Not asking permission

I’m trying to get a whole load of Gaelic maps parcelled up, labelled, and posted off. So there’s a lot to do today. However like a lot of independence supporters, I’m also trying to get through the 354 pages of the Sustainable Growth Commission report which was published today – to the predictable harrumphery of speed-reading British nationalists.

Let’s be honest here, it’s not exactly a gripping read, economics reports never are. No one gets murdered in it, and there is a distinct shortage of wee cute kittens. This will undoubtedly be reflected in the way that Reporting Scotland covers it. The BBC has already informed us that the snap reaction of David Mundell to the report was “Scotland doesn’t want another referendum.” But it’s not clear whether they did actually manage to speak to him. Scotland doesn’t want another referendum is what it says when you get through to his voicemail.

Some preliminary thoughts. Given the publicity that Ruth Davidson is going to get this weekend to tell us all that Scotland doesn’t want another referendum, it would be nice, seeing as how some journalists will have got her attention, if they could press her on the bigots, racists, far right extremists, and troughers who seem to infest her party. And while we’re on the topic of reprobates, it would be good to remember that many of the British nationalist soi-disant economic experts who’ll be crawling all over the media this weekend to tell us how rubbish Scottish economic prospects are are the very same experts who have presided over the UK’s near £2 trillion in debt, the rampant greed of the City of London, austerity, and a catastrophic Brexit.

But back to the report. First off it’s always worth remembering that it is far easier to create fear, to foster uncertainty, and plant seeds of doubt than it is to offer a vision for a better future and to work to build one. British nationalists in Scotland have no vision for a better future. What we have now is as good as it can possibly get. It’s narrow, restrictive, and myopic. It’s a view based on fear and lack of confidence. It’s a view founded in paternalism and poverty of ambition and spirit. So when you listen to the tidal wave of negativity which is bound to hit our overwhelmingly anti-independence media today and over the weekend, remember that nowhere among it will there be any vision of how Scotland can create a better future for itself within the UK.

It is quite astounding that in their response to the document the British nationalist parties and their friends in the media are still acting as though we’re in 2014 and the status quo is still an option. It’s not. There is no status quo any more. There is no safety and security of the known quantity of the UK. There are only two choices, taking a back seat as the Brexit bus is driven off a cliff and being utterly unable to have any say the matter, or taking our destiny into our own hands and making our own decisions. That’s it. No other options are available.

It’s worth repeating, shouting from the rooftops. There is no status quo. There is only change. It’s up to Scotland to decide whether we want to be active agents in our own future, or to sit back passively as decisions are made for us by people who do not necessarily have our best interests at heart and for whom the interests of Scotland are merely one set of considerations amongst many, considerations which are far down their list of priorities.

Others are smugly pointing out that not everyone who supports independence agrees with everything in the report. My god. Imagine that. People who aren’t SNP supporters having a different opinion from the SNP. Who ever saw that one coming eh? It’s not entirely clear why they think that citing people who support independence but who have a different opinion about what they’d like to see in an independent Scotland from the SNP Government helps them to argue that Scotland shouldn’t become independent at all. It doesn’t help opposition to independence by pointing out that some people who support independence think that things in an independent Scotland could be done even better than this report states. But knock yourselves out guys.

The currency plans are central to the report. It ditches the currency union plan which hampered the independence campaign back in 2014. It may very well be the case that the currency union would have been the most sensible currency strategy for both countries after Scottish independence, but politically it was impossible to sell. In effect we were saying “Haw Westminster we want to be independent from you. By the way, we’d like you to cooperate with us on this key aspect of our economic policy.” It was giving opponents of independence a big open goal to say no, one which they exploited to the full.

Instead the report proposes that Scotland does what Ireland did when it became independent. Ireland unilaterally continued to use the pound sterling until it was ready to introduce its own currency, the Irish punt, six years after independence in 1928. The punt was then linked to sterling at parity until 1979 when Ireland began making preparations to join the eurozone. During the initial period of independence Scotland will be able to introduce the necessary arrangements for transitioning to a Scottish currency when it is appropriate. Depending on economic circumstances at the time, the new Scottish currency can be linked to the value of the pound or not. Scotland will decide that for itself. The key message here is that post-independence Scotland can continue to use the pound. Scotland will use the pound. Scotland is not asking for permission.

