Fine dining with Donner party Britain

Like most of the rest of the country, I’ve been struggling to keep up with developments as Britain discovers that Boris Johnson, that famous scholar of the Classics, failed to explain before the referendum that Brexit was actually Ancient Greek for “ohmygod, I don’t have a clue what to do now”. To put it briefly, the entire political establishment in in meltdown, except for viewers in Scotland who have their own programme. Once which for once doesn’t involve Dougie Donnelly and indoor bowling from Coatbridge. Scotland is now the proud owner of the only part of the British state whose political leadership haven’t descended into gibbering madness, are in hiding, or are too busy knifing one another in the back in order to do the job they were actually elected to do.

Our Prime Minister and his Chancellor have been in hiding since Dave appeared briefly before the press on Friday morning to say he was resigning. Osborne may in fact be tied up in a terrible bondage game gone wrong, and the rest of the country is feeling much the same way. We know we’ve all been screwed. There are Loch Monsters and alien visitors who are easier to find than George Osborne over the past few days, and there are squashed hedgehogs on the A9 with a higher public profile. Which is fair enough, because it’s certainly true that Davie and George’s careers are now impossible to distinguish from roadkill.

Davie and George didn’t have any contingency plans for what to do if the vote went against them, because they believed that their own arrogance was all that they needed to carry the day. The last couple of days have shown up the elite of the British establishment to be culpable of the most tragic display of ineptitude since the Donner wagon train en route to California decided to take a short cut through Death Valley and ended up becoming a byword for cannibalism. There are gibbons swinging through the trees in Borneo who demonstrate a higher level of forward planning than Davie and George. Gibbons at least ensure that they have a branch to cling onto. Davie and George don’t even have a withered fig leaf. If they were bus drivers they’d be arrested for dangerous driving and putting the public at risk.

Meanwhile the Leave campaign has been revealed to have been an annoying cat all along. For the past few years it has been pawing at us repeatedly in order to get the door opened, and then when the door does open it just sits there and stares vacantly into space, refusing to budge. It’s become clear that Boris and Michael Govefish have had as much of a Brexit plan as their former pals in Downing Street. It was all just a jolly jape substituting for a Tory leadership contest, they didn’t really believe that anyone would take them seriously. Only now they’ve won the referendum and have as much an idea what to do next as a budgie whose swing has been tied up. All they have left is staring at themselves in the vanity mirror.

What degree of selfish entitlement does it take to lead an entire campaign to take the UK out of the EU, and not to have a clue about what to do once you get the result you campaigned for? I’m not entirely sure, but that’s because I never went to Eton. Boris doesn’t bother his tousled head about little details like what comes after a vote, about ensuring that policies are in place, because that would be work, and he has always had staff for that sort of thing. Often immigrant staff. Like Michael Govefish, or Adam Werrity’s pal Liam.

The mass ranks, which were mostly rank it has to be said, of the British press hounded the SNP for months over its plans for independence in 2014. Presented with a thick doorstopping volume of Plan A, the media took it apart to the subatomic level. Then they demanded a Plan B to stick into the Large Hadron Collider so that they could smash it until the quarks bled, and if that wasn’t enough there would be calls for Plans C through Z-squared. Boris and his risible Leave campaign presented a plan on the back of a fag packet saying “We’ll work it out as we go along, eventually, but only after we’ve dealt with more serious issues, like Boris’s career”, and the bulk of the British press went, “Oh that will do nicely.” Davie didn’t have a Plan B, and Boris had no plans at all. If the British media had subjected either of them to one tenth of the scrutiny that they subject Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP to, we wouldn’t all be in the mess that we’re in now.

Over in the Labour party, at a time when the Tories are rudderless and leaderless and have as much idea of where they’re headed as a kitten in a sack on a canal side, you might just think that the People’s Party would be poised to step in as the voice of reason and the defenders of the working classes. But instead they’re far too preoccupied with playing stick the knife into Jeremy Corbyn. This attempt at a Blairite coup may or may not be related to the uncomfortable fact that the Chilcot report on the Iraq war is due to be published in a fortnight. So my money is on may. That’s the Labour party for you, whenever there’s a crisis you can rely on it to step up to the plate and kick another Labour politician in the nads.

