How will we survive

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Oh my God! How will we survive? The Jeremy Vine Show yesterday had a discussion about Scottish independence. Well, I say discussion, but the amount of knowledge displayed by the participants was easily exceeded by a cat’s ability to explain quantum physics. Just ask Erwin Schrödinger. Essentially the programme boiled down to some seriously out of touch English media junkies telling people in Scotland that we have no assets, no resources, and that we have absolutely nothing going for us.

The first time I typed out the above paragraph, I mistakenly wrote Jeremy Kyle instead of Jeremy Vine. That was daft. In comparison with the comments aired on the Jeremy Vine Show about Scotland, the Jeremy Kyle Show seems like a serious, sensitive, and compassionate investigation of social issues. What we got yesterday from the Jeremy Vine Show was a few out of touch commentators screaming at Scotland, “You slag! You’d be nothing without me!”

The comments were so outré in their ignorance that they even made it into the pages of the anti-independence press in Scotland, as well as being widely aired on social media, so there’s little to be gained by repeating them in full here. Suffice to say that the truly gobsmacking thing about the remarks was not the arrogant lack of knowledge masquerading as insight which they displayed, it was the confidence with which they were asserted. It was British nationalist exceptionalism in full flow, and it was not a pretty sight.

Carole Malone averred that support for independence had declined since the 45% support it received in 2014, so it wasn’t going to happen.  She airily dismissed it with a wave of her hand.  The last opinion poll showed support for independence on 49%, Carole. 49 is a bigger number than 45. 53% say that they’d support independence if your fellow Brextremist Boris Johnson becomes Prime Minister. 53 is also a bigger number than 45.  It also represents a majority.  Happy to help.

We learned from Paul Burrell, former butler to Princess Di who has been milking the connection ever since she died, that Scotland has oil, and a monster in a lake, and eh … This is untrue. Scotland actually has two monsters in lakes. Everyone forgets about Morag the monster of Loch Morar. Most people in Scotland are wishing that everyone could forget about Paul Burrell.

Scotland in fact has any number of mythical beasties.  There’s Nessie and Morag, the kelpies, the selkies, the Grey Man (who contrary to popular belief isn’t actually James Kelly MSP), the Blue Men of the Minch (who aren’t Rangers fans who fell off the Harris ferry), any number of Little Folk, the Beast of Buchan (who is definitely a Scottish Conservative MP), and a whole lot more besides. What all these mythical craiturs have in common is that every single one of them is more grounded in reality than Paul Burrell. As far as Paul was concerned, the biggest issue to arise from Scottish independence would be what happens to the Queen’s holiday hoose. That’s quality current affairs telly that is.

None of this would be an issue if broadcasting was a devolved matter and Scotland had a proper broadcasting network of its own. As it is, we have to put up with a succession of ignoramuses pontificating about Scottish politics and current affairs, lecturing us from a position of gross ignorance and reinforcing the stereotypes and scare stories so beloved of the anti-independence campaign.

So what does Scotland have going for it, that question that the guests on the Jeremy Vine Show were so spectacularly incapable of answering. Scotland has 8.4% of the total population of the UK, but has 32% of the total land area and a massive 62% of the total sea area. Everything in 62% of the UK’s maritime area and every natural resource in 32% of the UK’s land area belongs to the 8.4% of the UK population which lives in Scotland. That’s a pretty good start. Even before we get into details, the people of Scotland are far richer in terms of maritime and land based resources per head of population than people in the rest of the UK.

But not all natural resources are evenly distributed. Although Scotland comprises 32% of the land area of the UK, that 32% contains over 90% of all the fresh water in the UK. Loch Ness doesn’t just contain a monster, it also contains more fresh water than all the lakes of England combined. Maybe Carole and Paul will remember that the next time they turn on a tap of chlorinated and calcinated water in London. The Sapir Whorf Hypothesis in linguistics says that our view of the world is shaped by the language that we speak. Scotland has such an abundance of fresh water that there is no Scots word for a shortage of water.  The Scots word drooth means a lack of alcoholic beverages not a drought, because the concept of running out of water just doesn’t occur to Scottish people. That’s a luxury that people in most countries don’t have. Scottish water remains publicly owned and the best quality drinking water in the world is piped to every home in the country, unmetered.

