Whit’s aw this?

My name is Paul Kavanagh. I was a full time carer living in Glasgow. I had to give up work in order to look after Andy, my partner of 25 years, who was diagnosed with dementia in 2012 and required 24 hour care and attendance. We used to live in Spain, where we acquired the Dug and I was the editor and publisher of a monthly English language features magazine.

When we returned to live in Scotland early in 2013, I had hoped to get involved in the independence campaign, getting out canvassing and campaigning. Sadly Andy’s health deteriorated badly shortly after we returned to Scotland, so that was not possible. Instead I started this wee blog. It was a way I could make a contribution, and it was my therapy – giving me something to think about other than care visits, social services, and hospital appointments. This blog kept me sane.

Sadly Andy passed away shortly before the independence vote in September last year, but not before he had a chance to cast a postal vote. He voted Yes. He would have been disappointed at the result, but not devastated – Andy was a fighter and he wouldn’t ever give up on something he believed in. And neither will I. So now I keep this blog going, and it’s become my new job. I’m doing this for Andy and for all those people who believed in a Scotland that determines its own future but who fell by the wayside on this country’s long journey. Let’s never forget them.

I am not a member of the SNP or any other political party, and am not associated with any official campaigns or organisations. The contents of this blog are my opinions and mine alone. I speak for no one but myself. If Alicsammin is sending secret mind control messages, my fillings aren’t picking them up.

I encourage people to leave comments, but I ask everyone to respect the fact that as blog publisher I am legally responsible for anything you post here. I do not wish to prevent anyone’s freedom of speech, but any comments which I think are liable to get me sued will be removed. And I’ll block you if you persistently annoy me, because it’s my blog and I can do that … mwuahahahaha

73 comments on “Whit’s aw this?

  1. Hugh Wallace says:


    Just wanted to say thanks for sharing your thoughts. Along with Wings, Newsnet and BfS your blog is one of my favourite haunts of the moment.


  2. Nigel Mace says:

    Your witty contributions help keep a lot of us going. Best wishes to you both.

  3. Maree Todd says:

    I only recently discovered this blog, it is a delight. Thank you for your intelligent and witty contributions, inspirational stuff.

  4. MolliBlum says:

    “It’s a way I can make a contribution…” And what a contribution it is! I always look forward to your latest writing and share widely with all and sundry…under whatever name I happen to be using at the time 😉 Especially loved the Transformational Generative Glamour post

  5. dennis mclaughlin says:

    Paul,your contributions to this entertaining referendum debate are a continuing source of enjoyment……give the wee dug a pat from me plz!.

  6. Shetltie2014 says:

    Dear Paul
    Just stumbled across you recently and think what you write is fabulous. Keep up the great work.

  7. Geoff Huijer says:

    My thoughts are with you and your partner.

    I came back to Scotland in 2007 to be near my mum who had developed dementia.
    It can be a stressful time.

    Unfortunately, whilst in Cameron Hospital in a locked ward (with one other bedridden patient)
    my mum’s 11-stone diamond engagement ring disappeared – 3 weeks later I was told that
    nothing could be done about it as she’d signed a disclaimer (legally it wasn’t worth the paper it was written on). However, lawyers are expensive, my local MP (Gordon Brown) didn’t give shit or even respond to my registered letter. Sorry, I could go on about the horrors and duplicitousness of it all. Suffice to say my mum died in 2010 and the ring is lost forever.

    Thanks for doing this blog; it helps me at least to believe there are good people out there.

    • Bett says:

      A relative was in a care home, her rings went missing, she had no idea where they were. The management said they had put them in their safe. Nobody had been informed. . She was later moved to another Care Home without the rings. They were returned but only after enquiring.

  8. Really like your blog- it does make a difference. My Border Terrier says Hi to wee ginger

  9. Thank you for reminding me I can laugh, after being ( no to good ), health wise . Keep them coming . Margaret Garthamlock Glasgow .

    • weegingerdug says:

      Hope your health improves. We’ve had a lot of ill-health in this household too, but laughter is definitely the best medicine.

      • Kangaroo says:


        I can’t find a link to send you an email so this will have to do.

  10. John Bell says:

    Simply, thank you Paul.

