The Cheshire cat of politics

I had been toying with the idea of writing this blog article about how it’s unproductive for supporters of independence to join in the social media campaign calling for a boycott of the Guardian newspaper. About how when we embark on campaigns directed against individual newspapers we only allow that paper to paint itself as a victim of the social media abuse of journalists. About how we need to occupy the moral high ground and save our energies for countering the really nasty and vicious bile published by the right wing press, like the Daily Mail. About how a newspaper like the Guardian is not the BBC, it’s not a public service that all TV viewers are legally compelled to pay for and has no obligation to neutrality. About how the boycott is a campaign organised by the frothier end of the Corbynista movement who are no more supporters of or sympathetic to the cause of Scottish independence than the self-righteous metrocommentariat of the Guardian are, and who are equally blind to British nationalism.

And then I read the Guardian’s hagiography of Ruth Davidson. After reading that love-in that failed to ask Ruth anything approaching a difficult question, that allowed her to pose as a personality bereft of any political principle other than her own self promotion, I’ve decided not to bother. You want to boycott the Guardian? On yese go. Knock yourselves out. I’m past caring.

So we are told that it is a credit to Ruth Davidson that she has made the fact that she’s a pregnant lesbian so unremarkable in a country where homosexuality wasn’t decriminalised until 1981. There’s still some way to go in ensuring full equality and acceptance for LGBT people in Scotland, but it is a testament to the good sense and humanity of the people of Scotland that in terms of legal protections and rights this country is now one of the best places in the world in which to be gay.

But is this thanks to Ruth Davidson? Eh no. Now I will admit that I have a personal interest in this particular topic. I am one of those Scottish gay people who came of age when homosexuality was still illegal in this country.  It galls me no end to read heterosexual journalists claiming that Ruth is so groundbreaking and giving her the credit for social changes which others have achieved. If you believe that Ruth Davidson is responsible then clearly you’ve not been paying attention.

Speaking as a gay Scot who is a fair bit older than Ruth, I can assure you that the fact that it’s unremarkable that Scotland has a gay Conservative leader who’s starting a family of her own is nothing for Ruth to take credit for. She is merely the product of the changes in Scottish society that a previous generation of lesbian and gay Scots fought for, fought for tooth and nail in the face of the bitter opposition of the party that she now represents. And, while we’re on the topic, in the teeth of bitter opposition from very large and influential sections of the Labour party in Scotland too.

Ruth is benefiting from the changes that were brought about by an older generation of LGBTQ people in this country, a generation which stood up and made change happen at a time when it still created a serious risk to your livelihood, your career, your family relationships, and even your physical safety. That was a time when the Aids epidemic was destroying our communities, and we were wracked with grief at the loss of so many. We stood up and spoke out because it really was silence or death. And if you were going to die anyway you might as well go shouting. My own first partner died of Aids.  Back in the 80s was when it was brave to stand up and be counted, to stand up and make your voice heard. Ruth stands on the shoulders of those who won that victory of social acceptance, all too often at immense personal cost. She’s not the cause of it, she’s the beneficiary.

Some of us gay people were creating our own families over two decades ago at a time when those same newspapers which now print hagiographies of Ruth Davidson were demonising us. I have daughters with a lesbian couple, my eldest is now in her 20s. Gay folk having kids is not a new thing. But when we created a family there were no gushing articles in newspapers telling us how groundbreaking and brave we were. There were only hate articles insisting that people like us shouldn’t be allowed to have children.

So don’t tell me how leading-edge Ruth Davidson is. She’s a latecomer to the baby shower, she doesn’t get the credit for organising it. She didn’t normalise gay families. An older generation of gay people did that. She didn’t normalise being gay in public life. Aulder gay folk did that. She’s able to enjoy the privilege she does as the leader of the Scottish Conservatives because other people have done the hard work of attaining public and social acceptance, and suffered as a result. That was work which the Scottish Conservatives actively sought to undo and which they tried to prevent happening.

