How I made Britnat trolls work for me

I had planned to publish this piece yesterday, but the BBC shutdown of Wings Over Scotland’s and Moridura’s YouTube Channels was too important not to blog about immediately. Quite incredibly, it now transpires that the BBC closed down Stu Campbell’s YouTube channel because he’d published the video of the BBC interviewing Stu Campbell. When she took over as director of BBC Scotland a wee while ago, Donalda MacKinnon spoke about how important it was for BBC Scotland to rebuild trust with its viewers. So how’s that working out, Donalda?

Huge thanks to all my amazing readers who have supported my fundraiser and sent messages of goodwill and support. Due to all the amazing readers of this blog, the target of £10,000 has been well and truly smashed. A total of £20,224 has been raised, including £8,851 donated via the GoFundMe platform, £9,834 through Paypal, and £1,539 directly by cheque, bank transfer, or other sources. The GoFundMe page remains active until the notional target is met.

Now that the fundraiser has more than doubled the target I can let you all in on how I’ve used the fundraiser to troll the Britnat trolls on social media. I’ve already explained this in an article for The National, but blog readers need their own explanation too.

I don’t like doing fundraisers. As a pro-indy blogger, you always get a load of hate comments from British nationalist trolls anyway, but doing a fundraiser always brings them out from underneath the red white and blue painted stones where they usually lurk. Their reaction to a fundraiser makes my twitter feed seem like wading through a lake of British bile and vomit – although to be fair that isn’t hugely different from how it normally looks, which is a major reason why I don’t usually look at it any more.

Since I knew that I was in for a torrent of crap from British nationalist trolls, net curtain twitcher, and zoomers anyway, I decided that this year I’d make the British nationalist trolls work for me. It turns out that it is indeed possible to make the Brian Spanners of this world serve a useful purpose for a pro-indy blogger. You do it by trolling them back and making their hate serve your own ends and not theirs. That’s precisely what I’ve done.

I knew that by mentioning my upcoming wedding in the fundraiser that it would provoke the trolls. I could have done the fundraiser without mentioning it at all, and chances are that it would still have reached its target, after all people are helping the fundraiser because they appreciate my blogging and my work for the indy movement, not because they want to help some random person get married to their foreign fiance. However I took the deliberate decision to mention my forthcoming wedding in the fundraiser, and to detail the need to ensure that income is above a certain level due to the restrictive and inhumane visa regulations for spouses of UK citizens which were introduced by Theresa May as Home Secretary.

I knew that the British nationalists would focus their ire entirely on the money. That was fine with me, in fact that’s what I wanted them to do.  They didn’t let me down. The trolls might have been outraged by my fundraiser, but the Home Office doesn’t care. As long as an income is legally made and declared for tax, the Home Office isn’t permitted to take into account the fact that British nationalist zoomers on social media dislike my politics.

For those deeply jealous British nationalists on Twitter who are still pronouncing self-righteously that I had better make sure that the fundraiser money is declared for tax, let me explain this to you one more time, and perhaps it may percolate through your petty little minds. Cease your frothing for two minutes and pay attention. Declaring the fundraiser money as taxable income and paying the relevant tax is the entire point of the fundraiser. It’s my tax return which has to be submitted to the Home Office as proof of income. If I don’t declare what I have raised in the fundraiser, it won’t count as income, and if it doesn’t count as income it’s not going to assist me to get my new husband into the UK. Got it yet? Probably not, but hey. There’s no cure for stupid.

While the Home Office might not be interested in a source of taxable income other than ensuring that it’s legal and subject to the relevant income tax, there is another provision in visa applications that they are very interested in. That’s receiving proof that the visa applicant is indeed in a genuine relationship with a UK citizen, and that it’s not a marriage of convenience for the purposes of getting entry into the UK.

The howls of protest from British nationalists on social media about this vile cybernat raising money to pay for his wedding to his American boyfriend merely provide further proof that my partner and I are indeed in a genuine relationship. All of the hate indirectly provides supporting evidence that my partner and I are indeed in a genuine relationship, before the event of our wedding.

