Dead in a ditch

This afternoon there were yet more steps in the clownshoes of British politics. Lyin’ Bastert Johnson gave a speech in front of massed ranks of polis. It was like Police Academy 6 when the franchise had gone long past any pretence at comedy, only not as funny. LBJ fancies himself as the modern incarnation of Churchill, he’s really more Captain Mainwaring. Only when Captain Mainwaring makes us laugh it’s because the scriptwriters did it on purpose.

LBJ sounded as incoherent and rambling as his new bestie Donald Trump, leading many to wonder whether the polis ought to arrest him for being drunk in charge of Brexit. Because if that’s not a thing it should be. He was so incoherent that when he met US Vice-President Mike Pence today, Pence was left wondering if he’d gone to the White House by mistake. The speech was so bad that at the end of it there was an announcement on the TV screen for a helpline: “If you have been affected by any of the issues in this programme …” And 60 million people tried to call it.

Obviously winging it, it was equally obvious that this is a man who is completely out of his depth. This is what happens when you surrender control of the UK to a tiny self-selecting group who judge one another on their poshness. He’s only had to deal with the Commons for a few days and he’s already lost his majority, lost control of the Brexit process, been refused an early General Election, and been stabbed in the back by his own brother.

This is a man who has just realised that the job that he’s been scheming for for so long isn’t just another opportunity to exercise his own privilege and entitlement. He’s actually got to work. That’s not how it played out in his imagination when he was daydreaming of being world king. He’s rapidly discovering that he’s got something important in common with Gordie Broon. His only real talent lay in scheming to get the top job, not actually in doing the top job once he’d got it. Although even Gordie Broon managed to last three years as Prime Minister, LBJ will be lucky to last another three weeks.

The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom told the assembled press, “Waaaffaah waugh fnaugh fnaugh waugh Pericles waaaffaah.” And that’s a direct quote. He wifflewaffled on at such length that he even managed to make a poliswummin sick to her stomach in a literal and not a metaphorical way, something that he’s been successfully doing to the whole of Scotland for months now.

The highlight of the speech was when he averred that he would rather be dead in a ditch than ask the EU for an extension to Article 50 and half of the UK went to themselves, “Oh! Is that an option? Is it too late to add that to the bill? At last an idea from Boris Johnson that we can all get behind.”  And sparked off a wave of enthusiasm for politics that hasn’t been seen since the Scottish independence referendum.

Well, I say it was a highlight. It was a highlight in the exact same way as it was a highlight when Willam threw up on stage during an episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race. We were all talking about it, but for all the wrong reasons. Now LBJ has effectively just vomited all over his chances of getting the opposition parties to agree to a General Election.

It was quite an Orwellian image. There he was, the unelected Prime Minister of the UK, standing in front of a phalanx of uniformed polis, saying that he’d be prepared to break the law. All that was needed was for the polis to be in riot gear and we’d be right into Hunger Games territory. And people are still saying that Dominic Cummings is a genius at political strategising.

The bill that was passed by the Commons on Wednesday obliges the Prime Minister to ask the EU for an extension to Brexit. The bill which then got passed by the Lords that night after the Government threw in the towel and abandoned its efforts to get pro-Brexit peers to filibuster the bill. Possibly they threw in the towel because that towel was needed to clean up after LBJ vomited all over the constitution.

Anyway, having passed successfully through the Commons and the Lords, the bill is due to be signed into law by Liz at Balmoral on Monday. That means that the Prime Minister will have a legal obligation to ask the EU for an extension to Article 50. It is no longer a matter of political choice. It’s the law. And could be quoted as such by Adam IT’S THE LAW Tomkins. If LBJ is not actually dead in a ditch by the time of the EU Summit on 17 October, although quite possibly Dominic Cummings could help him with that, he will have no option but to either ask for an extension, or resign as Prime Minister.