And yeah, I have a particular bugbear about this, because I was one of the ones who got gaybashed – more than once – in order to secure Ruth’s privileges. So don’t tell me how bloody groundbreaking she is. It scunners me no end to see her get the credit for the changes that others suffered and sacrificed for in order to bring about.

Now I’ve got that out of my system, what was even worse was that a national newspaper printed an article praising Ruth Davidson for talking about her mental health issues without seeing fit to mention the destruction of mental health service provision in England under the auspices of her own Conservative party, and the Conservative threat to the Scottish budget meaning that the Scottish Government has to cut services in other areas to protect NHS Scotland.

But hey, it’s OK that an axe is being taken to mental health services, that benefits for disabled people are being slashed, that there’s an epidemic of food poverty, that mental health issues and drug and alcohol dependency are strongly influenced by the poverty and deprivation that Conservative policies are making worse. It’s OK that Ruth Davidson presides over a party through which sectarianism, racism, and misogyny run to its rotten core, because doesn’t Ruth Davidson have a lovely smile, and she’s so willing to talk about her personal life.

Talking about her party’s policies? Not so much. Because that might mean she’s questioned on them, and when she’s questioned the smile disappears. It becomes as invisible as her political principles. Ruth is the Cheshire Cat of politics, smiling into non-existence.

When a newspaper treats a politician like a celebrity off the telly, it does no one any favours. It doesn’t hold the powerful to account when a politician is treated as some sort of cheerful outsider with a compelling personal narrative, and not as a member of the governing party in the UK. It helps no one when Ruth Davidson is not challenged on the gulf between her words and her party’s actions. All it does is to reduce British politics to a species of reality show, politics as spectacle not as principle. When the political means of holding the powerful to account are as weak as they are in the UK, it’s all the more important that the press does it. They’re failing us.


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49 comments on “The Cheshire cat of politics

  1. Andy Anderson says:

    Your last sentence says it all. ‘They’re failing us’.

  2. Thank you, Paul. It needed to be said.

    Unfortunately, I can’t boycott the Guardian any more than I do already, because I no longer read the thing – I got scunnered with everything anglo- or metrocentric years ago now.

  3. Duncan Currie says:

    I’m not sure of my facts here but my girlfriend hates Ruth’s hypocrisy on this very issue claiming she followed Tory Policy and voted against Gay marriage etc – might be worth checking her voting record on this? She married very shortly after Gay Marriage became legal and this why my partner was so angry as she could have been fighting to chance the Parties Policy but protected her career instead! I’ve been too lazy to check this myself I fear!!!

    • weegingerdug says:

      There are many hypocrisies to call Ruth Davidson out for, but this isn’t one of them. She supported gay marriage when the Scottish Parliament voted on it.

  4. smp6v says:

    Bad…you made me go and read that article … actually I didn’t I was curious as to whether they had comments and they do. A thing the Guardian has been doing more and more recently is not allowing comments on any article that’s liable to get criticised (and links to better evidence posted). Comment is free my @rse! Surprisingly there were comments and many criticising The Mooth. I can only figure they are so ignorant they actually believe what they printed was perfectly reasonable. Otherwise they wouldn’t have allowed comments.

  5. […] Wee Ginger Dug The Cheshire cat of politics I had been toying with the idea of writing this blog article about how it’s […]

  6. davidmccann24 says:

    Brilliant article Paul!
    So good I suggest you send it to the Guardian! It’s up to you if you ask for payment or not!

  7. Vestas says:

    The choice in England is simple and the press reflect that :

    Red tory (regardless of Corbyn’s bullshit);
    Blue tory;
    Orange tory (pretendy liberals);
    Purple tory (true tory).

    Katherine Viner is a blue tory at least (Alumni of Pembroke College Oxford) and an utter disgrace as an editor. Rusbridger at least had some morality in his early days as editor.

  8. David says:

    Thanks for this Paul. I have been extremely irritated by this latest bit of Ruth, the celebrity, media lovey “journalism” and I’m glad to read that you, as one of the real campaigners for LGBT rights at the time when it wasn’t fashionable, are equally or possibly even more irritated than myself.

