The inevitable backlash

Oh dear, how sad, never mind. The ruling of the UK Supreme Court last week that Scotland must get back in its box and that there is no internal Scottish democratic process which can bring about another independence referendum has singularly failed to stop the independence movement in its tracks as certain democracy denying Anglo-British nationalists had hoped.

Rather, the independence movement become refocused as a campaign for Scottish democracy, since it is now evident that even when the electorate of Scotland choose to elect a Scottish Government with a clear and unambiguous mandate for a particular course of action, it can and will be overruled by an unelected Conservative Prime Minister in Downing Street representing a party that has not won an election since 1955.

Scotland is not, as we have always been told, a partner in a voluntary union, it is a prisoner of voting decisions made in England which requires the permission of a Parliament overwhelmingly elected by voters in England in order to ask itself about its future as a part of . This is a seismic and fundamental shift in the basis upon which Scotland is a part of this so-called union, it is a change which has been imposed on Scotland without consultation, consent, consultation or permission. This is not the union that Scotland was told it would be a part of if it voted No in 2014.

We were promised then that Scotland would be a part of a voluntary union in which the Scottish right of national self-determination would be respected. We were told that it would be a union in which Scotland’s place in the European Union would be assured and in which the devolution settlement would be inviolable and sacrosanct and would be placed beyond the ability of any Westminster government to meddle with it or change it without the express consent of the Scottish people and Scottish Parliament. None of these things have turned out to be true. That deceit by the Better Together parties would alone be more than sufficient to justify a second independence referendum.

Those parties are very fond of demanding that the result of the 2014 referendum must be respected. Very well then, let them go first and demonstrate that they will respect the promises and commitments that they made in order to win that referendum, a referendum which it is now clear that they won with lies, mis-selling and deception. And now they have the unmitigated gall to demand that the people of Scotland honour a bargain that they themselves have so shamelessly traduced.

The Supreme Court ruling last week was the crap icing on the British shit cake. Not only did the court rule that Scotland cannot decide for itself whether it wishes to revisit the question of its relationship with the other nations of the UK and the wider world, for good measure it stuck the Westminster supremacist boot in and informed Scotland that this ancient nation, which has been in existence considerably longer than the United Kingdom which it helped to create, has no right to self-determination in international law.

There has been an inevitable backlash in Scottish public opinion. In the immediate aftermath of the publication of the ruling, Channel 4 published a poll from Find Out Now which it had commissioned which showed that once don’t knows were excluded a large majority would vote for independence parties in a general election being used to seek a mandate for independence. There are good reasons to treat this poll with caution, it was commissioned from a company with no prior experience of Scottish political polling and it used unconventional wording which means it is not directly comparable with previous polling on the independence question.

Nevertheless it was extremely good news for the independence campaign and an early indication that the political fall out from the Supreme Court ruling would not be to the advantage of the Anglo-British nationalist parties.

Those initial indications have now been resoundingly confirmed by the first opinion poll from an established polling company which has asked the standard question on independence, the poll from Redfield & Wilton Strategies registered a 5% rise in support for independence over the previous poll from the same company, putting support for independence on 52% once don’t knows are excluded. This is a rise in support greater than the 3% margin of error which is standard in opinion polling and therefor almost certainly represents a real phenomenon and not just statistical noise.

More significantly, support for another independence referendum within the next year has shot up by a massive 12%. This is a huge increase well beyond any margin of error and suggests that the Supreme Court ruling has provoked a profound shift in Scottish public opinion. It turns out that Scottish people don’t like being told what decisions they can make about their own country by an English judge, there’s a shocker.

46% are now in favour of an independence referendum next year, with just 43% opposed. Once don’t knows are excluded this means that 52% want another independence referendum next year, the same percentage that say they plan to vote yes. It would be nice if this poll would stop the likes of Jackie Baillie insisting that most people don’t want another referendum, but we all know that is not going to happen.

On Thursday it was announced that Ian Blackford, the SNP Westminster leader for the past five years, will not be seeking re-election at the SNP group’s AGM on Tuesday of next week. There has been some disquiet within the SNP group with his leadership, particularly over his handling of the complaints of inappropriate behaviour made against Glasgow North MP Patrick Grady.

It is reported that Aberdeen MP Stephen Flynn is likely to stand for the post. Whoever does take over will have some very big shoes to fill.

However we are now in a new phase of the independence campaign, with a Westminster which is naked in its contempt for Scottish democracy and which denies Scotland its national right to self-determination. It’s time for a far more confrontational and forceful approach in the Commons, making use of every arcane rule to be as disruptive as possible and refusing to accept the non-answers from the Prime Minister which have come to be typical at PMQs. Here is hoping that the new leader, whoever he or she is, will deliver that. Judging by today’s poll, it’s an approach which will be popular in Scotland. It too will be the inevitable backlash to Westminster’s contempt for Scotland.



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173 comments on “The inevitable backlash

  1. yesindyref2 says:

    New phase, new leader.

    Time for walkouts and sit-ins (I doubt divisions can take place until the chamber is cleared). Philibustering, and obstruction in every way possible. Perhaps all of us should read “Erskine May”, whoever that is, some relative of Theresa maybe?

  2. Dr Jim says:

    Perhaps the moment for a *wartime* consigliere

  3. JP58 says:

    We need to keep on hammering home:
    1.Since 1979 :
    the Westminster Government has been formed by English electorate (not even overwhelmingly but completely I think)
    the votes of Scottish electorate have been irrelevant to outcome of Westminster election. Every vote cast in Scotland is in effect a wasted vote.
    2.A hard Brexit has been imposed on Scotland despite approximately 2/3rd of Scottish electorate voting to Remain.
    3.From 1 above it is self evident that post SC ruling the Scottish electorate need the approval of English electorate to even have an independence referendum. The English electorate who already have imposed Brexit and 8 Tory governments on Scotland at elections since 1979.
    If anyone complains that this rhetoric is anti English ask them which of the above statements are incorrect. They are not anti English they are merely explaining what happens when you are small country in a union with a much larger country whose political priorities are different to yours.

    • Martin Edmunds says:

      Absolutely bang on. It’s not politics when it comes to this argument, it’s maths.
      After boundary changes in 2023 England will have 543 MPs Scotland 57, Wales 32 and N Ireland 18. A total of 650 MPs

      Even if every single WM seat in Scotland was held by the SNP and they had the support of every single Welsh and N Irish MP for a section 30 order, they would still need the support of 219 English MPs to get a majority result in parliament … IE more than double the combined total the MPs of the other three nations and almost 4 times the number of Scottish MPs.

      The irrefutable fact is that so long as Westminster has the power to deny an independence referendum then certainly Scotland and Wales, using any logic you care to apply, are undeniably nothing more than possessions of England, with their place in the union purely in the hands of English MPs not a single Scottish or Welsh resident can vote for or against.

      Colonialism dressed up as democracy.

  4. deelsdugs says:

    ‘Confrontational and forceful’ works for me…hope they don’t let us down…
    We’re getting a bit fed up in the ‘cheap seats’…personally, that ‘no’ of last week is one of those ‘no’s’ where you stand back and say, ‘haud on a wee minutey mr english lord supremacy, who da hell are you with your fancy get-out and a pocket full of wedge, telling me, a skint Scottish woman of vintage, what we can do with our future…Aye right…remember the mantra get on yer bike, well make it a rickety yin wi spikes on the saddle, a razor for a cross bar and red hot coals as the handlebars, that one will do for you’ 😁

  5. Jonathan Marshall says:

    I understand why you are so angry Paul, but it was always obvious that Westminster were never going to play fair… it’s not in their playbook and they require our resources. I am perplexed by the SNP as it seems rather than already have the next steps in place the independence movement needs meetings to find out what to do… meanwhile Westminster decides the narrative. Lord to be Jack’s pronouncements we’re jut the tip of the iceberg. Rather than dictate things we are being dictated to. Somehow the fact we are meant to be a equal partner in the Union has disappeared in the space of a few days as though it didn’t exist… and some of our representatives don’t want us to use pejorative language to describe the situation. I find that more depressing than the judgement of the Supreme Court as it was a given. That said as an optimist I live in hope the ‘plan’ that people here predicted would guarantee a Section 30 will reveal our path forward.

    • grizebard says:

      Well, you don’t sound very much like an optimist. For one thing, the notion that the equal partnership “has just disappeared” is merely a Unionist mirage. It hasn’t disappeared from peoples’ awareness. On the contrary, as polls are already showing. As we have seen elsewhere, it’s not enough to merely declare annexation, it’s also necessary to get everyone to accept it. And in such circumstances, human nature being what it is, people naturally tend to the diametric opposite.

      Personally, I believe the English Establishment has now overplayed its hand, with unavoidable unfolding consequences. Just as with the American Colonies before.

      • Jonathan Marshall says:

        Ah little do you know me I’m ever the glass half full person… and then some. I have just never considered the Westminster establishment as particularly trustworthy and am not surprised at developments. I am more than a little disappointed however with our representatives apparent lack of a plan as calling for talks next year allows Westminster time and space to dictate the narrative, something they shouldn’t be allowed to do.

        • grizebard says:

          “more than a little disappointed” – self-contradiction there again, I would suggest, given the inevitable and as-yet entirely unpredictable unfolding of events yet to come.

          • Jonathan Marshall says:

            Ah I while I’m interested politically my disappointment remains there I have far to many other things in life I live for… never make the mistake to think that a disappointment in one thing makes one a pessimist

    • Bob Lamont says:

      Oh please, not the old torches and pitchforks game again, we have HMS James Cook for that, or was that too “pejorative language to describe the situation” for comfort ?

      • Jonathan Marshall says:

        Pitchforks? No Bob sometimes calling a spade a spade is all that’s required. I’m just fine with the word colony if that’s what we are… I’m tempted to put a sign on the back of my car that says Welcome to North England as it would certainly trouble my no voting neighbors you know the 80 and 90 min patriot types.