Then on a special edition of BBC Question Time this evening, a slew of Tories and Brexit apologists queued up to explain why the Leave Campaign’s slogan Take Back Control came with terms and conditions attached. Those terms and conditions being that the offer wasn’t valid north of the border. Scotland isn’t to be allowed to take back any control of its own, and the terrible unfairness of England being subject to policies it didn’t vote for isn’t such a terrible unfairness when it’s England subjecting Scotland to policies Scotland didn’t vote for. But that’s terribly divisive of me to point that out. How dare Scotland resist the decisions made for it by people who love it and care for it and know better than Scottish voters do what’s best for Scotland.

The only politician in the entire country who has any plan, who has the remotest idea of how to get out of this sorry and entirely unnecessary mess is Nicola Sturgeon. A whole load of former No voters now agree with her. There’s been one of those major shifts in public opinion in Scotland. There is no future for an outward looking, progressive, social democratic Scotland in a Britain in which Nigel Farage is a national hero and Boris Johnson is tipped as the next Prime Minister. We need another independence referendum, and we need to get out of this dysfunctional state where internal party politics are more important than the national good. Britain has no idea, no clue, no plan, but Scotland does. We don’t have to follow the Donner Party Britain into its fine dining. We have an escape plan, let’s take it.

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72 comments on “Fine dining with Donner party Britain

  1. diabloandco says:

    God , I’m glad you’re there.

  2. 2016 Brexit.
    1916 Battle of the Somme

  3. tartanfever says:

    At last, well done Paul, someone in the Indy media circle suggests the real reason for the attacks on Corbyn.

    Isn’t it fortunate for Blairite Labour (most MP’s, the PLP and the NEC) that the Remain side lost. Now they have a great excuse to get rid of Corbyn on the basis that he led a poor campaign and they can either have him replaced pronto or at least have him so undermined and sidelined that his voice will be lost in the wind.

    All at a time when Chilcot is due to be published in two weeks time. Remember, Corbyn is still adamant that anyone involved in a war crime should be charged, including former PM Blair. By all accounts, Chilcot is said to be damning of the handling of the Iraq War.

    It would be extremely convenient for Blair to have discredited Corbyn by then. This is still a current issue, only last month the Independent and the Telegraph were carrying this story.

    No offence to anyone, but while everyone is wondering why the hell Labour have apparently hit the self destruct button now when the Tories are in utter disarray, the notion of the Chilcot report has been sadly lacking from our discussion on Bella and Wings etc.

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  5. Tinto Chiel says:

    “Then on a special edition of BBC Question Time this evening, a slew of Tories and Brexit apologists queued up to explain why the Leave Campaign’s slogan Take Back Control came with terms and conditions attached. Those terms and conditions being that the offer wasn’t valid north of the border. Scotland isn’t to be allowed to take back any control of its own, and the terrible unfairness of England being subject to policies it didn’t vote for isn’t such a terrible unfairness when it’s England subjecting Scotland to policies Scotland didn’t vote for. But that’s terribly divisive of me to point that out. How dare Scotland resist the decisions made for it by people who love it and care for it and know better than Scottish voters do what’s best for Scotland.”

    How true, as is your final paragraph. I’m dreaming of the FM short-circuiting everything and dealing directly with the EU.

    And tartanfever: of course. Corbyn apologising for Blair’s war crimes must not be allowed. So let’s destroy him before Tony is unmasked.

    • tartanfever says:

      Chiel, you’ve got me there, I don’t know if you’re winding me up !

      Corbyn isn’t apologising for Blair, he’s the one in the Labour Party that wants him prosecuted, hence why Labour want to get rid of Corbyn to protect Blair.

  6. There remains the crucial question of Scotland’s currency. Since both the Bank of England and the European Central Bank serve clients more important to them than Scotland, that cuts out the £ and the Euro.


    • tartanfever says:

      Really ? As the sterling sees another 1% fall as the Asian markets have just opened and still the UK has no leader, no plan, no chancellor the most important thing on the agenda is what currency we will use on independence.

      Seriously Paul ?

