Alister Jack has killed Scottish unionism

The monkey has spoken, although we are still waiting for the organ grinder. Even though Boris Johnson has still not been bothered to reply to the Scottish Government’s demand for a Section 30 order transferring the power to hold independence referendums permanently to the Scottish Parliament, Alister Jack has squeaked up in return for being tossed a peanut in the shape of an interview on BBC Scotland’s Sunday Politics Show. His boss has far more important things to be getting on with, like recovering from his holiday in Mustique, and avoiding going to the House of Commons to speak about the Iran crisis.

Alister took to the airwaves to announce to Gordon Brewer that there will be no second independence referendum within the lifetime of Nicola Sturgeon. Alister has reinterpreted the definition of generation to mean the lifetime of anyone alive today. We’ve all heard the expression “over my dead body”, but when as Alister just did and said “over your dead body” then that can only be interpreted as a threat. “Over Your Dead Body” is in fact the title of a Japanese horror movie based on a kabuki play in which the leading player uses their influence to get a major part in a drama for a friend even though the role is way beyond his limited capabilities. It all ends very badly and does not go at all as the white faced protagonists intended it. So it’s an allegory for the story of Boris and Alister then.

Not until you’re all dead is a very strange definition of respecting the right of the people of Scotland to choose the form of government best suited to their needs. What Alister is really saying is that he doesn’t think that he should ever have to face another independence referendum at any point during his own lifetime, and then he had the audacity to claim that the Conservatives have a mandate for this strangulation of democracy.

Alister claimed that this imaginary mandate is based upon the Edinburgh Agreement, where it seems that there’s a paragraph written in invisible ink that says that if Scotland voted no then it’s up to the Tories to decide when there can be another referendum. It’s either that or Alister is frantically reaching for a straw to clutch at. Only in his case it’s an invisible imaginary straw that doesn’t actually exist. There is absolutely nothing in the Edinburgh Agreement which puts any limits on when there can be another independence referendum. All it says is that both parties agree to respect the result of the referendum. It says absolutely nothing at all about Scotland not being allowed another referendum even if the winning side doesn’t fulfil the promises and commitments it made to the people of Scotland in order to get the winning result.

The exact wording in the Edinburgh Agreement is as follows. It was agreed that the Scottish Government and the UK government agree that the independence referendum should “deliver a fair test and a decisive expression of the views of people in Scotland and a result that everyone will respect.” That’s the line upon which Alister is basing his spurious and frankly ludicrous claim to possessing a mandate for blocking another referendum.

Yet it’s hardly a “fair test” if the winning side in the referendum effectively lied, cheated, and misrepresented itself. All sorts of promises and commitments were made by the Better Together parties during that referendum campaign, and those were the promises and commitments which led voters in Scotland in cast their ballot in a particular way. One of those promises was telling people in Scotland that the only way Scotland could remain within the EU was by voting against independence. We all know how that worked out. Another was that Scotland would be an equal and respected partner in a family of nations. Only it turned out that Scotland was ignored, marginalised and sidelined at every turn during the Brexit negotiations. Another was that the powers of the Scottish Parliament would be enshrined in law and put beyond the ability of any Westminster government to alter without the express consent of Holyrood. Only the British Government sought a Supreme Court ruling which found that the wording in the 2016 Scotland Act putting the Sewel Convention into law could be ignored by Westminster.

It was Westminster which traduced the Edinburgh Agreement. It’s the Conservatives who have not been respecting the result of the 2014 referendum. Respecting a result doesn’t mean cheating and lying to get a win and then demanding that no one can challenge you once your lies are discovered. The Tories are like an Olympic athlete who drugged themselves to the eyeballs on steroids to win the gold and then refused to allow a rematch for the medal and the title after they’d been found out.

Yet Alister’s arrogant cluelessness, his stomping about in a constitutional play that’s way beyond his performance ability, has revealed something important. The traditional Scottish Unionism that was once espoused by Alister’s party is dead. The Tories have killed in for the short term gain of trying to block an independence referendum.

