Jealousy with a halo

Ruth Davidson has been bemoaning the fissures in Scottish politics again, and has been demonstrating her displeasure by sticking a big tank turret into the fissure and waggling her cannon barrel about. From time to time she’ll fire a shell into any scar tissue that seems to be forming. The SNP will do anything to keep the wounds of the independence debate open, said Ruthie, who has done nothing but go on about how opposed she is to a second referendum ever since we had the first one.

To paraphrase HG Wells, Ruthie’s moral indignation at the SNP is just jealousy with a halo. She’s facing a massively popular party with her misbegotten band of sub-Thatcherite electoral rejects, closet citrus fruit flavoured Unionists, and I’m-alright-Jackists who wouldn’t look out of place in the Star Trek mirror universe, and has to seek some moral high ground where she can find it. The fact that her moral high ground is in fact a figment of her imagination is kindly overlooked by a sympathetic press which is desperate to foster any sort of opposition to the SNP.

Still, you can’t really blame her, if she didn’t have the prospect of a second referendum to rail against she’d have to defend the policies of the Tory government at Westminster. That would be the government that cuts taxes for the rich and pays for it by slashing the incomes of people with disabilities, consigning thousands to a life of poverty and misery and blighting the prospects of a generation of children. The Tories preside over an increasing chasm of wealth and opportunity between the rich and the poor, but that’s not a fissure worth bemoaning for Ruthie. She’s just fine with that one, as it’s not the Tory voters in their comfortable hooses that are affected by it.

All the Tory talk of opposing a second referendum that at the moment is entirely hypothetical is the political version of the shell game con. Look at this thing that there are no plans for, says Ruthie, in order to distract your attention from the things that she does have concrete plans for. It gets her a few snappy soundbites in a friendly media, but your real politics are what you do once the soundbite has been delivered. For Ruthie that would be her own plans to impose student fees and prescription charges, and her Westminster government’s plans to privatise the health service and education by stealth. Those policies are the pea under the shell that she doesn’t want you to find.

Opposing another referendum might not be the Tories’ only policy, but it’s the only one that they want to talk about. It’s also vacuous and meaningless as if the people of Scotland vote in a majority party or parties that will bring forward a referendum when the time is right for it, there’s bugger all that Ruthie can do to stop it. You’re not allowed to park a tank in the debating chamber at Holyrood. She can go on until her tank’s tank runs dry about her opposition to another referendum, but if the Unionist parties are not going to fulfil all the promises that they made the last time, they themselves are the ones who will have provided the justification for another one.

Since the Unionist parties believe that they’re the ones who get to interpret the statements made by the SNP and the Yes campaign during the independence referendum, it’s only fair and reasonable that it’s the SNP and the Yes campaign who get to interprety the statements made by the Tories, Labour and the No campaign. Ruth can’t have it both ways, she doesn’t get to be arbiter of both the Yes and the No campaigns. Her hypocritical halo has slipped and is strangling her.

Meanwhile there’s not much sign of Labour’s halo, but the party had been relying on Gordie Broon’s moral compass in order to find it, with predictably disastrous results. Gordie himself has been as elusive as his moral compass of late, and hasn’t intervened in order to save the party from a fate worse than Jackie Baillie’s calculator. When even the famously self-deluded Gordie isn’t deluded enough to imagine that the party can be saved, the outlook for Labour is bleak indeed.

The Labour party in Scotland are due to publish their manifesto tomorrow, just a week before the election. Even the nerdiest politics geek in the history of nerdy geekdom finds it difficult to get excited about Labour’s Scottish manifesto, as always it’s going to be an exercise in over-promising and under-delivery. The only way Labour brings anything to the table is at an all you can eat buffet paid for on expenses. The reason that the party is unveiling its manifesto with just a week to go before voting takes place is because the less time that people have to examine its contents, the less time there’s going to be for the whole exercise in fantasy footering to fall apart.

Labour’s Scottish manifesto is the political version of the Secret Life of Walter Mitty, only somewhat less realistic and with James Kelly instead of a dashing hero who might actually be interesting. This time we have all that plus added Anas Sarwarness, who’s virtually guaranteed a seat on the list in Glasgow. You could ask what was the Labour party thinking when it chose Anas as number one on the Glasgow list, but the answer is that Labour wasn’t thinking about anything other than its internal politicking, mutual back scratching, and tally of favours done and owed. The fact that the so-called people’s party consistently puts the party before the people is the reason that its stock has sunk so low.

