Brexit wrecks it

The starting pistol has been fired, and we’re into a referendum campaign in which the English right which campaigned so viciously to keep Scotland a part of the UK will complain bitterly that the UK needs to leave the EU because the EU treats the UK like the UK treats Scotland. They complain that Europe ignores the UK while they ignore Scotland. The UK right wing media is preparing to rerun WW2, or at least an entire series of Dad’s Army, with front pages proclaiming that Britain must be saved using iconography that means England.

For the next four months we’ll be subjected to a barrage of made up shit from both sides. The remain campaign will mount a fear campaign that will make Scotland’s Project Fear seem like Carry On Frankenstein, while the leave campaign will make up any old nonsense that can appear in the pages of the Mail, the Express, or the Telegraph – so pretty much business as usual for them then. In an appeal to those English voters who are convinced that they’re paying for Scottish prescriptions, the Telegraph has published a story claiming that Nicola Sturgeon has said that Scotland should declare independence if Britain votes to leave. What she actually said was that it would “be best for Scotland to be in the EU as an independent member state”.

The Tory outers are making their positions known. There are things, said Tory minister Chris Grayling, that this country could and should be doing but that we simply cannot do – because another government won’t let us. That would be the same Chris Grayling who piloted the EVEL vote through the Commons which ensured that Scottish MPs are second class in the UK parliament.

Scots Tory carpetbagger Michael Gove, who had to run off to the leafy suburbs of southern England in order to find anyone who’d vote for him because his style of politics is as popular in Scotland as cholera, has stated he’s in favour of leaving. In a statement to a fawning press Gove said that his starting point in reaching a decision was simple. He thinks that “the decisions which govern all our lives, the laws we must all obey and the taxes we must all pay should be decided by people we choose and who we can throw out if we want change.”

This would be the same Michael Gove who’s a member of a government which determines Scotland’s future, which tells Scotland when it’s going to war, which sets Scotland’s taxes and its overall budget, but which Scotland can’t vote out of office. Scotland could be dragged out of the EU against its will and that would be just fine and dandy with the man who says he thinks that the decisions which govern our lives must be decided by people we choose. But only some people, and some decisions. If Scotland is nice and well behaved we’ll still get to decide on road signs while Gove’s Tory party wrecks our lives and destroys our public services.

Boris Johnson has been playing hard to get. For once the man whose entire political career is an edifice of carefully constructed buffoonery is determined to wring as much publicity as possible out of not saying anything. He fancies his chances of becoming prime minister on the back of having a prominent role in a successful out campaign, but he’s currently the mayor of a city which is the most pro-EU part of England and which depends on EU membership for its financial well being. Boris is torn between his careerism and his self-interest, which is the closest to political principles that he’s ever going to get.

In another example of Scotland, and Wales and Northern Ireland, being ignored by the UK Government, the date for the referendum has been set as the 23rd of June. This is despite the fact that the leaders of all the devolved administrations in the UK asked the UK government to delay the referendum so that EU campaigning would not dominate the media agenda during Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish elections. This being the same UK Government that refuses to allow Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland to have control over their own broadcast media.

Davie didn’t give a toss, and now coverage of the Scottish Parliamentary elections will be swamped in our Londoncentric media by coverage of the EU vote a few weeks later. It’s already started, on the BBC news today absolutely nothing happened anywhere else in the world, and nothing happened in the UK that wasn’t about Davie’s referendum. The Scottish Parliament election campaign will now be dominated by Goves and Graylings, by Boris and Nigel. So now we can look forward to Scotland getting its first UKIP MSPs on the back of a UK media farrago of faragists. We can thank the pork puller for that. Now for the next five years we’ll be faced with some sub-Coburn mouth breathers in the Scottish Parliament and the right wing Scottish media pointing to their existence as proof that Scots really aren’t left wing and don’t really have a distinctive politics after all.

