Melting Frost

David ‘Lord’ Frost is at it again. A couple of days ago he appeared on GBeebies News for an interview with Dan Wootton, an economic migrant who’s an oozing toxic combination of nastiness and self-regard doing a poor impression of Tucker Carlson on the Price Drop Channel of right wing politics. A few days previously Frost had published an article in the Telegraph in which he demanded that powers be stripped from the Scottish Parliament should the Conservatives win the next UK General Election. Of course the opinions of Scottish voters on the subject neither matters to him nor does he ask for them.

Frost wants Holyrood to be firmly put in its place as a forelock tugging glorified county council which must be forced to have no doubt about its lowly and subordinate status and prevented from having any ideas about being the parliament of an actual nation. There’s only one nation in the post-Brexit Britain of right wing Anglo-British nationalists like Frost, and that’s a British nation which is functionally indistinguishable from Greater England. The Scottish Tories immediately disavowed themselves of Frost’s suggestion, like a smiling guy reeking of weed telling kids to just say no to drugs before he launches into a disquisition about parallel universes. Apparently in one of those parallel universes the Scottish Tories are stalwart defenders of the devolution settlement, because it sure as hell isn’t this one, which is filled with victimhood claiming Tories who infest the comments sections of Scottish newspapers demanding the abolition of Holyrood, and a Conservative government and party which constantly seeks new ways in which to by pass and undermine a Scottish Parliament whose creation it vigorously and loudly opposed.

Frost appeared on Wootton’s show safe in the knowledge that he’d be getting soft ball questions from an interviewer who fully subscribed to the deluded British nationalist fantasy that the desire for Scottish independence is entirely a product of a scheming SNP using Holyrood to manufacture imaginary grievances and has nothing at all to do with the systemic and structural failures of the failing democracy of the British state which proclaims itself to be a voluntary union of nations but which acts like a highly centralised unitary state. And Frost knew that he would not be asked whether the Conservatives needed to secure a democratic mandate from the people of Scotland for his plan to roll back devolution. For a channel that is constantly railing against so called cancel culture it is striking how eager GB News and its presenters are to collude in the cancellation of democracy in an entire country. Nowhere was there any acknowledgement that the SNP, unlike Frost and the Conservatives, actually win elections in Scotland or that these supposedly ‘imaginary grievances’ can only gain traction if people see that there is substance to them. Frost’s ‘solution’ to political dissatisfaction in Scotland created by the failure of the British state to give meaningful expression to the status of Scotland as a nation is to unilaterally strip Scotland of such expression as it does have.

Frost insisted, and there’s every reason to believe him, that other senior Tories agree the SNP and Holyrood must be ‘constrained’ and claimed that since publishing the piece in the Telegraph he had received many private messages from Conservatives urging him to keep talking about undoing devolution.

But the mere fact that Frost has a platform is in itself emblematic of how democracy in the UK is failing and why so many in Scotland will continue to press for independence. He is an unelected politician appointed for life by a Prime Minister who was massively unpopular in Scotland representing a party which has not won an election in Scotland since before Frost was born who was given his position for his role in imposing a Brexit on Scotland which Scottish voters have consistently rejected at the ballot box both during the EU referendum and at every election since, yet here Frost is, with the arrogance and unmitigated gall to threaten Scottish voters with imposing upon them, without choice or consultation, the system of government he thinks is best for him and his party.

In just about all the reports about Frost’s sickeningly undemocratic plan to reverse devolution without even making a pretence of seeking a mandate from the people of Scotland there has been no mention of the fact that he proposes to do so on the say so of Conservative MPs representing English seats and thus unilaterally overturn a devolution settlement which has been confirmed by the people of Scotland in not one but two referendums, this coming from Tory hypocrites who constantly cite the need to ‘respect the outcome’ of referendums.

These same reports also grant Frost a stature and standing that he does not merit by referring to him as ‘Lord’ Frost. Frost got given his seat in the Lords by his crony Boris Johnson for negotiating a hard Brexit in bad faith with the EU, in the process trashing the reputation of the British government as a trustworthy and reliable negotiating partner and causing damage that will take decades to recover from. Surely it is long past time that Scotland has a conversation about the use of honorific titles bestowed by British nationalist politicians upon their cronies.

Titles are very much like money, they only have value as currency as long as people are willing to accept and use them. ‘Lord’ Frost, ‘Lady’ Mone and ‘Lord’ Foulkes are only lords and ladies if the rest of us are willing to indulge them in the pretendy noble titles that their pals have given to them for time serving, back scratching, or services rendered. They cease to have any value or meaning the moment that the rest of us recognise these ridiculous affectations for what they really are and stop using them.

By continuing to use these ludicrous titles we are colluding in the anti-democratic cronyism and corrupt patronage which has hollowed out accountability in British politics and destroyed public faith in the tattered remnants of democracy in the UK. Frost suffered no ill consequences for his disaster of a Brexit deal which Johnson’s successor is now timidly attempting to unpick. Instead he got a seat in the unelected upper chamber of Westminster and we are all supposed to pretend that he’s a lord.


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163 comments on “Melting Frost

  1. jfngw says:

    Whenever I see ‘Lord’ or ‘Lady’ before someone’s name I just assume they have criminal connections or are indeed just criminals themselves.

    Of topic but I see the English government has gone from ‘clap for nurses’ to ‘take them to court’ for wanting a reasonable pay settlement. A pretty good example of the corruption that is Westminster, as they stuffed their, and their friends, pockets with our cash they thought a clap was good enough reward for the real workers.

    • Jim says:

      Could not have put it better myself jfngw.

      This is the way this so called UK is going. We have the most right wing government ever witnessed in the history of Britain.
      We are stuck with a government packed with right wing thugs from 30p Lee to Barclay, Raab, Jenrick and co. and racist Zoomers like Braverman, Frost and most of the English press pack because England has decided that that is what they like and want.

      To keep ‘Jonny Furrinur’ out.

      Doesn’t matter one iota that these countries fought with Britain in 2 world wars, without whose assistance Britain would have lost those wars, they are still regarded are furrinors and are not welcome here.
      That is the way of England, their empire gave them vast resources of manpower to fight in their cause, but do not think for a moment that that gives you reason to come to England, sorry Britain/UK/ England, and make a life.
      You were expected to die for king or queen and country and disappear into obscurity while they bask in ‘Their’ glorious victories.

      This Current government are scum, the English press and media are scum by backing this corrupt Gov.
      Anyone striking for pay to keep their heads above the poverty line are vilified by both Gov and media as ‘Enemies of the state’.
      Whilst of course the Rees-Moggs and Mone’s of the world are given a free pass.
      It has become ‘Greed is good’ and corruption has become the way to eternal wealth and happiness at the expense of others.
      Scotland has a lifeboat called Independence. I just wish more people would wake up and realise that.

  2. Bob Lamont says:

    Frost’s ‘diplomatic’ career spanned 26 years before “leaving” to instantly become CEO of “the Scotch Whisky Association” – Rumours that Frost’s conformation of appointment by email stating “Job’s yours, keep an eye on our money old chap” before even having been interviewed were furiously denied by James Cook despite never having see that email either.

    3 years later he was appointed “special adviser” to Johnson..

  3. Anonymousey says:

    Anyone else ever noticed how the BBC have dropped SIR Jimmy Savile’s title any time his name comes up? It’s pretty much consistent since 2014, they’ve broken the convention less than half a dozen times, out of several thousand mentions since.

    Would be an interesting exercise to see if this applies to any of the other infamous miscreants; Lord Lucan murdered his nanny in the basement with the lead pipe & he gets to keep his!

  4. Alice says:

    Frost must have a hold on folk that we peasants know nothing of. We are living in a form of China with folk like Frost as a party grandee . Wonder how long this situation will continue and the strategies required to effect change?

  5. James Mills says:

    Frosty has created a real dilemma for most Tory MSPs as his comments about about abolishing Devolution for Scotland threatens their ‘nice little earner’ jobs .
    Do they toe the party line on relentlessly dissing the Scottish Parliament ( of which they are part ) and risk a future English Tory Government abolishing their well-paid sinecures or do they discover a backbone and a smidgen of self-interest and protect their hard won ( pause for laughter ) seats in Holyrood ?

    Who on Earth would employ Turdo ( Queen’s Eleven ) Fraser if he lost his List seat at Holyrood ? Perhaps some altruistic farmer might give him a shot as a scarecrow , ‘though Worzel Gummidge has a higher IQ .

    And DRoss ? Apart from running about in his wee SFA shorts what qualifications has he to sustain a real job ? He has had some past experience with cows – but that is between him and his partner .

