The Federalism Fairy flaps again, again

It’s as regular as prune addict on a high fibre diet, every time that there’s a boost in support for independence, some opponent of independence keeches out the Federalism Fairy.  Back when the Edinburgh Agreement was being negotiated between Alex Salmond and David Cameron, both the Conservatives and Labour refused to allow any question on devo max or federalism to figure on the ballot paper. This was because the anti-independence parties were so supremely confident that they would win, and win by a crushing margin, that they didn’t feel any need to trouble themselves with making any concessions to Scotland. Yet here we are, seven years on, and Labour’s Paul Sweeney is insisting that there can’t be a referendum unless there’s a question about federalism on the ballot paper. You’d almost wonder whether Paul thinks that if there’s a binary choice like there was the last time that he’d lose.

Perhaps we might take Labour in Scotland’s proclaimed enthusiasm for federalism a tad more seriously if they hadn’t sent Gordie Broon intervening all over the place in 2014 promising to implement federalism if Scotland voted no in the referendum that year. Gordie promised that he personally would hold the party leaders to account, and the second the no vote was delivered he vanished into the lucratively paid lecture circuit, leaving the federalism fairy to die a lonely death. Just like 2014, there are no detailed plans, no route map, nothing beyond vague aspirations. And absolutely no mechanism to ensure that federalism actually takes place in an England which has shown zero interest in the idea.

The federalism fairy is however Labour’s fall back in a constitutional crisis. Labour in Scotland had the rug pulled away from underneath it this week after Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell said that Labour wouldn’t block another independence referendum. Paul’s resuscitation of the Federalism Fairy has quite a lot to do with the panic that now infests what’s left of the ranks of the Labour party in Scotland. But still, you do have to love the irony of Labour in Scotland being outraged because their bosses in London are making decisions which Labour in Scotland doesn’t agree with on the very topic of Scottish outrage about our bosses in London making decisions which Scotland doesn’t agree with. There they are, campaigning for Scotland to be told what to do by Westminster but when Westminster tells them what to do they get all huffy about it.

Of course, Paul isn’t about to concede that there should be a referendum any time soon. He thinks that there should be another independence referendum only if the SNP secures a majority for one in 2021, only if it’s written in the SNP manifesto IN VERY LARGE LETTERS on the front page, only if him and his pals get to determine the format of the vote and there’s also a question about federalism, and then if there’s a yes vote to independence then it will need to be put to another confirmatory referendum after independence negotiations are complete. So it’s not like he’s putting preconditions on anything, oh no, not at all. And definitely not giving Westminster licence to negotiate in bad faith so there’s a deal that the people of Scotland would reject. Heaven forfend you might imagine such a thing.

Paul speaks like a man who believes that he’s in a position to dictate from a position of strength. That would be the strength of coming his party coming in fifth place in the most recent elections in Scotland, and judging by the opinion polls quite likely to see its Scottish seats in the Commons wiped out at the next General Election.

Meanwhile Labour in Scotland continues to tie itself in knots. The branch office manager Roger Leotard, who is opposed to another referendum, was furious that a group of MSPs released a statement to the press saying that they’re opposed to another referendum after the previous statement from branch office manager Rupert Leopard that he opposed a referendum was slapped down by the Shadow Chancellor who is opposed to independence. This is the level of clarity we’ve come to expect from the Labour party.

The game plan, such as it is, from all the anti-independence parties in Scotland right now is to deny that a mandate currently exists for an independence referendum despite the fact that the SNP was elected in 2016 with a mandate for an independence referendum should there be a change in circumstances such as Brexit. There’s precious little harmony within the Labour party these days, but Paul Sweeney and branch office manager Rudolph Legwarmer both agree that existing mandate doesn’t exist at all, because it wasn’t written in a large enough font in the SNP’s 2016 manifesto.

