Truss’s dead cat splat

Expectations were already rock bottom when Liz Truss won the Conservative party’s Margaret Thatcher impersonation contest, but it has not taken long at all for her to prove that even our worst fears about how bad her administration would be were wildly optimistic. She has only effectively been Prime Minister for a couple of days given that all government business was suspended for a fortnight within days of her taken office due to the death of the Queen and the obligatory mournathon, and now the Commons is in recess because it’s party conference season.

Even so, Truss has already shown that her top priority during the energy crisis is to protect the bloated unearned profits of the energy companies, leaving ordinary consumers to foot the bill. Her Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng then unveiled a mini budget which even by the dire standards of this Conservative party was shocking in its crass cruelty and its callous indifference to the struggles of ordinary households. Kwarteng announced a raft of tax cuts which will disproportionately benefit the richest, but for the poorest households on Universal Credit there are only to be punitive measures which could reduce their already meagre incomes. This income boost for those who don’t need it is to be funded by a massive expansion in public borrowing, which will in turn be paid for by ordinary taxpayers. For good measure he also lifted the cap on bankers’ bonuses, because nothing says a responsible response to a cost of living crisis like rewarding disaster capitalists.

What Kwarteng has done is quite literally to take money out of the pockets of poorer people in order to stuff it into the bulging bank balances of the rich. So as you sit in your freezing house this winter, huddled under a duvet on the sofa because you have turned off the heating that you can no longer afford, you can console yourself with the thought that your sacrifice is not in vain, you are helping to fund a new holiday home in Tuscany for a merchant banker who makes donations to the Conservative party.

It’s not just those previously opposed to the Conservatives who reacted badly to Kwarteng’s disgrace of a mini-budget. The financial markets responded by tanking the pound, much to the benefit of some of Kwarteng’s banking pals, who stood to rake in a fortune, having previously shorted the pound. Insider trading is illegal, but absolutely nothing untoward happened here. Oh no. And how very dare that unworthy thought even cross your socialist mind, dominated as it is by the politics of envy.

Even Conservative voters have reacted badly to the mini-budget, a YouGov poll published today has found that a large majority, almost seven in ten, Conservative voters disapprove of Kwarteng’s decision to axe the 45p tax rate for the highest earners and a similar number were opposed to the removal of the cap on bankers’s bonuses. Kwarteng has even failed to play to the Tory gallery.

The crashing pound means that imports will rise in price for consumers already managing soaring costs. Oil is priced in dollars on the international markets, meaning rises in fuel prices are likely. In order to protect the pound, the Bank of England is likely to hike interest rates, which will make mortgages and rents more expensive. This threatens to add a cost of housing crisis to the energy cost crisis and the food bill crisis. Some mortgage providers have suspended new mortgages until there is some clarity about interest rates. The Times newspaper reports that government ministers are increasingly concerned that the Bank of England will be forced to implement aggressive rises in interest rates in order to stabilise the pound, which would result in homeowners being hit with huge rises in mortgage costs.

A former Conservative minister told the Times newspaper : “The moment it becomes serious is when mortgage rates go up for homeowners. If it happens before conference then it’ll dominate and you can’t predict how the party will respond. Her leadership was on an unstable platform and it’s becoming more unstable.”

Truss was not the preferred choice of a majority of Conservative MPs, who by a large margin supported her rival Sunak, she also won the membership vote by a much smaller margin than opinion polling had suggested. However following her victory Truss did not reach out to the opposing faction in her divided party, she displayed the classically Tory winner takes it all arrogance that we know all too well from the nasty party, treating those who had opposed her in the same way that the Conservatives treated remain voters following the 2016 EU referendum. The Tories don’t do reconciliation or compromise, which they perceive as weakness. This is likely to prove fatal to Truss’s chances of having a stable government.

By the way, this winner takes it all arrogance of the Tories is one reason why the Conservatives scream so much about the supposed ‘divisiveness’ of the Scottish constitutional debate. They are terrified that following a Yes vote, they will be marginalised, ignored, and treated with the same contempt that they have displayed for their opponents.

Reports are that a ‘small’ number of letters of no confidence have been submitted to the chair of the 1922 Committee. There is no immediate threat to Truss. Conservative Party rules mandate that a year needs to pass before there can be a leadership contest, so in theory Truss should be safe from challenge until late summer 2023, but as we saw with Johnson, Conservative MPs are able to find ways to force an unpopular leader out anyway.

The same poll that found that not even Tory voters approve of the tax cuts in the mini budget and only a mere 15% of respondents think that it will succeed in growing the economy, also found that Labour now enjoys a 17% lead over the Conservatives in voting intention. Labour is now on 45% with the Tories trailing far behind on 28%, the biggest polling lead for Labour that YouGov has ever recorded. So much for a Truss honeymoon. She never got a polling bounce, more a dead cat splat. It’s just as well she doesn’t mind being unpopular.

These figures would produce a large Labour majority of 182 at a General Election, meaning that Conservative MPs who are nervous about Truss’s leadership will be reluctant to vote for an early General Election. Remarkably only 47% of Tory 2019 voters now say they’d vote for them. This poll would see the Tories lose 223 seats, which would mean Liz Truss would go down in political infamy as being the worse Tory Prime Minister since the birth of a 3 party system.The next election is a long way off. The same poll predicts the SNP to end up with 51 sears. If Truss can do this much damage in 2 days, God knows what she can do in 2 years. This is going to get a lot worse before it gets better.

Last night I did my first in-person public speaking event since I had the stroke. It was the launch of Yes Carrick, our new local Yes group, which I am delighted to support. I did it because the venue was literally around the corner so didn’t involve a long journey. I managed to talk for some twenty minutes which was better than I had expected.  I might be able to do more events in future as long as transport is provided.


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119 comments on “Truss’s dead cat splat

  1. Alex Clark says:

    I’m afraid that it really is going to get a lot lot worse before it gets better. Even a change of government won’t help matters much as a global recession is coming and the UK will not escape that.

    In fact out of all the major economies, the UK is worst prepared to face a new recession, the trade deficit is out of control since we left the EU and the slump in the value of the £ will only widen the deficit. Interest rates increases will just heap more misery on many who are already struggling with the cost of living increase.

    Scotland won’t escape the pain but it would do so much better as an Independent country, especially for the majority of the population who are not bankers or in the top 1% of earners that the Tories gift our money too by borrowing money we will pay back to give away to them.

    A Scottish government would follow none of these policies, the poorest would be protected, energy costs would be shared by taxing the excess profits of the energy producers and England would have to pay if it wanted to use our exports of renewable energy.

    Maybe we need this painful episode to open the eyes of No voters that believed the “broad shoulders of the UK” could protect them and all the nonsense about “pooling and sharing”.

    Next time we vote Yes with a huge majority, the days of the lies of Better Together fooling Scottish voters are over and the people of Scotland will free themselves from Westminster incompetence, greed and corruption which is what we have witnessed almost daily since we failed to grasp the freedom to choose for ourselves in 2014.

  2. Great news that you got out and about among the grown ups, Paul, and managed a 20 minute talk.
    But ca’ canny, my lad.
    I am positive that there will be no shortage of volunteer drivers to ferry you to future events.
    We know that Dross refused to face the Scottish Public on Martin Geissler’s Catholic Free Sunday Scotland wee diversion.
    It now transpires that he was ‘starring’ at the Highlands Conservative Conference on the sabbath instead.
    Four jobs, four wages, and only one pair of legs.
    How does he do it?
    This little nobody cut the value of my pension by 7% in April.
    MY fuel bills have doubled.
    He, and Jack, and Sarwar and the rest of this disgusting little gang of chancers will be responsible for the deaths of thousands on our fellow Scottish citizens because of their involvement in the terrible political ‘union’, which is not a union, but a military occupation, and fascist colonisation of the land of their birth by a rogue state to the South.
    People are dying now, and will die, because the money’s too good, the perks many, for this band of immoral men and women, who care not for justice, fairness, or morality.
    Greed and capitalism.
    Farmer Jack better post guards on his potato fields this autumn.
    This is the apotheosis of their careers in politics.
    They are killing us now.
    The Union is dead.

  3. Skintybroko says:

    Great to hear you managed out to a talk, progress indeed long May it continue.

    Agree wholeheartedly that things will get much worse the issue will be for how long as was said on the previous thread the MSM will make the headlines fit the SNP bad, Scotland shite scenario to deflect from the total shit show we have in Westminster – god help us all for the foreseeable future

  4. Maggie Noakes says:

    Great news.There’s another Yes group and you have managed a public speaking event.Hope you were none the worse and enjoyed the company of yessers.Nothing like it for a bit of motivation.Looking forward to Edinburgh March this Sat to see other like minded folk.

