Why I’m voting SNP 1 & 2

There’s an election coming which will decide whether there’s enough support for an independence referendum. That’s it, that’s all anyone who supports independence needs to know. Do you want another independence referendum and the opportunity to escape this dysfunctional and increasingly right wing inward looking and insular British nationalist state, or don’t you? If you are an independence supporter then Nothing else matters, or at least nothing else should matter. All the media obsessiveness about Nicola Sturgeon vs Alex Salmond while nodding and winking and turning a blind eye to the industrial scale corruption in the Conservative party is an attempt to distract us and dissuade us from answering yes to the crucial question posed by May’s Scottish elections. Do you believe that given the drastically changed circumstances in which Scotland now finds itself, we should as a nation revisit the question of Scotland’s constitutional status?

The relentless focus on the current First Minister and her dispute with her predecessor is an attempt to muddy that question. Independence is a far bigger issue than any one individual or any one party but the British nationalists and their allies are hoping that their incessant attacks on Nicola Sturgeon can divide the independence movement and deprive the SNP of a majority in May. The Conservatives and their British nationalist allies seek to depose Nicola Sturgeon because they fear her ability to attract and build support for independence, some independence campaigners seek to depose her because they fear that she represents the greatest obstacle to independence. They can’t both be right.

We have now reached a place where some independence supporters react in fury when they are reminded that we cannot cease making a case for independence and cannot give up our efforts to persuade undecided voters and don’t knows of the benefits of independence. They appear determined to concentrate all their energies in pursuit of angry vendettas and grudges against other independence supporters. They are so consumed with tactics that they have forgotten about strategy.

It sadly seems to be the case that the divisions and anger have now reached such a point that it’s going to take a new SNP leader to heal them, however the time for deposing a leader who is popular with the public is most decidedly not a few weeks out from a crucial election which will decide the fate of another independence referendum. It’s after that election has been fought and the electorate have returned a Scottish parliament with a solid and secure pro-independence majority. The time to decide issues of leadership is when we are in a position of strength, not when we risk throwing everything away.

The stakes are frighteningly high. If the SNP doesn’t do well in May, then we can look forward not just to any chance of another referendum vanishing for years. There is the very real prospect that we shall never get another chance in our lifetimes. However It is not enough just to win a pro-indy majority in Holyrood.

Personally I do not buy the argument that there must be an SNP majority and not merely a pro independence one. But it’s not the likes of me or other pro-independence supporters that the Conservatives are trying to persuade with that line. It’s the mass of undecideds and soft yes supporters. Politics is not primarily about facts, it’s about stories. If the Conservatives and their powerful media allies successfully establish the narrative that the SNP failed in its objectives in May’s election then the British Government will find it easier to resist pressure from Scotland for another referendum even if there is a pro-independence majority in Holyrood composed of the SNP, the Greens and representatives of a minor party. Only the election of an SNP majority can deprive the Tories of any opportunity to get that narrative established, because make no mistake that’s exactly what they will do, and they will be aided in their efforts by the BBC and the majority of the print media.

The British parties and their allies in the media have relentlessly sought to portray the independence movement as a creature of the SNP. In order to be certain that the next Scottish government has sufficient political capital to pursue another referendum, that government needs to be an SNP majority government. Any failure of the SNP to win a majority of seats in the next Scottish Parliament will be spun by the British media and the anti-independence parties as a defeat for the SNP and they will throw all their efforts and energy into trying to establish the narrative that Scotland has voted against holding another independence referendum.

The Conservatives will be emboldened and will take the failure of the SNP to win a majority as vindication. They will continue their attacks on the devolution settlement with a renewed vigour and may pass legislation at Westminster making it unlawful for Holyrood to hold another independence referendum without Westminster’s express consent. A Scottish Parliament where there is no pro-independence majority will willingly collude and allow them to do so. We have already seen how this Conservative government has passed legislation to by-pass and undermine Holyrood.

If the SNP do not do well in May we can expect to see yet more legislation originating from the Tories aiming to curtail the powers of Holyrood even further and power grabs that will make those they’ve already carried out seem inconsequential. This new assault on devolution is quite likely to be even more draconian than anything we have seen so far as the Conservatives will be able to proceed in the knowledge that there will be no political consequences for them in the shape of having to make a case for continuing British rule in an independence referendum and no Holyrood or Westminster elections for years to come. By the time those votes do take place, Holyrood will have been hollowed out from within and the Tories will have taken steps to ensure that Scotland can never again mount a challenge to what they see as their divine right to rule our country in perpetuity.

Johnson and Gove will do all that they can to neuter Scotland, They have already started. If the SNP do not do well in May the brakes will be off. They will by-pass Holyrood and make deals directly with compliant Tory and Labour run local authorities while hypocritically taking to the airwaves to proclaim that this is “real devolution”. Holyrood will be reduced to a toothless talking shop fit for nothing except grandstanding British nationalist politicians fulminating about Thatessempee. Meanwhile the real decisions affecting Scotland will be made in the increasingly well funded UK government hubs beyond the reach of Scottish democratic accountability. The people of Scotland will have no influence and no choice. May’s election is our last chance to stop the Conservatives dictating our future and keeping the door to independence open. That’s why I’m voting SNP 1 and 2.

This is your reminder that the purpose of this blog is to promote Scottish independence. If the comment you want to make will not assist with that goal then don’t post it. If you want to mouth off about how much you dislike the SNP leadership ,or about some other issue not directly related to Scottish independence – there are other forums where you can do that. You’re not welcome to do it here.

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220 comments on “Why I’m voting SNP 1 & 2

  1. P Harvey says:

    Very clear and precise Paul
    We are in the last chance saloon
    It’s SNP 1 & 2! For me

    • Alan hynd says:

      Surely an snp majority can only come from the constituency . If we get more than 60 seats . List seats are unavailable . A vote for greens gives us 39+ seats to build a majority on

  2. Movy says:

    Correct Paul.
    As a woman who has seen and been subjected to inappropriate behaviour from certain powerful men and indeed women, I can understand the FM’s take on this.
    I would also surmise that some men have been subjected to similar behaviours from both men and women.
    The FM was damned if she did and damned if she didn’t take action.
    I had toyed with the idea of giving my list vote to the Greens but, given their jumping into bed with the others over John Swinney, they are now toast to me.
    SNP 1& 2 that’s it.
    All bets off once Independence achieved.

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  4. Legerwood says:

    “”The relentless focus on the current First Minister and her dispute with her predecessor …””

    Is it ‘her’ dispute?

    As to the idea that the current leader is replaced after the election if that possibility takes hold with the wider electorate during the campaign then the chances of the SNP remaining in power let alone obtaining a majority are slim.

    If the idea takes hold in the wider electorate, whose votes are needed by the SNP, that who leads pre-election is not who they are going to get post-election then that is not a position that is likely to garner votes for the party that is playing such games.

  5. Douglas says:

    Sorry Paul,
    I’ll vote for Independence if given a chance.

    I take a very different view of the best way to have a chance to vote on this.

  6. Geejay says:

    2 votes SNP – if we really, really want Independence then there is no other way. Those who think they can get Independence by voting differently need to explain exactly how that would work. Other than a vote for the Greens no other indy-supporting minor party has a chance of getting an MSP elected in May. And as Movy pointed out the Greens can’t always be relied upon.

    Some things are merely transitory, like leaders, or some controversial piece of legistlation, these can all be changed if that’s what people want. Being stuck in a far right neoliberal chumocracy is not transitional, it will be for another 300 years if we don’t take this chance.

    Things I care deeply about, like social justice, decent jobs, good housing and so on we can deal with as an independent country, but not stuck with the UK.

  7. Ken says:

    SNP/SNP Independence

    Leaders come and go,

    Independence is forever.

  8. jfngw says:

    I disagree about changing the leader, those carrying out a twitter war are only going to accept ‘their’ leader, if it is someone they don’t agree with then they will just continue. They want a coup and their policies adopted above all others.

    I can’t see any of those leading this being successful leaders, even the malcontents best suggestion, Joanna Cherry, gives me doubt about her ability to connect with the public outside certain demographics.

    • weegingerdug says:

      I don’t want a change in leadership and I agree that there are no potential candidates who have even a fraction of Nicola Sturgeon’s appeal, but eventually these divisions and disputes have to be resolved somehow. You’re probably correct that the usual suspects will just keep on until the independence movement has been reduced to a handful of loud and angry men complaining that the world refuses to accept their own estimation of their genius.

  9. John says:

    Wee Ginger Dug does not understand the electoral system, one million votes wasted in the list could better deliver pro independence candidates committed to delivering independence at the ealiest opportunity. A vote for AFI is a vote for that commitment.

    • weegingerdug says:

      I understand it better than you

      • Pete says:

        Maybe you do but your response is not an answer.You said that the goal is maximum number of SNP seats. Do you not agree that closer to the time we should have some direction region by region for the 2nd vote? There will be areas where a 2 vote for SNP will almost definitely be wasted whereas a Green vote for 2 could bring prevent a Tory hanger on getting a seat. Any thoughts?

        • weegingerdug says:

          NpYou can only know which areas a second vote for the SNP would be wasted if you already know in advance what the result of the election going to be in that area. But you can’t know in advance so it’s effectively a crapshoot

          • Alex Montrose says:

            Independence supporters SNP and Green, should vote SNP 1 Green 2 to deliver an Indy landslide, not gamble on an SNP majority of 3 or 4 seats.

        • Thomas Dunlop says:

          The only way that swapping the second to a vote for another party would be if the SNP and said party were to do a deal where SNP would be first vote and the list party would get vote 2. However this is not the case for this election.

          If you want to do anything, make sure that you are SNP both 1 & 2 in the South of Scotland, where the Tories are still strong. Elsewhere it might be less of a problem if you switch. But just remember that any failure of expectation by the SNP will be seized upon by the unionist establishment as an excuse to block and delay any referendum.