      I’ll make a prediction, it won’t be sterling cause it will be worth hee-haw.

      No let’s get on to important subjects, what’s the price of oil going to be in 2019 ?

    • David Agnew says:

      Sterlingisation: currency union, be it formal or informal is common practice and that was always plan b

    • Illy says:

      How about we informally use the Norwegian Krone?

      It’s main usage is a small north-european country with a small population and a lot of oil.

      That sound similar to anyone?

      • John MacRae says:

        How about the Pound Scots ??

        • Illy says:

          Everyone’s acting as though that’s an impossibility, and saying that we’d have to use someone else’s currency (The normal formulation is “English Pound or Euro – which would you rather?”) I was just pointing out that if we are going to have to use someone else’s currency, why not use the Krone, since it’s current users are a small, north-european country with a lot of oil, just like us.

  7. Sandra Stewart says:

    I love you Wee Ginger Dug, you are the best. You hit the nail on he head every time. I aspire to your genius but then I remember I am a mouthie wee Fifer. You can take the lassie oot o Fife……

  8. Davy says:

    Anyone want to buy an ex “labour shadow minister”, got about a dozen going cheap, not much wear & tear, but not much fucking use either.

    Could be trained as doorstops with patience.

  9. Macart says:

    I’ve never seen anything like it Paul. Gubsmacked is probably understating it to be honest.

    Remember the heady days when oor meeja insisted the Scottish government lay out a day by day plan for the next several decades and then proceeded to pish on each answer from a great height regardless? The SG formed a group of Special Economic advisors. World reknowned Nobel Laureates in economics amongst their number dontchaknow? They produced a 600 page white paper and were put under an electron microscope on every single issue.

    Who knew that all you really needed was a bad haircut, some clown shoes and a killer line in flag wavy rhetoric? Oh and to be partnered with a raging racist who enjoys a pint and a fag.

    Forward planning, an economic model, a brexit government in waiting, the intent to keep the odd pledge or two? Mere details. Never mind the quality, feel the width. Oh and as for the incumbents of No. 10? NO PLAN B? No contingency for failure?

    This is how the union ends. With clown shoes and a twirly bow tie.


    • Saor Alba says:

      Please excuse me fur no commentin’ for a while now, but ah’m “nursing ma’ wrath tae keep it warm”. At the moment, ah’m in the bowels of Londinium, fur meetins.

      Ah’m quietly seethin’ wi’ contempt fur the utter drivel and pish cummin’ oot o’ the mooths o’ mony o’ thae southern dickheads that pretend tae run the cuntry (no a typo, by the way) they ca’ Britain and mony o’ they other dickheads that want tae. It’s no a cuntry at aw. It’s a fuckin’ basket case. Aw a’ see is pure hatred. The sensible folk here ur shoutit doon aw the time.

      If onybody in Alba disnae see sense noo in gaw’n fur Indy, then they deserve a’ that’s cummin tae them. They canny say we didnae warn them. 45% of folk canny be wrang. 55% kin’ tho’.

      The expats are aw shitin’ themselves in Spain noo. That’s gawny help the grass tae grow better ower there. Bojo an’ Nigela fatarse ur shitin’ themsels anaw, trying tae cum up wi’ a plan A. The rest ur in hidin’. Ah’ve been look in’ fur Ozzy everywhere so a’ kin show the bastert ma wee collection o’ Indy badges. A’ brocht them aw doon wi’ me. Starts a conversation ye know. Wan that a’ always finish.

      That’s the shockin’ thing about wee dodgy Dave, ye know. He could never spell EVIL.

      • Macart says:

        Westminster will be Westminster.

        They were always going to do the heavy lifting. Nature of the beast n’ aw that. 😉

        • Illy says:

          Something that is becoming abundantly clear from this, especially Nicola Sturgeon’s responses to loaded questions, is that Labour/Conservatives are parties of *politics* – They want what’s best for themselves/their party donors, but the SNP is a party of *government* – they want what’s best for the country.

          It’s no surprise that the SNP have a plan. That’s what any sensible government would do – plans for both/all probable eventualities – regardless of the polls opinion on which one is slightly more likely.