    A very recent event that has not received much publicity this side of the equator is David Mundell’s visit to Uruguay as head of a mission trying to generate some post brexit trade deals. While he was there, Tuesday and Wednesday, 25th and 26th September, he also took the trouble to congratulate Uruguay on its strong commitment to LGBT rights without ever once mentioning that he belonged to the party that had to be dragged into modern age support of LGBT rights by the short and curlies.

    Such is the shallow and sad life of an opportunist, hypocrite of a politician.

    The dug might like these links –

  9. Marie Gray says:

    Excellent piece Paul. The Ruth Davidsons of this world will be forgotten very quickly because she has never & probably never will do anything approaching remarkable.

  10. Douglas says:

    Thank you Paul for expressing in calm reasoned words what I would probably say in a expletive peppered rant!! RD is a disgrace. How anyone who is gay supports the tory party is beyond me, I suppose each to there own…

  11. Iona says:

    Well said, Paul.

  12. Abbi says:

    I too am more than irritated by the sycophantic drivel put out by the G. Quite apart from this latest nonsense, the G was a leading light in the baby box ‘scandal’ and there is a constant stream of SNPbaad articles. The comments BTL, when we’re permitted to comment, are worth reading. Indeed some English BTL commentators are beginning to question the reporting of the G on Scotland and Ruth Davidson given how negatively we Scots react to the output of their reporters on Scottish affairs.

  13. Paul, reading your words struck a core in me. We have become so accepting of LGBT that we forgot how BAD it was. Not saying it is perfect now but I remember LGBT friends ‘hiding’ their sexuality, my younger B in law phoning hubby after he was ‘Gay bashed’ & I went up to his flat with TCP & bandages etc & he would not call the police as felt- no point! A 35 yr old friend who was Bi Sexual & had been abused by a teachers at schoo,l who could not come forward with complaint as knew his sexuality would have been used against him. JEEZE it was not so long ago, but thank feck for the Men & Women who fought against the prejudices & hate. Ruth Davidson is no Role Model, No Pioneer, No Activist. she is a Cuckoo in the nest – she has stolen what was not her plaudits to take! The MH thing!!!. Oh Boy don’t get me started. A schizophrenic sister sent into Thatchers ‘Care in the community’ A hubby with PTSD for 20 yrs…I’ll see your teenage angst Ruth & Raise You – REAL PEOPLE REAL SUFFERING!

    • Illy says:

      I’m also one of those beneficiaries of the serious LGBT campaigners.

      Growing up in the 90’s it still wasn’t good. Scotland really has come a long way very fast.

      Hats off to you all (and as a Quaker, that’s a bigger complement than it sounds)

  14. Alasdair Macdonald. says:

    These self-proclaimed metropolitan ‘progressive’ media – Guardian, New Statesman, Observer, Prospect, Left Foot Forward – are even more drooling about Ms Davidson than the traditional Tory supporting papers like the Times, Daily Mail, BBC. A couple of weeks ago, the New Statesman had THREE articles about Ms Davidson in one issue!

    It is all puffery. There is no political substance to the articles. Libby Brooks puff in the Guardian had the depth of a blancmange.

    Blaming the current editor Ms Viner is deluding. The Guardian has always been the most metrocentric, anglocentric of all the ‘national’ papers. Indeed, with regard to the Irish, the Scots and the Welsh it has for a long time been frankly racist.

  15. susan says:

    Great post Paul. Glad I don’t read these papers, my mental health is precarious enough as it is!

  16. Frank Gillougley says:

    Absolutely, Paul, absolutely.
    ‘Celebrity politics’ and that’s all it is. Not much difference between that and Love Island. Tomorrows chip wrappings. I had started to read the article in the Guardian and gave up the will to live after 2 paragraphs. It was as life affirming as eating my own vomit. Lies, lies and lies. God knows why I read the Guardian – i don’t really, I just scan its headlines – its also free – and its an easy to digest format – its a magazine really.- I scan it for world news and only read comment if its something i am interested in.
    But the blanket censorship by this ‘liberal’ paper of dissenting Scottish voices is its most blatant unionist ploy. There are no comments for Scottish’ matters. Just their ‘journalists’ take on whatever and thats that. Suck it up you jocks.
    Aye, as you say, enough to gie ye the boak. I am past caring anymore. The Yes movement is for real. That is where politics is.

