The direction of respect

It would appear, according to the bunch of torn faces collectively known as Scotland’s Unionist parties, that there’s only one sort of respect that needs to be demanded in Scottish politics. That’s the respect that independence supporting parties are required to show the result of the referendum in 2014. Funnily enough, there doesn’t appear to be any parallel requirement on the part of the Unionist parties to respect the promises and commitments that they made to people who would otherwise have voted for independence in order to secure the result that they’re desperate should be respected.

In the twenty months or so since the referendum, one after another the promises made by the Unionist parties have collapsed like support for the Labour party. But then, they never had any intention of fulfilling them to begin with. Unionist political parties don’t do promises because Scotland has no means of holding them to account. We can punish their representatives in Scotland, we can pandaficate them, but they sail on regardless and impose what they like on us on the back of their support elsewhere. When you hear a demand that you respect something, you can be pretty damn sure that those demanding the respect have no respect for you. Respect only flows one way in the UK. It flows the same way as oil revenues, as Scottish capital, as educated and skilled workers. It flows out of Scotland and never comes back.

So when you heard the Unionist parties promise that Scotland’s EU membership could only be safe if we voted to remain a part of the UK, that wasn’t really a promise at all. It was just a serving suggestion. When you heard the Unionist parties swear blind that jobs in tax offices and shipyards and steel fabricators would only be safe if Scotland stayed in the UK, that wasn’t a promise at all. It was just a fond hope. When you heard Labour and the Tories scare the elderly with nightmare stories about pensions and health care that could only be avoided if Scotland voted No, those weren’t promises or commitments. It was a work of fiction for illustrative purposes. When you heard Gordie Broon and Alistair Darling say that a No voting Scotland would benefit from the nearest thing to federalism possible, would get Home Rule which was the same thing as Devo Max, none of that was a promise or a commitment. It was just a statement of potential aspirations.

And when Davie Cameron said that he would show Scotland respect and understanding, well he was just taking the piss. Thinking that a Tory Eton boy is going to respect Scotland? Even people out of their trees on drugs don’t hallucinate that much.

The reason that the Unionist keep demanding respect for the outcome of the referendum is because they’re desperate to avoid a rerun. They’re desperate to avoid a rerun because they know that they will then be held to account for the lies, deceit, and mendacity that won them the last one. And they know that the next time there’s a referendum, they’re going to lose. You might think that in a normal universe where we were blessed with honest politicians who understood the meaning of morality, that the Unionist parties would understand that the best way to avoid a rerun of the independence referendum would be by not only bending over backwards to ensure that all the promises and commitments that they made during the Scottish summer of 2014 were fulfilled, but by going beyond those promises and commitments and over-delivering. They haven’t done that though, have they.

The Unionist parties haven’t come remotely close to fulfilling the promises that they made to Scotland in 2014. The pathetically inadequate Smith Commission which was then ritually disembowelled in the House of Commons was supposed to deliver Gordie Broon’s infamous Vow. But Gordie’s Vow remains far off and inaccessible in the depths of outer space, a bit like Gordie himself. The Unionist parties got their collective arses kicked by the voters of Scotland in May 2015 as we reminded them that we had expectations of them that they had yet to fulfil. The Unionist parties have responded to their ignominious defeat in May 2015 by ignoring it and pretending that it didn’t happen. All they do is to demand our respect but have no intention of respecting us. So they can go screw themselves and stick their respect where the sun don’t shine. That would be whichever rock it is that Gordie Broon has been hiding under this past year.

So if the Unionists want the result of the independence referendum repected, they can bloody well start by respecting it themselves. And that means that they deliver on *our* understanding of the promises that they made to us, not their own self-serving understanding. Because right now they’re demanding that we respect their understanding of statements that Alex Salmond made during the independence referendum, and expect us to abide by their understanding of what someone said in a personal capacity. Don’t know about you, but I didn’t promise that there shouldn’t be another independence referendum for a generation. No one told me that was what I was voting for, and I am buggered if Ruth Davidson or Kezia Dugdale is going to hold me to a commitment that I didn’t make just so they can save their pathetic parties from a justly deserved electoral oblivion.

