The last days of the Whinited Kingdom

Sometimes you feel like banging your head against a brick wall at the rank stupidity of some people, like the idiots on Twitter who tweet at the National to express their displeasure that the paper employs an anonymous person who thinks he’s a dog to write comment pieces. I am of course entirely anonymous, which is why I always publish things under my real name … Oh wait. But then I must still think that I’m a dog, and naturally that invalidates everything I have to say, because you know, I think I’m a dog because of the title of this blog. Perhaps I need more pretty graphs.

Despite the fact I know for a fact that I’m human of course I should bow-wow to those who know my personal identity better than I do and tell me that I think I’m a canine, these being the same people who read Alison Rowat’s Midge column in the Herald but don’t stop to ask her what it’s like going about your daily business believing that you’re a small biting insect.

This is because Unionists are experts in telling the rest of us what our identity is. They can tell us that we’re really British when we know that we’re Scottish. They can tell us that the question of Scotland’s constitutional status is about identity when we thought it was about governance. They can tell us that we’re blood and soil nationalists when we believe in the simple proposition that a country is best governed by people who actually live in it. They can wave the red white and blue and cheer for the Queen and deny point blank that there’s such a thing as British nationalism, there’s only Scottish nationalism and nationalism is wrong. That civic nationalism that you thought you believed in doesn’t exist, because a Unionist knows better than you do what you think and what you believe. They are actually privy to our innermost thoughts and can get inside our heads. And there was me thinking that annoying whine was tinnitus.

There’s been a whole lot of whining from Unionists on social media of late. It’s the sound of impending defeat and it gets louder and louder the closer we get to the 5th of May. The Union is dying in the whining wails of a Union which is already over. The Union died the day after the Scottish independence referendum when David Cameron stood before Scotland and told us that it was all really about England. It died when the Unionist parties used the Smith Commission as a means to screw over the SNP. It died when Westminster rejected every single amendment put forward to the Scotland bill by Scotland’s MPs. The Union is dead in all but name, and it was the Unionist parties who stabbed it in the back in their rush to secure their own short term interests. The yoonatics on social media whine because they know their cause is lost. They whine because their Union is dead and they’re the ones who killed it. They whine because they’re on the wrong side of history.

The latest deafening whine as we stand beside the roaring engines of Yoonforce 1, otherwise known as the Scottish media, is that the SNP isn’t left wing enough. It’s not radical. It’s not progressive. Coming from a media that has devoted itself to preserving the British state and the intergenerational privileges of the British establishment, the system which has created the poverty and deprivation that blights so many of our communities, the word hypocritical isn’t quite strong enough. Calling the Scottish Unionist media hypocritical is a bit like calling Vlad the Impaler a leading provider of out-sized toothpicks and castle ornamentation.

For the first time since 1707 Scotland has a government that puts the interests of Scotland first and foremost. A government that is not in thrall to interests outside of Scotland. That’s what the whine is about. They say we’re living in a one party state because they want us to surrender to parties that are not beholden to us. It’s the strangest one party state in the world, a state where the one party has the media lined up against it. But it’s a state of unionist privileges being lost and that will never do. Get back into your shortbread tin, Scotland. Don’t dare to imagine that you can define your own future or the kind of society you want to live in. That’s not your job, that’s the job of your Unionist media.

The whines want to blame Scotland for their own incompetence and lack of credibility, for their vanity and arrogance, their hubris and their downfall. But most of all they want to blame Scotland for the pages of the history books turning against them. We’re living in the last days of the Whinited Kingdom.

It’s only four weeks until the May election. The ballots haven’t been cast but Scotland has already made up its mind. There’s no going back to the days of the past, the days of patronage and cronyism. Scotland is a different country from the land that returned dozens of Labour MPs who sat as lobby fodder and sat on their hands. All the whining in the world isn’t going to bring it back.