  17. Macart says:

    Huh! They really are bigging up the shouty one for points south, aren’t they? Good! They really, REALLY, deserve her.

    No, she’s achieved nothing for the population of Scotland. All of Ms Davidson’s achievements have been about Ruth Davidson, and most of them have been achieved because a desperate media and state required a go to face in the barbarian northern wilderness. She is a policy free zone, mainly because the policies of her party are decided elsewhere. She really doesn’t need to bother much about the boring bits of politics.

    Oh and if journos really gave a shit about her personal record? They’d know the person by the policies and societal strategies they advocate. So not a caring, sharing, fuzzy type then.

    As for the Guardian? Upon a time, a title I bought regularly, along with a Herald which had (past tense) some outstanding journos and writers. I thought prior to the 2014 campaign, that if any mainstream title would understand where the Scottish government and YES movement were coming from, it would be the Graun. (sigh)

    I stopped buying both midway through 2014. I haven’t bought a mainstream title in over four years. I used to comment regularly in the Scottish section for a while (missionary work). That stopped too. Their editorial toward the end of the 2014 campaign wouldn’t have been out of place in the Mail tbh. Their moderation on their comments sections became … questionable, and their journalistic commentariat? Oh my.

    To be honest, I didn’t consider my action a boycott. They simply didn’t speak to me or for me anymore. No mainstream title did and no mainstream publisher looked likely to. I simply went in search of commentators and journalism which would and could. I found it in new media and I found it here. That’s not all I found though. I found friends, like minds and folk who actually care.

    Y’know, they call sites like this echo chambers. Newsflash! Most outlets are echo chambers. People gravitate toward the title and journalism which fits their worldview. I am proud to be associated with the folk on this site. It’s a privilege and a pleasure to come here and chat to folk who actually care about others. Care about how they and others are cared for.

    I’m pretty much done with the manufactured hate fests in today’s mainstream. The dogwhistle journalism. The shock horror hate a muslim, gay, Scot, immigrant, benefits junkie headlines. The rentaquote nonentities (Looking at you Mr Rennie). The Z list celeb strictlycomexfactorgetmetaef**kouttahere and who shagged who horseshit, as the state and those and such as those are literally lighting the blue touch paper in the real world.

    Failing us? They failed us. They betrayed us. They worked hand in glove with their speed dial chooms in parliament and led us by the nose to this omnishambles.

    Mainstream media and the self serving halfwits inhabiting the Thames jungle gym. A match made in…somewhere other than heaven really.

  18. hettyforindy says:

    Great article Paul. I ditched the pretendy lefty rag the Graun years ago, just like Women’s hour on pretendy lefty Radio 4, it became all far too airy fairy.

    The Graun is no friend of Scotland and definitely very very anti SNP. Friends in England, a gay couple I know who read the Graun every day, really quite like untRuth, they are Labour voters. Can’t they see what a over rated, over paid, jumped up, self serving, absolute Tory she is and would have no qualms in taking your bus pass away! She’s quite nasty and aggressive beneath that faux smile as well.

    Journalist John Pilger has a few things to say about the Guardian, and it is not complimentary. I know who I would trust with facts and news between the two, though there is no comparison.
    I noticed though on twitter yesterday, some strange tweet about how awful the Canary is and how wonderful the Gruan is. The pretendy lefty rag is quite often left on the shop shelves, no wonder.

  19. Orri says:

    I suspect the majority of those who’d boycott anything might already be doing so. A call for them to do so would have barely any effect. And that would be taken as a failure of independence support.

  20. Colin Dawson says:

    When the leader of the Scottish Conservatives is given an unopposed platform in the Guardian, it’s really hard not to conclude that the mainstream media in the UK is state controlled using DSMA Notices.

