The Tories: trash the economy and run away

I rarely look at Twitter, it’s a cesspit of bile which is damaging to the mental health and well being of even the most robust psyche. Even less often do I look at my Twitter notifications, however I looked into Twitter on Wednesday to check on the reactions to Kamekwasi Kwarteng’s immolation of the British economy and was confronted by dozens of notifications, which turned out to be overwhelmingly from members of the staunch brigade working themselves up into a British nationalist – sorry anti-nationalist British patriot – lather over the piece that I did yesterday for The National.

When you are upsetting right wing British nationalists you know that you must be doing something right. What got their nationalist and supremacist goat was not pointing out to them that they are indeed nationalists, and moreover nationalists of a deeply unpleasant xenophobic and exceptionalist ilk, there is no getting through their impregnable wall of denial on that score, not when it’s a core belief of their British nationalism that British nationalism cannot be nationalist at all. The immediate cause of their anger was a passage in yesterday’s piece that The National tweeted out noting that should the UK Supreme Court rule against the Scottish Government in the indyref court case it would be the final death knell for the union.

This is of course because such a ruling would be an effective decision that the nature of the UK as it has always been understood by traditional moderate Scottish Unionist opinion was a myth without any legal or political foundation. It would be a ruling that the UK was effectively a unitary state in which the component nations of what was hitherto understood as a voluntary union need the permission of the British Prime Minister not just to leave the UK, but merely to ask their people if that is what they wanted to do.

Such a ruling would make a nonsense of any assertion that the UK was a voluntary union. This might play well with the frothing British nationalists on social media who like to spit bile about the ‘racist SNP’ in a truly epic performance of psychological projection, but it would not go down at all well with moderate and mainstream Scottish opinion who despite the claims of certain British nationalist social media groups, are really The Majority in Scotland, it would merely trigger the conversion of the next Westminster General Election in Scotland into a de-facto referendum on independence. And there would not be a single thing that the staunch mob could do to stop it or boycott it. There is nothing in the psyche of British nationalism to allow its adherents to cope with a situation in which they are the powerless ones. All they have is fury and denial.

The anger of British nationalists that the independence movement would continue even after a ruling from the UK Supreme Court that Holyrood cannot hold an independence referendum, indeed the campaign would be invigorated, was in no small measure a deflection, a tissue of psychological defence, against the reality that the British state is self-combusting before our very eyes.

On Wednesday the Bank of England was forced to make an unprecedented intervention into the markets, buying up vast quantities of British Government debt in order to avert an economic catastrophe created by the Chancellor’s incomprehensible decision to massively increase government borrowing in order to introduce a raft of tax cuts which will do little or nothing to help ordinary households but which will give a huge boost to the already bloated bank balances of the richest in the country.

Kwarteng’s mini-budget prompted a run on the pound, which is heading towards parity with the dollar and the euro. It threatened to bankrupt the pension funds and led to a sharp rebuke from the International Monetary Fund. The Tories have always liked to boast that they are the party which can be trusted on the economy, the events of the past few days have shown that to be just another of their lies.

In the independence vote to come the answer to the question : “What currency are you going to use?” will be, anything but Sterling. The plummeting pound will translate into higher costs for imported goods which will in turn fuel the inflation which is already assailing household budgets. Meanwhile interest rates are rising as quickly as the pound is falling, which means that we will soon see sharp rises in mortgage costs and rents.

This is a disaster by any measure, moreover it was entirely unnecessary and avoidable. This is what happens when the fate of millions are put in the hands of a few thousand unrepresentative right wing Conservative party members. It is the product of a dysfunctional and broken Westminster system, and Labour’s constitutional review will do nothing to fix that. Westminster cannot be fixed, it can only be left behind.

While all this is going on Kwasi Kwarteng and Liz Truss have gone to ground. There is a worsening self-inflicted financial crisis and Truss has not made any public statement for a week. Last week people in the UK were worrying about heating their homes this winter, this week they are worrying about having a home this winter. But Truss and Kwarteng, the architects of all this misery are nowhere to be seen. They are failing in the very basics of leadership, to reassure the public in a time of crisis. That alone demonstrates that they are unfit for the high offices that they hold thanks to the votes of a few thousand Conservative party members. How very Tory, trash the economy and run away. Douglas Ross and his pals are in hiding too, their ferry shtick won’t save them from responsibility for this disaster.

So with this complete and utter shitshow of a British state – which heaps wealth on the wealthy while starving the poor, and making them homeless – do the frothing British nationalist zoomers on social media really think that supporters of Scottish independence, the only plausible route out of this disaster and back into the European Union, are going to react to a UK Supreme Court ruling that Holyrood cannot hold a referendum by saying, “Oh well that’s it then,” let’s just give up on this whole lark. Hell no. It will only provide further proof of the need for independence as the only possible way that Scotland can ensure that the right wing of the Conservative party cannot dictate to Scotland and blight all our lives with their cruel and callous ideology.

On Monday night I did my first in-person public speaking event since I had the stroke. It was the launch of Yes Carrick, our new local Yes group, which I am delighted to support. I did it because the venue was literally around the corner so didn’t involve a long journey. I managed to talk for some twenty minutes which was better than I had expected.  I might be able to do more events in future as long as transport is provided.


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81 comments on “The Tories: trash the economy and run away

  1. Movy says:

    Great piece as usual and great you’re out and about again.
    Look forward to seeing you and hearing you again in the future.

  2. Alex Clark says:

    Excellent piece and right on the button. This inept Tory government and the last corrupt Tory government by their own actions have signaled the death knell of the Union.

    They’ve only themselves to blame hahaha

  3. jfngw says:

    Truss going for a record? The last time the Tories were in power it took them 13 years to crash the economy, this time they’ve achieved it in 12. I’m surprise they aren’t trumpeting this as an achievement.

