The hustings in Perth are the last gasp for the Tories in Scotland

The Conservatives are holding a leadership coven, sorry, hustings in Scotland today. This is the seventh hustings of the leadership Lie-Off and the only event to be held in Scotland. Ballots have already gone out to party members who tend to vote early, so most of the tiny number of people eligible to vote will already have done so and this evening’s event will be more a species of extremely tedious right wing British nationalist theatre than anything which will have a significance on the outcome. You can put money on the stage having a union flag or two prominently on display while Truss and Sunak wax, well I was going to say lyrical, but this is Truss and Sunak we are talking about here, about “this great British nation” which is “one great country” while they rail about vile and divisive nationalism without an iota of self-awareness.

In previous hustings the issue of Scotland’s future has scarcely registered, reflecting the deep lack of interest in Scotland or care about its concerns amongst the Conservative party in the rest of the UK. The future of what Truss recently insisted is not a union of four nations but rather “one great single country” will certainly be a prominent issue at this evening’s event where it is a safe bet that Truss and Sunak will compete to be the most hard line on ruling out another referendum forever and a day and in promising to find further ways to undermine a Scottish Government and a devolution settlement which they and their Scottish Tory audience loathe so intensely. Naturally neither of them will propose seeking a mandate from the wider Scottish electorate to do so, they have anointed themselves, not the people of Scotland, as the sole judge and jury for deciding what Scotland wants and what its interests are, and they will rely upon the strength of the Conservative majority in the Commons, a majority based upon the seats they won in England not Scotland, in order to impose the will of the Conservative party on a Scotland which has the temerity to repeatedly and consistently refuse to vote Conservative.

On Sky News on Tuesday morning they hopefully suggested that this might be the event at which the leadership candidates announce how they are going to “save the union”, or maybe not. There is no conceivable way in which the “union” is going to be “saved” because of a couple of right wing Tories trying to out-intolerance one another as far as Scottish self-determination is concerned in order to make themselves more appealing to the membership of the Conservative party in Scotland.

All that will happen will be some sound bites about refusing to allow “the SNP” another referendum, which will be gleefully seized on by the anti-independence media in Scotland in order to remind the Scots not to get above their station and to reinforce the message that in this supposedly voluntary union, decisions about the future constitutional status of Scotland are not to be made by them or any Scottish Parliament that they choose to elect.

The Conservatives are a minority party in Scotland for a reason, and that reason is that their policies and whatever self-serving offence against democracy and common decency they happen to be pushing at any given moment are wildly out of kilter with what most people in Scotland agree with. This is particularly the case where devolution and the prospect of another independence referendum are concerned. Opinion polls have consistently shown that most people in Scotland are in favour of even greater powers for the Scottish Parliament. However a clear majority of Conservatives in Scotland, at least according to a YouGov poll a couple of years ago, would like to see the abolition of the Scottish Parliament and a return to the situation which held until the referendum of 1997.

It is obvious then that in making their leadership pitches to the members of the Conservative party in Scotland, neither Truss nor Sunak is going to gain any traction by promising to listen to what people in Scotland want as expressed through the ballot box in elections in Scotland and delivering the closest thing possible to federalism that was vowed in 2014. Far less are they going make any compromises on Brexit in order to assuage the deep and widespread unease that the Conservatives’ hard and uncompromising Brexit has created in Scotland.

What we can expect are nostrums about the UK being “one great nation,” an outright denial that Holyrood has a mandate for another referendum and promises that a section 30 order to facilitate another referendum will not be forthcoming. Naturally there will be nothing at all about what the democratic route to another referendum might be since it does not appear to consist of the people of Scotland voting for a Scottish Parliament which is committed to bringing one about.

However we can expect to hear Truss and Sunak insist that they will expect their policies to apply across the entire United Kingdom, and they will also tell us that they intend to hold the Scottish Government to account, because apparently this is a job for a Prime Minister in Downing Street without any democratic mandate whatsoever in Scotland, and not for the people of Scotland themselves through the ballot box at a democratic election. The voters of Scotland held the Scottish Government to account at the last Holyrood election in 2021, and even though there was a concerted and suspiciously well funded British nationalist tactical voting campaign, the Tories and their allies failed dismally to prevent the election of a Scottish Parliament with an unassailable majority for another independence referendum. Yet having failed at the ballot box the Conservatives are now resorting to nakedly undemocratic measures in order to thwart the will of the people of Scotland.

Although it’s the last thing that either Truss or Sunak would ever admit, it’s obvious that they want to subvert the normal operation of democracy in Scotland because in the wider country outside the Tory bubble zone in the hall in Perth’s Concert Hall, the real electorate in Scotland persists in voting in ways which the Conservative party does not like. Tonight’s event will not “save the union”, it will merely highlight that this so called union is intellectually and politically bankrupt and that it can only be shored up by the denial of democracy in Scotland.


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104 comments on “The hustings in Perth are the last gasp for the Tories in Scotland

  1. deelsdugs says:

    ‘However a clear majority of Conservatives in Scotland, at least according to a YouGov poll a couple of years ago, would like to see the abolition of the Scottish Parliament and a return to the situation which held until the referendum of 1997.’

    And yet, they clearly and emphatically insist that 2014 is set in concrete to be submerged in their mire of stinking corruption which is as overflowing as my drookit septic tank. The only thing there is my septic tank is one of sweet-scented roses in comparison.

    Excellent again Paul.

    Maybe I’ll swing by Perth with a bucket of overfill to swoosh…

  2. Legerwood says:

    I am surprised that the ‘hustings’ is going to be held in Perth Concert Hall. I did not think there would be enough Tories in rural, true-blue Perthshire to fill the hall. Or for that matter sufficient numbers of Tories in Scotland as a whole to fill the hall. Will they be emerging from the closet or the crypt?

    • Golfnut says:

      At least we know where they are which makes a Change. Pretty central so access pretty easy from all over Scotland, if the ebc is involved they’ll probably bus them from England.
      Certainly more than attend the party conference.

    • deelsdugs says:

      It’ll be the wee section with a load of flag-wearing dummies

    • Bob Lamont says:

      Ah but it’s the ONLY Scottish event…
      All the estimated 10,000 party members in Scotland will be encouraged to attend, cajoled, and ultimately threatened with being unplugged from life-support, after all, it’s not every day that 3% of the population of Scotland are celebrated for weeks on end by HMS James Cook…
      I did hear of a backup plan by Baronless Ruth of Fuckhall on using Crathes Village Hall again was refused, apparently its no longer May…
      To the considerable relief of the Committee who are still not done sanding out the track marks of her last wizard arrival, and they’re still miffed over the replacement digestives promised…

  3. Dr Jim says:

    All *British* politicians that represent the English political parties lie and they lie big, they do it because they have to, for if they told the truth their union would never have been born and would not exist now or ever in the future so they must maintain their existence by any means

    We know when they say “Now is not the time” they mean never, yet no legal text book in the world contains such terminology, it’s a meaningless phrase signifying their continued need to lie about saying “never”

    They redefine words, now apparently if Scottish people who support independence for their country use the word English they mean *hatred of the English* giving them immunity and a free pass to continue denigrating Scots and calling it *banter* because how can anyone possibly be offended by anything English people say about Scotland or the Scots, they love us really and they’re only having a laugh, you see how they’ve worked that one, redefine words to vaccinate themselves against all criticism of their racist overbearing patronising behaviour

    Only the Scots the Welsh and the Irish seem to have acquired unpleasant nicknames referring to our nationalities, now where on earth did those come from? couldn’t have been the word they’re trying to ban us from using (English) now could it ??

