Holyrood’s death by a thousand Tory cuts

In a recent interview with the News Agents podcast, the First Minister said that she is no longer 100% certain that the Conservatives would not attempt to abolish the Scottish Parliament. Even a few months ago this would have been an unthinkable possibility, but given the blatantly anti-democratic behaviour of the Conservatives over recent months with concerted attempts by the Conservatives both at Westminster and at Holyrood to delegitimise and undermine the Scottish Parliament, it now seems clear that the Conservatives would abolish the devolution settlement if they thought that they could get away with it. Combined with a Labour party which pays only lip service to challenging the Conservatives’ attacks on the powers of Holyrood, we are perilously close to the political situation where the Conservatives might think that the political damage caused to them by the abolition of the devolution settlement is outweighed by the advantages of concentrating all power at Westminster, which in practical terms means in the hands of whoever happens to occupy Ten Downing Street.

The only thing preventing the Conservatives from a head on assault on Holyrood, and the devolution settlement in general is their fear of the political consequences in England. They have given up on Scotland, even though they cannot admit it, but they know that there are few votes to be had for them in Scotland, certainly not enough to help them to victory at the next General Election. What they are afraid of is Labour weaponising a Conservative attempt to abolish the devolution settlement in order to portray the Conservatives as a danger to British unity and to the national interest.

However, perhaps even more salient in their thinking is that they are also afraid that an overt attempt on their part to abolish the devolution settlement without any mandate to do so from Scotland or Wales would put turbo boosters under the demand for independence, something that they cannot afford to risk as long as Scottish independence and the possibility of another independence referendum remain live electoral issues. Even BBC Scotland would have a hard time explaining away or minimising the impact of a return to the direct Conservative rule of the 1980s and 1990s. If Scotland is foolish enough to vote against independence in another independence referendum, then the Conservatives would not hesitate to abolish Holyrood or at least to introduce measures to turn it into a toothless talking shop, because under those circumstances they could do so with limited political damage to themselves.

To be clear, the First Minister still does not believe that the Conservatives would go so far as to abolish the devolution settlement outright. The reality is that they can achieve their Anglo-British nationalist centralising goals by other, less direct means. You don’t pick a fight that is going to cause you significant harm even if you know you are going to win in the end if you also know that you can achieve all or most of the same goals by other less overt and more underhand means which do no come with the same cost to you.

The Conservatives are venal, politically short-sighted, and deeply hypocritical, but they are not entirely stupid, at least not all of them, and they know that they can achieve most of their aims by less overt means which can be provided with political explanations which will not attract the attention or anger of a Scottish media which is already overwhelmingly disposed to give them the benefit of the doubt.

Instead what is more likely to happen is that we will see further incremental attacks on the devolution settlement and a gradual chipping away of the powers of the devolved parliaments combined with more measures allowing Westminster to intervene directly on devolved matters, by-passing the Scottish and Welsh Parliaments like those we have already seen. This would give the Conservatives political cover and allow the likes of Michael Gove to assert that the Tories are really ‘augmenting’ devolution, a claim which the supine Scottish media will allow to pass unchallenged no matter how risible it really is.

Should the Conservatives successfully normalise the use of a section 35 order, which they have employed in order to veto the Gender Recognition Bill passed by a cross party majority at Holyrood, we will find that future Labour governments are just as ready as the Conservatives to employ this measure in order to ensure compliance on the part of the devolved parliaments and we will be in a position where Holyrood will self-censor and be reluctant to pass any legislation which has not met with the prior approval of the British Government or find itself under attack from Scotland’s overwhelmingly anti-independence media for ‘grievance politics’ and ‘picking fights with Westminster’. The fundamental basis of the devolution settlement will have been negated, and the Conservatives will have achieved most of their key aim with only very limited political damage to themselves.

Those independence supporters who warn that the Conservatives are poised to abolish the Scottish Parliament are missing the real Conservative strategy. The Tories do not need to abolish Holyrood when they can get away with what the First Minister calls their “concerted effort to undermine, delegitimise and remove powers from this parliament.” That is what the Conservatives have been doing since the EU referendum of 2016, and they will intensify those efforts in the months and years ahead.

