Hospital appointment

Just a brief note to let you all know that there won’t be a new blog post today as I have a hospital appointment. It’s just routine, life after a massive stroke involves many more visits to doctors and health professionals than before. However I will be away for several hours and am likely to be exhausted when I get home. I will try and get a new post online tomorrow. In the meantime I am sure you are all more than capable of chatting amongst yourselves.


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108 comments on “Hospital appointment

  1. All my very best wishes, Paul. Being disabled is at the very best a challenge, and at worst, catastrophic, as your mention the other day of seeing a disabled man begging on the street proves.

  2. barpe says:

    A few days without your inimitable wit and wisdom will be hard for us mere mortals to endure, but we WILL !!
    Take it easy, Paul, we will miss you, but will be ready to welcome you back.

  3. An empty !
    Look after yourself, Paul. Hope all goes well.
    At my age, I am subject to health and dental checks.
    My dentist and GP Practice have been under the cosh for 30 months now, but still find time for six months dental checks, and the Practice nurse giving me the once over every half year; BP, blood tests, and so on.
    Unlike Dross fictitious octogenarian in Musselburgh, I didn’t have to phone my GP 120 times, in a vain attempt to make an appointment.
    I had my flu/Covid jags at the Clydebank leisure centre, and await a new knee.
    My Everlovin’, much much younger than I, of course, gets her double Jag at the start of December.
    Our NHS is tottering under the strain, but still providing the best service it can.
    Doubtless Dross and Sarwar will be on their pins today rubbishing our NHS and their staff, but it’s all Nicola Sturgeon’s fault.

    But my health problems are as nought compared to what you are going through. You are in our thoughts always.

    While you are away skiving, I’m sure that we can keep ourselves amused.
    Perhaps a virtual Duggers Citizens Assembly, debating myriad of challenges facing Scotland once we leave the Union?
    Dross was prattling on the other day about a hard border, the loss of 500,000 jobs because England won’t trade with us any more, so there.
    The Lone Gunman Murray quoted a Far Right Think Tank ‘proving’ that we couldn’t manage financially.
    Oh, yes, and they are threatening us with England The Mighty driving a hard bargain, just wot they did when leaving the EU.
    Why would we want to go through 6 years of agony?
    Surely better to continue as a military occupied colony of England.
    How much would our navy, army and Air force cost?
    Could we defend ourselves against invasion by Putin, China, or any other rogue state( like England)?
    Finance: Would we generate enough revenue and income to pay our way in the world, and fund pensions, benefits, run a Government, and invest in infrastucture, education, and so on/
    Duggers, Can Scotland survive as an independent nation once more?
    Discuss, with particular emphasis on your own particular field of expertise.
    And don’t break anything or spill bile onto Paul’s and Peter’s lush carpets.

    • Let me see now… oh yes, Jack, after we reclaim our independence, England will refuse to buy any of our satellites:

      “Today, Glasgow is responsible for creating more satellites than any other city in Europe. These Scottish built satellites are responsible for a wide range of tasks like global positioning and weather forecasts.” (Orbitaltoday, Feb 2020).

      Though they’d likely use any such refusal as an excuse for being unable to afford them anyway.

      • Tam the Bam says:

        Talking about satellites……
        Did you know Jack used to be in The Tornadoes of “TELSTAR” fame?
        He was the blonde dude playing bass guitar…..made a fortune!

        • I did not, Tam. Just playing it on Youtube now.

          It’s a bit of a shock to realize that I watched the programme on the Beeb live when the first signals from America were received via Telstar. They had Patrick Moore on, if I remember correctly.

          Pretty useless, really: it wasn’t in geosynchronous orbit, only LEO, so it only worked for minutes at a time.

          • Tam the Bam says:

            Hooked and landed …. I’m a terrible fibber but Jack is definately a legend in his own lunchtime.

          • “Pretty useless, really: it wasn’t in geosynchronous orbit, only LEO, so it only worked for minutes at a time.”
            Just like the List Blue Red and Yellow Tories at Holyrood, then, edd?

        • One disadvantage of being 75 is that my mind is still full of the minutest of details about ’60’s pop music, Tam.
          You are referring to Heinz, of course, a member of the ‘boy band’ before their time, put together by Joe Meek.
          They did indeed have a massive hit ‘Telstar’, and Heinz, with whom Meek was infatuated, flirted with a solo career.
          ‘Just like Eddie’ was his big hit, a tribute to Eddie Cochrane, whose ‘Com’On Everybody’, still gets my old arthritic feet a’tappin’.

          “No more runnin’ ’round with the usual crew
          Who cares, c’mon everybody.”

          However, I seem to remember that the peroxide blonde Heinz’s live shows weren’t warmly greeted, with audience members hurling baked beans at the stage.
          ‘Heinz’, get it?
          Like Heinz, there are 57 varieties of Jack, right enough.
          Well spotted, Tam.

          One advantage of a fixed border with England is that it will be a land border, with none of the challenges which England faces getting goods to the with (the rest of) the EU markets.
          So there will be no 17 mile tailbacks at sea ports.
          Tax and duty can be levied away from the border.

          After all, HMRC have bonded whisky warehouses now.

          It’s the thousands of English refugee Boat People crossing the Solway fleeing the fascist regime which may be a problem.

          See what I did there, Tam ?

          Eye on the prize.

      • iusedtobeenglish says:

        And we can keep our water and electricity too. So ner-nerny-ner-ner…

        Hope all goes well at the hospital

  4. Margaret Noakes says:

    Hope all goes well

  5. Capella says:

    Hope your hospital visit goes well Paul and look forward to your next article for freedom.

    I posted this on the previous thread so am copying it here as there are some interesting statistics for comparison with crime rates and policing in the rest of the UK which people might have missed.

    Allan Dorans SNP MP gives some crime figures for Scotland to provide much needed context.

    Scotland is already showing rest of UK how policing can be improved

    In the year ending June 2022, the police in Scotland recorded 285,974 crimes. This was 5% lower than the 300,747 crimes recorded in the year ending June 2021, and 5% lower than the 301,376 crimes recorded in the year ending June 2018.

    In England and Wales, in the year ending March 2022, overall crime returned to and exceeded pre-pandemic levels. The 6.3 million crimes recorded were 4% higher compared with the year ending March 2020.

    All things being equal, with roughly 11 times the population, England and Wales might have been expected to record around 3 million crimes but recorded more than 6 million. So, overall, crime is twice as high per head of population in England & Wales than it is in Scotland, after more than a decade of these two governments.

  6. Hamish100 says:

    John Swinney giving a sterling performance at questions today.

    Downside -could the MSPs sitting behind him several rows back stop chatting away to each other and concentrate and what is being said. They might learn something and be less distracting too.

    Well done John Swinney.

  7. Hamish100 says:

    Further to the tv coverage. We had the standard pro-unionist Daily Mail journalist and the Heralds journalist. The heralds” Nutt” when asked about Starmers comments about immigrants joining the NHS and public sector actually said through her northern Irish drawl that

  8. Hamish100 says:

    Sorry- “ What Keir Starmer meant to say…”

    Seems the Herald journalist can interpret what Starmer thinks!

    Ps oh for an edit function.

    • Tam the Bam says:

      You do realise Kathleen Nutt is also a journo for The National.

      • Curious and curiouser, Tam.
        Their ‘sports’ section is a direct lift from the Herald too. Iwonder how many of us need to read 16 articles on Gio’s fate or Ange’s words of football wisdom?
        The National is a mere sop, like the BBC Scotland channel, to argue that the MSM in Scotland is somehow ‘balanced’.
        Every aspect of our lives in Scotland is controlled by England.
        That’s colonisation.
        The Red Tories have one MP Up Here, yet Murray gets air time and column inches on demand.

      • Eilidh says:

        I would say she was a journalist for The National but I haven’t seen any of her articles in The National for months plenty in The Herald though. I think one of the male journalists who used to write for the National is now writing for the Herald too ( can’t remember his name right now). One wonders if they have both turned to the Unionist side of the force

        • Not-My-Real-Name says:

          THESE are my principles (when I write for The National)……if you don’t like them I have others (when I write for The Herald)……

          Whose pay check am I receiving this month ?

          ahh….. in THAT case this is NOW my position…..and thus is WHY I will now hold back (or rather reject what was formerly supposedly on) my PREVIOUS position.