Meanwhile on the staying in side, who are telling us that the UK must remain a part of the EU in order to protect and create job opportunities, the new chief of the official remain campaign has been named as Will Straw, who failed in his bid to become elected as a Labour MP at the last General Election. That’s the Will Straw whose main qualification for the job is that he’s the son of Britain’s second most infamous war criminal and cash for access facilitator, Jack Straw. Whether it’s in the EU or out of it, for the UK establishment it’s all about patronage, privilege and jobs for the girls and boys. The appointment of Will Straw is the kind of thing that makes you wish that both sides in the debate could lose.

By this time you can probably detect the emerging theme of the EU referendum campaign, and that theme is stomach churning rank hypocrisy. It’s another UK decision where Scotland’s voice doesn’t count, where we’ll get presented with a fait accompli from voters down south and have to deal with the consequences. Even if every single voter in Scotland votes to remain in the EU, if England votes to leave that’s what will be foisted on us.

This is the punching above our weight that Better Together promised when they told us that they only way Scotland could remain in the EU would be to vote No in the independence referendum. We get to be pedestrians run over in the car crash of our own politics. We get to have the agenda of Scottish politics determined by other people in other places who have no real interest in us – we’re just a jokey extension to the north, an exporter of jokes about bad diets and subsidy junkies. Now all those trolls from south of the border who demanded their say in Scotland’s independence referendum can have it. If they vote for the UK to leave the EU, they’re also voting for Scotland to leave the UK.

For the next four months Scottish politics will be dominated by a question that none of Scotland’s main political parties are interested in, that most of Scotland’s voters consider long settled, thrust to the top of the agenda by people outside Scotland who have no interest in Scotland’s say. That’s how the UK works. Let’s hope that the question of Brexit wrecks it.

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40 comments on “Brexit wrecks it

  1. says:

    Reblogged this on Bampots Utd.

  2. John F says:

    But but but they said……

  3. macart763M says:

    Next few months will be fascinating right enough Paul. You’ll have seen the WOS take on Mr Gove’s statement?

    Mrs M. was shouting CLEAR shortly after my first read through, when normal methods resuscitation failed and she was forced to plug me into the national grid. 😀

    There is a perfect storm of opportunity building and it just may be that Hameron has gone for one gamble too many.

  4. Thepnr says:

    “We are not genetically programmed in Scotland to make political decisions.”

    I thought you knew that WGD, guess you may have forgotten.

  5. […] Source: Brexit wrecks it […]

  6. carthannas says:

    “… new chief of the official remain campaign has been named as Will Straw, who failed in his bid to become elected as a Labour MP at the last General Election. That’s the Will Straw whose main qualification for the job is that he’s the son of Britain’s second most infamous war criminal and cash for access facilitator, Jack Straw.”

    How do you do it!? Math dhà rìribh!

  7. finnmacollie says:

    “We can thank the pork puller for that” – Agreed, but we must also thank the No voters.

    • David says:

      Cameron went to the EU to get a deal. He came back instead with a pig’s ear which was substantially less than he had previously wan*ed.

  8. Davy says:

    Oh no, does this mean even though we voted NO we could still be out of the EU, but the bastards promised we would be out of the EU if we voted Yes.

    Okay who’s f-ing lying to whom ??? what do I vote if I want to remain in the EU, YES or NO, or NO but maybe YES ?

    Damn I see I also can’t use the “too wee, too poor, too stupid” quote anymore as that wee shit Gove’s has nicked it in his speech, and whats this about only getting the people you vote in to make the decisions for you, he’s f-ing took that as well.

    OK, deep breath, I am sure the media will clear everything up before the vote in err May ! June, is their onything on in July ?

    • Thepnr says:

      Just a celebration of the United States Independence from the UK on the 4th. Oh and some other celebration on the 12th. In case your wondering, August could be busy too, a bit of Grouse shooting then meh birthday 🙂

  9. Some great lines Paul, but you’re actually over-egging it slightly in as much as a convincing Remain vote in Scotland (which looks likely given polls showing > 60% support in Scotland) could actually overturn a narrow vote to Leave in rUK of (say) 51% or 52%. Obviously the higher the Leave vote in rUK the less influential the much smaller Scots electorate would be…but it would certainly be a delicious irony if Scots dictated UK stayed in the UK against the wishes of rUK Europhobes.