        • Bob Lamont says:

          No Sir/Madam, it was definitely “torches and pitchforks” I wrote, not pitchforks, all else stems from that.

          • Jonathan Marshall says:

            Still not getting the pitchforks and torches analogy my comment has obviously stimulated… I just think that our representatives should be on the ball a little more and perhaps shouldn’t allow Westminster any room to dictate narrative contrary to Grizebards thinking I don’t think Westminster has overplayed its hand as it’s next steps were always obvious. As Paul’s excellent article makes clear it’s a shit state of affairs… I just want our representatives to have a clear idea of what they are going to do about it… and I’m not sure they do.

            • grizebard says:

              So the already-evident rise in support for indy is mere coincidence, then? You confuse obviousness with success, it would seem. Which is another giveaway.

              • Jonathan Marshall says:

                Hmm… more of the same Grizebard you really don’t know me… besides I actually agree with one of you coments below about having the Anglo proxies own the consequences. .. and movement in polls are always welcome… but it is a stretch to say this is the plan. I personally think demographics will sort it out in about 5-10 years unless something major happens.

                • You do seem to be a wee bit in the minority view here amount Scots. Most see Scotland having voted Yes and left in 5 years rather than 5-10. By 10 certainly, it’s viewed as over by all but the most ardent British nationalists / unionists, who frankly, must be living in rangers pub / orange lodge bubbles. That or have their fingers in their ears and are shouting ‘la la la – rule Britannia!’. This is the inevitable result of granny / granddad unionist being acutely aware that son / daughter, and notably grandson / granddaughter, are pro Yes / totally lost to the union. Just not British identity at all.

            • grizebard says:

              Just to appeal to your inner optimist, and perhaps more usefully to justify my comment to anyone else interested, it is no coincidence that for years – more than a century at least – governments in London of all political dispositions, including some that are long gone, have been assiduous in keeping their relationship with Scotland ambiguous, and to tread very carefully where matters of vital interest to Scotland alone are concerned. And with very good reason, because that relationship is a constitutional house built on sand that has only continued to stand because the people of Scotland have been willing to tolerate its existence under those presumed terms.

              It is only recently, under an increasingly-popular movement towards independence, that the current UK government, under several insecure and increasingly-desperate residencies, has felt itself increasingly forced to attempt to clamp down. Now, thanks to this “brave” {ahem} SC judgement, any lingering fog of the previous “creative ambiguity” has finally been swept away. The harsh reality of our imprisonment is now laid bare for all to see, and sooner or later the resulting popular reaction will bring down that house, because it only survived under actual conditions that a significant majority of self-respecting people in Scotland cannot possibly continue to tolerate.

            • ArtyHetty says:

              Not sure they don’t either. The SNP and the Scottish Greens I am sure have the measure of things…they have some very astute politicians to cover all angles. Not much point surmising it’s time wasting, and clearly the support for independence is not abating at all, quite the opposite in fact.

            • Bob Lamont says:

              This cartoon probably best explains what I meant by torches and pitchforks a game the British state has played throughout history when faced with a united front – Sow division, let them kill each other off, then walk in as the innocent peacemaker to mop up the spoils.

              It is perfectly natural to have reservations over what our MPs are doing, but it’s quite another to presume what is conveyed by a distinctly hostile media is an honest picture.
              eg-The BBC’s Nick Robinson presentation of Alex Salmond “He said nothing..” was one of the more outrageous examples of the propaganda machine in play, there have been thousands of more subtle (and not so subtle) examples since, not least via BBC Scotland.

              Westminster and London by default control the game, but as the recent SC case demonstrated they can fail. The last thing HMG wanted was for their assertion of illegality over a referendum proven, it was a lose/lose scenario – Now indy support is predictably on the rise.

              To be clear I’m not a SNP member, but I’ve a deal more confidence our Indy supporting MPs know exactly what they’re doing.

    • daveytee19 says:

      Whatever makes you think we’re meant to be an equal partner? Never have been, aren’t now, never will be. The allocation of MPs in the first union parliament made that quite clear, and it has continued ever since, ensuring that we can always be out voted.

    • Martin Edmunds says:

      I agree, especially with your comment about “prejorative language”
      It is not, and cannot be. construed as ‘anti English’ to point out the absolute fact that for so long as Scotland’s fate is in the hands of an overwhelming majority of English MPs no one in Scotland has a say in electing or rejecting then Scotland is nothing more than an English possession, nothing more than a colony.
      Until there is a legal way for Scotland’s people and them alone to decide what is good or bad for Scotland then all we are is part of greater England dressed up as some half assed unitary state called ‘the UK’ nobody in Scotland was ever asked if they wanted to be part of.
      What we definitely are not part of is a voluntary union … that piece of gaslighting nonsense was firmly put to bed last week.

      • daveytee19 says:

        Well it was a voluntary union in as much as Scotland entered into it voluntarily with our Parliament voting for it, notwithstanding the fact that the people were against it (which, of course, gives the lie to the claim that in Scotland the people, not parliament, are sovereign). Our leaders at that time had been very keen on union for some time. And of course they thought it would be “for ever after”. I’ve little doubt that those who voted for the union knew perfectly well that wee Scotland would effectively be absorbed into a Greater England, but they saw much greater personal opportunities for themselves in that scenario.

  6. Jamie MacDonald says:

    Well said as always.. “The Supreme Court ruling last week was the crap icing on the British shit cake.” Coming to yer screens soon in a newly independent Scotland. . ‘the great British Fake off!! “

  7. grizebard says:

    Yes, the SC has indeed set the seal on the complete betrayal of all the fine Unionist promises of 2014. And there’s no hiding that from people any longer.

    If our long-suffering MPs have to endure the continuing ordeal, often at great personal cost, of being imprisoned in an institution that totally ignores and disrespects them, it is surely payback time. Presumably that reality underlies the decision of the admirable and ever-amiable Ian Blackford to step away from the SNP leadership there, hopefully in favour of someone who will soon make WM regret holding our MPs hostage against their (and increasingly, our) will in that decaying palace of fools.

    • yesindyref2 says:

      Ian Blackford could end up being the go-between, as the increaingly desperate Tories and totally craven Labour appeasers under the meaningless shrinking Starmer, plead to get their Parliament back, and the unrespectable Hoyle vilifies May in dismay – geddit – dis-May?

      Mmm, I look forward to it.

      • grizebard says:

        Given the establishment choices that have been made ever since 2014, it’s all but inevitable now that things will get a whole lot rougher before they eventually (hopefully) get better. It may be entertaining at times, but it’s such a needless waste for an outcome that will happen anyway, “because of” rather than “despite” those decisions.

      • Derek says:

        Hoyle’s an eejit, and is given powers above his ken by his position. He makes the most of this, but doesn’t use it for good.

  8. Alex Clark says:

    No Scotland, your voters do not get to decide which type of government is best suited to your needs.

    That choice is for the voters of England to make, who because we are 10 times bigger than you, it is we who will make all the decisions round here.

    We really couldn’t care less about what you want when we vote for the party best suited to our needs and the Supreme Court backs us up, so there, now get back in your box.

    • grizebard says:

      Yes, so one task now is to make sure that those Anglo proxies in Scotland fully own the consequences. No more ducking and diving. No more solo Gordo Brood federal fairy stories. No more “Scottish” Labour fatuously pretending that it can have – and {‘sakes!} implement – policies that diverge from its English owner.

    • JP58 says:

      The Supreme Court has laid out in black and white how the electorate in England are in control of Westminster and therefore electorate in Scotland (& Wales). This along with electorate in England effectively imposing Brexit on us needs to be emphasised at every occasion. This fact will be uncomfortable for all in Scotland apart from died in the wool unionist and will therefore allow independence campaigners a hearing. This must be followed up with a concerted campaign emphasising the positive aspects (especially economic) of independence and limitations of devolution to counter the establishment (Westminster & media) negativity about independence.
      I believe that these tactics will enable independence support to reach 60% in near future as demographics are heavily on Yes side.
      I also believe that once this threshold is reached independence will become inevitable and unstoppable. Despite SC ruling independence is still within hands of Scottish people to grasp if they really want it.

  9. Welsh_Siôn says:

    Off topic but thought you might to know about some professional work coming my way – which will affect all of us in some way, in the near future.

    I’ve been translating and editing documents in connection with Voter Authority Certificates, (i.e. voter ID in General Elections) or supply ID in the appropriate form.

    From May 2023 individuals, who wish to vote in person, including those acting as a proxy on behalf of another individual, will be required to produce an accepted form of photographic ID to prove their identity before they will be issued with a ballot paper.

    This will apply at:

    UK parliamentary by-elections
    Recall petitions
    Police and Crime Commissioner elections
    Local government elections in England

    The requirement for voter ID to be provided at UK Parliamentary General elections will only take effect for polls after 5 October 2023.

    Yes, it only applies to England at the moment – but these things have a habit of being ‘rolled out’ further by Westminster which is ever keen to further undermine devolution.

  10. Ken says:

    Another Unionist mess unfolding. The complaints continue to mount. The Tory abuse and votes going down, down down. They will be out on a limb by then. Or before then. The complete and utter shambles continues under foot. Tories/Westminster on their last legs. Ready to collapse.

  11. Ken says:

    Massive backlash in the South.

    Strikes in December. Westminster on its knees. The backlash has started. Final collapse imminent. Get ready for a GE. Vote SNP. Vote for Independence. Vote the Unionists out. Keep the line against them.

    • Backlash in Wales as Welsh Labour suddenly find they are actually English serfs. Currently seeking legal clarity on Wales’ right to self-determine with the support of coalition partners, the pro-indy Plaid Cymru.