Now the opposition parties have another motive for refusing a General Election until after the EU Summit meeting and a request for an extension to Article 50. If they continue to refuse him his wish for an early election, they can force him to have to choose between lying dead in a ditch, resigning, or asking the EU for an extension.

It seems clear now that the Government and its, ahem, genius advisor hadn’t actually counted on the opposition parties refusing an early General Election. The plan had been to provoke them into voting down the Government, and then LBJ could go to the polls saying that he wanted to deliver Brexit but those pesky remainer MPs were standing in his way, vir maximus populi that he is. That’s Latin for great man of the people, because bloggers who went to comprehensives in North Lanarkshire can do Classical too. He would have been homo maximus populi, but that’s a trigger for Mike Pence.

Now that the opposition isn’t playing ball until a no deal Brexit is very firmly off the table, the options for the great strategist are looking increasingly limited. LBJ’s and Dumb Cummings’s big mistake was to think that the opposition parties were just as egoist as they are themselves. Which admittedly, given that we’re talking about Westminster politicians here, wasn’t an unreasonable assumption. All that’s left is to keep calling Jeremy Corbyn a big girl’s blouse. That’s what counts for a British Government strategy these days. There’s yer mother of parliaments for you.

That ditch must be looking ever more attractive.

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51 comments on “Dead in a ditch

  1. […] Wee Ginger Dug Dead in a ditch This afternoon there were yet more steps in the clownshoes of British politics. […]

  2. Clive Scott says:

    I was genuinely shocked that the Yorkshire police provided the stage backdrop for Boris. When did the police become the agents of the Tory party? And what was in the minds of the fellow recruits to the one that collapsed towards the end of Boris’s rant? None appeared to go to her aid, in particular the one to her right (left as viewed on screen) stared stoically ahead like the toy soldiers at Buckingham Palace do when one of their number faints during Trouping of the Colours on a hot day. At least the end of the ramble was greeted with no applause which is something.

  3. JGedd says:

    We just can’t keep up with you today, Paul! Al just keeps feeding you more and more material to get your teeth into. The Great Pretender is just an empty windbag after all. Wonder when he will decide that the game just isn’t exciting any more?

  4. Alasdair Macdonald says:

    Channel 4 News did a piece on the issue of Mr Johnson’s mental state. When I heard a bit of the speech earlier on radio news headlines, I really thought he was drunk or in the early stage of a mental breakdown.

    Channel 4 interviewed a journalist who was at ‘prep school’ with Mr Johnson and who knows his family well. The journalist is also one of the drivers behind People’s Vote, but, he was expressing what seemed to me to be the sincere concern of a long-time friend for the health of the PM. Another was a woman who had been a colleague of Mr Johnson’s at the Telegraph’s Brussels office and had written a book recently detailing his shameless lying and self promotion. She, too, was expressing concerns about his mental health. And then there was Fraser ‘bool-in-the-mooth’ Nelson, successor to Mr Johnson as editor of the Spectator, who basically talked shite in an affected voice about how this was one bad speech from someone who is a ‘master of oratory’.

    Despite a long career in politics, Sir Anthony Eden had a severe mental breakdown during the Suez crisis. I suspect that most other PMs at various times had very shaky moments. Despite my extreme dislike for MrJohnson, he is flesh and blood like the rest of us and despite propagandists (professional porkie people) like Fraser Nelson to deny reality (provide a different narrative) on their behalf, the fact that he must know that all the bluster is useless when faced with a dire situation for which he is completely unprepared.

    • Therapymum says:


      Boris Johnson – a “master of oratory”? Has Fraser Nelson taken leave if his senses? Actually, that’s a rhetorical question. He’s a Tory. But surely no-one would consider Johnson any sort of orator. His speeches are full of half finished sentences, ums, errs and mumbles. His skill, if he has a skill, is to appear approachable, comic and appealing, so you don’t notice the ideology underneath.

  5. bigjon999 says:

    I know a few ditches I can offer to him for his last resting place… In fact I know of plenty of ditches and will happily take him to them.