  5. Hamish100 says:

    Labour will prefer to do deals with the austerity Lib Dems.

    They will do deals with the tories in local authorities be it in Edinburgh and Aberdeen no doubt with the likes of DUP as unionists in Westminster. They promote bigotry in Lanarkshire if it gets them 1 vote.

    They are a pro Brexit pro neo con party with a red rose of England at its head disguising the smell.

    Their anti- SNP, anti Scotland and anti Scots stance is there for all to see.

    If you wish progressive and social just policies for your nation then the only route for you, is through Independence.

    Be you Welsh, Irish or Scots.🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🇮🇪🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  6. Alex Clark says:

    Well done Paul on opening the Yes Carrick night, I missed that when first reading the article 🙂

  7. Labour make deals in Scotland with their fellow British nationalists in the Tory party.
    Labour has been allies of Irish “nationalists” in the SDLP for decades.
    Labour have an understanding with Welsh “nationalists” in Plaid Cymru.

    Labour announces it will have no relationship with the SNP, Scotlands biggest party.
    Sound like discrimination on the grounds of ethnicity? Because it is!

    • It is. Labour let folk vote as long as most are British. If that’s not the case, then they can’t vote…

      Notice how Labour are not championing Irish reunification these days? They were fine with it when NI was 70%+ British, but not now.

      They championed home rule in Scotland as long as only a minority backed that. Once there were too many Scots in Scotland, that was to be resisted.

      At least the Tories stab you in the front.

      • Azel says:

        It really seems that Labour are in favour of progress, rights and all but only so long as things don’t need to actually change. Which, shamefully enough for them, makes them not even as good for their professed causes as the bloody LibDems: at the very least, the latter try all laughably incompetently that they do.

  8. James Mills says:

    While the Tories under Truss go from bad to worse , the Labour Party under Starmer are little better – if you are Scottish !
    He completely ruled out any electoral deals with the SNP in his speech today – but the tone of it was significant . He and his chums appear to view the SNP as the Devil incarnate .
    His rhetoric when speaking of Scotland’s biggest and most successful party , and crucially its Government , was breathtaking in its contempt . He clearly views the party of Government in Scotland as on a par with the Conservatives .
    He gives the impression that he wouldn’t piss on them if they were on fire – which is exceedingly strange as his Scottish leader ( sic ) has endorsed numerous pacts and coalitions between his Labour groups and Tory groups in councils up and down the land .
    So , as well as ignorance of Scottish politics we can add hypocrisy to Starmer’s credentials to be the next PM !

  9. mumsyhugs says:

    Well done Paul! That’s a massive boost for you – you must be pleased with that. Just be careful x

  10. Statgeek says:

    Picture it (No, not Sicily :p ).

    1096AD, Ireland. –

    Not sure what happened. Norway invaded Scotland, and religious stuff got serious, so I helped out a few folk, and the next thing I owned half of Scotland. Then I just kept clicking things.

    I wonder if real despots get that way. Just a little bit more, and a little bit more. 😀

  11. JP58 says:

    SNP & Nicola Sturgeon have been demonised by UK media. Labour have won 9 elections since war and only 2 of them required Scottish Labour MPs.
    Keir Starmer has made calculation that Labour are so feeble in Scotland there are far more seats to be won in England by slagging off SNP than it is possible to win in Scotland.
    That’s fine as it will increase the obvious divide between voters in Scotland and England for voters in Scotland.
    However events may force Labour to review policy as due to electoral changes it is still likely Labour will be largest party needing support. Liberals do not look like they will get many MPs, Greens will have Caroline Lucas and few others, DUP losing votes in NI so SNP will be 3rd largest party by a considerable margin so reality is that despite all the aggressive words Keir Starmer will have to rethink his attitude to SNP.

  12. I know this off topic, but I just heard starmer’s speech and I need to get my tuppence worth in. he said that he would not do a deal with the snp. I hope the snp tell them that they could ram their deal. 2014 was not that long ago and the tories little helpers aka the Labour Party were in bed with them. moreover they have always been in cahoots when it comes to England’s cash cow aka Scotland. The mcrone report is the prime example. so I would implore the snp to scream it till they are blue in the face that the Labour Party are not to be trusted and no deal would be done. sorry about the grammar posting this from my mobile and listening to the Scotland game… up to high doh.

  13. Hamish100 says:

    Remember Labour blamed the SNP for losing elections before. Easy to blame others. Looks like next time though vote SNP on one issue only – Independence.

    Vote labour/tories Lib Dem for a Brexit England.🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇬🇧

  14. JoMax says:

    Presumably, Sir Starmer is scared to death of being seen to be ‘in bed’ with ‘nationalists’ given that he, like his ‘socialist’ bedfellows, are so proud to be internationalists, whatever they mean by that.

    Of course, in political science internationalism is the idea that co-operation between different countries is beneficial to everyone. That assumes that the world consists of different countries in the first place, which obviously it does and that has nothing to do with some sort of evil ‘nationalism’. Wouldn’t it be nice if the English Mr Starmer and his English compatriots therefore learnt that if the people of Scotland expressed the wish to take back political control of their ancient country through the peaceful process of the ballot box, they should accept that graciously and co-operate with said people of Scotland in a politically mature way in accordance with their so-called beliefs. I hae ma doots because what they really want is to keep control and that is blatant nationalism of the worst kind.

  15. Legerwood says:

    Well done on attending and addressing the meeting. Quite a milestone and a huge and well deserved boost to your confidence.

    As to Truss and Co I despair. They may at some point try to blame a global recession for the horrors to come but from some of the articles and comments I have seen the situation the Truss Gov have created is likely to hasten the onset of the Global Recession.

  16. Welsh_Siôn says:

    A new word for you all: a Rifkintervention.

    House of Lords should be turned into senate symbolising the four nations of the UK says Malcolm Rifkind

    27 Sep 2022 3 minute read

    The House of Lords should be turned into a senate symbolising the four nations of the UK according to former Conservative minister Sir Malcolm Rifkind.

    In a lecture on the history of the union and his thoughts on devolution, he said that the new upper chamber should be able to contemplate various changes to the constitution of the UK and Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland’s place within it.

    The time may have come for reform of the House of Lords into a partially-elected senate, Malcolm Rifkind said in a lecture at the University of Edinburgh today.


  17. Alan D says:

    What must really scare those Tory MPs is they’re not consulted anymore about early elections. They finished repealing the Fixed Term Parliaments Act earlier this year, restoring the power to call elections to the PM. If Truss wants an early election, the only person who can tell her “lol no” is Mister Windsor and that only if the Lascelles principles are all satisified. Even then, it seems to be optional for him to refuse; he could still go “lol ok” instead.

    • grizebard says:

      Well, there is another consideration: a deep-rooted instinct for political self-preservation. If Truss decides to “go to the country” at any time before she really has to, she is even more dense than solid concrete. On even this relatively short timescale, she is more likely to be ousted by another Tory Party internal coup. If there is one thing that the Tories do get right is that it is always better (for them) to be calling the shots than not.

      Thankfully for us, it is Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP that is calling the shots here, not least for an exit from this ongoing descent into crisis.

      • Alan D says:

        The Tory reputation for ruthless couping is only historical now, I’m afraid. Johnson was a caretaker for 60 days. May 61 days. Cameron was a caretaker for 19 days only because Leadsom pulled out(it could have been 100 days otherwise!). We’re a long time past Thatcher’s week-long caretakership.

        They can’t contrive to have one candidate unopposed, unless it is Boris Johnson, because Boris Johnson would stand. So they either go back to him or they drown trying to put up two candidates who can keep him off the final ballot in another farcially extended leadership contest.

        They can change their rules, but doing so tells Truss they’re coming after her and she can be at the Palace in minutes. Sticky, sticky.

    • Statgeek says:

      Bet some of them wish the FTP act was still in place now. Nowhere to run when the electorate start calling for one.

  18. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    Great news Paul re your first in-person public speaking at an event….well done you…please take care .


    BBC 5 Live Sport tweeted that Scotland up and England down and:

    “Scotland will be the highest ranked home-nation team in the next #NationsLeague campaign, after their promotion to League A.

    England will have to make do with League B”…..(to which they then added a grimacing face emoji)……

    Grimacing face…..because “England will have to make do with League B” so then obviously Scotland being the highest ranked home nation is undeserving of a smiling emoji but a grimacing emoji to signify decisively that the BBC truly represents England not other so called ‘Home Nations’… that was a secret…NOT.

    BBC NOT aware that supposedly we are a unitary state aka the UK ( someone tell Lord Frost and Keir Starmer or are they also grimacing at this BAD news for England) alternatively they, the BBC, are still very very aware that the Unitary state is actually England….as in England First…..hence why many of us call them the EBC……it fits.