Traditional Scottish Unionism was founded upon the belief that Scotland is not a colony, that it’s a free and willing partner in the UK and remains so because that is the express will of the people of Scotland. Traditional Scottish Unionism held that this was true because Unionists believed that the Union was unchallengeable, that it would last forever, that independence was a marginal view that would never gain traction. As long as it was founded upon that arrogance, Scottish Unionists could tell Scotland and the world that Scotland was no colony, no possession. We were better than that. That’s the fundamental arrogance of unionism.

The rise in support for independence changed all that. Independence is no longer a marginal force in Scottish politics. It’s a very real threat to the privileges and position of the likes of Alister Jack. So the Alisters of this world can no longer afford to indulge the sensibilities of Scotland by claiming that this is a free and voluntary union. The fig leaf has been ripped away. Traditional Scottish Unionism has been stripped of its clothing of partnership, and we see the naked imperial beast underneath. In the next referendum the Alisters will not be able to pretend that this is a debate between Scottish nationalism and British non-nationalism. We can all see now that this is a debate between an arrogant and anti-democratic reactionary British nationalism, and Scottish independence.

Naturally this shocking development representing the death of traditional Scottish Unionism and the reaction to it and its implications was the lead item on BBC Scotland’s lunchtime news. Oh wait. No. The lead story was that we’re getting bad weather in Scotland in the wintertime. But the real storm is the one that’s breaking for opponents of independence. The gales of independence will blow them into oblivion.

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49 comments on “Alister Jack has killed Scottish unionism

  1. grumpydubai says:

    Nail and head. well done that man.

    Possibly this is what needs to be re-expressed in the wider domains to allow the Scottish public to fairly re-assess our Country’s relationship with its southern neighbour.

    Thank you,


    • Ian Kirkwood says:

      Hi GrumpyDubai, good to know there are more of us here in UAE. I have met a lot of NE based brits who are very anti.
      Another Ian in Dubai’s

  2. Movy says:

    Spot on as always WGD.

    I don’t know when it’s going to happen but ‘Union’ Jack and his devotees are going to get a very nasty shock in, I believe, the not too distant future – hopefully before the end of this year.

    The MSM has by and larged ignored the growing Yes movement – the ignorance down south is breathtaking – but there is nothing like that level of ignorance in Scotland, where more and more people are becoming very aware of this movement.

    The Scottish MSM MUST be well aware what is happening but is choosing or being encouraged to ignore?/being coerced into ignoring?/ what is happening.

    The very visible display on Saturday was a case in point.

    By refusing to recognise what is happening, when the proverbial hits the fan, there is going to be a lot of gnashing of teeth/we didn’t know/we didn’t understand/why weren’t we told/etc.

    PS I hope Ginger was OK if he was indeed marching with us on Saturday. It was a pretty wet experience, but great fun.

  3. Brian Powell says:

    Ian Blackford needs to stop saying ‘Scotland is being dragged out of the EU against its will’ and start saying what is in this article, in fact he should use it verbatim, with WGDs permission.

  4. Bob Lamont says:

    ps double “the” 6th para

  5. Petra says:

    Looking forward to seeing total ignoramus Alister Union Jack being decimated, via debates, by Nicola Sturgeon in the very near future.

    Look our new unicorn! Peter hit the nail on the head.

    • Millsy says:

      Petra , do not hold your breath for Union Jack to appear in any face-to-face with anyone from the Independence movement .
      He went through the whole General Election campaign without speaking once on any platform – be it public/Radio/TV – as he was obviously deemed to be a vote loser .
      He is also a big feartie !

  6. Albis says:

    Almost exactly 60 years ago the Tories’ own Harold Macmillan spoke of the “wind of change” blowing through Africa, and said that the growth of national consciousness was a fact that needed to be accepted. The current UK government need to accept that the growth of Scottish national consciousness is also a political fact that cannot be ignored. The wind of change is blowing across the UK whether they like it or not.

