#60mins The hashtag that refused to trend

As someone who wants Scottish independence, by definition I am opposed to the British state. Anything which weakens the British state strengthens my cause. But not like this, I don’t want it to happen like this.

Sometimes you can take pleasure in the misfortunes of your political enemies, but sometimes you can’t because the misfortune of your enemy comes on the back of abused and broken innocence. Sometimes you find yourself hoping and praying that what is being said about your enemy isn’t true, can’t be true, because if it is true it revolts and disgusts, because it means that things are far worse than you could possibly have feared – even in the nightmares that stalk you on a cold and lonely night. Sometimes you don’t want to believe what is being said because it means that the mad fringes of conspiracy theories might be right, and that means we live on the fringes in a state of madness. But this is the state we live in. The British state is an abusers’ state, a state of abuse, a state of moral poverty and political cowardice.

This weekend my Twitter feed was filled with comments marked with the hashtag #60mins, but the hashtag didn’t trend, didn’t appear in the list of most talked about subjects as these things automatically do. And that by itself sparks suspicion.

The hashtag refers to an Australian current affairs programme, which very recently broadcast an episode investigating alleged paedophile rings in the very heart of the British establishment. It was claimed that over many years, important and powerful men at the centre of the British state sexually assaulted dozens, if not hundreds, of vulnerable children, many of whom were in care and whose well-being had been entrusted to a state which then abused them and offered them up as sacrificial lambs to the sick fantasies of evil men. Even worse, it alleged that certain very powerful individuals, some of whom remain in public life as lauded lords, killed kids for fun. According to the programme, the British state colluded in covering it all up.

The programme claimed that the British state used the agencies of public security to cover up the abuse, in order to protect the reputations of those who may have committed foul crimes against children, and by extension to protect the reputation of the British state. One of the worst abusers according to the programme was a man who was deputy head of the intelligence services. He used his influence and power to prevent investigations into the abuse that he and his powerful friends committed. Men, the programme said, like Leon Brittan and Cyril Smith.

We saw something similar with the Catholic Church. Those with the power to punish abusers, to remove them from positions of power and influence, to protect the vulnerable and the weak, did nothing. They did nothing because they believed that protecting the reputation of their institution was more important than preventing abuse. As long as the public don’t know what is going on, then the institution preserves its reputation intact. It remains an institution which commands respect and deference. But a reputation which depends upon secrecy is already a reputation which is worth nothing. We live in a state whose reputation is valueless. That’s the British state, an abusers’ state, a state of disgrace and shame.

I don’t want this to be true. I don’t want to live in a state where nothing is sacred and no-one is safe, but a part of me knows that there is an evil truth at the heart of these accusations.

My late partner Andy served in the Metropolitan police for many years. Back in the early 1990s he told me that there had been a police investigation into the Liberal MP Cyril Smith. Andy wasn’t directly involved in the investigation himself, but it was common knowledge amongst officers in his police station in the East End of London. The Met police had decided to take action about the prostitution and drug dealing which was then rampant around Kings Cross station. It wasn’t a specific investigation into high profile abusers, but Andy told me that during this investigation the Liberal MP Cyril Smith had been seen by police picking up rent boys outside the station, and taking them off in his car and engaging in sexual activity with them. Mostly they were homeless teenagers, out on the streets after years in care, left to fend for themselves as Thatcherism began to bite. Andy said that no action was ever taken against Smith because he was a high profile public figure. He added that the officers investigating the case were warned off by some very senior figures, and it was all quietly dropped.

When knowledge of Smith’s abusive activities came to public knowledge many years later, after his death, I asked Andy for more information about what he’d told me all those years before. Sadly by that time Andy’s vascular dementia was pretty far advanced, and he couldn’t remember any details or the names of any of the officers involved. He passed away a few months later.

We can press for an enquiry into the events of the past. We can demand that the police investigate unhindered by the powerful. We can demand justice for the victims and survivors of abuse. But we can have no confidence that we’ll ever get these things, and that means we can have no confidence that they won’t happen again in the future. This is a state which doesn’t do transparency, which doesn’t allow the little people to know what the big ones get up to behind the locked doors and closed curtains of the establishment. Being British means to know your place, to be subject, to be silent.

