It’s Brexit, stupid

In an interview with the BBC on Friday, the Chancellor-for-the-time-being, a qualification which needs to be added to the titles of every Conservative cabinet minister, was asked why it is that the UK is the only G7 state whose economy is contracting even though all the others are also facing the same pressures resulting from the war in Ukraine, the global rise in energy prices, and the recovery from the pandemic. There is only one event which has negatively affected the UK’s ability to trade with its neighbours and recruit the labour it needs which has not been the same issue for the other members of the G7. We all know what that was. Yet Hunt danced around the question trying desperately to maintain the fiction that other countries were being affected just as badly when the UK is the only member of the G7 reporting negative growth.

That was because it would be politically suicidal for a leading member of the party which has so firmly nailed its colours to the mast of right wing Anglo-British nationalist exceptionalism to admit what we all already know is the reason why the UK is performing so poorly and has, uniquely amongst the G7 members, failed to regrow its economy to the size it was before the pandemic began. But you know it, I know it, even the craven and self-serving Jeremy Hunt knows it too. He just can’t say it out loud and the right wing British press will certainly not force the issue and demand an answer. It’s Brexit, stupid. Brexit has been an unmitigated disaster with no redeeming features.

For Hunt to ignore the malign effects of Brexit on the economy as he is days away from announcing a package of tax rises and cuts to public spending and services is not just insane, it’s criminally irresponsible. It’s the Conservative party putting its short term party political needs before the public good – again. If Hunt refuses to acknowledge the blindingly obvious harm Brexit is inflicting on the UK economy there can be no hope of repairing the damage. Instead we are all stuck in the Tory game of make believe, pretending that all is an English rose in the Brexit garden.

Now the UK is about The UK is about to enter a Brexit enhanced recession. You can call it what you like, you can waffle on about Putin and covid as much as you like, but you can’t get away from the fact that it’s a Brexit enhanced recession. Brexit supporters can whine about it all they want, but this *is* the Brexit that they voted for. After you have voted to kneecap yourself you don’t get to complain that you didn’t vote for being left unable to walk.

Sadly the denialism from the Labour party is just as pathetic as it whores itself in pursuit of Brexit supporting constituencies in the north of England. It’s very cosy for them to blame the impending cuts to public services and the UK’s shrinking economy on “12 years of low growth from this Conservative government”. But there is one Conservative policy above all which is responsible for the current economic malaise of the UK, and it’s a Conservative policy which the Labour party has fully signed up to. The self censorship from the Labour party is absurd and insults all our intelligence. They also know it is Brexit, but they are too craven and cowardly to say so even though opinion polling collated by the National Centre for Social Research shows that 60% of people in the UK now think that it was a mistake to leave the European Union.

The question is – are any British politicians bold and honest enough to grab the Brexit bullshit by the horns and do something about it? Sadly we know that they won’t, they will continue to pander to English nationalist exceptionalism and the deluded Anglo-British nationalist belief that the world looks up to England with a mixture of jealousy, admiration and awe. The reality is that following Brexit the rest of the world looks on England with a mixture of perplexity, pity, and amused contempt.

Sadly for England, the best it can now plausibly hope for is to crawl back into the Customs Union and Single Market with its tail between its legs, and to most definitely not be permitted any role in determining the rules and regulations. Unfortunately both Labour and the Conservatives would prefer to continue to manage the harm and damage of Brexit rather than deal such a catastrophic, and potentially fatal blow to the fragile ego of English exceptionalism.

Obviously anecdotal evidence must be treated with immense caution but my friends from EU countries all without exception say that England, and they are careful to specify that they mean England and not Scotland, would not be quickly or easily welcomed back into the EU.

Quite simply they do not trust England to be a team player. During its time as an EU member the UK was frequently obstructionist and often demanded special treatment. Then after the Brexit vote the UK blew away what little remained of any residual goodwill towards it on the part of other EU member states with the petulant and duplicitous manner in which the British Government negotiated Brexit. The most widespread attitude in Europe now is relief that English nationalism and its special pleading, its arrogance, and its delusions of grandeur are no longer the EU’s problem. They are not going to rush to put out the Bienvenue mat if the UK changes its mind and decides that it needs to get back into the EU.

Next time round there will be no special treatment for the UK, no opt outs on the Euro or the Schengen area, no special rebates or exemptions. As far as the EU is concerned it will be Brussels’ way or the highway for the UK.

However attitudes to an independent Scotland will be markedly different. There is a widespread appreciation in Europe that Scotland rejects Brexit, and that when Scotland becomes independent it will be because Scotland wants to return to closer ties with our European neighbours. Scotland, they know, would be a cooperative European nation and a Scottish application for EU membership would be a slap in the face for Brexit and a huge vote of confidence in the European project.

And then Scots could tell right wing English nationalists that Scotland might veto *their* application for EU membership.

Meanwhile, on an unrelated note, on Friday I wrote a piece for the National about the latest ‘research’ from frothing Britnat fear-tank These Islands and how all it achieved was to prove that Scotland does indeed have vast renewable energy potential which will generate a huge surplus for export even if Scotland might not have a quarter of all of Europe’s wind energy potential. It turns out that the guy who runs the organisation is not at all happy about my piece, calling it ‘ridiculous’. So that’s a result. These Islands were displeased that I described them as a British nationalist negativity tank, protesting that they are only interested in ensuring accuracy and honesty in political discussion. Well that’s just lovely. It’s very odd then that given all else that has gone on in the UK over the past few years that *this* is the most important claim requiring debunking.  I’m sure we can now look forward to their extended take downs of all the lies that the Tories and their allies have told about Brexit.


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101 comments on “It’s Brexit, stupid

  1. Tam Norrie says:

    Spot on.

  2. Dr Jim says:

    It’s nice of the media to support Jermey Hunt in his new role of Mr Nice guy the man who’s being upfront and telling us all the truth about the *errors* in the finances before this new shiny government came to power and how he’s going to be honest and explain how he will deal with it all

    So are the media and the Tories just using the one coat of whitewash for this or are they going to need two coats of gloss paint in an attempt to wipe everybody’s brains clean of that recent memory that the Tories are the ones who engineered this catastrophe and made them and their donors £££fortunes by doing it

    Repeat over and over again, It did not happen, it wiznae us, it did not happen, it wiznae us, now go to sleep

  3. James Mills says:

    The new Tory election motto
    ”Deny , Deny , Deny ! ”

    It was some other mob that trashed the economy – but WE managed to save Brexit – phew !