I’ve complied a dossier of the tweets, Facebook posts, and the 2500 word hate article in an anti-independence blog. There the poor sap was thinking he was attacking me, and all he was achieving with his 2500 words of semi-articulate hate was giving me precisely what I wanted. It was the funniest thing the talentless hack has ever written. I laughed all the way through reading it, but not for the reasons the writer wanted people to laugh. By the way, if he’s reading this – see when you write the dialogue of comedy foreigners in seemple Eenglish, it just makes you come across as a bit racist. Free writing tip for you there from a professional.

Even better, one clown on Twitter with a Union fleg in his avatar actually copied the Home Office into his Tweets decrying the fundraiser, and called on his pals to do the same. So now before getting married, I have evidence that the Home Office has already been informed that I am marrying my actual boyfriend, and not some random stranger. I wept when I read those tweets. With laughter.

Provoking British nationalist zoomers on social media into providing this kind of evidence was precisely the reason for mentioning my wedding in the fundraiser. The Bag of Spanners are so predictable. Trolling them is easy. All this time they thought they were ridiculing an indy blogger, and all this time they were actually working for me and fulfilling my ends by doing exactly what I wanted them to do. They were being played. They were being used. When they went online to call indy supporters gullible for contributing, the real gullible ones were those British nationalists doing the complaining. As the well known saying goes, ha ha, get it right up yese.

So thank you to the British nationalist frothers and ranters, the zoomers and the xenophobes who have all unwittingly provided a mountain of extra supporting evidence that is going to assist my partner’s visa application. Your entirely anticipated hate has given me immense joy and has only worked to serve my own ends. And it was so easy. They are so predictably malignant. My partner and I will be laughing all the way down the aisle. Let that be a lesson to you, Britnat trolls, when you are so blinded by hate, you are so easy to manipulate. A ball of putty has more resilience.

But there is a more serious point here. It was very easy for me to manipulate the British nationalist trolls on social media, and I am a person that they ridicule and despise. Just think how easily they can be manipulated by that British nationalist media which they trust and respect. That’s why they are happy to accept developments which damage their own interests and the interests of Scotland and why they howl in outrage against those of us who try to warn of the dangers. They’re really being used by a British establishment which is only interested in itself. The real trolls in the UK are the ones in Westminster and their pals in the British nationalist press.

But last and by no means least, thank you a million times to all my wonderful readers who’ve supported this blog and continue to do so. Now I have been able to let you in on the joke at the British nationalists’ expense, I hope that you have enjoyed reading about it as much as I have enjoyed carrying it out.  It just shows how petty minded individuals will always lose, and how love and hope will always triumph over hate and fear.

The British nationalist trolls have been well and truly trolled. In the year to come and right through the coming independence referendum I will continue to amuse and entertain my loyal readers, and will continue to be a thorn in the flesh of our British nationalist friends.

The final score is Love 20,224, Hate nil.


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60 comments on “How I made Britnat trolls work for me

  1. Simone says:

    That’s made my day Paul.

  2. Hairy angus says:

    He shoots , he scores, get in there Paul, outstanding work and rippin the pish oota the zoomers at the same time, what’s not to like.
    Love conquers all.

  3. Dave M says:

    Brilliant work 🙂

  4. TSD says:

    Reblogged this on Ramblings of a 50+ Female and commented:
    Brilliant laugh! Well done, Paul!

  5. You, Peter and the dug are worth every penny

    Bravo BritNats – you never cease to amaze us with your stupidity

    Now, all we need is a Referendum, a Free Scotland and a Very Big Party……lead on Mr Kavanagh 🙂

  6. Anne Martin says:

    Very well done Paul. Great to hear that the Yoons have been so helpful to your cause lol!!

  7. Cliff Purvis says:

    Well played Paul well played.

