The foreign parliament

We have now had the last media debate in the SNP leadership contest, and satisfyingly it has ended with the Scottish Tories clutching their pearls in one of their regular bouts of performative outrage. One of the topics that came up in the debate, as might be expected from a Scottish media in search of an SNP divided headline, was the Gender Recognition Reform bill which was vetoed by Scotland Secretary Alister Jack, thus preventing it from passing into law. Humza Yousaf noted, quite correctly, that if Scotland were an independent country it would not be possible for a foreign parliament to veto its legislation. Cue histrionics from the Scottish Tories, with perma-smug Scottish Tory MP Andrew Bowie calling the comment ‘idiotic’ and plaintively asking how Westminster could be a ‘foreign parliament’ given that he is a Scot, a government minister and represents a Scottish constituency at Westminster. It’s pretty rich of six chips Bowie to call anyone else idiotic when he cannot even wrap his head around a simple if-then conditional, one of the simplest and most basic commands in computing. What Humza Yousaf stated is absolutely and unarguably true,*If* Scotland were an independent country *then* Westminster would indeed be a foreign parliament incapable of vetoing legislation passed by the Scottish Parliament.

But that simple conditional statement does not compute with Andrew Bowie, a man who could keep his smug look during a zombie apocalypse because if he were to happen upon a horde of ravenous zombies looking for human brains to feast on, then they would shuffle right past him. But that’s a joke which depends upon an if-then conditional so it’s a safe bet that Andrew will need someone to explain it to him.

Indeed there are many of us, myself included, who would argue that notwithstanding the presence in it of a handful of Scottish Tory MPs who collectively have less computing power than an abacus with half its beads missing, Westminster is right now a foreign parliament to most people in Scotland. That is doubly the case when we look at the largest parties in that parliament, which espouse values and principles which are not merely foreign to the majority of people in Scotland but which are actively alien and alienating to most people in Scotland. Most people in Scotland believe it should be for the people of Scotland to decide whether Scotland has another independence referendum. Most people in Scotland do not want to heap more pain and misery on desperately poor asylum seekers trying to reach safety by taking the extreme and dangerous step of attempting to cross the English Channel in a flimsy inflatable boat. Most people in Scotland are either profoundly apathetic about or actively hostile towards the institution of the monarchy. Most people in Scotland want to be a part of the European Union, or at the very least to rejoin the European Single Market and Customs Union. But none of these majority Scottish points of view are reflected in the two largest political parties at Westminster, both of which are now to all intents and purposes parties of English nationalism and are hell bent on imposing policies dictated by that English nationalism on Scotland whether the people of Scotland want them or not.

The main event at that foreign parliament on Wednesday was the latest instalment of the Boris Johnson Show, Westminster’s long running work of fiction. Johnson made a three hour long tetchy appearance before the Commons Privileges Committee which is investigating whether he ‘recklessly and knowingly’ misled parliament – spoiler alert, he did – when he repeatedly assured MPs that no rules had been broken even though anyone with a handful of functioning neurons, so that’s you excused Andrew Bowie, would have known that having forty people gathered in a room for a booze fueled karaoke sesh was very clearly stetching the definition of an essential work event way past breaking point and as such not permitted during lockdown. The guy whose actual job was setting the lockdown rules and explaining them to the public ought to have known that better than anyone else.

During his appearance before the committee Johnson expressed his incredulity that anyone should dare to attempt to hold him to account for lying repeatedly as he tried to cover up his law breaking life as a party animal while he was imposing strict lockdown rules on everyone else. How dare anyone imagine that Johnson should be bound by the same rules as everyone else. After all, it is a core principle of that foreign parliament that important and powerful upper middle class men like Boris Johnson never ever suffer any consequences for their actions.

The most likely outcome is that Johnson will be found to have misled Parliament and will be sanctioned, but the sanction will fall short of being excluded from the House for more than ten days, a punishment which could potentially trigger a recall of Johnson by his constituents leading to a by-election which the Conservatives would find embarrassing and challenging. This is an eventuality which the Tories are desperate to avoid. Sunak just wants the whole story to go away and for Johnson to receive as much press attention as the Prime Minister’s tax returns, which entirely coincidentally were belatedly released on Wednesday, a day when media attention was elsewhere. Johnson will effectively have got away with it again.

You will not be surprised to learn that Sunak is obscenely rich, raking in – the word ‘earning’ implies he’s done something to deserve it – over £5 million in the past three years thanks mainly to gains from his US investment fund. There’s your man of the people who understands the struggles of ordinary households on low incomes which have to choose between heating or eating. However there are still unanswered questions, the published information contains no details about Sunak’s ‘blind trust’. The tax statement does not explain the detail of the arrangement that governs Sunak’s financial interests and arrangements. Neither do we know anything about Sunak’s tax returns to the American authorities during most of the period when he held a US Green Card while he was an MP.

A government headed by an obscenely wealthy man who pays for upgrades to the National Grid in order to heat his private swimming pool better even while his government slashes funding for public swimming pools is a government which is profoundly alien, not just to most people in Scotland, but to most people anywhere in the world. Maybe Andrew Bowie should stop whining about Westminster being called foreign to Scotland and work to ensure that it properly represented and cared about Scotland’s concerns and interests. But if Westminster was really representative of Scotland, Andrew Bowie wouldn’t have a job.


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257 comments on “The foreign parliament

  1. Naina Tal says:

    In the English mindset foreign= bad/not good/evil/dirty

    • barpe says:

      Spot on, Naina.

    • Welsh_Siôn says:

      Dictionary corner.

      Compare and contrast.

      ‘Welsh’ < Anglo-Saxon: 'wealh' (foreigners, strangers, slaves, Romanised ones. cf 'walnut' – 'the foreign nut').
      'Cymry' < Celtic: 'combrogones' (people of the same area, compatriots, friends).

      Now, draw your own conclusions.

  2. Skintybroko says:

    Another good post Paul – got me thinking about our differences

    Scot – Socially Conscious Outward Thinking
    Brit – Bullying Racist Inward Thinking

  3. Helen Buchanan says:

    Westminster is undermining and systematically dismantling devolution. It is not a union of equals with a fully engaged partner, it’s a controlling union with a dominant partner becoming increasingly abusive and bold. A union where one partner is permitted to lie with impunity whilst the other is gagged and silenced. Scotland needs to “unite and fight” fiercer than ever for it’s democratic rights, it’s time for furious efforts, it is not time to give up.

  4. bringiton says:

    The fundamental issue that Scottish Unionists have to grasp is that the UK is not a country/nation despite the claims by many English politicians.
    It is a multi national state,similar to the former Soviet Union which was also dominated by one nation claiming to represent the interests of all the others.
    The Soviet Union fell when that became an indisputable fact.
    The latest announcements on energy policy for the UK make it crystal clear that it is England’s needs which are being addressed by the UK parliament to the detriment of Scotland who will end up having to fund stuff that we don’t need.
    As far as Scotland is concerned,the UK parliament acts as if it were a foreign power bent on harming Scotland’s interests in order to further it’s own aims.
    That has been the case for hundreds of years and is not simply another grievance on our part as the UK state would like to portray it.
    Absolutely, a foreign power.

    • Jonathan Marshall says:

      They don’t think the UK is a country the term UK is a thin veneer for England. Just look at any historical military documentary especially those concerning the Royal Navy. Scotland is just a territory within the mini empire whose resources are to be exploited to the full.

  5. Capella says:

    I’ve just watched the final FMQs with Nicola Sturgeon as the FM. She is a class act and as usual handled the whole event with aplomb. Of course, she has had 8 years of practice as FM and 20? years as an MSP and umpteen years as a political activist. But nevertheless, she is an accomplished politician. Change is definitely in the air.

    • Dr Jim says:

      Tory midget DRoss as usual showed his complete lack of class and grace

    • Class act seems apt. A card sharp is almost, by definition, a class act. Is fraud every classy?

      • Eilidh says:

        What fraud are you referring too?

        • The last few weeks have provided ample examples.I can hardly believe you are asking. I’ll accept that the “errors” over the membership are possibly a ‘minor’ issue|(I mean-it is incredibly difficult these days to maintain a membership database on a computer with near instantaneous summing function) but surely at a time of a leadership election such a matter ceases to be trivial.The existing leadership has had to be pushed and cajoled by the candidates to reveal the numbers. Such hesitation does not inspire confidence. What do the have to hide? To my naive apolitical mind a political organisation so central to the 5.5M lives in Scotland has an obligation or responsibility to be transparent and avoid any appearance of skullduggery, double dealing, or card sharpery.
          Today was interesting for the revelation that a senior legal officer in Scotland has a history that includes a spell with MI5. The individual concerned was connected with the blatant deficiencies in process in relation to the Alex Salmond prosecution. Of course that is not necessarily fraud but like a card sharp I imagine an agent of the crown has particular tricks which, to an ingenue like me seem like fraud.
          Yet another matter relating to the extraordinary increase in cost and delivery time of the Ferguson Marine ferries, so bad one might even be forgiven for thinking that the contract was a military procurement -but no, it was a purely civil matter-no cutting edge weapons systems were involved. Its a shame that the contract involved a notable SNP sympathising businessman with purely coincidental personal upper level political contacst.Of course there is no reason to suppose that nasty f-word applies here.Perhaps an alternative family friendly word is fiasco. |I will save you the inconvenience of cutting the more commonly applied f- word, frequently used with suffix’ up’ or prefix ‘cluster’. The problem here is that the liability for the cost overruns and the costs attributable to delivery failure appear to be applied to the public finances, which is a cute trick for an industrial commercial concern. I wont mention the GRR fiasco although I will stick my neck out and suggest that the commonly used slogan “Trans women are women” is ‘possibly’ fraudulent but it has been used repeatedly by SNP gender zealots as if it is gospel, when it is at best an opinion. The issue is complex, admittedly, so it is not appropriate to dive into that imbroglio. It is sufficient to say that much of the rancour could have been avoided with a more straightforward use of language and learning. My strong impression is that the elevation of GRR to such prominence, was fraudulent by virtue of its ability to stoke controversy and divert attention away from the lack of progress relativeto the core policy of the SNP- independence . In short a political displacement behaviour. Displacement is excusable in animals but in politics and politicians not at all. Then it’s fraud.

          • Tam the Bam says:

            “Frank!…get the door.”

            • terseness is the refuge of the cavedweller blinded by some light. feel free to shred anything.

              • Bob Lamont says:

                Craig ?

              • deelsdugs says:

                I fear the term ‘Cave dwellers’ is derogatory to the ancestors who symbolically carved their way through their lives and left a legacy of archaeological artwork which the anthropogenic-era are finding it very difficult, in all their infinite wisdom of written ‘superior’ knowledge, to interpret…
                Maybe best not to mock the ancestors.

          • yesindyref2 says:

            That’s absolutely fascinating.

            Have you told Department S about it?

          • scottish_skier says:

            Does Q know?

          • Stephen McKenzie says:

            Well done for being edgy and avoiding the use of the “Return” key right enough.

          • Bob Lamont says:

            “anna has said to me that she finds my political rants somewhat tedious ” – Seconded

          • Eilidh says:

            I heard a rumour that Peter Murrell is starting a new job at Fergusons soon. Nicola is also going to be working there too but just part time as she is still an Msp. They are going to finish building those frinkin ferries themselves😉 what I have just written makes more sense than the utter garbage you have posted here tonight. Cheerio

    • Scottish Baker says:

      I have just watched the same on you tube. She is, was and always will be a class act. I hope I live long enough to see the day she is elected as the First President of an independent Scotland

      • Hmm-perish that thought. Oratorical skill is learned. Integrity is something else altogether.