    • Ace, Paul. I alluded to Laura K’s Brexit Big Up this morning on the previous thread.
      Thank the chief that Rich! Rich has ‘drained the swamp’, and brought in a whole bunch of bright new faces, like, Gove, Shapps, Coffey, Braverman and Cleverly to sort out the ‘previous government’s’ mess.
      Of course Kuennsberg’s wee Sunday Brunch is a Brexit Facts Free zone.
      It wouldn’t do to quote figures and such; it would upset the horses.

      Feet wouldn’t touch if any BBC anchor, especially a sweaty sock, declared that it was the biggest mistake that England had made since Jim’ll Fix It.

      I note that Dross is really earning his 4 wages tweeting his outrage that NS referred to Norn Irn as the North of Irn.
      Has there ever been a more pointless Brit Jock mouthpiece; and the bar could not be set any lower?

      I recall David Duguid on Gordon Brewer’s (remember him?) Newsnicht, pooh poohing Brexit ‘scaremongering’ by assuring us all that there may be a teething problems, a few bumps in the road once Brexit was dun…like we might struggle to get out favourite shape of pasta for a wee while; and Brewer nodding and extolling the ‘shedload of powers’ that would come to Holyrood from Brussels…once Britain took back control of laws from the pesky furriners.
      Of course, we’ve had the power grab, the trashing of the Sewell convention, the UKIM bill, and Jacob Rees Mogg scrapping 2400, European laws at a stroke, and replacing them with what ever Far Right diktats they see fit to implement to keep UK citizens in their pleb place.
      The Tribe That Lost Its Head.

  4. Bruce MacDougall says:

    I do like the idea of having a Veto. Not that I think Scotland would be the only EU Member to use it.

  5. Hamish100 says:

    Yes they have tried to forget Tory PM’s Cameron, May, Johnson, Truss and Sunak
    And Chancellors Osborne, Hammond, Javid, Sunak (yes him), Zahawi, Kwareteng, Hunt were all involved in some shape or form in imposing austerity 1 ( lib-Dem assisted) & 2.
    They all now support Brexit as does labour and Lib-Dem. All unionists together.

    To hell with Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

  6. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    The Tory Brexit CHICKENS have come home to ROOST…..who knew it would all turn out to be so FOWL….who indeed knew….the Tories put all of their EGGS into one Brexit basket….now it seems that because they did that….well now it looks as if our GOOSE is well and truly cooked in their UK …..but the Tories are trying to be FLY and expect us all to believe that our woes are not down to Brexit or that they, Tories, have helped enable the Tory donating fat cats to FEATHER their own NESTS via Brexit……but instead they expects us to SWALLOW tis everything but Brexit to blame for the current Tory ALBATROSS they have placed around our necks ……………via their Tory Brexit.

    The Tories only needed people to PARROT their Brexit slogans and thus FLOCK to support it while the more EAGLE eyed among us knew we were in fact getting POOPED ON……by the Tories and their Brexit.

    Like TURKEYS voting for Xmas some voted for Tory Brexit…..and some are still, like an OSTRICH, burying their heads in the sand on all reality linked to Tory Brexit as is……indeed the Labour party are presenting their own version of it which they CROW about in apparently saying they are going to make it, the Tory Brexit , work…….but when asked how they will make it work they DUCK the question and are SWIFT to move on and, like the Tories, determine to drive us all CUCKOO with their Labour version of Tory Brexit…..what BUSTARDS .

    Brexit is , as a clearly failed policy, as dead as a DODO……as far as all that was promised via it by the Tories and t’others too which , in way of promises , has clearly not materialised indeed the so called Brexit benefits are as scarce as HEN’s teeth……..but still both Tories and Labour like BIRDS of a FEATHER who choose to FLOCK together on Brexit deny that it is a failed policy and thus refuse to reverse it ……so guess Scotland needs to choose to kill two BIRDS with one stone…as in we choose to vote for independence and we then get rid of both British nationalist political parties and also Brexit too………win win.

    Now that is something to be CHIRPY about is it not……

    I’ll get me coat…..

  7. Welsh_Siôn says:

    I’ll get me coat…..

    You, CHICKEN, you! 😀 (Seems you’re giving the Tories the BIRD … well the do deserve to be ROOKed. But keep your HERON, we’ll STORK them from a distance and although our enemies will refer to us as PLUCKING PHEASANTS (Courtesy of Dr. Spooner), we all know them for the TITS they really are.

    Yours ever, hoping our influence can still cause a FLAP,

    (That Irish bird you all know and love)


    • Not-My-Real-Name says:

      Ah WS…I see that TOUCAN play at that game….in quoting BIRD names and words associated with BIRDS to use as expressions to convey our observations on they (Tories) who think that they should be obeyed …mind you it’s not ILL-EAGLE to slag them…ILL-EAGLE yet that is….in the future…well who knows what next the right WING party aka the Tories will do….

      I fear Brexit is a lost CAWS for them as they seem OWL over the place with it but hopefully it will be their undoing and will be their SWAN song as a political party in Scotland… they are truly repreHENsible… is CHEEP and so are they…..I await them getting CLAWbbered in Scotland if next GE is pre Oct 2023…..

      Must FLY now…Have a great evening WS


  8. National Centre for Social Research shows that 60% of people in the UK now think that it was a mistake to leave the European Union.

    There’s various polling data on this here:

    60% (ex dk) now absolutely think brexit was a bad idea. This view has been building steadily since mid-2021:

  9. deelsdugs says:

    Came across this…

  10. yesindyref2 says:

    I see an article in the National:

    Conservatives receive over £1.7m from shadowy think tanks and climate sceptic firms

    I wonder how much These Islands donates to the Tory party?

  11. yesindyref2 says:

    So who do I believe, Kelvin Vague and the crew of the Jeely Dodger, or the UK Government and the EU. A quick look:

    In fact, the UK has the largest tidal stream deployment in the world, so much so that almost 50% of the world’s installed tidal stream capacity is in Scottish waters. Furthermore, just this year Simec Atlantis Energy Ltd, a homegrown company used their expertise to export and install a tidal turbine – designed and built in Scotland – for piloting in Japan.

    and from the EU

    … the picture is very different for offshore wind, where almost 8
    0 % of global capacity (23.1 GW) is located in Europe. The leading European markets are the UK (8 GW capacity) and Germany (6.
    4 GW), followed by Denmark (1.3 GW), Belgium (1.2 GW) and the Netherlands (1.1 GW).

