The devastation of the Trussteroid strike

asteroidBarring some unforeseen event like an asteroid striking the earth, Liz Truss will be chosen as leader of the Conservative party tomorrow and will then travel to Balmoral to be appointed as the next worst Prime Minister in modern times. It’s fair to say that the asteroid strike would probably do less damage. You have to add the qualification ‘in modern times’ when you say that Truss is going to be the next worst British Prime Minister because if you don’t then some tiresome pedant will pop up on Twitter to say ‘gotcha’ in order to point out that Lord North was worse when he was Prime Minister between 1770 and 1782 as though anyone other than Jacob Rees-Mogg really thinks that it’s valid to look to the politicians of the 18th century for relevant comparisons to British politics 250 years later, although the fact that you have to look back 250 years and the era of buying votes and public office in order to find someone who is arguably worse than the current lot tells you all you need to know about the current dire state of British politics.

Truss is, thankfully, not yet in office, but the likely horrors of her administration are already hoving into view, like the iceberg that sank the Titanic, which would be more powerful of a warning were it not for the fact that the British ship of state was holed below the waterline quite some time ago, and the third class passengers in steerage have already started to drown.

Truss has hinted that as Prime Minister she will restructure employment laws, the Times has reported that she plans a review of protections and rights for workers, which could lead to the abolition of the 48 hour limit on the working week in order to make the UK ‘more competitive.’ Holiday pay, equal pay for women and men, safe limits on working hours and parental leave are just a few of the rights underpinned by retained EU law, which Truss wants to review.

In an audio recording leaked during the Conservative leadership contest, Truss was heard to tell an audience of Tories that British workers needed to ‘graft’ more, as though the problems in the UK economy are not created by a combination of low pay, corporate profiteering and systemic under investment in favour of short term profit taking and bloated senior management pay, but because shop floor workers on the minimum wage can’t be forced to work 60 hours a week without toilet breaks or paid holidays. Truss’s comments were defended by her prominent supporter and likely new minister for poor houses and sending children up chimneys Jacob Rees-Mogg as ‘sensible.

In her last interview before the result of the leadership contest is announced, Truss told the BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg that it was ‘fair’ that her proposed tax cuts will benefit high earners more. As usual with the Conservatives, poor people need to be incentivised by punishing them, but rich people must be incentivised by giving them even more money. In the same interview Truss refused to set out what she intends to do to help households facing unsustainable energy bills, but in an article published overnight in the Telegraph Truss was mostly concerned with her plans to lower taxes and ‘deregulate’ the economy, Conservative code for axing employment, consumer and environmental protections.

Meanwhile, for those of us in Scotland, the play-doh Thatcher promises a very special kick in the Nadines. There are reports that Truss intends to change the law so that in any future Scottish independence referendum, Yes will only be deemed to have won if it succeeds in gaining the support not just of a majority of those who vote, but of those who are registered to vote. This is the same anti-democratic gerrymandering trick pulled by Westminster on the people of Scotland by Westminster in the 1979 devolution referendum. Labour MPs opposed to Scottish devolution imposed a 40% rule specifying that the proposal need not only win the support of the majority who voted, but must also be supported by more than 40% of all those registered to vote, a measure which was widely condemned at the time as meaning that the dead would count as No voters. In the event the proposal for a Scottish Assembly with less power than the current Scottish Parliament won a narrow majority but failed to overcome the gerrymandering 40% hurdle. This created anger and bitterness in Scotland which lasted for the next decade.

Now it seems that the Conservatives are considering repeating the same undemocratic trick, only this time with an even higher bar. Had this measure been in force during the 2014 referendum with its record voter turnout of 85%, the Yes campaign would have had to have won 60% of votes cast in order to have been victorious so No would still have won even if 59% of votes cast were in favour of independence.

Opponents of Scottish independence point to the independence referendums in the Baltic states in the early 1990s, where support for independence surpassed 90% as evidence that it is ‘reasonable’ of them to demand similar levels of support in Scotland before they concede the legitimacy of Scottish independence. It speaks volumes about British nationalist desperation that they think it is a valid standard of comparison to equate the Conservatives in Westminster with a totalitarian regime which had committed numerous crimes against humanity in its efforts to suppress the Baltic nations and incorporate them forcibly into the USSR.