        • Scottish Baker says:

          Hmm I doubt if you know what integrity is. I’m guessing you are a troll with no interest in the future of this country. However, I’m happy to be corrected although I doubt you will be able to convince me of your integrity.

  6. Hamish100 says:

    Yip some tories didn’t have the grace to clap at the end.

    Political small minded people

  7. Handandshrimp says:

    Nothing gets a Tory unionist quite as swivel eyed as the notion that Scotland might be a country.

    • scottish_skier says:

      Seems clear enough to me, e.g. Sunak = English. Me = Scottish. So Sunak = Foreign.

      English MPs = foreign MPs. Westminster = Foreign parliament not elected by Scots.

      ‘of, from, in, or characteristic of a country or language other than one’s own’.

      Being half foreign (Scottish + Irish national) with a foreign wife, half foreign daughter, half foreign mother and foreign sister in law, I can’t see the problem myself.

      What do the Tories not like about foreigners?

    • Welsh_Siôn says:

      Which is why, time after time, we’ve had to nail the canard that Cymru is ‘a principality’.

      It isn’t – and never was.

  8. jfngw says:

    The media very concerned about the number of members the SNP have. They don’t have any interest in the membership of the Scottish Labour, Conservative or LibDem’s parties. Could that be because it is zero as these are phantom parties that do not actually exist.

    Zombie parties beholden to another country.

  9. Hamish100 says:

    The bbc Nine show- doing fantastically well

    “Gary Smith, head of news and current affairs at BBC Scotland, said average audience figures for the show are “about 20,000.” Fig 2021

  10. scottish_skier says:

    Going to the wire probably!

    The survey of 1023 Scots adults, run from March 17-21, found that 38% of 2019 SNP voters have a favourable view of Yousaf, while 37% have a favourable view of Forbes.

    Doesn’t seem the campaigns have changed anything. Both just as popular as each other. 🙂

    That said, Regan second preference might be more likely to go to Forbes, but it’s all straws in the wind!

    Either way, the new leader will need to be nice to the 40% that likely won’t put them first or they’ll not be able to lead.

    Great leaders can do this. It’s what makes them great. They have a natural ability to herd cats. 🙂

    • scottish_skier says:

      Oh, and Sturgeon’s honeymoon continues.

    • Bob Lamont says:

      “1023 Scots adults” ? Seriously ?
      1023 has a particular digital significance, is Ipsos back to extracting the urine ?

      • scottish_skier says:

        That’s a standard sample size, and they don’t do 2014 weighting silliness. I’ve never seen any funny business from Ipsos Scotland (they have an office here, unlike most, and having been polling us Scots for as long as I can remember). Numbers for Sturgeon look spot on, and she’s up in popularity. Going out on a high.

        The pattern is also consistent with the general one. Forbes and Yousaf are both liked. Regan less so.

        It’s worth remembering that just because someone says they prefer Forbes, it doesn’t mean they don’t like Yousaf and vice versa. That’s why I’ve been trying to say to people to not attack either, but just promote their fav. I basically am neutral on the top two. I’d be very happy to see them as some sort of FM/DFM combo.

        If someone is hating on a candidate openly, they are not going to be helping the one they want to win, but hurting them. 🙂

        • Bob Lamont says:

          Just in case you missed it, I was referring to the significance of the number 1023 by way of the ADC sample steps on an Arduino.
          Yeah, thought you had…

  11. Capella says:

    Just heard a Kevin Bridges joke.

    “Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are going to have a referendum to ask whether England should be allowed to remain in the UK”.

  12. Legerwood says:

    On the subject of ‘foreign’. Unionist politicians have never been shy about referring to an independent Scotland as a foreign country.

    During the Indyref an independent Scotland was routinely referred to as being a foreign country by Better Together especially so when discussing the building of warships for the RN. BT made much of warships would not be built in a foreign country which would, they claimed, be iScotland’s status. Then it was announced that a number of RN supply ships would be built in S. Korea – not warships but warships don’t travel far if they cannot be resupplied so strategically important. BT’s message then changed to COMPLEX warships could not be built in a foreign country, that is in iScotland. Clearly something about independence would affect our ability to do complex

    • Dr Jim says:

      As far as I’m concerned every country that isn’t the one you live in is a foreign country, how can it be otherwise unless English Britain is insisting Scotland is not a country but a colony of England? if they are then they’re also saying Wales is English Britain too
      English Britain can’t have it all ways, either Scotland and Wales are countries within a union or we’re not countries within a union, and if the latter is the case then every country you don’t live in must be a foreign country to you

      The trouble with English Britain is they admit Scotland and Wales are countries one minute, then deny we are the next

      England speaks a different language from Wales and Scotland who have our own languages, if that’s not a definition of being foreign I don’t know what is
      When we were in the EU we were all European citizens as well as Scots, now English Britain is trying to say we’re not even Scots on whichever day of the week suits them

      • bringiton says:

        Claims by certain Unionists that Scots is just slang English is like saying Dutch is slang German or Portugese slang Spanish.
        Utter twaddle.

  13. Hamish100 says:

    Do you think Americans wish to be governed by England or for that matter Canada, Australia, New Zealand …….? I’m sure they are foreign just as is England. Wales and Ireland are cousins.

    • Dr Jim says:

      The EU is a union of 27 countries, so if a man in France for example moved house to the Netherlands say, he would be foreign to that country and he’d know and accept that, would he claim the Netherlands belonged to him because they were in a union? of course he wouldn’t, yet here in this union people from England believe Scotland belongs to them just as much as the place of their birth

      People from England used to believe 65 other countries belonged to them too

      Such is the success of English Britain’s propaganda that everywhere an Englishman sets his foot will be forever England

      Manners and humility, something three countries of this benighted kingdom learned but one country never has, and I suspect never will

  14. yesindyref2 says:

    Okey-doke. Part 1.

    GERS rears its head again, and some would say its ugly head. I read through Murphy’s article and my conclusion is that his three suggestions are relevant to continuing devolution, but not for any hope of getting Independence in 5 years or less. Or even at all.

    Indeed, he concludes:

    It is my suggestion that these three things are the precondition for improving the financial health of Scotland. Everything else follows from them.

    So he makes 3 suggestions – first the new FM should take care of them, THEN all things may follow. So what are those 3 suggestions – and what’s wrong with them? For the next thrilling installment, see part 2.

  15. yesindyref2 says:

    Part 2. The suggestions.

    The first is that the new first minister should scrap GERS. They should then appoint a panel of economic advisers to create a better statement, truly reflecting what really happens in Scotland.

    Scrap GERS and hence start again? Why? There’s a Dublin guy who took Wales GERW equivalent, and redid them. Why reinvent the wheel when you can resuse the tyres and spokes?

    And in addition and very important; with some new tabulations, you can compare new and old – and maybe even take it back a few years. GERS itself does make retrospective changes to new methods and better data.

    THAT is better to make the cause for Independence.

    Secondly, that new first minister should seek to extend the number of taxes that are devolved to Scotland. It is absurd that not all income tax is devolved. It is beyond crazy that capital gains tax, national insurance and corporation tax or not.

    Sigh. Do I really need to point out the problem with this? It – will – never – happen. The SNP tried 3 times to get FFA, and the Unionists voted it down with contempt. There’s more chance of getting a permanent S30 (change to the Scotland Act).

    Finally, the new first minister must seriously increase the resources available for the collection of data and statistics on what is really happening in Scotland so that the basis for independence can be properly understood.

    See “secondly” – these statistics at “regional level” DO NOT EXIST at the UK Treasury, they are improving slowly, but nowhere near there yet. For taxes paid directly to the HMRC, how on earth is the ScotGov supposed to collect its own stats? Ask every person and company and shop etc. etc. in Scotland to kindly fill in all these loads of forms with absolutely accurate information? I’ll get back to you on that. Ummm, errrr, no thanks.

    Hopefully Forbes if it is she gets the job, will proceed PDQ with a new parallel set of figures, using data already collected for GERS, and with estimates presumably, for the part that “Westminster spends on our behalf” and keeps the taxes and spending and indeed, GDP for. Let’s call it ISEA – Independent Scotland Extrapolated Accounts. Then we and all the undecideds can compare GERS and ISEA. Now I see!

    So basically re that article, good background, long-term devolution solution which might not even be legally possible under devolution considering it involves things which are reserved and therefore ScotGov spending on would be strictly restricted.


  16. Marybel Tracey says:

    There is something of a strong hint from certain comments here that Nicola Sturgeon is a good orator but that is all she is. This week I have listened to her last speech as First Minister. I have also listened to Boris Johnston waffle on in his usual bluff and bluster at the committee inquiry. Maybe I am biased but I know which person has the greater dignity and is the most articulate. She herself admits she hasn’t been perfect but I think her a class act and will miss her presence as our First Minister. I want to give credit where I believe credit is due and she gets my thanks and gratitude. In politics there are not many to whom that is due.

    • Cynicus says:

      Boris Johnson is a pretty low bar!

      On your general, “good orator” point: there are harsher descriptions, not all from unionists. Robin McAlpine describes the outgoing FM, as “an incredibly accomplished ‘Gish Galloper’. “

      That was a new one for me too. McAlpine explains, “A Gish Gallop is for when you don’t have a strong argument. Take questioners on a long, circuitous route,bombarded them with superfluous information and then stop without addressing the original question. It leaves a vague sense that you tried really hard to answer the question when actually you simply ignored it. “

      All senior politicians are guilty of this. GMS and R4’s Today programme features Gish Gallopers from other parties. None is the brilliant communicator and campaigner NS is. I only regret the absence of a more tangible legacy.

      • yesindyref2 says:

        Robin McAlpine was forced to stand down as director of Common Weal after a vicious attack on the SNP.

        He is not exactly impartial.

        As for “not all from unionists” he is out for himself.

  17. Capella says:

    Some shocking observations form Business for Scotland on the rapid decline in our living standards courtesy of Westminster.

    “This is what failure looks like” Scottish workers are £11,000 worse off after 15 years of stagnation

    Torsten Bell, chief executive of the Resolution Foundation, said that the wage stagnation of the past decade and a half is “almost completely unprecedented”, adding: “Nobody who’s alive and working in the British economy today has ever seen anything like this. This is definitely not what normal looks like. This is what failure looks like”.

    • Bob Lamont says:

      And it looks set to continue… These extracts from
      “Bank of England’s policy is to impose a 5% pay cut on the UK, as fairly as it thinks possible by the use of interest rates and QE”
      “This, he said, is the goal because unless a cut in income is imposed the cost of war will not be suffered by the economy, and suffer it we must.”

      • Capella says:

        And he ends:

        So what did we learn? It is that a dogmatic, unelected, profoundly unrepresentative and deeply privileged group have decided that it is their job to impose hardship on society. And, because they have the means to do so, that is what, with totally sadistic motive, they intend to do.

        When did the Westminster political class declare war on us? And why?

  18. scottish_skier says:

    Starmer moving further right in England by u-turning on self-id so he can chase the right-wing brexiter vote.

    Clashing with his north British branch office which wholeheartedly backed GRR in Holyrood, with many Labour MSPs very passionately supporting the bill.

    Starmer passing Theresa May as he moves right. That’s where we are now.

  19. scottish_skier says:

    Sarwar ‘benefiting from the SNP civil war’. 🙂

    If you can benefit negatively that is.

    • scottish_skier says:

      Labour down too by 6 points NET.

      The only pattern evident in the SNP is that both fav and unfav are down, presumably as people await the new cabinet? NET it’s not clear there’s been any change since October -2% is statistically no change, whereas -6% suggests one.