          The truly amazing thing is that it took something this big to make little england realise that their PM is an amateur schoolboy with no idea what he’s doing.

          • Macart says:

            And a fairly petulant schoolboy at that. He’s wandered off in the huff and dumped the whole sorry mess in the laps of the utterly clueless Brexiteers, leaving the UK leaderless in a time of constitutional crisis.

            Well done him (slow hand clap).

    • Luigi says:

      I always thought the UK would end in farce.

  10. Coinneach says:

    There is a rumour that JK Rowling may be changing sides. Oh Gawd, I’ll have to be nice to her.

    • davidbsb says:

      Aye, cos after 1945 naebody could be found that had actually voted for Adolph.

      She should reconsider her position right enough. She should apologise to Natalie for using her financial clout to bully her. And she should apologise for her colonialist remarks. Then she should make a massive donation to Yes Scotland’s successor and shut up until our fight is done.

      I have decided to forgive most No voters. But JKR, Tokyo Kaye and Union Jackie are no getting any of my magnanimity.

  11. Tinto Chiel says:

    @tartanfever: sorry, poor phrasing on my part. I agree completely. I meant that Corbyn would be admitting Blair’s guilt, and that is something which must not happen. Tony will have a defence plan to be punted mercilessly by the right-wing press and Corbyn is an obstacle.

    Did we ever expect to see British politics in total meltdown?

    Thankfully, the FM doesn’t give a flying Carmichael.

    • Paddy Daley says:

      “Did we ever expect to see British politics in total meltdown?”

      Maybe that’s what people were hoping for when they voted Leave. I can actually understand that motivation.

  12. mullwharcharcom says:

    Exactly. A brilliant summing up of the chaos and the causes. Thank you.

    Sent from my ASUS

  13. Dave Hansell says:

    Caught most of the second half of the question time special. What came across from the leave panalists and just as significantly those in the audience of voted to go was a sort of triumphalism in terms of we won, you the sixteen million who did not vote our way need to get over it and unite. It’s now “our” country stop being sore losers.

    No recognition that sixteen million people who still live here, their neighbours next door, or members of their family, have had their EU citizenship rights removed. Rights with protection provisions for employment, consumer protection, environment, freedom to move, work and study across 27 other countties, human rights, and so on with no inkling of any effective replacement from right wing extremist Nutters now poised to move into traditional Labour areas now that the neo liberal wreckers in the Labour Party have decided to throw a tantrum.

    The message coming across loud and clear from this section of the populace and those in leadership positions they are swinging behind, regardless of party, is that what they consider to be this “our” country is the entire British Isles. It is as though England and Wales have been taken over by the Billy Boys and it cannot be too long before we hear the words No Surrender entering the populist lexicon south of Hadrians wall.

    There seems no prospect from those who have adopted this mindset of Scotland being allowed to go unhindered and the strong suspicion lingers that Farage’s observation on Friday could well have been premature.

    • Saor Alba says:

      Spot on Dave. A display of total arrogance.
      How Alec controls himself I do not know.

      It is interesting that the major and most talented politicians on both sides of the border are SNP politicians. The U.K. Is such a disaster that it just cannot recognise sensible, logical and truthful commentary any more.

  14. mullwharcharcom says:

    Sent from my ASUS

  15. Campertess says:

    Reblogged this on campertess and commented:
    Brilliant yet again.

  16. Andimac says:

    Say what you like about the Donner Party, WGD, cannibalism or not, they gave the world the “Donner” kebab. Wonder why the mention of cannibalism makes me think of the Labour Party instead of the Donner Party?

  17. All of the above agreed.
    Maybe a bit of relativism would also reveal the following:
    1. England has voted for its own independence. (Yup. Independence day, indeed). England has effectively seceeded from rUK
    2. Because of 1. there may be no need for Indyref2 when Europe recognises Scotland as a De Facto separate sovereign member state.
    End of.

  18. One can see now how these complete numpties pissed the North Sea oIl & gas bonanza up the wall. Utterly, utterly clueless. A brownie pack would have been more prepared.