          It pays the bills….so it dictates my opinion….simples.

          Whoever pays the Piper calls the tune….( insert Journalist for Piper )…..

          Never look to the media…..unless researching FAKE news….the John Pilger days of journalism are long gone and I fear may never return…..however media certainly needs looking at come independence… buck the trend currently infesting other countries like the USA and a very much also the BRITISH minded UK…..

    • ‘I think what he was trying to say’…Glenn Campbell makes use of this ‘edit’ every time a Brit Jock politician puts their big size nine in it.

      Sarwar lied when he accused the SNP of headhunting medicos from the poorest nations..Swinney was at pains to point out to him that Scotland’s HS deliberately avoids this.
      Sarwar lied.

      Swinney was at his best, rounding on Dross and the Cash and Carry King, pointing out that Brexit, now co-endorsed by the real leader of the Red Tories in Scotland, Keir Stammer (no typo), and the ban on freedom of movement in Scotland imposed by an English parliament meant that Scotland was deprived of potential staff pool from the 500 million EU citizens.
      Kirsten Campbell had Brit ‘chums’, Nutt, and a big drip of a lad from the ‘Scottish’ (don’t laugh) Daily Mail summarising for a few brief flurried moments trying to big up Dross and The Millionaire Dentist but failed miserably.

      FMQ today was classic Better Together sh!t stirring.

      Our HS is in crisis and it’s all the Bad SNP’s fault.

      Similarly, the Blue and Yellow Tories were giving it big licks on funding for flights for islanders.
      It is obvious that the Red Blue and Yellow Tories meet together beforehand and co-ordinate this hecklefest.
      If you voted Labour, you get a Tory.

      As Swinney pointed out, if the Scottish Government had crumbled a few short weeks ago and cut taxes to the rich in Scotland, during Truss’ disastrous 5 weeks, where would Dross find the money to make all the public service investments, he, and Sarwar,the Pink Tory, were now demanding.
      They just stand up and shriek now, quoting their Unionist pals in the medical profession.
      They are pointless little tub thumpers contributing nothing but mock unfounded rage.
      Swinney, always a good gig, left them, and their wee supplementary questions acolytes for dead.
      Can anybody really imagine Sarwar od Ross as FM?
      No, seriously?

      BBC Scotland politics gang at its Brit best.
      What they were really trying to say was…indeed.

      • Not-My-Real-Name says:

        Aye indeed jack…..mind you Labour HQ’s Wes Streeting, the Shadow Secretary of State for Health and Social Care , was caught on mic in HOC saying that Jeremy Corbyn was senile….when Corbyn was trying to raise a point of order, but was SHUT DOWN, by Tory stooge speaker Lindsay Hoyle, well Streeting will NOT be asked to or MADE to RESIGN …..even though Starmer in an exchange with Sunak declared that Gavin Williamson was a BULLY… bullies not use the bullying tactic of NAME CALLING as something with which to BULLY others with……….cheeks of same **** (rhymes with sparse)…………….

        See there is NO mirror that exists that will see those British Nationalist politicians who claim to SEE CLEARLY those they oppose as being wrong while they themselves fail to SEE what is CLEARLY reflected back at THEM, in all they say and do, as being those as THE actual ones who are in the WRONG……….time and time again….

        Do as I say not as I do…..

        Noted that when Streeting said this about Corbyn he sat beside fellow RED TORY Ian Murray aka Labour’s ONE MP in Scotland …………..oh whatever happened to the Gentler kind of politics they pretended to want ……..key word is PRETENDED …..was only said as a weapon to be used against their opposition….the sentiment behind it , was yet again , FALSE…..just like Labour being an official opposition to the Tory UK government also being FALSE .

        Have a nice day jack


  9. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    Take care Paul….hope all goes well.

    Not sure if many noticing but Brexit, as a recent former MAJOR topic that was deemed Omerta via both the media and politicians, is now creeping into the public forum via a revived (pre 2019) debate……due to SOME who supported it now stating that their business is suffering via a shortage of workforce…..e.g. Lord Wolfson Brexit supporter and the boss of Next plc stating that apparently the Brexit ,as is NOW, is NOT the one people voted for (Ha Ha….sure) and thus damage being inflicted upon businesses who NEED MORE oversea workers….apparently ‘British Jobs for British workers’ is NOT , something that BRITISH workers seem keen to see enacted…as vacancies in retail, hospitality, NHS, Care sector etc are ascending….

    Ironic that many of those voters who VOTED for Brexit and who vocalised on foreign workers coming over here and taking OUR jobs… in those same foreign workers who filled those positions in the UK previously, that Brexiteers presented as being STOLEN jobs, well those Brexiteers are finding that BRITISH people seem reluctant to NOW fill the gaps aka vacancies that were formerly filled by foreign workers who have now LEFT the UK post Brexit …… in those same workers who came over here to take the jobs BRITISH workers did not want THEN and apparently STILL do not want NOW.

    It seems a tad convenient that SOME (with powerful positions as bosses) who up until recently were ominously silent have now found their voice to note that in actual fact there is a downside to Brexit….almost tactical…as if the Tories , via the government, is allowing some to speak on their behalf to try and get many of the Brexit BELIEVERS who voted for Brexit onboard with accepting some changes to the PLAN on foreign workers now coming OVER HERE to TAKE THEIR JOBS or rather the JOBS some BRITS don’t appear to want to TAKE…..BUT only CERTAIN FOREIGN people… in ones THEY deem acceptable to (ab)use for their own benefit due to some Brexit supporting Business owners now seeing their businesses suffering BECAUSE of BREXIT generating a shortfall in workers….on the plus side Tim Martin’s business is now being reported as having to sell even MORE of his pubs…, with that news, at last we have seen at least ONE benefit to BREXIT…..

    Very important, I feel, to note that in 2017 GE the SNP losing MP’s was a catastrophe for Scotland in that, if any time was a significant time to have a majority of SNP MP’s, then THAT was THE time to sustain the numbers of SNP MP’s via the previous GE in 2015 when they won 56 seats….if nothing else to clearly communicate to WM that Scotland was NOT willing to accept their Brexit or be dictated to AGAIN via a UK wide vote that did not coincide with their vote in Scotland….instead some decided that they wanted a REDUCED voice at WM for Scotland and that was what they GOT….hence very much why Tories shut the Scottish government out of ALL Brexit negotiations……YOU get what YOU vote for….YOU want a VOICE you have to VOTE for it.

    Now we are faced with the possibility of a Labour UK government (by default only) in next GE due to a awful Tory party playing (badly) at being the UK government… is essential that Scots, via a majority, are NOT fooled by labour asserting that they NEED the votes in Scotland to win the next GE…..we must INCREASE the SNP tally IF ,and it is an IF , the next GE is PRIOR to anticipated next Independence Referendum in October 2023….IF Indy Ref before next GE then hopefully this scenario will be obsolete….BUT

    If GE is however pre 2023 then any Scot willing to be fooled (again) by Labour assertions that they can only win next GE if Scotland votes Labour…..then this will result in us, in Scotland, continuing to be DICTATED to as opposed to us having more CONTROL and POWER …….the choice is simple…VOTE for CONTROL or vote to BE CONTROLLED….there is NO democracy in their UK for Scotland……we as a people need to demonstrate via OUR votes that we will no longer be DICTATED to……a HUGE return of SNP MP’s (if GE prior to October 23) will TELL them that the NEXT step for Scotland is independence and to ignore and deny us a vote to do that will be to their detriment NOT ours…as there is only SO LONG (via using SAME excuses and SAME empty promises) that you can continue, as an opposer, to prevent that which is clearly NOW , via the WILL of the majority of people, inevitable…..from happening.

    Democracy is not theirs to own and also to dictate to us ,as to when and how it can and will , be applied….you either respect the will of the people via their democratic votes or alternatively you choose to disrespect it and them also…..if we VOTES for it we GETS it….simples.