Paul and branch office manager Ranulph Lawnmower are singing from the same songsheet as David Mundell who didn’t resign. In between admitting that he won’t actually vote to bring down Boris Johnson’s government to prevent a no deal Brexit, the spineless one confirmed that he too was willing to consider another referendum if the SNP win a majority in 2021, but only if the campaign is “explicitly” fought on that basis. And even then he didn’t actually say he’d agree to another referendum, merely that a demand for one should be “listened to”. Which is another way of saying, “Well I have listened but I still don’t agree.” Not that anyone need care about the opinion of a former Scotland Secretary who repeatedly threatened to resign but then got sacked instead. He had no dignity in office, and no dignity in the way he left it.

However this is progress of sorts, in that they are at least conceding that a mandate for a referendum derives from a Scottish vote and shouldn’t be blocked by Westminster. However it’s really just kicking the can down the road in the hope that the SNP will not gain a majority, or that the dog might eat branch office manager Reginald Lapdancer’s homework, or there’s a flood or an earthquake, or perhaps that the people of Scotland will wake up one morning and think “Naa, let’s not bother with this independence lark,” and the whole nasty business will just go away. They’re no more sincere in their apparent willingness to agree to a referendum then they were in their willingness to implement that federalism that they promised us in 2014. Because if none of their contingencies come to pass they will just continue to insist that there’s no mandate for a referendum like they’re doing at the moment.

The anti-independence parties can continue to deny it all they like, but there is currently a pro-independence majority in Holyrood, the SNP was elected on a manifesto which promised a referendum should Scotland be taken out of the EU against its will – which the British government is committed to doing by 31 October – and the Scottish Parliament has already voted in favour of another referendum. Ignoring this or denying it is simply gaslighting the people of Scotland. No amount of waving the federalism fairy’s magic wand will distract from that reality. There is almost certainly going to be a Westminster General Election before the next Holyrood elections, that election will render the opinions of the likes of David Mundell, Paul Sweeney, and branch officer manager Raymond Lipsmacker even more irrelevant than they are at the moment.

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39 comments on “The Federalism Fairy flaps again, again

  1. Roger Leotard,Rupert Leopard,Rudolph Legwarmer,
    Ranulph, Lawnmower ,Reginald Lapdancer,Raymond Lipsmacker🤣🤣🤣🤣
    Thank god for your sense of humour to help us cope Paul ❤️

  2. Margaret Noakes says:

    Snorting with laughter over the variations of the name of the ” Scottish ” Labour branch manager.I’m sure it’s Ruaridh Louse.See you and the lovely dug on Sunday.x

  3. Millsy says:

    Paul , you appear to be having trouble remembering the name of the Leader of Scottish Labour ( sic ) ..
    It is , of course , Leonard R… eh.. Richmal Lie….emmmm…Leo the li….oh… darn it , I had it a moment ago …

  4. Interpolar says:

    If I were reading this piece in a vacuum, I’d assume you were on LSD, but it is in fact a fair assessment of contemporary Scottish opposition politics.

    In fact, the very existence of these twerps is possibly the most potent argument against independence, in that if Scotland cannot field a less incapable opposition to government, we are indeed lost. Standing against that of course is that the spectacularly sorry state of affairs in England is worse still.

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  6. Wfb1953me says:

    Absolutely brilliant.

  7. bringiton says:

    The reasons why a federal system cannot operate within the British isles have been widely accepted.
    If British Labour in Scotland are so keen to see Scotland’s future as being part of a federation,then they should be demanding that Scotland remains within the EU.
    Not possible of course so long as we are tied to Westminster.
    Westminster precludes anything which loosens their control over everything in the UK state as we have seen with their pretendy devolution.

  8. Liz g says:

    Well here’s the thing….
    Why don’t the rUK become Federal show Scotland how it work’s and then invite us to join?
    We don’t have the time to wait on Westminster doing this Federalism thing any more,they best get on with it themselves if their sae fond of it.