The plan of the Growth Commission report to unilaterally stick with sterling in the initial years of independence doesn’t please those who want a new Scottish currency immediately, but it removes that nawbaggery from the British nationalist armoury. It provides a simple and easy answer to the “What currency are you going to use?” jibe. We are not asking for their permission or cooperation. We’re just going to do it anyway. That all by itself puts the independence movement in a stronger position. After all, if you believe in self-determination, it means you believe that you don’t require permission to determine what’s best for you.

The Growth Commission Report is a realistic assessment of where Scotland is and what Scotland can do in order to create a stronger and better economy for the benefit of all its citizens. It doesn’t gloss over the difficulties. It is a strong and solid foundation upon which to build arguments for independence. Compared to the wing and a prayer of Brexit, it is comprehensive and detailed. What this means is that Scotland is already more prepared for independence than the UK is prepared for post-Brexit Britain. The risks and uncertainties and insecurity lie with remaining a part of the UK.

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55 comments on “Not asking permission

  1. Dan Huil says:

    Thanks for that, WGD. A very balanced article about currency and the growth report. As ever your last paragraph conclusions are spot-on.

  2. Robert Graham says:

    A good appraisal of the reaction to this bit of hope produced by the SNP in conjunction with the scottish government ,
    We didn’t have to wait long until this usual pish started raining down on it ,all the scorn and bile was probably penned well before the release , Cochran whos gets paid by the english Telegraph makes comment without actually reading any of it , just anything to do with the SNP must be rubbish , a sad person whos whole existence seems to hinge on trolling the SNP .
    Well it’s pretty clear,decide your future of have it decided for you its that stark .and there is no safe harbour to shelter , all this is because of one party the tory party and their 40 year quarrel with the EU ,

  3. Macart says:

    Pretty much nailed it all round Paul.

    I’m a fan of the Scottish currency myself, but effectively it will take time (not long) to set up a central bank and monetary authority. How long we remain pegged to Sterling is a choice dependent on circumstance. *shrugs* Honestly though? We don’t get to decide anything unless we FIRST of all bring the power to do so home.

    My personal priorities are independence, written constitution, economy – in that order, but that’s me. Also? No, we don’t need to ask anyone’s permission and least of all the Britnat political class or their meeja. 🙂

    NOTHING happens before we have the power to make the choice for ourselves. Paul really is right you know. If the past four years should teach Scotland’s peoples ANYTHING? It’s that there is no status quo. There is no vision of the UK going forward in better togetherness and there NEVER was. (see under EVEL, EU ref, devolution settlement, BREXIT, austerity ideology and, and, and) How many more betrayals of trust by central government will it take before people say ‘STOP! This REALLY isn’t what you said it would be like.’ ?

    Regardless, I already know for a certainty that Scotland has wealth in abundance to care for its population. How we use that wealth is currently beyond our control. So what’s it to be? Do we argue the piece over every issue raised by a political class and media that then determines the agenda du jour? Or do we ignore them and get on with first of all bringing our governance within kicking distance and then seeing to the needs of our peoples?

    S’up to you, but again personally? I’m for bringing the powers home first knowing that a host of currency options are on the menu and that the people will decide which one suits them best.

  4. On the point of Unionists ranting against the Sustainable Growth Commission report – I was looking at (OK, laughing at) Unionists comments on the BBC news website. They are still wheeling out the comments being made in 2014 despite having many of the points refuted or shown up as downright lies. One comment insisted that Scotland wouldn’t be ‘allowed’ to use the pound while another was insisting that The Vow had been delivered.
    I just wonder how anyone that impervious to facts can read and digest such a detailed report in such a short space of time. Well, obviously they had read it, or they wouldn’t be commenting on it, would they? Maybe they went on the same speed-reading course as Mr Mundell.

  5. Excellent! thanks for making this lengthy tome accessible to all of us, WGD. I completely agree that we should be shouting “There is NO status quo!” from the rooftops.

  6. I think an independent shouldn’t tie itself to sterling. It should have a floating pound as it will be considered internationally as an oil currency.