I don’t want this state to have power over me or my family. I don’t feel safe. The agencies of the state which are supposed to make us feel safe instead make us feel unsafe. The agencies of the state are – allegedly – actively covering up the worst abuse possible. When that happens we no longer live in a democracy. I don’t want to be British. And with every passing scandal, every instance of abuse that comes to light, another little bit of Britishness dies. Its passing will not be mourned.

All I can do is suggest that you watch the programme for yourself. It’s not easy or comfortable viewing.


I will leave comments open on this article, however PLEASE DO NOT ACCUSE ANY LIVING PERSON AS AN ABUSER. DO NOT NAME ANY ALLEGED ABUSERS OR WRITE ANYTHING WHICH COULD LEAD TO THEM BEING IDENTIFIED. Any comments which do so will be removed immediately. You risk prejudicing a future trial or investigation, and I do not want to get sued – and possibly lose my home because I can’t afford to pay damages. Your cooperation is appreciated.

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64 comments on “#60mins The hashtag that refused to trend

  1. This is exactly it “Sometimes you don’t want to believe what is being said because it means that the mad fringes of conspiracy theories might be right, and that means we live on the fringes in a state of madness.” Exactly. It did trend in Glasgow but nowhere else that I could find.

  2. Would Glasgow’s trend have pushed ‘Scotland’ into trending?

    Perhaps I haven’t found it, but my Twitter hashtag options are:


    No ‘Scotland’. No Fife, Aberdeen, Dundee, Inverness, or Perth. My country, my region and the other cities of my country are not options.

    It would be nice to be able to select Scotland, and at least get a hint of what’s happening outside of EDI / GLA, or be able to see if either can push trending in Scotland.

    • weegingerdug says:

      All I know is that my timeline was full of #60mins but it resolutely refused to trend for me. Why that is, I have no idea.

      • weegingerdug says:

        Although the refusal of a hashtag to trend on Twitter is really a very trivial matter compared to the issues the topic of that hashtag raises.

        • Although on the surface it’s trivial it just points to an ever growing cover up.

          • petealexharris says:

            Twitter as a private American company have no obvious reason to prop up the British state, and the British state didn’t manage to stop #yes and #indyref trending like mad, which I’m sure they’d have wanted to if Twitter trending hashtags mattered to them.

            My guess is, many people who saw the video were horrified and in shock, and held back from retweeting and tagging it prolifically out of respect for the victims, or a need to process it before commenting.

            Those people will remember it though, we hope, when #indyref2 is trending.

  3. Linda says:

    Very honest, well written piece about something that should be exposed, but is all too often swept under the carpet by those in power.
    Leaves you feeling you cannot trust WM and other government elite who’s job it should be to protect the innocent and vulnerable by not covering up the *alleged* crimes of those who have used their official status to get away with many *alleged* unsavoury or evil deeds.
    Hope using *alleged* keeps us both in the right ~ legally!

  4. scotsgeoff says:

    Very well said.

    I don’t want to live in a country or state where the vulnerable are seen by some as prey;
    and Scotland is not perfect either by any means which the cover-up over my dementia mum’s
    ‘missing’ diamond engagement ring from a locked dementia ward testifies.

    ‘Authorities’ and politicians don’t care, friends & family are horrified whilst lawyers
    wait with palms open to be crossed with silver.

    I also find it revealing that today of all days Cameron explicitly mentioned
    ‘conspiracy theories’ during his ‘tackling extremism’ speech.

    Laying the groundwork for a defence of the State perhaps?

  5. mary docherty says:

    Saw it on wings..couldnae watch to the end.Where’s msm in a’ this .??

    • xtraxtra67 says:

      Sadly Mary the mainstream media is riddled with paedophilia. There is a reason why they back the government with their silence :-(((

  6. macart763 says:

    Dear God!

    There are days when you wish you could un-see a thing or just hit delete in your memory. Those are the days when you despair of humanity.

    I just feel desperately sad.

  7. daviddynamo says:

    “The truth will out”. The simple fact that this news programme was made, may be the crack in the dam of the UK public’s consciousness. There have been hints and rumours for a long time, articles in off-beat sites on the web, small disconnected things that we can uneasily laugh off as being too bizarre too be real.

    But this report, well it has the immediacy of being on television, on a reputable channel. It can be seen here in the UK, spread everywhere by the Pandora’s box that is the internet. The news is now irrepressible.

