An open letter to Ruth Davidson

Dear Ruth,

You’re very fond of addressing the nation from the pulpit of the national press, but you’re not so good at responding to questions from your constituents, and you run and hide whenever you’re faced with something that can’t be answered with “Scotland doesn’t want another referendum.” Your myth is the biggest myth to come out of Scotland since the Loch Ness monster, and your substance is every bit as elusive. Yet on Sunday you took to the pages of the Mail on Sunday in order to lecture the people of Scotland about what they can or cannot do, as though someone voted you the arbiter of Scottish democracy.

You present yourself as the new face of Conservativism. You’ve only been successful because you get an easy ride from your pals in the Scottish press.  You complain about members of the public following you in the street to ask you a question, the Scottish media sure as hell doesn’t do that. They reserve that treatment for SNP politicians, and they collude with you when you make up stories about burly men and abuse. You’ve been successful because you avoid difficult questions. On the rare occasions you have been subject to more rigorous interviewing, you collapse like a drunk after an Orange Parade. You are all flute and no toot, all big drums and no boom, an aggressive swaggering walk that leads to the past.  The British media might buy it, but we don’t.

What your soft focus media treatment doesn’t probe you on is that any success you’ve enjoyed has been built on the back of dog whistling to the most reactionary and regressive elements in Scottish society. You’re the darling of the Orange Lodge as well as the British media. Ever since you became leader, your party has been mired in the scandal of one Tory after another being exposed as a sectarian bigot, a racist, a supporter of the extreme right. Other Conservatives have come out of the closet to complain about how you surround yourself with a wee group of sycophants and the only means to advancement in the Scottish Conservatives is to sook up to Ruth.

None of that happened under your predecessor. Auntie Annabel wouldn’t have tolerated the bigots and racists that fill Ruth Davidson’s Scottish Conservativecooncil seats. She was far more a modern Conservative than you could ever dream of being.  She at least had respect for democracy. You preach the politics of modernity, you practise the politics of the past. You don’t care who you tread on, who you crush. Anything at all to get you to the top. You are the ultimate practictioner of Conservative politics, the politics of greed, the politics of selfishness. It really is all about you. You’re well matched with Michael Gove, a man whose ego and estimation of his own abilities is every bit as inflated as your own.

We’re sick to the back teeth of listening to your stuck record. You’re very keen for the SNP to respect the result of the 2014 referendum, but you’re not so keen on respecting the promises and commitments that your own party made in order to win it. The people who need to be held to account for the outcome of popular votes are not the people who lost them, it’s the people who won them. Democracy didn’t stop in 2014. The people of Scotland did not hand you and your party a blank cheque to do with us as you please for as long as it suits you. The No vote in 2014 was a conditional vote. It was conditional on the promises and commitments of the Better Together campaign which you actively supported. You’ve failed to fulfil your party’s commitments. We are here now on the verge of a second referendum because of your failures, your shortcomings, your betrayal of your promises. You don’t get a free pass. You don’t get to cry that it’s only the SNP that needs to be held to account.

One of the promises that your party made was that the powers of the Scottish parliament would be enshrined in law, and that no Westminster government would ever make any changes to the devolution settlement without the express consent of Holyrood. Remember that Ruth? Because we do. We also remember that the UK Supreme Court ruled that this provision in the Scotland Act has no legal force, we remember that the supposed legal guarantee of the permanence of Holyrood and the devolution settlement was nothing more than meaningless sophistry. We remember that you told us that the only way Scotland could remain in the EU was to vote against independence. We remember that you told us that if Scotland wanted an independence referendum then the people of Scotland needed to vote for a party which had that as a manifesto commitment, and then that party needed to secure a majority in the Scottish Parliament.

If you were so eager to ensure that the result of the 2014 referendum was to be respected, then you’d be fighting tooth and nail against your own government’s proposals to use the EU referendum result which Scotland voted against in order to undermine the devolution referendum result which Scotland voted for. Even on your own terms you fail. You demand that Scotland remains a part of the UK, but you refuse to stand up for Scotland within the UK.

We know your type. You’re the consummate opportunist. You’re an ego-driven lookitme. We know that if you sincerely believed that you could win a second Scottish independence referendum for No by a handsome majority, then you would be the first to be calling for one. Then you could pose as the saviour of this so-called Union that’s not a union at all. Your opposition to a second independence referendum is founded in fear, the fear that you’re going to lose. That fear is the only realistic thing about your politics.