Not that we really know what the implications for Scotland are with the new Prime Minister because BBC Scotland has failed to interview either Douglas Ross or Alister Jack about it, its coverage being confined to James Cooke sticking his mobile phone camera into the faces of demonstrators at the Perth hustings in a successful attempt to goad them into providing him with some self-aggrandising headlines.

Should the Conservatives impose this measure it would set an impossibly high barrier for supporters of independence to overcome, that is of course precisely the idea. You can also be certain that if it looked as though the independence campaign was likely to overcome this artificially high bar, the Conservatives would raise it even higher.

This measure would not merely be profoundly undemocratic because it could see the campaign which won the most votes losing. It’s also undemocratic because the high barrier would only be imposed on one side, giving the No campaign an in-built advantage. The Tories’ hypocrisy is laid bare because they had no such qualms about the narrow Brexit vote, which apparently represents the ‘settled will of the British people’. The sole reason, the one and only reason, that the possibility of this gerrymandering measure is being raised now is because the Conservatives fear that they would lose a free and fair independence referendum. Those who are confident in the strength of their arguments do not propose changing the rules to handicap their opponents.

However additionally this measure gives the anti-independence parties an extremely strong incentive to boycott a referendum. If they were able to reduce turn out to 60%, which is still more than the turn out in some recent UK General Elections, in a boycott campaign which would doubtless be widely aided by the BBC and the anti-independence media, Yes would still fail even if it succeeded in winning 80% of votes cast.

This is an obvious travesty of democracy and it would deprive the people of Scotland of the opportunity to hear both sides of the argument. It would not, despite the Conservative hand wringing about the ‘divisiveness’ of the independence issue do anything to bring about reconciliation. It would only make things far far worse. But Truss and the Conservatives don’t care about that. They don’t care about democracy, they don’t care about the rights of workers. They care only about their own power.

I am sorry but this bout of post-stroke fatigue is proving very difficult to shift. New blog posts may be rather intermittent this week and as of Thursday I will be taking a week off as my 60th birthday is coming up and we have visitors coming up from England.


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90 comments on “The devastation of the Trussteroid strike

  1. Ian Campbell says:

    Thank you Wee Ginger Dug! Your blogs and columns in the National always hit the nail on the head! The nail on the coffin of British Nationalist Unionism!!
    Always well delivered and strongly worded arguments for Independence!! Not bad at all for a guy who is suffering post stroke fatigue!!
    Keep up the great work and Happy Birthday on the day. Enjoy your well earned break.
    Ian and Nicola

  2. deelsdugs says:

    Excellent stuff Paul. Thank you.
    Have an enjoyable birthday minus the psf, if possible.

  3. proudcybernat says:

    This is different in a sense from 1979 referendum. In 2023 (or 2024) voting on Independence, not on Devolution.

    Unlike Devolution, voting on independence gives us an ace up our sleeves. Let’s say YES win indy vote but fall short of WM imposed 50%+1 of electorate rule. So what! We have in Scotland the expressed will of the people of Scotland. We present that to WM and demand that they recognise it. They won’t, of course.

    So Scotland then pulls all its MPs out of WM. ScotGov invokes Scotland’s Claim of Right (essentially UDI) and appeals to the international community to recognise our IndyRef results. Our case will have to go international, above UK law.

    There will be countries who won’t support us. There will be countries who abstain. But there will, imo, be many countries who will recognise Scotland’s democratic vote and see WM’s gerrymandering for what it is.

    So we invoke our Claim of Right/UDI (endorsed by WM let’s not forget). What’s WM going to do? Send in the tanks? Head down the Northern Ireland route in order to impose its will on Scotland.

    If they do try that, then history shows they will lose. Badly.

  4. Bob Lamont says:

    Enjoy your birthday and visitors and break Paul, your eloquence and clarity of analysis will be be missed but we’ll get an approximation to it here through sheer volume of contributions here…

    It’s a sure sign of desperation when the “establishment” suggest changing the rules over Indyref2, but they do grow increasingly restless to derail the enterprise given the media have used up the entire population of “squirrels” in England.
    – And forget about Truss suggesting anything – She is a “careerist” politician who has careered from one disaster to the next and still survives because she’s the useful idiot – It has become the modern definition of a Tory, much as to be “advanced” as an orifice to the dizzy ranks of Sub-Lt such as Bowie is a badge of honour in the media, yet the penny drops with the public.