The howling of the yoon is the nostalgic longing for a past that never existed. It’s all the things that it accuses independence supporters of, backward looking, emotional, and rooted in an identity politics that seeks to define other people instead of allowing them to define themselves. It bewails division while expressing hatred and fear. It longs for a quiescent Scotland that knows its place. It’s the political manifestion of the Cringe, an unarticulated belief that deep down we need another, larger, country to look after us and to save us from ourselves. Because really, we’re a bit rubbish.

That’s not the Scotland I want to live in. A Scotland that throws itself on the tender mercies of the Westminster Parliament, an institution which is incapable of reform, is never going to solve its problems, it’s never going to tackle poverty or social inequality. The most radical act that Scotland can take will be for all powers and responsibilities to fall to a Scottish parliament that is accountable to the people of Scotland and beholden to them alone. Then we can begin to salve the wounds of 300 years.

The reason the Unionist media bemoan the SNP’s lack of progressiveness and radicalness is because they hope to distract us from the reality that independence is the most progressive and radical step of all. Independence is what really scares them, and Scotland is still striding towards it, out of the Whinited Kingdom.

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67 comments on “The last days of the Whinited Kingdom

  1. jimnarlene says:

    Magnificent…. Keep nipping at their heels, the wee dug has the roar of a Lion.

    • Craig says:

      fantastic eh, when I read this it made me truly understand althoughout the campaign as well as the heated discussions with those Britnats after the riggarendum, that I was not along in facing a barage of rigid minded dilusional mental pygmies whose self loathing made them whine to me as if that would bring them absolution.

      I emmigrated away from Scotland again after Indy but I will not hesitateto return to live and vote especially if the retarded 1/3rd of Scottish voters take their idiocy 1 level higher and realise they are too stupid to vote like an adult.

  2. benmadigan says:

    Reblogged this on the and commented:
    message for all Unionists – from Scotland, resonating in Northern Ireland. The Union of Great Britain and Northern ireland is coming to an end.
    Unionists are experts in telling the rest of us what our identity is. They can tell us that we’re really British (read faux English) when we know we’re not. We never never have been, and never will be, accepted as English – faux or not. Even the “Mighty Dodds” (remember the mighty are mighty because they say they are) knows he’s not English – though he may try to be faux English.

  3. Macart says:

    Bravo sir and not another damned thing to add.

    That’s a keeper.

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  5. Capella says:

    Great stuff. You hit the nail on the head as always. Is it possible to achieve independence through the democratic route?
    Here’s a list of pen names journalists have employed through the ages. Compared to “Boz” (Dickens) “Wee Ginger Dug” is quite creative. And there really is a wee ginger dug!

  6. I can add no more, Paul.
    Next step ,the May General Election.
    Then on to 2017, and the clean out of the Councils.
    What then? For me, that is the tipping point.
    If the results of both return resounding SNP/Pro Independence victories, who is going to deny us our freedom to choose?
    We have had all the scare stories, threats, warnings, and downright lies.
    That won’t work again.
    Free Scotland is on the horizon; I think the MSM now realise this.
    They must be getting fed up to the back teeth trying to big up Labour and Lib Dems ‘radical’ tax proposals.
    They surely don’t believe the guff that they are being asked to support, do they?

    Their blessed Union cannot be saved now, yet still they trot out arrant nonsense.

    I envy your soubriquet.
    I use my own name, unlike the legions of Unionists, who may indeed be Blair MacDougall…

    I’m in the phone book, and easily reached through the electoral register, case anybody wants to sell me a refund of PPI, or egg my windaes.

  7. Patience is a Virtue says:

    You are clearly barking!

    Clearly the PM did not swallow any of that ‘Project Fear’ stuff as was directed Scotland’s way, as it seems his Ilk seems to regard Panama as a great place for investments.

    Iain MacWhirter 18th May 2014: ‘No-one listening to George Osborne can be in any doubt about how Westminster – at least the leadership of the three main UK parties – regards Scotland. He compared Scotland to Montenegro and Panama, and claimed that the UK would refuse to recognise Scotland’s currency after independence. “No ifs, no buts, there will not be a sterling zone”, he said.

