Time for the stars to shine

Oh dear gods. Oh all the deities that anyone has ever worshipped. Oh anthropomorphised personification of an impersonal and uncaring universe. I’m fed up. I’m fed up with the wibbling wankwits dribbling drivel and calling it wisdom. I’m fed up with the mendacious mouth-breathers. I’m fed up with the self-serving and the selfish stupidity. I’m fed up with the dishonesty, the duplicity, and the deceit. I’m fed up with the arrogance of arsewiping addlebrains. I’m fed up with the harebrained scheming of heartless scumsuckers. I’m even fed up with the artful invention of alliterating insults. It’s that bad. This is what happens when you pay attention to British politics and the British media.

The UK is a mess. If it was a horse it would be shot. If it was a cow it would be the patient zero in a foot and mouth epidemic. If it was an earthworm it would be lying shrivelled on a hot pavement and not even a ravenous crow would think it was a tasty morsel.

Today, at the Labour party conference in Liverpool, Branch Office manager Richard Who He stood up and perorated in a dull monotone that made even Iain Gray seem like a charismatic and amusing after dinner speaker that people in Scotland don’t want a referendum. Richard gave no evidence for this assertion, but presumably he’d read it in the Daily Record and has been hearing Ruth Davidson repeating it at every opportunity for the past four years, so it must be true. After all, who needs democracy when you can have baseless assertions and the occasional opinion poll in the pages of the anti-independence press. So because of this, Labour is going to include a manifesto commitment in the General Election which will give Jezza a mandate to refuse to allow any future indy ref in Scotland. That’s you telt, uppity Jocks.

It doesn’t matter what Scotland votes for. It makes no difference if there is a Scottish Parliament with a mandate for another independence vote and a majority of MSPs who support it. It doesn’t matter if it’s a pro-indy party which gains the largest number of seats and votes in a future Westminster General Election in Scotland. Jezza will be able to opt for the Partido Popular solution to referendums because he’s Prime Minister on the back of votes in the rest of the UK.

Labour has just destroyed any pretence that it’s a party which supports the Claim of Right underpinning the devolution settlement and Scotland’s place in the UK. That all by itself counts as a material change of circumstances as a trigger for another independence referendum. Labour can no longer pretend that the UK offers Scotland what Scotland votes for. Labour has turned its back on the principle that the people of Scotland have the sovereign right to choose the form of government best suited to their needs. Labour has abrogated that right to itself.

Meanwhile, despite the very clear evidence that a huge majority of Labour’s own members want another referendum on Brexit, Labour has instead decided that two faces are not enough for the party leadership. You can have a referendum, says the Labour leadership, just not a referendum on what you want to have a referendum on. Instead you can have a referendum giving you a choice between a no deal Brexit or a crappy deal Brexit.

Labour has just destroyed itself in Scotland. It’s opposed to any future independence referendums, alienating that large segment of the Labour vote in Scotland which supports independence. And it is opposed to any revisiting of the decision to leave the EU, alienating that even larger segment of the Labour vote in Scotland which wants to remain a part of the EU. The Jezzagasm has proven less conducive to a last relationship with the Scottish electorate than a blind date who turned out to possess the engaging wit of Richard Who He, the numeracy of Jackie Baillie, the colour and charisma of James Kelly, and the sex appeal of Gordie Broon.

Meanwhile the Lib Dems continue to provide a lesson in the meaning of the word hypocrisy, demanding a second Brexit referendum but refusing a second Scottish independence referendum, even though both claims to a second vote are based upon the same grounds – that voters were lied to and those who won have not delivered their promises.

The Tories continue to be their usual repugnant selves, the only two things that they’re competent at are being vile and fighting amongst themselves. Today the arch Brexists of the European Research Group had another press conference to present their plan for Brexit since the last plan they presented at a press conference was ridiculed. The new plan is exactly the same as the old plan, and largely consists of the assertion that everything will be fine because we’re British and we won the war. The ERG wants to rip up European standards on food, workers’ rights, and environmental protection in pursuit of seeking trade deals. Because clearly the UK will only be able to compete if British workers have similar levels of protection as those in sweat shops in South East Asia, where they munch hurriedly on chlorinated chicken sandwiches during the five minute lunch breaks that they don’t get paid for halfway through their twelve hour shift. We can look forward to more backstabbing, infighting, and manoeuvering for position from the careerists of the Tory party at their conference in Birmingham next week. What joy.