      • David Corns says:

        Paul what you have just done by publishing this blog is give your personal view without backing it up with any evidence which is clearly out there that tells a different story…..I have no doubt you understand how d-hondt works so you must know its geared to stop the party that wins most constituency seats in any region from winning list seats in the same region, however did you look at why SNP only won 4 list seats in 2016 when they had the most list votes than any other party in all previous elections. 834,788 votes out of the 953,587 were lost to d-hondt so not used!!!…(over 100,000). lost in each of the 6 problem regions thats 88% of SNP list votes not used that could have gone to greens which would have produced a massive pro indy majority….. further evidence is there if you combine all list seats together from all 5 elections the total is 280…5×56=280..of these 280 seats 278 of them were won in regions by all parties won 6 or less constituency seats in the same region… only 2 list seats have ever been won by any party with 7 or more constituency seats in any region. the fact SNP will 100% win more than 6 constituency seats in the 6 regions history tells us they will have less than 1% chance of winning any list seat in these regions….SNP may well win an outright majority in the constituency vote greens are 100% better placed to win list seats…..please do a fact check before dismissing

        • Jane Davidson says:

          Your obsession is with seats! In this election its the number of votes that is going to count. i am making the assumption that the SNP will comfortably win the majority of constituency seats, and if i am wrong then we have lost anyway. We have to demonstrate that the majority of the public vote – irrespective of the seats gained – has gone to the SNP. This will take the wind out of the Nationalists’ sails because they would then be taking on the people of Scotland – not just the SNP.

    • grizebard says:

      After May you will be eating your words, I am sure. But then you won’t be back here to admit so.

    • Hamish100 says:

      John Afi will get 1% of votes probably in error. = no seats.

      1 & 2 SNP

      • Bob says:

        I would give the electorate in Scotland a wee bit more respect than that being politically aware since 2014. If, as looks likely, the SNP do not commit to independence in their manifesto the second vote will and should go to a party that does commit to independence going into May election.

    • Geejay says:

      You should read James Kelly, Scotgoespop, who regularly and tirelessly debunks the gaming of the list vote. It can’t be done.

  10. Martin Pike says:

    I’m just here to say that I too will be voting SNP 1 & 2.

    Let’s do this!

  11. Ken says:

    SNP/SNP Independence

    Get M15/Westminster out. For better governance.

  12. douglasclark says:

    I too am voting SNP / SNP. Independence is too important to be diverted by the ‘news of the day’ as fed to us by an essentially subservient (to Westinster) press pack.

  13. Kersky says:

    Thanks for that Paul I opened your blog hoping to see something other than the fiasco that’s on the tv at the moment and you never let me down. SNP 1&2 for me and hopefully many more.
    Keep well and keep up the good work. You keep me sane.

  14. Petra says:

    Yeah SNP 1 & 2 for me too.

  15. Dr Jim says:

    Westminster will count votes for the SNP any other party is irrelevant to their narrative

    • weegingerdug says:

      Yes that’s certainly true

    • Jonathan Marshall says:

      That’s because we continue to let them dictate the narrative Dr Jim. Rather than tell our own as the ‘Equal Partner’ that we are meant to be within this Union. Excellent article as always Paul… Terms of my vote SNP 1 for my hard-working Highland SNP MSP…. 2 not sure probably Green, given the way the selection of SNP candidates on the list looks like going… and sadly the other options for independence are not going to garner enough support to win seats without a big name like Mr Salmond joining them… in that sense, they are just a protest vote and will split the independence vote. If Mr Salmond did join one of them and I don’t think he will I would vote for them on the list.

    • Ts says:

      I’m a SNP member and it’s the only choice 1&2 SNP it will be the knockout blow to the British government taken over Scotland. I don’t want my Scottish identity taken from me. I hate and despise being classed as british through my passport my driving licence and OUR SCOTLAND!! being Tag as a British colony as we are all “1 country” Well they can shove that right up their jacksay!! I will never reconise our four nations as 1 country. SCOTTISH through and through and i will fight tooth and nail for it to be a independent nation again!! PROUD SCOT always.

    • Statgeek says:

      While I get the point, I don’t value Westminster’s narrative. They don’t get to decide this; the voters do. When Westminster bother to lay down rules, they ignore them anyway.

      Their narrative would have us back in our box for 100 years.

      • Jonathan Marshall says:

        You may not value it Statgeek, but everyday Westminister is pressing ahead with its narrative while sadly from our Representatives in Parliament I heard only more ‘whinging’ (and I don’t want to use that word) about how our devolution settlement is getting undermined…. well it will continue to be undermined as long as we continue to try and deal with Westminister as an honest partner… their actions over the years have proved they are not. Sadly the timidity and caution that is being displayed by the SNP will be treated by Westminister with contempt and they will press ahead with their own plans./narrative for Scotland while we bicker and debate about the best course of action.

  16. Bob Lamont says:

    Well said and eloquently explained.
    As one unable to vote I can only trust your logic sinks in with those who CAN vote, failure to produce a single party landslide at the May election has been the Tory/State objective, demolition of Holyrood to follow in short order if they succeed, the Tories wet dream after Brexit.

    Many of the twists and turns over the last 5 years have stunk to high heavens of orchestrated manipulation, and whatever truth lies at foot of SNP and AS/NS troubles, you can be sure there is an inverted Union flag under it all, and much which we think we know an artifice.

    Whoever leads and the structure of SNP after the summer is entirely up to the party, until then it’s one party for Independence, nothing matters more.

  17. Golfnut says:

    The SNP certainly need a clear out that’s for sure but one benifit of this westminster stoked stushie is the egjits have exposed themselves. They can be dealt with later with members leading the way in cutting away the deadwood. As far as Nicola is concerned, even contemplating her removal is pandering to an insignificant but vociferous mob who apparently are quite happy to sit alongside the liblabtory English party acolytes desperate for her removal. Nicola stays.

  18. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

    For me it will be:

    1 = SNP

    2 = ISP

    I’m in a constituency which went Tory last time and my Region returned zero SNP despite SNP getting >135,000 votes, 3 Regional MSPs got in on between 15k and 38k votes all BritNat bench warmers!

    Separate Indy List makes sense to me and I hope we get SNP on the constituency but that is going to be a tough contest.

    • yesindyref2 says:

      JWT, in 2016 RISE got just 10,911 votes for all of Scotland – the total over 8 regions – an average of 1,400 votes per region though most were probably Central Belt. They got no seats, zero, nil, zilch, not even anywhere near anywhere, even with the National giving them space like it was going out of fashion and Sillars telling people to vote for them. It even had known people standing for it, rather than relative unknowns.

      ISP had a crowdfunder for £88,000 closed last week. After 28 days, this is what it achieved: “£10,605 with 295 supporters in 28 days”

      They’ll be lucky, considering there are a couple of other pro-indy groups, if they get 5,000 votes in total over the 8 regions, less than 1,000 per region – all wasted.

      People won’t vote for the totally unknown, and ISP and AFI are only known to a few hundred people active on social media and forums.

  19. raineach says:

    The only time the SNP secured a majority was when they won big on the list. If you remember in 2016 there was talk about not ‘wasting’ your vote on the list by voting SNP. You will also recall the SNP lost their majority at that time. So it’s SNP 1 and 2

  20. Mary McCabe says:

    My own preference (though it takes a bit of time and study) is to examine the voting record and the most recent polls in your own local region. In areas where the SNP is strong (e.g. Glasgow) the SNP is likely (batting disaster) to take all the constituency seats and therefore miss out completely on list seats. In such regions a vote for the Greens might stop the Unionists from making a clean sweep of the list.
    In some other regions, however, the SNP may well pick up list seats and therefore SNP 1&2 would be tactical.
    I realise that not everybody is such a political anorak as me! If you’re just going for a blanket policy, probably SNP 1&2 is as good as any.

    • Brendan Hamilton says:

      Agree. The Borders, (where I’m based), D&G, and Moray being prime examples of where an SNP list vote is absolutely essential.

      • Statgeek says:

        Must agree with that. If time and mind-numbness permits, I might see if a comparison of 2011 and 2016, with current polling can throw a general idea of how things are.

        The reality is that if everyone gets onboard with SNP 1 and they secure 65 seats or more in the constituencies, the list votes become less important. However, if the media scrum are allowed to rule the roost, and the soft Ayes believe too much of the media, the constituencies are less guaranteed.

        2020 polling suggested a majority on constituency alone. We’ll see how polling goes. If the SNP appear to drop in the constituency, SNP 1 & 2 is vital.

  21. jfngw says:

    Both votes SNP, if not this is an example of Scotland under the control of D.Ross

  22. skintybroko says:

    Makes perfect sense Paul. SNP 1 & 2 for me. Re the current committee questioning of Sturgeon, Mitchell and Baillie cant hide their contempt – disgraceful attitude for members that are supposed to be impartial when gathering evidence

  23. Stewartbfromperth says:

    Not a member of the SNP but will give them both votes . Can’t believe people who claim they want independence are falling for the long standing policy of divide and rule from Westminster . This election is so important we won’t get another opportunity for years and years – we owe it to our young people to unite and settle our differences at a later date .

  24. Union Man says:

    As much as oppose independence, it is for the Scottish people to decide. If the SNP win a majority of seats (and vote share), then they would have a mandate for another independence referendum.

    I still maintain devo max is the best of both of world for Scots (the devolving of everything besides defence and foreign policy).

    In the event of another win for remainUK, would you accept that the cause of independence is genuinely over for a generation?

    There ought to be a clause in any future Edinburgh agreement, that the outcome should be respected for x amount of years (perhaps 40 years). There shouldn’t be a super majority as it would be hypocritical for the U.K. Government to implement Brexit on 52% of the vote, while insisting that the break-up of the U.K. can only be achieved by a 60% threshold.

