Coronation sicken

The beginning of May would be a very good time to escape the country, if you can afford to seeing as how the energy price cap comes to an end in April and millions of households will be struggling to afford their gas and electricity bills, a Westminster created utter disgrace in a country such as Scotland which produces several times more in energy than it requires for domestic consumption.

King Charles #NotMySpaniel has displayed the Windsors’ unerring inability to read the room by refusing to settle for a pared back coronation. Not at all, this immensely vain and self regarding man wants the whole show with all the bells, whistles, equerries, brocaded trumpeters, massed ranks of ermine clad lords, RAF fly-pasts, and mounted cavalry in highly polished breast plates that public money can buy, all so he can sit on a gilded throne while an arch-bishop plonks a jewel encrusted hat on the head of a plonker, a head filled with nothing but an over-weening self-importance.

The Coronation will stretch over three days in early May with the actual jewelled hat plonking taking place on 6 May. The costs of this exercise in gilded self-indulgence will run into the many tens of millions, some estimates put the cost at as much as £100 million, and this at a time when we are told that there is not enough money to pay nurses a living wage that means they do not have to rely on food banks in order to ensure that their kids have enough to eat and public service workers across many sectors are being driven to take industrial action.

Although the Coronation celebrations are scheduled to take place over three days, they will be preceded by weeks of interminable hype on the BBC as BBC  and Sky presenters desperately seek to shoe horn coronation references into every news report, story, and light entertainment show with obligatory vox pop pieces asking random passers by how excited they are about the coronation on a scale from Wheeeeee! to wetting themselves. And of course there will be the traditional tonguing of the royal arse from the BBC’s resident monarchical oleaginst, Nicholas Witchell. After all, no royal event in the UK would be complete without switching off the telly in disgust because that insufferable man is sliming over the TV screen again.

The big coronation blow out comes less than a year after millions of pounds of public money were spent on the Queen’s four-day Platinum Jubilee, and will be just 42 days before yet another pointless show of royal pomp and circumstance for the monarch’s annual birthday parade, Trooping the Colour – Charles’s first – in June. The UK Government acknowledges that it set aside £28 million of public money to cover the cost of the Platinum Jubilee, the real cost was certainly far higher. The forecast costs of the coronation do not include the money that will have to be spent to keep Prince Andrew out of public view for the duration of the proceedings. Neither does it include the economic impact of closing down the entire country for three days in order to sing the praises of a man who doesn’t give a thought for the impact of his privilege on everyone else.

Just last week trains to Ayr from my local station were cancelled all morning because Charlie’s diesel guzzling private train was occupying a platform at Ayr station for several hours because he, Camilla, and their retinue of valets, toothpaste squeezers, underlings, lackeys, and fnaugh-fnaughing aristocratic hangers on were on a jolly to Dumfries House, a property funded by public money and various heritage charities (£5 million of which was contributed by the Scottish Government) which Charles treats as a private residence for himself and his huntin’ shootin’ and fishin’ friends. It’s safe to assume that the disruption and inconvenience he caused to local people did not register with him.

There were initial reports that Buckingham Palace was going to opt for a pared back coronation in order to appear sensitive to the difficulties struggling households face. But then after consultations with the Spaniel and his lackeys it was decided who cares about being sensitive to the poors. No, said the Spaniel, let’s go for the full fat flummery. That’s the message we want to send here. Apparently the coronation is seen as an invaluable opportunity to sell Britain to the world, because it seems that the world is desperately wanting to buy Ruritarian pageantry, clueless entitlement, and tone deaf symbols of privilege. This is what passes for advertising the UK these days. It raises the obvious question, if this is what they are advertising, just who do they think they are selling to?

The expensive ceremony is not a constitutional requirement. Charles is already king, He automatically became king the moment that his mother passed away on 8 September last year. The constitutional niceties were taken care of when he was officially proclaimed king on 10 September when the Accession Council , consisting of members of the Privy Council, gathered at St James’s Palace in London in order to make a formal proclamation of Charles as the new monarch. The Clerk to the council read out the Accession Proclamation and Charles swore an oath to uphold the independence of the Church of Scotland, and that was the Constitutional requirements taken care of. The Coronation is not necessary. The Nazi sympathising Edward VIII was king from 20 January 1936 until his abdication on 11 December 1936 even though he never had a coronation. This year’s coronation is merely a sop to the vast ego of an immensely privileged and entitled man. It’s Let Them Eat Coronation Chicken, or whatever other culinary monstrosity is invented in an attempt to manufacture public engagement with the event and to distract from the fact that this is coronation sicken for many many more of us than the BBC cares to acknowledge.

The majority of contemporary European monarchies today have either long since abandoned coronation ceremonies or have never had them in the first place. Only the British monarch still insists on a coronation ceremony. Yet the coronation ceremony is not even, as it is presented, a hoary centuries old tradition. Most of the modern ceremony was invented in 1902 for the coronation of Edward VII, another vain and insecure adulterer who had spent decades in his mother’s shadow and who demanded all the flummery and toadying that the British state could muster in order to further inflate his already bloated ego.

It’s a ceremony which encapsulates all that is wrong with modern Britain, the deference it pays to the obscenely rich, the exceptionalism, the lack of concern for the problems of ordinary people struggling to make ends meet, the celebration of feudalism and the democratic deficit. If this is selling the UK, Scotland is certainly not buying it.


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227 comments on “Coronation sicken

  1. Dr Jim says:

    I bet everybody just can’t wait to see what special cake Nadia will bake for great coronating event, Oooohee!! Wow!

  2. Hamish100 says:

    So the snp MSP is asked for a final for a comment on Bbc politics live at lunchtime.

    Of course she is then cut off.

    Offensive listening to ermine Arlene from Uulllsterrrr spouting nonesense on Scotland then the Lib Dem who mixed up her English justice dept with Scotland.

    Such ignorance in such a small programme

    • Dr Jim says:

      BBC Scotland were insisting Marie Todd was Shirley Anne Summerville this morning every time she stood up to answer a question
      The BBC have political staff, journalists, reporters, presenters who all attend Holyrood at one time or another, the SNP is and has been the party of government for quite some time, and still the BBC in their total incompetence can’t get anybody’s name right

      The BBC seem to know each and every one of the Tories and Labour very well though
      Maybe the SNP don’t have any brown envelopes

  3. deelsdugs says:

    Lauding their pomp and privilege over the brainwashed.

  4. I used to not really care about the monarchy. Was way down my list. Can’t wait to get shot of them these days. Maybe it was the Irish passport that did it… 😉

  5. jfngw says:

    Let them eat Duchy is the talk of the court.

  6. yesindyref2 says:

    Sorry to go OT so soon, but this myth has to be slain, and with Independence we’ll have no St George to do the deed. (joke).

    State Pension entitlement in an independent Scotland
    The key points of the Scottish Government’s proposals for State
    Pension entitlement are:
    ■■ for those people living in Scotland in receipt of the UK State Pension at the time of independence, the responsibility for the payment of that pension will transfer to the Scottish Government

    page 144 of Scotland’s Future, and if you’ve never heard of it, LOOK IT UP. It’s by the Scottish Government in 2013 – both Salmond and Sturgeon.

    Do you see that:

    the responsibility for the payment of that pension will transfer to the Scottish Government

    ooooh, has that changed, has the moon fallen out if its orbit. Oooops, no:

    The First Minister has stated that the Scottish Government’s position has not changed and this has been widely reported in the media. I can therefore confirm that the Scottish Government’s position on State Pensions in an independent Scotland remains the same as that set out in the 2013 publication Scotland’s Future Your Guide to an Independent Scotland.

    remains the same

    Thank you and guid night as someone once said. It’s near time for my haggis bonbons and haggis stack, both with whisky sauces, same as last night. Quite strange; at first I laughed at Sunak having a haggis toastie, with melted cheese, then I started to drool.

    Burn suppers and haggis for another 200 years or more … what’s not to like?

    • jfngw says:

      And some of us disagree with that position, England wants the successor state status, they take the successor state responsibilities.

      Nothing is agreed until the ink is dry on the settlement, although with Westminster even that doesn’t infer they intend to keep to any of the agreements they sign.

      • yesindyref2 says:

        But the basic state pensions is a benefit, not a debt. Debts come under the Vienna Convention for State Property, Debts and Archive or some such name – to which the UK has not ratified, though it’s a good guide.

        But benefits are ongoing government policy – the rUK Government could decrease the state pension or even abolish it, the iScottish Government could increase pensions. That’s policy not debts or assets. There ARE no assets for the state pension scheme, it comes out of current revenues (well, previous year’s).

        There IS a debt for civil service pensions, which were final year salary ones, and I think the NHS ones as well (no idea if that’s E&W NHS + or – SNHS).

        So, no, the basic state pension won’t be a debt for the purpose of succession of states, whether separation, secession or dissolution.

        • UndeadShaun says:

          All NHS, Police, Fire Service & teachers are all managed in Scotland by the scottish public pensions agency. These are seperate schemes to the English Techers, NHS etc which are managed in England. But have matching benefits and rules etc to those in England.

          Not sure about the pensions for similar in Wales.

        • jfngw says:

          I don’t see any difference whether you call it debt or benefit, it’s a liability owned by a government. The point was which government is liable to pay this benefit, is it the one which claims successor state and received the contributions, that’s contributions up to the day of separation, not after.

          If you say it is up to the each government to pay their own citizens then who is responsible for foreign nationals accrued pensions, does Scotland need to take on some of the responsibility to pay them, even if they have never set foot in Scotland. Are Scots then not just foreign nationals.

          Of course if you run a pension system on what is in effect a Ponzi scheme then it will eventually start to run out of cash and you need to increase the contributions, reduce the payouts or shorten the duration of these payouts. I think NI was around 5-6% when I first started working, it’s now 12%, state pension is now lower compared to average income in the 1970’s, the pension age has is increasing to 68 fairly soon 3 years more for men, 8 for women, life expectation in the UK is no longer increasing.

      • Golfnut says:

        Pensions in Scotland have always been paid out of the revenue generated by Scotland, it’s part of our pocket money, same for our SNHS and everything else, England doesn’t contribute anything. However Scotland can only accept pension liability if Scotland it is a continuing state, unfortunately the SG hasn’t declared that as it’s intention. Meanwhile England wants to be successor state and successor states accept all liabilities.

        • yesindyref2 says:

          But it’s a benefit, not a liability, nor a debt.

          Successor state or states maks nae odds.

        • yesindyref2 says:

          I see you’re on that blog for Fenwick’s great article. Bell blocked me for often disagreeing with him, ho hum. Anyways, here’s a background, I did a fair bit of research in Indy ref 1. From Scotland’s future page 145:

          Scotland’s total dependency ratio, that is the number of children and pensioners for every 1,000 persons of working age, is projected to remain below that of the UK for the next 15 years.” (from 2013).

          That’s good for the affordability of pensions. Also good is that our life expectancy is about 2 years less than the UK, so we get to draw the pension for 2 years less. It makes the pension affordable – from our own revenues. In fact we can afford it quite a lot more than the rUK can afford rtheirs, hence why we either get it earlier or get more (that’s policy).

          But I found out that in about 2030 there’s what I call a crossover, where it becomes less affordable than the rUK. That’s bad, hence why we need more young people migrating to Scotland to pay our pensions!

          Anyways, at the moment we’re actually definitely subsidising the rUK pensioners, they have their hands in our pockets.

          • Golfnut says:

            Only because of your link, really surprised at you being blocked 🙂 have you dipped your toe into ‘ yours for Scotland yet, ?

            • yesindyref2 says:

              Got quickly blocked for disagreeing with t he blogger and not backing down which was a bit of a shame, he was a great poster on the herald in indy ref 1. And yes, I got blocked from wings for, when he started going on about GRA, saying “Wake me up when you get back to Indy”. I think bloggers can learn more from people who disagree with them – it’s a different perspective and point of view. Oh well. I also got blocked from Murphy’s blog just for saying that a land tax had downsides just as much as council tax does. Yer oooot!

  7. Alice says:

    Charles is the high heid one of the class system of this wonderful U.K…He is a miserable sod and has been so since childhood…..He must make his leadership of his miserable class set up visible to one and all. Bread and circuses are to be called for.

    Any anxiety about the peasants twigging about the joke that is the monarchy will be relieved by the fact that most haven’t seen the joke or are about to. You’ll be ok Chick.

  8. Capella says:

    Queen Elizabeth was Head of State since 1953. This was such a long stint she became part of the furniture. There is no way King Charles can fill that role. He has so much baggage that he will never be able to present himself as a beacon of propriety.

    I suspect they will try to shoehorn Wills and Kate into the post as soon as respectfully possible. That means we have to look forward to a King Billy followed by a King George. No thanks.

    • yesindyref2 says:

      Wills, head of the English FA and supporter of England though he’s supposed to be Prince of Wales and something or other of somewhere in Scotland.

      What’s not to like?

      Yup, Willy has all the right qualities to Unite the Kingdom of parts of England.

  9. Capella says:

    From my latest Yes Cymru newsletter. I was wondering how Welsh people felt about having a Prince of Wales foisted on them without so much as a by your leave. Seems they’re not so wedded to Rule Britannia as Westminster wants.

    Why England Should support Welsh and Scottish Independence

    • Welsh_Siôn says:

      You probably know my answer, Capella!

      The first English PoW was foisted on us by Longshanks, too – without so much as a by-your-leave. Hence the cod ‘historical fable’ that the future Edward II of England was presented to the Welsh as not speaking a word of English and being ‘eich dyn’ (viz. ‘your man’) from hence the POW’s motto – ‘ich dien’. As I said, complete and utter nonsense historically and linguistically – but a story doing the rounds and accepted as truth during the Victorian Age.