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  8. carolclark1 says:

    I’m scunnered listing to nonentities like Jackboot, moving the goalposts every five minutes. Who the hell do these folk think they are. Oh well, if they want a fight, they’ll get one from the independence movement. We’ve come too far down the road now to ever go back. I wish the SNP would get off their backsides and get some fire in their bellies. Don’t just sit and wait to be told all the time. Nice disnae work as we have already found to our cost.

    Keep the eyes on the prize folks.

  9. Jim says:

    Alister Jack’s a Toady and nobody likes a Toady, even the side they think they’re on has no respect for them and he’ll find this out very soon

  10. terence callachan says:

    The situation as I see it is a little different.
    I do not see Scottish conservatism alone as the threat.

    I think there are several large groups who are against Scottish independence.

    One of them is Scottish conservatives

    Another is people from overseas who have settled in Scotland obtained British citizenship and then obtained a british passport for themselves partner and children they are also allowed to bring their close relatives here from overseas and I believe that this will secure their vote for whatever British nationalist party is strong in their area .

    Another is English people who settle in Scotland in ever increasing numbers selling their more expensive homes in England and buying a similar sometimes better home for the same price in Scotland allowing them to retire sooner as well as those who come here to work but will likely return to live in England at some time.

    Those Scottish people who have been militarised because they or a relative or friend was in the forces it’s a very strong pull towards Britishness that they respect .

    These are thee groups I think will never change their mind .

    I reckon there is still about ten percent of the people in Scotland who can be persuaded to change from NO to YES
    And there are some who never ever bother to vote , perhaps we can do something to get them to vote no matter what impediment is the reason they don’t vote.

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  12. jfngw says:

    Jack’s statement is in the same vein as Mundell’s when he declared Scotland had been extinguished, it is the Scottish British Nationalist belief they are part of the greater Britain. But a quick check and you see England never believed it had been extinguished, just look at many writings/films, they did it for England, not Britain (they still fall into this at the drop of a hat).

    As far as the English establishment is concerned they are the union wallah’s, the servants there to fulfill their requirements. What an embarrassment to be Scottish and claim your country was extinguished, you could understand this from some who move here with their colonial attitude, but from an actual Scot! Just wow.

  13. Apologies Paul, I have to unsubscribe for a while

    You…are amazing as a writer and as a human – I enjoy your occasional quip and turn of phrase. You are insightful and intelligent and always make me smile.

    There is no but…

    I am just taking a break from all things ‘Independence’ until the wind has changed or there is a call to arms.


  14. mogabee4 says:

    Very surprised that one of the British Nats haven’t had A Jack arrested for murder…

  15. One_Scot says:

    That is the thing, the whole world now knows that Scotland is a prisoner in a corrupt, corrosive and damaging colonial union with England, and that cannot be unseen.

    Either Boris Johnson now makes the decision to allow Scotland to choose to be submissive to England or he will be seen by the world as just another dictator, no better than the ones he looks down on.

  16. bringiton says:

    Since 2014 in every single election campaign,the Unionist party(s) have had a single policy in their election manifesto(s).
    No to Scottish independence.
    That’s no way to run a country.

  17. jim says:

    ‘Alister Jackboot of the Imperial masters of the world’ lied to his constituents during the recent election declaring that a majority for the SNP in the Holyrood elections would be a mandate for an independence referendum. He new the SNP candidate was closing the gap and did not want to come across as authoritarian in order to gain votes from semi intelligent voters.” Oh! look, I’m all cuddly and reasonable.”
    Guess what! As soon as he’s elected he returns to the ‘Lord of the Manor’ attitude.

    I am bloody fuming at his total disregard for democracy.

    As for Gordon Brewer, he’s asking the wrong questions.