    There should be a three question option:

    Status Quo
    Devolution Max

    Devo max should win as it would court the majority of the country (soft no/yes).


    I’m pleased that you are on the way to a full recovery. We may disagree on the constitutional question but you are a good and decent man. Take care.

    • weegingerdug says:

      I don’t agree that the SNP need to win a majority of vote share. This is an election not a referendum

    • weegingerdug says:

      The problem with your devo max option is that it needs to be fully defined and there must be some mechanism in place to ensure that the Westminster parties can’twater it down afterwards as they did with the infamous vow in 2014

    • Alec Lomax says:

      Devo Max, that ship sailed long ago.

      • Jockanese Wind Talker says:

        2014 if I remember?

        Gordon Broon delivered us as near as federal as possible.


    • grizebard says:

      The Union side had the opportunity to include a “devo max” option in the previous referendum and turned it down unanimously because they were arrogantly playing “high stakes poker” in a game they were sure they would win. When it looked like they might not win after all, we got “The Vow”, during the purdah period when changes of policy and offer were entirely illegitimate under the Edinburgh Agreement. Gordon Brown, Unionism’s most prominent public proponent for enhanced autonomy, even promising “the nearest thing to full federalism within two years”, has since the referendum continually failed to recognise that his promises of action have all turned to dust, yet continues to unashamedly promote the same false assurances.

      In the immediate aftermath of the referendum we had the Smith Commission to supposedly implement pre-referendum assurances of enhanced autonomy, in which the Labour Party did a complete volte face on its earlier pronouncements and, much more so than any of the other Unionist parties, refused to underwrite virtually every single one of the devo enhancements that were considered in detail, thereby causing them to fall.

      Since then we have seen the many anti-devo public statements of prominent members of the Conservative Party, and ongoing UKGov public policy explicitly designed to undermine even the little degree of autonomy we do have.

      So there is now – and rightly – absolutely no public confidence in the sincerity of any Unionist claiming to have any intention to institute any kind of further enhancement to devolution under the dubious banner of “devo max”. And with matters such as the abrupt removal of Scotland from the European Union with no regard whatever to the clear majority of opinion in Scotland, simply in order to serve English interests, it is now starkly clear that any form of devolution cannot possibly protect us against further majority English depredations in the future. The days of devo are gone, your Unionism in its insufferable arrogance has destroyed it irrevocably, and the only intention for including it as a third option in a new referendum is as a cynical poison pill to prevent the result you now so deservedly fear.

    • yesindyref2 says:

      “would you accept that the cause of independence is genuinely over for a generation? ”

      Nope. Elections every 4 or 5 years – no problem with referendums every 4 or 5 years.

      • People aged 11 12 13 14 understand elections and voting and Scottish Independence , oddly we have some people here saying if this or that happens then there should not be another scottish independence for years and years ?

        Well i say hang on a minute are you for real ?
        There are lots of young people too young to vote right now but they understand the situation and the debate all too well and they certainly will not be agreeable to you lot deciding their future voting rights some of you might not even be alive by the time the year arrives that you want to revisit the scottish independence question.


        Future Scottish independence referendums will go ahead when the electorate in great enough numbers say and decide they will go ahead

    • raineach says:

      Unionman – your way forward is quite obvious, stand for Parliament, get elected on a platform of Devomax, secure a parliamentary majority, and pass legislation through the Commons and the Lords. Then a referendum as you describe could confidently be held. I look forward to receiving your election address in the next few weeks

    • Oh dear, Union Man.
      Back to 2013, a ‘generation’ ago?
      There are 100,000 or so 16-18 year olds now, who were 9-11 year olds the, who have never heard of Alex Salmond or Paul McCartney for that matter.
      I gather that the Yes vote is in the 80% margin for that demographic.
      There are several hundred thousands of EU citizens still hanging on in there working in Scotland who were conned into believing that only a No vote would ensure remaining in the EU.
      I wonder how they might vote this time?
      62% of Scots voted to stay within the EU. I wonder how they fell about Beff burgers made from the lips and tails of Brazilian steroid injected cows flooding the market now that The Linesman Dross and his five little Helpers Up Here have voted through the UKIM Bill, robbing local farmers of their income?
      This will be a campaign like no other.
      No more the Hon Sarah Smith or Glenn Campbell steering a ‘debate’ in the direction of ‘parish council’ issues.
      Baroness Davidson will have effed off to get fitted for her Golden Fleece by then, but Dross, and Willie I have a Federal Blueprint Rennie, and Anas the Millionaire will be asked the awkward questions, like Trident, ten more years of WM cuts to the poor, the privatisation of the Health Service, Erasmus, FOM, visiting, working in, and settling in 27 European countries banned by an English Government for which we resoundingly didn’t vote,and so on.
      We go for the jugular.
      a ‘once in a Generation’ YES is about to blow up in their faces.

      • Typo rage, sorry.
        When Rennie screams that Scotland has £15 billion in debt and that the country of his birth is a backward land of scrounging paupers, let the audience laugh in the little squirt’s face.
        When the Lineman Dross threatens an English embargo on trade with Scotland be ready with a display of red cards, people.
        When Anas The Socialist (no don’t laugh) declares that even when there is a pro independence majority he will ‘forbid’ Indyref 2, start humming the opening lines of ‘The Internationale* in his well fed opulent face:-

        “Arise ye workers from your slumbers
        Arise ye prisoners of want
        For reason in revolt now thunders
        And at last ends the age of cant.
        Away with all your superstitions
        Servile masses arise, arise
        We’ll change henceforth the old tradition
        And spurn the dust to win the prize.”

        We rip their lungs out at every opportunity.

        Sorry, Paul, you are a man of peace.

        But smiling at the hordes at the gate will get us nowhere.

    • WT says:

      What is the advantage in having control over everything except defence and foreign policy? I do not understand why anyone would want their defence and foreign policy governed by the wishes of someone else?

      • grizebard says:

        Well, if we had any doubt before, after Brexit we should have no doubt whatever. A long time beforehand, it was a Damascene understanding of the importance of full unfettered control over those two crucial areas which finally and definitively settled things for me.

    • Hamish100 says:

      Union man

      Devo max -(referred to as The Vow).
      Johnson decides that we can go to war and have nuclear weapons on our shores. As is now.

      Our decision not England’s

    • Union Man , there should never be clauses in an election unless the clause applies to all elections ,everywhere.
      Defence and Foreign Policy ? But its not defence is it , its attack , we only attack other countries nobody attacks UK not for over 80 years anyway
      Scotland is perfectly capable of handling its own Foreign Policy ,England wants brexit Scotland does not want brexit , did you miss that ? or ignore it or discount it ?
      There is how your shared Foreign Policy does not work and its recent and yet you advocate Scotland continue to give it up to England ,ridiculous

  25. Alba woman says:

    WGD one of your best posts ….while Nicola was giving her evidence Good Morning rubbish was attacking her ….absolutely disgraceful behaviour…Ian Blackford also got it elsewhere …
    A Coordinated pincer attack on both leaders.

    SNP 1 and 2

  26. Old Pete says:

    Excellent comments again Paul.
    Nicola as expected batting off all the attacks with ease, once again she has shown what a great leader she is. The unionist just can’t knock her down, over 6 hours now and she still shows what an excellent FM she is.
    SNP 1 and 2 we must win and win big to ensure we can move forward towards Scottish Independence.

  27. anna says:

    Yes, it will be SNP 1&2 in this houshold too

    The current proceedings feel like a witch hunt. There is a strong odour of misogyny about the whole thing. We do not expect any better of the true blue (and red and yellow) unionists (after all the finding that the UK govt acted illegally wrt covid contracts ruffled few feathers) but it is so depressing that so-called independence supporters are joining the mob. Like many women I have had to deal with inappropriate behaviour a number of times in my life, in some cases from senior men who abused their position. It is distasteful and unacceptable. There should be no place for such behaviour in Scotland.

    • jfngw says:

      Yes, it reeks of misogyny, the vast majority of Salmond supporting bloggers are men, they approve of ‘hands on’ management it would seem. They intentionally confuse the criminal case with the employment procedure because it fits their narrative.

  28. Ken says:

    It was SNP women who defended Alex Salmond. Dominate female jury. Alex Salmond has promoted women. Agreed gender list etc.

  29. James Mills says:

    I’ve watched much of the proceedings in Parliament – if they asked each question once then it would have lasted 30 minutes !

    I’ll need to wait until Sarah Smith reports before I know what Nicola said .
    She probably will admit to being guilty on all counts and that she also was on the grassy knoll in Dallas – according to Sarah !

  30. Paddy Farrington says:

    The Yes movement needs to be rebuilt from the bottom up: we have lost too much of the inclusive, outward going, broad-based, inventive, dynamic movement that came to life in 2014.

  31. urapps says:

    In 2016 in my region Mid Scotland and Fife the SNP won 8 constituency seats
    BUT all 120 thousand SNP 2 votes were wasted and Unionists got 6 seats and the Greens 1.

    If instead of SNP 2, voters had voted for another Indy party, there would have been a clear majority of pro Indy seats.

    Checkout https://www.isp.scot/mid-scotland-fife-analysis/
    or even

    My vote will be SNP 1 ISP 2

    • grizebard says:

      Votes aren’t “wasted”, they are counted for all to see. And the tragedy of this self-sustaining negativity – the curse of Scotland, it would seem – is that if vote percentage in the lists were as high as in the constituencies, the SNP would start to gain even more seats, and not need to be “helped” at all (although that would evidently not suit some people).

      But the whole notion of having alt-indy “support”, whose success crucially depended on a close understanding between the parties, is fatally doomed at the start by the total absence of it. The curse of amateurism, which clearly pervades the alt-indy faction (among others).

      So it’s your free choice, but what you will assuredly get is only another miserable RISE-style damp squib. (And I suspect that many of those involved are repeat offenders trying to resurrect a political corpse.)