    I may be deemed by some to be one who rants on here like a broken record but better that than those who claim to be the ‘silent majority’ in Scotland who NEVER WIN via a MAJORITY any elections IN Scotland… that is a RECORD they seem unable to BREAK through …..Thank God…..for us AND our COUNTRY.

    • If Ian Paisley Jr. gets his way, we shall require a ‘supermajority’ next time, NMRN.
      There have been some on here, recently, getting at s-s for keeping us abreast of what’s happening in the North of Ireland, arguing that his reports have nothing to with Scotland’s unstoppable march towards Self Determination.
      Paisley of course is primarily concerned with a reunification referendum Over There; but his January ’23 bill would equally impact on our own referendum.
      Each DUP vote would have 1.5 the value of a Republican vote if he got his way, just like back in the good old days.
      Similarly, the Brit vote would be weighted in such a way Up Here.
      They are getting desperate now.
      It’s democracy, but not as we know it, Jim.

  10. I hope it all goes well and you’re not too “shot” when you get home, Paul.

  11. Aye, hope all goes well today at the hospital Paul and it isn’t too draining.

    There’s a few reports of this going around.

    UK’s Rwanda deportation plan and human rights record attacked at UN inquiry

    Treatment of asylum seekers and shredding of Human Rights Act come under fire in Geneva.

    The UK’s plans to deport asylum seekers to Rwanda and tear up the Human Rights Act have been fiercely criticised at a special United Nations meeting.

    Rishi Sunak’s government suffered the embarrassment of countries ranging from the United States and Germany to Angola questioning its human rights record, at the gathering in Geneva.

    Washington highlighted how the UN refugee agency has raised the alarm about the intention “to send asylum seekers to third countries”, starting with Rwanda.

    New Zealand called on the UK to “ensure its treatment of asylum seekers is consistent with its commitments under international human rights law and international refugee law”.

    Both Germany and Belgium raised fears the Human Rights Act overhaul would undermine commitment to the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) – with a potential impact on the Brexit trade deal.

    The cases of countries seeking independence to preserve the human rights of their inhabitants are of course looked favorably upon by the international community. It’s considered a very valid reason to seek self-governance.

    It’s scary that we are living in a state with such an increasingly dire human rights record, with our own rights now under attack; the English/British is government of course trying to use the courts to block the right of Scottish people (and Welsh/N. Irish) to vote for the government we wish in elections.

  12. bedelsten says:

    While Paul is skiving, shirking his keyboard, avoiding a hard day’s typing, having an easy time with a physiotherapist, etc., (or not), we have been invited to chat amongst ourselves.

    One of my pals, in an attempt to wind me up, emailed an article from The Times headlined, “Border with England ‘an invitation to smugglers’”, quoting ‘a veteran crime fighter’, requiring checkpoints
    and a massive police presence. (Not in quotes so maybe just made up). There followed many paragraphs of hyperbole… The veteran crime fighter continues, an independent Scotland “would re-
    quire a sizeable Scottish Border Force to supervise not only the English Border but also the dozens of ports and harbours along our long coastline”. The article finishes of with as quote from Pamela Nash, chief executive of Scotland in Union, “There are a number of unintended consequences to
    the SNP’s plan to break up the UK which nationalists are simply ignoring. The fact organised criminals would welcome a trade border is about as extreme a warning as you need.”

    Always nice to finish off with an SNPBaad quote and, if two/three jobs is not available, Pamela Nash will do.

    In 2018, Scotland in Union were having a bit of stooshie with the electoral commission about donations and submitted spreadsheet of doners who had donated more than £500. Somehow the contents of the spreadsheet became public and, to no-one’s surprise, the doners include Earl this and Earl that.

    There was a similar outbreak of hyperbole a few years ago. This time it was about, to use the current vernacular, an invasion, of boat people swarming up our beaches then being smuggled off darn sarth. Looking at a map it does seem that France is just a little bit nearer to Englandshire than any other country is near a Scottish beach. Well, until the island of Ireland becomes united, then we can expect the swarming at the Mull of Kintyre, 20Km from the island of Ireland. Or maybe not. It would have to be a nice day to want to chance that stretch of water in a rubber dinghy.

    Post stroke fatigue is no joke – what would previously been a trivial task may now require a lot of consideration and planning and I hope Paul survives what may be an arduous day. Though he may just be skiving.

    • davetewart says:

      It will come as no surprise that the union in charge make do with a dozen officers based in Glasgow to monitor the whole West Coast of Scotland.
      Two shift working.

      • Azel says:

        I love how that veteran crime fighter is inadvertently saying that an independant Scotland would be more attractive than the rUK: why else would it need, specifically, a border force surveying its coasts beyond what Police Scotland’s Border Policing Command and the UK Border Force officers based in Scotland already do? And I wonder where that veteran crime fighter was during Brexit and its aftermath: after all, Brexit as implemented is nothing but putting up the trade borders he’s so worried about.

    • Not-My-Real-Name says:

      @ bedelsten …..Yep there is always a problem with ‘borders’ when it comes to Scottish independence.

      Borders were never considered to be a problem at all in NI pre and indeed post Brexit as the ones promoting borders as a problem for Scotland and England post independence are the very same ones that said and still say ‘simple’ solutions available to overcome border ‘issues’ in NI post Brexit’……

      There seems to be an obsession on borders with those pro UK peeps…they apparently want to “control them” to stop “others” from crossing them….and yet are the same ones who accept a Brexit UK that promotes itself as a GLOBAL Britain….but alas Global on THEIR terms only it seems….Global with CLOSED borders to OTHER citizens of the world…..

      Borders kept NZ safe during much of Covid…….and may too in any future pandemics or outbreaks of Livestock diseases or Bird diseases… Foot and Mouth, Bird Flu etc…so not all aspects of borders are negative are they ?

      Having a border with another country only fails if one of the countries you have a border with is hostile and generates problems that , if it were a reasonable and fair country, would NOT choose to create these problems or hostility….it does not spell a death knell for all future interactions between the countries UNLESS that ONE country who insists on maintaining BAD relations deems it to be the case…..the only REAL criminals in all of this is the partisan supporters of the NON Union who generate supposed misleading excuses to force Scots to vote to stay in a NON Union because FEAR is a factor they have decided to deploy as opposed to sound argument…..praying on people’s fears that they have highlighted as a supposed future fact when currently within these very borders of the UK that is PRE SCOTTISH INDEPENDENCE we have criminals free to drive up here from England to distribute and sell DRUGS….called County Line Drug dealers…..they choose to present Scotland as THE only nation in the world who as well as everything else they deem us incapable of doing they also think we are, if become independent, unique in that we cannot control or maintain our borders…how DO other countries manage…do they have a magic potion that eradicates ALL border problems connected to their respective countries…..perhaps the REAL border problem is WHO we will have a BORDER WITH….Hmm

      Perhaps Borders ain’t the BIG BAD thing those like Pamela Nash present them as……..but then she is always only on THE side of but ONE side of the border …if you know what I mean…..clue it ain’t Scotland’s side.

      Enjoy the rest of your evening


      • Not-My-Real-Name says:

        * praying on people’s fears….preying

        Me too pedantic for me own good

      • Golfnut says:

        I’m guessing the expert forgot about the extra jobs created by having all these ports etc, kind of missed out the bit about Scotland exporting direct instead of sending down south. There’s only a downside and that’s for England, lost jobs, lost exports, lost revenue.

  13. Dr Jim says:

    Rishi Sunak leaves the British Irish council and a meeting with Nicola Sturgeon and still displays the complete deafness politicians representing England and their UK is famous for as he compares Scotland Northern Ireland and *Dublin*? to the same problems as Yorkshire

    Once again these same Tory Labour politicians use the county of Yorkshire (which is a place in England) as a comparison to the 32 thousand square miles and largest ocean area in Europe, the COUNTRY of Scotland, then he proceeds to compare Scotland to the capital city of the Independent Republic of Ireland?
    What the hell is this wee twit snorting

    These arrogant wee pipsqueaks need a good eh *talking to* if you get my drift

    • Not-My-Real-Name says:

      Indeed Dr Jim…they think that if they cannot diminish our argument they can then try to diminish the actual size of our country….pity we actually LIVE here and thus are aware of TRUE size of our country …surrounding seas included…..big enough for them to want to store they nuclear submarines in though……mind you Dublin is a new one normally they use LONDON as their example to compare with Scotland.