  21. mogabee says:

    If the Graun or all other papers really, really wanted to engage with Scottish issues they have a funny way of going about it!

    Constant articles about the Tory leader in Scotland emphasises their utter contempt for reality and truth and ..well, everything tbh.

    There’s a push to replace Nicola Sturgeon with A.N. OTHER they don’t care which useless arse gets to sit on her sofa in Bute House, as long as the useless arse is controlled by Westminster parties.

    That’s the end point and you what? They won’t win because as Paul rightly says, they have all failed us. Over and over and over again…

  22. Jude Hendry says:

    OK..I’m lost ….why does anyone read the Guardian anymore? thought it was ‘gone’ a decade ago… As to ‘Roothie the Moothie’ …she is one smart cookie …and just the perfect job for an ENGLISH PM … I put that in capitals in case you got me wrong ..and thought I meant some ‘fictional reality’ like the (bygone) ‘UK’… like who, in Scotland, really sees themselves as living in a ‘UK’ here…now?…’re right ..there are some numpties. ..but fewer by the minute… Okay? …. Hey, Mr Ginger … you are right that some of us got bashed and even raped. ..back then ..and still stood up and fought …but would it have been right to say ..excuse me …but when we win we’re not having any damn Tory thinking people left alive from this massacre? Indeed, I remember,even in the 80’s …with Section28/2A in force..and friends dying of AIDS.. some ‘gay’ folk professing to be Tory…found it mega hard to understand …but there it was. So, guess I’m saying …might have near kilt us …but we won…and that includes those of us that are Tory…hate to say it like though! Hey, I listen Radio.and watch some TV…I know they ask ‘Roothie’ never the Nicola …but the BBC is exactly what they say on the tin..Unionist…so the rest of the media across the board (exception..The my opinion) is just going to do that fantasy …full stop…until we stop it …that would be Independence from this carnage …food banks, suicides (DWP Report of 2015 stated that suicides and attempted had increased since they introduced their ‘new measures’ on Benefits)…and on and on…. Okay? Does the Guardian cover what is happening to real people? Really? Come on! . Hey, just for the record …I ‘came out’ in 1971…. All the best…yours, Aye..Jude

    • weegingerdug says:

      You’re missing the point. I didn’t say that we fought for equality except for gay people of a Tory persuasion. Equality means that gay people have the right to be dickheads as well.

      The entire point of this article is that it wasn’t Ruth Davidson who achieved those breakthroughs, even though our media is determined to give her the credit for it.

  23. Patience is a Virtue says:

    Just listened to Poltitics Scotland with Ruth Davidson and the line ‘as a Democrat I have to respect that’ caught my ear.

    Ruth strangely, does not it seem want to resepct the vote, she and others, were present at in the Scottish Parliament (where she and others lost 69 for / 59 against) … namely on having a vote on Independence…i.e. it being the democratic will of the Scottish Parliament, and as Democrat you ‘have to respect that.’

    so then what is it exactly you don’t respect? what is it you are you afraid of? the Scottish Parliament? Democracy? or Independence?.

    If you are a Democrat then the result /consequence, even if you lose (which you did), should not be a problem., as you say ‘I have to respect that.’

    69/59 does indeed = a democratic Mandate to have a vote on Independence, and as a Democrat I have to respect that.

    • hettyforindy says:

      It’s getting sinister, untRuth being given such a high profile, a platform to spout whatever her rabid right wing Tory party want people to see and hear. She is no democrat, her loyalty is to an autocrat, her master and leader.

      Be in no doubt, the Britnats are planning and plotting, something akin to a coup in Scotland, especially if they see support for independence becoming even more apparent. They want the SNP out of Holyrood, and will stop at nothing. These people have money and power, it’s a dangerous combination.