    What took John Major a couple of years has been surpassed by Liz Truss in just a few weeks. I had dire expectations of her, she has surpassed these by a mile.

  4. Gregory Nunn says:

    In the limbo dance, people try to see how far backwards they can lean, and how low they can go. Its origins are Trinidad, I’m told. The less popular UK version is somewhat similar, in that it is how low the government can go, with everyone bent over forwards. I don’t recall the clever name. Dumbo?

  5. yesindyref2 says:

    In 1834 apparently, King William IV dismissed Lord Melbourne of the Whig administration and asked Sir Robert Peel to form a government. So I guess King Charles 3 could sack Truss and appoint, well, whoever.

  6. Alice says:

    Excellent that you are able to return to your most enjoyable talks….I have been and met the most gorgeous wee Ginger dug …..he was a pure delight…..remember to pace yourself.

    A right pair are Liz and Kwasi …so ignorant are these supposedly highly educated people…they treat people like scrapings on their foot…..patience is genius so deep breaths required before Indy comes into clear view.

  7. Just checked the Jock Dead Tree Scrolls online headlines.
    Keep repeating it’s the ferries.
    Sarwar the Millionaire Dentist and 4 jobs Dross will be Don and Phil in two part harmony tomorrow on their version of ‘Life is just a bowl of ferries’ at FMQ.
    Financial crisis? What financial crisis?
    Sarwar is supposed to be on Defcon One, cocked pistol, back in his constituency (oh, wait he doesn’t have ‘constituency’, does he?) ‘Preparing for government’ as David Steele once ridiculously declared.
    Starmer is a shoo-in as long as his troops keep hammering the Blue Tories at every opportunity, surely?
    But not Up Here in their Northern Outpost.
    Sarwar is Dross’ best buddy.
    During FMQ last week they jammed on A&E lists; Better Together to save England’s colonial plunder.
    Tomorrow, it’s the ferries’; not gas and electric bills, mortgage increases, tax bungs to the rich, or the run on pensions funds.
    Sarwar could have field day, ripping out Murdo Fraser’s hyperbolic heart.
    He could grind Dross’ face in the mud over Kerching’s blatant giveaway to the filthy rich, which, embarrassingly includes the Cash and Carry king himself.
    He should be on the campaign trail already, which they are all predicting will lead to the elevation of Starmer to the English government front bench in 20 months’ time.
    But no; his councillors are in bed with the Blue Tories, and the Yellow Tories.
    He even welcomes bigoted sectarian zealots into his fold.
    Nothing is more pressing for Sarwar than keeping Scotland as an oppressed Golden Goose colony of England.
    Scotland must be beaten into submission to his English Iron Heel puppet Masters. That’s what he is paid to do. Crush Scotland.
    Hand over our wealth to Jacob Rees Mogg while our poor infirm and elderly die.
    So vote Labour, get slavery.
    I hope that NS congratulates the Scottish football team for their heroics for their country, nation, state, people, over the past week.
    You can bet that 4 jobs assistant SFA linesman Dross won’t, nor Sarwar, nor Coal-Scuttle.
    That would be to admit that the whole of the world recognises Scotland as a sovereign state, a nation, in its own right, one of the ‘awesome foursome’ nations in their ‘voluntary’ (stop laughing at the back) Union.
    Sarwar, Dross and the Tailor’s Dummy. The triplets from Hades.

    • grizebard says:

      The notion of Sarwar being able to crush anything other than a paper bag beggars belief, Jack. That’s his longstanding credibility problem. With near anyone. And the more he chooses the predictable wrong path of “same as them” – as we both expect – the more his wished-for position as putative saviour of Scotland crumbles to dust. “Ferries-schmerries” – there’s nothing the BBC can do about it, since its reputation is also deservedly self-destructing along with the rest of the Union.

      A more astute thinker would re-calibrate in some meaningful way, as Drakeford has to some extent managed in Wales. (From a far better position, of course.) The only pro-Union alternative we have here is the last echoes of Gordo Brood’s moth-eaten “SuperFedMax” strategy, which has more holes in it than a typical sieve.

  8. Bob Lamont says:

    Aye, it is indeed fascinating to observe “Unionists” leap to the defence of the absurd because their narrative is challenged.
    The Supreme Court referral is a prize case in point, to address the ‘opinion” of the Cameron government a decade ago which media and politicians alike reinforced as “illegal” ever since without any proofs required whatsoever.
    To the majority of the populace north and south this should never have HAD to be referred to the SC, Scots are entitled to another referendum no matter what the outcome, that’s how democracy works.

    What we have is a media and political class (a minority) telling the majority of the population that they are wrong to believe what they do.

    As to the Truss/Kwarteng fiasco, there is credible discussion crashing the economy was precisely what Truss & Co intended – As an ex-analyst, Kwarteng would have known full well how the markets and the BoE would respond, this is no accident.
    – Forcing such an environment can only lead to further austerity and cutbacks to government as per the Tufton St mantra.
    – Even were the Tories defenstrated tomorrow, it would take Labour at least a decade to repair the damage done, by which time the Tory disaster would be a distant memory.
    To consider such mendacity has persisted in politics since the time of Thatcher is to say the least, disconcerting.

    The National podcast with Richard Murphy attempts to explain the mechanics in play here

    As Richard summarises, Scotland MUST escape at the earliest opportunity, and vitally create it’s own currency, far removed from the madness of London.

    • deelsdugs says:

      Good and interesting video Bob. The deliberate chaos has always been my thoughts.

      • davetewart says:

        The kwasi second in command says this morning that the budget for the NHS will be fixed at 2021 levels for 3 years.