If Ruth and Kezia want the result of the referendum respected, then they’d better start showing some respect themselves. Because I’m not seeing any. All I see are political parties that are trying to weasel out of the promises that they made, that cavil and complain, that have reduced Scotland’s representatives to second class status in the House of Commons, and which continue to ride roughshod over the express will of the Scottish people.

Because if the settled will of the Scottish people was as important to them as they claim that it is, we wouldn’t be getting Trident renewed, we wouldn’t be subject to Tory cuts, we wouldn’t be getting hauf airsed powers over income tax and control of bloody road signs and being told that it was devo-pissing-max. I’ll be the judge of that along with the rest of the Scottish people, not David Cameron. And we will be the judge of whether or not the Unionist parties have fulfilled their promises. The kicking that they’re going to get on Thursday ought to tell them that we don’t believe them. I’m not about to start respecting political parties that treat Scotland with contempt, and I suspect I’m not alone.

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57 comments on “The direction of respect

  1. Lizzie56 says:

    Spot on. And your not alone. Enjoyed every minute of your blog.

  2. […] Wee Ginger Dug The direction of respect […]

  3. twathater says:

    Paul another bang on the nail assessment, it’s my opinion that the SNP are giving too much respect to these ar**holes , they have and are ripping the pish every time they open their gubs , the Scottish people are being treated like shite, I know they have to act with a measure of decorum but they have to get the gloves off and get right in about them. These people have no integrity , I watched the leaders debate tonight and got the boak listening to the dugs wee whispering condescending voice , and the tank commanders authoritarian British Ness , and wee Willie winkies pleading squeek , I was shouting at the tele for Nicola to start a rammie and rip them a new ar** over the PFI and PPP scandal but no such luck

    • bettyboop says:

      I think it’s called “giving them enough rope…”, but, I must admit I’d love them to be on the end of both barrels at times.

      I didn’t watch the leaders’ debate for several reasons , a few of which, in no particular order, are : a) it was in held in Hopetoun House (so pretentious of the BBC); b) Sarah Smith (nuff said); c) Ruth Davidson (heard her telling porkies to her own faithful during indyref); d) Kezia Dugdale (well, where to start?); e) Willie Rennie (whiny and has destroyed forests to paper over Fife, etc.). Think that’s plenty.

      • Bugger (the Panda) says:

        The whole was surprisingly balance and Ruthie behaved disgracefully shouting and being about as close to a Breach of the Peace as you can be. Kezia was just trying to retain water in a cllander and Wullie was full of piss and nothing else. Patrick too was Ok but the star, when she could be heard over Ruth’s heckling was Nicola.

        I think Ruthie did herself no favours; just an angry angry man.

        • Seems to me that on the odd occasions when Davidson manages to get down off her Buffalo, Tank or whatever photo opportuinity presents itself for her smiley personna, she immediately gets up on to her high horse and goes into shouty tub thumping mode.

          I was pleased to see the back of Murphy and the thought of Davidson as our main opposition fills me with nothing but dismay. At some point she will have to learn that on occasion listening to the public is a political necessity. Oh aye, that and actually having some policies that have been structured to address Scotland’s needs and not those of South East England alone.

        • Macart says:

          Yeah, Ruth Davidson really is that transparent. Her facade of good natured and pugnacious has approximately all the depth and durability of a sheet of wet bog roll.

          One wee scratch and its zero to berzie at warp speed.

    • Robert Graham says:

      yep the language in my hoose can’t be repeated here , and the constant interruptions from that rabbid out of control Tory (+*#*+#) unchecked and by the looks of it a scared Sarah Smith .
      A Tory politician being cheered in Scotland f/k me when has this happened before , and a great big cheer for Wullie dear oh dear where did they recruit this audience , a staged event by the BBC they wouldn’t do that would they , aye right totally impartial as usual .