All this is bad enough. It’s worse than bad enough. It’s at times like that that a country is desperately in need of a press which forensically dissects the claims and pretensions of British political parties. But what we’ve got is a highly partisan media that specialises in stirring up hatred against minorities, migrants, and the marginalised. The EU’s justice commissioner Věra Jourová, who was brought up in the totalitarian Czechoslovakia under Communist rule, has compared the British press to the media in 1970s Czechoslovakia in its single minded pursuit of xenophobic nationalism and desire to spread hatred.

I’m fed up, because the politics and press of the UK are broken and they can’t be fixed. I’m fed up, because there is no remedy, there is only escape. I’m fed up being told to wait, being told to trust, being told to hold back. I’m fed up, because patience is a finite resource and even a saint runs out of it eventually. I’m fed up sailing through the long dark night without a star to guide me. It’s the SNP conference the week after next, and I expect the party leadership to take note. It’s time for the stars to shine.

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35 comments on “Time for the stars to shine

  1. Indyman says:

    You speak my thoughts.

  2. JSM says:

    Reblogged this on Ramblings of a 50+ Female and commented:
    I think we’re a’ fed up o’ the same things you are, Paul. But hing in there. The Unionists are doing their best to convince the soft No’s to change to Yes!

  3. I’ve been patient. I posted on Twitter over the weekend how much I trust the First Minister and that I’m willing to be patient because she knows more about when the right time is, and she will let me know when the time is right. But I am not patient by nature. My other half would endorse this. He knows my patience has its limits. Let’s just say, if there was a World Impatience Championships, I wouldn’t just be on the team, I would be Captain, and I would parade around the ring wearing one of several Honorary Doctorates for Services to Impatience. For friends, I have no patience. None.

    But on Scottish Independence, my patience has excelled itself.

    Back in the 80’s and 90’s independence was just a far away dream. But someone said “Lo ! Mother of Molly the Dog – if you are really good, and throw off your impatient ways, independence will come” and I gladly entered rehab

    “What must I wait for ?” I (im)patiently implored this angel of joy

    “Many, many ducks in a row” they said, frowning at my fidgeting “There must be three victories of the SNP in a Scottish Government, one of which must be a majority in a system categorically set up to make such a thing impossible

    “There must be two General Elections where the SNP return to Westminster as the third largest party in the UK

    “And there must be Council Elections where the SNP win more seats than ever before”

    “WHAT ?????” I cried, “I can’t wait for that !!”

    “There’s more” said the angel “There will be an indyref, which YES will lose, but another chance will come. The tories will stupidly hold an EU Referendum and if Scotland vote to Remain, but the overall result is to Leave, then…….THEN……will Scotland have it’s chance.”

    I was dumbfounded. How could I possibly live long enough to see all these things come to pass ? Would independence ever be ours ? What were the chances of all these things coming true ……

    Well Nicola ? Ah’m waiting……..patiently

    • Gavin C Barrie says:

      Keep the heid, bide your time.Watch and wait. Theresa May is in a pickle and I don’t see a solution for her, meantime, Scotland voted remain.

  4. Relax! I don’t have any pretty words to help you, but I’m positive that we will be independent eventually.

    Sent from my iPad

  5. fillofficer says:

    agree paul, the incessant droning certainly numbs the soul
    we are in dire need of a realistic vision/action for the future
    next week the tory calamity conference should speed things along
    & the dark nights dont help either, heh

  6. stewartb says:

    Your last paragraph Paul is absolutely right and very powerful. I know that much of the case for having a second Indyref soon has been based on being taken out of the EU against the will of the Scottish electorate – and that is an important factor. But there is so much more to the case for – the necessity of – getting Scotland out of this Union!

    The way Brexit is being handled by the Westminster establishment is just another, albeit a very stark, demonstration of how the whole UK ‘system’ is broken. We can do so much better in Scotland. And of course the people of England, Wales and NI all deserve much better governance too – but perhaps they need step-change to happen somewhere (in Scotland first?) to catalyse progress to better governance.

    And in my view we have seen today the Labour Party on Brexit choose ‘triangulation’, fudge and short term party interest in gaining power over leadership/statesmanship and the needs of the people of the all UK. No ‘solution’ in prospect from that quarter!

