Charmless and Offensive

Scotland is easily the least monarchist inclined part of the UK, where the royal events, weddings and general flummery which the BBC is hell bent on force feeding the populace with a sycophantic enthusiasm which puts the North Korean state broadcaster to shame are met with a combination of bored indifference and anger that Bargain Hunt has suddenly disappeared from the television schedules. It should be a warning sign to the British establishment that yer average Scottish punter would far rather watch someone try to turn a profit from some broken down auld tat culled from a wet car boot sale in Droitwich than endure Nicolas Witchell on our telly screens wittering on oleaginously about the latest bout of waving at the peasantry which passes for a day job for members of the Windsor clan.

The general attitude of indifference verging on mild distaste towards the royals which is widespread across Scotland is even more in evidence among that part of the Scottish population which is supportive of independence. It’s a safe bet that republican sympathies are even more pronounced among confirmed independence supporters in Scotland than they are amongst that part of the Scottish populace which simply flees to the far reaches of the EPG in search of old re-runs of Judge Judy whenever the BBC decides that the privilege and entitlement which passes for “working royalty” is going to colonise our telly screens.

Despite this however, the issue of the monarchy has never figured large in the independence debate. The general and widespread view, even among people with republican sympathies who are active in the independence movement being that the question of whether an independent Scotland should retain the monarchy or should move to becoming a republic is one that should be for the people of Scotland to decide after independence has been achieved.

Partly this is tactical, it makes it easier for the independence movement to reach soft noes and undecideds because it helps to soften any fears this group might have about a sharp rupture from the rest of the UK. It allows for a degree of continuity making the choice of independence seem like less of a leap into the unknown. However it’s also because the current independence debate is a discussion about the Union of Parliaments of 1707, not the much earlier Union of the Crowns which took place in 1603 when the Scottish monarch King James VI inherited the throne of England from his cousin Queen Elizabeth. The maintenance of this earlier union allows supporters of independence to argue that independence does not mean the breaking of all the cultural and historical ties that Scotland has with the rest of the UK.

However the recent news that Downing Street has called on the royal family to participate in a so-called charm offensive on behalf of the anti-independence cause could change all this . Some members of the Royal family might be worried about whether Scotland will continue as a part of the UK , but Prince Andrew claims he’s not sweating about it at all, although he is not noted for his charm, just for his offensiveness.

Just a few days after the Mail on Sunday reported on the royals’ pro-union charm offensive we had the second in line to the throne come to Scotland for the General Assembly of the Kirk of Scotland but he also made the time to earnestly tell us how much Scotland means to him, having spent some of his formative years blowing Scottish wildfowl to buggery with a shotgun. We also had the tabloid press decode his wife’s expensive wardrobe for those of us whose budgets can only stretch to Primark, because apparently it’s possible to save Scotland for the Union through the medium of designer dresses. I was all for independence, but then I saw the Duchess of Cambridge in a £2500 Alexander McQueen saltire blue pleated frock and now I’ve totally changed my mind, said no one ever.

Admittedly we don’t need to worry about Prince Andrew telling the press how much Scotland means to him, as he doesn’t want the FBI to know that he’s available for interviews.

Just a couple of days later we discovered that that the royal couple had also met with Gordon Brown, who holds no public office but who has very recently launched a new organisation to campaign against independence. Then royal aides made a cack-handed attempt to get channel4 news not to report on the meeting, claiming it was “private”. For the royals to get involved in the independence debate is a very clear breach of the convention that the monarch and her representatives do not get involved in politics.

In 2014 the Queen restricted herself to asking people to “think very carefully before voting in the referendum” an ambiguous phrasing that allowed the palace to maintain the pretence that it doesn’t get involved in politics. Afterwards David Cameron told us that she “purred” down the phone when she heard the result of the vote. So apparently did George Galloway.

After the meeting with Gordon Brown, Kensington Palace issued a press release in a clear attempt at damage limitations claiming that the Prince was merely trying to learn more about “community attitudes” to independence as though Gordon Brown was really there in his capacity as a member of the management committee of Kirkcaldy community centre. And if you believe that you probably also believe that when Kate Middleton put on an expensive designer blue frock it means that she really cares deeply about ordinary Scottish people.

The real danger for the Windsors is that they risk making the monarchy an issue in the independence debate. If they are seen to become agents of the campaign to oppose independence they merely make it more likely that an independent Scotland would seek to become a republic. Prince William will one day become king. However an independent Scotland would not be happy with a king as its head of state if that king had actively sought to prevent independence from ever happening. No independent country is going to consent to a head of state who was hostile to the creation of the state. If the Windsors want to continue to provide Scotland with the Kings and Queens of Scots, they’d be wise to butt out of the democratic process.


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123 comments on “Charmless and Offensive

  1. Hamish100 says:

    My comments on your other post apply here. We won’t know what royalist interference will have taken place until way in the future.
    Brown is a Brit Nat and patriotic Britisher. Good luck to him he is like the last dodo on the planet trying to find a purpose in life.

    One further comment. Prince William may become King just as his old man may also.
    Who knows what the future holds for any of us. Maybe neither will be a King over Scotland?

  2. 2p3rf3ct says:

    Ahh – Mr Brown – a vassal,noting more. As for ‘head of state’ … I tend towards a person who has worked more than 30 years in public service (not an MP/MSP). They would be grounded.

    Moderation – no fun, but removes the fungus of stupidity.

  3. Hamish100 says:

    Welcome back, Welsh Sion.
    I think to have a figurehead of state they must reside permanently in Scotland.
    No second homeowners who use this country to escape covid.