      On a constitutional point, Mr Drakeford was not even consulted. (And despite everything, he’s a professed republican …)


      And in other news …

      Archbishop of Wales ‘in favour of independence’

      26 Jan 2023 2 minute read

      The Archbishop of Wales says he is “in favour of independence”, in order to “solve” the country’s problems.

      In an interview with S4C’s Y Byd y ei Le about the Church in Wales’s campaign to tackle the cost of living crisis, the Most Reverend Andrew John said that the “situation under Westminster is not sufficient”.

      The Archbishop, who has been in office since December 2021, said that it was his “completely personal” opinion but that he “understands the calls for independence”.


      • Capella says:

        Well done Archbishop of Wales – is he Anglican like Desmond Tutu 😂

        • Welsh_Siôn says:

          You remember that the Church in Wales (CiW) has been disestablished from Canterbury since 1920. Thus, the state (Wales) is separate from the Church – unlike England.

          It’s also the minority Christian denomination (and has been for centuries prior to Disestablishment, too). Ever heard of the (Non-comformist) ‘Welsh Chapels’ – the main one being the Calvinistic Methodists (non-Wesleyites), who have the shades of being Welsh Wee Frees.

          – A.N. Agnostic

          • Capella says:

            Yes I have heard of the Welsh chapels – do they not feature in Dylan Thomas’ Under Milk Wood?
            But I didn’t know anything about the CiW.
            – A.N. Other Agnostic (but I do meditate)

            • Welsh_Siôn says:

              The chapels do feature in Thomas’s work yes, but principally they are/were seen as representing the masses (Welsh speaking) against the tyranny of the landed (English speaking) classes who ‘ruled’ Wales post the ‘Acts of Union’ of 1535 and 1542. Further, they credit themselves in maintaining the culture, language etc when Cymru/Wales had no national institutions, laws or recognition for its language outwith the English and English speaking hegemony (c.1542-1872). I’d recommend a read of the definitive history of my country as I know you’re such a bibliophile.

              The Established Church (until 1920) was of course ‘a foreign church’ which took its tithes etc in a language not understood by over 90% of its attendees – no wonder they migrated to the chapels and instigated insurrections (Tithe Wars etc). Further the absentee clergy and bishops didn’t care a tuppeny toss about all this and got fat off the land of the peasantry whilst still preaching salvation to them in a foreign language – when the clergy bothered to attend their own services.

              Religious history is not really my thing, but when it’s tied up with the political history and cultural history of your nation you know you’re obliged to read up about it and share info. with others. (Not least if you/they have never been taught about it before …)

              Here’s a little background to the CinW, too:


  10. Izzie says:

    It is scary how powerless this makes me feel. I don’t want my taxes to be used to shore up this outdated unfair institution I voice my concerns whenever I can but people seem to accept this anachronistic concept the same way that they accepted Boris was accepted as just Boris.

  11. colin mccartney says:

    im hoping for a funeral before the coronation – not saying whose though!

  12. Bob Lamont says:

    The propaganda machine and the BBC’s total “impartiality” is on glorious show yet again.
    The “Transgender rapist Isla Bryson moved to men’s prison” story allegedly created by the BBC in Scotland is in prime promotion spot on the BBC UK, Scotland and Scotland/Politics web-pages, Sky News, the Spectator, etc., all the way down to the Great Yarmouth Mercury quoting Douglas Ross with 99% of the population oblivious to who or what he is or what this story is about…

    The media didn’t give a toss about Adam Graham or the crimes he committed at the time, the only report found beyond the current nonsense was on the Court case from the Clydebank Post

    Only when Alister Jack’s flounce over the SG’s Bill is taking pelters does this confected “Look, a trans…” substitute for a squirrel, and get fed to the media by the Tory propaganda machine that created Brexit….

    • Eilidh says:

      More of the same on ITV News at Ten tonight re this rapist There is an article on The National tonight claiming that the Snp Mp for East Kilbride Lisa Cameron wrote to AlistairJack asking him to intervene on GRR after it passed by the Scottish Parliament. The info in this article seems to have came originally from an article in the Daily Record a newspaper that often in my experience is not renowned for truth and wisdom. I am wondering if anyone knows is there is any truth about her writing this letter or is this more unionist misinformation

      • Golfnut says:

        I believe it was in a National article posted on FB, though when I went to read it later, intending to make at least one attempt to post it here, the article had disappeared. So?

        • Golfnut says:

          Thanks Alex, I meant not on FB rather not in the the National.
          I don’t know what to say about this Alex, I really dont.

      • Bob Lamont says:

        Whether true or not is for Lisa Cameron to explain, but this entire debate has been so dogged by sustained propaganda game that it has distorted perceptions with otherwise intelligent people.
        The current media interest is simply digging up any side issue to rescue Alister Jack from pelters after having a flounce.

        Yet the gaslighting going on over the rapist story quite mind-boggling.
        – The crimes were committed by this man as a man IIRC in 2016 and 2019.
        – His “trans” moment occurred later when the original GRA was in place, and he then was known as Isla Bryson.
        – What his ex-wife had to say about his “transition” was pretty damning in Court.
        – The trial found him/her guilty.
        It has absolutely nothing to do with the Reforms passed by Holyrood, yet the media are desperately trying to construct it.
        eg – The current conviction would have disbarred his “transition” under the original GRA just as it would under the GRR.

        • deelsdugs says:

          Of course they are Bob. This one has been brought to the fore by the lords and masters who own the bbc.
          Trying to stick, yet another blunt macehead axe through Scotland.
          They need to look in their own underpants and knickers, g-strings, posing pouches, whatever and cease with what will fart in their faces.

        • Legerwood says:

          Has he/she ever applied for a Gender Recognition Certificate under the GRA 2004 because that would be the only route available and can take a couple of years to obtain one.

          • Bob Lamont says:

            From his last his last “publicised” crime (that we know of) in 2019, you do indeed have a point.

    • deelsdugs says:


  13. Sadly Tom Nairn passed last Friday. His ‘The Enchanted Glass’ is worth a read. It was he who coined ‘Ukania’ to describe the outmoded Ruritanian style English Monarchy.
    His ‘The Break Up Of Britain’ series of essays is worth a read too.
    I read with not a little ‘told you so’ that 3 years in to Oven Ready Brexit England managed to produce just over 700,000 cars last year, the lowest production since 1956.
    Of course the car plants are now Indian, German, Korean, Japanese and US owned, so they are not really English cars any more.
    England has based its wealth and growth on being the world’s centre for Money Lending and Laundering drugs and sex trade ill gotten loot.
    Johnson’s ‘Singapore On Thames’.

    England doesn’t make anything any more. The few big manufacturers are foreign owned, and slowly but surely exiting England for the EU.
    So King Spaniel’s entourage will be ferried to WM Cathedral in Indian Range Rovers.
    The only marketing aspect of the crowning will be in showcasing gold encrusted carriages for Arab potentates..
    Wonder what the share price is for Guillotines-R- Us is at the moment?

    • P Harvey says:


      • Welsh_Siôn says:

        you all THOUGHT …

      • It’s always good to get a head start when one is thinking of diversifying one’s portfolio, W_ S, doncha think?

        • Welsh_Siôn says:

          a head start … in the guillotine manufacturing process?

          Was that intentional, Mr C? 😛

          • You think, W-S?

            I’m taking a break while Duggers flog GRA to death on here.
            It’s boring fare..
            It’s not that there’s anything else worth comment, like Jeremy Rhyming Slang’s ridiculous speech today, or Bear Grylls, now Head Scout apparently, on BBC all day promoting the Coronation Bank Holiday Monday Rise of the Charity Volunteers nonsense.
            We need professionals paid good wages to support a civic society; not Beg Society ‘volunteers’.
            Of course, the ‘Third Sector’ free workers is a Tory wet dream.
            Not once did Hunt reference Brexit…
            The Blue and Red Tories are intent on destroying our society.

            England is in tatters.
            Can we shut the feck up about GRA and rapists?

            Duggers, you are playing right in to their hands.

            Dross got fed red meat to feed to the Ultra Right witch hunters.

            All transgender individuals are potential beasts out to rape women..he declared from the floor of our Parliament, during FMQ.
            Duggers, get back on message for feck’s sake.

            Independence topics, please.

  14. Giselle Maxwell, former hubby and friends, are real crossover stuff when it comes to Scottish politics right now. Quite something that we can talk sex assault risk and Royals without going off topic.

    Anyhoo, I’m sure this will all work out really well for cross border labour relations.

    Keir Starmer to take direct control of Scottish Labour’s gender policy

    …speaking to BBC Radio Scotland, Lennon said that Murray’s view was “disingenuous” and did not reflect those of the Scottish Labour MSP group.
    “I think to get into making this about ‘Oh it’s two governments, why can’t they just along?’ … I think that’s really disingenuous to frame it in that way…

    My ghast remains flabbered over the unionists picking this hill to die on. It’s all unravelling at quite a rate of knots.

    It would be truly something glorious if this is, as it increasingly seems to be, the straw that breaks the camel’s back. If so, an award, in absentia, will be due for at least one blogger from somerset for all the effort put in to bringing it to the fore.

    • Golfnut says:

      As far as Murray is concerned no matter what colour of westminster gov is in power, if they say jump the only question the SG should ask is, how high?

  15. Hamish100 says:

    If a male sexually assaults another male and is found guilty. Should they be sent to a female prison to protect other male prisoners?

    If a female sexually assaults another female should they be sent to a male prison to protect female prisoners?

    If you are a male metropolitan Police Officer should you just be jailed?

    This is 2023 Politics Scotland.

    News managed by another country supported by state funded journalists.

    Gutter journalism is too nice a term for them.

    Takes the news away from corrupt Tory politicians though.

    • You were ahead of me here. Just read this utter nonsense from Labour’s Cooper on the BBC:

      Speaking to the Today programme on BBC Radio 4 on Thursday, Ms Cooper said: “It should be clear that if someone poses a danger to women and committed crimes against women, they should not be being housed in a women’s prison.

      Ok, so where do we put Andrew’s good mate Giselle?

  16. Dr Jim says:

    Complaints from women inmates at Cornton Vale demanding the male prisoner be brought back to them, and male inmates from male prisons demanding the female be brought to them

    Typical Scotland, comedy everywhere, nobody wants a bad criminal on the outside, but inside he/she’s very special

    • High security facilities holding paedophiles, murderers etc are now ‘safe spaces’…

      I used to think they were places where we sent people who posed a persistent criminal risk to the public. Safety was being outside of them. Seems I must be a bit of an old school conservative in my thinking here!

      That’s how much contortion is going on! 🙂

  17. TBH, there’s maybe merit in the idea of housing male and female prisoners together, at least if they’re not considered a physical danger to each other.

    Prisons are a poor crime deterrent (see e.g. USA), and just locking people up for minor crimes, subjecting them to brutal treatment, just creates criminal factories which pump out re-offenders. Lives ruined, no prospects when they come out, so commit more crime and back in again. Everyone suffers, costs are huge.

    Prisons should be, first and foremost, not about ‘punishment / retribution’, but about keeping the public safe from people who commit crimes and are considered at a high risk offending again. Then, they should be places focused on having criminals come in, and leave as reformed people who won’t commit crimes again. This is how the Norwegian system works; their society has very low crime rates, much lower re-offending rates, and less than half our prison population.

    Would be interesting to know if mixing men and women was more conducive to people reforming. After all, that’s a much more normal society to be living in, representing the real world. Married men are considered safer bets for car insurance etc for good reason. It seems settling down settles them down…

    I’m not suggesting they share the same cells, loos and changing rooms, but maybe common spaces etc? Maybe even cells if they want to and are on best behaviour, showing they are serious about mending their ways! To an extent this already happens with prisoners close the end of their sentence with day release etc.

    Food for thought.

  18. bringiton says:

    My only regret about being retired is that I will miss a day off work to play golf during this event.
    I will instead take a few weeks holiday from the English media and their outlets in Scotland.
    The stuchie in the media about the Scottish prison service is completely manufactured in an attempt to damage our parliament.
    Don’t they have the same issues in England?

  19. Ken says:

    A storm in a tea cup. A mountain out of a mole hill. The justice system found someone to charge. Typical. Topical. Corrupt unionism about. Tory donors are funding the Party with public monies. Totally illegally. It is totally illega to fund a political Party with public monies ripped off from tax evading and non scrutinised pubkic contracts. Another few months the Tories will be gone. The monarchy a total mess and shambles of public monies going down th3 drain, A drain on public resources like no other. People are sick of it. Starving people. The masonic hierarchy. Racist,bigoted,misogynist and secret. They pay no corporation,capital gains or income tax. Kept secret under the Official Secrets Act, Totally illegal in a just and fair society, The UK the most unequal place in the world.

    Going to food banks in £thousands worth of clothes and private flights. It is disgusting. Hypocrites. The biggest consumers in the world. E
    Lecturing there.

    Sex offenders, adulterers, greed and corruption.

  20. yesindyref2 says:

    The National Grassroots

    The National unveils ‘Independence Activist of the Year’ award

    Not entirely sure the National understands the meaning of the word “Grassroots”.

    “Bow down and greet your Indy activist of the year”

    Meanwhile, back in the trenches while our masters wine and dine each other …

  21. Ken says:

    Too many prisoners are on the spectrum. Not diagnosed but on the spectrum.Without proper support. ADHD etc. Prison is not a great environment. Too bright and noisy, For those with addition needs. People are in prison as a result of drink and drug abuse. They should be in proper total abstinence rehabs. Prevention is better than cure.

