Notes from Normal-island

Oh. My. God. This is totally messed up, he said, gesturing vaguely around at everything. The perfect indication of just what a crazed and insane place we have got to in this so called United Kingdom is that the most sensible public figures on social media right now are Jedward. Yes, that Jedward. The deeply annoying Irish pop poppets, Eurovision entrants and X Factor contestant twins Jedward. They are now providing more mature, thoughtful and insightful commentary on Twitter than anything you’ll find this week on the BBC or Sky. And don’t start me on a print media that publishes photos of a cloud that would look like the queen wearing a squashed cloud hat if you were on psychoactive drugs.

For most of the supposedly serious and [checks notes] world class British media, if they got any further up the arse of the new King Charles, they’d be wearing the crown themselves. For my own part, I’m still at the stage where whenever anyone says King Charles, I immediately mentally add ‘Spaniel’. One striking realisation from the coverage of the Scottish stages of the proceedings is how little many of the commentators actually know about the history of the relationship between England and Scotland.

Currently as I type this, some random sycophantic commentator on the telly, which is just about all of them at the moment, has said, in all apparent seriousness, that when the Queen appeared alongside Paddington Bear in that short skit that was released at the Jubilee, she wasn’t acting opposite “the real Paddington.” Next thing they’re going to tell us is that the dinosaurs on Jurassic Park weren’t real either. That’s the BBC’s mission to educate and inform for you. Anyway, as any royal commentator worth his or her salt ought to know, the real Paddington is Peruvian, so comes from a country where they have a republic, and presumably right now a TV service which is actually still talking about real news.

Still, at this time of National MourningⒸ it’s a huge comfort that we can all come together, prayerfully and respectfully united in deep loathing and contempt for the performative mourning virtue signaller snowflakes of GeeBeebies News and all the other channels where sycophantic royalist, grovelling platitude mongering ‘newsreaders’ talk in that muted and regretful tone that you usually reserve for phoning in sick when you have a hangover.

On Monday 19th, the day of the state funeral, shops and supermarkets will be closed, a number of food banks have also announced that they will be closed ‘as a mark of respect.’ Although clearly not respect for people who are going hungry. Cancer appointments have been cancelled. Center Parcs will be chucking everyone out that day. Shortly after announcing the decision, Center Parcs did a U-turn after realising that it had trained its guests in archery, shooting, swimming, canoeing, and swinging through the trees like apes, meaning it had basically got village-loads of ninjas to clear out.

All other funerals will be cancelled on day the queen is buried, how is this remotely sane behaviour? Closing food banks and cancelling NHS operations and interventions on Monday “out of respect” for a dead monarch. The distillation of everything that is wrong with the UK in two acts of abject and needless cruelty.

On Sunday a BBC commentator narrating the interminable live coverage of the hearse carrying the Queen’s coffin from Balmoral to Edinburgh through Scottish city streets lined with silent onlookers explained to viewers that “Scottish people don’t emote as enthusiastically as people down south.” He has clearly never been to a Scottish football match, or a concert, or indeed any gathering of Scottish people that wasn’t actually a funeral. What did he expect? Hysterical people, crying, screaming, ripping their clothes in grief and throwing marmalade sandwiches at the cortege?

Whether republican or royalist, most Scots have enough integrity to be able to show quiet and dignified respect to a deceased person. That certainly doesn’t mean that they are confirmed royalists, for all the efforts of the BBC to politicise this event in the service of the anti-independence cause. To all the British journalists, who think the Union is safe because Scotland showed respect to a dead Monarch, watch what happens with the live one.

While the service for the late queen was taking place at St Giles Cathedral, the new King’s staff at his residence in London, Clarence House, were receiving redundancy notices. He’s moving in to Buckingham Palace so they are no longer required. It’s beyond the pale to protest against the monarchy during his time of National MourningⒸ but it’s perfectly OK for Charles to sack his staff. Of course, he did it ‘reverently.’ Sacking his surplus servants was Charles’s first act as king. His second was to give his brother Andrew a job. Prince Andrew has been appointed a Counsellor of State for the new king, given the role of stepping in for King Charles if he ever becomes sick or leaves the country, meaning Andrew is effectively the deputy king. The law does dictate that the role goes to the next four in line for the throne, but Charles could have held off and made it known that he wanted legislators to change the law so that Andrew’s place could have been taken by Princess Anne. It’s not like they’d say no. Charles chose not to.

There’s grotesquely out of touch for you. The kid who heckled Prince Andrew for participating in a sex trafficking ring is going to face a stiffer punishment than Prince Andrew did for participating in a sex trafficking ring. But that was just fine with the right wing British nationalist types. What was totally beyond the gammon pale was that Prince Harry and his mixed race wife had the gall to hold hands in the procession. They didn’t muster the same outrage at Princess Anne’s daughter or one of the daughters of Prince Andrew, who likewise held hands with their spouses.

By Wednesday, the cameras were showing us the queues of people in London waiting to view the coffin, the TV announcer said : “This is what we are going to be watching for 4 days.” You’d like to assume not literally, but by this point that’s exactly what the BBC means. The funeral is on Monday, for the intervening five days the BBC is giving us a live stream of the coffin, just in case, you assume, anything changes, interspersed with interviews with people standing in The Queue, which by now has acquired capital letters. Although they missed a trick by not calling it the Elizabeth line.  Some will be queuing for 12 hours or more, all in order to shuffle past a box bedecked in flags with a jewelled hat sitting on top. “I want to be a part of history,” those standing in line tell the telly presenters. You no longer get to be a part of history simply by living through a historic event. This is Brexit Britain, you have to queue for hours.

People complain about the disrespect of those of us who are not interested in this charade or who protest that Charles is NotMyKing. But you know what is really disrespectful? That’s Andrew and his brother using the death of their mother to launder his reputation.

Republicans do not propose arresting people for commemorating the late queen or celebrating the new King Charles Spaniel- sorry, I can’t help it – but that is exactly what is happening to those protesting against the new King. The so-called guardians of free speech, the anti-woke warriors fighting cancel culture are nodding in approval when people exercising their free speech are arrested for it. A man in London was arrested for carrying a blank placard with an intent to write Not My King on it. How we scoffed when that happened to anti-war protestors in Russia. Welcome to Truss and Charles’s Britain.

A monarchy that is threatened by some booing and a few pieces of cardboard is a pretty fragile thing. God, imagine protesting at a *proclamation*, the very thought. Please conduct your anti-monarchy protest at 3pm on a wet Tuesday afternoon in the car park of Coatbridge Asda rather than at the king’s proclamation in front of the world’s media. Thank you for protesting conveniently.

There is apparently no right to freedom of speech in the spaniel’s kingdom if you object to the monarchy and to this long and dragged out North Koreanesque charade. How very dare you not be grieving. They are not just policing our speech, they are policing our emotions too. This is a time of National MourningⒸ and you will mourn, or else. Don’t you dare enjoy yourself, pleb. Turn on the TV, wrap yourself in a British flag and weep like a loyal little subject.

I realise that not everyone in Scotland shares my antipathy to the institution of the monarchy, far more widespread, even in a Scotland which is easily the least royalist part of Britain, is a general lack of interest in the royal family, for many a grudging toleration. But I suspect that the mandatory, authoritarian force-feeding of nauseating royal sycophancy which has been forced upon us this past week is turning large numbers of people strongly against the institution. It was bad enough when Prince Philip died, and I knew that when his wife passed away we’d be in for what we experienced then but on steroids. However it has been far more shrill, intrusive, desperate, and frankly crazed, than my worst fears.

There is still over a week of this to go and they have already scraped through the bottom of the barrel. On Monday we were regaled with the hysterical, nauseating guff of Lulu on the BBC news giving us, in an accent wandering about more than a drug addled student with a rail pass, the final inane utterances of a doomed civilisation. This is despite the fact she told us that she, like just about everyone else, didn’t really know the queen and doesn’t have any stories about her. It makes anyone with functioning neurons remaining want to dook for chips. Up next on BBC News, the members of Steps tell us how Tears on the Dancefloor was really a touching tribute to the late queen, which they then perform with choreography by the Duke of Buccleuch.

This is surely due to deep seated British nationalist fear that the passing of the queen also represents the passing of the British state which she became the monarch of seventy years ago. When Elizabeth acceded to the throne, Britain still had an Empire, it was one of the leading and most influential members of the Allies which had won WW2, the UK still fancied itself as a global superpower. They are not just mourning the queen, they are mourning the Britain that the British establishment and above all the Conservatives, have destroyed.

Now Britain is in crisis, millions worry about keeping food on the table or keeping their homes warm, and thousands of businesses are facing collapse. The UK is isolated, out of Europe and facing an uncertain and diminished future. This island is swimming in a literal sea of sewage. We now have the most right wing Prime Minister in history, who is threatening a trade war with Europe and who is making us all pay in order to protect the profiteering of the energy companies. She was elected by a hundred thousand southern English reactionaries who fume about Europe and ‘the woke’.

We also have a new head of state whose judgement is highly questionable and who has a track record of immense entitlement even by the standards of his family. He’s only been king a couple of days but evidence of his short temper and tetchiness is already apparent. This is the king we are being exhorted to ‘love’. Yeah, I think I’ll pass. We live in a country suffering a Brexit it didn’t consent to, under a government and Prime Minister it didn’t vote for, under a monarchy it didn’t ask for, with a media that isn’t even pretending to represent the true breadth of public opinion, and we are not allowed to protest about it.

The UK itself is on its last legs as half of Scotland has its eye on the exit door, yet politics is paused while the establishment plays at dress up, with billion pound bejewelled hats, chocolate box soldiers, carriages and tail coats, and any protest is met with police action. It’s not a funeral anymore. This is a week-long celebration of the English class system.


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273 comments on “Notes from Normal-island

  1. deelsdugs says:

    Bloody fantastic Paul. Welcome back.
    Seems sycophantasia is the latest disneyfication featuring a privileged dreary auld man, whose sidekick was jimmy saville aided by his ‘spankingly clean transformed’ brother.
    A whole new shit show entertaining the depths the entire establishment and their cronies will perform at to get what they want.

  2. Gordon Ross says:

    Thank God for October 19th 2023

  3. Gregory Nunn says:

    Leading the way to dissolution.

  4. rodwiddowson says:

    On the bright side. This got me to “Scottish Breakaway (Coronation Coronach)” which got me to Hamish Innes. How could I live 60 years and have never heard “Cod liver oil and the orange juice”, by being brought up in a Empire-worshipping family I suppose.

    • rodwiddowson says:

      Imlach. Sorry. Autocorrect strikes again.

    • deelsdugs says:

      It was a chant for us 😂 as dad approached with the bottle and teaspoon urgh

      • benmadigan says:

        It was Mum in our family. We had cod liver oil capsules to swallow and freshly squeezed sour orange juice ( no sugar) every morning which always gave me hives after a few days. Every winter, the misery of hives until I got old enough to say “enough is enough”

  5. Arthur+Thomson says:

    Superb Paul. Thank you.

  6. Eilidh says:

    Thank the maker you are back Paul. I hope you had a nice birthday and time away from blogging Today’s post is fabulous. I recently heard of someone – a young adult who stood in a queue for hours through the night in Edinburgh just to walk past the Queens coffin st St Giles . He is not even a monarchist but went because it was a big moment in history and would never happen again in his lifetime and was a had to be there moment or at least that is what he told his sister.To be there moments for me are things like space shuttle launches but each to their I suppose.
    Yep the Uk has gone nuts.I am glad I am not the only one expecting to hear the word spaniel after anyone mentions the words King Charles. I wonder what our scumbag uk govt are hiding during this period of near hysteria on the part of the media

    • mumsyhugs says:

      I suspect the young adult may well get another chance for a big moment in history – Charlie’s nae spring chicken!

      Welcome back Paul!

    • deelsdugs says:

      Think their hidden agenda ‘on ice’ shenanigans since the FM announced ref2/GE de facto has been the biggest con of all times distraction

  7. Welsh_Siôn says:

    Ignorant Taff – please enlighten.

    What does this mean, please? Thanks in advance:

    ” It makes anyone with functioning neurons remaining want to dook for chips.”

    Otherwise, as per, Paul has the words which we all have and wish could articulate as well as him.

    Welcome back, WGD!

    • Dr Jim says:

      Plunge one’s face into a chip pan

      • Dr Jim says:

        At Halloween in Scotland we have a tradition of *dooking* for apples, placing apples into a water filled container and plunging our faces in to bite one out, then you win the apple
        It’s a lot more fun than it sounds

        • Welsh_Siôn says:

          I know that one, Dr Jim.

          “Apple bobbing” I think the English call it – and it features in a whodunnit by Agatha Christie, too. (Mrs W_S is a Christie buff).

          I’m sure it’s more fun celebrating the Celtic New Year that way than forcing your features into a saucepan of hot, boiling vegetable fat and trying to eat hot sliced tatties!

  8. Dr Jim says:

    Who can or should ever forget HM the Queens last constitutional act was to give Royal approval to the new Prime Minister who with her Tory party will inflict the most devastating poverty in living memory on four countries of the UK to fulfill the desires of the only one who voted for them, England

  9. Bob Lamont says:

    Aye, an excellent synopsis.
    The media presumably under orders (Police likewise) have enforced a “National MourningⒸ” like no other, yet simultaneously destroyed any prospect of the Spaniel inheriting the respect Scots held for his mother the late Queen.
    It’s not as if he personally was held in much respect anyway in Scotland, but his exposure as King has highlighted the pampered rich boy with an “attitude” his mother would undoubtedly cringe over, but she’s not in place to protect him any more.
    It is abundantly clear the Daily Mail etc will be going after Charles once this “National MourningⒸ” is officially over, he is not THEIR preference – Watch the “Wills and Kate” campaign develop.

    It has taken the BBC in Scotland a full 8 days of wall to wall Monarchy to resume reporting normal news (where they are, not where everybody else is), but I was greatly amused to see Scotland/Politics parade the ridiculous spectacle of Alister Jack and Ben Wallace on guard in Royal Company of Archer uniform IN ENGLAND…
    If the Secretary of Flounce for Scotland could not bring himself to stand guard in Scotland, has he the faintest notion just how bad that looks to Scots ? If indeed he gives a damn for “duty” rather than “photo-ops”.

    The Tories and the media have badly misjudged how this “spectacle” would play in Scotland, just as they did with the Liz Truss roadshow – All allusions to Empire, Colonialism or Imperialism in Scotland are destroyed through sheer arrogance… Then there is Cherlie Boy to reinforce it over a bloody pen…

  10. UndeadShaun says:

    Im trying to avoid live TV, instead watching films like The Men Who Stare At Goats, which sounds more interesting than staring at bbcs/itv/C4/ Channel 5 coverage.

    Or for an alternative on watching royalty, watching house of the dragon and rings of power. To be honest disney plus pinnochio which has crap reviews with a wooden tom hanks sounds more appealing than tv at the moment

    Im guessing all streaming services will be reporting increased viewing just now with less watching terrestial tv or royal watch as it should be called now.

  11. Drew Anderson says:

    To “dook” means to plunge or to dip Siôn.

    At Hallowe’en, at least in my long distant youth, we’d fill a large container with water and float apples in it. The idea was to attempt to grab an apple with your teeth; not so easily done. In northern England they call it “apple bobbing”, I don’t know if that term extends to Wales.

    So, to “dook for chips” is a way of saying you’d be plunging your face into a pan of hot fat or oil to get at the chips. First degree burns, permanent disfigurement and, probably, blindness has become a more attractive option to endless National Mourning ©.

  12. Aucheorn says:

    I will now and forever refer to England as the spanial kingdom.
    Thank you.

  13. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    Great piece Paul… on as per.

    Glad to see you back….and you have truly captured pretty much everything that has and is going down ….and will I am sure continue….and all the rest.

    Hope you had a nice and well deserved wee break…….

    Take Care…..


