David Mundell hasn’t resigned yet

David Mundell hasn’t resigned yet. I say yet, but that’s like saying Donald Trump hasn’t taken the blame for anything yet, or Ruth Davidson doesn’t have any policies except self-promoting photo ops yet, or the Scotsman hasn’t published a pro-independence front page yet.

In a letter that he sent to Theresa May earlier this month, David Mundell, the Secretary of State for Telling Scotland What to Do, said that anything less than the departure from the EU’s Common Fisheries Policy would be a betrayal of Scotland. Because Tory politicians are allowed to accuse one another of betrayal, it’s only when independence supporters accuse British nationalist politicians of betrayal that the media gets all harrumphy. He said, together with the other Scottish Conservative MPs who all signed the letter, “In order to deliver on these expectations, we could not support an agreement with the EU that would prevent the UK from independently negotiating access and quota shares.”

The deal that has been struck falls a very long way short of delivering on David’s expectations. It speaks of negotiating in a “non-disciminatory” manner to allow access for EU boats to Scottish waters in return for a trade deal. In other words, the Tories have sold out Scotland again. David Mundell hasn’t resigned yet.

The thing is, that the Tories could have done something about the unhappiness with the Common Fisheries Policy at any time during the decades that they had been in power since the UK joined what was then the EEC. It’s just that they chose not to. There was always some other interest elsewhere that was far more important to British governments than the demands of the Scottish fishing industry. The Conservative love of all things piscine is a very recent development, and that’s been as a cynical bargaining chip in Brexit and as a crude attempt to stir up support for their insane retreat into Little Englandism amongst a section of the Scottish population.

The SNP has consistently argued for reform of the Common Fisheries Policy ever since the 1970s, but successive British governments have never seen fit to grant Scotland any representation in negotiations. The UK could have taken steps and made representations to the EU to change those aspects of the CFP which were so unacceptable to Scotland’s fishing communities, but they didn’t want to. Scotland is not important enough to them. It wasn’t important enough then, and it’s certainly not important enough now. Even other Conservatives are saying that the Prime Minister wants to commit the UK to stay in the Common Fisheries Policy in all but name, and that she seeks to enter a new fisheries agreement on access to waters and quota shares. It’s a gross betrayal of the promises that the Conservatives made to Scotland. David Mundell hasn’t resigned yet.

Today, the line from a Scotland Secretary who inexplicably is still in his job is that Theresa May “fiercely resisted” EU attempts to make an explicit link between access to UK waters for EU fishing boats and access to the EU market for the UK’s fish catch. Clearly she didn’t resist fiercely enough, because the link is there in black and white in the draft deal. That’s still good enough for David. It’s like annoucing loudly that you’re going to leave your significant other unless the shiftless so-and-so pulls their weight in your relationship and gets a job. Then despite the fact that they didn’t get the job, you say that you’re sticking with them, even though they didn’t manage to catch the train to the job interview because they’d spend all the money you’d given them for the fare on a packet of ciggies. They never had the slightest intention of doing what you wanted, but they told you they tried really hard. David Mundell might be content to take the place of a co-dependent, but it doesn’t mean that the rest of us are fooled.

The Tories have been ignoring and marginalising the Scottish fishing industry for decades, it took an enormous leap of faith to expect that they were going to start now, at a time when they’re desperately seeking concessions that they can offer the EU in order to maintain access to the single market. You’d have had better odds by buying a lottery ticket and pinning all your hopes on winning the Euromillions. At least a couple of people in Scotland have actually seen that hope deliver, which is more than you can say for anything that the Tories have ever offered.

None of this would be hugely politically important if it hadn’t been for the fact that it was the Tories themselves who made it such a big deal. Their claim that they and they alone would stand up for the interests of Scottish fishing communities, or at least those five families who control in whole or part 45% of Scotland’s fishing quotas, was never anything more than a cynical ploy to unseat the SNP from constituencies in the North East of Scotland. The Tories might have been, and still are, content to crap all over every other industry in Scotland in pursuit of their Empire Loyalist Brexit, but at least they could pose as the lead characters in Finding Nemo. Only they turned out to be the fish that forgot all its promises. Clearly, David Mundell still intends to resign, it’s just that he’s forgotten.

It was all that the Conservatives had to offer Scotland, and they couldn’t deliver. Yet again, Scotland is gutted, sliced up, and served on a platter. That’s what happens when you believe in the promises of Conservatives. Now we’ve got the worst of all possible outcomes. Scotland is out of the EU and the UK has no say in the CFP, but EU boats are still going to have access to Scottish waters. David Mundell hasn’t resigned yet.

And the icing on the Brexit fishcake is that this deal has very little chance of making it through the Commons. This isn’t just a blind Brexit. This is an invitation to leap off a cliff into the darkness.