Labour’s great new idea is a tired auld retread of all the reasons why we learned to hate them in the first place. When you’re pinning your hopes on Jim Murphy’s number two, you’ve pretty much conceded your irrelevance already. The party hopes to restore its place in the hearts of the Scottish electorate by alternately boring and haranguing us into submission. There’s as much chance of that happening as Walter Mitty winning the Nobel Prize for economics because of all his pretty graphs.

The fissures in Scottish politics will be healed eventually, but only after a successful second referendum. Neither Labour nor the Tories are going to be able to prevent it. Their halos have slipped and are around their ankles like snapped knicker elastic. They’re only tripping themselves up.

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37 comments on “Jealousy with a halo

  1. Macart says:

    Bollocks to this ‘respect your opposition’ nonsense. I’m done with it at this point Paul.

    If Ruth Davidson and Kezia Dugdale had to combine IQs they’d struggle to match their own fucking shoe size. What part of ‘only when there is sustained public support for a referendum’ did they find difficult to understand? What part of constitutional crisis as a trigger did they fail to understand?

    If I were a wee bit on the cynical side, I’d suggest they are fully in possession of the facts and are simply ignoring them and lying their disingenuous faces off for party political gain. Naturally the fact that they’re doing this and fully aware that they are misleading the public whilst smearing the sitting party of Scottish Government doesn’t cause them a moments pause. In short, they simply don’t give a shit what damage they cause in pursuit of a goal. And STILL they don’t see where this type of action makes them both unfit for government.

    If ANYONE outside of public office misrepresented themselves, their profession and their peers in the way these two do, their arses would be out of a job and hauled before (at very least) a tribunal. Depending on the type and scale of their fraudulent claims court wouldn’t be out of the question, but as we’ve seen from Carmichael’s wee adventure, lying isn’t against the law in public office.

    ONE MORE TIME WITH FUCKING FEELING – The people are the final arbiters of any future referendum occurring. Oh and by the way ladies (in case any of your policy wonks are scanning this page), not you, nor anyone else can prevent a publicly mandated referendum from happening so long as the party of government is willing to act on the popular wish of the electorate. So long as Labour rejects the sovereignty of the Scottish electorate and the ‘Ruth Davidson party’ feels that there are no triggers or circumstances under which they would support the necessity of a referendum, then you WILL remain unfit for public office.

    Rant done!

    • mogabee says:

      Well said…with feeling! 🙂

    • tris says:

      Loved it. Bet you feel better now.

    • mumsyhugs says:

      Has anyone ever told you you’re handsome when you’re angry macart?! 🙂

    • K1 says:

      Bravo! Nae wixed up mucking fords there! 🙂 😉

    • Saor Alba says:

      “If I were a wee bit on the cynical side, I’d suggest they are fully in possession of the facts and are simply ignoring them and lying their disingenuous faces off for party political gain.”

      I have to say that I am definitely on the cynical side Macart.

      As you say – unfit for public office.

    • Guga says:

      I would hope any intelligent people would realize by now that the Blue Tories, the Red Tories and the Joke Party (i.e. the Whigs) were little other than crooks, congenital liars and charlatans

  2. Alex Smith says:

    What Sam said…with knobs on!

  3. mogabee says:

    Seen in Argyll & Bute…Massive posters saying vote for Davidson. Making out she’s important enough to be standing in every constituency! Yeah right…

  4. Dan Huil says:

    # Halo. Halo. Is it me you’re puking for? #

  5. Steve Asaneilean says:

    Some how “Jim Murphy’s number 2” had me thinking about Kezia in a totally different way.

    And I guess tomorrow’s manifesto from them will be stuffed to the rafters with number 2s.

    Not that that will stop Pacific Quay bigging it up of course. Watch this space…

    As for the Tories can someone please ask Ruthin how she can defend knocking back 3000 child war refugees from Syria?

    If ever you needed proof of how callous the Tories can be.