    I’m away to watch “V” yet again, it’s therapy…

  5. deelsdugs says:

    Just came cross this…

  6. 60 is the new 59, PK.
    Have a great one.
    Truss was an unmitigated disaster this morning on Laura K’s New And Improved Andrew Marr Sunday Blue Tory bulletin.
    They showed a slide illustrating how scrapping the NI hike would affaect the ‘Just Getting By’ and the Rich folk.
    The ‘least well off’ to use Douglas Fraser’s BBC Plantation Quay Doublespeak, would ‘save’ £7 a year while the bankers and billionaires would hold on to £1800 a year.
    Truss thought this fair…arguing that fracking, taking more of Scotland’s oil Gas and renewables would save the day…oh, and tax cuts to grow the economy to spend on Care For The Elderly, Care Homes, and England’s NHS….
    The woman is clearly on Planet Zog.
    Ross Jack and the Red and Yellow Tories are nowhere to be for the odd stupid comment in the obliging Dead Tree Scrolls on, e.g., NS attending the next Cop Conference in Egypt.
    Where is Sarwar these days?
    Helping out at the family Cash and Carry outlet?
    There is no way Truss will survive the first few months.
    We are about to enter late autumn, followed by early winter in the hands of a government which includes Truss, Nadine Dorries and Theresa Coffey in charge.
    What can possibly go wrong?
    Take it easy, Paul.

    • jfngw says:

      The only thing I have learnt from this ‘new’ programme is a comedian can deconstruct the vacuous abilities of these ‘top’ BBC journalists. He highlighted in just a few sentences how poor these vastly overpaid celebrity BBC top commentators are. The trouble with them is they sit in their little BBC/political bubble being told how brilliant they are, when in fact they are just window dressing to politicians who play them like fiddles.

      The only time you will see any fire is if they have a SNP person on or a left wing politician. Many of them are in the top 10% of earners, some are in the top 1%, do we need to ask if they are Tories.

      • Aye, there’s the rub, jfngw.
        They are paid small fortunes to front the Fourth Reich,
        Every one of them refer to Johnson as ‘Boris’, with a twinkle in their eye.
        Paul’s piece serves as a warning; this fool of a Nobody is now running England, under instruction from the faceless Iron Heel Oligarchy.
        Thousands of BBC Scotland’s ‘less well off’ will die this winter because of them.

  7. Dr Jim says:

    I guess the new imaginings of Liz Truss and friends over whether to impose upon Scotland some new set of referendum conditions to make it an impossibility for Scotland to leave what Truss and the British nationalists consider their English union might be something to be concerned about if Scotland were say a colony or a territory owned by England and Scots were just to accept that set of conditions as though we were an English county asking to secede from England

    But Scotland is none of those things, Scotland is a country within a voluntary union even though the British nationalists try their hardest to make us forget that, try as she might Truss nor her buddies can enforce such a ruling if we decide not to accept it

    I won’t accept it, so that’s one, now lets see how many more of us won’t accept it, it’s that simple, we say no and get on with what we want and need to do and dare them to do their worst, will they try it? I really very much doubt it

    • Golfnut says:

      Scotland was dragged out of the EU despite voting 62% for remaining on a 67.2% turnout and just 72% UK wide.

  8. Pogmothon says:

    Can’t believe it a few moments ago EBC reporting from Richie Soonsick’s constituency an’ they without any apparent sense of humility, or irony showed details of a toryfied baby box that they were supplying to people in need (as judged by the blue rinse brigade BRB).
    It may have been a wicker Moses basket with the essentials (BRB approved) But it is still a F***ing “Baby Box”.
    And by the presentation they believe it to be a wonderful new idea that should be pushed out nation wide.
    Wonder…. when the lights go out if Moses basket will catch fire from the candles used to heat the formula ??????

  9. Ken says:

    Leave EU vote was 51.9% – 48.1%. 72% turnout. Scotland remain 62%. Increased support now.