    The EU lawyers are going to play hard ball with these buffoons. By the time Brexit is completed, these Westminster clowns won’t know if it’s New York or New Year.

    That was one of your best ever articles Paul. Award yourself a large toddy nightcap & a ginger snap biscuit for the wee dug.

  19. Anne says:

    I have a question.Does Scotland have to be a sovereign state to join the E.U. on it`s own? Thank you. P.S.I`d be lost without your articles.

  20. Holebender says:

    You know, when Whitehall types said they had no contingency in the case of Yes winning the indyref two years ago I just didn’t believe them. They must have something ready, just in case, thought I.

    Now I see they really didn’t. We could have melted Westminster two,years ago if only a couple of hundred thousand more people had voted our way.

  21. Illy says:

    And, just for funsies. Here’s something to cheer everyone up:

    “There really is an answer?”

    “Yes, but you’re not going to like it…”

  22. hettyforindy says:

    Been hard to keep up with events, mainly via twitter, and do normal things like cook, and go to the shops!

    It’s still a shambles, an utter mess, yet the Westminster lot are not being challenged in the UKok media. What a disgrace, we are the laughing stock, while the fascist bigots attack people they see as immigrants. A can of worms has been opened, I hope that Scotland can find a way to exit this dreadful union as soon as possible. The next few weeks would do me for an independence referendum, as has been said by many, strike while the irons hot.

    It’s not just the result, but the way in which the Eton boys have treated the people with utter contempt! If this was Spain or France, millions upon millions would be out calling for stability and action by those supposedly in charge, or for a GE, because in fact no one knows who the fck is in charge.

    Here in Scotland, (and it is quite tragic because no one in the Scotgov asked for this stupid referendum and the resulting chaos) the government are working so hard to ensure that things move forward, for the better of the people in Scotland. England are on their own now, we can’t help them anymore.

    Goodness knows what tomorrow will bring, but I think we can expect more incompetence, and more piss taking by the Eton boys. Probably a lot more racism as well, it’s very scary right now, how awful for anyone suffering at the hands of utter these little sh**s.

    Reluctantly, I will embrace 2014 no voters, should they choose to see their UK for the foe it actually is, when it comes to Scotland, and support Indyref#2.

  23. Eli says:

    I too watched the Question Time special and it was the usual rant- Scotland had its chance to escape in 2014 and didn’t take it so tough. It is beyond me why so many English people in the media particularly, really don’t get Scotland or how it sees itself or its place in the world. The panel had some vicar spouting forth about Love Thy Neighbour then dissing the Scots for wanting its majority vote to stay in the EU to count for something . I don’t remember the bible saying love thy neighbour as long as they agree with you . What a total hypocrite. The clear inference from much of that part of the discuusion was Scotland doesnt count as there are far more people in England than up here.
    Watching all the political shenanigans and back stabbing over the past couple of days has made me feel I’m watching a really bad episode of Game of Thrones. Although it is really hard to tell who the dragons and Wight Walkers are but one thing for sure is no great leader is going to rise from the dead and save us anytime soon.

    • It’s not ‘English people in the media’ that we have to worry about. BBC Scotland has become the Brexit Broadcasting Corporation. I’ve dipped into a few of the shows,,,we made our bed in 2014. WE cab be dragged out of Europe by another country. BBC Scotland’s definition of ‘country’ is the UK.
      We must have another Referendum to save our country.

  24. Saor Alba says:

    Lots of vicars say things like that Eli, but they don’t actually mean them.

    In fact, I don’t believe they actually understand the words as they say them. That guy certainly didn’t. They are usually inebriated with the exuberance of their own verbosity and just say things for effect and to show what nice chaps they are.

    They are entwined with the State and always have been, so that the minions can be controlled. Vicars are mainly Establishment.
    I realise that I have just generalised, but generally it appears like that.
    Full of codswollop. No practicals involved. It’s all theory.

    • RabMacPhoto says:

      SA that particular Vicar is very much part of the establishment – his parish is in Kennington, and I had a conversation with one of his parishioners recently, and apparently as well as his numerous appearances on tv he often writes for the broadsheets.