  4. Val Quigley says:

    Totally agree that over-privelidged land owning aristocracy will only be part of a future independent Scotland if we the sovereign people wish it to be so. Silly “campaigning” against our independence with yesterday’s men and no conception of who the Scots really are will only move us away from them and towards a republic. We are the people who will decide this. These “charm” offensive things rarely charm anyone. Happy for them to keep displaying how out of touch they are. Equality will be our byword. Saor Alba and keep it up Paul

  5. James Addison says:

    The Union of Crowns on the death of Elizabeth.Will the same Union end with an Elizabeth?

  6. andyfromdunning says:

    A good analysis once again Paul. I agree with the logic you bring to the issue.
    Personally I want a Republic. A few years ago I did not have a strong view on the monarchy until I managed to created in myself a hatred for the U.K. establishment and its structures.

    • Statgeek says:

      Similar views here. I was indifferent until 2014’s purry chops moments. From then on, I noticed there’s always a wedding, birth or funeral to take the limelight. Pick a year, any year.

      How much of the royal tourism take reaches Scottish tax coffers? Not a lot, I imagine.

  7. Legerwood says:

    Not sure how accurate it is to say that the Royals ie the Queen and Prince of Wales don’t involve themselves in politics. This article in the Guardian in Feb 2021 sort of gives the lie to that particularly when they they think their interests are likely to be compromised

    • stewartb says:

      Indeed! This can’t be repeated enough.

      However, it is more nuanced – beyond the ‘family’s’ self-interest and preservation – but no less negative for the nation-state. See this perspective offered on the website of ‘Republic’ ( )

      “After 70 years, we’re so used to the Queen as head of state that we often assume the way she carries out the role is the only way it can – or should – be done.

      “But because the Queen is unelected, there are important jobs she can’t do – ones that an elected head of state, chosen by and answerable to the people, could.

      “When prime minister Boris Johnson asked the Queen to prorogue parliament (suspend it for a few weeks) it was clear that the Queen has no independent role to play. For the first time the Queen’s real job, which is to do what the PM tells her, was highlighted on prime time TV. Whatever you think about Brexit, it can’t be right that the head of state is there for no reason other than do the PM’s bidding.”

      The same piece asks: What is a head of state for?

      “The phrase ‘ceremonial head of state’ is misleading. It suggests that the role is purely for decoration, when it is actually a crucial part of the political system.”

      And adds: “If a president attempts to overreach their powers, there’s a clear process for removing them from office – unlike a monarch. And a president is paid a straightforward annual salary, usually with a small office and one official residence; the public is not expected to fund their extended family or maintain multiple homes.”

      Yes, this is something of importance to resolve after Scotland’s independence. However if the royal family fails to restrict its concerns to the older of the two unions between England and Scotland and sides with those opposed to our self-determination, even to our right to an electoral event to express our democratic choice, it may end up being resolved sooner after independence than later!

  8. James Mills says:

    You really have to question who advises ‘The Royals’ on what to say and who to speak to on these cringe-worthy visits to the northern wastes .

    Do they think we plebs are still living in the days of Brigadoon ?
    Do they believe that a display of (expensive ) tartan attire will endear them to the quaint Scotch people ?
    Do they honestly think that anyone ( other than Murdo Fraser ) will actually fall for their ”Scotland has shaped us ” routine ?

    Do they think that a week traipsing around some of the more scenic areas of Scotland , meeting a motley collection of hand-picked and suitably grovelling peasants will erase all the economic and social ills that have been visited upon our people in the last decade of Tory rule ( never mind the 300 years before ) ?

    As to meeting ( former ) politicians like Gordon Brown – who in their right mind suggested that HE might have have any influence outside his own wee bubble ?
    I’ll bet that someone on their staff flicked through the BBC Shortbread archives and saw the numerous appearances he was gifted to talk his usual band of anti-Independence sh*te , and thought that he was actually POPULAR up here .

    It clearly shows that for all the public monies handed to these Royal parasites they still can’t pick a decent PR person from all the arselickers that present themselves for employment .

    We have nothing to fear from this Royal Love Bombing – because it BOMBED !

    • iusedtobeenglish says:

      “As to meeting ( former ) politicians like Gordon Brown…”

      I’m more concerned about why they were meeting a current politician – one Anas Sarwar.

      What was that all about?

  9. John Blackwood says:

    I’m personally finding this quite interesting. As an ex RAF veteran who was told by his father and grandfather to swear my oath of allegiance HM Queen Elizabeth and not HM Queen Elizabeth II ergo to the Scottish Monarch as opposed to the English one, I also find it unsettling. Under these circumstances I wonder how many (more) Scottish veterans are now leaning more to the idea of a Scottish Republic? To forsake Scotland for personal corporate interests, as it would appear, would be a betrayal of not just trust but honour.

    • Doug Porteous says:

      John like your self I’m ex-RAF 68/85 and I’ve had several conversations with veterans regarding the Oath of Allegiance. As far as I can see it boils down to two different views. Those who hold that the oath is for life and that they will die in defense of the Crown and the Union, given that most of them spent most of their service shuffling paper or sweeping hanger floors I’d like to see that. The other group consists of independence supporters some of whom don’t care about the Royal Family one way or the other and other like myself who see a Royal Family and their hangers on actively working against Scotland thus nullifying the oath leaving us free to actively campaign for a Scottish Republic.

  10. Luigi says:

    So, the old Broonster rises from the crypt once again. How it must rankle, that he of all people, that great defender of the union, has never received so much as a thank you let alone a gong. They must be getting desperate if they have raised old Gordo from the crypt yet again. He could get his Hong yet ye know, fir services rendered. He certainly has been a faithful servant.

  11. robert harrison says:

    These upper class English really think they gods when they’re really all a bunch of frauds the royals are worse than bojo and the conservatives.

  12. Capella says:

    The Declaration of Arbroath – a lecture by Prof Alexander Brodie. 1hr.
    I’ve posted this link a few times. It is a fascinating insight into the Declaration, which is Scotland’s “constitution”, defining the duty of the leader and rights of the people.