So even if you’ve forgotten who you really are, we haven’t. You’re the jumped up leader of a minority party. If you want to lecture the Scottish people and the Scottish government about what they can or cannot do, then get a majority in Holyrood. It’s called democracy. Your determination to block something that the people of Scotland have already voted for, which the Scottish parliament has already voted for, shows that you’re nothing near to the modern caring sharing compassionate Conservative of your media hype. You’re just a 21st century Scottish female version of the Ulster Says No of the last century. You’re Ina Paisley. You are no friend of democracy. You stand for the paternalism and passivity of the past. You’re yesterday’s news wrapped up in 21st century dressing, you’re as pointless as instagramming the 1950s. You do not speak for Scotland. You do not even speak for everyone who voted No in 2014. You speak for the Scottish Conservatives, a minor party with just 31 MSPs out of 129. Holding less than a quarter of the seats in the Scottish Parliament doesn’t give you the right to determine the path Scotland takes.

Here’s the thing Ruth. Here’s what you either don’t remember or don’t wish to think about. Here’s what you certainly don’t want the people of Scotland to realise. If Scotland wants to hold another independence referendum, your permission is not required. Theresa May’s permission is not required. This referendum is above all about whether a minority Scottish Conservative party gets to dictate the future of Scotland to the rest of us, and that minority Scottish Conservative party sure as hell isn’t going to dictate whether that referendum happens or not. We will be having our vote Ruth, and you’re not going to stop it.


1.6 million Yes voters

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103 comments on “An open letter to Ruth Davidson

  1. wendy smillie says:

    Boom. I think that’s a ‘mike drop’ i heard, there.

  2. Richard James Robertson says:

    Well telt.

  3. Bill Reekie says:

    Paul, great blog, lol, feels like the blogs pre ref. Brilliant.

  4. Eddie Black says:

    You’ve just put into print in a much more eloquent manner the thoughts and aspirations of myself and half of the population of Scotland….. More power to your pen Sir….

  5. Republicofscotland says:

    Well said.

    The bottom line is Ruth Davidson doesn’t stand up for Scotland against Westminster. Lets get independence.

  6. fairliered says:

    Thank you Paul, for putting my feelings about that Ruth Davidson into words better than I could ever hope to.

  7. Keeper, Paul. Loved “You are all flute and no toot, ” Brill.

    • WeePeach says:

      ‘You’re Ina Paisley’ sums it up and tbh made me laugh! This piece has made my day, week, month …… x

  8. Lesley Kinnaird says:

    A brilliant riposte to the truly lamentable Matthew d’Ancona Guardian article yesterday.

  9. Macart says:

    That needed saying. 🙂

  10. mogabee says:

    Definitely the best letter I’ve ever read. Well said. 😀

  11. Alvaro De Melo says:

    Just brilliant this is what needed we all should be pounding Ruth Davidson & the her bigot party if the broadcaster’s & media wont lets all do the job for them on twitter & face book.

  12. Ken Clark says:

    Beautifully put, Paul. As ever, you say what we feel, in a manner we would love to emulate.

    May’s attitude towards the abortion issue in Northern Ireland sums up her sweetie shop, pick and mix approach to devolution.

    Current rate for respect is a billion pounds and a willingness to prop up her government.

    ‘Respect’ contract, of course, expires on day of next Tory Westminster majority.

    Scottish independence, with apologies to Rabbie Burns, is coming yet for a’ that.

  13. wm says:

    Well said paul, I don’t knowe anybody, that could have put it better.

  14. CapnAndy says:

    What can I say after that? Not a lot. Well said Paul.

  15. paul mccormack says:

    ‘You’re just a 21st century Scottish female version of the Ulster Says No of the last century. You’re Ina Paisley.’

    At last! You got it – A Eureka moment – ‘No Surrender Ruth.’
    (But why bring Paisley into this? What harm has Paisley ever done to the dug? )
    No Surrender Ruth – now thats defo got possibilities of a stick to beat her with. So for me she shall be ever known as…No Surrender Ruth.

  16. Stevie Withers says:

    Brilliant stuff, loved the “you’re all flute and no toot “😂

  17. chocolass says:

    Thanks Paul,as always brilliantly written with polite eloquence directed at a wee nyaff who deserves nothing but our contempt..
    Wish I could write like that!