  25. farci says:

    On holiday in New Orleans I can’t view UK TV so rely on BBC World Service radio for post-Brexit reaction. Would it surprise you to know that B-BC World Service editorial policy consists of ‘Oh My Gaawwd’ flapping and nothing about the positive moves by the First Minister to find a solution?

    No? Me neither

  26. Sooz says:

    Yes, where IS Gideon the Towel-Folder in Chief? Rumour has it he’s resigning. Or perhaps he’s lying in a ditch somewhere, sparked to the eyeballs and jibbering to himself

    It really is quite astonishing to see the toffs brought so low by their own ineptitude. So much for them crowing that they are our betters. Put them in a grown-up crisis and they’ve folded. Rather like Osborne’s towels, but not as neatly.

    So they play “No I’m not doing it, you do it” between themselves while millions of people across the UK and mainland Europe and further afield are being directly affected by not being able to get things done. I’ve been reading tweets from despairing people across Europe: funding has shuddered to a halt so ongoing projects are in limbo, people are losing their jobs, contracts are being torn up with nothing to replace them and no-one knows what the fuck’s going on. All because Cameron doesn’t want to do all the work and then hand everything over on a plate to his successor. Or he’s trying to scupper the result.

    Don’t you think Cameron would have wanted to know what the plan was if Leave won? Was it really all just a bit of political manoeuvering at our expense? Have they just knocked millions off shares, sent shockwaves round the global financial markets and involved the entire UK in a pointless referendum they never expected to result in a Leave vote, all because Boris wanted Cameron’s job? Please, please tell me that those bozos down in Westminster haven’t just caused a worldwide crisis because some big fat bully boy wanted the comfy chairs at Number 10?

    • Marconatrix says:

      I´m sure it was all intended to be a sham from start to finish, just to keep the kippers happy since Cameron had been obliged to pledge the EU referendum in the run up to the GE, which he blithely did, never expecting to win an overall majority and so be forced to carry it out.

      So they decide to have a mock campaign with old school pal Boris leading the mock opposition. But clearly this jolly jape backfired, the kippers and fellow travellers managed to connect with pockets of public discontent and so confuse the poor and hopeless that they turned and literally bit the hand that feeds them.

      All this has happened because there is no credible, people-friendly, community based, grassroots Labour movement any longer in modern Britain. It might emerge … eventually … from the sort of folks in the country who backed Corbyn for leader. Sadly he has been unable to live up to their expectations.

      And now the immediate problem for anyone brave enough to step up to the plate is how to put all the quasi-fascist racism and scapegoating back in its box before things really start to get out of hand and ugly. That is the first priority, it must be nipped in the bud and the real causes of people´s grievances addressed, i.e. austerity, inequality, ignorance …

      Wouldn´t it be funny, in a sick kind of way, if the Irish managed to finally put their divisions aside and reunify, while England went into factional melf-down.

  27. Macart says:

    Brace yourselves. Gideon about to issue a statement this morning. 12 resignations from Labour Shadow cabinet (now more of a coffee table) and the media going into to full froth Jock bashing mode a la QT. Oh and still no plan B from either HMG or the Brexiteers.

    Busy night really.

  28. Macart says:

    One other wee thing.

    Since Friday there has been a flood of NO to YES converts hitting social media along with yet another influx of over 2K members to the SNP. Snap polls over the weekend have returned unprecedented support for a referendum and a yes vote.

    I cannot stress this enough – THESE PEOPLE ARE TO BE WELCOMED WITH OPEN ARMS

    This is a different day and a very different UK from the one they hoped they were voting for in 2014. The circumstances haven’t just changed over the past 21 months, the landscape constitutionally, socially, economically and politically has been radically altered beyond recognition. Two years ago, many of us suspected strongly that this was where the UK was headed. We campaigned and voted accordingly. It gives me no pleasure at all to see those fears realized beyond even our worst nightmares. The Brexit and subsequent events of the weekend just past should leave no one in any doubt – today’s UK is heading for a dark place societally, a place the Scottish electorate should have no part of IMO.