  4. JoMax says:

    And Labour and the other lot, whether of the ‘Scottish’ variety or not, will listen to this undemocratic garbage from Truss and Sunak and simply nod along with it for they dare not appear to be in any sort of disagreement with them when it comes to the northern colony. How do they live with themselves? Money maybe? What a bunch of wimps.

  5. Noticed some polling data here.

    Scottish independence support to go up with Rishi Sunak or Liz Truss, poll finds

    BOTH Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss would boost support for Scottish independence as Tory leader, a poll has found.

    Went and had a wee look and the tables are here, with all the questions asked, but only results for a couple of these published, I guess because the other results have not been reported yet:

    16th August 2022 – Survation conducted an online poll of 1,002 people aged 16+ living in Scotland on behalf of True North. Fieldwork was conducted between the 5th and 9th August 2022. Tables are available here.

    Westminster VI, Holyrood VI and indy all asked about. Fieldwork ended 1 week ago.

    • Alex Clark says:

      What I think has happened here is that the National say the poll was undertaken on behalf of Charlotte Street Partners which I think is correct for the results that have been reported in the paper.

      The tables that have been published by Survation so far are for a new start-up “strategic advisory firm” based in Aberdeen called True North. The company was founded by Geoff Aberdein, the former Chief of Staff to the FM and Fergus Mutch, former Head of Communications and Research for the SNP. Their focus is very much on the energy sector so the voter intention results, I think are unlikely to be part of their polling data.

      So, it looks like both polls were undertaken simultaneously and that none of the results from the Charlotte Street Partners questions have been published yet.

  6. Janice Gale says:

    I am very concerned about the damage the Westminster mafia can do to Scotland before we ever get a sniff of a referendum or independence itself! I have been worried about this since I arrived here17 months ago in a state about the lurch to the right and even fascism and the Truss woman personifies it perfectly. I was right to come. Just read Margaret Attwood’s The Handmaids Tale to get a feel for the menace I felt but alas it seems to have followed me to a land of intellectuals and political innocents! I will never return unless it is in the back of a paddy wagon having fallen foul of the neighbour’s new suppression rules. Once again I urge anyone willing to listen, escape is urgent. Please Scotland don’t let the worst happen. I want to die happy -not soon of course with my country taking its place in Europe and the world with respect and admiration.

  7. Statgeek says:

    The last five UK polls have Scottish Tory VI at an average of 19%, while the Scottish Gov polling is about 18%.

    Even among over-65s, it is below 30%.

    The next PM with carte blanche control of Scotland’s wealth will be elected by less then 1% of Scots’ voters. Democratic deficit doesn’t begin to to describe it. Said party has been repeatedly rejected by said voters, and yet they still retain control. Surely that has to be a dictatorship.

    For what it’s worth, the 16-24s, 25-34s, 35-44s, and 45-54s all show support for the SNP in the 50% or more level, while they hold the greatest slice of the 55-64s and over 65s, but not a majority.

    Tick tock. It’s coming. And not Boris, Truss, Sunak, or anyone else from the Tory party will stop it.

  8. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    Liz Truss in a distillery in Elgin being interviewed by the BBC….she wants to promote Whisky where according to her it is better promoted and managed by her as PM and the UK government “unlike the EU and their rules” she said….that’s the SAME EU that would have protected ‘the brand’ of many Scottish recognised produce as opposed to the current Brexit UK which sees producers in Scotland putting a Union flag on their produce and who promote many produce of Scotland as BRITISH produce…country of origin ….the UK…..did both candidates have time to talk to the fishermen while gallivanting about Scotland today…..British Fish are happy apparently……

    She also said she wanted more jobs for Scotland….would she be from the SAME political party that denied the Carbon capture jobs going to Scotland and instead located it in Liverpool, England……or does she mean we Scots could have what they as elites disrespectfully call the ‘menial jobs’ formerly done by SOME EU workers… in those supposedly coming over here and taking OUR jobs that WE (as in those who supported Brexit) did NOT want to do………and STILL don’t if one looks at the huge vacancies in hospitality, fruit picking, care sector etc

    Sunak wants the Scottish government to be accountable to the UK government which will see members of our government being questioned and challenged on their performance as a government….while the UK government apparently will not be accountable to ANYONE but themselves….seems fair …if you are an idiot that is….he also said this is because of their failings… he has already DECIDED that it will NOT be a fair hearing then…..he also wants the UK to have MORE power on devolved Health and Education….and no doubt any part that supposedly fails will be, according to him, a FAIL that will be blamed yet again on the Scottish government as the for now chosen nominated Tory scapegoat…..I assume he sees all in English education and Health as a SUCCESS…..pity the English people FAIL to agree with him…or indeed the teachers and the health staff who have to work in an underfunded (and under appreciated by the Tories) working environment…..there is REAL TRUTH and then there is TORY TRUTH which equates to LIES.

    I am loving this….we do not need to campaign THAT hard you know…as they are doing ALL of the heavy lifting for us as far as arguments and reasons to become independent are concerned……the BBC interviewer was as per very compliant and NON challenging…almost akin to ANOTHER Tory political broadcast……via the two dregs still remaining at the bottom of the Tory pile of wannabee PM’s in this self indulgent Tory contest….fiddling the books and truth while the UK BURNS up…..


  9. Dr Jim says:

    Even BBC political stalwart Bryan Taylor admits Westminster’s aim is to shut down Holyrood in an attempt to circumvent Scottish democracy breaking out and choosing Independence

  10. Alex Clark says:

    Colin Mackay will be chairing this tonight and it will be streamed live on the STV news website, starting at 7:30 for anybody interested. I think I’ll probably tune in for a laugh at their lack of knowledge about Scotland.

  11. proudcybernat says:

    “…it will merely highlight that this so called union is intellectually and politically bankrupt and that it can only be shored up by the denial of democracy in Scotland.”

    Therein lies the ultimate question – will Scots allow their democratic rights to be permanently thwarted by London? If these London Tories really think they can get away with doing that, I foresee troubles ahead.

  12. James Mills says:

    How long during this Tory ”debate” before Truss mentions her ”upbringing ” in Paisley which will be countered by Sunak’s fond memories of his time in Scottish Darlington !

    • Eilidh says:

      From what I discern she lived in a big posh house in Paisley for 6 years when she was at West primary school that hardly makes her an authority on Scotland. She is just another narcistic bully who has not a clue how ordinary live here or anywhere else in uk.

    • Hamish100 says:

      He visited Rothesay. Has he some rich friends there?

  13. Alex Clark says:

    Shock for Iain Dale to be on the receiving end of Britnat anger.

    We hear a lot about the bile spewed out by the so-called ‘CyberNat’ trolls, and I have experienced it myself. What I hadn’t realised is that the Unionist side of the Independence debate has their own equivalents. They’ve been dubbed the ‘BritNats’ or BritYoons’. They literally hate Nicola Sturgeon more than they hate the independence cause she espouses.

    It seems to be a phenomenon that female politicians experience more than male. Margaret Thatcher had it in spades, and within a very short time so will Liz Truss. My mistake was to tweet that Nicola Sturgeon was one of the most impressive politicians I had ever interviewed.