    I think that when people see this, everything will com together for them, the pieces of the big jigsaw puzzle falling into place. Systematic corruption looks like it is the only explanation for the abuse that occurred in so many establishments in all UK four countries.

    “Shut up and keep quiet” worked as a threat in the past, but in today’s more interconnected world those who were abused find hopefully find it easier to tell their news, to reach people who believe them, to be heard.

    I hope the MSM can be brave, Publish the truth, “publish and be damned”.
    If they don’t, there are thousands of bloggers with the power to bring the truth to the public.

    There is something very nasty at the heart of the union, and we will all feel better after we take action to flush it out.

    As a postscript, my step-daughter commented while I was watching the 60 Minutes news show on Youtube, “oh, “Spies, Lords, and Predators”, is that a new tv action show?” She didn’t know it was news, and the opening scenes with the union jack over the Houses of Parliament does make it look like spy series. If only it was fiction…

  8. Grizzle McPuss says:

    Apologies Paul but I’m ready to burst…

    I wrote about this subject not that long ago. I had coupled this matter into that of ‘Carmichael’ in respect of the ‘The Establishment’ and the fact that it can do no wrong and cover up its tracks.

    They set the rules.
    They set the agenda
    They determine every facet of our lives…like it or not…unseen.

    Democracy, choice and justice? Catch yourselves on; it’s just an illusion to keep the masses content.

    I’m sickened to the point of extreme anger that those who are the most vulnerable, children, can be exploited like this, and yet, humanity vanishes from those with the ability to care and put a stop to it.

    Instead it is all replaced by apparent mutterings of “how do we go about covering this up?” as opposed to “this is not right…this is inhumane, these are children, we need to deal with it”

    The amount of “misplaced” or “lost” files in all the various aspects of this case is quite…believable. They have that power.

    And let’s not forget. The very same victims of this abuse are the ones who often or not go onto lead very broken lives. An inability to form or retain relationships. Poor performance at school. Low achievers basically. Worse, some go on to perpetuate the cycle of abuse whereby abused becomes abuser.

    And the sad sting in the tail?

    These are often the very people that end up relying on the state for support; be that financial and /or (mental) health. The very same state that has been complicit either in their actual abuse or the attempted cover up.

    The very same state led by the likes of IDS who now treats the weakest in society with such disdain and contempt.

    For those who think “he exaggerates…no?” Just think on about the thousands of children who have now been shown up to have been failed the system (eg child sex exploitation rings and the exposed failures (?) of police forces to react)

    No matter where the abuse emanates from, tolerance should be ZERO, nada, nil, none, never.

    What have we become as a society that allows such treatment of the most vulnerable, the weakest and the innocent that we have a system in place that has punished some fellow human beings for no good reason from not long after the day they were born right up into their adult lives?

    If this WM paedo-ring issue should vanish (yet again) from the public eye then you can say “farewell” to there ever being an end to this sort of ‘Establishment’ abuse taking place. It will continue, as I’m sure it still does, to be the activity that those with power & influence use as both their deviant right and also a ‘lever’ over their adversaries.

    …and folks wonder why I was one of the few who foamed at the mouth last week when the priorities were ‘fox hunting’. Perhaps if we wrapped a raped child in a soft fur coat, perhaps then we might see a societal shift in priorities?

  9. whitburnsfinest says:

    Just watched it. My head hurts from crying. My heart hurts for every one of those innocent lives lost, including those interviewed. My throat hurts from screaming as I watched this O’Carroll scumbag scramble about trying to justify its sick, depraved mind.

    Tell you what, that interviewer is a stronger, better person than I can ever be. I wouldn’t have had time to interview it, I’d have been too busy battering it to death with my bare hands, no fucking regrets.

  10. aplinal says:

    This is a adapted from a post I made on WoS. The more I think about this situation, the more in despair I am about the way that the Establishment have corrupted our whole body politic and wield power over others who could bring them to book. I am reminded of the declining years of every Empire in History. Surely the end is not s far away. But to effect this end, the public need to be informed. the MSM in the UK have remained steadfastly silent on this scandal (This is a real scandal, not the faux-outrage we get instead of news and opinion.) I really do not know how this will be taken forward. But somehow it must be.