    #NotHidingItAreThey…..mind you they never did …did they .

    • Welsh_Siôn says:

      They’re also miffed of course that Scotland should have let Ukraine win – in the same way we should have rolled over and let the Ukrainians qualify for the World Cup, this autumn.

      “Don’t they know there’s a war on?” bleat the Anglos.

      Now, imagine this. We HAD let the Ukrainians win or at least stood aside to let them qualify (I don’t want to condone anything illegal), then Ukraine would have taken our place – in the same group as England at the World Cup.

      Do you think the mass media of England, the BBC, the politicians, the Fleet Street rat pack, Old Uncle Tom Cobbleigh and all would be shouting from the rooftops for Ukraine to get a bye in their match against England – so they could qualify for the next stage of the World Cup?

      Imagine the scenario whereby Ukraine needed to win their last match (against England) in order to advance in Qatar, and England did too.

      Would England play in such a way as to allow Ukraine to proceed? Would their supporters, the English politicos, the journos and all and sundry implore the Three Lions to let their opponents win?

      What do YOU think?


      PS Congrats to Scotland. 🙂

      My emoji should at least cancel out the BBC grimacing face.

    • Dr Jim says:

      Indeed, England has no objection to any sporting person or people from Scotland doing rather well if they are not representing Scotland as a team so can therefore be named as British (eg British Andy Murray until the Scot crashes out)
      Any team representing Scotland must be kept off the cooncil telly if possible and the highlights only shown of the losing parts following the match to the patronising English sounds of Oh dear how sad never mind, of course if such a Scotland team wins their match it ‘s quite possible the name may never be mentioned at all

      Keep Scotland off our English TV but keep England on the TV in Scotland
      Scotland invented the television and now England owns and controls all the rights to it, if Scotland doesn’t like it we still can’t have our own broadcaster because that’s outwith the powers of our parliament to grant licences to operate in Scotland

      Voluntary? Union? Scotland is more like a Stalag, England even controls our borders and whether to *allow* stuff in or out, and applies their rules to that, still sound like a union does it?
      Scotland can’t decide to buy something our government decides we need or want without asking permission of England because they hold our money, Voluntary union of countries is it?

      Scotland has all the grass, England owns the lawnmower and refuses to *allow* us to buy our own, Voluntary union is it?

      It’s not Tory, and it’s not Labour, it’s England and its one union party monopoly created to outvote Scotland by 10 to 1
      Those who blindly keep hoping for any English political party to consider Scotland on any equal basis to England are deluding themselves
      England has been in charge of everything for 315 years, the SNP have had in political terms about five minutes of that with only partial power to do anything else but mitigate and mitigate, they can’t keep doing that much longer as things stand, and Englands political parties are on the march to make sure they crush Scotland right back to non existence where our people have to listen to the broken promises of 315 years for another 315 years

      No deals with the SNP literally means no deals with the people of Scotland who vote for them, England wants to keep our country, they just don’t want us in it

    • Azel says:

      It’s interesting also that they have nothing to say about Wales getting relegated as well, the BBC can’t even play that as as sadness for British teams’ bad results. Sloppy from them that.

  19. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    “My emoji should at least cancel out the BBC grimacing face”

    Aye it does that WS.

    I would have thought though that a grimacing emoji was more appropriate by the BBC for the Tories tanking the economy…..mind you if the Tories are ever involved in a #FerryBadStory…the BBC will be all over it like a rash…..just you wait…someone in the BBC Scotland (INO) obviously loves ferries and is on top of anything and everything that MAY impact them i.e. Ferries….(MAY being THE word)….mind you they let Chris Grayling off with his #FerryBadStory…..millions he spent on phantom ferries when anticipated NO deal Brexit possibility…..

    Apparently according to Disclosure programme tonight on Scottish Ferries story…this story has been GRIPPING the nation…meanwhile the UK economy via another Tory generated disaster tells those who made this particular Disclosure programme… to hold it’s beer…..the ONLY thing that has GRIPPED me (for ages) is how blatantly biased and dripping with BritNat propaganda against the Scottish Government and independence the BBC truly are…..BBC Ferry story(s) has now been nominated for an award in the Soap opera awards this year…..allegedly…..if not…bloody should be.(They won’t win obvs as stories too cliched and awash with stereotypes)…..

    I say above that I am gripped by their bias and propaganda…but raging (incandescent) more fitting description really… and think they, BBC, are a spent force in Scotland as far as being seen as an honest and fair source of news is concerned…..

    So do you want THE news ?…well go to (trusted sites on) social media….not MSM as they prefer to MAKE UP the news as opposed to actually REPORTING on the REAL news.

    Any bet on the Scottish Tribute act of BBC QT aka Debate night having a question on tomorrow night from an audience member on ‘Will some wealthier tax earners leave Scotland if the Scottish government does not match tax ‘bReAks’ given in England”….I DARE them to include accepting a question on that ( say DARE but kinda mean EXPECT)…….and the band plays on and on and on….

    It is incessant is it not….so much so that BBC Scotland online now has a headline :

    “UK minister warns of risk over high Scottish taxes”

    Content of story :

    “Scotland could risk losing highly paid jobs if its tax rates are higher than other parts of the country, a senior UK government minister has warned.

    Nadhim Zahawi said the Scottish government should be encouraging businesses to invest in the country.

    And he said no one should want to see a “flight of talent” from Scotland because of higher taxes”

    BUT guess what their MAIN online headline is though …via the BBC Scotland (INO) page….do I need to state it…YEP

    “Leaked dossier suggests Scottish ferry deal may have been rigged”

    Still got words SUGGESTS and MAY then I see…so when will it be confirmed then…aah that will be in subsequent stories by them in the future but NOT perhaps CONFIRMED just given yet another airing by them…..BBC are flogging the proverbial dead Horse to diss the Scottish Govt while also deploying the dead Cat strategy on behalf of Pro UK parties…to save the (non) Union…we ALL see what you are doing here BBC….say BBC but recognised as EBC in ‘other’ nations of the fake country that is called the UK.

  20. Hamish100 says:

    It could be suggested that some individuals in the ferries issue are trying to recoup their losses or divert away from their private business decisions and blame government?
    Also bbc scotchland wishes to divert the story line. The complete mess of the tories is not worthy of discussion. The place men and women at pacific quay doing their unionists duty following the Tory press releases.

    Divert, divert, divert

    • Dr Jim says:

      In world news the IMF accuses the UK of England of deliberately crashing the economy of all four nations yet the BBC bangs on about a couple of ferries in Scotland that have overrun but are still actually being built for the benefit of the people and jobs

      • Hamish100 says:

        Based on todays front pages some could wonder if the bbc and the Daily Mail (scotch branch) have been working together on the the ferry allegations?
        Reasonable question I think.

        Some more.

        BBC have you colluded with Tory newspapers or others on the ferry story?

        Did the tories give the “dossier” ? I think they should tell us.

  21. Ken says:

    The Scottish population did not change from 1900s, and before, a dip in 1950s. (War). 5million. Until 2000. Devolution. Increased to 5.4million. Mainly under an SNP administration. Scotland heeeds people. Truss and theassociates need to make their £Millions in one year plus before they are thrown out. The Tory losers destroying the economy.

  22. Well, while the IMF intervening was expected; but this is a bit sooner than anyone could have imagined. However, what could they do when they saw a huge bailout in the making.

    Brengland has totally lost its mind. Democratically, socially, economically… totally lost the plot as it falls apart.

    Meanwhile Douglas Ross demands the Scottish government go against IMF advice and give him + fellow Tory MSPs a large tax cut which would save them thousands personally, but do nothing for those struggling on low incomes.

    IMF warns UK against mini-budget that will ‘likely increase inequality’

    The IMF also recommended against fiscal policies not targeted towards specific groups, saying that the plans as they are will benefit the rich rather than those who really need help.

    • Legerwood says:

      Not just the IMF intervening. Moody’s the rating agency has started making noises about downgrading the UK’s rating which will really put the cat among the pigeons.

    • Yup, any stamp duty savings obliterated by big hikes in mortgage rates with talk now of a 10% fall in house prices.

      The UK is economically illiterate. There is no economic case for the union; not unless, like Douglas Ross, you think trashing the economy is a good idea.

    • Bob Lamont says:

      As scribbled elsewhere, I’m convinced the Tory strategy is to be forced from office – Kwarteng will have been totally aware of the reactions and responses to his “fiscal event” or whatever he called it before he even opened his mouth, this is not incompetence but calculated financial vandalism.

      They cannot fix the mess they’ve made, so why no wreck the economy as well for presumably Labour to sort out, knowing they would broadly adopt similar strategies per Thatcher -> Blair.

