A good new year to you Paul and very well said.

    As for Robinson? Well his ticket was well punched by our former FM, both during the referendum and in his woefully weak trolling of the Scottish public and Mr Salmond whilst trying to flog his book in Embra. He seems determined to prove himself a disingenuous wee wean with a shallow streak and ego problem. Having said that you’d probably have trouble separating him out from the crowd at any media junket in the UK. 😀

    Then we have the media in general. Their stock defence these days is ‘holding the government to account’.


    They have become the Scottish governments unofficial opposition and as you say defenders of the establishment. A willing accomplice to party/government agenda and corporate interest. Well what’s good for the goose…

    If they are entitled to question the SG and independence support in the most propaganda ridden, partizan and biased fashion, then they shouldn’t mind if the average citizen questions them, their ethics, their empathy and their motives in an equally probing fashion. But then that doesn’t work as a concept for the media does it?

    They want our cash/support, our unquestioning trust and our compliance.

    I think they’ll find those days are gone.

  14. Jan Cowan says:

    Great piece, Paul. Time Nick Whatsit was boxed and deposited. And as always, you did an excellent job.

    Happy New Year to you and yours.

  15. Can we all please substitute the phrase “BBC licence fee payers” for “gullible fools”? Ta. 😉

  16. Wullie says:

    I would certainly hope that the SNP will hire you, so that you can teach them how to smack down these odious creeps from the ukkokandia

  17. diabloandco says:

    I am so glad you are in my inbox!
    Happy New Year to you and Ginger .
    May it bring you much happiness.

    Need to meet for tea sometime soon.

  18. Carl Jenkins says:

    I don’t remember Nick Robinson complaining about a One Party State when Labour ran everything from the average constituency to the local council and did so for nigh on 50 years or more.

    The problem for Nick and others of his ilk is the Scots have their eyes wide open now and more than enough confidence and self esteem to brush this anti Scottish nonsense off without giving it a second thought.

    He says it with a smile but his stomach is in knots as the terror of the Hollyrood ’16 election approaches.

    • Patience is a Virtue says:

      A One Party State certainly fits where there is only one Conservative MP out of a possible 59 seats and that MP gets to be Secretary of State for Scotland (irrespective of the wishes and votes of the overwhelming majority ’56’ Scottish Constituencies) and another MP (again only one elected Labour MP from One Party) gets to be Shadow Secretary of State for Scotland – that is surely where One Party wields disproportionate power … but we are told we live in the most devolved democracy in the world!. and that we have the opportunity to support West Ham …or is it Villa ?.(it’s so confusing remembering your favourite team’s colours).. though in 2016 my prediction is Partick Thistle will probably be a difficult team to beat come May.

      Bliadhna Mhath Ùr!

    • Soar Alba says:

      Well said Carl. Second paragraph is so accurate.

  19. johhny come lately says:

    Oh how the mighty fall. The BBC’s ex star political expert Nick Robinson reduced to trolling. The great msm. The supposed custodians, guardians and gatekeepers of truth are now being reduced to throwing infantile tantrums and hissy fits.
    The scrutinizers have now become the scrutinized, the hunters the hunted, and the media and their assorted sidekicks don’t like it one single bit.
    Take a step back and you can almost feel the turmoil that the msm is in. It seems that they don’t know which way to turn, and now exist solely for the purpose of driving people towards alternative news sources. I’m beginning to get the feeling that a tipping with regards to the media has been reached thanks to the many sites like this one.
    Being a journalist in Scotland must be one of the most depressing and soul destroying jobs about at the moment. Even journalists like poor Nick who occasionally dip their feet into Scottish affairs have the bad habit of getting their fingers burned due to their lack of integrity.
    I still however, do not have any hope that the msm will change as the unionist opposition parties in Scotland have all but collapsed, and the media itself is now filling the void as the opposition. The media in Scotland is the establishment’s last foothold in Scotland, and the establishment will sooner see it burned fighting for the cause out than surrender it to democracy. But still, it’s fun watching them squirm on a near daily basis.