    • Brian Fleming says:

      Jim Murphy’s number 2! I nearly split myself with that one. It hadn’the occurred to me at first sight. Brilliant! 😅

      • John Nicol says:

        In 1995 I wanted to have bumper stickers printed saying ” Labour’s Number 2 is Brown!”.

  6. Davy says:

    “Macart”, I am of the same mind, fuck the opposition at every opportunity. They have no compulsion about doing the same to us, with a media fully prepared to back them every time.

    I watched the politics show at dinner time and the female presenter had Alex Salmond on as the shows guest, she had a go at him every time he was trying to say something, but she met her match when she tried to have a go at the SNP’s past record in government.

    Alex took every one of her so-called points/lies and pointed out exactly where she had presented them wrongly. Basically she got her earse truly kicked as an out and out bbc liar.

    Don’t take any shite fa unionist’s, give back double every time.

    Vote 1 – Vote 2, Vote SNP, Vote Scotland.

    • Macart says:

      Clocked that and Mr Salmond did us proud. Good to see the man finally cut loose a bit. His new office clearly gives him a bit more freedom to hit back. 😉

      • Davy says:

        Totally agree, Jeanie Freeman did the same last Friday on the big debate with labours 152,000 college places.

        Every time the SNP hiv a chance to stick to the unionist’s on live media they should hit them hard and if they get up hit them again.

  7. Jan Cowan says:

    Ruth and Kez just don’t have what it takes. All the bright, capable and dedicated people have graduated towards the SNP. Lucky us!

    • John Edgar says:

      With one MP each, they do not count in the eyes of Westminster yoons. Cameron said so! May be he wants to be Ruth-less as well.

    • John Edgar says:

      I notice you have not said anything about Willie Rennie and the LibDems in Scotland. Are they off the radar?
      I have not seem or heard of their what’s- his-name Westminster leader in this campaign. Not worth his trouble to come and cheer up the remnants?

  8. Papadox says:

    Meanwhile there’s not much sign of Labour’s halo,

    Labours halo is in a pawn shop down the old Kent rd. Been there for about 50 years. Therefor it’s lost.

  9. Saor Alba says:

    Can JB use a calculator Paul?
    So, she has a calculator – is that true or was it heard on the BBC?

  10. Robert Graham says:

    Yep nailed it Macart good comment , Off topic for a second well kinda on there is a link , I wonder if the BBC and the rest of the media colluded to make sure the Doctors strike down south was more or less effectively removed from view , Cameron and the Tories they wouldn’t would they ?
    I think we can more or less see what’s on the horizon tomorrow with the media from early in the morning we will be presented with propaganda in the guise as News on all channels print and broadcast Labours wonder Manifesto until now hidden from view will be given Reverent attention and adulation .
    They the ones in the shadows usually hidden from view pulling the strings still haven’t got it ,these people still believe us Jocks are as stupid as the politicians they promote to deceive us , It only works once I was tempted to quote George Bush “fool me once” but he was another nutcase promoted as the yanks say way beyond his pay grade , as are Ruthie & Kezia out of their depth and being used .

  11. hettyforindy says:

    Brilliant, take no prisoners, we are on the last leg.

    Must go deliver more leaflets tomorrow, every vote counts.

  12. Macart says:

    Something to bear in mind if folks are doorstepped in the next week or so by that rare breed, the unionist party campaigner. Since those two ladies are joined at the hip on the subject of ‘Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon promised…’, its worth bearing in mind that three legal documents and only three framed the 2014 referendum on independence and its outcomes. 1. The Edinburgh Agreement 2. The Smith Commission Proposals 3. The current Scotland Bill devolution settlement

    Simply ask any such campaigner which of those three documents binds over the Scottish population to hold a referendum once in a lifetime, generation, political generation. I suspect they’ll struggle for an answer. 😉

  13. John Edgar says:

    Where is pooling-and-sharing- broad-shouldered-my-Scotland-my -Britain-Noth-Briton-saviour-of-the-bankers Gordon of the Klunking Fist and Pacing Platform? In his former so-called fiefdom of Fife? Fife has no Slab MPs any more! Kezia,sadly, has been left on her tod. The decay started before she was even an MSP. I don’t think her 5 Year Plan to revive Slab will come to much.