  32. Alec Lomax says:

    Our pal on the other place, is getting rather desperate.

  33. bringiton says:

    Watched some of the FM interrogation today.
    The Tory woman on the interrogation committee seemed to have a few goes at giving a 20 minute dialogue on how bad the SNP are followed by a question to the FM along the lines of,when did she stop beating her husband.
    We are so fortunate to have a Scottish leader with such a command of detail and clarity of thought as well as being a pretty decent human being (not the Tory woman).
    Complete opposite of the English/UK equivalent.

    • Bob Lamont says:

      Margaret Mitchell, List MSP (odd how the most venomous are list MSPs), Tory, Brexiteer, what’s to like ?
      Committees of Inquiry are by necessity cross party, but with all the turdos bobbling on the surface of this one, I suggest the Tories did themselves no favours….

    • Margaret Barrie says:

      Agree wholeheartedly “bringiton”.

  34. Margaret Barrie says:

    You hit the nail right on the head again. Agree 100% with your summation and, having actively worked hard to progress the restoration of Scotland’s Independence for over 60 years and as an SNP member for over 50 years, I too will be voting SNP 1 and 2. It is time too for young Scots to have their voices heard, as it is they who will have to live with the consequences of success or failure of this effort. They have to use their vote.

  35. andyfromdunning says:

    I agree Paul. It is critical the SNP has a majority at Holyrood in May. Where I live, Perth, any list vote SNP is a wasted vote with regards to getting an SNP list MSP. It is not going to happen.

    I take your point that the BritNats will look at the total SNP votes cast.

    I am still today undecided as I know that there is a good chance for the Greens to get a list seat here. That is one less London lover in our Parliament.

    Good few days to think about it.

  36. Statgeek says:

    Westminster keeps shifting the goalposts of what a mandate is, then goes hell for leather to ensure the target isn’t reached.

    Set your own targets, people of Scotland. Zero Tory constituency seats would be target 1. Zero Labour constituency seats would be target 2.

    That achieved, the mandate is probably secure. 😉

  37. Alba Laddie says:

    Looks like even the media are conceding that Sturgeon has won the day today. That must be breaking their black hearts in two. Good.

  38. grizebard says:

    I have to say that I profoundly disagree with your uncharacteristically unsound comment that the SNP have to select a new leader (and thus likely First Minister) post-election, for two salient reasons:

    + It’s up to the SNP membership alone to choose their party leadership, and at a time of their own choosing. The party has no responsibility to take any cognisance of opinion within the wider independence movement, some of which at least is of very dubious worth indeed. If people have a wish to have influence, they have the ready means to do so by joining the party and seeking to have their views prevail among everyone else’s. And I say that as a non-aligned independent, not a party member.

    One can reasonably add that because of its unique position, the SNP as a whole most definitely does have a responsibility to behave coherently and not self-indulge in positions or factions that are not congruent with majority public opinion, and not divert their energy from promoting independence into what is essentially displacement activity, because that is corrosive of confidence in the party among the wider movement. And that responsibility alas has at times been visibly deficient of late. But the responsibility for internal discipline lies in the hands of the party membership as a whole and not in the leader alone, who is ultimately also obliged to respect party policy.

    + The party leader stands ultimately to be judged before the entire people of Scotland in judgement of her leadership and the conduct of her government as well as the manifesto of her party. This will shortly happen in an election that might turn out to be the most crucial of the present century. After receiving – as we hope – the people’s acclamation as First Minister Elect, how can it possibly be correct for her to then abdicate that personal mandate? (Besides which, as Legerwood rightly states above, how irresponsible and fatal a tactic would it be to enter the election having declared such intent in advance?). The people having made their decision, whose purpose exactly would be served by this being countersaid because of… well, what, exactly? In a democracy none of us ever wholly get what we might prefer, but it is intolerable if a popular vote were to be casually overthrown in order to appease a small minority of precipitate loud talkers who haven’t stood in an election, or have stood and been found wanting, and whose judgement is flawed at best and highly-suspiciously motivated far too often. Having hopefully won their mandate, our judgement must be reserved for the energy and effectiveness by which she, her government and and her party proceed to fulfil it, the uncontestible prime purpose of which being the bringing about of the promised new referendum.

    Who is most afeared of Nicola Sturgeon’s continuing leadership after a successful result? We all know full well the answer to that question.

  39. Mark Russell says:

    Agree wholeheartedly with the sentiments of sexual abuse that the #MeToo movement highlighted – no non consensual behaviour should be tolerated.

    However sexual abuse has been weaponised for millennia by both men and women – the vast majority by the former without doubt. But what should happen to women who make false claims for malicious reasons? I’m not referencing the women in the AS case – but any policy that encourages complaints is also open to abuse. Medical regulators adopted a proactive approach to complaints after the Shipman and Alder Hey scandals in 2003. Over the next 15 years, Fitness to Practise complaints grew by over 700% – but less than 30% reach hearings as the evidence was either insufficient or vexatious. A former colleague committed suicide after being charged with sexual assault by a patient during an examination. The complainant was later recorded boasting she’d made the accusations up because she didn’t like him. No action was taken against her.

    Everyone has a right to be heard – but they also have a duty to be honest and truthful. When that doesn’t happen – everyone loses.

  40. Dr Jim says:

    They promised powers, and in 2015 we got the Smith Commission, the powers were laid out that we could vote on to bring to Scotland, but there was a problem, three of the parties in Holyrood were Unionist parties and they outvoted the two Scottish parties on all counts and we got zip and screwed

    If Scotland doesn’t overwhelm the ballot boxes with both votes SNP we let the Unionists in, Westminster couldn’t care less about how many folk vote Green or any other newly invented party, Westminster views every vote not cast for the SNP as a vote against the SNP no matter what any other party says it supports and that’s the immediate narrative they’ll use to prosecute their case

    You don’t have to be a supporter of the SNP but if you support Independence there’s no other way, if we don’t do it now and follow through with it, that’ll be the end of Independence, the people who are in power in Westminster now are the worst of their kind, far worse than Thatcher and those old enough will remember how that worked out

    Johnson and his party are desperate now, Brexit was a massive mistake financially and brought them control of absolutely nothing except for the ability to control what’s inside their borders, and that’s us, Northern Ireland are on their way out, they have the option to choose and they will, and the Tories and Labour won’t care too much about that because Northern Ireland costs money, so they’ve made it easy for them

    The value of the £pound drops when Scotland says we’ll leave, but isn’t that odd when Westminster says they subsidise Scotland, surely the value of the £pound should go up if Scotland leaves the Union if England’s *burden* is removed, they can’t have it both ways

    • bringiton says:

      During the 2014 referendum,the treasury had to step in and say it would be responsible for UK debt in order to stop a run on the pound.

  41. Hamish100 says:


    Liars find it easy to lie and lie.

    Sadly Telling the truth is sometimes deemed to be = to the lie.

  42. Capella says:

    SNP 1 & 2 for me too. I was tempted to vote ISP because of opposition to the GRA reforms (shelved for now) and the Hate Crime Bill (appalling).

    However, the comments I see on twitter from the more Trumpian wing of the YES movement have put me off. I don’t hate NS or AS although I fear AS should now retire with whatever dignity he can muster.

    NS put in a very sound performance at the Harassment Committee. Head and shoulders above them all and took no prisoners with her closing remarks. She certainly intends to lead the SNP into the May election.

    At the only election where the SNP has won a clear majority, they won list seats. It’s not impossible. Current forecasts show them winning a majority on constituency seats alone. That might slip by May. But there’s no doubt that unionists will only look at SNP vote share and SNP seats.

    Lets maximise the vote

  43. Macart says:

    Well reasoned Paul.

  44. jeanjacques says:

    I think a lot of the divison could be removed ahead of the election if a coherent roadmap for
    Independence was put forward. And I mean all the steps from getting the vote, obtaining International Recognition and how to negotiate a Treaty with the English government and
    whether EU or EFTA membership is the preferred option.

    • grizebard says:

      NO. A fundamental error. The very opposite of how Brexit was won, and a repeat of the mistake of 2014. (The white paper, the “currency”, etc., remember?) You just don’t set up a bunch of issues to divert supporters into ever more theoretical dead-ends (haven’t we had enough of fruitless diversions yet, FFS?) and offer ready targets for Unionist smokescreening of their own weaknesses.

      It’s this kind of naive “solve everything first” amateur thinking we need to put behind us, and FOCUS, please.

      • jeanjacques says:

        Brexit vote was marginal. That’s not acceptable.
        The English electorate on the whole are ill informed and manipulated, the same approach won’t wash in Scotland.

        • grizebard says:

          They WON, which is all that matters. With a simple message that cut through, not a smorgasbord of stuff, all of which raised more questions (thanks, BBC!) than answers, or at least enough to confuse, befuddle and ultimately deter the faint-hearted. Have you forgotten already?

          Learn from what works, and also from what (very obviously) didn’t.

    • jeanjacques NO we do not need to decide all those things before independence
      There will be plenty of time afterwards

  45. Alex Montrose says:

    I have always voted SNP 1 and 2, but.

    in the North East Region in 2016 the SNP polled 137,000 list votes, for that total they won no seats, in fact if they could have got 170,000 list votes, and still would have still won no seats.

    In a voting system set up to preclude 1 party winning a majority, voting for an Indy coalition seems a surer way of winning big. SNP 1 Green 2 for me in the NE.

    • grizebard says:

      It can work, provided you can be sure that a whole lot of other people will vote the same way as you. Otherwise you are “wasting” your vote just as much as voting any other way. Don’t forget, with this stupid two-vote AMS, it’s the shareout in the list votes alone that basically determines the shareout of seats in Parliament. I don’t know how that works out in the NE where Tories are defending several constituencies (are they not?), so if the SNP can’t retake those, it will have to depend on the list to do the necessary heavy lifting and thereby help keep the hope of independence alive across the whole country.