  4. Black Rab says:

    You are not alone mr

  5. says:

    Reblogged this on Bampots Utd.

  6. I’ve just watched BBC Leaders’ Debate, live from Hopetoun House.
    Unfortunately, there were no credits at the close of this latest Unionist Establishment Upper Class Farce lest we of a more curious nature may wishto establish the identities of the Production Team which set up this very obvious two finger Edinburgh Establishment Unionist gesture of defiance.

    We are apparently a nation of East Midlands white middle class professionals, with a wee welder from Govan to do all the heavy lifting,like collecting the spent cartridges from the Women’s Day
    shooting on the Hopetoun Estate.

    Sarah Smith has been flown North again, because it is beyond Brewer Joffre, Campbell Bird Magnusson Taylor, Kerr, and Co to chair such a momentous occasion as a debate with an audience which was laughably described as representing ‘a cross section of public opinion’, by the Mighty Smiff.
    Right enough,
    I seem to have discerned a wee black face up in the bleachers at the end of the row…

    The usual BBC Pacific Quay set up:-

    Unionist plants who applauded Ruth Wullie and Kezia with equal gusto, Better Together in Hatred of Self Determination.
    A cross section of public opinion, my arse.

    Who commissioned Hopetoun House.? How much of my TV licence money did it cost to hire the Earl’ s country pile?

    Why was this Testament to the Empire and the sell out 300 years ago chosen?
    Is there any link between the Producer and the Hope Family?
    The Wiki Hope potted history is littered with the false redolence of service to the Empire. Governor General of Australia, Viceroy of India, Lord Lieutenant of Linlithgow..blah de blah de blah.

    Willie raged, Ruth fulminated, and Kezia fumed, in three part harmony, to their ‘Once in a Lifetime’ old record, to the rapturous thunder clapping delight of their white middle class East Midlands audience.
    I repeat; may we have the names of the production team and why Hopetoun House was considered VFM and an appropriate venue for this put up Unionist job?

    And how much of a fee is Sarah Smith coining to come up her for 6 days?

    An insult to our intelligence.

    • Iain Ferguson says:

      Pin Point accurate, thank you.

    • Lisa says:

      Thanks for your unsurprising run down – haven’t watched it yet, don’t think I’ll bother as I believe every word you say!…..I’m finding it more and more cringe worthy, embarrassing,utterly confusing but overall infuriating how fellow Scots – Scots Unionists I mean , can betray their own Country and countrymen/women in favour of their larger neighbours country with such willing and contempt – do these “Sots” really wish they were English??…..aye my patience is wearing very thin – Independence can’t come soon enough for me.

    • John Edgar says:

      Kez was wrong. It was once in a generation, and that is different. Generations are arriving annually as they become able to vote. Kezia’s political life may be over sooner than she thinks.

  7. Hugh Kirk says:

    “I’m not about to start respecting political parties that treat Scotland with contempt, and I suspect I’m not alone.”…..Damn right your not alone…SNPx2

    • Hugh, ‘I’m as mad as hell, and I’m not going to take it any more’.
      The corruption that is Labour over the past 50 or 60 years must be stopped and stopped now.
      The Lanark Councils, GDC, PFI’s, Arms Length Contracts, jobs for the boys, Lairdships for Good Socialists, the ridiculous Premier League wages paid to management teams of 32 Councils, bloated Social Work Departments, sex scandals, fraud, cronyism, sheer defiance in the face of public outrage, has been the norm. They have no shame. Fortunately they no longer have a WM team of MP’s to prop them up any more. That job seems to have fallen to the Dead Tree Scrolls and the BBC.
      We returned a Pro Self Determination Government to Holyrood, our REAL Parliament; many of us totally reject the disgraceful sham the is Westminster, where even although we roundly booted out 40 Labour Hangers On and 10 Lib Dem collaborators, still oppresses the citizens of Scotland.
      593 ‘foreign’ MP’s will always thwart the will of the Scottish electorate.