    The ruler must protect us from harm and from the theft of our property. Edward I was the Great Thief who had stolen a kingdom. Robert the Bruce was chosen as leader to defend Scotland from this arch criminal. If King Robert failed to protect the community of the realm, then he would be deposed and another ruler chosen.

    • Dr Jim says:

      Given the title of Queen or King in Scotland is also a job description we couldn’t advertise the position in todays current climate or we’d end up facing legal challenges from Elton John or some rapper from Chicago over what constitutes Queens and Kings, and Eddie Izzard would be bound to apply just to annoy us, it looks like we’ll have to be a republic

      So who gets to chop the head off the current one then? Ach that’s another appointment we’d have to make, head head chopper, Nah ! it’s too much bother all this Royalty stuff, just have a waxworks image museum and some touristy stuff , sprinkle some red paint on the floor and tell them that’s where we did her in then charge folk a fiver for a look round, they can make a day of it, we’ll do sandwiches, it’ll be tasteful

  13. Capella says:

    From twitter – the most comprehensive catalogue of Johnsonian lying capacity ever listed. From Rory Stewart. Should be on a poster.

  14. David Agnew says:

    I just laughed at the Torygraph article gushing about a royal wardrobe. The notion that the price of the frock would shame us into being “British” (the worlds worst participation trophy) shows the gulf between their vision and reality.

    So not much of a Monarchist then? I hear you ask.

    No. My feelings to the royals, are more in line with Mark Twain. So I will sign off with a couple of little ditties from the old man.

    “There are shams and shams; there are frauds and frauds, but the transparentest of all is the sceptered one. We see monarchs meet and go through solemn ceremonies, farces, with straight countenances; but its possible to imagine them meeting in private and laughing in each other’s faces”

    “Monarchy has speech, and by it has been able to persuade man that it differs somehow from the rattlesnake, has something valuable about it somewhere, something worth preserving, something even good and high and fine, when properly “modified,” something entitling it to protection from the club of the first comer who catches it out of its hole”

    “The Monarch. A select and peculiar kind of slave-proprietor who does not get his property by purchase, or trick, or beguilement, but inherits it — from an ancestor who stole it.”

  15. My late and dearly missed brother and I watched ‘The Wild Bunch’ in the basement of his home in Acton Ontario in the wee sma’ hours of that Late July day in July 1981 as Charlie married Di with billions, nay, surely trillions across Her Royal Maj’s Universe tuned in.

    There was no way I was going to be here for the lead up, actual day, and 36 page spreads in the Jock Dead Tree Scrolls.

    We guzzled our way through several bottles of Canadian lager and duty free Scotch, as Wiliiam Holden, Ernest Borgnine, Warren Oates, and Robert Ryan, as a gang of outlaw misfits met their gory end in early 20th Century slaughter.

    They were a Wild Bunch who had long out stayed their welcome.

    Two Discovery Range Rovers with blacked out windows sped through the fortified gates of Lavish fortress to hold a secret meeting with one of the most powerful rich families in the world.

    N, it is not the opening credits of a Pablo Escobar biopic, it is an accurate description of Gordon Brown’s meeting with King Billy III, the arrival filmed by Channel 4 threatened with legal action if aired on TV.
    Two big Land Rovers? Why? Who else was at the meeting? Or was it Brown’s Security Detail?
    Who paid for it all?

    What did they discuss?

    None of our business, apparently.

    The meeting took place in Holyrood Palace, an ancient testament to the Parcel of Rogues’ betrayal of Scotland.

    It is Lizzie’s official residence in Scotland; she stays there for One Wek a year, at the start of her summer hols in Scotland, before she and her entourage head for Balmoral to kill things for fun.
    I believe that Bonnie Prince Charlie used the Palace for a few weeks during the 1745 Jacobian Uprising, just to rub it in, ye Jocks.

    Why is Gordon Brown still given such prominence in modern times.
    Is it a ‘kirk’ thiung? William was after all a guest at the General Assembly?
    Has the CoS gone all Royalist and Brit Nat?

    Gordon Brown, and indeed many Jock Brits and broadcasters are ‘sons and daughters of the manse’?

    Is it a ‘Masonic’ thing?

    WE know that Charlie is a heid high yin in the Masons. It follows that his son and heir will hold an exalted position in that ‘secret’ organisation, surely.

    Does the Clunking Fist does hold an influential position in ‘the Craft’.

    In a week when words were tortured to death by the MSM, two glaring examples come to mind.
    There was nothing ‘secret’ about Brown having tea with the future king.

    The message was delivered as intended.
    The Queen is not amused with the latest Jacobian Rebellion. Heads shall roll!

    That’s the monarchist No switherers back on board. Job’s a good’un.

    And following on from Dominic Cummings’ rather bizarre ‘nothing to do with me, Gov’,attack on his former boss and the Health Secretary, we were treated to yet another hastily arranged 21st Century ”royal’ wedding, when Johnson married his Bidie-In, over the week end which was described by every Dead tree Scroll, every TV and radio outlet, as the couple wedding ‘secretly’.

    ‘privately’, and ‘secretly’….doublethink.

    Truth is lies. Freedom is slavery. War is Peace.
    Now to all duggers who are COS or Masons, I can offer no apology.

    I’ll defend with my life your right to follow your faith or cultural values, truly.
    But there are dark and mysterious influences at play in the Brit Establishment.

    We are in a new century, and Scotland has moved on.
    Welcome back, Welsh Sion.

    Time to douse the plants.

    • Check out my typos and spelling! That’s the old stream of consciousness ‘rage’ rising to the top again.

      If my Dad were a brain surgeon, do I have the Divine Right of Surgeons to be a brain surgeon too?
      Monarchy is a ridiculous system in today’s world.

