The reality deniers who cling to the GERS figures

According to Labour MSP Michael Marra, a list MSP for North East Scotland since 2021, whose sole political achievement of note is that he replaced his sister Jenny Marra on Labour’s regional list for the North East after she decided not to stand for re-election to Holyrood, has used his sister’s hand me down seat in the Scottish Parliament to denounce those of us who have the temerity to criticise the GERS figures as ‘sad little men in their bedrooms,’ a very bold move indeed from a man who has only been saved from being a sad little man in his bedroom because his big sister gave him haunners.

I suppose I must be one of those ‘sad little men in their bedrooms’ to whom Marra was referring, although in my defence I feel the need to point out that I am not remotely sad, do not write in a bedroom, am taller than average and manage to maintain a positive outlook even when confronted with personal tragedies and challenges which would crush a lesser man like Michael Marra. Neither have I ever benefitted from any input from my big sister in order to establish my career.

But mostly I am not sad because I know that I am on the right side of history, Scotland is most assuredly on a trajectory which will take it to independence, notwithstanding the current and temporary travails of the SNP, which is merely a vehicle for the independence cause, not its destination. The demographics of independence support in Scotland show that Labour, and the other parties still trying to defend the indefensible Westminster system and pretending in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary that British nationalism isn’t really nationalist at all, are fighting a losing battle.

Marra parroted the language of the frothier end of British nationalism on social media by dismissing those of us who critique the GERS figures as ‘GERS deniers’ as though there was some sort of moral and intellectual equivalence between climate change denial or vaccine denial and critically examining a set of highly political figures which were designed and introduced by a Conservative led Scotland Office in the 1990s in order to create political ammunition to be used against those arguing for greater Scottish self-government, a purpose they continue to serve thirty years later. Marra’s use of the phrase merely illustrates his own intellectual bankruptcy.

Anti-independence politicians like Marra, whom one could usefully describe as a ‘British nationalism denier,’ are desperate to maintain the crumbling credibility of the GERS figures, it’s all that they’ve got left. During the campaign leading up to the 2014 independence referendum the anti-independence parties had a number of lines of attack. Firstly, and with the assistance of the overwhelmingly anti-independence media, the Better Together parties were able to frame the debate as being between ‘nationalism’ on the one hand, with all the negative baggage that word entails and ‘non-nationalism’ on the other. That is a tactic which is now so threadbare that it’s all bare and no thread.

In the post Brexit political landscape of a UK whose governments have repeatedly attacked and undermined the devolution settlement and in which both main parties, Marra’s Labour as much as the Tories have denied Scottish democracy and refused to recognise a democratic route for the people of Scotland to exercise their right to self-determination. The Tories have systematically by passed the Scottish Parliament and have even taken to vetoing its legislation. Now some Conservatives are even calling for devolution to be reversed, a demand made by Boris Johnson’s Brexit negotiator David Frost in a column in the Telegraph this week. The claim made in 2014 that Scotland was an equal and respected partner in a family of nations has been revealed as a blatant lie.

Both Labour and the Conservatives are determined to keep Scotland outside the EU, the Single Market and the Customs Union, against the will of the people of Scotland. So it is abundantly clear that opposition to Scottish independence is not opposition to ‘nationalism’ per se, it is support for a British nationalism which is functionally identical to English nationalism.

Another plank of the anti-independence campaign was to argue that Scotland depended upon Westminster to ensure basic standards of good governance, toleration of minorities, and indeed democracy itself. After the Conservative clown show in a storm drain of the past few years, that claim is frankly laughable. Westminster is incapable of maintaining basic standards of good governance within itself, never mind guaranteeing it in Scotland.

The same goes for the Better Together claim that being a part of the state of Greater England that likes to call itself a union enables Scotland to ‘punch above its weight’ on the world stage. It is clear now that all that Westminster offers Scotland on the world stage is invisibility and silence. That has always been true but is made abundantly obvious from recent British government attempts to ensure that Scottish ministers on trips abroad are brought to heel and are followed around by British diplomatic minders whose job is to squash any potential perceptions that Scotland is a nation in its own right and to ensure that Scottish ministers know their place as mere representatives of the northernmost province of the state of Greater England.

And of course by pandering to the basest instincts of right wing English nationalism the Tories, and now Labour too have blown up one of the strongest arguments of 2014’s Better Together campaign – the claim that it’s only by being a part of the British state that Scotland can benefit from membership of the European Union. It is now clear that even should political opinion shift in England and a government in favour of rejoining the EU was elected to government in Westminster, Brussels would be deeply wary about permitting the UK to rejoin. The quickest and safest route back into the EU for Scotland would be as an independent nation. And unlike an English dominated UK, the rest of the EU would welcome Scotland with open arms.

Relying upon GERS figures which purport to show that Scotland is an economic basket case utterly dependent upon a transfer of funds from the rest of the UK is just about all that the British nationalism deniers have got left. If the GERS figures are seen for what they really are, a British accounting exercise with a political purpose which have no bearing at all on the financial position of an independent Scotland, the likes of Michael Marra have got nothing in the tank. They stand exposed as apologists for a failing undemocratic unitary British state which reduces Scotland to the same status as an English region and which has nothing left but delusions of a former greatness. The Labour party in Scotland are reality deniers.


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151 comments on “The reality deniers who cling to the GERS figures

  1. James Mills says:

    Being a ”GERS-denier” I must confess that I am also of a mind to accuse Labour , particularly their staunch Tory leader Starmer , of being a Democracy denier !

    While this man and his ilk are ”leading ” the Labour Party ( sic ) then there is little prospect of Scotland being seen as anything other than an second-rate appendage to England . Wales is not even given the dismissive contempt reserved for Scotland by this wolf-in-sheep’s-clothing .
    Democracy is a fragile and endangered concept in Starmer’s desire to be the top man in Westminster .
    He has cast aside his ”friendship” with Corbyn , he has cast aside the ”pledges” he made to the Labour supporters when running for the leadership , he will soon cast aside any ”promises” to act like a Labour Party if he thinks that will get him into power .
    Just another Tony Blairite -but without the charm and the lust for war ( we hope ! ).

  2. JP58 says:

    ‘Scottish’ Labour mantra with apologies to JFK – ask not what Labour can do for Scotland but what Scotland can do for Labour. Starmer & Sarwar epitomise this approach.

  3. Hamish100 says:

    So let’s have other figures as official ones.

    The costs of the London centric benefits to the “ nation” that benefits no one in Scotland. Remember thatcher and the eurotunnel that would benefit Scotland by stopping at St Pancras (London) – we get eurocentral. The high speed train for “ the nation” that might stop at Manchester but is costing billions and billions later once the dust has settled allowing a trip to Birmingham from London to be 3 mins faster, cost – who knows? but HS2 was expected to cost between £72 billion and £98 billion pounds at 2019 prices, but since then the bill has been pushed up by inflation (Reuters). Way overdue- makes the ferries seem like chicken feed.

    Londons cross rail link -£24 Billion. Yip £24 billion sucking investment back to London.

    The theft of our oil and gas, our water, our electricity supply, our fishing- apparently every Fish and crustacean comes from Grimsby(England) and on it goes.

    Mara and his sister along with labour are Brit apologists without the apology.

  4. Handandshrimp says:

    If, as the proponents of GERS would suggest, Scotland is an economic basket case then whose fault is that? Denmark isn’t an economic basket case, neither Belgium or Ireland or Holland or Norway or Finland or Sweden or even the newer European countries like the Czech Republic. So what is that Scotland has holding it back that these countries do not have? Could it be the Union? Or could it be that GERs simply does not accurately reflect the underlying economic strength of a developed country with excellent resources and a skilled workforce?

    I had forgotten Marra was an MSP, who prodded him and woke him up?

  5. bringiton says:

    One word to say about Scottish dependency.