    The wrath of the ‘BritNats’ descended on me rather quickly. Rather than explain to me why I was wrong, it was just a stream of insults, but they were nothing to what she has to put up with every day. The most mild criticism I got questioned why I didn’t skewer her on her government’s failures on drug deaths, energy, Ferries. Er, I did. But apparently I should have shouted at her and been gratuitously rude.

    What last week brought home to me was that the divisions in Scotland over independence run far deeper than most commentators in England realise. It’s Brexit all over again, and then double it.

    Any journalist or commentator who writes about Scottish politics should do so very warily over the next year or so. I don’t think it’s possible to be fully informed about what’s going on in the undergrowth of the independence arguments without actually spending time there, and in my case nine days was not enough.

    Nicola Sturgeon surely did impress him and nice to see him admit his ignorance of the Independence debate. Sadly most journalists from England believe they know it all after flying into Edinburgh from London and out again the same day.

    • Statgeek says:

      “Any journalist or commentator who writes about Scottish politics should do so very warily over the next year or so. I don’t think it’s possible to be fully informed about what’s going on in the undergrowth of the independence arguments without actually spending time there, and in my case nine days was not enough.”

      It’s not really stopped any of them up till now. Nine years would be a better ballpark figure though. 😀

      • Eilidh says:

        How conveniant him comparing Scottish Independence debate or comments re NS to Brexit.How does anyone know that all of the people making nasty comments about Scottish Independence or Scottish politicians on Twitter etc actually live in Scotland it is obvious an awful lot of them do not so have no say in it, whether they were born here and left years ago or not. As far I am concerned Twitter and Facebook are full of right wing trolls and if Iain Dale thinks most of the hate speech comes from people living here he is exceedingly naive. If Scotland is so split about Independence why do we keep voting in vast numbers for Snp the main party supporting Indy. I did see a pathetic comment on Facebook recently where someone posted that Scotland did not want an another Independence Ref and thought it was really nice that she had consulted the entire Scottish electorate to establish that fact. No she hadn’t She was just another arrogant obnoxious unionist troll who thinks only her opinion matters and social media is ful of idiots like that about Indy and various other subjects.

      • Hamish100 says:

        Is that a generation?🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🤫

    • Golfnut says:

      I’m struggling with the drug deaths energy and ferries crap. Seriously deluded individual if he thinks he got the better of Nicola, his audience obviously didn’t think he did. One item concerns me here though and that’s the assumption that all the agro and divisiveness is within Scotland and that none of it is coming from our southern neighbour. Look no further than Westminster, the media both print and broadcast, dark money, London/ English political parties, no doubt 77 brigade, the civil service, paid and unpaid trolls and agitators. If there is division in Scotland it’s because they create it, they nurture it and they fund it. How could this clown not know that.

      • Alex Clark says:

        My own view is that you are pretty much spot on with where the division is being created.

        Unfortunately, the clown probably doesn’t know that since it wouldn’t suit his narrative, so he would refuse to consider such a scenario as it would go against the grain, and from his point of view, it’s far better to keep the blinkers on.

  14. Alex Clark says:

    No laughing at the back now.

    Two dozen seats are ‘within Labour’s grasp’ if the party targets SNP and Green voters in next general election, according to a new report.

    A report by the Scottish Fabians, affiliated to the Labour Party, claims Keir Starmer’s path to power runs through Scotland in what is known as “the first red wall”.

    The study has identified how Labour can make the gains by winning seats from the SNP with a targeted focus on “younger, more aspirational” voters…

    Ms Sangster said: “Labour needs to gain 124 seats across the UK to secure a majority of one, and of the 150 potential target seats, 25 are in Scotland.

    “From a starting point of one seat this may seem a tall order, yet the Labour Party cannot form a majority government without winning back seats in Scotland…

    “It is impossible to win the 25 seats needed for a Labour government without winning votes from the SNP.

    “Our analysis quantifies the size of the opportunity for Labour and demonstrates that statistically 25 seats are within its grasp…

    I’m not surprised that Sarwar and Starmar continue to spout pish when it comes to Scotland, their advisors are even worse in the race to the bottom on ignorance.

    • Statgeek says:

      If all the 2019 Tory voters voted Labour, and no one else shifted their vote, they would have an extra 17 seats.

      It IS impossible to win that 25 seats without taking votes from the SNP, unless pretty much all of the Tory and Lib Dem voters are happy to all voter Labour. That should give them 33 extra seats, 23 of them being SNP.

      Sorry, but I laughed. 😉

    • Hamish100 says:

      Labour has to win seats from the tories in England to win a U.K. (England) GE .
      They won’t.

    • Dr Jim says:

      Sarwars crew already trawl the student haunts plying them with their lies about how voting Labour can solve Scotland’s divisions to bring about nirvana, if Scotland had never taken part in general elections for the last 55 years the same governments would have been installed at Westminster

      Scotland’s votes don’t count in general elections or we would never have Tories, but there they are and there they’ll stay until England’s voters vote them out
      And there’s the democratic deficit right there, no matter what we vote in Scotland UK governments are decided by England by a ratio of 10 to 1

      Wales votes Labour most of the time, same problem, Northern Ireland votes for none of the English political parties because they don’t even bother standing there, so the DUP get a free pass as Northern Ireland’s sister party Tories to hold the people hostage even when they lose

      Wales Scotland and Northern Ireland have Tory Viceroy’s appointed by UK regime specifically to undermine each country just like the Empire did to many other countries oh like say India for example

      One wonders if the question were asked as to whether Rishi Sunak is delighted that India is now no longer under the control of the UK government, or is he sad that India is not *part of the Empire* and should England be sending viceroy’s back there again to force/convince them to give up their independence

      Can these Tory people even spell or understand the word hypocrisy or have they redefined that word to mean something different as well

      It’s not just Scots in Scotland who support independence, there are English Irish Welsh Pakistani Chinese Syrian and the list goes on of peoples who have come to the understanding that continuing as an occupied territory of England is a terrible deal, and it’s offensive, not just for Scotland, but any country to be ruled in this way

  15. gavinochiltree says:

    “Where’s yer mandate, where’s yer mandate, wheres yer mandate Lizzie Truss.
    Ye hivnae got one, ye hivnae got one, cause ye don’t give a feck about us”.

  16. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    Andrew Bowie and Murdo Fraser interviewed by Cathy Newman on Channel 4 news…

    Bowie for Sunak and Fraser for Truss.

    Both of them said now is not the time for an independence referendum what with the cost of living crisis …..surprise surprise Cathy Newman missed the open goal obvs….as what she FAILED to challenge them on was …..’but now is the time for a long Tory leadership contest AND let’s not forget WHY this has occurred’….talking of which Boris J now on his SECOND holiday as Zombie PM…..but Cathy Newman let’s also not forget FAILED again ,as an interviewer , to present the FACT that he, as Zombie PM, also thinks NOW IS NOT THE TIME to do anything on the current Tory cost of living crisis….as he is enjoying MORE partying on his holiday(s)……so as UK PM where is HIS urgency and priority or indeed the Tory party for allowing this farce to continue……

    The media ask the same questions in the same TIRED old style aka pointless….no challenge on answers given….just ticking the box next to ‘SOFT’ interview…..BUT the formula changes when they are confronted with any SNP politician…..almost then as if the interviewer is an opposition politician themselves…..seen it with SKY and the BBC too where they, as interviewers, seem to always present the Tory UK government’s perspective to challenge an SNP politician…….