    “The 60 Minutes documentary scratches the surface of what seems to have been widespread and orchestrated abuse going on for decades at the highest levels of the Establishment (Political, Industrial, Social, and Economic). Perhaps there is more to come from them (60Minutes), I hope so as this entire story MUST be in the public domain

    Unless someone in the Media, or Police, or Whitehall takes action (or blows the whistle) at some serious risk to themselves and their families (this is how power is retained) no one alive will face proper prosecution and there is little to prevent the abuse continuing. But there comes a point when ordinary people decide for themselves that they have had enough of the situation. It seems that the tipping point gets closer every day.

    This is a desperately dreadful spotlight on the UK and the abuses of power by those in power. Will ordinary people find a voice and a champion? More details and a lengthy history of articles can be found here http://www.exaronews.com/

  11. Anne Lyden says:

    Having watched it, I was unable to verbally articulate how I felt – just a seething sense of nausea and rage in the pit of my stomach. You have just produced a cathartic piece of prose with concise and relevant comments accrued, which says it all for us. These evil swine must be made to pay for their horrific crimes against vulnerable children. We must not let any of them off the hook.

    • Vee says:

      Exactly the way I felt, Anne!
      I am not from the UK, but I did post it for people to watch, so that they can be informed of what is actually going on right here in Europe!
      Some people think that it’s “just in uneducated societies” where the people in power are abusing the defenseless – they need to know, that it is not true!

  12. JS2 says:

    Reblogged this on TIME TO START CARING and commented:
    We owe it to all those victims who didnt make it to Unite and stop the stigma and taboo surrounding childhood sexual abuse, and the life long effects of the abuse. Time for change? damned right there is. If we don’t do anything, Paedophilia will be legalised, beginning with the age of consent being brought down to 13 years.

  13. mealer says:

    Some names are in the public domain.These are the people who will carry the can,but probably only after they’re dead so they don’t implicate anyone else.Rotten.Rotten to the core.

  14. emilytom67 says:

    Everyone and their granny jumped on the Catholic Church and rightfully so when the “abuse” came to light,why is there so little of the many many others perpetrating these heinious crimes?.Anybody at all caring to do a bit of in depth reading of alternative news outlets will have known that from the very top of our society Royalty/Establishment all the way down have been involved,question why the silence from all the politicians/political parties of every colour that must have known/heard of these crimes,not a fcuking word from any of them,sorry Tom Watson/Simon Danzcuk being the honourable exceptions.

  15. If only one tenth of this is true then haste the day when I can relinquish my British identity. I am sickened and saddened in equal measure.

  16. Anne Duncan says:

    If it’s of any interest #60mins was trending in Glasgow…. small comfort.

  17. arthur thomson says:

    The msm are no more than private news sheets. They are owned by and represent the views of a small number of rich people who have achieved considerable power and who use that power to maintain and extend their personal privilege. The only circumstances under which they would ever expose the establishment was where it would serve their self-interest. As with all other scandals they will huff and puff and tell us that ‘WE’ need to learn from it but move on. As with all other scandals it will be repeated and we will read and hear empty words about how ‘WE’ never seem to learn. They are utterly cynical, What we need to learn is to rid ourselves of the notion that the msm will ever come to the rescue of the weak and vulnerable.The only lives they value are their own.

    Life is just a game to the rich and powerful; a game in which lesser, ordinary people are mere pawns. In my view, this is a political issue in the truest sense. It is all about power. The power to use, misuse and abuse vulnerable people as mere playthings without regard to the damage caused to them.

    How many vulnerable lives have been destroyed and damaged by the lunatic war games of the Westminster establishment?

    I believe these issues are inextricably linked. Is it surprising that people who have such delusions of grandeur that they think have the right – some god given duty even – to inflict violence on the people of another country, are unmoved by the plight of the victims of sexual abuse?

    I hope and trust that the Scottish MP’s will raise these issues, demand that action is taken to identify and bring the perpetrators to justice and refuse to give up until justice is seen to be done. It will be hugely difficult but they have to show that they have the moral courage to lead in these matters.

    • Kae Mar says:

      I truly believe the SNP (and smaller parties other than Cons, LibDems and Labour) are the only ones who can blow this wide open. The rest are so complicit and involved that they cannot point the finger without
      implicating themselves or compromising their all important, self- serving careers. The stench from Westminster is all pervading and to bring down one vile perpetrator will necessitate bringing down the bulk of the establishment – including the repulsive royals. I despair and I too am ashamed to be British and associated with this debauched, degenerate, perverted and depraved shower of inbred animals.

