Destroying the things you love, and being destroyed by them

It’s funny how Ruth Davidson is very quick to claim that the people of Scotland don’t want another independence referendum, yet she carefully avoids saying that the people of Scotland don’t want Brexit. A couple of days ago, 62% of Scottish voters opted for parties opposed to Brexit, but Ruth never seems to find time to mention that Scotland is opposed to Brexit. Instead she devotes her time and energy in a pursuit that there is no such clear evidence for, the claim that Scotland doesn’t want another independence referendum. You might think that Ruth was motivated in equal parts by opportunism and desperation, and you’d be right.

Today the Holyrood bill to provide a framework for another independence referendum was published, and Ruth Davidson took to Twitter to ask people to support her bid to block it. She took to Twitter because she tried an election, but got resoundingly defeated. It was after all Ruth herself who had insisted that the recent European elections were all about sending a message to Nicola Sturgeon, only for the people of Scotland to disoblige and give the SNP the highest share of the vote of any party in any country in the EU. So that only leaves Twitter appeals to the increasingly frothy members of SiU, and appealing above the heads of the Scottish electorate by interceding with Tory leadership candidates to get them to rule out granting a Section 30 order.

The UK has gone from being a family of equal nations, the most perfect union of countries in the history of the world, to a prison where the only way it can be kept together is by a unilateral refusal to allow Scotland to have a say on its own future. Those who support and defend the UK have now abandoned any pretence of persuading Scotland that it has a better future as a democratic partner within the UK and have transformed into authoritarians who can only keep the UK together by sticking their fingers in their ears, closing their eyes, and asserting that the UK Prime Minister has a veto over the democratic will of the people of Scotland and he or she won’t allow an independence referendum. Scotland doesn’t want Brexit, but Scotland will have Brexit imposed upon it, and yet it’s the EU which is the undemocratic dictatorship. Right-o.

The latest Tory leadership contender to loftily assert from on high that he’d refuse to allow another independence referendum is Sajid Javid, who then went on to accuse Nicola Sturgeon of grandstanding. ‘Won’t allow’, eh Sajid. Oooh you’re hard. The people of Scotland just love being dictated to by Tory MPs. It makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside. No, really.

According to the Saj, the people of Scotland had a chance to vote in 2014, and absolutely nothing has changed since then that might have led anyone to change their view. Nothing that is except every single promise and commitment that was made to the people of Scotland by the Better Together campaign being trashed, binned, traduced, or rubbished. It’s funny how the people who won the 2014 insist that the losers need to respect the result, but they themselves refuse to be held to account for the promises and commitments that they made to the people of Scotland in order to win it. Call me naive, but I thought it was more important that winners be held to account, since they’re the ones who have promises to fulfil. In Scottish Toryland, they get a free pass forever. Apparently that’s what democracy looks like for Scotland within the UK.

Nothing has changed except Scotland being assured that the only way it could remain a part of the EU was to vote against independence, but it’s now being taken out anyway. Nothing has changed except the promise that no Westminster government would ever alter the devolution settlement without the express will of the Scottish Parliament, but then the Tories went and did exactly that. Nothing has changed except the promise that Scotland would be an equal and valued partner in a family of nations turning out to mean we’d be dictated to, patronised, sidelined, marginalised, and treated with contempt. But apart from that, nothing has changed, and no one in Scotland could possibly have any reason whatsoever to have second thoughts on 2014’s decision.

Still, no one really cares what Sajid Javid says. It’s just some boorish and bullying grandstanding from someone who has no chance of becoming the next Prime Minister, while he accuses other people of grandstanding. This kind of lack of self-awareness is the defining characteristic of the Conservative party right now. It’s the same lack of self-awareness that leads Ruth on her anti-indyref campaign, citing the will of the Scottish people, while she ignores the very clear will of the Scottish people on Brexit.

Of course we all know that the real reason Ruth refuses to countenance another independence referendum is because she thinks she’d lose it. Ruth is motivated by one thing above all other considerations, and that’s self-promotion. If she sincerely believed that she could handsomely defeat the independence cause in another referendum, she’d be the first to call for one. Then she could pose as the saviour of the union and be even more the darling of her adoring pals in the press. Her opposition to another independence referendum is a last ditch desperate attempt to forestall the inevitable, because Ruth knows that once the referendum is called, she’s already lost.