That 62% of maritime waters which belong to Scotland contain 96.5% of the UK’s crude oil, and 65% of the UK’s natural gas reserves. Although admittedly we’re not counting the reserves of gas which were released on the Jeremy Vine Show. There was precious little natural about those. Those waters are also responsible for 60% of all the fish that are landed in the UK, and a considerable amount of fish caught by non-UK boats. They contain the greatest seafood stocks in the EU, and they’ll be traded away by Westminster in return for access to the EU markets post-Brexit, just like they were traded away by Tory PM Edward Heath in the 1970s.

Scotland’s 32% share of the UK’s land area contains 81% of the UK’s untapped coal reserves. Scotland possesses such an abundance of energy resources that we can afford to leave that coal in the ground. Likewise Scotland can afford to have a moritorium on fracking, because we have plenty of carbon neutral energy resources which can be exploited instead. There are not many countries which have that luxury.

Scotland’s 32% of land area is responsible for 92% of all the UK’s hydroelectric energy production and 40% of all its wind, wave, and solar energy production. Those figures are only going to increase, because Scotland possesses a massive 25% of the wind and wave energy production potential of the entire EU. Energy is the motor of any economy, and Scotland possesses it in an embarrassing abundance.

Scotland’s land also contains 46% of the UK’s forests and produces 62% of all its timber. It holds 30% of the UK’s beef herd, 20% of the UK’s sheep, 9% of the UK’s dairy herd, 10% of its pigs. Scotland also produces 15% of the UK’s cereals – by which is meant wheat and barley, not cornflakes or ricecrispies – and 20% of the UK’s potatoes. All this to feed 8.4% of the UK’s population. So it’s hardly surprising that Scotland has a huge food and drink industry worth an estimated £13 billion annually. Scotch whisky is a multibillion pound industry all by itself. Unlike the rest of the UK, Scotland is not massively dependent on food imports.

Scotland has a highly educated English speaking population with a world class history of invention and innovation. With independence more of the people that Scotland pays to educate will be able to remain in Scotland and benefit Scotland’s economy, instead of being forced into emigration because of the lack of opportunity created by generations of Westminster neglect. Independence means that our children can stay in Scotland, instead of benefiting the economy of London. Westminster economic policies take away our children, and then Westminster tells us that this is a union benefit.

This country has a £17 billion construction industry, a £17 billion financial and business services industry, a £9.3 billion tourism industry, a £5 billion aerospace industry, a £9.3 billion chemical industry, a £3 billion life sciences industry, and we export over £300 million annually in luxury textiles.

Scotland is blessed with being in a geopolitically quiet corner of the globe. We are not surrounded by war zones, we have no territorial claims on anyone and no one has claims on us. Scotland will have one of the greatest advantages of any nation – peace. Because as an independent nation we won’t continually be dragged into foreign wars by a UK government that wants to pretend that it’s still a global player.

Scotland has strong democratic traditions and institutions. Scotland has such a respect for democracy that it is able to conduct a debate on independence, a debate which in many other countries is carried out with bullets and bombs and states of emergency, entirely peacefully. In Scotland, we take peace so much for granted that our anti-independence press has instead to get itself worked up into a lather about some snarking on Twitter.  Being surprised by snark on Twitter is like being surprised that alcohol makes people drunk.

When Scotland does become independent, it will be peaceful, democratic and stable. It will benefit from well established industries which enjoy a global reputation. It will benefit from natural wealth which is far greater per head of population than the rest of the UK possesses. And we will no longer see the products of Scotland’s wealth being drained out of the country in order to pay for London infrastructure, or the demented nuclear ambitions of a faded empire, or for tax cuts for the rich. Scotland’s wealth will stay in Scotland.

Scotland doesn’t have the cult of exceptionalism, but I don’t think that will be missed. How will we survive when our country’s resources, talents, and abilities are no longer being bled dry to fuel the vanities of British exceptionalism. How will we survive? Pretty damn well. That’s how.

67 comments on “How will we survive

  1. seanair says:

    Hope that SNP/Scottish Government will send something like yours to the people of Scotland to remind them of how lucky they are, remembering also their pills, Doctors, hospitals cost NOTHING, compared with England.
    A reminder should also be made for English people that they are getting what they would not get in England.
    On a different subject are we going to ask for the Conservatives to return to us the large piece of the Eastern Sea at the junction of Scotland and England. How we gave that without argument I do not know. It’s ours!