    • Brenda Braithwaite says:

      A sombre young man is arrested for speaking his mind and holding a cardboard sign. “Not showing respect” they all said while those “showing their respect” giggled and chortled their way along the queue, talking about the new friends they had met there, all vying to be interviewed by that day’s selection of the reporter being recorded for prosperity as “making history” to pass on to their descendants and already planning the silver frame of the picture in commemoration of the sad occasion and where it will sit in their lounge. All very sincere and I don’t think.

    • Hamish100 says:

      And the man who planned the whole queuing system in London is from Cumbria, England. Actually he is from Scotland. Easy to mix up the accents.

  14. Maggie Noakes says:

    What a stormer of a blog. It’s good to know that there is another sane person on this planet. Never thought I would be agreeing with Jedward either !
    Every time a sycophantic presenter starts spouting utter shite, I am shouting “you don’t speak for me” at the tv. Off switch and cancellation of licence is the only way to retain my sanity.
    Looking forward to marching down The Royal Mile on 1st October for our independence.No coffins just a sea of Saltires to behold. I will carry the flag for you too. Hugs.x

  15. davetewart says:

    Strange times.

    The daily wrecker has an unbeatable offer, a Stieff bear with a qe2 medal, only £250.
    Yesterday there was horse racing in englandland and of course OFF and on course betting.
    The foreign exchange markets and the metal markets continued.
    The casino called the stock market ran.
    Essential services ran, thankfully.

    Just a wee interesting point, My brother’s neighbour died in January, he has no known relatives locally, his case was passed to the Queen’s and Lord’s Remembrancer, details were very slow in updating.
    On Friday, 9th September, their site changed to KLR and updated from 6 pages to 23 pages.
    This is the organisation that passes on unclaimed estates to the crown.

  16. Alastair says:

    Trying to, as it were, cut King Charles ‘a bit of slack’, I was quite pleased when he appointed Andrew as the ‘Prince of Corgis’, then I heard that Andrew was to be ‘Deputy King’………No more slack!

  17. This is surely due to deep seated British nationalist fear that the passing of the queen also represents the passing of the British state…

    This paragraph. She became queen at the peak of post-war consensus baby boom period which, for the first time, created a British identity in Scotland, and this is where her appeal in Scotland came from. She was a symbol of this period of hope, economic growth, redevelopment. One where the peoples of GB&NI were united by a shared social democratic consensus. It has been all slowly downhill since then thanks to right-wing conservatism.

    You cannot build a nation on individualist ‘every man for themselves’ capitalism espoused by the Tories, then New Labour then the Orange Book liberals. Thatcher literally said ‘Their is no such thing as [British] society’, so it was hardly a surprise when Britishness declined in Scotland; she ripped it out of Scots, selling it off or closing it down.

    And now, as half of Scots are dead to the union while unionists have also lost N. Ireland, so her death is another of planets aligning to mark the end of an era. The final demise of the British empire; with Elizabeth reigning over that. Her passing will mark the passing of the UK.

    I suspect we will see Yes pass into permanent majority in due course, and that will be that.

  18. Movy says:

    Just “pure dead brilliant”. Thank you, Paul.

  19. jfngw says:

    I’m deeply disturbed after being told Scotland was closets to the Queen’s heart, only to be informed today it was Wales. I can only assume she was a Time Lord, it’s the only explanation I can come up with.

  20. Iain says:

    Now that Covid Charlie has seen fit to promote his brother Andrew to be his deputy when he can’t be arsed getting out of bed, what do we call Andrew? Vice King or King of Vice?
    Pity Edward wasn’t chosen for the role. We could have had fun with the pronouns while counting his medals.

  21. JP58 says:

    Observing how journalists of supposed serious news programmes (eg Newsnight & Channel 4 News) have been reduced to talking obsequious guff over last week has been a real eye opener.
    Not sure I can look at these journalists in the same way ever again. If they had any integrity they could have refused to be so deferential or taken leave.

  22. Hamish100 says:

    Which ever country royalty visits is closest to their ♥️ if they have one.

  23. Azel says:

    I have to say that I don’t see how the hell are food banks showing respect to the late queen by closing and ensuring that the least of these go hungrier.

    • Eilidh says:

      Foodbanks are individual organisations the Trussell Trust is merely an umbrella organisation for many of them. They are nearly all staffed by volunteers if those volunteers don’t want to come in on the day of the funeral what are they supposed to do. Some foodbanks are opening as usual.

      • Azel says:

        It’s true but in my opinion pitching the decision as a mark of respect for the late queen as e.g. the Southwark Foodbank did is horribly tone-deaf.

  24. Paddy Farrington says:

    I loved the King Charles Spaniel thing. I can’t get it out of my head now.

  25. Colin Spence says:

    Excellent summary of the most hellish and embarrassing week to be a UK citizen*
    *Sorry, subject.

  26. If Charles has no political power, how did he create a bank holiday? That’s a major economic policy with enormous impacts at every level, from homes to schools, hospitals and businesses.

    • Welsh_Siôn says:

      Which of course ‘the country’ can ill-afford.

      That’s ALWAYS been the case when they refuse us (remember: the power is NOT devolved to Cymru as it is to Scotland) to have a Bank Holiday on our National Day of 1 March (or St David’s Day/ Dydd Gŵyl Dewi).

      By the by – celebrate the anniversary of the coronation of the sole Welsh-born Prince of Wales, Owain Glyn Dŵr on this day in 1400. Whose insurrection against Henry IV was supported by those in Scotland willing to help their Celtic cousins.

  27. Statgeek says:

    If I was cynical (smiles wryly), I’d expect a Royal wedding or Royal pregnancy next year, just to seal in the wall to wall Royal events as we approach Indyref2.

    Who’s of age, and likely? Anyone? Bueller?

  28. Colin McCartney says:

    Spot on, i’ve been waiting a week to read that, welcome back

  29. Alastair says:

    They don’t need a Royal wedding. There’s going to be a Coronation don’t forget! Now there’s something to look forward to.

  30. Margaret Barrie says:

    Thank-you, Paul, for the sanity of this fantastic blog! Great to have you back and hope you enjoyed the break and had a lovely birthday.

  31. P Harvey says:

    Like a good wine, now that you’ve matured – remembering that 60 IS the new 35 – Paul, you’re rocking it! 🤩

  32. Welsh_Siôn says:

    Here’s a poser for the Autumn World Cup.

    Which football team is the new Prince of Wales [sic.] and the President of the English FA going to support when both teams go head-to-head in Qatar?

    (My money is on the latter.)

  33. thadochasann says:

    And the world looks on in awe , BBC world news paints a pretty picture very different to what they show in U.K.
    We really are living in a police state only it’s not the police calling the shots
    People are scared to protest about anything
    People are scared to go on strike
    Scared to join a Union

    TV , Radio , newspapers , big businesses , so many aspects of life in the U.K. threaten punishment if you do not conform and accept this regimented lifestyle that they present , who will be the first large group of people to break free, protest and defeat this new class control freak .

    I like this description of the media talking about the Queen

    “ that muted and regretful tone that you usually reserve for phoning in sick when you have a hangover “

  34. grizebard says:

    After having had to endure month after weary month of the privileged “Liz and Rich!” Show, now we have to endure a week or two of the privileged “Liz No More” show. Which did at least serve to prove Marx got his notions wrong way round, since this was history first as farce, then as tragedy.

    This is indeed the end of an era. Worth observing in a manner appropriate to the person and times we now live in, I would have preferred, rather than harking back to those of the previous female monarch. Which rather unintentionally makes the point, illustrated as it has been by this peripatetic chocolate-soldier pagentry. Notably for me by catching a snatch of proceedings involving a bunch of dressed-up old geezers carrying yer actual bows (if not also, in these paranoid safety-conscious times, yer accompanying “arras”).

    Added on top, the heartless “collateral damage” of ill-befitting measures wrought by the kind of mindless sycophancy that is a stain on the entire process. Though I suppose we might take comfort that these days at least, the faithful retinue is only sacrificed by being made summarily redundant.

  35. Molly McC says:

    Oh Paul, this is a stunner! Thank you, for your wit, insight and no nonsense delivery!
    Just made my day reading it….twice!
    I hope your birthday was lovely and that you and Peter were able to celebrate.
    60? Och ye’re still a wean!

  36. thadochasann says:

    Jedward sound like nice people they put up a message on Facebook apologising to those they may have offended with their message about the whole media parade about the Queen being over the top
    Appointing Andrew as duke of inverness after all he has been through really is a disgrace that sends out a sinister message that different rules apply to these people when they commit crime
    Ordinary people being arrested for trivial things then being told it was all a mistake because the particular police constables responsible didn’t know the law ?
    what ? in Edinburgh and in London ?
    On the same day ?
    A coincidence difficult to believe
    do they really expect us to believe that ?
    I think if there had not been such an outcry by the public these arrests would have stood
    Different rules being applied to different individuals depending on their status and political leaning really is very noticeable in the U.K. now , we are shocked when we see it in USA police killing black people shooting them when unarmed or kneeling on their neck and suffocating them sending in what look like army personnel armed to the teeth to intercept protest marches
    Often it is said that if it’s happening in USA it will arrive here eventually
    It will be interesting to see what happens when YES marches resume and how the police behave
    What happened to Mr Salmond and Mr Assange is really shocking I think there’s more of the same to come , the law is not being used to protect the people it’s being used to control the people

    • grizebard says:

      Oh, what did “happen to Mr. Salmond”? (No, don’t bother. We’ve been through this nonsense way too much already.)

      And if there is a need for the Yes marches to resume in earnest – though that may now be redundant, overtaken by action elsewhere – there will be no problem whatever with them. Spare us phantoms conjured out of your own paranoid imagination.

    • Welsh_Siôn says:

      Appointing Andrew as duke of inverness after all he has been through really is a disgrace that sends out a sinister message that different rules apply to these people when they commit crime


      Does that make him Earl of Culloden? (Though I guess this title has been knocking about ‘the Royal Family’ for some time.)

  37. Hamish100 says:

    The police arrests was one way of removing freethinkers from the vicinity. Quite deliberate policy in my view.

    Harder to remove people when you openly escort individuals on “ mass” (like football supporters chanting obscenities) to the likes of George Square in Glasgow during a COVID pandemic. That’s called Community Policing🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  38. Thanks for the update, Paul.
    Since Jo Co read out the announcemet of the queen’s failing health, and imminent deat, I have not watched TV knowing full well that the madness and nonsense which you brilliantly describe would unfold…
    England has lost it’ The kirk is jumping for joy, King Spaniel will protect their Proddie Faith, and Union Jack has his bow and arrows ready to take us all on, oh, and we can’t see a doctor on Monday.
    Hail, King Spaniel, and his litter of Hangers-On.

    Monarchs come and go, Bilko lives for ever in Youtube Land, TG.

    • Dr Jim says:

      I wonder if Jacob Rees Mogg is onboard with his new King being the scourge of the anti Christ Catholics, will they be coming to Scotland like the Holy land wearing white aprons with red crosses to rid the country of all the terrible unbelievers, maybe they’re going to give the Muslim folks a miss this time round

  39. James Mills says:

    Thank God for North Korean TV !

    If I had to watch another minute of National Mourning on what passes for British News programmes I would be as sick as a corgi who just found out that it was now an orphan .
    Watching 24 hours of Kim Jong-Un and his pasty face is infinitely more tolerable than Witchell and Co. – and more educational .

  40. Capella says:

    Mike Russell on the antiquated and undemocratic nature of the British state and its apologists.

    The Royal Company of Archers shows just how far Scotland is from a real democracy

    It is difficult to tease out all the pieces, but the BBC, for starters, is now nothing more than a mouthpiece for state conformity.

    Their coverage has been virtually unwatchable, or rather, unlistenable.

    It would have been better to have had the old Soviet Union approach of solemn music and still pictures been adopted.

    What I could bear to see and hear confirmed the view that even the talents of broadcasters like Huw Edwards could not, in the end, rise above the swamp of idle chatter, punctuated with occasions of banal and even insulting ignorance – usually about Scotland – from many commentators who knew little and cared less.

    Their message revealed the hollowness of the medium as it now is and its contempt for anything but the status quo.

    The shouting down (and worse) of dissent and difference has also been disgraceful.

    There are only around 40 countries in the world that still have a monarch as Head of State, which is around 20% of the total, and that number is declining. Our form of governance is far from being the norm.

    Moreover, in most places now, a hereditary system does not also mean having an unelected and ennobled legislative chamber, nor does it mean treasuring titles and medals.

  41. Capella says:

    Nothing like a funeral to get a few clandestine deals done. Omerta.

    Media ban for the first meeting Liz Truss has with world leaders

    The new Tory prime minister will meet six world leaders in her new role, from Ireland, Poland, Canada, Australia, America, and New Zealand.

    However, because the meetings will take place during the official “national mourning period”, there will be no cameras present, and no information will be revealed on what is discussed.
    On Saturday, Truss will meet with Australian prime minister Anthony Albanese, and the New Zealand prime minister, Jacinda Ardern, at Chevening in Kent.

    On Sunday at Downing Street, Truss will meet with Joe Biden, the US president, along with the Irish Taoiseach, Micheál Martin, the Polish president, Andrzej Duda, and the Canadian prime minister, Justin Trudeau.

    In the evening, there will be a Buckingham Palace reception for world leaders.

  42. I read that people are being called ‘conspiracy theorists’ for pointing out her body is most likely not in that coffin when it would be really surprising if it was.

    Practically (in terms of body decomposition etc) and security-wise a ‘symbolic’ coffin makes the most sense.

  43. davetewart says:

    We have to believe the ‘Human? Grenade’ from cummings.

    First 10 days of the new glorious leader.

    New monarch
    Pound plummets
    Prince of wales has a bent shaft
    Fracking allowed
    Oil and gas discovered in the North Sea
    Energy bills to double
    Miracle fall in inflation to 9%.

    Add any I’ve missed, there will be plenty

    • grizebard says:

      While self-indulgent pomp & ceremony persists, eyes are off the ball. But economic realities of deliberate self-harm continue to impose themselves regardless. Parity of pound with dollar and euro, anyone? Who will want to stick with the damned currency before too long?

  44. Capella says:

    Ha ha -Lesley Riddoch posted this lesson in political theory from Monty Python

  45. Welsh_Siôn says:

    Sorry, readers, I have been weighed down with a lot of professional and paid work recently in order to continue campaign regarding the BBC/Jo Coburn v Dr Philippa Whitford case and I am out of time to pursue it.

    There will be other occasions to bash something out on the keyboard regarding the BBC’s bias (as well as, if time allows, to make a case for their over-the-topism with the current Windsorfest).

    May others also be ready, willing and able to make their voices heard.

    I, too, will be back. 🙂

  46. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    Russia Today LOST it’s licence to broadcast in the UK reason for apparently being deemed propaganda TV.

    Thus classified by the establishment and it’s media regulator as a source of untrustworthy information. Prior to losing it licence it had many guests from mainstream political parties who then as individuals, when the going got tough for RT, all came out to condemn it as a media outlet… some of those politicians are proficient in hypocrisy when they think it can advantage them and their particular party…and to prove their uber British patriotism.

    YET…we have two channels GB News and Talk TV given licences by the regulator and STILL allowed to broadcast yet who, via presenters and their guests, stray into propaganda regularly via their opinions on the denial of any climate crisis, denial of Covid, anti Vax misinformation, welcoming the continuing use of Fossil fuels, agreeing with allowing Fracking, demonising migrants, anti EU propaganda , targeting Mehgan Markle with abuse, anti SNP, anti Nicola Sturgeon and Scottish independence opposition, who obsess about non issues such as freedom of speech, C*ancel culture, the supposed W*ke left and ultimately produce pure propaganda via the airwaves…..with seemingly no repercussions.