        The effects of inflation from Friday’s mini budget, ignored.

        The BoE is said to have spent £65billion yesterday, It might have been easier just to give everyone in the UK £1000 a day to spend.
        We might be able to feed ourselves and heat ourselves for the day.

        • Bob Lamont says:

          The Pension Funds rescue is the headline Dave, what BoE did was to pre-emptively intervene before a predictable collapse of everything else by buying back IOUs…

    • Capella says:

      That was interesting. Thx for posting. I have watched one of Xander’s interviews with Richard Murphy before and I think these are a great resource. But I do now get most of my information about various topics from online discussions with informed people. Far better than being hypnotised by the MSM.

    • Last night, on Newsnight, Kirsty Wark revealed that no Tory was willing to apear on the programme. It’s that bad. Last Sunday, on Geissler’s Catholic Purged Scotland show, he also let us know that the Jock Tories refused to appear on his wee Unionist gazette.
      The fucking cowards can’t even be bothered appearing before the electorate now.

      Like her mate, Glen Campbell, Wark still trotted out the Yoon orthodoxy of course.
      Campbell, as I commented earlier, murmured that Kerching has instructed UK Government Departments to achieve ‘savings’, to reduce government spending.
      That would be the 91,000 civil servants whom the Fat Owl previously threatened with redundancy, sorry, ‘saved’.
      Remember the half million public service redundancies during the Blue and Yellow Tory Austerity years?

      They’re back.

      Wark slipped in the other Thatcher Consultant Doublespeak waffle; ‘efficiencies’, presenting the Blue Tories case in their absence..

      Be more ‘efficient’, you lazy workshy pen pushers (Attr. Liz Truss.)

      Do the same work, with less money, and fewer staff.
      What could go wrong?
      Sack hundreds of thousands of your workforce for good measure.

      Less money for health, education, police, fire service, local government, while the poor sods left are expected to do the same work, but somehow more ‘efficiently’, but most of all more cheaply, so that the rich can get tens of billions in tax cuts.
      Austerity’s back.

      Welfare payments, pensions, sickness benefits, care for the elderly, UCS will be ‘reformed’, slashed, and will not match inflation.

      My triple lock state pension has already taken a hit, Coffey, the cigar smokin’, wine sluggin’, DWP minister, broke the triple lock and reduced my pension’s buying power by 8%.

      She promised to restore the triple lock next April, based on September’s inflation rates (10.9% as I clack.)
      She promised a 10% rise in the pension next year, promise.

      Well, she’s been promoted by Truss, of course, and as Sam Goldwyn once remarked; ‘a verbal contract isn’t worth the paper it’s written on’.

      You may recall that idiot Ross declaring that they never kept their manifesto promises anyway.

      Disgusting little endomorph of a human being that he is.

      Wark and Campbell; drip drip drip the ‘efficiencies and savings’ mantra.

      England will suffer cuts in spending to Health, Education, well, everything, and our Barnett pot will be cut accordingly.

      Yet Sarwar will join with Dross at FMQ today attacking the Scottish Government?
      Keep rtepeating, ‘it’s the ferries’?

      Vote Labour, vote slavery and early death.
      Their world has imploded.

      • Bob Lamont says:

        Aye, you can see the psychological gaming going on with Brian Fraser’s “Kwarteng splurge meets unintended consequences” piece on the BBC/Scotland/Politics web-page, the “unintended” doing all the heavy lifting.
        Kwarteng was a sodding analyst, there was nothing “unintended” about it…

  9. deelsdugs says:

    Now that was a blog and a half for sure Paul.
    Glad to hear your health is allowing you incremental steps in a positive direction. Was going to write ‘right’’, but given the right wing froth, best leave that for the frothers to choke on.

  10. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    SKY’s Beth Rigby asks Starmer if Chancellor Kwasi K should resign……and once again Starmer uses the same old same old ” People not interested in who I am calling for to resign” (remember he did/said that with Boris’s lot)………….

    BUT……..funnily enough he was not as reticent when he once called for the FM to resign during the Scottish government Inquiry……wonder when branch office will ‘Fill him in on’ Ferry Story….and then whether he will adapt his supposed position and because of WHO target is will then change tack ……and ….all of a sudden…we then will see that Starmer will think ‘people ARE interested in who I say should resign’…..I mean come on it’s the SNP……he will ‘take one’ for the (non) Union.

    Or perhaps he means ENGLISH people do not want to hear him ask for the head of a Tory BUT…… an SNP one….Hell yeah.

    Now that their ‘With labour things are gonna get better’ conference is over we return to the REAL Labour and the REAL Starmer…treading very softly not wishing to offend English Tory voters (new and established ones)……while always willingly riding roughshod as per over the voters in Scotland as and when he assumes it will be politically advantageous for his party (and the NON Union)……with no savvy or courage to grasp the nettle while Tories imploding as is the economy and state ‘Yep Kwasi should resign for what he has done’……even say a wee ‘ he should consider his position’….

    BTW saw a clip on twitter…..first Q on debate night WAS , as I predicted in a previous comment , about taxes in England and Scotland…..yep the BBC tribute act show to QT selected THAT question against all others submitted…….also Ferry Q (always a certainty)…….also re economic chaos in UK as a result of ‘mini’ budget…. apparently when discussed an audience member’s take was that the IMF’s intervention made it worse……which proves they are sourcing audience members from Willy Wonka world….because as takes go…..this guy grasped a straw and when he did the straw broke….BIG time….of course tis always someone ELSE to blame never the source as in the Tories…..meanwhile with the SNP well a different story and THE take always for THEM… tis black and white with no grey area…..GUILTY as per…..via ALL sources who are Pro UK.