    EU Ref gerrymandering and all the cheating and lying by the Tories. Cambridge Analytica. False declaration. Hedge funds gambling on result. Illegal funding and corrupted result. Polling companies censored and fined many times. Facebook paid irrelevant fine rather than face questions of illegal activities. Getting pursued in US.

    The majority want to stay in EU now. The economy losing £Billions. Lack of healthcare and essential workers. US/UK fuelling the fire in Europe breaking International Treaties and supplying weapons. Another asylum crisis.

  10. Ken says:

    Devolution was set back 20 years by a Labour illegal quota and illegal Tory actions. The Scottish economy was devastated by the illegal action. Thatcher illegally and secretly taking Scottish revenues and resources. Kept secret under the Officials Secret Act.

    The Hond’t quota imposed by unionists still holding back democracy in Scotland. The unionists will be voted out and their corruption revealed on the internet.

    Internet/computers 1990s.

  11. En passant, while checking my tomato and pepper plants for slugs this morning, an unmarked plane, battleship grey in colour, with no markings, logo, or numbers, flew out of Glasgow Airport at 10.25 hrs.
    I know that airplane anoraks lurk within the multi-talented Duggers Clan. It looked like a 737, but what do I know?
    It just seemed very odd; an unmarked jet hiding in plain sight? Or should that be ‘plane sight?
    Ah’ll get ma coat.
    Yes, I’m bored.

    • Welsh_Siôn says:

      I’m no planes potter, Jack – all I did was google “737 no livery” and “737 gray” [sic] and came across these from nearly 10 years ago.

      Do they help?


      Apologies if it doesn’t amount to anything particularly interesting.

      “A grey story” all round, perhaps? 😉

      • Curiouser and curiouser, WS.
        Quite a few flights departing at 10.40 a.m., but all flights by easily recognisable carriers.
        This was at 10.35 precisely….
        The game’s afoot, and I don’t mean twelve inches. Watson.
        From your helpful links. it was probably a 737.
        God, am I bored with Truss’ ascent to Everest.
        This swivel eyed loon is going to be in charge of England later today.
        And still Dross and Gentleman Farmer Jack are in hiding.

        • Tam the Bam says:

          Probably a C-17A Globe master or P-8A Poseidon (both RAF) Jack.

          • B..but, Tam, there were no markings of any kind.
            No Raf ‘bullseye’, no numbers, no ubiquitous Butcher’s Apron.
            It looked as though it was needing a top coat of paint.

            • Sussed it. The unmarked ‘plane was heading Northeast, slightly off the usual flight path, hence it was flying directly over our avenue; a battalion of the Queens Own Expeditionary Force is being flown North to form a ring of steel around Lizzie’s seven bedroom ‘cottage’ in the grounds of her Balmoral Estate, lest James Cook comes North to bait ‘protesters’ hovering in the brambles with their ‘Yankee Go Home’ posters?
              I’m like a dog with a bone, or a Herald Hack with the ‘Ferry fiasco’.
              I shall not rest until we find out.

      • James says:

        Flight radar 24 has a historic flight search section that goes back 90 days that you could use to find the plane. Not a free option but does offer a 7 day free trail which you could use then cancell before being charged.

    • Bob Lamont says:

      It’s the “Trussteroid” in transit on primer for it’s new 2M paintjob which will doubtless include a UJ motif..
      The only aircraft allowed into UK airspace with no markings are military and that under specific orders.

      • The plot deepens.
        If it is a top secret rendition level mission, I doubt that it will appear above the radar, Bob.
        I’m bored, not made of money.
        At last, the Fat Owl’s face will disappear from our radar, temporarily at least.
        I note that Glen Campbell thinks that the Scottish Government, but the ‘devolved administration’. on tonight’s MacTruss Jock Show.
        The last defiant mumblings of a colonial pariah.
        Campbell even suggested that Truss will visit Scotland soon, but ‘ignore NS and Bute House.
        I wonder who fed him that little titbit?

        • Bob Lamont says:

          Aye, he’ll be back “on message” from now on, “In my opinion” Campbell doing his level best as always to dumb down Scots courtesy of the propaganda advisers.

          At least this farcical Tory cheerleading competition for 0.1% of the electorate is over, and BBC Scotland can get back to the relentless negativity once the handover from the outgoing to the incoming charlatan is over.