    • Millsy says:

      …stolen sea area ? Ask Blair and Brown and Dewar ! This was their parting gift to the rUK when we got Devolution .

  2. Illy says:

    And when Scotland is Independent, Rev Stu will (hopefully) shut up about me using a public bathroom.

    • Cubby says:

      I doubt it.

    • mogabee says:

      Quite sure he could care less, unless you were doing something illegal?…

      • Illy says:

        I’m trans.

        • Mike Lothian says:

          I’m quite sure he doesn’t care which bathroom you use. I also worry about the people who get so angry over the issue of gender neutral bathrooms – I mean I’m almost certain they have one at home.

          He’s hoping the GRA gets passed soon giving yourself, other trans people and gender non-binary folk the same rights as everyone else

  3. Anne Martin says:

    This programme made me absolutely livid. If anyone hasn’t seen it, here is the YouTube link.

    • Robert Harrison says:

      Ive seen it this England being England ive heard this bs my entire childhood none stop and they still the same even now im gona enjoy wacthing England burn when we are free as its assholes like these that will start that fire because Westminster will blame us for even worse financial problems once we are gone.

    • Bob Lamont says:

      So, “polls say”, WHICH polls? Nada. Soundbites and hahas for an English audience, even these muppets are not that stupid, it’s the media playing to the English portrayal of itself as superior, yet only comes across as arrogance personified.
      My Romanian neighbours left Lincolnshire a year ago for Belgium having taken all they could stomach of high rents, shit wages, xenophobia and arrogance, one among many couples who have seen England transform itself from an attraction to a pariah. Brexit may have a lot to answer for, but most see it as a catalyst allowing the worst to finally be expressed.
      Let them scoff and demean all they want, it will not be the Scots left wondering where it all went so dreadfully wrong…

    • Daibhaidh says:

      This is anti Scottish racism, pure and simple.

  4. I loved reading this, to the point that I’m going to print it off and put it on my wall and look at it every day. Every day till independence, may it be soon.
    What would we do without Paul? Doesn’t bear thinking about.

  5. Sheryl Hepworth says:

    ”a £3 life sciences industry,” Think you missed a wee bitty on this one Paul!!!

  6. katherine hamilton says:

    HI Paul,
    An excellent summary. I can only do very basic computering or I’d do it. Any thoughts re sending this to Vine’s producers whilst asking for a right of reply on the show? This was just insulting.
    Thanks for all you do.

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  8. Macart says:

    Well said Paul.

    It was quite a… display… by the bods on that show.

    So, yeah… Self government, independence. Seems like an idea that could (and should) catch on. 😎

  9. Muscleguy says:

    The water in London isn’t just calcified it is also full of nitrates which can be carcinogenic. We moved there from Southern NZ (excellent water, occasional droughts – sprinkler bans kind of thing). We bought our eldest a fish tank and I did water changes with the tap water but the nitrate levels did not drop. Being a scientific sort I tested the tap water. As full of nitrates as a tank which has had a full load of fish excrete into it for a week.

    I knew about the nitrate – cancer link even back at the start of the ’90s, it was in the scientific literature then even if the public hadn’t cottoned on. So two things changed:

    1. We bought 4L containers of bottled water every week for drinking water. The tap water was used for cleaning teeth and washing.

    2. I took the empty 4L containers into the lab and filled them from the single distilled water supply (we went up to double distilled, now de-ionised is standard) for changing the fish water (with added aquarium salts in small amounts). Happy fish.

    Here in Scotland the only tap water issue is phosphates, added to stop leaching from old lead pipes. There are cures for that. Scottish water supplied me with that information for free from an email enquiry. Pretty quickly, happily and in a friendly manner.

    Oh yes back in NZ the city council supplies the water. Meters exist, not everywhere uses them. The nitrate levels in Christchurch in particular are rising. Peeing dairy cows output percolating down into the tapped aquifer (sustainable and refilled). Dunedin’s water is from up top of the Rock and Pillar ranges, bog and snow melt fed stream. No dairy cows up there. Very low stocking rate sheep and mountain wetas which can freeze solid and survive to thaw out. As big around as your thumb.