Labour will not resist these gradual attacks and the incremental political erosion of the powers of the Scottish Parliament because Starmer knows that if the Conservatives are successful in getting away with them it increases his own room for manoeuvre once he gets himself into Number Ten. Spending political capital to ‘defend the Scots’ which merely damages Labour’s standing among those English nationalist Brexit supporting voters whom Labour strategists have identified as the key constituency which Starmer must win over in order to ensure a Labour victory at the next General Election.

It remains highly unlikely that short of a resounding defeat for independence in a future independence referendum – de facto or otherwise – the Conservatives will move to pass legislation to abolish the Scottish Parliament outright, instead Holyrood and the powers of the Scottish Parliament will be subjected to a long slow and lingering death by a thousand cuts.


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56 comments on “Holyrood’s death by a thousand Tory cuts

  1. yesindyref2 says:

    An old story seems appropriate somehow.


    A horse, having a wolf as a powerful and dangerous enemy, lived in constant fear of his life.

    Being driven to desperation, it occurred to him to seek a strong ally. Whereupon he approached a man, and offered an alliance pointing out that the wolf was likewise an enemy of the man.

    The man accepted the partnership at once and offered to kill the wolf immediately if his new partner would only cooperate by placing his greater speed at the man’s disposal.

    The horse was willing and allowed the man to place bridle and saddle upon him. The man mounted, hunted down the wolf and killed him.

    The horse joyful and relieved thanked the man and said “Now that our enemy is dead, remove the bridle and saddle and restore my freedom.”

    Whereupon the man laughed loudly and replied “The hell you say giddy-up Dobbin” and applied the spurs with a will.

  2. JSM says:

    Reblogged this on Ramblings of a now 60+ Female and commented:
    As soon as Brexit happened I predicted that Wastemonster would chip away at Devolution, and I wasn’t the only one.

  3. Capella says:

    One example of death by a thousand cuts is the UK Internal Market Act. I recently posted an article by Ariane Burgess, Green MSP for Highland, describing how this act overrides Scottish Government powers to regulate GMO.

    Holyrood decisions are at the mercy of the Tory government

    Introduced in the aftermath of Brexit, the act states that gene-edited products created, traded or sold in the rest of the UK cannot be prevented from sale in Scotland.
    This is despite the fact that agriculture and food standards are clearly devolved powers.
    Worse still, this is not happening in isolation. It is part of a Tory vision of a deregulated post-Brexit Britain where standards don’t matter and nor do rules.


  4. Hamish100 says:

    Paul, thanks.

    I just was listening to the Nolan show on bbc Ulster and listening in particular to some of the unionist rhetoric over Brexit and being governed by foreigners ( Dublin and Brussels).

    The right wing there don’t wish a NI Assembly, they have no wish to be seen to be 2nd to Sinn Féin or anyone else, the right wing here don’t want a Scots Parliament or in Cymru a Senedd.

    They want only London rule and are willing to destroy any notion of devolution or in their eyes even worse Independence. They are abetted by the right wing press and news media and the place men and women in positions of influence.

    In NI terms the threat of unionist violence by a minority is alway inferred but never said out loud.

    For them, they recognise that their Anglo Saxon U.K. government need the EU more than they need them – for just now.

    The right wing will thrive on the destruction of the Celtic parliaments.

  5. Yup, so the plan is that because the Tories can’t win in Scotland, they’ll simply implement their policies anyway, including at devolved level. No need for Douglas Ross to try and win elections; Tory policy on iref2 and gender reform is being applied anyway. Doesn’t matter a jot that the Tories got trounced in May 2021.

  6. Capella says:

    Dr Elliot Bulmer wrote a good article on what is essentially an elected dictatorship in Wetminster.

    The British state’s weak spot has been known for a long time

    When Hailsham was writing, that prospect of “bad and unscrupulous” people getting into power was still mostly hypothetical. The informal restraints of the “good chaps” theory were mostly still working. Hailsham feared not so much personal corruption, as excessive ideological zeal. He was worried that a far-left Labour party might come to power and start sweeping away private property and nationalising everything in sight.