  12. Dr Jim says:

    So we learn this morning that as soon as Liz Truss is crowned Queen of the South and owner of all the lands pertaining to it the letters of no confidence in her will be accepted by Sir Graham (Peter) Brady, of which at this moment in time are around a dozen Tory MPs who have declared their intention to do so, we don’t yet know how many have not publicly declared their animosity towards Truss

    Is the Boris reinstatement plan going to work? we’ll see sooner than we perhaps thought

  13. Capella says:

    I can barely contain myself. The desperate duo fly to Balmoral tomorrow to shake hands with Her Majesty who can’t be bothered returning to Buck House as is the custom, or was the custom. Even she is bored rigid by it all.

    Are they trying to bore us all into submission?

  14. bringiton says:

    I’d like to thank my psychiatrist,probation officer and spin doctor,without whom I would not be here today.

  15. Statgeek says:

    The Beeb is asking, “What will Prime Minister Truss mean for Scotland?”

    ‘Prime Minister Truss’ – PMT for Scotland?

    Best head to the chemists. Glad they’re free now. 😀

  16. Hamish100 says:

    Truss elected with less than 60% of a vote from Moscow ( not Ayrshire) to Carlisle ( England)

    • barpe says:

      Yes it was interesting when Truss said Bojo was admired from Kyiv to Carlisle!!
      Is this signalling that Scotland is already outside of the UK??

      • jfngw says:

        I think she is underestimating him, he is surely admired from Moscow to Carlisle. Anyone with idea who Putin voted for, membership is fairly cheap. I suspect it would be Truss, more dense than Lady Penelope, you just can’t see the strings thee days.

  17. raineach says:

    I see Truss won, but her vote was less than 50% of the electorate. I trust she will be honourable and decline the office

    • Statgeek says:

      47.2% by my reckoning, and that was with wall to wall Truss will do great things announcements, and when the vote was restricted to those who do seem to button up the back in elections.

    • Bob Lamont says:

      Correction – It was less than 50% of the Blue-Rinse-Club members, in theory 0.3% of the electorate, but in reality probably nearer 0.1% once non-doms and Russians are removed.

      I was musing earlier on how RT was banned for it’s Russian connections, yet the BBC (particularly obscurely in Scotland) insisted on promoting this private members absurdity on prime TV and Web-pages ad nauseum….
      Putin must be having a right old giggle…

  18. davetewart says:

    The media will be all over the ‘Tory party split’, aye right.

    Only 47% voted for truss, under her idea for scotland, rish! won.

    • stewartb says:

      Indeed! Robert Peston (ITV) has tweeted this:

      ‘… @Peston: ‘Without wishing to bring @trussliz down, she got 81,326 out of 172,347 Tory members eligible to vote, so more than half of those able to vote either voted for Sunak or did not bother to vote. Obviously she has a mandate but the doubters and the apathetic were the majority.’

      Achieving the condition of ‘gaining the support not just of a majority of those who vote, but of those who are registered to vote’ in this Tory election? It seems not.

      And by all media accounts, PM Truss will be implementing a radical shift in policy, having derided the track record of recent Tory governments in which she was a minister.

      Having been spectators during this Tory leadership contest, we can still only look on from the north as the new Tory leader becomes a UK PM intent on pursuing new/different policy directions – e.g. a return to ‘trickle down’ economics – from those adopted following the 2019 General Election. But the Tory Party, and the new PM, has no electoral mandate for such policy changes, not even in England. A Tory mandate from Scotland or Wales has not been a requisite for UK democracy for a very long time – actually, never!

      On days like this it seems that an effective democracy for Scotland in this Union just gets further and further away, becomes more and more tenuous!

  19. exile says:

    Enjoy your birthday Paul! Thanks for all your work on the blog, but never overdo it. Have an enjoyable and restful week.

  20. Capella says:

    Not every Tory is ecstatic this morning. Oliver Mundell has reassessed his priorities.

    Oliver Mundell MSP resigns from Scottish Conservative frontbench

    SCOTTISH Tory MSP Oliver Mundell has resigned from his party’s frontbench, saying he has “reassessed [his] priorities”.

    The Dumfriesshire MSP had served as the Scottish Conservative’s shadow education secretary.