  6. Daisy Walker says:

    I wonder if the recent crowds in the streets round Westminster have reminded Tories with unpopular policies how useful polis are to have around … and on side (sort of), and in sufficient numbers.

    Not enough money in the bank to offer them a big pay rise like Thatcher did.

    Resort to major sucking up.

    • As one who has chronic anxiety due in no small part to the extreme bullying culture that the Tories brought into police managent during the last year’s of my service I would question the sanity of any officer showing loyalty to these criminals if push comes to shove.

  7. Pogmothon says:

    Clive Scott says:

    at 9:23 pm

    I was genuinely shocked that the Yorkshire police provided the stage backdrop for Boris. When did the police become the agents of the Tory party?

    Really! I hope you are a young yin then. If so ask your parents about when “Maggie” sent in her cavalry. Or when the English polis, MSM, and politicians conspired to defame and vilify the “96”.

    What I am worrying about is, what way will Police Scotland jump when LBJ says now. Will it be no wi these bits on min. or will it be how high?

    One other thing “have a shovel, will travel” Just tell me were you want the ditch.

    • Are Scots cops not allegedly due to be shipped to the six counties to patrol the British squiggly line in Ireland? Meanwhile, we can expect the usual Essex bobbies with their aprons or/and squaddies with special new uniforms.

      • Robert Graham says:

        Duncan I have seen big Scottish cops but some of the ones that were sent up during the G8 riots when it was hard to travel on a motorway for about three days , would have made anyone think twice about tackling them ,they used our car park as a staging point during the riots , we had big doors on the office but every one of them had to stoop to enter , and these guys weren’t carrying truncheons , well not normal ones these guys were up to cause real damage to anyone who got in their way , I guess it was perfect training for them , let’s hope it won’t be used against us , because this Tory lot will do anything if they are loosing .

        • Policing at all G7/8 meetings is always extreme, whatever the country. I have seen this in mainland Europe where I once lived. A young friend was on the receiving end at a protest in Milan that changed his life. I suspect there are special units for G/summits. I’m sure they will be equally useful against bumptious Jocks too.

  8. Robert Graham says:

    Yer a bloody pain in the arse Paul ,every single thing I was about to type you have beat me to it , the first one was the reference to broon then I read on and it kept happening , eh you reading minds in yer spare time ? .
    Ha Ha a good laugh and so very true .
    Anyone else get the boak when broon popped up reminiscing about the rocky horror show that was 2014 I couldn’t watch it ,to be reminded of all the bloody lies these barsturds told and I bet the BBC never reminded them .
    Anyway keep up the good work Paul always worth a visit here .

  9. Terry callachan says:

    Boris Johnson is not doing a good job as PM but he is not a fool as some people are describing him.
    He has advisers more people who are very clever.
    This is not over yet.

    What we are seeing is the battle to keep UK together and brexit alive.
    Both are being pulled in all directions.
    England don’t want a soft brexit they want tight , very tight immigration laws and they want people who have overstayed their visa to be sent home.

    I think Boris Johnson will survive, Westminster will find a way to save him and see a hard brexit over the line that gives the people of England the brexit they voted for.

    • chicmac says:

      Just a silly thought, but has anyone checked whether John McTernan has perchance changed his name to Dominic Cummings by deed poll?

    • Terry, it will pass into law on Monday that the UK will not leave the EU on 31st October on No Deal Terms.

      Iain Beil on QT tonight hopes that Johnson will attend the EU Summit 17/18 October and broker a revised WA which will magically be passed by WM by 31st October.
      But we all know that Johnson and his officials have not put together a revised deal, and that the EU Summit will not countenance opening WA talks during the Conference.

      So Johnson will die in a ditch.

      He’ll have to resign.

      Eventually, probably in early Novemeber, there will be a GE and Farage’s bluff will be called.