  20. Saopr Alba says:

    When I hear the name Nick Robinson, I think of Dicken’s Uriah Heep?
    Then I realise that Uriah is a much more pleasant character altogether.
    Robinson lacks integrity and honesty, in my opinion.

  21. PRJ says:

    NR. Do we live in a one party state?
    Answer: Neoliberalism is a political ideology followed by the Tories and Labour party, ever since Thatcher this ideology has been the core for there policies. So yes we do live in a one party state.

  22. hektorsmum says:

    My Father and Father in Law used to say it is not what you know but who you know that gets you on in this world. Look at who Nick Robinson knows and you will understand why and where he is with little ability. School was Eton, knows the PM…………

    • In future Scotland, we should deliberately screen applicants for posts of influence to eliminate those from these ‘elite battery farms’ and I include the “Scottish” versions such as Fettes, Gordonstoun and especially that loathesome place QVS.

      Only in this way will we ensure the wrong sort of people cannot embed themselves into the fabric of the new Scotland. We have an establishment of our own that needs weeded out so that the real talent among our people can grow and flourish.

      • Steven Kirkwood says:

        Um, if you’re trying to rubbish Robinson’s views on a dictatorship or One Party State, advocating keeping your opponents be kept out of any position of influence, hardly seems the right way to be going about it.

        Social engineering is the sort of thing that gives gist to the mill to the likes of Robinson.

        Just my tuppence worth.

        • I guess you’re correct, Steven but these people have shown time and time again that they worm their way in, subvert and take over all that is good in the interests of their own breeds’ continuum.
          How do we contain them and prevent them from mutating our new country into something shaped in their own image?

      • hektorsmum says:

        Totally agree.

  23. Itchybiscuit says:

    I have my unionist meeja filter set to stun for the foreseeable future.

    I just hope I remember to tug my forelock when my local SNP overseers’ (Humza Yousaf) motorcade passes through Govan…

  24. That fuckin school Eton seems to have a unhealthy influence in the running of this U.K.

  25. Dan Huil says:

    Nick Robinson personifies the rotten state of the so-called united kingdom. He deliberately misrepresented a question and answer session with Alec Salmond during the referendum then squealed with indignation when YouTube videos were posted showing exactly what happened. You see Robinson is part of the arrogant and ignorant BritNat media which demands the public should mindlessly believe every piece of BritNat propoganda emanating from the bbc. He’s a repugnant little man.

  26. AAD says:

    Maybe we could offer to deliver Labour and/or Tory leaflets (what’s the difference anyway) while we are out delivering for the SNP. So the SNP could be both party in power and the opposition. Given the quality of the opposition at the moment it could only be an improvement. And then maybe Nick Robinson could be right for once.

  27. Gavin C barrie says:

    A wee misspell? did you mean to type – metronomicmediacommentariat? There is a regular tick tock to the Establishment propagandists.

    And another catastrophe – Tunnocks have removed the Scottish lion from their teacake wrapper. Hail the Great British Tunnocks Teacake! First marketing strategy, next rationalising production to the main market, wait and see.

  28. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful stuff Wee Ginger Dug.

    The Yoon media is just getting warmed up for the Holyrood elections. They want to stop an SNP majority by any means; as this then stops the possibility of a second Independence Referendum dead.

    Of course that is not going to happen but they are clueless about Scotland & they are actually going to try. It is going to get very very dirty between now & May in Yoonland.

    So to all SNP MSP & prospective SNP candidates, here are some tips: have every email checked before sending, have every link checked before posting, don’t retweet anyone you don’t know; don’t swear, don’t even think of swearing, don’t troll, don’t even think of trolling, don’t kick any dugs (which you shouldn’t do anyway), don’t give anyone a dirty look, don’t pamp your car horn in frustration at some nutter driver, don’t speed, don’t pick your nose in public, always have clean underwear on; don’t forget to tip all waiters, don’t call anyone in your family a bam (even if they are), pay all your bills on time, shred all private papers, twice, hold doors open for anyone in public, don’t drink & drive, wear your seat belt at all times, don’t park in a disabled car park spot, don’t leave a dirty lavvy on a train, don’t drop any litter, don’t do anything at all between now & the election & remember there is an army of big Yoon Brother trolls waiting & watching for the least wee thing.