      Wullie in particular, last night ‘lost it’.
      How dare we keep the hope of Self Determination alive? How dare we consider ‘reserved matters’ like the Defence of our country, Welfare Spending, and FFA, to be relevant topics for discussion during the SGE?
      We should go back in our box, and allow the SE of England to look after our affairs?
      Arrogant little man.
      After Thursday, the deluge.
      Next year, we finally winkle out the last corrupt little fiefdoms at Council Level.
      There must be another Referendum soon.
      How long do we sit passively and watch Ruth’s Tories destroy our Society, while Dugdale and Rennie sit on the sidelines providing the Better Together Greek Chorus lament?

      Last Night’s Leaders’ Debate was the usual BBC Put Up job.
      It beggars belief that Patrick Harvie even turned up to this stately home.

      I take it that Ruth , Wullie, and Kezia, will be staying behind thee Auld Reekie parapets for the next few days.

      Edinburgh 2016 seems to be Dublin 1916. A Unionist redoubt.
      Roll on Thursday.
      SNP x 2. In this household that’s SNP x2 x 4.

  8. Bugger (the Panda) says:


    I am so having that.

    Every post a winner.

  9. John Edgar says:

    The dramatis personae from the Naw camp have absented themselves from the Scottish scene – Brown, Darling et al. The squeaks are left, the insignificants like Kezia. Ruth and Willie.
    Pay is right about mutual respect. But I would not despair. The msm and the BBC colonial arm on Scotland can twist and skew and the press “jesters” like Cochrane and Hjul and Oliver et al can shout SNP and Independence baaaad til they are hoarse, but the reality on the ground is that the uk- colonialists, those latter day “empire loyalists” from the left, centre and right are a diminishing coterie.
    These people would wish that their respective branches could achieve voting returns like the SNP. But they can’t. Their bosses dahn sath struggle to achieve 50% of the vote for their respective parties. The unionists at the branch have mote representatives at Westminster in the appointed Lords than in the Commons! Such inconsistencies only highlight the decline in the status quo. They are never commented on in an msm thirled to the tradition of the past. When you have a Guardian journalist like Kettle who sees hope for the unionists in a party with Labour policies led by an authentic leader like Davidson, then the game is up. The divergence is widening. Rennie sees it ad divisive, and seeks refuge on westminsterism, windsorma and balmorality. That means more EVEL.
    Let us see the unionist cant and evasion when the EU referendum process hots up. We know how the branches will react. Denial of any Scottish mandate to remain on the EU if their English counterparts vote to leave. What we really want is the UK to vote to remain while England votes to leave. Wow!! Then we will see the reaction! EVEL will morph into English absolutism and override the rest and the yoons up here will cave in with limp excuses like: England is the larger part, we are better together, we cannot be divisive, think of the Queen, Cameron was only kidding….. we are too wee…and many more pathetic bleatings

  10. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    Slightly OT

    Last night the BBC leaders’ debtate was a hoot especially Ruthie.

    She had obviously been doing her preparation in the gym and suitable psyched & hormoned up she turned up looking for a Cage Fight.

    Complete lunacy and I doubt even Tories, especially women would have warmed to her boot boy tactics.

    Shocked I was, quite shocked

    Wonder if that will lose he votes and drop the Tories back to lower 3rd ?

  11. Andy says:

    As my old Mam would have said ” put a rocket up their arses and send them to the moon” 🙂

  12. diabloandco says:

    Couldn’t have watched that to save my soul – glad you did it for me.
    You are so far from alone.

  13. Macart says:

    Couldn’t agree more Paul.

    Been out of it for the past day or so with the snots, but surfaced enough to have a read through of what’s happening over the weekend.