    It turned out, however, that such ideological zeal was found – in the 1980s and ever since – on the right. It wasn’t excessive, irresponsible, doctrinaire nationalisation that was imposed upon the people by crudely majoritarian, centralised, unbalanced, top-down decision-making institutions; it was excessive, irresponsible, doctrinaire privatisation, union-busting, deregulation and cuts.

    Even so, Hailsham’s assessment was fundamentally correct: that the paradoxical weakness of the British state was that its central executive was too strong. Decisions could be taken at the top, by a small group of ministers, officials and advisers, and then rammed through without proper thought, deliberation, scrutiny or control. It was this pattern of decision-making – without moderation or constraint – that allowed Liz Truss, almost in the space of an afternoon, to ruin what was left of the Brexit-battered economy.


  7. Alan Logan says:

    The ever decreasing power of the cabinet as Westminster moves towards a Presidential style of PM.

    At least in the US the President has the majority of votes ( hanging chads excepted)

    • Welsh_Siôn says:

      At least in the US the President has the majority of votes ( hanging chads excepted)

      I don’t think Hillary Clinton would agree with you.

  8. Dr Jim says:

    Scotland’s apathy will be its downfall:
    Every time the London lot threaten Scotland with something, anything, Scotland replies *aye but they’ll never go that far will they? it’ll never happen*

    Yeah the England Tories and Labour won’t go too far too fast when they don’t have to
    Of course remember that this is the country that if they didn’t care for your religion or the way you worshiped, they just hanged drawn and quartered you in and around public squares, they more or less just erased that from their *British* history didn’t they, just another thing they didn’t have to apologise for because well, they never did stuff like that did they?

    Boris Johnson is bleating about Vladimir Putin threatening him on the phone
    Lest anyone forget, Boris Johnson not long ago threatened the President of Mauritius with trade starvation if he kept complaining to the UN about Britains occupation of the Chagos islands
    Given the chance London is no different to Moscow, and in the past a damn sight worse

    You cannot ever trust a word an English politician or their lackeys utter, they’re born bred and educated to lie

    Money status power, England comes a distant last on that list, then the local threat analysis looks like the North of Ireland Scotland then Wales

    And why does the North of Ireland top that list? The answer is far too easy

    If we don’t make a start in divorcing ourselves from England in the next two years forget it there’ll be no independence, the entire world knows what England is, we live next door and yet there are still some who haven’t figured it out yet

    If you can’t take what you ask for, what’s the point of asking

  9. Gordon Currie says:

    “The only thing preventing the Conservatives from a head on assault on Holyrood,”

    No, the only thing enabling the Conservatives’ head-on assault on Holyrood is that we’re not independent despite numerous ignored mandates.

    There, fixed it for you.

    • The reason we are not independent is the Scottish people haven’t wanted it. Not enough anyway. It’s only them that can pressure the UK government. Neither our MSPs nor MPs can exert any real pressure. That can only come from we, the people.

      If we keep saying no in polls at times, or say Yes, but we’d prefer a vote 5 years down the line rather than now… If only a few of us go on marches, and there are no protests… If Yes parties scrape barely 50% in elections… then they’ll ignore us because they are not democratic in Westminster.

      And they will get away with it unless we show them we’re not going to stand for it. Might not be fair, but it’s the British / English government we are up against and fairness just isn’t something they do. They are not a nice government at all.

      • stewartb says:

        ‘The reason we are not independent is the Scottish people haven’t wanted it. Not enough anyway. It’s only them that can pressure the UK government. Neither our MSPs nor MPs can exert any real pressure. That can only come from we, the people.’

        I agree with this. Election results, polling results, turn-out at marches/protests are just not yet large enough in favour of Scotland’s independence to influence – to put pressure on – a Westminster government and its Unionist allies, and not enough to attract and hold the attention of the international community.

        Accepting that anything over a 50% vote in favour of independence would/should be enough to dissolve the Union in a democratic event specifically for the purpose of deciding that matter, in advance of such an event we still – arguably – fail or at least leave uncertain the result of the (albeit wooly) Good Friday Agreement ‘test’.