    • Patience, I too have just watched the pointless pre-recorded vacuous nonsense. Brewer just sat and let Davidson mouth hoary old chestnuts, and twitter on about becoming FM in 2021.
      The British People decided, did they?
      Feck the Scottish people and their 62%.
      She is a pointless little self promoter, who laughably claimed that she was ‘in’ on the low level working of Chequers II, and that her ‘party’ in Scotland was autonomous, ‘one person one vote’, and that she devised a ‘Scottish’ section of the Blue Tories’ UKGE manifestoes, independently.
      She came across as expected; a motor mouthed Tory Pamphlet, without an original thought in her head, and with no regard to serving the people of Scotland who voted for her.
      The usual wee free promo for Mum2B, from her pals at BBC Ministry of Truth, Pacific Quay Scot Stockade on the fringes of the London Empire.
      What is the point of Brewer?
      She should have just been left to ramble on uninterrupted.
      Christ, imagine if this lass was anywhere near the levers of Government!
      Ahalf hour of intellect free toss from Brewer, as usual.
      And they wonder why their audience is down to a few thousand 60 something net curtain twitchers, and we dogged vile cybernats, who refuse to let them get away with squandering our licence money like this.
      Will it be the same half hour of white noise next Sunday at the start of the SNP Beanfeast?
      A hint from the Droop when he referred to Leonard and Davidson forbidding a second Indyref in a 2021 manifesto.
      He claimed that NS was ‘boxed in’ because the Red and Blue Tories ‘forbade’ a second plebiscite, and that she could blame the Brit Nats when she abandoned calling Indyref 2.
      What fecking purple polka dot world does Brewer live in?
      There will be a second Independence Referendum.
      Leonard and Davidson have as much influence on what happens in Scotland and a tear drop in an ocean.
      Yet the keep this fantasy going.
      I observed the other day; I reiterate, fold up your tents, Donalda, and close down the Ministry of Truth Stockade at Pacific Quay and head back to London.
      Andrew Faithful Retainer Marr had a right good go at May, who visibly crumbled the longer the grilling went on.
      He knows something. She is obviously coming to the end of her rope.
      The Brexshit is about to hit the fan in days, and Davidson is given 8 minutes to drivel on and on and on, as if she mattered.
      I hope she’s available to turn over my lawn and plant spuds carrots and turnips when the End Of Days begins

  24. robert harrison says:

    I was thinking as I watched the film theroy video on you tube titled the corruption of superman it was using real world journalist guidelines of the society of professional journalists which is what usa journalists have to follow and I thought to myself what if the bbc was tested under those same guidelines well the spj coe are split into 4 catergorys see the truth and report it minimise harm act independently and be accountable and transparent and going over bbc clips on YouTube they definitely would fail

    Frist of seek the truth and report it here’s one bit Brian Taylor would be guilty of every fmqs never deliberately distort facts or context including visual information and his chum he gets on seem most of the time to break this as well so does politics live they Laura kunsberg and Joe coburn would be guilty of it as well as when mays struggling mainly against Blackford it’s never mentioned what so ever Taylor on fmqs when our frist minister gives calm answers to the 3 England national party’s they make out she struggled plus another bit they break is neither speed or format excuses inaccuracies fmqs is 45 mins and they got to wacth and analysis in that time yet they tell the opposite of what was aired for all watching.

    Minimise harm there’s no need to explain this when there intent is to cause the snp government the maximum amount of harm anyway possible at any cost even slander our nation if necessary.

    Act independently this one is where there impartiality claim would fail big time protecting Ruth Davidson video is evidence of not acting independently which gets them on the bit deny favoured treatment to advisors donors or other special interests and resist internal and external pressure to influence coverage so under those guildlines bbc employees could outright refuse to cover on air there bosses baised views no wonder Westminster wants all media outlets under its iron fist.

    And the 4th catergory be accountable and transparent one guideline here gets me most expose unethical conduct in journalism including within there own organisations bbc are guilty big time on this one especially Andrew Neil under these rules he should of easily given the sack on his many unethical conducts in past interviews most recent I remember was his one with Tim fallon during the snap election he was near getting violent towards tim fallon in that interview yet the bbc kept him on.

    Bbc better be thankfull they under fascist English supremacy rule of the Conservatives if under rules like the spj they’d be so up the creek if rules like that ever was enforced.

    • Jan Cowan says:

      Well worth reading, Sam. Thanks.