  23. It’s brilliant to hear that you’ve done a public speaking event for the first time since your stroke. The blog is always good, but seeing you live is always worth a bit of travel. Keep it up Paul. You’re needed in this movement.

  24. jfngw says:

    The two English parliamentary parties will not work with any Scottish based party, I call them English parties as the Tories MP’s in Scotland hold 1.6% of their seats, it’s even worse for Labour with 0.5% of seats in Scotland. It’s funny because why would the SNP even want to do a deal with them, I don’t want a deal I want an escape.

    As for the LIbDem’s, ACH is the epitome of the colonial, moves to Scotland to tell us how inadequate we are and would fail without his mother country.

  25. James Mills says:

    Catching glimpses of the ”Labour ”conference in Liverpool one could be forgiven for thinking that this was the Tory conference instead :
    Giant Union flag backdrop , union logos on the podium , God Save the King blasted out by the well-dressed audience , SNP -bashing loudly cheered by the delegates – including the Scottish ones !

    The Red Tories have now completed their metamorphosis into the Real Thing !

    Now Scottish Tories can confidently switch to Red Tory in elections in Scotland and maintain their anti-Scottish roots !

    • davetewart says:

      Aye , tomkins the tory, says that we need a tory light government, called the english nationalist labour party.

      Strange auld world, will he have lost his membership in the english tory party in Scotland?

      Thinking that insurance based medical service is only a few months away.

  26. yesindyref2 says:

    As a data point, last amount known for the Bank of England’s foreign reserves was USD 180 billion, which since the GBP has dropped so much, is actually worth more GBP than it was – part of the point of having “Foreign” reserves 🙂

    It’s quite high,, and normally the other main central banks will intervene co-operatively to keep stability, but who knows with such a total load of dodgy dangerous dunderheids in charge of the UK?

    While glove puppets Truss and Kwarteng are at the helm we’re fecked.

  27. yesindyref2 says:

    I’m trying to escape from blogs and postings but it’s all just happening one after another without pause. Here’s another of huge significance:

    I know others have different views but I think Adam Tomkins is genuine, was back in Indy Ref 1 days. For him this must be sad.

    • Hamish100 says:

      So he wants tories dressed up in red singing GSTK, Brexit etcetera.

      No discussion over Scotland then?

      We have just to suck it up?

      Sorry no time for part repented tories while we suffer.

      • yesindyref2 says:

        The only way Tomkins is going to get the traditional Conservative polices he wants, is with a traditional Conservative party in an Independent Scotland. He was one who wanted to split from the UK Tories – that would be the first step.

        Independence is inevitable, UK Tories are insane.

  28. I’m not sure the whole, “Kwasi tanked the Pound as a favour to the hedgies in the City who were taking a short position”, works. For a short position to work (conventionally) the commodity being shorted needs to recover within a reasonably short time frame. A recovery of the Pound seems a distant proposition with no clear route to its resurgence.
    Leaving the possibility of sheer incompetence aside, why would Kwasi tank the Pound?
    The answer may lie in the decision (bizarre to logical thought process) to make Jacob Rees-Mogg, Secretary of State for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy. J R-M only knows the City. Putting J R-M in charge of “Industrial Strategy” is like having Charles Ponzi look after your menage. His father, William Rees-Mogg on retiring as editor of The Times, took up with an American, James Dale David to write books extolling the “virtues” of disaster capitalism. Disaster capitalism is perhaps best summed up by the quote from Baron Rothschild, “the best time to buy is when there’s blood in the streets”. Blood in the Streets, being the title of one of their books.
    Disaster capitalism is sometimes also referred to as Vulture capitalism. To give Kwasi his credit, his ambition goes beyond that of the vulture. Kwasi isn’t content to wait for the corpses, he’s going to create them.

  29. davetewart says:

    This appears to be lunacy.
    The BoE announces new bond selling to stabilise the money markets.
    The same statement says the QT programme will continue next month, this means buying back older bonds.

    I think you are correct in that the central banks will be buying.

    All to get stability from the two nutters actions.

    I think we can do our own economics much better than the english national parties.

    • Aye, the UK’s ‘economic stability’ is going to be a hard sell for unionists chapping doors ahead of iref2.

      • davetewart says:

        From Liverpool,

        Seems the english labour party have stolen the SNP’s manifesto and DEEDS from the last years.

        We still need to repeat,
        What have the SNP government done for you,
        Bloody lots of sensible actions for all our people.

    • yesindyref2 says:

      In normal times they would do, but since there are some talking about a world recession, it’s possible they might just decide to dump a country with an unstable government – one which is becoming increasingly isolationist to boot. The best friend of the US is – the US, and it would dump the UK without a second thought at need. The EU has no need for any sympathy or support – the UK is a small market.

      Yes, iScotland as an “emerging market” would get all the help we need, even in a downturn. Central banks would buy our currency and fill our foreign reserves for us, and the problem would be in reasonably slowing that down – a problem Denmark had as it put in tight margins against the Euro.

    • Alex Clark says:

      Nicola Sturgeon agrees and wants an immediate recall of the UK parliament.

      • yesindyref2 says:

        They need to reverse the changes immediately:

        “Whoops, we didn’t realise markets wouldn’t understand our clever lack of a plan apart from personal greed”.

        Or just resign or get chucked out no confidence.

        However, people who got fixed mortgages for a period of time have really beeen given relief they didnt get caught – yet. Tories punishing 90% of their voter base, who’d have thunk it.

  30. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    I have just found a Brexit benefit ( not directly ALL via Brexit…..but Hey as THEY grasp at straws so can WE…and he did LOSE some EU staff via Brexit so there is a link…and t’other Brexit links too that have impacted his pubs).

    “Wetherspoons sells off 32 pubs as it faces £30m loss”

    Tim Martin….what a Brexit journey he has been on….nice to see it is ending with him taking a large financial hit……so not all bad news today then…….

  31. BBC Scotland focusing on ferries today because that’s what folk will be worried about.

    Nothing much else going on right?

  32. Capella says:

    Great to hear that you are back on the campaign trail Paul. Good news indeed.

    Nicola Sturgeon interviewed by STV makes it crystal clear that we will not be copying the UK Government’s cynical tax breaks for the rich.

  33. Capella says:

    Meanwhile, poor, dense DRoss carries on arguing for trickle down economics. Otherwise, Tories will leave Scotland. Is that a promise? Perhaps DRoss himself should consider leaving.

    Douglas Ross demands tax cuts that would save Tory MSPs thousands on bills

    In line to benefit would be Douglas Ross – if he lived outwith Scotland. Ross currently earns £84,144 per annum as an MP, and £22,221 as an MSP with a dual mandate (a salary he donates to charity). This gives him an annual income of £106,365 – without including any extra cash he earns refereeing football games.

    On these earnings, if Kwarteng’s tax cuts were replicated in Scotland, Ross’s tax bill would fall from around £33,393 to £31,251, according to Money Saving Expert’s income tax calculator.

    Other Tory MSPs would stand to gain further, according to the latest register of interests lodged with the Scottish Parliament.

  34. yesindyref2 says:

    One of the biggest weaknesses during Indy Ref 1 was mortgages – what happens to them. There was nothing about it, and even a lot of research didn’t find anything from potential “foreign” lenders. I know, I spent futile weeks.

    THAT can now be turned to advantage for Indy Ref 2, with lenders withdrawing products because of the massive instability at the moment, with interest rates mostly, but also money supply.

    That opens up a potential to convert a lot of house owners – and people wanting to become ones, a “social class” Indy Ref 1 ignored.

    Get on that, Swinney 🙂

    • Capella says:

      OK – why not sell off the private rented sector just as Thatcher sold off the public rented sector, with a “right to buy” for tenants at today’s market price minus today’s annual rent multiplied by however many years the tenant has been in the house?
      Just my helpful suggestion. 🙂

      • yesindyref2 says:

        Sounds good to me. I used to nearly throw up at all the TV programs about “Buy to let”. Greedy !#!*&*&^s.

        I’d also reclaim high streets from Rachman and his Rachmanist buddies and descendants.

  35. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    Apparently the IMF intervention has prompted many on the ‘WRONG’ side of reason and truth to blame all that is currently going down down down on t’others… well as us in Scotland witnessing the BBC Scotland (INO) being on Tory deflection mode….in a sequel to their original #SNPBAD production of #FerryGateSNPBad….