  7. Alison Blackledge says:

    Set that first paragraph to music. Really loud and fierce music. It’s a stirring piece, R Leonard take notes. Feels like a gathering storm up ahead. No appetite? We’ll see on the 6th.

  8. hettyforindy says:

    Can’t agree more, the s**t is about to hit the fan and Scotland is standing right in front of it, if we don’t get out of the so called UK as soon as is absolutely possible, like tomorrow, though yesterday would have been better, ideally!

    Someone on twitter seemed to think that a Britnat could still be voted as FM if they had the support of all 3 Britnats parties. Labour branch office are far too arrogant for comfort, the Tories are always arrogant.

    Put nothing past these Britnats and loads oil just been announced up in Shetland I think it is, we know it’s been known about for bloody years.

  9. Andy in Germany says:

    Aw, Paul, don’t hold back: tell us how you really feel…

    Reading this while I stop laughing at those exquisite first paragraphs. I’ll take on the rest now…

  10. bringiton says:

    The UK can only exist so long as Scotland is held captive.

  11. scandoonyeah says:

    I have had a certain contentment within since 19th Sept 2014 because I knew the day would come when Scotland would become Independent and I thought around 2018/19
    I am not fed up but am fired up because it is coming…..and soon

    • Robert Harrison says:

      The sooner the better England is already lost its finished stick a fork in it they are done it’s time Scotland to take back control of our affairs all our affairs uniteruppeted by England supremacists.

  12. Bill Hume says:

    Cheer up Paul, it can only get worse (for ‘Scottish’ Labour). I await, with bated breath, the next instalment of “how to commit slow suicide”.

  13. Willie N says:

    I would like to seee a new referendum on Brexit where England votes to leave again by a reduced majority, Scotland votes to remain by an increased majority. We then get a result where the UK vores to remain just because of the Scotland vote. That WOULG set the cat among the pigeons. I think we might just get independence then by the back door.

  14. Paul, see my nurse on the way out and make an appointment for the same time next week.
    I’ve doubled your dosage on this prescription. Keep taking the tablets.
    Loved every minute of your rant,Paul.

    I’d venture that you feel a lot better for getting that off your chest.

    Richard Leonard is a nobody, who has spent his working life as a Union Rep or something.

    Yet because the Branch Office has run out of patsies to front their gang of freeloaders and gravy trainers in Edinburgh, he gets the Big Seat on the back of the bloc Union Vote.
    He beat Anas Sarwar FGS.

    He has never held any office in Government, yet here he is, in every Dead Tree Scroll, on the telly with Brewer the Droop, and at Conference giving forth about what the citizens of Scotland want and don’t want.

    The man can hardly speak in public without reading from a script and running his finger along the SPAD prepared lines-to-take of nonsense and SNP BAD-erie.

    Johann Branch Office Dinosaur Lamont, Anas Sarwar, ‘Kez’ Rumble in the Jungle Dugdale, Iain Gray, Jackie Baillie, Jenny £300,000 Tay Health Board Payouts Marra, Neil The Obesity Csar Findlay, James OBFA I Will Not Sit Down, Sort Of Chartered Accountant Kelly, Alex Rowley, Wendy ‘Bring It On’ Alexander, Henry ‘Muddle’ McLeish, Jack, Lord McConnell, the Billion Pound Rebate Man, Jim Irn Bru Murphy, Lord Flipper Darling, that North Briton Gordon I Am Not A Politician Brown…oh god help us all.

    Last week the Red Tories voted with the Blue Tories ,who are starving our kids to death by fascist edict, to stop P1 tests for 5 year olds.
    They all had a fucking good laugh about that one.
    Gerritriteupye SNP!

    To those in recent days who suggest that we wait a few years and let our citizens suffer at the hands of the English Blue Red and Yellow Tories and No Deal Brexit, and advocate waiting until 2021, or 2022, 23, 24, or until I’m dead and buried, I reiterate, stop job creating, and join the fight NOW.
    I’d imagine that every SNP MSP and MP have one goal, to do themselves out of a job, and Scotland is Independent once more.

    In six months’ time the Brit Homeland Security is going to enmesh our Scottish ports and airports in barbed wire.
    There may even be armed guards in watch towers.

    We shall not be ‘allowed’ to work, travel, holiday, or resettle in Europe.
    WE shall be prisoners in our own land, held in check by the ‘will of the people’ of a neighbouring country.