    Worrying times for the party that didn’t want Devolution but has grown to love and depend on the salaries and perks of being the perennial first losers in the Scottish Parliament .

  6. deelsdugs says:

    Lordy Lordy, eyes rolling upwards with a head tilt, maybe frosty the arse will tak the high road for a nostalgic tour of the peasants doffin their bunnets and ooze tory sycophancy at their simple lives, even partake in some goat’s milk to feed his poisoned chalice…
    Tune in to your intuition and psychic powers, for his next seat on the bog will bite his arse…

  7. Dr Jim says:

    The more these people talk the more they should be given a megaphone to do it with
    What with them and the likes of Jacob Rees Mogg and his *newly* invented idea of British National Conservatism , you know the one those German guys copied from British history in the 1930s, except they called it German National Socialism, even the Scottish supporters of England’s British Nationalism will be holding their heads a wee bitty lower in embarrasment and mibbees begin to understand that they’re actually no ra peepul they thought they were

    Tory Andrew Bridgen had the whip withdrawn for apparently going too far with his Covid conspiracy theories last week, I’m frankly amazed, how far is too far for these people?

  8. Sman says:

    Once upon a time an incompetent liar, a fraudster and a drunken old sop walked into a bar. Good evening lords and lady said the silly forelock tugging bar steward. What heavily subsidised drink can I get for you this morning?

  9. Capella says:

    There is another reason for creating “Lords” which is to allow individuals who can’t win seats democratically the authority to act on our behalf as if they were representing us. Lord Ian Duncan and Lord Malcolm Offord are recent examples. An affront to democracy.

  10. Gariochquine says:

    Maybe we should even things up by giving ourselves our own titles?
    Best wishes, the Countess of Brigadoon

  11. Handandshrimp says:

    I thought the purpose of GB News was to corral all the bampots in one place so that none of the rest of us would have to encounter them on TV. In this, it has certainly worked for me.

    I have never seen Don Wu-Tang and from the snippets I have read from others on his sundry rants I can only conclude that this is my good fortune. I think Sir Les Patterson did the reactionary cultural embarrassment better but sadly he has ceased this mortal coil and there is an opening.

    Frost argued in favour of remaining in the EU, negotiated a terrible Brexit deal, resigned and now thinks Brexit has reinvigorated democracy in the UK (I think he means England) . He seems to have not so much lost the plot as gone full Moog Medieval.

    My question to the Tories is this, where is Mundell’s tsunami of new powers for Holyrood falling out of Brexit? Was that a barefaced lie?

  12. bringiton says:

    Frost is talking about the return to direct rule of Scotland from London.
    Why isn’t he proposing the same for Northern Ireland?
    This narrative of a unified,one nation state falls at this hurdle.
    The UK is s a multinational state with different rules,associations and cultures applying across individual countries.
    There is something deeply insecure and fearful in the post Brexit Westminster establishment which is driving their need to eradicate Scottish identity and I think it goes far beyond simply coveting our resources.
    Having to finally face the fact that their empire has gone and that they are no longer a global power seems to be an airlift too far for many.
    “Losing” Scotland will be the final nail in that coffin.

    • deelsdugs says:

      They’re too busy behind their titles regurgitating ‘troubles’ into the poisoned chalice of empirical bile

  13. Bob Lamont says:

    On a lighter note, the case of the stolen horse and the Tesla..

  14. “Lord’ Frost, ‘Lady’ Mone and ‘Lord’ Foulkes are only lords and ladies if the rest of us are willing to indulge them ”
    At least they are no longer hereditary peers or “aristocrats”.

    Many years ago I coined a definition of “aristocrat”: the descendant of a successful gangster from centuries past.

    This definition was wonderfully vindicated years later in a scene from Coppola’s movie masterpiece, The Godfather Part 2. There is a scene where the gangster, extortionist and protection racketeer Don Fanucci is striding down the Street during an Italian American religious procession. He ostentatiously pins a banknote to the St. Rocco statue being processed.

    He raises a hand in lordly, almost Papal, salutation to the milling crowd, members of which bow and scrape and kiss his hand in homage. That is EXACTLY the sort of thing that happened after the Norman barons imported feudalism, first into England, then Scotland. It continued until modern times with hereditary peers and continues still in Little Italy, USA, as well as Sicily. The Normans had a long reach across space and time.

    However, future generations will not have to bow and scrape to the descendants of Baroness Moan, Lord Frost, Lord Fu (and unco happy), et cetera. Be thankful for small mercies!

  15. scottish_skier says:

    Putting your faith in Britain is a big mistake, from democracy, the economy to overseas assistance.

    Sudan evacuation: Family from Glasgow share story of perilous escape

    “I had hope that the British were coming to save us, but after a while I gave up hope,” British national Einas Khojaly told the BBC’s Tom Bateman upon arriving in Egypt.

  16. I don’t like being downbeat, but exactly how are we going to become an Independent nation again? I first became aware, I believe in 1950, when I witnessed my parents signing the Scottish Covenant. As far as I am aware, this asked for Home Rule for Scotland, and contained over two million signatures. Again I’m assuming that it went straight into the No. 10 waste basket.
    Again I ask, exactly how have we progressed since that event? O.K, more Scots than ever say they want us to be Independent, but how exactly are we going to achieve this ambition? Ask politely for another Section. 30 Order. Of course it will be refused, with a smug grin saying we control you, and we will continue to do so for as long as it pleases us, so there.
    So what next? Personally I have given up hope, at my age, and despite my M.S.P now appointed as Minister for Independence, of living in an Independent Scotland. I sincerely hope I’m wrong, but I doubt it. Any ideas?

    • Dr Jim says:

      A hostile takeover

      Yes, be extremely unpleasant unkind and ungenerous to every unionist you meet then politely inform them your unpleasantness is not personal, it’s purely in defence of Scotland’s legal right to a choice, which the country of England that they support is denying by force of dictatorship, just as they did with the previous 65 countries that have since taken their independence from the English British Empire, not one of which has asked to return

      The merger is broken, we had a meeting and now we want to put the vote to the members

      It’s not personal it’s just business

    • Capella says:

      I think the only democratic option is a de facto election. HY has asked RS for a S30 and has been refused. So that’s that out of the way. The Scotland Act is not valid IMO and as soon as the Scottish people realise how they have ben conned and ripped off they will demand independence. Of course, with the media so unionist we can’t expect a 90% vote.

      • iusedtobeenglish says:

        Can one Government in Scotland be held to actions made by another? Or can they weasel out of it, like Westminster?

  17. Hamish100 says:

    Well being downbeat won’t help.

    Personally I do think we need to use the U.K. GE as a referendum basis to push the need for independence further and every election.

    If we can encourage, cajoul non voters to vote for independence we have a majority. Stop trying to please the brit nats who will never change their dependence and wish to be associated with an OBE, MBE’s, Knighthoods

    Scots won’t go down the route of passive resistance, yet.

    It’s noticeable labour are not suggesting any more devo powers i.e. vow4? anymore. Likewise the seem to ignore Wales too. Digressing, I always found it curious that the likes of Corbyn and co were pro Irish but in Scotland and Welsh pro Brit.

    I think the current issues impacting on the SNP is actually an indication of the Brit Nat worries about the demographics.

    Labour Lib Dem and Tories – it sure if ALBA are pro Brexit parties and that is one area we should highlight. We should as interim fight for the same right as the northern Irish as it relates to the EU.

  18. Dr Jim says:

    I kinda think of it like Scotland’s bus is driving towards independence and England keeps trying to sabotage our bus because they believe we can win the game
    This latest attack on our SNP bus drivers is clumsy and now becoming ridiculous, in their eagerness to jam the brakes on our bus England’s gone too far by exposing themselves as the culprits, and once the brakes are freed up and the bus serviced Scotland’s independence bus will go even faster

    Is there anybody completely convinced that Nicola Sturgeon is getting her driving licence so she can nip to Tesco for the milk or mince and tatties, or a wee drive in the country for a high tea in Callander on a Sunday afternoon wae the weans and her Ma and Da, after a half a dozen times doing that the fun runs oot

    I reckon there’s a new role coming for the best and most influential political communicator Scotland’s ever had now she’s free

  19. Capella says:

    Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp says the route to independence lies through the 2024 General Election.

    SNP’s only choice is to fight 2024 General Election on independence

    GIVEN the political chaos impacting the leading pro-Yes political party at the moment, the question I seem to be getting asked the most is: “How on earth do we get to Yes from here?”

