BBC Cringe: the Norma Desmond of broadcasters

Earlier this week, the youngest Scottish MP ever gave her maiden speech in the Chamber of the House of Commons. You’d think that a 20 year old working class Scottish woman from Paisley might be intimidated by an institution which is so far up its own arse that the crap comes out the other end, but not Mhairi Black. Since deposing one of the spoiled princes of the Labour party from the seat, Mhairi has been subjected to a barrage of insults and abuse from the UK media. She has been patronised and demeaned by middle aged middle class privileged men who are affronted that someone like Mhairi dares not just to step onto their territory, but to own it. And that’s precisely what Mhairi did in the House of Commons with her maiden speech.

The speech was perfectly judged, contained the right balance of humour and gravity, it was emotional and emotive, but at the same time logical and rational. She spoke movingly and with great passion about the evil wrought on working class communities by an ideologically driven Conservative government. She made it personal and illustrated the destructive effect that Tory benefit rules have on ordinary people. There but for the grace of god could go any one of us. She pleaded with the Labour party not to acquiesce and surrender to Tory policies but to join with the SNP in actively opposing the Government and to challenge it. And you know that Labour have fallen pretty low when it takes a 20 year old to plead with them to oppose the Tories. Some Labour MPs had the good grace to look shamed and a bit embarrassed, although Ian Murray wasn’t amongst them.

Even cynical auld gits like me were moved by Mhairi’s words. It would have been a remarkable and newsworthy speech irrespective of whose mouth it had issued from. And it issued from the mouth of a young working class Scottish woman. Mhairi did herself proud, she did her constituency proud, she did Scotland proud, she did democracy proud. Mhairi showed that Scotland’s future is safe and secure, because she’s the voice of the next generation. You couldn’t help but feel as you watched her that you were watching the president of a future Scottish republic.

So how did the Scottish state broadcaster choose to report on this marvellous affirmation of Scottish democracy, this immense credit to the youth of our country? It told us that the SNP had been slapped down by the deputy speaker for applauding Mhairi’s speech. There was a clip of the deputy speaker instructing MPs that they could show approval by harrumphing like trained seals, but there wasn’t a single line of Mhairi’s own words. This is the news we pay for. This is the news that we have to pay a tax on. And now we know the difference between a state broadcaster and a public service.

According to the nearest thing that Scotland has to a public broadcaster, the only important thing about Mhairi Black’s speech was that there was a mild breach of the antiquated and sclerotic protocol of the House of Commons as Mhairi’s SNP colleagues showed their appreciation. Another belter of a maiden speech, from the wonderful Anne McLaughlin, the Sherpa Tenzing of Glasgow North East who climbed the mountain of the largest Labour majority in the country, and got to the top in style – that went entirely unreported. The message from BBC Scotland was clear – Scotland, you’re a bit rubbish and you need to be slapped down and put in your place.

BBC Scotland’s news department apparently operates on the default assumption that nothing good can possibly come of the SNP. Let’s find someone who had to wait more than four hours in A&E and use it to attack the Scottish Government. Any mistake or oversight by an public body in Scotland becomes a generalised attack on Scottish self government.

BBC Scotland should just quit pretending that it’s a public service broadcaster, it’s an arm of the British state. It’s not BBC Scotland, it’s BBC Cringe – and don’t you Scots dare forget just how irrelevant and rubbish you are. It’s not a public service, it’s not remotely representative of the public it is supposed to service, it’s the propaganda department of the British state. It’s wall to wall crap about the Royal bloody family. I honestly don’t give a crap about Willnkate and their gilded existence. Now here’s a story about a cute kitten stuck up a tree that had to wait hours before the SNP’s national fire service could come and rescue it. And now the fitba.

This is not to criticise the ordinary staff of BBC Scotland. They have families to feed just like anyone else, and they are not responsible for the Corporation’s editorial policies which are set and controlled by London. I know for a fact that many amongst the ordinary staff of BBC Scotland support the proper devolution of BBC Scotland and yearn to make it into the proper Scottish public broadcaster that it was always supposed to be. Sadly the chances of that happening are close to zero as the Corporation battens down the hatches in the face of a concerted attack from the Tory government. Screwing the Scots is one way in which the BBC management in London can demonstrate its loyalty and avoid cuts and axes in other areas which are more important to the London based elite which determines BBC policy.