      Backlash in the north of Ireland as unionist support hits record historic lows at just over 40%, while the pro-EU neutral Alliance joins forces with pro-reunification parties to give a 6/1o backing for the protocol. It will need to remain or support for reunification will grow in the north.

      Which is why I think we should not dismiss talk of the UK trying to re-enter the single market. Which has the English gammon Reform UK now eating into the half dead carcass of the Tory party as per recent polling.

      Then there’s backlash against Starmer the brexiter who ‘hates furriners too, honestly!’ as the 54% (vs 34%) who want brexit undone move to the Liberal Democrats in earnest.

      Aye, we don’t live in isolation. It’s all coming crashing down in all four nations.

    • grizebard says:

      It’s true that for us the sooner there is a UKGE now the better, whatever the outcome in England. But in this glorious “stable” WM system within which we are currently trapped, the Tories have the head count to hang on regardless of events, and every one of those heads has every incentive to help their party do so. (The greater the mess, the greater the incentive, even.)

      But we’ll see…

    • Golfnut says:

      I agree Ken, civil unrest and I mean riots are not faraway.

      • ArtyHetty says:

        Won’t achieve anything if you mean in Scotland, just cause a nightmare for the FM and cost loads re policing, then there’s the £’s cosequences re wrecking of any buildings etc. Nah, if that did happen it would be false flag stuff and put nowt past the British state to orchestrate that sort of thing…they’d love it and imagine the media fest. No thanks.

  12. Regarding polling. Both the FoN and R&W are very encouraging as they both agree (positive for Yes), and the R&W does show a clear shift greater than standard MoE.

    However, for an event such as the UKSC case, the impact is likely to come from the aftermath rather than the ruling itself. Scots were kind of guessing that the outcome might be that an iref does legally need Westminster’s permission. So that has not necessarily come as much of a suprise. However, what the case has done is put the onus firmly on the English government to rapidly make right what is now officially very, very wrong.

    Each day they don’t will harm them further. So the effect is unlikely to be some sharp shift like when the mini-budget trashed the economy. Instead, we need to watch over the next weeks to month or so for the new reality to bed in with voters. Unlike us, they are not on politician blogs all the time!

    London has bet heavily here on the polls not shifting, keep the apparent static level they’ve had for the past year or two. Everything is wagered on that. They are thinking just a few days ahead of themselves right now remember. On all fronts, not just in Scotland. This is an administration which is all but dead, holding on to power with little to no hope of winning the next election. We are seeing a flood of Tory MPs announcing their plans to step down ahead of the next vote.

    But Starmer isn’t seen as a popular PM in waiting. Just a little less bad than what’s in office right now. And with Labour’s new out-brexiting the brexiters, is losing votes so don’t bet on it winning an election either!

    • grizebard says:

      It’s perhaps unfortunate for Labour that its deliberate play to recover the north English Brexiters, while hoping to hold on to its Remainers for lack of an obvious alternative, might be coming somewhat unglued by steadily increasing revelations of the economic facts of life over the Johnsonian isolationism that Labour have also signed up to, and what it really means.

      At the next UKGE, the party might find itself in the same embarrassing situation as the would-be boater with one foot on shore and one foot in a drifting dinghy.

      • Luigi says:

        I think if Starmer and Co had been brave and went full on for a return to the EU they would have gained more traction, in England and Scotland. Sure, they would lose the Brexit nutters, but the EU supporters moving to them would have more than compensated. Now the people have no choice its Brexit or Brexit. Wot a bunch of cowards. Starter took the easy option, but he may well rue this decision.

        • I think so too. The Starmer more pursues the red wall brexiter course, the more difficult it is to go into reverse as he loses trust / credibility, just appearing like another weather vane / political prostitute who ‘will be whoever you want him to be’.

          Labour are not popular in Scotland, there has been no resurgence. It’s simply reactive. You see which party Scots really favour in PR Scottish elections, and that’s the SNP. How people vote in English [‘UK’] elections here is heavily influenced by tactics and always has been. Right now Labour have gone up to about 30% as they steal from the Tories as a ‘stop indy’ party due to the collapse in backing for the latter, and from some middle of the road voters still pondering indy as these think that if England is going Labour, maybe they should too as it might stop the Tories as long as we are stuck here.

          If the Labour vote starts falling away in England, as it seems to be now doing in earnest, so any support for them here will follow.

    • Capella says:

      I would expect Labour to shift its policy on BREXIT. Polls are showing a majority in England regret being out of the single market. The soaring cost of living crisis, food and labour shortages are piling pressure on the economy. A promise to join the single market would gain votes in England and also dilute the message of the SNP.

      The Tories can’t do this because of Nigel Farage and his Reform Party draining votes from them on the right and the Liberals on the left. The oligarchs might well decide it’s time for Sir Keir Starmer to step in and take charge.

      • benmadigan says:

        “A promise to join the single market”
        Don’t forget it takes 2 to tango – or in the case of UK re-joining the Single Market 1 and 27 partners are in the dance
        There is no interest within the EU for re-opening negotiations with the UK.
        In fact they are setting out their options on how to react as the UK refuses to implement what it has already signed up to.
        Refusing EU access to UK airlines is rumoured to be one

  13. Alex Clark says:

    The thing about plans is that they have to adapt as circumstances change. No plan is foolproof and no plan is static, a good plan will anticipate routes being blocked and hope to have contingencies but not every event can be planned for in advance.

    So far, as I make it out the Scottish Governments plan for an Independence campaign following the post-2019 election was blown out of the water by the Covid pandemic.

    Since then though, the revised plan that appears to have been totally unexpected by Westminster and every political commentator out there saw the Scottish Government challenge Westminster in the Supreme Court to establish once and for all whether or not Scotland was a partner in a voluntary union of nations called the UK.

    The instigators of this plan knew full well that they would lose in the Supreme Court as that was, of course, part of the plan. That result proved that this was NOT a voluntary Union but that in fact, Scotland was subject to the whim of whichever government English voters chose to represent them and that Scottish voices would go unheard.

    No one should underestimate the significance of the Supreme Courts decision and it is one that will come back to haunt them when decision time comes and the Scots next chose who they wish to be governed by.

    So the plan has had what I would say is a positive result. We are now on to the next stage of that plan, which is of course to allow the people a say on whether they want to be Independent by using their votes in a General Election as a de-facto referendum.

    I’ve no idea if this is the right plan or whether it will result in Scotland becoming an Independent country but I am absolutely certain that the plan is making inroads into Westminsters hold over the people of Scotland.

    A hold that is weakening faster than before which leads me to believe that whatever it is we have been doing since the fight began in earnest again after Covid was mainly over seems to have been the right thing or at least not the wrong thing.

    It really does seem like a plan to me and it appears to be working so far at least.

    • If you want to make God laugh, just tell him your plans.
      If you want to make the devil laugh, just let him listen to Rich! Sunak declaring that we are all in this together.
      Today NS listed how better paid our public servants, nurses, teachers, civil servants, were in comparison with their English counterparts…that teachers would have had an increase in salaries and pensions of 21% since 2018, yet none of this has been picked up by the media…
      This is the battleground. Propaganda and lies.
      Those two idiots Sarwar and Dross lied today, about GRA, and Fife HS ..and Wee Willie even got to his feet and screeched at the FM.
      They do their best, some of it unintentional, because they really are only third-rate glorified councillors, to attempt to reduce our Scottish Parliament to the level of a rural parish council, to undermine its authority and political importance to the citizens of Scotland.

      Potholes, icicles on THAT bridge, somebody waiting hours for an ambulance, flooding, you name it. They get to their feet and demand what the First Minister of Scotland is going to do to resolve every little thing that comes in to their heads to gum up effective government.
      It’s all Sturgeon’s fault, and it’s her job to personally sort everything.

      The sooner we get going, the sooner we get rid of these terrible little people.
      Held saccountable to the people of Scotland, rather than freewheeling on the back of their London Masters, their feet won’ touch.
      What have they done for Scotland? The opposite of nothing.
      They kill people with their lies.

  14. Dr Jim says:

    When Rupert Murdoch and the media gang decide it’s time, they’ll turn on the current Tory mafia and support the new Labour mafia

    as long as they do as they’re told of course

  15. Ken says:

    Labour could win the election in the South. Making promises and not delivering like all unionists Parties. The SNP will win any election in Scotland. Support for Independence increasing. The

    The emphases is broken. Along with the unfair, unequal Union.

  16. Ken says:

    The SNP is funded by its members. So can do the right thing. Not Trades Unions or Banks and corporates. Like the Unionist Parties.

  17. This is glorious.

    But aye, anyone with a Scottish Passport and or Certificate of Scottish Nationality can vote. Fine with me. Scottish birth certificate alone is no good as this doesn’t confer nationality, not under UK law. Loads of people born in Scotland are not legally ‘Scottish / British’, such as children of those here on holiday or on work visas. Nope, you need at least one parent with a Scottish Passport / CoSN for this in the first instance.

    Don’t allow SNP to rig a future referendum

    Blocking expats from voting bucks the international trend and could affect Scotland’s future

    What a chump. If we become independent, then Scots will legally exist when outside of Scotland. For now, they have to be legally resident here (as there is no other possible legal definition), which makes them a citizen. For ex-pats, it’s back to people self-iding as that. Something some Bath residents oppose as they don’t believe in self-id, making them, erm, English.

    And you hear that Scots, you are considered ‘furriners’ [ex-pats] when in England, even though you carry the same passport. Lovely. So much for ‘one British nation / people’. See Ngozi Fulani for details.

    • Dr Jim says:

      Does this mean that England is definitely that mythical country of Britain ?

      • Seems not, as Scots in England are ‘ex-pats’. ‘Migrants’ if you like.

        And of course if we followed England’s Brexit example where only ‘natives’ [Scots in this instance] get a vote, including ‘expats’ [Scots outside Scotland], then English born residents of Scotland would not get a vote, being in possession of the wrong type of birth certificate, just like EU Mrs SS couldn’t vote in the EU ref.