    He will remain in the Scottish Parliament, but said he will focus on constituency work and not the education role.

    Mundell said: “It has been a privilege to serve in the shadow cabinet and to work closely with Douglas who continues to have my full support.

    “However, as we move forward from the pandemic, like many people I have had the chance to reassess my priorities and have taken the decision to step back from the education spokesperson role.

  21. Capella says:

    A player who upsets the board is deemed to have forfeited the game. (Rules of chess).

    Kirsty Strickland: Desperate Unionist efforts to stop indyref are doomed to fail

    According to reports in the Sunday Times, ministers are considering a referendum bill that would require more than half of Scotland’s entire electorate – rather than a simple majority – to vote for independence before Scotland is permitted to leave the Union.

    Take a deep breath here folks, because there’s more.

    Before we even get to the democracy-denying, goalpost-shifting vote, the UK Government has some other demands. In order to allow a vote to go ahead, there would need to be “evidence” for more than a year that at least 60% of voters in Scotland wanted a referendum.

    Presumably, that “evidence” would have to be in the form of opinion polls, rather than actual votes, because we know election results don’t count in Scotland.

    This latest nonsense is the political equivalent of swearing at a train that has pulled out of the station before you could board it. If they are going to spin the daft ideas wheel and try any old trick to stop the inevitable, why not go even further?

    • Nothing for it the. Rise up, with pitchfork and pruning shears and drive the Oppressor out of Scotland. Or…
      This nonsense is the death rattle of the Brits as their Golden Goose Colony uncouples itself from ‘Jerusalem and watches the Brexiters drift off into splendid isolation…

    • jfngw says:

      I wonder if any media outlet would run with ‘Truss fails to reach 50% threshold’, I suspect not.

      It’s clear whatever the set criteria is, when it is being approached a new barrier will be introduced. From majority of WM MP’s, to greater than 50%, now greater than 62.5% (assuming a 80% turnout, it will probably be less as unionist don’t even need to bother turning up).

      When Truss made the Kyiv to Carlisle comment she at least was being honest, they have no interest in the people of Scotland, only its land and resources. They believe they own Scotland and intend to use its resources for their benefit.

  22. State of this.

    White knight he is most certainly not.

  23. Och lol.

    Freud would hae we giggle at this slip.

    • And jeezo, using the Russian name ‘Kiev’ rather than the Ukrainian ‘Kyiv’. Former foreign secretary FHS.

    • Capella says:

      She’s not often right but she’s wrong again. According to the CumbriaCrack, Boris Johnston is deeply unpopular in Carlisle and lost the Tories many seats in recent local elections.

      Carlisle City Council leader John Mallinson, a Conservative, has been talking to Radio 4 and said his party had felt a lot of anger while they were out on the streets.

      He said: “We’re in a difficult position regarding the economy and are really hurting due to the Ukraine war and the pandemic.”

      He told Cumbria Crack: “I’m very very disappointed but not entirely surprised. Things aren’t going too well it has to be said. Most of our woes are national rather than local. “I think things like Partygate are going very much against us.

      “I fully expect the 54 letters to be submitted to the chairman of the 1922 committee. I am very sure the PM’s position is untenable.

      “There was very much an anti-Boris feel. It is very very frustrating. We have a very good team and we have only taken three out of the 18 seats in Carlisle which is unheard of.

      “We have a lot of good and talented candidates and we have lost some very good people.”

  24. raineach says:

    I see the Daily Record refers to Truss’ ‘Scottish roots’. They must be desperate

    • Bob Lamont says:

      Paisley pattern something but assuredly desperate… Sarwar must have pulled in some favours…

    • I lived near Kano, Nigeria, from age 2-7. Went to a primary school there.

      Does this count as having ‘Nigerian roots’?

      I wonder if Truss ticked ‘Scottish’ in the (self-declared) national identity and/or ethnicity sections of the census? If not, then in her own opinion she has doesn’t have Scottish roots. North British maybe, but not Scottish.

      While I have fond memories of Nigeria, which was quite an adventure, and I still have a soft spot for their footie team, I didn’t self-identify as Nigerian in any way in the census. It was just never really home; Scotland was. Landing at Heathrow was not ‘back on home soil’ either. Nope, that was when I opened the sleeper curtains in the morning to see familiar hills or the British Caledonian plane touched down on the pleasantly cool and driech tarmac.