    Are we just going to stand still and let the Herald, Record, Scotsman, P’&J present this man Leonard, Ruth Absentee Davidson, and for fuck’s sake, Willie Rennie, as the Voice of the People?

    We go now, or come April next year, we will be returned to colony status, occupied by a foreign power, our resources spirited away to enrich the Brit Empire for ever.
    It is that stark.
    Rise up, Scotland.
    Jesu, when I re-read the list of names above, I really do wonder, how could we have been that stupid to let this go on for so long?
    None of them are wondering where their next meal is coming from, unlike half a million of our fellow Scots.
    Rise up.
    Now’s the day, and now’s the hour.

  15. Tol says:

    This should make Scotland very…very… VERY SCARED !

    Despite Westminster’s desperate need to keep Scotland’s wealth, they can’t even keep up their normal gas lighting. Instead the need to prop up their English isolationist support has meant the rUK is letting its full on crazy show.

    They have opened too many fronts and cant use their usual tools to placate Scotland.

    Westminster are not used to getting directly caught out by their deceptions. This time they outed themselves in the direct aftermath of their own deceit…when Scotland still has an out.

    If their normal tools don’t work, Westminster has shown over history that it has no qualms about deploying more ominous methods.

    YES should not be fooled into mocking the rUK crazy now on show. It should be frightened about what the descent to this level of crazy may mean when YES looks to dissolve the union.

  16. Yesemite Sam says:

    Paul, you seem to be able to articulate my thoughts better than me. You absolutely hit the nail on the head about the state of politics in the UK. It is utterly depressing. If it wasn’t for the inevitability of Indy I think I’d be round the twist by now.
    So far as Labour is concerned it never fails to amaze me that they are the largest party in the UK given the ever increasing numbers of people they have alienated – Scots, Indy voters, Catholics, Jews, people who don’t have white skin, to name but a lot. As for the Tories, surely the penny will drop that they are just a bunch of self-serving, arrogant, heartless, nasty, hypocritical swines who would murder puppies if they thought it would serve them well. And, I cannae even think about the Lib Dems without a murderous rage coming upon me. Hopefully Willie will be joined shortly by some of his parliamentary colleagues manning bus routes – not all in Fife, that wouldn’t be fair to Fifers.

  17. Welsh Sion says:

    I’m no Mystic Meg, but if I may pursue Paul’s astronomical metaphor (and, yes, I *do* know the difference between astrology and astronomy), then we should be arguing that the planets are coming into alignment. All these negative Unionist factors should convince and repeated at nauseam until they convince your fellow Scots that ‘the time is right’ for independence.

    And, my, what a supernova that will be, when Scotland wins her freedom! The bright light therefrom will surely show the way, as clear as day, for the independence of my country and many other currently stateless nations, that they too will shine brightly. New stars born of upheaval. New suns blazing with their own fresh energy and vitality.

    Nil desperandum – Our time is coming.

  18. Iona says:

    I think NS will go for it the second ‘No deal’ comes out of TM’s mouth. I don’t think we will have long to wait.

  19. Patience is a Virtue says:

    Very very brief news item on the BBC Scotland News there – Interesting to hear that the new gas field to the north west of Shetalnd (and you thought it had all run out!) will serve 10% of UK needs’- that would be arounf 100% of Scotland’s needs then.!

    • Exactly, Patience.
      The Ministry of Truth at Pacific Quay constantly reminds us that we were put on this planet ‘to serve the UK’s needs’, not Scotland’s.
      If you think the propaganda emanating from BBC Scotland is bad now, wait until Indyref 2 is announced.
      I just don’t buy Kevin McKenna’s assertion that there are pro Indy journalists and broadcasters plying their trade in Scotland Dead Tree Scrolls, and the TV outlets.
      They are a close knit ‘village’, to borrow ‘Kez’s’ analogy, all from the same background and brainwashed Brit Nat school.
      Otherwise they would be sacked, as ‘non-U’, not the ‘right Stuff’, ‘Not one of us’.
      It is a national disgrace what the MSM allow Ruth Davidson to get away with.
      But then again, she worked for the BBC, is a church goer…..
      Need I go on.

  20. Daisy Walker says:

    Now We Must.

    Awfully good article Paul. As always.

  21. Derek says:

    Ruth Davidson was on Womens* Hour this morning saying that she didn’t want a rerun of the European referendum because that – despite her remain vote – would portray her as a hypocrite with regard to any other Scottish independence referenda.