    They also have Tory MP’s with their own programmes and regular Tory politicians from all over the UK as guests (Craig Hoyle Tory MSP is a regular guest who is allowed to spout anti SNP garbage aka misinformation)…..which considering the fact that the current UK government is a Tory one, that should be something considered a conflict of interest, in way of impartial and non partisan broadcasting surely….also ex Brexit party MEP’s like Farage and Alex Phillip on GB News and we also have ex Brexit party MEP Richard Tice ( now leader of another political party Reform UK) with a programme on Talk TV and his girlfriend Isabel Oakeshott has a programme on GB News but she also guests on Talk TV too.

    We also see the dregs of society who have and still do play a part in dragging down the country they pretend to love and wish to see prosper….but on THEIR terms and as they broadcast they invite undesirable guests on , who prior to their appearance on these channels, were to many of us unknowns (Sophie Corcoran, Emily Carver, Mercy Muroki and others) and also some rejects who formally had careers in TV , like Anne Diamond, Piers Morgan (who tactically excused himself from MSM) and Alistair Stewart….and don’t get me started on useful idiots like Darren Grimes…and also alleged racist historian David Starkey who is STILL invited as a guest on GB News and Talk TV…..with one of his fans ( via what he tweeted n Twitter) Neil Oliver , now discredited and filed under Nutter, spewing out his FEELINGS on all that does not match his selective and questionable opinion on his vision of his beloved Britain….

    Now we hear Andrew ‘Tory boy’ Pierce, Michael Portillo (ex Tory MP and minister) and Camila Tominey ( who is cut from the same cloth as Julie Hateful Brewer , Dan Wooton and Isabel Oakeshott ) are to join GB News.

    BUT…recently another angry opposer of all that is good as in James Whale spouted what should be unacceptable language and opinion on his programme….where he referred to Celtic supporters as “Scumbags from Scotland” due to their actions against HIS monarchy….not satisfied with just demonising and criticising them he ended with this beauty at the end of his rant “Part of me would like Scotland to have it’s independence because independence for Scotland means that Scotland would become a third world nation very quickly”…so we went from ranting about actions of football supporters for their banners and chants that he said were offensive to the Queen and royalty…. to then quickly and so very easily abusing and insulting a whole country…..where is this acceptable ?…..well obvs in THEIR UK controlled by THEM and THOSE with the money and all of the power…..see freedom of speech for them is only ‘selective’ as in only permitted if you sing from the SAME Hymn sheet as them otherwise it deserves to be shut down apparently… democratic of them all.

    If Ofcom think they were justified in removing the licence for Russia Today to broadcast in their UK…..what do they think justifies the output from both GB News and Talk TV to continue to broadcast their specific propaganda in their UK……imagine a request for a licence to be given to a pro Indy channel in their UK….and Ofcom’s reasons for refusing it……that is the reality of the lack of diverse opinion on British TV just now……and where, if at all, any pro Indy guest(s) IS/ARE invited onto any programme as a member of any panel in a debate programme or on any UK news programmes they are always in the MINORITY against the MAJORITY of Pro UK guests/politicians in order to give them, Pro UK peeps, the upper hand and biggest voice.

    This Pro Unionist takeover was one already there via MSM …..the addition of a new alternate media with more extreme and obvious intentions is merely there to back up the already one sided politics and media that existed in their UK… ensure that those citizens convinced by both Brexit, the (non) Union and Tory politics are kept enraged and onside….to keep people angry and hateful for anyone who is not on THEIR side as in not one of THEM…..that is the reality of their UK via politics and media now and in the future…..the joke is we , who wish independence, are being presented as ‘separatists’ yet we have a media who are , via their broadcasting output, separating people in their UK based on who they vote for, what they believe in and whether they agree or disagree with the collective output via presenters and guests on their media channels…….THEY are the ones that fuel separation in their UK……..we just want to be free of their politics, media and dysfunctional non diverse, non tolerant and hateful selfish society they aspire to create…..Dog eat Dog and only those with money, influence and power will survive….and that is a message and aspiration endorsed via their politics and their media.

    James Whale is just another of their angry biased and intolerant ranters who is allowed to spout anything abusive to those he thinks others, as in those of the same opinion and bias, will accept as justified and truthful……bashing Scotland as a whole for the actions of some is deemed acceptable and will once again go unpunished because tis only if you say or do anything against THEM or those they supposedly support are you then considered scum and an undesirable….apparently…THAT is their UK ….hence why tis more sane and logical to want to be free from it all than to remain suffering within it…..Hope over Hate always.

    Apologies for another long rant…..

    Have a nice day everyone…( we know we are winning the argument when they collectively spend SO much time focusing so much abuse and hate upon us… do we not)

    • grizebard says:

      It’s not just the media fringes like GBSpews, though, it’s the more subtle and insidious framing employed by virtually all the UK media, print and broadcast, that’s of far greater concern, because it is so persistent and pernicious. It’s far easier for people to discern and reject the hardline stuff, whose audience anyway is self-selecting and insignificant.

      While there’s plenty of false equivalencing about lots of important stuff, the mainstream media somehow never seem able to bring themselves to fairly represent the reasonable and well-founded opinions of half the population of Scotland.

      Media moans about Scottish attitudes being {ahem} inadequate merely reflect the increasing divergence between our two countries. And if that increases the inclination of more people down south to cast us adrift, no bad thing, I would suggest.

      (Make no mistake though about RT, which is cynical laundered propaganda for the overseas gullible. If you instead follow the unexpurgated version produced by now-monopoly state media within Russia, it’s a revelatory hair-raiser. Gone now are the fig-leaves about protecting the poor oppressed of Ukraine, it’s naked imperialism and unashamed full-frontal instigations of genocide. Not least from one Margarita Simonyan, boss of RT.)

      • Not-My-Real-Name says:

        Indeed it is not just the media fringes like GB News and Talk TV which is why I also said ”

        “This Pro Unionist takeover was one already there via MSM …..the addition of a new alternate media with more extreme and obvious intentions is merely there to back up the already one sided politics and media that existed in their UK…”

        Also I was not endorsing RT just trying to expose the double standards as applied by both the supposed media regulator and politicians when confronted by blatant propaganda as spouted by supposed new alternate media channels…..

        I agree that while we in Scotland are being constantly demonised and exposed as non compliant with their British mindset via both media and politicians …that some down south may start to think that perhaps they are better off without us…..I believe the term they associate with us is Grievance mongers….while they themselves do not consider they are also habitual offenders of this….as if

        God forbid any media should attempt to represent us…..should they do so, then we would have , as recently witnessed, the wrath of both Alister jack and Gordon Brown condemning or rather “fuming” at comments that could damage THEIR UK.

        Anyhoo….have a nice day.


  47. AAD says:

    While sitting on a bus that passed Ibrox Stadium last Wednesday eveing I witnessed an astonishing and touching display of respect from a party of Rangers fans who boarded the bus on the way to the match. There were about 30 of them at the bus stop and in the interests of speed the driver just waved them all on to the bus. While they were on the top deck the fans attempted to lighten the sad atmosphere by stamping their feet and singing cheery songs about being up to their knees in something or other, punctuated by shouts about loving the Pope. As they tumbled cheerily down the stairs at Ibrox Stadium they treated the passengers to a rousing chorus of God Save the King. They continued to shout encouring remarks as they got off the bus.
    What a show of respect at a sad time. Mind you, they probably throught it was even sadder at full time.

  48. yesindyref2 says:

    Eilidh says: “… went because it was a big moment in history

    Sorry to cut out context, but that’s the reason most people we talked to (they were just about all Scots), went to the Procession to St Giles’ Cathedral, including those who filled the buses from Glasgow for hours before and after. She was Queen for the whole of many peoples’ lives.

    The cortege through Scotland showed the beauty of our scenery, including Dundee from the air – where some staunch Republicans went nevertheless to view it as it went past. It’s a moment in History. I’d expect Tourism to benefit hugely, which is good news for all of us whose crust largely depends on it.

    LPW (Andrew Tickell) provides much needed clarification of Breach of the Peace – both Common Law and the 2016 Holyrood Act.

    I think Police Scotland have a duty to remove anyone threatening public disorder, and the word “F*ck” is nearly always a breach of the peace if shouted out in public. No idea about the Police in England – that’s different Laws to ours.

    And finally, in this brand new era, which indeed it is, now for something completely different:

    “Royal Company of Archers for YES”.

    Well, you never know.

    • yesindyref2 says:

      Incidentally, Adam Tomkins also got it wrong about “Freedom of Speech”.

      Though a protected right under the UN HRC, it doesn’t give the right to break the law. The police do their duty, and if it goes further, it’s then up to the courts ultimately to decide whether a crime has been committed, not the police.

      Freedom of Speech, for instance, for an extreme example, doesn’t give anyone the right to tell people they are better off dead and they will be happy to help.

    • jfngw says:

      They must have very selective hearing as ‘F*ck’ is sang by a large contingent at a football ground and on some bus trips every week.

      • yesindyref2 says:

        That’s probably breach of the peace as well, but having “F*ck” written on a placard for all to see, all day long, is a bit more you’d think, than “F*ck” said once or twice in like-minded company.

        Nobody said proportionate policing was easy. Having been on a few YES marches, I think our Police do a very good job.

        Don’t you?

        • Hamish100 says:


          Example escorting so called supporters from Ibrox to George square in defiance of COVID restrictions and procession rules required to be approved.

  49. Statgeek says:

    Predictions for Saturday and Sunday welcome:

    My guess:
    Saturday: Back to the football. Let’s enjoy a mix of abusing each other while showing respect to someone we never truly knew.

    Sunday: A look back on the week of disrespect and SNP bad.

    Has anyone seen the Beeb Scottish politics page? SNP bad, Union good, Unionist sad, Teachers striking.

    Other than the death this week, it’s pretty much back to the 80s. I might just look out Ghostbusters and The Bangles. It helped. 😉

  50. James Mills says:

    Stephen Fry – there goes the Knighthood , Stephen, and your status as ” a National Treasure ” will be undergoing immediate review . Prepare to get the Meghan Markle treatment .

    How can you tweet about insignificant ( to borrow a BBC presenter’s phrase ) events at a time like this ?
    Have you no feelings for a family , nay , a Nation , in mourning ?

    What do any of us care if the Pound tanks , if food prices go through the roof , if the Rich cream off even more money to squirrel away in Off-shore accounts , if our children freeze in their hovels , if aliens attack while we weep , if the the sky should fall like our tears …. We are in mourning !

    And this is not just mourning … this is British Mourning , the best in the world !
    And Queues ?
    We don’t just do queues , we do British Queues …the best and longest in the world !

    So , get a grip, Stephen Fry !
    Stiffen your lip , shrug off your petty worries about the end of days and get out there and QUEUE !

  51. JoMax says:

    I saw somewhere yesterday that the Indian and South African Govts are now asking for the return of their diamonds which were stolen and cut in size to be inserted into various monarchical crowns and other accoutrements. Things may be hotting up out there.

    • Welsh_Siôn says:

      Here you go, Jo Max – courtesy of Dr Google:

      The UK may still be in mourning, but these countries want their jewels back

      Kate Nicholson

      Fri, 16 September 2022 at 11:09 am·4-min read

      When the British Empire was expanding and acquiring colonies, precious stones (among other invaluable possessions) were taken back to Britain, and presented as souvenirs, or the spoils of war.

      Now, as the Queen was seen as one of final connections to the UK’s imperial past, these countries want their jewels back.

      To make matters more difficult, these stones are actually embedded within the crown jewels, and have been put on display repeatedly for this period of national mourning.

      Here’s what you need to know.


      • JoMax says:

        Yes, the article I read specifically mentioned the magnificent Koh-i-Noor diamond from India and the Cullinan diamond from South Africa.

  52. Worth a read, if simply to understand the opposition.

    King Charles’s tour shows desire to hug UK nations close, says Allan Little

    Queen Elizabeth, too, hugged the devolved nation close. She made multiple visits to the Scottish Parliament, and attended every opening of the Welsh Assembly and Senedd.

    But among the cheers from the crowds Charles encountered in Wales, there were also boos and chants of “Not my King”. This dissent was an echo of pockets of anti-monarchy protests in other places throughout the week.

    “I think the biggest danger to the union is arrogance around its continuation,” Laura McAllister, professor of public policy at Cardiff University told me the day before the King’s visit to Cardiff. “I suspect the monarchy has got perhaps even greater sensitivity than politicians to this because there’s a real sense of understanding the cultural and political heritages of each of the nations is very different,” she said.

  53. thadochasann says:

    If you hate Alex Salmond and hate Nicola Sturgeon who are you backing to lead us to Scottish Independence ?
    Asking for a friend who thinks you’re nuts 😊

    • Dr Jim says:

      Maybe your friend’s nuts

      • thadochasann says:

        Maybe but more likely you are if you think Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon are not worth supporting
        Perhaps you are one of those …yes that’s possible

        Me ? Nuts ? Perhaps, but I support the two best people that ever walked this earth to support Scottish Independence

  54. thadochasann says:

    There is a problem
    The ever narrowing view of those who discuss Scottish independence online

    Surely if Scottish independence is to succeed we have to welcome ALL who say they will vote for Scottish independence
    If they have views on other matters that we don’t agree with
    should we shun them or gather together on the single issue of Scottish independence
    and ignore those other matters for the time being

    Is it possible to listen to other Scottish independence supporters opinions
    on matters other than Scottish independence
    and still welcome them to future discussions
    if you disagree with them
    can you avoid disagreeing with them about those other matters
    and avoid the risk of losing their ear
    Or do you just disagree with them openly and risk alienating them
    as an ally to Scottish independence
    why do so many Scottish independence blogs just have a dozen
    maybe twenty regulars that stick together and crowd everyone else out ?
    Is that working for us ?
    US Scottish independence supporters

    How to proceed ?

    • jfngw says:

      I’m not voting for independence because of any policies or other peoples opinions, if you ask 10 people their opinion nearly all of them will be different, I’m voting for democracy for Scotland. All of our opinions are mere blog digital noise until we are independent, when independent then I will consider policy and which party to vote for.

      But if you start posting about policy and how Scotland should be run then you must expect disagreement, people shouldn’t worry about this unless it descends to personal insult. Nothing is possible until independence.

      • thadochasann says:

        Thank you for that wise comment I agree wholeheartedly but confess I do have this fairytale notion of all Scottish people coming together to say let’s be independent and run our country ourselves taking the good with the bad.
        You are right though , it’s never gonna happen that way.
        I must admit it makes me nervous just thinking about the run up to the next vote

      • Statgeek says:


        Indy first, and everything else debatable second. Frankly, with 100% of Scotland’s resources either going into Scotland’s exchequer, or paying off Scotland’s debts, and not being floated offshore into WM Gov MP accounts is the first priority.

        I don’t expect it to be wonderful, and I expect the devil I don’t know to be less of a cluster**** than WM and their never-ending disasters.

  55. John Fitzpatrick says:

    Great post but a factual question for the powers that be. What exactly was the cause of her death? “Peacefully” according to the offficial statement and repeated by the BBC but what does that actually mean? I still can´t believe that within 48 hours of that photo with the new UK PM when she looked quite cheerful she was dead. No conspiracy theory here. I would just like to know.

    • Hamish100 says:

      I see “The National” inside paper is suggesting that the old Queen could speak Scots or in particular Doric. Of course we heard her all the time chatting away on the tele, TV and in person. “Jobbies ” as we said once in Glasgow.
      “The National” should ask their contributors to stop quoting the bbc drivel, as facts. I pay for the hard copy paper £2.40 on a Sunday and get the online one as well.
      I see the journalist was called Guinness. Maybe one too many.
      Yip, just as HRH K spaniel lll speaks fluent Welsh and many other languages that his uni professors sat his exams for we will now have this none sense publicised. He’s fluent in Ulster Scots and Ulster Brits, he can speak geordiem from liverp…. Eh sorry Gateshead…Newcastle (England) loves brown ale……. A man of the people for the people – ask Prince / dep King Andy…..
      Based on these “facts” we should remain a happy union led by of offshore tax avoiders.

      • Statgeek says:

        She probably understood a few words, based on locals inclination to use it. Having said that, I doubt many of those surrounding her at Balmoral were locals, and those that did would have been ‘speaking properly’, as some might put it.