There are stormy waters ahead. Scotland gets nothing from Brexit except a betrayal of all the promises and commitments that the British parties made to the Scottish electorate, the same parties that insist that the people of Scotland should not have any say on what they have delivered. There are fish which have more legs than a Conservative promise.

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38 comments on “David Mundell hasn’t resigned yet

  1. carthannas says:

    Just seen Kieran Jenkins on C4 News interview David Mundell in way I’ve never seen him interviewed by the BBC – ie properly. Polite but challenging him again and again about his resignation threats. David Mundell just babbled and looked like the proverbial rabbit caught in headlights. C4 News wipes the floor with the BBC.

      • Luigi says:

        That was so embarrassing. Mega cringe on steroids. Mundell is so not fit for purpose, but he will hang on and hang on. I see he is now trying to kick the can to 2020. He is so tough he will definitely resign of there is an extended “agreement” beyond 2020? Ay right. 🙂

        • Macart says:

          Heh. Anyone could see how he was setting himself up to be used by his own party and he simply doesn’t have the integrity to stand up to his own colleagues. (shrugs) His choice.

          As for kicking the can down the road?

          Keep an eye on the two court cases ECJ and SC. I’d say it’s about to become a case of irresistible force meets immovable object. Also keep in mind the CoR being debated and passed through commons without challenge. Then remember that there may have been a specific reason the SGs submissions were made on the Gina Miller ruling and Mr Keen baited into dissing the Sewel convention. 😉

    • John says:

      Quite an amazing few minutes. Why on earth did I feel embarrassed for him?

    • carthannas says:

      Apologies Ciaran: Ciaran, not Kieran!

    • Saor Alba says:

      Well done Ciaran. This is proper interviewing of a political nature, by introducing Fluffy to his own words again and reminding him what he actually said, not what he said that he said.

      You have fearlessly and courageously confronted this weasel’s lies. He is not used to such discomfort. BBC reporters should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves. They are continually shown up by Ch4. The truth is now becoming more widely apparent and the Empire is in disarray.

      He was also confronted by the SNP Leader in the Commons today, who are the real opposition down there. This is also worth watching. Labour are a pathetic shambles, like their mates, the Tories and the Lieb Dumbs.

  2. Angela says:

    Great article as always. WGD, when do you think we will get the Suprem Court decision regarding the Scottish Government’s Continuity Bill? It all seems to have gone quiet on that one.

  3. yet it doesn’t merit the headliner on Distorting Scotland.
    Later in the ‘bulletin’ a wee piece on the Taycities £750 million Deal , ‘up to’ £150 million from the Scottish Government, £150 mill from the UK Government and a nebulous £400 million from the private sector (aye richt) filmed Stephen Gethin and mundell signing the contract; only, BBC Donalda’s Propaganda Unit filmed a beaming Mundell at desk level with his name plate is full focus.
    What a truly greata champion for Scotland he is, says BBC Pacifi Quay!
    Give it a fucking rest, Sally!
    The man has no principles.
    There will be no £150 million of WM money post Brexit.
    This little weasel is hanging on for his Lardship in the House for Old Chancers.
    He is incapable of shame or embarrassment.
    The deal on Brexit will crash and burn as it enters the London atmosphere.
    The New PM will replace him anyroads.

    • Check out the typos!

      “Their claim that they and they alone would stand up for the interests of Scottish fishing communities, or at least those five families who control in whole or part 45% of Scotland’s fishing quotas, was never anything more than a cynical ploy to unseat the SNP from constituencies in the North East of Scotland.”
      Paul, you had me chuckling; it reminded me of the New York Mafia’s ‘Five Families’.

      Are these millionaire five families Fish Barons the ‘Cod-da Nostra’?
      They have more front than Blackpool, this bunch of insincere carpetbaggers.

      • These 5 families actually own the fishing rights to huge areas of Scotland’s seas. They can also rent these rights out for hire. Hence, they can make £millions without the need to go to sea.
        Also, great swathes of Scotland’s land is owned privately. Individuals can play Rambo and blast away at and murder beautiful animals and birds, to make themselves feel good. This, has to stop in an Independent Scotland. Photograph and view by all means. Slaughter, then pose with them, no.
        One of the families making the £millions from fishing rights, is the Wood family. Sir Ian Wood, is the head of the family. Where, have we heard that name before? Oh yes, he’s the billionaire oil ‘expert’, who hates the SNP. He hates them, because the SNP stopped him from making more £millions, fracking the fcuk out of Scotland. How much money do these people require? Oh yes, he said in 2014, interviewed by Union Jackie just before the Referendum, that Scotland’s oil was running out fast. Also, that it would be finished in 15 years. That’s eleven years from now. Someone, should explain the truth to him about the North Sea and Clair Ridge and the West Coast of Scotland.
        He is frightened that an Independent Scotland will put an end to his and others exploitation of Scotland’s riches. He is concerned that hefty cash donations to the Unionists parties will no longer buy favours. He is worried that Scottish land and seas, will be taken into public ownership, for the benefit of all, instead of the few.
        He’s a lot to be fearful about and he can’t stop Independence, even with all the £billions he’s made on the backs of ordinary Scots.