      Rishi trying the TOO wee patter…..all five foot ‘plus a minute’ height of him….as in we Scotland are but only equal to a city…..they are all over the place are they not…one minute it’s …family of nations….awesome foursome….next minute it’s “call yourself a country”…..not in the UK your not… the UK you are a terriTORY.

      Rishi ‘money can’t buy you trousers the right length’ Sunak….it’s his trousers length that is TOO wee…..not Scotland…..thought he was supposed to be trying to WOO Scots….is he doing it via Tory alienation….cannae see THAT catching on…….think the new but yet old Tory strategy is that we are comparative to cities and NOT other countries especially England…..we will have had, like our porridge, oor capital city then in Scotland…as in Edinburgh….now to be deemed a VILLAGE by Tory law……so many or rather too many boundaries must be crossed (OUT via proposed NEW election boundaries that sees but ONE country in their UK gaining more seats…..London I read to apparently proposed to gain 8 more seats)…but then they, LONDON, are a country and Scotland is only a terriTORY….welcome to the NEW Tory UK…..leave your justice, morals and decency behind from whence you came………or preferably just leave them, the UK, behind to gain more justice, morals and decency…………works for me.

      Have a nice evening Dr Jim

      • Not-My-Real-Name says:

        * they…their nuclear submarines
        * London I read to apparently proposed to gain 8 more seats….London, I read, proposed to apparently gain 8 more seats

  14. jfngw says:

    In 2014 I was told the oil was running out, now I’m being told Scotland doesn’t have any real wind. Although I do admit we probably don’t produce as much wind as the These Islands bunch, so much hot air from a unqualified, secretly funded bunch of arseholes.

  15. What’s up in Edinburgh? Nothing on the BBC.

    Bomb disposal called in as police lock down Edinburgh’s Princes Street

    BOMB disposal teams have been called to an Edinburgh street after police locked it down over “suspicious” activity.

    Police have cordoned off parts of Princes Street as a matter of “precaution” after reports that a man was acting suspiciously.

    It is understood that areas around Princes Street, like St Andrews Square, have also been evacuated.

  16. Welsh_Siôn says:

    Can anyone unpick this sentence from BBC Wales, today?

    “The first minister [Mark Drakeford] spoke to the prime minister on a video call ahead of the British-Irish Council summit of ministers from the two countries.”

    … summit of ministers from the two countries, eh?

    Wales and UK? Was not the FM of Scotland also present? Is Wales a country equal to the UK (which, as eny fule here kno, is not a country …)

    What’s the wording on BBC Scotland? “The first minister of Scotia region … [had a] … summit [with] ministers from the ‘other’ country”? “Other country? Wales? UK?

    The BBC have given up on the idea of educating its readers and viewers …

    • Dr Jim says:

      They’re an odd misguided bunch at the BBC, they make references such as *the UK and Scotland* or *in the UK and Scotland* as though Scotland is already independent, then the next minute they refute the possibility of what they just said

      Today in Scotland the SNP Scottish government was accused of being responsible for the UK wide nurses strike and Humza Usef the Health secretary should resign
      Fortunately he is in Scotland doing his job and not currently in a jungle somewhere receiving £250 grand for eating a dead mammals reproductive organs

      In England where the *real government* hides, the news where they are on the totally busted health service appears to be nothing whatsoever to do with whoever’s their current health minister because Rishi’ll fix it for England

      I don’t blame any politician in Scotland Wales or Northern Ireland for most of this though, especially when the leader of the nurses union in Scotland decided to blame the Scottish government for not planning ahead for the Tories in England’s crashing of the economy then demanding a 17% rise as though the Scottish government could do a back to the future and demand a larger financial settlement before they themselves would have known the Tories were going to crash the economy in 2022
      Oh, and apparently the Labour party knew this was going to happen
      Y’see, that’s why Boris Johnson named Starmer as Captain hindsight, all seeing all knowing after the event

      The paradox of Hot tub time machine and Back to the future solved right there eh
      The past becomes your future if you go there, so changing the past cannot change the future in the way you think it could because the past is the future, easy innit

      If any nurse would like to come forward and tell me they predicted the last couple of months two years ago , I predict I’ll give them that 17% rise from my future earnings as the new Mystic foreseer of the Daily Express, just stop pretending you don’t know the devolution settlements were paid and committed to expenditure to the devolved administrations before any of this happened and get on with blaming the real culprits, the English government
      Scotland Wales nor Northern Ireland are independent countries with independent borrowing powers, guess which country is?

      I’m doing the final tweaks tomorrow to my time machine as we speak yesterday

  17. grizebard says:

    Somewhat accidentally relevant, earlier this evening I caught a mention that, while UK media have been chock full today of the severe pressures within English hospitals, none of these outlets chose to follow The Press & Journal’s unique (if sadly predictable) headline that it’s all the SNP’s fault.

    Well, obvs. {sigh} Only in Scotland.

  18. Capella says:

    The power of alternative media to expose BBC conditioning:

    2000 ‘pro-Tory bias’ complaints for BBC News after Owen Jones video

    It comes after a video by Guardian political commentator Owen Jones in which he urged people to issue complaints to the BBC.

    Titled “don’t let the BBC get away with it” the video has more than 200,000 views and adds a link to the complaint page in the YouTube description.

    Jones said: “This is an unacceptable breach of journalistic objectivity – with potentially devastating consequences.

    “In its coverage of Rishi Sunak’s ascent to the premiership, the BBC declared that spending cuts – as well as tax rises – are inevitable.

    “Both are political choices. If the government decided to increase taxes on the wealthy – as I set out here – then they could avoid spending cuts.

  19. Capella says:

    The National demolishes unionist claims about wind power. Plenty gigawatts here:

    SNP face ‘misinformation’ claims over wind power – here are the facts

    Alex Cole-Hamilton, the Scottish LibDem leader, challenged John Swinney at FMQs over an often repeated statistic on Scotland’s offshore wind potential.

    Cole-Hamilton pointed to research from the pro-Union campaign group These Islands which concluded that the claim that the nation has 25 per cent of Europe’s offshore wind potential was untrue.

    READ MORE: Scotland’s biggest offshore wind farm starts producing energy

    Outlining what he termed a “pattern of misinformation dating back over a decade”, the LibDem MSP said former first minister Alex Salmond, Deputy First Minister John Swinney, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, and Constitution Secretary Angus Robertson were all guilty of repeating the claim.

    Cole-Hamilton (below) said at FMQS – where Swinney was standing in for Sturgeon – that “civil servants had been privately warning against its use for at least two years”, adding they had warned “it has ‘never been properly sourced’ and that these figures have ‘recycled robotically without really checking them’.”

    • Bob Lamont says:

      Despite this preposterous posturing from the Dog Whistle/Food Salesman Hague, the Tailor’s Dummy thought it was his chance for headlines with a gotcha moment, his mistake was glass-houses and stones.

      To accuse any in Holyrood of a “pattern of misinformation dating back over a decade” with such an extensive record to draw on from LibDems, Labour and Tories alike in that place is hypocrisy on stilts.

      It was so ridiculous even HMS James Cook didn’t go near it, this the same outfit who reported on incontinent pigeons and having read non-existent emails… 🙄

    • Golfnut says:

      What are the universities thinking about in Scotland, including it in their Environment Degrees, probably based on research by Universities which would have to be peer reviewed.

  20. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    Alex ‘FYM’ Cole-Hamilton given (undeserved) prominence by media in vocalising the BT NEW kid on the block propaganda campaign (via quote from NON impartial PRO UK campaign group), to promote that , once again, ‘Scotland is too poor (in resources)’… be backed up by various media outlets…..why your renewable energy capacity ain’t all that …….the message is undermine and diminish….pass it on….

    2014 – Oil running out.
    2014-2022 and beyond – Tory UK government filling treasury coffers via same oil/gas revenues. (until bled dry by UK government(s))…..

