Thick skin in a leather factory

Theresa May appeared before the House of Commons Liaison Committee this morning to speak about her Brexit plans. Committee members were keen to ask her what her Plan B was in the likely event that her deal would not attract the support of sufficient MPs in order to pass through parliament. Remember Plan Bs? There was a time when pressing politicians on their Plan B was all the rage, but that was before Brexit happened and the realisation that no one had a Plan A, least of all the Conservatives.

She was asked by a Conservative MP on the committee what she’d learned from the past two and half years. There are many accurate answers to that question. She could have said that having a Plan A before pressing the Article 50 button might, in retrospect, have been a good idea. She could have said that she now realised that the swivel eyed ideologues on the Tory right were never going to be placated no matter what she’d done, so she’d have been a whole lot more successful by pissing them off at the start of the proceedings and getting it over with. She could have said that she now realised that there are wood yards in the Midlands which contain planks which are less thick than David Davis, and which might have made a better fist out of negotiating with the EU. She could have said that she’d learned absolutely bugger all, which would at least have had the benefit of honesty.

Instead, in response to the committee members’ questions, Theresa said, “Wibble, wibble, wibble. I’ve been very clear. Bzzzt. Does not compute. Shhhhhhszzzz. Best deal for Britain. Ptang ptang whoop.” So we’re delighted that that has been cleared up. And to be fair it was the most reasonable and sensible thing that Theresa has said all week.

Certainly she didn’t say much that was sensible, interesting, or even truthful, when she made her flying visit to consult with the people of Scotland about her Brexit deal. Or to be more precise, her flying visit to pontificate at a group of unwilling and unwary workers in a leather factory in Bridge of Weir. People who’d just turned up for their shifts expecting to put in a day’s work polishing leather, only to discover that they were now being expected to polish the thick skin of the Prime Minister. And without any bonus payments, or even danger money for having to come close to such a radioactive politician.

The location of her visit was kept secret from the press until the very last minute, just in case some members of the Scottish public turned up expecting to be consulted. Even though it was Bridge of Weir on a wet and windy winter’s day which isn’t exactly the most bustling of places at the best of times, you could never be too certain. The National wasn’t one of those newspapers blessed with an invite to bask in the presence of St Theresa, because expecting that she was going to give answers to questions put to her by independence supporters was more of a miracle than anyone could expect.

There are precious few means for Scotland to hold Westminster to account as it is. Our media is overwhelmingly servile and submissive when it comes to Westminster. For the British government to refuse to give a press pass to Scotland’s single pro-independence newspaper demonstrates that the British government has no intention of engaging with that part of Scotland’s population which wants independence. They have no desire or interest in persuading us of the benefits of the UK. Instead they want to marginalise and ignore us. The reason for that is because they have no arguments to make. If the Prime Minister of the UK can’t make the case for this so-called Union, no one can, because there is no case to make. Meanwhile the UK continues its descent into a has-been state where democracy is respected in form but not substance.

What Theresa told us can be divided into two categories. That which was truthful, and that which made sense. Unfortunately the parts which made sense were not truthful, and the parts which were truthful made no sense. She told us that she’d negotiated the best deal for Scotland, which was a lie. She told us that the Scottish Government needs to stop talking about independence, which made no sense, since it’s only independence that can get us that best deal that Theresa can’t negotiate for us. In any event, the people in Scotland who talk most about independence are Theresa’s own pals in the Scottish Conservative party. If Theresa could tell them to stop banging on about independence and instead concentrate on making sure that Scotland’s voice was heard within her own government she’d actually be performing a public service.

Scotland has not been consulted during the Brexit process. The Scottish government has barely been kept informed, and that always after the event. At every stage in the proceedings Theresa May has treated Scotland with contempt and has taken this country for granted. Now she expects us to be fobbed off with a three hour flying visit to a factory conveniently located near enough to the airport to ensure that she need not spend a second longer than necessary to get a few sound bites for the evening news. That’s what passes for the respect agenda. That’s what passes for Scotland being a valued and much loved partner in a family of nations. This is Theresa’s precious union. It’s so precious that she doesn’t want to speak to any part of it that might tell her something she doesn’t want to hear.

