Altered State : part 2

Second part of PhantomPower’s documentary. Winner Take Nothing begins with the increasingly desperate ‘No’ campaign arranging Her Majesty’s backing. The impact of Project Fear’s negativity, elite self-interest, media imbalance and last-minute promises finally proved too much to overcome for the Yes campaign. Interviewees consider aspects of voter behavior and results as well as flaws in the Yes argument that require attention before considering a second referendum. In a campaign that saw the unionist parties prepared to destroy themselves to win, perhaps the real winner was the newly politically aware Scottish public who are still deeply engaged in a conversation about their constitutional future, a debate that seems destined to arrive at only one conclusion.

This episode includes interviews with Derek Bateman, Janice Galloway, James Kelly, Paul Kavanagh (Wee Ginger Dug), and Christopher Silver.

21 comments on “Altered State : part 2

  1. benmadigan says:

    Thanks for drawing my attention to this film Paul . It was nice to see you in person, so to speak !!
    I have sort of re-blogged the post here, adding part 1 of the film

  2. Hetty says:

    Thanks, excellent part2, quite hard to watch but what is at the forefront for me now, is that we absolutely must ensure an SNP/SNP vote in May15, because if liebour or god forbid tories make headway at all, we are truly fckd. It will, ie the whole election process, also have to be watched extremely carefully as the establishment will do anything, anything to make sure Scotland keeps their books in shipshape, and their infrastructure re S. England
    spik and span, and expanding.

    Until Independence, we cannot afford for the Greens or other such parties to scupper what needs to be a definite, realistic and fully functional working DEVOMAX system, as promised and signed for by Tory, Labour and Libdems. They are fudging and conning, so let’s see what the next few months bring.

    Without our own media channels, it’s ridiculously, far far too one sided, so getting out there leafletting, canvassing and talking, starting now, is essential.

  3. diabloandco says:

    Terrific but reminded me what might have been , or what should have been.

    I still hear you say , ” we can do this” and I know we were cheated .

  4. Hector says:

    Thanks for this, I enjoyed all the contributions which add important perspectives to the most significant political event in Scotland since the Act of Union. I think we still are working towards a more comprehensive understanding of the lessons we need to learn which will inform and underpin the next, and, hopefully, final, campaign for Independence, Indy’Ref 2.

    I agree with the Yes campaigner who said “I embrace austerity…bring it on”. As parents we teach our children that behaviour has consequences and sometimes those consequences are painful but through dealing with them and learning from them we grow into mature and insightful adults. The No vote will have and is having painful consequences for many Scots, why should the Scottish Government “mitigate” the effects of Tory austerity policies? They are a consequence of the vote to reject Independence when our sovereign Scottish Government could have had full control over the Scottish economy and all the powers!

    In mid November, when Osborne announces his budget review and further cuts to public spending, in addition to the tax credit cuts, we will all have many more painful lessons to learn about consequences. Please, let’s learn the lessons of 2014 and don’t repeat them in the future!

    • barpe4 says:

      Yes we do need to learn lessons! Why should the Scottish government have to mitigate the effects of Tory attacks on the low-paid?

      It might serve a better purpose to just accept and ” ..bring it on”. That way people might fully realise the full effects of the No vote last year – and decide to think more carefully next time.

      • Aucheorn says:

        Unfortunately the ones who suffer the most under the cuts are the very ones who voted Yes. It’s the “I’m all right Jacks and Jills” who need to suffer, but they don’t.

        I still meet people who say “Get the lazy scroungers working”

  5. Yeah, yer man in the film of the day after, with the dialectic, ‘I embrace austerity, bring it on…’ summed up the post-referendum experience for me. People who had voted No, complaining six months on about certain Westminster political measures and i wanted to scream at them, ‘But that’s what you fucking voted for!’ Turkeys, Christmas, hand, forehead, slap. Yes, it was depressing watching the images of the machinery of the British State in the film, but i do know that a political consciousness was brought alive and will not be bought off or suppressed. Salmond was right.

    The referendum was also a process of whittling away the veneer of this society so that the tribal loyalties of every grouping and class were exposed for all to see, which was no bad thing. I couldn’t blame them. They were only human. They are not ‘no’ voters, really, they are just some of us who need more convincing of the case for independence which is inevitable as this disunited Kingdom is most definitely unsustainable.

  6. Jan Cowan says:

    Brilliant film! We’re on our way. No doubt about it.

  7. mealer says:

    Independence is inevitable now.The Scots know it.The Brits know it.Not long to go now.

  8. Sooz says:

    I honestly thought we would win. I honestly thought that people would see through Westminster’s lies and realise that the union was no longer fit for purpose.

    But we will win. We stood up and came back at ’em when they thought we would just lie down and die. Labour is screwed. The Tories are exposed for the ruthless, vicious people that they are, and the LibDems have crumbled to dust. We’ve regrouped, are forming battle lines again and we’re ready to do battle again, but this time round we will have better strategies because we know the enemy’s weaknesses.

    When I hear no voters complaining about Westminster’s actions since the referendum, all I can do is look at them numbly. They were lied to, they were misled into voting no. The ones who will never change are the ones who don’t give a fig for this country because it’s in their own financial interests to keep the union going at our expense. We’re just commodities to them, and hell mend them.

    Good to see you in the flesh, Paul. I love your blog, your determination, your anger and your biting wit. Onwards.

  9. macart763M says:

    There is no going back.

    For Conservative and Labour alike. I’d say more now than ever, people are watching everything you do and listening to everything you say. Unfortunately for said parties those people are no longer uninformed or apathetic and they are certainly no longer indifferent about their future.

    If you refuse to keep your word on what your cheerleaders led the public to believe, then the electorate WILL hold you to account. Were I a Labour politician especially, I’d consider May 2015 merely a taste of things to come in such a circumstance. You made a solemn promise to the people of Scotland. In fact you made many.

    You promised the devolution journey would yield near federalism. You promised the Smith commission would listen to the people. You promised the elderly their pensions would be safe. You promised work for the yards. You promised economic safety with burdens and hazard borne on broad shoulders of pooling and sharing. You claimed that Scots were wanted in parliament and government, that our voices were essential, that they would be heard.

    On the evidence of the past year, there is only one conclusion to be reached on the record of delivery for each and every one of those pledges and I’ll leave it to the individual to decide upon HMG and BTs performance.

    Tick tock.

  10. WRH2 says:

    Great film and I enjoyed watching but…… Where was Ginger? I was hoping to see him beside you on the film….. Great to put a face to the name but….. please include him next time.

  11. punklin says:

    Loving the suit…

  12. Anne Roberts says:

    Thanks Paul. Nice to see you scrub up well 😉. Only thing is – I seem to have missed part 1 – where would I find that?

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