  18. benmadigan says:

    Mr Kerr, one of the victims/witnesses on the 60 minutes programme was a boy who lived in the notorious Kincora Boys Home in Belfast Northern Ireland. You can follow the links in the post below to see how child rape and abuse, such as Mr Kerr underwent, was widespread in the Home https://eurofree3.wordpress.com/2015/07/19/who-murdered-and-raped-british-children-part-2/

  19. […] #60mins The hashtag that refused to trend. […]

  20. Daisy Walker says:

    I read the information contained in the 60 Minutes Documentary about a year ago when researching for the Referendum, sad to say, but there’s a lot more still to come out, if it ever does.
    It’s some kind of upside down, inside out, parallel universe – when the normal rules of decency for a Public Servant, are not seen as automatic disgraceful jailing offences, but mana from heaven, by an establishment actively grooming puppets and political pawns.
    But here’s the thing, it is coming out, slowly, irregularly, not in the deluge we might hope for, a deluge that would wash away the whole rotten bunch, rather drip, by drip, by slow, tedious drip, oozing into that establishment edifice. And for every crime committed – each one left a trace, whether its the act itself, or the TV executive who buries the documentary exposing it, and then goes on to become leader of Parliament – each and every contact leaves a trace.
    Listen, you can hear it… drip, drip, drip. And when our outrage fades, and our anger subsides to manageable levels, that’s the day you wake up and realise it has become a part of you, only now its not fuelled by rage and disbelief, now it has knowledge, now it takes the form of responsibility, an immovable, implacable, deep into the marrow of our DNA, utter commitment to bring these fuckers to justice and their crimes to the light of day.
    And decency, always the refuge. This country of ours, hobbled as it is by its finances and Westminster power games, well they don’t and cannot control our decency.
    Dig in folks, this is the long haul, and every time they try to grind us down, remember decency. One bit of decency at a time seems to me like good foundations for our country.
    Peace to all.

    Daisy Walker

  21. garyfeeney says:

    It’s disgusting how some news outlets have been reporting on some dubious story about some SNP back-bencher allegedly retweeting some moron or other whilst this is being supressed. I didn’t think many more nails could be hammered in to the British coffin, but it seems they just keep coming.

    A part of what bothers me most about is the current Home Secretary’s insistence upon spying on normal citizens, wanting to strip away digital rights etc., whilst at the same time almost the entire weight of the British state is bent on protecting the vermin within.

    The game’s a bogey, to put it mildly. The sooner we can wash our hands of the lot of them and focus on trying to build something better, something that actually works to serve the people, the better. It can’t really get any worse than an establishment that protects paedophiles, really.

  22. Mammy says:

    Drip drip drip drip whoosh the dam has burst sooner rather than later.

  23. Jan Cowan says:

    I feel so utterly sickened by the whole situation. I can’t bear to think of the terror these children suffered and no doubt many abused children are still suffering. We must find a way to break the power of those who have no “keeping”.

    • macart763 says:

      Mrs M is in child care. Every day our house is filled with toddlers of parents trying to get back to work or desperately looking for help in disadvantaged circumstances. She’s looked after kids from some grim backgrounds and I’ve wound up being called grandad or papa by more than one wee smiley face. Some of those tales would bring tears from a stone.

      The thought that others who are meant to care for us simply see a victim…

  24. Mark Macleod says:

    We live in a perpetual state of cognitive dissonance and until the masses awaken we will continue to live in this way. With the recent political voting system advancing particular areas more than others, laws being made for the powerful and privileged and dwindling resources for the people, its easy to see that certain areas of the land will be more awake than others. Enjoyed the piece. Keep up the good work

  25. dennis mclaughlin says:

    What’s a wee bit of jiggery pockery in the 2014 Referendum by the British State when compared to the destruction of so many young lives?……
    we need away from these monsters,and fast!.

  26. Papadox says:

    This wonderful “UNITED KINGDOM” was born out of corruption, bribery and deceit, of the common people by the rich and powerful, in 1707.