    Also BTW regarding the Tory ex minister Chris Graying 50 million quid phantom Ferries incident …well one of the Ferry companies he gave a multi million pound contact to despite it having NO ships has now gone BUST as in Seabourne Freight…..calling the BBC and STV…..and particularly Bernard Ponsonby to ask will this run and run and run Bernard……or just as per BE reported ONCE and then consigned to history never to be mentioned AGAIN…..well I know where my money is going on that…..

    Have a nice day everyone…..with all things considered…..we can but try….


  11. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    According to Otto English (one of the prominent ‘liberal’ minded Remainer peeps on twitter who endorses Labour way too much) tweet :

    “Local radio listeners across the UK as Liz Truss does the rounds”

    Here is Truss “doing the rounds for LOCAL listeners’ via Radio :

    0800… LEEDS
    0808… NORFOLK
    0815… KENT
    0822… LANCASHIRE
    0830… NOTTINGHAM
    0838… TEES
    0845…. BRISTOL
    0852 ….STOKE

    Aye Otto…’LOCAL Radio listeners’ is it….can we Scots and Welsh listen in ‘across the UK’ but however ONLY distinctly English radio stations allowed to interview her for FIVE minutes or so each….mind you perhaps with what WE have here in Scotland as a media that might be a mercy….for Scottish listeners… if interviewed HERE why sure they may have asked her about FERRIES……not Chris Graylings ones…but YOU know THE only Ferries worth highlighting in THE UK…….or as Jack C said ‘Life is just a bowl of Ferries’…..LOL

    Many videos online re her interviews this morning and YES she is as dumb as we all said she was….so much radio silence in between Q’s… start to wonder if she has left the room or fainted or whether her little helpers could not find her an answer….she was on TOP Robotic repeat mode…..’I have no answer I will repeat what I said via previous Q’…..’I do not compute your Q so I will say same thing I said via previous Q’ etc etc etc etc

    Oh aye she’s a winner…..for the SNP and Independence….Keep her if not keep the memory of her as PM…..the one that followed Boris J……are we leading up to getting J R Mogg as PM……could be….as apparently people in England (some anyway) long for past times…..forget Starmer’s favoured Elizabethan age (that has seen Foodbanks aplenty) we are jumping all the way back to Victorian times…….never mind Care Homes…many a Tory ready to invest in work Houses…formation of that is……also the Debtor’s prison…..and we will only have ourselves to blame…at least that’s who the Tories and their client media will target as the REAL culprits as in us the public (or rather SOME of the public who sleepwalk towards their own demise) as Tories NEVER to blame for THEIR policies and the resulting chaos, pain and suffering of many of the people in their UK….ad nauseam.

    • Legerwood says:

      Think you can listen to the interviews on BBC Sounds. People also posting clips from them on Twitter. Think the background music should be ‘The Sounds of Silence’. Very telling that there are no interviews other than with English stations.

    • Alex Clark says:

      Radio silence eh.

  12. James Mills says:

    STV news was in high dudgeon last night , John Mackay , Bernard Ponsonby in funereal mode , sombre faces detailing the disastrous financial events which have gripped the nation and threatened the livelihood of so many and cast a shadow over many homeowners and pensioners .
    The Markets in meltdown , the Pound tanking , mortgages becoming unaffordable , pension funds collapsing , energy prices ….. No !
    Ferries was the top story on STV ! Ferries !!!

    The financial collapse of the UK was NOT seen as a big enough story to nudge the long running story about two ships being delayed and over budget from top spot on the SNP Baaaad news !

    Crikey !

    The fix is in big time at Scottish media as the Union faces meltdown .
    Basil Fawlty’s ”Don’t mention The War ! ” admonition has been adopted by them as ”Don’t mention the UK financial meltdown as it undermines The Union !”

    • davetewart says:

      Do you think the next trick from the deadly duo will be, ‘We can’t afford the triple lock’?

      • Alex Clark says:

        Yep, today there are now refusing to say that they will honour Sunak’s guarantee of inflation linked rises for people on benefits, this part of their quest to find “efficiency savings” sa as to pay for the tax cuts for the rich.

        Just a small step from that to scrapping the triple lock on pensions.

        • davetewart says:

          The BoE buying back bonds has the look of a Ms A Foster ‘Cash for Ash’ scheme.
          Why hold onto a 2% bond when the market says 6% is more realistic currently.

  13. Capella says:

    Any update on the ferries today?

    • deelsdugs says:

      They were ferrying about at FMs qt. Dross doing his damndest in persecution. My gawd he’s a driveler.

  14. Capella says:

    Drugs has been the top item on the BBC Scotland’s website today for several hours so I am guessing that this will be the subject of DRoss’ FMQs and probably also Sarwar’s as he seems to be some sort of echo.

  15. Capella says:

    Xander Elliards in The National follows up on his interview with Richard Murphy with the entirely plausible outcome.

    Liz Truss ‘might want economic crisis to prepare NHS for privatisation’

    “The reason why is that, come November when Kwasi Kwarteng has promised a Budget, they will say ‘oh terribly sorry folks, but actually because we’ve had this awful time after my statement in September, we now have no money left, therefore we have got to cut the spending on education, NHS, social care, judiciary, whichever else you want’.”

    • James Mills says:

      Which they have been doing since Cameron and Osborne’s AUSTERITY !

    • Not-My-Real-Name says:

      “Liz Truss ‘might want economic crisis to prepare NHS for privatisation”

      Oh I would buy into THAT being a distinct possibility….I mean how else could they try and SELL it to the public (though some seemingly will buy into anything and everything the Tories say and do)………….