    One party state? Yes. It is called the Yoon party.

    Oh & happy new year to all dugs!

  29. Steve Asaneilean says:

    Okay – let’s kill this “one party state” guff stone dead.

    In a one party state, by law, only one party is allowed to govern.

    Any other parties are either banned or prohibited, by law, from holding office.

    Not by any stretch of the imagination could Scotland be seen as a OPS. The fact that Mr Robinson thought that an appropriate question to put to Scotland’s finance minister shows how shallow and bereft of journalistic integrity he is.

    But the OPS jibes are actually more serious than that. There are genuine OPSs in the world. Why are our media not calling them (and the atrocities and gross human rights abuses they perpetrate against their own citizens) out?

    The fact that they would rather fill column inches defaming the very country they operate in and the very population they purport to serve tells you all you need to know about how far our MSM has fallen.

    The answer of course is simple – don’t buy, don’t read, don’t listen and don’t watch.

    Instead seek out the truths yourself and draw your own conclusions.

    • macart763M says:

      Well said Steve.

      IMO those who claim Scotland to be a one party state are no different from those who claim the SNP have any affiliation with nazi Germany. The trolling is intended to insult, affront, enrage. Its as childish as it is sickening that a peaceful democratic party enjoying a popular and deserved mandate, is likened to genocidal regimes or truly politically oppressive dogma.

      Perhaps these folk should remind themselves what ethnic cleansing, or political oppression really looks like before opening the gap between their chin and their nose. Google is their friend after all and images of death camps, mass graves, torture, accounts of pogroms and man’s inhumanity toward his fellow humans is sadly historically plentiful.

      But then folks using such appalling arguments aren’t actually concerned with the harm they cause others, are they?

  30. Di says:

    But – NR asked if Scotland was ‘about to become’ a one-party state, which it most certainly will be come the May elections. I don’t understand this rant, ginger dug 🙄

  31. Soar Alba says:

    1. SNP. 2 SNP

  32. Helena says:

    The myth, ie lie of one party state from the unionist establishment and their media, ie propaganda, is not just annoying. It is designed to detract from anything positive which may seep through regards the SNP and their time in government so far.

    Not only that it is an attempt to instill fear in the electorate. It is also being used to demonise the SNP and their members for the benefit of those South of the border, who already are told that Scotland is akin to a rogue state, whether subliminal or other means. My friends, and family, in NE England, all had very negative things to say about Scotland when I last saw them, not so long ago. They were shocked and appeared insulted (!) when I said ‘UKok’, they had not ‘heard that before’. In fact they knew very little of what was really going on during the Indy Ref, yet all felt compelled to judge and make comment on Scotland’s future. Subliminal messaging works.

    Now you have to remember that the NE of England has always felt an affinity with the Scots, so somehow the SNPbaaad has filtered down and it is very worrying. I am sure those who feed this claptrap into peoples’ living rooms day in day out, all be delighted to hear this.

    It is dangerous, insulting to Scotland, insulting to the SNP, and is absolutely deliberately being used to undermine the Scottish parliament. To what end?

    A few establishment unionists and their pals from around the globe would like to see the Scotgov dismantled. Put nothing past the lying rogues desperate to hand onto their gravy train which just keeps on giving. (ie being robbed).

  33. Loveme2times says:

    So £150 would be enough to start a new party called “Nick Robinson is a knob”, I like this idea 🙂

  34. gordonbrownstuff says:

    Funny we never heard unionists in the msm whinge about a “one party state” in Scotland when the britjock liebour party held sway for 70 odd years. Another unionist fox shot dead……..

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