    • ArtyHetty says:

      Yep, would not like to live in London at all. Poor fish!

      Scotland’s water is public owned, or at least the domestic supply is. The business supply was privatised by the Labour branch of UK Labour when they were in charge at Holyrood. It’s why you only get a trickle, if that, to wash your hands in public loos. (Last time I was at the a big Sainburys near us, there was basically no water coming out of the loos taps!) UK Labour branch had same plan for domestic supply, but luckily SNP stopped that one when voted in.

      Great article, many just do not believe that Scotland is so resource rich, and, there are some who believe that Scotland’s wealth should be ‘shared’, with the rUK, must be because Scotland has been treated as such a wonderful ‘equal partner’ in the ‘family of nations’. Huh huh.

      Tories talking about ‘giving’ money direct to councils in Scotland is very sinister, and that’s what they mean when they say, ‘taking back control’, a power grab, from anyone, but in particular Scotland.

      We cannot allow that to happen, it’s Scotland’s money, or rather a tiny portion of what Westminster takes. and condescends to send back in a brown envelope full of contempt and resentment. Scotland get the hell out of the UK as soon as humanly possible.

    • Bob Lamont says:

      If memory serves correctly from over 30 years ago, London consumed 6 times the flow of the Thames, which is why the taste is so insipid, it is essentially recycled. Nitrate levels are regulated to avoid blue-baby syndrome, but may still exceed the levels required for some fish.
      Most of England struggles with stressed water supplies and pollution, dangerously so in the south, where even desalination was considered, the Tory dogma of privatisation may soon come home to roost. Chasing profits over public water supplies has led to some hairy cost-benefit analyses, such as cheaper to lose 50% of the water supply than repair the leaks (Yorkshire?), then run out of water and plead despair.
      Scotland has an abundance of raw water and a fairly proactive quango in charge of public supplies and pollution, occasional hosepipe bans in droughts the only hiccup.
      There was an active campaign to replace legacy lead pipes for many years but identifying them is a nightmare, relying heavily on the owner identifying it. Until 100% certain are all gone, phosphate dosing remains a necessary precaution to avoid a Flint Michigan type disaster.

  10. I love this piece so much Paul that I think I’ll print it off and keep it too.
    That is all! 😊

  11. Millsy says:

    Well said , Paul !
    These are the FACTS that we NEVER hear from the SMSM or our Lab/Lib?Tory opponents . It is not that they are ignorant …I’ll re-write that …It is not that they are ALL ignorant , it is just too inconvenient when they are forever pushing their Too Wee , TooPoor , Too Stupid message to the masses .
    We need to publicise these FACTS constantly , put them on Billboards , on the side of busses etc…every SNP political broadcast should simply state these FACTS !
    We need to fight their( English media ) ignorance with FACTS !

  12. Margaret Noakes says:

    The Jeremy Vine show was truly awful.Panel completely ignorant of any facts.I had to tweet to it in disgust.

  13. bringiton says:

    In an abusive relationship,usually when the abusee threatens to leave the abuser,the abuser resorts to threats.
    You cannot survive without me.
    Without my money you will be destitute.
    Our friends will have nothing to do with you if you leave me.
    And so on ……
    The lies from New Labour and the rest of the London establishment about “Fiscal Transfers” from London to Scotland being the only means by which Scotland can survive are now being exposed in the shambles that is Brexit.
    We need a sort of reverse honours system for those Scots who have sold us down the river by peddling all these lies and deception.
    The Right Dishonourable Bastard …..
    We could name quite a few.

    • Welsh Sion says:

      A little dated (as I wrote this 9 months [the timing was quite deliberate] before indy ref1). Hope you’ll still enjoy it, though.

      43. (of 60.)

      Angela Alba’s having a baby

      Angela Alba lives in a small town, not so far away and she’s having a baby. Of that, there’s no doubt. All the tests in her white paper checklist have proved positive, and now, nine months down the line, she knows she’s going to give birth to a new life form. It’s all so very exciting, and Angela’s feeling pretty excited too. It will be a momentous day in her life and she knows it will change her perspectives and her ways of thinking forever. She also knows that after so many years of domestic abuse, she will finally be very happy. Angela has made a vow to herself and her unborn baby that she will do everything in her power to love him (or her) with as much mother’s love as she can. The baby will want for nothing and Angela will ensure that it gets all that it needs in support to ensure that it stands proud on its own two feet and look the world straight in the eye.