    Humza Yousaf may have inherited a major headache along with the SNP leadership but if he sorts out the SNP’s governance issues, re-constitutes an empowered NEC, and gets real on independence-related policy creation, then he will be in a stronger position to deliver independence than Nicola Sturgeon had been since her disastrous decision to play down the independence message in the face of the 2017 snap General Election.

    It’s fair to say that SNP support has fallen – not a lot under the circumstances, but still a fair amount – but independence support still seems hard-wired to around 48%. This shows a healthy degree of separation between SNP and independence support that must be depressing for some mainstream Unionist media commentators.

    • Handandshrimp says:

      I don’t have an issue with the concept of a defacto referendum but I think it unwise to declare a specific election as the referendum. It might be better if the SNP and the Yes movement consider every election hereafter a defacto referendum. Of course even if we achieved 75% of the vote who is to say Westminster would agree to negotiate. We are not dealing with honest brokers here. The most secure option is if Westminster signs up to a section 30 (even then I’m not sure I trust them).

      • Dr Jim says:

        But, but surely England has dealt honestly with every country its ever invaded stole from and subjected to English rule, I can’t believe they would be anything other than their history and DNA dictates them to be as Margaret Thatcher described “a generous people”

        Or we could just ask the Irish

      • Golfnut says:

        Depends on the question.
        ‘ Should Scotland be an independent country ‘ will get you ignored.
        ‘ Asking the sovereign people of Scotland’s permission to withdraw to withdraw from the 1707 Treaty of Union’ watch the sh##e hit the fan.

      • keaton says:

        It might be better if the SNP and the Yes movement consider every election hereafter a defacto referendum.

        That was the policy of Ash Regan and it was soundly rejected by the SNP membership.

        • Handandshrimp says:

          I think the membership decided Ash wasn’t right for the role at this juncture but I’m not sure they were voting on that specific idea…I certainly wasn’t.

    • Tatu3 says:

      I saw that on fb and someone queried the SNP not doing enough Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp replied
      ” I’m on my way to Edinburgh right now to meet the Minister for independence, 2nd meeting in a week, meeting three Cab Secs in next two weeks – trust me the new leadership team have thier (sic) eye on the ball despite all thats going on.”

      So think things are happening

  20. davetewart says:

    Just the next door neighbour borrowing your lawn mower to cut the grass then asking for you to plug it in to power it up.

    Remember your place.

  21. Dr Jim says:

    So Kim Jong Sunak has had a great morning with his Tory drones in Scotland, and so contemptuous of Scotland and our people he blocked the press, then told them he’d only answer questions he wanted asked, then decided he’d give them 6 minutes but only a chosen few

    Kim Jong Sunak will be on his way back to the big England thinking job done after making references to the *devolved Scottish Assembly* firmly putting in place the level of importance as he sees our Scottish parliament occupying

    Every benefit financial and otherwise the SNP has delivered to Scotland will be wiped clean to be replaced by everything England does not have if we allow anymore of this to continue

    This is a squint of a man representing a mafia of the most right wing cabal ever to rule our islands
    There is no law this man won’t create to turn back time, to block all democratic access, to widen the gap between the haves and have nots
    Kim Jong Sunak is a slimy dictator Uriah Heep climbing over the bodies of the poor to attain for him and such as him

    Scotland must get rid of this guy and those that support him in Scotland, and get rid of England PDQ before the next one comes along

    • davetewart says:

      We should just use his quote at the conference ‘I was only planning to talk to the Six members that turned up’.
      A misquote but he’s good at using slimy wording.

      His party chairman says the SNP are ‘Dedicated to incompetence and mismanagement of public services and finances’

      He would say that, from a position of knowledge his government are supreme at the same.

      I tried to log on to the live coverage outof interest, you have to donate £50 to get access.

  22. Dr Jim says:

    Talking about political parties finances, where do the Liberal Democrats in Scotland get the cash to send out leaflets day after day when there isn’t even an election due, particularly when they have how many members? it can’t be more than 12

  23. stewartb says:

    O/T I became aware recently that both the Tory and Labour parties in Scotland had proposals for the introduction of the now controversial Highly Protected Marine Areas (HPMAs) in their 2021 Holyrood election manifestos. But until now I wasn’t aware of the extent of Labour’s policy commitment.

    Labour issued the following with a specific geographic focus: ‘A Recovery Plan for the Highlands and Islands – Empowering and Enabling our communities’


    In the preamble, prospective Labour voters learned that: ‘Scottish Labour will bring about a radical change of direction to the Highlands and Islands’ and ‘Scottish Labour MSPs will be a strong voice for the Highlands and Islands, focused on the people’s priorities’.

    As part of this CHANGE and in being a STRONG VOICE for the Highlands and Islands, Labour went on to include this commitment to voters if it won power: ’There will be a plan for ocean recovery, where AT LEAST 30% OF SCOTLAND’S SEAS ARE HIGHLY PROTECTED BY 2030 and protect sustainable coastal fisheries.’ (my emphasis)

    In its main, its national manifesto, the ‘Scottish Labour’s National Recovery Plan’ we find this: ‘We will also support a plan for ocean recovery WITH AT LEAST ONE TENTH OF SCOTLAND’S SEAS FULLY PROTECTED, AND A FURTHER 20% HIGHLY PROTECTED, from destructive and extractive activities by 2030.’


    ‘At least 30% highly protected’ or ‘a further 20% highly protected’ – I wonder which target would have been pursued if Labour had gained power in 2021? But then what’s 10 percentage points of a difference anyway?

    Well, arguably a significant difference. After all the Scottish Government has been consulting on whether and where 10% of Scotland’s seas should be highly protected: 10% seems to equate to the scale of drafting sloppiness between two contemporaneous Labour manifesto documents!

    If one thought that Labour’s Torcuil Crichton, the party’s great hope to take the Na h-Eileanan an Iar seat at the next Westminster General Election, would be keeping quiet about Labour’s prior enthusiasm for HPMAs as expressed in its 2021 manifesto for the Highlands and Islands you would be wrong. I noted this on Twitter:

    Torcuil Crichton @Torcuil 20 Apr
    ‘Labour will put a red stop on HPMAs while the SNP ready to give them a Green go. Encouraging that FM is pressured into compromise. We don’t need to go back to the drawing board, we need to get round the table with fishing communities and learn from their conservation expertise.’

    The modern Labour Party whose leading politicians never fail to disappoint in their a facility to camouflage principle!

  24. Capella says:

    BBC says Richard Sharp was Rish! Sunak’s old boss at Goldman Sachs.
    What an astonishing coincidence.

  25. Legerwood says:

    BBC 6 o’clock news just now had an item on Scotland’s lack of interest in the Coronation. James Cook reporting. One of those interviewed was Prof Devine who made the staggeringly unbelievable comment that’s because of the SNP’s recent difficulties the cause of independence is dead and probably for a generation at least’!!!

    The closest they got to interviewing an ‘ordinary’ person was an SNP councillor with Republican leanings.

    • Stephen McKenzie says:

      Yes, I heard that, its seemed to be a staggeringly stupid comment to make.

      Just what James Cook and the BBC down south wanted to hear though.

    • scottish_skier says:

      Historians are not experts on the future, hence their title. 🙂

      • scottish_skier says:

        Oh, and is someone in the SNP guilty of something? I hadn’t heard anything like this? As far as I know, there’s no missing money and nobody guilty of anything, at least in terms of the latest reports. That might change, but for now it’s where we are, so we must legally / morally assume that to be the case.

        Latest I heard was that the SNP had thousands of new members and donations were flooding in. This seems to be well established.

        Related, but I noticed this…

        Do you think Humza Yousaf will be a better or worse First Minister for Scotland than Alex Salmond was, or will he be about the same?
        56% – The same (22%) or better (34%)
        28% – Worse
        17% – DK

        Do you think Humza Yousaf will be a better or worse First Minister for Scotland than Nicola Sturgeon was, or will he be about the same?
        44% The same (35%) or better (9%)
        41% Worse
        14% DK

        That second result is pretty impressive. To be simply the same as Sturgeon in performance would be an incredibly high achievement. To score like this in polls right now is also quite something given the fridge and pens scandal. Not least because in the same poll:

        Thinking back over Nicola Sturgeon’s time as First Minister, do you think she has been a good or bad leader for Scotland?
        53(+3)% Good
        11% Neither good nor bad
        31(-1)% Bad
        5(+1)% DK

        So people are judging him based on this view they have of Sturgeon, even with the blue tent.

        The effect of recent events has seemingly been to boosting Sturgeon’s ratings. Which is probably not what the BBC was hoping for. 🙂

        And all this from a pollster which is the one of the least favourable for the SNP/Yes.