    I love also how Bowie and Sunak said the Scottish government need to work with UK government thus giving the impression tis the Scottish government that stops this happening….when truth is tis their party currently in government who ensure that no devolved government is kept informed or indeed gets any input into matters that effect the devolved governments respective countries as well as the rest of the UK…..even Mark Drakeford has conceded this is the case….ignored and funding cut is the UK governments usual modus operandi when dealing with devolved governments….

    See that is the problem …..Pro UK journalists are never going to present it from OUR perspective…..hence why A-Holes like Bowie and Fraser are given a soft interview that a kid of ten could cope with……better they just get a questionnaire to fill in as the interviews are a waste of time ( I mean that is how the MET police deal with THEIR investigations of Tory party members)……same weak questions and same weak predictable answers always….answers given from the Tory political glass house that they inhabit…..while throwing proverbial ‘stones’ at those politicians who are much much better than them at governing a country and also in representing their constituencies too…people and country first and foremost is an alien concept to a Tory politician….for them PARTY (and partying) comes FIRST and FOREMOST….

    Has flip flop lightweight said who he supports yet…noticed he was with Truss today at the distillery……Truss will have his ATTENTION as that is all he ever SEEKS….a wee pat on the head as long as he keeps doing as he is telt….and as long as he stays with the programme of #SNPBAD

    Undeserved attention for Dross and many a time for the WRONG reason….too many jobs he has….a Jack of all trades and a Master of NONE….that’s DRoss.

  17. Tam the Bam says:

    Ah weel….thats it then…….Liz said we’re no gettin’ a referendum…:-)

  18. Alex Clark says:

    Well after putting myself through watching they two Tory would be PM chancers lie through their teeth to the people of Scotland it reminded me of Labour’s sense of superiority in Scotland.

    That didn’t go down too well for them in the end.

  19. Tam the Bam says:

    Incidentally…I noticed Horatio Bowie posted something on Twitter accusing SNP supporters of re-enacting the Jim Murphy ‘egging’ episode.
    I’m assured it wasnt anyone holding up an ‘SWP Tories out’ placard.

    • Dr Jim says:

      In many countries across the world a great deal worse would’ve happened to them than somebody waving a placard
      Reminds me of Ian Murray and his office vandalisation accusations, somebody had stuck a sticker on the windae
      And of course there was Ruth Davidsons invisible *burly men* that the polis said weren’t there

      Oh the horrors and fears of being Tories, why do they do it? and the answer is……

      • Tam the Bam says:

        Em… I’m sure I wrote your answer on a piece of tory hustings pamphlet Dr Jim…..I’ll be right back …..honest!!!

  20. Christopher Rosindale says:

    Two things, and two things only, are driving Truss and Sunak’s attitude to Scotland right now:

    1) As George Osborne admitted last January, the Tory leadership is utterly terrified of what Scottish Independence will do to England. Losing the British identity will plunge England into a painful identity crisis, and leave what eventually emerges from it as just a small, weak, globally irrelevant country….

    2) No British Prime Minister wants to be remembered as:
    * “The Last Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.”
    * “The Prime Minister who lost Scotland.”
    Both are inescapable, and will follow them to their graves, and beyond. Johnson, Truss, Sunak, Starmer are all scared to death of that fate, and will do anything to avoid it. But they have no idea how to solve the problem, without changing the U.K. in ways that their aging party membership in Southern England will not like. And that membership is who will decide who replaces Johnson, not Scotland, so pandering to them is both Truss and Sunak’s only hope of getting elected…….

    How do we fight this?

    The SNP, and wider Yes movement, have to start sincerely pushing Scottish Independence as good for England, especially Tory Middle-England. The objective is to persuade enough Tory voters there to openly back Scotland’s departure from the U.K., and then wonder why their own party’s leadership opposes it, ignoring their wishes. If anger at this develops, and becomes widespread enough, it may threaten to split the Tory vote, forcing the Tory leadership to try and lance the boil by agreeing to Indyref2 in order to avoid losing votes in England. They have form at this, after David Cameron agreed to hold an EU referendum to stop Nigel Farage and UKIP from splitting the Tory vote in 2015, potentially costing the Tories seats and threatening an election defeat as a result.

    As that cynical decision proved, when push comes to shove, the Tories will put their own party’s need for power above the welfare of the country, and may just gamble on Indyref2 to do that if the alternative is to lose elections due to rising English support for Scottish Independence threatening to split their party’s core vote. Tory self-interest will always win in the end….

  21. Alex Clark says:

    I never knew this had happened before I made that last post lol

  22. James Mills says:

    I listened to the Tory Hobson’s Choice ‘debate’ ( I know , I know … ) and I sincerely believed that a new candidate had entered the race at the last minute .
    Almost every speaker mentioned a person called Nicola who , it seemed clear from the sheer terror her name evoked from the audience , was the most likely winner on the night and was clearly the person who had to be beaten . On name dropping alone she was streets ahead of Cheesy Truss or Richi Cynic .

    No one , not Truss , not Sunak ,not DRoss , Bowie nor that wee man that makes the tea in Cabinet ( Mundane ? ) could fathom how to beat her , and almost every question from the audience urged the contenders to bring down the Wrath of God in an attempt to save the country ( which one ? ) from her mesmeric appeal to the poor Scots.

    From the answers given to their pathetic pleading it is plain that the majority of the new PM’s time will need to be allocated to dealing with the dreadful situation in Scotland where this Nicola person has single -handedly hypnotised the electorate into continually voting her in to power . Something has to be done !

    From the dire descriptions given of the state of the Scottish nation there would need to be a full-scale UN taskforce immediately dispatched to avert calamity . The eye-watering problems in Health , Education , Energy , described a nation that was on the brink of being … almost as bad as England ! Something must be done !

    What was appalling , and pointed out by the compassionate Richi Cynic , was that this Nicola person had taken a large slice of the Block Grant ( usually referred to as a Handout from England ) and transferred it to the Welfare budget ! Richi was fuming and promised that this would stop under his Leadership . That money would go to much needed tax cuts – applause from those still sentient .

    In summary , it was unanimously agreed that this Nicola person was to be dealt with forthwith , but that no one had a Scooby how to do it .

    • Golfnut says:

      Don’t suppose anybody asked when energy became a devolved power.
      Time to come out fighting I think, name and shame.

