Down the rabbit hole with Tony

Tony Blair is so worried about Jeremy Corbyn winning the Labour leadership election that he’s speaking out against it for free. Or more exactly he’s speaking out against it in the hope that he can remain free. If Jezza wins the leadership election and then becomes Prime Minister, Tony might be swapping his smart suits for an orange jumpsuit and his cufflinks for handcuffs.

This is why Tone is keen to let anyone who will give him a hearing, which is a small and increasingly diminishing audience outside of Central Asian dictators, that he thinks that Jeremy Corbyn practises Alice in Wonderland politics. Tony knows a great deal about fantasy, having pursued Conservative politics down a rabbit hole into a topsy turvy world where he played the role of the Queen of Heartlessness, playing croquet with human lives. It takes a special kind of brass neck for a man who took his country to war on the basis of an entirely invented prospectus to decry a pacifist politician for peddling a fantasy, yet Tony now warns us that Jeremy Corbyn preaches “a parallel reality … in which reason is an irritation”. Jeremy, says Tony in all apparent sincerity, has WMDs that can reach Cirencester in forty five minutes.

Tony doesn’t look in the mirror created by a puddle of Iraqi blood, except to admire himself. Making him Middle East Peace Envoy was like putting Myra Hyndley in charge of child protection. He’s far too focused on his own self-grandisement to reflect on the effects of his actions on the little people. The truth is he probably doesn’t care that much, nowhere near as much as he cares about making money from representing Central Asian dictators.

Tony Blair has but one achievement in his life, to create a Labour party that the lying mendacious UK media could believe in, and fittingly he managed that on the back of a great lie. The great lie was that there was still a Labour party left after Tony had got his paws on it, and that it was still a party of the left. Tony transformed Labour into a party of identikit drones and android clones preaching a pastiche of Thatcher’s predatory profit taking. Tony turned politics into performance, a reality show called Britain’s Got Talons where the poor and the disabled and the migrants and the marginalised get ripped apart in the press for the entertainment of the powerful. Greed is good when you call it stakeholding, smiled Tony’s tombstone teeth, as he held the stake that he plunged into the heart of Labour’s last socialist pretensions.

It was supposedly all down to Blair that Labour won the 1997 election, but Labour sold its soul to the Pied Piper of Hammy Lies for nothing. They were so desperate to get power and privilege again that they destroyed everything that was once good about them. They turned themselves into their enemies and in so doing turned themselves into the enemies of those they claimed to represent. The common cry is Scotland is that we didn’t leave the Labour party, the Labour party left us. Tony was driving the bus, he drove our hopes and aspirations off a cliff as a sacrifice to the newspaper demons.

The truth is that an insentient sea sponge could have won that election for Labour, and in most Scottish constituencies that’s exactly what happened. By 1997 the entire UK was as fed up and sick of the Tories as Scotland had been for the previous 18 years. It wasn’t so much that Labour won spectacularly, but that the Tories lost spectacularly. Labour would have performed as well even without the Conservative con of Tony.

After 1997 the scale of the Tory defeat was such that the party was lost in the wilderness for a decade, so lost that it chose Michael Howard as leader, the only politician in the history of the universe who is more slimy than Peter Mandelson who is himself more slimy than a garden slug which has taken a swim in a vat of wallpaper paste. Naturally Labour won again. The party’s victory came despite Iraq, because the opposition was every bit as complicit and even more slimy. Triangulation ruled.

But by then it was too late to save Labour, too late to rescue the British state. The road to Scottish independence started on the road to Baghdad, it was wafted aloft by UN resolutions that were never sought. Revulsion with Thatcher was the midwife of the Scottish Parliament, and revulsion with Labour will be the midwife of independence. Jeremy Corbyn is a good man, but he’s England’s last hope, he’s not ours.

Tony claims that he’s the older statesman who has travelled the road before. We should listen to his warnings that the path is littered with boulders and there’s a cliff ahead and that Jeremy Corbyn is headed straight off it. But Jeremy Corbyn isn’t travelling Tony’s road at all. Tony’s road is a lying road, a false road, a road to deception. It’s a road that leads to a right wing party, a road that doesn’t lead where any left wing person would want to go. It’s a road off the end of a cliff for social justice, for the redistribution of wealth. It’s a road that leads to inequality and rampant casino capitalism, a privatised highway to wealth and power for the few. That’s not the road that Jezza is on.

Tony is the creator of the plastic smiles who have dominated our public life ever since he smiled at the fool Gordie over the table of a posh London restaurant and lied through his teeth to the only man in the country as vain and self regarding as he was. Gordie is as self-serving and as much of a liar as Tony is, he’s just less photogenic.