    Thatcher – care in the community – prison. The child payments will cut poverty and crime. Police need diversity training. Lack of knowledge and legal training. A Domestic Abuse Bill That cannot be dropped or appealed, The Police Act as judge and jury.

    Women drivers did get lower insurance rates. They drive safer. Now standardise, Young drivers 18-24 are involved in more accidents. Their insurance is higher.

  22. Ken says:

    Norway is more prosperous, equal and fair, The sale of alcohol is restricted and higher in price as a proportion as income. The Scottish Gov has less powers to
    change things because of Westminster governance. Unequal and unfair. Total corruption of Westminster wasting Scotland’s revenues and resources. The Scottish Gov is doing a good job
    but being held back by Westminster interference. People are drinking less. MUP.

  23. yesindyref2 says:

    Mmm, perhaps we should then have some titles to be awarded by the King or Queen of Indy Grassroots (IG). Here’s some suggestions for this elitist group:

    KIG / DIG

    oh wait, what does this remind me of …

  24. Capella says:

    Westminster ploughs on through the destruction of the devolution settlement.

    Holyrood decisions are at the mercy of the Tory government

    Yet, there is a further concern about the way the UK bill has been drafted. A short clause would see UK ministers granted the power to amend devolved Scottish regulations related to the bill. This means that UK ministers could amend Scottish regulations in agriculture, animal welfare and environmental standards – all areas devolved to the Scottish Parliament.

    The Scottish Government has rightly opposed this threat to devolution and has refused to give it its legislative approval. Instead, it has called on the UK Government to amend it to ensure that it does not have an impact here in Scotland – a position affirmed by our Parliament earlier this week.

    However, despite all of this, the reality is that we may not really have a choice. And that reality is thanks to the UK Internal Market Act.

    • Golfnut says:

      I thought you might be interested in viewing this video on the GRR Capella. I’m not, like many, as informed on this subject as I perhaps should be.
      Is this correct, it’s an interview of a trans women by guy called Owen, former Labour MP.,

      • Capella says:

        Thanks Golfnut I have already seen this video. It’s by Owen Jones whose views I regard as misogynistic. While the arguments put forward are the usual anodyne ones we have all heard many times – “small administrative change” “no new rights”, “doesn’t affect the Equality Act” etc the fact remains Self ID does affect the operation of the Equality Act 2010 which was drawn up with the GRA 2004 in place. It is therefore disingenuous IMO.

        • Golfnut says:

          Well, ok, I guess that’s what I was looking for, can you give me a heads up on how it effects the Equality Act 2010. You don’t need to respond if you’ve better things to do, nor can I argue right or wrong regards on any part of this, so its a genuine question.

          • Capella says:

            Removing gatekeeping such as confirmation from two doctors or one doctor and one psychiatrist means that anyone can declare themselves to be transgender with no gender dysphoria diagnosis. This is open to abuse. Reducing the period when people must demonstrate they are living as the desired gender from 2 years to 3 months also increases the possibility of fraudulent claims.

            The change anticipates that there will be a large increase in people Self IDing and the 2004 Act was passed on the basis that a very small number of people would be affected therefore the pressure on wider society would be marginal.

            Safe spaces for women are already affected with organisations fearing that refusing access to transgender people would be unlawful. Organisations fear prosecution. The confusion arises because legislation uses “sex” and “gender” interchangeably. Safeguarding for women and girls has to be strengthened.

            • Legerwood says:

              It is not gatekeeping. Only ca 5000 people have obtained a GRC under the Gender Recognition Act 2004 which is still the Act that is in force in Scotland. Yet it is estimated that there are around 150,000 transgender people in the UK – in the 2021 census in England around 90,000 people identified as transgender.

              All of these people have effectively self-ID by living in the gender in which they feel they belong and as such have protected rights under the Equalities Act 2010. A GRC is rarely required in order for them to access the rights allowed to them under the Equalities Act 2010. There are quite detailed guidelines in place for things like women’s refuges, counselling groups for those affected by sexual abuse.

              In Scotland a transgender person does not require a GRC to be sent to a prison that accords with the gender in which they live. What is required, and is the procedure the Scottish Prison Service follows, is a rigorous assessment of the risk to the prison population from the trans prisoner and the risk to the transgender prisoner from the prison population as well as various other factors. This is a 3 day or so process during which the prisoner is kept separate from the rest of the prison population.

              In Scotland it is estimated that the GRR of self-id will result in fewer than 400 applications per year. I don’t think registrars in Scotland are going to be overwhelmed by the resulting requests for changes to birth certificates at that rate.


            • Do you have data for how many false GRC applications have been made under the current process?

              What about in Ireland under the self-id process? It’s been 8 years now, so there should be good data on whether it’s being abused.

              This is the only way to gauge whether there will be false applications.

              One thing that’s struck me is people trying to use whole population data (incarceration rates etc) to predict for GRC applicants. Erm, whit? You can only use GRC applicant data for this purpose. Only if everyone was applying for a GRC would whole population data be useful. 🙂

              And as for number of sex offenders in prison etc. Well, what if they all are? That means none will be walking into a registrars office asking for a GRC! Now of course they are not all locked up, but the number inside tells us absolutely nothing about how many are walking around as a % of the population, so we can’t use that for any form of risk assessment!

              Ah the joys of statistics…

            • Golfnut says:

              Thanks Capella, I see this has generated a bit of a debate which I’m not in anyway qualified to engage in, but thanks for taking the time to respond👍

        • I’m no Owen Jones fan, but do genuinely believe he hates women? What about, e.g. his mum? Does he hate her? I understand she’s a prof at Edinburgh Uni.

        • Legerwood says:

          The GRA 2004 was in place when the Equalities Act 2010 was drawn up but there is hardly any requirement for a GRC certificate obtained under the 2004 Act in order to access the Equalities offered by the 2010 Act. Essentially the transgender people who had their rights protected by the 2010 Act were self- Iding.

          • Capella says:

            I agree and said so above. The Equality Act 2010 took into account the GRA 2004. That is why gender reassignment is a protected characteristic. So is sex. Gender identity is not a protected characteristic.

            From the Act:
            The following characteristics are protected characteristics—
            gender reassignment;
            marriage and civil partnership;
            pregnancy and maternity;
            religion or belief;
            sexual orientation.

            It further clarifies gender reassignment:
            7 Gender reassignment

            (1) A person has the protected characteristic of gender reassignment if the person is proposing to undergo, is undergoing or has undergone a process (or part of a process) for the purpose of reassigning the person’s sex by changing physiological or other attributes of sex.

            (2) A reference to a transsexual person is a reference to a person who has the protected characteristic of gender reassignment.

            (3) In relation to the protected characteristic of gender reassignment—
            (a) a reference to a person who has a particular protected characteristic is a reference to a transsexual person;
            (b) a reference to persons who share a protected characteristic is a reference to transsexual persons.


            • ‘A person has the protected characteristic of gender reassignment if the person is proposing to undergo, is undergoing or has undergone a process (or part of a process) for the purpose of reassigning the person’s sex by changing physiological or other attributes of sex‘.

              This means how they identify / how they wish to be considered / referred to in terms of sex (she/he). It’s distinctly separated from the any physiological (hormones, surgery) changes.

              Ties in with what you linked to about the current GRC process application requirements with respect to ‘living as the opposite sex’. This was simply about adopting Mr instead of Mrs etc.

              It’s quite clear from this no medical / surgical changes are needed, which is good as we don’t want to pressure vulnerable people into going down that route. Maybe some will choose to do that, but they shouldn’t feel they need to simply to be called Mark instead of Mary.

              • Capella says:

                Sex is a biological phenomenon (chromosomes, gametes), a fact of nature. It is not simply an opinion. As a scientist I thought you would have known that. You are welcome to your own opinions but not to you own facts.

                • I am aware of this, yes.

                  Not sure what your point is though?

                • Genuine question, but if you met my nephew, formerly niece, would you insist on calling them by the name they don’t want? Keep saying ‘she’ instead of ‘he’ deliberately? Would you insist they use the ladies even if us guys couldn’t give a rats bahookie if my new nephew wanted to quietly use the cubicles in the gents?*

                  I hope you can answer this question truthfully and honestly. I’m happy to do the same if you want to ask me such things.

                  * When visiting at Christmas, I neither paid attention nor noticed which he used when we were out at restaurants etc.

                  • Capella says:

                    I call people what they call themselves. As for toilets – you’re a man, you can afford to be indifferent.

                    You tell me – if your nephew, for some unfortunate act, gets sent to prison, would you be happy for him to be sent to the mens’ estate?

                    • I call people what they call themselves

                      That’s great. This is self-id. My nephew calls himself a man.

                      The probability of him being sent to prison is incredibly small. I guess if that happened, the authorities would decide what was best to do based on risk. Transmen, like transwomen, are almost completely housed in the prison of their birth sex.

                • Ok, forget my question. I think we just are not going to really understand each other through BTL posts!

                  As long as we both support the right of peoples to choose the government that bests suits them, then we are on the same page in terms of the big picture and the rest is domestic politics.

                  Have a nice evening. 🙂

            • Legerwood says:

              From the Equality Human Rights Commission a fuller definition of gender reassignment showing that the protected characteristic begins the moment they decide to change their sex.

              “”A person has the protected characteristic of gender reassignment if they are proposing to undergo, are undergoing or have undergone a process (or part of a process) to reassign their sex by changing physiological or other attributes of sex (Equality Act 2010, Section 7 (1)). There is no requirement for a trans person to have any kind of medical supervision or intervention, nor to have a Gender Recognition Certificate, in order to be protected from gender reassignment discrimination. Trans people are legally protected from discrimination from the moment they propose to change their sex.””


              • Capella says:

                I think we are on the same page here actually. The following paragraph says:

                Under the Equality Act people are protected from sex discrimination on the basis of their legal sex. This means that a trans woman who does not hold a Gender Recognition Certificate is legally male and is treated as a man for the purposes of the sex discrimination provisions, and a trans woman with a Gender Recognition Certificate is treated as a woman. The sex discrimination exceptions in the Equality Act therefore apply differently to trans people with and without Gender Recognition Certificates.

  25. Dr Jim says:

    The government in England:

    Freedom of movement, gone
    Right to withdraw your labour, gone
    Right to protest, gone
    Right to be asked or answer certain questions by Scotland’s elected government, gone
    Right to complain about all the above, gone

    Not noticed a familiarity in all of this yet? Nice Monarchy blocking your view?

    Could it be the nice media not wearing uniforms that’s confusing everybody?

  26. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    Tory MP JR Mogg is joining GB News to host a show….

    Tory MP Nadine Dorries is joining TalkTV to host a show (first guest to be Boris Johnson).

    Tory MP’s Esther McVey and her husband Philip Davies host a programme on GB News.

    Reform Party leader Richard Tice hosts a show on Talk TV as does his girlfriend and both also guest on GB News programmes.

    Tory MP Dehenna Davison hosts a show on GB News

    Ex Tory MP Michael Portillo hosts a programme on GB News.

    Ex UKIP , EX Brexit party leader and now Reform party leader Nigel Farage hosts a programme on GB News.

    Ex Labour MP Gloria De Piero hosts a programme on GB News.

    Ex DUP leader Arlene Foster hosts a show on GB News.

    EX Brexit Party MEP and deputy leader of Reform party Martin Daubney is a stand in presenter on GB News.

    Reclaim party leader Laurence Fox has a show on GB News.

    Tory MP Nick De Bois has a programme on TalkTV

    Ex Brexit party MEP David Bull has a programme on TalkTV.

    Labour MP David Lammy has a programme on LBC Radio

    Labour MP’s Wes Streeting and Chris Bryant are ‘occasional’ stand in presenters on LBC Radio.

    Ex Tory leader in Scotland and now Baroness Ruth Davidson has a programme on Times Radio.

    In Scotland we have our own broadcast propaganda news against Scotland as in the BBC.

    The voice for the continued status quo of the (non) Union is well represented in their UK and indeed too is the excessive platform for those who promote the more extreme Right wing rhetoric that was and is supportive of Brexit …….as in those who either initially campaigned for Brexit… as in they… who were originally uber Brexiteers ……and too those Remainer politicians, who post the EU Ref vote, became ‘Born again Brexiteers’ as in converts who utilised nay hijacked the word ‘democracy’ to excuse their backing down against their former supposed strong support for Remain and strong anti Brexit position….. as formerly according to them, as former uber Remainer politicians , their UK leaving the EU would be extremely damaging ……post the Brexit vote result they hid behind the now overused and weak phrase( to allow them an excuse to accept the result of the referendum) in saying it was a ‘ democratic vote’ (aka a Get out of Jail card excuse for them) in order for them to then simply weakly submit to accepting all of the damage that they formerly said would unfold via Brexit and thus they KNEW it, Brexit , would result in all of the economic harm that we all now see and hear that is happening in their UK…… but hey just say “democracy” then apparently THAT then excuses all of the lies , economic damage and greed via those who promoted and won the Brexit vote……though another phrase was then deployed when we in Scotland called them out on Brexit … in them then saying ‘it was a UK wide vote ‘ to give THEM yet another excuse to once again ignore Scotland and too NI who both voted to Remain in the EU.