      Certainly no sign at all of Labour benefiting. But then why would they? Most Yes voters just won’t vote unionist.

  20. Handandshrimp says:

    You have to hand it to the Tories, they have raised being ungracious to an art form. However, as the favourably numbers show, the public are not fooled.
    On a separate note, anyone still not voted? I would imagine the contest is all but done and dusted. Now we have to pull together and build a new. Nicola has left her successor a winning hand let’s hope the cards are laid wisely.

  21. Dr Jim says:

    The Tories will win the next general election because the people of England have recognised Sir Kier Starmer is just a pound shop Tory lite version of what they actually want

    England votes and the rest of us get what they prefer, why are there still people in Scotland who believe this seems fair and reasonable to them?

    • Handandshrimp says:

      Not sure about that, Blair convinced the English that his brand of Tory lite was better for them. Starmer may do the same, although he lacks the easy charm of Blair.

      That said I’m not sure trading Sunak’s Tory Brexit for Starmer’s is much of a swap.

  22. Capella says:

    You don’t become the most successful political party ever by being nice. Rumour has it the Tories will fight the next GE on culture wars. Hence Labour tiptoeing away from Self ID. Convincing the public that housing male rapists in women’s prisons is somehow “progressive” is a hard sell.

    • Dr Jim says:

      They’ll just promise to rid England of every problem they themselves invented, then blame lefty lawyers hired by Starmer for not being able to get rid of their invented problems, Starmer will bluster, England will vote and Starmer will be gone, and he’ll only have himself to blame because he joined forces with the Tories to do the same thing to Jeremy Corbyn
      England is a Tory country, they want to be inspired to aspire, they don’t want to be equal, they’re redneck Americans without the guns but pretending to be polite about it

    • scottish_skier says:

      Convincing the public that housing male rapists in women’s prisons is somehow “progressive” is a hard sell

      Ironically, no party of course has this as a policy, and it’s just Tories trying to ‘sell’ such bulldung. They are of course simply aping the the US republicans who are really going all out with the ‘attack of the fake trans rapists’. It’s becoming a central focus of Trump’s campaign to get himself back into the white house. That and claims of election rigging as Tories here have been copying too unsurprisingly!

      Maybe England is more fertile ground for a culture war, but it’s done the Scottish Tories no good. They’ve made zero obvious polling gains at all from their opposition to GRR. Ross, Sunak and the Tories remain as popular as a s**t in a lift. By contrast, Sturgeon is even going out on rising popularity, and she was supposed to be the one sending a fake trans rapist to a loo near you! 🙂

      The British media threw the kitchen sink at this, headlining GRR over everything in an attempt to hurt the SNP, making sure Scots should only think about that and not key issues, yet…

      Hence the only effect on voting intention, if any, seems to be SNP movement to the Greens, which might be due to SNP wrangles over GRR having their more liberal voters shifting allegiance.

      People of course have heard of GRR – how could they not read the news and avoid it. However, it’s way down the list of what they care about and what is affecting how they vote.

  23. I should perhaps explain (split infinitive? Not a good start..I’m on stream of consciousness mode so miffed am I.)
    I refer to Andrew Bowman as ‘RN Failed’ for a reason.
    His now heavily edited Wiki entry has omitted a timeline for his stellar CV so far.
    He left school, attended Dartmouth Naval College, ‘served’ in the RN, left there for a wee job in an oil subsidiary dealing with military stuff, then Aberdeen Uni to study history and politics, headed the Tory students there, then on to the usual bag jobs for Tory MPs and MSPs, then stood in West Aberdeen in 2017, won a thumping 9000 + majorityin , which was dramatically reduced to 800 or so in 2019, Johnson’s English landslide.
    A lot packed into his sheltered 35 years, no doubt.

    The two years at Naval College, and his year in the RN proper, where he entered as Sub-Lieutenant, and left as Sub-Lieutenant, (RN Failed) is doubtless where he honed that ridiculous ‘Full steam ahead, Number One’ clipped quasi English with a Jock tinge accent.
    Last night, on QT, a member of a very sullen Necastle Under Lyme audience, actually advised him to shut his gob at one point.
    Bowie was the man who was outraged that HY referred to England as a foreign government.
    The Sub Lieutenant was on the panel to rtepresent that foreign government; certainly not the West Aberdeen/Kincardine citizens who sent him Down There.
    Perhaps he has forgotten Cameron’s EVEL bill on the 19th September, 2014.
    I can’t think why, given that he was an active young Better Together zealot at the time.
    Yet there he was, last night, speaking on behalf of ‘the Government, on policing, renewab le energy, mitigating interventions to tackle inflation, energy bills, taxation, private renter evictions, and child poverty.
    Not once did he mention that there was a government in Scotland, his place of birth, and where his seat is located, and the situation with regard to policing, child poverty, evictions, renewable energy, and other EVEL matters, on which he has no vote in england, but which he tried to hide from an English audience.
    They knew that he was a bone head, who appears remarkably unfeeling and thick every time he appears on the telly.

    He actually think that thsi Ex-Navy clenched jawed arched eyebrow look that he must practice in the mirror is a good look.
    He won’t survive the next GE which the BBC and panel guests now pitch at being 18 months away…October 2024?
    I wish them luck on that one.
    The North East of Scotland has Bowie, Dross, and David Duguid fighting the good Tory fight.
    Remeber Duguid declaring that Brexit would be so easy that there may be a slight problem getting your favourite pasta shapes for a few months.
    Aberdeen ouncil are closing 6 libraries.
    And these three idiots wander the land smothering democracy.
    The ususal QT Panel of course. A right wing journalist, a banker, Bowie, a labour lass who will make Brexit work, and somebody who is something in something called ‘Vice UK’.
    No I can’t be bothered looking it up either.
    England is dying, and the QT audience knows it.
    Bowie really pissed them off.

  24. Capella says:

    Scotonomics Festival of Economics in Dundee starts this evening. There is an impressive programme and guest list. If you don’t want to travel you can get an online ticket to access all recordings and live gigs.

  25. Capella says:

  26. Bob Lamont says:

    A Facebook “memory” this morning reminded me it was 3 years ago to the day we went into lockdown here in Romania – Europe was in panic over controlling what was finally recognised as a serious pandemic, whilst various nutters appeared on UK media talking of it just being a bit of ‘flu’ and the Prime Charlatan was doing what he always did, bullshitting..

    The UK’s chuckle-brothers (Johnson and Hancock) weren’t in charge here, emergency protocols automatically disengaged politicians and shut down two major cities, essentially imposing martial law to get a grip on what was unfolding – This is exactly the same as the UK used to have before Tories and their obsessions over costs decided to interfere.

    My lasting memory of Nicola Sturgeon will be be her barely concealed shock at being subjected to concerted and venomous attacks by the media on SG updates simply England wasn’t doing so well and the bodies were piling up – Presumably the impartial broadcaster’s James Cook must have read a real email, “Make smoke”.
    It was not just Nicola Sturgeon who saw Scots through the Covid pandemic, it was an army of civil servants, administrators, SNHS personnel, and Scots themselves coming together in recognition of a common threat to all – That didn’t put England’s nose out of joint, it pissed off the 5th country of the UK which is the “establishment”.

    Scotland doesn’t suffer fools and sycophants gladly, hence outgoing MPs Jack, Ross, Bowie Lamont, Duguid, Murray, etc.. Scots have indeed become foreigners in their own country, time we changed that.

    • Capella says:

      I remember Lesley Riddoch say that she was travelling by car in the summer and at every traffic light stop every car had the window rolled down and the radio on listening to Nicola Sturgeon give her daily update. She projected a level of trust and authority that the clowns in Westminster could never match.

  27. yesindyref2 says:

    Everyone seems to be lining up to tell the incoming (ducks, oh, sorry, not that sort of incoming) SNP Leader what their immediate priorities are, but I’m not convinced they understand the meaning of the word “immediate”. So here’s mines’s:

    1 (ONE). When the result is announced, shout out / laugh / cry / fall over, and don’t forget that fist pump.

    2 (TWO). Jump up and down / sit down / go for a nap, and thank everyone around you, while congratulating your rivals for being nice / nasty / losers / history / so sacked.

    3 (THREE). Go for a wine / beer / coca cola / tea / water and have a McDonalds / Spoons / Nando / Steak and chips / fish supper / Forfar Bridie

    4 (FOUR). Catch up on your recorded The Apprentice, and when it comes to the end shout: “I’m Hired”.

    • Capella says:

      5 (FIVE) Watch Borgen on Netflix. The latest series is uncannily similar to our experience.

  28. scottish_skier says:

    Och lol. Surely these should have surged on the back of Tory opposition to GRR? 🙂

    I mean if the SNP have lost members because of this, then opponents must have gained right?

    Scottish Conservatives refuse to release membership figures

    The party stonewalled a follow-up request to detail how many people it has on its mailing list after Nicola Sturgeon challenged Douglas Ross to reveal the figure at her last FMQs on Thursday.

    Why does England vote for these chumps.

  29. Hamish100 says:

    The tories have less than 5000 members all aged over 80. If they wish to contradict me and publish truthful figures I will recant.
    Labour have similar numbers some who are members of ALBA as sleepers and the Tory party.
    ALBA used to be sheridans party and that other guy – no, not Salmond and with a skittering of troskies. They are distraught as they have nowhere to go!
    Lib Dems … I’ve nothing to add.

  30. scottish_skier says:

    Given the polling evidence that it’s the Greens who present the most risk to the SNP in terms of losing voter / members, the incoming FM would be wise to tread carefully here.

    Governance under PR needs consensus / compromise. It’s the beauty of it, and why I don’t want the SNP (or any party) to have a majority.

    Greens say Bute House agreement commitment needed to back SNP leader

    THE Scottish Greens will hold a special council meeting immediately after the new SNP leader is announced to decide if MSPs should back the winning candidate as First Minister.

    Party co-leader Lorna Slater said the decision of members on Monday afternoon will “steer” how the group of Green MSPs will vote in Holyrood the following day – and has not ruled out voting against the SNP’s appointment.

    Of course the same goes for the Greens. If they tried to play silly burgers, they could risk losing to the SNP!

    • Dr Jim says:

      Humza will beg the Greens to stay because he’s an appeaser, Kate will ask them to stay but wish them well if they go, Ash will ask Salmond to give her the next script on that but it’ll more than likely end in off

      It’s up to the Greens which way they’ll try to phrase their blackmail of course, and if they do then we’ll all know how serious they are about independence, because that’s what folk will take out of it

      Humza will dismiss Alba out of hand but not before he’s waffled for a while, Kate will wave bye bye politely if that’s what they want, Ash probably wouldn’t even talk to them then install Salmond immediately as *something* that’s why she’ll come last

      • scottish_skier says:

        The thing is, times have changed.

        In 2007, indy seemed a million miles away. Hence folk didn’t mind the SNP getting budgets passed with e.g. the support of the Tories. They could do it bill by bill.

        I don’t think that’s an option now. Things are so very different. Used to be that the Tories/Lab/Lib were saying we could have an indyref if we just voted for it etc. Now they are denying Scots their basic rights. That really changes the public perception of any ‘coalitions’ over bills.

        As noted in previous posts, the Greens would hurt themselves by being d**ks over a new SNP FM. The SNP would likewise hurt themselves by acting like they have powers they don’t, and trying to tell the Greens what to do. It seems vote transferring is back and forth between them. So each should be looking to be the one that is firm in commitments, but open to compromise.

        I’m very pleased to see that we are now in the situation that Scots favouring Yes are just not minded to vote unionist. They vote for a Yes party, but can readily move between these.