    Bless their wee socks but they do appear quite obsessed with referendums and respect don’t they? Oh and apparently Ms Dugdale (according to the ST) deserves credit for reaching out to YES voters… ?!?! Aye, that took me back a bit too.

    Much like most YES voters I was utterly gutted and heartbroken after the choice was made, but it was a result and though a little over half of our electorate decided for the continued political union, that was enough to ratify that result. End of you’d think? Had we been dealing with good intentions and ethical government it really should have been, but intent was to win and the government? Not so ethical.

    I think we all suspected what was to follow, but early doors there was a remote (really, really remote) outside chance we may have been wrong. Perhaps HMG would honour its pledges? Perhaps the media would turn off the social division deluge? Perhaps the BT coalition would get around the Smith Commission table and decide on the full federal route they led folks to believe was possible? Perhaps in the middle of austerity ideology the Tories would provide broad economic shoulders for all those sectors mentioned ATL? Perhaps the three unionist parties would change their practice of politics in the face of the fright they had just received at the ballot? Lastly, perhaps there would be olive branches and respect offered? A middle ground sought by the winners?

    It’s fair to say that HMG/BT behaved pretty much as we feared they might and I think all of those queries have been answered by this point.

    I don’t think it’ll surprise folks to hear me say that after the past twenty months of failed pledges and assurances and continued media assault I’ve kinda decided not to respect the result of that referendum. More importantly and pointedly I’m not in the mood and have absolutely no reason to respect the politicians who made those pledges, or the media who sold that bill of goods to the public.

    I’d say the public who gave them one more chance to come good have had their questions answered too.

  14. Wee Wullie called Nicola “anti-democratic” in her desire to want independence for Scotland, which can only be achieved by a second referendum.

    All other leaders (bar Patrick Harvie) seem to forget that the prime directive of the SNP is to achieve independence for Scotland. Asking them to “move on” is a bit like offering raw steak to a vegan.

    Anyway, let’s put some “raw” figures on Wullie’s “anti-democratic” claim.

    The latest opinion polls show that support for the SNP is greater than the support for Tories, LieDems and (Not) Labour COMBINED.

    Moreover, the combined support for the SNP and the Greens shows that a majority of Scots support political parties which do not object to a second referendum and which would support a Yes vote if such a referendum came about.

    So who is the anti-democrat Wullie? Do tell.

    • twathater says:

      We have had 50 years of labour and tory democracy in Scotland as Jack Collatin says above , ( you doughballs don’t know what’s best for yaese just stfu and get back in yer boax cretins ) weel naw wil no git back in wir boax, we’ve had enough of you corrupt ars**oles RUINING our lives and country

  15. Brian Powell says:

    Another aspect of this is that if Labour succeeded in getting power in Scotland they could never ask Westminster to take responsibility as they have always said all powers were given.
    They defended Tory attacks in the Referendum, they claimed Scotland would have the most powerful devolved assembly in the world. There is nowhere to go from there, it would all fall on their shoulders.
    Imagine Slab trying to take on the Tories in Westminster.
    The Labour Councils are walking into a new trap as the Tories plan to bypass Holyrood and ‘devolve’ powers to the Councils. Cosla might imagine itself a big organisation but it doesn’t hold the purse strings, Westminster would. Tory councils would do well, Labour ones would do badly, it is already happening in England.

    • Saor Alba says:

      Absolutely Brian. Point well made.

      As an aside, are you the same Brian Powell who went to the same school as me in Cally Avenue in the Sixties and also taught at the Rock in the Garngad?
      If not just ignore. If so, I would like to get back in touch.

  16. doreenmilne says:

    Gie that wee dug a bone and a clap. ☺

  17. Well said. I am so sick of this disrespect for so many people’s wishes in Scotland. I’m sure SNP are giving them enough rope, but it’s really sickening to hear it ad nauseam.

  18. david agnew says:

    I have a problem with this “respect the vote” attack from Unionists.