      Even the Ultra Right wing Blue Tories will not strike a ‘deal’ with Farage, so the Ultra Brexit vote will be split between Faragists and Borisists, with the Beige Tories in the South, and indeed the Red Tories, crawling over constituency finishing lines because of the warped FPTP system and the ‘split’ Brexit/ Blue Tory vote..

      You may recall that UKIP garnered 6 million votes but not one MP in the 2015 GE.

      There will be no GE date until Johnson is forced to stand down because 31st October will come and go with the UK asking for an extension, to hold a GE, to which the EU will accede.

      Probably Johnson’s brother saw this and wanted out of office before his brother’s ultimate humiliation.

    • Petra says:

      Too bad that the media aren’t reporting that as the numbers of EU migrants decline dramatically, migrants from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh (etc) are now at a 15 year high. How would that go down in England?

      Numerous polls have also shown, over the last two years, that a UK majority would now vote to remain in the EU. Nobody up for mentioning that?

      In other words the English electorate are being kept in the dark on both counts.

      Boris is a fool. Worse than a fool. Probably a maniac. He’s in place due to a corrupt political system and media bias. He’s one in a long line of fools, in fact, holding the position of UK PM, but who cares now? I don’t as more and more Scots can now see right through this formerly brainwashing sharade.

      If England want him, another US warmongering lackey, they can have him. Good luck to them.

  10. Tol says:

    You are mistaken if you think this bind’s Boris’s hands, or the danger is over.

    The requirement to ask for an extension is so easy for Boris to distort…any 6yr old could do it.
    All he has to do is make any extension untenable to the EU and there are a myriad of ways to engineer that. Just put your spiteful hat on and they quickly become obvious.

    The problem for every action that stops/delays brexit actually can be turned into propaganda against those who push for delay….and hell mend all those if they unleash that into a rabid base in an election campaign where you are labeled “traitors”. The 2016 Referendum was mild in comparison and look at the carnage it wrought. I fear for what is about to be unleashed in the UK.

    If YES wants to win, it needs to stop looking at politics like a middle class church fete. Westminster and the British state are the descendants of a global mafia. They will even change the meaning of words if they have to….anyone remember the issue about Scotland giving “consent”?

    • Tol, see mine above.
      He has painted himself into a corner with his ‘die in a ditch’ nonsense.
      Joe Johnson might stand inayet another Blue Tory leadership contest!

      • Tol says:

        @Jack collatin

        You are looking through a lens where Boris is neutered…sure that is one possibility and I don’t discount it. However, the alternate is still possible…Boris is not a lame duck. EG: He doesn’t resign, forces a General Election and goes full propaganda extremist.

        That brexit voter base is the majority in England and as YES have always stated that what England wants UK gets. Sure, It may be possible that Boris and Farage cannibalise each others vote…However, it may also be possible that in a full on “Brexit vs Traitors” election a non aggression pact is more likely or even the possibility of Farage playing dead but campaigning to push the Overton Window (and English electorate) way to the extreme. Which makes more sense from their POV…blocking each other and getting labour or no brexit…or playing the system and wiping out Labour and creating that white English “Lord of the Flies” bonfire of regulations)

        It is a risk to extrapolate from 2015 GE. 2015 in England remained a 2 party race and in FPTP anyone outside that 2 is always marginal. It is totally up in the air this time. (Given how FPTP works and the clarity of a message in a full-on “Brexit traitors” campaign pushed by the English media may lead to a landslide. Polls are showing Labour in England is in trouble to both LD and Brexit and their 3 years of inaction and mixed messages will only be played on by Boris…Do you really think Jo Swinson would beat Farage/Boris in an all-out “traitor” propaganda campaign?

        I wish you are correct and Boris is cornered…but I fear that is not the case. It is at a point now where no matter what, Brexit extremists will make it happen even if it is after an election or even after 31 Oct…They have been cultivating this hostility for years and now they will use it what ever way they can.

        Westminster machinations are deep and unknown…Heck how did we get Henry VIII powers back….it took centuries to kill off that level of unchecked power and now England are happy to gift them to politicians who are high on their own importance. WTAF.