  23. Derek says:

    There was a bit on Radio 4 news tonight regarding the Perth thingmy; Sunak thinks that Truss is wrong to “ignore” Sturgeon; what he would do is “beat” her (in a votey political way than a physical one, you’d hope). Cannae see that happening…

  24. Dr Jim says:

    Not so many years ago Nicola Sturgeon promised us she would stand up to the Tories on behalf of Scotland at Westminster if we voted for her, we did vote for her now look and listen to how far she’s actually gotten, the might and power of the Global Tories in England are now fighting with each other for Englands votes by promising to stand up to Nicola Sturgeon, they don’t know how, but they’re a gonna do it they promise

    So what do the mighty Tories promise their voters ? well so far all they’ve promised their faithful followers is one word, NO, that’s it no qualification, no explanation as to how that big word NO is going to be achieved, all they’ve got are unchallenged lies and accusations because they control the media as to our education NHS and virtually every service that we are on every measure at least 10 percentage points superior to England

    Y’see they talk about Nicola Sturgeon’s referendum to distract from the truth which is it’s Scotland’s referendum, the FM asked us the people what we wanted and we said *we’ll have a referendum on independence thanks FM* and she said OK that’s what we’ll do then

    If we *allow* these British nationalists to get away with this then hell mend us for what they’ll do next, they will eviscerate our parliament and turn it into a conference centre or a museum for visitors to gaze upon the great works of the union after they rid Scotland of their modern day Joan of Arc or Wilhelmena Wallace and brought Scotland back into the warmth and safe hands of the people who really care, the English parliament elected by the people of England to serve the great white mother Queen Elizabeth and her empire

    Make no mistake as to their the endgame, they want us crushed underfoot never to raise our voices again in their new national holiday park as they continue to drain our oil, syphon off our gas, divert our renewable energy, and build their much plotted Scotland to England grand canal funneling Scotland’s water southwards as part of their pooling and keeping levelling down agenda, because that’s how water works, it flows downhill just like every asset Scotland has ever had and has flowed downhill, never up

    We must take them down, and when we do we must kick them again so they don’t get up in a hurry to try this again, if we don’t hurry up and get this done democratically the space will be left open to the folk who will do this the other way, and we all know where that leads

  25. yesindyref2 says:

    They missed a trick really. Perth Race Course has conferencing facilities apparently, and at half time they could have gone to the track for a two horse race – winner takes all! Meanwhile they could have had endless fun trying to tell people where the racecourse was, and maybe had one with jam and cream (jam first). Then the winner would have had the pleasure of saying to the loser “Yer tea’s oot”.

    Oh what fun we had.

    • Legerwood says:

      You could have told them the racecourse was close to Perth Airport that would have given them pause. I would have said ‘pause for thought’ but we are talking Tories here so ‘thought’ does not enter in to it.

  26. yesindyref2 says:

    When you think about it, te Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party is SCUP for short, and Truss and Sunak have certainly scuppered its chances.

  27. Bob Lamont says:

    Your “All that will happen will be some sound bites about refusing to allow “the SNP” another referendum….” prediction was right on the money, both the Scotland and Politics web-pages have it as the prime story on the BBC this morning.

    I was initially offended by this private members club PR campaign so dominating the news, but came to realise the reputational damage being done by it to the Tories has been worth the aggravation.

    The disconnect on display from Truss and Sunak to what ails the public has been spectacular, yet one of these two wooden characters will be the next Prime Minister of the UK…. Who said English farce is dead….

  28. Dr Jim says:

    We all have very good reason to despise James Cook but we shouldn’t insult him
    In public: #Step away from the media

    Some of the protesters at the Perth debacle hurled verbal insults at BBC journalists during the course of their demonstration, some particularly nasty, the thing here is I agree with probably most of what happened but in doing so the protesters gave the BBC exactly what they wanted, an opportunity to show on TV how bad supporters of the SNP are, because once again make no mistake about it whether you support the SNP or not the BBC and others will portray you as though you are a loyal Nicola Sturgeon supporter and she is the root of all evil in Scotland

    This left the FM in the invidious position of having to issue a statement she wouldn’t normally do supporting the BBC and in particular the proven liar James Cook

    While we’re all not politicians and don’t have to follow certain protocols of behaviour we do have to be aware that everything we say and do in public the media will use as a weapon against the SNP and the FM, having said that we also know that it may have been none of the supporters of the SNP that carried out those actions at all and may indeed have been pals of Murdo Fraser, folk with a grudge against the SNP or even the BBC themselves, these days you can’t trust anybody in this political climate

    On social media folk say all sorts of stuff from all sides of the political debate and get away with it because nobody really knows who or what any of them really support, if they support anything at all and are just folk who enjoy causing all sorts of trouble because that’s how they get their kicks

    If approached by the media in any setting whatsoever the best way to deal with them is turn your back and walk away, do not engage with them, because you cannot win in any argument or discussion with them as they’ll edit your words, your body language and facial expression to suit the agenda they want to portray so walk away

    I’m quite sure the last thing on earth the FM wants to be engaged with is having to mollify the media by issuing statements like the one she did today, and let’s face it she has far more reason to dislike the media than any of us, on a daily basis they invent lies talk her down and insult her almost as badly as her political opponents do and that’s still far less than Twitter and social media does when attacking her in the most vile way

    The FM is stuck with having to engage with these people, we’re not, so just turn our backs and walk away every time they come near us as though they don’t exist

    Don’t let the Tories Labour and the BBC use their tactics to do a Trump on us

    • Not-My-Real-Name says:

      Well said Dr Jim….better to walk away from all Journalists ….do not engage…they seek to promote the (non) fact that we are ALL aggressive and thus these kind of incidents provide them with the ammunition to support that NON fact….random and infrequent incidents like this are presented as the norm by the media….as in usual behaviour by the YES side.

      We all know what they , the media, represent and WHO they represent in the constitutional debate… shouting abuse may in the moment provide a release for some BUT in the long term it will be used as (fake) evidence and promoted by the media as a false representation of who we ALL are on the YES side and thus who and what the SNP supposedly have instigated and are responsible for……….we need to be clever and NOT provide them with ANY excuse to publicise us in a negative light…..they produce enough fake news on that themselves so need no help to add to their list of disinformation aka LIES.

      We have enough fake news being generated by the media without willingly handing them more…….be angry yes…but be wise as to how you vent that anger….via who you vote for in elections and how you vote in the next Indy referendum…..the best release EVER……and one they ALL can never fight against and WIN in Scotland

      Have a nice day Dr Jim…and others on here too


    • Arthur+Thomson says:

      I agree with you Dr Jim. Not ideal. But my view is that, within reasonable limits, all publicity is good publicity. I do not think that the independence movement has to project an unnatural image of absolute agreement on how to react to the despicable behaviour of those who promote Scottish subservience. Fortunately we have a leader who can deal with this type of bump in the road.

    • Bob Lamont says:

      I fully understand the frustration felt by many toward James (we’ve seen the emails) Cook as heir to propagandist Smith’s position, but totally agree that disengagement is by far the less risky option as it makes their propaganda more difficult to fabricate and thereby more obvious.
      The “totally unexpected” article was up on the Scotland page directly after I read your comment,
      Quelle surprise…

    • Statgeek says:

      I see in the Beeb, he claims he was ‘just trying to have a civilised conversation with them’.

      Of course. Trying to have a civilised conversation with protesters who blame the media for being in the pockets of those they protest against works every time.

      Let’s not forget that when the Beeb have control of the civilised conversations, in studios, they load the questions, load the panel, load the audience, and load the rhetoric.

      How civilised is that, James?

      (“He didn’t answer”)

    • JP58 says:

      The Yes supporters must always remember who they need to convince to Vote Yes. This group of people will have become less attached to voting No again by the performance of Tory government and the candidates for leadership election attitude to Scotland.
      Abusing reporters will only drive them back to No side when Yes side should be taking advantage of opponents mistakes by presenting a positive case for independence. I agree media is hostile but you either counter with a polite but firm approach based on facts as shown by FM. You never know it might make the change their opinion witness comments from Iain Dale. Showing hostility will only make media think their approach is justified.
      It is obvious that Truss & Sunak are spooked by Nicola Sturgeon who is still the Yes sides biggest asset. The No side know this which is why they tried everything to bring her down early last year.