    This same UK via Ofcom shut down Russia Today as a channel that broadcast in the UK….the licence was revoked…..Ofcom found that RT had “breached the UK’s rules on IMPARTIALITY”……now whether you watched it or did not watch RT as a channel it does seem in today’s blatant TAKE OVER ,via the current newly formed TV and Radio channels within the UK , a tad hypocritical and indeed a clear case of UK double standards to shut down ONE channel for “breaching rules on UK impartiality” to then allow newly formed channels GB News and TalkTV to form and now still EXIST to do pretty much the SAME thing…..RT had various guests on from ALL mainstream political parties in the UK plus the rogues of other newly created political parties as in those parties with ever changing party names…. like the ex UKIP, ex Brexit party now Reform party leader Nigel Farage….and not surprisingly some of those same supposed mainstream politicians, who formerly were guests on RT Today , were very very quick to distance themselves from this RT channel when talk began to be promoted on it being closed down because of it producing……propaganda for the Russian government……one of the criticisms was isolated to just Alex Salmond’s show who was always referred to as the Ex SNP Leader…..whose show saw many mainstream politicians guest on it via ALL political parties…… NO Russian government propaganda allowed on UK TV but plenty of TORY government and rogue political parties propaganda IS allowed on UK TV (and radio) now in their UK……though that DOES sound about right in the corrupt and flawed state that is the UK as was BEFORE and still IS very much today does it not……

    SO…..who in Ofcom is going to challenge the NEWLY formed TV channels and radio stations in their producing political propaganda via who THEY as TV channels have as presenters on their channel and indeed what and who they as channels promote……with a stable of MP’s from the current Tory party who are in government in the UK and too current MP’s and ex MP’s from various (but largely Tory and extreme political parties) pro UK political parties and too whose choice of having extreme right wing ‘journalists’ (INO) who guest and present on these channels who promote fake news , right wing ideology and too a whole lot of hate and division in their UK…..who indeed will EVER challenge all of this when you have a political right wing stitch up via the establishment within their so called UK…..

    Here in Scotland we also have to contend with them as UK broadcasters with their anti SNP and anti independence propaganda and too we also have the bias of mainstream TV news channels like the BBC who seem to see their main objective as being protecting the Pro UK parties and their UK while demonising the SNP , it’s leader and too independence as a legitimate and just cause…..their output message is a constant #ScotlandIsSh*te and #SNPBAD ….while making it clear that their allegiance via output is one that mirrors the title of their channel’s name as in the BRITISH Broadcasting Company…..the clue IS indeed in their NAME ……

    This supposed ONE country that is often referred to as Great Britain is nowt but a fantasy island construct that is NOT great in any shape or form….. or as in the other title it is referred to (to include NI) i.e. the UK, which is not UNITED in any shape or form… is a terrible and unfair construct that has been allowed to be promoted and continue as somehow fit for purpose for ALL countries within it but it is NOT…..and whose dominance is only with ONE country within it and too it’s politicians who represent, via a MAJORITY, one country’s citizens within the BIG DADDY of all parliaments aka WM…….

    WE in Scotland, Wales and indeed NI are NOT represented in their UK via their political system, broadcasting or press but instead we are consigned to a colonial status in what we receive or rather what we are ALLOWED to have within their UK (which is very little compared to the ONE country that dominates in their UK)…..

    THEY are in charge via only ONE country in their political system, broadcasting and press……time MORE peeps in some OTHER countries within this so called but NOT United Kingdom WOKE UP to the reality of their unequal and unfair status as part of this so called but NOT actually UK………or everything we all deem as important and indeed in some cases essential (NHS) will be sacrificed by THEM via their clearly unfairly disproportionate dominance in their UK……the propaganda is rife ……the (right wing) writing is on the wall…..we, here in Scotland, either choose to vote, via a majority, YES to independence or we will , I am sure, SUFFER many many many negative consequences in the future if we do not as they do not NOW and will NEVER in the future speak for what is best for us and OUR country……simples really….tis they who TRY to make it complicated….for reasons all TOO obvious.

    Sorry for length of comment and also I do concede tis, via parts, badly constructed as a comment and worded ……but hope if you do read it…you get the gist of what I am TRYING (badly LOL) to say…… perhaps TOO many words when others more skilful could say it better with LESS words….

    At least I know my shortcomings …..pity others in Scotland could not see the obvious ones of others who promote the UK……

    Have a nice day everyone


    • Dr Jim says:

      Exactly the same tactics that were used to take over 1930s Germany
      Place all the people of the same views in all the positions of authority and you have total control without dissent

      British Imperialism wrote the tactical playbook on it

      • Dr Jim says:

        Google: British concentration camps in South Africa 1900
        To this day investigations into what they did have been thwarted stymied and crushed by the British government, but they still continue to grind out and expose the truth of what and who these *British* are

    • Golfnut says:

      Perfect when read out loud, which when I first tried made me suspect that you actually dictate your comment with one of those fancy connectors, still brilliant read.

  27. yesindyref2 says:

    Having had gigs where I used my statistics in a financial, manufacturing and even economics and scientific environment in my previous life, I can safely say that as far as the lottery goes, and it’s been going since 1994, the odds of winning the jackpot i.e. all 6 numbers were just less than 14 million to 1 against but amazingly, the lottery jackpot has often been won!

    • yesindyref2 says:

      Another interesting piece of information; the odds of someone having the same birthday in a year are about 365.25 to one against, and at a rough guess, the same age are about 50 to 1 against depending on age, for a total of 18,000 to 1 against!!!

      But in a worldwide population of 7 billion, the chances are we have about 400,000 twins !!!

      And some of us have even met some of them 🙂

  28. Dr Jim says:

    An Independent Scotland will raise pensions to the European average says Michael Russell

    I wonder and hope folk in Scotland understand how much that actually means in ££££££££s at a time when the Blue and Red Tories are planning to raise the pension age to 68 years in the next few years, Oh but of course the *King* wants you to *volunteer* to do stuff

    And see that’s OK if and when there’s a war or a famine, flood or a medical emergency but in 21st century Britain when we’re constantly told by Westminster *we’re* the 4th or 5th richest country in the world but all your poverty isn’t their fault, it kinda doesn’t make one bit of logical sense does it?

    Question: Why do multi millionaires want to be politicians in government when the wages for those jobs doesn’t pay for their lifestyles?

    Answers on the back of the tax returns you don’t fill in because you don’t earn enough

  29. Hamish100 says:

    Well done to Alan Cummings for returning his Brit empire medal.

    I do hope other will do the same.Maybe Jeanne Freeman who got an OBE for working with McConnell.

    I can think of a few MSP’s with the SNP who should be handing back their empire baubles to the Brit government. Jenni Minto from Argyll comes to mind too.

    Imagine sharing awards with the likes of Brian Wilson ex labour, Jackson Carlaw and suchlike.

    Makes you shiver.

  30. Jim says:

    If I may, I would appreciate if all on this blog would take a private moment to remember Barry Martin, the Firefighter who sadly died today in the course of his duties.
    We don’t know yet the circumstances in which he died, and that will be revealed in the investigation, but I have no doubt that he died performing his service to the community with the best of his ability.
    In my opinion he gave his all doing the job that he loved, and paid the ultimate price.
    I have a personal connection to this having served as a firefighter in Glasgow for 30 years from 1980 onwards and know full hand the dangers accepted by firefighters and the dedication to the community that they serve to do the best they can to protect people and property from fire.
    In fact the 3 main priorities of the fire service are,
    1. To save life
    2.To protect property from fire
    3. To render humanitarian services.
    These are the first things you are taught at training school.
    My heartfelt thoughts go out to his family and colleagues at this time. Behind the anonymity of his uniform goes an unsung hero.

  31. ‘Men are more dangerous than women and may abuse the GRC process to gain access to women’s safe spaces. We must protect women and girls’

    It is this kind of talk about black people that’s behind the death of Tyre Nichols.

    It’s why such talk is illegal under the Equality Act. All individuals, no matter their sex, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion etc are considered equal. None can be considered of greater risk to the public simply for having one or more protected characteristic. It’s appalling to have people suggest this; that’s the dictionary definition of prejudice / bigotry. It surprises me the number of people breaking the law right now – or sailing close to the wind here – in this debate, including quite prominent folks!

    • Dr Jim says:

      The white van man argument
      There’s always a group or an imaginary group to other so folk will fear or look at with disdain in order to take our eyes off the group that warn us about these other groups

      The world is full of Nigel Farageists warning us constantly “of the threat”

  32. andyfromdunning says:

    You are spot in Paul. When I discovered the date of proposed London shindig last year my wife and I sensibly booked a week long holiday abroad starting on Thursday the 4th May.

  33. Hamish100 says:

    On R4 earlier their was a telling comment about the undermining of Peru’s fledgling democracy by the right wing. By attacking its elected leaders, its people and their institutions they are try to make it ungovernable.

    For the life of me I couldn’t think of where else that is happening.🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

    • Welsh_Siôn says:

      You have to remember that Darkest Peru is the homeland of Paddington Bear, who despite initially starting off as an illegal immigrant to these shores, is now an icon of Britishness (erm … Englishness.)

      Why he’s *even* had tea and marmalade sandwiches with the late departed Queen and figures on two (TWO!) 50 pence coins.

      We must show solidarity with *all* Peruvians! Great Aunt Lucy’s life may be in mortal danger!

      God Save The Queen! (erm … King [ed.])

  34. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    Channel Four News last night reported that Greater Manchester Police reveals 98 officers are being investigated or face misconduct hearings over alleged sexual offences and that The Met previously said around 800 officers are being investigated over sexual and domestic abuse claims.

    The news presenter then said “the public are waking up to one of the biggest scandals in BRITISH policing history”……

    So had the above NOT been Greater Manchester and The MET police but say had been two Scottish police forces… wonders would this have been presented as one of the “biggest scandals in BRITISH policing history”……or would it have been defined as one of the biggest scandals in SCOTTISH policing history ……thus the SOLE culpability for this being identified as both the Scottish government and the Scottish Justice Secretary to blame….as past reports on various matters that are a devolved powers in Scotland has been presented as a problem deemed as accountable to Scotland’s government alone (with NO mitigating circumstances via involvement of the UK government)….. thus the fault is laid at solely at the door of the Scottish government and too the respective Scottish minister and there is a clear omission in EVER presenting it via a news report as a BRITISH scandal/problem…..

    YET both Manchester and London have Mayors , who as part of THEIR remit, are responsible for overseeing policing as part of their functions as Mayors…..

    Manchester’s Mayor is….Labour’s Andy Burnham……….London’s Mayor is ….Labour’s Sadiq Khan… who then is held to account for each of these police forces scandals…the mayor in Manchester has fiscal control over health, transport, housing and POLICE in the area… of the Mayor in London’s functions sees the Metropolitan Police report to him as the the Mayor of London instead of a police and crime commissioner.

    However both London and Manchester Police are also within the responsibility of the UK government and the Tory Home Secretary….

    Many have said it before on here that whenever a PUBLIC SERVICE is falsely presented as failing in Scotland and insinuated as UNIQUE to just Scotland then the FULL blame is placed at the door of the Scottish government…..and tis identified as a SCOTTISH problem…..not a BRITISH problem but a SCOTTISH one.

    The press and indeed the BBC website is very clear in who they see as responsible for any supposed failings in public services in Scotland (via criticisms from OPPOSITION parties) YET strangely do not account for failings in England and Wales as being the fault of the respective ministers in both England and Wales… many scandals/tragedies have we read and heard about in NHS England yet not ONCE has the Tory Health Secretary been asked to RESIGN ….instead the blame is laid at the door of the respective Health Trust/service in that area……..

    Keir Starmer has said in an interview that our FM ” might want to roll up her sleeves and concentrate on the Health Service in Scotland”…..also he said “the Education system is on it’s knees” plus he also said that ” Nicola Sturgeon might want to spend a bit of time fixing some of the problems that are under her control in Scotland”…

    Well can I suggest to him that he passes on the same advice to Andy Burnham and Sadiq Khan re their respective Police forces and indeed his pals the Tories in the UK government….. who he seems desperate to emulate and at times protect ……so instead of doing the Tories dirty work for them in slating OUR FM via misinformed and partisan tittle tattle passed onto him by his branch office in Scotland perhaps he should look closer to home and try concentrating on the failings of both his party i.e. Labour in Wales and too those in his own country i.e. England under the Tories where he also might want to suggest that they TOO as governments try to ” spend a bit of time fixing some of the problems that are under THEIR control” ..and also the two LABOUR Mayors who , as part of THEIR remit, oversee policing in London and Manchester.

    Obvious why his accusations had NO compare and contrast with his Tory run country, England, or indeed Labour run Wales…..perhaps he, Starmer, should also look at the increasing Knife crime in London (and other areas in England) too and then tell me who is FAILING to “FIX problems” on the sad and terrible multiple incidents on THAT tragic ongoing scandal that fails to be “fixed” by either the London Labour Mayor or the Tory Home Secretary…..though I suspect as per he will blame solely the UK government for that and too the many failing services in his country England and too in Labour run Wales ( also too will only blame police scandals in both Manchester/London under Labour Mayors as being solely the fault of the Tory UK government )…….had it been Scotland we all know WHO Starmer would blame SOLELY……and who he would say CONTROLS the policing here……

    BUT as per he will always continue to play politics when tis Scotland and lay the blame totally at the doorstep of our FM and her government…..he has a (non) Union to save …….unfortunately for Starmer the public in Scotland are becoming wise to his duplicity and shameful politicking whenever he speaks about Scotland….and for many here we see NO difference when we look at the Tories and then look at Labour…..cheeks of same A*se (rhymes with sparse)…..and thus why support for independence increases while support for their UNION (non) diminishes and much of that is down to HIM, his party and other British nationalist parties who wrongly assume that the majority in Scotland can be easily duped and manipulated as easily as those voters who campaigned for, voted for and still believe in Brexit… (hoping too that we ignore what we, here in Scotland, see and hear with our own eyes and ears and too ignore the here and now reality of HIS Brexit UK )……..

