Wee Ginger holidays

I’m off on holiday for a couple of weeks, to spend some time with my husband. I’m back on 31 July. Unfortunately Sam Miller (Macart) isn’t able to look after the blog in my absence this time, so neither he nor myself will be doing be any updates to the blog until I get home.

The dug has already started his holidays. He’s staying with Ray and Sandra (of Indypram fame) while I am away. Many thanks to Ray and Sandra for looking after him. He always gets spoiled when he’s there. When I got up to go after dropping him off, he was lying in the back garden sunning himself.

I should have intermittent internet access while I am away, so if you fancy writing a guest post, please send it to me at weegingerbook@yahoo.com and I will try to get it online – although I can’t make any promises!Β  I won’t be checking my emails every day, so please be patient.

Please also note that I won’t be checking every day for new comments that need to be authorised, so if your comment doesn’t show up immediately you may find that your comment takes a couple of days to appear. That doesn’t mean it’s been censored, it just means I haven’t checked the comments queue. Cos you know, I’m on holiday.

See yese aw when I get hame!

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40 comments on “Wee Ginger holidays

  1. Dorothy Murray says:

    Enjoy your holiday. You deserve it

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  2. scotiahazel says:

    Have a great holiday. You certainly deserve it, but we’ll miss you.

  3. JSM says:

    Have a great vacation!

  4. Son of Perth says:

    Have a great holiday Paul. 😎

  5. Karen says:

    Have a lovely time!

  6. Marion Scott says:

    Have a lovely holiday. Safe travels.

  7. Bliddy skiver.
    Have a great time.
    Say Hi to all your American in-laws from the Duggers.
    If anyone has earned a decent break….

  8. Have a fabulous well deserved holiday and enjoy spending some quality time with your lovely partner xx

  9. Ann Rayner says:

    Very well deserved. You have written some stonkers recently.

  10. Well earned Paul, enjoy.
    Give my regards to Peter!

  11. Legerwood says:

    Enjoy your very well earned holiday.

  12. Enjoy your holiday, you deserve it for all the hard work you do.

  13. deelsdugs says:

    Hae a braw time n a that…

  14. Westviews says:

    Enjoy your break. You deserve it.

  15. […] Wee Ginger Dug Wee Ginger holidays I’m off on holiday for a couple of weeks, to spend some time with my husband. I’m […]

  16. ivandriver3 says:

    Have a lovely time. Please have a good rest and don’t worry about us – We’ll still be here when you get back (I think).

  17. Molly McC says:

    Have a great time Paul, nice to have you back on this Continent for a while!

  18. Bob Lamont says:

    Jeez, it’s gonna be quiet…
    Enjoy the break, very well deserved indeed for your prolific output without separation from loved ones.
    Haste ye back…

  19. Wishing you a fantastic trip

    Henry and Anne

  20. Happy hols, Paul!

  21. Carol Sadler says:

    Enjoy,you’ve earned it.

  22. Toni Young says:

    Have a great holiday and I hope you get Peter home with you soon.

  23. Margaret Noakes says:

    Enjoy.You deserve a rest from all this mayhem.The lunatics are taking over the asylum in W.M.! X Maggie.

  24. benmadigan says:

    Have a great holiday Paul!

  25. Emma Cochrane says:

    Have a fabulous time with your loved one. I hope both you husbands have a relaxing and wonderful time.

  26. John Lowe says:

    Have a guid holiday πŸ΄σ §σ ’σ ³σ £σ ΄σ Ώβ˜€οΈ

  27. Jan Cowan says:

    Have a great time. All good wishes to you and yours.

  28. Elizabeth says:

    Have a great holiday and safe Travels

  29. Aucheorn says:

    Have a great time, recharge the body and the mind, you’ve been on fire recently.

  30. Cubby says:

    Happy hols.

  31. Morven Eas says:

    Haste ye back.