    • Jan Cowan says:

      Recently a stoat killed one of my ducks. It has been killing a neighbour’s hens, though mine have been spared so far…….Even so I’d rather leave him with his tail than see the HOL weasels sporting it. Jack, how can those characters seriously swan around in such panto garb? Mundell will fit in perfectly but what about that Kennedy woman, for example. Can you explain this to me?

      • We have been asked since Blair’s time to believe that these carpetbaggers can be good ‘Labour’ men and women one , yet trample over each other at the end of their ‘political’ careers to the House of Lards, Non Exec Directorships, visiting professorships, board members on Quangos, Think Tanks and born again ‘journalists and TV/Radio pundits, peddling the neo liberal new conservative expenses fiddling house flipping world of greed corruption, and occasional perversion, and still consider them ‘for the many, not the few’.
        I’ve observed before; like bookmakers, you never see a poor Labour politician.
        They are in place to keep the Common Herd in place for their Iron Heel Oligarchy paymasters, and I include the heads of Unions here, with their six figure salaries and expense accounts, index linked pensions and company cars.
        We are mugs if we let this Scottish Branch of the Anglo Establishment rule by the invisible hand of Money any more.
        One fifth of Scotland is a grouse moorland for the Filthy Rich and nobility, while the Hoi Polloi crowd into state engineered pockets of land.
        Come the Revolution, Jan, we take it all back: the land, our public utilities, the transport infrastructure, and our democracy.
        The Shetlands Oil story today illustrates how we are denied access to information by the Dead Tree hacks and the broadcast outlets, and in particular the fetid BBC Scotland Stockade.
        We are at the brink of an Uprising.
        I refuse to give up my European citizenship because the English Parliament ‘orders’ me to do so.
        I’d imagine that there are millions more in Scotland who feel the same.
        Have Mundell and Supermum reigned yet?
        Didn’t think so.
        There will be no place for Fifth columnists in Reborn Scotland.
        It will be a herculean task but one of the first jobs will be drive this foul smelling sludge from out stables.

  4. Macart says:

    He’ll stay in place so long as he’s told to and so long as he’s required to. He’s Westminster’s man in Scotland and their excuse to interfere. He’s proven beyond any reasonable doubt that integrity is probably not a concept he’s overly familiar with.

    On CFP? Nail on the head Paul. Bargaining control has always been in the hands of the Tories. Both sets. They did nothing and sold Scotland’s fishermen out for political advantage. They betray people. It’s what they do.

    On Brexit itself? The proposal is clearly blind Brexit and the likelihood is no deal Brexit, but as most folk have noted all along, there is no good Brexit. In any shape or form it’s going to be a catastrophic Brexit. Economic carnage compounded with loss of human and civil rights.

    The vote in chambers is shaping up to be a gold star rammy.

    Not long now.

  5. Hetty says:

    Excellent article. just one thing re, the Common Fisheries Policy. Scotland is and always has been extremely ‘important’ to the Britnat state in terms of this and many, many other resources that have been a huge money spinner for the Britnat state.

    Scotland has much, much bigger fish to fry than the actual fish, oh no, be sure of it, in those there waters, be oil! Lots of it me hearties! ( pirate voice).

    Now, as with most sensible peoples’ ideas, imo it should be left in he ground, it’s very very dirty. Thing is, the dirty dealing scheming troughers in the Britnat state and beyond, ( oh yes we can be sure they have their pals in dodgy places licking their arses right now, ‘oil, yum yum’, like vampires, but for oil, a sort of blood), and they will go to great lengths to keep siphoning away Scotland’s oil and other resources while keeping Scotland chomping at the bit, and a few crumbs to chew on!

    I am hearing from some I know in England and in Scotland, that Brexit just won’t be happening so ‘it’s dead in the water which will be fantastic’. Am I missing something?

    It’s from people who read the Graun and watch BBC, is that what they are being led to believe? I don’t watch those Britnat rags etc, so not sure what page these people are on right now. It’s very scary though.

  6. Bill Hume says:

    Breaking news……..David Mundell hasn’t resigned yet.

  7. Davy says:

    Is their a fish called a “mundell”, if their isn’t their should be, some type of bottom feeder with a frilly face.
    And at the first sign of trouble it starts to flip-flop from side to side then it swims rapidly backwards until it disappears up its own earse-hole.

    A bittie like its tory namesake.