  8. Davy Lees says:

    I wish you both every happiness in your future life together 👍

  9. Freyalyn Close-Hainsworth says:

    Well done. And we wish you all the happiness in the world for your marriage!

  10. Macart says:

    Neatly done. 😀

    Must admit. I don’t do social meeja and for all the reasons you mention. Still,that’s got to be the best use I’ve come across.

    On the more serious point? It’s a thing I’ve been thinking about for some time. What they do, they seemingly revel in regardless of the harm they cause to others. Their actions and support seem entirely for their own benefit (as they see it). They don’t appear to care about the livelihoods, life chances and well being of those they see as others.Those they’ve been conditioned to see and treat as others.

    The YES movement, from my experience and in my opinion, do NOT work on that premise.

    The population of all the peoples of these islands have been placed in harms way by the actions of its central government and its parties practice of politics.

    Something those supportive of the Westminster system may find worth considering. Should they ever achieve their dearest wish and every dissenting voice is silenced. When the proverbial hits the fan (and it will) over a disastrous mix of Brexit and indefinitely extended austerity. When there are no more scapegoats to hand.

    Who will be left to blame? Would they even care? Who would be left to help them in their need?

    Just a thought.

    • Sam, they don’t care about the livelihoods, life chances, and well being of others.
      The Red Blue and Yellow lesser beaked Tory bird cares only about themselves, and their wee sinecures.
      The whole ethos of the blue Tories is Dog Eat Dog, let the Free Market decide, if you can’t pay for it, starve, become homeless, waste away through lack of medical treatment, and work as a slave for any money that your Tory Masters deems to pay you. And woe betide you if you answer back.
      The Red Tories are well named.

      Blair Brown and Mandelson destroyed the Labour Party and boasted about is as the New Labour neo conservative, ‘comfortable with the filthy rich’, Cool Britannia Bomb Iraq monster which Blair and Brown presided over.
      A wash hand basin in a PFI hospital will eventually cost us a couple of grand.

      Where are Blair and Brown now? Working for the Man getting their retrospective brown envelopes..
      Darling is a Lord.
      I posted THIS over on WGD in response to ‘Big Jock’s’ concerns that we cannot afford to wait until the UK exits on the 29th March 2019.

      It’s been raining on and off today so I’ve time on my hands. Sorry.

      “Worry not, sir. The Brit Establishment is laying on Eurmageddon/Eurapocalypse Now with a trowel to frighten the natives.

      It is beyond belief that Big Business and the Finance Houses, and the Old Guard English Establishment will allow a bunch Hedge Fund Freeloaders and Carpetbaggers to plunge England into economic ruin, be reduced to the status of a ‘third country’ isolated on the Continental Shelf with no political, military, economic or social influence at the heart of Europe.

      It is arrant nonsense to consider that England and poor old Wales with its disproportionate number of ‘settlers’ from across the Border who voted Leave, will actually Leave with No Deal.

      The EU 27 are not going to blink.

      WM is feeding Project Fear to their Propaganda wing, the Dead Tree Scrolls, and of course the BBC and Sky.

      Dread tales of Food shortages, no inhalers for asthma sufferers,£84 Visas to go on holiday, and so on.

      The knuckledragger xenophobes care more about their money than they do about foreign nurses taking all their jobs.

      By late summer, the Deal that dare not speak its name, Remain in Europe and Reform, will re-surface.

      By then the English will be returning from the Costas and the Greek Islands telling horror stories of £5 pints, and no Lea and Perrins sauce anywhere.

      They are being whipped up into a panic so that they will agree with anything the Darling Duds of May can cobble together with the EU 27.

      The only deal the EU will accept is continuing membership and the promise of Reform.

      Otherwise Engwaland becomes a third country, an outcast, peddling Red Leicester cheese to Peruvians.

      Trust me, England will blink first.

      However, this sea change will not dampen the spirit for Indyref2.”

      Sam, when these selfish toerags feel it in the pocket, Europe might not be such a bad idea after all.