The BBC in Scotland has long since lost its reputation for impartiality, however much it clings to the memory of its former glory. By its one sided handling of the referendum campaign, its relentless focus on SNP Bad, BBC Scotland has destroyed itself as a credible news organisation. It has now got to the point where BBC Scotland could highlight a major failure of the Scottish government and thousands of perfectly reasonable people will turn a deaf ear, because BBC Scotland has cried wolf many times too often. BBC Scotland is the Norma Desmond of news, it thinks that it’s the news that’s got small.

So what to do about it? I recently paid my TV licence for the year so it would be hypocritical for me to call on other people not to pay it and to take the risk of prosecution that I’m not facing myself. Although I have to say that it’s unlikely that I’m going to renew my TV licence – I don’t see why I should pay for propaganda. If the BBC wants to punt an ideologically driven message to me, they should be paying me for the privilege, I don’t see why I should be paying them for royalist pro-union advertising.

But it’s not enough just to withhold the TV licence, we need to decide what we want in place of BBC Cringe, and we need to decide how to go about getting it. We need the devolution of broadcasting now. The 56 SNP MPs in Westminster and the Scottish Government should highlight the issue at every opportunity – Scotland is the ONLY self-governing country in the world which doesn’t have its own public service broadcaster. So much for best of both worlds.

(Am off to London tomorrow to see family. And while there will take in the Festival of Model Trams in Croydon. Back on Sunday – so the next blog post will be Monday.)

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56 comments on “BBC Cringe: the Norma Desmond of broadcasters

  1. Hugh Bryce says:

    It is time: Time for full government for Scotland: Time: for a Scottish public service: Time: To use our tv license money to set one up: Time: To form a free press free from licking the ass and toadying to London; Time; To rise from English servitude and be a free nation in a free world. Time: To once again make our mark in the world. Yes it is ‘ TIME ‘

  2. Excellent stuff Paul. You know I seem to recall that during the Troubles that few people in NI paid their licence fee, and that a Schedule D was put on the press to keep the stats private. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Beeb was suffering badly in Scotland. Oh dear, how sad, never mind.

  3. Andrew says:

    Cancel it now, Paul. You’ll get a refund.

    • Brian Fleming says:

      I was staggered to read Paul has a TV licence. Set against your witings, Paul, that is totally incongruous. But it doesn’t reallt detact from anothetour de force. Have a nice time in the beating heart of civilization and all that is good and great (not), Paul..

  4. Cloggins says:

    Time to politely request the retirement of angry bird because we always get the uncanny feeling that they dug up Esther Rantzen – again.

  5. Elizabeth says:

    She made an amazing speech. I may have watched it a dozen times now. I’m very proud that she is my MP. I had to battle a few bad opinions of fellow voters during the election campaign and feel justifiably smug now. The BBC are on the way out, unfortunately we may have to listen to more crap before they are replaced. I wont be replacing my existing lic and I know there are many just like me. Lets hope they are replaced sooner rather than later.

  6. E Jenkins says:

    “Scotland is the ONLY self-governing country in the world which doesn’t have its own public service broadcaster. ” Wales?

  7. £145 to the BBC or donate to the dug?

    One is legalised extortion, while the other provides valuable entertainment.

  8. themadmurph says:

    as has been said above, cancel and you get a refund. I cancelled during the referendum along with my sky(although I’d not fallen out with them). I bought myself an amazon prime and now tv boxes and chrome stick.

    The wife gets to see her soaps (although our BB is just about bearable on a good day – don’t start me on second class infrastructure), and I can watch all the other crap (as she calls it) that I like. Just not live!

    I see moves are afoot to clamp down on iplayer too in future license moves.

    Hopefully we will be independent before then!

  9. mealer says:

    BBC Scotland.A disgrace and a national humiliation.

  10. […] BBC Cringe: the Norma Desmond of broadcasters […]

  11. Alan says:

    I prefer American broadcasters. NBC news appear to have spotted the Scottish Tory Party MP in China recently. They nicely capture all his essential features in their headline.

    • Alan says:

      Apparently NBC took their headline from University of Edinburgh paleontologist, Steve Brusatte, who seems to be getting his pols and dinos mixed up – quite understandable in this case.

