What is the point of you?

Jesus wept, Keir Hardie spun in his grave, the ghost of Aneurin Bevin howled in impotent rage at the vacuity of the press release, the spirits of the Jarrow marchers sat down and wept, and millions of former supporters raised their eyebrows to the skies and sighed at the Labour party – what is the bloody point of you? And the only answer is the meaningless self-serving waffle of a party that’s lost its way, a party that couldn’t even find a moral compass if it was lodged up its own arse.

There is no point to Labour, none at all. No meaning. No purpose. No bloody sense. All there is is the cold hearted triangulation of a spin doctor who’s never had to struggle against poverty or exclusion. Labour has announced that there’s very little they’re going to do to oppose as the Tories set fire to the social contract that Labour fought so hard to establish all those decades ago. The party is not going to oppose the cuts that the Tories are introducing to the benefits system, not going to oppose the loss of the principle that each mouth deserve to be fed. They’ve abandoned the principle of to each according to their need. Labour not only supports the final cutting through of the social safety net, they’re helping the Tories with the scissors. Spin and snip as they cut their own tendons, and the party falls never to stand again.

What is the point of you Labour? Nothing, nothing but to make us weep and rage at your wilful impotence, to scream silently in the vacuum of your lost soul. The hopes of our grandparents betrayed, their memories traduced. What is the point of you?

When you lose your principles, you lose your soul. A week is a long time in politics, and in fifty years you can lose your soul and turn into a zombie, the living husk of a political party, going through the motions but without any sense of purpose. Labour is the vampire party, sucking on the aspirations and hopes of working class people, existing for nothing but the perpetuation of its cadre of politicians. The lesson this teaches us is that one Labour MP, one Labour MSP, one Labour councillor, is one too many. We must do to them what we did to the Tories – consign them to the wilderness of political untouchability.

The Tories pretend to govern in the interests of the whole country, and Labour pretend to oppose them. The little people are expected to continue with a charade that wouldn’t be out of place in a dystopian novel, living a harsh reality caught between two falsehoods.

Labour in Scotland demand that the SNP set out they’re going to protect Scotland’s poor from the Tory cuts, while UK Labour refuse to oppose them. This is clearly what they meant during the independence referendum when they claimed that being part of the UK produced the best of both worlds. Labour gets to have its austerity cake across the UK as a whole, and still gets its SNP bad headlines in the Daily Record. The Tory media propagates the lie that the financial crisis was the fault of the poor, and Labour doesn’t have the balls to stand up and call a lie a lie. It meekly goes along with it in the hope of sooking up to the middle class voters in Tory swing seats. Labour is happy with the notion of making those who rely on benefits and those on low wages foot the bill for the financial disaster that Labour and the Tories allowed to happen by turning a blind eye to the excesses of the banks. The lost themselves in the pursuit of power and money.

So this is the redistribution that Gordie Broon spoke of, the redistribution of wealth from the poor to the rich. Pooling and sharing means the poor pool so that the rich can share. And Labour is just fine with all of this, because even the most mousy mealy mouthed protest will attract the wrath of press barons that Labour never had the balls to hold in check. Labour created the means of its own destruction, and acquiesces in it meekly. Well they can destroy themselves, but we’re damned if they take us with them.

The party has lost the ability to distinguish between right and wrong, to tell the difference between good and evil. When you can’t even bring yourself to oppose such an obvious obscenity as insisting that a woman who has a third child as a result of rape must prove that rape to a faceless official in the Job Centre who has an incentive for not believing her, then all is lost.

Labour’s excuse is that it would be wrong of them to tell voters that they were wrong to vote for a party that does wrong. When Labour is too afraid to defend what’s right in case it stops them getting the votes of those who support wrong – what’s the point of you then Labour? If the only way to become the government is to become the Tories, then there is no need to bother with a Labour party at all. We’ve already got evil Tories, we don’t require any more of them. We have them in abundance already.