    “How much did you receive from the EU in CAP payments”

    “what about the majority of your own constituents who voted remain, are they mugs?, does your own sense of self entitlement make you better than them.

    ” Are you not showing contempt for the 63% in Scotland, should you not be standing up for them as secretary of state for Scotland”

    ” And finally, can I get a selfie with you and maybe drop in a word with BBC London that I’d love a job in the capitol of the world, it’s pish up here”

  18. Gordon Dunbar says:

    Better check this and see how Westminster may have got one over on us:

  19. Hamish100 says:

    Let’s have Scots Votes for Scots laws in place of EVEL. Only Scots MP’s to vote on issues on Scotland. Disruption of the HoC otherwise.

  20. Robert Graham says:

    I had to check out Mr Jacks interview , well actually his declaration to the whole Scottish Electorate , unless i am mistaken it meant ” IT DOESN’T MATTER HOW SCOTS VOTE ” we will do exactly as we choose , by WE i mean the English Government , sorry for contravening your rule of dont blame the English,but there is no other interpretation of that statment ,and i believe it is correct .

    • terence callachan says:

      Don’t blame the English .?
      A fifth of our electorate in Scotland are English people who vote for their country England to control Scotland
      Can we blame england ?

      • Cubby says:

        Terence I have asked you before to back up your “a fifth of our electorate are English people ” type of claim with evidence or make it clear it is only your opinion and you have no evidence for these types of claims or just desist from making false claims on the number of originally english people who live in Scotland.But no you continue on making these claims.

        It does not make your argument more credible for taking the vote away from these people by falsifying the numbers.

      • weegingerdug says:

        No Terrence. Your figures are way out. Only 8.68% of the population of Scotland was born in England.

  21. Ken2 says:

    Mr Jack will aid Independence with his performance. More people will be convinced of the merits of Independence, and come on board. Be converted by the Tory intransigence and lack of argument.
    Lacklustre ability. Never have so many been promoted above their capabilities.

    ’Dinnae dae that’ will result in getting it done. The Tories will fade into oblivion. Just like after Thatcher. Into oblivion. Scotland will achieve Independence. Devolution took a bit longer because of the Tories but was achieved over time because of the electorate wishes.

    Independence will come even quicker because of Devolution. So much has changed with Devolution. 20 years. Better governance. Independence will be even better. It just needs people to vote for it. The way forward.

    Opposition is falling because of the Tories Brexit. Labour are seriously in disarray. Resulting in higher support for Indy. The numbers getting better all the time. Demographics. Brexit will endorse the need. Scotland voted convincingly to remain in the EU.

    Any Westminster leader who does not support Scottish Independence does not last very long. Soon they will cotton on. Self preservation. The storm has broken. Better times are coming soon.

  22. Petra says:

    Taken from another site and well worth a read (and signing), imo.

    ‘We take our inspiration from the 1951 Scottish Covenant and use this opportunity to thank John MacCormick, Ian Hamilton QC and the 1198 of their fellow Scots who gathered in Edinburgh on 29th October 1949 to launch The Scottish Covenant for Home Rule – thank you all for your vision 70 years ago, we hope to do you proud by emulating your approach to exercising our democratic right as ordinary people.

    The world has moved on since then, and we now live in a digital world where coming together as one is much easier facilitated than it was just last century, pre-millenium. Today, we have Distributed Ledger Technology available to us and the ability to Digitally Record each eligible individual’s affirmation to this Covenant on a permanent and immutable Public Blockchain, unable to be hidden away in the National Archives. (For more on the history of the 1951 Scottish Covenant, check the History page on this website.)’

    This also from the website:

    ‘A People’s Path to Independence (without a Referendum)

    The purpose of a Referendum is to formally document a verifiable majority in support of a particular course of action, but it is not the only way to do so – The Digital Scottish Covenant 2019 (“the Covenant”) will deliver the same end result, a verifiable majority of the Scottish People in support of ending the UK Union.