        • grizebard says:

          Oh, the possible unintended consequences! It’s a kite being flown by one visibly-desperate self-entitled sufferer from the winds of change, but if something as obvious as this were ever attempted, the next indy campaign would have to be fought with equal media access across the whole of England, not hidden conveniently away out of sight north of the border. And given the right campaign, I’m sure that many decent English people, while not themselves having a vote, would quickly become very uncomfortable indeed about how Scotland has been and is being treated.

    • grizebard says:

      In that article, the author effectively admits that Scotland is lost to England, another referendum is unavoidable, and the rest is devoted to promoting yet another electoral wangle to thwart democracy. It could hardly be more obvious or shameless.

      I hope that more people in Scotland will see it and discover (if they don’t realise it already) how they are viewed by our wannabe masters as mere chattels to be cheated.

    • Welsh_Siôn says:

      Don’t allow SNP to rig a future referendum … writes our esteemed columnist … only to then proceed to give chapter and verse on how the unionists should rig a future referendum.

      Funny that, eh?

      • Imagine the SNP proposed that only ‘ethnic Scots’ would get a vote.

        Would be wall to wall headlines screaming ‘anti-English ethnic racist nationalism!’, even though that would be exactly the franchise used for the EU referendum.

        Yet this prize idiot puts it forward and Brit nats nod along because they’d never for a second think that English people should not have the right to decide on what happens in other countries, including in Scotland. It’s the Brexit mentality, such as that that the end of free movement should apply to everyone except English / British people, obviously.

        Also, as I’ve said in the past, that in a fantasy scenario where we could somehow legally define Scottish expats in England and let them vote, it might not turn out at all as expected.

        Many Scots in the rUK are economic migrants forced there to look for work because of the anglocentric nature of UK economic planning. One of the things that really drove me to back indy was that I was almost forced to move to England as a graduate (of two of the top unis in Scotland) back in 1999 as Thatcherism had trashed Scotland’s economy. There as so little work available here. I really didn’t want this at all and it was soul destroying, just as it is for e.g. an Albanian to leave their country behind and take a dangerous trip to the UK in the hope of being able to earn some money and one day go home. Luckily, I got a job in oil and gas, so managed to stay, but the brain drain is well known and not voluntary for so many. Danish young folk don’t have to leave in their 10’s of k searching for work for example. Wales of course has suffered the same fate in the UK.

        Some love England and choose to make their lives their freely, like Stuart Campbell of Bath, but many don’t. For many the union forced them to send ‘letters from America [England]’ so don’t expect these to be rabid unionists.

  18. Bob Lamont says:

    Interesting times – Javid announced he will not be standing at the next GE, one of the higher profile MPs to do so but a trickle of lesser reprobates have similarly signalled such intent – Rats deserting the sinking ship comes to mind, aka “spending more time with the family” copyright Barren of Guilt Davidson shortly to be be joined by the ex-Secretary of Flounce for Scotland who similarly attempted to save both faces.

    If these resignations continue into next week it will leave Sunak’s strategists facing a dilemma – Face the music now in a GE before the leakage becomes a torrent and pass the buck to Labour, or face annihilation at the scheduled GE when sight of sunny uplands fail to materialise, the chippy Scots have proven their referendum holds water, and folks are still paying off the installments on their energy debt.

    That de-facto referendum in 2024 may come a lot sooner than programmed and many expected, strong and stable Westminster politics is having a bad hair day, copyright Ia(i)n fake additional “i” Drunken fake-hyphenation Smith fake CV…

  19. One thing to keep in mind on the UKSC court outcome is how it will affect Labour’s fortunes in Scotland.

    Post case, Scots have been waiting to see whether Labour would stand up for Scotland’s right to decide. They have not, and we can expect they won’t. That will not be good for Sarwar’s English party branch office given 1/3 or more of Labour voters back indy.

    Labour will probably imagine the Tories will take the heat. No, they will take it too for adopting the same position.

    One to watch.

    • Bob Lamont says:


    • grizebard says:

      Yes, the Tories in Scotland are already a lost cause. Even the BBC have given up on them. So it’s Labour that should – and surely will – take the heat. The “leadership” have learnt absolutely nothing since their disastrous dalliance with Bitter Together. A complete ideas vacuum with that ineffective London puppet Sarwar.

  20. JoMax says:

    So Mr Sir Starmer who’s visiting Scotland has claimed that Scotland is not ‘stuck’ in the Union while simultaneously saying it is a ‘voluntary organisation’ – but not that voluntary obviously. Only the big boys get to choose the voluntary bit. And it seems they’re doing well in Scotland is Labour, building their case, ‘a positive case’. Quite what that case is, no one really knows, because English Labour doesn’t know either, only that Scotland is their’s forever and ever. The change that Scotland wants “will be delivered by Labour but that change will be delivered as part of the United Kingdom”. In other words in whatever way the ‘voluntary’ United Kingdom of England’s Govt decides.

    The biggest load of double-speak you’ve heard since the last load of double-speak from the same bunch.

    Democracy or Damnedhypocrisy. Labour don’t know the difference.

  21. yesindyref2 says:

    Sir Keir said: “The case I will take in Scotland is that we should have change in Scotland, but that should be change within the United Kingdom – a positive case for change.”

    So nothing different then – Scotland gets the small change.

  22. Golfnut says:

    Just more of the same from Starmer, voluntary union but only the Parliament dominated by English
    MP’s gets to decide if and when the Scots get to decide, well anything.
    I’m not even sure Starmers Parliament is even a properly constituted Parliament.

  23. Ken says:

    Labour lies. Vote Labour get Tory.

    Same old same old.

  24. Capella says:

    By the end of 2021, Brexit had already cost UK households a total of £5.8 billion in higher food bills – new LSE research

    Leaving the European Union (EU) added an average of £210 to household food bills over the two years to the end of 2021, costing UK consumers a total of £5.8 billion, new research from the Centre for Economic Performance (CEP) at the London School of Economics finds. And since low-income households spend a greater share of their income on food than richer families, these Brexit-driven price rises had a proportionately greater impact on the poorest people.

    A previous report by CEP researchers found that leaving the EU increased the price of food products by six per cent. The latest study, Non-tariff barriers and consumer prices: Evidence from Brexit – confirms that food prices increased by six per cent and finds that for the poorest households, this feeds through into a Brexit-induced rise in the overall cost of living of 1.1 per cent – 52 per cent more than the 0.7 per cent rise felt in the top 10 per cent of households.

    The authors also look in depth at the mechanisms behind the price rises. pdf
    (remove space before pdf)

    • Welsh_Siôn says:

      Supplementing and complementing, Capella:

      The reality of Brexit is biting hard. Poor people are suffering most – and now everyone can see it

      The Guardian, 2 December 2022


      This week’s research by the London School of Economics (LSE) found that, thanks not to the war in Ukraine or the pandemic or “global factors”, but explicitly to all the extra red tape incurred by Brexit, the cost of food imported from the EU added a total of £210 to the average household’s grocery bill over 2020 and 2021: a 6% increase in that period.


  25. As I have said before, while we might differ politically as countries, most folk in England are decent and will think their government’s actions wrong.

    This matters.

    It’s gone beyond our borders now.

    UK voters back Scottish independence referendum, poll finds

    NEW polling has revealed most UK voters back plans for a Scottish independence referendum to go ahead next year.

    Excluding undecideds, the poll carried out by Omnisis for the Byline Times found 55% of people believed the Scottish Government should be allowed to go ahead with indyref2 next year, with 45% opposed.

    Those in favour held a significant lead when undecideds were included, with 42% backing a second poll and just 35% against.

    Your 35% be like the erseholes of this world. We have our share too.

    • Alex Clark says:

      The vast majority of ordinary people know right from wrong and they know that Westminster denying Scots the freedom to decide how they should be governed is just plain wrong.

      That’s what this poll shows, and nobody, least of all Westminster should be surprised.

      • grizebard says:

        Yes, each WM narrowing of the goalposts has been a pure giveaway of an underlying awareness that it’s steadily losing the argument.

        As for removing the goalposts entirely and declaring there is no match, well…

    • Bob Lamont says:

      An easier link to the archive is at the top of the page rather than the saved from link, viz

    • Bob Lamont says:

      55% in the UK yet “No majority in Scotland for a referendum” from the media, politicians, think tanks, etc. propaganda campaign… ?
      Just a tad embarrassing…

  26. Capella says:

    Greetings to our colonial masters from Mike Russell.

    Michael Russell: Colonial echoes in Westminster’s denial of indyref2

    THE late Donnie Stewart, SNP president, SNP Westminster group leader, redoubtable and devoted MP for the Western Isles and – the term is exact given his courtesy and generous but firm principles – all round gentleman used to say that if he could get everyone in Scotland to spend half an hour in the House of Commons public gallery, a virtually unanimous vote for independence would quickly follow.

    I thought of the remark this week when watching the insultingly patronising performance of Penny Mordaunt when responding to business questions but it would apply equally strongly to Keir Starmer’s smug smirk at Ian Blackford’s entirely accurate mention of Brexit, to the high-handed malice of the Speaker towards John Nicolson and to the bad-mannered arrogance of Alister Jack and “Lord” Malcolm Offord at the Scottish Affairs Committee.

  27. Capella says:

    Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp, co-founder of Believe in Scotland (BiS) and chief executive of Business for Scotland, launched his Scotland the Brief 2nd edition.

    Second edition of Scotland the Brief gives undecided facts they need

    The impact of oil booms in Denmark and Norway, low corporation tax and reinvestment in technology in Ireland, the collapse of the USSR as a trading partner for Finland and financial crashes for all showed the nations’ setbacks and successes.

    The winter of discontent, Thatcher governments, deindustrialisation, Black Wednesday, financial crashes and dependency, along with the rise of austerity, were all shown to result in the UK being behind them all, even Scotland.