  6. Dr Jim says:

    This very morning journalist Alex Massie informed GB news and the nation of England that despite every newspaper bar one, the National an SNP fan mag, being vehemently opposed to Scottish separatism they have been unable to convince the “slavishly devoted* to the SNP voters of Scotland to change their view, and that any future general election would be unlikely to return more than 15 to 20 Labour MPs

    If you deconstruct what he’s saying there for a moment, he admits to a concerted campaign by Scottish media to change our minds, not to report the news, but to convince us to change our view
    In doing so he insults the only independence supporting newspaper then insults the Scottish population as dullard slaves, this is the full English Scottish drone, or *slave* if you like, at his propaganda work

    As for Alex Massie’s claim of 15 to 20 Labour MPs a mouthful of coffee almost landed on my TV that such a thing were even plausable, because even if the branch office of the Labour party in Scotland are to gain anything at the next election it will be mostly at the expence of their partners the Tories, because they don’t mind which of them wins in Scotland as they’re one and the same

    So 15 to 20? well they can live in hope but they’re having a laugh while *convincing* the English of that one, because they’re not *convincing* Scotland

    Unless they’re going to have a referendum in England to shut Scotland down that is

  7. wm says:

    Michael Marra has only proved, like the rest of the better together people, they don’t understand that the GERS accounts neglect to consider that the main ingredient’s for producing UK wealth, is Scotland’s natural resource’s of top grade coal, oil and gas, and now the massive clean energy potential of wind, wave, solar and hydro. Scotland has more than it needs and has produced more than it’s share for the last two centuries. Without these resources there would be no UK wealth, (money) which only represents the wealth produced. NO wonder they are desperate to hold on to Scotland.

  8. Capella says:

    Michael Marra could read Richard Murphy’s article on 23rd March in The National where he debunks GERS – not for the first time.

    GERS was created by the Tories 1992 with the intention of showing Scottish Government finances in a poor light. It has, I admit, been improved several times since then and some numbers (like Scottish income taxes paid) are now largely based on Scottish data.

    There are, however, large parts of GERS that remain nothing more than intelligent guesswork, at best. These include receipts from major taxes like VAT, national insurance and corporation tax, as well as economically significant taxes like capital gains tax and inheritance tax.

    It is obvious that Westminster has no intention of producing accurate figures for the Scottish economy. The issue is that almost all levers of financial control are reserved.

  9. scottish_skier says:

    Ah GERs; the time of year when we see who the real subsidy junkies are.

    That be England and those North British parties that claim Scotland is subsidised, but want to keep getting such subsidies.

    One of the reasons I’ve never voted Scottish Tory is they say they want to keep being ‘subsidised by the English’ rather than stand on their own two feet. What lazy, feckless barstools. That and they’re unable to count. If they could, they’d know GERs was junk.

  10. AlbaLaddie says:

    STV running with “are SNP going bankrupt” narrative.

    I just fired across another £10 to the SNP coffers, so congratulations STV, your smear campaign might bite you on the bahookie.

    • scottish_skier says:

      Yes, I’ve bunged the SNP few bob in the past week or so, inspired by the BBC.

      They can spend it on a battle bus if they wish. Hell, the beers are on me if they want to after all the s**t of late.

      TBH, I was kindae embarrassed by how small the one they bought was. When my folks went on a pretty modest budget road trip tour of California many years ago, the RV they got on hire was like twice the size of the SNP’s one.

      If you want to know what a luxury motor home looks like, it’s this:

      As for hooses… the contrast between Sturgeon’s modest suburban abode and Sunak’s palatial property portfolio could not be starker. Was very good of the British media to show Scots voters this so they can see the contrast between our government and the UK one.

      • James says:

        TBH, I was kindae embarrassed by how small the one they bought was.

        I agree the one they used during the campaign was much more practical (more people can travel in it and spread out more because of covid etc) Looks a bit more impressive as well, doesn’t it! Hence why is one of the staffers traveling with Nicola calling it the Gravy Buss I guess (for those over 30 who probably don’t understand the slang ‘gravy’ it means luxurious or opulent.) All for about a third of the price of a small campervan that still would have had to be wrapped for it to be used.

        Must admit things like this make me agree with Shona Robison that a damaging culture has developed in the SNP. The SNP was having cash flow issues, but nobody seemed to think about selling the van (which was not going to /had been used) to raise some much-needed capital. I mean it is one of the first rules of business if you have cash flow issues you release capital from depreciating assets that you are not using/going to use. Maybe if someone had done this it would have prevented the need for the Murrel loan and the subsequent questions about it.

        • James says:

          oh, and the picture you linked to is also based on a converted bus/coach chassis its called ground force one:

          Hence why I liked a picture of the SNP using a vehicle that is based on a converted bus/coach chassis.

          • scottish_skier says:

            Yes, ground force one was a bus converted to a motorhome.

            The campaign bus was a bus remaining in use as, well, a bus. Temporarily adorned with removable yellae film, but retaining seats for like 30 people.

            As as side note and as per a later comment. I love that the biggest political scandal in Scotland is that a party bought a two berth motorhome during covid for the purposes of campaigning. They used my money for this, and that of my friends and family. We are all content with the purchase.

            Only 7 people are unhappy out of 10’s of 1000’s who donated to the fund.

            This is the country for me.

            • James says:

              Sure, an as long as the money was not taken from restricted fundraising that’s fine.

              As I mentioned previously the some people have complained that the party has used restricted fundraising for the wrong purpose. Even if you are happy for this to happen it does not change the fact that it illegal to do this. Hence the police investigation to find out the exact facts.

              I’m glad that I live in a country that police force investigates complaints no matter who they are against.

        • Golfnut says:

          Cash flow problems only arise when your bank refuse to either extend your overdraft facility or close it down. Ferguson Marine went into liquidation because of cash flow problems twice hence the SG taking control. The SNP had nigh on £2million annually in membership subscriptions though that looks to have dropped, even so there should not have been a problem with the bank particularly since the accounts look fairly robust in comparison to the Labour and tory party’s. A short term loan from PM even of £100,000 pounds shouldn’t have been necessary looking at the SNP accounts. So…..

  11. Golfnut says:

    Increase 5,480,000 (June 2021)[2]
    Increase £168.7 billion (onshore only, 2021)
    Increase £181.0 billion (incl. oil and gas extraction, 2021)[3]
    GDP growth
    Increase+0.1% (Q4 2022)[4]
    GDP per capita
    Increase £30,793 ($42182) (onshore only, 2021)
    Increase £33,033 ($45251) (incl. oil and gas extraction, 2021)[3]
    GDP by sector
    Agriculture: 1%
    Construction: 6%
    Production: 18%
    Services: 75% (2016 est.)[needs update].

    • Golfnut says:

      I had a bar chart for 2021 which listed GDP per country in USD, according to fb it’s no longer available. Its focus was on our nearest neighbours such as Ireland, Norway, Denmark, UK etc. some of the richest in GDP terms. UK was at the bottom of the list at per capita around $45,000, the highest was around $80,000, Ireland or Norway I can’t remember.
      As you can see from my first post Scotland sits at around $87,000 which may in actual fact be incorrect. GERS tells us that revenue generated from production of Oil and Gas from areas designated as Ex Regio cannot be allocated to specific areas but instead is listed as UK. My point is that off shore revenue may be under reported.

  12. scottish_skier says:

    Because they’re Tories, Guardian.

    Labour is on the warpath at last. But why is it targeting benefit claimants and disabled people?

  13. stewartb says:

    O/T You may have heard of ‘Watergate’, arguably a high water mark of investigative journalism, at least in the USA. This is paling into insignificance now compared to the output of intrepid news reporters employed by STV News. It’s only right that their exploits today are amplified and celebrated. (With my EMPHASIS throughout.)

    Headline: ‘Sturgeon LEAVES HOME AS Yousaf reveals SNP still owes husband money – The former first minister did not stop to speak to journalists gathered outside her home in Glasgow.’

    We learn that: ‘Nicola Sturgeon HAS BEEN SPOTTED LEAVING HER HOME AMID ongoing scrutiny of her party’s financial affairs.’

    (Really like this clever use of words like ‘as” and ‘amid’ to imply a relationship.)

    The STV article goes on: ‘The former first minister DID NOT STOP TO SPEAK to journalists gathered outside her home in Glasgow.

    ‘She GOT INTO a black Volvo which was THEN DRIVEN OFF.’

    This triumph of journalistic endeavour was written by an ‘Assistant Producer working on STV News’ digital platforms’. I especially liked the bit about getting in a car that was THEN driven off!


    But STV News is awash with talent. This from the pen of another STV ‘Journalist’, published on its website c. 9 hours ago:

    Headline: ‘Ex-SNP chief executive Peter Murrell seen for first time since arrest
    Peter Murrell was questioned by Police Scotland for nearly 12 hours earlier this month.’

    We learn that: ‘Former SNP chief executive Peter Murrell has been seen in public for the first time since he was arrested and released by police.

    ‘The husband of former first minister Nicola Sturgeon WAS SEEN LEAVING HIS UDDINGSTON HOME in a BLACK PEUGEOT 208 on Thursday morning.

    Spot the pattern? Two people have left their home, black cars were involved on both occasions – and it seems that both cars drove off!