        Or maybe she often watched the ‘Toy Shop, Ballater’ sketch by Scotland the What. 😉

        • Statgeek says:

          Should add, that as a North Eastern lad who had a girlfriend in Deeside for a spell, few of the ‘locals’ ever spoke in Doric to me, if they do at all.

  56. Ken says:

    Truss and Co going all out Thatcher. Thank goodness for Devolution. 18 months to go,

  57. Ken says:

    50%+ support Independence. The campaign has not even started.

  58. Awkward.

    Doing so again implicitly recognises Scotland as its own country (kingdom), while not doing so would antagonise Scots, particularly Scots royalists who are more likely to be pro-union.

    King should follow mother’s Honours of Scotland precedent, says historian Murray Pittock

    THE Honours of Scotland should be used to mark the coronation of King Charles III as well as the Stone of Destiny as they are both symbolic of the Scottish Crown, a leading historian has said…

    …Queen Elizabeth was the first to receive them in any formal ceremony since the Union of Parliaments in 1707 when they were presented to her in 1953 following her coronation ceremony in London.

    • Dr Jim says:

      A mythical super being in the sky deems it a necessary requirement that those who would be made a King on earth by the grace of that super being to sit their Arse down upon a big lump of rock so that gullible humans will respect that as more holy than if not, if anybody actually believed any of that guff then we’d be in a far worse place than we are now, and the fact that the English hierarchy themselves believe they have to do it for the benefit of uneducated Scots or any other nation kinda shows us exactly what planet they’re not on

      Whether England takes the holy stone, keeps the holy stone or crumbles it into powder to sprinkle on their dinner will have zero affect on the opinions of those in Scotland opposed to England’s continued ownership of Scotland

      We know it’s just a big stone, do they not know we know that? do they think we think what they think we think?

      • James Mills says:

        He ( Charlie ) also drew a big sword out of a stone and became ”the once and future king ” !
        I look forward to him visiting the local NHS hospital and ”laying on hands” and curing the halt and the lame – better than that homeopathy crap that he used to champion , far more science -based ! LoL !

    • Hamish100 says:

      The National, states that in the 1950’s the stone was stolen from Westminster abbey. It wasn’t as England doesn’t own it. Shame on the English church for harbouring stolen goods. Pity the National continues with the lies.
      Having now returned to Scotland where it rightfully sits the Scots Parliament should pass a law preventing its release to foreign governments.

      • thadochasann says:

        I agree Hamish

      • ‘Stolen goods’.

        Brengland has a history of this.

        It is time to put the Kohinoor diamond back where it belongs

        In the wake of the passing of Queen Elizabeth II, audiences have been dazzled by images of the crown of the Queen Mother, which is on display in the Tower of London. But the imperial majestic crown isn’t entirely as it appears – for it contains within its bejewelled arches and ornate framework a 105-carat gemstone diamond that represents the brutality and callousness of the British empire…

    • Maybe if he really wants to be king of Scots, he should ask for a Scottish coronation in Edinburgh complete with stone and honours…

  59. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    “Reform of the Scottish Parliament is badly needed but will likely only happen with a change of government or with the departure of First Minister Nicola Sturgeon”, says Prof J Mitchell via The Holyrood magazine ( as in the NON Nicola Sturgeon fan club periodical).

    Johnny Dundee on Twitter tweeted this where he cleverly observes the real meaning of this as being those who cannot, via THEIR preferred political parties (Pro UK parties), achieve power are then ‘simply’ saying :

    ” ‘Reform the Scottish Parliament’ is British nationalist party code for if we can’t win elections, we will fix elections”.

    I would say that , in Holyrood magazine, giving yet another anti SNP mouthpiece a platform to spout MORE undemocratic and skewed NON impartial opinion via a UKOK partisan media (of sorts) displays why many of the media badly needs to be changed and reformed….with the “departure” of Pro UK partisan owners and editors………funny how their target is ALWAYS OUR parliament never WM….and with all of the farcical events at WM in them trying to get through various Brexit bills ( via constant votes) and unsuspending MP’s who were suspended from the party to VOTE with them, the government, to get bills through , then post vote resuspending those same MP’s…all since 2016……. surely exemplifies tis MORE WM that as a parliament that needs reforming as clearly IT is The mother of all dysfunctional parliament’s NOT Holyrood or t’others …….same WM with a electoral system that many in England think is a antiquated and not fit for purpose via their voting system i.e. FPTP…….not forgetting the government via Theresa May PM bribing a minority party , of 10 Northern Irish MP’s , with one billion pounds to gain their support in Brexit votes at WM….well that proves does it not “Reform is badly needed” Prof Mitchell …..and will for Scots “only happen” if they, Scots and others who live in Scotland, vote for “departure” from the UK ( there you are Prof Mitchell … your own words that YOU used in the Holyrood magazine article via another context via YOUR non impartial opinion…coming back at you but with a different slant…works for ME)

    Of course many a BritNat wants the Scottish parliament to be shut down competely….as if you cannot beat them, the SNP, then REMOVE the very thing that allows them to sit as a government when they win elections and thus be recognised as THE party in power in Scotland….of course to shut down Holyrood that would mean other Devolved parliaments would need to then also be shut down…..which would then leave us all being ruled by a central government in London…..suffering the same dire consequences as those down South…..oh I can see many Scots and and many others who live in Wales and NI too all thinking that’s a winning solution….NOT.

    Funny how some ‘academics’ supportive of the (non) Union always come up with non realistic solutions that are undemocratic and unrepresentative of how we in Scotland vote yet seem so very complacent and reticent to change anything connected with WM and those who hold power there…..very convenient and tactical of them when one considers what and who THEY support political and constitutionally…..I wonder if he is also another one equating the Queen dying in Balmoral as a ‘parting gift to the Union’……as in a tasteless and disrespectful assumption in their collective desperation to use and abuse anything and anyone to SAVE that which is beyond all saving……which they obviously are only too aware of…hence their grasping at straws (short ones)………

    Perhaps time they accepted and respected REALITY and stopped the fantasy they promote of something that only they and the MINORITY seek…..but I suppose THAT’S THEIR JOB is it not………Union Uber Alles.

    • Dr Jim says:

      Scotland used the democracy they allowed us to use and we said clearly we don’t want their version of it, so now they say Scotland didn’t use that democracy in the way they wanted us to use it because we keep voting wrongly

      Reform! a great word to use when you get something wrong, except what they’re saying is not reform democracy overall, just the part where the existence of dissent exists thereby admitting their democracy was and is wrong in the first place, or could they be saying that Scots don’t understand Englands democracy so must be re educated by removing access to democracy altogether which would be admitting their version of democracy is a fascist dictatorship based on belief of exceptionalist superiority

      So if they try, or indeed do this they have to find an excuse (reason) for declaring that Scots are not genetically evolved sufficiently to understand our need to be subjugated by England for our own good

      England has done this so many times to so many countries and many people always died when they did it, I expect they expect the same thing

      You can’t kill an idea, and you can’t kill everybody without making that idea even stronger

      • Not-My-Real-Name says:

        “So if they try, or indeed do this they have to find an excuse (reason) for declaring that Scots are not genetically evolved sufficiently to understand our need to be subjugated by England for our own good”

        I think Johann Lamont would back them up with this as we, Scots, apparently are NOT genetically programmed to make decisions…according to her… it seems the only way to keep Scotland in their UK is to promote the fact that as a people we are substandard compared to OTHER countries……as in ‘Don’t you be worrying your wee heids wae democracy and other too complicated things for you Scotland to understand…leave that to those who know best darn sarf in WM’…..

        What a winning argument……

        Have a nice day Dr Jim

    • thadochasann says:

      Not my real name…

      I think there are a good number of academics in Scotland not all Scottish mind you who want to get on the British gravy train and see issuing these statements in magazines and newspapers as a way of being noticed and perhaps then invited as a trustworthy anti Scottish independence commentator .
      It’s all about the money for them.

      • Not-My-Real-Name says:

        Indeed there are many who are not all Scottish and who strive to jump onto the lucrative British gravy train thadochasann…..

        Aye indeed ….tis acquiring money and status …..more should challenge the non partial statements of those who seem so desperate to seek and attain both……by more I do not of course mean the media…Ha Ha….as they’re the ones giving them all an undeserved platform……

        Anyhoo back to watching me film….and sanity

        Have a nice evening


  60. stewartb says:

    Lest we forget, within the next week or so we will experience a ‘fiscal event’. This will see the imposition by PM Truss of a major shift in the Westminster government’s economic and tax policies, devised it seems by right wing, ‘the market is all’ fundamentalist gurus who work for Tufton Street think tanks.

    This policy shift is NOT backed up by any prior democratic mandate. It has NOT been subjected to examination by political opponents in the heat of a general election campaign. And it will NOT be presented to voters to judge on its merits or otherwise. It is a consequence of c. 81,000 mostly older, mostly male Tory party members living mostly in SE England choosing Truss for PM whilst the rest of us were invited to look on as the UK’s broadcast media aggregated and amplified Tory messaging for weeks.

    And this deplorable state of affairs characterises the status of democracy presently just in England!

    Whilst in Scotland the democratic deficit – our state of affairs – is now absurd: a PM embarking on new, different policies with no UK electoral mandate; selected for power by members of a political party we in Scotland have rejected at the polls for over five decades; a PM able to form a government due to the support of enough Tory MPs from England alone who were elected on the basis of different policies and a different leadership in 2019; and with political scrutiny in the House of Commons having been effectively shut down for holidays and pageantry.

    Meanwhile tens of thousands devote time to queuing: ‘everything is for the best in the best of all possible worlds’?

    • Not-My-Real-Name says:

      Aye stewartb indeed spot on…..distraction of the many allows the few to bypass scrutiny, debate and consensus (other than from THE party)……yet somehow according to some tis Holyrood and the party(s) in power there who need to be reformed…..

      They must think we are ALL thick …..once the major event now being shown on a TV near YOU dies down……who will expose what has being going down that will impact YOU and YOURS solely for the benefit of the FEW and to the detriment of the MANY (some who currently are distracted in their combined grief).

      Apparently tis deemed the crime of the century to be disrespectful at this time towards the monarchy BUT behind the scenes the real criminals plot OUR downfall while grateful for the distraction unfolding…..

      I think they are overplaying their hand and their opportunism……together with their client journalists that plot to keep the mourning of all focused for as along as possible on this current spectacle….while OUTING those subjects who do not comply and labelling them as SC*M……that’s REAL nationalism playing out…..the British one that is………

      I fear that at this time they, BritNat media and politicians, may see many who formally were not pro independent for Scotland change their opinion….especially those from football clubs who the Pro UK media and politicians are targeting…..the new alternate media (or their fanbase politicians) are not, as they assume, really the brightest or most tactical in their (failing) quest to keep Scotland within their UK……the damage they have done to many in this period will NOT be reversed ….it has backfired……. at last truth is out … Hallelujah…….so do not adjust your opinion as what they say NOW is what they have always thought and supported….it’s just that they never had such an opportunity as this to vent their rage at us all who do not support their UK or for some their Royalty…..the cat is out of the bag on how they truly see us….and the Tories, via Liz Truss, are the ones who are running riot over democracy …..but that is incidental to THEM aka the faux royalists who represent the faux and mainstream media….what a to do….

      UK …Britain….what a farcical and pathetic country.

      Have a nice day stewartb….great comment by you…again.

  61. Dr Jim says:

    If *the nation* is united in grief how is it then that the wristbands issued to those who joined the queue to express that grief are making their way onto Ebay for sale to the highest bidders

    Those people engaged in that practice don’t seem very grief stricken to me, they’ve turned it into a commercial enterprise

  62. Ok, so the speaker of the HoC isn’t a republican.

    Talk about supreme Brenglish arrogance.

    It’s like how the only people in the world that actually talk about Westminster as the ‘cradle of democracy’ are the Brenglish themselves. If it was this, we’d have a Section 30 nae bother for example.

  63. Golfnut says:

    Top aide to Liz’s Truss has been interviewed by the FBI over allegations of interfering ( bribes ) in the elections in Puerto Ricco. Apparently this guy ‘ masterminded ‘ the Truss election campaign. One other individual involved in this is a Tory donor( £650,000).
    What’s the UK worried about, well apparently it might be difficult to award him top security clearance.

  64. Dr Jim says:

    Lindsay Hoyle says “It’s the most important event the world will ever see” then he goes on to talk about nobody upsetting “their privacy” Well all of that sounds just lovely doesn’t it, except the monarchy are not private, nor should they be if they’re used to sell England, Englands democracy, Englands trade, Englands everything that isn’t and is nailed down that has monarchy tattooed all over it, and we pay money for it, our money, or should I say money is taken from us to pay for it whether we consent or not

    So those who talk democracy and monarchy in the same sentence talk nonsense, monarchy by its very nature is dictatorship except well advertised and sold to the people to make it appear consensual and necessary to our existence, a bit like a bed shop that only has one bed in it, you either have to have the bed they sell you or no bed at all but the law of the land says you must have a bed

    In those famous words of Joe Pesci in the Lethal Weapon movie

    They F**k you, they F**k you

    • Not-My-Real-Name says:

      As far as respect is concerned …for many people….Lindsay Hoyle has gained the gross equivalent of zilch….his bias towards the Tories and his obvious opposition against the SNP in the HOC is plain for all to see…..and eh by gum he cares not a jot.

      NOW via this statement he is proving beyond all doubt what a Lethal weapon he himself truly is….now that HE has a special place in the establishment he can easily forget those who came from the SAME place he originally came from….I suspect he is yet another Labour non socialist who would have us all ‘eat cake’ (mouldy cake that is)… BEING THOSE in the lower classes……as he’s one of THEM now.

      An upstart…..the worse kind….aka a political one…..done good. (for himself that is NOT for others).

      BTW channel hopping last night and heard a Talk TV presenter call someone who called in to his programme a “K*ob” (missing letter N obvs) ‘LIVE’ on TV and Radio …..all perfectly normal in MISRULE BRITANNIA…..he also…this ‘presenter’ …..guests frequently on GB News……obvs as Peas in a Pod channels……his guest , a self made man, opined that those on benefits probably had huge flat screen TV’s…..where as really they should be made to sit in despair and stare at four walls while the presenter and the so called ‘self made man’ wined and dined themselves and their families in the best restaurants plus have all the best CHOICES in their sources of entertainment via cinema, theatre , concerts and to top it off holidays abroad……shop in the best shops…….know thy place peasants on benefits…..thou shall have nothing if thy contributes nothing… OUR Talk TV world only the rich shall deserve the pleasures of the here and now…………the caller apparently had the temerity to equate the Royal family to themselves as ones to be on benefits as they get money via tax payers……

      Can I just say also when Neil Oliver gives one of his monologues on GB News and looks intently at camera ( I see it via twitter NOT viewing the channel…as if) the physical likeness between HIM and Charles Manson is uncanny (it’s the eyes) ….honestly I am not saying this for effect it really is uncanny……and as for what he is says in these intense long monologues….wow…..

  65. Dr Jim says:

    “Our betters” or “the great and the good” are great phrases aren’t they, they wield them as though they’re true, and by any measure of what’s great or good or better than the rest of us, most of those better great and good people would fail all of those tests and be found to be none of these things, so all phrases like that are substituted code for *accident of birth* not merit or achievement, not attributes or even mental acuity
    They attend universities because they are who they are and not for any academic reason on the planet, yet most of us, the proletariat, who attend universities or colleges must attend and leave those institutions with qualifications and a life purpose, none of our so called “betters” ever need to contemplate such endeavours, they sail through life pontificating on the rest of us while they themselves have none, nor has there ever been a requirement of them for any qualification to do so

    “Our betters” are for the most part failures by the standards they set us, yet expect us to serve them, did our “betters” not pull off the greatest trick of all in that regard just as they’ve conned nations into believing we are lesser mortals than they and who could not survive without them, what a trick to accomplish, and nations still tug their forelocks and fall for it

    • Bob Lamont says:

      Yep, you can even get to play Prime Charlatan..
      It’s the olde not what you know but who you know game, and it’s not an issue confined to England either, even if it’s more evident…

      Take the entirely ridiculous scenario of HMS James Cook (aka BBC in Scotland- finally demoting to 4th place on Scotland/Politics after 2 bemusing days) of the utterly preposterous video of Alister Jack (Minister of Flounce for Scotland) being promoted with him guarding the coffin in Westminster Hall alongside that other asshoo (sorry about that sneeze/typo) bools in the moo Ben Wallace (Minister of Defence) representing an elite club of invite only worthies to play grand theatre AS SCOTS before the plebs as the Queen’s loyal bodyguard.
      This is the same Alister Jack who did not intervene when Johnson blatantly subverted Parliament and forced the Queen into an entirely false constitutional dilemma.