      • wm says:

        Jack, how can trillions tune in for the wedding in 1981, when there is less than ten billion people in the world. As usual I agree with the rest of your comment. Good to see you back WS.

        • I recall having read in the Toronto Star at the time that very civilisation in the Milky Way sent one of their Royals or Grand Viziers to the Wedding.

          Didn’t His Eminence, the Grand Galactical Ambassador For the Alpha Centauri Union of Planets get in to a drunken fist fight with a bunch of Venusian football louts in a Soho bar the night before the Bash?
          I think the journo who broke the story was named ‘Icke’: but possibly not.

          It was all hushed up of course.

  16. And another thing…when Matt Hancock declared that we were ‘all in this together’ when he caught Covid and was required to take time off work just like wot us proles had to do, he continued to receive his full Ministerial Pay, while millions of the plebs who worked for employers who paid zero hour subsistence level slave wages had to get by on £96.35 a week Statuary Sick Pay..or to put in even more outrageous perspective, 1/26th of the £2500 Princess Kate’s saltire blue gown cost.

    Why we are not on the brink of outright revolt sometimes bamboozles this writer.
    The spring on my trusty old secateurs has just snapped.
    Is this an omen?

    • Bob Lamont says:

      No Jack the the incident with the secateurs is much simpler.
      Moses Inc no longer makes them.
      Spring has sprung…
      Omens ?

      • Bob, I had to ask The Light of My Life what ‘Omens; was all about.
        I would be hopeless s a team member in a pub quiz.

        ‘Get it’, now.

        New secateurs acquired. Lopping 12 inches off the height of the back hedge tomorrow.
        Off with its head!

        • Bob Lamont says:

          Ah, sorry about that Jack, I’m a long time Terry Pratchett fan, my first ever book by him was Mort, Omens has been a favourite re-read..
          Presumably with new secateurs the “The Light of My Life” has stocked up on elastosplast… 😉

          • She’s looking out the policies as I clack, Bob.
            For some reason, unfathonable really, I’ve not got ’round to Prachett yet…so many books, so little time.

  17. Valkyrie says:

    Never been so glad to have no TV reception.

    I have nowhere near enough sick bags here to handle a “royal charm offensive!”

  18. Capella says:

    Believe in Scotland has a fundraiser about to close n 4th June. It’s done well so far but still time to add to it if you support their work. I like the information they manage to present in very readable format. Good for postcards and posters.

  19. COLIN COUNTER says:

    I think you’re blogs are always spot on, so much reflect my own opinions. In your recent blog on the Windsors and Mr Broon. If the possibility of Scottish Independence has reached the Royal ear then we are definitely doing it right! But the contempt for Scotland’s ability to govern itself is so apparent. It’s almost like a parent chastising a naughty child. But what they don’t get is Scotland in growing up fast and gaining in confidence. Slow and steady is the name of the game. Let the incompetence of the Westminster make the case to those who live in Scotland that our future as an inclusive independent state is the way to go!

  20. grizebard says:

    Here’s a naughty thought. Given the Scottish constitutional position, if we retain the monarchy post-indy, we will surely then need a formal mechanism to put effect to it, eg. to remove any monarch who is widely-considered not to be up to the job and appoint a suitable chosen successor. A kind of appraisal/recall process if on a longer time scale. Other than that, not much different from a president, really. {grin}

  21. Dr Jim says:

    The British state tabloid broadcaster in Scotland lays it on thick finding complainers to air their views about having to stand in the hot sun with no water and no head coverings to receive their vaccines at the Hydro today

    They could’ve brought or bought something to drink, they could’ve brought a hat out with them, did they no look up at the sky before they came out, and lastly the staff who are standing in the Hydro all day are there to save their sodding lives or at least prevent them from serious illness

    What do these people think they came for? Disneyland? Christ on a bike!!!

  22. Welsh_Sion says:

    Apologies for this being a BBC link (I haven’t forgotten fellow Duggers’ aversion to the state propogandist), but couldn’t find a better source for this story – one fairly well-known in the home country for its halting of the progress of Betty Windsor.

    I thought that as the discussion is revolving around the Windsor ilk’s roles in an independent Scotland, you might like to see a Cymric angle on this.

    Yours aye,

  23. Dr Jim says:

    Ironic how the Royals are loved and respected for stopping murdering and stealing from the populace now that they have the lovely smiley ceremonial role of just collecting their cash from the government who took the job over from them

    Funny olde worlde when you thank the abusers for their service of not abusing you like they used to

  24. Tam the Bam says:

    Evenin’ all…just back from a re-union with an old friend and long-standing party member……unlike me….he can boast 50 years plus membership…I only have 5 years under my belt….despite the the fact I’ve voted SNP for the best part of 30 years now…..

    I digress…we discussed matters which need addressing.

  25. sam says:

    Perhaps Gordon Brown was educating William Windsor about the United Kingdom being the Union of the TWO Kingdoms of Great Britain, and suggesting he should be a British monarch and take a name when monarch that reflects the Scottish monarchy, bringing to an end the anglicizing trend (4 monarchs out of the last 7 have taken names from the English monarchy tradition) that continues to the present day with the current occupant of the British throne. May I suggest Alexander IV or Malcolm V as suitable names for a British king.

  26. Statgeek says:

    NHS England (Digital) plans to allow 3rd party access to patient data –

    NHS Scotland will not, presumably. I wonder how many of the ‘Abolish Holyrood’ folk will want their data shared?

    One more reason for Indy, before the creep of NHS England privatisation interferes with Barnett consequentials.

  27. ScotsCanuck says:

    …. well, Paul your convalescence is well down the road !! … your analysis of this Royal “Intervention” is “right on the money” …. so good to read your take on the political developments …. mair power tae yer pen.