    Plus who , bar the uber British Nationalist, in Scotland believe or support his Make Brexit work slogan……which sees him adopt yet ANOTHER flawed and damaging Tory policy to appease and win back the Gammon votes while simultanously he is sticking two fingers up to Scotland via us voting, via a majority, to both REMAIN in the EU and too voting continuously for a Pro Independence party to govern us in Scotland…..he can stick his corrupt politics and crass statements in interviews where the Sun does not shine …..absolutely detest Labour as much as I detest the Tories….both are actively working AGAINST our country while determined nay falling over themselves to APPEAR to be working only FOR the other ONE country, England, in producing policies and ideas that suit THEM and THEM alone… in their Brexit UK……aka Little England……

    SHUT UP STARMER ……you are an absolute disgrace …….imagine a so called Labour leader winning and accepting an award from The Spectator as ‘Politician of the Year’ and getting his picture taken standing in between TORY politicians ……yet really not that hard to imagine when even a right wing publication identifies how TORY he and his party have become under New New Labour aka Tory lite (yet not as LITE as we may think indeed they are MORE Tory than the Tories really)…..the RED Tories (Blue shade of Red that is)….

    Pass it on NEVER vote Labour in Scotland……as you are voting for another version of the TORY party…..if they win the next GE it will be via DEFAULT not via being considered any BETTER than the Tories……and it will only be a matter of time before the Tories will eventually be elected yet again as the NEW government in Brexit UK come a future subsequent GE…..

    Independence is the ONLY way to make it all stop….including stopping hearing Uninformed mouthpieces like Starmer LIE to TRY and gain an advantage for his (non) Union ……….however on the plus side every time he speaks he sustains my , and others, rage which prevents us ever becoming apathetic thus ensuring we continue to fight FOR independence and indeed also continue to be AGAINST ever supporting or voting for ANY British Nationalist party in ANY election while still in their UK………….so ultimately tis a WIN WIN for Scottish independence support INCREASING….Yippee.

    • Dr Jim says:

      Supercalmacferryfiasco’s something quite atrocious
      If you say it loud enough it simply sounds precocious
      Supercalmacferryfiasco’s something quite atrocious

      Dum diddle iddle iddle dum diddle aye

      I didn’t make this up, the BBC in Scotland played it on the radio this morning
      Funny ? yes

      Deliberately designed to belittle the Scottish government, most definitely

      • deelsdugs says:

        Dr Jim, was that one of their stupid things with a different take that I heard the other week and is now a weekly thing denigrating and belittling Scots and the Scottish government?

  35. Dr Jim says:

    Multi millionaire heir to the throne of Britain Prince *Wills* and wife Princess *Kate* *volunteered* at a foodbank in Windsor to demonstrate they are a down to earth ordinary caring family just trying to *help*
    Local people gathered cheered and waved union flags

    Aah! now doesn’t all that sound just lovely?
    There were happy smiling pictures in the foodbank, and the recipients of the food parcels will be ever so grateful that their future King and Queen helped to pack the food personally with their very own Royal hands

    Aren’t we British so lucky

    • Shares in Guillotines-R-Us are up 20 points since the Royal Beg Society stunt.
      England has descended in to a corrupt little tyranny now.
      They are laughing in the people’s faces now.

    • Not-My-Real-Name says:

      Indeed Dr Jim….an obscene and obvious Royal PR exercise to CON the feeble minded sycophants aka SOME subjects that THEY ,as ROYALTY , supposedly care about SOME of their subjects (but do NOT)….. in seeing them as Royalty, courtesy of much publicised media , supposedly ‘volunteering’ to present the NORMALISATION of the existence and necessity for foodbanks within their Brexit UK….they, as Royalty, are too distanced from REAL life and the harsh realities of… via Brexit UK… to even see how crass this truly looks and is.

      A Brexit UK badly run by a corrupt and greedy Tory government that is responsible for the existence of these ever growing, in quantity, FOODBANKS throughout the UK…….

      Also a Brexit UK where elitist Royalty can, with no sense of shame or awareness, play the supposed CARE card in a VERY PUBLIC and tactical demonstration, via the media, that promotes THEM MORE as Royalty via another opportunity for a supposed but NOT positive photo op ….. as opposed to them as Royalty promoting the injustice and scandal of Foodbanks being needed within their UK during a time that their family REIGNS…. while they as royalty are safe in the knowledge that they and theirs as royalty will NEVER EVER be in a position where they, as royalty, will EVER need to use something like a FOODBANK…….meanwhile one’s Daddy the King will have millions spent on HIS coronation this year… super… will NOT require foodbanks for one’s supply of food for the catering for that elitist and uber opulent (non) event….what ! …how super.

    • Eilidh says:

      Definitely a case of how to patronise the poor and disadvantaged

  36. Welsh_Siôn says:

    Not of my political party, but I think we can still send our heartfelt condolences to the First Minister and his family:

    Welsh Government confirms sudden death of First Minister’s wife

    28 Jan 2023 4 minute read

    The wife of First Minister Mark Drakeford has died suddenly, the Welsh Government has confirmed.

    A spokesman said: “It is with deep sadness that we confirm the sudden passing of Clare Drakeford, wife of the First Minister.

    “The thoughts of everyone in the Welsh Government are with the family at this time and we ask that their privacy is respected.”

    Mr Drakeford became First Minister in 2018 and was reappointed to the post in May 2021.


  37. yesindyref2 says:

    Anyways, TGIF. Oh wait …

    On the theme I detoured off to yesterday, some more annual awards:

    The outstandingly devout atheist
    The most warlike pacifist
    The best conspicuous chameleon
    The noisiest quiet man and woman
    The grassroots activist of the year
    The emptiest teabag
    The nicest bill extortionate rise
    The most friendly bloodsucking moneylender

    and so on …

  38. Bob Lamont says:

    It has been almost comical watching HMS James Cook desperately promote their Isla Bryson rapist concoction to appear current, but what it demoted caught my eye, the death of a fire-fighter in the line of duty, as mentioned upthread.

    I doubt any in Scotland give a toss for the embarrassment of Alister Jack behaving like a colonial “governor-general”, but the “colonial “governor-general” ” of the BBC in Scotland and the Scotland Office propagandists most certainly do.
    Barry Martin was the first fireman to die in service since 2009, that’s 14 years without a fatality, is that not important news ?
    The death of Mark Drakeford’s wife doesn’t even merit a mention beyond Wales, is that not important news ?
    – To paraphrase James Roberston’s timeless skit, the news where you are is not the news where we are, tough shit.
    When decent journalism is abandoned in favour of a projected alternate reality, the sooner we leave them and their propagandists to THEIR alternate reality the better.

    • Jim says:

      Spot on Bob,

      The Cabal at BBC Scotland and their pals in the press are a disgrace to supposed ‘Balanced’ journalism up here.
      As Jack often says “when the last helicopter leaves………….”
      I don’t believe anyone will mourn when it shuts its doors for good.

      Condolences to Mark Drakeford and his family at this awful time.
      A very decent man.

  39. I see the BBC have another story about another trans prisoner. Britain is going the whole fascist hog. People will now be tried by the media. Forget the experts.

    And we know this is ultimately about the SNP/indy. Suddenly normal boring prison procedures are headline news. The UK makes me feel physically sick.

    I can see prisoners soon making cases against the justice system using the argument decisions made about them were subject to undue media influence. That’s where this leads.

    Meanwhile, I found this paper on ‘women’s safe spaces’ in the USA.

    Sexual Violence Inside Prisons: Rates of Victimization

    Rates of inmate-on-inmate sexual victimization in the previous 6 months were highest for female inmates (212 per 1,000), more than four times higher than male rates (43 per 1,000).

    It’s not just this test period either*. I don’t know the reasons why. Maybe dangerous female convicts use sexual assault while dangerous men use physical violence to exert power?

    Anyhoo, stats at face value suggest Bryson’s gone to a safer place where she’s less likely to be assaulted. Oh the irony.


    • Just going to quietly leave this here.

      Female prisoners in Scots jail involved in a quarter of sexual incidents

      October 28, 2015

      WOMEN prisoners are involved in almost a quarter of all sexual incidents in Scotland’s jails – despite making up just one in 20 convicts.

      Seems my transmale nephew might be safer in the male estate!

  40. deelsdugs says:

    Talking of telly (above), I braved the onslaught of the ITV ‘news’ at prime time, ‘live news’ even, last night – Friday. Well, the news-wifey in the bright pink was adding her bit about the next story after the break with a brief clip of what the exciting story was to be about (yawn). The brief clip finished, she then went on the say ‘welcome back’ even before the break had been taken, immediate fluster and shake of the papers, then quickly readjusted to ‘after the break’.
    If it’s live, then she too has a break, no? Is it prerecorded? What was that about? Did she just get her ‘welcome backs’ tied in knots?
    I found it highly amusing. Embarrassing for her, but amusing nonetheless.

  41. Golfnut says:

    Yesterday we find out Manchester has 200 officers under investigation, today massive coverage of a youth being murdered by police in America?

  42. James Mills says:

    I look forward to the Prince and Princess of Wales cutting the ribbon at the opening of the next Food Bank in Windsor . The World’s media will not be given more than a weeks notice of the ‘private’ event .

    Perhaps they will donate some past-its-sell-by date Foie Gras or a spare bottle of Chateauneuf -du- pape or perhaps a wee cottage in the country that they have no further use for ?

    I am sure that the local Cancer Research Charity Shop will be grateful for any old designer frocks that Kate has worn once and has thrown to the back of one of her many wardrobes .
    Likewise the many many exotic and expensive gifts handed over to the Royals when visiting their friends in oil-rich despotic regimes could be usefully recycled at any British Heart Foundation charity shop , where I am confident a photo opportunity could be made available to mark their anonymous donation for the world to see .

    What would we do without the Royals setting us an example of ”Charity begins at Home ! ”

  43. Dr Jim says:

    Prince Randy Andy air miles has been officially cleared of all crimes by the Telegraph comic, the front page bearing the photo of a bath with two people in cartoon masks as it’s headline news showing and proving beyond any shadow of any doubt that the aforementioned Royal is innocent because the photo of the bath shown is apparently too small for two persons to frolic in

    Pimlico plumbers was not contacted over any refurbishments since the previous bath was replaced

    The Telegraph is now officially worse than the Daily Express

  44. Reasons why they won’t let us vote, #42

    Norway Sees Oil And Gas Tax Revenue Triple To Record $89 Billion

    Norway expects to receive a record $89.5 billion (884 billion Norwegian crowns) in oil and gas tax revenue for 2022, triple the previous record in 2021, thanks to soaring gas prices last year, the Norwegian Tax Administration said in an estimate on Thursday.

    • Dr Jim says:

      It would appear *the Putin war* that is apparently causing all the worlds problems (we’re assured by Westminster Tory and Labour alike) is not driving Norway into penury, because they didn’t sell their own oil, like London’s Westminster mafia sold ours
      It beats me why Norway wouldn’t have ever remotely considered joining a union with England, why would that beee? hmm let me think

  45. yesindyref2 says:

    Condolences to Mark Drakeford, an outstanding politician twixt the dragon and the deep blue sea, managing to carve out a respectable and principled place for Labour, the only part in the UK that has for many a year.

    Then there’s Huw Edwards, and anyone who’s seen the Story of Wales (I have the boxset), would have our own opinions on his views about Independence for Wales which did indeed suffer in the past for being taken seriously. Not totally dissimilar to here in Scotland in my younger years, specially after the smash and grab of 1979 and Thatcher’s asset-stripping cronies.

    And now Indy is at 25% to 30%, not so much Indy curious as Indy hopeful, same as here in 2012. With a conference with thousands in attendance yesterday?

    Here’s the thing to do: put Wales into google, click maps and have Wales in the centre. What do you see? Not a lot compared to England, a road going in and out north and south to London and Manchester / Liverpool, with a Grun Stu from Bangor having to drive out, carry on the M56 to the M6, M5 and M4 to a hospital appointment in Cardiff. How deep is my valley? Ask Liverpool, they drink it.

    Which shows the priority of the “UK” for centuries – rip the resources out of Wales by the fastest route possible and sod the infrastructure elsewhere, it’s only sheep.

    Which also shows the priority for iWales – that same infrastructure. A decent motorway from south to north, landscaped cuttings, maybe the odd tunnel. And a railway. And perhaps a scenic dual carriageway Riviera style round the coast past all the cruise ship ports and beautiful bays. Rest stops, place for coaches.

    £100 billion sounds a lot, but if it’s spent IN the economy the economic multiplier is high, perhaps even more than the 0.6 I think it was Dalzieel came up with for defence, an industry that needs a lot of imports. Even with just 0.6, that cuts that £100 billion cost to just £40 billion, and if Wales wants this time to get back into the EU there’d be very substantial structural funds available, with Wales being a net beneficiary compared to Scotland a net contributor.

    And not just build that main infrastrucutre, but plan the connections, the industrial sites, the increased ports activity with exports to the EU and maybe even transience from Ireland.

    And here’s a thing, these are my ideas for Wales seen from the outside though I’ve been there often enough. You’d get the same from Welsh people looking at Scotland. Meet up, exchange ideas. Have a pint! We’re all in it together, as David Cameron famously said.

    • yesindyref2 says:

      And a main point of that is this:

      Your problems are your advantages, your reasons and need for Independence, don’t be afraid of them.

      Think what spending £100 billion for the nett cost of £40 billion could do for the economy of Wales. Or Scotland for that matter.

    • yesindyref2 says:

      But another thing. Think of Kola scoosh, sold in Wales with as few as 6 employees in Swansea and 4 in Mold, the delivery warehouses for the whole of Wales, with a regional manager swanning in twice a week taking his “team” out once a month, and then back to his hotel in Chester or Slough. Total benefit to the economy of Wales – £0.6 milion. Sales done from Slough.