It’s their style of politics that we want to put an end to. We want our politicians to be human beings, not plastic grins without content. Jeremy Corbyn stands for all those thousands of ordinary people who want a politician for whom public service means just that, and doesn’t see it as serving himself from the public. But Tony and Gordie cast their dire warnings that any attempt to change British politics will end in failure and ignominy, and together with their friends in the press they will do their utmost to make sure that their predictions come to pass. What’s left of their shattered credibility and the credibility of the lying British media depends on it.

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28 comments on “Down the rabbit hole with Tony

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  2. […] Down the rabbit hole with Tony […]

  3. Steve Asaneilean says:

    Another stunning evisceration.

    Blair and Thatcher – the Kray twins of 20th century Westminster politics.

    Corbyn tells (Not) Labour some home truths and they can’t hack it. So instead of acknowledging his legitimate concerns they demonise him as “loony ledt” and “unelectable”.

    Even Kezia couldn’t resist a wee dig saying she couldn’t vote for a leadership candidate who was never going to be Prime Minister.

    The trouble with Tony is that he remains utterly convinced that he is right and that any of us who beg to differ are at best loopy and at worst a threat to national security. He is the epitome of concept and self-delusion.

  4. broadbield says:

    Tony is beneath contempt and I look forward to both he and Bush answering for their crimes – except it won’t happen. However, I am more circumspect about Corbyn. Certainly he is more left than 99.9% of Labour MP’s, (not difficult) but I note how the radicals, even revolutionaries of our youth – Darling, Hain, Brown, Straw et al – quickly become assimilated into the Establishment and move seamlessly into their new ermine suits.

    Remember the (unrealistic) euphoria that greeted Obama’s election? The reality has been a great disappointment.

  5. macart763M says:

    First class Paul. Mr Corbyn is indeed England’s last hope to re-imagine and reinvent the progressive left. He has made his views crystal clear already on the subject of Scotland and will prove no solution to the problems inherent in the current constitutional arrangement, nor can we wait on Mr Corbyn having a road to Damascus moment where nation partnerships are concerned.

    The system of government and politics which runs our daily lives is irretrievably broken. Our politicians and their media support, willingly harm their own society in pursuit of power and position. With premeditation, they lie, smear, distort, demonise, divide and rule. They pull our opinion first one way and then the other, they direct by misdirection. As for the electorate? We simply have to deal with the carnage they leave in their wake.

    The tail is wagging the dog.

    Both central government and the mainstream media are unfit for purpose. They cause harm to their own people, the people in their care. That is not right.

    Its well past time the people put their house in order. Its time to return our government to the role of public servants and replace their media with one which actually gives a damn.

  6. Jan Cowan says:

    I hope Corbyn reads this one, Paul. It would give him great encouragement. But I just love your description of Mandelson!

    Another great piece of work.

  7. diabloandco says:

    ” The Pied Piper of Hammy lies” – love it

  8. audidence genuine typo or a subliminal message?

  9. All Blairs misdeeds are Swarming Europe & biteing EU & Britain in the Arse.

  10. Mammy says:

    It gets more and more like the Mad Hatters tea party.At least Alice knew they were all batty more than we can say about that table that’s set up now.

  11. Fillofficer says:

    People like tony live in a political bubble surrounded by sycophants. Reality is a stranger to them. They are all doomed. The Labour Party will implode. The Tories will rule forever. We will be free…..eventually

  12. Coral says:

    This is a brilliantly funny price – especially the bit about Blair being made peace envoy was like putting Myra Hyndley in charge of Child Protection ! Blair – the multimillionaire jet -setting war-mongerer is the one completely out of touch with real people’s reality .

  13. jdman says:

    Im sad,
    I once had an Emerson Lake and Palmer album (I think its STILL in a cupboard somewhere) and the words of a particular song keep resonating in my mind to this day,

    Rejoice glory is ours,
    our young men have not died in vain,
    their graves need no flowers,
    the tapes have recorded their names!
    the robotic voice that overlaid those lyrics was a devastating portent of what was still to come
    where the ends justified the means no matter how destructive to our national (whatever the hell that is?) conscience,

    We are a lost race with no direction,
    I watched a youtube video of a NO rally led by none other that that arch unionist Gordon Brown where he whipped his almost universally elderly audience in to such a froth a lady pensioner spoke to camera and her voice quivering with emotion talked of the country she loved (Scotland) but apparently not so much as to see it be the master of its own destiny, and stated she “would leave Scotland if it voted for independence,

    What sort of people have we become that the very thought of self determination turns people into quivering wrecks?

  14. Guga says:

    “Tony might be swapping his smart suits for an orange jumpsuit and his cufflinks for handcuffs.”