      They could not have made greater fools of themselves had they tried, and they still don’t get it that the younger ones are not in the slightest impressed by this bullshit, they want out of this mess pronto, and independence is the only exit.
      Ah well…

  66. proudcybernat says:

    It’s been done to death and been comprehensively debunked, yet still Britnats in various quarters regurgitate it as some piece of holy writ, a ‘Vow’ from Salmond and Sturgeon no less that should be upheld for all posterity.

    “Salmond and Sturgeon said the Referendum would be a once in a generation vote.”

    First of all – sorry to have to bring up this steaming old canard for another airing but something crossed my mind about it today and it is this: the Britnat interpretation of what Salmond and Sturgeon said on the campaign trail (though not in any official/legal document) is actually a logical fallacy.

    Think about the construct of that statement: “Salmond and Sturgeon said it would be a once in a generation vote.”

    The Britnat interpretation of that statement logically implies that Salmond and Sturgeon believed they would lose IndyRef2014 and would not pursue another one “in a generation”. That is essentially the logical base upon which the Britnat argument rests.

    But it is patently obvious to most that Salmond and Sturgeon were not conceding to anyone that they had already lost the Referendum in advance of the vote actually taking place. Indeed, they outwardly projected confidence in winning the referendum (even if, privately, they may have harboured some doubt).

    Point is – Salmond and Sturgeon believed they’d win IR2014 so, in their minds, there would never be any need to have another vote at any time in the future, let alone in a generation’s time.

    It stands to reason then that Salmond and Sturgeon absolutely could not have meant how Britnats now choose to interpret their words because, as stated, to interpret the statement in the manner Britnats now do, is a logical fallacy.

    • Problem with this line is that it’s not Salmond nor Sturgeon asking for iref2, but voters.

      And a very large % of the Scottish electorate didn’t vote in 2014 as they were either too young, or were not living here at the time. Anyone aged 15-23 has never had a chance to vote in an indyref for example; next year will be their first opportunity. Hence even if everyone who had voted in 2014 had signed to say they would accept no iref for 25 years, that would not apply to people who couldn’t or chose not to vote in 2014 as they were ‘DKs’.

      Democracy is also based on voters being able to change their minds, hence key to is that they must be allowed allowed to undo their previous vote in a relatively short space of time. 4-5 years is the normal legal limit here, i.e. the absolute maximum amount of time between people voting and when they can undo this.

      Only fascists see past votes as binding for extended periods, hence only these are using the ‘once in a generation’ line.

    • Oh for goodness sake. It was simply a figure of speech, a piece of rhetoric, and they presumably meant it was very important.
      In the same way, Boris Johnson called the upcoming 2019 general election: ” a once in a generation election”. Jo Swinson said the same election was ” a once in a lifetime election”. But of course their pronouncements were not taken literally.

  67. James Mills says:

    ”Our Betters ” and ”The Great and the Good ” have ruled us forever – and what have we to show for it ?

    The most unequal society in the Western World ,
    more Food Banks than branches of McDonalds ,
    living standards dropping back to 1950’s levels ,
    the largest un-elected legislature ( HoL ) outside China – but we are catching up ,
    ‘citizens’ having urgent operations cancelled due to the death of a 96 year old ,
    the dead remaining unburied because of the funeral of said 96 year old ,
    wall-to-wall propaganda supporting the richest dysfunctional family in the land ,
    ‘citizens’ paying under threat of jail for said wall-to-wall propaganda ,
    more Russian Oligarchs having a say in forming the UK Government than its own ‘citizens’ ,
    State subsidy of the richest energy companies in the world ,
    leaving the largest Trading Bloc in the world in order to sell more cheese to Turkmenistan ( maybe ! ) ,
    sending home foreigners then discovering a severe shortage of foreigners in our Hospitality sector , Care Homes , NHS etc …
    electing Eton toffs to positions of power then realising they are living in the 17thC ,
    electing ( sic ) Liz Truss to a position of power and then realising she is a dysfunctional robot which was discarded at the factory due to irreparable brain damage ,………………

  68. Tatu3 says:

    I read this today
    “The crown estate owns virtually all of the seabed around the UK to a distance of 12 nautical miles. ”
    Does this include the seabed around Scotland? If so how is the oil or windfall power ours?

  69. Dr Jim says:

    Go to the ends of the earth and ask for a definition of the measure of a generation, is it length ? is it time ? is it a measure of distance ? and the answers will be many

    What we know is that because of their propensity to redefine words and their meanings the UK government were always going to define the word as something of which they would not adhere to if it were them in the same circumstances and then instruct their media to make it so

    “The VOW” has now vanished in the mists of, well what now ? was it light years ago? nope, because that’s distance, so it must have been the piece of string VOW or as Gordon Brown said “The VOW has been honoured” and what he means by that is call us liars if you want we’re confident our media will never mention it so it is gone, perhaps a generation ago

    The UK government defines democracy as happening every five years when they allow us to vote, oh except when they change that timeframe to less or more or even have the power to cancel such events, basically leaving no other conclusion than that the word *generation* or indeed any word has no meaning to them because they have the power to change and redefine words, but no one else does

    • A generation in voting terms is a single year as each year a new generation of voters comes of age who have never had the chance to vote before. These cannot be held to the past votes of others, even if the latter did sign up to something.

      The concept unionists are trying to employ of a generation being 30 years is purely familial; that’s the rough age difference between generations of a single family. However, it’s meaningless beyond this as we have not, as a society, historically timed things so all our kids are born in the same year and then these only have kids of their own when they are 30. 😉

      5.5 new voters enter the electorate every hour from birth rate alone, never mind immigration / emigration. This is why elections are held so frequently; the electorate is continuously changing, never mind folks changing their minds due, e.g., to broken ‘vows’ etc.

  70. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    Our Betters ?

    The UK government announced earlier this year a plan to try and prohibit all from accessing further education via University…those who exist in new media oblige in promoting this by regurgitating and presenting arguments against why University is not always the best choice for everyone …they do this by ridiculing and highlighting what they assess are obscure courses available for people to study and achieving degrees on…….

    The government prefer certain classes to aspire to apprenticeships and trades….know your place…..let others, more suited (via class), venture down the University path…..

    Currently those from less wealthy backgrounds who show any intellect and aspire to better things more academic are burdened with the prospect of accumulating debt, needing to work part time work while studying to make ends meet and for some living in sub standard accommodation as cheaper option rather than a better place to stay during their course.

    Meanwhile those with privilege need not rely on loans as Pater and Mater will supply all their financial needs, buy them flats ( as investments) to live in, never need to work part time during their studying and ultimately are being groomed for jobs such as political careers , which if current evidence is anything to go by, proves that education and class doth not equate to the making of a good politician….however it does prove that as they have lived an entitled life up to the point where they choose politics as a career…they then act and behave in a way that sees them continue to believe their interests come before others……as in entitled to do and say what they want for their benefit and for the benefit of those who support and donate to their political career.

    We also know certain politicians who, via an elite school, ended up at university and joined exclusive clubs which saw them wine and dine in exclusive establishments more fitting for those who were post education….as in those more financially solvent . And as they themselves have become politicians they have proven their choice of career to be wholly unsuitable….for , that is, the people they supposedly represent as constituents….for themselves it is most suitable as is financially lucrative for them and post politics a guaranteed chosen path that will see them set for life….financially.

    It was announced earlier this year that the Tories want to stop people from getting a student loan if they do NOT achieve specific grades in English and Maths at GCSE level…pupils from private schools have parents who can afford private tuition which should help their children to overcome this particular obstacle…… where as parents from working class areas may not be able to do this, as in send their children to private tuition, ESPECIALLY in current times…this policy was seen as a way of attacking working class children….the government also equated some courses as apparent ” dead end courses” and said they would make Universities share the risk as they, the government, slashed their funding.

    There is nothing wrong about those young people who do want a career via a trade or to apply and complete apprenticeship courses but some young people may feel they do not want to do this or are not suited to it….so no university option would or could then see them have no choice BUT to work in shops, factories or offices ( once again nothing wrong with this unless it is NOT what you want to do as a job/career) where they will never achieve their true potential and where their lives have been dictated NOT by them but by circumstances of class and money….and also very much by a sh*tty uncaring class obsessed government that seems to do more for the Haves than the Have nots in their British society.

    No one should be prevented from seeking further education via university if they have the ability and too the desire….alas in this UK that is THE state that we live in….and what a state it is………where (a certain) class and wealth open up opportunities , success and the good life and if you have neither ( a certain) class or wealth then beggars cannot be choosers it seems………that’s the Tory way.

  71. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    It has been reported that Labour will break with tradition at the start of its party conference next week and play the National Anthem…..

    Is anyone like me beyond breaking point….

    I mean I just can’t…..sorry it is all just TOO much…..

    I have just realised I am more demoralised that some others in Scotland cannot or rather will not see , hear and be aware of what I am seeing, hearing and aware of via many sources both off and online than I am demoralised by all of the combined output (propaganda and offensive claptrap) from the media and Pro UK politicians……I mean that is their, media and pro UK politicians, job and their modus operandi…..but people STILL onboard with the UK here in Scotland !…after all that has and is going down (down down including the pound…what currency will U use ?)

    Does my brain , and also many others who are NOT at one with the BritNat project, work so differently from theirs ?…what is it THEY see and also do NOT see that I do ?

    I’m off to watch a film…..escape for a couple of hours to save me from madness.

    • JoMax says:

      I’m beginning to wonder if some businesses and organisations are afraid NOT to conform. I asked a local (small) business chap the other day if he would be closed on Monday, and he seemed resigned to the fact that he had no alternative because everything else was, so maybe he felt obliged ‘to obey’ the diktat. In small communities where everyone knows you, it’s very difficult. Your average worker will probably be happy to have a day off (who among us wouldn’t), but whether they’ll all be glued to the telly all day is debatable.

      I know what you mean about being at breaking point. You’re not alone!

  72. JoMax says:

    The Prime Minister of New Zealand is in London for the funeral and is reported as saying she expects NZ to become a republic one day. No doubt Australia is heading that way, too, from what I hear from over there. Where’s the guy who, I reported on another thread, said last week that the PM of Antigua and Barbuda was a very dodgy man and had a hidden agenda ‘under the carpet’ because he planned a referendum? He’s not the only one, of course. Will all Heads of State of Commonwealth Countries now be considered ‘dodgy’ with hidden agendas? What with one thing and another the old British Establishment must be feeling some serious pain. Expect revenge to be visited upon their nearest neighbours, us, as they kick back like all bullies.

    • Welsh_Siôn says:

      And a newly-appointed (i.e. unelected) Head of State receiving £££ in suitcases from Saudi Arabia is not considered ‘dodgy’?

      Aye, right.

      I button up at the back, don’t I?

  73. Welsh_Siôn says:

    Whit’s aw’ this?

    Scots agog as William Wallace tower lit up in colours of Union Jack as tribute to Queen

    18 Sep 2022 2 minute read

    A Scottish council has left some Scots agog after lighting up a tower dedicated to William Wallace in the colours of the Union Jack as a tribute to Queen.

    South Ayrshire Council, which is run by a minority Conservative group, said that the Wallace Tower in Ayr will remain lit up for the Queen’s funeral to commemorate her life.



    And in keeping with Scotto-Cymro friendship, another petition for you:

    Remove Andrew Windsor as Earl of Inverness

    • Dr Jim says:

      This is typical British nationalist arrogance to defile a historical Scots figure’s purpose in life to rid Scotland of invading conquering England by using the death of the predominantly English monarch politically

      At the moment they imagine (because they keep telling themselves) they’re the dominant team a goal up and cruising, but it’s not even halftime yet and our team is just letting them run themselves out before we start to apply our pressing game when they’ve no steam left in their legs to do anything about it

      • Hamish100 says:

        Should be easy for the spark in the cooncil to switch of the blood red light bulb and just have the sky blue and white representing the saltire of Scotland.

        I’m sure they are Scots patriots like Wallace.

        Maybe not.

  74. Welsh_Siôn says:

    On another note entirely, today marks 25 years (a quarter of a century) since we in Cymru voted YES to our (as was) National Asembly.

    Feel free to have a wee dram!

  75. Iain says:

    “Yer da sells Avon” is no longer the insult it was – it’s been replaced by “Yer da queues”.

    • lol. Should it not be ‘Yer da Queues’ (with a capital Q).

      That aside, I dinnae sell Avon – honestly – but their ‘Skin so soft’ product is amazing for keeping the flies and midges at bay. You’d be surprised at the number of burly outdoor workers who slap some on before starting their day!

  76. Bob Lamont says:

    Finally got round to reading Neal Ascherson’s article “Scotland might mourn the Queen but the Crown has had its day” in the National, and what a breath of fresh air amid all the guff

    Articles and comments are increasingly appearing in the media highlighting what I believe most Scots see as now obvious.
    Successive years of mis-governance of the UK by elite cabals in London were damaging enough to public concepts of democracy.
    When the queen is buried, alongside her goes the Union.

    • When the queen is buried, alongside her goes the Union.

      Yes folks, in many ways today’s funeral is not for the Queen, but for the union; something she embodied. That’s what is being put to rest today; the post-empire / post-war Britain that has slowly declined over the course of the late monarch’s reign. Her peak – and that of Britishness – was in the post-war consensus boom. As she passes, so Britishness will pass with her in many ways, just as its decline has weakened the appeal of the Royal Family in Scotland. Symptom and cause.

      If you want to know why so many people are grieving, it’s this that’s behind it, even if only subconsciously. The mourning is for the death of an increasing frail Britain who’s glory years are falling far behind.

      The establishment understands this, hence they are going over the top on the whole thing out of desperation.

    • Bob Lamont ,

      Sorry Bob , what a lot of guff from Ascherson , if you believe that the people around Balmoral and Ballater really loved her you are easily fooled , there ain’t that many people live there and most of the ordinary folk who do live there never met her or spoke personally to her .
      Have you walked through Ballater or been to Balmoral ? there’s nothing there I’ve been often and have never met anyone that lives there who would say what Ascherson says , yes tourists will , that’s why they are there !
      The rest of Ascherson,s piece is just more fantasy grovel packaged in tartan.

      Remember she was supposed to stay out of the Scottish independence 2014 debate but right at the end when there was a rush of support for independence she came out and said “ think carefully “
      The press , the TV especially BBC and STV jumped on this and plastered it all over the news as if it were a warning from the Queen not to vote for Scottish independence.
      She should not have done that.
      She was supposed to be neutral but clearly wasn’t

      I’m sorry for her family and friends yes , but it’s no real loss to the masses in Scotland we all lose family and friends most of us lose family and friends who lived far fewer years and had far inferior quality of life and healthcare than the Queen , the royal family take money away from the people of Scotland in various ways money that should be spent trying to fix the problems in society let’s not airbrush the ridiculous existence of a Queen , it’s ridiculous that the royal family continues to take money from people in Scotland and owns huge areas of Scotland including the whole coastline for twelve miles out from the shore

      It’s all ancient piffle

      • Bob Lamont says:

        Och it’s you again, dear God, yet still posting utter pish.