      Total UK sales of Kola Scoosh – £280 million. Total sales in Wales at near 5% – £13 million.

      Change that to a decent National office, better jobs, sales and distribution done from Llandrindod Wells (chlan… as in loch), benefit to economy of Wales, £5 million. Multiply that by all the companies that treat Wales as a regional branch not an actual country.

      Ho hum!

    • Welsh_Siôn says:

      For further info.

      An Independent Wales could invest billions more in public services – report

      27 Jan 2023 4 minute read

      An independent Wales could afford to invest an extra £3 billion a year in public services, such as universal free childcare and public transport, according to a report by the Welsh think tank Melin Drafod.

      The discussion paper, published today, comes to the conclusion that there is a “credible argument that Wales would face a deficit … that would make [it] as capable as the vast majority of European countries to be independent.”


      • yesindyref2 says:

        It’s more vision I’m talking about. In Scotland there are some talking about a deep-sea container hub on the Clyde, or Forth at Rosyth. Freight and passenger ferries to different places in Europe. Carbon capture to meet the needs of 25% of the EU if not more. Space hubs in the highlands and islands and at Prestwick. Not just a slight modification of GERS to change some defence spending to welfare.

        Wales will probably have a similar problem, with some people taking the GERW from Swansea ac if I have this right, changing a few figures and saying “look what we can do”.

        Well, stand higher, climb to the top of Snowdon on a clear day. The horizons are much further away than a unionist hashing of accounts even with a nationalist makeover.

        It’s a big world.

    • Welsh_Siôn says:

      the Story of Wales (I have the boxset)


      I trust you don’t have the book. The book is the most appalling piece of ‘literature’ seemingly depicting the history of my country. It is riddled with errors and typos – as if it hasn’t been proofread at all.

      Far better is the John Davies book I recommended to Capella (and y’all) earlier.

      As for Huw Edwards, we know him for his father:

      and I personally worked (from a distance) as a voice over artist for students studying Welsh GCSE for Huw Edwards on one occasion.

      • yesindyref2 says:

        Interesting abut his father, explains a fair bit.

        Never read the book, but it’s the passion Huw Edwards narrated the Story of Wales. As far as he was concerned the known universe began, continued and would end with Wales. I’d strongly recommend watching it.

        Compare that with the bored passionless voice of Neil Oliver telling the History of Scotland according to the glorious precious Union and its subservient minions like him lording it over the Jocko rebellious plebs.

        Accuracy is good, it’s passion stirs the blood.

  46. Ken says:

    People can live in Wakes and work in London. A long commute. London heavily subsided by Westminster. Total congestion,affecting the economy.
    Thatcher policies directed transport through London, Canary Wharf and Tilbury Docks. Bankers fund the Tory Party with fund ripped off from taxpayers monies. Totally illegally. People fund the Tory Party to get unscrutinised contracts and profits for themselves, Sythoning £Billions off public monies that could be put to better use. HS2, Hinkley Point, PPE etc. £Billions lost. £Billion lost with Brexit. So Tories and their associate’s can defraud the public purse,

    £Billion lost on PPE not fit for purpose. That could have funded the Health Service.

    Wakes has lost £Billions in EU funding. Grants and investment. Westminster reneged on a tidal renewable energy scheme in Swansea. £1Billion. The mines were shut down with no alternative investment.

    Welsh unemployment 3.4%. Proximity to London S/E. Welsh taxpayers monies wasted by Westminster. Illegal wars, financial fraud and tax evasion,

  47. Capella says:

    Too late, Rishi Sunak exerts some authority and sacks Nadhim Zahawi.

    Nadhim Zahawi sacked by Rishi Sunak over tax affairs row

    FORMER Chancellor Nadhim Zahawi has been sacked by Rishi Sunak for a breach of the ministerial code.

    It comes following a growing row over a fine the Tory party chairman paid to HMRC over his tax affairs.

    The Prime Minister told Zahawi in a letter that it was “clear that there has been a serious breach of the Ministerial Code”.

    Last week, Zahawi admitted paying a penalty as part of an estimated £4.8 million settlement with HMRC, with calls for him to go intensifying after the head of the organisation said such penalties were not issued for “innocent errors”.

    Zahawi has served as minister without portfolio in the Cabinet under Sunak since October 2022.

  48. Hamish100 says:

    So an ex strategist of the YES campaign wants 60% to push for independence. Why not 99.999%?.
    Interesting that the English government ignored 62% for us to remain in the eu. 52 % was enough for brexiters U.K. wide and it is certainly enough for me for independence. Remember Brexit was only consultative.

    • John MacRae says:

      Ah yes. The mobile goalposts syndrome.

    • yesindyref2 says:

      Why do they keep reporting this maroon? The clue is in the word “ex”.

      It requires us to move out of the mindset of being “the 45” to the mindset of becoming “the 60”.

      That hasn’t been a thing for over 8 years, which country has Rip Van Winkle been in for that long?

  49. Hamish100 says:

    Kuenssberg- it must be a first – has two papers from Scotland on display. The Herald and the Sunday Post— something to do with transgender I believe…Bbc once again stirring the pot to suit the unionists.

    • English news now reporting trans prisoner movements in different countries, weirdly obsessed as the British / English nationalists are with what’s in their neighbour’s pants.

      Why is this even news? Current law here has been the same since the Equality Act. Absolutely nothing has changed in any part of the UK. The law on GRC issue etc remains identical and consistent UK-wide.

      Are these stories aimed at throwing into question the provisions of the Equality Act? Must be.

    • Eilidh says:

      The only thing newsworthy in the Sunday Post is The Broons as for the Herald I am not sure if it even has cartoons these days

      • Welsh_Siôn says:

        as for the Herald I am not sure if it even has cartoons these days


        What? It doesn’t feature members of the Scottish (in name only) Labour Party?

    • grizebard says:

      Which is maybe, just maybe, why we should note the persisting lack of traction this issue has with the public-at-large, start wising-up ourselves, and quit eagerly following these diversionists down this particular rabbit-hole…?

      The real issue, worth recalling among all the confected sound and fury, is that the small shred of devolution we have so far managed to acquire – never mind the “most federal of all possible federal arrangements” – is now being directly attacked in front of our very eyes. High time we focussed on that for a change.

      And the falsest of all false assurances and the greatest of all Unionist betrayals came from London Labour. (This included.)

      • Bob Lamont says:

        “Which is maybe, just maybe, why we should note the persisting lack of traction this issue has with the public-at-large…”
        I suspect few in Scotland regard anything confected by or farmed via HMS James Cook as other than propaganda and diversion no matter who or where the “story” is thereafter re-amplified, but what I found interesting was increasing expressions of similar awareness (beyond the media bubble) in England on this particular “Look, a squirrel” gambit, the ‘once seen cannot be unseen’ rule applies.

        I realise Indy2 and protecting devolution meantime is our priority, but ignoring the strength of support we have in England over it is I believe an opportunity missed, however blinded we are to it by the machinations of MSM.
        Tempers were already rising over both UK parties ignoring Brexit and IR2, this latest gambit by Alister Jack et al is possibly the final straw, the wheels of the propaganda machine may finally be coming off, all thanks to the State of a Secretary for Flounce and Scotland…
        Hit the road Jack may become popular again…

  50. James Mills says:

    Sunday : Zahawi sacked for serious breach of ministerial code .

    Monday : Zahawi appointed to Cabinet . PM Sunak says that , like Braverman , he has learned from his mistakes .

  51. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    The ousted and very bitter ex Labour MP Tom Harris wrote an article for the Telegraph aka Torygraph….stating that apparently “independence is off the table” now and “the Conservatives are collapsing” which now sees ” the stars are aligning for Labour”…..

    On 20 October 2021, Harris took on a job for three years as an adviser to the Conservative government on Scottish issues, as lead non-executive director of both the Office of the Secretary of State for Scotland and Advocate General for Scotland. He said: “I’m delighted to have been appointed to this role and I’m looking forward to contributing to the effective work of the UK Government in Scotland. This is an exciting time to be involved in advising and helping ministers deliver for the whole country”……

    If you accuse Tom of being a Tory he will say he is NOT as apparently taking a role as ‘as an adviser to the CONSERVATIVE government on Scottish issues’ DOES NOT COUNT in considering him to be an actual Tory (that denial only makes sense in TOM’S head but us mere mortals can see it for what it is) In November 2019, he announced he would be voting for the Conservatives at the 2019 general election. Harris further admitted on the edition of 29 July 2020 of the Iain Dale All Talk podcast that this wasn’t the first time he’d voted Conservative, having done so two years earlier as well…and I suspect that Tom being TOM will BE whatever he thinks will BE the best for both HIM and his beloved UK…. in his desperate effort to try and save his (non) Union and indeed too his own INCOME and thus in doing so also hoping to ‘get back’ at those who lost him his seat….which was NOT the fault of those who WON his seat from him in 2015 but was 100% down to Tom, his party and his allegiance to maintaining a NON Union……

    Tom like Pamela Nash has never got over LOSING his parliamentary seat in 2015….and thus Tom , like Pamela Nash, has orchestrated a REVENGE campaign that exposes the indisputable fact that it was indeed a fantastic and astute decision via BOTH of their respective former constituents to OUST them as their MP…..he is the epitome of a RED Tory…..who so quickly and without any sense of shame or hesitation took a position to work WITH the TORY UK government….now his contract as adviser in 2021 was for THREE years….YET his article in the Torygraph appears to be promoting the supposed but NOT really (here in Scotland anyway) so called official opposition as being in the ascendency…..thus like the good Unionist he is he has a foot in both camps… where will his future JOB prospects be if Labour do indeed WIN the next GE….he need not worry as I am sure that under Red Tory Starmer that Tom’s services for their UK will be required and his SWITCH in becoming a Tory lackey will be of no consequence in their combined FIGHT to maintain a NON Union….however he announced his resignation from the Labour Party in 2018…..under Corbyn….so I guess he has a ‘Get out of Jail’ card in Starmer welcoming him back to the party…..aka the RED Tories….

    Tom lead the campaign in Scotland for Brexit as the new director of the Scottish branch of Vote Leave…….and LOST that vote here in Scotland…..seems that as a serial LOSER post losing his seat in 2015 sees his influence with Scots as a constant NON starter…..I suspect he will have an active role in the next vehicle created via the Better Together side and will be platformed by the media….as apparently serial losers , if they support the (non) Union, are somehow considered by the media to be an asset and worth hearing if they are prepared to fight against Scottish independence and indeed the SNP …….

    Alas the political dinosaurs in Labour , who now see their near extinction as a party in Scotland post 2014, perceive it NOT as a warning or a DEMOCRATIC decision by us the voters in Scotland….. but instead like the political dinosaurs they truly are they see it as yet another further opportunity to continue to force their politics and their support for their (non) Union upon us the people…… same people who rejected both them in elections as a MAJOR political force in Scotland and who now also seem to, via evidence in recent polls, be casting off their (non) Union too… England they are predicted to win by default in the next GE….as to NOT win against all that has occurred via the Tories would surely make them, Labour, be recognised as a NON political force in the UK……so they are not WINNING the actual argument via their ambiguous and indistinct policies they are (wrongly) seen as the lesser of two evils (EVEL) ……against the Tories………however for Scotland that is and has NEVER been the case…..

    If you deny us in Scotland our democracy, ignore OUR votes in YOUR UK referendums, fight WITH the Tories to keep us within YOUR UK then you are the SAME as or rather are as ONE with the Tories as far as Scotland is concerned….and that is why YOU as a party will NOT see YOUR party’s political rise happen in Scotland any time soon if EVER…..fool me once , shame on you etc etc

    It’s not just the likes of Tom Harris and Pamela Nash who do the dirty on Scotland on behalf of the Tories….look at what happened via their HQ with ex Labour MP’s like John Mann, Kate Hoey, John Woodcock, Frank Field and Ian Austin who now all have seats in the HOL’s and who while still within the Labour party were more right wing than some within the Tory party itself…..and their helping the Tories to get the Brexit agreement bill through in the HOC when still Labour MP’s was….AGAINST what Scotland voted for in the 2016 EU Referendum…….but Starmer wants us to IGNORE that FACT in the next GE as does shadow Viceroy Ian Murray…..

    Indeed a parcel of rogues wrapped up in both Red and Blue ribbons….but BOTH under the Tory banner………….hence why tis best for US in Scotland to GET OUT and AWAY from both THEM and THEIR (non) Union….

  52. Maybe Joanna Cherry should be campaigning to work out why the hell this is happening right here in the UK, and how it can be tackled?

    The Prison Reform Trust’s Bromley Briefings Prison Factfile (Winter 2022) states that, “around one in twenty (5%) men and more than one in five (22%) women identify as either homosexual or bisexual” in prison. This is higher than the general population, where 3% identify as LGBT+.

    Jeezo. I honestly didn’t know this until anti-GRR campaigners got me looking at their well dodgy stats.

    WTF is causing this? It’s actually a greater level of disproportion than for black people, which is a serious problem reflecting the racism in UK society. The latter problem I was aware of, but not for LGB.

    A yet further irony is that it seems a greater % of lesbian women end up in prison than trans folks (of all types) from a calculation.

    Some people have odd priorities.

    Certainly, anyone looking at any group, be these men, women, trans, black… and saying that somehow people from said group are inherently more risky, can pat themselves on the back for being a root cause of such inequality driven problems.

    • grizebard says:

      See my comment above. Give us a break.

      • Stop reading my comments if they don’t interest you. Also stop trying to silence people you don’t agree with. You will never win over people doing that.