What these Tory leadership candidates consistently fail to appreciate is that the quickest route to Scottish independence is for Conservative politicians that Scotland didn’t vote for to tell Scotland that it’s not allowed a choice. In their short-term desperation to forestall another independence referendum, they are undermining the very basis of the union that they claim to love and cherish. If you are trying to persuade Scots that they are a valued partner in a union, you can’t simultaneously deny them the right to democratic expression about Scotland’s place within that so-called union. The two positions are mutually incompatible. The abiding myth of Scottish unionism has always been that Scotland is voluntarily a part of the UK. Conservative refusals to countenance an independence referendum destroy that myth, and they undermine the very foundation of Scottish unionism.

The Tories themselves are destroying the UK. It’s their actions, their arrogance, their blind hatred, their inflexibility, their utter selfishness and unyielding insistence on putting narrow party interest first which will lead to Scottish independence. When they are reduced to telling Scotland that it will not be ‘allowed’ a vote on its own future, they have already destroyed 300 years of Scottish unionism. They can no longer pretend to the people of Scotland that Scotland is freely and willingly a part of the UK. They have revealed the ugly truth that Scotland is regarded as a possession.

In the Ballad of Reading Gaol, Oscar Wilde wrote, “And all men kill the thing that they love.” And it is also true that the things that you love the most will kill you. In the Ballad of Ruthie’s Wail, the Scottish Tories are proving the truth of that. They are destroying their precious union and being destroyed by it. Scotland will not weep for their tragedy. It is our opportunity.


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54 comments on “Destroying the things you love, and being destroyed by them

  1. JockG says:

    Another great post Paul. Keep ’em coming.

  2. Oliver Drake says:

    Bravissimo!! Well said, Paul!

  3. Illy says:

    “Ruth refuses to countenance another independence referendum is because she thinks she’d lose it.”

    I really don’t get why she doesn’t do the obvious thing for any careerist, and join the winning side.

    Can you imagine the MSM headlines if Ruth sodding Davidson, beloved of the media, of the Ruth Davidson for Ruth Davidson party (otherwise known as the English Conservative and Unionist Party Branch Office in Scotland) decided “fuck it, I don’t want to lose this one” and “founded” “Conservatives for Indy”?

    There’s all that Business for Scotland material that presents a Conservatives for Indy attitude she could crib from.

    Come on Ruth, don’t lose this one. Join the winning side. We promise we won’t laugh.

    • Ruth Davidson and her colleagues must be the offspring of the gentry of 1706 who sold Scotland out by bribery and corruption.

    • David says:

      Probably because the prize for a careerist in the Tories or labour is in London. The don’t want it be a politician in a relatively small country regardless of how successful it is. They’d rather the opportunity to grandstand on the world stage.

  4. Son of Perth says:

    One of your best Paul. Utterly brilliant. I am reminded of the fall of dictatorships everywhere. They are always astonished when the end comes.

  5. Dave Albiston says:

    ‘t’s funny how Ruth Davidson is very quick to claim that the people of Scotland don’t want another independence referendum, yet she carefully avoids saying that the people of Scotland don’t want Brexit.’

    Brilliant observation.

    And they keep asking why Scotland wants to withdraw from the UK but stay in the EU. They never ask why England wants to withdraw from the EU but not from the UK, after all both Scotland and the EU are leeches sucking in subsidies from England (so they say).

  6. Iain says:

    I can only agree with your sentence: “Still, no one really cares what Sajid Javid says”, although if I were writing it, I’d have left out “Still” and “really”.

  7. Macart says:

    Ruth Davidson and Sajid Javid have confirmed one thing beyond all doubt.

    There is no union.

    But then, Tories etc.

  8. At your raspingly bitingly eviscerating best, Paul
    Davidson of course is toast, now that her BF ‘Big T’ has fallen on her pin cushion.
    It reminds me of a Sinatra Movie, his first Western, ‘Johnny Concho’.

    I lift a synopsis from Wiki:-

    “The mean and boastful Johnny Concho is also a coward, but the people of Cripple Creek, Arizona, let him have his way. They know that Johnny’s brother, who doesn’t live in town, is the notorious gunfighter Red Concho, someone they truly fear.