  11. Valerie Gauld says:

    Enjoying your articles. My dad also has vascular dementia, so I know how very hard caring for your partner must be for you.
    Wishing you all the best, hope you get your house in Spain sold soon. (Am not well-off enough, sadly!)

  12. Mark Wringe says:

    What a wonderful, absolutely wonderful riposte to the wee Duggie’s sermon on the Mound. thank you!

  13. setondene says:

    Paul thanks for everything you’re doing on this post and respect to you for your dedication to your partner. My 93 year old mother developed dementia at the back end of last year and it’s certainly a challenge. Love keeps you going.

  14. Carrig Mick says:

    Love your blog Paul. Informative, intelligently written, cutting and very funny! Much love to you and yours, M

  15. lockhart Murdoch says:

    Dear Ginger Dug, aw the best wi’ yer blog. I was at Stirling when John Reid was a postgrad. I admired him and liked him. Disappointed to see how low he has stooped.

  16. Eddie Ladd says:

    Blog ardderchog! Fantastic blog! Ymlaen/onwards! Cofion cynnes, eddie (Caerdydd/Cardiff)

  17. graham says:

    Looks like WGD is being blocked in England. I can only access it using a vpn or proxy. Direct access through my isp Sky returns a blank page or url not found error.

    Normally I’d put this down to the vagaries of the internet but I experienced the same problem with the stv livestream which played fine when it thought I was in the US but blocked me in the UK.

    Hat tip WOS for mentioning that you seemed to be offline.

  18. Gillian-Ruglonian says:

    Simply wonderful!

  19. bbobhastings says:

    Hi Paul
    I’d like to submit an article I’ve written for publication as a guest post. How should I send it to you?
    all the best
    Bob Hastings

    • GallusAlice says:

      I have never commented til now. I was feeling a bit down and thought, I know who’ll cheer up ma wee face, the Wee Dug. Not only are you from my ancestral turf, you have become part of my political tribe and go to in my moments despair. Been with you from the beginning and will be with you at the end and this time we will be greetin tears of joy

  20. Shirley Nott says:

    So very sorry for your loss. Thinking of you – sending love and strength and real hugs.
    – Karen

  21. Stepan says:

    Hi Paul, could you maybe share our independent song? Every little helps, we can dea it!



  22. […] un canvi que depèn directament d’ells mateixos’, m’explica el periodista Paul Kavanagh. Amb ell he visitat un d’aquests barris, Shettleston, d’on és fill, i hem acompanyat […]

  23. […] un canvi que depèn directament d’ells mateixos’, m’explica el periodista Paul Kavanagh. Amb ell he visitat un d’aquests barris, Shettleston, d’on és fill, i hem […]

  24. Hi Paul! I posted this link as a comment on Derek Bateman’s blog and on Bella Caledonia. I wonder if you’ll find it interesting and want to share it with your readers?


  25. Cait Clarke says:

    Hello Paul! It’s been more than a decade, nearly two, since I first wrote emails to you, learning Scots from you. And then I had the pleasure of meeting you and Andy face to face in June (or July) 1997, when you were in London. I don’t know what made me plug your name into Google today. I’m so sorry to hear about Andy. He is such a lovely gentleman, and the two of you seemed then (and I’m sure it hasn’t changed) to be a perfect match. Having had family members with vascular dementia, I have seen first hand the challenges you both face. I wish you love, peace, and strength. Xxx

  26. georgeclark1954 says:

    Hi Paul, just catching up there and noticed you were looking for a computer table. I have one surplus to requirements, though it’s a little on the large side, 1200mm X 700mm.

    It’s steel framed with a glass top and includes a pull out keyboard tray, about 660mm X 330mm, and you would be very welcome to it as long as you keep writing:-)

  27. amanda mcginley says:

    wee ginger dug, you continue to amuse, your article on the, ahem, new vow is just great regards amanda

  28. Cuddis says:

    Wee ginger dug. Your blogs combine pithy political insight with top notch humour, resulting, collectively, in a damn good read time and time again. Thanks for that.

  29. Dear Wee Ginger Dug.

    I’m a wee Springer Spaniel, I’m Brown and White, not ginger and my name is Blue.

    That’s my name, Blue.

    I’m not Black or white in the way humans define themselves, and I’m neither a Blue tory nor a Red tory.

    My name is Blue, I’m a wee Springer Spaniel.