      • Macart says:

        Couldn’t have been an easy thing for Mr Moore Jan. It’s never too late to decide that people come before party though and always well worth the effort to keep that hand held out.

        We don’t have to agree on everything, but we do have to agree on one thing. The people always have the freedom to choose and decide.

        • Robert Harrison says:

          Well macart thanks to people like him seeing the truth the britnats are the minority now we get the undecided former noers to back us and the British are finished here in Scotland come indyref2.

  25. Robert Graham says:

    A bit o/t over this last two weeks not one SNP politician has been on any of the mainstream news channels , on the other hand I have seen and heard all the usual Unionist suspects and their performance follows the same format , a very lame question followed by what is theirs views on independence the only ones that are speaking about a second independence referendum are the Unionist parties because the SNP are persona non grata so they are not allowed any opinion .
    Politics Scotland featured a promo by and for the Ruth party with not one question being put about Tory problems in Scotland, not a bloody off script hint about the swamp this lot are mired in ,well done BBC Scotland job well done, even the clip about equal pay in Glasgow City Councils glossed over the 10 years and the millions spent blocking this by a Labour led Council , not a bloody wiff of anything by the unions during the 10 years of this dispute , all of a sudden a SNP council elected and the unions go bat shit crazy and strikes are planned , This Labour lot are so transparent it’s farcical , these women should tell the Unions to f/k off .

    • Robert Harrison says:

      Shows the desperation is getting worse for British nationalists then. I hate to agree with the cons on this one thing as it makes me want to vomit but the unions are at this moment hindering things not helping they are a burden right now and it’s all labours fault but back to the conservatives themselves they are just as oppressive only unlike labour conservatives are practically all but wearing signs saying screw you people we hate you and we don’t care what you suckers think of us as we rule this country where as labour try to sliver tongued schemers like some stereotypical evil lackey.

  26. bedelsten says:

    The Grauniad, along with other such publications sometimes called newspapers, is flailing about seeking to define its function within society, a society it perceives from within a metrocentric Westminster bubble. At times I have some sympathy and feel tempted to subscribe but then along comes another SNPBaad article from Severin Carrell, which is all he ever seems to be able to produce, or Libby Brookes produces this vapid, puff-piece about mum-to-be Davidson, whereupon my sympathy evaporates and my credit card stays in my pocket. But I don’t boycott the paper and I don’t comment (any more), it can adjust and succeed or fail and die as it sees fit. Though it does not seem to me to be a valid business model to alienate fifty percent of the Scottish buying public.

    But we bought the village’s last copy of the Sunday National today and I thought it was trying to troll me with the picture on the front.

    The Grauniad does have one saving Crace named John who, if he got sacked, could probably make a living crowdfunding a blog. The rest, the commentators especially, are so full of self-importance (a senior member of a party told me today blah blah blah) they think they should all have houses named after them instead of just the one.

    I stopped reading Libby Brooke’s puff-piece at ‘giving birth to her first child, conceived with her partner, Jen’.

  27. Shona Scatchard says:

    In late 1978 I was the youngest and female minister in the Church of Scotland. I was married but separated from my husband and became pregnant as a result of my realationship with another minister. The story became front page news in all the national newspapers bar the Guardian. It was only unseated by the events in the Catholic Church when they had three different popes in the space of about 10 days or so. In our subsequent exile south of the border, my partner and I would read no other paper than the Guardian, till his death in 2000. However, since moving north to Scotland again in 2005, I had found it increasingly irrelevant to my life here. The last thing I missed about it was the only crossword, the quick one, I was ever able to consistently complete. Thank goodness for the National. I do miss the Guardian voices of the past, but thank goodness for yourself Wee Ginger Dug and your ilk now available online too.

  28. Kenmath says:

    Worth noting that Arch-Tory-Yoon Andrew McKie’s article in Friday’s Herald was headlined “Sorry, I don’t have a clue why anyone needs Ruth Davidson”. Most of the article is scene-setting and only 6 paras out of 19 relate directly to the Mooth. The very last para is the most telling: “What matters is what Ms Davidson’s policies and principles are. I would have addressed those, but I’m afraid she hasn’t given me any clues yet as to what they are.”

