Altered State

While I’m busy dealing with book orders – here’s a great new documentary on the media and the indyref by PhantomPower, featuring Derek Bateman, and yours truly.

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  1. heathermclean19 says:

    Great wee documentary, can’t wait for Part 2, which I hope you’ll be posting!
    Hoping to meet you in person this evening at the Yes Bar, Paul. I’ll be coming through from Dundee to the Scotland Supporting Refugees comedy fundraiser.

  2. Succinct. Hate watching a historical re-run. A bit like an action replay of a goal against your team and there’s only one outcome that the ball is going in the net (sorry for the analogy). But there is is the oh so simple point – they, the unionists controlled and control the media. All that vow shit is seen as it was (how could folk swallow that?) and the liars of the day know full well that history is in the hands of the victors and the vanquished get nada.

  3. Helps answer the question of why we lost.

  4. Tris says:

    Already uploaded on Munguin’s Republic.

    Excellent programme. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

    Looking forward to the next instalment.


  5. macart763 says:

    A well made documentary with good contributions all round. Well worth spreading the word on.

    Looking sharp by the way. πŸ™‚

    Its important for people to see where and how the true fix was worked. To remind them of what was said and pledged, against what we have now and what lies before us. There’s no question, that if you control the means of creating, the flow of and the access to information you can manipulate public opinion.

    We are in a better place now than we were two years ago, but our real enemy remains the same, a corporately and politically compromised media. They aren’t our guardians and watchdogs. They certainly aren’t our friends. They are to all intents and purposes the media wing of the state.

  6. Just one point. No mention was made of what I believe is Scotland’s greatest asset, it’s people. I know it’s early days, but we in our area has been canvassing for the past three weeks, and so far, keeping our fingers crossed, the results are even better than in the run-up to the General Election. No complacency of course as there is a long time to go, but things are looking good.

    • macart763 says:

      You’ll notice Alex that on the back of the big name polls showing serious movement toward both independence and a second indyref, there’s been a lot of spot polls in the rags showing the exact opposite?

      Spooky or what? πŸ˜€

    • I think this is only part 1 of something longer Alex – so maybe more on the people in later parts?

  7. Jim McIntosh says:

    The football analogy above is good. The goal went in the net, but it was clearly shown to be offside from multiple angles. Leading to the belief that the officials were in the pocket of the opposition. The corruption that implies makes one even angrier than the loss itself. After all, it was only the first leg.

  8. Luigi says:

    Fantastic documentary. I hope it as many as possible watch it.

    Whilst I agree that it is very important for Scotland to have control of it’s own broadcasting, the BBC is no longer as all powerful as it (and some of us) thinks it is. If it was, we would not now have 56 SNP MPs, because they went all out on Project Fear 2, and pulled out all the stops to prevent this from happening, but Scotland stuck two fingers up in response.

    There was/is an underlying caution against independence that the MSM certainly capitalised on, but I think regardless, the majority just weren’t quite ready for it. They came a hell of a way in two years but didn’t quite make it, thanks to some last minute YES bottling and BT getting almost their entire NO vote out on the day. I do think that we are still gradually easing towards independence, however, but when it comes, who knows? Following the 2011 landslide, the SNP had no option but to hold the referendum, probably earlier than they would have wished (remember it started off at under 30% YES, which should have meant no chance at all, hence Cameron’s confidence and subsequent errors of judgement). To reach 45% YES under those circumstances was amazing IMO (and terrifying if you are a unionist). The BBC narrative, that two thirds of the people are happy with the union (remember that one?) has been blown out of the water. IndyRef 2 will be held under much more favourable circumstances, regardless of the actions of the BBC dirty tricks brigade. It won’t be easy, but it’s not impossible. The same amount of effort that took us from 30% to 45%, will be required to take us from 45% to over 50%. It can be done.

  9. arthur thomson says:

    A good and professional piece of documentary. Your own analysis was really useful.

    The GE result said to me that a majority of Scots are no longer taken in by the media lies; that they realise they must use their own common sense to evaluate what is happening. The Holyrood elections will be equally important. It is absolutely clear that the media have embarked on a concerted campaign with the broadcasters to vilify the work of the Scottish Government.

    We have to hold our nerve and focus on continuing to spread a counter narrative, which must be based on the truth. The truth is that the present Scottish Government is imperfect but demonstrably better than any previous administration and that the SNP is the only political party dedicated exclusively to improving the quality of life in Scotland.

    The truth will out and the cynical lying of the unionists will be exposed if we just keep building.