      These last few years have been a trial for Angela. Her husband, Jack Union (Angela had at least kept her dignity and her maiden name on marrying – but little else) is an abusive, boorish, uncaring man. He has often left Angela in the lurch by going on various boozy fuelled trips with his mates, in particular Sam Washington. Many is the time that Angela has heard that they’ve been involved in fights at various pubs – the latest one being a fracas in the Baghdad Arms. It came as no surprise to Angela that both Jack and Sam were no longer welcome at the Baghdad Arms – they’ve been banned from so many other pubs in town. Even the patience of the landlady of the European pub, Bea Russell, was wearing a bit thin, and she was on the verge of issuing a final warning to Jack Union, before excluding him entirely from her hostelry.

      Invariably too, Jack Union is an aggressive, selfish man. He keeps most of the money that he earns from Angela in order to maintain his boozy, self-centred lifestyle. He rarely gives anything to her. Indeed, so uncaring is he towards his partner, that Jack Union is not averse to taking her money too, leaving Angela poor and upset at home. Far too often, Angela is also the victim of domestic violence at the hands of Jack Union.

      Angela has thought of leaving her abusive husband on many occasions. In 1979, she had attempted to break free of him, but through a cunning ruse and frightening her into thinking that she couldn’t live without him, Jack Union had ‘persuaded’ Angela to stay.

      Then, in 1997, after years of neglect, Jack bought Angela a new kitchen. Doubtless, he thought he was being very magnanimous towards his wife. But Angela saw things differently. Yes, the kitchen was a boon, it was a place of her own where she could do her own thing and think her own thoughts, but in reality it only served as a place where she continued cooking and slaving for her husband. She was not truly free of his influence even then, not independent, and invariably if Angela did something wrong in the kitchen – burning Jack’s toast, for example – Jack would bawl at her for being ‘too weak, too poor, too stupid.’ She couldn’t even get such basic things right, he’d shout. He would then storm out of the house and join Sam Washington in a local bar and get drunk, all the while decrying Angela.

      Angela is by now convinced that her relationship with Jack Union has broken down irretrievably. Their partnership is no longer one of two equals – if it ever was. She wants a divorce and she wants one quickly. But she’s also sensible enough to realise that she has to insist on her fair share of the assets of their marriage. She has consulted her good friend, Nicola, a specialist in family law, and she has advised Angela how best to go about it. Although she’s now pregnant, Angela can’t see that the baby will change anything or bring both her and Jack Union together. It’s gone too far for that, and indeed, knowing her husband’s behaviour, Angela’s aware that he didn’t want this baby.

      Jack Union is associating with Beattie, who has made a name for herself as ‘the village bike.’ She takes on all-comers, though it seems that Jack Union is her favourite ‘client.’ She’s a crabby, embittered woman (not unlike her sisters, Johann and Margaret) and is jealous of the fact that Angela Alba’s pregnant. Her own son, George London, has gone south and made a name for himself as a banker someplace in the City, where he has retained many of his mother’s egotistical characteristics. He has never given the town a second thought since as he has pursued his own selfish goals – but he has retained the affections of and for his mother, Beattie. This is only to be expected, but Beattie and her son still seem to be linked by an invisible umbilical chord, years after the latter’s birth.

      Beattie will have strong words with Jack Union about Angela’s forthcoming delivery. There are those in the little town who whisper darkly that Beattie and Jack are already conspiring to ensure that Angela abort the foetus before the end of her term or that they are trying to induce her to miscarry. There must be some truth in this, as both Jack Union and Beattie are often seen leaping out of the shadows, projecting fear onto poor Angela.

      But Angela is a resilient character. And aided and counselled by her good friend and lawyer, Nicola, who along with other members of the latter’s legal partnership of Jenkins, Canavan and Salmond LLP, is helping her maintain her dignity through it all. Angela Alba will stand tall, look the bullies in the eye, give birth in nine months time to a bonny, wee baby, divorce her husband and make a new life for herself and her offspring. The rest of the little town will be so happy for her – she will truly be an independent woman, and be free of the machinations of her soon to be ex-husband, Jack Union. Both he and Beattie will be run out of town.