        Extract: ‘SCHEDULE 1 – POLLS FOR THE PURPOSE OF SECTION 1 (with my emphasis)
        1. The Secretary of State may by order direct the holding of a poll for the purposes of section 1 (i.e. a border poll) on a date specified in the order.
        3. The Secretary of State shall not make an order under paragraph 1 earlier than seven years after the holding of a previous poll under this Schedule.’

        If at EVERY election, in all polling research, in every ‘yes’ march over recent years there had been an uplift of say 10-15% on present, ‘evident’ levels of support for independence we would be in a different place in terms of pressure on Westminster and impact internationally. Campaigning to get a decision making ‘event’ is important – obviously – but equally or maybe more so at this time, is increasing the number of folk who will actually express their support for Scotland’s independence whenever and wherever the opportunity to do so arises.

      • Jim says:

        ” The reason we are not independent is the Scottish people haven’t wanted it”


        Oh yes they did! As can be seen from this survey by Edinburgh University following the 2014 vote.
        In any other country in the world only natural born citizens are allowed to vote on General Elections or Referendums regarding constitutional issues.
        My sister has lived, worked, paid her taxes and raised a family in Denmark for the last 50 years and is not allowed to vote in either a General Election or a referendum because she is not a Danish citizen.
        Same with my brother in law who lives in the USA. Lived there 21 years.
        Same with my cousin who lives in South Africa. Lived there 50 years
        Same with another cousin who lived in Kenya. Lived there 25 years.
        Our host, who lived in Spain, will have been in the same situation.
        Yes, they can vote in local elections, but certainly not National Elections or Referendums regarding that countries Constitution.

        And yet anyone who had moved to Scotland was allowed to vote, regardless of how long they had lived here, and may not even be here anymore. Ridiculous!

        Now I don’t know how this scenario came about. It may have been part of the negotiations between Salmond and Cameron on including 16 and 17 year old’s in exchange for everyone living here, I just don’t know.
        If it was, it was a really bad deal when you look at what the opposite was.


        Yes, the polls always show that Independence is highest amongst the youth vote, in opinion, but how often do they actually go to the polling station and cast their vote.

        So I have to disagree with you on this occasion S_S and I’ll be fair by finishing your reply “Not enough anyway”.

        But how are we to get there when half a million English, Northern Irish, Welsh and all the other nationalities living in Scotland at that time were allowed to vote on Scotland’s constitutional future, of which 97% of the English voters voted NO.
        And the 750,000 Scots living elsewhere in the UK were NOT allowed to vote.

        The Scots DID want independence and voted accordingly.

        • Capella says:

          Draw up a constitution. Specify who can vote.

        • Alec Lomax says:

          Ok apartheid is what you want.

          • Jim says:

            Apartheid! That shows your knowledge of history which is nil and insulting.
            If you’re going to decry someone get your facts right.
            What happened in South Africa with Apartheid was a white minority imposing their will on the the majority of Ethnic Black Africans.

          • Jim says:

            Get your facts right before you decry people.
            Apartheid was the white minority imposing their will on the majority of ethnic black Africans which was rightly sanctioned by the rest of the world until democracy prevailed.

            • GGP says:

              If you consider democracy arrived in South Africa when apartheid was rightly abolished then you are deluded. All over Africa it is ‘one man/woman, one vote…..ONCE’.

        • johannacef says:

          I’m 60. I’ve lived in Scotland since I was 9 months old. I hope I’m Scottish enough?

        • James says:

          In any other country in the world, only natural-born citizens are allowed to vote on General Elections or Referendums

          That’s just not true though is it. The UK allows non-UK-born people to vote in General Elections & referendums so your claim is incorrect even before we get to ‘the rest of the world’.

          But let’s play along and say that only ‘natural born’ Scots could vote (including those living elsewhere in the UK). You would be excluding Michael Russel from voting but allowing Michael Gove to Vote. Excluding the half dozen or so SNP Mps/MSPs who were not born in Scotland from voting but allow Andrew Neil & Andrew Marr to vote.

          I really don’t think you have thought things through properly. How about we just concentrate on getting people who live in Scotland (no matter where they were born) on the benefits of voting for independence rather than telling them that they can’t vote because of where they were born.

        • My wife’s French. She voted Yes. The Scots born brits up the road voted No.