  18. Maolbeatha says:

    Spoken with just intent. Well said sir, well said.

  19. Graham says:

    There’s not a chance in hell that Davidson will respond, but I do hope she at least reads it. After all, she’s an egocentric narcissist, and it’s about her, so she might. The sad thing about that strange wee woman is that she seems to have a different, decent, sharp side to her. When she was interviewed by Gary Tank Commander, she came across as human, funny, and somebody it might be fun to have a conversation with.

    But we only ever got that one tiny wee glimpse behind any cold, regressive, hateful, careerist facade. I genuinely do wonder if having a child will change her. But she and Mundell (or Moandull, as I call him) truly have never done a single solitary damned thing for Scotland except try to hold us back, and they never will. Who knows what they draw salary for. They’re a disgrace, on the wrong side of history, and should be nowhere near any levers of power.

    • Kenzie says:

      The Devil will be driving a snowplough before she will read a word of that.

    • Les Bremner says:

      Never trust a person who who smiles with their teeth while squeezing their eyes shut.

    • Graham, she demonstrates all the behavioural traits of a psychopath.
      She can ‘act out’ affability, smile in your face, and sees nothing wrong in joining forces with bigots, racists, homophobes, and downright fascists to undermine society with her far right agenda.
      As Paul points out, she is the ‘leader’ of a minority party in Scotland, yet the Herald, Scotsman, record, P&J, the Courier all afford her maximum coverage and free publicity.
      She is an affront to Scotland. She is determined to destroy Scotland.

      • Kenzie says:

        You Missed BBC and STV Jack not to mention The Coo-Shit Dribbler.

      • Iain Taylor says:

        She’s like Gordon Brown who also had no idea when to smile or laugh and ended up doing so at the most inappropriate times. He was a joy to watch. Smiling affably, chortling and guffawing with laughter whilst lstening to a report of a plane crash.

  20. Oliver Drake says:

    As aye, brilliant stuff!!

  21. angusskye says:

    Extremely well said, Paul. If only that empty barrel, Ruth Davidson, would read it ..

  22. Lisa Smith says:

    You’re a genius with the pen Paul!… and speak for all of us who want an Independent Scotland – Thank you Sir!

  23. john 59 says:

    Just one word Paul ” PERFECT ”

    thank you .

  24. Anne Watt says:

    Great stuff Paul! Hugs to the wee ginger dug!

  25. Dennis says:

    brilliant letter Paul and wee ginger dug great reading it is the thoughts of the Scottish people Davidson has getting away with her lies that she tells about time somebody told he again well done Paul

  26. Ron Birrell says:

    I am in the middle of reading the Scottish Coservatives’ Growth Commission Report, where Ruth Davidson and her colleagues lay out their vision for a fairer, more prosperous, more democratic Scotland. I am also looking out of the window, watching a whole squadron of pigs getting ready for take-off.

    • Marconatrix says:

      If pigs could fly … we’d all get shat upon from a great height. No too different from the Tories when you come to think about it …

    • And the Band of the royal Marines are playing ‘Believe it if you like’, Ron?
      She won’t be around in October when the Brexshit hits the fan.
      Did she plan it like that?
      Right enough, she’s pregnant, and should not be disturbed as this appears to be some sort of illness/weakness in her eyes.
      Paul nailed it.
      The Dead Tree Scrollers and her ex colleagues at the Beeb let her away with murder.
      She won’t be around for much longer.

  27. Iain Taylor says:

    Thanks for expressing exactly how I feel about this odious person not obviously over-burdened by talent yet kept in place by media who think she is a novelty. She’s as much of a novelty as boil-in-the-bag rice and far less wholesome.

  28. Robert Graham says:

    Well i guess you covered all the points pretty clearly Paul nothing to add .

    I personally go for the shorter version ” F/k off yah Tory tramp ” , not quite as pleasant as yours but the points the same .

    Sorry and my apologies about the French but that lot dont deserve any kind of respect IMHO .

  29. diabloandco says:


  30. Lizzy55 says:

    I hope everyone is sending this amazing letter to Ruth Davidson, post, email, tweet. She needs to know. She will not reply but let’s make it that she can’t ignore it.

  31. J'en Daly says:

    Paul, I’ve always loved your posts, but this 1 makes me believe you should be press release officer of SNP & Holyrood. Awesome is the only word I an think to describe how accurately you expressed my own feelings on the moothy!!!!