Theresa May can’t talk sense because there is no sense to be had in a Brexit Britain. The truth is that Brexit is an English nationalist project, driven by right wing English nationalists, appealing to those who still dream of Empire and who have not reconciled themselves to the true position of the UK in the 21st century. It’s a project founded on fantasy and fueled by lies. All that is left for Scotland is to do what Theresa doesn’t want us to do, to keep talking about independence – but more importantly, to act on it. She came to Scotland to tell us that now is not the time. We’ll be telling you when the time is Theresa. The Brexit clock is ticking on your government. The time is coming very soon and no amount of thick skin in a leather factory is going to stop her feeling it.


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26 comments on “Thick skin in a leather factory

  1. Iain Hunter says:

    Outstanding once again

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  3. Jason Smoothpiece says:

    Well said,

    Theresa is under considerable stress, England is falling she knows it.

    Prior to the crash please let the Scots have the sense to leave this disaster of a so called union.

  4. susan says:

    Too cowardly to speak to an unvetted audience, as I’ve said before. All in all an insulting performance from T May.

    • robert harrison says:

      It was so bad even sky news was against her on dismissing the national and that front page this morning has gone virol now oh and cnn got the view of some glesca folk and that line when asked by the interviewer what would you say to thersea may if you the chance to meet her the young guys reply was just fuck off.

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  6. Rookiescot says:

    Everyone seems to be missing the real reason for the Maybots visit to a leather factory.
    They were there to pick material for fluffies new gimp suit.

  7. Doug Porteous. says:

    Real leather, faux Prime Minister.

  8. Macart says:

    Well said Paul.

    Apparently Theresa was in Scotland selling the dream for approximately three hours. Three hours in a single vetted venue. Three hours, meeja by invite. In – photo op – soundbite – out. That’s some real ‘heart and soul’ argument right there, that is.

    I mean, that was her ‘VOW’ right? She’d fight ‘heart and soul’ for this deal. Three hours to explain to a population she has marginalised, ignored and insulted, just exactly why she’s going to impose economic, political and societal carnage upon them. As a population, Scotland rejected the idea of leaving the EU in considerable numbers. You’d think that would impress something upon Ms May. Scotland being a valued equal partner in the bestest family, the oldest, most successful union ever in the history of the universe and all. That would be the only other ‘partner’ with a signature on the treaty of union. (shrugs) Apparently neither impressed or in particularly listening mood. Who knew?

    Three hours to continue marginalising, ignoring and insulting.

    TBH, she needn’t have bothered. That’s why she has a media isn’t it? To do all that stuff for her remotely.

    When folk have had enough of being treated like doormats? I’m guessing those with even a molecule of regard for themselves and their fellow Scottish citizens, would like to show Treeza, her government, her party and the parliament of Westminster the appropriate response at a ballot near you.

    Coming soon.

  9. Joe says:

    I was once asked at my place of work along with other colleagues if I would be willing to stand and have photos taken beside a labour Scottish secretary at the unveiling of a plaque to open a new post office delivery office in Fife.but I was not to ask questions just stand do not say anything.just shows nothing other words a selected personnel no matter where they go.unionist labour and Tory party mps making it look as though they want to talk to any Joe public.when really it is all stage managed.(.i told my manager where to go.he was not very pleased don’t be like that he said.)
    Another wee thing I wonder what will happen to that thing that is about as much good as a chocolate fireguard.mundell.when May resigns.or gets voted out by her own party. How anyone in Scotland can vote for the likes of that is beyond me.