  12. Out just the other day from a Scottish advisory board to the BBC trust. “The BBC’s annual report highlighted areas of concern when it comes to representing a Scottish audience. Whereas 61 per cent of people in England and Northern Ireland and 55 per cent of those in Wales believe the BBC is good at representing their life in news and current affairs content, the figure falls to 48 per cent in Scotland.”
    I’m surprised it’s as high as 48 per cent, mind you, looking on the bright side, it might have been 55 percent last September.

  13. macart763 says:

    Mhairi did us all proud and hopefully even folk who voted no will be able to see that one of our own stood for all of us, regardless of party or constitutional affiliation, on the issue of opposing a Tory government and their austerity agenda.

    The coverage afforded this exceptional speech by a broadcaster based in her own backyard was nothing short of appalling, but not, it has to said, unexpected.

    The meeja eh? Corporate and political interest in its ugliest form. It is public manipulation on a massive scale day in, day out with vast amounts of cash, materiel and effort expended in maintaining a corporate and political status quo. The UKs media is an out and out opponent of Scottish self determination and the end of the political union and as such its output and content as a self interested party (the clue is in the name), can only ever be considered suspect. In short, the press is no friend of the people and IMO supping with a long spoon is a must have skill when dealing with them.

    Personally I trust them about as far as I could chuck em, and with my back that’s no very far.

  14. Hazel Smith says:

    Great piece once again Paul.

  15. […] BBC Cringe: the Norma Desmond of broadcasters. […]

  16. Fairliered says:

    The Tory government are looking for ways to cut the BBC budget.
    I don’t normally agree with anything the Tories do, but if they wanted to totally close down BBC Scotland, they would have my full support.
    No Scottish news would be better that the current SNP bad, here’s another SLAB press release dressed up as news that we are currently inflicted with.

    • Stephen says:

      Ironically I think that BBC Scotland are about to find out just how the Tories operate. Having walked the union line with no small degree of enthusiasm during the referendum period BBC Scotland is going to bear a disproportionate level of cuts. The U K Government entered into a formal Memorandum of Understanding with the Scottish Government to consult on changes to the BBC and has already completely reneged on that agreement. That sums up nicely the attitude towards Scotland and SG more generally. Faced with the choice of cuts to BBC London or BBC Scotland who do you think is first in line? BBC Scotland’s vigorous support of the union during the referendum will count for nothing now. The Liberals and the Labour party both made the mistake of climbing into bed with the Tories. How did that go for them? Setting aside individual opinions on the conduct of BBC Scotland, and its partial stance in the referendum process, State Broadcasting in Scotland, indeed in the UK, is not safe in the hands of the tories, as we are all about to find out.

  17. Paul says:

    Go on, be a devil and cancel for your refund! Had a lengthy chat with a Capita “sales person” on our doorstep last year. After only saying my name was “Occupier” I then offered the names of some former BBC folk who had been in trouble with the law for very naughty things(and she laughed). I pointed out a few blatant discrepancies from the BBC in recent news stories and said that by not being impartial, they were in breach of contract(and she agreed). I then asked her to note that I had removed their implied right of access, which was duly noted, and haven’t heard anything since 😉 It’s not just Labour who have lost Scotland.
    Go on, go on, go on!

  18. jim says:

    time the bbc got dumped in scotland

  19. Paul Snowdon says:

    The video footage of the UKs youngest ever MP, has been viewed 6.5million times in twenty four hours. Mhairi was also trending at number two on twitter and widely praised across the London Tory press.
    Then we got the Jackie Bird version…..disgusting!!!

  20. Jan Cowan says:

    I cancelled over a year ago. The refund plus £145 I donated to the Yes campaign. Have not missed the TV in the least. I see snippets of interest such as Mhairi Black’s WM speech when it suits me. Most BBC progs are tosh in any case. Cancel, Paul. Life is better without the BBC’s daily stomach-churning lies. The BBC is BAD for your health. BBCBAD!!

  21. Saor Alba says:

    I gave up my licence at the end of last year Paul. We don’t watch live TV at all now and our lives have improved remarkably. We did this after a family discussion and everyone of us is so pleased that we did it.
    TV is a drug to the masses. If you choose what you want to watch and when, then you will never miss it. When I phoned up to cancel, I was asked why and I had the great pleasure of telling them. Surprisingly, the girl at the other end understood and said that loads of people had already done the same thing and for the same reasons. This is the only way to counter the bilge and state lies that come our way. Now, the people that the BBC serve are turning on them and I don’t give a monkeys about that. Karma!