    My entire life has been devoted to catching balls for my humans, it’s a complete misunderstanding! They actually think I enjoy this? I don’t!! Really, if they just put the ball they hate so much in the bin rather than tossing it asunder and expecting me to retrieve it, a lot of trouble would be saved.. Pointless human nonsense, huh?

    Anyway, my name is Blue, and I’m actually quite a savy wee dug…..

    I can see through all this human bullshit…

    (Interesting that when a Bull shits, it’s Bullshit, when I shit, it’s a ‘poo’ but when another dog does the same it’s a shite on the pavement then when David Cameron talks, it’s just plain crap).

    Anyway, I was born in Scotland, a country with endless hills, mountains, glens and rivers for me to walk, run, cavort and swim in……

    What a wonderful place, but there’s something strange about the humans.

    Most of the humans I encounter seem a bit unhappy despite living in such a wonderful and bountiful land.

    As I understand it, lots of them want the decisions about the future of this said wonderful land to be made by the people who live work sniff and bark here. And there’s another bunch who think we just ain’t smart enough to make our own decisions and want people in a Palace on the Thames to decide everything for us. And to be fair the palace sounds well cool, it has subsidised bars and everything, probably even free dog biscuits if us Spaniels had a voice in the House of Lords which could be bought for political influence / Dog Chews…..

    Meantime there seems to be a final bunch of humans that were terrified into to believing that their pensions would stop, their shopping bills would double and the cost heating their home’s would treble if they didn’t let the nice people at the Palace with the cheap bars and free dog treats continue to look after their future for them…..

    This is where I could get a bit confused, my cousin Azul lives in Spain, and his humans, like 3 million other ex-pat humans who retired there, draw their UK pensions quite happily, the food is cheap, the dog biscuits are plentiful and if it ever gets cold, they can import some Scottish Oil to fend off the chill….

    But hey, my name is Blue, I’m just a Springer Spaniel and I’d never see through all this human bullshit!
    ’s a dog’s life…..

    Soar Alba

  30. catherine murphy says:

    Hi Paul. .thoroughly enjoyed your blog posted by yes kirkcaldy..must remember to give Mr j. Murphy (no relation) his full title BA politics failed! !!
    Shows how astute our educators are!
    Sorry for your loss, keep strong with your wee dug.

  31. Neil Anderson says:

    Hello Paul. Your blog is undoubtedly the funniest of the entire Yes, independence, GE2015 campaign(s). Wings can occasionally make me laugh out loud, but I can’t remember any of yours not having at least one absolute belly laugh line, Many thanks for keeping us all entertained with your brilliant analyses.

  32. Your blog really brightens my day. Thank you for your wicked sense of humour.

  33. Alex Waugh says:

    I’ve said it before but it bears saying again: your writing is some of the best I’ve ever read – clever, incisive and informed. My morning routine of every day is coffee/WOS/WGD. It sets me up for another day of trying to convey the power of the English language to teenagers. You are a treat, sir, and much appreciated.

  34. Puzzled Puss says:

    Many thanks for your superbly written, witty and perceptive commentary. Speaking as a disenchanted and frustrated yes-voter, it fairly keeps my spirits up!

  35. Macky says:

    Thank you for this Blog; your writing is as inspiring as is your humanity, a joy to behold both.

  36. Cracking blog. Condolences on your loss.

  37. Toni says:

    Hi Paul and Ginger
    I discovered you in The National, you’re my favourite column, by the way.
    I bought the two volumes of your original blogs and have thoroughly enjoyed them, so I have every intention of buying the new one, even though I have read them already in The National.
    Please keep up the good work and keep the yesser’s on track.

    Thank you.

  38. douglasclark says:


    I do not know why I have been unable to buy your books. Could you, perhaps, contact me at clark184@btinternet.com because I think we should resolve this? I did what was asked, in terms of buying both your books, but delivery there has been none.

    Best wishes.

    Douglas Clark.