        There really is an opening for a more conservative Yes party. Not for me, but I think there’s a voter pool that could get it elected. It could eat into the British Tory vote a bit.

    • Bob Lamont says:

      There’s a lot of mischievous interpretation being circulated over what the Greens are doing/going to do/might do, yet another fine example from the Torches and Pitchforks playbook.
      The Greens are taking soundings from their members on whether to support the next SNP Leader as FM when it comes to a vote in Holyrood.
      That’s it.

  31. Hamish100 says:

    Ot – Sunak has told Israel to respect democratic principles. Obviously that doesn’t apply to the britnat PM in relation to Scotland.
    Dissent is not allowed.
    A bit like Putins Russia.

    I wonder if the young girls picture she drew about the invasion of a larger country with a smaller one could be made into a stamp?

    Imagine posting letters to Russia!

    Ahh democracy is wonderful providing you agree with the Russian, Israel and Brit Nat leader.

  32. Capella says:

    King Charles state visit to France has been postponed because the French are revolting again. Tumbrils rattling up the Champs-Elysees as we speak. I must say, the French know how to respond to imperial diktat.

  33. Tam the Bam says:

    The French sure know how to party dont they!

  34. Capella says:

    This BBC report is hilarious – treat yourself to some cracking one liners:

    The King and Camilla were due to ride along the Champs-Elysées in the heart of Paris and have a banquet at Versailles with President Macron.

    Camilla was expected to open an art exhibition at one of the main Paris attractions, the Musée d’Orsay. They were then expected to head to Bordeaux. (Where the rioters have set the Town Hall on fire)

    But every step of the visit was at risk of being targeted by protests and eventually it was cancelled. Even the people who roll out the red carpets were planning strike action.

  35. UndeadShaun says:

    Tories continue their authoratrian lurch..

    Rishi Sunak has banned the media from the Conservative party’s spring conference, with his appearance and a business day held behind closed doors.

    Hiding their business meetings from the mediaw

    “The prime minister was due to give a speech and host drinks with party activists at the conference in Birmingham – the party’s second-biggest gathering in the political year. However, the press and public apart from Tory members were barred from attending, with the party claiming it was an “internal event closed to media”.

    Business leaders were also invited to attend a business day on Friday at £500 a ticket, with promises of a “day of networking and highly interactive sessions between business leaders and government ministers”.”

    • Legerwood says:

      Of course we all remember how DRoss & Co reacted when told the media would not be allowed in to the SNP leadership hustings.

  36. Dr Jim says:

    Damn French with their democracy, who do they think they are by Jove, why don’t they just shoot those dashed troublesome louts out of hand, clear the bally streets and get the welcome mat laid out for the King and Queen of England
    Don’t they understand who the English are?

  37. yesindyref2 says:

    The Greens are threatening to pull out of the Bute House agreement if the new leader doesn’t promise immediately to follow the Bute House agreement, but what they might want to do is read the Bute House agreement, and point out where in the Bute House agreement it says that the Scottish Government must spend potentially millions of pounds taking the Section 35 to court, with somewhere around a 50% chance of winning, and all that, without legal advice in the first place.

    The Bute House Agreement is NOT whatever the Greens want it to be. In addition they might want to have the courtesy to let the new Leader of the SNP, and new FM, have some hours to settle in and deal with more urgent matters than something which needs only to be decided by mid-April, instead of making childish and unreasonable demands.

    • scottish_skier says:

      Worth keeping in mind that the Greens have up to ~20% of the current Yes vote cornered (~10% of total electorate). Green voters might tactically vote SNP under FPTP, but under PR we see the true picture.

      I have noticed that there is common misconception that Green votes are coming as ‘SNP second preferences’. That’s not correct. The first preference is Green, then SNP second under FPTP.

      Both the SNP and the Greens would be wise to not be stupid here. Both risk losing to the other by doing so.

      If the SNP e.g. dump GRR in the face of right wing populism, I will likely split my vote to the Greens. If the Greens get all tantrumy over the new SNP leader for no reason, that will send me the other way. The polls suggest that I’m acting like a normal Yes voter here. I love PR. 🙂

  38. Capella says:

    The Greens are threatening to pull out of the Bute House agreement if the new leader doesn’t promise immediately to follow the Bute House agreement

    Can we have that in writing?

    • Capella says:

      The Bute House Disagreement?

    • yesindyref2 says:


      They’ve been a disaster for the SNP. 7 MSPs dictating policy for 64 SNP MSPs, a reverse takeover. Confidence and supply worked fine for the SNP from 2016 to 2021. Why allow themselves to get abducted?

      Hopefully the Green members themselves will tell their co-leaders to behave themselves. But that’s their business, I’ve never voted Green and never would now. They’re far too extreme and out of this world.

      • There’s no way they’ll give up their ‘ministerial’ perks,YIR2.
        They’ve pushed too far for most people’s liking.
        A land of cycle lanes and non farting cows?

        • yesindyref2 says:

          I’m as guilty as anyone Jack; at the time I thought the agreement would be good for Indy – a pro-indy majority coalition. But it turns out we got 95% Green and about 5% SNP. That’s not what I voted SNP for.

          I hope they do withdraw and force an early Holyrood Election. Make it a de facto referendum 🙂

          • Hamish100 says:

            I think you are over excited.
            How would a dispute between 2 independence parties at Holyrood help independence?
            Answer -it won’t.
            Still the Brit nats and albanists would be gleeful.

          • scottish_skier says:

            But it turns out we got 95% Green and about 5% SNP

            F**k me, is this true? I mean seriously – like no s**t? You need to get the message out if so!

      • Capella says:

        We need to talk about The Greens

      • Dr Jim says:

        It wasn’t so long ago Green members were demanding an emergency meeting to dump Patrick Harvie and Lorna Slater as leaders for continuing the alliance
        Of course the two new Green ministers resisted the demands because, w e ll

  39. scottish_skier says:

    Although the future looked bright, and the money poured in, the legacy of oil isn’t evident in the city today like it is in Shetland or Norway. With a rich archive to draw on, Norman MacLeod tells the story of the city and its people through its highs and lows over the last 50 years.

    Worth a watch buy Ian Wood can sit and spin. He’s profited from England’s rape of Scotland’s resources.

    • Ian Wood made a billion; the rest of us, not so much.
      He’s a rabid unionist, I believe.
      I wonder why?

      • Dr Jim says:

        Tell the Scots there’s no oil Ian pal, OK says Ian wood, there’s no oil left

        Well done, now arise Sir Ian Wood saviour of the union of Englandshire

  40. Bob Lamont says:

    An interesting comment to a National article “Douglas Ross’s Scottish Tories refuse to release membership figures” this morning :-
    SNP – 72,186
    Tory English Branch office in Scotland – Unknown
    Labour English Branch office in Scotland – 16,467
    Scottish Greens – 7,500
    Liberal Democrats English Branch office in Scotland – 4,185
    Alba Party – 6,000

    I’ll bet the BBC’s investigative reporters will be hounding poor wee DRoss all weekend over this and maybe even a Call Kay with E special 🤣

    • Paul Hutcheon Head Grubber of the Police Gazetteer/ Loyal Sons/ Republican Brotherhood comic will be rummaging through the bins at Castle Dross as I clack.
      ALBA records 6000 members?
      That sound you hear in the distance is the Band, playing, ‘Believe it if you like’.

      • Bob Lamont says:


      • Dr Jim says:

        More like 60 with multiple identities

        • I’m sure that Grouse Beater and Wings will have articles/essays today demanding Alba clarity, with an audit of the number of subscriptions and the cash they have in their coffers.
          Will they call for a police investigation if an amount equal to 6000 x the membership dues doesn’t appear in Alba’s financial ledgers?
          Of course they have hounded the SNP over the missing £600 k since Salmondgate, so I have no doubt that they will turn their forensic skills on any holes in Alba’s finances.
          After all, not every leader can afford to use a credit card to purchase a close colleague a £600 pair of shoes in London’s Oxford Street; allegedly, of course.
          There are snaps of the event, btw, somewhere, in the ether.
          Tom Gordon: ‘How many members has Alba got, best buddy, Alex?’
          ‘6000, honest, me old China, Tom’.
          6000 it is, then.

          • Tam the Bam says:

            What else did you put in your Horlicks last night Jack? 🙂

            • No more, Nice Guys, Tam.
              These so called pro Independence bloggers have accused Peter Morrell of stealing £600k in so many many non suable ways ever since Alex met the Rev on RT telly.
              Time to fight back with everything we’ve got, which is our words.
              Salmond is behind Regan…

  41. Ken says:

    The Wood sons support Independence. Generation gap?

    The Foundation goes to Africa.

    Ian Wood offered £Millions to the City. UTG supported by a majority. The Labour unionist criminals ruined the City. A total mess.

  42. Capella says:

    Interesting results of a YouGov survey which reflects my understanding of public opinion on GRR. If asked “Do you want to make life easier for a marginalised minority?” the answer is “Yes, of course”. But when it comes to the details the answer is “No, not that”

    • I swear to the almighty, that if you GRR-ers don’t shut the feck up about this clearly cancerous attack on the Yes Movement by Regan’s Alba insurgents and the whole of the Brity media and the Brit Jock parties, I’ll stop visiting this excellent site.
      And then they’ve won.
      1/4 of scots children live in poverty…
      Shut the feck up about GRR.
      You are doing their job for them.

    • Golfnut says:

      Hardly surprising if you consider the brit media disinformation campaign.

    • scottish_skier says:

      Lo, erm, aye, that’s because…

      Q. Regarding Q2, can you describe what ‘living as the opposite gender’ means?
      A = Erm, no, I suppose not, now that you ask!

      Q. And with respect to Q3, can you describe in detail what gender dysphoria is / are qualified to give an opinion here?
      A = Erm, no, not at all! It’s just you asked, and I didn’t want to sound stupid, so I answered, but now I do sound stupid!

      Q. Furthermore, do you know that there is no medically accepted definition of gender dysphoria?
      A = Really? No I didn’t! Ok, I certainly look like a bit of an idiot here.

      Q. And do you know that many trans people are not dysphoric?
      A = Erm, no, no I didn’t. But then I have zero expertise here. Oh man I should have kept my mouth shut.

      Q. Taking this into account, what do you think of your earlier answers?
      A = Lot of sh*te I suppose. Should probably be left to the experts to decide!


      And so is the nature of polling people on such complex matters. Might as well ask them what treatments they recommend for different forms of unusual cancers.

      It’s only the first Yougov question that is in any way meaningful. Hence so much polling guff on the subject! Mais ces’t la vie. Pollsters will keep asking because idiots in the media will pay them to.

      • Golfnut says:

        Did the law not define them as mentally ill, presumably the jurists took medical advice before this judgement, but decided to keep
        that a secret.

    • jfngw says:

      It’s the same response you receive with everything from the public, they will give the response which makes them feel good. But when you get down to the nitty gritty they don’t want anything which has the least bit of negative effect on them personally.

      That’s why we are doomed with things like climate change, most wants everybody else to reduce their emissions as long as they can maintain the same lifestyle.

  43. scottish_skier says:

    Labour / Sarwar to ‘sweep away the SNP’ by becoming less popular*.

    Will the SNP be swept away by Scottish Labour?

    There is an increasing belief across Scottish politics that a nationalist collapse may come surprisingly quickly.


    *Ipsos data:

    • Bob Lamont says:

      PS – I don’t what you’ve changed lately but that’s another archive at vastly magnified unreadability…

      • Capella says:

        The archive sites seem to be down today, that’s why I haven’t posted anything from the National. They seem to go down at weekends. Maybe the staff all pack up and go home at weekends.