  32. Sheryl Hepworth says:

    Oh Paul!!! You get better and better! So eloquently scribed! Hugs to WGD!!

  33. […] Wee Ginger Dug An open letter to Ruth Davidson Dear Ruth, You’re very fond of addressing the nation from the pulpit of the national […]

  34. Toni Young says:

    Forwarded this to Ruth, at

  35. Magz says:

    That’s her telt!

  36. Once again, Paul, you have excelled yourself. HOW I wish that she could be made to read this aloud, in public! Magnificent.

  37. astytaylor says:

    Will the rebirth of Scotland be held in check by the pompous wee windbag that is Ruth?
    Or will we one day find our Truth?
    And maybe then, she’ll head sooth,
    Aw soor an’ doon in the mooth.

    (With a wee nod to William McGonagall).

  38. Jon Southerington says:

    Ruth the mooth is the female Boris Johnson. She’ll ride anything for a bit of publicity………….

  39. Hazel Smith says:

    Paul, what a gift you’ve got at expressing exactly how most of us feel about her. Excellent blog. Hugs to the Dug.

  40. Marconatrix says:

    In much the same vein, but with some interesting background :
    “RD has only ever held one surgery in two years … is a professional actress … also a trained BBC director … acts out the role of being a politician without ever having to deal with a single constituency issue …”

  41. Big Wrightie says:

    That wiz a moothfie Paul but whit a moothfie! Utterly superb! 100/100 for factual accuracy.

  42. Tatu3 says:

    Brilliantly said 👏👏👏👏

  43. Les Bremner says:

    I note the comparison with Anabell Goldie. She gave the main address at the funeral of an old friend, Phil Gallie. She was visibly nervous, and fiddled with her papers.

    That odious creature Davidson would have brazened her way through it to her own greater glory.

    Phil was an honourable man, and would have resigned rather than be anywhere near Davidson.

  44. Andy Anderson says:

    Very good Paul. Piss off said nicely.

  45. TSD says:

    Link of this tweeted to oor Ruthie.

  46. handclapping says:

    I wonder what Cairns would make of an “ego-driven lookitme”? Thats a braw bit of description. There must be something in the Spanish sunshine that raises Scottish consciousness, club 18-30 excepted

  47. Rob James says:

    Aye, Roothie, a woman of no substance. How’s she going to manage the day job when the wean comes along? Will we suffer the ignominy of FMQ’s as we witness her newborn clinging to her mothers breest. Nae prizes for guessing the bairns first words then.

  48. gillian m abel says:

    Thank you, thank you and thank you again for saying this so well!

  49. Frances Brown says:

    Thank you. You express everything that seethes inside me when I see her.

  50. Carol-Ann says:

    Couldn’t have written anything like this but it definitely is an excellent letter, I do wonder if she will actually acknowledge it or ignore it like she does with her constituents constantly.

  51. Annabella says:

    Id definitely like to add my signature to that that letter, very well said. Also think her constituents should get together and call her out on her neglect to hold surgeries,what exactly is she being paid for?!

  52. Catherine Kerr says:

    Excellent letter to this odious person. Strange, I never noticed the connection of tight eyes and smiling as one of the replies noted, but I will look in future. Fingers and toes crossed that the rumours of her being PM after Gove come true and we are independent and Westminster truly becomes Westmonster. She hasn’t got the brain to be leader of a country, but when was the last time, that was a qualification to lead WM

  53. JGedd says:

    ” Look homeward, Angel, and melt with ruth” from Milton’s Lycidas – when ruth meant pity or compassion. If the Davidsons were aware of the meaning of the name when they gave it to their daughter, it was sadly misapplied. (“Ruth” as a synonym for compassion is no longer in use, of course, and would be quite ironic in the case of Colonel Davidson, if it were.)

    That chubby-cheeked grin when her eyes disappear, only serves to hide the hard glitter in the eyes which it’s possible to catch when the wide grin is absent. As others have pointed out, she is more ruthless than ruthful. (It’s a quirk of the English language that we have ruth-less but not ruth-full.) Anyway, I’m full to the back teeth of Ruthie’s self-promotion.

    She is no angel but I wish she would melt away from Scotland and look homeward to England. Perhaps a safe seat in the home counties could be found?

  54. Suzanne says:

    Sick of the woman’s grandstanding and prancing about hoping for media attention. Very happy to do her acTOR bit on FMQs but hasn’t got the guts to spell out Tory policies to those who might be watching, because she will lose votes.