  22. Iain Hill says:

    Re Mhairi, I think the word you are looking for is erudite! As for the BBC, it is digging its own grave and will wither away soon.

  23. fillofficer says:

    there’s something quite perverse about a corporation that demands funding from a country that it constantly ridicules & ignores. their arrogance & superiority complex have denied us of vitamin D for many a dark year. soon it will end & we will be free to tell our people regularly, how great our country is. ossum as usual, u tramspotter u

  24. gerry parker says:

    BBC, – I don’t watch live tv as it is broadcast, so I don’t need a license. I don’t give them my name at the door, or let them into the house, I’m polite but firm.

    Don’t know what experience that daft wee BBC lassie who is always holding a clipboard and saying how bad the NHS is has of the NHS, but here’s mine.

    Saturday morning 10am admitted to Monklands A & E (the one Labour wanted to close).

    Seen initially by nursing staff then quickly by 2 medical doctors and one surgical intern. Admitted to ward and given pain relief.

    CT scan Monday morning and diagnosis complete. Held in a further night for observation.

    Tuesday given diagnosis and prognosis from surgical team, supplied with medicines and home by 3:30.

    I’ve nothing but praise for everyone I came in contact with throughout the whole experience.

    Performance of Monklands – outstanding.

    Performance of BBC – pathetic.

  25. Wullie says:

    chucked the beeb after the ref, it is wonderful without it. I have netflix and youtube and that is ample, I explained by letter why I no longer wished to purchase their product, lies deceit, saville,and a host of other things.
    I still receive regular threatening letters. God help them if they turn up when I am at home I am still effin raging after the ref.
    anyhoo, BBC Scotland. have to feed the family, only obeying orders now where have I heard that before.
    Get a refund rev.
    PS yer blog is brill

  26. Anne Duncan says:

    I’m supporting NewsShaft and hopefully you might want to too (if you are able). They’re doing great work on a shoe string budget. Check them out here and support them if you can.

  27. scotsgeoff says:

    If the BBC were broadcasting from my garden I would shut the curtains.

    I am not interested in anything to do with them & get quite annoyed when
    pro-Indy groups/people share links to their website on social media.

    If the link is not archived I just pass – I refuse to provide ‘click revenue’
    or ‘viewing figures’ for any of their output.

    They are an utter utter disgrace.

  28. colin young says:

    Watch TV and pay a licence, would not watch TV even if paid £100 pounds per day.

  29. Mickey 22 says:

    Jackie should be given the Bird, false and smug. I used to switch off or over when she came on. I thought it was just me?

  30. gerry parker says:

    38 degrees have a petition to save the BBC. I took the opportunity to send them a polite e mail saying why I wouldn’t be supporting it citing Prof Robertson’s report, G A Ponsonby’s book “London Calling” and also mentioning Saville et al, top executives payoffs, the pathetic “news” service and reporting on Mhari Blacks maiden speech. The constant denigration of NHS Scotland…… etc.

  31. DMHull says:

    Remember Boris says a pound spent in Croydon has more value to the UK than a pound spent in Strathclyde (a long-lost mythical place which no longer exists, like Brigadoon)!

  32. Jim Alexander says:

    So the reporting of serious issues in the Scottish NHS on waiting lists is less important than the Maiden Speech of an MP in a Parliament that she doesn’t believe in – what about the death of a person due to the incompetence of the new Police Scotland and the fact that the Police Call handling Centre thats at the Centre is understaffed – can you imagine the outrage if this had been a Tory Policy to have a Centralised Police force – but its all a plot to undermine the SNP – seriously ?

  33. david agnew says:

    As Gerry parker said – if you do not watch “live” tv: that is TV as it is being broadcast nor record said content, you do not need a license. I got rid of mine about 2 years ago when I realised that I hadn’t watched any terrestrial TV for quite a while. I get all my content from netflix and amazon. News? There are so many better places to get that than the BBC.

    The only time I am aware of their output, is when people like Wings, WGD, Derek Bateman or G. A. Ponsonby highlight it. It angers me so much I wish i could cancel it all over again.

    • hektorsmum says:

      Sad to say David this may not be an option for much longer, whether you do not watch live they are talking about charging for catch up. We also have Amazon which provides a better service. I am shocked that the Tories are suggesting doing anything to the BBC, why get rid of your propaganda are. I imagine most of this is smoking mirrors.