    Where were they going? Why did STV not continue to stalk them in order to find out? Did the black cars drive off AT SPEED: we should be told!

  14. Welsh_Siôn says:

    For S_S, who likes the occasional number crunch. Latest poll specific to Wales (with changes since 2019 election in brackets):

    The full results (with changes from the 2019 General Election in parentheses) are:

    Labour 44% (+3)
    Conservatives 24% (-12)
    Plaid Cymru 12% (+2)
    Reform UK 9% (+4)
    Liberal Democrat 7% (+1)
    Green 4% (+3)
    Other 0% (-1)

    Sample size: 1,251
    Margin of Error: 2.77%

    Welsh independence.

    60% would vote ‘No’
    29% would vote ‘Yes.’

    Source: Redfield & Wilton Strategies

    • scottish_skier says:

      33% Yes ‘first thing tomorrow’ ex DK isn’t bad at all! That was Scotland in 2012.

      Support in Wales has more than doubled since 2013 when it was just 14% ex DK on average.

      The best gift Scotland could give to Wales would be us voting Yes. The Belfast Wall finally falling would have similar effects.

  15. […] underlying fact is that Scotland produces vastly more wealth for government in London than the amount which is returned to Holyrood. But the producers are […]

  16. Dr Jim says:

    Alex Salmond was *mired in scandal*, now Nicola Sturgeon is *mired in scandal*
    One wonders how long before Humza Yousaf will be *mired in scandal*
    Is it going to be every FM that happens to be a SNP FM that will be *mired in scandal* are they all Baad people? of course they are

    Strangely enough Labour’s Jack McConnell was a Prince, as was Henry McLiesh and of course there was another famous one before that who’s dead and has a statue but in actuality he was worse than the other Labour ones and I know it because I knew him, but no media is ever going to denigrate those guys character strangely enough

    I think Scotland is smart enough to see through all of this media inflated
    SNP Piggybankgate

    • scottish_skier says:

      Don’t you remember? It was Sturgeon that ordered the police to go after Salmond and the courts to find him guilty, all to further her personal ambitions! He was narrowly saved thanks to 15 good and true Scots jurors!

      That’s why Sturgeon (or her ‘continuity favourite’ Yousaf) has now sent the polis to her own doorste…to…erm…arre…

      No, wait. This isn’t making sense.

      Ok, sorry. The first story must have been just right-wing bullsh*t from the English media, former imperial ambassadors and so forth.

  17. scottish_skier says:

    I guess the BBC felt they had to report this as its popping up on social media following the latest stories of where the ‘massive, luxury, 30 berth camperbus’ has been moved to.

    Police tried to stop man filming SNP motorhome

    Police Scotland is examining a video that appears to show two officers trying to stop a member of the public filming the seized SNP motorhome.

    The vehicle was removed from outside the home of Nicola Sturgeon’s mother-in-law two weeks ago as part of a probe into the party’s finances.

    It was spotted at a police depot in Glasgow by David Cardwell on Tuesday.

    • scottish_skier says:

      Can I buy the guy videoing a beer? Sh*t several beers! Big man, you rock. Ga’n yersel.

      I love Scotland. The biggest scandal is a wee 2 berth campervan. This is the country for me.

      • Dr Jim says:

        I guess all this shoots a big hole in the foot for all the looniacs who believed Nicola Sturgeon and Scottish government controlled Police Scotland like her personal sojurs

        I should think now they know from where that control emanates and begin to understand the folk who sell them all this garbage are not the truthy individuals they’ve been pretending to be

        The polis work for the crown, and who is the crown ?

        That’s why they call it devolution and not independence

        • scottish_skier says:

          Must be like double agents or something.

          Maybe Surgeon ordered Police Scotland to investigate the SNP and arrest it’s HQ top brass before releasing them all without charge to discredit Craig Murray and Wingsoverscotland who have been saying the SNP have the Polis / Courts in their pocket re Salmondgate etc?

          Also the Scottish media to get them in a frenzy before everyone’s found innocent?

          Must be something like this surely! This is a ‘one modest campervan, sorry party state’ right?


    • UndeadShaun says:

      Thats like something off of scotsquad.

      Police in video, not realising they are making an arse of themselves.

  18. Bob Lamont says:

    From it’s origins to the present, GERS has ever been a financial lie to deter Scots from rocking Westminster’s boat. – It really doesn’t matter what you refine of the lie, a lie it remains.

    Yet the irony of this and all the other lies emanating from London et al is that it has convinced an increasing number of Scots on the merits of Scottish Independence.
    Whatever financial benefits do or do not accrue from independence, they are as nothing to the attraction of putting an end to the relentless lies from those we cannot boot out, be that England’s MPs or the propaganda machine operating at public expense.

    Under Holyrood’s current electoral setup we cannot be rid of such as Marra, who seems more interested in being noticed than making useful contribution to debate.
    As an independent state we can rewrite ALL the rules.

  19. scottish_skier says:

    From one of the least favourable pollsters for the SNP/Yes.

    YouGov: Pro-indy majority despite drop in SNP support

    NEW voting data suggests that Holyrood would retain a pro-indy majority despite a drop in support for the SNP following the resignation of Nicola Sturgeon and an investigation into party finances.

    • scottish_skier says:

      Note this is a ‘no change’ poll. It is within MoE variance on Yougov’s last one, and has all parties at identical levels to those seen since Sturgeon’s resignation in February.

      So no clear impact of campervangate.

      What’s very interesting is Labour are completely unable to make any hay out of things. They’ve been stuck at the same level on average since minibudget gate gave them a boost from the Tories back in September-October last year.

      Seems they have a max 30% ceiling (at best) that they’re just never going to break in Scotland, even when the SNP in a storm with the entire British media on the backs.

      This is a result of Scotland’s voting being strongly along constitutional lines now, meaning they won’t be able to change. To many voters are just ‘Scottish not British’ now and they just vote for Scottish parties only; the devolution generations being the classic example of these. They’ll never ‘come home to British Labour’ as they’ve never been British nor Labour.

    • scottish_skier says:

      Aye, indy value confirms no change. It’s stayed exactly the same as their last one.

      So, as expected, thus far, campervangate has had sweet FA effect on support for indy in a surprise, plan-free, no idea on the EU, currency etc iref held tomorrow.

      Yes ex DK remains at 49.3% in my PoP average, slightly up of late.

  20. Welsh_Siôn says:

    So … Raab has gone.

  21. Alex Clark says:

    His resignation letter from Peston.

  22. Eilidh says:

    I see my post from late last night appears to have been removed. I guess it sailed to close to the wind. In it I stated that I think the timeline and theatrics of events in regards to something I guess I cant mention was very odd, particularly in regard to who was arrested first and that the massive media observation of the first incident seemed orchestrated . I am still flummoxed about who is leading the investigation, what the scope of it is and what is likely to happen next. My fear is people will be charged, any trial will take years because we all know justice is a slow process in this country. People could be found innocent after that. The alternative is that the situation drags on for many months without charges which will suit the unionist parties in Scotland and UK government no end and of course continue to damage the party and current FM significantly. No matter what the party does about governance even very soon,the whiff of recent events are unlikely to disapate any time soon.

    • Dr Jim says:

      The appearance of justice might be slow, it also seems to be very well timed when it comes to the SNP and Scottish government
      Scottish justice in particular manages to make it onto the 6 o’clock news of everything everywhere all at once, unless something really important in the big England happens like a Tory resignation, which is funny considering you’d think we’d be used to that by now as an every week regular occurrence

    • Bob Lamont says:

      I suspect most Scots have looked upon recent events and the timing of them as suspiciously stage-managed, not so in England with HMS James Cook’s lead story getting top billing on BBC/UK within minutes.
      Folks in England look upon BBC Scotland output as “impartial”, a delusion Scots were relieved of some time ago.

      Let the PS do their job, let the choreographers try their best, but as a strategy this far it has already backfired badly in Scotland.

    • Capella says:

      I expect this issue to continue up to the next general election. If that is to be a de facto referendum – and no other referendum is now possible – then the number of people voting for the SNP will determine the outcome. Tarnishing the reputation of the SNP is the only strategy for defeating a YES vote. Voter suppression is a well known strategy.