      Parables for the New Politics

  14. Craig P says:

    Another fact to remember is that when Ireland was part of the UK and poor, 80% of its trade was with rUK… proof positive that Ireland couldn’t manage on its own, right? Well, with independence Ireland only exports 14% to the UK and today, by GDP per head it is richer than the UK! A good one to remember when the UK ‘common market’ pish is trundled out.

  15. Terry callachan says:

    Print and send to every household in Scotland.
    If only somehow we could
    This is the most persuasive report I have ever seen written on behalf of Scottish independence
    Very clever
    You have a way with words for sure

    • gus1940 says:

      Get Stu to add it to the new Wee Blue Book.

    • Terry ,we can all do our wee bit to get this excellent article out to as many people as possible by simply sharing on Facebook. I do it every day.
      Thanks again Paul for collecting and sharing all these facts and percentages, you do a great job in keeping our morale up.

  16. Perfect. Thanks. 🙂

  17. Molly McC says:

    Paul, as soon as the starting gun for Indyref2 is fired, this essay should be printed on the front page of the National, with the numbers and facts in bold type and enlarged print. Easy for people to get their heads round.
    All there in bold Black and White.

    A tremendous piece of writing…..again!

  18. Iain says:

    Poor Carol Malone needs to give decaf a try. That’s a hell of a state to be in.

    • Cubby says:

      Malone has relations in Glasgow therefore she thinks she is an expert in all things Scottish.

  19. Tol says:

    This was COLONIALISM…it was not British Nationalism….Lets call it what it was.

  20. smac1314 says:

    After my initial shock, I actually found the video kind of funny because it was so ridiculous. Burrell thinking Nicola Sturgeon wants devolution was a particular highlight.
    I know not everyone in England voted for Brexit but boy is it going to be a nasty shock to their national exceptionalist psyche. If, as we hope, it’s accompanied by Scottish independence there is going to be an awful lot of politicians and people in the media with a lot of explaining to do.

  21. Thank you for listing Scotland’s assets. It is essential that every resident of Scotland understand that Scotland is rich in a diversity of assets- ideally kept to themselves!

  22. Charles McGregor says:

    We also produce twice the electricity per head that England does.

    And then there is the computer games industry.

    Heavy engineering,

    Stone and cement production.

    and 70+% of the UK’s production of that quintessentially English beverage – gin.

  23. CapnAndy. says:

    The ‘Blue Men of the Minch’ ? I’ve honestly never heard that one and I lived up in the NW for a while.

    • Iain says:

      Sruth nam Fear Gorm is the strait between Lewis and the Shiant Islands in the Minch. In English that is “The current/stream of the Blue Men”.

    • Amandine Guise says:

      See useful Wiki article.

  24. Platinum Blondie says:

    Probably your best article yet

  25. Wonderful, Paul.
    It is time that we stopped defending our right to Self Determination, by describing how big, rich, and intelligent we Scots are, every time a jumped up smarmy Talking Head on English TV decides that he is going to boost his Channel 5/ BBC2 ratings by being deliberately insulting, racist, and lying barefacedly to the people of these four nations live on English TV..
    Of course, they express faux surprise and ask, ‘Why do the Scots hate the English?’ when they get the desired backlash from the Jocks; a nice game played slow.

    This particularly nasty piece of xenophobic dross comes in the wake of Jeremy Hunt declaring that the Scottish Government, elected by the People of Scotland, are ‘the enemy’, by denying NS and our elected representatives access to FCO support anywhere in the world.
    Recently we had the Civil Service Mandarins admitting that they were there to ‘defend’ the UK against any who would break up the UK, i.e., the Scottish Nats.

    So, we, who strive for Self Determination, are an Enemy Within, and it is now fair game to subvert the ‘Will of the People of Scotland’, because our democracy is in fact a rebellious Revolt against the ‘British People’, or some such convoluted argument gaining traction Down There, and peddled by Brit Nat ProudScotsBut Collaborators Up Here.

    I am sure Vine, who trousers 100’s of thousands a year from the Beeb while 75 year olds lose their TV Licence exemption, will read out the e mails from the ‘verminous’ Scots on his pointless little show, and his panel of the day will all have a good laugh at the Scots once again.

    There can now be no doubt.