      • “The future is not my subject” T Devine

  26. Naina Tal says:

    BBC Chairman resigns.

  27. jfngw says:

    I heard a rumour that Stephen Kerr and Murdo Fraser are setting up a fish tank together, just looking for confirmation as I always like to see a couple of guppies floundering around.

    • Welsh_Siôn says:

      Reminds me of the old joke, adapted for present purposes.

      Two fish are swimming in a goldfish bowl. They are listening to the commentary on a football match on the radio, when the commentator says, “And Scotland win a corner.”

      Fraser turns to Kerr and asks,

      “What’s a corner?”

  28. yesindyref2 says:

    Media at the Tory Conference are giving it:

    “Tories Tories Tories, pout pout pout”.

    Oh how we laughed.

    • yesindyref2 says:

      Tories at the Tory Conference are giving it:

      “Media Media Media, out out out”.

      As Sunak cycles in with his cartoon cavalcade, headed up by Rossy the Robot.

  29. Golfnut says:

    This is a good expose’ of the the real function of the Labour party, American and establishment influence and the medias roll. Sarwar gets a mention. Certainly supports Bob lamont’s opinion that people in England are beginning to realise what we’ve been telling them for yrs.
    It’s ‘ Double down news’ and a fb link, so apologies for that.

  30. James Mills says:

    Heard brief reports of the Tory Conference on ”the news” – seems that all they could talk about was the SNP – should Tory delegates get their money back under the Trades Description Act ?

  31. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    Just read this in relation to the SNP CURRENT initiatives to mitigate Tory S*** (rhymes with PIT)…

    1. Tripling support for people struggling with energy bills
    2. £15M to expand childcare
    3. Increasing investment in Just Transition
    4. Additional funding to help tackle health inequalities
    5. Empowering councils to raise council tax on empty & 2nd homes

    As some people LOVE to emphasise how the SNP NEVER focus on Indy enough…..well….

    Here’s the thing IF the SNP as the Scottish government were NOT ” getting on with the day job” and thus we here in Scotland were, like England, feeling the worst, via negative impact, of Tory policies then both the media and opposition parties would use examples WITH substance (data) to substantiate that , according to them, the SNP were failing Scotland.

    Currently they, the media and opposition parties and randoms given a media platform, just make sweeping statements as to how our NHS is terrible as is our Education etc but they fail to substantiate these claims with data and also fail to make comparisons with the rest of the UK….HOWEVER….with past years drug deaths in Scotland they DO provide stats…imagine then if say one of the five quoted above SNP initiatives was NOT being done how they would then use facts to verify that the SNP were NOT ” getting on with the day job”…..and thus present to the Scottish public how the SNP REALLY were failing Scotland…..and too we here in Scotland WOULD feel the negative impacts of Tory bad policies much worse than we do…..

    The Tory UK government are NOT making it easier for ordinary people indeed tis the opposite…… thus time, money and counter initiatives HAVE to be deployed by the Scottish government to try and lesson the impact on ordinary people here in Scotland …..BUT the media supress these positives in any SNP mitigation actions against Tory policies (lack of action) while focussing on opposition contrived #SNPBAD stories and too their own biased opinions to shore up support for their (non) Union.

    The main focus the media and the opposition want to present is that the SNP CANNOT run a country (forgetting that currently we are not like any other NORMAL independent country) but truth is that the SNP , while heavily restrained within the UK, are STILL, as a devolved government, producing policies and initiatives to TRY and improve and diminish the damaging policies of the Tories at WM……and THAT is a constant exercise… it NOT !

    To all the #SNPBAD peeps within the YES movement who currently state that they would NOT vote SNP again…..let’s not forget that it’s NOT all about us in the YES movement in relation to getting independence…..OTHER voters who are still undecided associate and recognise the SNP as THE main party that they associate with independence…..IF the SNP lose support with some in the YES movement then how will we then hope to convert those as yet undecided to support independence when many on the YES side are so vocally abandoning and condemning a party that THEY, the still undecided , have seen as THE main party they recognise as being the ONE party associated with independence …..

    We will never see the (secret ???) polls done by David Lidington and Michael Gove on support for the Union NOW………but we will see presented, via certain polls, the supposed DECREASE in support for the SNP and supposed INCREASE support for the Labour party in Scotland…..with dinosaurs being resurrected like Douglas alexander and Pamela Nash to stand for Labour in next GE on the back of the presented ” SNP turmoil” (blatant opportunism moment for Labour) and one wonders what OTHER 2015 rejected dinosaurs will crawl out from under their respective lucrative NEW positions that they gained post losing their seat on the gravy train at WM via Labour rejects in Scotland via this current stooshie with the SNP…..and too will we even see Paul Sweeney, who lost his seat at WM in 2019, give it another go …….

    God knows how and when we will ever gain our independence BUT if we as a YES movement continue upon the path many are now proceeding then I would say that the answer will be not in the lifetime of many on here or outwith here….as to those who say that we should just declare our independence ….well good luck with that….as how then do we expect OTHER countries in the world to respect and acknowledge this action as appropriate/legal and too how do we hope to gain back all that is currently controlled by the UK government …..will they just roll over without a fight and play nice….Hmm……years of wrangling would ensue which would put us back at square one…..and where many undecided would lose faith in independence as best for them……

    THIS is just MY opinion and I am sure if anyone DOES read this comment some will see it as naive and ill considered but what is happening now is but the start of the Unionist establishment desperately trying to destroy the SNP and too independence for Scotland and it will get much much worse……who will blink first….well many in the YES movement seem to be blinking and WE are the ones (as in the YES movement) who supposedly are the ones whose eyes are wide open to the absolute chaos and turmoil we have experienced via Unionist political parties and their media as being part of the failed and flawed UK…..

    Independence is ours to lose….currently some within the YES movement seem to be enabling those who seek to ensure it is lost for MORE than a generation …..BTW my support for the SNP is not blind loyalty and also tis NOT infinite should there be no real push for independence….we need MORE offensive action and less defensive positions taken by the SNP against both the opposition and the media ….IF they hope to build an increase in awareness and support for independence as a REAL and feasible alternative to this crap (non) Union to more peeps in Scotland….

    ONE ray of light on a personal level is that my hubby and I have a friend who WAS a committed Unionist and who supported Labour who said to my husband that even HE saw the recent Police raids on NS house as way way over the top and he conceded that it seems to have been done that way to maximise a negative impact for the SNP which has made him now feel he is becoming undecided and uncomfortable on the tactics deployed by the pro Unionist establishments …wonder how many more undecided peeps also feel that… in against the lack of SAME scrutiny and consequences ( and DRAMATIC intervention by the polis ) applied to the many wrongs associated with the Tory party and too Labour (and even the Lib Dems too)……so perhaps, as I have said before on here, that not all undecided peeps who are, as yet, not FULLY committed to Indy are not currently failing to recognise the blatant hypocrisy and double standards being played out by both the media and t’others in respective to the SNP…..the problem for the Unionists is that they always overplay their hand, gloat , deploy what is clearly opportunistic positions while failing to recognise and acknowledge their own many failings and shortcomings as political parties while delighting in highlighting others….for reasons (all too obvious)….

    Have a nice day everyone…..


    • UndeadShaun says:

      And we have nurses on strike in England.
      (But not in scotland as they got between 13.25 and 15% pay rise over 2 years and now have £3400 Per Anum more than counterpart in England)

      We have nuclear sub secrets found in wetherspoons.
      One of 2 newly built aircraft cariers cannibilised for the other due to spares shortages

      But heyho at least they are not ferries.

      We have DG of bbc forced to resign over personal loan to Johnson and accucastions of croneyism, but no campervans involved so all good.

      As others have said this is noticed by others in Scotland.

  32. bringiton says:

    There must be an English election in the offing.
    The Tories are trotting out their favourite bogey man to try and frighten the English electorate.
    The “threat” that Scotland might have a say in how they are governed if they don’t vote Tory.
    The British Labour party will respond by promising to ignore Scottish MPs if elected.
    Really making it clear that Scotland must not have a say in how the UK/England is run and we are not a partner in the union but a dependency.
    Hope doubting Scots waken up to reality and dump their delusions.