  10. David Agnew says:

    Sort of chimes in with what you said a few posts back. The argument for union is basically “We screwed Scotland so completely you can’t be independent anymore”. I felt the same level of disgust that you did, when Scottish labour seemed to positively revel in this notion, that we are a basket case nation. I don’t know how anyone else felt, but I felt that I was being assaulted on a daily basis. To endure this abuse and be told it was better for me than the uncertainty of independence, instilled in a deep loathing for the concept of union, that I now recoil from the idea of “British values”. I now associate Britishness in Scotland with this mean and nasty culture of poverty porn. I feel quite repulsed by it and at times sickened by it. Since the indyref I have become completely disconnected from the UK media and increasingly feel a massive disconnection with the UK at large. If any of it were true – there would be a need for massive reform. Because clearly the Union has actually failed Scotland. The union has reduced us to such a state of incompetence that we no longer contribute anything of value. That is simply unsustainable and unacceptable. And they have the brass balls to call us “Anti-English”. Yet they clearly think this state of affairs is what makes us “Better together”. If its bullshit and not one word of it is true, then they need to ask serious questions as to how this notion came about and do something to stop it. Yet we have all seen the swivel eyed approach of the UK parties to this. So it was naive of us to to think we could have a honest debate with them.

    The great triumph of Better together was to drive away so many to the SNP. It wasn’t just SNP voters who wanted this. It was folk who voted Labour, tory, and the lib dems. When the no camp won on this basis of cultural cringe and poverty of aspiration, it lifted the scales from a lot of voters eyes. The parties they once voted for could not be trusted to represent Scotland fairly. It was always clear to me that come the general election, the price for that no vote, was the relevance of UK party politics. The Scottish tories are comfort polling and think they can steal labour votes. The lib dems are so delusional now, its beyond parody. Scottish labour have changed into a party of pathological liars. They briefed Corbyn to talk complete and utter mince about Scot rail being privatised by the SNP – when everyone knows it was privatised by the Tories in the 90s. They did the same to Miliband. It shows that the London party knows heehaw about Scottish issues or for that matter Scottish political history.

    There is no way forward for them. They can’t go forward as “One Scotland within the UK” when half the electorate won’t go with them. As long as this question of independence never got put to the electorate, the union could continue with the pleasant fiction that it was the accepted status quo. Now it has been asked and found wanting – the issue will never go away. And because they alienated so many voters, they now face irrelevance in Scottish political life. They simply do not know how to frame the argument to win over yes voters. I can’t – won’t accept Britishness with that price tag of dependency. I don’t want it. I am not buying what they are selling. The more they push, the more they yell, scream and stamp their feet – the more convinced I am that I was right to vote yes.

    It’s at this point I realise that I am still “Yes”.

    • I agree wholeheartedly with your comment, David. Every word. The campaign itself was the best of times, the result the absolute worst. I’ll never accept the referendum vote was ‘clean’ The British state knows perfectly well the value of Scots to the Union + of course our embarrassment of riches. They go to actual war to protect what is regarded as in their interests so I know now they were never going to allow a fair campaign. The Referendum was also a battle but the war (of words) goes on.

  11. cirsium says:

    David – “when everyone knows it was privatised by the Tories in the 90s” So does Corbyn. He was an MP at the time.

    • David Agnew says:

      Does he? Or does he think Scot rail was something else entirely? Who told him that it was? This always comes down to a simple question. If he didn’t but still went ahead and say it – he’s too stupid to PM. If he did know and went ahead and say it – then he is too dishonest to be PM. This question also applies to Dugdale and Scottish labour. It either doesn’t know or it did know. It’s either team stupid or team evil. Either one means they are not to be trusted with anyone’s vote.

  12. Well crafted piece. Look forward to part 2.

    I see Kavanagh’s oral communication is as accomplished as his writing.

    • Jan Cowan says:

      Yes. Impressed! The referendum drew so many of our best people into the spotlight. And as these talented citizens continue to work towards independence we just can’t lose. Actually, I still think we won in spite of the BBC etc. However, next time we’ll sweep all before us and these poor unionists will be forced to continue on alone without Scotland. That, of course is what they fear.

  13. Ken Waldron says:

    “…We must have control of Broadcasting; i keep banging on about this…”

    Indeed…and so you should. I am sick to death of pro-Yes articles telling us that we need to analyse the “mistakes” of the Yes campaign…we need apparently to stop spending our time blaming things like “Unionist control if the media”… it realy takes a special kind of navel gazing to swallow the notion of “blame culture” and come up with this kind of thinking. There is a definitely a Scottish “Yes cringe” which choses to ignore this elephant in the room beseeching us instead that we should find mistake in our own “faults”…

    The truth of the matter is as others point out above. The Yes campaign was not a failure but a spectacular success: otherwise we simply would not still be debating this.

    It did and does not matter how good a campaign the “Yes” block has or what it says or presents correctly in the Referendum or indeed in Referendum2. However good it was or will be, it will still be processed through the distorting mirrors and mangles of the unionist mainstream media and the twisted version which suits their own ends will then be presented to the public as veracity. So… if we want to learn any real lesson from the Referendum to help us win Referendum2 then surely it’s clear there are only two ways to win. The first is as you say: that we take control of a much larger percentage of the mainstream media.
    Given that it and the BBC are the possessions of the ruling oligarchy then that is a most unlikely objective to achieve. It is after all the means of our control …just why on earth would the UK government ever make any concessions to devolve even one iota of BBC Scotlandshire control to Scotland… its enemy? It will never happen. Neither will the present newspapers change their stripes one little bit.