  32. Still Positive says:

    Have a lovely holiday with Peter. Will be here when you get back.xx

  33. Graeme says:

    I’ll really miss your blog, Paul, but it’s well worth it, to give you an extremely well-earned break. I hope you and your husband have a FANTASTIC time, and I’ll be counting the days and waiting as patiently as possible for the next exciting chapters of both the blog and the podcast……ENJOY.

  34. diabloandco says:

    Have a superb holiday and come back refreshed to carry on the indy fight!

  35. Bibbit says:

    Dirty stateside stop out. For shame!
    (Bring yer mammy back a yankee fryin’ pan).

  36. jennifer daly says:

    Hi Paul
    I hope u & d hubby have a great couple of weeks holidays mate, you’ve more dan earned it. Am sure d dug is already enjoying his, luv & best wishes always πŸ‘ŠβœŠβœŒπŸ’™πŸ’šπŸ’›πŸ’™πŸ˜€πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜πŸ˜Ž

  37. We have an ’empty’! Partee !
    I’ve looked out the emergency phone numbers for the invisible menders, the Carpet Shampoo SOS, and all the breakables at Chez WGD have been stored in the back bedroom.
    I caught the strat of Money Box Live while out on the old jalopy stocking up with Post Boros necessities like low far cream rice, Gaviscon, and Toilet Rolls.
    Apparently ‘the school holidays’ begin this week, and parents face a financial dilemma paying child minding fees for their wee latch key kids during the school holidays, which, did I tell you, start this week.
    They interviewed a Single Mum on Β£30k a year, and she’ll have to find Β£700 over the holidays.
    Β£600 a week, no mention of the Absent Father’s liability, and nonsense about claiming Child Minding Fees through Universal Credit, which was not Very ‘Wise’ Moneybox. She’s no chance.
    In another story, not only have ‘Britain’ beat NZ in the Cricket ‘World’ Cup’ (‘World’ consisting of a dozen or so former colonies of Imperial England) , Wales has been co-opted in to Greater England/ Britain because a little Welsh Village has taken NZ’s Dunedin’s claim for having the steepest street according to the Guinness Book of Records.

    Now Up Here the school Hols started at the end of June; our Waifs and Strays will be trudging back to their desks mid August.
    I must have missed the Money Box edition discussing the Scots parents’ dilemma at the end of June.

    Wales is NOT England, but the media now treat the UK or Britain or whatever collective colonial noun which they substitute for ‘England’ every now and again, as if England’s seasons, England’s Women’s Football Team, England’s Cricketers, and England’s Media, are universal, and although the Scots, Welsh and Norn Irish were not part of ‘the nation’ watching England fiddle the world Cup, it doesn’t stop the Piers Morgans and the Andrew Marrs of the Establishment attempting to suck our nations into Merrie Old England by ignoring our separate cultures, seasons and distinctly Scots Irish and Welsh ways of life.
    I note that they have called Mundell’s English Stockade in the heart of our capital ‘Queen Elizabeth House’.
    Well if Saddam, Col Gaddafi, and Mao Tse Tung could demand that their names were plastered everywhere, why not Lizzie and the House of Battenberg?

    They treat us as a colony, and we shall resist as a country, under occupation.

    Johnson as MP.
    Time to act, Scotland.

    • Bob Lamont says:

      Was he not an MP previously, Henley or Henyerhaverin or similar ? Presumably you intended PM, the highest office in the land which is Mordor, if so yes, probably..
      Not sure what you saw of this Jack, but what initially baffled me by the parallel ToryMk2PLC hoohah over the EU Prez election came over as coordination. With a willing Press Corps in attendance, none mentioning the normality of it all, and social media happy-clappers going nuts, it all smells.
      Clearly intended for UK consumption, there is a game afoot in England… Perhaps dePfeffel’s dream of the ultimate straight banana is a ruse for the greater Mirage to come?
      Time to act as ever, but this grows increasingly urgent….

      • Bob, as you say I meant PM.
        Nobody is going to drive me out of Europe, especially a jumped up buffoon like Johnson.
        My rage can be gauged by my ypogarphical terrors, M Lamont.

  38. Margaret Noakes says:

    Can’t remember if I sent you this one ! X

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