      The rumblings via the right wing media on the ‘terrible unsustainable NHS’ has been going on for quite a wee while…setting the scene ….preparing the ground….assuming people will then say…WELL NEEDS MUST……

      One wonders when is all that they , Tories, have done and are STILL doing….finally going to be TOO much for all of the people all of the time…..

  16. With apologies to Judy Garland;

    Life is just a bowl of ferries
    Don’t take it serious
    Life’s too mysterious
    You work, you save, you worry so
    But you can’t take your dough
    When you go, go, go
    Keep repeating, it’s the ferries
    The strongest boke must fall
    The best things in life to you were just loaned
    So how can you lose what you never owned
    Life is just a bowl of ferries
    So live and laugh at it all
    Keep repeating, it’s the ferries
    You know the strongest boke has got to fall
    The sweet things in life to you were just loaned
    So how can you lose what you never owned
    Life is just a bowl of ferries
    So live it, love it, wriggle your ears
    And think nothing of it, you can’t do without it
    There’s no two ways about it
    You live and you laugh at it all

    Their grip on Scotland has dissipated. We are laughing at Bernard Ponsonby and Sally Magnusson now.
    They are the Chemical Alis of Scotland’s North Brit Scotia Nostra.
    Even when the flag of independence is hoisted over Holyrood, they will still insist on lying for England.

  17. Capella says:


    Liz Truss BBC radio interviews lead to ‘investors selling off bonds’

    INVESTORS were reportedly selling off government-backed bonds while Prime Minister Liz Truss was giving a series of interviews with local radio stations.

    While the fears of a full-blown financial crisis grow, sparked by her Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng’s mini-budget on Friday, Truss stuck to the script and refused to back down on her policy decisions.

    However, it appears her refusal to U-turn on her “growth plan” has not calmed the markets as it was intended to so.

  18. Capella says:

    There’s an excellent comment by Paul Short under that last article which you won’t be able to read from the archive version. So I hope he doesn’t mind me posting it here. Interesting reminder of Liz Truss and “Britannia Unchained”:

    The 2012 booklet, Britania Unchained, which Truss and Kwarteng (and Raab and Skidmore) wrote very much has a plan for doing what you say (without mentioning what actually would be sold off).
    Truss and Kwarteng (the insane and inane twins) clearly had in mind to be in that position soon enough – but have proved so incompetent that there is now a good chance to block any such moves.
    Nevertheless, the BU plan is to make tens of thousands of civil servants and people in the public sector unemployed, restrict access to benefits, force workers to work longer, harder and for less, and attack the unions.
    This was pre-2014 so Scottish independence did not figure, but the logic would be to end the Barnett formula and restrict Holyrood powers. Well: the best laid plans of Trusses and Kwartengs… as the poem went (nearly).

  19. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    Phantom Power Twitter :

    “Liz Truss repeatedly tells us no one will pay more than £2,500 on energy bills. The figure is based on what the average person uses. At the least, bills will pretty much double and there is no cap”.

    Martyn Lewis Twitter :


    Instead the new 1 Oct guarantee, like the old caps, limits
    – Daily charge (28p gas, 46p elec)
    – & Unit rates (10p/kWh gas, 34p/kWh elec)

    So use more, pay more. £2,500 is just what someone with avg use’d pay”

    Liz Truss via Radio stations….'”Through the energy price guarantee the maximum people will pay is £2500.”

    Hmm..who to believe ?

    FFS please someone make it ALL stop……one more Ferry mention on Scottish TV via ANY channel and I swear to ****** (rhymes with Heist) I will explode…..

    • jfngw says:

      It’s the serve and return between the BBC and the Tories. The BBC generate a story full of innuendo, the Tories use the story for FMQ’s, the BBC now report the FMQ’s as factual events. It’s the round robin of unionist collaboration between the UK state broadcaster and the unionist parties.

      Today it’s the Tories, it could be Labour next time, whatever it takes to make Scots believe we couldn’t run our own country.

      Liz Truss pushed by local radio interviewers, can anybody imagine for a second BBC Scotland ‘journalists’ would not just use the ask and move on routine. They have their eye on the bigger prize of a job in London and being compliant is what is required to move up in the BBC world.

  20. Personally, I’m looking forward to the Supreme Court denying us the right to make our own decisions. I have my doubts about going to the SC in the first place, but their denial of our rights will strengthen our cause and allow us to take the next step. That next step should be approaching the UN directly and appealing to their policies around decolonisation. No one likes to think of Scotland as a colony, but until we can get our head round that, we’ll be missing a trick and that’s a trick that will get us the international approval that we need to take this further and get out of this so called Union.

  21. Alex Clark says:

    Jackie Baillie has been honoured as MSP of the year at the Holyrood Garden Party and Political Awards, polling guru Prof. Curtice was also honoured with a lifetime achievement award.

    • Not-My-Real-Name says:

      Replace the word ‘Political’ with ‘TROLLING’ before the word Awards……..

      Mandy R hates the SNP…..loves the Labour’s.

    • jfngw says:

      Holyrood magazine, that’s the one owned by Dods, part of the Merit Group owned by Lord Ashcroft is it not. A sort of ‘The Spectator’ for Scotland, except rather than being outright Tory it is outright unionism.