    It’s very encouraging that at least one Yoon has spotted tha vacuity and self-promotion is all that’s needed to succeed in the Tory Party!

  29. smac1314 says:

    Ruth the month, a gnat standing on the shoulders of giants.

  30. Macart says:

    Sweet baby Jeebus!

    They have to kidding!?!

    Supposedly two years into the greatest act of political and national self harm in the post war period. An act affecting and bringing misery to millions. A society fractured beyond repair, but y’know, break out the bunting and get your good self down with the Blighty spirit.


    How epically cretinous and insensitive do you have to be to even consider this idiocy? Frankly, I’d mibbies be prioritising feeding the folk in my care rather than holding a fucking street party. That day job thing they insist others do?


    Also. And again maybe just me. Why, in the name of all that’s reasonable and logical, would I want to celebrate a state that brought me and mine to such a disaster?

    That suggestion takes so much brasso, I can’t even imagine the length of the neck involved.

  31. Jan Cowan says:

    They have to fill the void now that the “celebration of the British” WW1 has been played out, Sam. Anything, but anything to negate the drive for Scottish independence..

  32. Welsh Sion says:

    Agree with the commentators here regarding the anglo-centric, indeed London-centric nature of the Grauniad. Twas ever so, I imagine when it dropped the name ‘Manchester’ from its masthead.

    I’m not qualified to speak on LGBTQ+ matters. I leave such matters in the capable hands of Paul and others. Nor, not so much, on Scottish matters either – although, regular readers will know I follow matters political in your country with great interest and frequent here, Wings and Bella much, much more than “The Street of Shame.”

    However, I’d draw your attention to the Grauniad’s complete obeisance to the Anglo-Saxon order in at least two recent examples.

    Firstly, they made great play of an anonymous English couple who objected to their kids having a Welsh language education in Wales – something which is now compulsory (as of 2000) up to 16 in all Welsh schools. No matter that everyone else in the locality were for promoting multilingualism (and indeed the ‘home’ language in its home country),- the Guardian refused to interview any of these, but gave a dedicated platform to the gripes of two whinging Anglos who probably thought they were still in leafy Surrey or on the verandah of their bungalow in Simla.

    Secondly, a big feature was made of the beluga and its recent visit to the metropolis within the Great Orbital, that currently sports the title of the Imperial Capital of these North Atlantic Islands. I was moved to declare that it was the first time in oh-such-a-long-time that Londoners (and their representatives in Grubb Street) had shown any interest in w(h)ales …

    Aye, right enough. For tucked away in three tiny paragraphs on page 26, we learnt of the election of Adam Price as the new Leader of Plaid Cymru. Who was the Adam Price? What was his back story? What were his policies? What did he think he could do for Wales? How would his election affect the rest of this Benighted Kingdumb? Was Welsh independence now inevitable? What did the other Parties think of Adam Price? Not a peep.

    There – that’s me had my rant for the (Sunday) evening. I wish all my friends in Scotland an enjoyable, pleasant and happy coming week (and month).

    Yours, aye.

    Tros Gymru / For Scotland.

  33. Robert Louis says:

    Well said. I too get mighty hacked off with Ruth Davidson, letting people imply or even openly state that she is some kind of ‘trailblazer’ for gay rights. She represents a nasty political party that fought tooth and nail to harm, bully, damage and destroy gay people. I think some young folk don’t even know about how the Tories not so very long ago treated gay people. (Many in the Tories still think that way, and then their are those DUP bigots, with whom Ruth Davidson is so cosy with.

    Ruth Davidson is a fraud. Masquerading as a ‘gay champion’. An absolute charlatan.

  34. Sarah Mackintosh says:

    Thank you, another brilliant article, expressing so well what I struggle to articulate.

    Best wishes,


  35. georgeaberhonddu says:

    I don’t know if you read the Guardian’s web site, but the majority of opinion there is that the Guardian was wrong to give her any space.

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