Borrowed time

There have been some significant developments over the past few days in a campaign for Scottish independence that was supposed to have been killed off by the recent Supreme Court ruling that it is up to a Prime Minister that Scotland didn’t vote for and not the people of Scotland to decide if Scotland can ask itself about the nature of its relationship with the other nations of the United Kingdom and the rest of the world. Since the court ruling there have now been four opinion polls in a row showing majority support for independence, the most recent being a poll from Find Out Now which put support for independence on 54%.

Notably, and most damaging for those British politicians who cite opinion polling as the rationale for their undemocratic blocking of the mandate for another independence referendum which the people of Scotland gave to the Scottish Parliament in the May 2021 elections, one of these polls demonstrated that a majority want another independence referendum within the term of this Scottish Parliament, a large majority want another independence referendum at some point, and only 26% never want another referendum at all. The polls also concur in showing that independence is overwhelmingly the preference of the younger generations, with only the oldest age group still showing a majority for No. Westminster rule in Scotland is on borrowed time, and the longer that British politicians succeed in defying the democratic will of the people of Scotland for another vote on independence, the more comprehensive the defeat for Westminster is going to be.

The demographic implications are crystal clear, you might imagine that a sensible and tactically thinking UK party leader would understand that the longer they prevaricate, the harder they are going to find the inevitable vote on independence is going to be to win. Logically therefore, the parties opposed to independence ought to be seeking an independence vote as quickly as possible in order to maximise the chances of the decisive victory that they need in order to park the independence issue for a couple of decades.

But Westminster is cursed by short term thinking. For the current party leaders it suffices to kick the can down the road until after the next election, by which time they hope that the issue becomes someone else’s problem, and they won’t be remembered in English history books as the man or woman who lost Scotland – and make no mistake – these people very much regard Scotland as a possession which is theirs to keep or to lose. Despite their claims to the contrary, the views of the people of Scotland are to them but a trifling consideration.

This is abundantly clear in the arrogance of both Starmer and Sunak. Starmer thinks so little of Scottish opinion that he has fully subscribed to the economic and cultural suicide of the Conservatives’ hard Brexit. In this prison that calls itself a union, only England’s opinions matter. Writing in the Observer newspaper over the weekend, former Labour cabinet minister Peter Hain noted that for Labour as much as the Conservatives Brexit has become a taboo subject which cannot be questioned and whose negative effects cannot be mentioned or acknowledged, far less addressed and remedied. Brexit is the reason why the UK is the only major economy which has not recovered to pre-pandemic levels, Brexit has created a labour shortage, driven up food prices by 6% according to the London School of Economics and decreased UK trade by 15%. Yet neither Labour nor the Conservatives are willing to admit that Brexit has been an unmitigated disaster, in thrall as they are to the right wing press and English nationalist exceptionalism.

Hain warns : “As these Brexit failings become more evident, support for Scottish independence appears to be edging up. Unless Labour does something about it, we could get independence driven at least in part by Brexit, which Nicola Sturgeon continually stresses in making her case.” Brexit is not the sole reason for the rise in support for independence, although it certainly is an important factor. Another crucial factor is that the UK Scotland is a part of is not the UK that Scotland was told it could be a part of in 2014. That UK was a voluntary union of nations in which Scotland was an equal partner, a union which guaranteed Scotland’s place in the European union and in which the devolution settlement was to be protected forever from Westminster meddling. It was a voluntary union which was about to become federal, a union in which Scotland’s voice and opinion was always going to be represented and respected at the highest levels of British government.

But none of this will change until Labour starts to address Scottish concerns seriously, not trying to fob us off with Gordie Broon’s frankly pathetic reforms, proposals which represent a rowing back on what Labour was proposing just a couple of years ago. However for Labour as much as the Conservatives a desire for Scottish independence is seen to be evidence of intransigent Scottish wickedness at worst, and Scottish foolishness at best. The Westminster parties can never properly start to address the reasons for the rise in support for Scottish independence as long as they continue to view it as a consequence of some sort of Scottish moral failure, and not as a consequence of British political and constitutional shortcomings. It’s far more comforting for the parties of Anglo-British nationalism to tell themselves that the blame lies with anglophobic, foolish or grievance mongering Scots rather than with their own failures and shortcomings.

So the next time some delusional “I’m not a nationalist because I’m British’ opponent of Scottish independence whines about the 2014 referendum not being respected, remind them of what they promised in order to win it, and ask when they intend to start respecting their own commitments and vows.