    This means that the rUK would not only refuse to agree a monetary union, but would also seek to block attempts by Scotland to issue its own pounds on a one-to-one parity with the UK pound, as Ireland did after independence and as Denmark does in the EU. In other words, since this would destroy cross-border trade with England’s largest trading partner, he would be prepared to see the UK economy ruined in order to punish Scotland for voting Yes to independence.’

    ….but a great place place to invest in it seems, despite the Chancellor trying to compare Scotland (where he was in charge of finances) with this Panama place… I doubt if the Chancellor gives the PM any advice on finance matters though.

    • Steve Bowers says:

      Oi ! I have a hoose in Montenegro, it’s thriving waaaay beyond expectation since it went independent and it disnae always pish we rain

    • daibhidhdeux says:

      Ah, Panama and the latter-day variation on the Veniatian scammer republic which is the gangsta City of London.

      Out asap via SNP2 + EU in and fcuk ’em.

  8. chicmac says:

    Standing ovation.

    Yes, we are in the last days of better better together country.

  9. Still Positive. says:

    As Chicmac says. Brilliant, Paul, just brilliant. We know who you are and we love you.

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  11. Kenny says:

    Outstanding article. The unionist voices are definitely getting shriller: they realise their hegemony is ending.

  12. Black Rab says:

    Another fucking excellent post, love it. I read a book many years ago by the now deceased english horror writer James Herbert whom I loved in my youth, who had written a book called Fluke. It was about a man who had died and was reincarnated as a dog…………..hey, tell me it’s not you Paul?

    • weegingerdug says:

      I remember reading that book, was an excellent read.

      It definitely wasn’t me, although more than one person has commented that there’s something very knowing about Ginger the dug. He was a stringy lost mongrel too, and came into my life after my late partner had a dream about him.

    • Alex Waugh says:

      Good film too.

  13. Tinto Chiel says:

    An absolute scorcher of a post, WGD. I hope it sinks in with some of the UKOKian passing trade who must visit these pages.

    Old Ludo Kennedy once described our relationship with England as being in bed with an elephant. He omitted to say it has always been an incontinent one. The Union has been an utter disaster for Scotland, inuring us to emigration, poverty (material and aspirational), and the casual cultural disparagement Londinium does so well.

    Articles like this one not only keep our spirits up but have the capacity to provide a light-bulb moment for all but the most hardened Yoons.

    As my grampa used to say, please “Stick in at the scrievin.”

  14. punklin says:

    Heartless tweeting yoons – do they not realise the cruel effects of their revelations? Our spaniel was devastated when he read that you may not be a dog. Not sure he’ll ever recover.

  15. Angus Skye says:

    Tremendous post.

    “Intergenerational privileges of the British establishment” – what a great way to sum it up.

    Thank you.

  16. Cyril Wheat says:

    First of all I am shocked to hear that you are not really a dog, but I will let that pass. Scotland will take a fair while to shake off the effects of the English (Westminster) jackboot on our necks. We will make mistakes, we will be ridiculed by those still in thrall to their colonial masters and our progress will be erratic. However, progress there will be, progress for our people and our standing as a nation. The SNP may not be as left wing as I wish but that is the game to play for in an independent progressive nation. What I have seen so far fills me with hope.

  17. Brian Fleming says:

    Just one quibble.

    Scotland hasn’t had a government devoted to Scottish interests since the 1500s, or perhaps earlier. 1707 was merely the formalisation of the takeover.

    Other than that, another great piece, for which a heartfelt thanks.

  18. diabloandco says:

    Terrific , just terrific.

    I still owe you a cup of tea.

  19. katherine hamilton says:

    A State of the Union address any POTUS would be proud of! You should go to USAland more often.
    The whining engine of Yoonforce 1. See, more USAlandish speak.

    Seriously though, top form and blasts the whiners out of the water, explaining themselves to themselves. They really are not going to like it. Expect even more abuse.

    Woof Woof. C’mon the Dug.

  20. mealer says:

    That’s inspirational stuff Paul.