    As the Covenant gathers support, we will provide a facility for those who have signed the Covenant to take their Seat as a Member of The People’s Assembly (“the Assembly”) using their Transaction ID from the Blockchain to verify they have Signed the Covenant – the Admin Team will provide regular progress updates to the Assembly and members can use that Platform to co-ordinate activities to push the Covenant forward. We will also launch and facilitate other pieces of work on HOW Scotland will withdraw from the UK Union, and The People of Scotland can work on these Transition Plans together, as one, through the Assembly.

    As the Covenant begins to head towards Majority Support from the Scottish Electorate, we will provide a facility for Assembly members to register as Candidates for The People’s Commission (“the Commission”) and campaign for votes from the Assembly to represent The People of Scotland after completion and submission of the Covenant – the structure of the Commission is still being worked on, but the 1951 Covenant started with 1200 ordinary people and we are aiming to finish the 2019 Covenant with the same number, ensuring that every single constituency & region across the whole of Scotland is represented.

    The Commission, as elected by the Assembly, will be responsible for deciding what formal actions to take to ensure the Covenant, as signed by an overwhelming and verifiable majority of Scotland by this point in the process, is adopted and implemented by Scotland’s Elected Representatives – there are many paths this can take, depending on how our Elected Representatives react to the Covenant, but no course of action will be ruled out and decisions on which actions are pursued will be made by the Commission through a democratic process of voting on the Blockchain.

    This year, 2020, is shaping up to be a very eventful year now that the most right-wing version of the Tories imaginable are back in power at Westminster, and Scotland could conceivably find itself facing a cliff-edge hard Brexit alongside a lot of other (UK) Constitutional change outlined in the Tory Manifesto (Pages 47 & 48, Protecting Our Democracy, for reference)

    It is CRITICAL that Scotland leaves the UK Union as early as is practicably possible, therefore we urge you to please spread word of this Engagement to every corner of the Land, impress upon your fellow Scots that We CAN do this, We MUST do this, We SHALL do this, for Scotland!’

    • This is exciting, Petra. Thanks for posting it.

      • Petra says:

        It looks to be very exciting indeed UMBDSMC, however I reckon that we should check it out. Let’s find out who is behind this and take it from there. If it’s genuine it could provide us with a way out. Hallelujah, lol.

        • Cubby says:

          One of the speakers at Saturdays march covered this subject. It was shown by Broadcasting Scotland. It is probably available on YouTube.

    • Contrary says:

      Indeed very very interesting Petra. looks like the website is still being set up (lots of [future link here] insertions) so will check it out again in a week or so I think.

    • Contrary says:

      K1 over on Wings gave this info and links:

      “Digital Covenant have a twitter account:

      Also prominent poster on that account is:

      This person’s bio on twitter is as a ‘features writer for Bella and Business for Scotland, Digital Scottish News and Irish Tech news’. Also has a WordPress blog:

      Lot of information about the launch of the website earlier today on the yesdayscotland twitter account and as far as I can tell, they already have significant number of signatures, you’d have to scroll through that twitter account to get an idea of the scale they are going for.

      The website launched at 17.07 earlier today, 13 minutes later:

      ‘To confirm, the first international ‘journalistic interest’ in Scotland’s #Ethereum #Covenant has been received by @YesDayScotland 13 minutes after the site went live for IDs and signatures! And, it’s from France!”

  23. Bibbit says:

    Union Jack wants to talk about ‘mandates’. So, let’s talk about ‘mandates’.

    Let’s ask ourselves, where does Union Jack’s mandate, to rule over Scots, come from?

    If Labour had won the GE,last month, and they were running the UK Govt, instead of the Tories, we’d have Ian Murray, as Secretary of State for Scotland, dictating to (and ignoring) Scotland, in the same manner.

    If the Libdems had won the GE last month, and they were running the UK Govt, instead of the Tories, we’d have Christine Jardine, as Secretary of State for Scotland, dictating to (and ignoring) Scotland, in the same manner.