Although plans have been afoot for some time, the recent excellent polling results for independence support give a huge boost to the announcement over the weekend that a Scottish Independence Congress is to be created in which all organisations campaigning for independence will be welcome, regardless of party affiliation. According to Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp : “The goal of the event is to bring the Yes movement together, to agree goals, tactics and behaviours that will speed up Scotland’s progress towards independence.”

Increasingly, it’s clear that Westminster rule in Scotland is living on borrowed time.


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54 comments on “Borrowed time

  1. Ken says:

    If people want Independence they just have to vote for it at every election. To vote out the opposition. At every election Local council/Holyrood/GE. Ref vote for Independence.

    Too low turnout. 49%/50/60% Ref 85%.

    The people who support Independence should come out and vote for it. Use it or use it.

    Simple and easy. Vote SNP/SNP at every election. A higher turnout will swing it and win it. Take anothe4 to vote as well. It is inthe bag. Vote out the opposition. Vote for Independence. Too many people are sitting on their hands and moaning. Instead of going out and voting.

  2. Ken says:

    The unionists will lie to get elected. Then reneged on promises
    and do the exact opposite. The pattern of Westmibster elections since 1928. Lie to get elected then break manifesto promises and the mandate. Typical unionist reaction, lie, after lie after lie. Killing people.

  3. Ken says:

    The Tories are on borrowed time. They will be gone within a year or sooner. They are going through the motions. To a massive defeat. Ruining the economy for the last ten years. Patience has run out. The winter of discontent is fast approaching. The Westminster lies being found out.

    Vote SBP/SNP at every election. Vote any opposition out. A higher turnout. Take another to vote as well. Vote for Independence. To bring a change and democracy.

    • If the WM Lot go for a UKGE in 2024 as expected, it will probably be in early May, 17 months from now, not ‘in two years time’ as they are still peddling unchallenged across the week end media.

      The Herald carries on where Geissler and Roz Foyer left off by quoting the ‘respected’ Right Wing Think Tank Fraser of Allandar Institute, which urges Swinney to us the powers he already has to bump up taxes, to mitigate the English Government’s disastrous mishandling of our finances.

      They are running out of rope to hang themselves.

      Gove caught lying about an £800 billion Brexit trade deals ‘bounce’..and everybody just shrugs their MSM shoulders and lets him away with it.
      I am Scottish, I am European, not English, nor Brenglish, nor a conquered vassal held prisoner behind barbed wire by England’s Border ‘Force’.

      The day of their evil murderous empire has come to a spluttering juddering halt.
      In less than two years English politicians will have no authority, delivered by BBC/STV/SKY Jock enablers, over us Scots.
      Hold that thought.
      NO more BBC hegamony; ever.

      • ArtyHetty says:

        Gove says £800 billion? Wow, sounds like the back of a cigarette packet magic’d up number. England’s governments’ criminal trashing of the Uk economy is ‘bouncing’ alright, but not in the way they are trying to con people into believing.

  4. Capella says:

    Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp has contributed a lot to the campaign already and the Congress promises to be a good opportunity to bring people together. More info in The National on Sunday.

    The Scottish Independence Congress will be held online with regional gatherings taking place on Saturday, February 18, 2023, and the provisional agenda has been planned.
    Delegates from any organisation that can demonstrate that they are actively campaigning for independence will be invited, regardless of affiliation.
    The Congress is anticipated to be comprised of 300 delegates from active local and national campaign groups.

  5. bringiton says:

    The Westminster parties have been hanging their hat on “The people of Scotland don’t want another referendum” to which they now add “And even if they do,WE won’t allow it”.
    It will be interesting to see how British Labour in Scotland fly with that one.
    Also the propaganda about food prices only increasing by 6%.
    Our eating habits have not changed in the last year but our grocery bill has increased by around 30%.
    Lies,damned lies and Westminster.

    • Bob Lamont says:

      Westminster’s spiel amplified by what might charitably be described as an “unenquiring” media over what “the people want” is unravelling both north and south of the border…

      Scots were already aware of media shenanigans from the relentless propaganda of Pacific Quay under the stewardship of the right dishonourable Sarah Smith and latterly the equally dishonourable James Cook, but it is rarity for the “Hing on a minute” nerve to be so thoroughly pinched as it has been in England in recent times.

      Polling has demonstrated there is not only an increasing majority favouring IR2 and reversing Brexit in England, but the political and media message conveying the exact opposite as “what the people want” is not going down well at all.