    Johnny has everyone so cowed that, in a card game, he needn’t even show his hand to claim the pot. That lasts until the day a man named Tallman comes to town. Tallman calls the bluff of Johnny at the poker table. Johnny wants the sheriff, Henderson, to take care of this, but Tallman stuns everyone by announcing that he recently stood up to Red Concho in another town and killed him.

    Exposed for the yellow-belly he is, Johnny rides off. … but wherever Johnny goes, word reaches that he is not a man to be trusted or feared.

    Tallman, meanwhile, has taken over Johnny’s role in Cripple Creek, appointing himself as the law and demanding to be paid a percentage from every business in town. ”

    Carhire and Mundane need ‘fear’ Supermom no more. May is dead.

    Who will be Boris’ ‘Tallman’, taking over as ‘town bully’?

    Rory MI5? Ross You Need Hands Thomson?

    I note that the GMB Shop Steward is ‘doing a Treeza’ and refusing to fall on his GMB engraved letter opener.
    I suddenly realised that James Kelly is his deputy.
    Christos on a bike.
    It is all about to get vey ridiculous indeed.
    Boris will use the Liar Carmichael Case Law to slap down the £350 million Red Bus Lie misconduct charge of course.
    Davidson has as much authority or influence as a tear drop in the Atlantic Ocean.
    Baroness Davidson of Brigadoon?
    Loved the Beige Tory snap welcoming Steele back in to the fold.
    Surely it’s time for Scoop Gordon to reprise the Alecsammen sex pest smear?

    Her chubby faced cheeky grin won’t save her now.
    We’re on the march; nothin’s gonna stop us now.

    • Jan Cowan says:

      That’s a fantastic picture, Jack……….top Labour man “refusing to fall on his GMB engraved letter opener”…… and deputy added for good measure. I was badly needing a laugh and that certainly did it for me.

      As you say, nothin’s gonna stop us now.

  9. […] Wee Ginger Dug Destroying the things you love, and being destroyed by them It’s funny how Ruth Davidson is very quick to claim that the people of Scotland […]

  10. mogabee says:

    Don’t ken about anyone else but I feel a revolution a’coming…

  11. penguin says:

    Scots voted for independence by a majority of over 300,000. We are the only country ever to be denied freedom by a foreign invasion of voters. How about an article addressing that little problem? Ever single day more english no voters pour into Scotland. We are being turned into Wales where Welsh are a minority in their own country.

  12. Alba woman says:

    Top class as ever WGD….Ruth Davidson has deliberately worked to undermine Scottish society using sectarian strategies. She was following orders from the strategists in London. Her political abilities are limited.

    The rape clause continues to exist. Ruth is ivery, very fortunate that her life circumstances so far have not included the terrible dealings of the DWP…..

    My daughter who was an intensive care nurse, died suddenly following the complications of a viral infection… the time of her death she was waiting on a DWP benefit decision. She had few savings and the stress of trying to live on a very stretched budget was so high. She died before any decision was made.

    God help those women who have to declare their rape to these people in order to feed and clothe their third child.

    Ruth Davidson you should be ashamed to be a Tory …end of.

    • Illy says:

      “you should be ashamed to be a Tory”

      Isn’t that just a generally true statement? Nothing specific to Davidson.

  13. Craig P says:

    “The Tories themselves are destroying the UK. It’s their actions, their arrogance, their blind hatred, their inflexibility, their utter selfishness and unyielding insistence on putting narrow party interest first which will lead to Scottish independence.”

    Great, isn’t it? Obviously we still have to do our bit, but we can do so with a song in our hearts, knowing that English nationalism is doing all the heavy lifting right now.

    • Illy says:

      There was a bit in one of the Hunger Games films where one of the pro-revolution guys was actively pushing The City’s rulers to worse and worse atrocities, because he thought that that would motivate the Districts towards revolution.

      I can’t help but think someone in the Tory benches has taken inspiration from that. They could only help Scottish Independence more if they put tanks on the streets again.

  14. Charles McGregor says:

    Sorry, now probably OT and a little late but I had some learning curve issues with Manga Studio.

    This is the first toon I’ve done on it, previously I’ve used photoshop.