          My local SNP was born in England of an English mum and has a Welsh granddad.

  10. Hamish100 says:

    Pity about 2014. How did that happen? Arguably it set us back 10 years.

    • Dr Jim says:

      Indeed, the 2014 successfully planned disaster for Scottish independence didn’t work, instead of just giving up on the idea like we were supposed to, Scots reflected on what they *coulda won* and now want it much more than they did then

      Pretty much like most things really, people need a second go after they realised they got the first one wrong

      That’s why the English made sure of no second referendums on independence and Brexit, Scotland only got two goes in the 70s because England needed that result to look like they were a democracy to the then EEC

      If England needed Scotland to be independent because we really were subsidised by them there’d be a referendum *granted* tomorrow, and they’d take the credit for doing the will of the people

  11. So, we’ve had days of revolting bigoted headlines now across the British about normal procedures being followed and absolutely nobody being put at risk by anyone. The UK really makes me physically sick. It’s a truly disgusting craphole of a country. So glad I never have to show a British passport again in my life. I’d be so ashamed.

    What’s interesting though, and being missed, is these attacks are being directed by the BBC etc against Scottish Labour and the Lib Dems. They support the GGR legislation. They support LGBT rights. Welsh Labour backs the right of Scots / Welsh / NoI folks to hold indyrefs. British nationalism is launching an all out assault on Scottish / Welsh / NI unionism.

    My ghast remains truly flabbered at this. Has me totally lost as to what idiots in the UK government / British media thought this recent GRR hill was a good one to die on. Picking a policy supported by Scottish Lab / Lib and a good few Tories? One about minorities too, punishing them for something totally unrelated to them? No wonder lots of unionist are fuming with them starting to fight like rats in a sack. When you have these calling the SoS ‘Viceroy’ you know the game is a bogey.

    Attacking devo is, ultimately, an attack on Scottish unionism. Sure unionist cheered nervously at the assault on iref2, but they’re not so happy now are they. This is their baby being attacked. What they devised it to keep Scots from voting for indy. Well, their own supposed side is now attacking it full on.

    Not long until undy now folks.

  12. Tatu3 says:

    OT. The gold mining company in Scotland wants to open new mines, and “grow, grow, grow”. It’s worth a great deal of money, does Scotland get any of it?
    It also seems to be making a bit of a mess of the countryside and is in a National Park. Who gave permission, uk or Scottish government?

    • Dr Jim says:

      The investment in this project has been on the go for a good number of years and has had several setbacks, but indeed there is gold aplenty buried deep inside them thar hills of Scotland, there also used to be silver mining undertaken on some of our islands also, I have an Iona silver ring tucked away in a drawer that I’ve had for over 50 years

      I don’t think we’ll be having a Klondike style invasion of gold prospectors staking their claims anytime soon though

    • You can’t help but feel the BBC headline is intended to give the message ‘Other countries have lots of gold mines but Scotland only has one so it can’t afford independence’.

      • Dr Jim says:

        Plenty of gold lying around on Ayr beach by tea time in the summer

      • Welsh_Siôn says:

        Cymru has a few mines – and the gold is exported regularly to England to make wedding rings for Members of the House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha-und-Windsor.

        Remind me again: Who is subsidising who?

        • Dr Jim says:

          That lot go through a lot of wedding rings, but they’re all ruled by the one ring *the precious* the ringses of power, and they shines it up and keeps it clean and makes it nice coz we likes it, doesn’t we precious
          I know, I’ve taen that too far now

          • Derek says:

            They had Andy Sirkis on radio 5 reading the traffic as Gollum after the first film was released. “Slow traffic there is on the M40, preciousss…” and so on. Probably find-able.

  13. drdavidrae says:

    The Tories greatest fear is Scottish independence, they will do anything to prevent it. Thus it is the strongest weapon against them.

  14. I think that this and recent statements by our FM are a deflection from the total incompetent GRR bill. Events have shown that by ignoring various amendment requests to the bill it has come back and bitten her arse. I am not happy with the clause 35 but in truth the bill is so bad at protecting women that have a uterus that it is good WM has stopped it. WM have been clear that with sensible safeguards for women it would pass. This is the reason for clause 35 as defined in the 98 act.