      • Alex Montrose says:

        For the North East, the SNP won 9 of the 10 constituency seats, the Tories 1,
        on the list , SNP 0, Tories 4, Lab 2, Libs 1, Greens 0.
        So a close result in 16, SNP 9 Unionists 8.

        who will co-ordinate an Indy coalition vote? I don’t know, I can’t find any blogger that agrees with the tactic.


        • grizebard says:

          Thanks for the update. You will have a far better idea than me how the constituency you’re in is likely to go – the single Tory one especially – but if you can be fairly confident of SNP success, from the Wikipedia article you kindly referenced, it wouldn’t take much of an SNP peel-off in the list to displace the resident FibDem if its party support remains essentially unchanged. (Which would be the odious Rumbles if he’s standing again.) So you may have a point there. But it all depends on a wider understanding that probably doesn’t exist.

          I’m very suspicious of “off-piste” inter-party co-ordination however on the BritNat side for the constituencies. They have form for that as evidenced by “dud candidates” in the WM elections, so you have to try to factor that in as well somehow.

    • Dr Jim says:

      Westminster don’t count seats they count votes compared to turnout

    • Alex Montrose , problem is if some people change who they vote for
      Even if its tories labour lib dem all tactical voting for one and the same there is a risk that your Green vote fails
      If everyone who supports Scottish Independence vote both votes SNP we cant fail to get a majority
      Dont gamble for the BIG win
      Just go for the win

  46. Sophie Grace Chappell says:

    I agree with you on the main point, Paul–SNP 1 & 2.

    But today, for the first time ever, I disagree with something in your blog.

    The SNP does not need a new leader. It’s got a woman of charisma, ability, and passion leading it. She’s the most admired politician in these islands. We should stick with her. There’s no vacancy now, there’s no prospect of a vacancy.

    After all, who would we be pleasing if we did drop her? Some of them are unionists, some of them claim to be Yes supporters, but they have one thing in common: they’ll never be satisfied and they’ll never stop. That’s the definition of a fanatic, and there is no point at all in trying to appease fanatics.

    Hope your health is on the up!

    Sophie Grace xxx

  47. Mark Russell says:

    Twenty-five years ago, I went on trial at the High Court charged with 21 offences with a co-accused, a respected and well-known solicitor, in a little-known, but remarkable case. The offences were of the utmost gravity – not sexual – but had I been found guilty, I would have served a lengthy custodial sentence.

    The police investigation and trial had a devastating effect. I was married with two young sons and a good business – but lost everything, even before the trial started.

    I was lucky. I had a brilliant solicitor-advocate who used his own investigator and discovered some incredible evidence about the principal Crown witnesses that completely destroyed the Prosecution case. Evidence the PF and police had deliberately concealed. The trial lasted five weeks before the Judge called a halt and we were acquitted on all charges.

    In his summing up, the Judge commended us on our conduct and restraint – then eviscerated the Fiscal and Police. That’s was fine – but much damage was done – and there was no recompense for the losses incurred.

    Unless you’ve experienced it, a criminal trial from a defendant’s perspective is horrid. Your life is dissected and discussed by lawyers and witnesses and you can’t say anything – only listen. It’s a humbling, impotent and humiliating ordeal. I couldn’t imagine what it would be like if the charges were sordid – sexual or the like – but at the end of police searches, investigations and the like – any criminal prosecution is a desperate assault – especially when you are innocent.

    It took many years to recover from the experience – but it teaches you some extremely valuable lessons, which have since proved invaluable. The principle lesson is never tell a lie when it matters. My advocate was not only exceptional, he had a sense, that we all have, when someone is being dishonest – and used it to a frightening extent during his cross examination. Anyone in court during the final days of the trial would have left with the same impression – I’d never witnessed anything like it before – and what made it even more surreal, he was the same age as I was – mid thirties – but looked like he was still at school. First time we met in police cells late on a Sunday night – I nicknamed him MBK – the Milky Bar Kid. I hope that isn’t a hate crime now – and I (sincerely) hope he doesn’t mind.

    We’d met a few times in the year after I was charged and the trial started. Any reservations I had about his experience were soon dispelled – we had a common love of the hills and a common sense – in the true meaning of the term – with each other. I had no issues with trust – on any level. But the trial was still daunting.

    The other lesson was never to trust the police – or any authority – again. Not implicitly.

    It’s been difficult to watch the unfolding saga with AS and NS – as I’m sure it has been for most. The circumstances have elicited very conflicting emotions in me for a number of reasons. I detest abuse – at any level – but particularly sexual abuse. I had an experience once – but was extremely fortunate in comparison to some, but it left a mark nonetheless.


    I’ve been on trial accused of offences I did not commit – twice now – and still bear the scars. Our approach to justice in the UK – and elsewhere – requires a radical rethink. Victims fall on all sides for different reasons, but injustices are equally damaging than even the most heinous crimes yet always attract less attention, unless there is another motive – or actor involved. Accountability and transparency are paramount – but honesty is the key.

    By far the most difficult for me to reconcile is that I have the utmost respect for the three principle actors in this drama. Alex and Nicola for the politicians they are and for many different reasons – and strangely both rated highly in their evidence sessions with me for these very attributes. Both came across as honest brokers – just damaged by what has gone on.

    I didn’t have the public and media scrutiny than this affair – and I’m so glad that I didn’t. The fall-out was bad enough without the visceral commentary from people not involved but with an opinion nonetheless. I hope they – AS & NS – can both move on with their lives now.

    The third principle actor was my solicitor-advocate – from a quarter century ago now. MBK. He didn’t appear with the Lord Advocate and Crown Agent yesterday as scheduled, but if he had, I was really hoping he’d appear in costume – and not the one he’s used to wearing either.

    At some point, you have to move on. A detective constable apologised to me when I eventually collected everything forensics had seized. A year after acquittal. That was enough – eventually. And the lessons.

    • Arthur Thomson says:

      My heart goes out to you Mark. I have experienced a tiny fraction of what you describe and it scarred me enough.

  48. Ken says:

    Too many people are stitched up with false evidence.

    Too many people on the spectrum are in prison. Vulnerable additional needs people, without support. 50%

    The police need more diversity training and not going ahead with false, malicious report. It does not serve justice. Just a waste of time and monies.

  49. Ken says:

    It is not 2016 election. It is 2021. Higher support? Lower opposition support? Turnout could be different. Not a re run

  50. jfngw says:

    If the Tories succeed in their vote on no confidence it makes little difference as the election is so close, it does need the Greens to dance to the Tory tune though. If they do I would suggest the SNP keep NS as leader and go to the people for the decision in the election, do they want the SNP lead by NS or not to govern Scotland.

    Make this the real vote of confidence, the unionists with the support of the Green’s would have tried to derail our country during a pandemic, for purely political reasons. Let the people decide, that’s democracy.

  51. Eilidh says:

    I agree Paul that for Scotland to have any chance of winning Independence we have to vote Snp 1 and 2 in May’s election and that is exactly what I will be doing.Assuming Snp get a majority I do not think Snp should be looking for a new leader until after another Independence Referendum which hopefully we will win. Without Nicola we have no chance of winning it. I am a longterm Independence supporter and an ordinary member of the electorate who has only even been to one political meeting in my life ( a talk by Lesley Riddoch)and I have no desire to join any political party. I think the Independence movement has been infiltrated by a form of Trumpian mysoginist politics that would cause problems for any Snp leader particularly a woman.
    I thought NS did very well in her evidence to the committee today but Jackie Baillie and Margaret Mitchell were embarrassing particularly the later in her political posturing towards the end when she really made a political statement that was pretending to be a question

  52. Dr Jim says:

    SNP report new members in large numbers joining the party today

    • jfngw says:

      Not backfiring is it? The Wossers are going to be furious.

    • Capella says:

      My twitter timeline is filling up with people, whole families, joining the SNP today and citing NS performance as the reason. Lockdown TV!? 🙂

    • grizebard says:

      Oh, that will be all over BBC Jockland news via a visibly-delighted Hon. Sarah tomorrow, then… {cough}

      • Tam the Bam says:

        Wasnt mentioned on BBC JOCKLAND Grizebard (so far as I am aware) but it WAS mentioned on STV TONIGHT !

    • yesindyref2 says:

      With their lodging a motion for a Vote of No Confidence before Sturgeon’s appearance, the Scottish Conservatives are not only premature, and going off half-cocked, as per STV, but Douglas Ross himself is guilty of premtaure ectoplasm. Who ya gonna call?

    • grizebard says:

      According to a midnight update of that Newsnet article kindly referenced by Legerwood downthread, so many membership applications were submitted that the server crashed.

      Probably the only damage done to the cause of independence yesterday! (Wed.) {grin}

      • yesindyref2 says:

        Sturgeon must resign, she can’t even build a resilient website.
        Sturgeon must apologise for the website crashing.
        Sturgeon at heart of conspiracy to make website crash.
        Sturgeon to face committee over website crashing.
        SNP members left stranded by not being able to become SNP members

        Waaaa, mama!

        • grizebard says:

          {laugh} It’s been more than a little like that, hasn’t it? But no more.

          Maybe someone should start looking at the many more-tangible transgressions south of the border for a change. “Ministerial code”, pshaw, what’s that and who cares…?

          • yesindyref2 says:

            Been casting my eye around a bit, and I’m thinking I should buy a container load of pram toys to sell online, there’s a lot been thrown out yesterday.

  53. Col says:

    I did snp 1 and 2 the last time but my 2nd vote got divided by 9. Virtually worthless, so this time I’m going to put it somewhere else. That way I’ll maybe help to avoid a unionist getting a seat.

  54. David Kemp says:

    Delighted that truth and decency has prevailed.

    And that this is the place to find the truth.

    Both above and below the line.

  55. Alex Clark says:

    There are many who have been demanding a 2nd referendum on Independence every day since the UK as a whole voted to leave the EU in 2016 despite Scotland and NI voting to remain.