  7. markrussell20085017 says:

    Having a Scottish Pund issued by our own Central Bank would be a fine thing in normal circumstances, but it would be naive to think that scenario would be and easy or successful process, given the controlling influences in global finance. I would have thought adopting the Euro would offer a measure of protection – and access to funding – during the early years following independence. Don’t imagine Westminster or the City being respectful or offering any support after separation – quite the opposite.

    • mogabee says:

      But we won’t be able to adopt the Euro until certain conditions are met, one of which is being a party to the ERM11 for two years.

      • Shagpile says:

        Exactly, plus you have to have your own currency in ERM 1 for, I believe 5 years.

        • Tol says:


          Just letting you know I left you a reply in our discussion.

          You question was quite detailed and as words are not my speciality so it took a little while. Would be interested in your thoughts.

  8. Craig P says:

    We absolutely have to have our own currency. When the currency union was mooted last time it was obvious that it would be a temporary (possibly, as the example of Czech and Slovakia proved, very temporary) arrangement. Maybe this proposal won’t last long either. But I just hope we don’t get bogged down in pointless currency chat this time and stick instead to banging on constantly about the broad principles (decision making, increased wealth, fairer society) powering independence rather than the price of stamps in 2034.

    Here’s a question to ask your unionist friends. What future do they envisage for Scotland? Ask them to describe it in detail. It will be a struggle because the unionist vision is for Scotland to shut up and dae as it’s telt.

    This lack of any vision for Scotland should be ringing alarm bells in unionist HQ, but for me is hugely encouraging.

    We will be wealthier with independence, more inclusive with independence, with independence we will be making decisions that suit Scotland!

    What vision do the unionists have to beat that?

    • Dan Huil says:

      I believe England’s attitude towards an independent Scotland will mean the sharing of the pound will be for a very short time.

  9. m biyd says:

    What currency did the Baltic states use post indy from Russia ?

    • RedStarTrout says:

      They didn’t get indy from Russia, they all, including Russia, got indy from the Soviet Union.
      In Latvia they brought in a transitional currency (the ‘Rublis’, printed in Glasgow) within a couple of months which they stabilised at 200 to the dollar. That was replaced within a year by the ‘Lat’, which was worth more than a Pound and was pegged against a basket of currencies. They held that stable until they joined the Euro in 2014.
      There was an attempt in the rest of the FSU to keep a Ruble zone going to make trade easier, but it didn’t work. Russia tried to use monetary policy as a way to control the others but also suffered huge inflation. The result was that none of the Ruble zone countries managed to stabilise their economies until they left and started their own currencies.
      The Russian Ruble fell from about 80 to the Dollar in early 1992, to 6,000 to the Dollar at the end of 97. They thought it was stable so they knocked 3 zeros off it to make it 6 to the Dollar, but that only lasted until August 98 when it fell to about 25 (25,000 really) to the Dollar. Now it’s 62 (or 62,000).
      For us, I can see some benefits to using the pound, but not for more than a few months at most. The risks are too much and a clean break is better.

  10. Macart says:



    (just add https://)

  11. Andy Anderson says:

    Your prediction of a pile of British unionist negativity was spot on Paul. I started to watch BBC Scotland 6.30pm news last night. All of it with a total negative bias, no mention at all about the reports purpose, just anti, anti, anti. Indeed 2014 was mentioned more than once.

    I just used the ‘F, word and left the room frustrated. I hate our media with a vengeance!! When we get our freedom not one of them must be employed in our new news services.

    Now to get a copy of the report and put a positive summary together ready to use with those I meet.

    • Clapper57 says:

      Andy , I too watched Douglas Fraser’s summary of the Growth commission report and it was presented as if it was a doomsday scenario.

      Of Course the elephant in the room is their modus operandi preferred style of presentation of news,where they focus, on repeat, on promoting SNPBAAD stories and either omit or give limited time on negative news linked to Unionist parties especially the hypocrisy and inconsistency of Ruth Davidson’s position and support of Brexit and also draconian Tory policies.

      It will never change until we get an honest media …..made in Scotland and for Scotland.