  9. MF says:

    “Labour’s Paul Sweeney is insisting that there can’t be a referendum unless there’s a question about federalism on the ballot paper”

    What for? Why should we vote for what we allegedly already should have got by now? So a bunch of England MPs and their useful idiots in Scotland can deny it to us again? Are we going to be placed in some kind of political loop here where we are kept spinning round and round like a mouse in its running wheel?

    In September 2014 Gordon Brown came from of his retirement cave to sell us a utopia of devo max, home rule as close as federalism as you can get with a neighbour holding 85% of the population. This was offered as part of the status quo, it did not need to be included in the ballot, it was a given because otherwise the colonialists knew Scotland was gone. Now the status quo including Brown’s devo max is, in my view, what Scotland voted for, yet, 5 years on and we are still waiting for it to be delivered.

    In September 2014 the then PM of the United Kingdom, David Cameron, told us that if we voted to preserve the UK we would become the most devolved nation in the world. This was also part of the status quo Scotland voted for in September 2014. There was no need to include this in the ballot because it was a given, this is what we would get should we voted no. 5 years on and not only we are not the most devolved nation in the world (regions in Spain have had devolved broadcasting for over 20 years), but actually we are not the most devolved nation even in the UK. NI has more devolution than us, it has control over the Civil Service, Scotland does not. England, allegedly non devolved, has 100% control over all its affairs and also those of Scotland. So the whole thing was a disgusting lie, a deception. They have had 5 years to deliver their promises, to deliver Brown’s utopia, to deliver Cameron’s promises of becoming the most devolved nation in the world and nothing has happened. The minute Yes lost the referendum, all the promises were forgotten by Labour, tories and libdems, but not by the Scottish people.

    So No, Mr Sweeney. Devo Max/Federalism does not longer get to be included in the ballot because Devo Max/Federalism is what we voted for in 2014 and what should have by now should Labour, Tories and LIbdems has stuck to their promises and delivered the status quo we voted for in full.

    This time there is no half way stops. Labour ,Tories and LIbdems have demonstrated to us for the last 5 years that devolution means to them nothing. So it its evident that the only possible way for Scotland to get real federalism/devo max is by voting for independence first.

  10. Ian says:

    I listened in to some of James O’Briens comments about comparing the UK with Germany in terms of federalism. Others have pointed out that no state in Germany is so big that it decides what can and can’t happen in any of the other states. That is federalism. But the thrust of yesterday’s JO show was his desire for the UK ‘States’ to just try to get along more.This got me thinking again about the McCrone report. That the successive UK governements hid the McCrone report for 30 years is bad enough. That the UK then squandered all the oil revenues on political dogma rubbed salt into the wound. But the key thing now is that the spirit of McCrone still exists in the UK.

    During the runup to the 2014 referendum, there were plenty of sniggering and sarcastic comments about a ghost oil field that supposedly existed west of Shetland. But it did exist and they will have known that, but yet again the UK powers that be tried their best to hide it, at least until the referendum was over and actual oil production from the ‘ghost oilfield’ kicked off.

    So to go back to James O’Briens’s question about “can’t we just try more to get along”?

    I wonder which ‘we’ he means and if he could give some examples of the UK acting in the spirit of federalism rather than the spirit of McCrone.

    • Cubby says:

      The point O’Brien misses is that it is nothing to do with the parts of the UK getting along better. The UK gov should be looking after the interests of all of the UK in a fair manner. Instead it rips off Scotland and uses the money to benefit a small part of England. At the same time it promotes propaganda to tell lies to cover up its actions. You don’t try and get along better with the MAFIA. You get to hell away from their clutches.

  11. Macart says:

    That’s a keeper. 🙂

    Federalism? Again! Jeebus, they’re getting desperate right enough.

    You’d think that if there is anything the populations of these islands should have learnt by now… Heh! This particular fairy gets dusted off and rolled out for general public viewing ONLY when establishment parties feel their meal ticket under threat. It is and always has been, a tool for splitting a vote, a demographic, a perceived threat.