    2022 onwards- NOW the new kid on the block for a future potential prosperous Independent Scotland is renewable energy sees the British Nationalists declare well…it ain’t all that…… as far as a future source of energy and a potential source of future prosperity for an independent Scotland to rely upon.
    2022 and beyond – SAME British Nationalists….WE in the UK have the capacity to prosper and be independently energy efficient with vast resources of renewable energy but ONLY after we bleed dry all of (Scotland’s) oil and gas resources……for OUR benefit obvs… shore up wealth for OUR UK treasury….once THAT done…we will then begin to tap into the vast capacity of OUR renewable energy resources (same ones that will fail to provide both energy and prosperity for Scotland if it votes for independence)…………

    Yesterday it was Alex ‘FYM’ Cole-Hamilton’s turn…tomorrow and beyond it will be the turn of others to tell the Scottish people that the VERY resources the UK hopes to capitalise upon in their future will , in a independent Scotland, be unreliable and NOT something they, if independent, can ever hope to rely on for the future.

    It’s a script they, British Nationalists, rely upon time and time again to try and convince Scots that ONLY in their UK can something be of value and generate wealth for their UK…the minute it , as a resource, is mentioned in the context of an independent Scotland it then becomes worthless, unreliable and thus should be seen as something an independent Scotland cannot depend upon……UNTIL they, the UK, see the threat of independence diminish THEN it miraculously becomes once again a commodity that will see their UK prosper and thrive…..

    Funny how Scottish resources deemed worthless, unreliable and thus not something that can be depended upon for the future by the Pro UK peeps yet THEY, the same pro UK peeps , insist on the UK government being the ones who own and control them via their reserved powers…..Hmm

  21. Dr Jim says:

    Well it Alex Cole Hamilton again isn’t it, the Queensferry crossing isn’t fit for purpose man
    Poor wee Alex can be seen every day standing in his back garden with his binoculars trained on the bridge praying for it to fall down and it just won’t dammit

    Everywhere in wee Alex’s life is doom and disaster that only he can find and the rest of us is blind to, no matter how hard we look

    • Not-My-Real-Name says:

      “Poor wee Alex can be seen every day standing in his back garden with his binoculars”

      He needs to remove his blinkers first…..though I suspect they are permanent .

      Have a nice day Dr Jim


  22. James Mills says:

    ”…pattern of misinformation dating back over a decade .”
    OK ! Guilty as charged !
    Scotland doesn’t have 25% of Europe’s Offshore Wind Capacity .
    It’s only 24.5% , as researched by my newly established Think Tank – UKnotOK !
    ( I am unable at this time to disclose the Dark Money source of our funding ).
    Sorry about that !

    By the way ”£350m for the NHS every week ” – how much was it really ?

    • Not-My-Real-Name says:

      They don’t DO facts James…..

      The Tory “Magic money Tree” only bears fruit dependent on who the Tories decide can benefit from it’s yield (or who Tories feel is needing to pick from it…. but not NEEDING in the true sense of the word) ……..serfs needs not expect to receive anything from it’s yield….however for a select few ‘others’ there is always rich pickings to be had…..

      We know exactly who the serfs are and who the ‘others’ are in their UK…..and we also know who enables the Tory magic Money tree to blossom and bear fruit…..and who benefits more from it… in not the ones who help it grow but the ones who OWN it……rinse and repeat a La UKnotOK…..

      Have a nice day James


  23. Facepalm at Douglas Ross. Where do they find these idiots.

    Douglas Ross accuses Nicola Sturgeon of ‘sharing republican statement’

    DOUGLAS Ross has accused First Minister Nicola Sturgeon of “spreading Republican statements” following a meeting she held with Ireland’s Taoiseach.

    The Scottish Tory leader fumed that the FM referred to “the north of Ireland” rather than Northern Ireland in a social media post.

    Sturgeon met with Taoiseach Michael Martin in Blackpool on Friday morning ahead of the British Irish Council (BIC) summit.

    The polite thing to do, from a neutral third party perspective, as Sturgeon is, would be to try your best to not take sides by calling it the ‘The north of Ireland’ or ‘Northern Ireland’ depending on who you were having diplomatic talks with.

    And of course unionists be like ‘What’s Ireland / NI got to do with Scotland! Why’s Sturgeon getting involved in such things and not focusing on Scotland!’.

  24. Dr Jim says:

    Aljazeera reports that big oil and big tobacco have been funding disinformation think tanks over climate change since the 1970s
    The tactic they use is *doubt* and have been funding their own hand picked scientists to cast this *doubt* on all credible evidence by legitimate scientists
    This apparently was the tactic always used by big tobacco to keep producing and advertising tobacco as not the cause of cancers but possibly merely a contributor if the population didn’t overdo and over indulge in what was basically a *treat* which as we know is the same policy as the chocolate and sweet manufacturers

    The reason I mention any of this is because it’s the same tactic used by the government in England over Scottish independence, the never denying but continuous references and fear mongering as to the possible doom laden bleak future of an independent Scotland causing the *doubt* in the minds of voters whether to take the *risk*

    Doubt, risk, bleak future, never be positive, never be negative, just keep *warning* of the great *risk* of being alone in the world impoverished by politicians who are only interested in their own power

    Now here’s the problem with the government in England’s strategy, if as they say the evil SNP led by the power crazed Nicola Sturgeon only desires power for themselves post independence, if the whole project were to go *tits up* as they suggest, wouldn’t the people of Scotland vote out a regime like that and vote one of their English union parties right back in again thus handing the independent Scotland’s control right back to England once again? or is it the case that England is not supremely confident of that ever happening because they know and believe Scotland divorced from the neo liberalism of England will thrive within the European union just as every other country in that union has done, our friends and neighbours next door in Ireland being the closest case in point

    British Irish council just happened, when in history did the British ever *want* to speak as equals with the Irish? they’ve denigrated them as long as they have Scots and Welsh

  25. yesindyref2 says:

    There are pretendy Indy supporters on the forums claiming 40,000 English moving in every year and we’re a’ doomed. But it is FALSE, as this very easy chart shows (posted interestingly enough by a reasonable Unionist elsewhere in argument with a well kent blood and soil nationalist):

    Click to access pop-proj-2020-scot-nat-pub.pdf

    This shows clearly that at the moment the net migration from the whole of the rUK is just 9,000 a year (plus 7,900 from overseas), and in fact going back the ways to 2005 the total for the 17 years is roughly less than 160,000 – and not taking into account deaths either.

    Yet so few people challenge these lying gobshites.

    It’s surely time moderate normal and genuine Indy supporters, took back below the line and social media. And the National should do a fact check as this myth, usually encouraged by cynical Unionists, is damaging the credentials of the inclusive Indy movement.

    • Alex Montrose says:

      If Scotland’s population is set to fall why is it there are so many new build schemes here in the North East?

      Aberdeenshire alone has plans for 17,000 new homes in the next 5 years, Angus has new build schemes in every town, as well as a lot of villages. Montrose with a pop of 12,000 has a a scheme on the go with plans for 450 to 500 new houses, it’s advertised as a luxury development with some houses in the £500,000 bracket.

      Somehow I don’t think the developers are getting their sums wrong.

      So I agree with your idea that a survey on this topic be carried out by the National or someone with the wherewithal to do it.

      • davetewart says:

        Have a look at the housing expansion in Ireland about 10 years back.
        There were areas where private build went bust due to overbuilding and people couldn’t afford to buy or rent.
        If I remember it correctly a member of Westlife the group was bankrupted due to investing in a large build near Galway, only 2 houses sold out of 200 built.
        The taxi driver I used took me around the site plus the bearby local authority multi flat site, unfinished.
        The driver’s take was that the forcast need for the area wasn’t updated as each new project was given planning permission, leading to a glut in the short term.