    • I’ve just watched Julia Hartley Brewer and Karen Bradley, whom you may recall when appointed NI Secretary hadn’t realised that the electorate Over There in Paddy’sLand voted along sectarian lines, on QT.
      England has gone mad.
      Well two can play at that game.

      Time to pump up the bass! The Sturgeon seems to be the sole voice of reason during this week’s Brexit May-ahem.

      The ERG sharks have been circling, the Red Tory flounders are still floundering, and they still carp on about their ‘six tests’, which that fish called Leonard couldn’t list, the MSM has been full of red herrings like, a deal has been done, the EU are bullies, the backstop is a no no, No Deal is better than a Bad Deal, the DUP are fighting above their weight as minnows, the ‘Biddish Peeple’ are sharpening their pikes ready to rise in armed revolt if we don’t leave the EU, they’re stockpiling toilet rolls in Pollock (get it?), Amazon will not accept c.o.d. payment on deliveries after March 2019, England and Wales perch at the cliff edge ready to plunge into La Manche, we’ll all be packed like sardines on this little lump of rock on the Continental Shelf forever when freedom of movement stops, May will set a Gibraltar power share sprat to catch the Spanish mackerels, and the Brit Nat Proudscotsbut tadpoles will threaten to resign again, the Yellow Tory tiddlers will get caught in the nets, the Momentum red snappers will demand that we all genuflect when El Corbynia enters the room, there will be a shortage of prawn crackers in Chinese restaurants, there will be a shortage of crab apples on supermarket shelves as we continue to be tied to the CFP and Spanish trawlers still mussel in on our coastal waters, there will be a whale of a ruckus in the UK Parliament when May’s deal is voted down next week, and Ken Loach (get it?) will be inspired to direct his Brexit Opus:- ‘I Daniel Hake’, and when asked by a backbencher what the ‘country’ will eat when fish stocks dry up, the Minister for Ag and Fish will mumble ‘let them eat Humuhumunukunukuapua’a’. (go on, look it up. You know you want to.)
      Soon now.

  8. Andy Anderson says:

    Very well explained Paul.

  9. Macart says:

    Oh Jings! 😀


    and THIS.

  10. Andy Anderson says:

    I await patiently for a hard hitting interview with May where she is put on the spot by a journalist instead of her just grandstanding soundbites in front of a camera. There are a good few pieces in the on line papers which clearly show some journalists are tuned in and know facts and options. Pity none work for the Beeb.

    It seems Fluffy had a hard time on Channel 4 about the fishing rights issue and was asked repeatedly why he has not resigned.

    I am not living in hope although if it goes politically very bad then maybe, just maybe we will get decent journalists. I believe in aliens too by the way!!

  11. Muscleguy says:

    Oh the wind blows high and the wind blows low
    David where’s yer principles?

  12. Anne Martin says:

    It appears that the latest go-to phrase of the day is ‘an independent coastal state’. I wonder who thought that one up?

  13. EnglishScot says:

    ‘The interdependent coastal state we’re in’, more like, as in they need our oil! Funny how the oil field comes out of hiding when required to bolster confidence in ‘an independent coastal state’, to help pass the deal!
    We should say (as was said to us in 2014), you can’t depend on oil alone if you want your Brexit Islands deal, as it won’t be available when Scotland is Independent.

    • Yeah, or the bulk of the uk fishing waters, or the £4.5 billion per year whisky exports , or the £330 million for the corrupt BBC, or the £16 billion we’ve been overcharged by England in the past 5 years for defence, or the £17 billion Scotland has paid over the past 5 years to service England’s debt, or the £300 million over the past 5 years in service costs for the House of Commons and Lords, or the £5 billion cost to Scotland of the HS2 rail mess, or the £5 billion, for the totally unnecessary to Scotland, Hinckley Point scandal, or our £1.6 billion contribution to the UK Border Agency, a body that is almost totally focused on South England and the Channel ports.
      So, over the past 5 years according to Westminster figures, Scotland has been drained of £35 billion on the service sectors alone, to finance England’s debt, defence and administration. England have to ensure that we are kept poor. Hence they will continue to produce fake GERS figures and fraudulent claims about Scotland’s financial standing.
      In an Independent Scotland, service costs would be only a tiny fraction of England charge’s. We would start with zero debt, we wouldn’t need the ridiculously expensive and unnecessary Trident for defence. Although, we would charge England, £20 billion per year for the storing of it, until they have built the necessary facilities, to appropriately store their grotesque weapons of mass destruction in their own country.
      Scotland will never be as successful as other similar European nations while we we under the maladministration of this failed English state. That would be against the interests of an incredibly diminished England. We must cut ourselves free of their dead weight, which is trying to drag us down with them. Our resources and riches, are now more essential and important to them than ever.

  14. Robert Harrison says:

    Well we can use a lot of there phrases back at them the best one of all is the we can take back control of our borders our laws and our money line.

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