And this, Labour, this is why we no longer tolerate you amongst us, why you can no longer participate in our struggles. You are dead to us because you’re dead to yourselves. The annihilation you experienced in May was only the beginning, by the time we’ve finished with you you will be a footnote in history. We are the opposition to the Tories, not you.

So to the last few remnants of that battered party – if you have a shred of dignity left, if you still value the hopes and aspirations of the working classes above the pursuit of power for power’s sake, then leave Labour, take to the lifeboats, join the SNP, the Greens, the SSP, and help us build a better Scotland. Help us to push the doors of opportunity open, or decline into a sub-Tory irrelevance, bereft of principle, meaning or morality. There is a better way, a way out of this nightmare. It’s called independence. And now it’s clearer than it ever was that it’s the only escape.

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50 comments on “What is the point of you?

  1. Jacqueline Gallacher says:

    Labour are needing rubbed out and drawn in again

  2. Papadox says:

    They have betrayed the very people who conceived them and supported them in their early formative years.

    The jingle of silver and the softness of ermine, cheap booze, £300 per day and expense account and a Lordy title. Aye these are the rewards they sold their soul for.
    They are Tories all right but second class Tories, if you are waiting for these gangsters to protect you, remember who they take their orders and cash from, and watch your back.

    • ockletycockletywitch says:

      “We are bought and sold for English gold – Sic a parcel o’ rogues in a nation!”

  3. Peadairbeag says:

    Nailed it again. Bravo!

  4. Duncan Mitchell says:

    Absolutely agree with you. Ever since Ed said that he would rather have a tory government than work with the SNP, I thought they couldn’t get any lower. However they have. It is astonishing.

  5. Jim Walker says:

    Having hated the Labour Party all my adult life – was at university with Boothman and all the others that claimed to be socialists but were actually socialites – I just don t know why anyone is surprised. These people have been out for themselves for decades. They need to rot in hell.

  6. AuldGranny says:

    I could feel the hot searing anger from every word.

    Thank you for being able to articulate exactly how I feel.

  7. Or you could ask your readers to become “labour supporters” at £5 a throw and back Jeremy Corbyn.

  8. ockletycockletywitch says:

    Your finest hour to date, Sir! You’ve expressed my own feelings to an absolute ‘T’. Gawn ‘The Dug’!!

  9. RabMacPhoto says:

    Paul you have managed to perfectly encapsulate the rage I feel about Labour’s betrayal of its Socialist roots, and of the very people it was formed to protect.

    I’m thoroughly ashamed to admit that I voted for these self-serving bastards until Blair.

    No more – never forgive, never forget.

  10. Steve Asaneilean says:

    (Not) Labour.

    “We are NOT the party of the vulnerable” (so who is then?)

    “We do NOT oppose the curbing of child-related benefits”

    “We will NOT vote against a budget that will see the poorest 13 million households worse off but will offer tax breaks to the rich”

    “We will NOT oppose the renewal of weapons of mass destruction”

    “We will NOT do anything to curb the excesses of the City or hold them to account for financial armageddon when we can throw a trillion pounds of innocent tax payer’s money at it”

    “We will NOT hold Blair and his government responsible for an illegal war the after shocks of which we still have to deal with today”

  11. macart763 says:

    You’re at your best when you are royally pissed off. Superb post Paul.

    They didn’t lose their soul though, they sold it.

    What you have when you sell your soul to the establishment, is a party that backs population control through bureaucracy, punishes the poor to right a bank balance they emptied, others half a nation for political profit whilst stepping all over the concept of democracy in the process and allows their partners to demonise the other half for their political profit in the aftermath. What you have is a career vehicle filled with people who want to lead rather than serve and are willing to commit any crime, any evil against their own people in order to achieve that end.

    Next year we finish the job we started in May and clean those ‘people’ out of our politics. The left and centre left is well served in Scotland with parties and individuals who still know what constitutes a social conscience. There is simply no need for another vacuus right wing, empathy free zone in our political landscape, that’s what wee Ruthie and Wullie the clippie are for. Once that is out the way we finish the job we put on pause in September of 2014. They were given a chance to do the right thing. They threw that chance back in the Scottish electorate’s face.