  26. Bob Lamont says:

    I’ve rarely been so infuriated by a political minion on the Nursing Service Strike as I was this evening as “NHS England’s Chief Strategy” Orifice sorry Officer at 8.10 into this C4 interview spoke the most appalling shite on C4 as if he was a double glazing salesman.
    What infuriated most the drivel of the “independent pay review body that makes recommendations to the government” – It was always a lie – The “independent” pay review body is obliged to limits set by WM politicians over how much they can “afford”, this reprobate knows it damned well as do C4 journalists.
    No challenge 🤬

  27. Dr Jim says:

    Supporters in Scotland of England’s political parties Tory Labour and Liberal Democrat just don’t know who to switch their votes to now, do they change to the red do nothing Tories who call themselves Labour or stick with the blue Tories who’ve gone so far obviously right wing Donald Trump and Genghis Khan would applaud them ? which one of England’s parties will deny Scotland democracy the mostest?
    How can they depend on England’s voters giving a damn about what Scotland’s minority of loyal British nationalists want? who will England vote for to keep their hopes alive of keeping England in place as the rulers of Scotland Wales and the North of Ireland?

    What these supporters of England’s continued dictatorship don’t want is Scotland’s voters having a say in the matter

    England’s goose is cooked and burnt in Scotland, it’s just a matter now of prizing the door handle from their grubby hands and throwing it in the refuse

    • Tatu3 says:

      Love what you said there….”the North of Ireland “. We should all start calling it that now

      • Hamish100 says:

        I have heard tories and Brit nats ( ? Little englanders) say north Britain, northern Scotland, north of Scotland, northern England and “the north” – which is England north region but isn’t the north of Britain although they seem to think it is !

        Some Irish refer to “the mainland” while standing on Ireland which is the actual main land of Ireland.
        Some Scotch think Scotland is linked solely with England when it is only partly connected by 96 miles on land ( although Berwick is claimed wrongly by the English)
        Scotland has 900 islands , 90+ permanently habitable and has a sea border with the Ireland of Ireland… Must be confusing to be a Tory.

      • Indeed, Tatu! We’ve got the North of Scotland, the North of England, the North of Wales just calls itself North Wales, I think, so how come Ireland would the only major bit of these islands not allowed to have a North? Outrageous!

        How discriminatory of Dross. But then he’s well known as the heid bummer at the Conservative Discrimination-‘R’-Us Party’s branch office in North Britain, isn’t he?

  28. It would be wise for Sunak not to resist.

    We will hold referendum come what may, Nicola Sturgeon tells Rishi Sunak

    Nicola Sturgeon has told the new prime minister in a “constructive” first meeting that she intends to honour her mandate to hold an independence referendum “with or without the UK government’s agreement”.

    Highlighting Downing Street’s “lack of respect bordering on contempt” for the devolved nations, the first minister said that despite “deep political disagreements” she hoped to work closely with Rishi Sunak and to enjoy a “good relationship”.

    Speaking at the 38th British-Irish Council summit in Blackpool, Sturgeon said relations between Edinburgh and London could improve if there were a “significant change in attitude from the UK government”.

  29. yesindyref2 says:

    Fundraiser going live at 10am today.

    I see below the line the Unionists and their gullible lackeys were first out of the trap with their critical garbage.

    • yesindyref2 says:

      I know I know, I shouldn’t let it get to me.

      It’s just Wet Blanket and his cousin, Soggy Pudding.

  30. Luigi says:

    I’ve heard it on good authority that Scotland’s wind is running out. A recent commissioned report by the independent and highly respected Weather in our Union consultancy proves that, without the broad shoulders of the UK we will become completely windless by 2025.

    • barpe says:

      Shhhh, don’t let CauldHam hear you say that Luigi, he’ll throw another hissy fit – then we are all doomed!!

    • jfngw says:

      They could sell the ‘oils running out’ as few of us on a personal level had the ability contradict them. But trying to sell the ‘there is not enough wind in Scotland and the North Sea’ is a sell I’m going to enjoy seeing them persuade anyone with.

  31. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    Anything and everything that has and is still being done wrong , corruptly, consistently damaging , harmful to a majority and overall a whole spectrum of things a government should NEVER be excused for is allowed to dissipate with the media as far as the UK government and also pretty much for those from the official opposition IN Scotland are concerned.

    Opposition attacks , false assumptions and partisan opinions are highlighted and regularly resuscitated as a constant with the media as far as the Scottish government is concerned in Scotland….indeed the media here instigates many of the same tactics used by opposition parties towards the Scottish government….while seemingly reticent to demonstrate, via facts, to the Scottish people that the many failings, bad decisions and overall incompetence via the UK government hugely impact the Scottish government as a government who, because of THE UK Government, constantly find that their hands are tied and thus they have limited abilities to alleviate so much that negatively impacts us here in Scotland BECAUSE of the (non) Union it is a part of………….and the major factor being because of those who HAVE both THE REAL (Reserved) powers and overall financial control aka the UK government…..

    ONE of THE most harmful Tory policies, which is ALSO endorsed by Labour, is however never noted as a MAJOR factor in the woes that currently befall the UK, which the Scottish government highlighted WOULD be a HUGE factor for Scotland pre and post it’s implementation, and that policy is BREXIT.

    The Hospitality sector constantly highlighted, and still do, the major impact to their businesses that Brexit had in their STAFFING levels however we now see their voices diminished by the media, same media who choose to focus instead upon OTHER issues where, according to them , the source of blame can be laid at the door of the Scottish government.

    The BBC in Scotland has a documentary programme called Disclosures….where they present themselves as ones who are investigative journalists seeking truth in exposing , what they say, are pertinent and current concerns and issues that impact Scotland….. yet the BIGGEST most DAMAGING policy that has reeked HAVOC upon so many sectors within Scotland is , for them, not worthy of investigating , reporting and thus TRUTH is to suppressed……and it is incredible that this divisive, economically damaging, current policy that is impacting us all in so many negative ways is being IGNORED and considered by THEM as a NON subject matter for a supposed frank disclosure on their supposed documentary programme that covers INVESTIGATIVE journalism that allegedly seeks truth, reveals that truth and thus exposes the reality that the lies obscure via their BBC programme they call DISCLOSURES……of course given what they HAVE covered so far in this documentary programme one could argue that what they CHOOSE to disclose ,in the way of subject matter, is many a time a veiled (and at times DIRECT) attack upon the Scottish government while the UK government seem to be within the category of NOT NOTED as far as blame and being the real culprits identified in their UK.

    No one, via the media, is constantly stating facts and figures of staffing levels in the NHS pre and post Brexit…we hear that Covid is a major factor in diminished posts within the NHS….however if you speak to anyone in the Care sector and the NHS you will hear them say that many of their EU staff left the UK post Brexit….hence IT as a policy can be responsible for many of the HUGE shortages in staffing levels….however let us all be aware that a constant reluctance by the UK government, who ARE responsible for much of the current cost of living crisis, are also the ones who fail the NHS staff (and other sectors too) in refusing to give them a wage that reflects the inflation that has risen UNDER the Tory UK government…..same NHS they clapped for during the pandemic and now many who clapped present those same NHS workers as irresponsible, selfish and greedy to seek a deserved wage rise in the midst of a Tory cost of living crisis ……how fickle and convenient for the Tories….

    Farmers, Fishermen, factory bosses, retail and hospitality are but a few of the sectors that have also seen a Brexit exodus of workers which has negatively impacted their sectors/businesses , workers who seem reluctant to RETURN to the UK post Brexit (and some cannot return via the strict rules aka the post Brexit immigration system now adopted by the UK Govt)…..but the media choose to infer that global issues, post Covid consequences and too the invasion by Russia into Ukraine ( with a fleeting mention of Truss bad economics) as being THE main factors that are currently impacting the economy in their UK……..there is now some creeping references to Brexit but not via the emphasis it truly deserves in blame (cause and effect)…but as a policy it should be the MAIN event that is seen as the REAL cause of much of the damage, negative impact and THE one that has pretty much destroyed many sectors in their UK and thus the economy…..and where the actual CULPRITS, the Tories, and others too, i.e. Labour who too are complicit , being identified and vilified instead of being protected and hidden in the doublespeak we read, hear and see via the UK media who wantonly excuse much of the mess as being sourced via everything BUT Brexit.

    How did they win Brexit….what did they promise, emphasise as guaranteed benefits, utilise to win via slogans and who was it, together with the Tories, who were involved in seeing it winning the referendum…..unanswered questions that the media as a whole seem reluctant to scrutinise via any REAL investigation thus tis consigned to history and perhaps only to be revealed via answers in the way way too distant future…..meanwhile Scotland is once again harmed by yet another UK instigated, decided upon and implemented BAD policy ….rinse and repeat unless we vote for independence and thus say no more , never again and NO THANKS.