      The BBC know they are not representing the Scottish public as a whole but that is not their remit, they exist to endorse all that is British to maintain the Union …..let’s be honest they were never going to present it in any way other than SNPBAAAD……I don’t know about London-centric but I do know about British Broadcasting-centric and therein lies a really big big problem that definitely needs to be addressed if we, who support Indy, want a fairer and equal voice in the debate on the constitution.

      Sick of media asking unionist politicians their opinion but NOT then asking them to give a costed alternative to reverse what they see as a SNPBAAD policy.

      Sick of media NOT challenging unionist politicians on reversal of opinion on say , Brexit, where once they passionately supported opposite of what they now support….democracy as an excuse should NOT be accepted as valid reason to abandon judgement on what was once something they conceded would be catastrophic for country.

      Sick of media promoting the( non existent ) virtues and attributes of a certain lady simply because she has been crowned the great white hope for the survival of the union and NOT through any actual ability or actions….who needs policies when you’re a Union pin up girl.And all because she says ‘No to another Referendum’ on repeat !!!!! Hardly a clever political strategy ……more a strop from a person noted for her angry outbursts when she gets her arse handed to her by FM every week via FM questions.

      Trust me though this constant response of ‘No to referendum’ will start to wear thin with many ……some Scots will start to think as we do and say….is that all she can say…….and that will be a major problem for her ……when the others stop listening because she is not saying anything new to promote the union she only wants to deny fellow Scots a democratic choice post Brexit.

      In a nutshell, like many , I am sick of the media in general and thank God I am both mature enough and savvy enough to see that they, the media, are not the messengers of news but the messengers of propaganda.

      Sway opinion and not reflect opinion……IMHO.

      Have a good day….onwards and upwards .

      • Cubby says:

        Our media is a national disgrace. Propaganda TV channels and print journalists who are just propaganda writers for a foreign country. They are lacking in any professional or personal integrity and deserve no respect from anyone.

        A bunch of lying barstewards. Do not buy their propaganda rags.

  12. Rhisiart Gwilym says:

    ‘Sustainable growth’ is an oxymoron. The Commission needs to change its name. As it is, it just panders to a delusion that current-orthodoxy-defending economists have been clinging to with increasing desperation in recent years, as the *permanent* end of economic growth, worldwide, becomes ever clearer as a non-negotiable reality.

    The Commission’s work may well be sensible and necessary. But it really needs to rid itself of the delusion enshrined in its current title. There is no such thing as ‘sustainable growth’, not on a finite planet. And we’re already hard up against The Limits to Growth (qv) now. High time for all economic thinkers, including Scotland’s, to bite that bullet and re-join the real world.

    When – not if – Scotland takes its rightful independence, its economists and politicians are going to have to negotiate this changing reality intelligently. Better start right now with The Rectification of Names (qv). It assists in attaining the absolutely vital clarity of thought which the world’s changed economic state now mandates – without the option.

    • Well said! “Sustainable” growth is a myth propagated by the 1% to keep the rest of us slaving away for them. It’s impossible and the sooner we recognise that the better.

  13. Andy Anderson says:

    Sorry of message here but have a read of this news article re current Brexit negotiations. Things are very, very, grim.’s-‘fantasy’-brexit-negotiating-strategy-as-talks-turn-bitter/ar-AAxL6t1?ocid=spartandhp

  14. markrussell20085017 says:

    Listening to the radio early this morning to a report that the long knives are being sharpened in the Tory party again in preparation for the new messiah. Michael Gove will become an interim PM for two years, then step forward Prime Minister Ruth Davidson, no less.

    “Tory grandees are hatching a ‘dream plan’ for Michael Gove to serve as caretaker Prime Minister and step down for Ruth Davidson in 2021. The plot comes as a consensus emerges among frustrated Tory MPs that Theresa May will be forced out in a year’s time as soon as Brexit is delivered next March. As many as 30 ambitious Tory MPs have already begun canvassing for support to replace her as party boss. But several senior figures have now settled on a master plan, dubbed the ‘Gove-Davidson succession’. Under the plot, Environment Secretary and leading Brexiteer Mr Gove would take the keys to No 10 for two years to finish the Brexit negotiations and transition period. Ms Davidson, 39, has vowed to fight the Holyrood Parliament elections in 2021 in a bid to oust SNP boss Nicola Sturgeon.”