  15. Melvin says:

    Fantastic post Paul it’s amazing how crazy the Tories are🤪.I always thought they were heartless and selfish, that they had a dastardly plan. Turns out they are lunatics who have completely no sense or understanding that they have become our greatest campaigners

  16. Bob Lamont says:

    Excellent post, the appalling behaviour of the establishment is running patience thin…
    I would take issue with any notion that English emigres are imperiling Indy2, their voice in the EU elections was just as dismissive of the status-quo as any other Scot.
    I would disagree with one aspect – The Holyrood bill is indeed a framework, but it is for legislation to regulate ALL Referenda in Scotland. Beware swallowing Ruth Davidson’s spin on it as Indy2.
    Her stance should be roundly condemned by all for what it is, a cynical attempt to shut down Holyrood testing public opinion other than at MSP elections.
    As to the opinion of preening wannabees for PM over Indy2, it is yet another “Strong and Stable” PR exercise to mask their shaky hold on power. Being jettisoned wholesale in any GE will be avoided at all costs, and keeping a lid on ructions arising in greater England will be a minefield.
    With Nigel Mirage and his merry band of shysters snapping at their heels, rebellious Scots may prove the least of their problems soon enough.

  17. Macart says:

    It is quite the sight. Watching a political system implode.

    Over the years there’ve been quite a few ruthless and sometimes downright evil minded bastirts behind that door in Downing street. Mind you, most could count on a certain degree of intelligence and pragmatism, (either in themselves or within the ranks of their respective parties and the civil service), to ensure the wheels of empire ran smoothly. The (how to put it?) less able, less pragmatic (as they would have it) were pretty much the lobby fodder and braying donkey types. I’m sure respective heid bummers felt these bods were useful as voting numbers and distractions from the business at hand of retaining power and ‘managing’ populations. Also? They pretty much had a sweet deal in how they made a system of government work for them and their cosy wee gentleman’s club. Almost literally G.O.T. without the laughs.

    Doubtful they ever stopped to ask themselves a few simple questions though.

    What happens when the establishment parties run out of the intelligent or the pragmatic? What happens when the back benchers/warmers, become the front benches? When those with an ambition which outstrips their abilities or intelligence, a sense of entitlement which outstrips their humility come to the fore? Seems a lot of people are about to find out.

    Westminster’s system of government and its practice of politics was arguably always its greatest weakness (shrugs).

    Who knew?

    • Illy says:

      GoT is based on a book series that is explicitly based on the history of the British Isles.

      Not kidding.

      It’s like remembering that Mordor was based on London.

    • Luigi says:

      Indeed. Politicians of all abilities do tend to allow ther ambitions to exceed their actual abilities. Some manage to operate above their pay grade for a while, depending on party/civil service support and becoming masters of evasion, deception and distraction. Pity they cannot seem to manage to become masters of their actual position! The problem WM has now is that there are few politicians of any worth left – they all seem to be so mind-boggingly useless at their jobs. When amount of deadweight exceeds a critical level, the whole structure goes down. Are we approaching that moment?

      • Macart says:

        That’s about the size of it Luigi.

        Whatever else? The world will change on them whether they like it or not.

  18. Macart says:

    Also worth looking at:-



  19. Charles McGregor says:

  20. bringiton says:

    The fact is that Westminster only pays attention to Scotland when we threaten to remove our resources from their control via independence.
    If unionists are to be believed,that they claim to have Scotland’s interests at heart,then they must support the right of Scots to hold an independence referendum at any time of our choosing.
    This is the only way we have of getting Westminster to listen to us.
    Better still,eliminate Westminster control of our affairs,permanently.

  21. JimP says:

    They are all very fond of quoting Alec Salmond “ once in a generation “, yet at the same time they insist that no prime minister / government can tie the hands of their successor.
    As always, “one rule for you, another for us”.
    Makes sense, I suppose, since they are the “elite “ and therefore above the law and any civilised standards of conduct, as ordinary decent honest folk understand it.

  22. Robert Graham says:

    I dont know about anyone else but i am getting heartily sick of seeing that glacit puddn face spouting total pish when she stands up in the chamber at Hollyrood ,

    Last week she tried the old one ” you will have to join the EURO ” oh dear , dear , dear , it just goes to show this one trick Muppet has run out of ideas and nothing to offer .

    I have never seen a party in Scotland so out of step , out of touch with the majority , and obnoxious and noisy in Parliament ME ME ME all the bloody time , they cant be embarrassed by not actually been voted for you could number on one hand how many have been voted for , bloody parasites every one of them .

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