        • Bob Lamont says:

          No, this is a problem specific to SS, noticed it first yesterday or the day before…

          • scottish_skier says:

            Odd. looks normal to me. Archive screenshot:

            • Bob Lamont says:

              I wondered if it was at my end so went searching for an archive by somebody else, ending up in the previous article, where one by Capella came through normally.
              I just lifted one from the National at random (17 hours old), does this read ok ?

            • scottish_skier says:

              Looks fine to me Bob.

            • Bob Lamont says:

              Finally figured it out – For some reason your archives were triggering a 200% magnification, whereas nobody else’s did – Opened your last but this time spotted an extra button in the the top menu where it offered a reset of magnification.
              Having done that your other archives were similarly readable.
              No idea what triggered it, weird but solved.

          • Capella says:

            I can’t open it at all – get message “This site can’t be reached”. I use but this is which I was hoping would work.

  44. Dr Jim says:

    The Scottish political party in Holyrood that isn’t a political party in Scotland?

    You can join the Scottish Conservative party, the membership fee is at your discretion but we recommend a contribution of £25 yearly

    Could that be in other words *free* if one wants to join?

    You can apply online to Conservative Campaign Headquarters stating your date of birth billing address and (here’s the bit I like) *country*

    So are the Scottish Conservatives saying the only way they can tell if a person is a Scottish Conservative is by their address because there actually is no such member as a Scottish Conservative because they’re actually all members of the English British Conservatives

  45. Capella says:

    Perhaps Jack will be kind enough to post a list of topics he can tolerate.
    But since we are still in campaign for a new leader of the SNP I will continue to post on the issues. Here is a statement from the Scottish Greens:

    Greens: New FM must have ‘progressive values’

    The Scottish Greens say they will quit the government if the new first minister does not share their “progressive values”.

    Co-leader Patrick Harvie said they were a “necessity” if the power-sharing agreement with the SNP was to continue.

    Lorna Slater said a commitment to climate justice and trans rights were “non-negotiable”.

    Humza Yousaf is the only one of the three SNP leadership candidates who says he will continue the agreement.

    The Green politicians’ comments are seen as the clearest signal yet that they would not work with Kate Forbes or Ash Regan, who are also standing to replace Nicola Sturgeon.

  46. davetewart says:

    While you are all distracted I’ve just received my new energy trader’s bill from April.

    The daily charges have been raised to 87 pence a day to be connected to dual fuel. Your subscription will be over £200 a year.
    It has been raised to pay for the energy traders that went bust.
    That means that in the next year consumers in the uk will be charged nearly a £trillion for networks that we used to own.

  47. Capella says:

    Well I just watched a discussion on land reform in Demystifying Scotland’s Economy the Scotonomics event in Dundee. There’s a new Land Reform Bill about to be published and maybe this time it will give some teeth to the legislation.

    Next up is a discussion on a Scottish energy company. It could do with demysifying.

    I take it everyone is watching the football.

  48. Hamish100 says:

    Ehhhh. 3-0 I believe.

    But I’ll check on the tele tonight as once again can’t see the game on terrestrial TV unlike England Wales and both Ireland.

    STV and Bbc Scotland are a disgrace. Why stv why I can watch foreign teams playing but not my own country?


  49. Bob Agassi says:

    Thanks guys I was doing a ‘Likely Lads’ and trying to avoid the score so as I could watch the highlights not knowing the score 🙂

    • One of the best episodes ever, Bob.
      When you watch reruns on Youtube, you realise how little England’s ‘culture’ has changed in 50 years.
      ‘Aspirational’ Bob and Thelma, with their mortgage, Legoland new build semi, the Badminton Club, and their British Leyland two door family runaround, and Terry, the ‘working class’ fly man and layabout.
      The Them and Us divide has permeated English society for centuries.
      There were many gay bashing, Jock bashing, and bloody furriner bashing jokes and scenes throughout the series.
      It wasn’t 3-0 tonight, honest; there were the two missed penalties, 3 disallowed goals, and a streaker running across the pitch. Or maybe not.
      Worth watching the highlights.
      England’s game was abandoned because of flooding, btw.

      • Tam the Bam says:

        Ma mental well meaning cousin rears his life-wizened fizzog on :-

    • Hamish100 says:

      I saw it on channel 4 news.

  50. Legerwood says:

    I see two members of that Foreign Parliament have been caught in a sting by undercover journalists posing as a, non-existent, Korean Company.

    Matt Hancock, asking for £1500 per hour, and Kwasi Kwartteng, asking for £10,000 per day. Surely they have to resign or does that not happen any more? I think we all know the answer to that.

    It is just a few years since Malcolm Riffkind and Jack Straw were caught in a similar sting but I don’t think they were charging so much.

  51. Tam the Bam says:

    The ‘i’
    Labour are confident that Kate Forbes will……………..
    Anyone else notice everybody is talking about KATE FORBES!

  52. In about half an hour’s time clocks go forward an hour.
    To Brit Jocks, time goes back to 1707.
    Lighter nights, at last.
    NHS sent me my appointment for my Spring Covid booster today.
    See oor Health Service..whit ur they like?

  53. Bob Lamont says:

    Yet another sting in the press to bring further embarrassment on troughing Tories

    • Golfnut says:

      These pricks dont half have a high opinion of themselves, £10,000 a day, watching them squirm on camera trying to work out how much they could screw out of their possible new employer. Nurses get a clap but these bastards want ten grand a day. How many boards is Ruth the mooth on again.

  54. here’s my forecast:
    Tomorrow Kate Forbes will win the leadership contest.
    The Greens will withdraw from Government.
    They will ally with the Brits and Brit/ Alba moles within the SNP and elect douglas Ross as Leader of the Coalition Government.
    The SNP will quickly dissolve into factional fighting and be wiped off the political map within weeks.
    A Provisional Scottish Republican Army will rise from the ashes and begin a guerilla campaign to drive colonials and Brit Scots elite from our land.
    There will follow 30 years( I’ll be long gone) of bloodshed and carnage, as England floods Scottish cities and towns with infantry and closes Holyrood.
    Convicted members of the illegal PSRA will be deported to Rwanda H block prisons, and have their British citizenship revoked.
    Or……Kate Forbes will win, the Greens will at last stop their puerile posturing, and Scotland will march on to inevitable imminent independence.
    I hear that Hancock and Kwarteng are lobbying for a S Korea company now.
    Any chance that they might provide jobs in Scotland?
    The Greens really need to grow up, and shut their gobs for a while.
    Nobody’s crashing the Scottish Government.

    • Dr Jim says:

      Politicians use words as weapons, Kate’s a sojur and Humza’s a guy that hauds her coat

    • yesindyref2 says:

      Whoever wins I hope they stop pandering to the puerile and economy-destroying extremist Greens.

      • Sarwar on Geissler:
        ‘The Great British Energy Company’.
        What’s that splattered on the wall behind him?
        His political career.
        To con us scots into Mc Crone II takes some nerve.
        Geissler Kerr and Campbell….gearing up for the scandals to be unearthed no matter who wins.
        Anas and Humza went to the same school?
        Who’d have thunk?
        Yet another cosy wee chat with Geissler; Harvie was wearing plastic framed glasses, and had plastic buttons on his Come On Eileen waistcoat.
        Tut ,tut.
        Geissler trailed an leadership results programme to morrow to be screened across ‘the UK’, the ‘country’.
        Why is Norn Ireland being blocked from the broadcast?
        Forbes will will, billed by Geissller as the ‘conservative’ candidate.
        They really do fear her.
        Sarwar bleated on about a Referendum in October being a disgrace given the cost of living war in ukraine tomatoes shortage, but now wants a SGE next week?
        He declares that Scottish Labour are polling at 32%, so ‘bring it on’, as Wendy, sister of Douglas declared just before she effed off to a University sinecure somewhere.
        Big day tomorrow.

  55. Hamish100 says:

    I hear on the bbc show that Sarwars labour and Yousaf are pals and went to the same privileged school!
    Funny I never heard that at the hustings.
    I’m just jealous having never had the benefit of a good school under labour or Tory governments or the labour ran council in power since after ww2.

    • Dr Jim says:

      So you never had the great benefit of learning that all history is English and all English is Shakespeare, all authority is English, and we’re all called British now so stop speaking Scots or your knuckles will get rapped with a ruler again until you learn

      Those were the days

      • Doubtless they both were fed the Imperial history of the Britain/England Empire.
        Clive of India, the British East India company butcher, who introduced the installation of puppet regional governments under the Raj, and was responsible for the 1770 Famine where 10 million native Indians were deliberately allowed to die of starvation. The Famine’s Over Why Don’t You Go Home?.
        This is the ‘Britain’ that Sarwar and his McCrone II, refers to when he talks of Starmer and the ‘Great British Energy Company’. Not run by the British East India Company though.

        This time it’s not India, but the North British colony which they are raping and pillaging these days.
        How anyone of Indian heritage can even say ‘The Great British Energy Company’. out loud, in public, and promote 21st Century colonisation of Scotland, beggars belief.
        300 years ago, Sarwar would have been an obliging Brit dogsbody, that’s for sure.

      • Tam the Bam says:

        Aye Dr Jim…I can cast my mind back to P6 (primary school) when our headmaster (who happened to be a tory and hailed fae Canterbury) went totally ‘apeshit’ when he learned that our history teacher had educating us about….emm…Scottish history (Culloden etc;).
        She didnt last long sad to say.

      • ArtyHetty says:

        Yep have noticed the ‘British’ BritNats wall to wall, it’s even creeoing into international news that I watch.
        In 2014 we were all ‘part of the family of nations, the UKOK’ let’s not forget. They even admitted the UK was made uup of more than one nation. You’d have struggled to hear the word ‘British’ or ‘Britain’ and definitely ‘great Britain’ was an antiquated term that we hoped had been consigned to the history books. Someone decided since England’s Brexit, that we all now ‘British’ and that Scotland is renamed again, North Britain. Scottish, never ‘British’ for me, the Brits were capable and are still capable of ‘great’ brutality.

  56. scottish_skier says:

    That’s Mrs S_S voted.

    May the best candidate win!

  57. yesindyref2 says:

    From yet another Forbes-bashing National article:

    The Finance Secretary is running for first minister on a platform that is more right-leaning than her rivals.

    Who says? Is that an opinion or a false statement of “fact”?

    “However, she has denied that her leadership would represent a shift to the right for the SNP.”

    But the Daily Mail reading journalist ignores that.

    Anyways, much as I don’t like “left” and “right”, the SNP has always been thought of as “centre-left” but has been dragged so far over to the left by the Greens that you need a specsavers mirror to see where they are these days.

    For all our sakes, and that of the economy stupid, it needs to be brought back to the centre-left. That is NOT a shift to the right.

    Meanwhile Labour are rubbing their hands with glee and hoping the Greens can continue to drag the SNP even further to the far left.

    • Dr Jim says:

      I don’t know who’s more afraid of Kate Forbes, the BBC , the unionists, the media the trade unions, the Greens?

      Is it because they can’t see Forbes as a pushover? whereas Humza will say anything right down to “I have in my hand a piece of paper and I’ll 100% think very hard about what I say next once somebody else has said something, and if it’s good I’ll just copy what they said, if it’s not I’ll say it was nothing to do with me but I’ll 100% look into it, that is my firm 100% commitment, eh well today”

      • I’m afraid of Kate Forbes.
        As the saying on the Clydeside goes:- ‘ I wouldn’t like to go home to her with a broken pay.’
        I can just see her stopping Geissler in his ‘Yes But’ tracks.
        ‘If you stop trying to shout down my answer to your previously loaded question, Martin, I’ll be able to speak to your viewers who should be permitted to hear my answer. otherwise, we may as well conclude the interview now.’

