Gordon Brown – the Strangled Version

Gordon Brown, vain and pompous
Spinning round like his moral compass
Had no vision
Lost the election
What a let down is Gordon Brown

When PM, Scotland got no look
But he’s got vision now he’s touting a book
Yesterday’s man
With a fantasy plan
What a let down is Gordon Brown

Gordon Brown, his boom was a bust
He lied and smeared and shattered all trust
His dirty dossier
Won’t save the UK
What a let down is Gordon Brown

Aye aye aye aye we’re voting aye

What a let down
is Gordon Brown
What a let down
is Gordon Brown


You can listen to the original version on You Tube

6 comments on “Gordon Brown – the Strangled Version

  1. […] Gordon Brown – the Strangled Version […]

  2. One of my favourite bands and I’m proud you’ve given them an indyref context. 😊

    In any case I think everybody sings ‘Gordon Brown’ to the original lyrics these days!

  3. Doing my own thought on GB tonight Paul. On the way to work this morning, I heard this….http://eezypeezylemonsqeezy.com/

  4. Papadox says:

    Now big Gordie has made the correct move for once in his life. I think he can visualise himself leading the poor Scots out of the abyss and into the promised land. He has seen the light, the bullet just hasn’t hit him between the eyes yet,

    The BT mob are now fighting on four fronts at the one time. The BT SUPPORTERS ARE FOLLOWING THEIR LEADERS AND INSTINKTS OUT OF STUPIDITY, SNOBBERY AND IGNORANCE. THEY DESERVE ALL THEY GET. they fly with the crows.

  5. JimnArlene says:

    This time just like the last,
    On a ship that’s sinking fast.
    No lord of the crown,
    Gordon Brown.

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