      • Macart says:

        Niemoller’s poem has been in my thoughts for some time Jack. Spooky how history can sometimes repeat itself.

        First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—
        Because I was not a socialist.

        Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out—
        Because I was not a trade unionist.

        Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
        Because I was not a Jew.

        Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

        Just as George Santayana’s quote keeps intruding:-

        “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

        • Seriously,Sam, we are at the ‘then the came for me stage’
          I post below on the ‘Scrapping the Scotland Office’ nonsense below, unfortunately at my rambling worst.

      • Illy says:

        “The only deal the EU will accept is continuing membership and the promise of Reform.”

        Not true. The EU have to make Westminster suffer for even trying to leave, or suddenly every state in the EU will try it.

        Status quo isn’t on the table.

      • wm says:

        Jack, I wish I could convince myself that you were exagerating things, but I am afraid you are still bloging my thoughts far better than I can.

  11. Luigi says:

    I love it. Great story. Yep, with the weight of BrtNat resources and media against us, we have to get clever and get them to do the heavy lifting. Lull them into thinking they got one over you, whilst in reality we are setting the narrative.

    Yep, the low IQ BritNats fell for this cunning plan hook, line and sinker. But here’s the thing, even the so-called clever BritNats of theMSM abd WM can be easily manipulated. British nationalism is a belief system and belief systems don’t allow rationale thought and measured response. Once you know how your opponent will react, you are more than half way to victory.

  12. Now I know why you uncharacteristically revealed the ‘personal’, rather than the ‘general’ purpose of the fund raiser.

    You sneaky Pete, you.

    I was going to comment briefly ( thank the Lord, I hear.) on tonight’s Reporting Scotland.

    Your sting ‘trumps’ that; other than to comment that while Kezia Dugdale, who was the star, front and centre, launching a Labour Report on how Labour Councils have been letting 16 year olds leaving care ‘fall through the cracks’, which Kezia with furrowed brow and sincere look, informed the 61 RS audience led to these unfortunates dying earlier and taking up drug addiction, and Duncan Dunlop Care Professional, were identified by footer titles, Aileen Campbell SNP Minister for Local Government was not.

    Donalda McKinnon (she’s the boss, so I blame her for everything seeping out of PQ) described the welfare of Youngsters in care as a Scottish Government ‘flagship policy’, the corollary being that it was Kezia Dugdale and Scottish Labour who were taking the Bad SNP to task over their ‘failure’ in the care of this vulnerable group.

    COSLA got a mention, and a warm words voice-over assured us that COSLA takes its role as ‘corporate parent’ very seriously indeed, but it was a question of balancing priorities.
    Aye, right.

    This tawdry little free PPB by Donalda on behalf of the Born Again Out Of the Jungle Kezia Dugdale Party of One couldn’t have been more blatant and risible.

    How many of the youngsters in the Branch Office Labour report are in former Labour run or Unionist Run Local Authorities?
    Probably all of them.

    Why is it the Scottish Government’s failure? Because that’s how BBC Reporting Scotland write it up.
    Why did some petty minded editor not identify Aileen Campbell in the piece?
    Because they are bad minded wee scrotes.
    Back to The Sting.
    Brilliant, Paul.
    I particularly like that you didn’t identify the author of the 2,500 word diatribe of hate.
    Deny them oxygen at every turn.
    I think you’ll find that you money is no good at the October Gathering at the Yes Bar.
    Keep yourself safe at all costs.

    • Molly McC says:

      Like you Jack, I couldn’t fathom all the personal information. “That’s no like him, wis ma thought!”
      Thrilled that this was the reasoning…thrilled that it worked out…you crafty wee b*****!

    • Cubby says:

      Yes. I also noticed that Eileen Campbell was not identified in the Labour in Scotland Party political broadcast kindly provided free of charge by the BBC.

      The BBC master of fake impartiality. What a disgusting organisation. Do I mean Labour or the BBC – please take your pick.