  39. Hi Paul, I think you will be interested in ScotBub (http://scotbub.com) my new site for Scottish news. ScotBub lets you add, upvote, and comment on Scottish-related news and commentary, from newspapers, magazines and blogs. Please register and feel free to add interesting news and commentary about Scotland you find across the web. (You can also add any new posts or articles you write). I am also returning to Scotland after over 25 years abroad (Japan and the US) Feel free to contact me at sparkzilla@gmail.com

  40. Ken Gilmour says:

    Hi paul.
    Minor point here but worth a mention. The link on your blog to NewsnetScotland is deid. I know you have other things to be doing, but a wee change to newsnet.scot would make folks’ navigation that bit smoother.
    Love what you’re doing. Keep up the good work.

  41. Born Optimist says:

    Hi Paul,
    Today’s photo of Ruth D on the back of a buffalo must surely give you great scope for writing about the demise of Buffalo, Custer, etc.and of course Unionist supporters.

  42. BigAL says:

    Enjoy your commenters on new politics. You, in return may enjoy this http://edinburgh-sme.org.uk/

  43. John Maan says:

    The prime minister told us no.thing during the meeting with the other lady it amounts to turning away from the truth and trying to over rule the. Questions,a unbelievable turn out from a so called prime minister

  44. […] 12 – Paul Kavanagh, writer of the ‘Wee Ginger Dug‘ […]

  45. Dave Rennie says:

    Thanks to Les Silver and Yvonne at Broughty Castle Bowling Club for making everything run smoothly. Thanks to Councillor Kevin Cordell and “The National” team for arranging things and Paul Kevanagh for a brilliant presentation. And the Dug. Woof!

  46. seandanaher2017 says:

    Hi I’m Irish and advised to look by Grace Sutherland (Skye). Impressed. I’ve out a link on our new Progressive Pulse site http://www.progressivepulse.org/useful-links/
    I hope that is OK

  47. HipHopTwo says:

    just in from your talk in Dalkeith, big thumbs up mate !!!!

  48. Cathy says:

    Look forward to coming to one of your talks – love your blog – always spot on!

  49. Peter Gillies says:

    Hello Paul,
    Like many others I read your website most days. And I share your anger ,frustration regarding Scotland’s political situation. I make no bones about it ,I wish for Independence for Scotland. Much of what you write I agree with.But, there is a problem . I can only imagine that most of your readers,( apart from your enemies), are supporters of Independence for Scotland. I recommend your website and ,”Wings’,” to anyone who will listen.
    How can you get your message over to the non believers?

    Keep up the good work .


  50. Andrew Reid says:

    At paragraph 12, halfway down a Guardian news item earlier this week, the article repeats, what is mostly in all probability carefully crafted material from a security services/police press release designed to highlight risk and fear, with a single sentence, which concerns me:

    “One difficulty about the move is that extreme right wing activity covers both terrorism, which is well within MI5’s legal remit to protect national security, and public order, which is not.”

    MI5 to take over in fight against rise of UK right wing extremism
    Security service to handle intelligence gathering then inform police to take action

    This development comes after a summer, which has highlighted past GCHQ intrusion into a Belgian communications company systems, and recent categorisation/legal action against “terrorist” fracking protesters (and my – quite possibly oversensitive – suspicion of the motives of certain photographers taking multiple shots of indyreffers on the marches I joined in Stirling and Edinburgh).

    It is of some comfort to know that there is some governing oversight of Police Scotland surveillance activities by the Scottish Parliament and the Scottish Government. It is of no comfort, but of great concern that the transfer of formal responsibility and authority to MI5/GCHQ for some of these ‘security’ activities are to be directed, supported and justified by the Westminster Parliament and the UK Government.

    Is it possible to guarantee that these MI5/GCHQ developments, as they affect Scotland, will receive proper scrutiny and democratic control within Scotland?

    I wondered if you might want to pick up issue in your research and writings,

    Andrew, Comrie

  51. Bill says:

    I enjoy your writings Paul, I wish I had such a talent ! Keep up the good work, I’ve waited 70 years for independence and this time I know it’s coming !!! YES !!

  52. Glendon Franklin says:

    Just discovered your blog. How do I apply for Scottish citizenship? My Great Grandma was Scottish if that helps.

  53. Willie says:

    A big vote of thanks Paul for your incisive and oft humourous commentaries

    Your contributions together with other sites like Wings Over Scotland, Bella Caledonia, Craig Murray,the Ferret, Common Space, Newsnet, have created and are continuing to create the alternative media that has established itself to challenge the bitter vicious lines pumped out by the MSM.