    • Anne Martin says:

      I would love Ruthie to become PM after Scotland is independent. It would be interesting to see how she manages to govern without Scotland’s resources.

      • mogabee says:

        She would need to stand in a constituency down south but if she can slither into one…she should just go now!

      • Well said, Anne! Also, I cannot think of a better place for the daft wee besom than England, “where my (her) heart lies” (with apologies to Simon & Garfunkel).

    • Andy Anderson says:

      Fingers crossed, bye bye Ruthie. No doubt her place will be taken here by another lying numptie.

      It will be interesting to see how these Brit nag parties organise here after independence.

    • Perhaps Ruth will do a Demi Moore and appear heavily pregnant and naked on the cover of Vanity Fair?
      The Anglo Nats will need some big stunt in October to deflect from the Whole Brexit Truth being revealed to the Great Unwashed.
      Davidson as PM?
      Now that is a laff.
      Off now, enjoying the sun no end.
      A plus!

      • I’ve just read WoS piece on Ruth Davidson and her latest extremely rare brush with a member of the public.
        The previous ‘Demi Moore’ post was meant as a joke.
        This wee chancer may actually bare all to divert the Great Unwashed’s attention from October’s Brexit Eurmageddon.
        There can be no bigger ‘stunt’ than RD in the scuddy.
        The Media let this awful little person away with murder.

        • Catherine says:

          Jack, I am a mother of two and a grandmother of five gorgeous wee boys. I worry about their future in this Brexit ?… Whatever it turns out to be…… scary times…. But I also have confidence in the Scottish Government too. Again I say thank you to Paul for his words and also to you Jack, and to Sam…. Great inspiration for me and others. Keep doing what you are doing……

          • Catherine,
            All joking aside. The glorified councillors who warm their backsides on the benches at Holyrood have trotted out the usual toss, too wee,too stupid, too poor, £18.5 billion deficit from the get go, and so on.
            I’m going after these charlatans from now ’til Independence.

            For example, Iain Gray, an ex teacher , who was a spectacular failure as Leader of the Labour Branch Office, has taken to twitter to slag off the Growth Report.

            I don’t know much about Gray, but I do know, that he hasn’t an inkling about running a country.

            How any Scot resident can continue to lie, in the hope of Scotland remaining as a subservient colony of England defies logic.

            We are remaining in the EU ,because that’s what 62% of us opted for.
            Yet Gray, as Scot born, is quite happy to argue that 85% English voted to Leave the EU, and that he is content to be their little lap dog, and meekly accept England as his Master.

            The Union is dead.

            England destroyed it through Brexit. Scotland and Ireland voted to Remain, England and Wales to Leave.

            If Gray, Lamont, Fraser, Tomkins, and Rennie, want to join England and Wales in the Wilderness, I urge these ProudScotsBut to eff off South.
            Scotland will revert to Self Determination as part of this EU break up.
            If Murdo Fraser cannot stomach Scotland governed by Scots, elected by the people, who serve the needs of the Scottish people,who are accountable to the Scottish people, then the solution is simple,
            Move to England, Murdo.

            • Tol says:

              @Jack collatin

              I love that someone else sees it as – England & Wales left the union + Scotland now has the right to determine its own future. You worded it sooo well…

              “The Union is dead.

              England destroyed it through Brexit.
              Scotland and Ireland voted to Remain,
              England and Wales to Leave.

              That has a nice bit of TUDE and swagger….much in the vein of MrMalky’s tweet:

              Although I hope Scotland can still have a more inclusive response to the “Morbidly insecure” assimilationists. Personally I hope Scotland always remains big enough to let those who reside there have the right to voice their views and advocate for their position. However, they don’t get to ride rough shot over Scotland just because they are aligned with the English political elite.

              I hope a free and Independant Scotland entrenches its apparent social-democratic values in protecting rights for all equally…and avoids the emerging trend of rights becoming privileges only given to those defined as “Deserving”.