  28. Life as the English viewers know it is back to ‘normal.
    BBC Brexitless TV is an England Only 3 and a quarter hours of ‘national’ news as the Talking cue reader Dan Walker describes it.
    The ‘headlines’ this morning? Gavin Williamson ‘Education Secretary’ announces £1.4 billion for English schools for extra catch up tuition.
    Ambulance crews in England will be issued with body cams following an upsurge of English citizens attacking crews.
    Live from a warehouse in Oldham, that’s in England too, the roving reporter warns of the shortage of zero hour contract low paid slave wage English plebs willing to deliver Yankee Candles and sun loungers to English lock down prisoners.
    Then Carole on the rooftop of BBC in Central London…I stopped watching..doubtless the ‘sport’ will be a bout England’s march to winning the Euros.
    I don’t even peek at Commercial TV Breakfast, but I am reliably informed that it is the same ‘English’ news paralleling the State Propaganda Outlet.

    So for a quarter of the day, Scotland, Wales, and Norn Irn should just pop out to the kitchen and put the kettle on. Nothing to see here..your Imperial Masters are discussing cricket.

    Fast forward 5 years, when we have driven the ‘english’ broacasters from our land, and like, Norway, Sweden, the Netherlands, ireland, and Iceland, and other similar sized companies, our MSM reflects and reports on the News Scottish.

    I am sure that Gary and the gang are on Steam Radio BBC Middle Class Jockland speaking to their audience of a few thousands and gleaning their headlines from those ‘Scottish’ Blahs, like the daily Express, The Times, The Telegraph, The Guardian, and the Sun.

    This is Scotland in 2021; a militarily occupied colony of England, a back water, fed only the news that they allow us, through the filter of an English Oligarchy communications network.
    We are to huddle around the wireless even for Jock Brit propaganda.
    Come the Revolution…

    fence to paint…later.

    I am so teed off this morning as you can see.

    • AAD says:

      Maybe the news that Believe in Scotland are starting to organise a day of action to involve Yes groups will cheer your day. Post the present emergency of course. Something to look forward to.
      After Independence we can deal with the monarchy in Scotland. Remember, they are not King/Queen of Scotland, but King/Queen of Scots, who can be removed by the people of Scotland if they wish. I wish! I wish!

      • Naina Tal says:

        Suspect AAD that Lizzie doesn’t think of herself as ” queen of Scots”, merely monarch of everything that comes under England’s dominion. I suggest that’s the reason she styles herself ERII. Also when she came to Scotland after her coronation, she refused to have the Scottish crown on her heid.
        Naw. Don’t think she’s Queen of Scots. Not really!

        • Welsh_Sion says:

          I suggest that’s the reason she styles herself ERII.


          A wee anecdote from some months back – but really does highlight a classic case of yoon stoopidity.

          I was watching a daytime programme (yeah, I know, but I was due a break) featuring people with various collecting obsessions. One such was an old dear [are you sure about this word? – Ed.] who had made her home into a shrine of all things Saxe-Coburg-Gotha-Battenberg-Windsor. There was barely anything (plates, tablecloths, cutlery, commemoration mugs etc etc) which did not have some Royal connection.

          One such was a EIIR cushion cover. Now, to maintain the conversation with the old bat [that’s better – Ed.], she was asked what ER meant. With no hesitation, she shot back, ‘Elizabeth Reigns’.

          A few points arise from this.

          – This was a person afflicted by severe ‘royalitis’ and yet manages to get something as basic as this so completely incorrect. How could she possibly get the object of her veneration wrong?

          – She seemingly agreed to the final cut of the programme, thus enabling the rest of us to smirk at her ignorance. Again, why?

          – Did that otherwise perspicacious Scot, John Logie Baird, know what he was doing when he was paving the way for such TV ‘stars’ to grace our screens and provide our living rooms with such banality and idiocy?


    • grizebard says:

      However, even the English Home Service is obliged to report than not all is hunky-dory in Brexitland, Jack. The hospitality sector is struggling to find staff to reopen businesses. The non-staff heard the English Gov message that they were not wanted and have all gone back home. Tim “Weatherspoon” Martin – yes he of the Brexit campaign! – is now calling on his government to provide special “EU-immigrant” visas to help the poor fellow out.

      You just can’t make this stuff up. The whole Brexitempire has no clothes, yet nary a peep about it from anyone except when special interests must be served.

  29. Petra says:

    Kevin McKenna: ‘Scotland is just a personal Tartan Disneyland to the royal family.’

    ..”In her letter, the Queen also spoke of her abiding love for the Scottish gift that keeps on giving.”..


    ‘Prince Charles’ billionaire adviser stands to gain from Australia trade deal.’

    ..”Hedge fund billionaire, and one time Australian army captain, Michael Hintze has “significant investments” in the country’s agricultural sector. As well as donating to the Conservatives, Vote Leave and the ruling Australian Liberal party, Hintze is a long-standing adviser to Prince Charles.”..

    • Dr Jim says:

      Yeah but Charlie’s OK isn’t he, I’m sure he’ll be donating all his money to the cultivation of cabbages in the Cotswolds or carrots in Caernarfon

      • Welsh_Sion says:

        Dr Jim,

        Thought for the day: the Welsh word for ‘carrots’ is ‘moron’. Jus’ sayin’ like.

        PS. Caernarfon is my home town and I belong to its YES Cymru Branch.

      • Bob Lamont says:

        “I’m sure he’ll be donating all his money to the cultivation of cabbages in the Cotswolds or carrots in Caernarfon” – Apparently they have recording of him saying so, even the Asparagus are plotting his inhumation now….

    • grizebard says:

      Well, if HM has such an abiding love for Scotland, she could show it better. Some personal “thinking carefully about it” and being willing to recognise that there’s a little more to it than having a summer bolt-hole in the Highlands. Not least that independence (with or without the crown) is the legitimate preference of at least half of the people of Scotland, and for very sound reasons, and worthy of her respect.