        I didn’t read your earlier comment as it didn’t interest me. Just skipped right over it. Never even saw it basically because I’ve come to naturally do that, focussing on posters who post thoughtful, insightful posts.

        I’m discussing what’s all over the papers right now, and what the British nationalist are desperately trying to use against our government / parliament. It may yet be the hill they chose to die on. Maybe you are not interested in the truth around all this and that’s fine, but I am, as are others.

        All I can conclude from you trying to wheest me, is you are interested in what I’m saying, hence reading my posts. You just are annoyed at the content. This suggests I should keep it up. 🙂

        • grizebard says:

          Read my comment and inwardly digest. For once.

          This is a blog intended to convince the yet-to-be-convinced about the merits of independence, something in your frantic hobby-horsing you seem to have (yet again) totally lost sight of.

        • Dr Jim says:

          There is something going on within the Brit mindset at the moment regarding all this Trans and LGBGT stuff having watched the horrid GB news debating about separate *new prisons* for people who *deviate* from the *normal* category of criminal

          Where do you *put them* they ponder?

          Spot all the key words?

        • I’m not remotely interested in your comment. I’ll read what I fancy thanks. As noted, I skip your posts most of the time. Sometimes I read one, normally when it’s part of a thread, and it might be of interest. Otherwise I just scroll down looking for what’s interesting. I’m sure plenty of others do the same.

          All voters have different thoughts on what’s important to them, and you don’t decide that, they do. That’s worth keeping in mind when campaigning.

          I tend to focus on what’s in the headlines right now, and look into the truth behind that. What you seem to be objecting too is me discussing the current frantic hobby horse of our opponents. 5 headlines on the front page of BBC Scotland this morning. That is seriously frantic! They’re throwing the kitchen sink at this, and boy are they telling porkies, if simply by omission. Quite something to watch, for me at least.

          You don’t need to read any of my posts. I don’t feel it’s my business to tell you what to do. That would be extraordinarily rude.

          • grizebard says:

            Methinks you protest too much.

            The immediacy and immoderate nature of your initial response and now this blank dismissal of my considered plea re purpose rather prove my point.

        • yesindyref2 says:

          This forum is supposed to be about Independence, not what’s in the news about GRR!

          • grizebard says:


          • Aye, but the UK government have chosen the issue to fight the SNP / independence with. This all began started quite some time ago in Bath, southern England.

            I noticed this. I thought others had too!

            Opponents of the indy / SNP have chosen this hill do die on. That means we’ll need to send a division or so up there to do battle. We are left with little choice.

            Personally, I’ve found what I’ve learned about all this very interesting. It made me come almost full circle in some ways. Some totally unexpected surprises. As a scientist, when someone shows me data, I can’t help but want to know how it was measured, how reliable it is, what might have been missed. It’s also key to me understanding who’s telling me the truth and who’s not!

            Doing this has made me discover a few people who I used to have time for were actually telling me porkies. This includes a blogger from bath and a lawyer with a hobby horse.

            I apologies if I’m just not the ‘wheesht for indy’ type! 🙂

    • yesindyref2 says:

      Maybe Joanna Cherry should be campaigning for Independence, as should we all“.

      Fixed that for you. as they say.

      • I agree. Hence me picking factual holes in key Tory / BBC lines of attack 😉

        • yesindyref2 says:

          About GRR? On and on and on and on?

          • I’ve recently been fed a very false picture about the realities of GGR, most recently prisoner issues. So off I’ve been looking for what the numbers say. My posts just tend to relate to what’s hitting headlines. Not always though. There was a time when I was reading about NI, so I could better understand feelings about the protocol. I admit that took me way more off topic!

            • Eilidh says:

              It is up to the moderaters to remove posts that are not appropriate here not some posters. There is no doubt that GRR will be used against the Snp and support for Indy for quite some time yet so it is a relevant subject here and some of us wil have different views on it. As a woman and a feminist I don’t agree with Capellas opinion it for example.However we could debate GRR to the cows come home but it won’t solve the situation we are in. Saw front page of Daily Mail in Lidls earlier it has another get Nicola article re another trans prisoner. There are many statistics re prisoners and the right wing media will always pick and choose what they want. I worked in Barlinnie doing Admin for a few months and also long term in local authority homeless service. It was clear in both these situations that the weak are always exploited by bully’s and violent people including sexual violence and that is irrespective of gender or sexual preference.I should add when folk start posting about football on here I scroll past those posts (as I am not remotely interested in football) as I do when polling info gets way to indepth to interest me.

          • Oh, and, the latest polling hints that the whole confrontation over GRR may have started to push up support for the SNP/indy. If that’s the case, we should direct additional effort to talking about the issue.

            Time will tell, but the passing of the bill itself seems to have been completely uncontroversial. Not a shred of polling evidence it’s harmed support for parties backing it, nor Yes. The effect of Westminster blocking it may be kicking in, and in a good way for indy supporters. Watch this polling space…

  53. Dr Jim says:

    Voters in England are idiots who can’t be depended upon to make their minds up over which kind of potato to buy so why on earth are some Scottish voters still waiting and depending on them to vote out the current Tory party only to replace them with another Tory party, and then if they don’t get the Tory party they want we hear them rinse and repeat “we’ll get them next time”

    Take a look at England’s ideological evangelistic approach to what they like in a politician who might be the prospective future PM, and if you look closely enough it’s a carbon copy of the same idiotic thing America likes, that’s why Starmer is a flipper flapping quacking dead duck of a hope for any selection by England’s voters

    England likes what they think is flashy and strong sounding or we would never have been stuck with the likes of Thatcher Blair Johnson for God sake, each one of them evangelists like Trump
    They don’t care for the business like or the quiet spoken or the plain old dull, they want stars and stripes and big bangs, England is no different with their pomp and Royal bangs crowns and sojurs dressed in red, just take look at the folk they didn’t like, boring Brown, creepy Cameron, barmy Truss the Thatcher wannabee that wiznae

    Every one of these English PMs is a million miles away from the most successful and widely respected politician in modern times Nicola Sturgeon, that’s why Scotland votes for her, and that says a lot about the character of Scotland and the difference between England and us

    The FM we’ve got isn’t a shouty fighty evangelical blowhard yet the media and opposition in England constantly portray her the opposite, and again that says a lot about England, they like shouty fighty evangelical English politicians yet they condemn anyone else who isn’t English if they think they’re doing the same as them

    England :Perfidious Albion, a nation that cannot be trusted to make their mind up over a potato, yet still there are folk in Scotland who keep waiting for them to choose Scotlands next Prime Minister

    Haven’t we been waiting a long long long time for England to change, but they don’t
    Maybe that’s Scotland’s super power, or super flaw, waiting and waiting and bloody waiting if only if only

    Wakey wakey it’s time to get up, the alarm went off 300 years ago and we’re still sleeping in

    • Not-My-Real-Name says:

      “a nation that cannot be trusted to make their mind up over a potato”

      Aye Dr Jim, but they DO know how to make up their mind about the shape of BANANAS…….indeed heard one say on BBC QT yonks ago that it was the HUGE (non) issue re a BANANA shape as dictated by the EU apparently (but now, as a (non) issue (LIE) , it has been consigned to be nowt but another Tory Urban Brexit myth) that she said had helped her to decide to vote LEAVE when she was on her way to the polling booth…..but it DOES explain why we think many of them have gone BANANAS in both continuing to vote Tory and also voting FOR Brexit….now the fools are going to vote Labour allegedly in the next GE….is there no end to their madness…..

      Bananas shape versus the economy, freedom of movement and…… EU workers (losing them) in the NHS, Hospitality sector, Care Sector, Farming and Fishing ….a no brainer it seemed for some of those with NO brains it appears….as in the Brexiteer voters…..and their chanting the poached slogans that they repeated in a parrot like fashion as justification in them voting Leave in 2016……

      Which does lead one to declare that the UK is indeed , in more ways than one, truly a Banana Republic ( Royal PR exercises in Foodbanks ,via William and Kate, highlight that they as royals are more than aware their very (continued) existence is indeed on a shoogly peg and , as royals, they are painfully aware that any more scandals linked to them may see MORE people perhaps, in the future, thinking that maybe a REPUBLIC would be best for their country (as they allegedly now have the right shape of Banana so why not go the full hog and have a republic too)…thus perhaps like Starmer, they as Royals, should begin to extol the virtues of Brexit to try and ensure that they will REIGN forever more in …….England)…..

      “Haven’t we been waiting a long long long time for England to change”

      Aye indeed Dr Jim but apparently tis now OUR duty to stay in their UK to save them from the Tories….as apparently IMPOSSIBLE for them to SAVE themselves from the Tories… in the same ones, Tories, that they themselves keep voting for time and time again as THEIR UK government….

      Confucius say this is Unionist doublespeak aka their weak (non) argument when they have NO other REAL argument to convince us to want to stay within their UK….their position is now a BUSTED flush…oh dear…how sad…NOT

      Have a nice day Dr Jim

  54. This makes absolutely sense to me.

    My 15 year old daughter is way more mature than many adults I’ve met. She’s just flown off to Germany to visit her BF all by herself. I knew this say would come. Comes so quick!

    She’s very looking forward to voting Yes, and not happy at all the English government are trying to stop her voting, particularly as she’d never had a chance to vote on independence before. Their actions here are a good party of the reason young folk are not British and don’t want to be. Hardly a surprise. Why would you want to be British if the British don’t let you vote? And you won’t forget it!

    Long-term benefit to giving 16-year-olds voting rights, research finds

    A CALL has been made for 16-year-olds to be allowed to go to the polls in all UK elections after a study found they are more likely to continue the habit of voting.
    Scotland lowered its voting age to 16 ahead of the independence referendum in 2014 and this has been in place for all Scottish elections since 2015.

    Now the first evaluation of the longer-term outcomes of the policy has found the trend of young people of this age group turning out to vote in greater numbers than their peers continues even as they grow up.

    • Not-My-Real-Name says:

      SS, I’m old enough to remember when the Tories, via Gove and Ruth Davidson, once collaborated on an initiative (Con) to try and get the YOOF vote for their party via a new Tory Think Tank called Onward….that was in 2018….they presented aka PLOTTED potential ways to try to WOO the young people to their party….but like everything else the Tories TRY it fell by the wayside marked #FailedAgain (I believe their HEART was not in it…so what’s new)

      It fell at the first hurdle and subsequent to it, as an idea being introduced, it now has , amidst all of the many Tory scandals and chaos , as much chance of succeeding (in convincing the youth of today, via a majority, of deciding to vote Tory in future elections) than I have of writing , from now on , all future comments on here that are both concise and logical i.e. on this site the WGD blog…..

      I think increasing the pension retirement age (constantly) may do more to dissuade the YOOF of today from ‘lending’ their vote to a Tory party who in their , TORY, quest to SAVE money in NOT paying out pensions, hoping to fill the now BIG gap in vacant employment positions post Brexit and too in effect pretty much them as Tories stating to the YOOF…..’under us the Tories you will work until you die’…….Plus obviously also restricting the freedom of movement for our young people to work, study and live in EU countries (exempting Ireland via the Common Travel agreement) to then on top of all of this to also try to prohibit the YOOF from also VOTING when much that is done on their behalf via WM impacts them directly and indeed their parents, grandparents too…..well I suspect only those YOOFS who refer to Mum and Dad as Mater and Pater may vote for them, Tories, in future elections… their Mater and Pater ain’t suffering like many of those Mums, Dad’s and Grandparents in families who have lesser incomes …..and who are ALL currently suffering thanks to Tory policies……

      The only thing Gove has in common with SOME Yoofs is perhaps his fondness in clubbing and partaking in a ALLEGED certain preferred and popular **** (rhymes with Slug) of choice … bad….again…..but then so is HE….so fair’s fair.

      Have a nice day (Evening) SS


      • You may recall, NMRN, that Ruth Davidson’s Young Conservatives had to cancel their Youth Conference in May 2014 because of declining membership and lack of interest. I think they sold six tickets.
        A ‘generation’ later, in 2023, these are the struggling middle twenty somethings watching their mortgages double, treble, and queueing for hours to clear immigration at airports all over Europe.

  55. You heard it first on Geissler’s Sunday Brit Brunch. Your Council tax is rising by 10%!

    Because Martin realises that his viewers are thick as pig sh1t, he arranged for Phil Sim to appear and break down John Swinney’s budget.
    So Sim made it a ‘bit easier’ for us all by reducing the budget ‘pie’ to £100 .
    So Health and Social Care and the Polis are getting £32 next year; Local Government £19.50; Social Security £9.50;Education £7.00; Transport and Net Zero Forestry ‘n’ stuff £7.80.
    WE can see why Geissler and the team considered this ridiculous breakdown of the budget as a ‘bit easier’ if you were a Brit like Craig Hoy Geissler’s guest’ this a.m.
    It would not do for Sim to reproduce the actual figures.
    The budget is ‘around’ £60 billion.

    On Sim’s Budgets for Suckers figures, this is give or take the actual spends for 23-24.
    Health Social Care Policing £19.2 billion
    Local Government £11.7 billion
    Social Security and Child Payments £5.7 billion
    Education £4.2 billion
    Transport £ 4.68 billion
    A lot of money?
    Total? £45.48 billion.
    So Sims in analysing the Scots budget omits £15 billion from his analysis.
    Statistics for the masses, the great unwashed, the uneducated herd.
    The ploy of reducing the Scottish Budget to a parish council Tea Club audit is deliberate of course.
    Geissler and the team are hell bent on portraying the Scottish Council as a wee ‘parish council’ any chance they get.
    It would not do if Project Fear couldn’t lie about us being too wee too poor, would it?