        • Tol, I am not arguing that any GE would be the end of the Blue Tories/Farade Brexit, far from it.
          The polls seem to indicate yet another hung parliament.
          In this scenario, the can , the battered old can will have reached its destination, a second ‘People’s Vote’.
          In tandem with this impasse (what would we do without Dead Language and Froggie Phrases?) it is essential that Scotland , which I assume will vote resoundingly YES/Remain, begins the process and campaign leading to Independence.

          But under FPTP, Farage and the Far Right Blue Tories will cancel each other out in any UKGE prompted by the No Deal October deadline.
          Of course, the EU 27 may say, Non, nein, addio, ve con dios.

          The sheer arrogance of the English QT panellists and London audience last night was there for all to see.
          The EU27 have already moved on; England (sic) is already a ‘third country’.

          There will be shortages and riots.

          Stocking up on T Bags, Marvel, low fat rice pudding, and dock leave plants.

          • Tol says:

            …”There will be shortages and riots”…


            If we are being totally serious, sure, stockpiles are important. However, given what has been announced about emergency powers, I suspect if it all goes belly-up individual stockpiles will be confiscated and “redistributed”.

            It will be nightmarish.

        • Tol, I am not arguing that any GE would be the end of the Blue Tories/Farade Brexit, far from it.
          The polls seem to indicate yet another hung parliament.
          In this scenario, the can , the battered old can will have reached its destination, a second ‘People’s Vote’.
          In tandem with this impasse (what would we do without Dead Language and Froggie Phrases?) it is essential that Scotland , which I assume will vote resoundingly YES/Remain, begins the process and campaign leading to Independence.

          But under FPTP, Farage and the Far Right Blue Tories will cancel each other out in any UKGE prompted by the No Deal October deadline.
          Of course, the EU 27 may say, Non, nein, addio, vecon dios.

          The arrogance and denial of last night’s English panellists and audience beggars belief.
          There will be ,indeed are, shortages, and there will be widespread civil unrest Down There; hence Johnson photo opp with the Polis.

          The EU has already written England (sic) out of its equation;
          I can’t see Johnson lasting ’til mid October.
          There is nothing for him to do.

          Stocking up on T Bags, Marvel, low fat rice pudding, and dock leave plants.

  11. Robert Harrison says:

    Whats this there 3rd prime minister in just 3 years i chelsea fc was bad with there managers 10 years ago England politics has become chelsea fc cant keep a leader longer than a year on average.

  12. Daisy Walker says:

    ‘rather be dead in a ditch’ than carry out his duty to implement the law and instructions of the HoC.

    Isn’t that a sackable offence. But with no Deputy PM in place, and the opposition not able/willing (understandably) to do the VoNC and go for GE (the date of which the standing PM gets to choose, unless there is a Govt of Unity formed).


    Unless the court actions succeed and stop the prorogue – that at least would buy parliament more time.

  13. Petra says:

    It looks as though half-decent individuals, such as Jo Johnston (decent? – don’t let them dupe you. He can’t stand his brother), have had enough of this bunch of lying, racist thugs. Seemingly info is being leaked to Joanna Cherry re. the prorogue Court case and experts involved in producing the damning Yellow Hammer report are now speaking out too. Good for them.

    JR Mogg, with his narcissistic sense of entitlement and a penchant for dragging out vowels as part of his boring, drawling posh accent (impressive not .. in Scotland), thought that he was being a smart erse when he publicly castigated, tore to shreds, one such expert, a doctor, in the media.

    Professor Sally Davis, the Government’s / England’s Chief Medical officer, has now issued a letter to Mogg in support of the doctor / doctors in general and in doing so castigates Mogg in return.