    The fear we then share is the when Referendum2 takes place the mainstream media will be little changed and that therefore the outcome will be much the same.
    Like you I find myself banging on about this endlessly but should we actually be focusing on this near impossible task of attaining greater mainstream media control? Might it not be a totally vain hope and might it be best instead to accept that the elite will never relinquish control ? Should we not then alternatively direct all our efforts overwhelmingly into crushing any residue of confidence the Scottish public still might have in it?
    Surely the real lesson of Referendum1 is that we can only win Referendum2 by reducing the reputation of the mainstream to such low levels that its distortions are no longer of any consequence. To see their circulation falls further, their believability held in even greater contempt… that they become a joke: a laughing stock in the eyes of the general public?
    And have we not seen yourself Paul and Wings and others do this very successfully?
    Perhaps we need more of the same? A lot more.

  14. Pam McMahon says:

    Have watched this on different blogs about 6 times now. It makes me more angry every time I watch it. Agree with Silver that Scotland needs to have (not control) but management of an independent broadcaster.

    As you pointed out Paul, other, much smaller nations have responsibility for their own broadcasters and the electorate of Catalonia would not have voted for parties supporting independence if they only had the state broadcaster in Madrid pumping out propaganda.

    Any broadcaster in Scotland should be fair, unbiased and willing to hold to account ANY politician elected by the people he/she represents, without allowing their own political agenda to dictate the questioning.

  15. gordoz says:

    I couldn’t agree more with you Paul re RTV stations – its a must before any future referendum. Thats where there killing YES with elderly and non social media types.

    Particularly well explained points by all. Marvellous work.

    Onwards !

  16. gordoz says:

    Paul – Was this made for the BBC by any chance ? πŸ™‚

  17. Whitburnsfinest says:

    Nicely done, Paul – and wee Ginger too, he’s a handsome fella! πŸ˜€ see, it’s when it’s all put together like that we can really see the extent of the lies and deception that actually took place. The bullying and threats from the largest of our (ahem) great family of nations (please excuse me while I vomit).

    We do indeed need an independent media. You made an excellent point about the Moldovian region who have their own media. And the bit about (I’m paraphrasing here) ‘Scotland would, according to the unionists, be the only country in the world unable to have its own currency’. Very, very well put.

    My heart is sad because we were so, so close and because the referendum was effectively stolen from us. However I have hope, too, that indyref2 is on its way and this time we’re going into it much more aware of the tactics and machinations of the british establishment. Never again will Scotland be tricked and bullied.

    • Jim Morris says:

      The referendum was lost on the financial fears of the no voters and the financial lies of the Better Together Campaign ably presented by the Tv, Radio and print media. The truth that was never told , even by the Yes Campaign, is the answer to the question: How much is Scotland worth? (Including all assets, material and intellectual property, and raw and developed resources!)

  18. Andrew Scott says:

    Very good. How the fcuk did people vote no?! Aarrrggghhh

  19. ArtyHetty says:

    Excellent. Look forward to part 2 and will share with my yes friends, those of the no friends who still stay in touch, and some sceptical, deluded, still trusting the bbc friends, south of the border.

  20. Iain says:

    Blindness, The Fall and this analysis .. all excellent.

  21. xsticks says:

    Finally found the time to watch this excellent video. Leaves you in no doubt about the bias of the media.

    “They want complete and utter domination of broadcasting because that is what won it for them”

    Absolutely nailed it there Paul.

    Sent that quote out on the twittersphere with link.

  22. Fillofficer says:


    & other dug noises

  23. Johnny comeback lately says:

    Whilst I Can understand People’s frustration with the msm I think it is extremley naiv to expected that the unionist establishmentet will ever give up control of the BBC or Broadcasting. It is too important to them, and is the only forhold the establishment has ledt in Scotland.
    The only thing Holding the unionist parties up is the msm.
    Whether we like it or not, the only Way forward is for Yes to double it’s efforts and continually find new ways of working around the msm. There is no point moaning about it. The referendum was lost for other reasons as Well as msm bias.

  24. I had to google you after watching this after it was posted on the Tartan Army Members Forum Website – I thought you came across extremely well – I am now following your site.

  25. Forgot to mention I’m a Scot living in Australia at the moment, and we were all dumbfounded over here by the UK media being so biaised – it was so blatant – taxi drivers kept asking me over here – why did your people not want indepedance ??

    Project Fear I had to explain.

  26. diabloandco says:

    Just watched this today – for some reason best known to Microsoft it was in my junk folder ,how very dare they!
    Brilliant , just brilliant.

  27. mixagemme says:

    Hahahahahahahahahahaha! Sorry! Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Mosson in a three piece tin flute, with a watch chain, on telly (sic)! Hahahahahahhahahahahahahaaaaaaaahhhhhhh! Tim Wonnacot take a back seat! Haven’t actually watched it yet, just looked for the highlights, and by god!

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