    Since then the situation has just deteriorated, generation after generation till we end up in the cesspit we are in today.

    The last days of Empire are never pretty!

  27. icatjam says:

    The article was shared to me on FB and I have shared again.

  28. Juteman says:

    It’s my opinion that the British State seeks out these animals, and promotes them into positions of power and influence. They are then simple tools of the State, easy to blackmail.

    • Jan Cowan says:

      Sounds logical.

    • Mikeyboy says:

      “They are then simple tools of the State, easy to blackmail”

      This is how it works, If they don’t have any leverage on you you’ll never get to the heights of politics, and if you start getting close to the top they will try and make you out to be a loony, not fit for office like they did with Miliband and are trying to do with Corbyn, not to mention the SNP and everyone involved in it.

      David Icke gives chapter and verse about this in his latest book The Perception Deception. The MSM has been calling him a nutter for years but he names names in his books and gives sources and nobody has ever dared try a lawsuit on him.

  29. janofarc says:

    I know the establishment is still covering this up, you know the establishment is covering this up, the media is complicit in the establishment covering this up. People can say “well, it happened years ago, they’re chasing ghosts” but the precedent for covering up huge crimes against CHILDREN is set, can anyone trust that this isn’t STILL happening and STILL being covered up right now?

  30. MolliBlum says:

    It’s almost quarter of a century (!) since Sinead O’ Connor was booed off stage at Madison Square Garden for bringing up the subject of child abuse — having already made herself a hate figure, and for some a figure of ridicule, by tearing up an image of the pope on live TV to bring attention to the issue. Few were willing to believe her then. They know better now. So perhaps there’s hope.

    • MolliBlum says:

      aargh…. sorry! forgot to remove the “http” thing… didn’t mean to embed the video. Just the link.

  31. macmhaolainj says:

    Thank you for this piece – it mirrors my feelings 100% – I too feel frightened, especially for my children growing up in ‘Britain’ – This post is the most moving and real and honest that I’ve read for a long time X

  32. hektorsmum says:

    I am not brave enough to watch it and I only lurk on Twitter but sadly I have come over the years to the conclusion that we live in a disgustingly corrupt country. Those who are in power use the corruption to control those who might just open up the disgusting can of worms. The real reason they are worried about those 56 SNP Members of Parliament is that they have no means of controlling them.
    I hate being a conspiracy theorist but we have something like 5 Masonic Lodges in the House of Commons, and therefore as they are all part of the secret society I rest my case.

  33. rongorongo says:

    The Wikipedia page on the Elm Row Guest house abuse scandal is a useful primer. Various aspects of the abuse scandal have, in fact, been featured in various MSM articles or been raised in parliament – and Wikipedia is good at linking these together to give an idea of the scale of the abuse, the ruthlessness of the cover up and the degree to which it was involved and protected by the establishment.

  34. Joan of Alba says:

    Are we being naive to consider that this type of behaviour isn’t going on within the Scottish Government? Covering up fellow party members wrongdoings is part and parcel of political life as far as I can see. Whether it’s sex abuse or any other form of abuse of power, we should not accept it. In this respect the SNP are as guilty as any other party. No one holds the moral high ground.

  35. Joan of Alba says:

    Just to make it clear I’m not talking about personally witnessing sex abuse! I’m on about people abusing their positions of power. It happens in every walk of life, doesn’t it?

  36. emilytom67 says:

    If you want an inkling about the extent of paedophilia go to the “free thought” site,it is totally did-heartening as to the extent of this,what has happened to the investigations into them in the UK back burner once more,out of site out of mind,how come that when the msm were screaming from the rooftops about the involvement/cover up of the Catholic Church and rightfully so,they have all but ignored all other establishments? the latest is about Ted Heath something that has been about in the alternative sites for years,next to nothing in the press.I just don,t understand why thereappears to be so much of it everywhere,we have lost our way spiritually/ethically.

  37. emilytom67 says:

    The Coleman Experience highlighted all and more of this years ago pre Saville,the site has “mysteriously” been removed.As a Catholic II would urge our Pope who I believe to be a very good/humble person to try with all his might to expose the abusers in the church body but afraid that would be a gargantuan task as it has been so interwoven over probably hundreds of years,it is in fortunately an epidemic,85% of all cases happen in the home? so how in fcuks name do you address this heinous problem.

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