  23. Dr Jim says:

    The Tory party is “talking to itself about itself” says Starmer again

    If anybody’s been watching Starmer’s response to the resignation of the latest Tory, you’ll notice he’s using the exact same key phrases like the one above

    The other phrase Starmer uses is “mired in scandal and sleaze”

    Both of these phrases are the common usage of his wee Scottish clone Sarwar who trots them out on demand of the where we are media when talking about the SNP

    It’s like *Starmer and Sarwar* are a wee club double act thinking we have’nt seen their show before, if only thon Robert Leopold had had a name that rhymed with Starmer he too might have still been in the show at the Labour club

  24. Hamish100 says:

    The stench of gossip and duplicity by the other parties is clear to all. Even my old mother in law says it’s a stitch up.

    The parties concerned, Tory, Labour, Lib Dem and even ALBA can show us the way by producing all the donations provided by business, unions and individuals living oversees and the rest out in the open.

    The number of individual members within their parties and if possible include their “regional” set ups.

    But they won’t.

    • bringiton says:

      The Westminster establishment operates under the principles of…secrecy,stealth,lies and deceit.
      So,of course they are not going to disclose details like this.
      Lack of a binding constitution is designed to aid their modus operandii.
      However,we must not leave ourselves open to this sort of attack in future.

  25. Dr Jim says:

    The ruling regime in England has been incredibly successful over hundreds of years at brainwashing and training their own population to ridicule denegrate and belittle every other nation on the face of the earth, then with equal brilliance convinced them that every other country and people is anti English, thereby claiming victim status while simultaneously being the guilty party

    England worked hard to earn the title “Perfidious Albion”

  26. Hamish100 says:

    With Rabb ungraciously resigning the Tory press and bbc are pushing the line that there is a public debate over what bullying actually is. Divert, divert, divert. Excuses , excuses.

    Ask the victim of bullying and they should know the answer. They do know already but protecting the Tory bully boys is what matters.

  27. Bob Lamont says:

    Having just gone back to review what Penny Mordor said in the Commons over current issues for the SNP , it’s not difficult to see why the conspiracy theory the auditors were “leaned on” to quit gained so much credence.

    Whereas I do recognise Auditors have come under increasing pressure for higher standards by Clients and have re-assessed risks, there is something distinctly “off” in this series of “unfortunate events”, and a lingering odour of Eau de Latrine, Made in London…

    As Dr Jim observed above, ” “England” worked hard to earn the title “Perfidious Albion”…

    • Dr Jim says:

      Unfortunately Bob they control the vertical, they control the horizontal and all dimensions inbetween
      The masterful illusion that Scotland Wales and Northern Ireland were ever in any way equal to England is exposed like a card falling from the sleeve of a master trickster
      They were the best in their day, their sleight of hand unsurpassed in the world, their velvet smiling monarchial magicians gloves are now worn and threadbare because they like all tyrants became over confident and cocky and refused to invest in new tricks to fool the audience, and once a trick is seen, it can’t be unseen

      Their media has worked their little cotton socks off for them to keep their sparkly showbiz curtain in place, their news reports are now dubbed *SHOWS* so that government opinion can be presented as factual news by surrounding it with facts so the viewer is confused as to which bit is real and which is not, but it’s the *news* so it must be right no? yes? who knows?

      They constantly refer to England as the UK, it’s not an error or a mistake, they know exactly what they’re doing
      We are the property of England is how they see it and how they want it, they just don’t want the population of Scotland Wales and Northern Ireland to mention it so they invented the new shiny definition of the word *grievance* which under England’s new definition means anyone who disagrees with them, and they spit the word out of their mouths in a distateful fashion as though that’s what’s been decided that word has now come to mean

      When people say someone is a law unto themselves it’s usually followed by a knowing shake of the head that commonly translates as *arsehole* England then must be an arsehole as they continue to write and rewrite any law of any country by any court and then claim like a Syfy judge Dredd movie that England is the law and the whole of the law

      So let it be written so let it be done, Ramesses 2 Pharaoh of Egypt

      He got gubbed by Moses with a stick

    • Eilidh says:

      Yep this issue re Westminster Snp group not getting any short money after this month unless they produce new audited accounts was reported gleefully on Ch4 news last night. Unfortunately no clip of that on their YouTube Channel and I don’t think the have news broadcasts on their catch up service, which is weird. The glee on Penny Mordor’s face is evident as it was on the face of Professor James Mitchell Professor at Edinburgh University and a rampant unionist who was interviewed on Channel 4 afterwards.He spoke about the control freakery at the top of the Snp and senior party members distancing themselves from Sturgeon in other words he repeated his usual biased spiel. In the meantime I will make a donation to the Snp this weekend. I do wonder if the campervan will be held hostage for years as evidence so the party can’t sell it to help their finances

  28. Alex Clark says:

    Dominic Raab will be a big loss for all those in the Tory party and supporters who are just like him and that is a very large contingent indeed.

  29. Archie says:

    Have they siezed his campervan?

  30. James Mills says:

    Raab claims that the ”bar for bullying ” is set too low for Government Ministers ! He is essentially saying that some bullying SHOULD be acceptable by Government Ministers .
    Jeez !!!

  31. Old Pete says:

    If the SNP go down then the ‘Cause’ will go down with them.
    Seems obvious to me, amazingly some bloggers and their acolytes think differently. Destroy the SNP and this helps the chance of Scotland becoming Independent. I really wonder if so many who hate the SNP actually think destroying them helps ?

    • scottish_skier says:

      Indy would not die with the SNP. It might be delayed a bit, but support for it would be just as strong and a new party would for to take up the mantle. The 49% (likely over 50% due to non-standard poll weighting unique to Scotland, but let’s be conservative) are lost to the union. They’d vote Yes tomorrow no matter what. Scotland has changed forever over the past century. It’s not British any more. It’s Scottish and European. The movement has been at a tectonic pace, so slow as almost to be imperceptible at times, but so strong and fundamental it cannot be stopped.

      The British empire is dead and the UK is dying with it. That cannot be prevented – it’s well too late now. We are at the very tail end of the imperial rise and fall curve. We will leave along with the NoI, then Wales, and that will complete the retreat of the English empire from the far reaches of the globe all the way back to where it began with just England.

      The SNP are the product of rising support for indy, as are the Greens. They are not the cause of it. Luckily the brits don’t seem to get this. 🙂

    • Dr Jim says:

      Thes will be the same bloggers that accused Nicola Sturgeon of using police Scotland and the justice system as her own personal hit squad to nail and screw over Alex Salmond, events have proven that to be as much nonsense as the rubbish these *bloggers* spout

      Send them money and they’ll invent and sell another stupid lie the idiots will swallow, certain of them may be getting a knock on their doors soon enough

    • Alec Lomax says:

      Resident daftie at SGP IfS thinks smashing the SNP will bring independence One born every day !

    • Dr Jim says:

      You’d need to ask Tory MP David Davis the campaign organiser

  32. Hamish100 says:

    Some of the bloggers saying that are Brit nats pretending to be independence supporters.

  33. davetewart says:

    The prize is ‘Indy First’, we can sort out how we manage ourselves afterwards.
    The Scots aren’t that stupid so you must be correct and they are Britnats.

  34. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    So….apparently polls now being done asking if Nicola Sturgeon should be suspended from the SNP…..this is on the back of a succession of past Twitter orchestrated #ResignSturgeon protests by much of the same people (a bit Cry Wolf vibe about it……No ?)……as in the ones who pretty much wilfully turn(ed) a blind eye to the succession of TORY ministers who have broken the ministerial code in the UK government…..and too the fact that both a previous and the current UK government PMs were fined by the polis (slapped hand) for breaking the law via Covid rules that THEY implemented ……

    Plus the fact that the Polis investigation is STILL ongoing into the SNP finances matters not a jot to them……as we ALL know if tis anything connected to the SNP then guilt MUST be assumed prior to the conclusion…..Penny Mordaunt quipped in the HOC that it was like an episode of Taggart…..indeed Penny….especially in relation to the BLUE tents (same colour as HER party funnily enough) …….aye indeed ‘there’s been a M*rder’ but not of a body more like a party (they hope) that she , Penny, and others have been trying to K*ll off pre and post 2014 ……

    Plus many of these SAME people defending Raab…..including the media ones promoting these polls asking if the former FM should be suspended……the position seems to be , via media observations on Raab, that the victims are the culprits and the culprit is the victim……this after a week where most of the same media have been crucifying the SNP…….for being INVESTIGATED but as yet nothing concluded…..