  22. Dr Jim says:

    Tory MSP Jamie Green, you know the wee guy who hides at the back, says Nicola Sturgeon should use the £20 million set aside for independence to mitigate the damage his English government is doing to Scotland, and he did it with an angry wee bad face on too

    I did laugh

    Almost forgot Anas Sarwar there, he’s going to be dead big and important and win all the elections and be the government in England all powerful over everybody, he reckons, until the FM crushed him right back into his wee insignificant reality that in Scotland him and his party have been *funoot* for a long time now, and all his big mouth noise isnae foolin anybody up here north of the wall

    • You have to laugh, don’t you?
      NS read out a list of Scottish Government ‘socialist’ policies which Sarwar opposed.
      Jackie Baillie tried to reduce our Scottish parliament to a ‘council meeting’ with her question to the FIRST MINISTER OF SCOTLAND about councils having to find extra money for landfill projeccts, and the Tory Lass asking our FM what she was going to do about W Dunbartonshire council approving planning permission to buildhooses on a ‘greenbelt site’?
      Jaime Green was his usual vermillion faced indignant Tory…and got bitch slapped about his Tory Party’s attempted destruction of civic society this week.
      Dross was a joke…I have to find another£45 this month for my heat and light.
      4 Jobs wants to give his Tory donors and teh Rich Lairds of Scotland tax cuts and cut spending on health, education, indeed all public services in Scotland to pay for it.
      They are not to be pitied; they are to be pillerried, and laughed at.
      BBC true to form had Linsey Bewes(?) and two of her hachk ‘chums’ summarising what went on in the chamber during FMQ
      Rachel Watson of the ‘Scottish’ Sun, and Alistair Grant of the Scotsman.
      THe ‘ferries’ was the main story of course…So the Sun and the Scotsman don’t think the crisis is even worthy of comment. It’s only their Scots readers who will suffer, and some die, because of their commitment to lying for England.
      Let’s all laugh at Jock Hacks….
      BBC Jockland and their Dead Tree Scroll Buddies..the death rattle of Brit Jock Scotia Nostra.
      Sarwar is an idiot.

    • Not-My-Real-Name says:

      Aye indeed Dr Jim…it’s all bravado.

      You either laugh or cry…..not laugh with any real humour WITH them but more an ironic humour to laugh AT them but cry, really cry inside with real sadness about the whole damn mess…..and the fact that STILL some in Scotland continue to NOT want to commit to independence but instead give continuous chance after chance to alternate Pro UK parties other than the Tories…in the hope…that THIS time it will be better…..even though past evidence shows it NEVER is……that is where my REAL frustration and anger lies…..and if some people say I am wrong then so be it…I am way past pandering to the fears and doubts of others while a constant flow of excrement gets heaped on us by being a part of the UK…………..Labour mat APPEAR to some Scots as the lesser of two evils ( compared to Tories)…..but the less of TWO EVILS is still EVIL ( or rather via WM EVEL)………

      It’s just so screwed up…or words to that effect…..if people here think Labour will be their saviours from the Tories then I say these people have not been listening to what Labour have been and ARE saying OR the fact that Brexit started the ball rolling on the downward spiral of their UK….and Labour are committed to keep on keeping on with that particular TORY policy……….

      Labour and EU post Labour (perhaps) winning the next GE via a minority :

      Labour to the EU ” We want all the benefits of being in the EU but without re-joining the SM or CU”

      EU to Labour ” No I am sorry that is not possible”

      Labour to the EU ” But we need to trade on the same terms as when we , the UK, were members of the EU”

      EU to Labour ” I’m sorry that is not possible”

      Labour to EU ” But WE told the British people we would make Brexit work”

      EU to Labour ” More fool you…and them too …if they believed YOU”

      Labour to British people ” The EU are to blame they will not negotiate they are just so unreasonable”………etc etc as in the same vibe as the Tories towards the EU noa and in past pretend ‘negotiations’ aka UK demands (cherry picking).

      MSM …Labour and EU fail on Brexit…..

      (THEN….in the subsequent GE…Tories win in UK (mainly English seats)…..

      Scotland…déjà vu.

      • Not-My-Real-Name says:

        * Labour mat – Labour may

        * same vibe as the Tories towards the EU noa – same vibe as the Tories towards the EU now

        Not sure why I even bother correcting my mistakes ……

        Gonna take a wee break as I think I am getting way too manic and depressed so need to chill for a wee while…..

        Keep on keeping on everyone…..only way is UP I suspect…for us anyway….surely.

  23. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    There seems to be a consensus online that when the (Tory) powers that be make a (wrong) assumption that ‘local’ radio presenters will be THE easier option for Truss to break cover and tour via phone to seemingly repeat the SAME blasé answers to different Q’s, in between very OBVIOUS silences, was tactically a big misfire….she should have stuck with the client journalists…..who at least are on her side….or a real winner would have been to have been on BBC GMS radio programme or Call Kaye (Adams)where an easier ride would have been guaranteed …..we also would have all known her opinion on #Ferrygate …that probably being the FIRST Q she was asked……

    My opinion is she will not repeat this morning’s wee experiment…..back to compliant MSM it is then……

    • jfngw says:

      Obvious mistake, her courtier ‘journalists’ are all apprehensive about losing access to the inner circle, local radio ones have no such qualms as they have no access to lose.

  24. juliegegan says:

    Glad to hear you are.making progress Paul and that you enjoyed your talk at Yes Carrick. I always enjoy your blogs very much. Onwards and Upwards. Keep up the good work.

  25. It’s nuts how close things came to total meltdown. Brexit Brengland is utterly out of it’s mind.

    Bank’s £65bn move driven by pension fund panic

    The Bank of England stepped in to calm markets after some types of pension funds were at risk of collapse.

    It pledged to buy £65bn of government bonds after Friday’s mini-budget sparked turmoil on financial markets and the pound plunged.

    Investors had demanded a much higher return for investing in government bonds, causing some to halve in value.

    Pension funds, which invest in bonds, were forced to start selling, sparking fears of a fresh market downturn.

    The Bank said its decision to buy government bonds at an “urgent pace” was driven by concern over “a material risk to UK financial stability.”

  26. bringiton says:

    Glad you are back on the road again Paul.
    Keep well and good luck.