    • Dr Jim says:

      Indeed, a family of nations except when it comes time for general elections when the Tories use Scotland as a threat to England supposed democracy in the same way they use immigrants and foreigners to persuade the English that Scots are bad for England, forcing the Labour party to deny they will have anything to do with Scots because that harms their election chances if they don’t

      How much clearer do voters in Scotland want this spelled out for them, Miliband lost because of the Scotland *threat* Corbyn lost because of the Scotland *threat*
      Both Tory and Labour party do not make these threats to the English voter blindly, they’ve done their research, they’ve done their diligence, they’ve done their propaganda to ensure that English people dislike Scottish people, and it’s worked

      So why the hell do people in Scotland concern themselves with upsetting the English
      They don’t like us and they don’t want us involved in the running of the country they claim is theirs because of that

      It’s not all the English, we hear people say, well yes it is, because it’s their votes that elect the UK government and they do their damndest to make sure Scotland has no part in it or their leading parties would’nt use Scotland as a threat in this way would they

      England is a country with a big problem, it’s always had a big problem, it’s a racist anti everybody who’s not them problem and it’ll never change, even after 65 countries of their empire have left them they still blame everyone else

      Scotland must rid ourselves of England to prevent us being constantly tarred with the same *British* reputation brush, or UK brush, or whatever the hell England changes its name to next time

      There is no UK there’s only England, and they keep telling us that loud and clear every time there’s an election for the government of their damn fraudulant thing
      So never think of the media as supporting the union, they don’t, they support the dictatorship of England that wants nothing to do with us except to own our land and sea, and who don’t give two f***s about us that live here

      • Golfnut says:

        If only there was a plug hole in the La Manche.

      • Not-My-Real-Name says:

        “So never think of the media as supporting the union, they don’t, they support the dictatorship of England ”

        I think that you have hit a nail on the head there Dr Jim……because you are right there IS NO “supporting the Union” really is there via the media…..only the promotion of a fake so called Union that in reality is only ever promoted as existing via the various pro UK political parties…when it suits them that is….as in when they try to pull the wool over our eyes…… also tis dictated and promoted by various Pro UK media outlets whose HQ’s , like Pro UK parties, are based down south and who then assume, because of where they are based, that they then have the right to dominant, dictate and control the political narrative and direction of travel for the whole UK (even the parts they know nowt about or as you correctly say “don’t give two f***s about”)…..

        All roads lead to English dominance via the dominant (so called) UK institutions and too via the various (so called) UK establishments within their UK which really are English dominant institutions and establishment outfits….basically they know the Union as an actual entity is a falsehood but they occasionally promote it to try and fool people within other nations in the UK that it IS a reality to try and stop them considering leaving their fake Union …one that does NOT exist in practice in the least…..and tis they themselves who have proven this as a fact !!!!!

        Have a nice day


      • Capella says:

        I agree. However, I wouldn’t say it is “the English” that are the oppressors. I would say it’s the oligarchs and there are a few Scottish oligarchs around. It’s oligarchy that opposes independence and sovereignty and democracy of every description. Even “the English” are rendered powerless in their own country though it’s harder for them to see the truth of their political impotence because the Tories pretend to be on their side fighting Johnny foreigner.

        • Dr Jim says:

          Oligarchs don’t vote, they ensure the governments they support produce the propaganda that supports their position
          People vote, and by and large people are gullible because their government works hard to keep them that way, and England has gotten so used to being treated like dimwits they like and expect it, they even have comedy programmes full of comedians pointing out how stupid the population of England is putting up with it, and you know what? the population of England still laugh at themselves being so thick

          Mock the Week, Frankie Boyle and on and on

          Kim Jong Sunak came to Scotland and live at the Tory party love in lied for eight minutes straight, not a single journalist from any print or TV media questioned him on the lies he told, they were only interested in their own main liar the BBC and what was happening with that

          The word Scotland was only ever mentioned in regards to failure , which was the sole point of Sunak’s visit, to be then transmitted later to the public without recourse of correction of a single word he uttered

    • Welsh_Siôn says:

      Any ideas how I should vote in the upcoming id essential English Council elections?

      This area is essentially blue rosette country (the sitting Tory MP increased his share of the vote at the time of Blair’s First landslide in 1997). I’d be happy to give the Tories a bloody nose – but don’t see Labour making any progress here. The Fib Dumbs are a joke (where are they not?) and as for the ‘independents’, I always associate them with UKIP/Farage/self-interested non-committal twerps. One of these pushed his canvassing material through the letter box – the colouring was pure UKIP.

      Speaking of this election ‘literature’ (2 ‘independents’, 1 Labour, 1 Lib Dem, 0 Tory) NONE of them came to the door to canvas. They all just bunged it through my letterbox and that was it.

      So, what do I do? Yes, I could not vote or spoil the ballot paper in a protest at ‘none of the above’. But then the vote doesn’t count and I’d feel guilty for all those (men and women) who fought for the right to vote – both here and elsewhere.

      My gut feeling is to hold my nose and vote Labour. But does anyone have any better ideas?

      Thanks in advance.

      • Capella says:

        In your situation I would have no choice but vote Labour. I know it is pointless from a practical point of view but the higher the Labour vote the more the Tories look under threat. They don’t know that we know it’s pointless. They think we think we are voting for a left of centre party. Good. England needs a new left party to represent the electorate instead of the oligarchy.

        See the video Golfnut posted above from Double Down News. The unions should cancel their affiliation to the Labour Party – those that are affiliated – the RMT isn’t.
        If Mick Lynch headed up a new left party they would win a landslide if they can dodge the bullets of the oligarch media.

      • Dr Jim says:

        Of course you could justify not voting by virtue of the fact that when people fought for the right to vote they hoped they had honest representatives of the public to vote for, whereas todays political party candidates are hand picked selected vetted drones trained to lie to the public as opposed to serving the public, and independents are generally fronts for parties placed to pick up spare votes that are handed over later if they’re elected

        So who ya gonna trust?

      • Archie says:

        Green Party?

  33. scottish_skier says:

    That’s Labour’s problem – it’s just not transparent as a party.

    Formal complaint made over Scottish Labour selection process

    Two Labour constituency parties have made a formal complaint about the selection process for two key Scottish seats.

    The constituency parties of Rutherglen and Hamilton, Larkhall and Stonehouse have written to Sir Keir Starmer and Scottish Labour leader Anas Sarwar.

    They say they have been “inundated” with complaints by local members about a “lack of transparency”.

    The Scottish Labour Party said the process was properly administered.

    In the letter, seen by the BBC, the Constituency Labour Parties (CLPs) claim that members are concerned about the “integrity” of selections and say they “cannot continue campaigning until this matter is resolved”. They also say there has been a “lack of involvement of local members.

    The letter says the CLPs are “fighting every day” to give communities choice.

    “They understand the need to select strong candidates to join them in that fight without delay, but for candidates to have any credibility, it is vital that members have full confidence in the selection process used,” it says.

    The CLPs are asking for a pause to the current selection and a “full investigation” into the process so far..

    Secret selection processes… not releasing membership numbers…


    • Dr Jim says:

      The Labour vetting question for all candidates “Do you support Scotland’s right to choose” if the answer is yes then Labour does not allow the candidate to stand

      We’ve seen it many times now, thou shalt have no opinion other than the one we instruct you to have
      So let it be written so let it be done

    • ArtyHetty says:

      The ‘Scottish’ media are all over that, no? What’s good for the goose…doesn’t apply in the UknotOk political sphere.

  34. Handandshrimp says:

    I see also that Murray Ross received credible death threats. Not sure that Tory HQ would have really gone through with it. I certainly hope not, Ross is an asset to the SNP and Yes generally.

    • Dr Jim says:

      Amateurs tut,
      Never threaten anybody beforehand, that’s advertising

    • ArtyHetty says:

      Dross? Why would anyone threaten him, most likely attention seeking, false flag stuff, the bully playing victim.

    • Bob Lamont says:

      It’s a possible coo…

      The bungalow is merely doing his bit to allow HMA James Cook to crowd SNP off their pages aside criticism…
      It’s one of 3 out of 7 articles on both the BBC/Scotland and Politics pages, but the telltale lies in the Politics section titled “Where do Tories stand in post-Sturgeon Scotland?” – No comments open suggest the BBC would not welcome a deluge of “Nowhere” in response.

      With their GRRgate, Membergate, Sturgeongate, Campergate and Beattiegate campaigns in tatters they need another diversion – Sean the sheep on the grassy mound with the sniper’s rifle ? Perhaps Glenn Campbell will narrate the not-an-early-election special from Aardvark Films ?

    • yesindyref2 says:

      There’s nothing remotely funny about a credible death threat.