    Just to remind folks with that short term memory issue though. FFA (devo to the maxiest) was kicked into touch by all establishment parties concerned, (especially Conservative and Labour MPs), in a Westminster Commons vote in June of 2015. Prior to that, and during the Smith Commission talks, Labour took the road of devolving the least amount of responsibilities to Scotland’s government. Except they didn’t just punish their political opponents in that farce. They put all of Scotland’s population in jeopardy with their actions. YES and NO voter alike, by the by. Well done them (veeeery slow hand clap).

    On mandates? What Paul said.

  12. Sweeney and Mundell singing from the same old British Nationalist tattered hymn sheet.
    And the obedient hacks report all this crap without comment or criticism.
    Is anybody actually buying the ‘Scottish’ Dead Tree Scrolls these days?
    We are done with them.
    They come across as abject fools when they trot out this nonsense, and deny that the Scottish Government has a mandate now to hold Indyref 2.
    No ifs, no buts.
    Mr Sweeney, you come across as a brainwashed fool, who would deny your fellow Scots their right to choose, to satisfy your English Masters.
    No strike that; you are a brainwashed fool, or perhaps you actually know what you are doing, and you are selling your country to our neighbour for money, and therefore you are Fifth Columnist greedy for cash.

    You are finished, and so is your version of Labour in Scotland.
    There will be a ‘Scottish’ Labour party, as will there be a Blue Tory Party, and even Rennie’s Beige Tories might survive, in Independent Scotland.
    I doubt that anyone will vote for you, sir.
    The Brit Nats Up Here are truly the scrapings at the bottom of the Better Together barrel, are they not?

  13. Robert Graham says:

    Jam tomorrow has sailed on the last Banana boat that left Pacific Quay in 2014 , IT SANK ! .

    Unionist parties expended all their Ammunition and openly lied to win in 2014 .

    OH DEAR HOW SAD now its sheer unadulterated panic , they had the chance to deliver on the promises made but Cameron torpedoed that just hours after the result with EVEL .

    I doubt if the VOW mk2 will work unless we have a outbreak of collective amnesia Scotland wide .

    The Games UP we know it and they know we know it .

  14. bringiton says:

    If Labour supporters in Scotland need to be shown that within the UK,our voice doesn’t count,the current debacle within their party surely demonstrates this.
    No matter what they decide,it can be overruled by head office any time they choose,which is just one of the reasons why “federalism” UK style won’t work.

    • Robert Graham says:

      yep Bringiton a branch office of a party that has nothing to offer and now nowhere to go, they are destitute , oh well there is always that defender of the Union the ruthless party , how many will swallow what principals they might still have and join them ? , well that is debatable and a party based on lies and half truths deserve whats coming in spades , shedded a tear there ha ha .

  15. imbhc9 says:

    The most bizzare thing about the whole of Scottish politics…is that we even have to ask Scottish People whether they’d like to run their own country…should be a given…it would be in any other country in the world…

  16. Luigi says:

    Aye, the sheer panic among the British nationalists is palpable. Headless chickens the lot of em. Throwing promises of federalism and other beads at the natives does not seem to be working quite so well these days. Diminishing returns. How typical of the red tories to start making fake promises again. They are running out of ideas (not that they had that many in the first place), with each passing day, more and more soft NOs are waking up and smelling the coffee. Speaking of smell – something fishy in the air. Do I detect another Broontervention coming?. 🙂

  17. Thomas Valentine says:

    About the only time Home rule Federalism would ever be relevant is if it was a referendum between that and independence. But not really since the federalism would have to be in place as the status quo. All they are demanding with this crap is fictional three sided coin. Were the unionist get two chances to win.