    This is despite the SNP losing their overall majority in Holyrood in 2016 and despite them losing 21 of the 65 seats they had in 2015. I have no idea if we might have won an Independence referendum at any point between 2016 and 2020 but it seems unlikely given support for the SNP at that time,

    What I do know for certain now is that the prospects for winning a 2nd referendum are better now than they have been at any time in those years. The only thing that can prevent that second referendum in the next year or two would be a failure for Independence supporting parties to win a majority at this years Scottish elections. Without a majority another referendum bill will never be passed.

    I also agree that it sends a very powerful message to Westminster if that majority is formed by the SNP alone without the need of the support of any other party. That additional support is the icing on the cake.

    I want Independence and that overrides everything else and for that reason, I will be voting SNP 1 & 2.

  56. Old Pete says:

    Big debate on BBC has Baillie and Cole Hamilton discussing today’s process. What a disgrace, surely this is the lowest of the low by these two and the BBC.

    • yesindyref2 says:

      BBC weren’t the best with their news coverage, Smith desperately trying to find something she wouldn’t have to apologise for – again. She failed. I had a look round earlier, in places by no means pro-SNP, and here’s a quote from a fairly typical example item, this one in the Scotsman:

      Ms Sturgeon did not unify the opposing claims and counter-claims that have defined the Holyrood committee’s investigation into the Scottish Government’s handling of complaints against Alex Salmond.

      Such a task would defy Cicero, let alone someone who spent two years at Drumchapel Law Centre. But in setting out a credible and uncomplicated sequence of circumstances which led to the extraordinarily breakdown in her relationship with the man she once revered, Ms Sturgeon has made a compelling case.

    • Stephen McKenzie says:

      Old Pete:

      For the BBC its business as normal, any pretence of being a serious balanced Broadcaster has long since gone! As for the other two, any publicity as talking heads before May’s election has to be welcome.

      When you think of the effort that the BBC, Tom Gordon, Sarah Smith et al. Have put into preparing Nicola Sturgeons obituary, just for Margaret Mitchell to balls it all up with her embarrassing diatribe at the end of the proceedings today.

      Surprisingly Tom has gone very quiet and probably has another blockbuster waiting in the wings..

    • Petra says:

      Let them carry on, encourage them in fact to behave like a bunch of hypocritical morons, as it’s backfiring on them all now, Old Pete. The same goes for so-called independence bloggers that have been focused on whipping up hatred against Nicola Sturgeon. The sheer volume of bile that’s been spewed out has become counterproductive and some of the btl comments would turn the stomachs of most decent people including those who don’t support independence but may decide to do so now 😉.
      The bottom line is that Alex Salmond threw a couple of the liars to the lions last Friday when he stated that he had no evidence whatsoever to support the narrative, their toxic narrative, that Nicola Sturgeon had been part of the “conspiracy cabal.” And not one of the bullying cowards has had the guts to mention that on their sites.

    • Petra says:

      Plus Andrew Bowie, Fiona Hyslop and Ross Greer. Looks as though it’s going to be an SNPbad Fest at 12.25am.

  57. Legerwood says:

    A very interesting article on Newsnet. Analysis of poll results which may surprise some but certainly show that changing leaders would be a truly daft idea.


  58. Legerwood says:

    First attempt to post this seems to have gone adrift so try again.

    Interesting article on Newsnet.


  59. Petra says:

    Thanks for sharing your story with us, Mark. Sounds extremely harrowing indeed. Great to see however that you have managed to move on and have gained some insight and empathy for those in a similar situation.

  60. jfngw says:

    Looks like future Baroness Davidson will probably avoid Channel 4 News from now on, not allowed to just rant on without challenge. She is so used to her ex colleagues in Scotland’s media hanging on her every word, she turns into a spluttering mess when confronted with the least bit of fact.

    • Legerwood says:

      Yes indeed and Krishnan produced a few facts that clearly discomfited her not least the fact that the two ‘witnesses’ were not even present at the meeting in question.

      Thought his introduction of Ms D was pretty good too especially the mention of Ms D’s imminent departure to the Lords.

      And what on earth has happenned to Iain McWhirter? Barely recognised him. He seems to have turned into a garrulous old man.

      Mike Russell was good as usual.

  61. Hamish100 says:

    The enquiry process has been totally undermined by the MSP’s who are not neutral nor are waiting to hear all the evidence.
    Rather, they are partial and should not make any pronouncements until the enquiry completes its deliberations and any conclusions are made.

    Baillie and co also use First Ministers Question time to have a pre-trial and a retrial of the enquiry assisted by the neutered ex bbc Presiding Officer.

    I hope the committee chair and fellow members raise objections over their behaviour.

    The FM was good. Baillie and Cole or is it Hamilton know this and are kicking the boot in. Dreadful.

    FM if asked any questions in Parliament or covid briefing with the compliant media please just respond “ I refer to my evidence given at the enquiry “

    Move on to election mode please.

    • Petra says:

      And now we see that Baillie and Cole-Hamilton, who are both on the committee, will be having their say once again on Debate Night in 5 minutes. Surely these two should be keeping their claptraps shut until the committee finalises their process.

      • Dr Jim says:

        There appears to be a website gone missing unless it’s just me but several tries and no show, my secret scanny stuff says it’s been removed

        • Tam the Bam says:

          Dont keep me in suspenders Dr Jim … oh please let it be who I think you mean!

  62. Dr Jim says:

    I thought I’d just take the time to apologise for William Wallace, Robert the Bruce, oh and my neighbour for missing the bin man yesterday, sorry everybody

  63. Glasgow Gowan says:

    Brilliant performance by Nicola.

    Didn’t disappoint SNP supporters.

    Cleared up so many things. Told the truth.

    Stood up for the complainers even though she doesn’t even know all of them.

    The unionists are terrified of her.

    If Leslie Evans or Liz Lloyd misled her, they must resign. Nicola is too nice to sack them.

    Don’t believe everything on the internet.

    Paul is doing a great job. One of the few pro independence websites.

  64. Petra says:

    The BritNat way of killing two birds with one stone.

    ‘Fury over ‘sexist’ request to Nicola Sturgeon to apologise for Alex Salmond.


    • Terence Callachan says:

      Was Alex Salmond found not guilty ?

      Or was he found guilty ?

      Committee convener Linda Fabiani stepped in a number of times to warn the committee it was the Scottish Government that was under investigation by the committee, not the former First Minister.

      “Mr Salmond is not on trial by the committee, so please be much more general in your comments,” she told the LibDem committee member Alex Cole-Hamilton, who then went on to press him over “culture and behaviours” while he was First Minister.

      Fabiani interjected: “As I have said already, we are not here to look at Mr Salmond’s actions. We are here to look at the Scottish Government’s actions in relation to the complaints.”

  65. Tam the Bam says:

    OMG!….Its true!….for whatever reason,’the other place’ has disappeared! (dont get your hopes up though….its probably only temporary…maintenance or something similar).

  66. yesindyref2 says:

    Well now, from Wales:


    An ITV poll has shown the highest support for independence ever recorded with 39% of Welsh people saying they would now vote ‘yes’ in a referendum.

    This outstrips the previous high of 32% in a YouGov poll in August 2020.

    Almost a quarter of Welsh respondents also told ComRes Wales would be more likely to become independent if Scotland did first.

    • Legerwood says:

      Governor Cuomo in New York is also having problems too. He is facing harassment charges apparently.

  67. Dr Jim says:

    Andrew Bowie Tory stooge says there’s be a border with England if Scotland were independent and nobody wants that
    Well England just erected 27 borders with the EU and Scotland didn’t want that but we were forced to have it from a government in another country we didn’t vote for
    Oh 28 if you count Ireland, but they do control their borders now, except wait, they allowed a new Covid variant in but thank God no terrible foreigners so phew! good for them eh

    World beating border controlling right there, all diseases welcome, step right up

  68. WT says:

    I think Nicola performed very well today and cleared up some areas of doubt. However, there were also a number of areas that still need to be investigated particularly the lack of transparency and non-disclosure of documents by the Scottish Government – not just to the committee but to the population as a whole.

    It is a shame to see some on this site still going for a ‘Sturgeon fan’ and an ‘anti-Salmond’ approach to this sorry business. Yes, Sturgeon has been an asset to the cause of independence but she is not independence. Similarly, Salmond moved the cause from the fringes to the mainstream but he he is not independence. I find myself in a small minority which falls into dislike by commentators on both Wings and here because I believe in having no heroes. Sturgeon, Salmond – who cares?

    With regard to the shambles that is the committee and its ‘investigation’ it will come up with findings that are whatever they are. With regard to Salmond and Sturgeon: it is sometimes the case that two people can be telling the truth and yet those truths conflict. In the absence of detail supposition supported by assumption becomes the area of debate amongst those like ourselves situated at the fringe. I believe it is possible that both Alex and Nicola are telling the truth but those truths conflict. I certainly hope so, but that is the extent of its importance.

    The important thing for me is that we stop taking sides; that Salmond and Sturgeon have their place but it is INDEPENDENCE that is important – yes, personalities matter a wee bit but only in so far as they benefit the aim of independence. Let all of us get off this factionalism, stop fighting amongst ourselves and start converting a NO person to YES. Start talking outside of these blogs to others the non-converted, invade the opposition with positive images of what an independent Scotland can be. Argue the case with the unionist about the benefits made possible by independence. Tell THEM not us.

    • grizebard says:

      Your point on refocussing attention on what really matters is well taken, but to pretend its all something airy-fairy theoretical is hard to reconcile with hard political reality. Which is why the Unionists and their little helpers have been trying for months and months to get big reputational damage out of the “Trial of Nicola”. So maybe the plain straight-talking testimony of Nicola Sturgeon yesterday had absolutely nothing to do with the surge of membership applications received the same day? If you don’t understand that, you don’t understand politics, my friend, and you won’t get very far with your high-falutin’ hopes, alas.