        • ArtyHetty says:

          Had a wee chat with a young woman in the local veg shop yesterday, she was saying they are closing temporarily because they can’t get the produce they want and prices have shot up so much. Anyway got on about Brexit and then the leadership ‘contest’ and she was pro indy, and hadn’t voted yet so told her to check she had the email and make sure to vote, as she wanted to. She said though, ‘all my gay friends hate K Forbes’, though she reckoned that the media had blown the subject of trans rights up to demonise Forbes.
          So, let’s see what transpires, I know who I would rather not have as leader and/or FM, so I didn’t tick the box next to their name.

          • ”All my gay friends hate K Forbes’.
            Really, ArtyHetty?
            Well that’s it, then. Lets shave her head, strip her naked, tar and feather her, lash her to a black stallion and drive her out of town.

            These God botherers are so intolerant to our docile mild mannered gay community, aren’t they?

            She’ll get what she deserved.
            Flogging’s too good for this intolerant besom.

            ‘All my gay friends hate Forbes.’
            That’s your message is it?

            It’s they, your ‘gay friends’, of whom this ‘openly heterosexual’, frail old man is terrified.

            On the week when johnson finally got his come-uppence, when Hancock and Kwarteng were caught by Led By Donkeys live on camera whoring themselves for £10,000 a day, and the Tory spring party conference has barred the Press, and Dross refuses to reveal Tory membership in the land of the Great British Energy Company, your best contribution to further the cause of Self Determination is :-

            ‘All my gay friends hate K Forbes’.
            ‘All my gay friends hate K Forbes.’
            ‘All my gay friends hate K Forbes.’
            ‘All my gay friends hate K Forbes.’

            There; glad to help spread the oh so positive pro Independence message on here.
            The Great British Energy Company?

            • Gay Sandy says:

              What a load of bull….ArtyHetty? You said it all for me J.C. gosh was I annoyed when I read that lot. I did not have a vote having deserted to the awful ALBA at the last election and having dumped them as a lost cause within two months they were not happy. I rejoined the SNP recently and I did not have a vote! My preferred choice has always been Kate Forbes coming from the same shire as myself ARGYLLSHIRE and she will do us proud if she wins as I expect tomorrow.

            • Eilidh says:

              Well Jack all I can say after reading your rant I hope Kate Forbes wins otherwise this comments section is likely to be become even more ranty in the next few days and to be clear I still wouldn’t vote for any of the three of them if I had a vote. I am relieved I joined Snp too late to get a vote and would be happy if we don’t have another leadership election anytime soon. Let’s hope she is as good as some folk here think she will be

    • Geissler quoted from the arch right Mail on Sunday and the Scotsman to describe Forbes as ‘the conservative’ candidate as he tried to wind up Harvie this morning.
      As an Old Watsonian, I’m sure that Geissler was taught about Clive of India and the glorious empire too.
      The vicious cycle. The Brit Dead Tree Scrolls which few read, quoted on my broadcaster as gospel by a public schoolboy whose whole career was predicated on being a good little Jock ‘faithful retainer’.
      Them and Us.
      Only, the worm has turned.
      Some of us got an education, and not one paid for by our maters and paters.
      I look forward to the fight.

    • Legerwood says:

      In what way have the Greens dragged the SNP to the far left?

      • They haven’t of course, Legerwood.
        I’d imagine that eradicating child poverty, removing the need for Food Banks, providing NHS treatment free at the point of delivery, and so on, are common goals.
        We all want to ‘save the planet’, surely?
        However, the Scottish Greens disregard for our fragile economy as we ‘justly transition’ to renewable energy and green means of transport is the stumbling block.
        That, and their slightly arrogant our way or the highway bluster is of no help in promoting Scotland’s path to self determination.
        We won’t win over swithering Nos by demanding that they ride bikes, stop eating mince, and wear rope sandals and hessian shirts.
        They did not win the election; they are ‘in power’ for a short time.

        There are only 7 of them after all.

      • scottish_skier says:

        The Greens are only just to the left of the SNP and could sensibly not be described as socialist (only in right-wing sensationalist terms). Left and quite liberal absolutely, but first and foremost Green.

        Polling suggests the main recent movement has been from the SNP to the Greens. This suggests they have appeal to Yes / SNP voters.

        This may be as a result of SNP squabbles over GRR, pushing liberal SNPers towards Green?

        Also, most Green voters lend their constituency votes to the SNP, so the SNP would be wise to remain attractive to Green voters. Coming on 2/10 of SNP votes in Westminster elections is from Green voters (1/10) after all. Under PR, they vote Green.

        People seem to think Green voters are SNP voters voting Green on the list. It’s the other way around for most, including my brother in law. They are Green voters voting SNP on the constituency. 🙂

    • Bob Lamont says:

      “The Finance Secretary is running for first minister on a platform that is more right-leaning than her rivals.” – Nothing a couple of shims under the platform won’t fix.
      As to your own leanings over the Greens, neither shims nor a visit to Specsavers will correct that perspective 😉 and believe it or not that’s not the personal dig it undoubtedly will appear, but rather an observation on the success of the “Nudge” approach which now so dominates the Scotland propaganda assault behind the more usual HMS James Cook line –

      eg – What’s wrong with turning the M8 into a multi-lane bicycle highway aside the sheer impracticality of going shopping 2 hours if you’re fit enough there and back on a bike whilst the Asda etc convoy and thousands of motorists detour via Kincardine ?
      – What’s wrong with streamlining the the GRA “application process” in line with 19 other countries to address the ludicrous current arrangement ?
      – Why are “stop cows farting” and a thousand other nonsenses in circulation when we need to stop wasting energy ?

      It’s all about avoiding change, not rocking the political boat, keeping the status quo, and squillions being spent to ensure it whilst families are forced to choose between heat and food.

      The Greens are not “so far over to the left” but may well end up being the only ones left if we don’t realise how much our chains are being yanked to avoid what we must do to survive.
      End rant.

      • ArtyHetty says:

        Well the Labour/Tory coalition council in Edinburgh are doing great at keeping people fit, they have removed some buses from our publicly owned bus company, one of which is the number 42, which would have taken me to the big shops at one time and as I don’t own a car and my bike needs serviced, it’s a bit of hike with your shopping. Like a workout really, well done Labour/Tory council, with all your roadworks everywhere, causing traffic jams and loads of pollution, there’s hardly any point venturing anywhere at all these days, sigh.
        Ps I didn’t wear my sandals for the adventure to the shops though lol!

  58. Capella says:

    Watched the sessions on the Scotonomics Festival in Dundee most of today. Some excellent discussion and ideas. I think most of them will be available online on their Youtube channel at some point.

    What’s wrong with streamlining the the GRA “application process” ?
    This is what the Westminster government did after their consultation told them 2 things – 1) the process was too bureaucratic 2) the process was too expensive.
    So they put the whole process online and reduced the fee to a nominal £5. I think whoever is next FM could progress the issue likewise.

    • scottish_skier says:

      Nearly 2/3 of Scots want the existing bill progressed, either through the courts or by amendment (WoS polling). The danger for the SNP of dumping their own approach / that of Lab/Lib/Green, and taking the English Tory route, would be to send more voters to Green. They’ve already lost as much as 1/10 of their 2021 vote by this route based on regional list polling. Of course that doesn’t discount making the current process as it stands easier in the meantime.

      I know I’m alone at all in considering Green on the list too if the SNP are weak here. It’s as much about trans rights as it is Scottish rights. What’s the point of Holyrood if England just overturns and the Scottish government folds on the issue? Jack will be S35’ing every bill if that happens.

      I’d be happy to investigate the amendment route myself in the first instance. No need to rush off to court if there’s another way.

      Mrs SS went Yousaf 1 and Forbes 2 in the end as she’s a liberal like me an is most confident in him progressing with GRR. Hardly a surprise she supports GRR given she has a trans nephew (formerly niece) and her family are all medical doctors.

      • Calum says:

        Progressing independence should be his priority !

      • Capella says:

        by amendment i.e. NOT the existing bill. 4/5 rejected the existing bill.

        • Legerwood says:

          And what exactly is the nature of the ammendment they are supposed to

          • Capella says:

            Amendments that maintain safeguarding. See poll I posted above.

            • Legerwood says:

              I can see mention of a poll in one of your posts but no link to it.

              The GRR Bill alters the process by which a Gender Recognition Certificate (GRC) is obtained. It does not alter the outcome or consequence of having a GRC.

              THE Equality Act 2010 was drawn up and passed into law AFTER the GRA 2004. Therefore whether a trans person had, or had not a GRC, was taken into account when drawing up the 2010 Act and its associated guidelines including the issue of safeguarding. The GRR Bill does not change that other than to possibly increase the number obtaining a GRC.

              Therefore what is the specific ammendment people want to the GRR Bill?

            • scottish_skier says:

              A suitable safeguard would be to put into law that nobody should be forced to share an intimate space such as a toilet or changing room with anyone of any sex against their will.

              This is of course already the law, but would reassure people who don’t seem to know it is.

              • Legerwood says:

                That then would be an ammendment to the Equality Act if indeed it is not already in there somewhere.

    • Legerwood says:

      They may have put the process online but anyone applying still needs to produce/upload all the various documentation that was previously required such as dysphoria diagnosis and proof of living in the acquired gender for 2 years. Therefore applicants are still going through the same stressful and lengthy process prior to submitting their application but can now submit their application online and at a reduced cost – from £140 to £5.

      Changing this process to simplify it and streamlining it was the main recommendations of the HoC committee that looked into the GRA 2004 in 2015

      • Bob Lamont says:

        And let’s not lose sight of this modification being recognised and agreed worldwide by every country who had GRA on their legislation…

        SG’s Bill was NOT the outlier , the propaganda campaign (successful in some cases) most definitely was, Eau de Latrine…

        • stewartb says:

          ‘And let’s not lose sight of this modification being recognised and agreed worldwide by every country who had GRA on their legislation…’ Indeed!

          I had no understanding of this topic at the outset: I have no direct personal/family experience. I have tried to become better informed through reading a multitude of diverse sources. Personally, I have come to rely on the following ‘basics’, not as a source of easy, practical solutions to what are complex, individual circumstances but as as set of ‘principles’ and obligations’ to work towards adhering to. With apologies for the length:

          Source: United Nations (1 November 2019) Born Free and Equal: Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Sex Characteristics in International Human Rights Law (2nd Edition) ( )

          First the UN Humans Rights definition: ‘Gender identity reflects a deeply felt and experienced sense of one’s own gender. Most people have a gender identity, which is part of their overall identity. A person’s gender identity may or may not be aligned with the sex assigned to them at birth.

          ‘Trans and transgender are both umbrella terms used to describe people with a wide range of gender expressions and identities – including transsexual people, people who cross-dress, people who identify as third gender, people who identify outside of the male/female binary, and others whose appearance and characteristics are perceived as gender atypical and whose sense of their own gender is different to the sex that they were assigned at birth.

          ‘Some transgender people seek surgery or take hormones to bring their body into alignment with their gender identity; others do not. Trans people may have any sexual orientation and sex characteristics. Cisgender (sometimes shortened to “cis”) is a term used to describe people whose sense of their own gender is aligned with the sex that they were assigned at birth. Some people identify as agender and/or reject the idea of a fixed gender identity.’