    Timing it seems is everything…..and as I commented before the chosen PUNCHBAG via the BBC in Scotland is yet again the SNP……

    UK Govt in meltdown as is the economy…..well….. say BBC Scotland wait till you hear OUR story….one that has been GRIPPING the country…..all other stories currently doing the rounds are small fry as we , BBC Scotland, say NOTHING matches today in UK politics the story that we have resurrected on Ferries ….Tories very available to comment on the Ferry story via media and Twitter but unable to elaborate or indeed available to comment on meltdown of UK economy other than to DEFEND tax cuts in England that they say should be copied in Scotland……

    Someone tweeted and listed what is currently doing the rounds of deflecting blame away from the Tory government and diverting attention and blame towards ‘others’ on current BAD state of affairs in UKnotOK via below tweet:

    “Who to blame.

    -leftie lawyers
    -net zero
    -the woke
    -mainstream media
    -the French
    -previous Labour government
    -war in Ukraine
    -Meghan Markle

    Who not to blame.

    -12 years of Tory governments”……

    Dan Hannan uber Brexiteer and Tory peer was blaming market reaction on ‘possibility’ of Starmer becoming next PM……while ignoring the FACT that the Tories are CURRENTLY the UK government amidst all of this CURRENT chaos and where many economists correctly identify all of the mess has been prompted by THEM and THEIR actions via their so called ‘mini’ budget last week…as in THE current Tory government….Hmm (It’s HIS job though to do that is it not)

    Note SCOTLAND being mentioned by this person above in his list of who is to blame ….and also note a tweet from someone who writes for the telegraph that stated :

    “Just checked who the IMF’s Director of Comms is… confirmed my suspicions, he’s British, or more specifically, Scottish. He was offered a job by Scotland’s Labour First Minister in the early 2000s. Could be a coincidence “!

    Aye Scottish….THEM again… show without Scots also being the UK’s punchbag for all blame ……..via media Tory sycophants of ALL party political colours.

    Tory MSP Graham Simpson on BBC Scotland GMS when asked about IMF intervention accused the presenter of “springing this upon him as had not heard about this”….only to be told that it was all over news and papers today….perhaps he was TOO busy focusing on Ferries via a story originating from SAME people who were interviewing him at that moment…..

    I sincerely hope most Scots are able to discern what is going on as in ….

    Who is truly to blame for current mess…

    What the BBC Scotland are really up to in revisiting a story that they have reintroduced many a time when clearly Tories (of all colours) are in peril politically…..

    That the Tories in Scotland are also complicit in this.

    That Keir Starmer is making it crystal clear he will NOT respect OUR votes for the party we vote for indeed he , like Truss, will ignore our FM and thus us as citizens of Scotland….and that his so called NEW green British energy plan/company for ALL of HIS UK will rely very much yet again on much of Scotland’s resources via renewable energy capacity……..déjà vu …….but where will majority of jobs and contracts be going via this supposed Great British ‘master’ plan in HIS UK……Hmm (Not mentioning the FACT the SNP have been banging on about renewable energy is THE future …as if…Labour copy cat the SNP policies and strategies and the media ignore the SNP but applaud Labour’s supposed (non original aka stolen from the SNP) aspirations and plans.


    THINGS can only get much much WORSE not any BETTER…..unless majority in Scotland vote for an escape route to all of this mess….via INDEPENDENCE….the ONLY real viable alternative for us in Scotland from all colours of Tory politicians and their respective client journalists …simples…. things are THAT desperate for us via the Tory of all colours in the HERE and NOW sh*tshow Britnat festival of uber TRUE uber (English disguised as British) nationalism currently flexing yet again it’s BritNat (but really English ONE state) muscles……….

  36. Alex Clark says:

    Sam Coates of Sky news explains what is going on.

    I’m told:
    – Pension funds getting hammered and losing huge amounts of capital
    – Banks forcing them to make margin calls and liquidate assets – so gilts
    – Some pension funds losing large amounts of their fund
    – Hence BoE stepped in

  37. Alex Clark says:

    The reaction from Tory MP’s…humiliating and worse cabinet ever, etc.

  38. yesindyref2 says:

    the launch of Yes Carrick

    Now the funeral and so on is over, there is a subtle way of doing this:

    “Yes Carrick welcomes Prince William, Prince of Wales, Duke of Rothesay and Earl of Carrick, and president of the English FA and keen supporter of England”.

    Mmmm …

    • yesindyref2 says:

      Not to mention:

      “Yes Carrick, of Carrick from whence sprung Robert the Bruce, champion and liberator of Scotland, welcomes Prince William, Prince of Wales, Duke of Rothesay and Earl of Carrick, president of the English FA and keen supporter of England”.

  39. England’s out of it’s mind.

  40. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    I’m just thinking that if Indy Ref was next week they would be BEGGING for us in Scotland to em……..

    ‘Keep’ the (or as they prefer THEIR) pound sterling…..for…reasons….LOL

    Funny enough …’s a foreign currency now…..cause STILL challenged in England if you try and use….em SCOTTISH notes….in some places in England.

    Last time I was in Cambridge when guy there working in a shop was taking a loooong time and a loooong look at me SCOTTISH twenty pound note…..#FakeMoneyAlert by him me thinks…..or foreign currency from Jockistan so not REAL money.

    THEN…he went off to ask a colleague….who told him ….yes it’s Scottish…we accept Scottish money here…..this was not just ANY shop this was a shop with Scottish branches too….can you guess which shop it was ?…..I’m not saying as not my blog but let’s just say it was not a wee corner shop…….

  41. Golfnut says:

    Byline times.
    Short video
    Conservatives could bin Truss in the next 2 weeks

  42. yesindyref2 says:

    The UK’s credit ratings are here, last change June 2021, and though lower than the old AAA ratings, they were stable:

    Now Moody’s are threatening to cut the UK’s rating, and I can’ see why others wouldn’t follow suit. It’s not just the Gov’s borrowing power would be cut and rates rise as a result, it’s the businesses within the UK as well.

    The UK is fecked, and I mean that most sincerely.

  43. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    Stephen Kerr failed Tory MP who lost his seat to the SNP then was shooed in as a List MSP by the Tories has responded to a tweet by Nicola sturgeon with a tweet that stated (and which he tweeted to her and the BOE Twitter a/c) :

    “You weren’t elected First Minister for your snappy takes on the UKGOV- you were elected to run Scotland. Focus on the day job”

    Yes quite Stephen because no WM MP, of any Pro UK party, EVER comments on the Scottish government while in the HOC………I think he is in the wrong job (not astute observation by me I know)…perhaps there is an empty Speakers corner somewhere with a space for HIM to stand upon an empty crate to spew out his ‘particular’ brand of demented ravings…..failing that he could stand inside a glass house shouting ‘Do as I say not as I and MY party DO’……

    We all remember Kerr as a Tory MP in the HOC as the #SNPBAD one trick pony interventionist and random speeches that were 99.9% focused on #SNPBAD and the percentage left over being him muffling as he tried to keep his teeth in……see even his TEETH want no part of him…..

    I guess desperate times call for desperate idiots like him to grasp any desperate straw …….mind you the slight he uses re “focus on the day job”…..when Truss, his party leader, is missing in inaction……is a tad rich even for him……AND his UK Tory chancellor refused to acknowledge (as in IGNORED) or answer questions via journalists yesterday on the tanking pound……as he walked to his office…….

    Deflection as a weapon via Kerr and Co is all they have ……and what is delightful is that they know that ALSO…..

    Shut UP Kerr… are making it worse …for YOU and YOUR party…..however your hatred stops you seeing that…..Amen to that…..let’s be having You … the UK BURNS people like Kerr continue to FIDDLE with the TRUTH…..twas ever thus….LOL

    • Not-My-Real-Name says:

      Sorry meant to add Kerr does KNOW we are still a part of the UK thus nearly ALL decisions by them IMPACTS us and our elected government TOO especially THE current sh*tshow unfolding courtesy of HIS party as the UK government at the moment….so technically he is , yet again, WRONG….but then when did that worry the likes of HIM.

      Uber Hate, for some, does tend to result in the brain’s thinking process disengaging….does for him most certainly…..

    • grizebard says:

      This renewed excrescence from a member of the same party that spent week after interminable week not long ago affronting everyone with their maladroit “Liz and Rich!” display of naked ambition whilst their then PM spent his time sulking and sunning himself on a Greek beach.

  44. davetewart says:

    Pity they’ve sold all the family silver, nothing left to pawn other than paper promises.

    Just looked at the Post Office, they’re withdrawing from the loans market.

  45. yesindyref2 says:

    It’s the end of days. Where’s Arnie when you need him?

  46. Alex Clark says:

    Is this really the most important news in Scotland for the BBC to report right now?

  47. British Queen dies shortly followed by the British economy. Next to cark it is the British state.

  48. stewartb says:

    Voters in Scotland should never forget and never forgive those Unionists that urged back in 2014 and since that we reject independence for Scotland on economic grounds – that we should continue to rely on the broad shoulders of a strong and stable UK. After this week, UKOK really?