  29. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    Last night BBC2 Newsnight had Turdo Fraser & Robert Kilgour telling us how better Scotland is in the Union. …….Kilgour conceded in the programme that he is a proud Tory supporter AND donor (he was also a candidate for the Tories in a election…a FAILED one) and contrast how he was presented BY the same media during the pandemic where he was introduced as a mere Care Home owner….making what viewers assumed was an impartial input into the debate….where the viewers were not NOT informed of his true political allegiance….

    Where he was given a platform to diss the Scottish government on their handling of and response to the pandemic in what was CLEARLY a political partisan message….a bit like Stephen Montgomery given a platform via Scottish media …..only for some peeps to then find anti Nicola Sturgeon rants in his Facebook page….and pictures of him with TORY politicians….the penny drops…though what he said and how he said on the news should have told you who and what he supported and believed in…..

    I do hope some viewers in Scotland who are not perhaps engaged in politics will recall his input during the pandemic and that the penny WILL now have dropped after seeing and hearing him on Newsnight…. as to how scathing he was towards the FM and the Scottish government handling of Covid before when presented by the media as a mere Care Home owner….not neutral at all but extremely biased….funny how the BBC ALWAYS finds those random non (currently) politicians Pro UK guests to opine on politics, the NHS, Education etc but seem less inclined to have those who support and compliment the Scottish government on their performance …it is so obvious who and why they , media, roll out the people they do….who inexplicably communicate a message contrary to who we vote for, via a majority, in Scotland……almost like they are all LYING and do so to promote THEIR narrow agenda and opposition to independence.

    See I have vented my anger via my opinion on a blog…..which DOES offer a real release….as better OUT than IN….in more ways than one….

    • Bob Lamont says:

      I suspect the Prof Pennington, Stephen Montgomery, Robert Kilgour and Jim McColl etc types, and those who hosted them (BBC Scotland) cards are well and truly marked in the court of Scottish public opinion.
      All it takes is the one lie to be revealed for the penny to drop and there have been thousands of them, sooner or later a pattern emerges and the orchestration becomes all so blindingly obvious.

      The propaganda managers totally misjudged their power to influence public opinion a la England, where the Depress and the Smail are omnipotent – The extended QEUH campaign lost BBC Scotland any remaining trust with their blatant lying, but the sheer audacity of using the Covid crisis to bombard Scotland and only Scotland with political propaganda by the media to discredit SG despite it actually being a serious public health issue for the entirety of the UK ? Seriously, WTF were they thinking ?

      Despite polling which suggests a 50/50 split in Scottish public opinion regarding independence, I suggest 75/25 is nearer the mark and whichever Truss emerges as leader of the Tory Party, that margin will only increase.
      Viz – The United Queendom is over, period.

  30. Dr Jim says:

    Lorna Slater and Patrick Harvie may be removed from leadership of the Green party if some in that party have their way, and it appears that those *some* definitely want to be a political party of government but don’t really want to take a political position on anything as that leaves them open to political criticism

    This all sounds a bit like cake and eat it from the *some* in the Green party, perhaps they believe that Green issues are sorta not really political and most folk like them for that so that’ll all be quite lovely, but if you want to be in government you kinda have to have a position on the other stuff that folk vote for governments on otherwise we’d have the *give everybody sweeties* party or the *bouncy castles for all* party

    Maybe there are some in the Green party who’d rather not take a position on the level of support and priority given to the independence of Scotland debate and that’s all fine and dandy too, except for one thing, if you’re a Green party member who feels this way then I might remind you that without all of us dedicating our efforts towards regaining Scotland’s independence the Tories, the Labour and Lib Dem British nationalists will reduce your Green issues to the level of caring for the window box in your flat, they will ask/tell you ever so nicely to wait until the energy crisis is over which in their long term view will be never while they’re fracking and drilling the shit out of Scotland and we have no government at all who can stop them let alone independence to carry out any green issues whatsoever in any future

    So Green party, you might want to have another wee think about the priorities behind this, you don’t get to make your garden green if you don’t own your garden

  31. Statgeek says:

    Just to sum up, because none of the Brit media seem to be doing it.

    Two potential English PMs came to Scotland and told Scots that they would prevent further Scottish democracy, and the Scots in the audience cheered.

    Digest that. Ignoring the ‘no true Scotsman’ gag for a second, to whom do these ‘Scots’ give their allegiance? To their neighbours? To their city? To their country?

    Or to the country that deigns to serve them the financial scraps leftover from the rump of taxes filched South? I foresee ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ being replaced as the go-to term with ‘Westminster Syndrome’.

    If nothing else, we now know who the so-called ‘scroungers’ or ‘junkies’ are, when English people talk of Scotland as a nation of scroungers or junkies. Feart of, and addicted to Westminster.

    • Stephen McKenzie says:

      I still don’t know why the two English politicians who made the effort to come and visit our country, did not then do a customary walkabout and meet a few of the good folk that had come to see them.

      Maybe hold some babies, press the flesh, pat a dog, sign autograph’s etc. Now that would have given James Cook something much more positive to write about..

  32. Dr Jim says:

    If you think things are bad enough with the British nationalists in Scotland spare a thought for a moment for the people of Northern Ireland who can’t even for any of the so called British parties
    Right now in a secret location in Belfast are the two Tory heirs to the throne of Westminsters control of everybody battling it out to an audience of less than 200 members of a party, as I said who cannot vote for them because they don’t even stand for election in Northern Ireland, so why are there members there? well God only knows

    But also why is the location kept a closely guarded secret? because the majority of people in Northern Ireland don’t even want these people there in the first place so they are under physical threat of violence

    Now let’s compare this to Scotland for a second, they turned up in our country where we have proven by our voting habits over 60 years what we as a country think of them accompanied by a virtual fanfare of press and media coverage, the venue advertised well in advance, they emerged from their nice cars and not one of them was under threat of being killed to death by anyone here and yet they complained vociferously about some people who shouted at them and waved some placards and

    Are we wondering why the Tory party are not complaining that their ownership of Northern Ireland should justify them behaving in the same way as they did in Scotland? why aren’t they complaining that they have to hide in *their own country* to express their freedom of speech to an electorate who can’t vote for them and wouldn’t and that’s why they do not stand for election in that place

    The two Tory hopefuls are hiding in a secret location of a country right now declaring their British dictatorship over the majority of that population

    Now are there still some undecided folk out there as to Scottish independence?
    Look at Northern Ireland, this is what the British Nationalists think about democracy

    • Dr Jim says:

      A few missed words here and there, sorry, I was on a mad moment

      • Not-My-Real-Name says:

        No worries…been there , done that etc etc

        We all got the meaning of your, once again, wonderful passionate worded comment Dr Jim.

  33. yesindyref2 says:

    In its newly released accounts for 2021, the SNP said that by the end of last year it had spent £253,335 out of £740,822 raised by its referendum appeal since 2017.

    But but but … the £600,000 is missing, it was forensically analysed by a blogger that it was missing, the Herald is lying to save the SNP, the end of the world is nigh, but but but but …

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha


    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

    • yesindyref2 says:

      In the Referendum appeal section of the new accounts …

      They should have done this years ago though, same as they did with similar fund back in 2012 or so. The SNP are without doubt their own worst enemy when it comes to being dumb. Honest but dumb.