    Scotland has been identified as the enemy, especially over the coming months as Brexit bites, car Plants close, 40% tariffs are introduced on UK Exports to the EU, and EU Nationals flee in their hundreds of thousands, fed up with England’s Homeland Security and hostile environment to anyone with a funny ‘foreign sounding’ name or accent.

    But it will all be dismissed as a bit of banter, a Jocks joke; we are all being too sensitive about their lies and nasty attempt at humour: it is racism, and xenophobia, and the English and Brit Nat True Blue Unionists Up Here will lap it up; after all Britannia (England) Rules the waves.

    Be in no doubt, Jock Bashing both physically, emotionally, and economically, will increase as Boris or Jeremy turns the screws, ably assisted by treasonous Fifth Columnists Up Here.

    Brexit arrives unopposed in October, and England shall be inaugurated as the 51st US State, ‘Old England’.

    England will appoint the swivel eyed loon, or the fat bloated serial womaniser; frying pan or fire.

    I note that Son of The Manse, the Clunking Fist, has resurfaced, and our accommodating Hacks and broadcasters give him Free Rein to mutter yet more ‘North British’ pish.
    It is already Open Season in bating the Jocks, and hostile acts designed to destroy our Parliament and democracy will be laughed off as paranoia by the BBC SKY, and the English and US owned the Dead Tree Brit Nat Scrolls

    Get ready, folks. Get ready.

    We are abut to enter a very trying period of Scottish History.

  26. Ian says:

    As shown by the UK’s trade position with the rest of the world and therefore it’s ability to pay it’s way in the world, the UK economy has been in serious trouble at least since the 1970’s. North Sea oil provided some temporary relief in the 80’s/90’s but that fact has been ignored by the delusional thinking of Britain (England) still being a global power. As shown by the UK’s overall trade position, including services, the UK balance of payments has been growing relentlessly and increasingly negative for the last 20 years.

    So what’s the big idea to change this situation. Leave the UK’s largest trading block which accounts for 44% of UK exports..

    Never mind though, we’ll get trade deals sorted no problem at all.

    The good news is that Scotland’s trading position is and has been very healthy for a long time. It’s the only country within the UK that is. So Scotland is subsidising the rest of the UK yet again.

  27. deelsdugs says:

    Excellent Paul. Thank you.

  28. Bob Lamont says:

    Excellent response to this shameful episode.
    Unfortunately this programme only reflects how propaganda perpetuates in the UQ, and the “Piers Morgan” style of controversy pricks outrage and direct engagement to boost their viewing figures. Disengagement from direct reaction to challenge their portrayal with facts at home, sharing articles such as this and WOS, will do more to shift the undecideds than any angry Tweet.
    ie – Their arrogance and real/faux ignorance is readily re-purposed to bolster Indy2 and Independence, no sweeter revenge.
    The electoral majority of England has long been fed a diet of lies and misrepresentation on everywhere outside the southern England bubble, from Cornwall to Teeside resentment and anger is reaching fever pitch, currently being tapped by the Nigel Mirage “revolution”. It may take them while to recognise this Tory scam for what it is, but with Brexit reality yet to dawn on them, the backlash from both will be furious.
    They may be quite willing to believe that Scotland’s “minority” independence movement is as suicidal as the 27 remaining EU members, why spoil their illusion even if you could?
    It’s a gift which keeps giving.

  29. Brian Powell says:

    People in Scotland don’t really get to see this information, so hopefully when the fact booklet comes out this year from the SG it will contain all of this. Wings is going to wait until close to the vote before he releases the new WBB.
    What I have difficulty with is so many Scots just won’t believe this kind of information when it is given.
    I was speaking to someone who gives talks on boosting confidence to CEOs and successful managers, yes they do need these kind of talks because they often don’t believe they should be successful.
    She drew on her own experience as a child when she came home from school and said she had done something really well. Her mother said, ‘who told you that, did the teacher tell you that?’. Confused she replied, ‘No I just knew it was good’. Her mother said, ‘well when the teacher tell you then you can say you did well’.
    Maybe there is a whole age group who need the right person, they think, to tell them it is OK to be independent, that they can do well.
    It used to be the clergy that served the purpose of keeping the population in its place, now it’s the journos of the MSM who have replaced them.
    Perhaps it is more than a coincidence that the age groups who don’t get their info from the newspapers, BBC and STV who are so committed to independence.