              • Indeed, Tol.
                The Anglo Nat version of ‘democracy’ is winner takes all.
                Crush ‘the loser’, and call them names’ like ‘remoaners’, or cybernats’.
                I understand English inborn ‘insurgents’, ‘settlers’, ‘colonists’, wanting the best of both worlds. All that ‘free stuff’ the SNP give out paid for by hard working English yeomen, and voting to Remain in an Alt Right UK bombing ‘towelheads’ back to the mud hut villages from whence they came,and stemming the ‘black tide’ flooding into the Mother Country.
                We have more than a few Scots born Nazis, so let’s not ‘cast the first stone’.
                Brexit is the end of the 1707 Union.
                There is no going back.
                I’d imagine many 2014 No voters are rethinking their position, especially if they voted Remain and see their only option to remain within the EU as voting Yes the next time.
                And why wouldn’t they?
                Their ‘UK citizenship’ is guaranteed either way.
                It is argued that every sentient human being is ‘deserving’, Tol.
                Outdoor chores to do.
                A bientot.

            • Oh, well said, Jack! I could almost pity my former countrymen (& women) who will be lumbered with so many rejects from our Independent nation. (I did say ‘almost’!)

        • Kenzie says:

          Thank you, Jack. I’ll no’ get that image out of my mind now. It’s sure to keep me up at nights.

  15. Clydebuilt says:

    O/T Apollogies

    Ireland’s Abortion Referendum

    There were 2 Exit Polls, Why were there none for Scotland’s Indy Ref.

    The Scot Gov. Knew the environment our Ref. Was held in. Why did they not organise exit polls as a check against dirty tricks with the vote?

    • Les Bremner says:

      Exit Polls are run by the television companies, not the Scottish Government. They were not run because it would have raised too many questions.

      It was left to a small group of committed people to show that the postal votes were rigged, and how that was done. Here is their report :

      • Andy Anderson says:

        Very interesting article Les. Makes you wonder about next time. We should ban postal votes although this may also affect the turnout.

        • Les Bremner says:

          Andy, I am sorry to tell you, but banning of postal votes has been investigated, and it will not be done.

          However, the process can be made very much more secure by doing one simple thing. If the packs are kept sealed, as posted by the voter, until the end of the personal votes at the polling stations, then the data bases will not show who has not voted. We all need to lobby our MSPs to get this built into the procedures for the next referendum.

  16. Cairnallochy says:

    On the matter of criteria for using the Euro, can anyone enlighten me on the position of Montenegro, which I have been told uses the euro despite not being a member of the EU ?

  17. mogabee says:

    Received my Gaelic map just now, thank you so much! Now off to check it out better. 😀

  18. Gerry Robertson says:

    I confess I am still poughing my way thro’ the Report but enough to conclude that the ONLY feasible alternative is for an Indy Scotland. That said looking forward to the debates planned over the coming months as I have a few questions I wish clarified. This maybe covered in the section of the report I have not reached but when comparing GDP (not per capita) with England (which is mostly used by commentators to discredit it) I would be interested to know what level of Income/Taxes/profits used are generated within Scotland but go to the UK Treasury ?? Can someone enlighten me and also the housing market in London especially must have an impact on how this is calculated. I NEED TO KNOW THIS WHEN I GO CANVASSING AS IT WAS ENCOUNTERED A LOT IN 2014.

  19. Robert Graham says:

    A wee bit o/t , Just as a matter of interest I thought I would see how the BBC in Scotland in its Sunday rubbish the SNP slot would approach the Growth Commission Report ,

    Well it didn’t take long to figure out their balanced presentation , first we had a hostile presenter ” Brewer ” more or less interviewing himself because he disregarded any answer and substituted his opinion of what the answer actually was .

    Then we had some Tory arse wipe can’t remember or care what his name was it wouldn’t really matter anyway he was just there to rubbish it , he continued to push this mythical UK internal market without any comment or correction by Brewer .

    As if that wasn’t bad enough he then wheels out that expert on Economics Ballie the laughter in the studio must have been deafening , Ballie the one who believes that having Trident based in Scotland contributes to a quarter of Scotlands economy and provides employment for thousands and thousands of jobs , the same Ballie whose party left us with a one billion annual interest payment with its only game in town PFI fiasco , not to mention that other balls up the Edinburgh trams another one billion pounds down the drain,

    These two clowns who support a Union that however bad it treats Scottish people must be maintained at all costs, because their English head office says it should .