    MacIntyre-Kemp concluded by saying: “All of these years of austerity and embarrassingly low growth proves that the UK is a dead weight dragging Scotland down.”

    The next graphic that flashed on the screen was “Independence is normal”. After that, it was quite inarguable.

  28. Ken says:

    Iack will not be deciding anything. Out within a short time. Starmer will have the smirk wiped off his face. Vote them out. Starmer will have to compromise. A lame duck. Hypocrites and liars. Always get found out.

  29. Ken says:

    Starmer another lawyer breaking International Law and killing people. Not up to the job. Westminster is full of them. Hypocrites and liars. Liars always get found out. Vote them out. They should’ve struck off.

  30. While about the north of Ireland, it rings very true for our case and the fact if we are not free to choose, then we are a colony.

    There is zero doubt Scotland is likewise a ‘non-self governing territory [country]’, if simply due to the fact we cannot freely self-determine.

    Northern Ireland’s unionist politicians must face facts

    A strong Sinn Féin, a Catholic majority and the prospect of a unified Ireland are urgent reasons for the DUP to engage rather than withdraw, says Bill Rolston.

    On May 25, 2022, a prominent politician in Northern Ireland described the region as a ‘non self-governing territory’ – a legal term the United Nations ascribes to states ‘whose people have not yet attained a full measure of self-government’. It was apt, he said, on the first day of the UN Week of Solidarity with the Peoples of Non-Self-Governing Territories, to acknowledge that Northern Ireland is a ‘colony’.

    You could just change over a few words and the story would mirror our own in lots of ways…

    A strong SNP, a Scottish [‘not British’] majority and the prospect of Scottish independence are urgent reasons for unionist parties to engage rather than withdraw, says S_S.

    The UKSC ruling was fundamentally flawed in that it tried to present Scotland as ‘British’. As a part of a non-existent country / nation. The UK is a state, but it is not a country (in any conventional sense), nor a nation as its people do not consistently identify as such, and nations are peoples. the British are a people, but they don’t have a country where they are in majority. At least, until now!

    England, in the throws of a total existential crisis, it seems has suddenly become Britainland based on 2021 census national identity data. However, Wales is Welsh because most there don’t identify as British, but as Welsh (55% Welsh only). Same applies in Scotland and N. Ireland, where British identities are very much in minority. In every aspect bar ultimate governance, these are not British.

    • To add, England’s new found Britishness might mean that it becomes Britain as the UK disintegrates, rather than reverting to England as you might think. But then could British identity survive the end of the UK? It think it could only be temporary.

      The people of England suddenly grasping desperately to British identity is no doubt a symptom the constitutional crisis the UK state faces. Before, most English people were English and didn’t think so much about Britishness. Was it not the same as Englishness? As Scotland heads for the door, the north of Ireland starts detaching via the protocol etc, and Wales increasingly speaks a ‘foreign’ language, so Britishness seems under threat, ergo it is being grasped by those that historically didn’t think much about it. I might say sometimes people ‘didn’t know what they had until they lost it’.

  31. More on English / British modern day colonialism. Which, as per previous comments, most British / English voters don’t support.

    Michael Russell: Colonial echoes in Westminster’s denial of indyref2

    …The most lamentable part of it was probably Jack’s reference to ducks. According to the Secretary of State for Scotland, a man with the resources of the entire civil service at his fingertips, the moment for a referendum on Scottish independence will come not when clear and well-considered criteria are met but only when he ascertains in his waters that Scotland should have such a thing.

    This will not depend on the democratic will of the Scottish people expressed in elections nor by votes in the Scottish Parliament. It will simply be self evident to him – in his words “it’s the duck test”. “If it looks like a duck and it sounds like a duck and it waddles like a duck then it’s probably a duck.”

  32. Dr Jim says:

    The so called *country* of Britain might as well be called Narnia or Never Never land, just another invented English Nationalist fairy story to create something more magical than it is in real life, maybe because they ran out of magical stories to invent about England who knows?

    They’ve been punting the propaganda line of calling it a country for so long that too many people have forgotten that it isn’t, if they ever knew in the first place, so in that they’ve been successful, it’s the magic part of their story they failed to manufacture

    More than 300 years of slogans, glittering royal family pomp and ceremonial fakery have been exposed to all now, their parliament the once lauded mother of parliaments giving democracy to the world (which incidentally they didn’t, that was some ancient Greek fellas) lies in scorned tatters and laid bare as a cesspit of actual crime and fascism, newspaper stories litter the media and our streets of financial theft and deceit on the four nations that make up this exposed fake undemocratic union, a union of which no one can leave under the law of England, laws that England created to accomplish all this, and that has drawn every financial lever from each country to its core of London giving itself total control over the other three countries lives cultures and futures

    If England said sorry tomorrow for the last three hundred years would it be enough? I’d reply, I’m not sorry to say no there is nothing, no words, no promises, no payment no anything England could ever offer me I could ever be possibly interested in even having such a conversation about, except for one thing , and that’s the repatriation of my country to me that was stolen by them

    And there would end my peaceful conversations to all the Vladimir Putin Prime Ministers of England that have ever been

    The consequences of what they’ve done to Scotland Wales and the North of Ireland will be borne by England, and England will call us the same names they’ve called every other country that answered back, but still never admitting they themselves caused the problem

    It’s never England’s fault

    • Golfnut says:

      Deciding to ignore Scots Constitutional law has made just about everything they have ever done too and in Scotland unlawful, I’d open negotiations looking for about 3 trillion in Euros and dollars and they can forget the debt, we took about 25% of their debt at the start of this union and we’ve been paying through the nose ever since.

  33. Welsh_Siôn says:

    Of course, their [the English Establishment’s] accountability to us in the Celtic nations extends further back than 300 years … 😉

    • andyfromdunning says:

      1535 Sion. I am sure you will not forget.?

      • Welsh_Siôn says:

        Personally, I can reference you 11 December 1282, andy 😉

        Not to mention our brothers and sisters in Kernow.

        However, it’s good that you know some of *our* history – doubtless in the agitation about ‘the Union’ east of our border (and south of yours) by the Establishment and its so preciousness etc. (See also panto Dame Foster’s pronouncements today), that they never refer to the ‘Union’/Annexation of 1535 …

  34. Capella says:

    If the Scotland Act denies us the right to ask ourselves whether we want to repeal the Treaty of Union, then the Scotland Act must be contrary to the Treaty of Union which guarantees the freedom of the Scottish legal system and also the UN Declaration of Human Rights. The Scotland Act is itself illegal IMO. I think the Sottish Government could simply pass a bill repealing it in Scotland.

    • grizebard says:

      Well, it could. But the big question remains, would that action currently rally the support of a majority of Scottish public opinion? Otherwise we’re in a Catalan-style premature f***-up scenario.

      It’s necessary to first demonstrate to everyone that all less drastic options for demonstrating and enacting the popular will for independence have been closed off. We’re evidently getting there, but we’re not there yet.

  35. Dr Jim says:

    If Scotland is a country (yes) and the government of Scotland is recognised as such as representatives of the people by democratic vote (yes) the UK government admits the union is voluntary (yes) and the UK government also keeps referring to Scotland’s government as these things (yes) how then can any sensible person let alone institution (UKSC) declare Scotland has the right to choose it’s own future but (no) we can’t

    It’s bogus nonsense attempting to force Scotland to do something else, so what are they trying to force Scotland to do?

    I’ve used a question mark at the end of that sentence but I know what the answer is and so does everybody else

  36. Alistair Robertson says:

    Fabulous piece Paul.

    Thank you.

    Keep weel.

  37. Well knock me down with a feather! Who’d a thunk it.

    This was the guy that stood on a return to free movement ticket in the leadership contest and is now apeing Farage in the hard brexit stakes. Zero principles. Typical Tory.

    Keir Starmer to backtrack over House of Lords abolition, reports say

    LABOUR’S plans to abolish the House of Lords are set to be compromised following a row between Gordon Brown and Keir Starmer’s advisers, it has emerged.

    The Times has reported that there have been tensions between Brown and the current Labour leader in the lead-up to the launch of a review of the constitution, with disagreements arising over the scale and pace of reform for the Lords.

    It would not surprise me at all if North British Labour are, behind the scenes, clashing with English imperial Labour. Welsh Labour are none to happy at being a colony for example too, if simply for self-preservation.

    • Golfnut says:

      That would be the English constitution.

      • grizebard says:

        They’re probably arguing about what level of fix needs to be installed before their occupiers’ constitution might deign to allow another referendum for the northern colonials.

    • grizebard says:

      If Gordo Brood and Starmer can’t even agree about reform of The Great House of the (special) People, the writing is on the wall, Labourites. You’re about to be sold down the river by your leadership yet again.

  38. Legerwood says:

    Alison Thewliss has thrown her hat in the ring to become leader of the SNP group at Westminster. Good candidate.

  39. Capella says:

    The UK doesn’t have a written constitution. How can something that doesn’t exist be a reserved matter?

    • grizebard says:


      It’s a Schrödinger constitution. It both exists and doesn’t. (It never manifests, for example, when the so-called Supreme Court is looking.)

  40. Ken says:

    War criminal Brown wants a knighthood for killing millions of people and ruining the economy, Tax evaders. The have no shame. An absolute disgrace. Disgusting parasites and liars. Causing death and starvation worldwide.

  41. yesindyref2 says:

    It’s time for a far more confrontational and forceful approach in the Commons …

    The question is, will there be a candidate for Westminster Leader who wants to and will, change course and treat the Commons with the contempt it deserves, and is there a candidate who is like “Steady as she goes”, as the good ship Independence heads full tilt for the iceberg with all watertight compartment doors open – and which one will the other SNP MPs choose if given the choice?