  14. John Edgar says:

    I think I know now why Ruth wants to be Ruthless and make Scots pay for prescriptions and uni fees etc

    On the Daily Telegraph today, 26/4/16, there is a heading to an article re income tax.
    “Nearly half of Britons pay no income tax as burden on rich increases”.
    In the light of Panama recently, Green and BHS et al, that headline is breathtaking in its absurdity and hypocrisy!
    It reveals the true face of Toryism when the mask falls.
    Ruth’s tories are here to help “ease the burden on the rich”. Vote for us!

  15. bjsalba says:

    I think Kezia mad it pretty clear she sided with the Blairites. By staying away, JC makes it pretty difficult for the English/Welsh Blairites to pin her failure on him (although I am sure they will try). It does mean abandoning Scotland to SNP, but if he is to revive the rest of the Labour Party, does he have any choice?

  16. Ruth Davidson is a Tory.
    She believes passionately in a Hierarchy, in privilege, and the right of an unelected elite to rule over the rest of us. Private schools, private hospitals, Lords, Barons, and Earls.

    There is not a social democrat bone in her body.

    Her philosophy and ideology are savagely feral, zoological even.

    The Tory Newspeakers have replaced the laissez faire free market carpet bagging ‘Dog eat dog’, ‘the rat race’, ‘the law of the jungle’, ‘making a killing’, lexicon of the predator with Doublespeak:-

    ‘Austerity’, ‘savings’, ‘aspirational’, and the like.

    ‘Cuts’, ‘redundancies’, and ‘me-ism’, to the rest of us. The rich will flourish, and the rest of us will pay for it.

    Ruth, Jackson, Murdo, and the Tory Gang firmly believe in a Ruling Class, and that the rest of us are a necessary evil, to change bulbs in street lights, empty their bins, and do their tax returns.

    They give not a Lib Dem lost deposit for society.

    ‘There is no such thing as society’. No need for a Ouija Board; it’s online. The Blessed Thatch, the anti Christ, if you happen to have religion, permeates the political class Down There in Westminster, and Up Here, among the Three Branch Offices of the Red Blue and Jaundiced Tory Parties.

    Kezia Dugdale is quite frankly the latest in a long line of New Labour chancers. She is a Blair Babe, a rpo Trident Free Market Neo Conservative New Labourite, as we like to call her, a Red Tory.

    Brown, Blair, Darling, Davidson, MacConnell, Robertson, Curran, Reid, Douglas and Wendy, McLeish, Murphy, and the Failed Forty, and Baillie, and the big fat swell of hangers on at Holyrood, are all very wealthy has beens, who coined it in while overseeing and wilfully collaborating in the Death of Scotland.

    None of them will be worrying where the money’s coming from to repaint the picket fence surrounding their Donegal Holiday home, or replace tiles on the roof of their Algarve sanctum sanctorum.

    They’ve mostly moved on now; to nice little earners.

    I too am wary about swearing.

    Indulge me.

    Fuck them all.

    Labour is dead in Scotland.

    It died with the Upper Clyde Shipbuilders’ fiasco in the ‘seventies.

    Dugdale will churn out a nonsense manifesto, promising nothing, but listing platitudes, and well, that’s it.
    She’ll get back in as a list Also Ran, continue getting £1200 per week plus exes, and whine for another five effing years.

    In a hundred years time, the citizens of Scotland may well wonder why there was not an armed insurrection.

    Kezia, Wullie, Ruth. You are third division chancers.

    Oh for FPTP just one more decisive time.

  17. kailyard rules says:

    Just SNP x 2.

  18. david agnew says:

    Ruth is playing the Yoon Tune to the cheap seats. She can’t appeal to yes voters, so she isn’t even trying. She’s playing to lose. She wants to be the opposition to the government. But she is locked into the same death spiral that Scottish labour found itself in. Carping from the sidelines with nothing to offer.

    In short she is going to lose and act like a loser. The only thing she will be able to pass in holyrood is wind…not policy. If she fails to achieve 2nd place as the loser party, she might find herself hounded out of a job. Gone, along with the other two diddies of the opposition, we might finally get the windows open and get the smell of their stupidity out of the seats at least.

  19. Robert Graham says:

    O/t alert , pst anyone clapped eyes on a manifesto with a Labour label stuck on it , I was sure it was today must have missed it , oh well I guess there will be another along shortly .

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