    Brexit via the media symbolised by Tumbleweed …….like my comments on here…LOL

    • Bob Lamont says:

      A worthy rant all the same – Brexit did enormous harm to the UK in order that a few rich folk could escape scrutiny, a message not written on the side of a bus..
      The media have largely become purveyors of propaganda rather than honest journalism either by personal direction of the proprietor or instruction to cease and desist by political abuse of D Notices – The end result is the same, a mis or disinformed public.

      Whether it be the ability to read non-existent emails or create stories of incontinent pigeons assassinating Millie May, or reporting on A&E Stats, the BBC in in Scotland in particular have assaulted Scots with the most ridiculous propaganda bombardment of any on these Islands – Their problem was most Scots have the same Irish mentality of a distinct lack of lack of respect for “authority”, ie Bullshit smells..

      When James Cook deliberately set out to provoke demonstrators at the Perth “This is your next Tory unelected leader” roadshow in order to provide an alternative headline to “Tories booed” complete with pretence to victimhood, he lost what little credibility remained for the BBC in Scotland.

      • Naina Tal says:

        Another Biased Broadcasting ferry fiasco this morning on GMS.
        According to them a ferry ran aground with passengers aboard including school children. Another fiasco! Something should be done. We got the history of the boat built in 1989. And there were children on board. The Ferry was built for another route and was then mothballed for some years. Oh and did we say there were children on board?
        Turns out this latest ferry scandal lasted for 1.5 hours. The ferry ran aground coming into harbour. It floated off on the tide. No one was hurt. There were children aboard. Teenagers coming home from boarding school. No wee weans as the report implied.
        But hey! Job done! Another negative story about ferries.

        • Capella says:

          Were there any children on board Naina? That’s what concerns me

          • Naina Tal says:

            According to later reports from BBC, teenagers returning from boarding school were on board.
            The point is that as usual the BBC rolled the story into their ongoing ferry scandal campaign exaggerating for all they were worth.

  32. jfngw says:

    I find it strange the MSM have no interest in what the Labour parties branch office in Scotland position is on the EU. We know the Labour party are now hard Brexiteers, their leader has confirmed this on many occasions.

    In Scotland they stay quite and try to avoid any statements on the EU, I suspect them to claim to be for the EU at Holyrood and against at Westminster. Of course as they are just a branch office it amounts to no more than hot air, if head office are Brexiteers then so in reality are all the branch offices, no matter what impression they attempt to portray.

    The MSM are at present on a Labour damage limitation exercise, protection by silence. They know D.Ross, their union hope, is now no more than a damp squib, Sarwar is now their new union Dauphin.

  33. davetewart says:

    The english media are all over the Paisley security guard for the Berlin uk embassy talking to the Russians.
    He’s onto 12 years for treason it’s said.

    No mention of ex pm johnson being brought to court for the same offense and worse, failure to protect the people from a pandemic.

    Even sky, the independent place for news, will tell you the days when the uk is NOT burning Coal but neglects to mention the days they do, They will put it on at 7 am before the grid load rises.
    Tonight is mild and the winds are lightish, the coal fired station is on line along with the ‘cat litter’ bio fuelled Drax.

    How about the fiscal event leaks?, they gaslight us with the black hole.
    Read easlier hat electric cars are to pay road fund tax and inheritance tax to rise for more people.

  34. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    @ Bob Lamont @ 3.47pm

    Aside from my many typos Bob…I’m only human LOL…it is indeed a disgrace the amount of BLAME culture that has been inflicted upon those NOT to blame while those who ARE to blame , seem to, via the media, yet again be given a Free pass in any responsibility or accountability… in if they, the media, do NOT focus upon it then they assume the public will think….’it is no big deal’…..suppression and omission a well used strategy by the media… TRY and con the public at large……..but not ALL of us…thank God.

    Boris Johnson LOVED to tell us all that British people have common sense….so by us all applying that common sense let’s consider this…..

    The Tories lauded their (NHS actually administered it) Covid vaccine roll out at EVERY opportunity as a symbol of their success as a government during the pandemic…..YET how many of them are rushing to TV studios via News programmes or debate shows to highlight and LIST the MANY successes that have materialised via Brexit that have had a tangible and positive impact on us all ?

    Why have NO media asked why Brexit has NOT cushioned or rather offset the economic financial damage in their UK as the Tories are currently claiming that there is a economic impact being felt on a global level for other countries other than the UK….so what positive impact is Brexit having to limit the damage here in the UK….well seems as if there is NO actual positive consequence in having Brexit….indeed evidence shows the contrary…..MORE damage because of Brexit in the UK…..

    Brexit as a Tory policy was presented as a supposed new dawn, fresh start and the beginning of sunlit uplands for their UK by those who instigated and implemented it ….as in the TORIES……yet we see the UK at the bottom of a table in countries throughout the world , as being THE one, who is noted as having the LEAST economic recovery post pandemic ??????

    UK is at the bottom of THE table in post pandemic recovery…so what makes the UK unique in being in THIS position…what Tory policy has now FAILED to see the UK soar above all other countries in it’s post pandemic recovery….when IT, the UK, had via the Tories, Brexit as a policy, that was presented as THE true antidote needed to thrive in the world, as in GLOBAL BRITAIN, as in what was presented as going to be a definite and positive consequence of being out of the EU for their UK.

    GDP growth for UK from Q4 2019 to Q3 2022 is minus 0.4% …..bottom of the table….below both EU countries and the USA…with UK noted as ONLY country noted on the table with a minus……tell me the where is the Brexit bonus included in that stat ?

    We now see all opposition parties, together with the media here in Scotland, desperate to invent and exaggerate a succession of #SNPBAD (non) issues while hoping that we all ignore the HUGE Elephant in the room aka Brexit….

    The UK is imploding but STILL those who fly the flag for Britain prefer to seek alternative scapegoats, whose connection to the UK’s demise is so far removed from the truth it is almost comical to suggest , as they do, it as being a fact………..just as it is comical to hear them also pretend they know NOT why many in Scotland choose independence …..or as they like to call us ‘Separatists’ as way to delegitimise and target us as rebellious followers of a wrong cause…

    Sometimes though, post realising what say JK Rowing asserted pre 2014 Indy in , that you are NOT actually “MORE popular” or actually in a “better position to dictate terms” by voting to “stay” after we “looked like walking out” in 2014 but alas “decided to give things one more go” ( or were conned into staying by project Fear via the BT NO campaign) THEN the time comes when you just KNOW enough is enough and NOW IS THE TIME to GO and not STAY with their UK which via current evidence shows it is actually DRAGGING Scotland DOWN and NOT supporting it via what was presented in 2014 as it’s supposed broad shoulders…….must have been a Hell of a lot of FAKE padding to make them APPEAR broad.

    Brexit was and is only but ONE issue in a long long long line of negative issues we have had and still have with their UK…… has all turned out pure ***** (rhymes with BITE) since 2014…..simples ( and you know what ….all they have done and are still doing ….well apparently to quote a Labour Lord ” they are doing it deliberately too “….so it is a BIG NO THANKS to the UK from me…..Independence meanwhile looks for Scotland to be a Better Trade off to what we have now…as Better Trade off being an alternative BT I and I am sure others too CAN support.

    Have a nice evening Bob and everyone else (excuse me typos I cannot be bothered correcting them….)


    • Bob Lamont says:

      You might enjoy this

      • Not-My-Real-Name says:

        Yeh I did enjoy that….you know if THAT had been what was used to promote Brexit….I think that there would STILL have been some folk who would have voted for it….LOL

        A video that truly reflects Brexit….and we know who said they got it DONE and we know who are saying they will MAKE IT WORK…..and we know also the other party whose ‘leader’ says he will not seek to REJOIN THE EU….then we have the party who pre and post Brexit pretty much said what THIS video said would happen and indeed HAS now happened……as in the SNP (and Greens)….