    With the financial and economic chaos caused by the ‘new’ Tory government in Westminster, I can’t help reflect on the predictions of economic volatility and financial ruin to be visited on Scotland and its citizens if we dared to vote YES in 2014.

    As one among many examples, I recall seeing an article in the Glasgow Times which included this: ‘Another study from economic commentator Kevin Hague said: “The likely price we would have paid for independence had there been a Yes vote would have been of the order of £9 billion a year; that’s about £1,700 a year for every man, woman and child in Scotland.” The Scottish Conservatives commissioned Mr Hague, who is not a member of any political party, to produce the report.’ These ‘big number’ predictions stated with such certainty may have seemed very scary for some back then!


    For perspective, I’m sure I heard an expert commentator on Radio 4 state (in terms): ‘The UK has seen a £20 billion per year additional debt cost increase since Friday.’ Unionist glee at the next set of GERS figures should be worth seeing as Scotland gets burdened with a share of spiralling UK debt servicing costs!

    Searching for further reassurance that a No vote in 2014 was the wise economic decision? From the Guardian yesterday: ‘UK mortgages: ‘next 10 days crucial’ in how much rates rise: …. ‘Experts are predicting that a typical two-year fix, which has cost borrowers £850 a month, could go up to almost £1,500 a month, after Kwasi Kwarteng’s mini-budget on Friday shocked markets and sent the pound plunging, as well as triggering a government bond sell-off.’

    And adds: ‘The pound’s slide, which makes crude oil, priced in dollars, and imported goods more expensive, threatens to push UK inflation, already at 9.9%, even higher and is expected to force the Bank of England to raise interest rates to 5% or 6% by next summer.’ What a strong and stable economic shelter the UK provides for the people of Scotland!

    Paul Johnson, Director of the Institute for Fiscal Studies commenting on the IFS website: “Today, the Chancellor announced the biggest package of tax cuts in 50 years WITHOUT EVEN A SEMBLANCE OF AN EFFORT TO MAKE THE PUBLIC FINANCE NUMBERS ADD UP. Instead, the plan seems to be to borrow large sums at increasingly expensive rates, put government debt on an unsustainable rising path, and hope that we get better growth.’ (my emphasis)

    In the same IFS article: ‘The Government’s costing of the Energy Price Guarantee for households and non-domestic consumers – £60 billion over the next six months – means that BORROWING THIS YEAR IS NOW ON COURSE TO CLIMB TO £190 BILLION. At 7.5% of national income this would make it the third-highest peak in borrowing since the Second World War, after the Global Financial Crisis and the COVID-19 pandemic.

    ‘By 2026-27 we now forecast that borrowing will be over £110 billion – 3.9% of GDP – which is more than £80 billion higher than the £32 billion forecast by the Office for Budget Responsibility in March. OVER HALF OF THIS INCREASE IN BORROWING IS DUE TO THE ALMOST £45 BILLION A YEAR OF TAX CUTS announced by the Chancellor today.’

    And elsewhere today. From Reuters: – ‘The Bank of England said IT WOULD BUY UP TO 5 BILLION POUNDS ($5.31 BILLION) A DAY of British government bonds with a residual maturity of at least 20 years, starting on Wednesday, in order to restore stability to the gilt market.’ Question: where is the Bank getting £5 Billion each and every day? A very big bank vault or a cell in a spreadsheet? That magic money tree sprouting again?

    From the BBC News website: ‘Emergency Bank move will not solve the problem’ by Faisal Islam, Economics editor – ‘This is an immense show of force from the Bank of England trying to calm borrowing markets. It does raise some questions. It underlines that this is a crisis, and the Bank has responded in emergency mode. THE CLEAR CAUSE OF THIS CRISIS WAS THE CHANCELLOR’S MINI BUDGET, leading to a LOSS OF MARKET CONFIDENCE, and SPIRALLING BORROWING RATES on government debt.

    ‘That crash in the value of loans to the government could become a “MATERIAL RISK TO FINANCIAL STABILITY”, says the Bank. So it will now, for a temporary period, BUY UP THOSE LOANS IN UNLIMITED QUANTITIES. The effective interest rates being charged to the UK government in these markets was spiralling to 20-year highs. That has now fallen back.’

    And Mr Islam adds at the end of a lengthy description of the emerging risks to UK pension funds and on the technical aspects of the BoE’s emergency intervention: ‘But all of this is only required because of the violent turn against British government debts since the mini-budget. It is a dramatic emergency medicine. THE RISK STILL LINGERS. IT DOES NOT SOLVE THE UNDERLYING PROBLEM.’

    Who would have thought that financial and economic chaos and collapse would occur somewhere other than in an independent Scotland? Now it’s clear that the UK offers no immunity to chaos, will self-determination and the benefits of the ‘normal’ agency of a nation-state now be seen as more attractive to those still hesitant about Scotland’s independence? Of course the ‘still hesitant’ probably don’t come here for information and insight: the Unionist-supporting media will now be aggregating and amplifying the Labour Party as the best option for saving the Union.

    • Alex Clark says:

      We will have to deliver the message ourselves that Scotland will prosper as an Independent country based on the skills and education of her people together with our abundant energy resources.

      Right now it is chaos in the money markets because the Tories have put economic illiterates in charge of the UK pursestrings. They sacked the head civil servant of the Treasury on the day they took office no doubt because he told them what would b the result of their plans for paying for tax cuts for the rich by borrowing and dumping the costs for that borrowing in ordinary workers.

      We are nowhere near the bottom yet, this is the biggest economic crisis to hit this country in my memory and we are a long way from even trying to start to make it right. Plenty of advisors to the government saw this coming, Sunak warned Truss as well during their live debates. Yet still, they ignore it, and here’s what’s really going on.

      • grizebard says:

        They’re not illiterates. Or more exactly, not merely that. It’s worse. As somebody called them lately, a Brexit death cult. The inmates have got themselves in charge of the asylum now and we’re locked in with them. And the more that events prove them wrong, the deeper they dig themselves in. Vide John “Swivel Eyes” Redwood on C4 news tonight.

        “No, the iceberg wasn’t so very big, and there was just a passing scrape. Hardly a scratch, and all your fault anyway for distracting the steersman. We carry on undaunted without a problem…”

  49. Dr Jim says:

    Kevin Hague, a good Chum of all things Tory, he has a long Pedigree of it, it keeps him a happy Chappie though

  50. Clive Scott says:

    So looking forward to a YES vote come Indyref2 so I can happily marginalise, ignore and treat with contempt No voting Tories.

  51. I was actually on the phone today to my own bank talking to a mortgage advisor about something mundane that needed done. At the end, she was like ‘Yes, normally we could get this sorted out in about 5-7 days, but given what has just happened, it may well take longer as relevant staff are dealing with a big crisis for many customers’.

  52. Alex Clark says:

    This is Truss’s response to the UK public while the UK finances and reputation plunge. Missing for days and then 10 minutes ago we get a tweet…about Ukraine

    • The woman is clearly deranged.
      England’s Captain Queeg, excellently played by Humphrey Bogart in ‘The Caine Mutiny’.
      This can’t last much longer before the men in the white coats are brought in.

  53. Indyref2 THIS October?
    I see that the ‘Ferry Fiasco’ is the only news in Scotland, apart from a Rangers player getting a yellow card in Poland during a series of 3 international games which our ‘national’ team. scotland battled to 2 wins and a draw, winning our group.
    Three games which the vast majority of Scots couldn’t watch because they were sold to cable TV by our SFA.
    Muriel Two Days A Week Gray may be asked why BBC Jockland couldn’t even do highlights.
    Anything that even hints at Scotland The Brave is buried. Back to the 15 week saga of the ferry fiasco.
    WE are not starving, freezing, losing our houses Up Here?
    I don’t give a Lib Dem lost deposit for ferries…I have bills to pay with less money, while greedy wee Dross demands that our elected Government follow his English Masters and give money to the rich and let me starve, freeze and struggle.
    The ‘ferry fiasco’?
    Where is McColl in all of this?
    BBC Scotland is the Comms wing of the sectarian Scotia Nostra.
    The end of days for this lot are at hand.
    The Dead Tree Scrolls barely mention out Scottish Team’s magnificent week…because it is good news for Scotland, recognised as a distinct nation by the rest of the world.
    Feck them all.
    Move to England, Dross, if you don’t like living here.
    I am spitting teeth.
    If you don’t have money to afford Sky or BT, then you can forget watching Scotland playing football. But BBC Plantation Quay will buy in England games?
    The branwashing colonial arrogance stops now. If a Referendum were held now, the YES vote may even reach 70%.
    But it’s the ferries. Keep repeating it’s the ferries. Life in Scotland is just a bowl of ferries.