    • jfngw says:

      You sound like a Bla Bla party supporter. Anyone who supports another country having a veto over our parliament is not in reality fully on board with independence.

      P.S. not all women have a uterus, for a myriad of reasons.

      • andyfromdunning says:

        Actually I have voted for the SNP from 2007. But I simply wish the party put the same effort into independence as they have politically into the GRR Bill. Yes the bill had a huge majority in Holyrood which our FM made lots of political capital from. The Bill is unsafe to many mainly women hence the clause 35.
        Due to the party doing another broken promise regarding a plebiscite election late last autumn since last I will now vote Alba.

    • James Mills says:

      Grrrrrr ! Is my immediate response when hearing ( again ! ) that the FM’s GRR bill is a mistake .
      Who voted for this – Nicola Sturgeon on her own ?
      How did she get it through the Scottish parliament ? Did she browbeat all those opposition MSPs who are always so willing to accept the FM’s word on everything and never criticise ?

      And if WM has the answers to this impasse why did the Union Jack or Kemi Badenoch refuse to come to Holyrood and explain what the ”sensible safeguards for women ” are that would allow it to be passed ?

    • Stephen McKenzie says:

      Andy, good to see you have come back to this site again.

      • andyfromdunning says:

        Thank you.
        I left it a while ago as any opinion that went slightly against the SNP got attacked as did my note above. The note was not anti SNP if you read it. The FM must take flack for this incompetent bill.

  15. Hamish100 says:

    Andy- the bill was passed due to a majority of MSP’s voting for it. SNP, LABOUR, LIB-DEM, GREENS and TORY

    Until this manufactured angst, Westminster were to follow a similar route. As for the Westminster and the bbc how have they performed in protecting women? Rolf Harris, Jim Saville , sorry Sir Jimmy Saville , metropolitan police, the numerous sex scandals etc.

    I have to say I think you have came onto the wrong blog. I believe there is this lib dem guy from Bath, England where you may find more comfort.

    We don’t need a foreign government to run our affairs, warts and all.

    • andyfromdunning says:

      I am against the GRR bill as in is in legal jargon ‘incompetent’. This means it is unsafe.
      I have been active for independence since 2013, are a member of my Yes group, I do street stalls. I have also convinced 32 people to vote Yes, four of them Conservatives. How is your track record?
      Voting from 2007 to Nov 22 for the SNP. Changed to Alba due to yet another broken promise on independence from the SNP when they binned a plebiscite election in 24. They could have had a Holyrood vote this year also.

      • Hamish100 says:

        With the greatest respect.

        Ps being on the beat for independence since the early 70’s. 32 is a trifle but worthwhile just the same so good on you. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

      • Apropos of nothing, but the last Holyrood VI poll, about 3 weeks after the GGR bill was passed was thus:

        82% Pro-GRR bill parties
        18% Anti-GRR bill parties

        Indy supporters have an anti-GRR option in the form of Alba. Unionists have various options, with the Tories being the obvious.

  16. Skintybroko says:

    The media are the biggest threat to independence, the constant bombardment of SNP bad, SG bad means independence is bad, I have several acquaintances who believe the drivel and are aye but even when I point them to sites like this and Talking Up Scotland – until we get impartial reporting on our TV’s it is going to be an uphill struggle

  17. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    UK tipped to have the weakest major economy in the world in 2023…..

    However today much of the televised media , both mainstream and rogue channels, are using the excuse , among their many many OTHER excuses, of that which HQ lackey Dross accused Nicola Sturgeon of …..as in “hiding behind the Covid shield’…..as apparently all people within their UK are expected to believe that no other major economy has been what ?….as ‘UNFAIRLY’ or MORE impacted by Covid consequences, invasion by Russia in Ukraine, cost of living crisis……poor wee UK hit the hardest via all of this…. IF , that is , we are to believe the media and certain TORY politicians…but not nay NEVER because of the unique factor that is Brexit UK….oh no as that has apparently LITTLE impact in comparison to all of the other factors as noted by the media and Tories …as in all of the very SAME factors which all OTHER countries in World are also living through…..but are not as IMPACTED as the UK…..such a mystery is it not….but only if you are one of THOSE people who are consistently unable or unwilling to join THE dots that is…..