    As for the media who support all of this? Not another fucking thing need be said. I think we should thank the propagandists appropriately by simply turning our backs on them. They certainly turned their backs on us a long time ago.

    • AdamH says:

      macart763 says:
      Next year we finish the job we started in May and clean those ‘people’ out of our politics.

      The job won’t be finished until 2017. SLab councillors are at the heart of the problem. Even more than the MSPs, they are the ones who have to go.

  12. Jan Cowan says:

    Described on Twitter as a howl of rage from the WGD. I don’t suppose HH cares but at least she’s helping Scotland towards independence.

  13. There is no single word of that, that I do not agree with. No bad.

  14. gavin says:

    Where is Gordie Broon ?
    Everything he claimed to believe in, is being ripped up, scrapped, consigned to history with his own political party’s obsequious consent——-yet he is silent.

    So where are ye, Gordie?
    Ya big blaw !

    • hektorsmum says:

      Gone to where is heart is, off in the US I believe. His sons are in Schools there, obviously doesn’t think much of the Scotland he sold down the river/

  15. I know you are pissed off with Labour, your passion comes through loud and clear. And I agree with you wholeheartedly. But so what? Condemning the party, time and time again, does nothing. What is the answer for Scotland, and when does change begin?

    • Janis says:

      I’m with you, when does it begin. Soon or we will get weary of the void. Something had best be in the SNP manifesto for the coming elections.

  16. The Vole says:

    Reblogged this on The Orkney Vole and commented:
    Devastating critique on what has happened to Labour – the party that having lost its class base is about to morph into the Liberal Democrats – thank God we have another party of the left in Scotland.

  17. Superlatives fail me Paul. I am pleased to say that I have never voted Labour in my life. What turned me against then from an early age, I got the vote when I was 21, I don’t know, but my feelings were reinforced in the 70s wnen I worked alongside a local Labour party chairman.
    Now this guy was a perfectly fair man, but when he introduced me to the excesses that were taking place at Glasgow City Chambers, all for the benefit of Labour councillors, and their acolytes, my revulsion increased.
    They just weren’t interested in the people they were supposed to represent, only in feathering their own nests. Needless to say we had many “discussions”, and I clearly remember, when, in the company of a future Lord Provost of Glasgow, being told I could have become a councillor, except that I supported the “wrong” party, the S.N.P.
    As you say, quite brillianly, there is no need now for them to exist, and my big hope is that never mind next year, that we clear them out of Scottish councils in 2017.

  18. Aucheorn says:

    Slightly OT, I got a reply today from “Scottish” (Not) Labour Party re Clypegate signed by Brian Roy wanting £10 to process my request. Giving a return address at Bath Street, Glasgow. So London (Not) Labour have passed it on to the branch office.

  19. hektorsmum says:

    Labour are the Establishment Toadies in Scotland just as the Tories are in England. Were seen as a safe pair of hands, trouble is they showed their true colours and are now finished here.
    With the likes of Liz Kendall, Rachel Reeves, Harriet Harman ( I am a member of the Aristocracy) and all the remaining fearties there is nowhere for a backbone to develop. Good Post Paul.

  20. Ray says:

    And Kezia Dugdale has the cheek to question how the SNP are going to protect Scotland from Tories,! At least voting against them in WM might be a start?

  21. scotsgeoff says:

    Well said.

    The more that people see this the better because our right-wing media
    will do their best to shape public opinion their way.