    It seems SOME people are fine and dandy with the Tory cost of living crisis post Brexit , the Truss and Kwarteng budget blunder that cost their UK an eye-watering £74 billion, the fraud and error which has been quoted as likely to have cost the UK government as much as over £16bn across the Covid-19 emergency loan schemes when the current PM was Chancellor, the Covid Track and Trace FAILED system in England costing £37 billion with NO breakdown as to who, what and where the money was spent on, Nadhim Zahawi failing to disclose MILLIONS of pounds in back tax , Jeremy Hunt (the CURRENT Chancellor) spending £3.56million and receiving a “bulk discount” on the purchase of seven flats bought from a Conservative donor and FAILING to declare his interest to Companies House, then there was Robert Jenrick when the Government has suppressed a key document outlining how he, the then Communities Secretary, was allowed to award pre-election cash to his own Newark constituency from a massive £3.6 billion regeneration programme for small towns (plus in May 2020 , Jenrick when he was Housing Minister, accepted that his approval of a £1bn luxury housing development connected to a TORY donor on Westferry Isle of Dogs had been unlawful) and then too the many other SCANDALS and wrongdoing of other ministers and individual TORY MP’s …….aye but there is only ONE scalp that THEY ALL WANT amidst the continuous publicised and obvious crimes committed by the TORY party……you know THAT is so TORY BREXIT UK in a nutshell is it NOT……..NOT forgetting also Dross’s BAD ‘memory’ where he FAILED to declare £28,000 in outside earnings including nearly £7,000 he made as football referee….same Dross that currently (via opportunism) has written to Humza Yousaf to raise “legitimate and urgent” questions over the SNP’s finances…….but that same Dross has NEVER or will NEVER raise “legitimate and urgent” questions to TORY HQ on their respective finances and too their many financial wrongdoings…..or like HIM , the supposed same many similar ‘lapses’ of memory in his Tory colleagues at HQ failing to declare their respective financial interests….Hmm.

    If, as a politician, you support the Union (INO) then those voters who also support it will bury their heads in the sand to your CRIMES and condone that absolutely NOTHING of REAL consequence in way of REAL punishment should ensue …BUT….if, as a politician, you support independence then those SAME voters who do NOT support it also will demand that the FULL force of the law should come down on you (before any investigation concluded obvs)…..and that you should LOSE the right to still be a politician….and pretty much even a LIFE sentence would be , for them, too lenient……

    Said it before but you either laugh or cry at the injustice of it all and too the obvious lack of balance in the political playing field which is anything BUT level in their UK politics……and the media (INO) alas are the obvious (to us) complicit culprits that promotes, ensures and sustains the LACK of any real justice, impartiality and honesty EVER being promoted via them….indeed in many cases tis the opposite……alas the Pitchfork uber pro Union (INO) Twitter warriors are more than happy to have a corrupt and partisan media…..pretty much because that same Pro UK media is willing, like them, to (over) promote the Union (INO) and too those parties that support it …..a never ending rinse and repeat…..from ALL of them…..Fricking sick of it all…..and THEM.

    • Dr Jim says:

      It’s an impossible task to convince someone by method of reason the existence of that which they detest cuturally, only time forces the evolution of the new

      Unionists have no argument except a hatred of change and those who embrace it
      Or in other words, they hate us from the bottom of their soul because we are

      The dinosaurs died, unionists will die, it’s evolution

  35. Capella says:

    Prof Robertson points out how different life is for the Tory Party in Westminster .

    • scottish_skier says:

      I assume the 7 ‘concerned citizens’ that told the police they were unhappy about how my donation to the SNP was being spent (on campaigning for indy) – without actually asking me whether I was unhappy (I’m obviously not – it helped win the 2021 Yes majority for a start) – also raised concerns with the police about the actually confirmed as missing £3.6m?

      Tory Party faces questions over £3.6m unaccounted for in 2019 election

      Or was it just the SNP they raised complaints about?


  36. Capella says:

    FYI a FOI on the hierarchy and accountability of Police Scotland provides a lot of detail with links to further info.

  37. Capella says:

    The Daily Record has remembered about the “dark money” funnelled to the BREXIT campaign via the DUP. In a new book journalist Peter Geoghegan says a sum of over £435,000 was donated by the Constitutional Research Council chaired by Richard Cook, failed Tory candidate.

    We can talk about this because it isn’t the subject of any police inquiry.

    Ex-Scots Tory candidate in row over £435K DUP Brexit ‘dark money’ donation

    After the referendum, Northern Ireland’s DUP confirmed receiving £435,000 from the shadowy Constitutional Research Council (CRC).

    Although the cash was given to the DUP, most of it was spent on the mainland.

    Cook, a failed Scottish Tory candidate who owns a modest semi-detached home in Clarkston, was revealed as chair of the CRC, an unincorporated association.

    He refused to say who provided the cash to the CRC and the donation was the focus of media investigations.

    Geoghegan has devoted a chapter of his new book on British politics – ‘Democracy for Sale’ – to the Cook row.

    He described the £435,000 donation as “probably the most blatant example of dark money in recent electoral politics”.

  38. UndeadShaun says:

    Change that to Scotland and you see why they dont want to agree to a referendum!

  39. Welsh_Siôn says:

    You might remember I referred you in a previous post to the visit of the Farago to Aberdeen to answer (?) some questions put to him by hand-selected locals (?) for his programme on CeeBeeGeebies.

    Here’s the link from youtube.

    Warning: I haven’t watched this myself.

    And don’t forget the HMG ‘nationwide’ alarm simulation in your mobile phone tomorrow …

  40. scottish_skier says:

    I’ll just put this here.

    • Dr Jim says:

      There’s no Russia Today so

    • Bob Lamont says:

      Farage gets more ludicrous and insufferable with each appearance – “with your own central bank?”, the original distorted interpretation of “once in a generation” political rhetoric mutates to “a once in a lifetime vote”, “I think you’ve redrawn the international map, a lot of those oilfields are actually in English…”, “that separation referendum in 2014″… 🤬

    • Alec Lomax says:

      Hanvey played like a fiddle.

  41. scottish_skier says:

    Erm, aye. The Section 35 was a really, really, really bad idea. It pits Scottish unionists – including 2/3 of ‘North British’ unionist parties – against the English government FHS. With Starmer now jumping on the same bandwagon as he chases right-wing brexiter votes, that turns him against his Scottish branch office, many of whom are passionate about the bill and support it a ‘Scotland vs England’ court case as result.

    Use of Section 35 by Westminster risks Union

    THE USE of Section 35 by Westminster has highlighted the “basic incoherence” of the devolution settlement, according to a leading political historian.
    And conflicts between the Secretary of State for Scotland and the Scottish Government will continue even if Labour win the next General Election, Richard Finlay told the Sunday National…

    …“Alister Jack is caught between a rock and a hard place,” said Professor Finlay, of Strathclyde University. “The trouble is that if he stands up [for Scotland], he has to go against his colleagues, and given the recent performance of the Tory Party, he is probably quite reluctant to do that.”

    It’s an open goal for the Scottish government.

  42. Eilidh says:
    No very little about this guy. Hope he is ready for the task

  43. scottish_skier says:

    Incidentally, if the SNP should govern by opinion poll (e.g. GRR), surely the SNP should suspend Sturgeon as the latest (Yougov) poll says apparently Scots* want this?

    And be careful of reading a dislike of Sturgeon into that, because, in the same poll..

    Thinking back over Nicola Sturgeon’s time as First Minister, do you think she was a good or bad leader for Scotland?
    53(+3)% Good
    31(-1)% Bad

    Popularity up on late February, or at least staying just as popular within variance.

    Which positively screams ‘We don’t think she’s done anything wrong, but feel the need to say she should be suspended because, well, you are pushing us into that position by talking about police investigations and stuff.’

    Not least because…

    There is currently an ongoing investigation into irregularities in the SNP’s finances. How closely, if at all, are you following this story?
    15% Very closely
    31% Fairly closely
    26% Not very closely
    21% I am aware of the story but am not following it
    7% I am not aware of the story

    So that would be 54% not paying the story any attention or not even aware of it. Oh dear. Talk about a fail and why support for indy has been completely unaffected.

    And guess who is paying close attention? Come on, think Bath based websites, GRA etc…

    Yup, Tory voters!

    They are the only folk saying they are paying very close attention. Surprise surprise!

    *As per wanting GRR dumped, it is first and foremost Tory voters, not ‘Scots’ in general that want this. Take the former out and it’s statistically a dead heat.

    • Capella says:

      Once again you conflate two categories that don’t belong together. The question was:
      How closely, if at all, are you following this story?

      From the figures you give 72% are following the story and 28% are either not following it or are unaware of it.

      And why do you suppose only tory voters are paying close attention to the investigation into the SNP’s finances? Is it not likely that SNP voters will be interested in this? I am.