        I WAS well acquainted with Ballater etc. thank you, and got on very well there with locals, your own “experiences” IF indeed they ever occurred were doubtless guarded with you being an outsider with “a burr up his arse” – Deeside locals are funny that way, though I doubt you’d have noticed as they tend to be overly polite.

        As to your polemic on the Neal Ascherson piece, I suspect it is YOU who is ancient piffle.
        Have a nice day 🙂

        • Bob Lamont says:

          I was in plain clothes helping locals out with issues over water supplies and sewerage, and you claim I’m angry because some part time sodjer with a giant chip on his camouflaged shoulder failed to connect with locals ?
          Scuse me pal, PISH.

  77. Ken says:

    Get rid of D’Hondt. Unionist imposed without a vote, FPTP get rid of the 3rd unionists. People having to vote for candidates and parties they cannot stand. Gerrymandering.

    • UndeadShaun says:

      FTP is archaic, a relic of the flawed Westminster systemand I doubt even 1 european country uses it. It does not reflect an accurate picture of what voters want and means a small number of swing seats determine who is in power as witnessed in England.

      here are germanys and norways systems, they are not too disimalar to our AMS…,by%20its%20respective%20party%20caucus.,elections%20to%20the%20Norwegian%20Parliament.

    • FPTP would literally give Scots ‘A government they didn’t vote for’.

      And disenfranchising over half the electorate is probably not wise if you want these people to vote for independence.

      Still, we can enjoy the fact that the British nationalists own system for their parliament is now working against them, denying them the seats in their English capital of London they so crave.

      • Hi Scottish skier ,

        When you say ,

        “”FPTP would literally give Scots ‘A government they didn’t vote for’.“”

        Do you mean Scottish government ?
        If you do , are you sure of that ?

        I thought SNP got more seats than Labour Conservative and Lib Dem put together and in a FPTP system that would give them a huge majority wouldn’t it , I mean as far as know SNP got nearly 50% and in the Westminster FPTP system the Conservatives have a huge majority with only 30 odd %

      • Yes, FPTP only for Holyrood would yield a government unrepresentative of the population, i.e. one ‘most people didn’t vote for’.

        Take for example the 2019 UK election under FPTP:

        Our analysis shows that across the UK, over 22 million votes (70.8%) were ignored because they went to non-elected candidates or were surplus to what the elected candidate needed.

        Literally 71% of people need not have bothered voting as their votes did not count towards the make-up of parliament. This is why modern democracies just don’t use FPTP alone.

        If we remove the regional list seats from Holyrood 2021, the SNP would have 85% of MSPs on a minority 47.7% of the vote, meaning Scots would have a extremely disproportionate government they didn’t vote for. It literally would be a ‘one party state’ with the SNP essentially dictating, just as the Tories are doing for the UK right now. I think that would have been a disaster for Independence as support for this is cross party; 30% of Labour voters back indy. Disenfranchising these might turn them to No.

        We should not desire government by majority, but by coalition consensus. It makes for good, compromise policy, that isn’t undone all the time by the next government. AMS-PR delivers this quite well and PR keeps the facists at bay.

        If Germany had had FPTP, Hitler’s national socialists might have actually won a majority of seats; something they never achieved.

        • Dr Jim says:

          Indeed, it’s not Scotland that’s wrong in using PR, it’s England that maintains a system wherein you don’t have to actually win an election to win an election

    • jfngw says:

      What is wrong with the AMS system used in Scotland is not that it is proportional but it’s the parties who pick the list politicians, not the people. It is just one jump up from the House of Lords selection process, yes you can have a vote but you get who we choose. You end up with dullards, you know who I mean, endlessly sitting in Holyrood even when they are trounced in the FPTP vote.

      • Parties select both constituency and list candidates to put to the people, then the people pick from these. It’s just the list makes this proportional.

        The names of all candidates on the list for each party are available well beforehand, so voters can make an informed decision. On the list vote, people are only voting for ‘a party’ if they have not felt the need to check the names of the people they are voting for. If they have not, it means they are happy with whoever is on the list for their party of choice.

        Murdo Fraser, for example, is an MSP because 39% of people wanted him to be in his constituency and 25% of people in his region did. Sure most didn’t want him at both levels, but most didn’t want John Swinney (narrowly in this case) or the SNP either. So they both get in, but AMS ensures people get their favourite local constituency MSPs, while total MSP numbers from each party match well how people voted fairly.

        Also it’s easy under AMS for individuals or smaller parties to get elected; they just need 5% in a region. Margo is a great example of the people choosing this over larger parties.

        AMS is a good balance between full list and FPTP constituency only.

        • jfngw says:

          My gripe isn’t with AMS but how the list system works. If the order of the list was based on candidates who receive the highest percentage of the constituency votes then at least the public would have the most supported people in Holyrood.

          It doesn’t affect small parties as even if they stood for the constituency they would more than likely be the same person, they can use their own list if they don’t stand in the constituency vote.

          I doubt if many people check the names of the list candidates, they just vote for a party. There is no perfect system as we are always at the mercy of the political parties choosing candidates, worse in Scotland as currently I can’t risk allowing unionist parties to control Holyrood, I need to vote SNP even if I don’t think much of the candidate.

  78. This from the racist English times. While there is an rough correlation between supporting reunification and religion, it’s entirely coincidental, which is why the intrepid reporter actually found quite a few people who didn’t fit with expectations.

    It’s not ‘Catholics’ who want reunification, but ‘Irish’ N. Irish. Likewise British identifying people there primarily support the union. Then you have an emerging N. Irish identity; these tend to be younger, are more neutral on the border issue, but pro-EU and pro-protocol. They are the ones listening to the arguments rather than having a more fixed view they inherited.

    But the racist English papers like to pretend it’s about the heathen natives scrapping over sectarianism, even though one side is waving a flag that could not be more anti-sectarian.

    Still, the census data will be interesting. As will our own. Wales too…

    Catholics to become biggest faith group in Northern Ireland

    Still, the rough correlation that does exist means this isn’t good news for the union, and ties in with unionists having now lost their majority in NI as they have in Scotland.

    • As Duggers may have noted, s_s, I am in semi self-imposed purdah at the moment.
      Despite the Jock Dead Tree Scrolls announcing that the whole of Scotland has fallen silent in mourning, life Chez Collatin goes on.
      The Monday wash is dangling flaccidly on the line, dark colours only, out of, ahem, ‘respect’. (Aye, richt.)
      I have dipped in and out of course, on here, mainly, and caught Charlie via Youtube declaring that he would defend the Proddy Faith.
      On here, a Dugger, I forget whom, declared that the CoS is the ‘official’ religion of Scotland.
      It prompted a quick check, if only to remove myself from the inane stupor which has gripped the TV and Dead Tree Scrolls.
      There are apparently, the latest figures which I found with strange difficulty, 300,000 members of the CoS, some 600 ministers, and a property portfolio of 4,000 bits of land and buildings.
      The figure is from 2018.

      Yet it can be blithely announced that the Kirk rules?
      The 5,100.000 of us who are ‘infidels’ are subject to laws based on this narrow little Christian Sect?
      Which King is defending our faiths, beliefs, or none?
      It’s all nonsense of course.
      The Scotia Nostra, the Rich, the Landowners, the Earls, the Secret Societies, the Golf Clubs, bowling clubs, tennis clubs in wealthy inner and outer suburbs, the ‘Professional Bodies, hold us fast to this broken little nation to the South…

      Children are still dressed up in quasi military uniforms and must swear allegiance to the English king, the ‘Christian’ god, and the ‘country’, that country being England, and is conquered colonies of Scotland, Wales, and the North of Ireland.
      Five million of us are held under House arrest because of Brexit.

      Ireland and Scotland will leave their Union, but not without a mighty struggle. But leave we shall.

      I note that Kwasi Kwertand is to present a ‘fiscal event’ on Friday.
      Not so much levelling up, but grinding down policies.
      Tax cuts for the rich, NI increase scrapped, energy crisis to be paid for by borrowing while the oil giants make hundreds of billions, and ‘levelling up’ scrapped.
      The Brexit bounce.
      Still, there won’t be a hospital, or school, or library, or public swimming bath named after King Spaniel the Turd anytime soon in England.
      12 years of Douglas Ross’ party has cut LA spending by 40%, and tens of millions of English Brexit free citizens will starve and freeze this winter, so that Thatcher’s policies are exhumed, and millions form a new ‘Queue’, at foodbanks, homeless shelters, and Citizens’ Advice Centres.
      At the last census, 51% of Scots declared that they had no religion at all.
      Yet I am expected to tolerate any ‘religion’ overarching my Scottish Government’s agenda?
      God made Eve out of one of Adam’s ribs as he slept.
      Women bleed every month because Eve was punished for tempting Adam to eat of the Forbidden Fruit.
      They teach this dangerous nonsense to this day.
      Give me patience.
      Render unto Caesar, springs to mind.

      • Not-My-Real-Name says:

        Brilliant Jack…..

        Hope you are well


        • fit as a butcher’s 75 year old dog, NMRN.
          Thanks for asking. You and yours bearing up?
          We shall triumph over the pernicious evil which stalks our nation, Scotland. That we surely will.

          • Not-My-Real-Name says:

            We will indeed triumph Jack…as cheats and evil eventually will fall…..and natural order is then restored…..long overdue in Scotland ( and elsewhere in their UK).

            As to my family well …hubby and me have just come out of a dose of the dreaded Covid….not recommended…..but we thankfully survived.

            Now we have both tested negative and can once again…after self imposed isolation…rejoin the community outside….we had just back from 3 days in Arran…nice wee break….but rubbish ending ….we had to eat what we had in the house….no bread or milk und other essentials but we didn’t want to bother neighbours with requests to get us some basic necessities….friends offered to get us food but we managed on what was in our cupboards and freezer… choice really.

            Glad you are well

            Stay safe and well……


            • I have a tin of powdered milk which I bought when the footage of Italy ravaged with Covid first appeared on our TV screens, if that’s any help, NMRN.
              Remeber the toilet roll panic buying?
              We managed to avoid Covid, mainly by self-isolating for virtually 2 and a half years.
              I’m due my double flu Covid booster 15th 16.41 precisely.
              Two weeks after that there’ll be no stopping me.
              Keep safe, and, sane.

              • Legerwood says:

                We got ours about an hour ago. All went smoothly. Home now having a cup of tea.
                Thank you to all the staff who were there, FVHB and NHS Scotland.

                • It’s all that Nicola Sturgeon’s fault, L.I tried to explain to a 39 year old that a 2 and a half year lockdown in my seventies was more of a sacrifice in time left than someone in their twenties.
                  The lights were on, but he was oot.
                  At our age, waking up in the mornin’ is a bonus, each minute a precious gem.
                  I my twenties like many, I thought that I’d live forever.
                  May I see Scotland Independent if only for a brief moment in time.
                  Our NHS and council support staff are amazing.

  79. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    I read that Ministers from the @ukhomeoffice repeatedly refused to tell Kate Osamor, a Labour MP, how many Windrush compensation appeals are successful, so she put in a FoI request.

    She said “Now we have answers. Only 1% of appeals are successful.

    The Windrush compensation scheme is a scam”.

    The Independent reported that last year only 42 out of 3479 appeals last year were successful.

    The National Windrush monument they erected is for them just window dressing to try and absolve and whitewash their, Tories, culpability in this awful event….and tis THE same Tory party that currently is demonising those who are not mourning at the passing of their Queen…..crocodile tears from a party who see the opportunity to be gained by them in the passing of a monarch ( as we have witnessed via TV and statements made by some of them on how it unites the (non) Union while also distracting the country so that THEY, Tories, can implement what they will )…..while dry hankies for those victims who died via Covid largely through their, UK Govt., indecision in implementing appropriate and timely responses to the pandemic ….yet according to them Boris Johnson “Got all of the BIG calls RIGHT” …..NOPE.

    THIS is THE reality of the Tory party pre , during and post Boris Johnson….and I am confident they will impose even MORE draconian policies and be responsible for MORE suffering towards those that they deem as mere voting fodder, as in those who bought into , and still do, their Brexit policy and THEM as a party, AND too those of us, who they always target, as in those who they know never support or vote for them now and will not do so in the future either…..

    From WM , to devolved parliaments and down to councils they serve NOT us the people but themselves, their party and ONLY those who contribute to their individual election campaigns and their political party.

    They treat Scotland as they see fit , as in treating us with disdain, as they know that here in Scotland their chances of winning any election as THE largest party is ZERO.

    What WE in Scotland want and need is of no consequence to them….indeed the same can be said for ALL people in all countries in their UK…..yet again they have elected a puppet leader controlled by others and one who is spelling out that we in Scotland , as a country, are only useful in that our resources continue to subsidise the coffers of their treasury NOT for OUR benefit but for theirs and the people who donate to their party….us as people aka citizens are expendable.

    What they did to those people via Windrush was disgusting. However tis the same shameless treatment that they choose to try and subjugate us with , via a different method, but the resulting outcome is somewhat similar in both the delivery and diktat message….always rebellious Scots to crush via MORE than just ONE generation time span…and as they, UK Home office, withheld the information on successful appeals for Windrush victims to the Labour MP…..we also see them STILL withhold the findings of the Poll on support for the Union which was taken at the behest of Michael Gove (now no longer a Government minister) ….just as they tried to withhold The Russia report and some Tory MP’s also tried to STOP the investigation into Boris Johnson , when he resigned as PM, from the Commons Privilege Committee inquiry to investigate if indeed he had misled parliament in statements that he made in the HOC…..I suspect THESE are not isolated incidents or examples.

    Transparency is NOT something the Tories welcome…..because when you have done SO much that is wrong, handled and dealt with so much so very badly as a government and overall against the public interest then you, as a party and government, must try to ensure that this information and knowledge is withheld and the public are to be kept in the dark to sustain your power……..mind you with SOME voters they themselves are just as much to blame for many of the wrongs that allows the Tories to continue along this path….as they seem complicit in condoning this behaviour to continue…..gullible or cut from the same cloth ?

    We however, in Scotland, do NOT need to be subject to this treatment and bad governance for ever more ….we have a choice… escape route….and for them just saying NO constantly to another referendum does not equate to that being a constant position THEY can maintain and still credibly state that ” no one in Scotland wants another ‘divisive’ referendum” when clearly that position is not reflected in polls or votes gained via independence parties here…..I suspect that they know time is NOT on their side via that unsustainable position they take to maintain THEIR control….hence why they now clamour to drain our resources, both Oil and Gas, to fill the huge gap that Brexit has created in their UK economy….

    Now is precisely the RIGHT time we in Scotland should be planning another referendum because tis NEVER the time to sit back and allow those others who we do not elect via a majority to continue to plunder our resources while simultanously declaring that we are the poor relations in their dysfunctional family of Nations …..

    Many not yet convinced may fear independence but if they were honest with themselves they only need to look at the here and now to see a far more frightening future for them and theirs if they stay in the Tory led UK ………

    ( Tories of ALL colours it now seems )

    Have a nice day everyone


    • Stellar, NMRN.
      Roll on a minute past midnight tonight.

      • Tam the Bam says:

        Hey Jack… what time are you picking me up from Normal Island (Rockall) tomorrow in yer wee boat?
        Gettin’ a tad fed up with seagull & crabmeat after 12 days…. dont be late noo mind!

        • You’ve got ‘meat’, Tam?
          I’d stay where you are, if I were you.
          I note that Hamish 100, as a self-proclaimed ‘westcoaster’ omitted the Paper Hankies, Greenock Morton, and, conquerors of the Mighty Sellik, St Mirren, from his ‘religious’ breakdown, below.
          Nae class, that man.

  80. Ken says:

    Scotland is secular. 32% declare Protestant. 16% declare Catholic. 2% others. The Churches are losing members faster than a sieve loses water. The young do not support the Royalty. Old fashioned. The Royalty caused the 1WW. Inter rivalries. Victoria’s children and grandchildren. The Divine right to rule. Universal Suffrage 1928

  81. Hamish100 says:

    Surely 35% are rangers 35% Celtic 1% Clyde, Queens Park and Partick Thistle and then the rest? Sorry I’m a west coaster!!! Lol

  82. Hamish100 says:

    I see The National online banner headline is QE2. The Herald still calling the tune it seems.