  22. bowanarrow says:

    The chattering classes, chattering, I did so enjoy reading this article. The self flagellation of the martyr, the repetition of the already repeated, the statements of the already accepted premise. On and on and on and on. But for god sake don’t use the word, independence and don’t use the dreaded three letter foul language of, UDI. Because god forbid that we have something to look forward to other than the abyss that looms before us in this tory landscape. If we are going to suffer the slings and arrows of our enemies, both labour and tory, and their is no real opposition parties to speak of in westminster then, WHY are we even playing this fixed game of Russian roulette at all, why is it always Scotland that has to get its brains blown out? If we need to suffer lets suffer with at least SOME HOPE that the suffering will end, let us at least have some hope of redemption. If the people of Scotland are paying the price for voting SNP then at least get our moneys worth and start to live like a country that voted SNP. I already hear the typewrites typing, the chatterers chattering, “Oh the 51%”, “Oh the the unknown”, “Oh the fear”, “What if?”. The time is upon us now, the alarms have been sounding for quite a long time and no one has gone running for the fire extinguisher to put out the blaze that is consuming Scotland. The SNP must move, the SNP must organize its grass roots membership, the SNP needs to organize rallies of defiance, mass meetings of the people of Scotland to demonstrate our dissatisfaction with westminster. The SNP are the biggest political party in Scotland, 110,000 members, that membership is waiting for the call, just look what happened at the S.E.C.C. during the referendum, they are waiting for a guiding hand, they are looking for leadership to show them the way forward. “The only thing to fear, is fear itself”, more true now than at any other time in Scotland’s history, fear is all that is holding us back. If the SNP organized the grass roots and the people see for themselves the power of this political movement, that fear would evaporate and the people of Scotland would understand how powerful they really are. The SNP needs to show the people of Scotland that they do not stand alone.

    • Oneironaut says:

      To be brutally honest, I think the SNP have lost touch with their grassroots supporters now.
      Many (but not all!) in the party consider themselves too big to need our support any more.

      I’ve spoken to many SNP members who joined the party in that whirlwind of hope we all experienced last year before the September result dropped us back to earth with a painful bump…
      They feel they don’t have a say in things any more, they feel sidelined, ignored. To the point where many of them are considering jumping ship to more active groups where they can actually DO something instead of sitting around waiting to be called up for duty in the Holyrood Election campaign.

      I do regular street work with another party, campaigning against austerity and trying to rally public support against it, trying to get the truth directly to people brainwashed by the media lies.
      And I haven’t seen any sign of a single SNP campaigner since the election. Where have they all gone? Why aren’t they standing out there beside us and shouting the truth too?

      Put simply, the SNP are in serious danger of becoming the new “New Labour” in Scotland if they continue on their present course.
      People might not like to hear that, and I’ve no doubt I’ll be flamed for daring to say it out loud. But don’t say I didn’t warn you…

      • handclapping says:

        You speak of the SNP as some monolith. The 20,000 strong SNP that fought in the Referendum is swamped by the 90,000 Yessers that have joined since and it is they, the 90,000, that say what the SNP does now.
        If they say we do nothing then the SNP does nothing and there is nothing you or I can do about it. That’s democracy as 56 people in London will tell you.

      • markewan2001 says:

        What utter rubbish.

  23. John Jones says:

    democracy is dead. Cruelly murdered by the Labour party. UK 2015.

  24. Luigi says:

    “Labour in Scotland demand that the SNP set out they’re going to protect Scotland’s poor from the Tory cuts, while UK Labour refuse to oppose them. ”

    Paul, I think this powerful statement more than anything sums up the ridiculous position of Labour. Hopefully you won’t mind me borrowing it and spreading it around a bit! 🙂

  25. iain says:

    Labour are like a door knocker in the shape of a Pharaoh’s head. No point to it whatsoever but keeps up appearances.

  26. citizencolin says:

    The nationalist cause reaches ever greater heights of hysteria. It’s good to have passion, but direct it to where need is greatest – holding the nationalist Government to account and making it get on with the job governance and achieving the stated goal of social justice.

    What’s the truth in the SNP unnecessarily tendering out our vital public transport? Spending less than the rest of the UK on the NHS? Cutting HAG levels to the extent where social landlords can’t build? Taking 18 months to do anything about the bedroom tax? Taking nearly a year to pay the vital admin cash to foodbanks starting out? Underspending by nearly half a billion whilst Scottish public services take a beating? Freezing council tax at the expense of social work services and other core duties of local authorities? The list of SNP failings is pretty long now and they’ve been in power since 2007 so can’t really blame anybody but themselves.