  13. Paul Garbett says:

    If I ever needed justification for donating this would be it. But I don’t and, even though you are clearly spoken for, I think I love you a little bit more tonight.

  14. markrussell20085017 says:

    All of the above and more, but please take care. What we might see as propaganda is another’s belief system – and one where reason, love and friendship are largely absent attributes.

    A wee dram of smugness might be in order tonight though.

    All the best.

  15. Absolutely brilliant, Paul! I laughed out loud and punched the air reading this. “The biters, bit!” Power to your elbow. “All you need is love”.

  16. xsticks says:

    Superbly twisted Paul! That appeals to my sense of humour. The idea of the britnats helping you achieve your dream is delicious. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  17. Oliver Drake says:

    Bravo, Paul!!!

  18. Craig P says:

    I love this post Paul.

    And I get paid tomorrow. Who says the final score is 20k?

  19. Jason Smoothpiece says:

    You are a bad fellow, typical Nationalist, we must stop laughing at the poor yoon folk its not fair

  20. Capella says:

    Game, set and MATCH. All the best for the big day and every other day. Soon we will be free of this awful state and it’s inhumane policies. You make a big contribution to that happy day.

  21. Alba woman says:

    Top class news all round

  22. Rod MacKay says:

    As the Master of the Vital Spark would say, “chust sublime”. 😀

  23. Andy Anderson says:

    Very pleased that your fund raiser did OK. Nice story about the Brit Nat trolls helping you.

    Thanķs for your wit, humour and blogs.

  24. Slatanictrash says:

    Whilst I haven’t contributed to your recent fundraiser, I have contributed before and bought your books, financial circumstances has changed for me, I just wanted to say as a “Heterosexual” Male, I would like to wish you and soon to be husband, all the love and happiness in the world, may you both have a cherished marriage.

    Thank you also for revealing how you trolled the trolls, nothing beats than watching/reading them screaming in a howl of blind fury, they reaped what they sowed, Bravo Sir, I salute you.

  25. Cubby says:

    The dug bites back. Brilliant.

  26. Stan Wilson says:

    Don’t you just love it when a plan comes together……. still wiping the tears of laughter from my eyes. Every line had me smirking, sorry, I couldn’t help myself, pure gold.
    Wishing you both as much happiness as you have brought us.

  27. Honestly I dip my hat sir this kind of small action goes a long way, a small battle maybe but we are on the way to winning the war I just wish we could reach more people but it will come and when the day comes it will be man and dug, a rev n pollster with a few hardy BC journalists who will be awarded guardians of Scotland. For free men will not give up freedom without giving up life itself, more power to your elbow sir

  28. It is probably be possible to get them to do something really stupid and have us kicked out of the Dhùnion.

    Don’t write down any ideas here. Keep them at group level.

  29. yesindyref2 says:

    Unionist trolls can be very useful. Firstly if you have a lot to say but prefer to limit a posting to say 4 paragraphs of 3 lines each, they reply to you, and you can reply to them with another 4 paras of 3 lines which you precised [possible verb invention] out of your initial posting. Which doesn’t need to have anything to do with their reply to you, which probably didn’t need a reply anyway.

    Second on some articles, you hope they get the first nonsensical comment in, then you can patiently reply to show them the error of their ways and make some sensible points instead, but more importantly it’s for anyone important reading the thread, like some undecideds or soft NOes. The troll is being very helpful in making your point for you, almost before you reply. But hey, just in case the casual reader dosen’t notice, you do have to point it out of course, politely and reasonably to the troll.

    Third they are indeed easy to guide, which means you can predict the guff they will post and be ready for it.

    I like unionist trolls.

    • Anne Martin says:

      Wee Willie Rennie’s comments are helpful as usual – not.

      • Macart says:

        He’s an irrelevance Anne. A useful rentaquote when Britnats require. An enabler the rest of the time and one of the reasons we are where we are today.