          And on the general principle: ‘The application of international human rights law is guided by the fundamental principles of universality, equality and non-discrimination, as framed by Article 1 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which states:

          “All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.” These core principles are reaffirmed through international human rights covenants and treaties, many of which contain open-ended provisions against discrimination, and have been interpreted to include discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity, and sex characteristics.’

          ‘Everyone has the right to recognition as a person before the law, including persons of diverse gender identities. EACH PERSON’S SELF-DEFINED GENDER IDENTITY IS INTEGRAL TO THEIR PERSONALITY AND IS ONE OF THE MOST BASIC ASPECTS OF SELF- DETERMINATION, DIGNITY AND FREEDOM. (my emphasis) Legal recognition of the gender identity of transgender persons is also important in relation to protection from violence, torture and ill-treatment, discrimination, rights to health, education, employment and housing, access to social security, political participation and freedom of movement. This includes persons who have non-binary gender identities.’

          And towards practical implementation: ‘United Nations human rights mechanisms have stressed that in order to fulfil international human rights obligations, States should respect the physical and psychological integrity of transgender persons and legally recognize their self-identified gender without additional requirements that may violate human rights. States should provide for a simple administrative process, allow for recognition of non-binary identities, and give minors access to recognition of their gender identity.’

          I suspect this may be long enough, perhaps too much for some. However, I could reproduce similar statements of principle and obligation from the Council of Europe.

          To repeat Bob’s other remarks: ‘SG’s Bill was NOT the outlier!

          • Capella says:

            To repeat Bob’s other remarks: ‘SG’s Bill was NOT the outlier!

            There are 193 countries in the UN. It is claimed that 19 have adopted Self ID in one form or another. Are you saying the other 174 are the “outliers”? Are they all out of step bar our Jock?

            • Legerwood says:

              Do the other 174 countries have GRAs to begin with?

              • Capella says:

                No. The Yogakarta Principles, on which these policies are based, have never been adopted by the UN:

                However, the Principles have never been accepted by the United Nations and the attempt to make gender identity and sexual orientation new categories of non-discrimination has been repeatedly rejected by the General Assembly, the UN Human Rights Council and other UN bodies


            • Bob Lamont says:

              What on earth has this to do with the context of “…this modification being recognised and agreed worldwide by every country who had GRA on their legislation…” ?

              • Capella says:

                worldwide – this suggests everywhere in the world. It implies universality. In fact this type of legislation is very limited.

                • Bob Lamont says:

                  “In fact this type of legislation is very limited” – As is your blindness to context of “BY EVERY COUNTRY WHO HAD GRA ON THEIR LEGISLATION… ”
                  Joo Janta 200s must have been selling well in your locale… 😉

  59. Dr Jim says:

    The only reason the BBC and others trot out this silly splodge is to discredit the SNP

    The SNP are neither far to the right or left of anything and never have been, but if you tell sets of folk they’re going too far one way than another the point you’re trying to make is that if you’re a right winger then the SNP are bad and if you’re a left winger the SNP are bad, and if you’re in the middle they have nothing to offer you

    I’ll give the BBC and the media this though they haven’t tried this tactic before, Oops no that’s incorrect, because for a long time we were tartan Tories, oh and then we were left leaning, that’s how we *stole* Labours clothes, I mean really? Labour’s clothes? the only *clothes* Labour ever had were made by liars in the town of Liarsville by secreted away sweatshop children probably denied fair wages by a court paid by Labour in Liarsville somewhere

    Indeed I remember us being named Communists, Trotskyists, wee shriveled up puritanical Presbyterians even

    The names have never ceased and we’re still here

    • ArtyHetty says:

      Yep, SNP all bad. I watched Lesley Riddoch’s slot at BBC in Scotland from England’s
      point of view channel, and she was actually not interrupted or shouted at, and she was thanked loads at the end, aww, how nice. It was that guy who seems a permanent fixture who looks like a gigola in his light coloured suit and trews. Anyhoo though, my chin did drop when Lesley started questioning SNP policy, saying, ‘ is the SNP progessive is it social democratic, what’s it’s economic strategy the other nations are beginning to pick up ahead of us, (!) Wales has got a national energy company, NI when it gets the dup sorted will have best of both worlds, what’s Scotland got, we need to push for better deal within DEVOLUTION (huh?) and an indy Scotland’, and that’s what folks are pissed about…okayyy…
      A couple of things, really pick up ahead? Do those ‘other nations’ have free university tuition, student nurses bursaries, free prescriptions, baby boxes, child payments of £25 a week for those on low incomes, free bus travel for all up to age 22, and also for those 60+, no parking charges for SNHS staff etc etc. Oh and, of course taking back Scotland’s trains into public hands, a wee bit maybe ‘social democratic’, no?

      I wonder if Lesley has heard of the power grab, the over-riding of actual lawful policy in Scotland by the English government, and of course ‘energy’ is not just a reserved power to the English government they also control who gets to be part of that private monopoly. I had switched to two actual Scotttish energy companies past few years, both went under because of the way the system works, ie smaller companys cannot weather the storm of the price fluctuation or EngGovs’ price cap, and now we are forced to hand tons of cash to hardly even keep warm, to a greedy private monopoly company. Great.

      Far as I know the SNP have not sent £billions BACK TO WESTMINSTER as Labour did when at the helm, nor have the SNP landed Scottish councils in £billions of debt with dodgy PFI schemes, as Labour did. In fact name one good thing that UK Labour did for Scotland in their ten years at the helm at Holyrood, because I sure as heck can’t. So should the SNP be keeping up with the Jones’, I don’t think so unless we want sticking plasters and faux the people policies to keep the folks from voting for a more social democratic progressive party. Sigh.

      • Dr Jim says:

        I like Lesley Riddoch but she definitely gets a wee bit haun knittet sat by the auld kitchen stove waitin fir the soup tae boil at times

      • Tatu3 says:

        She says some OK stuff. Sometimes. However like a lot of so called Independence supporters she is not really a SNP fan, or even a true fan of Independence, as she’d rather have Labour in charge in Scotland but with more devolved powers. There’s a lot of them about

  60. scottish_skier says:

    Sarwar is now saying McLeish and McConnell had no mandates to be FM of Scotland.

    • Handandshrimp says:

      Or Gordon Brown come to think of it. Did he say so at the time?…or is he just playing bullshit bingo.

  61. Sarwar is a bumbling fool who just blurts out New Blue Tory/Labour/ SNP have been shite for 15 years pamphlet soundbites.
    Geissler sits and lets him.
    It must be the easiest money on the planet sitting in front of a camera chatting to the Brit Jocks mouthpieces.

    I look forward to the Uprising which Kirsty Glenn and Laura affirm is the only way we shall break free from English colonialism.
    The fucking British Energy Company?
    And still some on here mutter on about nothing to do with taking our country back.
    If there is a Supreme Being, Forbes must prevail to smash this cycle of irrelevant nonsense even on this site, trying to flood the Independence movement with trivial sidebars.

    God give me peace.

    • Dr Jim says:

      I’m given to understand Kate Forbes is more popular with Muslims than both Sarwar and Yousaf, wouldn’t that be a hilarious turn up if correct

    • Michael says:

      “The fucking British Energy Company?”
      The Great British Energy Company”, I believe.

      • Starmer has reformed the British East India Company and relocated it in Scotland.
        The british Energy Company is being set up to make sure Scotland’s riches will continue to be extracted and sent to England, just like in the good old days of Empire One.
        They have the Britenglish army, ‘faithful retainers’, and control of our money in Edinburgh.
        The british East India Company had its own private army to quell the natives.
        No need for that in the Golden MacGoose colony though.
        They are already in situ.

      • Oops, Michael, pardon my outburst.
        Strike that. They are starving our children,, freezing our elderly, and holding us behind a barbed wire fence under House arrest by England’s Homeland Security and Border Force.
        We cannot even visit our continent without England’s permission.
        We are a conquered colony.
        And you recoil when I resort to the F word?

      • Pogmothon says:

        Yea… We had one before. It was headquartered in Glasgow before it was sold off.

  62. scottish_skier says:

    Isn’t England S35’ing this too?

    Coca-Cola and AG Barr in recycling scheme plea to new FM

    Soft drinks firms including Coca-Cola, PepsiCo and the makers of Irn Bru have urged the next first minister to deliver a recycling scheme on time.

    The British Soft Drinks Association asked the new leader to make the deposit return scheme a “top priority”.

  63. Michael says:

    Annas Sarwar’s nonsense:

    First Minister of Wales Carwyn Jones, announced his intention to stand down in April 2018.

    On 6th December 2018 Mark Drakeford was elected leader of Welsh Labour. He became First Minister on 13th December 2018, following Jones’ resignation on the 12th. The next election for the Senedd wasn’t till May 2021.

    Did Drakeford, Sarwar’s fellow ‘branch manager’, govern without a mandate? Is Sarwar a gaslighting hypocrite or a silly sausage?

    • Stephen McKenzie says:

      Call me old fashioned, but the expression I would use for Sarwar is “a complete chancer”

    • keaton says:

      Every time the head of the Scottish or UK government changes, all opposition parties are apparently obliged to insist that democracy requires an immediate general election. Then once one of those opposition parties is in government, they decide this is no longer a requirement after all. It seems that all parties will go through this alternating dance every single time, over and over again, until the sun burns out.

  64. Fix!
    I thought I’d just put together a succinct precis of the afternoon headlines for Duggers as early as possible.
    Now the scandals.
    Procurator Fiscal moves on the ‘missing’ £600k. Arrests imminent.
    Marriage problems.
    Links with far left Marxists.
    The great Tea Trolley Disaster of 2014.

    There’s much dirty work still to be done my the Jock Hounds of Hell to complete the job.
    Bring me the head of the new SNP leader would be barked from the office of every Dead Tree Scroll Editor, and broadcaster.

  65. Bob Lamont says:

    Happened across the title “What next for Nicola Sturgeon, the SNP and Scotland?” on the BBC Scotland webpage this morning and mused on the answers “taking it easier”, “electing a new leader”, and “Independence” respectively, yet was slightly bemused by Glenn Campbell’s attempt to interconnect 3 disparate topics simply for a catchy headline.

    Reading the article confirmed it was yet another “shitehawk” special, a recycling exercise for prior failed propaganda pieces and attempting to portray the HMS James Cook preferred line as public concern – eg – “They face enormous challenges in government: to clear the backlog in the NHS, to reduce poverty and drug related deaths and to deliver the long overdue and overbudget ferries”
    Even the absurd Sarwar “New FM will have no mandate” was taken out for a airing alongside, GRR, independence, SNP divisions, etc., etc., the usual tropes of ‘failed’ government for which the “impartial” BBC in Scotland have become renowned.

    Whoever the next SNP leader turns out as today, they will face the same intractable problem as their predecessor, how to bypass a hostile media in which the public have lost all trust, yet still get the truth out through the din attempting to drown them out.

    • Kate Forbes point blank refused to sit down with Kirsty Wark.
      Long may that continue.
      They could shut down Martin Geissler ridiculous little Sunday show by following the Jock Blue Tories’ lead. refuse to appear on it.
      In fact if the SNP imposed a 3 month embargo on all brit media, what would they talk about?
      Starmer’s evil spawn of Empire One’s British East India Trading Company, The Great British Energy Company?
      Soon we’ll all know.
      There has never been such an unrelenting assault on a nation by a foreign government, its media, it’s Oligarchy and a Fifth Column of the British Scottish indigenous elite determined to maintain their control over their fellow citizens as this.
      Will it take an Uprising? Asking for a friend.
      Just lock the media out. Dross and Jack have set a precedent after all.