    Therefore all Secretary of State for Scotland mandates, to rule over Scotland, lie with English voters, not Scottish voters.

    I say that if we are a sovereign nation, which we are, that is no mandate at all. They have no mandate.

    If Westminster can invoke the principle of English Votes For English Laws, the same principle must apply, (in this most successful of political unions in the world,- ever) of Scottish Votes For Scottish Laws.

    • terence callachan says:

      Indeed , if they can have English votes for English laws in England
      We can have Scottish votes for Scottish laws in Scotland and tell the English people living in Scotland that they are not getting a say in whether or not Scotland should be an independent country.
      It’s just plain wrong and undemocratic for English people to be able to vote for England to have control of Scotland

  24. Macart says:

    A prisoner or a partner? Confident of their union or terrified that in their rush to punish the rowdy splitists, they’ve mibbies created a rod for their own back. Scotland’s population has the absolute and inalienable right to determine the form of government of its choice or a great many front bench unionist politicians are lying through their collective wossinames. It’s a pickle for them right enough.

    Mibbies time for the dears to poop or get off the potty.

    They’ll feel so much better for it… or probably not. 😎

  25. Pogmothon says:

    Union Jakey along with every tory who has opened their collective mouths since 2014, have studiously avoided and ignored The VOWs that the red, blue and mucky yellow/orange torys signed up to only days before the referendum (purdah does not apply to referenda or Scotland apparently).
    One vow was that Scotland would be an equal and respected partner in a family of nations. Another was that the powers of the Scottish Parliament would be enshrined in law and put beyond the ability of any Westminster government to alter without the express consent of Holyrood.

    Well I for one am very concerned that Union Jakey’s pronouncement is just the precursor to LBJ’s continued ignoring of the letter from the First Minister until after the waste monster festivities at the beginning of February. Then he will answer with a demonstration of how to really trash the above two vows.

    After that all bets are off.

    Lets just see who police Scotland sides with when waste monster starts to outlaw demonstrations and marches. Remember high ranking officers have already ask for officers to be sent from England to Scotland to help deal with unrest due to brexit. Who remembers “the witches cavalry” could we be about to see “borises brigade”.
    This will not be like the poll tax try-out and the miseries we went through for two years, and all the criminalized innocents. Because the English masses will not eventually demonstrate in london. Because Scottish Independence is not a cause they will support.

    From here on in we are on our own.
    Europe will not interfere in the internal running of another state. I don’t care how many individuals make mouth music of support.
    The UN has already sanctioned wars to protect oil supplies.
    And UDI makes us a pariah state internationally.
    Naw we’re on wur ain fi here on. So lets start wi haw LBJ aye right, awa ‘n bile yur heid.
    Nae vat, nae taxes, nae water til wur parliament gets the last wurd on wit happens here.

  26. David Agnew says:

    Again. The biggest mistake unionists made, was to allow the tories to define Britishness in Scotland. Since they have been an English party in Scotland, their idea of Britishness in Scotland is one of a minor region, no more powerful than an English council. The idea that a mere council and its tenants could have “agency” in the UK sticks in their craw.

    What’s worse though is that as the days roll by, we can see Labour position itself to defend the tories right to treat Scotland anyway they choose.

    At the end of the day, you sort of expect this sort of behavior from the likes of Alistair Jack. Who is in essence a more strident form of obsequious toadying that we used to see in Mundell.

    But for Labour to do it, then have the brass balls to waft on about “solidarity” – ooh that is sickening.

    I note the Keir Starmer looks likely to succeed as Labour Leader. Soon, we can expect him to come to Scotland. He will pose with a bottle of diet Irn Bru while eating a fish supper and wearing a tartan scarf. He will regale us of how he once had an awayday trip to Saltcoats in the 70s and has a mythical connection to the Skotch.

    Stop the planet. I want to get off.

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