  35. Dr Jim says:

    Tory Meghan Gallacher threatens the voters once again at the Tory party conference with another racist attack on Scots having anything to do with *England’s* governance in a general election
    They used it on Miliband and Corbyn now it’s Starmers turn to have his own racism against Scots turned on him, because he’ll now be forced to deny disown and decry all things and people Scottish, which of course is the SNP that Scotland votes for

    The *no deals with the SNP* will have to be screamed loud and large at the English voters to calm the terrors of Scotland taking part in their Westminster parliament, it’s affront enough for them that we’re even in their building, how very dare we

    Pay attention to it folks, every general election Scotland is used as the English bogeyman in case we John McWick our way through England murdering as we go

    Racism, thy name is England, and that’s why they have the type of political parties they do to represent them, they vote for these kind of people, it’s what they want

  36. Marybel says:

    I hear this am that we are all invited to pledge our allegiance to the new king. I note too the ceremonial removing of the stone of destiny back down to Westminster. Who allowed that I wonder? I take note of the expenses being spent on this whole coronation ceremonial. We the people however watch our fuel bills, the increasing cost of food and the extreme poverty people are living in. We hear of people throughout the world living in fear of their lives. Meanwhile the coronation mania runs amok. Things are imploding while nurses teachers and doctors strike but still the government in Westminster rumbles on not recognising refusing to admit that their whole system is corrupt beyond words . Nicola Sturgeon has sadly become the butt end of jokes on The Now Show and at party conferences while the real rogues party on without any sign of shame or sorrow. I am off to Ireland to escape all this madness. I have made an active choice to get away from it all. As for Lord Everpress Frost maybe one day he won’t look so crumpled and unkempt and will realise what a chump he is.

    • Eilidh says:

      Totally agree. Thankfully I have arranged to go away next weekend up to North of Scotland to escape the TV coverage of the coronation so I will not be pledging allegiance to anyone. The royals are clearly clueless and do not know how to read the room with this allegiance thing. The King is not near as popular as his mother was particularly not in Scotland. This is not USA where children pledge allegiance to the USA flag in school every day. The allegiance thing will backfire on them

  37. Naina Tal says:

    FFS! Just heard this morning the public are to be asked to swear allegiance to King Spaniel. Not just in the kingdoms over which he is claiming sovereignty. All over the world. I’ll be swearing alright but it’ll be nothing to do with allegiance to this human being, who after all just has two arms, two legs, a heid and an arse. Same as the rest of us. All over the world, indeed. Are you listening,Vladimir?
    Ok I feel better noo!

  38. Dr Jim says:

    I’ll be swearing, just not the kind they want, and with entirely different words and sentiment expressed therein

    • Eilidh says:

      I would rather swear Allegiance to the Jedi than King Chucky. Who thought up the people swear allegiance part of the ceremony is totally clueless

  39. Skintybroko says:

    Swear allegiance to the King and his Heirs – that’ll not be happening. Outdated and outrageous, the Uk is dead none of this is going to make any difference to that in fact it will show how disunited it is.

  40. Alec Lomax says:

    Swear allegiance…..the second word is “off”.

  41. Hamish100 says:

    Christians may have a problem as there is only one King. Of course they may be episcopalian or anglican. For the latter they will have no issue as the Head of the Church of England is Prince….. sorry King Charles Nos 3.

    I plead an allegiance to my nation 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 not to KC3 and his bidey-in.

  42. Hamish100 says:

    According to Ross the Tory party had about 6-7,000 members back in 2020. Figures you can trust, he says but he can’t remember them really as he wasn’t in charge at the time.

    So it is less then.

    • Bob Lamont says:

      I saw that interview and burst out laughing at the ‘didn’t know’ excuse…

      Being an ambitious wee nyaff, DRoss will have made copious notes and memorised a lot of it, with numbers for every association complete with contact details, and those to avoid in climbing the greasy pole…

      Labour dropped over 21% since then, the Tories will have fallen a lot farther… Probably 3,500 or less members by now….

  43. scottish_skier says:

    Some other ‘independence dead for a generation’ snippets from that post-finance thingy Yougov.

    Regardless of whether you support or oppose a referendum, do you think the Scottish Government should or should not need to get permission from the UK Government to run a referendum on Scottish independence?
    39% Should need to get permission
    51% Should not need to get permission
    10% Don’t know

    In principle, do you think there should or should not be a referendum on Scottish independence at some point in the next five years?
    44% Should
    42% Should not
    14% Don’t know

    Do you think that Keir Starmer is doing well or badly as leader of the Labour Party?
    28% Well
    47% Badly
    25% DK

    Do you think that Anas Sarwar is doing well or badly as leader of the Scottish Labour Party?
    27% Well
    33% Badly
    40% DK

    Do you think Douglas Ross is doing well or badly as leader of the Scottish Conservative Party?
    16% Well
    52% Badly

    Incidentally, the SNP dip in share is not going to the unionists, it’s going to the Greens and ‘I don’t know if I’ll vote’. Certain to vote is hitting very low values right now in Scotland. As I’ve said, these people are dead to the union. The effect of #financegate is not making them unionist – they just won’t do that. They are holding back and waiting to see what the truth is. The unionist better pray day in and day out that something really serious went on involving lots of top SNP people. Otherwise, the union will be in deep s**t.

  44. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    Think the media are trolling us ……they seem to be going OTT in their excessive coverage of a certain stone…….collectively they are in denial that our DESTINY here in Scotland lies outwith their vision of us still being a part of their DESTINY under a Tory/Labour Brexit United Kingdom with Covid Charlie ruling over us…..#NotMyKing…..#NotMyUK…….

    In other news the SOS for Scotland aka ‘Making a right state of the job of Scottish INO Secretary’ ( a title ONLY but in practice tis WM’s man in Scotland) couldn’t even be bothered to turn up in person at the Scottish (INO) Tory party ‘conference’ as in the branch office minority attended pretendy ‘conference’ to talk down all things Scottish and obsess about the SNP (actual future vision for Scotland ZERO as per…… apart from dictating that we here in Scotland pledge our allegiance to their Tory Brexit masters at WM as in their Tory HQ)….

    It says a lot about how (in)significant he views his branch office as being…….a video link from him at his branch office ‘conference’ but he will always appear in person at HQ’s conference…tells you all you need to know does it not……..

    Off to help with the Pomp and Ceremony in LONDON amidst Tory chaos….so TOO busy… as in distracted…. by English King’s ascension to English throne as (checks notes) the so called but obviously NOT as in ACTUAL ….SOS for Scotland ……for him to bother showing up in person at the Tory branch office minority meeting of the mindless…..kinda shows with whom and where his priorities lie……as if we did not know !

    He said in his speech ““We have a UK Government that is committed to devolution”….a direct contradiction to recent statements made in the Torygraph by Tory Lord David Frost ……””the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing”….though “LEFT hand” is a contradiction in the context of the current Tory party is it not….. but spot on via the “RIGHT hand”….

    Just another load of absolute C*** (rhymes with PAP) in their Tory Brexit UK aka Absurdistan……

  45. Dr Jim says:

    I don’t understand anyone who might think because there might be an issue with one politician or ten or twenty politicians in any party why they wouldn’t vote to stop another country owning their own

    Scotland is owned by England and English voters, of that there can be no argument
    so why would some genuine Scottish citizens not want to own their own home
    Even if you happen to be a Tory voter surely that’s one of your greatest ambitions to own the home you live in
    Can it be so that Scottish citizens really don’t understand that the Scotland they live in is rented accommodation and any law our parliament makes can be overruled by England at any time, England can declare war on any other country without consultation or agreement of Scotland Wales and Northern Ireland, they can draft our young people into the military, send them anywhere in the world to fight and die for the English crown

    Any law that the English parliament chooses to bring into being can be enforced upon all of us without exception, any tax they decide to create we pay, there is nothing they cannot do to us whenever they want, and if they do who ya gonna call?