    • Jim Fraser says:

      Quite right, Andy. The set of circumstances you describe (England, against its wishes, being kept in the EU by Scotland’s votes) has been termed, I believe, the Reverse Sturgeon. It may be unlikely, but it does raise another tasty question: what will the Europhobes do if it happens? The answer, obviously, should be ‘accept it with as much grace as can be mustered, after all that’s what we expect Scotland to do if the positions were reversed’. Somehow I doubt whether they will be able to muster such graceful equanimity.

  10. Actually, the choice of running the EU Ref so close to the devolved parliaments’ and assemblies’ elections might be a blessing in disguise.
    A double blow, a one-two from Scotland – and hopefully from anywhere else – that will eventually knock out the BritNat Establishment feeble legs.
    There’s nothing as fatal as overconfidence.

    • davidbsb says:

      I was kind of thinking that too. If the English parties are fighting campaigns in their own country it will keep them away from assisting the depleted branches in ours. If the Truth Ministry spends all its time on the EU they won’t have time to flesh out their SNP Bad rubbish. If the Daily Fail and the Express are kicking Europe they won’t be kicking us on their front pages.

      It is discourteous to ride roughshod over all 3 devolved administrations, but that contempt merely illustrates their general attitude.

      It may actually help strengthen nationalists in all 3 occupied parts of the UK.

  11. Steve Asaneilean says:

    So the possibilities are endless really.

    Who knows what will happen? Frankly at this point in time I don’t care.

    I want Scotland to be an independent nation. It’s up to the people of an independent Scotland to decide whether or not they wish to be part of the EU and up to the other 27 or 28 states whether or not they’ll have us.

    This referendum may or may not aid us on our way to independence but to me it’s otherwise just a bombastic side show I can do without and will be largely ignoring.

    I will still be pushing for independence regardless of the outcome so the outcome is essentially irrelevant to me.

  12. David says:

    Thanks Paul, as you said the ideal result would be for both sides to lose……

    We are now invited to take part in the biggest battle of the long running Tory party civil war.

    Should we leave EU?

    Should we endorse the new official half arsed membership as agreed by our great leader?


    What about the missing option choices –

    Should we continue in the EU with our current, long standing, unofficial half arsed membership?

    Should we be able to vote for UK to become a fully and properly integrated member of the EU?

    I’ll be heading to the polling station in due course to cast my vote to remain, sort of, European. I know I won’t feel the passion of my independence vote. My choice now, as gifted to me by my wallet hugging, better together MacPawns, is to side with David Cameron, George Osborne and Ruth Davidson or side with Michael Gove, Nigel Farage and George Galloway.


  13. mogabee says:

    To avoid all this referendum talk, I’m re-arranging the furniture to make myself a “chill-out” zone…

    I quite expect to be in there frequently.

  14. Papadox says:

    I feel as if the unionists have just used and abused us over the referendum, I think they may have told us lies! Vote no and we are gauranteed to stay in Europe, cause we’re better the gither, vote yes and we will be thrown out on our ear! Im beginning to think DC sold us a pig in a poke….,or is it a poke at a pig. Anyway it’s F*** All to do with Wales, Ulster or Scotland. This is ENGERLANDS big chance to punch above its weight. Absolute shambles! Embarrassing for ENGERLAND and very funny for everybody else.

  15. Jan Cowan says:

    The one good thing about this EU Ref is that it highlights one of Project Fear’s big lies.

    Let’s hope it opens a few previously tight-shut eyes.

  16. Aucheorn says:

    That’s it, I’m off to get an address in Englandshire where I’ll vote “Leave” (by post). Meanwhile back home I’ll vote “Stay”, then Yes hopefully.