    • Stephen McKenzie says:

      Jings! I didn’t realise you could get Tartan hair dye these days.

  25. Dr Jim says:

    I’m quite sure the people and leaders of Ukraine would thank anybody very much that hands them a gun to shoot the invaders of their country, the people of Ireland thanked a many people around the world when they were invaded by a hostile country, I’m sure Jo Bidens parents and grandparents told him all about that

    Come to think of it?

    • I’m pretty sure they’d not thank anyone for calling their capital ‘Kiev’, as Putin refers to it.

      An Englishman insisting to an Irishman the name is ‘Londonderry’ rather than Derry is pretty mild by comparison.

  26. James Mills says:

    Breaking News !!!

    Matron Liz Truss PM has appointed Douglas Ross as the Head Boy in Scotland with special responsibility for getting his a*se handed to him at FM’s Questions .
    Douglas was very humble at his appointment and pledged to do his best to live up to the high standards expected of him , citing the example set for honour , integrity and hard work by Liz’s predecessor , a role-model for every Tory .

    Alister Jack has been .( That sentence is complete !)

    David Mundell is hoping that his experience as an accomplished a*se-licker will see him rewarded with either a job as a No. 10 doormat or he may be re-instated in the Cabinet – as the official Tea Boy !

  27. Tam the Bam says:

    Breaking News (SKY NEWS):
    Priti Patel standing down as Home Sec.

  28. Hamish100 says:

    Got a job with a hotel group in Rwanda. They cover Kiev to Karlyle as well.

  29. Hamish100 says:

    Holiday home in Rwanda?

    Or is it karlyle?

  30. Vive la France!
    ‘The Iron Weathercock’: World reacts to Truss win
    …In France, meanwhile, she has been branded not the Iron Lady – which was former UK PM Margaret Thatcher’s nickname – but the Iron Weathercock…

  31. Dr Jim says:

    I’ve just learned from Twitter that it’s offensive to block offensive tweets from British Nationalists and can lead to Twitter suspending your account
    So it looks like I’m about to be suspended for not being offesive

    • Tam the Bam says:

      Serves you right for not being offensive Dr Jim

    • grizebard says:

      Never let a good turn go unpunished, eh?

      (It seems to have increasingly become a forum where any kind of uninformed idiocy, subtle duplicity or psychological manipulation is perfectly fine, but woe betide anyone who tries to reveal the real-life consequences of its practice.)

  32. grizebard says:

    Given the mention of Lord North as being an instructive examplar of incompetent stewardship, he was the PM, let us not forget, who “lost the American Colonies”. For treating them in much the same arrogant cack-handed way as his Tory successors have been doing for some time now with Scotland.* An approach that Truss appears determined to continue, only more so. It therefore seems highly appropriate that she should turn out to be “the PM who lost Scotland”.

    *(He was forced by dint of circumstance to move from unbending absolutism to offering compromise, but by then the colonists had themselves settled upon full independence. Plus ça change, eh? It’s eerie…)

  33. Tam the Bam says:

    Lord North?

  34. Capella says:

    As the helicopter of state whirls towards Balmoral, the heavens pour down torrential rain, thunder and lightning. All Hail the Iron Weathercock (really? did the French really say that?) your chariot may well be of fire before the day’s out.

  35. Capella says:

    Meanwhile, back on planet earth, help for families struggling with soaring costs.
    Nicola Sturgeon to announce cost-of-living help for Scottish children

    APPROXIMATELY 400,000 children will be eligible for an anti-poverty benefit increase from November as Nicola Sturgeon sets out a raft of cost-of-living actions in her Programme for Government.

    The Scottish Child Payment is set to be increased to £25 per eligible child per week from November 14. The benefit will now also be open to all eligible under-16s.

    The current payments of £20 a week currently help an estimated 104,000 youngsters under the age of six.

    The First Minister will set out how the Scottish Government will help households and businesses cope with the cost emergency – which she said “will cost lives”.

  36. Capella says:

    Back in La La Land:
    Boris Johnson expected to claim office costs as he leaves No 10

    BORIS Johnson will be able to claim up to £115,000 a year to run his office when he finally steps down as Prime Minister on Tuesday.