      With inflation hitting pay-packets and the “global energy market” excuse failing to impress, those who would have normally looked forward to some degree of Christmas cheer after Covid wrecked the two previous, instead they have a new virus to contend with, Westminstermediacraparitis.

  6. Dr Jim says:

    Nobody wants Independence and to hell with democratic voting they said
    The *polls* don’t show support they said
    The *polls* now do show support
    Now they say Scotland is too stupid to understand what that means

    What will they say tomorrow? can you guess?

    • ArtyHetty says:

      Too poor? Too stoney broke, nae cash, need England’s money, tons of hard earned cash sent from the next door countrys’ benevolent fund. Keep sending the cash people of England, it’s to keep the people of Scotland living in the way to which they have become accustomed.
      Now where’s my Lamborgini, lazy butler, you just can’t get the starff these days, terrible.

  7. yesindyref2 says:

    In this prison that calls itself a union, only England’s opinions matter

    Seems to me from the polls, that the English and England mostly support our democratic right to Independence, so it is specifically the undemocratic Tory Government and undemocratic Labour opposition who oppose it, with precious little voter support in England for their Precious Union imprisoning an unwilling Scotland.

    Which means that our main fight for democracy is even more with the hearts and minds of England, and that the forums of London based MSM might become increasingly important for us online activists.

    It might be the return of my Grun moniker, which never got banned as I followed the rules (mostly). I wonder how many of the IR1 gang are still there? Dorice, Macart, KK, Ridey, Bangorstu?

  8. DonDon says:

    Dads, I still see KK but that’s about it as far as the old gang are concerned. Some new ones though.

    • yesindyref2 says:

      There was a better class of unionist in those days 🙂

    • yesindyref2 says:

      Mmm, my signon still works and it does look pretty civilised though busy, but threads closed – I’m guessing overnight, seems to ring a bell last time I posted once or twice – 2 / 3 / ? years ago.

      I see a couple of Indies (or more) doing good stuff 🙂

      • yesindyref2 says:

        Spoke too soon, found an open thread.

        I see from some other articles the headline is “… the North …” meaning the North of England of course. That I think is worse than 2012 or so. Perhaps IR1 woke the Grun up a bit. Anyways, I’ll shut up now.

  9. Slightly off topic, but ‘blow for unionists as’…

    Two NHS Scotland unions accept 7.5% pay deal

    Members of two major NHS unions in Scotland have voted to accept an improved pay offer.

    This ends the risk of strike action in the health service by members of Unison and Unite.

    But a ballot of Royal College of Nursing members is ongoing and closes on 19 December.

    The most important thing with unions it to talk to them, not to fight them. They know times are tough and Holyrood’s budget limited. So sitting down and trying to meet in the middle brings results. Bashing them thatcher style is what results in mass strikes and ends up costing way more.

    • ArtyHetty says:

      The English governments’ refusal to talk to the unions in England is deliberate. It means the strikes will cause much harm to the EngNHS, (more than already is caused due to cuts to NHS £’s by the EngGov), and that means one thing, privatisation, final nail in the coffin, sold off lock, stock and barrel. Sunak is a banker is he not, agenda being to privatise public services and remove all human and workers rights so that people cannot protest. Uk/Eng is really a cessppit of corruption, very scary indeed.

  10. Dr Jim says:

    Sir Keir Starmer says if he doesn’t win the next General Election it’ll all be Nicola Sturgeons fault
    And his reasons? Scotland’s FM should be persuading the people in Scotland to vote Labour because only he can bring down the Tories in England, and even though he says he will do no deals with the SNP while simultaneously doing all sorts of deals with the Tories in Scotland the SNP are obliged to do as he wants, if not it means Nicola Sturgeon prefers a Tory government to a Labour administration

    The Imperial British parties have done such a good job of terrorizing the people of England by encouraging them to despise the very idea that *The Scots* could end up in government in England that Sir Keir Starmer has shown himself to be every bit the right wing Tory he is by perpetuating this propaganda, and what’s even more horrific is that without the slightest hint of irony that in this UK of supposed equal nations both main political parties of England in one form or another have engineered outright hatred of Scotland and the Scots so much in England that those folk haven’t even noticed in their arrogance that their country has been in charge of every decision taken in and from England for hundreds of years for their rule over the entire so called union of England Scotland Wales and the North of Ireland

    Where’s the equality in that English people? Is it because English people are brainier? well nope it can’t be that, because every piece of educational evidence is to the contrary, is it because there are just more people in England and therefore just a bigger gang? you see that would be a fascist dictator argument would it not?