    Perhaps if the SNP and its supporters spent less time focusing on their pet subject and a little more on governance of Scotland we might starting actually furthering the cause of social justice right now, instead of just talking about it as something to be aspired to only in an independent Scotland.

    • handclapping says:

      Do try and keep up with what is happening in Scotland before attempting to troll. Its the Unionists that keep on banging on about the constitution.
      The other major neo-liberal failing is your equating cost with value. Your NHS costs more because of the profits syphoned off while producing results that are the same as ours. So in fact our NHS is better value because it costs less

    • RabMacPhoto says:

      S’funny, just been reading similar trolling nonsense on Facebook.

      It’s a good idea to acquaint yourself with at least *some* of the facts before coming out with statements such as, for example, on the “underspend” that is no such thing, or gems like “unnecessarily tendering out our vital public transport”.

    • weegingerdug says:

      Oh dear. While you’re bleating BAAAAAAAD about the SNP stone in your shoe, the Tories are hacking off your other leg – and you’re holding the saw for them.

  27. David Agnew says:

    They are now backing not opposing further cuts to tax credits. While at the same time saying how awful it will be when that happens and they abstain. I have literally seen irony devour itself.

    Pish…thy name is labour.

    I don’t think I can be bothered looking on at the decaying corpse of this party and wondering “how did this happen”. I say we declare it suicide and move on. Its a tragedy but there is no way Scotland should pay to get it buried.

  28. David McArthur says:

    Well said. We now need to persuade as many voters in Scotland as possible to vote Green on the 2nd vote for Holyrood. Please use your influence to try to get a Green opposition to an SNP govt.

    • markewan2001 says:

      Vote SNP FPTP and SNP on the list and wipe Labour out. The Greens are a diversion and voting for them on the list may allow Labour to survive onthe list

      • Gordon says:

        We will all be voting Green after Independence. Priority has to be a united front against the Tory austerity cuts, it’s the only way forward to break the mould once and for all. We have to think long term for our country and people. SNP X SNPX at 2016 election

  29. Neil Anderson says:

    Anyone remember Lord Vic Feather? Anyone? I will never forget my bewilderment as a fairly savvy child with a communist shop steward Dad when I asked why the man from the TUC was wearing a robe in the house of Lords. And I google him to make sure that I’m not mistaken. And, hey, I AM mistaken. For he was “created” BARON Feather of the City of Bradford on the 6th of March 1974. 11 days before my 12th birthday. 41 years ago. Don’t be naive folks, this shite has been going on for a very, very long time. And it won’t be stopping any time soon unless we take the action to halt it in it’s tracks.

  30. Fillofficer says:

    The more passionate the pen, the more thought provoking the replies. Why have we allowed ourselves to be governed this way for so long. Beggars belief. The time is now. We must show the world that we are not like them. I’ve never been an advocate for drug use but if this continues unchallenged for much longer, I will need some serious hallucinogens. Great stuff paul

  31. Gordon says:

    Great article. To watch the labour quartet perform on BBC resulted in no shouting at the TV, no switching channel just a sad acceptance that their time had come and folk in Scotland are going to clear the whole lot of them OUT at all levels of government, 2016 & 2017. The Tories and Lib Dems have their stalwarts but really any remaining Labour supporters should now understand clearly who represents them best. It certainly is not the Labour Party.

  32. Ealasaid says:

    Great piece Paul. I too was raging at Harriet Harman’s comments. To not oppose the Conservatives because they won twice in a row was completely ridiculous. Not only has she forgotten the meaning of the word “opposition” in the Party of Opposition, but the absolute total disgrace of her remarks that dismiss out of hand the people who voted for her to be an MP beggars belief.

    Who represents her constituents now? What is the point of voting Labour now? Why help them on to the gravy train?

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