    With a huge following across Scotland and beyond, where would we be without all of these alternative sites.

    Moran taing cu dearg!

  54. Ann Forbes says:

    I hope John Jamieson’s Preface here is of interest !

  55. Ron Preedy says:

    Latest book just arrived in Germany, courtesy of my brother in Edinburgh.

    Congratulations on your invaluable contribution to Indy.

    It’s coming yet, for a’ that…

  56. Tony Maries says:

    You have just gained another admirer from south of the border.
    Incisive and brilliant writing which brutally rips of the mask which conceals the reality behind this appalling Tory government.
    I spend at least a month every year in Scotland and I wish it could be more.
    I can’t remember last time I spoke to someone in Scotland who actually likes the Tories.

  57. Basia Gordon says:

    Hola Paul,
    I was at your talk at Glendale school last night arranged by Gillian C thow- found it informative, erudite and inspiring- look forward to hearing it again so I can bring a few pals!
    Basia Gordon

  58. Malcolm McBlain says:

    Paul I’ve just got to know you via The National Dugcast…..And now your blog. I watched the live stream from “Freedom Square” on Saturday and wished so much that I was there to witness this event. You Sir are playing a blinder in the fight to restore the Scottish voice. With people like you and the many other passionate, reasoned and truthful voices at the forefront of the movement is brining you international prominence despite the UK media. What we see in the rest of the world is the beginning of justice for the rights and voices of the people of Scotland. We in the vast Scottish diaspora feel connected to the movement through the various online voices coming from home. If the battle becomes protracted by an intransigent Westminster then reasoned voices like yours will be heard internationally. You your peers and the broad yes movement along with the SNP and the international political rising star of Nicola will be reported around the world. A refusal by the UK for a section 30 will not go unreported in the international media. This is a very big deal….the end of the UK. Please be prepared to take calls and emails from the world. We are watching and listening with hopes for our homeland. I’m looking forward to my retirement in Perthshire in the independent Scotland…..one day

    • Malcolm McBlain says:

      PS Paul I’m from Sydney Australia been here more than half my life…..got transported by ma Maw n Da during the mass migration from Scotland in the 60s and 70s I’m home in Scotland every three years and will be there for indyref2020

      Malky McBlain

  59. peejayadams says:

    Nice blog, Paul!

    Quick question: Would you be averse to me using one of your images on my site https://www.dailydistress.com/ ? Needless to say, it would come with full credit and a link.

    It’s the one of our Glorious Leader heroically hiding in a fridge. I feel that it sets a fine example for children everywhere and deserves to be splatttered all over the place, rather like the PM himself.

  60. Eugene Crummie says:

    Of course you should retain the right to remove posts. But, surely you wouldn’t block or remove stuff just because it opposes your view? Like it seems another well known blogger and big fan of Eck.

    • James Dow says:

      Hello Paul, you are an inspiration to me filling me with the hope that the devious constraints that were wound around the beautiful form of our ancient homeland will be unravelled and her Sovereignty restored.
      1707 the speaker of the house “ we have catched Scotland and we will bind her tight “ I was taken from Scotland aged 7 by well intentioned parents to Australia, but I should not have been, here’s why.
      The Returning
      Only in Scotland am I whole
      Reunited with my soul
      For the boy could be taken
      And his soul forsaken
      To patiently await
      His final fate
      Scotland forever tattooed on his heart
      From the very last breath, right back to the start.
      James Dow
      I am from Edinburgh and returned HOME in 2005 as a piper in The Rats of Tobruk Memorial Pipes and Drums to perform in the military tattoo.
      Many tears were shed but then again that beautiful word melancholy surely came into being to complement the Scottish soul.
      Once again thank you for the effort you maintain in the quest for independence, your deep thinking intellect and matching wit is so,so, Scottish. Pity you are not the wordsmith for the SNP. I was a manager in two of Rupert Murdocks press plants and with that experience I suggest that Scotland requires its own real MSM instead of what’s currently on offer, the only thing Scottish about them are their con mastheads.
      If Scotland had its own MSM it probably would have been a Sovereign Nation a long time ago such is the power of an honest narrative.
      I remain very, very, impressed with your content and style of delivery, unmatched in my opinion,
      Kind Regards
      James Dow

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