    So what’s the reason? do English people think they’re better than Scots Welsh or North Irish? do they believe they are superior?

    Well I don’t think English folk in general do think these things, well I guess some probably do, I believe the people of England have been lied to for so long by their own successive governments in England about the horrors of every other country that’s not them that they’re actually in reality terrified of the Scotland that’s been portrayed to them as such a dangerous threat to their way of life that they’ve forgotten how not to be afraid

    And this friends is the success of hundreds of years of lying brainwashing evil propagandizing of the English nation by their own government in subduing them by the use of fear, and not one jot different to how Vladimir Putin runs Russia by using the same scare tactics about Ukraine

    We don’t wonder why Ukraine is fighting so hard to maintain its freedom do we?

    England’s imperial history demonstrates how many countries they ruled over who they now don’t, and it was more than the USSR

  11. ‘Labour tattooing on its forehead that it won’t let the jocks have a say on the running of England’s empire under any circumstances’.

    ‘You can’t leave and you don’t get a say jock scum, so shut it!’

    This is real hearts and minds winning stuff. You’d think with their vote plunging in Scotland, they’d change tack. Seems not!

    Keir Starmer ‘tattooing on his forehead’ that Labour won’t do deal with SNP

    How did these chumps ever build an empire?

    • grizebard says:

      Well, nothing new there. Labour under any leader (or facsimile thereof, as in Scotland), just can’t shake off its insufferable self-entitlement as the one and only true guardian of political reform. Even when, as too often these days, it is anything but. Starmer has now declared himself pretender to be Scotland’s jailer in place of Rich!, merely in order to shore up his party’s’s shaky support in England.

      “Scottish” {ahem} Labour now own this and we should not let anyone forget it. Before too long it will be carved on its political tombstone.

  12. JP58 says:

    The attack line that by wanting another independence referendum is not respecting result in 2014 is nonsense and should be refuted every time it is raised by simply pointing out:
    1.Not respecting result would have meant the Scottish government would have declared independence by now. The Scottish government have never even considered doing this and Scotland is still in UK
    2.SNP’s core principle is independence for Scotland. If we live in a democracy SNP (& other parties) are still justified to support and stand for election based on wish for independence.
    3.If electorate in Scotland did not still want independence or another independence referendum they would not vote for parties that stand for election with independence and another referendum as a key manifesto pledge.
    4. Rather than decrying the electorate voting for another independence referendum opponents should be asking why does the electorate feel this way?
    why are Westminster (basically electorate in England) denying the wishes of Holyrood (electorate in Scotland).

    • grizebard says:

      …opponents should be asking why does the electorate feel this way

      The crucial question they never ask. And curiously, nor do the media. How inconvenient an electorate for these toom tabards, one that increasingly sees them for the nullities they truly are. To echo Berthold Brecht, it would be preferable if they could only dismiss the people and appoint another.

  13. Capella says:

    They’re doing it deliberately!

  14. James Mills says:

    The more I hear from Keir Starmer ( allegedly a Labour leader ) the more I see him as a coward and a man without shame or principles .

    He supported Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Manifesto at the last General Election then disowned both when it suited his ambition to be the organ Grinder rather than the Monkey .
    He ”pledged” everything but his soul to the Labour members when seeking their votes for leader then promptly abandoned these ”pledges” when they foolishly believed him and gave him their support .
    He voted Remain in the Brexit Referendum but has become an advocate of ”making Brexit work ” – whatever that means – and based on the evidence so far that means f*ck all !
    He was a critic of the monstrous Patel and the even worse Braverman on their attitudes to immigration – but , surprise , he has now seen the light – HALLELUIA !

    He has , like the Tories , dismissed a Scottish Independence Referendum , but unlike the Tories with their mantra of ” Now is not the time ! ” , fearless democrat that he is , Keir Starmer has made it clear that there will NEVER be a time for a Scottish Referendum REGARDLESS of how large the majority for such is in Scotland .
    His namesake ( Keir Hardie ) will be birlin’ in his grave .

    His every utterance is a surrender to the right-wing media in England .
    He dare not express support for workers fighting for reasonable pay /conditions against the most right-wing Government in decades .
    He won’t countenance his MPs supporting strikers on the picket lines , despite his party’s dependence on Union funds .