    How many constituency surgeries? Less than three? How many telly appearances and photo ops. Many, many more than three.

    I actually hope that she does get drafted into Westminster, because then she’ll come up against the big beasts in the media who don’t suffer fools gladly. Yeah I know – they’re biased – but they’ll see straight through Davidson and her veneer. They’ll be dangling her on a string, watching her wriggle.There’ll be no slack cut for her down there.

  55. Jason Smoothpiece says:

    A bit strong robust even, that will be on the front pages tomorrow.

    Or maybe not too close to the mark.

    The only thing I didnt agree with is you said Nessie is a myth. Now some things should not be joked about and the beastie is one of them. Especially near tourist time.

    The other beastie is a real myth a mythical politician.

  56. xsticks says:

    Aye, Paul got Ruth bang to rights there. A malingering, malicious MSP. A pretendy wee politician,

    I hope you’ll forgive me for going off topic now, but I believe it’s for a good cause. Apologies to those that might have seen this on Wings.

    Wee heads up to everyone.

    Independence Live who work very hard to bring us all livestreams of rallies and debates of pretty much everything we o’ independent mind take an interest in are running their summer crowdfunder.

    They were at the Gathering on Sunday at Stirling and gave everyone who couldn’t make it a livestream from the event.

    The money they raise largely goes on equipment and keeping their Livestream account paid up. Nothing gets wasted. There’s never enough. Most of the Live Indy folk give their time for free.

    They will be livestreaming from Dumfries next weekend so all of you who can’t go can at least watch on and have a wee blether on the chat.
    There is one day left on the fundraiser and it is only at 60%.

    Maybe no-one knows about the fundraiser, but I find it incredible that their crowdfunders always struggle to reach the line. Don’t we want independence? Don’t we want to see the events? If we do then we can’t expect the bbc to cover it for us. Live independence DO, and they do it on a shoestring. Quit watching the bbc and give the propaganda tax to Live Indy. It’s better value.

    If we don’t keep resources like this funded they will disappear.

    Please, please give whatever you can.

    • Marconatrix says:

      Many thanks to Indy Live from those of us who could only be there in spirit 🙂

      My picks from the Stirling event footage :
      Currency :

      ‘Reframing’ :

      • Bill Dale says:

        Building on the work of Prof George Lakoff in the West Coast of the USA, I have spent the last two years researching, analysing and applying Lakoff’s work to the situation we face in Scotland. Over the last year I have given dozens of presentations on the subject to YES groups, SNP Branches, individuals and Business for Scotland. It is gratifying to see the awareness of the importance of reframing growing. Indeed we are in the process of preparing train the trainer sessions to roll out across the country

        A word of caution, however. It is difficult to put across the skills required to implement reframing successfully in a short timescale. Although I have presented reframing in as little five minutes, most sessions run from one to two hours, and more of these introductory sessions are already in the calendar. I have been dismayed to find that some people have been happy to present framing and reframing, no names, no pack drill, but have failed to understand one of the most important lessons from Lakoff’s work – since frames are actually physical connections of neurons in the brain, activating the frame, in any way, strengthens it. Frames are reinforced when you accept the frame, use the frame, or indeed, negate the frame, for example by stating it and saying it is not true! Never, ever, use an establishment frame, always use a consistent reframe.

        Putting across a partial explanation of frames, and more importantly, the specific reframes needed to counter establishment propaganda, is not only ineffective, it is also undermining our case. Please look out for announcements about Reframing sessions and train the trainer sessions. We are actively recruiting for trainers now and already have some high quality people prepared to take this on.

        Choose Scotland – Big enough. Smart enough, Rich enough.

        Note that in this reframe, which we developed for the AUOB march banner, I insisted that we not trigger reference to the demeaning frame mentioned so often, by changing the order of the words.

        • Marconatrix says:

          Thank you, Bill Dale, I was not aware of the academic background to this concept, and would be grateful for any links you can provide so I can look into it further.

          That said, I must point out that a salient example can often lead to a sort of eureka moment and be more effective that hours of theoretical discourse. In this particular case, the switch from “Can Scotland be independent?” to “Should the Union continue?” did it for me. It changed the whole perspective and reminding us that Scotland and England entered into a mutually agreed partnership, a bit like a marriage, which need only endure as long as it benefits both parties; as opposed to the POV promoted by London, that Scotland is merely one element of a unitary state, seeking permission (?) to break away or be grudgingly granted a extra slice of powers, like Oliver Twist asking for more.