    Yes, this is current figures (if you’ll pardon the pun), but then that took me 83.5 seconds and a couple of paragraphs, whereas it took Kelvin and his Jolly crew weeks and forests of paper to invent his garbage. We’re going to need more Recycling bins.

    Stick to the dog biscuits Kelvin, they’re very tasty.

  12. ArtyHetty says:

    Excellent article Paul, thanks. Given what you say about folks in the EU countries not particularly feeling at all inclined to welcome England back even if they had a vote to rejoin, it leaves Scotland in a good, and bad place. Good because an independent Scotland would be welcomed back into the EU with open arms. Bad because the English government/cabal, are not going to be very happy, aww, about Scotland ditching their backward, rights removing, planet wrecking, low tax no tax for the rich, and austerity (for everyone else) on steroids approach, to actually managing the catastrophe that is now Brexit England. It’s going to be interesting to see what happens in the next few months. England’s government/cabal should be preparing to hold talks with the Scottish government about how a smooth transition can be achieved, I know, and pigs might fly, to stay on the birds theme, lol. 🙂

    The cabal in England really need to take a good look at what they have done and are doing, because when the going gets even tougher for the people, via the rich taking even more from the public and lining their own pockets the people of England are going to get very very angry indeed, and it won’t be pretty. Brexit has been and is an utterly disgraceful assault on the whole of the UK in terms of economic disaster. Scotland however voted remain by a majority, every single constituency voted to remain in the EU. The resulting democratic deficit can only be repaired with Scottish independence, most people know that.

    For the English government/cabal to try to pretend that the economic mess is nothing to do with Brexit, is an insult, and even in England people see what they are doing, it’s all there, available data, online.

    Scotland’s democratically elected government, and England’s government/cabal, even the ones in ‘opposition’, ie Labour, are politically, morally and ethically, polar opposites.

    Scotland get the heck away while you still can, it’s crucial to democracy, and to being a forward looking, 21st century country, being able to weather the storms of both local and world events on our own terms, with a focus on the common good, both internationally and nationally.

  13. Janice Gale says:

    Well done Paul 😂 just duck now and then 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  14. Today I took a moment to remember all the Scots (and those of other nationalities) who have fought and died to preserve the right of Scots (and other people’s globally) to freely choose the government they wish for their country peacefully at the ballot box.

    Anyone trying to block iref2 should not be at a remembrance event, for their sort are the cause of wars and the death / destruction these create. Lest we forget this.

  15. Bob Lamont says:

    Anything you publish which rattle Hague’s cage is a bonus, we can throw dog-biscuits through the bars…

    Indeed true to say Scotland would be welcome in any form of EU arrangement, but what I’m hearing on this side of the channel is that it is London Politics and media that they do not trust, the people of England are merely trapped by both.

    One theory rattling around which has gained some traction is that it was London who orchestrated the “energy crisis”, and do bear in mind this “crisis” hit Europe a full 3 months before the Ukraine Russia war kicked off.
    With the EU having adopted the UK energy market model so completely, they were caught out when it all began to go wrong, “Global Energy prices” don’t quite hack it in Europe – There remain a lingering aroma of “Eau de Latrine”.
    The EU frantically set about to decouple the disastrous consequences arising from the model without causing meltdown in the marketplace, possibly in the next few months a solution will be in place.
    Perfidious Albion may be becoming fashionable again…

  16. Shibboleth says:

    Sooner or later you have to switch off and go do something more rewarding, like banging your head on a brick wall. Makes you wonder who he’s trying to convince. By now, most sentient adults know the size of the whizz is being played – Paul’s mentioned it with his question on Brexit. The city and its oligarchs wanted out of the EU to escape regulation and interference on fiscal and monetary policy – but they only used it to benefit themselves. These comments sum up where we are.

    “The oligarchs and their servants in the financial press are desperate for the public to continue to believe that they (the oligarchs) are the ‘rulers of the universe’, if it was not for the taxes that the oligarchs pay the nation would be broke, this is what most people believe due to being repeatedly told this nonsense for 40 years by mainstream press and mainstream economists. MMT lets people know how money and the financial system really works, the reality is the national govt. has the power of the purse, the national govt. sets the laws, the national govt. are the monopoly issuers of the currency. The things we could be doing in terms of clean energy research, disease research, and poverty (job guarantee). Who ever came up with the saying ‘truth is stranger than fiction’ was not kidding. We just keep going on with silly games of ‘how you going to pay for it’ and ‘there is no alternative’ TINA. A truly bizarre world we live in.”

    “The other lie that the subjugated profession of economics likes to push for their masters is this: In order to fix (climate change / poverty / development / whatever); we “need” to mobilise their accumulated capital so (whatever) can be “financed”, because money-capital is “scarce” and must be competed for with a lax “investment” environment. This “scarcity” of money-capital is a deliberate misrepresentation of what money is, all so that capitalists can use it as a store of the value they extract from workers and the earth, and as a source of power via the capital strike.

    So pervasive is this illusion they have painted that, right now, we are witnessing the spectacle of the world’s poorest nations demanding/begging for financial compensation for the damage caused by climate change. The ruling classes of poor nations have the same vested interest in the illusion as those of the rich, so of course this money is delivered as “investment”, taking ownership of their resources and perpetuating the cycle of financial colonisation and debt servitude. It’s a disgusting little scheme, and anyone who challenges it is punished with a capital strike.

    Self-sufficiency is also strongly discouraged – the poor must be kept dependant on the rich with a good hard dose of IMF-imposed Ricardian comparative advantage, because self-sufficiency might lead poor countries’ people to contemplate whether they really “need” foreign money-capital at all. That would risk shattering the illusion, maybe even a repudiation of their colonisation and re-taking control of their own resources with their own money – and that is why MMT provokes such invective from the servient economists of the capitalist class. It’s a threat to the illusion they depend on for their own social reproduction.”

  17. Clydebuilt says:

    “It’s Brexit Stupid”

    Tell that to Mairi Spowage Director of the Fraser of Allander think tank.

    was asked about UK economic woes this morning on BBC Radio Scotland.
    mentioned Covid and Truss’s Budget. the Word Brexit never got a mention!

    • I use the ‘war in Ukraine’ as an excuse, when my Everlovin’ wants to know why I haven’t done some wee job about the house yet?
      It’s amazing how Rich Folk have seen their personal wealth soar since Brexit, isn’t it?
      I got a letter, unsolicited, from one of these store catalogues, offering me free membership, and a Never Never payment deal on anything I chose to buy at 39.4% interest.
      They’re at it again.
      Rob the poor.