  30. AND . . . and we have a mahoosive Sovereign Wealth Fund of £0.00 PLUS a megamahoosive black hole of £10 bn (allegedly).

    All courtesy of our colonial masters in London.

    We are so, so blessed to have them look after ALL our needs. Just where would we be without them?

  31. Fin Dunsmore says:

    Cracking piece, Paul. Definitely a keeper – one of your best. And loving the wee mention of Morag up in Loch Morar!

  32. Hi Paul, brilliant as always. I hope you don’t mind but I’ve taken the figures and posted them on a work’s notice board (with a saltire watermark of course) for all to see

  33. Paul Immelman says:

    Excellent piece, Paul, and I agree with Fin here, I have it posted in my work

  34. bunnyfunster says:

    Everything you’ve said here Paul is why Scotland CAN’T become [be allowed to become] independent.

    Scottish independence wouldn’t just cause a shortfall of trade-surplus income to rUK, it would also and more catastrophically cause a shortfall of the essential stability-giving resources that rUK depends on to function day-to-day.

    The UK won’t risk that twice, not after last time when it was only supposed to be a silly bit of uppity-jock release-vent pantomime, but especially with the way things have panned out since [Why. Can’t. She. Just….. DIE].

    The UK can’t risk a situation where the essential things it currently just *gets* for free and unhindered, are being charged for or rationed or used as damn bargaining chips to boost its until-recently-yolked NEIGHBOUR’S interests, not England’s*, as if losing those resources wasn’t bad enough.

    *I meant UK

    And especially with the ADDITIONAL risk that Scotland might be backed up by those bastards in Europe and it looks like they will be because they just HATE that England* has saved them sooo many times.

    *I meant UK

    So it can’t happen.

    And I’m not joking, this is how the Westminster establishment (and the vast majority of British-state-broadcaster-fed folk) look at it.

    Don’t take my stuff. Hands off. I WILL FUCK YOU UP.

    • crabbitgits says:

      This is how I’ve seen things for a while now; just like Bunny. Despite your wonderful, inspiring words on this blog, I can’t see England letting Scotland go democratically; no matter how many Scots vote for Independence, in the end we’ll all have to stand and fight for it and I mean physically pick up arms and fight for it. They’ll need to be civil disobedience on a massive scale to even sway them and their “allies”. I think that everything else is just “cloud coo-coo land”. The sad part of this reality is that I really don’t see any evidence of either the means or the will for this fight to start.

      This is where I am at now. Disillusioned, disheartened and dissatisfied with our elected leaders, with the rUK, with Westminster and the UK Establishment full of entitled twats and spoiled brats.

      However, I am ready to stand and be counted.

      • Bob Lamont says:

        The wonderful thing about living in cloud coo-coo land is dropping coo-pats…
        The “Empire” lot would love nothing better than the excuse of putting down an armed uprising @crabbitgits take note.
        Democratic and legal is the way and will get massive support (important) in Europe and worldwide. HMG have made fools of themselves enough already, only the latest fool to be crowned in this Ugly Pageant, then the starting gun can be fired for Indy2. No doubt Nigel Mirage will start his English Civil War Part Deux, but we can send blue cross parcels.
        The writing is on the wall, they know it, but desperation v resolution is an uneven contest, all it requires is a little patience and even you could aim coo-pats 😉

      • ArtyHetty says:

        Oh aye, it’s what the Britnats would love, ‘civil unrest’, and for sure they would just say, aw, come on Scotland, we don’t want to get the tanks, guns and riot cops onto you! Fantasy to think that any kind of ‘civil disobedience’ could ‘sway’ the Britnats or their ‘allies’.

        They could of course false flag, but everyone knows that now, it’s very obvious, so they’d be better to facilitate a smooth path for independence for Scotland, and negotiate, with a pretty please, if they want any of the spoils of Scotland’s vast wealth and resources.

  35. wm says:

    You just keep doing it Paul, bettering your last best. Some of us need you to put our thoughts into words. Well done.

  36. JMD says:

    Ok Crabbitgits if you say so, let’s just give up then. Genius plan.

  37. Kathleen says:

    This made me well up. So proud of my wee country.

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