  17. bettyboop says:

    “The appointment of Will Straw is the kind of thing that makes you wish that both sides in the debate could lose.” Is there some way we can arrange that? 😉

  18. Andimac says:

    Gove is in favour of leaving…it’s probably genetic – I believe his Maw wis as well.

  19. Are we set to have a referendum every two years?
    If so can we please have the next one on the monarchy?

  20. ian foulds says:

    Is the third option to abstain from voting?

  21. Puzzled Puss says:

    Many thanks for another brilliant article. I really hope the SG are already having talks with the relevant EU people to negotiate a mechanism for an independent Scotland to remain in the EU, in the event of a Brexit.

    It also occurs to me to wonder whether the Brexit enthusiasts have allowed for the probability that the departing migrant workers will be instantly replaced by planeloads of returning stroppy pensioners forced to give up their retirement homes on the Costa Wherever.

  22. xsticks says:

    Your analysis echoes my own thoughts, though much more eloquently put than I could ever manage.

  23. pwest9 says:

    Once again you nail the whole debate in one piece, thanks. One of my concerns of which there are many is to be seen supporting a pro EU position alongside Cameron et al. I want to say I am For Europe but not for the Tories who are split all over the place and are the scum of the earth. This whole self inflicted wound is about the Tories and their wish to get control over such things like Health and Safety and the Working time directive. Not to improve workers rights but to abolish them entirely. I am also torn in that a Brexit would most likely result in an independent Scotland which I support. Fasten your seat belts it’s going to get dirtier.

  24. handclapping says:

    The joy in this is that Dave’s overlaying of his Referendum on our elections is that the faragistes that will be elected will be at the expense of poor Ruthie and her chance of becoming the Official Opposition. Isnt irony wonderful.

  25. Sister Anonymous says:

    Not a fan of UKIP but surely if people vote for them it’ll be out of their own choice rather than because of media coverage of the EU debate?

  26. Patience is a Virtue says:

    Wings over Scotland a couple of days quoted Michael Gove on this topic:-

    “But by leaving we can take control. Indeed we can show the rest of Europe the way to flourish. Instead of grumbling and complaining about the things we can’t change and growing resentful and bitter, we can shape an optimistic, forward-looking and genuinely internationalist alternative.

    We can show leadership. Like the Americans who declared their independence and never looked back, we can become an exemplar of what an inclusive, open and innovative democracy can achieve.

    Are we really too small, too weak and too powerless to make a success of self-rule? This chance may never come again in our lifetimes, which is why I will be true to my principles and take the opportunity* to leave* and embrace a better future.”

    Now bearing in mind Mr. Gove is close friend of the PM, methinks someone is perhaps pulling both his and our strings to the north of the North.

    Para 1 Grievance Politics, Hope over Fear

    Para 2. Mr Gove ‘the Minute Man’ and poised to take arms (within a minute) in his struggle against … who were the Americans declaring their independence against.?.. I presume his troops are pursuing solely democratic means on this occasion..

    Para 3. Too wee,,,, too small…..too dependent…once in a lifetime opportunity….

    All just coincidence….I am sure.

  27. arthur thomson says:

    I would welcome UKIP taking some votes off Slab and the Stories at Holyrood. And if they got a seat or two it could be enlightening for the Scottish electorate to see the hard core of British unionism in action. I’m not sure that it would do much for the unity of the unionist cause but then again, surely Ruthie would welcome her brothers and sisters with open arms.

  28. Not Convinced says:

    Whilst there certainly exists a future in which Scotland (and likely Wales & N.Ireland too for that matter) get dragged out of the EU against their will, by the massed horde of English votes. There exists another possible future in which England, whilst voting for leaving, doesn’t do so strongly enough to override strong stay votes from Scotland, Wales & N.Ireland!

    Whilst this is both a less likely outcome, and also not so likely as to immediately assist the cause of Scottish independence the headlines in the likes of the Daily Mail will be a sight to behold! (They will, of course, in all probability concentrate their blame on Scotland.)

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