    • Dr Jim says:

      Yeah they put a note in about not mentioning Brexit along with the cash envelope

      That’s the Fraser of Murdo Allender think tank

      • Or as BBC Jockland’s Douglas Fraser calls it, ‘the respected’ Fraser of Murdo Allander think tank, Dr.J. which is sponsored by Deloitte, hiding away in Strathclyde Uni, doubtless sharing the canteen with professor Sir John Curtice, President of the British Polling Council, vice-chair of the Economic and Social Data Service’s Advisory Committee and is a member of the editorial board of the Journal of Elections, the Executive Committee of the British Politics Section of the American Political Science Association, and the Policy Advisory Committee of the Institute for Public Policy Research. He was formerly a Fellow at the Netherlands Institute for Advanced Study and a member of the steering committee of the Comparative Study of Electoral Systems Project. (courtesy of Wiki).
        A nexus of neo-liberal Free Market movers and shakers providing unbiased data to maintain the Oligarchy’s grip on society.

  18. Why was Geissler’s Sunday Show pulled today?
    ‘Unable to bring you..’ was the curt explanation from the voice over.

    Shibboleth, I take your point.

    Any country can hire its citizens, to dig holes, and other teams to fill them in, and pay them paper wages, which they will then ‘spend’ , buying food, shelter, drink, yo-yos or whatever, thus ‘growing’ the economy, initially by putting its citizens to government sponsored work
    John Maynard Keynes 101.

    Income tax, VAT, or whatever form of government revenue levied thus, generates investment in schools, hospitals, and jobs for teachers, doctors, nurses, ambulance crews, and so on, creating a virtuous cycle of growth and development.

    But that’s not what the Red Blue and Yellow Tories want.

    The ‘Market’, the already rich, the Elite Establishment Professional Class, like the way things work at the moment; the status quo, with a king in his castle, Lords and Ladies on high, our ‘betters’, while poor underclass sweep the streets and trim the hedgerows of The Haves.
    Every government prints money.
    The vast material wealth of Scotland and the skills and labour of our work foorce are the real riches of this land.
    I am at a loss to understand why the peasants have not revolted yet.
    It can’t be long now.

  19. Hamish100 says:

    The Geissler show clashed with the broadcast from London with the new king looking serious.

    • That explains it. TVM, Hamish.

    • James Mills says:

      Small mercies !

    • Clydebuilt says:

      Was Giessler being punished (re-educated) for giving Starmer too hard an interview last Sunday.

    • Welsh_Siôn says:

      Having been obliged to watch the ‘highlights’ of yesterday’s spectacle in London, two statements from the commentators (Dimblebore, – yes, he’s still going – and Raworth) kinda stuck in my craw. (I trust I’m not alone, and I’m only highlighting [sorry!] these two comments.

      1 Ian Blackford was commented on for laying the wreath at the Cenotaph on behalf of the SNP and the ‘Welsh Nationalist Party’ – something the latter has not been known as in either official language of Cymru since 1945.

      2 An interview with a veteran of some World War II included the line. ‘You must be thrilled to be here.’ What in the name of *%&^*)£^% would make anyone who (as we were so often reminded) has lost friends/pals/comrades/brothers/sisters in a bloody scenario of war could see it as being ‘a thrill’ to march past a memorial to them?

      Maybe it’s just me – I have no personal military connections outside a great uncle killed in World War 1 (under Australian colours) and numerous members of family who served as British and Canuck forces during World War II and survived – despite in some cases being POWs.

      No, perhaps, I’m not allowed to speak for others far more qualified than I, who experienced these things and do indeed get ‘a thrill’ of being part of a group of individual killing machines who respect their fallen. Fair enough. But it most certainly sounded a bum note to me to be ‘thrilled’ to be in the imperial capital commemorating ‘the glorious dead’.

      Wilfred Owen had it right, did he not?

      “My friend, you would not tell with such high zest
      To children ardent for some desperate glory,
      The old Lie: Dulce et decorum est
      Pro patria mori.'”

      • I don’t understand the phrase: ‘ The Glorious Dead’, etched in granite at the cenotaph, W_S.
        Tens of millions of our young died to protect the elite’s wealth.
        There is little to glorify in so many young people killed, trying to kill each other. ‘For king and country’?

  20. Another English Conservative and Unionist achievement. They really do have some record on ‘preserving the union’. 50%+ Yes in Scotland, s record 1/3 or so in Wales, and over in ‘The north of Ireland’ (see what I did there Douglass Ross ;-))…

    LucidTalk poll: 59% call for Dublin role in Northern Ireland if Assembly not restored

    Poll also reveals joint authority choice of 41% in event of no return to Stormont

    Full joint authority actually the most popular option now if Stormont is not sitting.

    59% also for pro-protocol parties with Irish parties (SF+SDLP+Grn+Aon+PBP) a point or two (43%) in front of British (41-42%), with neutral Alliance (15%) holding the balance:

    Another election might see some DUP gains at the expense of other unionists, but you are still going to see 60% odd massively endorse the protocol again and Donaldson not popular at all.

    Thanks to the Tories, just like Scotland, the North of Ireland (in honor of Douglas Ross, I shall use these term henceforth) has never seen unionism so weak.

    • Some further discussion on the significance of that 59% wanting Dublin involved in the governance of the North of Ireland (41% equal role, remainder consultative) should Stormont not be operating.

      Middle ground’s shift to more involvement from Republic of Ireland is a significant development

      The middle ground support the EU/protocol and lean towards the republic.

      • Looks like Ian Paisley’s ‘supermajority’, s_s.

      • JoMax says:

        Unionism seems to be fighting back in at least one Highland village. No fewer than two flagpoles nowadays when for nearly 100 years there were none and the worst horror of all, the union flag has recently had a red light focussed on it so that at night it appears as if soaked in blood. I think we know what message these people think they are conveying, but unfortunately for those who take more interest in what England/UK got up to for centuries and in more recent times and haven’t forgotten so easily, aside from the horrors of two world wars, it sends out an entirely wrong message. As usual, unionists have no self awareness.

  21. bringiton says:

    I am old enough to remember the last iteration of bankruptcy by the Greater English state.
    They had to go cap in hand to the IMF to bale them out,which resulted in cuts to public spending such as Beeching’s axe to rail services.
    That was followed by the realisation that being part of the European Economic Community might be a good idea,if not essential for our well being.
    Of course,the only well being the present right wing government and it’s supporters are interested in is their own.
    These creatures have no place in public service because both of these words are alien to them.