    What is it that I am supposed to respect exactly? Where was their anger and outrage when George Robertson said that Scotland had no culture, no language, no history? Why were they not more mildly annoyed when, on Feb 14th a certain George Osborne spoke down to Scotland that it had contributed nothing to the success of Sterling and by extension the UK?
    Why did they not speak out more when Cameron played the race card and tried to scare the English shitless, that the Scots might try to get UK labour into power?
    Where was the indignation at the unseemly and corrosive celebration of the GERS report, that implied that Scotland was so poor it had to be paid to pretend it was British?
    Where was this passion for Union? Neil Oliver let off a fairly barbed attack on the SNP for attacking a construct created by men with conviction, imagination and vision. Where was his outrage and anger when Better together and the UK wove a narrative that placed Scotland in the role of supplicant? Why was not moved to criticise Darling, Mcdougall and the rest, as they spoke about the UK as being made up of people who are more talented, richer and frankly better than the Scots. Why did he and so many others sit silently as these “unionists” celebrated their lack of faith in Scotland, its people and its ability to handle its own affairs? In other words why did his passion for Union and Scotlands place in it – fail him?

    If I had seen some that outrage they direct us, being directed at those who took Mr Olivers precious fabric of union and reduce it to a 300yr old subsidy cheque – I would have respected that No vote. I would not agree with it. But I could have respected it.

    If their vision was correct. Its not something to be celebrated but something to feel deeply ashamed of. If you had any sense of self respect, you would hate yourself for it and want to do something about it. But this vision of poor, feeble and moronic Scotland. A nation extinguished. A nation that lives off the fruits of a people far superior to them, is something to be cherished, celebrated and protected. Not so much Scotland the Brave, but more Scotland the Scrounger.
    Is that what Unionists want us to respect? Is that really what; as Davidson would argue, the “Best of Both Worlds?”

    Or was it simply that they felt the end justified the means but forgot that the means defines the end? Are they more moved by their blind hatred of the SNP that will endure any slight, any insult to themselves and Scotland with the union? Am I supposed to respect that?

    How dare they demand respect from me, when they have no respect for themselves or Scotlands place in the UK.

    • Excellent, David.
      Kezia Wullie and Ruth have peddled this too wee etc., myth and actually campaign for us to be continually ‘subsidised’ by tax payers in the South.
      We are insulted on QT as subsidy junkies by a racist Lib Dem, and Willie, Ruth and Kezia stay silent.
      I am polite no longer.
      They are a bunch of weasel words chancers.
      I rely on no man or woman to make my way in the world, unlike the Managers of the Unionist Branch Offices.
      If they think that we are such a basket case, who the feck got us into this mess?
      Their rich and long gone predecessors, Brown, Darling, Goldie, Robertson, Mac Connell, Murphy, Bruce, the Alexanders, Reid, and a host of Unionist Collaborators who put career and wealth gathering before the welfare and prosperity of the Scottish people, that’s who.
      I just caught Prof Curtice on I player waffling on yet again about using your second vote tactically.
      Gie’s peace, Prof.
      I’d no sooner vote for any of these Unionist chancers, than play tig with the buses.

      Roll on Thursday..

    • Saor Alba says:

      George Robertson is one of those people who would have been better keeping his mouth shut, so that we all could merely think he was a fool, rather than him opening it and proving to us that he was a fool. Such a comment demonstrates his ignorance in my opinion.

  19. Dan Huil says:

    Excellent article from WGD. The media continues with its smokescreen of “respect” hoping we’ve forgotten the false promises and ongoing damage being done to Scotland by the so-called united kingdom.

  20. smilingvulture says:

    Vow plus Vow + = 2

  21. smac1314 says:

    Bang on Paul. I don’t understand why the SNP don’t answer these accusations from the Westminster parties in exactly the way you have. When the people of Scotland’s wishes have been so blatantly disrespected, why should we respect a single word Dugdale, Rennie and Davidson et al say?