    We don’t like their nuclear weapons in our country, and we say so over and over, do they care? no they don’t, so what are we doing about it? shrugging our shoulders and moaning there’s nothing we can do about it, that’s what we’ve reduced ourselves to, accepting the will of England with a shrug of our shoulders then moaning that our parliament diznae dae sumthin

    In 2014 we could’ve given our parliament the power to do something about it and chose not to
    Give our parliament the power by voting SNP and even if you’re a Tory Labour Liberal Democrat supporter you will see within moments your particular party immediately get on board with independence and begin working for you, and you know why they’ll do that, because they’re politicians who’ll want your votes to survive as political parties in our new Scotland, and the airwaves and print media will ring loudly with shouts of “We were for independence the whole time but England ordered us to shut up”

    Independence will not be the big scary transition doubters fear, look at Brexit, a nightmare but we’re still here, poorer but still alive, Independence will have the opposite effect just as it has done on the Republic of Ireland and every other country that’s joined it

    So why the hell did England leave? The rich and powerful in England made money out of it and Scotland Wales and yes even the ordinary people of England became poorer

    Did they care, did they F**k, why? they were told lies about more prosperity and believed the shit because they’re gullible, Scotland didn’t believe a word of it did we, and why? because we’re not so F*****g gullible but we’re stuck with their decision

    • scottish_skier says:

      I don’t understand anyone who might think because there might be an issue with one politician or ten or twenty politicians in any party why they wouldn’t vote to stop another country owning their own

      It’s not affecting support for iref2, or support for indy, or support for the right of Scots alone to decide their future. It’s only having an apparent effect on people saying they’d turn out to vote SNP. However, even this we need to be careful with. If the media is telling you someone is a criminal, even if you are sure they are not, when asked, you are likely to shy away from admitting your support for them. This happens in polls. So some people will say ‘I’m not sure if I’ll vote SNP’ even if they absolutely intend to. That’s what’s happening right now. Support for the SNP is not going to unionist parties, which is very bad news for these.

  46. Dr Jim says:
    April 30, 2023 at 12:37 pm
    I don’t understand anyone who might think …. ….why they wouldn’t vote to stop another country owning their own….
    If you would set aside your sloganeering and advocacy in favour of analysis for just one minute you might.

    Some “Brits” might be happy to cheer on Scotland to victory at Murrayfield in a Calcutta Cup match. But they see their defeated opponents as representatives of “another country” only in an historic sense. In the present they see them ( rightly or wrongly) not as owners of Scotland but fellow shareholders in a larger country. Their allegiance, in various degrees, is to the Union construct as sincerely, again in varying degrees , to supporters of Scottish independence is to Scotland.

    But that historic sense can be a wedge to ease the more open minded of them over to our side. To stigmatise them as upholders of “owners” of their country is but a short step away from accusing them of being traitors to it.

    You will not win -as we must- “soft “ YOONs to our side with talk like that; or even by calling them YOONs – a term I use as shorthand only on pro-Indy sites!

  47. Welsh_Siôn says:

    You may have seen this story regarding the pulling of a reported anti-semitic cartoon in the Guardian. The cartoonist has also apologised.

    You’d think that all racism is bad – that’s why there was a lot of piling on on Diane Abbott (not least from the self-same newspaper) for her comments that Jews, Irish people and red heads haven’t and don’t suffer the same degree of racism as Black people.

    And yet … they will publish cartoons (and worse) featuring Alex Salmond when he as First Minister/Leader of the SNP, ditto for Nicola Sturgeon (and, even, on occasion, when they acknowledge his existence, Mark Drakeford, Welsh First Minister/Leader of ‘Welsh’ Labour).

    Now, politicians may be fair game, but when the background are racial anti-Scottish/Welsh tropes, you would think that newspapers and cartoonists would apologise, in much the same way that they have done for the anti-semitic presentations in e.g. Rowson’s cartoon. Similarly, when we (and our languages, accents, cultures) are regularly lampooned in places like Have I Got News For You.

    On the contrary, we are told it’s ‘banter’, that ‘we don’t have a sense of humour’ and ‘we should get over ourselves’.

    Double standards much?

    • Dr Jim says:

      Indeed we are the drunken lazy sick layabout drug addled thieves on benefits and handouts
      That’s also a description of occupants of the House of Lords

  48. Capella says:

  49. Welsh_Siôn says:

    I am asked to:

    – Swear allegiance to a foreign king …
    – … of a foreign country …
    – … in a foreign language.

    You take that as a “No” from me.

  50. scottish_skier says:

    In honour of this years’ coronation, I plan to swear allegiance to republicanism.

  51. Hamish100 says:

    Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  52. scottish_skier says:

    North Korea does this whole mass swearing off allegiance to the head of state thing. Kim Jong Un will be watching Britain closely on coronation day taking notes on how to do it properly.

  53. scottish_skier says:

    More snippets from that Scottish Yougov:

    Do you have a positive or negative opinion of the monarchy in general?
    11% Very positive
    30% Fairly positive
    = 41% positive
    18% Fairly negative
    29% Very negative
    =47% Negative

    As the ‘very positives’ are dwarfed by the ‘very negatives’, it’s even worse than it looks NET for the monarchy.

    Do you think Britain should continue to have a monarchy in the future, or should it be replaced with an elected head of state?
    46(-6)% Should continue to have a monarchy
    40(+8)% Should have an elected head of state instead
    14(-2)% DK
    Changes on 2019.

    Note that’s not for an iScotland, but for the UK. Changes our outside variance, so suggests that support is in long term decline, which part of a consistent polling picture.

  54. scottish_skier says:

    Just so you know your place ‘Micks / Paddies’.

    Irish language to be used during coronation of King Charles

    I’m sure loads of Irish will be watching and swearing allegiance, so this nice touch is very much in keeping with the GFA, right?

    I see Scots will not be used, presumably because it’s just ‘bad English’ or something.

  55. Dr Jim says:

    Now we all know why Diana couldn’t be allowed to continue to live, they knew this day would come and they couldn’t have had her still at large during this royal bunfest and teaming up with Harry and his support, what a row would’ve been going on eh
    “We want Diana for Queen, we want Diana” and whoever her current boyfriend or husband might have been, wouldn’t we have loved all that? I think so

  56. Hamish100 says:

    So Cole Hamilton ( apologies if a hyphen should be inserted) states that Scotland has a worse sewage problem than his favourite country England. Much worse of course because England has more monitoring stations. The suggestion that we have more sewage problems is Total bunkum of course.

    Firstly you cannot compare the river courses passing through Scotland in the same way as Englands watercourse. Different terrain and geology, different population densities and urbanisation. Our drinking water is second to none.

    His trashing of Scotland record is worse than England smacks as desperation as he tries to gather a few votes from the Greens.

    He quoted the issue of the Kingdom of Fife and its bathing beaches without mentioning the dumping of radioactive material by the unionists on one of the beaches after the war. Then Dounreay of course. Gruinard? All polluted on Brit orders.

    Thankfully the majority of Scots rivers are good. Yes there will be runoff in storms in some areas due to the lack of investment over the past 150 years by Westminster. Still nice that London is getting a new sewerage system at the cost of £5.4billions cost.

    Then another major boob, he has no issues over Scottish Water being privatised.

    Sorry Lib Dems that quote will haunt you.

    No privatisation of Scotland Water.

    • Bob Lamont says:

      Cole Hamilton’s “400 sewage dumps” are as nothing to the utter garbage exiting that gaping hole in his face.
      How does he know 400 discharge events were recorded ? SEPA reports.
      How does he know these discharge events were “sewage” when SEPA records “sewerage discharge events”, meaning everything from water streams to combined sewage overflows ? He doesn’t, so he lies instead.

      There is no comparison whatever between the extensive monitoring and reporting conducted by SEPA in Scotland to the minimalist strategy imposed by politicians on DEFRA in England and a blind eye turned to discharges which would be prosecuted in Scotland.

      THAT’S why England’s rivers and beaches are a mess, and Scotland’s aren’t… Until Cole Hamilton turns up for a photo-op with his brolly.

      He’s an arse with teeth

    • Legerwood says:

      If Scottish rivers and lochs were contaminated by sewage to the same degree or worse that all, repeat all, the rivers etc in England then film of them would appear nightly on Re Scot and photos of the discharges appear daily on the front pages of newspapers in Scotland. The fact that this does not happen gives the lie to everything AC-H has said on the subject.

    • Handandshrimp says:

      Mr Vole Hamilton is possibly the most negative person in Scottish politics. He hated the Queensferry bridge when it was being built saying it was an unnecessary vanity project and yet if it shuts for a couple of hours to de-ice cables he is screaming blue murder about it being a catastrophe. He is a weapon grade balloon.

      No real surprise he is talking Scotland down over water. Privatisation has been a joke in England but the Lib Dem Tory bedfellows support privatisation. It was Vince Cable that privatised the Royal Mail. The Libs stand for nothing. They have no unique selling point. The number of spillage hours in Scotland is a lot less than in England and monitoring is also an issue in England so that is not the answer. Smaller population, faster flowing rivers and more investment in treatment works is a more credible explanation.

      • Hamish100 says:

        I suppose Hamilton would prefer Scottish waters to be like the Thames ( England) so he can do a bit of punting and wear a funny hat.

  57. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    I note that if SOME peeps on Twitter state #NotMyKing or say they will not pledge allegiance to Chocolate Charlie…..some idiot comes along and says “you’ll still take the public holiday though”

    As if there is a CHOICE……I mean can you say to your employer that you want to COME IN on that day as in a PUBLIC HOLIDAY thus they MUST open up for YOU…..