        He has neither imagination, nor political intelligence. That he actively still supports political union given the biblical omnishambles we’re all looking at today, tells folk all they need know about the fella.

        I pretty much tend to ignore him and the rest of his cadre. They made their bed with the Carmichael farce. They can lie in it.

    • Andy Anderson says:

      Thought that the MSN would have reported this today.

      Now where did I put my tablets…..

  30. Muscleguy says:

    You know you’re on the right side of history when your opponents are not just frothing Unionists but raging xenophobic homophobes to boot.

    The Rev Stu’s libel complaint agains Ruth the Mooth for calling him a homophobe is boiling up to an actual trial. She will not be sensible it seems and apologise. it’s going to be fun.

    I hope you and your intended have a fabulous wedding and are very happy together Paul. The rest of us will work to make Scotland Independent to add icing to the cake.

  31. Bill says:

    Brian Spanner is Mr Galloway, a Quantity Surveyor from Lanarkshire.

  32. Florence McNabb says:

    Love reading your blogs. Have a wonderful wedding day.I believe the wee ginger dug came from the same place as my wee brindle dug..

  33. Me Again.

    “The UK Government must rethink Devolution as a result of Brexit, according to a group of MPs.
    In a scathing report (‘scathing’ my bahookie: Jack) the Constitutional Affairs Committee says that the current settlement isn’t ‘fit for purpose’. (‘Fit for purpose’ vies with ‘Lessons must be learned’, and ‘direction pf travel’, as the most banal meaningless Whitehall mandarin Doublespeak ever: Jack)

    The Scottish Government has also called for a new arrangement (really? Jack) for Devolution.
    Westminster says it is committed to giving (‘giving’? Jack) each part of the UK a voice.”
    The above headlines on BBC Scotland’s Breakfast News Where You Are this morning.

    60 words.

    Presumably this meaningless paragraph was cobbled together from Mike Settle’s :-

    “MPS; Time to look at abolishing the Scotland Office”

    online clickbait ’10 hours’ earlier in the Herald Britland

    60 words cobbled together by a bleary eyed staffer at Pacific Quay in the wee sma’ hours.

    The Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee has the following members.

    Sir Bernard Jenkin (Chair) Conservative. Member of Leave Means Leave
    Ronnie Cowan Scottish National Party. Who left the door unlocked?
    Paul Flynn Labour’ He’s 82 now, old warhorse that he never was.
    Mr Marcus Fysh Conservative.Leave
    Dame Cheryl Gillan Conservative.Leave
    Kelvin Hopkins Independent (ex-Labour)
    Dr Rupa Huq Labour; Remain Londoner.
    Mr David Jones Conservative On the Advisory Board of Leave Means Leave.
    Sandy Martin Labour. His Father was actor Trevor Martin. No, that’s it.
    David Morris Conservative. Guitarist, Hair Stylist, second most expensive MP, and Leave.
    Tulip Siddiq Labour. London.

    This is the ‘group of MP’s’ to which BBC Breakfast refer .

    Of course they will have Scotland’s interest at the forefront of their thoughts.

    5 Tories, all Leavers, and 5 Labour Fence Sitters who have no connection to Scotland at all.
    ..and Ronnie Cowan.

    Sir Bernard Jenkins was sacked as Vice Chair of the Conservative Party for referring to ethnic minorities as ‘coloureds’ a couple of years back, yet magically retained his position as Chair of the Constitutional Affairs Committee, a nice little number which has held since 2010.

    Settle’s article at least quotes Mike Russell, and for comedy relief, Oor Wullie, A’body’s Wullie.

    “The EU Withdrawal Act is a power-grab on the Scottish Parliament and this report demonstrates that fundamental change is required within the UK Government to ensure devolution is respected.”

    …it was astonishing how 20 years on from the establishment of the Scottish Parliament, the committee highlighted how training in Whitehall about how devolution worked was still required.
    The Scottish Government has already said there needs to be a requirement in law for the Scottish Parliament’s consent before Westminster legislates on devolved issues.