  20. The story goes that an unfortunate parachutist finds that his parachute and reserve ‘chute malfunction thus sending him hurtling earthwards and certain disaster.
    As he plummets he meets a man sitting atop a gas oven zooming upwards into the ionosphere.
    ‘Do you know anything about parachutes?’ he screams frantically.
    ‘Not a thing!’ the Gas man replies his franticness on a par with that of the plummeting parachutist.
    ‘Do you know anything about Gas cookers?’

    Gordon Brown interviewed Andrew Wilson today on the Growth Commission Report.
    Even he had to admit that it was a damn fine piece of work.
    Throughout the Sunday politics show his ‘Yes But’ reactor reached China Syndrome critical mass.
    He was hoisted by his own petard as Wilson blind sided him by agreeing with his ‘don’t you think’ interventions about cherry picking the good bits of small nation economies, while ignoring the bad bits like high taxes and Right wing Government immigration policies.
    ‘You are absolutely right, Gordon.’
    Brewer sent heavenwards blasted by his own ‘Yes but.’ petard. Loved it.

    At the same time he scornfully suggested that the ‘Flag Waving’ marchers wouldn’t like this Report because it didn’t deliver Independence now.
    Not a good idea to insult your 61 plus aged viewers who might have been on that wee walk through Glasgow the other week, Gordon.
    Gordon was descending Orpheus-like into the murky depths of Better Together insults.

    Wilson was excellent, and would have none of Brewer’s Droop.

    As is BBC Pacific Quay Stockade’s wont, Brewer then invited Jackie Baillie, Hong Kong born, and Dean Lockhart Tory List MSP to slag off the report, now that Wilson had been ushered from the studio.
    Can’t have those Nats answering back live while Baillie mumbles on about Labour investing £20 billion in a Scottish Bank, and £20 billion I creating jobs, or some such pie in the Sky Jeremy Corbyn Never Goin’ To Happen ‘pish’.

    Lockhart revealed that he has lived in Singapore and Hong Kong, and that modelling these two city states fiscal regimes would be a disaster, and anyway it’s all about that bad Nicola Sturgeon going on and on about Independence…We wouldn’t get a trade deal with Wangland after independence.

    Brewer let this idiot regurgitate this arrant 4 times the trade with England than the EU nonsense unchallenged.
    This man could not even get Scots citizens to vote for him. A LisTory lap dog.

    It became apparent that these two were way out of their depth in attempting to slag off a report which it became glaringly obvious neither of them had read.

    Brewer must have felt that he was plunging Earthwards with no hope of Redemption.
    There he was, live, meeting himself going the other way. Malfunctioning parachute and gas explosion, and poor Gordon in the middle.

    And the icing on the Better Together cake, Cathy Jamieson, failed politician whose BSC Honours in Fine Art showed in her grasp of economics, and Richard Walker looking terrific by the way, ex editor of the National, to summarise.
    Brewer had given up by then.
    He knows that The Growth Report is a fine well researched and worthy document.
    Bailie, Lockhart, and Jamieson? Could be the letter heading for a firm of undertakers.
    Where are the Lib Dems hiding?

    • Robert Graham says:

      Jack gee wiz I missed Jamison , I had given up by then, I had forgotten the neutral usual press bit or the final wee dig at the end just before Brewer does his stitched on smile , and says by for now which is usually followed by me saying go f/fk herself yay scabby bar Stuart .

  21. Az says:

    I am one of “those who want a new Scottish currency immediately”, but I can’t deny the pragmatic approach.

    Also those like me should be heartened by the recommendation to immediately put a central bank in place. The truth of such a move would be that we could switch to our own currency very quickly indeed, if that was what we decided to do.

  22. Ed Davies says:

    Scotland should have its own pound, at least at first, until adoption of the Euro can be considered properly. Perhaps the mint should be set up near the M9 crossing of the Forth so the currency could be called the Pound Stirling, just to avoid any possible confusion.

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