    • My dear old dad built the QE2, Hamish.
      He had a coupla lads to help him with the heavy liftin’, mind, though. but.
      He ‘passed’ at 66, in relative penury, but mourned by the whole scheme.
      The yards sent thousands to an early grave.

  83. davetewart says:

    Aye , Jack,open air work all the year round and welders woorking in confined spaces.

    See the gers have instructed the purchase of the whole St Mirren team, no change from a tenner and given the Buddies the old team in compensation.

    Glad to see the transmission of find it, fix it and flog it is going on today.

    Maybe the ‘sons of the rock’ will get some hand me downs.

  84. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    On the 14 the September ex Labour MP and now squatter in the HOL Ian Austin (Baron Austin of DUDLEY) tweeted :

    “This is the greatest country in the world”

    THEN…..when some home truths were presented to him via others on this ” greatest country in the world” he backtracked (conceded) that perhaps it MAY not be perfect thus….in a subsequent tweet the following day he tweeted :

    “Can’t be bothered reading the silly children’s replies to this, but no one is saying Britain is perfect. Of course there are problems to fix. But if you really believe this isn’t the greatest country in the world and think somewhere else would be better, why would you live here”?

    Hmm….well SOME peeps (Scotland) are being FORCED to live here by people like YOU, your former political party and also currently the Tory UK government as in your NOW favoured political party Ian…..and yes no one IS saying Britain is perfect (apart from peeps like you who are benefitting from it financially via contrived underserved titles and also those others deluded and like minded members of the public who NEED to believe it so very very much…for reasons) because if they did say Britain was perfect they would be hearty and justifiably laughed at….as when one looks at all that is currently going down…down down in your Britain…it would be ridiculous to declare something as STUPID as this at such a time…..but keep doing the Tories work for them Ian….though you cannot get another life peerage for doing so but you may get offered OTHER lucrative positions outwith the HOL’s to increase your now ever increasing bank balance…….British patriotism, for SOME, sees rewards don’t you know….well Ian does.

    Ian Austin is a truly despicable creature that is the epitome of MP’s who represented (and still do represent) both New and NEW NEW Labour… many Labour MP’s may wear a red rosette to represent their party but their values are distinctly TORY ones….for sure….mix blue and red and you get purple…and that is part of the UKIP rosette colour and represents what Ian’s former party and the Tory party are morphing into via their combined (non) vision of their future Britain….

    Pass the sick bucket…..grifters are promoting British exceptionalism and nationalism while they themselves suck greedily from the generous teat of political institutions that reward their subservience and fake British patriotism……with fake titles that see many financial benefits for self…..Austin being one of many prime examples of EVERYTHING wrong with this crap fake country aka HIS and THEIR UKnotOK…..Britain is the WORSE country to suffer in Ian…. and that is largely down to people just like YOU……I’ll stop there or I might REALLY say what I think of HIM.

    • Ian Austen is a piece of business, right enough, NMRN.
      A ‘career politician’ who was once Brown’s bag man.
      Then he got the Tory message and Johnson bumped him up to the Lairds after he had written to his former Dudley constituents urging them to vote Tory.
      If we don’t like the UK, his advice is for us to leave?

      Lovely man.

      • Tam the Bam says:

        Was he not ‘besties’ with Lord Watson?
        Lord Watson … nae need to install central-heating when he was arson aboot!

      • Not-My-Real-Name says:

        Aye indeed he is Jack…

        You know if something is so very evident then you do need to declare that it is so in order to convince others that it is true….surely.

        I often wonder at those who declare themselves to be creative, artistic and talented to others when surely if that were the case others would already know that is a fact and thus do not need the individual themselves to declare it….same goes for those who NEED to TELL us that THIS (their) Britain is the GREATEST country in the world….if true why do they doubt that we are already aware of that as a fact…..

        Perhaps because they KNOW tis false but their agenda is to CONVINCE others of this by announcing it as so ….and also to MAINTAIN the already convinced (deluded) that it is indeed a fact….

        Me thinks HE and many OTHERS doth protest or rather proclaim too much via their declarations of Britain uber alles……also to declare it post the death of a monarch is a tad inappropriate and opportunistic so much so that one , if unaware, would assume HE, Ian Austin, was a Tory through and through ( a correct assumption however even when he still was a Labour MP)……….together with Kate Hoey, John Woodcock, John Mann and Gisela Stuart ALL rewarded for services to Tory Brexit and all who endorsed VOTE TORY n 2019 ( as did Tom Harris and George Galloway who are other embittered past their sell by date alleged politicians generating dissent and division on behalf of a NON Union always to be controlled by the Tory party)……

        I say stay angry, keep being aware and do not let the you know what’s grind you down….which is their agenda…..they can’t beat us so they hope to wear us down to the extent that we are so demoralised and thus will somehow eventually concede to accepting their NON Union….they will need more than a multitudes of a generation to win that battle…..with or without Royalty.

        • JoMax says:

          Declaring that Britain is the greatest country in the world is perhaps not the most appropriate thing to do while the President of ‘the greatest country in the world’ (according to themselves, that is) is in town. They don’t appreciate being downgraded.

    • Bob Lamont says:

      Ian Austin’s “But if you really believe this isn’t the greatest country in the world and think somewhere else would be better, why would you live here” eloquently examples the problem in the UQ now UK.
      Like it or lump it, this is MY country not YOURS, the political equivalent of “get orft my land”, or the infamous famine ships from Ireland (and elsewhere).

      The likes of Austin, or Ffoulkesake have always been there but previously guarded what they said, a seat in the Lords ensured they suffered no financial penalty – Then along came Brexit and a renewed arrogance, what was once said privately became aired in public.

      There is a rude awakening coming for such as Austin, their power is on loan from the people much as it was with the late queen.
      Watch what happens from this day forth, that loan is being called in and I predict shrinking sphincters….

      • According to Wiki, he was adopted by a Jewish family. Possibly this contributed to his attack on Corbyn’s Momentum Labour.
        May made him Israel Trade Envoy.
        Blair’s government was ok for him, becuase Tory Boy out-Thatchered Major.
        His man is suggesting that all who resist should be asked to leave the country? With his background and upbringing?

      • Dr Jim says:

        Well they’re all here by the grace of God while we’re, eh not, I do feel ever so umble

      • Not-My-Real-Name says:

        Indeed the irony being of course that it is pseudo politicians such as them who inspired many to seek an alternate path for Scotland via independence… matter how much they promote our quest for independence to be nowt other than merely anti English sentiment…..thus presenting us all as a mere basic racist movement….. when I believe many prominent and non prominent trolls on Twitter see us as grievance mongering Sweaty Jocks…. a La Katie Hopkins and other NON Scottish Trolls…..

        They of course always present it as a one way street in abuse ……where those supportive of the (NON) Union are presented as the ones who are up for reasoned discourse and civil respectful presented arguments to support their UK…. and tis the CyberNats who resort to abuse and trolling (who was it who created that label CyberNat…was it FFFoulkes ?)……they lay it on so thick though that one wonders why then that some citizens of THEIR UK outwith Scotland do not demand our departure from their UK like …pronto….I mean currently their combined obsession is with demonising migrants and also Muslims so I suppose they only have time to deal with what they consider most pressing for THEM at present….I suspect come nearer the next Indy Ref our time will come… on steroids… as to the abuse we will get……..and all the rest…….

        And yes they have been guarded…. during the first Indy Ref campaign in 2014… one mentioned EVEL during THAT campaign…..

        Talking of being guarded post Indy Ref 1 a Labour MP Steve Reed from Croydon North tweeted this on the ’19 September 2014′ which wholly supported what Cameron also said on that day :

        “So pleased Scotland is staying with us, but after this vote change must come, not just in Scotland but in England too #BetterTogether”

        “change must come, not just in Scotland but in England too”……this was one of Labour’s MP’s (duplicated) version of Cameron’s speech that morning after the Indy ref when he , Cameron, announced EVEL…..both are insensitive and dismissive of the vote itself and too of Scotland (who are not ALLOWED to have anything that England cannot have …apart from them having WM a parliament Boris declared as the ENGLISH parliament when he was asked if England should have a devolved parliament too…….pre him becoming PM)….I cannae remember Reed or t’others highlighting THAT during the campaign as in let’s not forget England when we have wasted so much of OUR time on Scotland as true English men and women ….peas in a POD are Labour, Tory and Lib Dems….

        Well I ain’t giving up EVER not when I see and hear all the OPPOSITION do and say now and also in the past….and they will struggle to use the same arguments they used in 2014 that’s for sure….hence why they collectively state ‘Now is NOT the Time’…..their defences are down….way down….as in NON existent.

  85. Dr Jim says:

    Hate to be the bearer of bad news to your theory of who delivered the referendum in 2014, it was in fact the then Tory Prime Minister David Cameron who *allowed* that referendum to take place in the full and certain knowledge he would win, had he for one moment thought he would not win, his attitude would be as is the UK attitude of today that he would not have allowed that referendum to proceed

    The reason the UK government is doggedly refusing to allow another referendum at this time is because they are now certain they would lose, that is the dilemma, not which FM is in charge of Scotland whether you particularly favour the current or former FM

    This reasoning is a popular tool amongst those who oppose the current FM for a variety of reasons, but the blaming of the current FM for not delivering a referendum when demanded by those who oppose her is at best tedious and unhelpful, unless those who oppose her would like her and her party arrested for conducting what the UK would certainly label an illegal referendum followed by the shutting down of Scotlands parliament until the British nationalists could find a *legal* alternative for themselves to promote

    Do you not think at this moment the UK Guv are not discussing how to proceed in ridding themselves of Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP

  86. It was Westminster of course that lumbered Scotland with the type of PR system we have they chose it to prevent Scottish Independence and so far have succeeded.

    Except that’s not the reason Scotland isn’t independent. Yes parties have won majorities for three elections in a row, but the Scots have not been minded to vote for independence for now. They might even have been minded to undo that if they had voted narrowly, such as in 2020; unionist could have stood in an ‘stay in the union ticket’ in May 2021 and might just have won.

    Mr Salmond already took us to the point where the native population of Scotland chose independence. What has been expected from Sturgeon and her SNP since 2015 is to take us BEYOND that point and FORWARD into independence. That is 7 years of continuous failure to deliver.

    You have a minority view unrepresentative of the Yes movement, hence the SNP getting their highest ever share of the constituency vote in May 2021. You only get that by doing what people want.

    As for ‘Sturgeon and Salmond’, if you base how you vote in an indyref on a single politician or party, all I can say is more fool you. Pretty much nobody voted Yes in 2014 ‘cos Salmond / the SNP’, and nobody will vote Yes in iref2 ‘cos Sturgeon’. The future of Scotland lies in the hands of Scots, Yes parties can only lead the horse to water; they cannot make it drink.

    Alex Salmond will have convinced nobody to vote Yes. What he may have said might have made some people go looking for more information that persuaded them to yes, but lots of us did that. People ultimately make their minds up themselves, they are not sheep, and it’s insulting when folk treat them like that. Salmond could not create the case for independence; that’s entirely out of his hands, he, like the rest of us, can only point people in the direction of it. Same for Sturgeon; she can’t make Britain misrule Scotland… she can’t get the Tories elected in England… she wasn’t responsible for the Queen passing away, nor for Brexit, nor for thatcherism, nor for the end of the empire, nor for the financial crisis, nor covid, nor the cost of living crisis… These are the things driving Yes and they are outwith the control of Scottish politicians.

    The longer we wait, the more difficult that yes vote will be.

    What nonsense. You seem to know nothing about Scotland and its history. I guess you have never looked at the multi-decadal trends, the census, SSAS and other polls. If waiting makes Scotland more unionist, then going for indy would be stupid as Scotland will just rejoin the union if it’s becoming more unionist. However, Scotland is becoming less British every day, which is why we find ourselves where we are, with half the electorate lost to the union now and notably more tempted to vote Yes. We are just at the end of a long line of countries that have left the dying British empire state. Second to be on board, second last to leave.

    And there’s little doubt Sturgeon will lead Scotland over the line; something Salmond had little chance of doing as Scots just were not ready.

  87. Bob Lamont says:

    My apologies to the Moderators for doing a brilliant job 😉

  88. Well, that’s the grass cut.

    Think I’ll go for a run now. Will take my mushroom knife as recent rains finally have some coming up.

  89. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    My apologies to moderators for way too many posts from me today….really sorry.

    Oops …..

  90. Capella says:

    NMRN – you’re doing a great job today which is good because some of us have been glued to the live-stream of the pomp and pageantry down south. I do like a bit of pageantry. Nothing of any importance has been drawn to the attention of the MSM today. Things will get back to normal tomorrow, which in the UK means utter lunacy and chaos.
    I too have had a bout of Covid which was mild but annoying and I’m left with a cough and lethargy which means the brain isn’t working (that’s my excuse anyway). Keep on posting NMRN – somebody has to 🙂

  91. Capella says:

    I did find this from The National which is encouraging. More military personnel in Scotland are interested in independence and the positive outcome that could have.

    Yes Elgin says more military personnel are supporting independence

    Elgin, in Moray, is close by to two military bases – the Kinloss Barracks near Forres and RAF Lossiemouth.
    Speaking to The National, convener of Yes Elgin Suzanne Wright said: “We’ve noticed since we’ve started going back out that there has been more service personnel coming up to us and talking about how they are pro-independence.

    “That is something we certainly weren’t getting pre-Covid when we were regularly out, there wasn’t much interaction but people seem more confident in talking to us now.


    ‘You chose to queue’: Brits in Malta backed up at passport control

    “Hate Brexit”, one traveller said as he stood in the motionless line.

    True brits do seem to love a good ‘Queue’.

    To the world I am now Irish and very thankful to the people of my gran’s country for welcoming me to the fold.

    • Welsh_Siôn says:

      True brits do seem to love a good ‘Queue’.

      “An Englishman, even if he is alone, forms an orderly queue of one.”
      ― George Mikes, How to Be an Alien: A Handbook for Beginners and Advanced Pupils

      It took a Hungarian to point this out to them – that’s assuming they ever took it on-board,

      (If only they could only take on-board some Burns, too:

      ‘Oh wad some pow’r … ‘

      But maybe that’s expecting *too much* self-awareness from our neighbours …)

  93. Alex Clark says:

    Meanwhile back in the real world.

    • Maybe King Charles can open several of his palaces to offer somewhere for people to get warm and have a bite to eat this winter?

      I suspect he won’t.

      Which of his many homes will King Charles live in?

      There are many perks to being King. Not having to worry about a roof over your head is definitely one of them.

      As well as the very well-known castles and palaces, the properties at King Charles III’s disposal include some relatively modest cottages – modest by royal standards, anyway.

      Some of these come with the job, others are privately owned by the King himself. There are also buildings belonging to the Duchy of Cornwall, the private estate of the Prince of Wales, which he made his home during his time in the role.

  94. Tam the Bam says:

    …… and breathe.
    Its over.

    • Welsh_Siôn says:

      Welcome back from Rockall, Tam!

      (Just make sure the Brits don’t deport you now to Rwanda as an immigrant who has entered ‘the country’ illegally …)

      • Legerwood says:

        Don’t think they can deport him – Rockall has a Harris postcode apparently. Think the English might regret having agreed to that because it means the territorial waters of an independent Scotland stretch well into the Atlantic.

      • Tam the Bam says:

        Why thank you my guid Welsh freend.
        As regards Rwanda…..”let me tell you a story”.
        Was@ Cappielow on Sat to watch my team (Greenock Morton) when I noticed this young lad in black ‘trackies’ and on the back of his top was printed..’Fly Rwanda’.
        I kid you not .

        *ps….. after the way Morton played on Sat I would have sent them to………….