  22. Shamur says:

    Really good article from the dug!

  23. Saor Alba says:

    The SNP have earned my respect by good Government and standing up for Scotland in Holyrood and Wastemonster. The Greens have earned my respect by being decent opposition in the manner that they are supposed to.

    One has to earn respect. I have no respect whatsoever for Tories, Liebor or Lieb Dims. I have utter contempt for these parties and for their respective leaders in Scotland, because of their dishonesty, deceit and and self-serving actions. They have no honour or dignity whatsoever. The same goes for the MSM.

    Utterly contemptible and worthless to Scotland.
    We actually need honourable and strong opposition in government, not snide, self-serving toadies who will sell their grannies if they could.

    This is my considered opinion.


  24. Tinto Chiel says:

    WGD: “It was just a serving suggestion.” Very funny, and a stoater of an essay.

    Jack Collatin, we all feel your rage and frustration but you’ll feel a lot better on Friday morning, I’m sure.

    And david agnew: wish I could express my thoughts like that. Great stuff.

    I’m feeling much more optimistic after getting really cheesed off with all the planned Yoon shenanigans at the weekend. They really are desperate. My cold is lifting and the sun’s out “where I am”.

    End of Days for UKOKia a-comin’, never fear.

  25. Robert Graham says:

    oops sorry got caught up in my previous rant and i forgot to congratulate Paul on a post that reflects most peoples opinion here , as far as i’m concerned the result of the referendum is null and void , the promises made to ensure a NO vote have not been delivered , and they have the brass neck to expect us to respect what was in effect a lie and a total fraud .

    • Calum says:

      Furthermore I believe Alex Salmond wanted a third option(Devomax?) in the referendum but this was rejected by Cameron, who obviously thought a “No ” vote was certain.
      By moving the goalposts and offering near federalism, when the result looked in doubt, should have made the result null and void. Yet they seriously expect us to respect the outcome .

  26. kailyard rules says:

    Ready. Aim. SNP x 2. Forward.

  27. We have a Governing Party We have (the Greens) a party of ideas, who will be getting my List vote on Thursday. But we need – every parliamentary democracy needs – a credible Opposition. Where is it going to come from?

    • benmadigan says:

      Paul – the opposition will come from Scottish right and left wingers after Independence has been achieved. Until then the SNP needs every single vote from every Scotsman and woman

    • elliephant says:

      We absolutely need as many people as possible who are supportive of the continuation of the good, by and large, governance of the SNP at Holyrood, to give both votes to the SNP. We can’t afford to risk them losing their majority, and I am hearing too many saying they are very supportive of N.Sturgeon and her government, but giving their list vote to another party, because, ‘the SNP are going to win anyway’. No, only both votes will ensure a majority for the SNP, after that, things will be on a more secure footing.

    • Norma Slimmon says:

      The Scottish people will keep them in check. I am really scared about everyone jumping the gun and talk of ‘wasted votes’ ‘tactical voting’ and all. This is not the time to gamble and we have no idea how others will vote. Time to play safe

  28. Iain More says:

    The SNP has been far too nice to the Yoons. I just cant cat bring myself to respect the result of the Referendum firstly because they have broken, the Yoons that is every single promise they made. Secondly I cant respect the result because I still think it was rigged. Thirdly I can never respect anti Scottish bigots and when I look at the Tory Liberal and Labour Parties that is what I see – anti Scottish bigots, oh and the servile creatures of the sleazy corrupt rotten vile British Establishment.

  29. james jagger says:

    What good are “ideas” if we don’t have a majority SNP government to move us on to indi?

  30. Jim Arnott says:

    After watching last night’s BBC Holyrood election debate, my new name for the BBC is the Bizzare Bullshit Corporation.

  31. Saor Alba says:

    SNP x 2 on Thursday.
    A big majority on the list vote ensures further list seats for the SNP.
    The bigger the majority the better, so do not gamble your second vote.
    SNP X 2.