  18. Well, since we’re all agreed that there is no such thing as a ‘Scottish’ Labour party, I think that I’ll start one.

    Any takers?
    That Dick, Leonard, (check out the punctuation) and Ruth Davidson, and Wullie (‘Country’) Rennie, are answerable completely to their Parties in England.
    Their Flag is the Butcher’s Apron, not the Saltire.
    Indeed Rennie is banging about in England now, in total denial that Scotland, the land of his birth, is a country at all.
    How low can this little pip squeak sink?
    So how’s about it?
    Who will join me in my Scottish Labour Party?
    I need your expertise to get it up and running.
    It is a Pro-Independence Party of course.
    There are some Duggers, on here, who are Pro Independence who are Conservatives and Lib Dems.
    I respect their stance.
    Perhaps they could rise and form a Scottish Conservative and Lib Dem Party too?

    We’ll need established Parties from Day One of Independence.

    It is not with relish that I witness the death of New Labour/ Momentum in Scotland.
    Aye, right.
    Or should that be . ‘aye, left.’

    Lamont, Curran, Alexander (the twins), Gray, Kelly, Dugdale, Murphy, Sarwar, Brown, Darling, Murray The Walking Butcher’s Apron, …the list is not exhaustive.
    They have contrived to destroy Scotland over the last 25 years, or die trying.
    They tried and failed.
    They are dead to me, and most of their fellow Scots.
    Well done.
    Rise up, Labour in Scotland. Rally to my cause!

  19. JSM says:

    Reblogged this on Ramblings of a 50+ Female and commented:
    RL = Repeated Lies

  20. Cubby says:

    I was glad to see you mentioned the fact that the Scottish parliament has already voted to carry out indyref2. This fact is never mentioned by the British Nationalist media or politicians. It is clear why they don’t mention it because anyone would see it is anti democratic and a barefaced lie to say there is no mandate for indyref2.

    Now some of the London based media and politicians may not be aware of this fact (they are not exactly known for their knowledge of Scottish politics) but the Scottish based media and politicians have no such excuse.

    British Nationalists lie and they lie all the time about nearly everything.

  21. Aw, go on, show us Ian Murray wearing his Butcher’s Apron Suit.
    I could do with an enraged guffaw.
    Check out the time of this post.

    A good Pro independence time was had by all..

    • Welsh Sion says:

      I’m not the Fed fairy, Jack, (maybe the good indy fairy) but here you go:

      • Today tens of thousands of chinless wonders, the Hoorah Henries, and Henriettas of Posh World will trek across 1/5th of Scotland’s total land mass killing animals to satisfy their ,quite frankly, sick psychotic blood lust.
        It is part of the inbreeding of our Upper Class, as they are known, almost exclusively among themselves of course.
        The Easier Spotted Barbour Wearing Filthy Rich, a rare strain of Homo Erectus, who stride across moorland and meadow, their lackeys, grouse beaters, and man servants in attendance, killing stuff for fun, and sadistic pleasure.

        Because they are rich enough to indulge in this obscenity unhindered by us, the Great Unwashed, Hoi Polloi, Lumpen Proletariat, they get away with this rich person’s version of tearing the wings off flies, or burning down barns, or stealing women’s undies from washing lines, as early warning signs of serial killers in the making, or potential candidates for the CEO job at RBS, or Red Blue or Beige Tory Leaders of the Scottish Branch Offices.

        They are almost exclusively privately educated, Oxbridge, or St Andrews/ Edinburgh educated, and in any word association test would respond ‘oval’ to ‘football’.

        They see themselves as The Ruling Class, and will do everything in their power to maintain the stranglehold they have had on Scottish Society for three hundred years and more now.
        Skiing the first week in January, Florida and more recently Dubai in the summer.

        I thank you, Welsh Sion, for tracking down this wee ruddy fat faced Freeloader in his quite ridiculous Butcher’s Apron garb.
        He is a Red Tory, one of Blair’s Babes, who has no principles other than those of naked self survival.
        He is the epitome of the New/Old Labour ‘new conservative’ Cool Britannia neo liberal who is comfortable with the ‘filthy Rich’, to quote Blair’s Machiavelli, Peter Mandelson.

        I cannot think of one reason for Ian Murray’s existence as a politician.