  22. Dr Jim says:

    I wonder if today a country could invent an alternative nationality for itself then go around the world conquering and stealing other folks countries by telling them they were being absorbed to be part of that greater nationality that that original country invented

    *British* what an invention, that’s the one thing that you’ve got to hand to the English as their greatest achievement, what a piece of con artist propaganda that was

    Why are there some in Scotland still falling for it when every other country has and is rejecting them

  23. ‘Singapore on the Th… Seine’.

    London Loses Its Crown of Biggest European Stock Market to Paris

    London has lost its crown as Europe’s biggest stock market to Paris as economic growth concerns weigh on UK assets while China’s relaxation of Covid rules boosts French luxury shares.

    The combined market capitalization of primary listings in Paris overtook that of the UK capital in US dollar terms, according to an index compiled by Bloomberg. Domestic-focused UK shares have slumped this year, while French luxury goods-makers like LVMH SE and Gucci owner Kering SA have recently been boosted by optimism over a potential easing of China’s Covid Zero policy.

    Currency movements have also worked in Paris’s favor as the pound has tumbled 13% against the dollar this year, while the euro has lost only 9%.

    And now the great brecession begins, with crippling brausterity to boot.

  24. yesindyref2 says:

    OT. I hate to say this but I’m finding IfS quite funny these days.

    I need counselling 😦

    • yesindyref2 says:

      Who says they’re toy ones?

      • yesindyref2 says:

        Glad to see that IfS got back to Dover House and Baron Jack in its self-inflatable, after I blasted its spy trawler out of the water, having given it time to abandon ship of course with its water wings.

  25. We now know, through the Oligarchy’s mouthpieces in print and broadcast, what to expect on Thursday when Ol’ Swivel Eyes gets to his feet and presents his ‘Autumn Statement’.
    Bankers’ bonuses will be safe.

    Non Dom status for 70,000 filthy rich furriners will be safe.

    Business Earnings from profits will still be taxed at 28%.

    Corporation Tax untouched.

    Shell and BP will get to keep their obscene war profiteering loot.

    Oh, and there will be £35 in cuts to public expenditure.

    And another £30 billion in tax rises which ‘will affect us all’.

    JK Rowling and I will be in the same boat.

    She’ll be in the First Class Ballroom, and I’ll be down in the engine room slapping oil on the mighty engines’ governor balls keeping SS Britannia limping along through England’s sea of troubles.

    I may have mentioned ‘savings and efficiencies’ before.

    The Treasury will have dusted down the Book of Thatcher in compiling Austerity II.

    There won’t be cuts..goodness gracious me. Heaven forfend.

    But Departments will need to ‘achieve savings’. Sack a few hundred thousand slackers and do things more efficiently with fewer pen pushers.

    Merge departments, ergo fewer management posts, less office space, fewer buildings required by an ‘efficiency’ scrutiny.

    Surgically remove waste, even were no waste exists.

    Public service is a business, like selling Mars Bars and Time share holidays. Set ‘targets’, and sack those who don’t meet them.

    Up the numbers of patients seen, increase disability claims rejected, increase pupil to teacher ratios, add more infants cared for in nurseries.
    Do more, with less staff, and more ‘economically’.

    Austerity I is reported to have despatched 120,000 citizens to premature deaths. Osborne ‘saved £32 billion, his ‘budget responsibility’ ‘savings’ voted through by the Blue Yellow and most of the Red Tories.
    Let’s see how Starmer and his Red Brigade vote on Thursday.

    My triple lock pension?
    Well, the state pension rose by 3.1% in April this year when inflation at the time was running at 10.1%.
    This inflation hike has bobbed along at roughly 10% since, and food fuel and, well, everything, has risen in price…

    Will he promise that pensions will rise by inflation rates in April’23?

    We have the worst state pension rates in the developed world.

    People will die because of 12 years of Brit Unionist policies.

    England voted for Cameron May Johnson Truss and now Sunak.
    They will pay dearly on Thursday.

    We have an escape pod, thank the Chief.

    • Edit: ‘£35 BILLION in cuts’ Not ‘£35 in cuts’

    • davetewart says:

      Plenty of hints that the energy cap will only apply to pensioners claiming Pension Credit.
      Use the summer months to hide the extra costs.

      • trust me, dave, there is no summer ‘relief’ for this 75 year old riddled with OA in every joint.
        London politicians base their calculations on summer in the ‘Home’ Counties data.
        While Wimbledon crowds bask in the sun drenched seventies, Glaswegians watch on the telly under drizzly slate grey skies in the sixties.
        But you’re correct of course.
        Rich folk will have to pay the full price for their air conditioning during their summer break in their St Ives’ holiday ‘cottage’. Bless.

        • davetewart says:

          Reports that it’s costing the rich cynic £16,000 a year to heat the pool in Richmond.

          Yes. Jack. If there’s a London Allownce why not a north and remote allowance?

          Answer, because they hand out the pocket money to the Scots, Welsh and those in the North of Ireland.

    • yesindyref2 says:

      Well, the state pension rose by 3.1% in April this year when inflation at the time was running at 10.1%.

      It’s based on the index the previous September

      The Consumer Prices Index (CPI) rose by 3.1% in the 12 months to September 2021, down from 3.2% in August.

      To this September 2022 I think it’s 10.1% so we live in vain hope.

      • davetewart says:

        Yes but the average wage rise that September was 8%, coffey decided it was a statistical abberation.
        So they got the lower award.

    • Colin Milne says:

      Escape pods are only useful if they are used!

  26. Capella says:

    OR – sell off the NHS to the highest bidder.

    Union leader accuses UK Government of ‘deliberately running down’ NHS

    Christina McAnea, general secretary of Unison, said she fears the path is being laid for an “organisation” to be appointed to take over the running of the health service.
    Her comments come as the union is balloting its 300,000 members working in the NHS on strike action, which it recommends…

    It comes as Scottish Health Secretary Humza Yousaf said the Westminster Government has a “moral obligation” to give more funding to devolved nations to allow them to resolve the pay dispute with NHS staff.

    McAnea told Sky’s Sophy Ridge On Sunday that the government needs to guarantee investment in the NHS in the Autumn Statement.
    She said: “Difficult things will happen if they do not make the right choices and one of those is the NHS is almost ready to collapse.