  27. jfngw says:

    When do you know you have parochial broadcaster with no ambition beyond saving a dead union, when the lead stories are pigeon shit and ferry delays. Plus using a pandemic update as a party political tool cutting away from the broadcast to hear the views of opposition politicians who use peoples death as a point scoring exercise.

  28. Dr Jim says:

    The people of Scotland must now be aware and assured that the BBC in our country is deliberately working against us and our country
    When every news outlet in the British isles, and indeed western Europe at this moment is concentrating all of its content on reporting the Tory government in England scandal engulfing the British isles and spilling over as a consequence to other countries, the BBC in Scotlands main story is once again a deflection using another fabrication and rumour against the FM and Scottish government over a few £million quid and a couple of ferries, which incidentally are still being built and will be finished and working, unlike the Tory missing ferries that never existed during Brexit but cost millions to a ferry company that didn’t own any ferries and that nobody ever saw a return of £££££ (Chris Grayling Tory MP and minister)
    The BBC don’t mention that, especially in Scotland

    This serial misleading by the BBC has been noticed and noted by a number of foreign news agencies and reported on as no more different than Vladimir Putin or Kim Jong Un state controlled broadcasting, indeed BBC Scotland is now a full on GB news propagandist Tory Labour opinion channel

    I doubt there’s a soul in Scotland at this moment in time consumed over the worry of a ferry, even the people in the islands know these ferries are being built along with another two ferries under construction in Turkey to be delivered to Scotland on completion, no, folk in Scotland are rather more concerned about money in their pockets and bank accounts that the UK government have just devalued to such an extent with their insane Brexit and now their gifts to the extraordinarily wealthy

    Are folk going to be able to pay the price of these gifts to the bank owning, land owning, corporation owning oligarchy pals of Londons elite w-bankers club or do they set fire to their furniture in a hole in their floors to stick on a pan of nettle soup with a side of dock leaf salad, how long before they begin to look at just how damn wealthy these Tory Labour charlatans actually are who’re doing this to them without getting really annoyed

    When is Scotland going to wake up to the fact that pre 2016 we used to trade with most of the world, we had no shortages, the shelves were full, we could eat pretty much what we liked and the prices were stable, except for the folk who were really destitute amid promises made to them the food banks they were forced to attend would be gone, now the food banks ARE going to be gone because the rest of us can’t afford to help stock the damn places, so destitution on top of destitution for those folks who were already at the bottom of the pile, but the BBC tells them a ferry being built a bit late should be their paramount concern

    The BBC are a disgusting organisation run and controlled by a disgusting England mafia government yet it’s against the law for hungry people to not pay for it
    Of course you could say a television is a luxury, you could also say tell that to a mother with hungry kids to go and save money and get rid of the kids telly, send them up a chimney or Totty pickin to work, is that next?

    This is Tory Labour Britain, it’s not going to change no matter which English party you vote for, why should they change anything when Scotlands votes don’t count in getting them elected, Wales, this means you too

    Get real and let’s leave them

    • James Mills says:

      It has been said before and often on here that the BBC branch office at Pacific Quay is little short of a propaganda tool of the Government at Westminster which was NOT elected by the votes of the people of Scotland .
      In another context this organisation’s blatant undermining of the ELECTED Government of Scotland would be seen as an act of TREASON against the people of Scotland .

      It is nothing short of disgraceful that this supposedly neutral News Organisation continues to peddle politically selective ”news” that is designed to support the failed policies of London based political parties that between them have won the square root of F*ck all in Scotland in recent memory .

      Despite being feted and allowed almost unrestricted and uncritical access to broadcast their anti-Scottish views , particularly by the BBC , political pygmies like DRoss , Sarwar and the Libdumb other one have had the same impact on the Scottish political scene as Kwasi Kwarteng ‘s financial statement has had on The Pound !
      They would have had a more positive effect on voters if they had never left their beds in the morning – at least people might have imagined them as grounded , astute human beings with a decent measure of compassion for their fellows . Instead , the BBC has constantly splashed them across our TV screens , thus undermining the old adage ” Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than open your mouth and remove all doubt !”
      I suppose we in the Independence movement should be thanking the BBC for their unintended boost to the cause by showing the world what The Union has to offer Scotland – DRoss , Sarwar and the other one !

      And if that was not enough , we have to believe that Jackie Baillie is the Scottish MSP of the Year !!!

    • jfngw says:

      There is no real reason to watch BBC Scotland news output, you just need to have a quick look at what Labour or Tories are tweeting about to know what the headlines will be, and they will be negative.

      It’s not just about the SNP, it goes deeper, they need to instil a feeling of inadequacy on the people of Scotland, they want to erase any idea of an independent Scotland.

      I can’t imagine the Ukrainian media run with agenda they would be better under Moscow control but in Scotland we have the equivalent forced down our throats, and they make us pay for the privilege.

  29. Alex Clark says:

    As the government mouthpieces at the treasury hint at breaking the Johnson/Sunak promise to increase benefits in line with inflation, this article in the New statesman today shows exactly who’s idea this is.

    …After George Osborne, the chancellor at the time, announced a 1 per cent cap on benefit rises, Kwarteng told me it showed that his backbench faction of neo-Thatcherites was “shifting the debate”. In an interview for Total Politics in 2013 he told me: “I was very clear early on that welfare was an issue which the Conservatives could own and win by making bold arguments and challenging the consensus. I think we’re right on that, if we talk about an honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay, if we bring back those ideas, that’s something we can win on.”

    Two years later, in 2015, he suggested in a book, Time for Choosing: Free Enterprise in Twenty-First Century Britain, that benefits should instead be turned into repayable loans, arguing that young unemployed people should be forced to repay unemployment benefits upon getting a job. Shrinking the safety net was always his plan.