      • scottish_skier says:

        Huh? No idea what you are on about. From this:

        26% Not very closely
        21% I am aware of the story but am not following it
        7% I am not aware of the story

        So that would be 54% not paying the story any attention or not even aware of it.

        Although I admit in my haste ahead of AirBnb departure this morning I missed the word ‘much if’ ahead of any.

        People just are not that interested in the story. Why would they? Nobody’s done anything and there is no money missing as things stand. If someone actually gets charged for something serious, voters will take some interest but it won’t affect their voting habits, not unless lots of senior people are also charged as they all were involved / knew what was going on / are seen to be trying to protect wrongdoers. This is obvious.

        People don’t e.g. dislike Theresa May for the actions of Boris Johnson. Sunak is not being judged based on the actions of Johnson or Truss, but on his own behaviour alone, hence the Tories steadily recovering in Englandshire under his leadership.

        In terms of who is ‘following the story very closely’, we have:

        • scottish_skier says:

          42% of Tory voters
          17% of Labour voters
          16 of Lib Dem voters
          11% of SNP voters

          That’s a f’n disaster for the unionists. You don’t want Tory voters concerned about the story. What use is that? None. Zero. Zip. Zilch. They’re lying too. They are not bothered by the story. Why would they be? It’s not their money and they’re never going to vote SNP. But hey, they’ll say this is the biggest story since watergate just like right wing websites like the BBC and wings say.

          It’s SNP voters you want to be really concerned by the story in you are a unionists, but they are the least interested. Why? Because it’s their donations and they’re broadly happy how these were spent. They are also yet to be shown that anyone’s done anything wrong. It’s not like they’ll take the BBC’s word for it! We only have 7 people unhappy and these are not even know SNP supporters – well some of them anyway.

          This is why our first poll since the story broke shows no impact on SNP VI and of course the completely unrelated matter of indy which is nothing to do with SNP support as it’s apolitical.

      • scottish_skier says:

        Oh, and I guess you think the SNP should ignore the polling which has the public saying they think Sturgeon should be suspended? 😉

        I do. Policy making by opinion poll like this is the very worst form of reactionary populism.

        We can’t go around suspending innocent* people for being in relationships with other innocent* people who’ve been not been even been charged with a crime.

        *As is the law and as Yousaf said, i.e. presumed as such until a court finds otherwise.

  44. Dr Jim says:

    The papers have now all but revealed the name of the source of the complaints against
    Peter Murrell and Nicola Sturgeon, some of us I’m sure know well who *he* and they are, and their long term oft blogged written reasons for pursuing this

    He and they claim it was not to bring down Nicola Sturgeon, but we know by all the blogging that was done it absolutely was the one and sole reason

    If you read some of the right wing media today you will find references to *luxury pens* *jewellery* and *pots and pans*
    My sense of this is that sounds very much like SNP merchandise Nicola’s *clicky pens* made popular by Janet Godley during the pandemic and SNP *badges* now labelled as jewellery, the pots and pans had me stumped until well maybe the camper van didn’t have any when they bought the thing

    The “whistleblower” as he’s being referred to will I’m sure be complaining of threats to his life after his description of SNP voters as “Nicola worshipers and sycophants”

    His own words as written by the right wing media drip with hatred yet he claims he only wanted “honesty and integrity”

    All of this sound extraordinarily familiar? Now you know who they are too

    Oh, and why

  45. Capella says:

    Jamie Hepburn, the new Minister for Independence defines his role.

    Holyrood’s ability to protect Scots is under attack

    It sets objectives for us as a new ministerial team. A ministerial team which clearly aligns with the priorities the First Minister wants to pursue in government – from tackling child poverty, to improving public services, building a fairer and greener economy, and giving people the information about independence they need to make an informed choice about Scotland’s constitutional future.

    In my role as Minister for Independence – a new post that demonstrates Humza Yousaf’s drive to achieve our shared goal – I have responsibility for ensuring people have that necessary information.

  46. Hamish100 says:

    Dr Jim,

    I’m sure there is a long line of emails texts and other evidence to reinforce the malice aforethought shown over the past few years by some of the commentators.
    Who benefits? The Brit nats.

    I have many issues over the Greens but you can note the change in the attack mode by the same group of people to attack the Greens. Same motives different though.
    Who benefits? The Brit Nats

    So when we see so called journalists, commentators and unionist politicians following the same tack it is not unreasonable to conclude there is backroom conversations ongoing with their unholy alliance.

    • Dr Jim says:

      Police Scotland were originally reluctant to proceed with this case as laid against the SNP by the *member* complainant who resides just outside Glasgow, until they’d had *direction* from the crown office

      There’s very much more I could say on this, but at the moment I can’t or there’ll be a knock on my door
      I can say however that this is about the destruction of the SNP as a political party and of course the end of Scottish independence
      The folk who began this campaign against the SNP to bring down Nicola Sturgeon have now become the tools of Westminster for the total destruction of any ambitions of Scots towards self determination
      In their eagerness to destroy one thing they have succeeded in allowing England the opportunity to destroy everything so that even they cannot fullfil their ambitions

      When you set out to take a life, first dig your own grave

      • Capella says:

        I agree. But with all successful black ops there has to be a grain of truth somewhere to build a plausible case on. Unfortunately, we can’t speculate publicly about this case as it is a live investigation. But we can still wait and watch and think!

        BTW I also think this is true of the Alex Salmond case. He provided some ammunition which was used to destroy his reputation. The ammunition was relatively minor IMO, but the damage to reputation was major. I don’t think he has handled the aftermath well, which is a pity.

        • Dr Jim says:

          There was never one grain of truth in the accusations that Nicola Sturgeon used the authorities to deliberately set Alex Salmond up, that was the basis and lie used on which this group of individuals invented the Alba party to bring down Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP, now following recents events this proves conclusively that Nicola Sturgeon had no part whatsoever in the travails of Alex Salmond as she had and never did have any control over police Scotland the crown office or any other arm of the judiciary

          Revenge party is what they created with a lie and now we have the fallout from it that will result in our entire country losing, every voter of every party, every individual in Scotland that pays attention to what’s happened has had their trust in politicians of every party destroyed by malice and bitterness so that even the conspirators cannot succeed in their original takeover plan, because Westminster took control of it and now it belongs to England, everybody in Scotland loses because of Alex Salmond’s *sleepy cuddles*

          • Capella says:

            I meant AS’s own behaviour provided the ammunition, the underlying grain of truth. Whoever directed the police to make sweeping inquiries – and I believe that was the Crown Office – blew the case out of proportion. The jury decision confirms this. It was nothing to do with Nicola Sturgeon IMO. But how easy it is to get two camps at loggerheads over something which somebody else is responsible for.

        • Legerwood says:

          I wonder if the women involved thought it was ‘relatively minor’?

          • Capella says:

            The woman I know thought it was unpleasant and unwanted but didn’t make a complaint. But I’ve no idea what the complainers experienced.

            • Legerwood says:

              Did they not say when they gave evidence in court?

              • Capella says:

                I believe there is some dispute about what actually happened – hence the jury verdicts “not guilty” and “not proven”. But the reporting I read didn’t sound vey different to what we all experienced at times, apart from the “sleepy cuddles” incident and who knows what happened there other than the two participants.

                Before the “me too” movement women generally put up with a lot of things they don’t put up with now. Men who thought they were just being feely touchy probably are shocked to find it wasn’t welcome. Some of them.

                • Legerwood says:

                  Sorry but I never ever experienced what you appear to think women generally put up with..
                  That sort of behaviour on the part of any man especially in the workplace was never acceptable long before ‘MeToo’. I guess I was one of those people who from the get go always made clear where the boundaries were even to the point that I made clear that they could die of thirst before I would make a cup of tea for any man I worked with.

  47. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    The Tory branch office ALWAYS like to highlight that the Scottish government ALWAYS blame WM …….while they themselves and their HQ party ALWAYS blame other factors for THEIR failures to address the HUGE mess we are all having to endure as being a part of their Tory HQ governed UK…..

    DRoss himself when he went through his Yeah but No but Yeah phase on whether Boris Johnson should resign via #PartyGate blamed the cost of living crisis and the war in Ukraine for reasons why Johnson should not resign…..and he accused the Scottish government in the Scottish parliament of “hiding behind the Covid shield” in response to his question re NHS backlog while his own party leader at WM on the same week cited Covid consequence as a response to Starmer highlighting NHS backlog in English NHS…….indeed most Tory MP’s on both news and Debate programmes use OTHER factors to blame for the DIRE state within their UK….