  34. Congratulations for another well written column, and your larger achievement of finding a valid reason to visit Croydon

  35. Alicia Murray says:

    I just think the Dug is really really clever & nice with it. I think his stuff gets better & better


    Sent from my iPad


  36. jcd says:

    Personally I don’t give a fuck about the “ordinary staff” at the bbc. They’ve made their bed, now they can “lie” in it.

    Want to help beat anti-Scottish propaganda?

  37. George S Gordon says:

    The maiden speeches were wonderful, especially that of Mhairi Black. I’m keen to persuade people that all #56 should be printed, published and disseminated for all to read. Proceeds to charity of course. Please Tweet if you agree.

    Ideally someone with the means should collate the videos and play them on a loop in public places!

  38. M says:

    Brilliant piece. Mhairi Black’s speech was so powerful. The BBC is beneath contempt and I just hope that we will have a mass movement to bring that particular crock of sh*t crashing to the ground.

  39. Rhisiart Gwilym says:

    Of course you can see all of Mhairi’s wonderful maiden speech on YT, so the studied, impudent uselessness of the English state broadcaster is quite irrelevant. I too, watching her, got this distinct surge of intuition: ‘This is a future leader of the independent sovereign republic of Scotland!’

    On strict principle, I haven’t paid either the Licence Fee or income tax to the English imperial state and the shysters who run it consistently in defiance of basic real democracy, for over forty years. No persecution has come to me because of this, in all that time. But it’s true that I’ve never been nailed to the floor, over a barrel, the way most people are with settled jobs, mortgages and such, so my chances were better, I suppose.

    Wee Dug, I wish you’d have a nip and a growl at Paul about not accepting the propaganda terms with which the English-raj class gavage us all, all the time, and thus, by accepting the terms, play into the rajistas’ hands: The family of which he spoke is called Windsor (previously Saxe-Coburg-Gota I believe, though I couldn’t give a flying feck about such tosh). The matriarchal elder is Mrs. Elizabeth Windsor, married to Mr Phillip Mountbatten (previously Battenberg, though less tasty than the cake); her son is Mr Charles Windsor; his elder son is Mr. William Windsor, whilst the red-haired cuckoo is Mr Henry Hewitt; and so on.

    Just as with the Licence Fee and the income tax, when you refuse to play the entrenched propaganda game of the raj-class, lightning doesn’t strike you. Nothing much happens at all in fact, except a valuable clarification of realities. Those folk the Windsors (and the Hewitts) are our fellow Brits, and fellow humans, and so of course worthy of all the – strictly egalitarian – respect and compassion that’s due to everyone, even-handedly. But nothing more than that. Sod all the ‘royalty’ bollocks. Just don’t take part!

    BTW, I’ve always tithed myself voluntarily, at a rate rather more than the income tax that I’ve refused to pay would have been, and I’ve used the money to support charitable causes where I know it will be honestly used, with careful frugality, and thus do disproportionate good. Amongst other things like anti-cruelty and rescue animal charities, I supported two dirt-poor families within the Third World: a young Tibetan refugee couple with two small daughters, aged three and five; and a widowed grandmother in one of the Bantustan ‘homelands’ in South Africa during the time of the apartheid criminals. Mrs. Tlakane lost her son-in-law, then her daughter, to the maelstrom of the cheap-labour-pool townships; and then her husband died. She was rearing four young boys, her daughter’s sons, on her own, until Oxfam put me in touch, to sponsor them. I don’t know all the detailed stories of what happened to them all in the end (this started in the ’70s, when I divested from the tax racket: ‘No taxation without representation!’). But at least six desperately-poor children, and their carers, had a bit of help for their dire situation; and thus the children got a chance to stay alive, and – with a smidgeon of luck – to make something of their lives.

    And if I had paid the Fee, and the taxes instead? I would have been subsidising the raj’s main propaganda apparat, and also their state-socialism for the richest, including the Windsors, which has been going on all my life in fact, though it’s become such a blatant enormity recently.

    So, good choices? I think so. Boldness be my friend; and yousens’ too. Tell the raj to stuff its imposts! 🙂 RhG

  40. Perhaps, this might give those considering dumping the BBC some confidence. I have this posted at my door. You will have to fill in your own address details at the top of course & correct the justified columns but NEVER, EVER give anyone from the BBC, TV Licensing, Capita or any of their goons your name, EVER. Do not engage in any conversation & never complete one of their forms.