  32. kat hamilton says:

    anger and despair in equal measure after watching last nights debate. true to form the bbc filled the room with unionists, mainly of the grey hair, scotsman,index linked pension twinset types from morningside. ruth, kez and apology of a man willie held court throughout the proceedings giving us their faux outrage towards indy 2. not just outrage, bile, contempt and sneers were in full display. patrick harvie did his reasoned best but with these morons its hard to be civil. wish nicola would take off the kid gloves and hit them hard and fast with facts. wipeout at ge2015, snp having massive electoral support and a self governing nation is normal not hand outs from wm…stop being nice tartan heels when they go for the jugular every time…

    • Saor Alba says:

      They are being given rope to hang themselves with. Those with the ability to use their reason will see the typically rude and brutish (should that be British?) behaviours of these so called yoon leaders. They know of no other way to behave and do not have the ability to debate reasonably and logically or to listen to opposing views without throwing a tantrum.

      Combined, Ruthie, Kez and Wee Willie wimp seem to have a mental age of about three. Their public behaviour as politicians is disgusting. They are like spoiled kids, not adults. That’s why they deserve no respect and also for the constant lies and deceit. I find it utterly amazing that people can be taken in by them, but then again ………!

  33. John Edgar says:

    The yoons, especially Ruth is becoming hysterical as she realises that Kezia might just come second and Ruth will become third dunce at Holyrood. After her ldiotic leaflet to be just the opposition to Nicola Sturgeon was risible. She admitted defeat before the vote started. Maybe she had a keek at the postal votes and realises its all over before “the fat lady sings”. Or the frigates will not now be coming to Glasgow and/or Cameron has decided to cut the ScotTories loose as they return nothing to Westminster except one MP. Even EVEL is an attack on the ScotTories, they are too feeble to notice.
    Add to that the shrill and intemperate voices and vile utterances from the likes of Torrance and especially Oliver in the meeja plus the jesters like Cochrane in the Telegraph and Hjul in the Courier, and one can only smile and nod and think that the msm and the yoons are diminishing as the next generation becomes politically aware and use their mandate.
    All that is left for the yoons to do is to call the SNP “terrorists” or “seditionists” and we know that they have really lost the plot. Ruth will scream for direct control by Westminster and the other yoons will agree. They have a this dog-in-the-manger-attitude, if we cannot have power n Holyrood, then the SNP will be denied it and the Scots can go back in the box.
    At some point, the media in Scotland must realise that this SNPBAAAD!!! rant is counterproductive. But most of them are yoons too. Lets see Scotland keep the UK in the EU against the votes DAHN SATH! Now there is a scenario just waiting to happen. Would Westminster waive the rules again like the 40% rule in 1979? Or will Gordon Vow to pull England from the Union pool?

    • John Dewar says:

      I think this is the yoons long term plan , wait until we decide we are better off without them then they will play the joker of dissolving the scottish parliament…….let them try !!!

  34. elliephant says:

    We absolutely need as many people as possible who are supportive of the continuation of the good, by and large, governance of the SNP at Holyrood, to give both votes to the SNP. We can’t afford to risk them losing their majority, and I am hearing too many saying they are very supportive of N.Sturgeon and her government, but giving their list vote to another party, because, ‘the SNP are going to win anyway’. No, only both votes will ensure a majority for the SNP, after that, things will be on a more secure footing.

    • hettyforindy says:

      Jeez, whatever happened, my comment appears twice and under the wrong name, I am not elliphant!
      I wanted to say also that the yoons will be working round the clock conjuring up ways to interfere in our democracy., too many hours left for them to come up with more lies.

      Thursday will be watched very closely for anything untoward happening with ballots, remember to check for bar code on the back of your ballot and ideally, I think we should have to sign in as well. Also would be useful to take photos of ballot papers, but that is not allowed far as I know.


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