    “Excuse me for sounding like a conspiracy theorist but I have heard so many people say it now, is this partly a deliberate attempt by the government to run down the NHS in order to bring in some kind of organisation to run it?

  27. Hamish100 says:

    Yousaf should know we are a nation. We are not a devolved nation but the administration is. Of course maybe the words were manipulated?

    • There’s no such beast as a ‘devolved nation’, Hamish.
      It is a nonsense phrase used by Brits in an attempt to belittle Scotland. Yousaf should know better.
      The language of the colonial.

      • Dr Jim says:

        My other pet hate is the “block grant” when there’s no such thing, it’s the return of some of our own tax money

  28. Hamish100 says:

    Back to the flag waving. It seems the Brit nats unionists are deliberately trying to ulsterise the issue in Scotland.
    Personally the saltire should fly the highest in Scotland as the ancient flag of Scotland and the people.
    All others should be lower such as regional or district flags.
    Flags of other states should be flown at international events and shown respect.

    What we should have to put up with is this.–2760279/

    The government should take appropriate steps to stop this sectarianism.

  29. It was all so predictable.

    Brexit a major cause of UK’s return to austerity, says senior economist

    Brexit is the ultimate reason why the UK now faces a fresh round of austerity, a former interest rate-setter at the Bank of England has said.

    “The UK economy as a whole has been permanently damaged by Brexit,” Michael Saunders, who was an external member of the central bank’s monetary policy committee, said in an interview with Bloomberg TV.

    “It’s reduced the economy’s potential output significantly, eroded business investment,” he said, adding: “If we hadn’t had Brexit, we probably wouldn’t be talking about an austerity budget this week.”

  30. Welsh_Siôn says:

    Well … if no one is going to, let me salute the Scottish lassies on beating the Venezuela women in the friendly fitba match tonight, 2-1.

    (And not a single ‘hand of Jord’ to help them …)

    • Capella says:

      It wasn’t really a win WS – read the BBC report.

      Scotland survived a wonder goal from Deyna Castellanos to beat Venezuela in their first full international since their World Cup play-off defeat by the Republic of Ireland.

      • Welsh_Siôn says:

        You’re right of course.

        If Scotland had ‘won’ 36-0 (I’m looking at you Bon Accord), then they obviously ‘got home by the narrowest of margins’ and there were ‘plenty of squeaky bums on seats’, if the BBC were to be believed.

      • Pogmothon says:

        Look at the stats at the end of the EBC report then try to understand where the narrative comes from, and where its depressing tone wants to take you.

    • Dr Jim says:

      When other countries play sport they win lose or draw, but in Scotland we have the “held on” “survived” or “skin of their teeth” results

      It doesn’t do to get above ourselves and actually believe in winning anything

  31. yesindyref2 says:

    Meanwhile the talk of the streamie is Pete Wishart and much perturbation about the use of the word traitor. But nobody has seen fit to point out that this man is a veritable god of the music world, with his ukelele and toothy smile and his “When I’m cleaning Windows” which of course spawned the very platforms we at least started on apart from the Linux buffs. Peady Pete is a veritable maestro playing with his four string.

    Meanwhile on a sadder note RIP Rab Noakes, an essential part of the folk scene in Scotland and further afield. His music lives on.

  32. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    Ajax Tanks …UK government now have ANOTHER one to add to their ever growing list of incompetence AND waste of tax payers money….

    12 years, £3.5bn (and more) spent and not one OPERATIONAL tank delivered……the Ferries in Scotland pales into actual INSIGNIFICANCE in comparison to the amount of money Tories have wasted on things late, over budget and not operational… an ex Tory minister in a strop which prompted honesty, very rare , has now declared that the very thing he, when he was a minister, hailed as great , well he now states it is actually ” not a very good deal for the UK” as in the Australia-UK trade deal…..

    Roll on Thursday when Jeremy Hunt is going to tell us ALL that CUTS must be made……to improve the fiscal position…..perhaps to REALLY improve Scotland’s fiscal position we need to CUT out Scotland being a part of the UK….

    Tory Glass house politics….shattered….. cracking….from the INSIDE.

    How long is the BAD list of mistakes, waste and lies growing in regard to the Tories …….and their wasting of money, inability to properly govern and overall them being nowt but a right bunch of bobby dancers and with too much of the(ir) media , who as a media, act as if they are an extension of the government’s PR machine.

    Tories ‘accusing’ the SNP is a constant…..well based on ‘Let he who is without sin cast the first stone’…….they , Tories , should be silent… in ‘ practice what you preach or change your speech’……hypocrites pure and simple.

    • Not-My-Real-Name says:

      Oh and here’s a fact they can NEVER dispute as TRUTH.

      BREXIT is their , Tories, fault……and indeed Labour too, in embracing it, MUST share the fallout that is surely coming… if’s or buts…..they both need to OWN it….they won’t…..but we and t’others NEED to ensure they DO.

  33. Capella says:

    Hahaha – they are teasing us again with the promise of 5 more frigates to be built on the Clyde. I’m getting deja-vu. Is there an Indyref pending?
    You won’t be able to read the btl comments in an archived version but satire hasn’t died.

    Rishi Sunak announces five new warships to be built on Clyde

    THE UK Government has confirmed it will order the construction of five more British warships, which are to be built on the Clyde.

    The Prime Minister is currently attending the G20 summit in Bali, Indonesia, which looks set to be dominated by the fallout from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

    As part of steps to strengthen security in the face of increased threats from Moscow, Sunak announced that defence manufacturer BAE systems has been awarded a £4.2 billion contract to build five more Type 26 frigates for the Royal Navy, on top of the three already under construction.

    Sunak said: “Russia’s actions put all of us at risk.”

    • Not-My-Real-Name says:

      Aye Capella….cue Labour and Gary Smith from the GMB doing THEIR bit to help the Tory propaganda machine…..another guaranteed Déjà vu from 2014.

      No Tory show without Labour’s punch…..

      Have a nice day Capella


    • Golfnut says:

      Richard Murphy on the the non existent £50 billion deficit.

  34. Capella says:

    Meanwhile, in our British “democracy”:

    Ruth Davidson claims over £15,000 from House of Lords

    The claims run five months behind, meaning only 11 months of Davidson’s expenses have been made available so far, from July 2021 to May 2022.

    During that period, Davidson attended for 34 days and voted on 36 different divisions on a range of legislation, but only attended 18% of the 194 votes held in the chamber.

    Both the SNP and Scottish Greens criticised Davidson for her low attendance and hit out at the “anti-democratic” system she entered into.