  95. Just a wee point of note…

    Anyone who angrily tells you ‘The SNP have not delivered independence!’ is no friend of Scotland and the independence movement.

    The SNP cannot deliver indepdence. Nor can the Greens or any party. Only Scots can do that. They have not been minded to, for their own reasons; some we might understand, some more difficult to fathom. However, steadily but surely, baseline support has been rising and Scots look like they may now be finally minded.

    For Scotland to be independent successfully, we need that to be the settled will of the majority. No changing of minds, no rash regretted decisions. No qualms. The total opposite of Brexit.

    Brexit is a mess because ‘Vote leave delivered Brexit!’ and it will be the end of the UK because it was not the settled will, but folks were sold a pig in a poke. The SNP cannot deliver successful independence with fantasy crap written on the side of a bus.

    The SNP have not brought Scotland to the brink of independence. That’s unionist talk, like it’s ‘all about Sturgeon’. The SNP are, ultimately, a product of the increasing desire of Scots for independence. They have not convinced 50% of the need for independence, they have grown in response to 50% convincing themselves of the need. The SNP and it’s door-steppers may have helped point folk in the right direction for info on issues that could persuade them, which is so very important, but that’s it. They cannot create the case for independence; that’s out of their hands.

    The SNP could not and did not cause the demise of the post-war consensus, nor the end of the empire. They did not create Thatcherism nor new Labour nor the Orange book liberals. They had no control over the financial crisis nor covid, nor do they over the cost of living crisis. They did not kill the Queen. Yet all these things, and others, are what are driving the slow demise of Britishness in Scotland and so the union. All the SNP can do is say ‘By becoming independent, we will have more control of our destiny as a country’.

    Independence is politically neutral. It’s not right, not left, not green, not liberal, not authoritarian. There is no manifesto for it; parties can only suggest what they’d like to see and what might be possible with it that is not possible now.

    Sturgeon / the SNP cannot deliver independence. Only we, the people, can. Which is why only British nationalists talk incessantly about the former, but not the latter.

    • Dr Jim says:

      If they thought for one minute that Scotland would vote NO again they’d do what David Cameron did in a minute and agree to a referendum in the certain knowledge they would win the thing, but they don’t think they can win this time, that’s why it’s been so much more difficult

      We’re now on our third Prime Minister threateningly insisting NO
      There’s going to be a lot of noise very soon

    • Alex Clark says:

      Well said and you get it exactly right in my opinion. Scotland will once again be an Independent country when the people of Scotland say that is their settled will.

      That time I believe will be soon, and those like us that are already convinced of the solid case for being Independent are here to help present that case to those yet to be convinced.

      In doing so then honesty is the best policy, lying, like the leave campaign did and the Tories do incessantly is poisonous and we want nothing to do with the likes of those underhand tactics.

      We really can do better and we will show how it should be done.

    • Tam the Bam says:

      The problem is Skier..people on ‘other’ blogs are putting HUGE faith in the Claim of Right approach..even more so now that the King has invoked it and Alex Salmond was quick to pounce.
      These people are so irredeemably convinced in the righteousness of their cause .
      Needless to say its doomed to failure but at what cost?

      • Golfnut says:

        The COR has always been in play Tam, the SNP wouldn’t have wasted time addressing an almost empty chamber at westminster if it wasn’t, the motion passed without a vote and is now on record. Sara Salvers( apologies to Sara if I’ve misspelled her name) is doing some really sterling work in bringing the COR back to the National consciousness, unfortunately you will always get people who will try to channel the narrative to suit their own agenda. I suspect the SNP submissiom to the SP will address some of the issues the Lord Advocate can’t since her focus is limited by the Scotland Act but the COR, that takes Westminster head on as to the issue of where sovereignty lies.

      • There is no need to wave claims of right around. Nor point out the treaty of union… nor our different laws, languages, culture, health and education systems, police force….

        These are not what make us a nation / people, it is the collective agreement we are that ultimately decides this. That is where our fundamental right to self-determination comes from. The above are just expressions / reflections of our nationhood, not proof of it.

        The English/British are the only people in the world who seriously try to argue Scots are not a people, while at the same time taking jobs as ‘Secretary of State for Scotland’ etc.

        If we want independence, it can’t be stopped. But it has to be the settled will. It’s why the SNP / Greens can’t ‘deliver it’ and why people should not trust anyone demanding this.

        There are two groups trying to pretend that independence is all about Sturgeon / the SNP, and not about the people of Scotland. Both of these groups are unionist. It’s just one of them is pretending to be pro-indy to sow doubt and cause division, backed up by right-wing bloggers who love England deeply, hate ‘wokeness’, and hide in plain site.

        ‘Sturgeon’s a secret unionist’ is just ‘Cos I don’t like Salmond’ rebranded now that bums are getting squeaky and the latter approach didn’t work.

  96. Dr Jim says:

    As a mark of respect to Scotland advertising of the royal family will be suspended by me

  97. stewartb says:

    A reflection: never before in the history of human endeavour has so much sycophancy been displayed, so much banality voiced, so widely and so repetitively as mainstream British journalism has achieved in recent days!

    Next up the coronation!

    • Tam the Bam says:

      The problem is Skier..people on ‘other’ blogs are putting HUGE faith in the Claim of Right approach..even more so now that the King has invoked it and Alex Salmond was quick to pounce.
      These people are so irredeemably convinced in the righteousness of their cause .
      Needless to say its doomed to failure but at what cost?

      • Legerwood says:

        The Claim of Right is the Claim of Right of 1689 which was passed by the Scots Parliament and is still on the statute books. The 1689 Claim of Right that mandates that the Monarch’s first act on acceding to the throne is to swear to preserve and maintain the Church of Scotland which Charles did at the Accession Council.

        As far as I am aware the Claim of Right of 1989 has no legal standing similar to the CoR of 1689. Perhaps if the people of Scotland had voted for the CoR 1989 it might have more standing but like the Treaty of Union the people of Scotland did not get a say.

        • Golfnut says:

          The 1689 COR represents in law much more than preserving the Church of Scotland Ledgerwood.

          • Legerwood says:

            I am very well aware of that but I was replying to a post whose wording suggested that Charles had somehow just discovered the CoR 1689 when it is in fact an important part, along with its English counterpart the Bill of Rights passed by the English Parliament around the same time, of the laws that make up the Constitution of the UK. People always go on about the ‘Unwritten Constitution’ of the UK but more of it is written down than people realise.

            If you want to read up a bit more about the CoR 1689 then there is a very good paper by Prof the RT Hon Sir David Edward: “Scotland’s Magna Carta, the Claim of Right and the Common Law.”
            It is a PDF file so don’t have a link but Google should find it.

            As regards the CoR 1989 this may be of interest

  98. Tam the Bam says:

    Dont know how that happened I must admit!

    • Welsh_Siôn says:

      You’re just getting used to coming back to the mainland and all this whizz-o bang technology, Tam. (It’s something called the Internutty, I think.)

      We’ll forgive you. 🙂

  99. Ken says:

    Why is Liz Truss frying to the US for talks with Joe Biden. He was here yesterday. More patter.

  100. Eilidh says:

    I watched both funeral services for the Queen yesterday and I have to admit it was intriguing to wonder what ceremonial weirdness was coming next in this spectacle of pomp but the Lord Chancellor breaking his wand had me wondering for a moment whether I was watching a Harry Potter movie. I was not a supporter of the monarchy before her death now I am a confirmed republican mostly thanks to massive media syncophancy and they are still banging on about the public mourning for her on BBC right now. Return to normalcy I doubt it they will be propagandising on about this for quite some time.

    • barpe says:

      The BBC will be tasked with keeping all this ‘mourning’ idiocy going to get us through the oncoming tribulations of our dire winter finances, until they can start afresh in the spring with coronation-fuelled sycophancy once more.
      Gawd help us all.

  101. Dr Jim says:

    All of the media in the British isles has been telling us in no uncertain terms that “we are a constitutional monarchy”, and they’ve been insisting on this for the past two weeks, every broadcast, every newspaper, every commentator has gone to great lengths to ram that home, whether by print or TV or radio, well if that’s the case why are we talking to the government in England about independence for Scotland ?

    If King Charles is what they claim he is then Scotland surely has no need to talk to any of these people, because wasn’t the deal we signed up to as part of the union was that democracy and voting and all that stuff supposed to be an important and integral part and not just some secret decision of a Queen or King of England that has no equivalency in Scotland

    The UK of England is pretending to be two things at the one time, you can’t have a democracy run by a monarch, that’s entirely unconstitutional is it not?

    It’s a big giant fairy tale fabrication in a golden coach, a story for children, and boy didn’t those children queue to see the end of *Elizabeth a story of Monarchy*, I bet they can’t wait for the next one featuring more Princes and Princesses with little children skipping and running in the happy gardens of the great shimmering palaces while avoiding Camilla the evil with the rosy red apple and the wand of power

  102. Capella says:

    New New Labour gets bluer every day.

    Keir Starmer approves plans for Labour conference ‘to sing God Save the King’ in Liverpool

    Keir Starmer has approved plans for God Save the King at the party’s autumn conference in Liverpool at the beginning of next month, The Times reports.

    The paper reports there are some concerns within the party the song could be ill-received by the more left-wing elements of the Labour Party.

    A map by UnHerd Britain found that the Westminster constituency of Liverpool Riverside was the least supportive of the monarchy in Britain, beating two Glasgow constituencies which made it into the top 10.

    READ MORE: Is there a line about crushing rebellious Scots in God Save the Queen?

    It would be a major break with tradition for the party, which traditionally begins its conferences with a rendition of the socialist anthem The Red Flag.

    • I expect true Labour members to break in to the Red Flag in protest.
      The Red Tories are back.
      Con the watching plebs that Socialists are really diehard monarchists too.
      After all, they can be members of CND and vote for WMD.
      To win at all costs, is all that matters, and feck the idiots who vote for them.
      There will be plenty of butcher’s aprons on display too.
      There is no Labour Party.
      The Mao’s Red Book Momentum anti-Europe dregs are all that remains.

    • Azel says:

      It looks like Starmer is convinced that the left-wingers are stuck with Labour and so he’s free to hunt for LibDems and Tories votes. He could have a nasty suprise if e.g. English left-wingers decide to switch to the Greens.

  103. Capella says:

    We’re getting a fiscal event on Friday. Grim.

    Sterling languishing against dollar as Bank of England mulls interest rate hike

    The pound is hovering near a 37-year-low against the US currency.
    It is glum news for Kwasi Kwarteng, who will deliver a mini-Budget at the end of the week. It is expected to focus on the details of fixing the energy price cap to £2500 per year for average households and delivering tax cuts.

    Liz Truss’s new Chancellor, promoted from the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, has pledged to focus on aggressive growth strategies, while US president Joe Biden recently wrestled the Inflation Reduction Act through Congress which would put up taxes on individuals and attempt to cut the country’s deficit.

    Currency markets were closed in London on Monday because of the Queen’s funeral but the pound was last trading at $1.1381, which is close to the 37-year-low of $1.1351 which was reached on Friday, reports Reuters.

    Sterling is also struggling at around 87.77 pence against the euro, improved slightly after reaching its lowest level since early 2021 when it hit 87.83 pence on Friday.

  104. Capella says:

    BTW my Radical Teatowel newsletter tells me the The Red Flag was inspired by the London Dock Strike of 1889.

    “The people’s flag is deepest red,
    It shrouded oft our martyred dead
    And ere their limbs grew stiff and cold,
    Their hearts’ blood dyed its every fold.

    So raise the scarlet standard high,
    Beneath its shade we’ll live and die,
    Though cowards flinch and traitors sneer,
    We’ll keep the red flag flying here.”

    It’s probably the most famous socialist anthem ever, sung at rallies and protests the world over.

    But what many people don’t know is that Jim Connell, the Irish nationalist and socialist, was inspired to write it by the London Dock Strike of 1889…

    Wikipedia has the story of the London Dock Strike.,_1889

  105. Hamish100 says:

    Truss admits there will not be a trade deal either in the interim or soon with the USA?

    Is that less than, equal too or more than a generation?

    I’m sure the brexiters said countries would flock to have deals with the Brexit U.K.

    Now they are finding out that the USA and others value trade deals with the EU more.

    It seems we were lied too.

  106. If you were wondering about that Deltapoll showing 47% Yes and wishing it were a bit higher, don’t worry, it actually is.

    The idiots weighted to Holyrood regional vote 2021; something no pollster does as, well people respond with how they voted on the constituency, which is exactly what has happened if you look at the tables. Has resulted in serious downweighing of SNP voters. It’s a mess. Hardly anyone says they voted Green because they didn’t on the constituency. It’s a dead giveaway.

    This comes on top of 52% of the unweighted base saying they voted Yes in 2014, even though the recall here for the EU ref and 2019 referendums is almost bang on. So again yes voters are down-weighted. This false recall of Yes is a cross-poll problem, and is likely a mixture of regret, plus the fact the electorate is just not the same any more. It’s 8 years on FHS. Many voters were in primary school when Iref1 was held. Likewise, time has taken it’s toll on No voters disproportionately; that just can be avoided due to generational trends. It really is time to dump 2014 weighting. Delta only use EU ref + 2019 for the UK. They should use at most EUref and 2021 constituency for Scotland to be more accurate.

    Then we have a small sample size meaning the MoE is closer to +/-4% rather than 3%.

    For schoolboy errors here, particularly on the regional vote responses which should have had any decent statistician thinking ‘ok, something’s wrong here’, I won’t be putting this one into my PoP.

    Within MoE of 50%+ after all this suggests things are looking very good and solid for Yes.

    • Golfnut says:

      Charles on his way back to Scotland, private jet to Aberdeen. If he’s trying escape the sycophantic media etc, I’d suggest he keeps the telly off cause it’s still in full swing.

      • Hamish100 says:

        Hope he hasn’t got covid again?

        • It’s stil the huntin’ season.
          Plenty of poor dumb animals to blast to pieces for sadistic psychopathic pleasure, doncha know?
          Perhaps he’s arranging an ‘ordinary shootin weeken’ for his wee,bruv, deputy king, Andra.
          truss has flown off in Air Farce One to the UN too.
          Biden was placed in row 14 at the funeral.
          No chance of a trade deal noiw, brexit England.
          Still, there’s always malaysian chicken, and New Zealand frozen lamb.

          England is about to go in to meltdown.

    • I thought he was an ‘environmentalist concerned about climate change’? Can he not take the train? Hell, he could have a coach just for him and entourage coupled onto the sleeper and it would still be better for climate change.

  107. jfngw says:

    I expressed the opinion on an earlier blog that the BBC were building the Tory leadership contest as a democratic vote. Now they refer to the Tories as the ‘new government’, pretty much all the same people just playing musical chairs is not a new government. Looks like they are trying to ignore the fact the Tories have been in power for over 12 years and it is them who are responsible for the state of things, they are truly a Tory captured organisation.

  108. Statgeek says:

    I had a good week. I spent £6.99 on a computer game, and am still only a fraction into its story, such is its size, and my Caledonian sense for a bargain did not fail me.

    For a nation with a 1,000 ways to say “Soon.”, 100 ways to say “Can’t.”, and not a single way to say “Yes”, I predict stormy times ahead with negotiations and deals, worldwide.

    I made a prediction elsewhere that Truss’s stay in office will be measured in weeks, starting from the first working week in January, as bills and costs soar. Not just her, but the entire government. All the deckchair shuffling in the world can’t stop the leaking ship from going down. There will come a point where they have more cabinet posts than people willing to take those chalices of poison.

    The only thing in their favour in the past week’s media deciding to take the government line suddenly, and in a way they did this week. We shall see just how obsequious and servile our media really is.

  109. Alex Clark says:

    Truss should listen to Biden, I’m not surprised that he can’t stand her.

  110. Kindae nuts that Truss’s first policy in office is to remove the cap on banker’s bonusses just as we enter a major cost of living crisis.

    She really is crazier than Boris Johnson.

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