        He was sacked as Shadow SoS by Momentum and Corbyn, he has done nothing year on year in office, and will probably get the good ladies of Morningside’s vote at the next GE, if there is one.
        He is a Nobody.

        Oh, that we could organise a paint ball hunt on the moors, and give the Barbour brigade a taste of their own medicine.

        It goes without saying that blood sports will be banned in Independent Scotland.
        And we’ll be taking all that land back and putting it to some use.

  22. ArtyHetty says:

    Love this article, hilarious but serious subject, thanks we do need humour or we’d all go stark raving mad with these British Nationalists’ s**tshow going on!

    These people, the Dick Leotards of this world, take huge sums of money from the public purse, I would say to deny their own country a democratic vote, but, they do not consider Scotland a country, and I would put a bet on that Leotard will head south soon as his job is done and dusted in Scotland. ( I had never ever heard of him I have to say, before he was appointed Labour leader of the Scottish accounting branch. Where did he appear from?

    Hell mend ’em all!

    • Harriet Sherwood through the tried and trusted grubby wee trick of quoting ‘a Unionist who did not want to be named’ smears the Independence movement by insinuating that if the ficticious Die Hard Yoon is identified the mad Nats will put a brick through his window.
      Fuck off Ms Sherwood.
      We shall be free.
      It is not by accident that you chose the NE to test opinion of Independence and Brexit.
      Come to Glasgow, next time.
      The YES Movement is a non violent peaceful Rainbow alliance.
      Take you muck raking somewhere else.
      Grimy wee piece of summer toss.

    • Bob Lamont says:

      The “brick through the window” jibe is the angry image the Tory propaganda machine wishes to spread Jack, but the entire piece is pro-Union pro-Tory set-piece in any case.
      Too young to vote in 2014 the youngster’s “I would vote Yes, which is sad because I love Britain. I don’t feel England’s views match with Scotland’s any more” is far removed from the perspective of a teenager even in Inverurie, Scotland is local, Britain abstract…
      Even Clark’s “Boris is a hugely popular figure…” is without doubt the most absurd perspective on Johnson which no poll has suggested anywhere…
      This is not the view from Inverurie, it is the one the Tories would prefer to portray…

      • Bob, the woman actually wrote: If you are a Unionist in Scotland, keep quiet, or you’ll get a brick through your window.
        Disgusting little woman.

        • Welsh Sion says:

          The clue is in the sub-text. The ‘anonymous’ fearer of a brick in the window is ‘staunchly Unionist.’ Does he bear UJ tattoos/underpants, walks with a bulldog on a tight lead and bellows ‘Rangers for ever’ clutching a half-drunk bottle of lager, his sunburnt and wobbling 47-pack?

          It’s a journalist’s job to find out these things and whether those of that ilk are willing to put a brick through indy supporters’ windows, too and not let them hide under a cloud of anonymity. What’s his motive – if he’s so confident in his unionism that can’t be aired in public? At least the Tories are open enough in their opposition – and, I suggest being more visible, public figures more open to attack than some yoon goon. Not that Yessers would do such a thing, in any case.

          But then we’ve all been here before. The Grauniad has form. It interviewed an anonymous (natch!) English couple who had blown into mid Wales and found (shock! horror!) that their child was learning Cymraeg in the local school. Soon the Graun concocted (they later had to apologise) a story that the community was polarised between locals and in-comers over ‘the language issue’ and that the new arrivals were being threatened. As I said, this a complete fabrication by the newspaper, pandering to the whims of two insecure, arrogant new arrivals of the same class as themselves in a rural Welsh community.

          Where is the integrity in journalism of this type? (Apologies for my naivete.)

          • And it will get worse, WS.
            I’d venture that this scribe studied the Boris Johnson Guide to Journalism: You can write anything you like as long as you back the Establishment.
            I’d venture that the bug eyed Yoon was a figment of this Dead Tree Scroll Hack’s imagination.
            The message is sent South from the wild North. The Nats are violent thugs.
            How could we ever get at the truth?
            I wouldn’t wipe yours with this Iron Heel Oligarchy rag.