    The National analysed the claims made by Davidson in the Lords, where members are given an allowance of £323 for each day that they attend, over the 11-month period.

    • James Mills says:

      To be fair to the Barreness of Londinium , she could not attend more frequently as she has other money-making sinecures which demand her attention . And she is also spending more time with her offspring – not DRoss – her other wean !

    • Not-My-Real-Name says:

      Seems like her stepping down in the Scottish parliament to spend MORE time with her family has ended up being MORE lucrative for the Baroness….

      I mean you slag your leader….then you accept a peerage from the SAME leader that you slagged…..why if it looks like hypocrisy…..and sounds like hypocrisy….it should then be presented as just that as in hypocrisy….the end result of course, as per, is that YOU end up with a bigger bank balance….so a win win for the Baroness…..

      I have to be honest that is THE ONE thing the Tories excel at…HYPOCRISY..

      The Art of hypocrisy….a masterclass via Tories…..somewhere NEAR YOU.

  35. Looks like Sunak’s honeymoon is already over. Dead cat seems to have stopped bouncing.

    Labour on about 48%, Con 27%, Lib 9% UK-wide.

  36. James Mills says:

    Anent Brexit – George Useless , a former Government Minister who helped negotiate the ‘wonderful’ Trade Deal with Australia , has admitted in the HoC that it was SH*TE ( my emphasis ).
    He is now in a position to speak Truth to Power as he was so useless that he couldn’t get a job with the current Tory Mob dismantling the country .
    Expect him to be installed in the House of Horrors imminently .

    • davetewart says:

      Wisnae him what dun it.

      It was lizzie and cleverly.
      Are they in a war with each other? maybe ebcscot will tell us that the party is riven with trouble, maybe not hold our breath.
      See the new ‘Fly a Kite’ mark is delayed again, just continue with the CE mark.

  37. davetewart says:

    I missed out the useless speech part on Aussie beef, it’s amazing that the Aussies used a fake BSE problem in the uk to ban the input of beef, nothing like taking back control.
    Oh it was the Aussies controlling their borders.

    The rich cynic says he’s at the G20 to tell the world how to sort out the world economy.
    He says we will see the chancer’s economic event on Thursday will be fair. He’s being honest with us.
    If it’s finished why wait until Thursday?

  38. yesindyref2 says:

    Part 1.

    There were 13 Type 26 frigates promised for the Clyde during Indy Ref 1, this was to be 8 anti-sub frigates (ASW FF) and 5 general purpose frigates (GPFF) – all to be built on the Type 26 hull. They were to replace the then 13 Type 23 frigates, particularly the 8 used for ASW.

    As often happens with advanced complex warships there were design problems and delays, and because there is a Terms Of Business Arrangement (TOBA) between the UK Government and BAE for 15 years dated 2008 and expiring in 2023, rather than pay around £230 million a year for nothing while waiting, 5 Offshore Patrol Vessels (OPV) were ordered to be built. Then the 5 Type 26 GPFFs were cancelled, and after tendering the contract for the way cheaper Type 31 which replaced that was awarded to the Babcock consortium for some build and final assembly at Rosyth on the Forth, not the Clyde.

    So instead of 13 frigates the Clyde got 8, hence a broken promise to the workers on the Clyde. Some have tried to say it’s still 13 warships, but anyone with an ounce of sense would know that the build of the OPVs at 2,000 tonnes and Length 90.5 metres, does not compare for jobs or skills with the Type 26 Hull or even the Type 31 at 5,700 tonnes and Length 138.7 metres, though some have tried (I was deleted from a forum for pointing this out).

    Indeed, there were greatly less jobs needed and apart from apprentices not being taken on, the life blood of an industry, some BAE workers were sent down to Barrow to help build the Astutes.

    Warships are generally ordered in batches, even though planned in total numbers. The amended plan was for 8 Type 26 frigates but just 3 were ordered in the first batch. This “New” order claimed by some as being in the face of the new Russian threat, is just the second batch of 5 Type 26 frigates to complete the long ago planned 8 ASW, the bare minimum the RN needs.

    Don’t be fooled by rhetoric or ingorance. In fact the UK Defence Journal has this right, though it doesn’t go into the history or the OPVs as I have historically and correctly done. And, of course, whatever happened to the “Frigate factory” planned for building 2 frigates a year, rather than 1 every 2 years?

  39. yesindyref2 says:

    Part 2.

    Babcock and others at Rosyth built the two Aircraft Carriers, but after them the future looked a little bleak in shipbuilding terms. They tendered for the Type 31 cheaper replacement for the 5 Type 26 GPFFs – their co-design with BMT based on the very impressive Danish Iver Huitfeldt-class frigates won the tender. There is some global interest in the Type 31 and while much of the benefit will be design, consultancy and overseeing for orders built overseas, there will be some benefit to the UK supply chain, some of it in Scotland. It could be a basis for the needs of iScotland ships, and perhaps we could kidnap BMT. They have some great cost-effective AIP (Air Independent Propulsion) sub designs.

    As for Rosyth I’d say it has a future in Scotland, big site, big sheds, big docks, container base, cruise ships and ferries both cargo and passenger. And we would want to keep Babcock, even though its nuclear contracts might offend some people! Just a shame it’s on the other side of Scotland from me …

    Part 3.

    Peady Pete Wishart welcomed the orders which some of the usual suspects will doubtless complain about. The devil is in his detail:

    “In our earlier report on the military landscape in Scotland, we were concerned that Scottish SMEs accounted for only 2.5% of the [Ministry of Defence’s] total spending with SMEs.”

    The proverbial carrot and the stick. And a cause for great concern.

  40. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    Re the NOT SO GREAT UK-Australian Trade Deal…..not unique, as a not so great, UK post Brexit trade deal…..they have others just as BAD for their UK and thus Scotland too must suffer the consequences of their ineptitude via their desperation to get a deal…any deal…as beggars cannot be choosers it seems via trade deals that they, the post Brexit UK, try and fail to do for the UK’s advantage and benefit ….now we KNOW who actually holds all of the cards…clue…tis NOT the UK.

    Remember former England cricketer and now wine merchant (for wine from Australia) SIR Ian Botham was a Trade envoy for the(ir) UK to Australia…..

    Botham is a Brexiteer and pals with Boris Johnson……given a life peerage by Johnson and then as an INDEPENDENT in HOL he is appointed as UK Trade Envoy for UK-Australia trade deal post Brexit……to represent a TORY UK government.