    • Alex Clark says:

      Life in Scotland is just a bowl of ferries.

      Just class jack, real class LOL

      • Not-My-Real-Name says:

        “Life in Scotland is just a bowl of ferries”

        Brilliant Jack… win comment of the day….what a beauty……LOL

        Have a nice evening Jack…you are THE man.


  54. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    STV news at six had #FerryGate as THE TOP story.

    Bernard Ponsonby said this will run and run and run…..indeed it will Bernard.

    He said that apparently Taxpayers money spent on it ,the cost to build two CalMac ferries at the Ferguson Marine shipyard has increased by more than £70m.However, if potential problems arise, this could increase to £84.1m. …well this money could have been spent on other things in Scotland for the people in Scotland he said….and gave examples…..also said the two contractors who failed to win the tender could go to court over this…..pray who will go to court re some of the Pro UK political parties actions and spending Bernard….aye there is the it NOT.

    Meanwhile Labour PFI legacy will cost Scotland’s taxpayers a massive 30 billion over the coming decades….wheesht for the (non) Union….saving of…..that is.

    The Tories money spent (wasted) on Brexit….billions…
    English failed Track and Trace system…37 Billion….
    Phantom Ferries via Tory Chris Grayling ….over 50 Million…..
    Tory donors awarded PPE contracts for unusable PPE equipment…..millions…..
    Boris fantasy NI to Scotland bridge feasibility study…900 thousand pounds…
    Hinkley Point Nuclear plant delayed….hit by 3 Billion cost rise…..
    HS2 delayed……billions over budget…..
    Elizabeth rail line delayed ….4 billion over budget……………
    Current mess via Truss Tory government…..well is it millions, billions or trillions……..
    BUT….wheesht for the (non) Union….saving of…that is.

    Sure above examples re Pro UK parties NOT an exhaustive list of their wasting of money …..and indeed the delays/over budget on Tory projects they, the Tories, started (promised would be on budget and complete in time) and have NOT fulfilled THEIR promise to TAX PAYERS …and Brexit the big daddy of failed policies that shall not be , as a word, mentioned by the media…certainly never mentioned in a negative manner or one that has impacted our economy negatively…….this IS dirty politics and a media not averse to getting THEIR hands dirty for their (non) Union.

    That is Scottish TV media in a nutshell…..not saying ignore …..BUT….when a story keeps resurfacing over and over it does become a tad more like an orchestrated smear campaign that is going above and beyond what we normally see the media do against OTHER political parties here in Scotland……plus at a time when the biggest crisis orchestrated by a UK government is unfolding that will impact us all…yes STV and BBC…even us Scots will suffer via this CURRENT UK government’s actions….then it is kinda not that uncool to highlight the above done by OTHER parties who favour the UK over independence must be accountable too for much that we suffer now…..and we thus say OK we get the picture….we hear the story on Ferries…. but to quote Bernard ” taxpayers money spent” via Pro UK parties could have been “spent on other things in Scotland” and indeed in their UK….but no huge fuss and REVISITING upon THOSE very things time and time again…..where money was wasted via Pro UK parties spending……via our Scottish (INO) media……but will they Bernard “run and run and run” in the media in Scotland

    When people lose their houses, die of cold and starvation and their standard of living drops down to the lowest level….will they, the media, blame the Scottish government Ferry contracts on all of this…or seek the real culprits ……my money is on them blaming and focusing on the Scottish government…..#SNPBAD is after all always on trend in the Scottish media who are after all THE client journalists of the Pro UK political parties are they not.

    • Indeed, NMRN.
      I just watched Militant Momentum Intenational Socialist New New Labour , fresh from singing God Save the King in Liverpool, his English Master’s declared choice to host Eurovision over Sarwar’s home town Glasgow, Millionaire Dentist Cash and Carry King father of kids who attend fee paying schools who have daddy’s share in the family’s Cash and Carry empire set aside as a Foundation package for the wee souls, fronting some fictitious outfit announced as ‘Scottish Labour’, telling BBC Distorting Scotland’s aging viewers that the SNP are doing nothing to alleviate the lot of us poor Scots who are not millionaire chancers lot during the Madness of Liz and Kerching.
      Labour would introduce a rent Freeze..oh, wait, Labour would freeze bus travel..oh wait.
      They had a clip with a lad in a food bank interviewing women, who described the hardships being visietd upon them as imprisoned colonials in Sarwar’s ”Britain’.
      None of them declared that ‘the SNP’ had done nothing to help.
      Sarwar did, as he closed this pointless little piece of drivel.
      He’s a millionaire. He bleives if fee paying schools, Trident, and an English Parliament colonising Scotland.
      When Daddy retires, will he be feckin’ off to Pakistan?
      I am hungry, cold, poor, and oppresswed by imperial England.
      I am Scotland. Anas Sarwar is none of these.
      Feck off to England if you love it so much.
      Ponsonby on STV.
      We the vast majority of the people of Scotland, don’t give a damn about your ‘ferry fiasco.
      MY power company has just put up my monthly DD by another £45.
      But then again, I’m not on the telly coining it in for England.

  55. It’s time for another Queen Elizabeth University Hospital (who actually chose this name? Nobody seems to know.) bird droppings bloody babygro infant death scandal from BBC Jockland, surely?
    Or rats in Govanhill? Or a ‘disgraced’ Derek McKay piece?
    We are on our knees because we are a militarily colonised ‘territory’ of England.
    There is no rope left.
    Time to drive them out of our country.
    Consider this.
    There are thousands of English born Up Here holding top positions of power in all of Scotland’s institutions, companies, and ‘Scottish’ organisations.
    Just like in England’s other colonies, they are there to hold us in check for Mother England.
    Come independence, when we are welcomed back into the EU, these ‘settlers’ will be required to apply for our permission to remain and work within the EU, just like wot Europeans are being forced to do in ‘take back control’ England.
    There are 2 million vacancies in England that they can’t fill. 1.3 million Europeans left Enfland when Brexit bit.
    Perhaps many of the ‘colonialists’ will head back to England? I doubt it.
    They are eligible for Scottish passports, mind, but, though.
    Just like the Loyalists in Norn Irn rushing to get irish passports, i envisage the New Scottish Passports Office needing a special unit for the dispossessed English Scots.
    A delicious thought in this old gruntfuttock’s mind.
    The Union is dead.

  56. Hamish100 says:

    I hope the people in Port Glasgow recognise that if it wasn’t for the Scottish Government there will be no ferries and no jobs at Fergusons.

    Remember the promises made by labour, certain trade unionists, the tories and Lib Dems that 13 ships would be built on the Clyde then 8 then…
    The trades unions complicit in the lies and coverups Remember the pictures of labour politicians like Curran and co during 2014.
    So bbc, STV, tories, labour, Lib Dem, GMB, UNITE, Inverclyde Council should we just shut the shipyard down and say to McColl and co , here’s your money back.

    Is that what would make you smirk? Doing Londons dirty work.

    I think the Scottish voters will think differently.

  57. Alex Clark says:

    Sarwar is the new Jim Murphy.

    Even though Mark Drakeford, Wales’s First Minister, has much more electoral success to show, it was Mr Sarwar who was treated as a superstar at the conference in Liverpool.

    After council elections this year, in which Scottish Labour reclaimed its place as the second-largest party, the party has its eye on at least 15 and possibly as many as two dozen seats in the Central Belt which includes Glasgow and Edinburgh, where the SNP is dominant but its support is seen as relatively soft.,,

    Sir Keir went out of his way to attack the nationalists in his conference speech, saying: “We can’t work with them. We won’t work with them. No deal under any circumstances.” By contrast, he has notably not ruled out working with the Liberal Democrats in a hung Parliament.

    And like Jim Murphy he will be humiliated at the polls and made to eat his words.

    • It doesn’t get much more risible than this.
      The argument that the likelihood of English Labour forming the next English Government under Starmer, will have legions of us abandoning independence and the SNP/Green to sweep Labour into power in its Northern Colony is a possibility helps them get through the night I suppose.
      There’s a matter of Indyref 2 before then, of course.
      There is not, nor has there ever been an entity known a Scottish Labour.
      It ius a Northern Colony Branch Office of and English political party, which formerly, but not now, was the party of the working people.
      They are a right winf National Socialist Party now. Europe is their enemy.
      Sarwar is Starmer’s poodle.
      The SNP/Greens will not do deals with any Unionist oppressor.