    We can only hope. However, we should not forget that Bliar’s entire cabinet, including Broon, are equally guilty of war crimes and should be tried and hanged. Incidentally, it seems to me that Camoron is heading along the same path.

    • Aye, we can only hope Guga. However, I can remember when just after W.W.2 a lot of people used to call Churchill a “warmonger”. Well maybe he was, but he couldn’t hold a candle to the present lot whom you have named. I’m afraid there is very little chance they will be brought to book for their crimes against humanity.

  15. Dave Hansell says:

    And right on cue we have some economics professor from Oxford writing in this mornings FT that the Labour and Tory partys, like the banks, are too big to fail. The central argument being that democracy is defined by only these two parties and they both need credibility otherwise democracy will by definition cease to exist if one of these parties is led by someone who is not “credible. ”

    Moreover, he has a proposal. That the membership of these two political parties, which must by definition be set in aspic for ever and a day as the pinnacle of what democracy is, should not be the ones who decide on the party leaderships. Instead, the leaderships should be elected by the whole population, which I suppose gets rid of the infiltration problem.

    The fact that a twelve year old could demolish this for the nonsense it clearly represents should not blind us to the collective mindset which subscribes to this ersatz version of democracy. Underneath lies a deep contempt for the demos and a sociopathic Malice in Blunderland attitude that only those who subscribe to the one true faith of zealots like Blair, Brown, Mandleson et al should be considered as proper citizens and members of the public to be entrusted with the vote. In the minds of these people anyone and everyone who disagrees with them should be denied the franchise and citizenship to be shunted off into a corner to piss off and die.

  16. arthur thomson says:

    Another great post Paul. Thank you. I hope that an increasing number of people are reading the dug and learning.

    Time and again I read that people feel there is little ‘hope’ that Blair and others will be brought to account. We have to stop hoping and make absolutely certain that it happens. How do we do it?

    In my opinion, the way that we do it is by putting the full focus of attention on the corruption that characterises the British state. We need our political representatives to use Westminster and Holyrood as places to publicly vilify those who believe that the Iraq war, covering up paedophilia, deliberately impoverishing people under the euphemsim of ‘austerity’ so that they can be ruthlessly exploited, maintaining weapons of mass destruction, etc are normal. We have to demand action and refuse to accept the excuses the state puts forward in its defence. We have to build up a head of steam and refuse to be diverted.

    I am pleased that Corbyn has emerged as a figurehead for people in England but I am unconvinced that he has the stomach for taking on the corruption of the establishment. During my lifetime there has been no golden age of Labour and I’m not holding my breath for the day that one might arrive. The Labour Party has never been averse to maintaining the status quo when it served the lust for power of those who have led it. It was Labour who played the leading role in inflicting death on the people of Iraq, there has been no shortage of Labour Lords and I well remember charmers like Tam Dalyell and Willie Ross. When did these people ever show an inclination to clean up Westminster? Labour and Tory are just two cheeks of the same very unpleasant arse.

    Until we root out the corruption we will all be chasing our tails. Let’s be single minded about rooting it out. The Britnats who support the union have for too long been able to avoid the harsh truth of what they stand for. They have been content to turn a blind eye to the cost of their cushy way of life. That must not be allowed to continue.

    • While I don’t disagree with anything you say arthur, there has to be the political will to bring those responsible to justice.
      And by that of course I mean the sort of power that Westminster exerts. Unless it’s in their interest, we can shout till we are blue in the face, and still we will get nowhere.
      How many “inquires”have there been over the years, the ongoing scandal of Chilcot being only one, and all of them “whitewashes”.
      Unfortunately we didn’t take the opportunity last year to detach ourselves from the rotten edifice that is Westminstet, so I’m afraid the only hope is that more Scots have their eyes opened to the carnage being imposed on their country, starting with Osbourne’s announcement today.
      As one of the first members of Scottish C.N.D in 1958, I am absolutely appalled that if this decision is allowed to stand, then my great-grandchildren will have to live with this monstrosity next door to them, if they chose to continue living in the West of Scotland.
      I have been one of the people urging caution regarding the timing of the next independence referendum, but the news today has got me so angry at them giving us the two fingers, Nicola can announce it any time, and I hope this time we can win.

      • macart763M says:

        I’m appalled at even thinking this Alex, but I’d be stunned if Blair ever saw an international beaks dock. At the end of the day we’re talking about a former US president and a former UK PM. Hugely influential parties and vested interests will ensure these guys never see day one in any court. Its not right and its not justice, but it is the world we live in. I suspect their only true judge will be history.

  17. macart763 says:

    Great piece by George Kerevan in today’s National. Sorry, can’t archive because of paywall, but well worth checking out.

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