    So NOT the killer response they think it is… it ?

    Seems surreal nay insane that these same people seem happy to condone £250 million PLUS for ONE day for a King whose private wealth is estimated to total £1.815bn……amidst normal peeps (which includes THEM as defenders of royalty leeches) trying to survive in an increasingly HIGH cost of living Tory generated crisis while the TORY UK government fights against ANY workers who seek a pay rise after what has been a ten year wage stagnation under them the Tories (especially considering what Boris Johnson promised would happen post Brexit ……HIGH wage economy and too other Brexit Tory ministers declaring Brexit would result in the UK seeing lower food prices, lower clothes prices and lower energy bills) ……..

    I think that the Tories are confident that, via SOME of the people, they as a government can continue to do what they want, say what they want and basically fail to deliver while simultanously stating that they are delivering….obvs the media also fail ESPECIALLY here in Scotland to highlight or challenge the false messaging from Tories that is nowt more than a classic style over substance political sloganeering campaign…….as in if we the people do NOT see ANY benefits via their supposed “delivering” but only suffer the many many disadvantages under them as a UK government then that MUST be because they are NOT actually DELIVERING anything …….(other than misery and hardship)

    Meanwhile Ferries…….. a BBC Scotland daily soap opera plays out….with regurgitated storylines to up the #SNPBAD propaganda…..the REAL baddies being the ones who broadcast this really……their sole mission to convey #SNPBAD and #ScotlandIsS**** (rhymes with SPITE)

    BBC Scotland news where WE are… dictated by elsewhere…..(where others are)
    #WheeshtForFailingWelshNHS & #WheeshtForFailingEnglishNHS

    Funny how SOME of the very SAME people here defending the royals on t’internet promote the same #SNPBAD message to ensure that we here in Scotland can NEVER EVER have nice things NOW or in the FUTURE……but then neither will SOME of them….but the UK aka status quo for them is more important it seems than their own lives or that of their families…..surreal or insane….or BOTH.

  58. bringiton says:

    The Royal family is an organ of the British state.
    What we are seeing in terms of pledging allegiance to the Crown and our children being “educated” about the value of the Crown,is nothing more than state propaganda.
    Perhaps the reason for the latter action is that demographics are not on the side of Unionism,either in Ireland or Scotland so they are aiming their message at the young.
    At least,they haven’t gone as far as Russia has in Ukraine and deporting children to the motherland.

    • JoMax says:

      Wasn’t the British State complicit several decades ago in sending children, who were lied to that they were orphans, to the ‘colonies’ where some of them ended up being treated like slaves by their ‘adoptive’ families or abused in so called Christian establishments. Only when they became adults and began doing some research did they find out that their mothers were not deceased at the time and some were still alive. Many of them were traumatised. And that was the mid 20th Century.

  59. Capella says:

    Happy May Day everyone, the workers’ holiday….hahahahaha. I wonder if this is a Gove initiative – he’s been quiet recently, too quiet.

    Coronation lessons sent to Scottish councils directly by UK Government

    THE UK Government has sent resources intended to teach children about King Charles’s coronation and the role of the monarchy in the UK to councils across Scotland.

    Despite education being devolved, the Tory government’s Department for Education has also sent the materials to councils across Wales as part of a reported push to get more young people to take an interest in the royals and the coronation.

    Graham Smith, the CEO of the campaign group Republic, told The National the lessons would be “more about preaching than they are about teaching”.

    Smith said reports that the education materials had been sent to Buckingham Palace for approval made it “worse”, adding: “They should not be channeling their PR through our education system.”

    • Welsh_Siôn says:

      I was asked to translate some children’s story involving some pigeons going back in time with a little girl from a brown ethnic minority to show how the coronation ‘worked’, its history over time and how the countries became a ‘united kingdom’ – no war, no blood, no treachery, of course.

      I refused and suggested that the commissioning agency would find very few Welsh language translators willing to undergo similar work. Personally, I have more gratifying projects to work on.

      • Capella says:

        Well done WS – it’s too easy to swoon into a condition of belief with the deluge of instant tradition being poured over everyone. Resist!

      • Tam the Bam says:

        No War …… 1746
        No Blood … 1746
        No Treachery ….. 1707 (‘such a parcel o’ rogues in a nation’).

    • Not-My-Real-Name says:

      “push to get more young people to take an interest in the royals and the coronation”

      Will that include the part where the current monarch committed adultery and his then mistress is now to be known as the new Queen….well that is some promotion is it not !

      Also the Nonce episode of his brother where the late Queen and he himself paid millions for something he, the Nonce, alleges he did not do to someone he, the Nonce, alleges he did not know.

      If it does include above then that should tell children that the “role of the monarchy” is that unlike them as so called subjects they, royalty, can get away with anything no matter how immoral it is….. while we, his so called subjects, knowing this are still expected to pledge allegiance to the one who is King in order for him and other royals to continue this kind of behaviour (also known as exceptionalism) and with seemingly no real negative tangible consequences for them indeed we his subjects are expected to help PAY for them as royals and thus endorse this continued behaviour as somehow acceptable and NOrMaL …..

      Sounds about right for this Absurdistan aka Brexit Britain…….

    • Archie says:

      Some of the royals are very interested in young people…

  60. Capella says:

    Angus Robertson has written a letter to James Cleverley:

    Withdraw new rules on Scotland’s overseas work, UK Government told

    The minister argued that as an ancient nation, Scotland has a long history of international engagement – but said seeking to curtail that work is further example of Tory plans to roll back on devolution.

    “The UK Government’s apparent determination to reduce Scotland to the status of a mere administrative unit and for it to be characterised as such by UK Government diplomats is unacceptable,” Robertson told Cleverly.

    Elsewhere in the letter, Robertson questions UK ministers’ fears that the Scottish Government could be “encroaching” on reserved issues during international meetings…

    “It should be needless to say that Scottish Government ministers would never purport to speak for the UK,” Robertson said

  61. Dr Jim says:

    Every man woman and child will pay approximately £4 per head to the cost of a man being crowned as a King over the peoples of four countries supported by reasoning that his God chose him by his birthright

    To demonstrate against this could lead to arrest and incarceration in prison

    And we get to watch it all by virtue of the tax on owning a TV

    For those that work, a day off has been granted that you may enjoy the viewing you payed for twice over, or you can use that day off more productively by going to the seaside or local park on foot or by car bus bicycle or train

    Let there be a great cry in Scotland of *YaBeauty a day aff* and “I hope it pours in England”

  62. Hamish100 says:

    Thomas Douglas Scots Canadian
    “ Fascism begins the moment a ruling class, fearing the people may use their political democracy to gain economic democracy, begins to destroy political democracy in order to retain its power of exploitation and special privilege.”

  63. Welsh_Siôn says:

    It’s not just us then on manoeuvres to become a normal country with an elected head of state. Maybe it’s not imminent, maybe it’s not pressing, but if even the mild-mannered (outside the haka) Kiwis are thinking of ditching the Saxe-Coburg-und-Gotha-Windsor …

    New Zealand will ‘ideally’ become a republic one day, says Chris Hipkins

  64. scottish_skier says:

    Can you imagine the uproar if the Scottish Government called for a mass public pledge of allegiance to our new FM?

    And the latter actually attained that office through a democratic process involving 2 elections (one by the people to elect the party that leads the government, then one by the parliament to select the FM, both by PR).

    • Dr Jim says:

      They’ll be ordering us off to crusade in the Holy land next

      • Welsh_Siôn says:

        … And in classic ‘divide and rule’ tactics, ordering US to join the new Marshall Wade:

        “Lord, grant that Marshal Wade
        May by thy mighty aid
        Victory bring;
        May he sedition hush,
        and like a torrent rush
        Rebellious Scots to crush!
        God save the King!”

        • Capella says:

          Biden’s not coming. He’s Irish.

          • Welsh_Siôn says:

            Ah … I think we’re at cross purposes, Capella.

            My US is not the ‘United States’. It’s the emphatic pronoun denoting ‘We Welsh’.

            (If you understood that already and meant your comment as a joke, forgive my humour transplant …)

      • Tam the Bam says:

        That comment actually made me laugh Dr Jim .
        Well done. 🙂

  65. Handandshrimp says:

    I do hope Humza maintains a respectful silence during the pledging of servility on Sunday. I’m sure he won’t be alone in doing so.

  66. davetewart says:

    From the head of State of Ireland, M Higgens.
    Worth reading.
    A real head of state’s speech.

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