    • yesindyref2 says:

      1. The problem WT is that if the SNP fail to form the next Government, there will be no point in arguing the benefits of independence for another 5 years, as there will be no Indy Ref 2. The Unionists won’t call one when they form a colaition in May this year.

      2. Even more than that, if the SNP fail to get an overall majority, even if they form the next government with the help of other parties, the Tories at Westminster will try to argue that the SNP has no mandate for Indy Ref 2, and will resist it at all costs.

      3. And if Sturgeon was to resign it would throw the SNP into turmoil just 2 short months before the Holyrood elections in May, barely time for a new SNP leader to be nominated and elected, let alone settle into the job, And no guarantee the anti-Sturgeon or anti-GRA or anti-hate bill or anti-Angus or anti-Swinney or anti Smith or anti etc. etc. wouldn’t continue to post blog articles, below the line on the National, and everywhere else they can.

      So it’s actually irrelevant whether people love Sturgeon, bend down and kiss the feet of a full-size image of her every day, like her a bit, don’t like her but hold their noses, or are completely neutral, for people who accept my 1 to 3 above, yes, we’re incredible pleased that according to pro, neutral and anti media commentators so far as I’ve looked, she looks like surviving the whole fandangle. “unlike Salmond she has empathy” one said.

      And yes, with so many of the noisy blogs being anti-Sturgeon in the most extreme fashion you could think of, perhaps it’s also a good idea if some of us on one or two blogs show some support for her every now and then.

      What do you think? Indy Ref 2 this year, or at the earliest in 2026 if the SNP get kicked out and manage to get back in after 5 years of sustained wilderness?

      Now, where’s that full-size portrait …

      • yesindyref2, we are way past asking for Westminster’s ‘permission’.

        There is no going back. Their Union is dead.

        Norn Irn is about to erupt, now that ‘Lord’ David Frost has unilaterally extended the Brexit customs easement for another six months, without consulting, in Michael Gove’s sickening twee phrase, #our friends and partners’.
        Thus Johnson has not #got Brexit done’
        Still as his old pop quipped: ‘who cares if the Irish shoot each other’?

        Remember the red bus with the £350 NHS millions promised as a Brexit dividend?
        Sunak is cutting the English HS budget by £9 billion.
        Do the sums; scotaland’s health budget will be slashed by roughly a billion, while Rennie will continue to blame that Nikla Sturgeon for the mental health deterioration of his fabled ‘children’.
        Rennie, the Pied Piper of lies.

        English Public Health Service staff have had their wages frozen once again, for the duration of Johnson’s Government, as are the wages of teachers, civil servants and Care service staff.

        We are not on our knees asking for our conquerors’ permission’.
        What a quaint notion, that I as a born Scot need Mark Francois’ ok on anything.


      • Petra says:

        As Paul promotes SNP x 2 we’ve got another site owner advocating that people shouldn’t vote for the SNP at all 🤔 🙄. The followers of said messiah are all piling in now and being so wrathful about Nicola Sturgeon’s excellent performance yesterday they are foaming at the mouth and backing their boss’s demands.

        When this investigation ends and the results are known Alex should get behind the SNP to put a stop to Westminster’s mate’s maniacal actions. If not, even those, like myself, who still have some respect for him, and can empathise to some extent with what he went through, will lose all regard for him. More than anything if he continues to turn a blind eye to what’s going on at WoS, seemingly being carried out in his name, he’ll have no future at all, imo.



        ..”Alex Salmond, by force of intellect and will, took us from nowhere to the gates of independence only to be failed by our chicken-hearted. He uniquely stood up against British militarism in 2003 and may have been the victim of a revenge attack by the UK establishment/intelligence community in the form of senior civil servants’ behaviour in pushing the complainants forward. More serious offences by UK politicians have been swept under the carpet but he should still apologise more fully. I’d love to see him return perhaps as Foreign Secretary. Nicola Sturgeon played no part in the case. She is currently a major asset in the push for independence. She must stay and lead that final push. Now is the time to save our ammunition for the Unionists and only for them.”


    • WT says:

      I see yesindyref2 got this first. Wales, Northern Ireland – really, we are on the crest of independence lets stop the infighting and push the project forward,

  69. Malcolm Pate says:

    This interogation of the First Minister was quite disgusting. You could see quite clearly the hatred shown by the two Unionist ladies on the Inquest panel.
    It’s time to unite the Independence movement and put all this behind us.

  70. Dr Jim says:

    When most MSPs MPs and others adhere to the travel rules and work from home because they can Douglas Ross is in Glasgow for one interview then Edinburgh on the same day and today he’s in London, that’s apart from all the jetting around to football matches, this guy must go through more expenses in a couple of weeks than was spent on a court case that he’s constantly complaining about, it just seems that Covid regulations are not onerous at all on Tories and of course Margaret Mitchell Tory MSPs solution to the court case was stated quite clearly by her yesterday, the Scottish government should’ve just paid the women some money early on and it would all have gone away and been much cheaper

    I wonder what the Tory price is for women in that position is then, because she made it clear that’s how the Tories would’ve handled it

    Justice Tory style, here’s some money now shut up

    Is Jackie Baillie not going to have to answer to why she was answering text messages on her phone all the way through the committee and who were they from, was she being informed she was getting cheese on toast for her tea, I don’t think so

    Corroboration they squeal, some of these people used to be lawyers as well, we have two other witnesses who can corroborate they say, in order to corroborate anything you have to have been in attendance, if you weren’t then that’s called hearsay or in common parlance *sumdy telt me* and the judge says bugger off

    • jfngw says:

      Yep, if you are ever arrested remember to phone a couple of friends to tell them it wasn’t you, you can then use them as corroboration when in court. Maybe that’s how it works in Westminster with the Tories, they seem to have a get out of jail free card for every occasion.

  71. bringiton says:

    What should now be crystal clear to anyone who has been paying attention is that the person responsible for taking down Alex Salmond is Alex Salmond.
    It was his behaviour which brought about this whole sorry mess and no amount of conspiracy theories,ministerial misconduct accusations etc can hide that fact.
    All that those independence supporters who have been pushing the Get Nicola line have done is to give our opponents an opportunity to attack the movement and undermine the prospects for independence.
    I hope they have learned some lessons from this and that the damage can be limited.
    Pretty angry about this.

    • Clydebuilt says:

      “All that those independence supporters who have been pushing the Get Nicola line have done is to give our opponents an opportunity to attack the movement and undermine the prospects for independence.”

      IMHO. They are not independence supporters. Undermining independence is their objective.
      It’s the Unions big hope before the election.

      I.’m With Nicola,

    • Old Pete says:

      You are totally correct and “Bathman” and his fanatical supporters are by far the worst.

  72. Petra says:

    They’ve got some brass neck on them 🤬.

    Douglas Ross MP:- ”There is no longer any doubt that Nicola Sturgeon lied to the Scottish Parliament and broke the Ministerial Code. She must resign. No evidence she can provide will counter the claims of witnesses or refute that ignoring the legal advice cost £500,000 of taxpayers’ money.” https://mobile.twitter.com/celticwitch1995/status/1366877471312908292


    Phantom Power:- ”Douglas Ross is basically saying here that the UK Govt have a majority so can do what they like with regards to ministerial code.” https://mobile.twitter.com/PhantomPower14/status/1367042210710052867

  73. andyfromdunning says:

    I note that a Comres opinion poll has put support for Yes in Wales at 39%.

  74. Dr Jim says:

    I like Judge Judy, I know I know but if you’ve ever watched Judge Judy there’s a principle she applies to every case in front of her, “But for your actions” in other words if X had not done Y we wouldn’t be here, so if the jehadis could take their heads out of their behinds and stop throwing around a verdict on one thing and applying that as exoneration for another maybe we’d all move on and just stop obsessing over somebody else’s obsession

  75. Clive Scott says:

    The horrible thought I have about the May election is that the SNP don’t win an overall majority. Ruth the Mooth will be swaddled in ermin, grovelling to Bojo from the retirement home for failed politicians. Is there anything to stop him bringing her into his cabinet of numpties as Secretary of State for Scotland?

    I thought Nicola did pretty well yesterday against the partisan crap thrown her way. SNP 1&2 for this family.

  76. Petra says:

    Brilliant 😀.

    ”Margaret Mitchel telt,” https://mobile.twitter.com/monehchickens/status/1367117685335724033


    Check out Ann’s latest links on the Indyref2 site.


  77. Petra says:

    ”Douglas Ross is basically saying here that the UK Govt have a majority so can do what they like with regards to ministerial code.” https://mobile.twitter.com/PhantomPower14/status/1367042210710052867


    ”This is the list of fraud and corruption in Westminster. PPE paid for and never delivered by tory cronies.” https://mobile.twitter.com/celticwitch1995/status/1366877471312908292

  78. Ken says:

    Insulting other women does not help. Two wrongs do not make it right. Alex Salmond did not do it as shown up in Court. It should have gone to arbitration. That was a regular occurrence.

    It will be sorted out within the Party. That’s for sure.

    Vote SNP/SNP. Vote for Independence. For the future.

    • Dr Jim says:

      It shouldn’t have gone to arbitration at all, what you suggest is as bad as the Tories, just offer the women some money to shut up, the SNP isn’t the 1950 Labour party where abuse of women was commonplace, the former FM will never be welcome back in the SNP by anybody, did you not read what the judge said to him

  79. William says I thought Nicola was as honest as the day is long , she showed a lot of empathy towards the women unlike Alex, who hid behind the Judge and jury verdict, regardless of what is said , something , Maybe trivial ,did happen to these women , we are in an age now that these things cannot happen

    • Petra says:

      ”Something , Maybe trivial, did happen to these women.”..