  21. Ghillie says:

    Thanks Wee Ginger Dug!

    A grand start to my day = )

  22. Shagpile says:

    SNP not radical enough? Too smart to get snared in the rodent trap of Smith. Well that’s how the SNP will govern within the smoke and mirrors of the Scotland Bill. Happy Mr Mundell? Don’t get too wee, too bitter and too twisted about it, and above all, don’t take up Poker in leu of your day job. You don’t have the face for it.

  23. Aucheorn says:

    The tide is running our way. Out canvassing last night, here are just two examples,

    1 “They used to look after the services, the Tories have had my last vote.”
    2 “I believed their lies, I voted No, my Labour voting parents will be birlin’ in their graves, never again. I’m voting for Scotland SNP X 2. Come Independence then I might look elsewhere.”

    Some of the best canvas returns I’ve seen.

  24. Ian says:

    Good post but that doesn’t give you the right to sit on the couch, mister. ;

  25. nikonbodach says:

    Wee Dug, big teeth.

  26. Render unto Cesar all that is his,ur you eating the Dugs food lol nark nark,keep doing as your doing Paul.

  27. If there is such a thing then I think you are barking up the right tree Paul.

    And anyone who talks their own country down should have a long, hard look at themselves in the mirror because what they are really revealing in their loathing for Scotland is their own self-loathing.

    I will never understand why so many voted to reject having more control over their own lives. If they could show me even one single country that has gained its independence in the last 100 years but now wants to give it back I might listen – but they can’t because it’s just a dumb concept.

  28. Bill McLean says:

    Goebbels would envy the “Scottish media” and BBCScotland. There must be some decent people who work for those crap organisations and I feel sorry for them. We older ones will remember though what Goebbels had none of “at all””

    • Bill Dale says:

      Joseph Goebells modelled his propaganda on the Civil Service output of another country. Hint, that Civil Service was/is based in Whitehall.

      He marvelled at their expertise, apparently commenting that they were so skilled at propaganda that almost no one realised it was propaganda.

      Plus ca change!

  29. John says:

    Terrific post , keep it up it’s the only way to get some sanity out there . You are obviously annoying some other creatures , you know , the ones that scuttle around in the dark looking for any piece of (ahem) to nibble on .

  30. MI5 Troll says:

    Well Dug I’m not sure what they were feeding you over in Trumpland but it’s done you good. You’ve really really come back “on fire”. Thanks for another fine post.

  31. mumsyhugs says:

    Aye, don’t you just love their bitching! 🙂 They know the time has come for them to take “that” trip to the vet and be put out of their misery! Roll on May – SNP x 2 then EU in.

  32. David says:

    Looks like some people have been confusing life and art again. I blame the newspapers:,_nobody_knows_you%27re_a_dog

  33. Robert Graham says:

    Paul my full admiration for what you do and compliments for your informative and sometimes very funny and entertaining blog . I dont know what anyone else feels about this day and daily steady never ending stream of , half truths , innuendo, and downright lies we are fed from the media masquerading as News , The latest being the Chinese Whispers non story being given top billing by our very own BBC then by the print media acting as one , it is amazing you dont just say f/k this i have had enough , but please keep at it , your touch of dry humor brings a welcome smile to a lot of people .

  34. Alan says:

    I read this last night on my phone. on which commenting is fiddly. Returned to it again today. I think this is an absolutely brilliant piece of writing.

  35. Sandra Steaart says:

    WHAT you are not a dog? Next you will be telling me we are not better together. I need to lie down

  36. AWESOME POST as always Paul. The tide is running out for the union AND they know it, so they are asset stripping Scotland of the bits that the UK needs that are ‘for the moment’ based in Scotland.

    The Referendum was like the underground explosion that cased a tsunami and its coming ever closer and soon it will swamp and destroy the UK leaving an independent Scotland to rebuild itself in ways that the UK establishment and Westminster never will or can do.

    Think of New Orleans after Katrina rebuilding and putting up defences to survive the next storm without the chaos of the last one. Sadly the UK is not a country with a government and establishment that looks at history and learns from past mistakes, simply because they don’t think they made/make any mistakes.