  10. Luigi says:

    TM allowed the Brexiteers effectively to hijack the tory party, and then the entire country and we are now hurtling towards the Brexit cliff edge. She could have seen off the English nationalists at the past but now she has herself well and truly boxed in a death trap of her own making. It’s clear many Leave-voters are now turning and there is a majority in the UK to remain (rather than the awful, take-it-or-leave-it “deal” on offer). However, the Brexiteers are in command, the train hurtles on and the majority of people are being dragged to an awful outcome, against their will. Democracy UK style.

    Which makes me really wonder if TM was really a Remainer in the first place. Perhaps a Remainer in name only, for personal gain, as she made the cold calculations in 2016 and hedged her bets.

    • Interpolar says:

      Anything she said or did before Brexit, other than opportunistically come out as a remainer days before the vote, would charactise her as a leaver.

      Essentially, she has cynically lied to everyone, remainers and leavers alike. The Brexit agreement says one thing, Theresa May says another.

      I’m waiting for her to claim that Brexit will cure cancer.

  11. Les Bremner says:

    It was not even in Bridge of Weir. The premises lie on a back road between Bridge of Weir and Kilbarchan. I drove past them the other evening.

    However, look on the bright side. It would keep the security costs down if all one has to do is block a minor road at each end.

  12. Alba woman says:

    Teresa has had and taken every opportunity to develop and present her deal to the populace. She has been totally supported by the BBC who are busy selling their nostalgic ‘steady the horses’ vision of English identity.

    Both radio and television have been hacking out these propaganda programmes since the first indie.

    Scottish accents have popped up all over Radio 4 as have Northern Irish ones.

    We are not supposed to notice this imposed attempts at shaping of mindsets. It’s only the Scots and we are well outnumbered.

    The Tories have been up to no good for centuries. It’s in their DNA. Divide and Rule one of their most favoured tactics.

    The Empress has no clothes and she is running amok with her wild exhausted eyes.

    Bring it on Teresa ….we are ready and we are fully and warmly clothed!

    • wm says:

      Devide and Rule, they learned that from the Romans, that is how old that tactic is, and as you say they have been shafting us for centuries with it.

  13. mumsyhugs says:

    Damn! She must have been here when I blinked.

  14. Cubby says:

    “The parts which made sense were not truthful and the parts that were truthful made no sense”

    Brilliance from the master wordsmith.

  15. diabloandco says:

    ‘Been to Scotland – tick box and shut the lid

  16. Macart says:

    I’m hearing that this ‘debate’ is to go ahead then. That would be a debate between two Brexit minded folk on whose Brexit is the bestest…. Huh!

    This is probably the most crucial event affecting the lives of every soul in every corner of the UK in living memory. Its enactment will literally put lives on the line. It WILL impact the economy of nations, the human and civil rights of populations and the political make up of our democracy. Its effects will be far reaching and long lasting.

    Mmmmm. Y’know, normally public debates are about convincing the public to come to a conclusion on something they may have a choice over. Yet in this instance, what choice are the public likely to be given? Also. If it’s to be an honest debate, then why is there no advocate of remain or a people’s vote invited?

    Worth a thought.

    Some cynically minded folk might be forgiven for thinking the idea is an exercise in pointless, stage managed spin.

    • Luigi says:

      A debate between May and Corbyn would be the most boring piece of fluff imaginable.

      Count me out. 🙂

    • Interpolar says:

      Corbyn should refuse the debate on a matter of principle. She wasn’t prepared to debate with anyone at the last GM. Why now?

      Besides, this is nothing for us plebs to decide on, why would we even care? it‘s for the supreme wisdom of our august sovereign Mother of All Paliaments.

  17. Jimmy The Pict says:

    The intent of the debate is to bore people, it’s a done deal, we are leaving, will of the people, blah, blah, blah

    Even if there were riots on the streets, nothing would change the course off the edge of the cliff.

    If the call for independence does not happen after the vote in the commons then I don’t understand when the Scottish Government think it should happen. Running out of time.

  18. The referendum should be to REPEAL THE TREATY OF UNION.

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