    Now when the findings of a report on Dominic Raab has upheld two of the civil servants complaints on his bullying we see Tory MP’s , via media, blaming the accusers via them being anti government, being too sensitive and other weak excuses used to garner support for Raab….. and even Raab himself , via an article in the Torygraph , ranting at how he was a victim of a plot orchestrated by civil servants…..which is rich considering prior to investigation he stated he would “respect the findings of this report whatever the outcome”……what is also strange is that many peeps have highlighted that if the civil servants are the supposed REAL problem and are supposedly all part of a plot to bring down the government because they are anti government then why are there not widespread accusations made against ALL OTHER Tory government ministers via their civil servants…Hmm

    Personally I think that for many fair minded people they are seeing a pattern here with the Tory party in that they always BLAME others and OTHER factors for THEIR own shortcomings to try to deflect away from their own culpability…..while simultanously they are the first to accuse opposition parties and individuals of being the sole cause of their own assumed (but not actually the case in many instances) wrongdoings……

    WHEN are the TORIES going to take ANY responsibility……well on past and present form it seems never…..indeed their response to the Raab bullying incident is to try and game the system in their favour by supposedly considering plans to politicise the Civil service ….these are MORE (fascist) radical plans to bring in more “politicisation” of Whitehall by allowing ministers greater powers to appoint their own civil servants…….so much for those recent anti SNP agitators stating that the SNP run Scotland as a one party state…..I mean if we are talking about a political party acting as ones who run a ONE party state then the Tories seem to be writing the handbook ……

    SO….how much MORE can some Scots tolerate to continue to meekly accept STILL being a part of this UK……what will it take to break the Camel’s back and finally push MORE Scots into accepting or rather NOT accepting any more of this same old same old s*** (rhymes with PIT) show via what we have NOW compared to what we were promised pre the 2014 Indy Ref…..I do not know what the breaking point is for some people….my breaking point has been and gone a long long time ago…..surely to God there has to be a point where MORE Scots declare that enough is enough… NOT recognise all that has gone down (down down) seems to me as if there are those who are in self imposed denial on reality …….you may think that some voters are disengaged from politics thus they are unaware of all that is happening but they still seem to be engaged enough to VOTE for Pro UK parties in elections…so what are they basing their vote on IF as we often assume they are not informed on facts or truth ?

    God knows what will happen come the next GE but I know the media will continue to try to vehemntly and relentlessly dissuade any voters supporting the SNP and too independence as that’s their job in Scotland (and elsewhere)…..but look at the alternative…..more of the same tired old slogans and unfilled manifesto pledges that fail to address ANY concerns , needs, wants and improvements for us in Scotland aka the UK’s second class citizens together with the Welsh and the Northern Irish peeps……as to Labour, if they do win the next GE, then we will have the NEW bosses same as the OLD bosses…..and BREXIT will be under new (mis) management ….so really what’s to like about that ?…….. absolutely NOTHING ……and then post the anticipated date of the next GE being in 2024 we may see come the subsequent GE that the Tories may then regain power….and for Scotland that means we are back at square ONE….a never ending circle of C*** (rhymes with SAP) …….

    It’s hard not to be dispirited at it all….but at the same time you know that is what THEY hope will happen and that is what they all really really want to ensure…both the Pro UK media and the Pro UK politicians……I for one will never allow myself to be beaten down by them…..and I hope my fellow Scots who currently are still ‘undecided’ also come to that point… NOT do will mean more years of living in this Hell Hole that they call the UNITED KINGDOM….reality is it is very DISUNITED and for many of us we would prefer NOT to be part of a KINGDOM…. and as a failed state it should never ever be something that anyone, if they want to try and have better lives, should accept and vote for in the here and now for either themselves or for future generations of their families in Scotland !!!

    We must keep strong and keep fighting …..the mounting damning evidence of what the political alternatives are for us in Scotland clearly proves that we are very much on the RIGHT side both politically and constitutionally in WHO we support and WHAT we support……and doesn’t that just P them all off….BIG TIME.

    Have a nice day everyone


    • Not-My-Real-Name says:

      * “a never ending circle of C*** (rhymes with SAP) …….”

      “a never ending CYCLE of C*** (rhymes with SAP) …….

  48. scottish_skier says:

    This is surely the end of independence.

    A second source said: “There is an extensive list of items that the police are interested in which will probably be surprising some people.

    “It is mostly high value items – expensive pens, pots and pans, jewellery, but also a fridge freezer.

    Yes, I am surprised. Very surprised. It would be hard to be more surprised.

    Pens, pots & pans and fridge freezer? Is this some sort of joke?

    No wonder the SNP seem so super confident. I mean WTF? Pens? A f’n fridge? No property in the Bahamas? BMW’s? High class prostitutes? Hunners of thoosands in crypto assets? Just maybe some nice pens, John Lewis Pots & Pans and an American style fridge/freezer in the HQ lunch room?

    SNP deputy leader Keith Brown has insisted the party has “nothing to hide”

    This is why:

    Keith Brown: ‘Uptick’ in members joining SNP despite police probe

    THERE has been an “uptick” in new members joining the SNP despite the high-profile investigation into the party’s finances, the SNP depute leader claimed.

    Keith Brown insisted that there had also been an increase in donations in recent months, despite increased scrutiny on the party as the finance probe continues.

    In the middle of a cost of living crisis too.

    I’ll be making another donation soon. the BBC has been doing its best to encourage me in this and how can I not listen to their appeals here.

  49. Welsh_Siôn says:

    Did you all get your 3pm alarm … along with the recorded message from Pte. Frazer that, “We’re all doomed!”?

    UK emergency alert message’s strange Welsh mistranslation blunder

    The strange case of how a German bird is supposed to keep the Welsh safe.

  50. Welsh_Siôn says:

    Sorry … This sentence:

    UK emergency alert message’s strange Welsh mistranslation blunder

    Should have been a hyperlink to this:

    In the long advertised trial of the UK Government’s warning system, mobile phone owners received an emergency message at 3pm today, which will be used in the future to warn of nearby risk to life, such as in the event of floods or wildfires.

    In Wales, a bilingual message was sent out, complete with a high pitched alarm and vibration to all phones enabled with 4G or 5G. It lasted 10 seconds and could be swiped away to silence it.

    However, amid the sound of impending doom, keen-eyed observers spotted the fact that the Welsh translation had clearly not made it to the proof-reading department.

    The word ‘safe’ had been mistakenly translated, substituting ‘ddiogel’ or ‘diogel’ for ‘Vogel’. With no V in the Welsh alphabet, the word Vogel left those who had received the test warning scratching their heads.

    The end of the sentence should have read “eich cadw chi ac eraill yn ddiogel” meaning “to keep you and others safe”, but instead “eich cadw chi ac eraill yn Vogel” was written.



    Anyhow, I’m off to mourn the death of my dragon at the hands of some Syrian mercenary a few centuries ago, who later became the patron saint of bowler hats, stiff upper lips and morris dancing.

    See ya!

    • Bob Lamont says:

      Priceless 👍

    • scottish_skier says:

      I will be giving this a try.

      How to disable UK emergency alerts on your phone

      I don’t want an aggressive foreign government that is ruling my country without the consent of its people taking control of my phone.

      Which is what happed today as they gave themselves priority over the apps I was using without my permission.

      • scottish_skier says:

        Seems to work. Found and turned off anyway.

      • Naina Tal says:

        Are you 100% sure they couldn’t put something in your phone at the same time?

        • scottish_skier says:

          Aye, it’s creepy as f**k.

          I like to decide what software is running on my phone. Today I found this overridden by an aggressive foreign government’s software. It overrode my satnav, which could have been dangerous as I had to reach to cancel it. In this instance I was stationary so it wasn’t, but overriding satnavs in cars is really not a bright idea at all. Just one example of concerns being raised.

          I don’t mind adding alert apps from friendly governments that I choose to trust, including that of my own country. But today I felt like a Ukrainian finding that Russia could send ‘alert’ messages to my phone which I was forced to see instead of what I wanted.

          I am no conspiracy theorist, but an anonymous sim card now looks pretty appealing.

          I am also asking myself if people in the north of Ireland happily found the English government taking brief control of their phones today? That would, erm, not really be in the spirit of the GFA I can’t help but feel*.

          *I say this as someone who’s Irish nationality comes from the north of Ireland when there was no north (gran was just a toddler when the Brits started shooting at her friends, family etc).