    This isn’t how this Nazi cabal reckoned that their power trip, holding the highest position in the country, would pan out. The UK, in particular Scotland, is chocablock full of WW1/2 history buffs and we’re not going to let history repeat itself. No way. And just to make doubly sure that it doesn’t happen to us, Scotland is in the process of bailing out of this Union thanks to our brilliant leader, Nicola Sturgeon, and her party. Oh and yes we can see how they absolutely detest her and do everything in their power to undermine / discredit her. We in turn will support her.

    • Petra, how frequently the Eton Boys use the adjective and adverb forms, ‘tremendous’, and tremendously’ .
      They are taught ‘posh’ talk at these bastions of privilege.

      The gushing 18th Century greeting of Rees Mogg to the Dead Tree Scrolls Pack swarmed at the Downing Street security gates sends the message: We rule, you lot don’t.

      I’m tremendously looking forward this Rees Mogg falling on his face.
      Oops, I split my infinitive and my sides laughing, all in the one sentence.

  14. Bob Lamont says:

    Another timely missive well expressed…
    Team Cummings/Johnson’s prize is “no deal” and retaining the power Johnson always craved.
    Despite any appearance hands are tied by new legislation, you can be certain the wargamers have every move rehearsed and will use every trick in the book to scupper it, promoted as “in the national interest” by a MSM firmly in the pocket of those who would gain by it.
    Yorkshire Police acting as backdrop to Johnson’s verbage/rambling will not feature as yet another Sun “why aren’t they working” diatribe, but the intended picture op was blown when the “dead in a ditch” ad lib landed. Doubtless the comment echoed what many of the officers had thought when briefed by their bosses of their role in this farce, I do hope Police Scotland so not make the same mistake today.
    The sneering arrogance of this government and it’s ministers continues to undermine it’s credibility, JRM’s insult to the medical profession surpassing levels of incompetence which even Hunt achieved.
    The sooner we are safely separated and independent from this evil shower of asset-strippers and leeches the better, England will have to come to terms with this elitist conspiracy in it’s own time, which with ToryMk2PLC waiting in the wings, will not be any time soon.

    • I wonder if they have booked the scout hall up Aberdeen way for Johnson’s ‘visit to Scotland’ today where he is to announce that after six years of holding on to Scottish Framers’ EU millions, the munificent Peroxide Head will release the cash so that our agriculture industry can build pyres to incinerate the hundreds of thousands of livestock they will be unable to sell to the EU.
      Lambs to the slaughter indeed.
      Will Davidson come out of retirement to knock unsuspecting unresponsive doors with him?
      She couldn’t even make FMQ yesterday.
      Perhaps The Ditchman will attend a Better Together rally in Clydebank Town Hall, in a homage to Clunking Fist Brown and Supermom Davidson 2014 closed door farce?
      I’d be there, expressing my ‘tremendous’ pleasure.
      There are one or two tomatoes in our crisper which are getting a bit over ripe and squidgy.

  15. Ex Pat says:

    Laugh-out-loud funny, hugely entertaining and with lashings of oh-so-richly-deserved added vitriol. Brilliant !!

    > “That ditch must be looking ever more attractive.”

    It would be mad to hope that the show keeps running just so we can get a few more such blistering excoriations. But they’re a) so true and b) few and far between ! More please !!


    “Humour is the more effective weapon. Scatological, vitriolic humour even moreso… Humour reaches the parts that rationality can’t touch…”

    A comment by to “In the darkness of the storm, we can see the rainbow,” 4th October 2016 – WeeGingerDug –

  16. Sheryl J Hepworth says:

    Anyone here that can enlighten me on he question of ‘Who the hell elected that T**T Cummings into such a powerful position’? Advisor? he’s acting like Attila the Hun!!