    Johnson’s official spokesman indicated that he will claim the public duty costs allowance in relation to his continuing work as a former premier.

    The scheme was originally introduced following the resignation of Margaret Thatcher in 1990 to support ex-prime ministers who remain active in public life after they leave office It is meant to cover office and secretarial costs arising from their special position and does not apply to their private or parliamentary duties.

  37. Tatu3 says:

    My daughter works in a small village primary school in Staffordshire. They had a meeting yesterday before term starts today, and were told that some schooling is better than no schooling and if there is a problem with blackouts etc, they’ll shorten their hours to fit in with the shorter daylight days.
    So sad that schools are having to resort to this in 21st century england. How anyone who supports the Tories can hold their head up is beyond me

  38. davetewart says:

    The ebc reporting that the new rise in energy from next month will be a loan to the address, paid back over 10 to 20 years.

    It’s called leave the bill to the weans or the next purchaser of the address.

    Why not just sort out the energy market problem as it’s not working.

    • Bob Lamont says:

      PFI under a different name…
      There is a riot coming, Truss sees the solution as another debt… 🙄

  39. Welsh_Siôn says:

    Regular readers will remember my on-going complaint regarding Dr Philippa Whitford’s treatment at the hands on the BBC’s Jo Coburn some time back.

    Obviously, they will throw all manner of barriers at you in the attempt to stymie your complaint and/or deny any liability.

    This came today – a fortnight later than the allowed for cut off time for the BBC to respond:


    Dear W_S,

    We raised your further concerns with the programme’s senior editors.

    We were sorry to learn that you weren’t satisfied with our earlier response, however, we would reiterate that Dr Philippa Whitford was able to make her points – and respond to those made by Tim Loughton – fully.

    Dr Whitford was challenged by Jo on what she’d said about the NHS is Scotland, just as any political contributor would have their claims and statements challenged – again, Dr Whitford was able to expand and clarify what she’d just referred to.

    This concludes Stage 1 of our complaints process. That means we can’t correspond with you further here. If you remain unhappy, you can now contact the BBC’s Executive Complaints Unit (ECU). The ECU is Stage 2 of the BBC’s complaints process. You’ll need to explain why you think there’s a potential breach of standards, or if the issue is significant and should still be investigated. Please do so within 20 working days of this reply.

    Full details of how we handle complaints are available at

    How to contact the ECU:

    We’ve provided a unique link for you in this email. This will open up further information about how to submit your complaint. You’ll be asked for the case reference number we’ve provided in this reply. Once you’ve used the link and submitted your complaint, the link will no longer work.

    This is your link to contact the ECU if you wish: Click Here

    Kind regards,

    BBC Complaints Team

    NB You cannot reply to this email address. This is sent from an outgoing account only which is not monitored.


    I *do* have other on-going projects, but I’ll see if I can pursue this further for you/us.

    Whatever else, it’s a learning curve in finding out how the Complaints Procedure (ha ha!) at the BBC (ha ha! again) operates.

    • Capella says:

      Good luck WS. The whole system is a farce worthy of Orwell and Kafka combined!
      We could all do with a folder of form emails for every stage of the “complaints procedure” and a handy guide to using the one-time-only online link. There are going to be many many breaches of their impartiality values in the coming year.

      Even so, if your complaint is upheld, they will simply post a notice in an obscure and unsignposted area of their vast website where no light of day will ever penetrate. But you could always post it here. 🙂

      • Welsh_Siôn says:

        But you could always post it here. 🙂
        Don’t worry on that last score, Capella.

        Everything I do politically, I tend to share with my fellow Duggers. 🙂

        • Dr Jim says:

          In the case of the complaints procedures regarding the BBC I have often felt that the best course of action was laid out by the Loony Tunes cartoon company and their main protagonist to the Road Runner Wile E Coyote, although Mr Coyote was always unsuccessful in his attempts to capture kill and ultimately eat the fleeing bird I feel in the case of the BBC, because that particular organisation is not mobile that the Wile E Coyote method of mail ordering his solution from the Acme company would in this case I believe be a guaranteed certainty

          Best regards CEO Acme
          Fulfilling your dreams is our burning ambition

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