    I do not care how you voted yesterday and I have no business asking why. You voted for what you thought best at the time. You got involved. The crisis facing all of the Scottish electorate NOW is all that matters and it needs your vote, your help. Its going to take all of us to make the necessary changes to right the wrongs of the past 21 months. Rosettes and ISMs go in the drawer from now on. This is about ALL of our society and culture. Young, old, rich, poor, left, right and point of origin unimportant. Doesn’t matter a damn. You chose to live and contribute here? YOU ARE A CITIZEN OF SCOTLAND. And if you want to be? You are a Scot.

    My hand is out and welcome aboard.

    • Yeah, well said Mac. I’m looking forward to a busy year of campaigning both for the upcoming council elections, and hopefully soon afterwards for a Yes vote in a Scottish Independence Referendum. And hoping to meet many new converts to the cause.

  29. Alex Smith says:

    What Macart said.

  30. Tinto Chiel says:

    ” This is about ALL of our society and culture. Young, old, rich, poor, left, right and point of origin unimportant. Doesn’t matter a damn. You chose to live and contribute here? YOU ARE A CITIZEN OF SCOTLAND. And if you want to be? You are a Scot.”

    Well said, that man. What we’re seeing now is a continuation of The Curse of No. All the lies they used against us have come back to haunt them since they can’t be used again: it’s a busted flush.

    I see in my excitement at 8.54pm I omitted my final sentence “She’s the only one with a plan.”

    Just heard a drawling ninny on Pravdasound4 opining it would be completely undemocratic for the SG to attempt to block Brexit.

    What about OUR democracy, Poindexter, eh?

  31. Eli says:

    Disappointed to hear Lord Vader (Osborne) has arisen.I was beginning to think the dark side had caused him to self combust or Cameron had lost it Friday morning and done him in. Strange he now says there is to be no Emergency Budget um he lied then what a shock!!!

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  33. Robert Burns says:

    Brilliant post, WGD.
    The replies are too – thanks to everyone.

    And I’m going to start using: “sent from my arse” as a signature from now on!
    Thanks, mullwharcharcom, for that. (
    Although I see your spellchecker has a filter fitted!)

  34. Toni says:

    I was about to comment, then realised that Macart, Tinto Chiel etc were saying it better. I will say that with all the resignations from the Shadow Cabinet, maybe we can hope for a left wing new cabinet.

  35. John Edgar says:

    What a mess? I note Gordo is silent. Is he working on version 2 of his panegyric My Scotland, My Britain?
    That is now a backward looking scenario.
    Scotland has changed. Britain has changed.
    What mental picture of these countries Gordo has is now passé.
    The three unionist parties north of the Tweed have bur one MP each; Labour in Scotland is below the Tories who are equally below and the Libdems squeek from under the Greens.
    Westminster Parties are at war in the HoC and Corbyn has a rebellion on his hands with no Scot as Shadow SoS.
    Anyone for vowing, pacing the floor, staring demoniacally into the firmament and uttering hollow sounding promises and assurances of his omnipotence and Omni competence in legislatures where he is not a member!
    We await.

  36. andygm1 says:

    We’ve got a cat just like that! He’s my avatar.

    I hope everbody in Scotland was watching that BBC QT, especially the bit when the smug, Brummie woman in the audience told us to shut up and eat our cereal.

  37. MI5 Troll says:

    Great stuff from the Dug again and Mr Macart.I am feeling a lot more positive in the last days. Sorry (ladies)to use a football comment but Nicola seems to have suddenly found herself standing in front of an empty goal with the keeper and defenders away fighting among themselves.If she keeps the heid and taps in we may well have what we want a lot sooner that it looked last year. We really do live in interesting times.

  38. I was thinking of trying to post something insightful and erudite – but I can’t because since Friday my head is just mince!

    So glad that Nicola is watching our backs here – and she is doing a pretty good job that even Sky News commended!

    Re Chilcott – I would STRONGLY urge everyone to read Peter Oborne’s polemic book “Not The Chilcott Report” (about £7 on Amazon or get your public library to buy a copy). Good review of it from Craig Murray here:

  39. Squall Cloud says:

    More than half( yep half) the shadow cabinet have resigned WTF.

  40. Macart says:

    Breaking: Standard & Poor strips the UKs triple rating and downgrades to double A.

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