    If benefits do not rise in line with the 10 per cent inflation of the autumn, the human impact will be devastating. Even with the government’s price guarantee energy bills are about to double compared with last winter; councils are preparing “warm banks” to shelter people who would otherwise freeze at home. Food bank use has risen so much (up 14 per cent on pre-pandemic levels) that two-thirds of food bank managers are preparing to turn people away, or reduce the size of their food packages, according to the Independent Food Aid Network…

    Robbing the poorest and those with nothing so as to give the rich tax cuts is a despicable policy. But that’s what the Tory party is, a party of despicable people who know only greed and have not an ounce of compassion or empathy in their bones.

    • Capella says:

      i.e. psychopaths and coke addicts – which explains a lot of their strange, grandiose and reckless traits.

    • Tatu3 says:

      Read this out to my husband and he said as his state pension is now considered a benefit, would he be expected to pay it back!
      I still have three years till I get my pension. Maybe??

  30. Hamish100 says:

    .. and the newspapers and bbc trades unions or chapels are strangely silent..
    Integrity, honesty, respect, impartial….? Scottish?

  31. stewartb says:

    I referred in an earlier thread to the welcome given by the Scottish Chambers of Commerce to the Tories’ mini-budget. Just spotted that the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) has been similarly impressed:

    FSB in Scotland – PRESS RELEASES 23 Sep 2022
    Responding to today’s mini-budget, Andrew McRae, Scotland Policy Chair for the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB), said: “Overall, we’ve been pleased to see a real recognition from the UK Government this week that tackling the cost of doing business crisis is an essential step in addressing the cost of living crisis that is plaguing households across the country.”


    The UK FSB – PRESS RELEASES 23 Sep 2022
    Responding to today’s fiscal event, Martin McTague, National Chair of the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB), said:

    “The Truss Government is off to a flying start. The Chancellor has delivered pro-small business measures today and has rightly recognised that removing taxes on jobs, investment and entrepreneurs is essential for our economy.

    “Ministers need to be relentless in removing barriers to small business success – especially with the current headwinds. The Government has today signalled its determination to back small firms and we look forward to working with Ministers and departments to put in place measures to help small businesses grow and succeed.”

    Tory actions crash Sterling and cause interest rates to rise for domestic and business borrowers, leading to increased costs of imports, increased costs of $US denominated oil and gas supplies etc. And yet the representatives of key business organisations had no concerns, indeed they welcomed what the Tory Chancellor had just done.

    Do they still hold that view – do their business members and their members’ employees and their members’ investors agree with their view?

  32. Welsh_Siôn says:

    Watch this space – new poll:

    A new YouGov poll has Labour with a 33% lead over the Conservatives – a swing that if replicated at a General Election would doom Welsh Conservatives to temporary electoral oblivion.

    The poll carried out on Wednesday and Thursday, put Labour on 54% compared to the Conservatives’ 21%.

    The results would see all of the Conservatives’ seats wiped out in Wales, according to the Electoral Calculus.

    Under the new 2023 boundaries, it would also see Labour win all but one of the 32 new constituencies in Wales, with Plaid Cymru winning the last remaining seat. Only the new Dwyfor Meirionnydd would remain in Plaid Cymru’s hands.

    Under the present constituency boundaries Labour would have 36 seats and Plaid Cymru would retain their current four.

    It comes amid market turmoil and public outcry following last Friday’s mini-budget.

    More to follow…

  33. Hamish100 says:

    Looks like the snp trounces all in Scotland

  34. Alex Clark says:

    Panic setting in.

  35. Capella says:

    Will Liz Truss be attending the Tory conference?

  36. Hamish100 says:

    Starmer can fill in. All the same guff from the big 2 at Westminster. Remember Blair and Brown , financial crash. That was everyone’s fault except the band of crooks with Westminster broad shoulders…

  37. Welsh_Siôn says:

    This from below the line @ Nation.Cymru. (Not a post by me.)

    I went on Electoral Calculus & entered the seat projections based on this poll using the proposed 2023 boundaries and this is what I got…

    NI Parties……. .18
    Lib Dem………….5
    Plaid Cymru…….1
    Green Party…….1


    Pass me the smallest violin you’ve got …

    • Azel says:

      Hm, too bad that would probably mean third DUP given that as I recall SF doesn’t take their seats and SDLP, UUP and Alliance take the whip of one of the Westminster trio… Third PC would have been so much more interesting.

  38. Dr Jim says:

    The money markets are making money, the politicians are making money, the media writing about the money markets and the politicians making money, are making money

    Everybody who’s telling us how bad things are, are making money

    We’re paying all these people money to tell us we have no money

    Rent, mortgages, TV, internet, petrol, diesel, electricity, gas, insurance, bus fare, train fare, we work and work and work and these people keep making money off the backs of everything we pay, then a few hundred right wing nasties pick somebody to lead a collection of more right wing nasties who pay themselves a whole lot of money to explain to us why we have no money

    We’ve should have plenty of money but the law they make says we must give it all to them so they can manage that money, they F**k it up and that’s why we’ve got no money

    Why are we so damn calm about thieves robbing us of our money? isn’t it time we exercised a bit of self defence?

    • Capella says:

      People are hypnotised by the media into thinking that the UK nation is the best nation in the whole wide world with the best, cleverest leaders who are honest and strong and …

      • Alex Clark says:

        Reminded me of the 1988 John Carpenter film that became a bit of a cult movie, “They Live”.
        This is a clip but the whole film is available to watch on Youtube as well.

        • Capella says:

          That was also a clip of Happiness from a tweet. The full version is also on Youtube and I like the original better but it’s 4 mins – too long for the comments section?

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