  37. Alex Waugh says:

    They tried promises – it didn’t work. They tried threats – it didn’t work. They tried lies – it didn’t work. They tried cheating – it didn’t work. Now, apparently, they’re trying stupidity. I will live to see a free Scotland and I will dance on the grave of this corrupt and poisonous union.

  38. Saor Alba says:

    I feel I need to write here to reassure these pointy hatted peepul, that you are in fact a human person, ’cause my son and I have met you and you have a wonderful dog called Ginger (who is infinitely more intelligent than these stupid people who are tweeting absurdly to complain).

    You have your own name, which we ALL know and you are therefore not in any way anonymous. I’m only spelling this out, because it seems that it needs to be made absolutely clear as understanding seems to be a wee problem with the yoonionist loons who are also a wee bit short on personality.

    “For the first time since 1707 Scotland has a government that puts the interests of Scotland first and foremost”.

    I could argue that this might, in fact, be the first time ever Paul, that we have had such a Government (having just ploughed through various tomes on Scottish history from Roman occupation onwards), but your point is very well made.

    We have an excellent SNP Government that we can trust, after years of self-interest (and taking turns at cocking it up) from the Unionist parties. The only way forward is to full independence with the guidance of the presently SNP majority Government.

  39. They’ll be telling me I’m not a dug next! Great article, Paul. Yep I can see the edifice of the Union literally crumbling before my eyes now. It appears there are growing grumbles of discontent in Wales now too, in the wake of the Port Talbot debacle. The Yoon parties are imploding in dust clouds of recrimination and vanished credibility.

    • hettyforindy says:

      I noticed today that the FT had a front page article about the situation not being good for steel jobs in england, and the potebtial buyers are not happy with the supposed deal from UKok gov.

  40. hettyforindy says:

    Excellent post, thanks.

    The election in May, should it result in a strong SNP majority, will have the establishment really shaking in their boots, because it will confirm that the majority of the people of Scotland reject the unionists, and therefore, the union.

    They will do all they can to stop it, who knows what they might come up with, but people can see with their own eyes exactly what the SNP are doing, against all odds, to improve things for the people of Scotland.

  41. Anne Roberts says:

    I’d like to shake your metaphorical paw 👋

  42. John Edgar says:

    Yes. The evidence is plain to see. Tories, one MP from Scotland since they lost all in 1997. LibDem, one MP from Scotland. Slab, one MP, down from 41 at last election; that is the biggest fall in any party on Scotland since records began. Ergo, all three are now ” minor entities” in Scotland. That still has not registered with BBC Scotland or the unionist msm; they are waiting for normal politics in Scotland to be resumed.
    Corbyn is in Scotland at time of writing. He is campaigning with Kezia. His message, attack the Tories and Cameron. Slab cannot even campaign on Scottish issues for Holyrood. They are no longer lobby fodder, just fronts for Islingtonites and cappuccino pseudo socialistic centralisers from London. Not a word even to say what, for example, a new Labour government would do to give additions powers to Edinburgh. They, he (Corbyn )is just not Scotland savvy.

  43. Saor Alba says:

    Point of interest.
    In Gaelic, a dug is a coo.
    How confusin’ wid that be tae the yoons?

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    • Jan Cowan says:

      Great post as usual, WGD. These poor souls who talk nonsense about your writing have reached the end of their road. Our beautiful independence high-way lies ahead and they feel rejected and desperate. All they have to do is join us. SNP X 2 in May. Easy!

  45. Jamesa says:

    “The reason the Unionist media bemoan the SNP’s lack of progressiveness and radicalness is because they hope to distract us from the reality that independence is the most progressive and radical step of all”

    What is either ‘progressive’ or ‘radical’ about the idea of 19th Century nation-state independence for the sake of it?

    What is ‘progressive’ or ‘radical’ about wanting to create division based on an arbitrary line drawn up by an unelected ruler hundreds of years ago?

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