      • ‘it’s Oligarchy’ !
        Yet again, Autocorrect has altered my Third Person Impersonal Singular Possessive Pronoun ‘its’ to ‘ it’s ‘ which is now a common mistake, ‘it’s’ being of course the abbreviation of the Third Person Impersonal Singular present tense of the verb ‘to be’, ‘it is’..
        And don’t get me started on ‘waiting on’, and ‘waiting for’.
        I am pacing up and down like an expectant father.

  66. Dr Jim says:

    There’s absolutely no need whatsoever to talk to so called *journalists*, each political party has a press officer, and the government has a whole department of civil servants who compiles and releases relevant information to the media for them to report, so talking to the media is at the media’s request for the media and the *gotcha* moment the media crave

    It’s high time all political parties just said no to all of this, then when the media invent stories and misleading headlines they should be prosecuted for misleading the public

    What we have at present is media dog whistle reporting deliberately designed to upset and even enrage the public, with the media claiming they’re doing this on behalf of the public, instead they’re behaving like drug dealers handing out free lies to get folk hooked, and they must make money because look how many there are of them

    It’s we the public that employ the politicians, they’re answerable to us, not the media

  67. Handandshrimp says:

    Well the voting is done. Now to see how the dice have fallen.

    I have seen mutterings on other places already that should Forbes win she is the continuity candidate and not to be trusted. Given it is almost certainly going to be either Humza or Kate ithink we can take it as read that the more jaundiced Alba affiliates and those too radical for their own shirts will hate whichever wins.

    • Alex Clark says:

      I think it’s a given that no matter who wins the attacks on the leader of the SNP will continue as if there has been no change. If Yousaf wins they will attack him as being Nicola’s “chosen one” and continue to attack his record as a Minister.

      Forbes won’t get it any easier if she wins, no doubt her Christian views will be the number one focus of attack, she will be touted as an illiberal person who opposes the rights of minorities. She will be tarred as being right-wing and made out to be a threat to the SNP’s more progressive policies of recent years especially help for the poorest and support for free tuition and such.

      There won’t need to be any basis on fact for what will be written and said about the new leader. Whoever wins will need the support of all in the SNP and for people to get behind them otherwise they may not last very long and that won’t be good for us that support Independence.

      That’s why the attacks will continue, the SNP and Independence are still a very big threat to the UK establishment so there is no chance of things changing anytime soon.

    • Dr Jim says:

      Those folk hate themselves, it’s the legacy of worshiping the wingsy word of God where everybody’s wrong but him, and therefore must be destroyed by internet pitchforks and torches

      They sell the notion that a particular politician is omnipotent then set about destroying that politician for misuse of that omnipotence by declaring them incompetent traitorous or just plain lying baskets

      They sell their followers the big fat lie that a FM of Scotland can just do whatever stuff they want without oversight, then when they don’t do the *stuff* that’s been foretold by the evil little propaganda salesman as the one and only way, the Trump strategy is employed by the little God propaganda salesman

      People fall for it mostly because the expectation of bad news is ingrained in society, we expect disappointment, so to use the prediction of that expectation is a number one seller

      It’s everybody else who’s against you in particular, and you’re right because you listen believe and worship me

      Send money to my account and I’ll keep representing my idea of your anger

      • Handandshrimp says:

        I made no secret that I voted for Kate but if Humza wins then I suppose their is the considerable consolation of seeing these people implode in a mixture of volatile hatred and conspiracy theory. I don’t dislike Humza, I just preferred Kate. I can work with Humza being leader if that is the outcome. I hope the people who preferred Humza feel the same.

        • Well, no referendum in the next decade, then.
          20,000+ didn’t bother voting.
          Regan was a scowling disgrace.
          She’ll definitely go ‘independent’ now.

          Continuity means the same old same old.
          The Brits will be popping the corks as I type.
          To this humble observer, Humza has the dynamism of a leaking AAA battery.
          I’m awa’ tae bide awa’, for a considerable time.

  68. Capella says:

    Well it’s Humza Yousaf. How depressing.

    • Tatu3 says:

      I agree

    • Welsh_Siôn says:

      Think of it this way:

      There’s a practising Hindu governing England.
      There probably will be a practising Muslim governing Scotland.
      There’s a practising (and he’s *still* practising to be one) Welshman governing Wales.

      The racist, xenophobic yoon frothers will go spare.

      Whither “their” United Kingdom, now?

      PS HY was not my 1st choice.

  69. Alex Clark says:

    Congratulations to Humza Yousaf, I must say that I’m glad that’s over. I hope we can put this miserable contest behind us and focus on carrying on with our fight to win Independence.

  70. Handandshrimp says:

    Humza it is then. OK onwards we go and onwards I guess the Greens will stay on board and there is little doubt Humza will be FM.

    I Antipater the more rabid Unionists will go full Tonto on the racism slurs. The too radical for my shirt will go full Tonto on conspiracy but Humza was backed by a lot of the big names. That was always going to tell with the membership.

  71. UndeadShaun says:

    It was a close result at 52/47.

    I backed Kate, but look forward to Humza leading the party.
    Hopefully he has a broad church with people with different viewpoints in cabinet and keeps Kate in post or even makes her deputy as well as finance minister.

    That would puzzle the media who want to portray civil war.

    The main goal is independence and a referendum or otherwise we can win. Not just a vote for the sake of it

  72. Handandshrimp says:

    I’ve been watching his speech on the SNP Twitter feed. He is a good talker, and it was a good acceptance speech. One thing is for sure, no one won anything by giving in. If we believe in a better future for Scotland then we play the ball where it lies.

    The FM primarily has to talk and lead. Humza can definitely talk and talk clearly and well. Now we need to see if he has acquired the skills to lead.

  73. keaton says:

    If Humza doesn’t say he’s “humbled” by the result I think I’ll die of shock.

  74. James Mills says:

    This was an SNP election NOT a referendum on whether Scotland will be Independent .
    Now is not the time for factions to display their feeling about one candidate or another .

    This result does not change my view on Independence one iota nor should it alter anyone else’s if they are genuinely of an Independence mind-set .
    I support Independence – the SNP is currently the most obvious vehicle for that to be achieved WITH the backing of the considerable YES Movement .

    • Eilidh says:

      Very well said I didn’t have a vote as only joined Snp just over a week ago. My brother who did have a vote decided not to vote at all which seems to have been the case with quite a lot of folk. We will just have to see where Humza takes us

    • Bob Lamont says:

      I agree James but “..the SNP is currently the ONLY POLITICAL vehicle” would be my proffered amendment – Further I’d agree with Alex Clark above “I must say that I’m glad that’s over…”

      • Eilidh says:

        Me too. Early in the campaign some here said it was Kate’s election to lose and sadly some of what she said may have affected whether folk voted for her. However there were plenty that didn’t vote for Humza or Ash either because of what they said during the campaign

  75. Dr Jim says:

    London cheers and wipes the beads of sweat away as 20.000 members of the SNP can’t be bothered to vote and London gets the Scottish FM they hoped for
    Scotland as a whole polled consistently in favour of Kate Forbes in this contest so in actual fact the SNP is out of step with the general electorate and that’s not a good start

    Scotland as a country can now all go back to dying in our sleep and no one will notice because the new FMs constant yawning will have sent us there
    No revitalizing of Scotland will be taking place, no reenergizing, because we will all be dreaming of the opportunity that was denied us by a bunch of sniveling don’t rock the boat MPs and MSPs who plugged the do nothing candidate for all they were worth supported by the unionist media who used religion and the threat of Conservatism against the candidate who reflected the values of the actual population of Scotland

    Scotland lost today because our managers decided to defend the goalless draw rather than play to win the game by playing our new young striker

    Scotland might as well have hired ex Scotland football manager Craig Brown to manage our national Holyrood team to assure us of this hope for a future win next time outcome in ten years time

    Rishi Sunak is assured of taking our goalposts home and keeping them after this game

    Ash Regan will probably transfer her miserable coupon to Alba at the earliest opportunity, although I don’t know why, Alex Salmond clearly sold her a big pile of duff information to further his own cause and used her to do it, so maybe she’ll wake up now, who knows

    If I hear Lesley Riddoch mumble on about this wider independence movement anymore I’ll burst my head, 50 years supporting independence, I still don’t know who or where these wider independence movement people are, they keep themselves extremely quiet in terms of names, I mean c’mon, one name? any name?


    • Capella says:

      I agree – apart from the Ash Regan comment – I have no enthusiasm now for the prospects of the SNP. Choosing the same old same old is death to a political party. I’m considering whether to join the vast crowd of former members.

    • ‘My last word, for a very very long time.
      For 4 weeks Kate Forbes has been harangued and religiously persecuted by the whole Scottish media and the Jocck Establishment.
      They feared her.
      Humza Yousaf in now lauded by Dross Sarwar Guissler and the English Lassie from the Tory spectator who had no business being on a distinctly Scottish ‘panel’ as being a Muslim ethnic minority leading the Scottish Government. In Pakistan, some poor soul is to be executed for a blasphemous tweet.
      What say the ‘LGBT+ community’ on that one?
      I’m off now, perhaps never to return.
      All you GRA babblers on here, happy now?
      There are two million or so AUOB who are not SNP members.
      I believe that we are about to see the birth of Scotland’s very own
      Sinn Fein’, a breakaway radical Independence Party which will refuse to be treated as a conquered colony of England. No more ‘not allow’, ‘won’t be permitted’ subservient crap.
      We take our country back.

      • Capella says:

        Spot on Jack am I agree – I’m sick of the GRR nonsense too and would have been happy if it was parked for time being. Had Kate Forbes or Ash Regan been elected then it would have been. But there’s no chance of that now.

        Hope you don’t abandon WGD.

      • Dr Jim says:

        That’s about the height of it Jack

      • Legerwood says:

        “”All you GRA babblers on here, happy now?””

        Possibly I am included in this catch-all term but you should know that I defended Kate Forbes at the start of her campaign when the media and others were selectively quoting her responses to questions on same sex marriage/abortion/ children out of wedlock. As a result of that I was blocked by more than a few folk. No great loss since I cannot abide people who go off on a strop based on half digested information and would, I hope, try to get the full quote from the person being attacked more widely disseminated.

  76. Skintybroko says:

    Overall it was a close contest and I do hope he does reach out to unify the party. Can’t ignore the high vote for Kate. Am disappointed that so many members failed to vote, have they forgotten they joined or are they apathetic? Although my preferred candidate didn’t win I’ll give Humza the benefit of doubt and see how he gets on before the summer recess as he will certainly have his hands full and it should be a good measure of his leadership qualities.

    • Eilidh says:

      My brother didn’t vote as he didn’t like any of the three candidates. I would have done the same of I had a vote. It says a lot when better politicians such as Angus Robertson didn’t stand to be leader. Being leader of the Snp and probable FM is a hate filled poison chalice these days sad to say.

  77. Hamish100 says:

    Too many, I want involved and to influence but from the outside. I have the ear of the news media too. She has the choice of ALBA, Greens, SNP not some tenuous self appointees trying to dictate terms.

    Still, maybe we should surround the scotch offices with 100000. If it annoys the Governor General would have some merit! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  78. scottish_skier says:

    Ok, so it was as polls of SNP voters – and a single one of SNP members – suggested it was going to be. A very close race.

    Yousaf would be wise to keep Forbes in senior cabinet, and even seriously consider her for DFM. It does take two to tango though, so effort from both sides would be key.

    • scottish_skier says:

      Forbes supporters should console themselves with the fact that Tories / Brexit voters will be apoplectic at the likely new FM. 🙂

  79. Ken says:

    Not even on mainstream telly,

    needs a hookie stick to watch the game.

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