    To execute this withdrawal written below, tell the door knocker that he/she has only enough time to read it before that are required to leave. You then shut the door & do something useful like wash the cat’s arse or something.

    When you’ve tidied it up & printed it off, keep a couple of copies at hand & have some fun when the inevitable happens. Everything below this line is the Notice.

    Issued by the Legal Occupier (Herein the ‘Resident’)

    Location: ADDRESS (herein the ‘Property’)
    Notice Issued: Day, Month, Year Effective: Immediately

    To: TV Licensing, its agents, officers, contractors or anyone else, acting on behalf of the BBC’s Television Licensing Authority (Herein ‘TV Licensing’)…

    As the ‘Resident’ of the ‘Property’, I hereby remove, with immediate effect, TV Licensing’s right of access to the ‘Property’

    The Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2003, Part 1, Chapter 2, Section 6, Subsection 1, defines where access rights are not exercisable …

    (1) The land in respect of which access rights are not exercisable is land –
    (a) to the extent that there is on it –
    (i) a building or other structure or works, plant or fixed machinery;
    (ii) a caravan, tent or other place affording a person privacy or shelter;
    (b) which –
    (ii) forms a compound or other enclosure containing any such structure, works, plant or fixed machinery as is referred to in paragraph (a)(i) above;
    (iv) comprises, in relation to a house or any of the places mentioned in paragraph (a)(ii) above, sufficient adjacent land to enable persons living there to have reasonable measures of privacy in that house or place and to ensure that their enjoyment of that house or place is not unreasonably disturbed;
    There exists no legal requirement upon the Resident to provide their name to TV Licensing when exercising their rights to withdraw a right of access. Thus, a response from TV Licensing such as, “… we can’t accept an anonymous withdrawal of a right of access to a property…” is no more valid than writing to or talking to a legal occupier of a property whose name you do not know, in order to seek a contract with them or to gain entry to a legal occupier’s household.

    Unless subject to a warrant issued by a court, the Resident has an absolute right, under provisions described above in the Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2003, to permit or prevent access. Whether it is implied or express is immaterial. This means that TV Licensing’s right of access to the Property is not exercisable & indeed, non-negotiable.

    If TV Licensing is instructed by the Resident or by representatives or by agents acting on behalf of the Resident, to withdraw from the Property, it must do so with all due reasonable care & speed. If it fails to do so, the presence of Police Scotland will be called upon to confirm that under the provisions in the Criminal Justice & Licensing (Scotland) Act 2010, part 2, Section 38, that a breach of the peace has been committed; a criminal & arrestable offence in Scotland & which if prosecuted, incurs a financial and/or custodial penalty limited only by the Court’s discretion.

    If TV Licensing responds in writing to this Notice, its letters will be placed before the Court as evidence that it has read, understood & accepted the provisions in the Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2003 described above & also agrees that TV Licensing’s right of access to the Property has been legally withdrawn by the Resident.

  41. Clive Scott says:

    Excellent piece however I am very disappointed you have continued tp make a financial contribution to this wholly corrupt, craven toady organisation. Also, the so called journalists working for it really need to get a backbone. No organosation can function without the co+operation of the lowly employees and it would be easy for them to target the Britnat managers and really foul up their career, but really Paul make your recent payment to BBC your last.

  42. Steve Asaneilean says:

    Re ordinary staff – why are they not banding together and coming out with a public statement acknowledging the BBC’s clear bias especially if it is something over which they have no control?

    In a democracy like ours their silence can only be viewed as complicity I’m afraid.

  43. […] It carried no editorial commentary on them whatsoever, and none of the tweets had (of course) been doctored in any way, so the only way the piece could have been “filled with inaccuracies” would have been if the tweets themselves were drivel. We wish Ruth Davidson the best of luck with her new recruit. But it’s not just the Tories who are facing the prospect of a tricky future in Scotland against a rampant SNP while crewed with a team of worryingly dim young people. The tweet above was posted yesterday by Taylor James Scott, who’s the Campaign Manager for Ken McIntosh’s bid to become the new Scottish Labour branch office manager. The Unionist old guard in Scotland has been put out to pasture. A natural progression. BBC Cringe: the Norma Desmond of broadcasters. […]

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