    • grizebard says:

      In deluded vainglorious ambition maybe, so a bit of a faint echo, but he doesn’t even have a fraction of Murph’s substance, whatever that was. He’s a talentless chancer looking at polls in England and desperately hoping he’ll be able to pick up a share here of the spoils down there. By osmosis or something. Certainly not by actually earning it. (And the English comrades plainly think so too.)

  58. Hamish100 says:

    I see the journalist worked for the Sun and the Mail online. Pals of labour these days.

    Wonder what happened with the Telegraph?

  59. What’s the latest on the ferries, the controversy that is gripping Scotland?
    Get Baronesses Mone and Rape Clause in to sort it out !
    Kezia Dugdale as Non Exec Director. Jim Murphy as PR Consultant.
    Lord Jack McConnell as CEO?
    Life is just a bowl of ferries.
    All together now.

    • Alex Clark says:

      I nicked your “Life is just a bowl of ferries” line to laugh at a Unionist on twitter who ws havering about the ferries and annoyed nobody was taking him seriously because of other things like the £ crashing LOL

      • Stephen McKenzie says:

        Jack and Alex, its humour that kills ridiculous media stories dead, such as the “life is just a bowl of ferries”.

        Who cannot be impressed with Scottish humour over the famous “SNP Civil War” that thundered one day from the media and disappeared the next when the piss was taken out of them. Brian Taylor was a broken man after that 🙂

        • grizebard says:

          I’m a big believer in the political power of humour too. Gets right to the heart of a matter without explanation but great effect. And there’s lots of Unionist windbags around just asking to be deflated by a suitably witty stinger like Jack’s.

      • I am coming ’round to the belief that we should just laugh in their faces, when the likes of Glenn Campbell who, in two part harmony with his mate Douglas Fraser on Distorting Scotland tonight in a mealy mouthed attempt to dampen down the disastrous consequences to their fellow Scots of Kerching’s ‘fiscal’ madness, ‘suggested’ that Government Departments (that’s the ones in England) have already been instructed to introduce ‘savings’ (I have mentioned this Thatcher Consultant Doublespeak which meant redundancies and budget cuts before , many times during the 12 years of Douglas Ross and Willie Rennie’s ‘austerity years) as part of Truss’ government’s strategy to make the Give To The Rich, Starve The Poor good governance.
        Campbell and Fraser looked like a right couple of chookies trying to defend this madness.
        No mention of the run on pension funds of course, and a wee clip for a mortgage peddler muttering that it would all settle down again in a few days.
        The fifth Column at Plantation Quay will still be mouthing this Brit toss even as the banks foreclose on their own mortgages and credit card debt.
        I vote that we laugh at them on here and ‘live’ at every opportunity from now ’til Freedom Day.

  60. When a state finally collapses, it tends to happen really rapidly. Almost like it’s out of the blue. But it’s not of course, and is in fact the product of of centuries of history/ events reaching a culmination.

    We are living in the last days of Rome.

    Stormont Speaker Maskey confirms date institutions will be fully dissolved and calls for an ‘Assembly functioning fully’

    The Speaker of the Assembly has written to Stormont MLAs to confirm the institutions will be formally dissolved as of October 28 if the office of the First and deputy First Minister is not filled.

    In his letter to politicians, Alex Maskey said after this date, the First Minister offices can no longer be legally filled and said the Secretary of State would then be required “as soon as practicable” to propose a date for a new Assembly Election within 12 weeks.

  61. Dr Jim says:

    No matter how many times Sir Keir Putin and his Sarwars say there’ll be no deal with the SNP under any circumstances the Tories only have to say it once that Sturgeon will be running Englands UK government and good old racist England will vote Tory in their droves

    The very idea of Scotland having anything to do with running their country is completely abhorrent to them, in that regard the Tory propaganda has been hugely successful, but it should also serve as a demonstration of the general mean and racist behaviour that England has in its contempt for Scots and Scotland, and well really all peoples not them, it’s perfectly fine and dandy for them to be born to rule Scotland but certainly no way are the English prepared to accept anything even close to that the other way round

    People in Scotland should remember when better together were in full swing Labour were party to that same argument, only the other day their one solitary MP Ian Murray quite happily stated that there was no way in which the SNP could be in government in England, how’s that for a nation of equals

    So there you have it Labour in Scotland are even racist against themselves

    England must rule………….no matter what they do, or how they behave

    God save the Arab donors

    • grizebard says:

      It’s not racist, it’s just cringingly self-demeaningly stupid. (Give the man a bucket, since he obviously doesn’t have a backbone.)

      My guess is that if the SNP were to change a lifetime’s practice (they won’t) and put up candidates across the whole UK, and Nicola got airtime accordingly, it wouldn’t just be Plastic Tory that would get a very big surprise.

      But with the Tories now having to hang on grimly till the bitter end, we won’t even be involved in the next UKGE elections, will we…?

      • Mark Drakeford sees Plaid Cymru and supporters as fellow Welsh people. British Labour, including the far, far, far north of England, sorry Britain Branch, are different. They see the SNP and supporters as ‘others’; people not the same as them based on nationality.

        From what I’ve seen, Drakeford identifies as Welsh (nationality) & British (unionism). Keir will be English and British. Sarwar and co? British (nationality) and Scottish (regional?) or just British maybe?

        North British Labour, unlike Welsh Labour, has lost a lot of its support to the pro-independence parties. That means it increasingly comprises now of the British nationalist fraction, with these promoted more favourably through its ranks due to English British nationalist influence (this being on the rise in Labour over the border). They even seen determined not to seek the votes of Scottish (mainly) people (who back indy), but rather compete with the Tories for the British nationalist vote.

        So the choice if British/English nationalist labour to not work with the SNP will be largely based on nationality / ethnicity of the latter and its supporters. This is very much the dividing line between them; the primary factor which has created the opposing camps rather than domestic policy nor even the indyref itself.

        You will notice how Mark Drakeford supports the right of the Scots, Welsh and N. Irish to freely self-determine. That’s because he’s Welsh first and foremost. Anyone opposed to Scotland being able to freely self-determine is not Scottish in primary nationality. A true Scottish unionist supports the right of Scots to choose, but backs the union as they believe it does bring benefit.

        By contrast, a British nationalist sees Scotland as a region of their British country which is indivisible. The Alister Jacks and orangemen of this world. The do not see Scottish (first and foremost) people as their people, but ‘others’. A plague on the British nation. ‘Anti-English Separatists’ etc. So yes, this is racism.

        Importantly, what has happened recently, particularly since Brexit, is that we are seeing a clash between British unionists and British nationalists. The opposing position of Drakeford and Starmer etc is an example. Brexit saw the English/British nationalists take power in the UK, ousting the British unionists. Similar applied under Thatcher, who was very English nationalist. This puts Scottish / Welsh / N. Irish unionists in conflict with their historic allies the British nationalists, and that is causing the final breakdown of the UK, pushing the former towards independence and their ‘own people’.

        Scottish + British unionists are Scots like us. They are not British nationalists. The British nationalists are attacking them by attacking their right to self-determine and undermining their devolution. Attacking their own allies based on nationality / ethnicity. It will be the end of the union as ~3/4 of Scots are independence supporters + unionists who are Scottish and believe Scots should be able to decide for themselves. It’s how we got 3/4 Yes in 1997.

        And as we saw in the most recent SSAS/BSAS, what has happened since then, notably since 2011, is that Scottish unionists (devo backers) have steadily moved to being Scottish independence supporters in response to the rise of British / English nationalism / demise of unionism; brexit being a symptom of this. This process is ongoing.

        By denying a section 30, Brengland is not appealing to 50% N (tomorrow), but to way less than half of that; the hardcore undemocratic among the British population of Scotland (there are of course decent Brits in Scotland who do agree with our right to self-determine).

        The refusal of a Section 30 is discrimination based on nationality / ethnicity, of that there is no doubt. It is British / English refusing Scots the vote. That is as racist as if it were doing the same to black people, Asian people, Jewish people, Irish people…

        The whole reason for international law on self-determination is to protect national / ethnic groups from unwanted racist persecution / misrule by other groups. Be that the Uyghurs / Tibetans of China, or the Chagossians… Scots under British/English rule.

        Even the GFA was about stopping racist treatment of native Irish N. Irish by the British nationalists (N. Irish unionists like the UUP were not the main guilty party here, it was the British nationalists like the DUP). It wasn’t about religion, but about nationality / ethnicity. Hence the signatories being two countries + leaders of the contested region.

  62. yesindyref2 says:

    It’s Kwarteng to Truss in the bowels of the Bank of England as traders desperately look at the minute hand heading for Tory O’Clock and the start of another disastrous day.

    Suddenly they hear the chimes as they run out of time:

    Doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom”

    Silence falls and you could hear a pin drop. It’s all that’s left of the foreign reserves.

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