          • Golfnut says:

            This may sound highly unlikely and even stupid but the timer alarm on my oven went off. My wife and I decided to experiment with our phones. Mine was switched off and my wife had disabled the settings on hers. Neither of our phones sounded the alarm though apparently that was true for many and the alarm appears to have gone off at different times. 3:30pm we heard a continual beebing and immediately checked our phones, neither had the alarm and we thought it may be one of our neighbours, so persistent was the alarm that we went round checking each room to find eventually that it was the oven.

          • Golfnut says:

            I’ve started the process, just waiting for a copy of a birth certificate, of getting an Irish passport. The registration as an Irish citizen, which is a prerequisite, takes apparently 2 yrs, was this your experience?

            • scottish_skier says:

              My application for a foreign birth registration was received first week of Jan 2019. I had my Irish birth certificate and had made my passport application by the end of November 2019. My passport was issued not long after in the first week December.

              So just shy of a year in my case. Don’t know how things are now.

      • UndeadShaun says:

        It is common throughout the world from germany to japan.

        (In japan it works on tvs too)

        UK is as usual last to the party and with one that only works on newer android (11 onwards) and IOS (14.5 onwards)

  51. scottish_skier says:

    Fact of the day.

    Non key workers have been taken of TotalEnergies Culzean platform due to a power outage issue.

    Culzean came on stream in 2019.

    It supplies 5% of the UK’s entire gas supply – or 60% of Scotland’s demand – alone. Yes that’s 60% of our demand from a what is a pretty small gas condensate field – by comparison with others in our waters that is (see e.g. the huge Laggan-Tormore development*). It’s likely you had not heard of it as a result.

    This is just a little example of why Scottish people (and Welsh/north of Ireland folks) people are not allowed to vote freely for the government they wish while English / British people are. Some people are ‘subsidy junkies’, but it’s not us.


  52. Dr Jim says:

    If you live in central Scotland what’s the point of an alarm? is it so you’ll look down before the nuclear flash burns your eyes out and melts the skin from your bones? or maybe we’ll have a micro second to take a door of its hinges and hide under it
    I remember in the 60s they told us to get under *the dining room table*
    Table? dining room? will there be time to take a bus to a posh neighbourhood to get under their table was the standing joke back then

    If anybody believes this flood or a wildfire drivel they need their head looked

  53. Hamish100 says:

    I smiled as they had a guy from the Met office telling us how important this was on the bbc (both independent for the Tory government,🫣)

    Apparently this is to protect us from wildfires- I look around- unless concrete ignites , I’m safe, also from floods, my house is on a hill – hard luck if you bought a new house on a flood plain. It’s your own fault!

    Ot – just noticed Barclaycard has change my address. I don’t live in Scotland anymore -it’s a place called Great Britain. Seems the forced “Britishness” onto persons isnt just with retail shops like Morrisons.

    Quite deliberate and subtle.

    Now I need an alarm for that.

    • Dr Jim says:

      Folk have memories like goldfish and seem to have forgotten the imposed union flags on our driving licences to remind us we live and drive in England’s domain, until we have to take them out of our wallets for ID reasons that is

      Mine has a Saltire sticker over it, and when I renew because of my age I send it back with the sticker still on it, a new one comes back without the Saltire, but I have enough stickers to last the rest of my life, so two fingers of both hands up and down to them over and over

  54. Dr Jim says:

    Wee piece of useless information, Joanna Lumley says her love of Scotland is so strong the Saltire is tatooed into her bones, she lives in Dumfriesshire btw

    Even though she’s as English as you could get, things are not always as they appear

    • Welsh_Siôn says:

      Yet, was she not one of those luvvies who professed undying love for Scotland in 2014 … in such a way that she didn’t want you to leave in September of that year?

      Is she not also a mate of Boris and those behind his putative garden bridge in the imperial capital? (See Eyes, passim).

      Was she not born in ‘British India’?

      Is Dr Jim being ironic? 😉

      • Tatu3 says:

        My dad was born in “British India” and very much believed in Independence for Scotland,
        He was still in India when it got independence in 1947. He was in Ghana in 1957 when it got independence. He hoped for independence (devolution) in Scotland in 1997, but sadly died that year.

      • Dr Jim says:

        She believes in what a people want, a people should have the right to, her own personal preferences may be different, but she’s a democrat and recognises human rights, it’s why she threw her weight behind the Gurkhas for recognition by the British which could have put her out of favour with those and such as those, but her personal popularity and national treasure status won the day, and the British gave in behind a *we like Joanna more than you* campaign

        Joanna Lumley is indeed a child of India and daughter of the British army elite, and English to the core, but she doesn’t buy the English nationalism product the British use to rule

      • Capella says:

        I like Joanna Lumley. She was brilliant as Patsy in Absolutely Fabulous.

      • Welsh_Siôn says:

        Fair enough you guys, but is it that she has changed her mind?

        She is a Dame of the British Empire, too, don’t forget.

        • Dr Jim says:

          Sean Connery was a Knight of the realm, people will take what they can get but it doesn’t always compromise their core principles

      • Legerwood says:

        Actually if I remember correctly the Garden Bridge was proposed by Ms Lumley then Boris took it over with the usual Boris result

    • Alec Lomax says:

      I like her support for the Ghurkas.

  55. Pogmothon says:

    TOT Rant.

    Not being a member of the SNP since 1967. I have little to no interest, and no right to question how they have spent their own money, even if some of it used to be mine.
    I am not (I believe the term is ‘an Indian giver’) once I give it to you it is yours to do with as you see fit. I have no more say in the matter than an ant can direct the planet through space.

    I am however quite concerned about where the £3,500,000.00 that was left as a weekly deposit on a bus has gone.
    Because that now totals £421,000,000.00 up to Friday past.
    This proposed relocation of public funds was underestimated according to LBJ.

    An ‘am bil’in aboot the lack of information on the misappropriated covid funds,
    Where’s my daily / hourly updates,
    Where are the questions under caution,
    Where are the charges,
    Where’s the “usual suspects” arsesistin(sic) the polis with their inquiries.

    If I spoke aboot the already traced £29,000,000 the wastemonster would simply class it as a Jock ‘Mone’, but it’s oor pooches an the folk in the other three countries pooches it came oot’o.

    I am F’in rage’n about the wastemonster just writin’ off BILLIONS thieved fi wo’or pooches as just lost.

    Where’s the proceeds of crime laws, where’s the seizures of assets, funds, investments, pensions.

    They, the beneficiaries of these missing funds are just as prosecutable as any drug barron, or any Mr big crim’.
    Where’s the receipt and the proof you earned the money legally that pied fur it, nane oops that’s for auction then.

    All thats required is the same diligence from the PF (an whatever the english equivalent is) an the polis that they give to any other crim wi that level o’ funds.
    The polis should be well motivated cause I believe that under the proceeds of crime laws, they get a cut of the recovered funds.
    I’d love the irony thieving tories gutted by the laws they forced onto the statute books (probably because they weren’t getting a cut).

    They all think they have gotten away with it especially the mone.
    But they can prosecute war crimes decades later. And as far as I know there’s no statute of limitations here for anything.
    So they all would be best spending time looking over their shoulders, an international arrest warrant is a wonderful thing.

    Extraordinary rendition anyone ???
    We’re still lucan fur ye.

    Not political opponents….. Just thieving gits who stole from every man, woman, and child in this country.

  56. Handandshrimp says:

    Can any of our resident psephologists tell me if the Panorama poll on the monarchy has a Scottish breakdown?

  57. Capella says:

    I hope Humza Yousaf has more to discuss with Rishi Sunak than the 10% rise in whisky tax, when he meets him today – things pertinent to independence. I understood that it was in the ToU that malt would be exempt from tax.

    Someone in the comments says that BREXIT added a huge 25% increase in import duty across 26 member states. We were promised in 2014 that we would stay in the EU if we voted NO. In 2016 we voted REMAIN.

    Humza Yousaf to call on whisky tax fairness from Rishi Sunak

    • Dr Jim says:

      I don’t believe there’s anything worth talking to Rishi Sunak about, he is the epitomy of the Uriah Heep ever so umble ruthlessly arrogant slimeball little squint of a man with no principles whatsoever, he will sympathise patronise then organise Scotland’s demise all in the same breath as he umbly accepts his responsibilities to himself to increase his holdings

      There’s only one remedy for the likes of the disease that is Sunak

      You can tell I’m not a fan eh? I’d happily be the remedy though, for free

      • barpe says:

        Dr Jim, isn’t it time you expressed clear feelings on our beloved Leader?
        This ‘fence-sitting’ ill becomes you!!

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