    His cowardice in the face of constant media attacks on the people who are the foundations of the Labour movement , his lack of principle in his discarding of promises to those who voted him in as leader , his shameless denial of democracy to the voters of Scotland – these are testament to the kind of PM Starmer would be .

  15. Bob Lamont says:

    My apologies for the completely OT post, but was livid over the framing of this c4 piece
    Taking care to distinguish NI as being on a separate grid, NOT ONCE was the slightest effort made to separate England’s problems from net energy exporters such as Wales or Scotland.

    The pie-chart presented at 45 seconds in explained Wind contributing 3.7%, Interconnectors 12 %, Nuclear 13 % etc., it made no difference whether in Scrabster, Swansea or Southampton we were all struggling together…

    Shockingly awful journalism…

    • Alex Clark says:

      Something very strange going on here, Sky News produced an almost identical story but the CH4 expert said that 3.7% for wind was historically very low as it was normally “more like 4% of the UK’s overall supply. Sky News tells us that for the past year wind has been in excess of 28% of the UK supply, so who knows where the 4% came from that CH4 spoke of.

      The thing that no one ever tells you is that excess electricity produced by wind can be used to produce hydrogen that can be stored. Instead of turning the turbines off when the wind produces more than we need we should have the infrastructure in place to convert that excess electricity into hydrogen that can be stored and used when the wind is not blowing.

      All that is needed to put that in place is a willingness and a government that will invest the resources necessary to make it happen.

      • Legerwood says:

        In 2011 Alex Salmond opened the Hydrogen Offices in Fife. It was an R&D facility looking to develop the combination of wind and hydrogen production you describe. In 2013 it became the Bright Green Energy Company and is now involved in hydrogen buses.

        So Scotland has been looking at this combination of wind and hydrogen for some time

        • Alex Clark says:

          Thanks for that, my post suggests that such a thing would be easy. Of course, it wouldn’t be that simple but it is proven technology and would work.

          As with everything, it needs someone to take the first big step and that was never going to be right wing global warming denying government like the UK’s or energy companies with everything to lose. It will come though, there is no other obvious route to carbon and nuclear free generation of power.

          • Pogmothon says:

            Agree Alex, also now is when we need to be careful about whom we accept development, investment money from. So many things require backing. Not to progress our independence. But to grow and benefit the people of our re-emerging country and beyond. Our national investment bank will not be able to back them all.
            But my hope is that it will be able to assist in retaining control of all these new developments within Scotland. No more we invent or perfect it and someone else develops the world supply, a la telephone, television etc, etc, etc (oopps went all Yul Brynner there), even the modern oil industry was originally centred in Scotland. (Not sure if that’s something to boast about or keep quiet, considering what it’s development has done to the planet).

            • Welsh_Siôn says:

              (oopps went all Yul Brynner there),


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              A very slim volume entitled, “The King And I”!

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  16. Neil Paterson says:

    Another great aricle. The situation where both Conservatives and Labour refuse to acknowledge the folly of Brexit is fascinating. Those same people who are in denial about the disasterous effects of Brexit have been claiming that Scottish independence would be catastrophic because Brexit was such a mess.

  17. yesindyref2 says:

    Just out

    The earth shakes as support for independence rockets to 53% with traditionally No-friendly pollster YouGov – the FIFTH poll in a row to show a pro-indy majority

    • Jeez.

      Early Christmas pressie fae the London chumps.

    • Do you think 4 in a row post UKSC is a sufficient trend for the BBC to pass comment?

      -[innocent face]-

      • davetewart says:


        We at the EBC don’t discuss a single poll.
        Aye , each poll is a single.

        Sky reporting the ‘NEWS’ that we are in a Wind drought, yes it isn’t windy today but their report suggests that it will remain until 2030, maybe they mean 20:30.
        The wind gereneration is very low and so is the solar, we are in a trough for the wind and it’s getting near the shortest days for solar, add in the lack of wind to clear the sky and the solar is in fog and overcast.

        Good luck in bringing back on line old coal stations that have been idle for nearly 2 years.
        To commission a thermal station can take over a month to get it back to reliable.

        They don’t give us news they give us the opinions they want to push.

  18. Capella says:

    Gerry Hassan analyses the pros and cons of the SNP presence in Westminster.

    Gerry Hassan: What should the SNP’s MPs do at Westminster?

    One call that is regularly made is for SNP candidates at a UK election to stand on an abstentionist ticket and not take their seats in the House of Commons. This is intended to underline to the UK Government that SNP parliamentarians refuse to recognise the sovereignty and claim of Westminster over Scotland.