      • Bob Lamont says:

        I thought I’d missed that so searched the article and didn’t find it Jack, although I fully accept “the brick” was broadly inferred by the man in the pub thrice removed etc…
        I suspect we need to be a little more circumspect while being angered by this distortion, yes the Grauniad published it, but the majority of journalists on that paper ‘get-it’ from an indy perspective, even if from an English rather than Scottish perspective.
        For sure this will increase and get worse, but perhaps we should be putting not the outlets but specific articles under the cudgel and calling it out for the propaganda it is or the misrepresentation for a specific English audience ?
        The Dominic Cummings and Lynton Crosby of this world rely on their anonymity to permit them to continue their dirty work, perhaps full glare exposure may be an option 😉

        • Bob,

          below is a direct lift from Sherwood’s smear in The Observer 11th Aug ’19.

          “One lunchtime customer in the Gordon Highlander pub said he was staunchly pro-Union but declined to give his name in case he got “a brick through the window” from the nationalists. Johnson, he warned, was “manna from heaven for Nicola Sturgeon”, the SNP leader and first minister.”

    • Bob Lamont says:

      Excellent article read earlier, an altogether more balanced perspective but one which due to the subject ignores the increasing disenfranchisement felt in major conurbations from the midlands northward..
      The ‘London has simply ignored the progressive disintegration of the “first British empire” ‘ about sums up modern Britain…

  23. Has Richmal Lustgarten resigned yet?
    Surely Anas’ time has come at last?
    Private Schooling for every pupil will be first item on his manifesto.
    The Blue Tory body politic is dead up here, but the rotting corpse sure gives off a gut wrenching stink.
    Labour for Independence, anyone?
    Never mind Stu Campbell’s WoS Yes Party, I’ve looked it up.
    It’s easy to form a new political Party.
    A Leader, a Finance Officer, and a Campaign Co-ordinator, are all that are required as a first step.
    Rally to the cause, mes braves.
    This is the second week in August.

    Surely they are not in hiding,renovating their gites, Hebridean farmhouses, and Tuscan Villas?
    ‘The Many’ are lucky if they get two weeks off in the summer.
    Back to work, and get on with serving your constinuents, the Scots citizens who voted for you, unless of course you are a ‘list’ Jobs For the Boys hanger On, like Professor Two Jobs We are The People Adam Tomkins, who tweet about the Loyal Sons beating a ten man ‘Green and White’ Team.
    Do we pay for his Twitter account?
    Rome burns and Tomkins fiddles.

    I note that recruitment to the British Army has led to a shortfall of up to 40%, and Capita, the company who seem to have dozens of fingers in Government Contract Pies, are getting the blame for it.
    Naked Thatcherism doesn’t work.
    Public services cannot be provided by Free Market principles.

    I assume that Capita makes its money on Army Recruitment by introducing market Forces, and applying ‘efficiencies and savings’ to procedures formally undertaken by the Pen Pushing civil Servants.

    The rules governing Privatisation of Government Services can be summarised thus:-

    ‘Do more with the same amount of money’ (Efficiency) or ‘ do the same with less money.’ (Savings)

    By that yardstick, three soldiers must do the work of 5, with 3/5ths of the equipment?

    Of course, one reason for the fall off in youngsters considering a career in the military may be that our young folk don’t fancy being shot at by strangers in the next land that Johnson and Trump decide to invade.

    Recruiting, training, and keeping our armed forces safe is not like selling Mars Bars or Time Shares in the Algarve.

    We have wasted hundreds of billions on Thatcher’s Privatisation experiment.
    Hayak and Reaganomics are dead.

    I like the notion of ‘public servants’ looking after the country.

    I take delicious and malicious pleasure in the knowledge that it was ‘We Won The War’ Mark Francois who was forced to release this dreadful Recruitment failure to the media.

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