  30. Iain says:

    Off topic, I’m afraid, but mention of Gordon Brown obviously made me think of ex Tory leader in Holyrood, Colonel Windbag. Does anyone know if she has been officially canonised or knighted try and signed up to her £320 a day plus cheap booze and grub deal yet?

  31. Hamish100 says:

    What did they say about baroness? Mone?

  32. Dr Jim says:

    Remember when we were wee and were told stories of the good Kings and Queens and beautiful Princesses marrying handsome Princes but the Barons were all nasty types doing their evil doings and taxing the poor people who had no money

    Then we grew up and discovered the word propaganda, and phrases like *lying robbing Bastirt Tories*

  33. Petra says:

    And the *lying robbing Bastirt BBC* 😀.

    ‘Covid and the BBC’s Care Home lie.’


    Phantom Power:- ”The Beeb has 4 settings for Scottish oil: ‘Pain at the pumps’ [Oil price high], We’d be broke’ [Oil price low], ‘It’s running out’ [Rising independence] and ‘It would be environmentally irresponsible to drill more’ [as UK Govt has and continues to suck up every last drop].”


    Great to see you’re back, WS. Giving you a wee wave 🙋‍♀️ X

  34. Petra says:

    ‘Support for indyref2 spreading outside Scotland.’


    Does anyone have any idea if this is expensive to do? If not maybe we should think of doing this to get some of our key messages across?

  35. Petra says:

    That should get Harry and Meghan going again 😀.

    ‘Buckingham Palace banned ‘coloured immigrants or foreigners’ from office roles.’

    ..”The files also reveal how Buckingham Palace negotiated controversial clauses – that remain in place to this day – exempting the Queen and her household from laws that prevent race and sex discrimination.”


    ‘Tim Martin shows Brexiteers want it all their way and Scotland stuck with it.’

    ..”It’s hard to enjoy the schadenfreude when you’re stuck on the sinking ship with the selfish fools who swerved it into the iceberg because they thought that meant they’d get a discount off their tickets. That’s sort of how it feels being in Scotland right now, knowing that 62% of us voted to remain in the EU – among other things – but that we’re in for the exact same financial and human losses as those who voted for this.”..

  36. Tam the Bam says:

    Netherlands 2 … Greenock Morton 2

    See!….telt ye Jack! … lol

    • Wot colour is the sky over Greenock, Tam.
      My son, a Tartan Army veteran just texted me:
      ‘The Dutch will be right chuffed to have scraped a draw against the tournament favourites.’
      Us scots, whit ur we like?

  37. Statgeek says:

    Douglas Ross is isolating after colleague tests positive for Covid. Rumour has it he’s staffing the membership office, since they don’t expect much activity. 😉

  38. Dr Jim says:

    Tune in today for Covid hit FMQs @12 Noon

  39. Petra says:

    ‘The UK Government was elected on 44% of the vote, and the Scottish Government was elected on 48% of the vote. Murdo Fraser, naturally, only thinks the latter is a problem.’

    ..”Contrast that with the single-party Tory government at Westminster that just 44% of the electorate voted for. Crucially, that government claimed a mandate for a hard Brexit even though a significantly bigger share of the popular vote went to parties opposed to leaving the EU on the basis Boris Johnson wanted. If Murdo wishes to talk about ‘distortion’ and open-and-shut cases for reform of the voting system, Westminster is the place to start.”..


    Disillusionment with Alba setting in?

    ‘Alba Means Independence in the UK?’

    • Statgeek says:

      “Contrast that with the single-party Tory government at Westminster that just 44% of the electorate voted for.”

      That’s an error. 43.6% of the valid votes. Of the electorate, it’s 29.4%.

    • Dr Jim says:

      Alex Salmond originally wanted devo max on the ballot paper but Cameron did what all Tories do and shafted Salmond on the deal for the YES NO option, if he hadn’t Alex Salmond would’ve been the father of devo max and we’ll get Independence in another hundred years

      I like Nicola Sturgeons version, take it a little slower, plan it right and do the whole thing at once in a year or two then the Tories can never shaft us again

      • grizebard says:

        Ah, the “big change” vs the “no change” offer. And it wasn’t just Cameron; all the Unionist parties – “devo” Labour and “home rule” FibDem alike – were in accord. Because they all thought that by “merely” trashing their own policies they could safely brazen the whole thing out with sweet FA. And promptly revert to their bad old ways thereafter.

        Until the poll numbers changed, that is, then super-dooper-devo suddenly was the vow-du-jour and for some – yes, that’s you Federal Broon and Henry the Fence-Sitter – it’s still the same old mouldy carrot that is always waiting for us somewhere just over the rainbow.

        I don’t know which stance – casually betraying your own espoused beliefs or exaggerating them beyond any credibility – is the more cynical and insincere. But I guess we can at least all be grateful that we didn’t have the formal “third way” option to distract us back in ’14, and we should make damn well sure that we don’t let it sneak back again in any shape or form next time.

        The choice remains to start on a bright new path of our own choosing or to be dragged down an increasingly dark one by somebody else who doesn’t give a toss for us or our best interests.

  40. jfngw says:

    Latest Alba zoomers claim, they have demanded their indyref donation money back, getting it back proves there will not be a referendum. I presume if the refund was refused this would have proved the money was spent. With this level of manipulation it should have them offered a job on Reporting Scotland, they are the sort of people the media are looking for.

    Reading some of these Alba bloggers you could only imagine they could not be in the same room together as the ego explosion would embarrass the most ego driven rock group. Possibly a twitter poll to ascertain the biggest ego, is it Deep Thought, Che Guavara, The Bishop or the Cabarello.

    • Alec Lomax says:

      People still read Alba blogs ? Alba are so passe.