  17. Bob Lamont says:

    Well said both the CC and the Police Commissioner, the impression the police were willing stooges in this political stunt should be noted as unwitting…
    “Mark Burns-Williamson, West Yorkshire’s Labour police and crime commissioner, said the visit which should have been about plans for police recruitment was “hijacked” by Mr Johnson.
    He added: “The news of the recruitment drive and the acknowledgment of how officers and staff have suffered with austerity was completely lost because he was only interested in getting his own agenda across.
    There is no way police officers and staff, who clearly thought it would be all about police recruitment announcements, should have formed a backdrop to a speech of that nature.”
    The Tory clique in government was already dimly viewed by the Emergency Services, this little stunt will cost Johnson and HMG dearly…

  18. Terry callachan says:

    Jack, I don’t agree with two points you make.
    Firstly I don’t think Boris Johnston will resign and I don’t think there will be a general election ,there have been movements by MP,s over the last three years from one political party to another and that will continue but another thing that can happen is that the policies move and the people don’t.
    The tories that had the whip removed could be back in a flash with a change of policy by Boris Johnston they all want to continue being conservatives so it won’t be difficult to arrange.
    No deal brexit is a farce because a no deal comes with conditions about what will not be agreed and what will not be done which if you put in writing actually becomes “ the deal “
    OKAY not a deal in the normal sense of a deal being something that suits both sides but if it is a deal that favours one side and the other side has no way of stopping it then it goes ahead as “ the deal “.

    If Westminster had not stopped “ NO DEAL “ it would have been “ the deal” that went ahead.

    I believe Boris Johnston will find a way to adjust his policies in such a way that he gets a majority in Westminster who are in favour of brexit and that will enable a deal to go ahead.

    As for shortages and riots in the streets sorry but again I just do not think that is going to happen.
    The public in UK put up with so much unfairness I truly believe they will just do what they normally do which is complain a lot and let it all fizzle out, we may even see a televised speech by the queen asking for calm, it wouldn’t surprise me.

    Westminster and the House of Lords behave strangely and love to do so but they are both supported by the best advising administration in the world, they don’t do Tom foolery without it being part of the plan.

    Brexit will happen there won’t be any new extension it’s very likely now that the brexit imposed will be watered down just enough to bring back on board enough votes in Westminster to see it over the line by 31/10/2019.

    The watering down could and I hope does include reinstatement of the Irish backstop, that in my opinion would the one thing likely to get enough deadbeats in Westminster back onside enabling a brexit to go ahead.

    The BBC are even going to help Boris out with a new programme on tv well they say it’s new but I doubt it , I bet they just trawled their dungeon and found this programme which fits the bill perfectly it’s called “ spotlight” and it’s about the troubles in Northern Ireland in the sixties / seventies.
    Blaming both sides.

    • Terry, you have your view of how it is all unfolding; I have another.
      On the 17th October Johnson will attend the Summit, with nothing new to offer.
      And that will be it.
      A Emergency Coalition Government will be hastily patched together, with a triumvirate as joint Executive, and an extension will be granted.
      The backstop will remain, much to Arlene and her DUPpers rage, but the Brexiters who out number the Remainers will vote it down.
      Only then, will there be a GE.
      By then the SNP can honestly say that they tried their best, and centre on campaigning for Indyref 2 with, say a 6 month campaign, and independence in June 2020.
      Meanwhile Johnson will be given a wee sinecure in the London Dead Tree Scrolls.
      What’s sauce for Osborne and all that.

      Of course the EU 27 would be completely within their rights to slam the door shut 31st Oct, and who could blame them?

  19. Welsh Sion says:

    Off topic

    You probably didn’t see/hear it in MSM … but … with a defection from the Labour Party to Plaid Cymru, the National Party has now a majority in Carmarthenshire County Council – it now runs 2 Councils in Wales.


    Y’know what? What with the third YES Cymru/AUOB Rally tomorrow, I do think we’re getting there. All encouragement from Scotland, welcome!

  20. Bob Lamont says:

    A salient point from an article in the Irish Independent today, “Mr Johnson’s talk of “dying in a ditch” rather than seeking a Brexit extension beyond the October 31 deadline is rather thoughtless. Many of the 3,600 victims who died violently in the North’s Troubles did actually die in a ditch.”
    Little wonder his FO career was so thankfully short…

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