    Who has the guts to sail full into the maw of the Sirens of Westminster, firing verbal broadsides and tattered Erskine Mays as they go? Or who is under the spell of the Sirens and stuck spellbound, in the whirlpool of London’s false mirage and fake democracy?

    • YIR2,
      There is no point in debating how our representatives conduct themselves in a parliament in another country.
      We just perpetuate the falsity that we are subject to England’s rules, and laws; that the English forbid us Scots to dissolve the Union, becuas ethere are more of them and they have all the guns and bombs.
      Included in the Scottish Independence Coalition Party’s UKGE Manifesto should be the commitment to immediate dissolution of the UK, the Provisonal Declaration of Independence, from Day One, and a clear timescale for negotiations with England, on negotiations to end the Union.
      The people of Scotland should be made aware what they are voting for this time of all times.
      We play England at their own FPTP game.
      If pro Independence Parties get the majority of seats, then that’s the mandate.
      NO 50% +one. No supermajority, no at least 60%.
      FPTP…that’s the system by which the Tories have ruled the roost for the past 12 years, and which Starmer and whoever runs the Lib Dems these days, will be elected to power next time.
      Ergo, a manifesto should include the Pledge…Declare Independence from the steps of Holyrood, disband the Scottish Parlaiment as is, and reform as Free Scotland’s government.
      Simples really.

      • Golfnut says:

        Gets my vote Jack. The manifesto must state clearly and emphatically that this is election is to end the union by withdrawing from the Treaty of Union. No ambiguity, no margin for obfuscation. Clear and simple.

    • This is the kind of ‘taking the bull by the horns’ action that really furthers the cause.

      Scotland undertaking ‘proto-diplomacy’ efforts to pave way after indy

      THE Scottish Government is carrying out a “prototype diplomacy” operation which would be the building blocks for international relations after independence, an expert has said.

      Dr Carolyn Rowe, a reader in politics and co-director of the Aston Centre for Europe at Aston University, also said Holyrood legislation on keeping laws aligned with Europe means Scotland will be able to “hit the ground running” in applying to rejoin the EU after leaving the UK.

      While foreign affairs is a matter reserved to the UK, the Scottish Government has been expanding its international activities, with an office in Copenhagen the latest to be opened.

      Other international offices are located in Beijing, Berlin, Brussels, Dublin, Washington, Ottawa and Paris, with a further office planned for Warsaw.

      Meetings between Scottish ministers and international representatives also frequently take place – in the last week alone, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon met with UK Indian High Commissioner Vikram K Doraiswami and German Ambassador to the UK Miguel Berger.

      Don’t think the international community is not watching Scotland very closely. Also with sympathy given the very unpleasant, aggressive and untrustworthy neighboring government we have ruling us for now.

      But they need to see that Scots want indy and its their settled will before related diplomacy can be out in the open, for self-determination should be free from outside interference.

      • Golfnut says:

        If SCOTLAND strikes down the Withdrawal Bill as unlawful the EU may well accept that as a reason for fast tracking Scotland back into the EU, it may also be to bring back into force EU legislation removed by Westminster.

        • Och, there was Geissler doing his best to get the absent gentleman farmer’s and the 4 jobs Linesman Dross’ message across. Dr Andrew Buist on, telling us about the GP crisis, and SHS shambles.
          This man is a Brit, anti Scots mouthpiece.
          He had no answers of his own of course, and mealy-mouthed his version of ‘Free at the Point of delivery’, but for those who couldn’t afprd anything better, when asked what his solution to the crisis would be.
          ‘He did not answer’.
          He’s recently been appointed as joint Head Honcho on the British GP Practitioners’ Board; rewarded to do what he was doing this morning in two-part harmony with Geissler.
          Bad mouth Scotland and the SNP.

          Geissler had a pollster on…
          Most Scots want a Referendum, but not as much they want not to starve or freeze to death..ah, interesting, murmurs Geissler.

          Then Ian Blackford and the schism within the SNP..was he pushed or was he shoved? The football and curry conspirators…won’t the Spring confab scrap the de facto UK GE as a ‘bad idea’?
          Thenreading from his Blue Red and Yellow Tory briefing document, Martin read out the hoary old Project Fear II lies as BBC truth.

          We’d cut ties with ‘our greatest trading partner’, uncertainty on currency, out of the Uk and EU for possibly 10 years, and no lender of last resort..oh, yes, and Scottish businesses are agin Scotland being an independent nation.

          He managed to ram in a whole pile of lies and threats on behalf of Jack, Murray, and Carmichael in such a wee short time.

          They insult our intelligence by trotting out this fascist garbage week in week out… Baron to be Jack point blank refuses to face the public on BBC yet Geissler is more than happy to act as his mouthpiece.
          There’s a word for Geissler and his Fourth Estate Fifth Column..and its’s not Scotsman.

          The Brit Jocks don’t need to apear on BBC or STV these days. Geissler and Co do the lying and threats for them.

  42. Hamish100 says:

    I think the suggestion that MP’s are under the “spell” of Westminster is more than simplistic.
    Firing all guns – what is that ?, walking out of proceedings, grabbing the ceremonial mace, shouting down the PM or Starmer, using procedural delays. It is hardly a big deal ultimately although I am not averse to this happening at times.
    Heading full steam into an iceberg is never going to end well. Yes, there will be spin by the English news although they do that already so nothing lost there.
    It has to be more than this, calling out the bbc and stv at every turn ( how many times has commentators said we are trying to be too nice), public demonstrations when the weather is better and (everyone has enough warning to plan). A large independence gathering in June with All parties and supporters would have more impact I feel. 100-300000 on the streets with invited news media across the world. It would be good to all meet up again to reinvigorate the core supporters and encourage the undecided to join with us.
    General election- should be clear. This is for independence not for more talks.

  43. Dr Jim says:

    For years the anti Scotland opposition both at Holyrood and Westminster have been vociferously complaining about Nicola Sturgeon’s constant soft diplomacy campaigning around the world for Scottish Independence, and they’re doing it again
    The current complaint is the same as all the others, Nicola Sturgeon is having her picture taken and talking with foreign diplomats and politicians when she has no right, Tories Labour and Liberal Democrats are once again outraged that these foreign people keep turning up here in Scotland to visit the First Minister in the FM of Scotland’s official residence Bute House, orders from Westminster are that she has no permission and must not engage in this practice of talking to foreign people as this is reserved to Westminster

    Now tell me again which other FM of Scotland has ever accumulated the amount of friends and allies Scotland will need in the future and post independence that Nicola Sturgeon has ?

    I think this is a tad more important use of her time for the FM to be doing than standing in the rain waving a flag or shouting at the opposition, anybody can do that, that’s why we do it

  44. One for Richboy Sunak – suggested to me by google news for some reason. 🙂

    His granddad took the imperial shilling I understand. Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose!

    How British colonialism killed 100 million Indians in 40 years

    Between 1880 to 1920, British colonial policies in India claimed more lives than all famines in the Soviet Union, Maoist China and North Korea combined.

    Dylan Sullivan – Graduate student in the Department of Political Economy at the University of Sydney.
    Jason Hickel – Professor at the Institute for Environmental Science and Technology (ICTA-UAB) and Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts

  45. Another straw in the wind. Look at the Libs / Reform / Greens. All starting to eat into the big two which are, on brexit, two cheeks of the same right-wing xenophobic gammon erse.

  46. Ken says:

    To get Self governance, Independence people have to vote for it. At council/local elections (turnout 40%) Holyrood and GE (turnout 50+%). To many people who support Self Gov/Independence donot go out and vote for it. Not voting does not support self govanance/Independence. If people want selfgovernance/Independence they have to go out and vote for it. Or lose it. Instead of moaning about it. They must use the franchise and mandate they are given. Or lose it. .Non Democratic.
    Do not lose it. Go out and vote every election for it.

  47. Capella says:

    Xander Elliards reports on the subtle art of manipulating public opinion as practised by the BBC

    Data experts raise fresh questions on BBC’s probe into Twitter abuse

    Dr Liam McLoughlin, an academic from the University of Liverpool who has conducted research into abuse aimed at MPs online, told the Sunday National that the BBC’s data was “fundamentally methodologically wrong”.

    He said the AI software the BBC team had used – called Perspective API – could not truly detect toxicity as it cannot read context or understand nuance.

    “What these journalists have done is taken a system that’s not fit for purpose and decided it fits their needs perfectly when it clearly doesn’t,” McLoughlin said.

    “Actual racism and Nazi dog whistles and things like that weren’t being detected as toxic. I don’t think they’ve rectified that whatsoever.”…

    “I think the nicest thing I can say about this report is it shows something, but it doesn’t show what we’re being told it shows. It’s basically a report into the things that may or may not make MPs feel bad when they read it on Twitter.”

  48. yesindyref2 says:

    I keep meaning to do this but forget.

    The 1918 Irish general election was the part of the 1918 United Kingdom general election which took place in Ireland. It is now seen as a key moment in modern Irish history because it saw the overwhelming defeat of the moderate nationalist Irish Parliamentary Party (IPP), which had dominated the Irish political landscape since the 1880s, and a landslide victory for the radical Sinn Féin party. Sinn Féin had never previously stood in a general election,

    Different circumstances of course, the IPP had won the right to Home Rule (Devolution) after the 1910 GE, but the war intervened, Westminster thought there were higher priorities, 1916 happened and indiscriminate retributions including against “civilians”, and Sinn Féin rose up, and in Scotland we already have Devolution and a “pretendy” Parliament.

    But perhaps something the SNP should bone up on, lest they become the IPP of Scottish politics and disappear into the West along with Frodo and the Elves.

    In 1922 the Irish Free State was formed, though it took a few more years for full independence.

  49. andyfromdunning says:

    Paul your great article correctly asks for disruptive action in Westminster by the SNP/Alba MP’s which I agree with.