    Such non-co-operation and refusal to engage, it is said, would undermine Westminster’s legitimacy in Scotland and fast-forward independence.

    The precedent invoking this proposed action is that of Sinn Fein. In the 1918 UK election when they won 73 of 105 seats across Ireland and 65% of the vote in the south, they refused to attend Westminster, leading to the Anglo-Irish Treaty of 1921 and the creation of the Irish Free State in 1922.

    The only problem with this is Scotland is not Ireland, its experience in the Union is not comparable, and the SNP is not the same as Sinn Fein. Leaving aside that, after the 1918 UK election, there was a brutal Irish War of Independence following Sinn Fein’s victory and abstentionism and there is also the electoral fact of the broad coalition of support which the SNP represents and appeals to.

    This “Big Tent” of SNP support is made up nearly entirely of voters who do not believe in revolutionary politics. Rather, many are moderate and middle of the road who pragmatically vote for the SNP at Westminster to protect their own and Scotland’s interests.

    • Legerwood says:

      I agree with that analysis and conclusion

      • Golfnut says:

        Gerry Hassan talking out the proverbial.
        If there are any SNP MP’s recognise and presumably accept the non existent absolute sovereignty of the union parliament, they’re in the wrong party. They’re there to represent the sovereignty of the Scottish People however overwhelming the numbers are against.
        These are weasel words from Hassan.

    • Hamish100 says:

      If Sinn fein had stood in Parliament We could have defeated Theresa May all those years ago re Brexit . She needed the Ulster unionists.
      Do we think the tories and labour Brit nats care if we are there?
      We should stay no longer than we have too but we should disrupt and annoy the business of England. They interfere in our country we should do likewise. They might get the message but more importantly the people of Scotland will understand our reasons.

  19. Capella says:

    Meanwhile, the optimistically named Keir (how proud his parents must be) Starmer digs a deeper hole.

    Keir Starmer starts the SNP blame game early with LBC election claim

    KEIR Starmer is pre-emptively blaming Scotland’s First Minister in case his party can’t form a government at the next General Election.

    Speaking to LBC on Monday morning, the Labour leader wished Nicola Sturgeon luck in explaining how the SNP “bring down” his party in a hypothetical election scenario.

    Starmer has repeatedly ruled out doing deals with the SNP, while his party is propped up by Tories in council administrations across Scotland.

    A radio caller, named Ricky, rang up from Leeds to ask if the former lawyer would rather do a deal with Sturgeon’s party to get into power at Westminster or accept another five years of Tory rule.

    “We are not doing a deal with the SNP, I’ll say that in capitals, I’ll say it bold,” Starmer told listeners.

  20. Interestingly, the polling shift is direct from No to Yes. No has tanked to 2020-21 levels.

  21. Dr Jim says:

    BBC Scotland in plea to voters: Gordon Brown’s got a bigger better shinier plan than ever before, and a brand new can to kick Scotland’s aspirations even further down the long and winding road than the Tories now that their can is all dented worn out and Scotland doesn’t want to chase after it anymore

    This was a direct quote from Glen Campbell on BBC radio Scotland earlier this morning. Well when I say direct quote, he didn’t use those exact words, he used many other words to say the same thing and to encourage folk not to pay any attention whatsoever to the polling that so many Yoonyawnists and BBCers rely upon so heavily, instead he reported the polling like any good lying BBC journalist does with an attitude of *well those are the polls at the moment but everything could change so a poll is only an indication blah de blah blah*

    Only a couple of weeks ago all of these BBCers and Yoonyawnists were quoting polls that showed an even split in polling as the holy gospel of the settled will of the Scottish electorate and how it appears that nothing is ever going to change much in that regard

    Now we’re back to *only and indication* but Labour Labour Labour Gordon Brown

    Mick Lynch the trades union guy has called out the BBC on their behaviour of parroting the establishment line instead of doing an impartial job of reporting and interviewing

    The hope that *the war in Ukraine* would be the convenient saviour of their union by distracting Scotland’s attention from independence has failed, and failed badly since they were outsmarted by Nicola Sturgeon taking them to court and forcing them to legally declare that Scotland is not an equal partner in their union, in fact Scotland is not even a partner, Scotland is according to them a legally dictated over possession of England

    You can’t go around telling a nation of 5.5 million people they’re not *allowed* to either ask a question or answer one without the consequences that are bound to follow

    Try it in any pub in the world, see what happens

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