          • Bill Dale says:

            Thanks. I’m afraid I might be responsible for a certain blogger adopting this “just dissolve the union” line when I took him through the Reframing process nearly six months ago. 😉

            Btw, the academic background is only important so that you do not undermine your case when Reframing. If you ask anyone who has been on my workshops I think you will find that practical, pragmatic help is what I provide.

            One person specifically commented that my body of work on Reframing was clarifying the situation and providing a clear way forward. Once the skills are learned it is not necessary, indeed it is counterproductive, to provide detailed responses to people.

            One last point, Reframing is only effective face to face.

            As for links, as I mentioned above, we are planning to roll this out in the near future. If you want a start, get and read “Don’t think of an elephant” by George Lakoff. This was our starting point two years ago. We have moved on a lot since then and now have a campaigning model as part of our process.

            Choose Scotland

        • Bill, If you’re looking for Facilitators to Train Trainers, I’m in the book.

  57. caltonjock says:

    xsticks says; Please, please give whatever you can.

    But the options for donating are restrictive. I will only contribute using paypal

    Paul, Your command of the written word is masterful yet easy on the eye but a torture for anyone on the receiving end of your sharpened quill

    • Jim Young says:

      Caltonjock; like yourself I only ever use Paypal to make contributions. The Indy Live web site does facilitate contributions to be made using Paypal as a once off payment.
      Brilliant Paul, just brilliant. Nothing more needs to be said concerning that dreadful person.

  58. tobygoodwin says:

    I sent this on twitter, but then saw the note about it being an automated account, so perhaps you won’t see it there.
    I spotted a couple of typos in the excellent open letter.

    “We’re sick the back teeth” (add “to”)
    “consumate” (should be “consummate”)
    “secure a majority the Scottish Parliament” (add “in”)

    Hope this is useful. Please keep up the good work!

  59. I now fully understand why Ruth Davidson got pregnant at this time. I was thinking, why on earth would she get pregnant now, with all the turmoil? Now I’ve clued in on it. So she can use it as an excuse to avoid questions.

  60. K1 says:

    When she gets her safe seat in England…only then will anyone in Scotland who hasn’t realised what she is about and always has been…see what an utterly shallow opportunistic little careerist she is. And good riddance to her when that day comes.

    Add ma signature tae that letter Paul. Brilliant.

    • Iain Taylor says:

      Will she get a safe seat in England, though? Last time she tried (Buckinghamshire?), they dismissed her as an oik, but I suppose the media have done their job with Have I Got News For You and Bake Off, so the comrades will recognise her as almost one of themselves, like Jock Gove.

  61. chicmac says:

    The Ruth, the whole Ruth and nothing but the Ruth.

    At least the SMSM are only one letter off achieving an ethical position now.

  62. Macart says:


    An interesting thread:


  63. Anne Martin says:

    I emailed the open letter to Ruthie and the automated reply said that they receive lots of correspondence and constituency matters would get priority.

    At the bottom it says this:

    The Scottish Parliament: Making a positive difference to the lives of the people of Scotland
    Pàrlamaid na h-Alba: A’ toirt deagh bhuaidh air beatha sluagh na h-Alba

    I’m sure you will all be delighted to hear that the Tories are making a positive difference to your lives lol!

  64. boyciesblogs says:

    Reblogged this on COMRADE BOYCIE.

  65. Macart says:

    Also O/T, but very, VERY, important.

    THIS THREAD. Read it all.

    And that goes for me too. Mmkay?

    It’s about fighting for everyone’s vision. It’s about bringing the right to choose back into everyone’s hands.

    One principle above ALL others.

  66. Graeme Timoney says:

    Brilliant Paul , high time this political non-entity was put in her place. As my granny used to say “She’ll have had her character”

  67. Les Bremner says:

    Who is she? Who does she think she is? Does she know there’s a difference??

  68. hettyforindy says:

    Great article, these jumped up celebs in politicians clothing need taking down a peg or 10.

  69. Robert T says:

    WOW Paul I didn’t think it possible but again you’ve excelled yourself , BTW when truthless reads this , we know she will , the sycophants will need to put in some overtime to massage the bruises to the EGO

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