    I do not want to wait up to two years for a vote at a U.K. GL although I agree with Bob Lamont’s comments above that it may come sooner. It is also more risky to use a GL election.

    The other day the National’s website published a letter from Yes Angus asking for our MP’s to walk out and stay out as a reaction to the Supreme Court ruling. Also for NS to give Westminster a set time period to get a section 30 order which if not received will cause the SNP to force a Holyrood election in Oct 23.

    That’s what I call decisive action. Will NS have the bottle to do this and show leadership to the cause.

    • yesindyref2 says:

      Personally I don’t think Westminster will care a hoot if the SNP and Alba MPs walk out, they’re more likely to laugh their little silk socks off, and talk about the SNP going off in a huff.

      Constant and inventive disruption on the other hand is something they could not ignore.

      Anyways, I’m afraid I think they’re too chicken to do any of it, too full of how they make a difference to Laws on hunting in England, and protesting that the Chancellor doesn’t send enough pocket money to Scotland to spend on humbugs.

      Unlike everybody else they don’t realise that the UKSC decision was a complete game-changer, they’re like “More of the same please Mr Sunak and SIR Starmer” (bow, scrape).

      • Melb Don says:

        I wish those whom comment remember there are no elected ALBA MPs at Westminster, they were elected as SNP members.

        • yesindyref2 says:

          Yes, let’s take to the trenches and fight each other, that’s the spirit! That’ll show Westminster we, errr, mean business.

    • Tatu3 says:

      What Alba MPs???

  50. Welsh_Siôn says:

    Another ermine clad unionist speaks:

    English may say good riddance to Scots if indyref calls persist, says Arlene Foster

    The Union could be lost because of the English growing tired of Scottish nationalists’ constant calls for a referendum and wishing them good riddance, Baroness Arlene Foster has warned.

    The former first minister of Northern Ireland – who is chairing a new organisation to fight for the Union – said that people in all four nations of the UK had to be reminded of its value.

    Speaking to The Telegraph, she said: “What worries me sometimes… [is people] saying that ‘if Scotland wants to go, let them go’.


    • This would be great!

    • Bob Lamont says:

      It sounds as if “Come on Arlene” (Dexys Midnight Gun Runners) is trying on some reverse psychology (and she’s not bright enough to think this up herself so has to have been fed using crayons) on England’s electorate on the strange premise any of them pay the slightest attention to her as she’s almost universally deplored as a bigot.

      I greatly suspect the Byline Times news of polling results showing 55% OF THE UK in favour of the Scots holding IR2 (and amplified like mad across t’internet) has caused shrinking sphincters in Whitehall as well as the wider media – After all, the narrative has always been “there is no appetite or demand for” IR2.

      The wheels of the Tory media machine are falling off, and I’m not sure another loose nut is going to help them….

      • From good ol’ wiki:-

        “The Renewable Heat Incentive scandal (RHI scandal), also referred to as RHIgate and the Cash for Ash scandal, is a political scandal in Northern Ireland that centres on a failed renewable energy (wood pellet burning) incentive scheme that has been reported to potentially cost the public purse almost £500 million. The plan, initiated in 2012, was overseen by Arlene Foster of the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP), the then-Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Investment. Foster failed to introduce proper cost controls, allowing the plan to spiral out of control. The scheme worked by paying applicants to use renewable energy. However, the rate paid was more than the cost of the fuel, and thus many applicants were making profits simply by heating their properties.

        The political scandal first came to light in November 2016, by which point Foster had become Northern Ireland’s First Minister. Foster refused to resign or stand aside during any inquiry, saying that to do so would be seen as admitting to some culpability in the matter.

        The affair ultimately caused Sinn Féin’s Martin McGuinness to resign in protest as deputy First Minister of Northern Ireland in January 2017 after ten years in office, citing Foster’s refusal to stand aside from her role while an investigation took place, among other matters. In the power-sharing government, McGuinness’ resignation also meant that Foster was removed from her role as First Minister, which in turn caused the Executive Office of Northern Ireland to collapse for the subsequent three years.

        On 16 January 2017, Sinn Féin refused to re-nominate a deputy First Minister in protest at what they called the “arrogance and disrespect of the DUP”, thereby triggering a snap election. The Northern Ireland Executive collapsed and the Northern Ireland Assembly was dissolved on 26 January 2017. The 2017 Northern Ireland Assembly election was held on 2 March, but did not lead to formation of a new Executive. On 11 January 2020, after having been suspended for almost three years, the parties reconvened on the basis of the New Decade, New Approach agreement proposed by the Irish and UK governments. An inquiry into the affair commenced on 1 February 2017 and issued its report on 13 March 2020.”

        And the inevitable enquiry’s findings?

        “Foster was called to give evidence to the inquiry in April 2018. She denied personal responsibility for the scheme and said it was “a matter of deep regret”. Foster said that she had “allowed herself to be led by officials and by evidence as to what was the best way forward”. The inquiry also heard that she effectively wrote a “blank cheque” for the scheme without knowing its full cost.

        The report was issued on 13 March 2020. It concluded that the “compounding of errors and omissions over time and a failure of attention” was the cause of the majority of what had gone wrong. Arlene Foster apologised for the failings in the implementation of the scheme.”
        You mean THAT Arlene Foster,
        Still, she denied personal responsibility but said ‘sorry’ anyway, for giving £500 million away to chicken farmers, so that’s OK then.
        £500 millions of free money…and nobody gets the chop.

        Like Michelle Mone and Ruth |Dvidson, she was onviously Baroness material, in the New World Order.
        What’s that she’s saying now?

        I choose to ignore her pearls.
        The corruption goes on and on.

    • Dr Jim says:

      It all kinda proves how rubbish and unsuccessful Nicola Sturgeon is as a leader when Westminster’s prepared to create new laws, break laws and control judges to deny Scotland’s democratic rights because they know she’s won the argument and are terrified of the consequences of the result of any kind of referendum on Scottish independence that they know they’re going to lose

      In 2014 they knew they were going to win, that’s why it was so easy to get a vote

      But yeah I read that Nicola Sturgeon is definitely rubbish, she just damn well refuses to set about smiting the English with a mighty document which they’ll ignore

  51. Ken says:

    Ireland will reunite when a majority vote for it. Scotland will become Independent when a majority vot3 for it at every election. Local, Holyrood, GE with a larger turnout. Enough people who support Independence are not going out and voting for it. They expect other to do it. There needs to b3 a bigger turnout at every election. That would ensure a massive majority. People need to persuade others to vote.

  52. Ken says:

    Unelected bigots, racists, misogynists do not represent anyone. Especially the unequal Orange Order Masonics. Trying to cause trouble everywhere they go,

  53. For every pound they spent on heating, chicken farmers got £2 back, and Arlene hung on and on and on, and brought government in the Six Counties to a grinding halt for three years. She was obviously Baroness material, keeping one of England’s colonies in total disarray while giving away £500 million to unionists, money which should have been spent on hospitals, schools, and even Irish language text books.

    Now she and Baroness Rape Clause are going to save the Union.

    I repeat.

    The first line on the Self Determination manifesto must be;

    To immediately declare Independence for Scotland.

    A vote for SNP Green or newly formed Labour for Independence/Lib Dem for Independence / even Tory for Independence Parties is a vote for an immediate UDI.

    Nothing could be clearer as millions enter the polling booth.

    Scotland will have spoken. In FPTP terms.

    We play them at their own game.

    England rules Scotland on that basis. Sauce goose gander comes to mind.

  54. Ken says:

    The DUP got illegal bungs of £Billions to support the Tories in Westminster. The Nationalists do not appear.Boycott. The Torie/NonDons would not have a majority if the DUP had not supported them. The Tories pay the DUP illegal bribes to support them in Westminster, The Tories and the DUP Act illegally to keep in power. The DUP and Foster have been voted out of power. NI could vote to reunite democratically.

  55. yesindyref2 says:

    The aim is to help voters recognise how Westminster has a positive impact on their lives.

    Ha ha haha ha ha snort, sob, fall flat on floor, ha ha ha oh god I’ve not heard anything as funny since, well, like, ever.

    Ha ha ha

    Help me I’m hysterical


  56. Ken says:

    Universal Suffrage 1928. Not before. Before voting restrictions and qualification. Not full emancipation. Less people voted as a percentage of the population, A lower percentage were allowed to vote. Ratable property qualification.

  57. Ken says:

    Illegal Irish Partition 1923 Gladstone.

    Universal Suffrage 1928. The

    The majority Irish could have voted for Hone Rule/Independence 1928. The Catholic’s were denied rights and voting rights. The Catholic’s were denied the vote in Belfast in the 1960s. Bernadette Devlin etc. Campaigning for the vote.

  58. yesindyref2 says:

    holding the Tories to account on the rising cost of living

    What a load of twaddle, only Independence can do that, the Tories have a majority of 69, and don’t care a jot what anyone else says in Westminster – they don’t have to. Anyways, pitches:

    (Stephen Flynn) “The MP put the need for independence at the centre of the pitch to his colleagues.

    (Alison Thewliss) “The MP described securing an independence referendum as “the most pressing issue” for the team of SNP representatives in London.

    That’s more like it. It’s why most of us non-members voted SNP in the 2019 General Election, hint hint, nudge nudge, say no more.

    The Game Is Afoot. Let’s hope they stick to the point, and remember we want to get rid of Westminster ASAP, not play its silly games.

    • Golfnut says:

      ” The MP described securing an independence referendum as “the most pressing issue” for the team of SNP representatives in London.”

      That comment worries me because it makes me think we have MP’s at westminster who don’t seem to have a grip on reality.

      • yesindyref2 says:

        Mmm, a campaign of disruption to force the UK Gov to devolve the right for a referendum – in time for Oct 2023.

        Yes, I cherry-picked the best bit, AND interpreted it in the best light possible. Oh well, that makes me a bad person 🙂

  59. James Mills says:

    Crisis Over ! The Union is Safe !