      • Hamish100 says:

        I think we should follow the comment in the National the other day.

        Alba is our country in Gaelic. ALBA or Alba party is a political entity.

        • grizebard says:

          Well, it was a presumptuous choice of name anyway. They hardly speak for anyone, after all, and certainly not the whole country (in any language).

  41. Petra says:

    ”Three of the biggest energy companies have agreed to build underwater power cables to bring Scotland’s vast reserves of renewable energy to every home in England by 2030. This is Scotland’s new black gold. Westminster must not be allowed to squander it like they did the the Oil.”


    ‘How to not headline Scotland’s massive renewables wealth.’

  42. Petra says:

    Keep an eye on the rise of Covid in and around Benbecula, South Uist and St Kilda.

    ‘Royal Navy uses artificial intelligence for the first time in test off the west coast of Scotland.’

    ..”The 2021 exercise, which runs from 15 May to 3 June, is primarily taking place at the MoD Hebrides range managed by QinetiQ and based in Benbecula, South Uist and St Kilda. It involves 3,300 personnel on 15 ships and dozens of aircraft from 10 countries.”..,royal-navy-uses-artificial-intelligence-for-the-first-time-in-test-off-the-west-coast-of-scotland


    Phantom Power:- ”Anyone concerned Boris Johnson is leading the UK towards Viktor Orbán style authoritarian government…we’re already there. #Scotland has a choice.”

  43. Petra says:

    ‘US democracy is at risk – and the UK is following in its path.’


    ‘Lesley Riddoch: Murdo Fraser’s sudden change of heart is all down to fear.’

    ..”The Citizens Assembly would be ideal – but there’s a final snag. The Tories are boycotting it. And there’s the rub. You can either have a British, winner takes all mindset – or a consensual, proportional system. You cannae have both.”..

    • grizebard says:

      Oh my. After being lectured for months from a certain quarter that we were supposedly “too content with devo”, here’s MacAskill advocating “devo max” (unspecified, as it always is) as a compromise way forward. (I use the word “forward” advisedly.)

      It’s hard keeping up with the political gymnastics of these people. Not that I can be bothered.

  44. Petra says:

    Phantom Power:- ”Switzerland has 26 territorial regions that can decide their own immigration policy according to their needs. Scotland’s is decided by a government it didn’t vote for 500 miles away.”


    ‘How Brexit robbed Scotland of crucial funding.’

  45. Petra says:

    ‘Is this another law Johnson has ignored and considers he is immune from?’


    ‘Brexit: SNP attacks UK government claims Australia deal will boost Scotch whisky industry.’

    ..”The party’s trade spokesman, Drew Hendry MP, said: “Distilleries have told me that they now face a big gap in their exports due to the EU market contracting drastically as a direct result of Brexit … and that the loss cannot even come close to being compensated by these deals.”..

    • Petra, I love it when the Kaffliks v Proddies conundrums come up.

      I thought of Disraeli, who was a great mate of Victoria, the man who fecked up Brit Farmers in the middle of the 18th century by repealing the Corn Laws opening the sluice gates to cheap inferior imported corn, driving Brit Farmers to the wall (who does that remind you of?), but then I remembered, if memory serves, that he ‘converted’ to Anglicism when a boy.
      The argument seems sound enough. No Pape can be PM….The cry wuz No Surrrrrenderrrr.

      In 21st Century UK/Great England, the lustful wandering eyes of Henry VIII, the bloated serial monogamist and indiscriminate womaniser of the 16th Century, whom some may argue, ‘though I couldn’t possibly comment myself, was the Boris Johnson of his day, had a wee tiff with the then Pontiff, and formed his own wee Christian Sect that included divorce and beheading as Get Out Of Marriage Free Cards, still matters to the religious today.
      What if Sunak takes over from Papish Boris?
      I’d imagine that this ‘revelation’ will not go down well in Creationist Norn Ire, and may rank as the biggest outrage in the 6000 year history of Planet Earth.

      It cannot be legal that membership any religion debars an individual from public office today, surely?

      Silly non secular me.

      • Legerwood says:

        Was it not Sir Robert Peel who as PM repealed the Corn Laws in the 1840s.? Disraeli amongst others opposed the repeal. The repeal led to cheaper food for the majority of people in the UK particularly for the poorer sections of society.

        • Indeed it was ,Legerwood. I really need to edit my offerings…

          Disraeli refused to repeal the Corn Laws, which is probably the negative neuron snap in my faulty LTM.
          Keeping us right, as ever, L; thanks.

  46. Petra says:

    The wee hypocrite.

    MSM Monitor:- ”The same appeals system that his own party is introducing in England, and as a sitting Tory MP he supports. Thus, Douglas Ross is both allowed to support a policy in England *and* attack the SNP for introducing it in Scotland. Will BBC Scotland challenge him in this? No.”


    Check out Ann’s latest links on the Indyref2 site.

  47. Dr Jim says:

    Federal Devopendence Max, not exactly a zippy sales slogan

  48. The Baroness with No Name (Ol’ Rape Clause Ruth) was on BBC Brexshit this morning flogging her BBC (?) documentary and having a cheeky wee grin chat with Charlie Whatever His Name is. I caught it by accident channel hopping.
    So the push to hoover up as much money now that she is Baroness in waiting proceeds unabated.

    It could have been any old ‘worthy cause’, and the BBC will shove some of our TV Cash this wee chancer’s way now that she is on the House Of Lards Go To Good Cause List of BBC shysters.
    It could have been pavements pockmarked with trodden in discarded chewing gum blobs. It could have been overflowing council litter bins, it could have been unlawful parking in Supermarket Disabled and Parent and Child parking bays.
    There are any number of Worthy Causes for this wee money grubber to latch on to now that she no longer has to comply with the irksome declaration of Income Rules which held her in check when she was a Scottish politician, at least nominally accountable to and a public servant doing the bidding of the Scottish People.