      • Tam the Bam says:

        Anyone daring to take a peep at……you know where.
        I hear there’s humble pie on offer…..mmmmmmm… delicious!

  34. yesindyref2 says:

    Scottish independence to be ‘rebranded as separatism’ under Liz Truss’s leadership” (from the National)

    Very interesting technical move from Truss which can of course be used in any legal case in the likes of the UKSC or the ICJ, as an indicator the UK Government doesn’t see Scotland’s Independence as Secession, nor does it see it as a Dissolution of the Union.

    Which means (not being secession) that the UK Government would not be able to claim it was the Continuing UK after our Independence, so it would have to rename itself as for instance, EWNI – England Wales and Northern Ireland, as the UK would cease to exist.

    I’m sure the Scottish Conservatives will admire her wisdom.

    • Bob Lamont says:

      You omitted ‘teeth’ at the end…

      • Not-My-Real-Name says:

        LOL…..really funny Bob Lamont…….

        Though I heard she lacked them………

    • raineach says:

      This sounds a lot like John and Mary Britain divorcing but John carries on calling himself Mr and Mrs Britain

    • Naina Tal says:

      YIR2: Former U K. (FUK). Can just see the wee white oval plates on the back of their jeely jars when they go on hols to EU…..

  35. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    See when Truss and Sunak state Scottish government are failing on Healthcare and Education….does no HOST of the hustings EVER consider asking them what are the STATS that they are referring to and how do those stats COMPARE to England & Wales data… I know…as not naïve ….they could lie and just produce figures that do not resemble the ACTUAL figures BUT the risk is that these false stats COULD be then quoted as having been said by them via those newspapers NOT affiliated with the TORY party….and THAT does expose them to the fact that they have either LIED or that they are incompetent…..this should also ALWAYS be applied when ALL Unionist politicians state this ……as in according to THEM the Scottish government fail the NHS etc…..if they state it then they MUST have the data…’s NOT rocket science it’s basic journalism…if someone STATES what THEY say is a FACT especially a politically damaging one…then THEY need to back that up….simples.

    Audience members in debate shows do it too…..they also need to be asked ‘Where they got that information from’ and then back it up with data……we could all just say ANYTHING as a statement about ANYONE with nothing to reinforce the statement in way of evidence…..but for most of us if we did that…we could end up in court for libel….hilarious irony that Tories want to clean up the t’internet yet the most damaging impact on the public is via THEM……with their fake news and ‘off the cuff’ dubious statements presented as truth….where the reality of the situation according to THEM is far removed from everything they say is a fact and the truth…..

    BTW…if they, Sunak, Truss and others try to get off the hook by saying ‘I do not have the stats at hand’…then that leaves the public to wonder how then do they know Scotland is worse and failing more than England and Wales…..truth is they KNOW it’s a lie but how else would they be able to indulge in playing dirty politics….Teachers, Nurses, Doctors , other Health workers are mere inconsequential fodder to them to score an undeserved political (non and fake) point………that’s how they DO politics UK style….if at first you do not succeed…then just LIE….who votes for that ?????

  36. Golfnut says:

    Oh my God, Truss explaining people work at in London than anywhere else.
    Hope the link works.

  37. Golfnut says:

    From the article quoted yr2

    They focus on ‘separatism’, but actually it’s about self-determination and self-agency. They’re focusing on one end of the spectrum to try to make it sound as negative as possible, but the opposite of independence is dependence.

    They’ve always refered to the independence movement as separtists, nothing new then and not just here.
    I like the response though.

    but the opposite of independence is dependence.
    Now that’s a real negative and perhaps we should no longer refer to the liblabtory support as unionists but rather as the ‘ dependence movement ‘
    Eg, Anas Sarwar, leader of the Labour dependence accounting unit.

    • Golfnut says:

      Sorry it’s only this waited from the article.
      ‘They focus on ‘separatism’, but actually it’s about self-determination and self-agency. They’re focusing on one end of the spectrum to try to make it sound as negative as possible, but the opposite of independence is dependence.’

  38. Golfnut says:

    Apparently Cook was shoving his phone in people’s faces, not on camera of course.

    • Tam the Bam says:

      … and presumably was then told in no uncertain terms EXACTLY where he could shove his phone!….lol

  39. Alex Clark says:

    The BBC have form when it comes to setting up a stunt in an attempt to make Scotland look bad in the eyes of their viewers.

    During the World Cup in 2006 in which England had qualified and Scotland hadn’t. the Deputy Editor of Newsnight covered a car in England flags and parked it on a deserted street in the Gallowgate. The car was vandalised while the BBC secretly filmed it for a report that was broadcast that night on Newsnight.

    Just as they had hoped the car was vandalised which they then reported as proof of “anti-English sentiment in Scotland”.

    There was a furious reaction in Scotland at the setup by the Newsnight team which they maintained wasn’t a setup at all but a “legitimate experiment”.

    “The BBC was last night accused of staging a stunt to portray Scotland as a nation of English-hating thugs” raged Billy Paterson in the Sunday Mail. “There were concerns the youths involved in the attack may have even been encouraged by the Newsnight team.”

    Let me allay those concerns. Newsnight categorically did not encourage anyone to attack the car. This was a legitimate experiment to test anti-English sentiment in Scotland during the World Cup, following reports of a number of violent incidents. Of course, we thought the car might come under attack, that’s why we bought – at very little expense – an elderly banger, but there was no pre-meditated intention to portray Scots as one thing or another.

    Never trust a journalist to report fairly when the issue has anything to do with Independence, especially do not trust a journalist who works for the BBC.

    • Statgeek says:

      How long would a Scottish, German, or French painted car last if parked in some streets in England?

      Asking for 156 million people who are chuckling at the unbiased broadcaster, who seeks balance when it suits them.

    • Bob Lamont says:

      What always amused me about that stunt was the rentayobs giving the game away, and despite the time which has passed, the same things stick out like a sore thumb.

      3 out of six most studiously hiding their faces despite running was the first clue they knew they were on camera.
      The one who smacked in the windscreen finished on cue, but fluffed the exit as rehearsed by running off in totally the opposite direction to the other 2, causing one of the other 2 to run then stop dead in his tracks before the camera cut to the follow up on the damage…

      No premeditation my arse…

  40. Alex Clark says:

    The then deputy editor of Newsnight, Robbie Gibb, was the person responsible for setting up the stunt with the vandalised car is now Sir Robbie Gibb. He became Theresa Mays communications director in No10, his brother Nick Gibb was a government minister.

    Robbie Gibb was made a director of the BBC by Johnson in April 2021, that’s the type of person running the BBC these days. I don’t think the BBC deserve to be thought of as a “fair and impartial broadcaster” when the likes of Gibb and others like him have total control of the BBC.

    He has already had calls for him to be sacked in his new role as a director of the BBC too.

  41. Hamish100 says:

    John Beattie show- the audience ( sorry John we are listeners on the radio) seemed to try and generate anti SNP, anti Independence anti nationalist sentiment over the dry boring Tory leadership hustings. Let’s change the news dynamic I’m sure some thought.
    All I would say to genuine independence supporters out there from early days the Brit government used “agent provocateurs”. Even last century John McLean and other red clydsiders were undermined by lies and smears supported by such provocateurs.
    Ca canny — and use humour .