    Gordon Brown is delivering his BIG PLAN ( my emphasis ) tomorrow in Edinburgh on the way ”forward ” for The Union .
    Gordo will be supported by two millionaire ”Labour Leaders ( sic )” who will finally address the Labour promise , made in the 1920’s , to abolish The House of Lords by NOT abolishing The House of Lords , sort of !
    New tax-raising powers for English Mayors , a beefed-up Electoral Commission and ”new” devolution powers ( but not the right to hold referendums ).

    This , Labour claim , will be the ”biggest ever transfer of power from Westminster to the British people ” ???

    Haud me back !

    • Dr Jim says:

      I have a big plan for Gordon Brown involving a hammer and nails that’ll keep that coffin lid doon

    • JoMax says:

      No doubt these “new” devolution powers will be a new and improved version of ‘the greatest and most powerful devolved devolution” the world has ever seen as promised in 2014. It’s like living with a crowd of scam artists. Promise you the world while stealing your identity and robbing you of your sanity. Maybe that’s the plan.

      The really do believe we have attention spans of no more than 10 minutes.

      Oh, and we mustn’t forget – Starmer reminded the HoC the other day. It’s about country with Labour, not about Party. You’d never know, would you?

    • Welsh_Siôn says:

      What a coincedence!

      I’ve just been discussing the expression ‘snake oil salesman’ on a language discussion board and many, but not all, of my (ahem!) fellow Brits don’t seem to recognise the term.

      I suspect if I were to give the example of the Broontasaurus, I might well get banned from the site, so I’ve kept my head down. (Sorry!) Maybe the majority of the other contributors are Anglos and have not witnessed or suffered at first hand from such ‘salesmen’ … or they are so much in their thrall that they come back more and more for Dr. Quack magical medicinal cobra linctus.

      Quien sabe ?

    • Eilidh says:

      In other words complete BS from Gordo. His Broonterventions get worse all the time

    • Welsh_Siôn says:

      A follow up:

      This from ten minutes ago in the Guardian.

      Not a *single* reference to ‘Scotland’ or ‘Wales’.

      Don’t call us, Brown and Starmer. We’ll call you.

      (And we all know that BS stands for more than your initials.)

  60. Hamish100 says:


    BBC are pushing for the charity St Martins in the field for their work “across the nation”.
    Close look, it is a Church of England charity. I am sure it does good work but the bbc should make it clear monies do not go to the “nation”. Of course maybe they just mean England.

    • Dr Jim says:

      I’m still waiting for the country of *Britain* to play in the world cup of nations football tournament, maybe they’ll play against the *country* of Europe or the *country* of Africa even

      Can anyone imagine any EU citizen claiming they lived in the *country* of Europe? No no, it’s not a union! the EU is a *country*! that’s how ridiculous the Englanders lies are

      • Welsh_Siôn says:

        Whereas a leading (and now deceased) esteemed professor of the University of Oxford (‘who know everything that is to be knowed’) was of the opinion – despite have been a guest there in her undergraduate days – that Scotland was a ‘region’.

        She kept a dignified silence when I informed her that your country and mine were indeed that – countries.

    • Welsh_Siôn says:

      Isn’t that the one ‘run’ by that regular God botherer on BBC Radio 4’s Thought for the Day, Revd Lucy Winkett?

  61. Hamish100 says:

    The English establishment have things sewn up don’t they.

  62. Ken says:

    The war criminals want to kill even more people. Same old same old Labour. Anyone who falls for it will get what they deserve. Bet Betrayed once again. Over and over again,

    The war crimibalscwant a title. Many unrepeatable ones come to people’s mind. If people need reminded since 1928.

  63. Ken says:

    Ie the biggest transfer of power from the people to Westminster. All their EU rights supported by the majority. Reputed by minority Labour. They have no shame. Non at all. Blatant non self awareness. If peopkevfall for it they must be deranged.

  64. Ken says:

    Ignorant Arlene should worry no more. If people in Scotland want to go. It’s perfectly OK to let them. It’s called Democacy. Something Arlene has obvious difficulties in understand. Flat earth. Burning fuel funding to turn the fuel of corrupt power. Living in a bubble. trying to keep relevant for another illegal bung. Dung green energy. Stinking corruption.

  65. Luigi says:

    Gordzila rises yet again? This is like a very bad movie franchise. We must be on Gordzila 15 since 2014. The once powerful fire breathing monster, the hammer of the nats, now just makes a nuisance of himself. When the union is (yet again) in peril, another broontervention is in order. However, these days, he just rises from the grave and burps small clouds of foul smelling gas. His sell by date was passed years ago.

    • Eilidh says:

      Yep someone needs to tell the National Museum of Scotland their Broontasauras has escaped time he was back with rest of the old fossils. I would not trust him to deliver anything positive for Scotland nor Starmer

  66. Golfnut says:

    This link contains some pretty important information regarding our oil and gas resources and the illegality of their removal by the UK government.
    The General Assembly referenced to is the United Nations.
    I thought I’d put this up because I have already had some interviews of English Politicians ( posted on FB) referring to the £50 billion in bank bailouts we’ll have to pay back if we go for independence but guess what if we hand over our oil and gas we won’t have to pay it back, generous or what. The £50 billion is a lie, Scotland’s liability would have been about £2.5 billion.

  67. Ken says:

    The share of the £8,7Trillion assets. That will come in handy.

  68. Capella says:

    HaHaHa – an ENHANCED role for Scotland. It’s Broontosaurus Day today. Enjoy.

    Gordon Brown sets out Labour plan to ‘make Britain work for Scotland’

    LABOUR’S reforms to the UK, which will provide an “enhanced” role for Scotland as part of the new arrangements, will answer “people’s desire for change”, former prime minister Gordon Brown has insisted.

    The former Labour leader said the changes he was recommending in a new review of the UK would “make Britain work for Scotland”.

    The package of measures, outlined in Labour’s Commission on the UK’s Future report, could be key in winning the support of voters who are not committed to independence but still want to see change, he claimed.

    • If it involved Scotland being part of the EU and being free to hold indyrefs if desired, it might be a seller.

      Otherwise, it will all be forgotten about by tomorrow, if Scots are even paying the war criminal economy trashing dinosaur any attention.

  69. Someone needs to tell the Broontosaurus that a majority of Scots now back independence over devo / devo max, and have done since 2019, moving in that direction steadily since 2014…

    As the good prof Curtice and fellow academics have been finding out with their creme de la creme SSAS.

  70. Ken says:

    Anyone who believes that nonsense deserves all they will get Nothing. Brown is looking for a knighthood. The war criminals want a knighthood.for killing and maiming millions of people. Is there no shame to their greed. They should be in prison. The VOW. WOW.

    Iraq kept secret for 100 years under the Official Secrets Act. To hide the criminality. An absolute disgust. Trillion of debt killing and maiming millions of people and creating poverty and hardship worldwide. Ruining the world economy. The illegal banking crash orchestrated by these shameful people. Masonics. Racist, bigoted, misogynist and unequal. Biased and Blackballing people. Secret societies. The Royals at the top. Tax evading Billionaire hypocrites. Ruining the world and other people’s lives, Westminster criminality disparaged to all.

  71. Ken says:

    ‘Make Britain work for Scotland’. Absolute nonsense. Scotland is part of Britain land mass. Incoherent nonsense. Meaningless jargon. Insulting people.

  72. Capella says:

    Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Rish! cooks up another cunning plan to save the union.

    Rishi Sunak drops Boris Johnson’s Union strategy in favour of new plan

    The Sunday Telegraph reports that Sunak’s bid to stop independence is now being led by a “show-not-tell” strategy.

    This will involve scaling back rhetoric on the Union and focusing on the Government’s work in each of the four nations…

    SNP MSP Rona Mackay was unfazed by the new plans, and told The National that people in Scotland have seen enough of what Westminster control means.

    “Whether it be the damage and pain being caused by the Tories Brexit obsession, inhumane immigration policies or their cruel austerity agenda – the more we see from the Tories, the more compelling the case for Scotland to be independent becomes,” she said.

    “Ultimately, Scotland doesn’t need to see any more – that’s why people voted overwhelmingly for a chance to have the choice of a better, fairer future in an independence referendum.”

  73. Ken says:

    Rishi will be gone within a year. Empty barrels make the most noise. Rats in a sack. Gone for good. The price of their corruption. For the majority it cannot come to soon.

    When their is a GE. Those who support Independence go out and vote SNP is a massive turnout. The quickest, easiest, simple way to Independence. Getting a vote and using.A high turnout of Independence support. Use it or lose. It is inthe hands of self governance Indepence supported, Do not delay any further. If people support Independence they will have to vote for it at every election. To wipe out the opposition. A much higher turnout.

  74. Dr Jim says:

    Not satisfied with lying to Scotland in 2014 with the famous VOW followed up by another lie in the Smith Commission in 2015 Gordon Brown is unplugged from his death support machine and unleashed upon the earth to fabricate the same VOW and promises to England and Wales

    Gordon Brown is the Frankenstien monster creation of a mad and desperate Labour party hell bent on winning something yet again by lying through their teeth, to not just Scotland again, but everybody in the British isles this time

    If you’re reading this England let me just say it’ll never happen because it can’t happen, that’s why they use Gordon Brown, a monster that nobody elected and is accountable to no one, any and all promises he makes mean nothing because even if the Labour party win a general election in England the promised VOW will be that *reform* will begin towards the end of their five year tenure which they’ll bugger up, the Tories will win again and *Bazinga* you’re back to exactly where you are right now or even worse

    Learn a lesson from Scotland, Labour are Tories and you couldn’t insert a bank card in the difference between them

    Did you *get Brexit done yet* Naw! but you got done didn’t you, we all did

    Oh and Scotland, surely to God you’re not going to listen to a single word of this unadulterated smelly dog poo

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