      It would seem that something did happen to one of the women who went on to become a complainant. Alex apologised to her previously in private for his behaviour, didn’t follow the procedure that was in place at that time, and she then went on to accuse him at a later date.

  80. Liam Don says:

    I will be voting SNP 1 + 2.

    But if these same arguments are being made next Westminster election, then next Scottish election, forget it. The SNP aren’t good enough. Being more competent than the Tories isn’t good enough. I want independence so we can have genuine proportional representation, genuine left, genuine socialists in government.

    I won’t keep voting SNP for the rest of my life because they are the only route to independence. If they don’t deliver independence, I have zero interest in them as a party.

    In fact I have a feeling this will be the last time I ever vote SNP. I will just give up and vote my conscience in the future if no referendum/date of referendum has transpired.

  81. Petra says:

    ‘Law officers told First Minister that case could be a success.’



    ‘Nicola Sturgeon says it is ‘absurd’ to suggest there was a plot against Alex Salmond.’


  82. Petra says:

    ‘Tory hypocrisy has been exposed by the Salmond-Sturgeon dispute.’

    ..”Let’s be honest here, the Conservatives do not care about Alex Salmond or the botched investigation into the allegations made against him. All that the Conservatives are interested in is how to create the maximum political damage for the First Minister, the SNP and the wider independence movement.”..



    Nicola Sturgeon has just skewered Rooth the Mooth at FMQ’s once again 😀.

  83. jfngw says:

    Looks like AUOB has become All Under My Banner as the National Organiser declares people who support the current SNP leadership ‘those who worship the supreme leader despite her admin’s corruption’.

    I’m amazed at the number of tactical guru’s that have come out of the woodwork, all enthralled to a expert who was out-thought by Kezia Dugdale, and it’s still stinging I feel. They all have the ‘answer’ and could deliver independence tomorrow if they had the chance.

    Westminster almost have us where they want us, Salmond negated, they just need to finish the job and oust Sturgeon. They see no other leader currently in the wings, neither can I.

    • Alec Lomax says:

      IMHO after the election the SNP should cut ties with fringe indpendence groups. The only way to independence is by voting for the SNP.Any other way is delusion. No amount of marches down the Royal Mile will bring about independence. AUOB, Common Weal, Yes Movement, Now Scotland can either start their own parties or unite together. But the SNP should treat them at an arms length, if at all. How’s the ISP doing in the polls btw?

    • Petra says:

      ”Looks like AUOB has become All Under My Banner.”

      Looks like AUOB will see their turnouts plummet if that’s the stance that they’re going to take. You’re welcome if you are English, a Tory, elderly and so on, but not if you support Nicola Sturgeon. Another bleeding division. If they don’t back off on this I and my numerous Nicola Sturgeon supporting relatives and friends will be saying tatty-bye to them.

      • jfngw says:

        His argument is he has the right to a personal opinion, that’s correct but he should be making it from an account not connected to AUOB. If you use the an account where you associate yourself as a senior representative in an organisation then your posts are reflecting the position of that organisation. If he doesn’t recognise that then he should maybe reflect on his position in AUOB, although I think many of them are there for the ego trip.

        • grizebard says:

          Absolutely. An elementary error.

          We’ve long known that AUOB was run by some ultra-lefties trying to get a piece of the indy action (hence the gloriously irrelevant old-school “Tories out” chants from some), but we didn’t mind because everyone was there and having a great good time.

          Maybe they’re just getting antsy because the shutdown has effectively shut them down too. But criticism of Nicola & the SNP seems to be something of an ultra-left speciality these days. Possibly a touch of jealousy there…?

    • Dr Jim says:

      Tories to the right of us extreme Socialists to the left of us, both so ideologically mental they’re meeting each other round the back

      Democracy never seems to be a word that comes up with these folk

    • Alex Clark says:

      “All Under My Banner” for everyone except those that believe the FM is innocent of taking part in any conspiracy against Alex Salmond. Even Alex Salmond says he has no evidence of what is being claimed.

      They need to change their name else face accusations of hypocrisy, joining with the Tories in ranting against the FM is not a good look. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot.

      • Terence Callachan says:

        Well said Alex Clark

        Alex Salmond did say he does not believe Nicola Sturgeon set him up

        There are many people like myself who waited for the court case against AS to conclude and are content to accept the court decision whatever it is.
        We know that much of what was said in court was not reported
        We know that evidence put before the court is not being publicised
        How on earth can people conclude anything other than what the court decided
        After all, the court had all the evidence before them
        We do not

        How on earth can anyone find fault with how Nicola Sturgeon has handled this
        Did some people expect her to give AS immunity from court proceedings ? If they did they must surely see that NS would be breaking the law to do so

        Are those who expect NS to resign or apologise for Alex Salmond appearing in court on charges he was then found not guilty of serious ? Really ? Surely not

        What we have found out is that there are a few people employed by the civil service which is westminster controlled , these civil servants are employed by the british government not the Scottish government and it is westminster the british government that they answer to and are paid by , even though as part of their job they work in Scotland and work closely with the Scottish government and with Nicola Sturgeon.
        It has been shown that these civil servants have made mistakes , done peculiar things that have yet to be explained and were criticised by the judge in the AS case.

        We also have the Lord Advocate who as
        1) head of the crown office procurator fiscals office decides who gets prosecuted and who does not

        2) head of the legal advisers to the Scottish government and First Minister

        The Lord Advocate had to decide if Alex Salmond should be prosecuted
        He also had to decide what advice he should give to the scottish government and the first minister about the complaint Alex Salmond made about the handling of the change of law that opened the doors that enabled the prosecution and the communications between the accusers and the british civil servants aforementioned compiling the changes to the law

        I know where id be looking for wrongdoing

    • grizebard says:

      Well, there’s Kate Forbes for one. But that’s for some other day well into the future, since Nicola isn’t going anywhere.

      On further reflection, Alex may finally come to realise he’s been well-and-truly played. He had a weakness, and it was exploited to the max. (mostly for the hoped-for collateral damage, as we’ve all seen). He wasn’t the first either, Stewart Hosie being one obvious other example.

  84. Alba Laddie says:

    Well I joined up last night – the first time I’ve ever joined a political party in my 50-odd years on this mortal coil.

    I was active in the trade union movement from the age of 18, and mused about joining the now ex-people’s party, but thankfully I saw through them as the careerists that they’ve become.

    Narrow squeak eh! Back on topic though, does anyone have the actual numbers for increase in SNP membership – have they been released yet?

    • Alba Laddie says:

      Edit: Apparently membership numbers increased by 12,500 overnight. Quite incredible.

      • raineach says:

        I can remember when the SNP was cock a hoop about having 10,000 members, let alone that number all joining in one day

    • Dr Jim says:

      7.000 new members yesterday until the website crashed and the phone lines jammed up, more updates as numbers come in

    • Tam the Bam says:

      Welcome aboard Alba Laddie….” Come on down! “

    • Petra says:

      Good for you Alba Laddie. Join the clan 😀 if for no other reason than to put the wind up the BritNats and their ”allies.” I don’t know how many signed up but this is from James Kelly.

      ”Last night there was a flurry of posts on social media from people saying they had just joined the SNP, very much reminiscent of what happened immediately after the independence referendum. I was puzzled by that, and wondered if everything wasn’t entirely as it seemed, but I was assured that many of the sign-ups were genuine.”..


      • Alba Laddie says:

        My enlisting was 100% to send a giant “F**k you” to Davidson and Ross and their pack dugs in the media, Petra. The putative Baroness was at it again today, acting as judge, jury and executioner. According to her NS “broke the ministerial code”. So that’s it then, Ruth hath spoken, let’s all go hame. Her authoritarian ranting has probably added another 1k on SNP numbers as we speak. Sooner she slinks off the better.

        • Petra says:

          I saw it Alba Laddie with Nicola Sturgeon giving her a real roasting 😀. Firstly they demand that NS should resign before they hear what she has to say and then Rooth the Mooth preempts the Committee’s and Hamilton’s investigatory outcomes by saying once again that NS breached the ministerial code. Who needs a Committee when we’ve got the Tories 😏? She also had the cheek to complain about wasting tax-payers money (which I’m not trying to play down) when her bosses in London have ”mislaid” and ”misspent” £Billions. Her bosses lie to Parliament, us and the rest of the world on a daily basis and have in fact breached the MC in a hundred and one ways, but just stick their two fingers up at us and carry on regardless.

  85. yesindyref2 says:

    Outside the little bubble of us activists, whatever “camp” we are in, from the National:

    The Tonight programme spoke to voters about how their views on the Union have changed.

    One woman, Deni Smith, voted No in 2014 but now feels disconnected from Westminster. Meanwhile she described Nicola Sturgeon as the “Mother of Scotland”.

    “Boris Johnson just doesn’t portray what Scotland portrays. He kind of curls me a little bit,” she told the show.

    “Whereas Nicola Sturgeon I think is a warm hug. I think she’s got her arms around us and she’s completely cared for us though this whole time.”

    Oh, and YES 53%, NO 47%. Sturgeon must resign!


  86. Tam the Bam says:

    Off Topic:

    Why on earth is Patrick Harvie campaigning for the Lib-Dums?
    He clearly positioned a picture of Wee Wullie Wotshisname to be in camera-shot…….. ( a Dalek………I kid you not!).

    • yesindyref2 says:

      And another OT for want of anywhere better to put it: From somewhere “Having once been a Scottish Labour MEP” – I never knew Essex West & Hertfordshire East were in Scotland between 1994 and 1999. Who knew!

  87. Emma Cochrane says:

    HI Paul

    Are you posting this blog on twitter? I have a young friend trying to get his head around things at the moment and I think this blog will help steady him. He’s upset and confused about the Salmond/Sturgeon affair but is an independence supporter.

    Can you let me know if it’s going on twitter and I will RT to him.

    Thanks and good to hear that you continue to get better.


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