    *insert apostrophe as you see fit

  22. Jim Coll says:

    All excellent, as always. Just a wee thought for you Paul. There has to be 3 stars in sky before it can be declared to be night time. At the moment we’re only getting 2 at most, then they go away. There must be 3 before the group of rabbis in Jerusalem climb the tower and search the sky, before they agree there are 3 and shout down the declaration that night has fallen on erev Shabbat. Nil desperandum Paul, it’s coming yet for a’ that.

  23. Yes. We must just stand up now and go for independence.

  24. Macart says:

    Yes we’re angry, hurt, frustrated and impatient. One or all of them and in no particular order.

    We were lied to and defrauded in both referendums. There are multiple changes in constitutional circumstance thanks to Labour and as expected, Labour would not only deliver Scotland’s population to the Brexit it didn’t vote for, but they’d hold the people of Scotland hostage in a political bear trap with no redress at the ballot. Worse. There are folk out there so eaten with tribalism and blind unthinking hatred, they’d happily vote for all of that without thinking what it means for them and generations to follow. And yes, even though they are victims too?

    They’d remove your inalienable human right to choose. To define yourself and your government. It doesn’t get much more serious.

    The only way you stop it, (and it can be stopped) is to show them what the true meaning of unity and standing together is all about. To show them what care and cooperation is all about.

    Just like our host, I’m sick of it too and for the very same reasons. To the point where I can’t read a paper or watch a news item anymore. To the point where I’m done arguing or debating politics with folk who talk about ‘game’ analogies. About winning, bayonetting the wounded or killing off this that or the other. It’s seen by this political class as a competition.

    A competition. Your lives. Yes, there are morons out there who speak in those terms. I know what politics should be and frankly folks it doesn’t exist in the United Kingdom. Not anymore and I’m not even sure that it ever did.

    It’s about care. It’s about keeping those in your care safe, putting bread on the table and a roof over their heads. It’s about tending to their hurts. It’s about service. Not a lot of any of that to be seen in today’s media and an absolute dearth of it anywhere near a Westminster politician. They’re a bit busy stabbing each other in the back playing that game of theirs.

    Compassion doesn’t need a rosette.

    There is only one answer and most readers of this site know what that is by this point. I’m hopeful that some folk with pull in the SNP are also paying attention to these sites. We know what we want and what we need. Don’t take too long.

    • Les Bremner says:

      Sam, Thank you for your words : “It’s about care. It’s about keeping those in your care safe, putting bread on the table and a roof over their heads. It’s about tending to their hurts. It’s about service.”

  25. Robert Harrison says:

    Finally seeing them for what they really are this is how I’ve seen the English in England all along delusional lost causes who are so two faced they’d stab each other in the back if they felt they’d profit the eu refurendum proved it for all to finally see hence the mess we are in today thanks no voters as this could of been avoided if you’d just said yes instead in 2014.

  26. Derick Tulloch says:

    When the terms of Brexit are known.

    Which currently looks like April 2019 at the earliest. By then we will know if Brexit is likely to happen, and whether there will be a snap election.

    Get the position on Europe right (IMHO EFTA EEA) and we have a 65%+ Yes vote there for the taking.

  27. Ken Clark says:

    Feel your anger, Paul, but loving the language.

    The media has been a bulwark for the crappiest succession of governments, not just now (although the present lot take the prize imperial biscuit for crappiness ) but my entire lifetime.

    I have asked through the years, when challenged by family, colleagues and friends regarding my support for independence, to name one London administration helpful to Scotland.

    Try as they might, from Wilson to May, they can’t. We have been, one way or another, short changed, with each generation having to endure some form of Westminster cock up.

    While watching “Carry On Up The Khyber” recently, Kenneth William’s, who plays the part of an Indian Raj, answers his daughter’s fearful anticipation of the torture of Highland Regiment Foot and Mouth captives by a thousand cuts, by exclaiming, “They’re British, they’re used to cuts!”

    Says it all really. Britain, a joke that never ages.

  28. “Labour has abrogated that right to itself.”

    Sorry to be a pathetically pedantic prick (see, I can do the alliteration thingy too!), but I think you meant ‘arrogated’.

  29. Brian Powell says:

    Presumably he is going to tell Northern Ireland there will be no Referendum on re-unification, NI is part of the UK.

  30. Noirin Blackie says:

    As ever the dug so eloquently tells it as it is x

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