    Baroness Kate Hoey…former Labour MP (Red Tory) and now a non affiliated (allegedly) ….member of HOL was appointed as Trade Envoy to Ghana … represent a TORY UK government.

    Sir Jeffrey Donaldson MP for the DUP was appointed Trade Envoy to Cameroon, in addition to his role as trade envoy to Egypt….to represent a TORY UK Government.

    David Mundell MP is the appointed a Trade Envoy for UK to New Zealand….which the media in NZ claimed was a win win deal for……NZ…..

    Mundell though is an actual elected TORY to represent the TORY UK government…..but NEVER represent the country of Scotland….especially farmers….with UK-NZ trade deal as is….or indeed EVER in his role as an MP and even more so when formerly he was the Secretary of State for keeping Scotland tied to his Tory UK…..

    A coalition of chaos indeed……I say coalition but let’s be honest whoever they say they are….via Labour, DUP or non affiliated in HOL… their hearts they are all TORIES……hence why they do the TORIES bidding…..

    Like the now Tory MP and former Tory minister George Eustice, former UKIP candidate, who stood unsuccessfully as a candidate in 1999 in European Parliamentary election for UKIP but in his heart he was a Tory thorough and through….like other Tory MP’s who formerly were linked to UKIP……but also in their hearts they too were Tories through and through……remember Douglas Carswell and Mark Reckless who were former Tory MP’s then joined UKIP ,they did it the OTHER way around, they both were Tories then joined UKIP, but inside their hearts they were still TORIES….

    Neil Hamilton former disgraced ex Tory MP now UKIP leader….he was a member of the Senedd for UKIP….but lost his seat in the Senedd in 2021….at heart he is still a Tory through and through…..but politically that bubble has now burst on his chances of becoming a Tory politician again….though one never knows as chances could be increased with the Tory party as is NOW….a non highlighted allegiance between UKIP and the Tory party….musical chairs politically.

    Craig Mackinlay now a Tory MP (for Thanet South in Kent ) was formerly the leader of UKIP in 1997 before serving as deputy leader between 1997 and 2000…….however his HEART belonged to the TORIES….hence why he CHOSE to stand for them…and won the candidacy in his area and indeed the vote to become a TORY MP…..

    Farage, TORY through and through, formerly UKIP then Brexit party now he is leader of some other party whose name I cannot be a***d (rhymes with Parsed) looking up….in 2019 he pledged that the Brexit party would not field any candidates in 317 Tory seats that they, the Tories, had won in 2017… heart he is a TORY.

    ERG members of Tory party have liaised with Farage and t’other’s from other political parties who are all part of the great Brexit swindle…….a swindle that has seen their UK, and by unfortunate association alas Scotland too, being much poorer and weaker in the world……thus the people too within their UK.

    Money and advantages ARE however being made and gained via Brexit…..just not by us…..what we have is a collection of crooks supposedly representing other parties outwith the Tory party who, together with some within the Tory party, concocted a scheme that would see financial benefits for the FEW thus they conspired with some within the Tory party to ensure Brexit would win…..but the UK, and the MANY who live within it, via Brexit would lose…..billions……and now we are in a position of the UK being supposedly in a black financial hole where the REAL culprit (and culprits) is/are being masked and hidden behind fake excuses…..cue the budget on THURSDAY via yet ANOTHER NEW Chancellor via ANOTHER NEW TORY PM…..where WE now will have to PAY for a TORY BREXIT ……..

    Someone should go onto Debate Night or QT as an audience member and take a list of ALL that Tories have done badly……recite the list….then at the end say the list they have quoted is NOT an exhaustive list but a sample of how terribly bad the Tories as a UK government have been……that should offset anything some other ‘members’ (plants) in the audience may wish to highlight about the Scottish government (via parroted slogans and Pro UK media/politicians partisan and lying opinions).

    The list of Tory infamy when quoted should confirm to those still gullible and uninformed that accusations cast against the SNP , by opposition parties, are in the minor league of offences implemented by a government…..compared to HQ at WM whose performance (lack of) should see them subdued and hang their heads in shame……but for the media…..they would be forced to do just that.

    The reality is independence is totally understandable …..while wanting to stay in the UK would be insane, incomprehensible and ultimately would be us voting for our own demise….and that too of OUR children’s and also future generations as well….NO THANKS.

    • Impeccable, NMRN.
      I am done with even humouring these evil men and women.
      On Thursday, Hunt will lie, and further impoverish the people of these islands.
      Not the elite, the plutocracy, the oligarchs, the Lords, Robber Barons holding on to vast tracts of Scotland requisitioned in blood centuries ago.
      The people, those whose tacit acceptance of the present feudal system is essential for the Haves to perpetuate this godless system where Wealth and privilege circumvent democracy by buying Governments of any hue and rewarding the Ross/Jack/Murray/ Carmichael/ Mundell faithful retainers with money and titles to lie, cheat and threaten their fellow citizens in a vain attempt to maintain the status quo, no matter how many hundreds of thousands of their fellow citizens suffer and die in penury.
      I have had enough.
      I am millions strong.
      Their evil days are numbered.
      Their Reign of Terror is coming to an end.
      No more hunger, homelessness, despair, premature deaths, while Lords in their castles look down from on high, indifferent to the plight of their fellow beings.
      No more foodbanks, warm rooms, Brown’s Bed Bank. The Beg Society.

      ‘Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it to me.’”
      Matthew 14:28

      The Blue red and Yellow Tories are evil, greedy, let the de’il tak the hindmost, collaboraters with a foreign government, intent on destroying Scotland.
      I am past being nice to any of these money grubbing little toadies.
      They’d better stay out of my way, that’s for sure.

      • I challenge every holy man, shaman. preacher, priest, minister, and rabbi to make the above quote from Matthew the subject of their next sermon to their flock.

        Condemn this evil tyranny from your pulpits.

        ‘Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it to me.’

        Or alternatively,

        “Daughters of Jerusalem, do not weep for me, but weep for yourselves and for your children. For behold, the days are coming when they will say, ‘Blessed are the barren and the wombs that never bore and the breasts that never nursed!’ Then they will begin to say to the mountains, ‘Fall on us,’ and to the hills, ‘Cover us.’ For if they do these things when the wood is green, what will happen when it is dry?”
        Luke 23
        I am 75, and could easily blend into the background, silent, making do.

        We do it for our children, and our children’s children.
        I am feeling particularly angry at the whole corrupt system today.

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