    I can imagine Davidson and her team of Image Consultants huddled around a conference table in a vape filled room brain storming (oops non PC, Jack, insert the Cummings ‘mind mapping’ instead) ‘Good Causes’ that would ensure Baroness Noperson hits the ground if not running, speed walking very publicly.

    And so there she was grinning her cheeky grin, plugging her documentary on…gambling addiction.
    There was even a clip of a young England hopeful from the recent past and his woes of being offered accommodation and free drinks to visit casinos and spend his stellar wages at the gaming tables.
    She was no Mary Whitehouse The Baroness With No Name ceded, admitting to holdin g on line accounts in the past; her father was an ex footballer, after all.
    Then, because she apparently can’t help herself, and under pressure from ‘Charlie’ who asked the obvious question, why, if she were active in Scottish Politics, leader of the Blue Branch Office for 10 years, ahs she never seen fit to tackle the issue of Gambling Addiction when she was in the position to do so before now? she defaulted to Old Truthless Ruth and lied, well, if not ‘lied’, uttered flummoxed nonsense that will do until a lie comes along.

    Apparently Gambling Addiction, and in particular gambling on sports events is a recent phenomenon, Davidson mooting a beast that crept up. ‘like boiling a frog’ over the past 17 years.
    How very precise of her.
    Nonsense of course.

    Littlewoods Pools began in 1923, and throughout my long and not uneventful life, punters have laid money on football horse racing, and any other sporting joust you care to mention.

    As usual when anybody asks Davidson an awkward question, she grins like s Fifth Former caught nibbling from a packet of crisps under her desk, and comes out with any old nonsense to run down the clock.
    In 1959, the wee grocer and sandwich shop adjacent to my school had an old fashioned One Armed Bandit, and incredibly, we children were allowed to pump money in to it as wee queued for our roll ‘n chips.

    In other words, Gambling Addiction is as old as time itself. Since the days when a hunter gatherer cowered in the bushes calculating the odds of making a dash for it to escape a lurking sabre tooth tiger, humans have been unable to resist taking a chance.
    Of course Davidson slips in the ‘serious bit’; one person a day commits suicide because of addiction to gambling.
    So thank the Chief that she is on hand to inform and educate the Beeb public.
    Like McAskill, the Born Again Home Ruler, Davidson has suddenly turned on the Dark Money that is the biggest donor to her Party, with Gambling Companies listed as providing up to a third of all private donations to Johnson’s Gang recently.

    Davidson has joined the Stairway to Cash Heaven.

    I had a sense that ‘Charlie’ was not a happy anchor helping to plug Project Ruth this morning.

    What next for Project Ruth?

    Street lighting maintenance? Evict the Faslane Camp Peaceniks? Subsidised Terry towel nappies to stem the pollution of ‘disposable’ diapers?
    The ‘good cause’ list for unelected House of Lards Hangers On and Freeloaders is limited only by the imagination of some PR Company on the make.

    God, sometime I despair, I really do.
    And yet, my Everlovin’ got her Blue envelope yesterday. She will be Mrs Two Jags next Friday.
    It’s all that Nikla Sturgeon’s. fault, ‘cos Anas has a timetable.

    • Dr Jim says:

      Just stop dreaming Scotland

      Apparently there was a tsunami several hundred thousand years ago with waves so high into the sky that it devastated 600 miles of Scotland’s coastline and drove inland with such ferocity that many many people were killed, now if that were to happen again how on earth would an Independent Scotland cope with such a thing without the broad shoulders of the United England corporation

      In 2014 they warned us of an Alien attack and how we’d cope with that if Independent (true)

      It would seem that Independence for Scotland is impossible to ever contemplate because natural or man made disasters will only ever hit Scotland if it becomes Independent and no other country in the world would or could ever suffer the level of devastation that Scotland would, so perhaps we should give up the whole idea of any thought or hope of freedom and just knuckle down and get back to the basics of pickin that there cotton and let the white Englishmen in the suits do the deciding for us

      Ah jest don’t know what’s ta thinks massa coz ah is only a po white trash Scot wit no brains anyhow, mm mm mm

      • Alex Montrose says:

        aye, the tsunami wiped oot Montrose seemingly, there’s a new danger to the town now, a slower moving kind of thing, but just as deadly.

        In 2014 we were told “Scots are not genetically programmed to make political decisions.” by the great stateswoman Jo Lamont,

        She might as well said, be thankful for what you’ve got and get into they the poly tunnels, an pick the fermers berries.

    • Iain says:

      Less is more.

  49. Capella says:

    Oops – seems the SNP decision to close it’s books happened back in Alex Salmond’s days.
    Scoop Matchett is on the case:

    • Petra says:

      Hahaha brilliant. I’m presuming the Mings acolytes will be aware of this now as AS would surely have enlightened their boss. Then again maybe not 😀.

  50. Jacksg says:

    I am now getting way past the anger stage with the tories down south. I have just read that slimy Micheal Gove flew to Portugal to watch the Match on Tuesday. A day later they took that country off the list of safe places to travel to.

    He has now been notified to self-isolate and be tested as someone near him has been diagnosed with COVID-19.

    A G7 summit is taking place somewhere on the south coast. 15 months into the COVID pandemic none of them have learned a damn thing.

    Our FM and her cabinet in the SG have not left Scotland in 15 months. The FM of Wales has not left Wales in 15 months. What makes the WM Govt so special? this has now gone beyond parody. It seems the only functioning governments are in the devolved nations (Except maybe NI) therefore the UK has no functioning government. Or for that matter a functioning opposition.

    If it did then maybe they would not be so blase about the corruption and lies they are so adept at spawning on a daily basis. Rant over

  51. uno mas says:


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