    Make sense ?…..it does not have to in their UKnotOK……they just have to still convince the BELIEVERS of Brexit that everything is OK and too those others who perhaps allow themselves to be brainwashed mainly due to their LIMITED sources of news and information….and I might add also their obvious lack of critical thinking and common sense……as in what is it that makes their UK unique in being ” tipped to have the weakest major economy in the world in 2023″…apart from the other obvious negative in also having a TORY UK government for over 12 years in the UK ….as that too must also be accountable for the mess in the here and now….plus THEY instigated and implemented Brexit…..

    Meanwhile ….MSM and rogue channels do their best in their constant campaigning for the (non) Union in targeting our FM and government on a bill that had cross party support in Holyrood but is ONLY being linked to ONE party and it’s leader……and the fake and failed 2014 Nostradamus aka JK Rowling is doing HER bit in lending HER voice on behalf of the (non) Union to try to ensure this particular matter, GRR bill, grows arms and legs…..while failing to show the same ‘support for women’ as vocally and with the same unrelenting force and persistence when the rape Clause, Waspi scandal and indeed austerity measures were introduced by the Tories……which all, have resulted in negatives consequences for SOME women, but have had no direct impact or harsh consequences for a woman like JK Rowing but instead impact OTHER poorer women in society who , unlike Rowing , are not protected by having MILLIONS in the bank and thus she is spared suffering the harsh realities and consequences these SPECIFIC tory measures and policies have imposed upon those same less wealthy WOMEN that she , supposedly, NOW is championing in their rights as women……or rather in her being very ‘selective’ in what she fights FOR and who she fights AGAINST in her constant personal vendetta against our FM, the SNP and too very much against independence for Scotland……so obvious is her motives tis embarrassing….for HER that is…..

    Let’s not ALLOW them to dictate , yet again, what WE in Scotland deem as important or want…..let us all keep focused on the real possibilities and potential benefits that can be the case with gaining independence and also focus too on the worse alternative for our country of which there any MANY MANY examples to cite….as in the staying within their weak UKnotOK……the current (excessive) debate that they, British nationalist, are pushing on the GRR bill is but the tip of the iceberg of things to come….but overall and with all things considered….. tis not us, on the independence side, who currently are up against it…..but tis their UK….. which is currently most definitely in the worse economic and political position for them in their fight against us gaining OUR freedom from it…. as in our freedom from the failed and corrupt state that is their UK…..and they KNOW it….

    Let’s NOT allow them to deflect away from and dilute OUR positive arguments for independence…..they , the pro UK side , are on the ropes with their supposed but not pro UK weak and NON arguments which is why they are ALL currently, via the GRR bill, so desperate to muddy the waters in trying to incite rage and opposition ONLY in order to, yet again, try to bring down our FM, Scottish government and indeed very much independence too for us in Scotland…and thus that proves tis NOT us who are on the ropes…..as our arguments for independence are STRONG, positive and justified hence why we think they doth protest wat TOO much on this…..and they KNOW it…..

    However as sure as night follows day there will be many OTHER issues in the future that they, the Pro UK side, will focus on with a combined relentless faux indignation, faux concern and too with their extreme pro UK partisan position……that’s their JOB…..meanwhile all that they touch, both politically and via the media, turns to s**t ( rhymes with PIT) but we are all expected to minimise that actual TRUTH…..for reasons…all TOO obvious.

    Let us no longer allow them to dictate the narrative ……independence ONLY.

  18. Bruce MacDougall says:

    Almost everyone agrees that a democratic process must be used to regain self determination for Scotland, such as a referendum, which Westminster cannot allow to be held again. So why continue to fight under British (English) State rules? It’s past time that Scotland has to use existing International Law’s, the UN with the Vienna Convention, the International Court of Justice as well. Ask the UN to hold and oversee a referendum on Scottish self determination or even go straight to the UN decolonisation process which takes about two years. The best thing about the international route, is that once started Westminster has no say in the process, and cannot stop it.

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