        Yeh it really is so so so very confusing and inexplainable WHY many in Scotland seek an alternative path via independence….when they could still have all that the Tories and t’other parties have to offer Scotland in the way of living in a Brexit UK and the continued **** (rhymes with PIT) show as is….we must be mad to want OUT of the UK……says those who voted for Brexit and still BELIEVE in it………allegedly.

      • Welsh_Siôn says:

        Wonderful on one level.

        But too bloody true, as well.

  35. I have to say it’s hard not to shed a tear at some of the scenes from liberated Kherson.

    I can confidently predict a massive strengthening in Ukrainian identity and collapse in Russian speakers in future Ukrainian censuses.

    If Russia had treated Ukrainians with respect and offered an attractive bilateral relationship, which could have even included an eastern block ‘union’ of some form like the EU, things might have been very different.

    ‘Muscular unionism’ is costing Russia all it had.

  36. yesindyref2 says:

    OT well what isn’t, probably the best movie sequence ever, from X-Men Apocalpyse

    and probably inspired by The Wizard of Speed and Time

  37. Capella says:

    The National starts examining the problems in the SNHS

    The truth about Scotland’s NHS: ‘Crisis goes back to coalition’

    AFTER battling through the Covid pandemic, the NHS in Scotland is still facing challenges like never before. From record waiting times to looming strikes, there’s an endless stream of grim headlines.
    In a new series, we are going to examine in more detail what has happened to the health service and how the issues can be solved.

    • Bob Lamont says:

      Glad to see the National addressing this, even though their figures for England are NOT like for like, as has been flagged up time and again over on TuS, and the NHS problems go much further back than the coalition of 2010.

      I don’t suppose Judith Duffy will be addressing the relentless propaganda over the NHS from the BBC in Scotland and opposition politicians in particular, but if at least she puts the nonsense from Disaster Gulhane and Tsunami Baillie in context, the “it’s just politics” game will become more obvious.

  38. Capella says:

    Sunak and Hunt discover a “black hole” in UK finances. Shock 😱

    Act now to prevent millions falling into poverty, Jeremy Hunt told

    RISHI Sunak is being urged to introduce an uplift to Universal Credit to prevent people falling into destitution this winter, with warnings it would be “extraordinary” to suggest the country cannot afford to boost financial support for the vulnerable.

    • Not-My-Real-Name says:

      Just think …..Jeremy Hunt is going to present to THEIR UK , which unfortunately WE in Scotland are currently STILL a part of, a budget which will relate to the citizens that there will need to be CUTS because ……..well because WHAT ?

      1. The 30bn wasted cost of Liz Truss’s budget of chaos…..
      2. The inability of Brexit to see their UK prosper and bask in the sunlit uplands….same Brexit that has cost THEIR UK BILLIONS….
      3. The 37bn spent on a failed Test and Trace system headed by someone whom the High courts have declared that her appointment was unlawful and who now appears to be conspicuous by her absence …….where is Dido ?
      4. Millions awarded to Tory Donors via PPE contracts…..much of which they produced unfit for use and therefore money badly spent by the government.
      5. Billions of money via fraudulent Covid loan claims which Sunak said, when chancellor, will NOT be investigated and thus written off ….then it was reported in April 2022 a new £25million ‘fraud squad’ was set up ….25 MILLION fraud squad…..25 MILLION fraud squad…..good money after bad !
      WARNING: The above is NOT a exhaustive list of money BADLY spent (wasted)……pre Truss….Johnson ALSO complicit…..the SUN has now SET on their uplands for a long long time…..

      it appears the UK government think they govern a country FULL of MUGS as opposed to citizens….where they will advise us that we all need to tighten our belts and will use excuses… to why this is needed….global issues….invasion of Ukraine….Covid consequences……but OMIT from the above list as in they will NOT mention actual Brexit consequences where a HUGE amount of tax payers money has been squandered in order to gain the FEW even MORE money…..while the many pay for it… what seems like a constant ….in their UK…..never seems OK.

      If you live in Scotland and think that FERRIES is THE biggest scandal in the UK then you are either a bobby dancer , are reading the WRONG newspapers, Watching the wrong TV channels for news or perhaps you are just someone who has failed to grasp reality in UK politics…..Jeremy Hunt however will do HIS bit in HIS budget (emergency) to try and convince you that external factors as in other things are to blame and not obvs directly the Tory party and their (bad) policies and (bad) decisions….if you believe him as a citizen of HIS UK then you truly get the government YOU deserve and the life you deserve too…..meanwhile some in Scotland want BETTER…..and KNOW they can get it…..hence INDEPENDENCE…..I mean come on AUSTERITY AGAIN in a Tory governed UK ?…….that’s PRE and POST Brexit…..Oh !

      • Laura K argued this morning that because of Covid, Ukraine, and the global recession, we have not seen the benefits of Brexit yet.
        Live, on a Sunday morning.
        She also had the head of the IFS, that right wing group formed by London Bankers and Blue Tory politicians on her wee panel, and a lass from the Economist, giving us their pearls of Free Market Globalisation pearls of Ultra Right Wing wisdom.
        The devil must be impressed by the Soul Buying contracts which the BBC have managed to draw up for their obliging Jocks. Six figure wage at the price.
        Brexit good, Nicola bad. repeat and repeat…
        Keep on keeping on, NMRN.
        A plus, as the French say…

    • Welsh_Siôn says:

      Read on, MacDuff:

      Liz Truss’s disastrous mini-budget cost the country a staggering £30bn – doubling the sum that the Treasury says will have to be raised by Jeremy Hunt this week in a huge programme of tax rises and spending cuts.


  39. Eilidh says:

    Kevin McKenna having a go at the Snp again. I had the misfortune to read his column in The Herald the other day he is clearly a Unionist. Why the National prints his articles is beyond me he is clearly no supporter of Indy

    • McKenna pines for the good old days of Mags Curran, Brian Wilson, Lord John Reid, and Glasgow Tammany Hall, of Purcell, Matheson, and McVitie..oh yes. and Sellik winning the Big Cup.
      Purcell got a £400,000 Golden parachute, Matheson, wasted £140,000 on a Refurb of George Sq., that didn’t happen, and Frankie the Pieman, lusting after a schoolgirl live at Holyrood, are all Working Class Heroes?
      McKenna is part of the Brit Scotia Nostra, which internally has its own Kafflik Proddy schism, but somehow those two divides, remain joined at the hip in maintaining Scotland as an oppressed Golden Goose colony of England. Sarwar and Dross and Lord Union Jack are bosom buddies.
      The Parkhead Elite, which makes vast fortunes out of their Green Brigade Republican United Ireland knuckledraggers embarrassing Scotland every weekend, but not advocating freedom for Scotland.
      Wilson is still on the Board, and Lord Dr John Reid spent time as a board member too.
      The 41 f**king useless Red Tories whom we chucked out on their freeloading knecks in 2015, collaborated with the Cameron Clegg conspiracy to drive Scotland into the ground.
      McKenna is past it, like me, but trundles along writing mildly irrelevant diaries in the dying Dead Tree Scrolls…for Newsquest in the US of A fees.
      At least I knew when to lay down the tools of my trade, and rest.
      Scotland’s MSM is under the control of a foreign power…and the hacks and broadcasters obedient fifth columnists.

    • yesindyref2 says:

      I don’t understand the National allowing comments like the one that replied to you, or even the other 3 the person made which contribute nothing to a healthy respectful debate – or to encourage NOes and undecideds to change their minds.

      It might not even be an Indy supporter, could be a false flag trying to stir up conflict between Indy supporters and parties. There’s a few agents provocateurs around.

      If the National is going to keep its forums open 24/7, then it needs to invest in moderators 24/7 – or go to a pre-moderated format which would be more labour intensive.

      • Eilidh says:

        Totally agree re moderation on The National though I would also be happy with a block button like Twitter has so I don’t have to endure a load of comments from certain morons. I have suggested a block button in the comments there several times and even said I would be willing to contribute to crowd funding for it but sadly they don’t seem to be interested in such a facility.

        • yesindyref2 says:

          Just looked and that comment was deleted along with some others. I did report it – the first time for many months as I did report a couple way back and they did nothing about it.

          Businesses invest through downturns, and the print industry should be no exception. If they want to be online they need to employ moderators, or lose it.

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