    There has been little meaningful engagement throughout this process and it is time the UK Government respected the views of the Scottish Parliament and abandoned its pursuit of a hard Brexit.”

    Cowan said: “‘What we are witnessing is a blatant Westminster power-grab after twenty years of devolution.
    “It is the arrogance of the Tories who think they can rip up the devolution settlement and transfer powers to Westminster. The fact that the committee is now questioning whether the Scotland Office and the office of Secretary of State are necessary is a humiliation for David Mundell who has clearly failed to justify his job.”

    Rennie:The Report was a “powerful rebuke to those who think the only way is separation and division”. (Whit?)

    “..urgent for the committee’s recommendations to be enacted to allow all the governments to work together, he added: “The prize will be a UK which has decentralised and devolved power but which can still work as a whole when the issues affect everyone across these islands.”

    This is garbled meaningless nonsense from Rennie, as per.

    There is a view that this Committee has just heralded the end of Devolution post Brexit.
    All those warm fuzzy words from Jenkins (Leave Means Leave) :-

    “Leaving the EU will change the UK’s constitutional arrangements, so it needs a rethink. We recommend the Government sets out a clear devolution policy for the Union as we leave the EU; failure to do this just prolongs misunderstandings, which are the basis for more conflict.”

    Well, when WM ‘takes back control’, we all know what ‘Government sets out a clear devolution policy for the Union as we leave the EU’ will mean.’

    Taxi for Holyrood.

    Sorry it’s long, but BBC Breakfast continues to be as shallow as a fruit fly’s belly button.

    • Marconatrix says:

      “ ‘The prize will be a UK which has decentralised and devolved power but which can still work as a whole when the issues affect everyone across these islands.’

      This is garbled meaningless nonsense from Rennie …”

      If what he’s suggesting is a truly federal UK, which would mean an English parliament, and the powers and responsibilities of each of the four devolved administrations carefully defined and protected …
      … then that would potentially make sense. Other nations have such a structure after all. However, distrust of WM in Scotland above all, is probably too far gone by now for such a structure to be acceptable, even if it could be shown to work. Furthermore, Scottish independence within the EU would seem to be far more desirable.

      So, Rennie has a good idea … just decades too late. LibDems living in the past? After all that’s where their glory lies 🙂

      • My point exactly, Marco. Rehashed Federalism roundly rejected by his Grown Up Party in WM, plus the Blue and red Tory Elite.
        WM will devolve nothing more. They will ‘take back control’ of the UK on the 30th March 2019; if we let them.

  34. Macart says:

    Well…., quite.


    • It’s all getting too silly for words, Sam.

      • Macart says:

        Wearisome, isn’t it? We’ve been discussing these scenarios and the reasons behind them for over two years. The media? Not so much. Their front pages and airwaves were a bit busy giving the liars, the cheats and the shysters headline room to spread their guff.

        Only NOW are they slowly waking up to the horror that awaits the general public on the other side of a calamitous and unplanned for Brexit.

  35. scotsgeoff says:


  36. Allie Neave says:

    Do they realise that their acronym of Brock doesn’t equate to Brexit Operations Across Kent buit that it should be BOAK instead? Appropriate or what …

  37. Cathy Linney says:

    Brilliant Paul! Love it! Have a great wedding ( OR 2…) and hope your future husband’s case is dealt with smoothly!

  38. Ah Paul I think this must be your best blog yet! Laughed my head near off! Well done you. And just to say great finally to have met you ad WGD at InverYes, and Little Luisa has quite got over her little confab under the table with Wee Ginger. I had always thought he was a podenco cross, but not so sure after seeing him in the flesh.Wishing you well at the forthcoming nuptuals, and hope WGD behaves as Best Man at the wedding 🙂

  39. Potter The Piper says:

    Do y’ need a piper Fae yer wedding. I’m fine T meet up.

    Potter The Piper

    p.s. Ma mate in Kent has yet map on his big wall!

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