  42. Dr Jim says:

    I don’t believe any of that kind of thing is anti English, much though the BBC and those who do their best to make it appear as though it is
    I believe folk are anti England, because that’s the place from which many of Scotland’s woes tend to emanate, why do independence supporters not festoon our motors with Saltires and leave them parked outside Ibrox or an Orange hall on any normal day?……….. answers on what’ll be left of your wing mirror by the time you get back

    Try the same stunt with any car done up in German flags or Scottish flags or Irish flags in the middle of Trafalgar square and it wouldn’t last 5 minutes and they wouldn’t need to hire any balaclava clad mask wearing baddies to trash it either, they’d be queuing up with their Costa Coffees and Pret a Manger sandwiches balanced in one hand while destroying the motor with every available limb not holding up their Boris Bikes

    Those folk are anti everything and everybody their newspapers brainwash them with every day, chances are if you buy the Daily Mail or Express you’ve been a thug, are a thug, or are a soon to be thug

  43. Dr Jim says:

    Anas Sarwar and his boss from London the lawyer guy have come up with a *new* strategy to con Scotlands voters
    The tactic is to convince voters in Scotland that Labour are on the brink of winning 25 seats in Scotland and according to their *think tank* that means they will win a general election in England and Scotland will receive *more powaahs* for the Scottish parliament, all complete and total lies of course but…
    I know what you’re all thinking so the National newspaper asked Sir Prof Poultice all about this and his short answer was Ha Ha ha ha ha ha, this is Mince on George Galloways stilts, the longer answer was as we all would expect from the venerable Knight of the Realm is “There is no evidence at this time or indeed anytime soon to suggest that the Labour party has any hope of taking 25 seats in Scotland from the SNP”

    As we know even if Labours fantasy did come true it wouldn’t even touch the sides of the loss of over 40% of Labour support in England where even as we speak Labour are hemorrhaging members and finance faster than Eilish McColgan running to catch the chippy before it closes

    Anas Sarwar like the guy whatsisname before him, and eh the other guy with the same tie before him, oh and there was that woman, oh and right enough the guy before her, did I miss the eggman who didn’t even make it inside the building? anyway all of those same Labour *leaders* at Holyrood for the last few years, is it a few? less? I really can’t remember, anyway rest in peace all those people that Nicola Sturgeon has wiped up the Holyrood floor with, eh what was the point I was trying to make again?
    Oh aye, every one of those dunderheids has spaffed the same lies over every journalist and blank wall in their vicinity, do they really think nobody remembers them doing this?
    It’s like they think they’re back in yesteryear when they could lie on one street then go round the corner and tell a different lie and nobody would know every word they said was made up as they went along, with their lackeys carrying their portable podium Irn Bru box and half a dozen eggs to hand out to their activists who could toss a few around to keep the proceedings lively, huv the batteries ran oot in that mega speaky thing again?

  44. Bob Lamont says:

    Not sure what others will make of it, but having just viewed the “abuse” of James Cook, it may well have been deliberately provoked…

    • Dr Jim says:

      Cook knew exactly what he was doing and used the naivety of the folk against themselves to film what he knew he was provoking, I’ve got a neighbour who operates like this on unsuspecting folk until they catch on to what she is

      • Bob Lamont says:

        This is where advice to “just walk away” fails, Cook was free to roam in the inner secure cordon, the crowd were penned in behind the barriers.
        Cook explained filming was over and the piece had already been aired on the 6 o’clock news.
        – So what was his purpose in homing in on this particular group afterward if not to conjure a story
        – His theatrical videoing of the faces of this portion of the crowd was deliberately provocative and had no news value whatever.
        In short he was deliberately seeking to provoke a reaction from a safe location.

        The Telegraph portray him as having been “harassed by protestors” in the now “deleted video” as if innocently going about his business. A distortion.
        You do get a clue as to the origins from the spliced footage “A Tory MSP filmed the abuse shouted as she arrived at the event”, hence make a generality from 2 or 3 loudmouths.

    • Alex Clark says:

      Obvious from that video who was doing the baiting there. The police should have a word with Cook about how to behave when he’s on that side of the barrier.

  45. Hamish100 says:

    I see this is shown on the telegraph web. Wasn’t this the same paper leaked lies by Carmichael for which Cook then challenged the then deputy FM live on bbc tv in George Square?

    • Dr Jim says:

      The difference with Cook was he lied on live TV, he claimed he had seen an email from the FM to the French ambassador that didn’t exist, and was later proven to have never existed, shortly after this Cook was sent to America to be the BBC snitch over there, exactly in the same way as they did more recently with Sarah Smith

      You are considered a success at the BBC if you can generate sufficient bitterness within the Scottish population, it can lead to all sorts of dizzying heights even so far as becoming advisers to Prime Ministers of England, then your snout is firmly lodged in the bahooky ville of moolah ££££££

    • Alex Clark says:

      The filming was done by someone among the Indy supporters on their side of the barrier, I wonder how the Telegraph got hold of it.

      • Bob Lamont says:

        Only the first part of the montage from the Telegraph was filmed from within the group Cook targeted. Someone downloaded it before it was deleted by the owner, an impossible task for your average Joe but so are reading non-existent emails by James Cook.

        Normal users can only share until something is deleted, but I’m certain others more clued up on the the technicalities can explain how it’s done… They essentially filched it without the owner’s permission knowing it would take years and millions in lawyer’s fees to sue.

        But as I’d already posted upthread on the telegraph version “You do get a clue as to the origins from the spliced footage “A Tory MSP filmed the abuse shouted as she arrived at the event”, hence make a generality from 2 or 3 loudmouths”.
        Elizabeth House or similar would my guess as they have friends in low places – Nothing is actually deleted digitally unless you go to enormous lengths to ensure it, it goes into a recycle bin, and Unionist Skip-diving is world renowned…

    • Tam the Bam says:

      The answer to your question is yes.
      The Telegraph journo at the centre of this attempted smear was one Simon Johnson.

  46. Capella says:

    Analysis of the Tory hustings in Perth from Lesley Riddoch

    Lesley Riddoch: Tory members are not just denying indy, but devolution itself

    the truly astonishing and scary thing about the Perth hustings was not the leadership candidates – it was the Tory crowd. We know they hate independence – but their questions and reactions suggest they hate the devolved Scottish Parliament even more.

    How will you force the Scottish Government to build new nuclear power stations? How will you stop the Scottish Government spending money “illegally” on reserved issues?

    Then roars of support for forcing through Freeports, forcing Holyrood to produce performance data that’s “directly comparable with England and Wales”, and above all for challenging Nicola Sturgeon’s record on education, health, ferries and trains – not via Douglas Ross in Holyrood (who got simpering name checks from each candidate but a lukewarm response from the crowd) but directly via challenges from Westminster.

    The hustings moderator, STV’s estimable Colin Mackay, wasn’t just booed for pressing candidates on indyref2, but for raising any obstacles to total London diktat that arise from the devolution settlement. Y’know the one London signed, sealed and delivered.

    • Bob Lamont says:

      Do you not think it most odd that Colin Mackay got pelters from the 100% Tory audience for just doing his job as a journalist yet afterward James Cook baited a quite specific segment of the crowd when the BBC cameras were dead in order to portray himself as a victim journalist “just doing his job”, despite “having read the emails” ?
      Ehm, ..

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