    Geissler interviewed his old BBC Pal, Craig Hoy, the rotund faced Man from Nowhere, who has been brought in to the Jock Tory fold on a List ticket, immediately elevated to Chair of the Scottish Branch, and is the Party’s lead on pub and drinks according to his wiki ent.
    It was clear that the two old pals had a pre-interview chat before the live interview.
    Sahawi sacked at two minutes past nine upset the whole interview apparently, according to Geissler.
    The two ‘chums’ smirked their way through the sacking, Tory sleaze, Raab The Bully, with Hoy allowed to declare that Sunak was a man of integrity ,so their.
    They both clearly got a laugh out of the whole exchange.
    Then on to the real issues of the day.
    GRA and rapist sent to a woman’s prison by ‘Nicola Sturgeon’.
    And of course the teachers…and Hoy declaring that Nicola Sturgeon had cut LA funding for yonks…it would never happen if the Blue or Red Tories were ever in power…aye, right.
    Nice cosy wee chat between two old chums.
    My rates going up by 10%, you ask?
    Geissler interviewed ‘SNP Councillor’ Katie Hagmaan in her role as COSLA spokesperson.
    Scottish Government has blocked cutting teachers; COSLA to lawyer up; Council Tax to go up by 10%?
    This sad wee man was doing his best to SNP BAD the agenda despite Sahawi bombshell.

    Th hour before, Kuenssberg was shouting at Michel Barnier declaringt that it was all the EU’s fault, not Boris Johnson’s.
    Oh, how she must miss her cosy wee chats as she and the Fat Owl walked along a Cornwall beach.
    She interviewed Gove, self proclaimed ‘good friend’ of Zahawi, and let him ramble on and on about honesty and integrity.
    There’s a damehood in it, after all.
    BBC is lost cause.
    England should be aware.

    You are a totalitarian state run by the few for the few.

  56. Dr Jim says:

    I’ll ask it again, Why why why would multi millionaires and even billionaires want to be in politics in charge of all taxation investment and spending of a country when they’re already multi ££££ loaded with enormous amounts of cash?

    There’ll be idiots who’ll claim *they want to serve their country* see if that were true one after another of them wouldn’t keep being exposed as criminals and tax dodgers now would they, this isn’t so difficult so c’mon think, it’s easy

  57. Ken says:

    Scotland raised £69Billion in taxes and revenues (before Covid). Pays £4Billion for Defence (attack) Trident,Gets little back, £1Billion too much. Scotland makes loan repayments on loans not spent or borrowed in Scotland. Scotland pays for Westminster bureaucracy. HoL etc. Scotland loses £4Billion in tax evasion, Westminster UK tax Laws not enforced by tax evading Gov and their mates. Illegally funding the Tory Party with public monies from scams. To pocket £Billions wasted. Brexit t has cost Scotland £Billions. Scotland cannot borrow £6Billion for growth. Pay for itself. Scotland in surplus in fuel and energy and nearer the source pays more. Westminster policy. Scotland raises and earns £Billion from renewables,

    BBC liars cannot count or read a balance sheet. They are hopeless at statistics. They cannot analyse them. Useless at maths,Or lying. blatantly lying.

  58. yesindyref2 says:

    Please wake me up when this blog gets back to Indy, as I posted when Wings went off on its GRA crusade.

  59. Tatu3 says:

    You’ll not see/hear this on the BBC

    “Establishing a test centre of this nature in Scotland will encourage international companies to establish themselves here and sends a clear market signal to the Scottish supply chain.”

  60. James says:

    Not sure if Paul/the Mods agree but in light of the below might be best to knock any posts about Gender Reform, transexual people in prison etc on the head for now in light of the below:

    Let the experts get on with the review and make their decision, once that happens i’m sure there will be ample chance for people to view their opinions on the result!

    • Capella says:

      This was always going to be a divisive – and even toxic – debate, which is why I would have preferred the SNP had picked something we could all support in challenging Westminster.

      If the SG take the s35 imposition to court then it could drag on for months with the Tories using every opportunity to publicise the well rehearsed problems with the GRR. I don’t see how Paul can ban any discussion of the issue when it is on every front page and news bulletin atm.

      As long as we are factual and respect different opinions without resorting to abuse or straw man arguments then I don’t see any problem in discussing it.
      Bear in mind the rule Paul adds at the end of every article.

      • Legerwood says:

        I don’t think the SG ‘picked’ this issue, GRA reform, to challenge Westminster. In 2016 the UK Gov and SG started the process to reform the GRA 2004 based on recommendations from the Women & Equalities Committee of the House of Commons. One of those recommendations was self-ID and at that point both Govs were on the same page.

        The advent of Johhson into No10 changed that. The SG continued with the process and eventually the GRR Bill passed through the Scottish Parliament supported by members of all the parties in the Scottish Parliament.

        The SG in 2016 undertook a process that gave no indication that it would lead to the s35 being invoked. Therefore to suggested the SG ‘picked’ this issue and then engineered a confrontation with Westminster on the issue suggests a degree of forward planning and duplicity that I would not associate with the SG.

        Certainly there have been attempts by various groups and politicians to stoke anti-SNP feeling on the issue for electoral advantage particularly since the end of the first consultation and in the lead up to the 2021 elections but there is no evidence it had a material effect on the result. Invoking the s35, a nuclear option, is likely to backfire over the Unionists.

      • stewartb says:

        ‘This was always going to be a divisive – and even toxic – debate, which is why I would have preferred the SNP had picked something we could all support in challenging Westminster.’

        ‘picked something’? what’s wrong about ‘picking something’ to assist a tiny, vulnerable minority of people, to support them, to help make their lives just a little bit easier?

        Apart from the obvious comment that governments can ‘walk and chew gum at the same time’, what’s wrong with following a socially progressive policy that has already been implemented in multiple other western democracies and is about to be introduced in even more? Do we now give in to ‘morale panic’? So we’re not in the early days of a better nation…. anymore?

        I’m glad that progressive governments and societies have resisted those that have sought to inflame ‘moral panic’ at various times in history. Perhaps the last time in Scotland was over Section 28 when the Scottish Tories and others campaigned against its abolition.

        And what’s wrong with acknowledging that in international law principles human rights are about the rights of individuals? And recall, the ‘something’ that was ‘picked’ by the Scottish Government was – prior to the elevation of one Boris Johnson to the status of PM – a policy that the Tory Party in government intended to follow itself before its ‘screeching U-turn’.

        I personally am convinced that the Scottish Government did NOT ‘pick’ this to ‘challenge Westminster’: it ‘picked’ this because it deemed it the socially progressive – and the right thing – to do, delivering what is arguably a relatively minor beneficial change in the greater scheme of enhancing human rights and dignities. And a large, cross-party majority in Holyrood – after years of consultation, taking extensive evidence, scrutiny, debate and amendments to the Bill – agreed it was (is) the right thing to do!

        Of course, new legislation once implemented – of almost any kind – is prone to unintended negative consequences and/or prone to the undermining/exploitative efforts of bad actors and criminals. (Of course the issues arising at present over prison policy are products of existing legislation as the Scottish Parliament Bill is not yet passed.)

        The appropriate response is IMHO not to stop progress, not to avoid change – and not to ally with those who arguments rely on amplifying the aberrant whilst seeking to convince that the latter is the norm. The response must be to act in good faith to FIND SOLUTIONS which resolve the unintended and help mitigate or ideally avoid the negative aberrants. Without such responses by governments and societies on various divisive issues over time where would be now?

        • Legerwood says:

          Hear, hear

          • Legerwood says:

            This Hear, Hear was a response to Stewartb’s excellent post rebutting the SNP picking a fight scenario on GRaR

        • Capella says:

          I don’t believe this law is progressive, I believe it is deeply regressive. The fact that other countries have passed similar laws doesn’t make it progressive. At one time most countries in Europe had anti-witchcraft laws.

          Women have Human Rights too – the right to dignity, privacy and safety. The UN Special Rapporteur on Violence Against Women and Girls warned against the potential conflict of rights in this legislation. The UN Special Rapporteur on Torture has now warned against the dangers of locking up women with violent sex offenders. The Geneva Convention specifically prohibits it.

          I agree we have to find solutions – the sooner the better.

    • Dr Jim says:

      As far as I’m aware there are no transgender prisoners in female prisons, but there are 6 inmates of that description in male prisons in Scotland
      The policy of the SPS is that prisoners identifying as female are taken to female prisons for assessment, housed in segregation then transferred to male prisons following that assessment

      Unless something’s changed that nobody already knew about, including the dog whistling scaremongering Tory Labour political media
      I could be wrong because I’m human, but the media never could be, because they’re neither

      • Stephen McKenzie says:

        Dr. Jim.

        From an interview I heard from a BBC “Trans” Commentator on such matters a few days ago, the total number of people described as “Trans” in Scottish Prisons now identified as Male or Female was 11. The Commentator, highlighted just how small a number it was. Then gave the equivalent for English prisons and it was certainly more than 10 times. I cant remember the exact number quoted.

        I remember it distinctly, as it completely shut down the BBC’s Jane Hill line of questioning on potential mayhem in Scottish Prisons during her questioning of the “Trans” Commentator.

    • Not sure why this should change discussion around the GRR bill?

      The prison issue is completely separate. It exists because trans people exist. How GRCs are issued is irrelevant. Same applies for e.g. fairness in sports. Also access to loos and changing rooms. The GRC process is a completely separate matter to all.

      How prisoners are housed is based on their criminal risk to others as a individual. Being trans doesn’t increase this in any way. It should not be used a factor in where they are housed. Sex can be, if simply to lesson the chances of people breaking prison rules (no nookie permitted), but even that’s not possible to eliminate as LGB people are imprisoned too…

      What we are seeing now is what I predicted. The right-wing media is now interfering with due process. It’s Brexit Britain. Evidence based policy oot the windae. Trial by media.

      I imagine if this study by experts doesn’t decide to said British media’s liking, it won’t be listened to. It’s where we are now in the UK.

      • Dr Jim says:

        We’ll be having roundheads puritans cavaliers and bible waving at PMQs and FMQs
        followed by gnashings of teeth and demands to bring back public floggings and stocks in village squares next, oh the calamity

        The values, the values they’ll shout, pointing at us so we’ll take our eyes off them, remember them? the real bad robbing Bastirts

        • Hamish100 says:

          I think the news media in their frenzy have forgotten one little thing. The legislation recently past by a majority in the Scots Parliament has NOTHING to do with the current criminals in jails.
          I await the usual Tory papers retort that all such criminals should be put on an island far away from londinium such as Scotland.

          I think there are more dangerous folk in the English Metropolitan Police service.

  61. Dr Jim says:

    Nadhim Zahawi is more or less complaining now that had the press not investigated him no one need ever have known he was a bad guy because he’s not, honest he’s not
    It was the press wot dunnit, they could’ve reported something else instead of me me me me Boo Hoo it’s not fair, country that I love, and all that other putrid guff they spout when they’ve been caught with the crumbs and jam all over their sticky rotten expensively manicured lotion soaked fingers

  62. Alex Clark says:

    GRR is the biggest squirrel yet. We’ve had a fair discussion here on this subject and maybe it’s time we moved on.

  63. Ken says:

    A storm in a teacup, a mountain out of a mole hill. It is so irrelevant as to be negible. Affecting so few people. That can be accommodated. There have been mixed, open changing rooms for years. In sport, swimming and leisure centres. Women are safer there. More families and people can use the facilities. It helps women, as main carers,to use the facilities.

    Wonen are abused in their own home by people that they know. Women (who cohabit) the majority do not have equal rights, Tgey have to make a claim (1/3) within a year. They do not get legal aid and can lose the roof over their head. Letting agencies illegally charge six months up front rent and deposit, That is why they find it difficult to get away, The abusers know it, The majority of women who are abused, by someone that they know, in their own home.

    The Law in England has been changed so abused women get legal aid without losing the roof for their heads. Legal aid has to be paid back in any case,

  64. Bob Lamont says:

    A final point of perspective on the “Isla Bryson” propaganda, of which 4 variants appear on BBC Scotland’s Politics webpage at the time of writing.

    Adam Graham was charged and appeared in Court in 2019, and was named as Adam Graham in Court Papers in 2020, it is only after that when the Isla Bryson “Scam” (his wife’s description in evidence) began.
    Johnson became PM in 2019, shelved the UK Reforms in 2020, and initiated an intense propaganda campaign over those same Reforms in Scotland.

    Without the propaganda war being conducted notably via BBC Scotland, it is highly likely this “Scam” would ever have occurred to Adam Graham, and he would been tried, prosecuted, and imprisoned as a man without mention by the national media.

    The BBC in Scotland are as responsible for Isla Bryson’s existence as Adam Graham. The dangers of propaganda…

    • You do wonder how much influence the right-wing UK media has had in giving prisoners the idea they can simply announce they’re trans and they’ll get softer treatment / put in different facilities. I mean where else would they get such fanciful ideas from?

  65. Well knock me doon wi a feather! Whit a surprise! It’s like the prison service are experienced experts in what they do. Who da thunkit.

  66. About the only non-misleading bit of info from today’s grotesque BBC article.

    1.43% of Scottish female prisoners are transmen (4)
    0.16% of Scottish male prisoners are transwomen (11)

    In both cases, 0.1% of each sex self-id this way based on the E&W census.

    Why is this happening to women who don’t conform to social norms way more than it is to men? This is actually something concerning and so potentially newsworthy. Why are women seemingly being treated more unfairly here?

    Please don’t tell me we have ‘more women are pretending they are trans to try and be moved to the male estate to prey on men’.

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